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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (98,038 votes) 1,228 comments
73,674 Deviants Online


Missing Halloween, an animation about two kids trick or treating, was previewed last year on Youtube:

However, the deadline was missed and was decided to remain its production on hold.
But not anymore, of course! Halloween is coming soon after all!


Are you looking forward to watching Missing Halloween?
Do you design your own characters?
Would you like to help with Missing Halloween's production?
Then this is your chance!!!

You can get your design featured in the animation Missing Halloween!


In the animation, there's a part of the story where it features locals in costume giving candies to the two main kids.
This is where you come in!
I decided that instead of randomly designing these people, I can give my fans the opportunity to have their designs featured in the animation!
And if there are too many designs contributed, I can use the others as kids who Trick or Treat in the background!


Submit your own original designed character to the director himself: Mikeinel via note here in DeviantArt. (Possibly with a subject title: "Missing Halloween Submission")
And get a chance to have