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Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 7:03 AM
Time for the monthly pixel raffle :iconlazydanceplz:

Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal:) (Smile)

there will be 2 winners  and winners
get a pixel avatar of there choice

raffle will end in 2 days

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I did this for you guys :iconcryingfemamericaplz::iconpoutiefemamericaplz:

:star: No Ep1 because it is not avaible in some countries :(

:star: Gakuen Hetalia : Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! First Half

:star: Go Forth! Newspaper Club!! Second Half

:star: Russia and Friends

:star:  Though I May Depart, You Shall Remain

:star: Romano's Diary

:star: Things That Often Happen When Rooming With An American

:star: The Gentle FIght Between Russia And I

@ Netherland

:star: Turkey & I

:star: April Fools

:star: Merry Halloween

:star: Finding Santa

:star: Brother, We Are...!!

:star:bientôt! Until We Meet Again!

:star: What Italy Forgot

:star: Hetalia of the Dead part 1

Did America just make a Paranormal Activity Ref? :D
:star: Hetalia of the Dead part 2

:star: Keep On Moving!! March Forward, Sealand!

:star: It’s the First Anniversary! The Tripartite Pact

:star: Buon San Valentino part 1

:star: Buon San Valentino part 2

:star: Liechtenstein and the Hedgehog Country

:star:NEW:star: Centennial Gift

:iconhappyfemamericaplz:I was Overwhelmed by Heroines!

(I sound like Fem!America :'3)
'I'm the heroine! Don't do drugs kids!'

:star: BLOOPERS :star:
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welp i'm starting the raffle now that i have some free time to judge the contest entry
the price list is:
P1.  monocolor headshots:  Elsa by Ex-Trident for 2 person
P2.  paint headshot: Raffle Prize: Hatsune Miku (Deep Sea Miku) by Ex-Trident for 2 person

How To Enter:

1. fave the journal
2. profit
(just fave and you're in the entry list :3)

and if you don't mind, do share


28 july 2014

11 PM +7UTC

Winner list:
usual for picking numbers
good luck peeps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Wed Jul 23, 2014, 2:04 AM
my grandfather died last night

and i sat on the roof for three hours
and i felt
and i felt
and i wrote
and i wrote

and then
i bit the night
and the night, it bit me back
and i cried

and today
i am still feeling
and today
i am still writing

and now
i have made
a decision;

i am letting
my mind

off it's leash

(i'm going to let my mind chew right through me)


Wed Jul 23, 2014, 5:03 PM
chloe says
i need an angel
with big white wings and skin
that shines like gold,
do you believe in angels, charlotte?

i say
the plants are all dead in here,
how can a plant
know something i don't?
and i'm not religious but the only time
i ever felt peaceful
was when i sat in church

luke comes in, and chloe says
luke, you believe in angels?

he says what, like them feathery dickheads
with halos and stuff? nah i don't -

then we sit and watch a fly bash it's brains in
on the window

i think
how strange
that it can't see what's killing it

i think
how strange

neither can we

(the plants are dead, but we are still waiting)

Weekly 100 Points Giveaway - Week 2

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 8:11 AM
Hi people. :iconfeelingfreeplz:

It's time for the second one :D

Bullet; Red How to participate.

Bullet; Yellow+fav This journal
:bulletyellow: Say something nice about the person who posted before you La la la la

:bulletblue: That's all :D

:bulletyellow: The winners will be announced in a week.
:bulletyellow: 4 winners ( 25 :points: each )

Good luck everyone :)

I felt like doing a PM giveaway :heart:

You can choose between winning points or the PM!!


:bulletgreen:+fav Favorite the journal +fav 
:bulletgreen:You need to be at least 2 weeks on dA.
:bulletgreen:Create a journal entry or poll advising this giveaway and LINK it to me with your comment.
:bulletred:You can just participate if you don 't have a PM or it's about to expire (1 month at least ).
Example: I have 2 months of PM right now and 'till the deadline,I will have just 1 month,so it counts!
:bulletblue:Give me a llama badger :heart: It would be nice if you did...
:bulletblue:Write "Winchester" along with your comment if you read the rules.
:bulletblue:You don't need to be watching me,just if you enjoy my work :heart:

People who don't follow all the rules will be IGNORED!

The winner will be choosen with!

Deadline: 24th of August

Korku Doodle by WizzDono

Skin by jonarific

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb


*Next one begins 6/15/2014*

            ***Before I begin, I should say this is my fifth giveaway. This is truly a monthly thing. I understand that if you’ve already participated, you might not want to re-read everything. Just a reminder- If you don’t follow the rules you won’t get any points***

Do you want free points? Is entering contest after contest and waiting for weeks to hear about the results too tedious? DO YOU NOT WANT TO LEAVE YOUR LIFE UP TO FATE?!

            Okay, well, that just sounded like an infomercial. But, seriously. I’ve been there and I think it kinda sucks. Now its my turn to be the one offering up free points, and I’m changing it up a bit. No ‘random number chooser’, no ‘100th watcher’. I am offering a chance for everyone participating to earn free points. What I ask in return? An answer. An answer to a monthly riddle (or two). If you can answer correctly, you WILL get points. It doesn’t matter if you are the first to answer, or if you are the 42nd.

            Still not understanding? I’ll break it down- Every month, I will write riddles and hide them throughout my profile. They will be hidden in different ways, for example for Easter last year I hid Easter Eggs, and the time before I had a sort of treasure hunt. Most times I will have a story line, to make this giveaway a bit different from others. This is for those who want entertainment and humor, as opposed to just mindless faving and commenting. And, in return, you WILL get points, no matter what. If you enter, there is no way you cannot win.

How to enter

·         Make sure you are watching me (So you can keep up to date with monthly riddles)

·         Include in your comment below ‘I’m ready to solve the Riddle of the Sphinx’. I need to know that you read the rules.

·         Tag at least three friends who you think might be interested. If everyone who enters gets free points, why not get your friends in on it?

(·        If you fav this, no matter if you make it to the end or not, you enter the draw for 200 extra points!)

Point :points: Distribution

            I have 600 :points: to distribute. Now, this does NOT mean that everyone is going to get 600 :points:. Heck no. I don’t have that many points. 200 :points: will go to one lucky person who favs this, no matter if they made it to the end or not. The other 400 will be divided up amongst everyone else who makes it to the end.


40 people enter, each get 10 :points:.

10 people enter, each get 40 :points:

As a one-time deal, I will up it to 800 points if we have more than 50 people. Get your friends involved, and there will be more points to divide up


·         Don’t comment the answers in the comments, or you will be thrown out of the giveaway and will get no points

·         Don’t comment any hints in the comments, or you will be thrown out of the giveaway

·         You have three chances for hints, but use them wisely. I created these riddles to be fairly easy.

·        If you are confused, feel free to note me! I will try to explain anything you might not understand

·         When you have answered the final riddle, do as the instructions say and then wait. I cannot give everyone their points until I know how many people are in it. Complaining or noting me about it is unnecessary. No matter what, if you get to the end, you will receive points. I promise you this. (Last time everyone got  points, although it was late… How about THEM apples?)

·         Please be respectful

·         Have fun!


 Ready, Set… Go?

                Please! Please, mortal, you must help me!

                Oh, I’m sorry. I haven’t introduced myself. I am the Sphinx, and I put on these Giveaways to challenge the minds of you mortals and show that I am the superior creature. That has… Well, it has never worked, but I assure you, I will beat the human race someday! For now, I need your help.

                My arch-nemesis, the Sorceress MoonehDraws, dragged me out to a human entertainment unit to have something she calls ‘fun’. There was music, rides, clowns, food…. All in all, it was terrifying. Anyways, when I originally heard her say ‘fun’, I thought she was talking about creating riddles, so I brought with me my riddles.

                We were up on some sort of wheel of death and I was hanging in a metal death contraption when a wind blew along and took with it all my riddles. DO YOU UNDERSTAND, MORTAL?! MY RIDDLES ARE GONE!

                I need YOU to find them… Please! You must search the galleries of :iconmoonehdraws: and :iconhazelstar67: to find all the riddles. You will know you have found them when you see this picture (Ferris Wheel by Hazelstar67) in the description.

                When you find that picture, look for the blue letters. (Like so) They are a link to another area, where you will find the riddles. You will be able to answer them and, if you answer correctly, you will collect a letter. I will know you have found ALL of my precious riddles if you can note me with the correct word.

                This is almost a scavenger hunt, my kittens. I have faith in you to find all my riddles and return them to my possession. If you do, I will send you a note and you can join the ‘fun’ of this fair-like thing and get your reward.

                In case your mortal brains did not comprehend- This is a type of scavenger hunt. Find the image and your find the riddle. Each time you solve a riddle you get a letter. Collect all 8, and you win!

                Please, mortals. I need my riddles back. I BEG of you, please find them all. I dare not venture out into that fair again. The clowns scared me. I believe in you…. For now.

~The Sphinx~
*8 riddles in all, a few false leads, and an EXTRA chance for 10 harder riddles... Four riddles on my page, four on Moonehs*

(Shoutout this time to :iconflashgiveaways:, a group that gives out FREE points… If you’re fast enough.  That's where I got my PM before it ended (like, today, so no more pretty journal after this DX) Since I’m an admin there, my ‘paycheck’ for helping out is what brings the extra 200 :points: for the random person who favs this!)

(Story and art done by :iconhazelstar67:, with help from :iconmoonehdraws:)

One of the many complaints lobbed at me is that I have enormous influence on a younger generation and therefor it is incumbent upon me to shape up and fly right so these young tikes get the best artistic advice possible. IE: People worried that my “bad art and methods” are corrupting the next generation of artists and therefor I should stop making art altogether to prevent this.

Setting aside the ignorant and harmful messages that this sends to young artists (such as the ignorant concept that all young artists only ever follow ONE artistic influence their entire life and aren’t influenced by ALL the art around them at all times), I decided to see how much credibility this “fear” actually had... using MATH.

So I have about 57,790 watchers on DA. I’m not counting other sites like Facebook or my website because there’s obviously some overlap, and some of the people who hate me will fill in that gap. So roughly 57,790 people on the planet watch me. There are estimated 7,046,000,000 people on Earth. Therefor at BEST I can influence roughly 0.00082% of the ENTIRE world population.

By comparison, James Cameron’s Avatar (the highest grossing movie of all time) had around 97,255,300 tickets sold, thus influencing around 1.38% of the entire world population.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the validity of my “bad influence” is pretty weak. And besides, even IF I really DID have a huge influence on younger artists, I am not cynical or mean-spirited enough to believe that I would be the ONLY influence they ever had artistically growing up. I dunno about the rest of you, but I had a LOT of artistic influences, many of which had conflicting artistic advice and goals.

So yeah. I might not have the best artistic habits, but the artistic community and especially those here on DA are not in danger of my bad influence “corrupting” the art world and ruining anything.

PS: If someone would like to do better math calculations and figure out a much more accurate number, by all means do so. I have no idea how you'd do that, but if you can, more power to ya!
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500 Watcher Raffle!

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 10:33 PM

First of all, thank you so much, everyone! ;u; Some of you have stuck with me from the beginning while others have only recently seen my work and I'm just really grateful for all of you watching my art and helping me improve <3

Alright, so let's get to it! New watchers (after 7/23) can only win the fourth and fifth prizes, but can still enter at any time. I will assign each person a number on a .txt, and use RNG to pick the winners

Winner 1:
- 500 :points:
- Page doll (digital or pixel)
- 3 Pixel Icons

Winner 2:
- 200 :points:
- Page doll (digital or pixel)
- 3 Pixel Icons

Winner 3:
- 150 :points:
- 2 Pixel Icons

Winner 4:
- 100 :points:
- 2 Pixel Icons

Winner 5:
- 100 :points:
- 1 Pixel Icon

Ways to enter:

- Fav the journal (Required)
- Advertise this raffle on a poll (+1 entry)
- Advertise this raffle on a journal (+1 entry)

Raffle ends August 9th! August 1st, 11:59 PM PDT! (sorry im really impatient amg that should still be more than enough time right)

ive never done a raffle so i hope i did this right omg ;;
what if no one enters //shot

Skin by naoyi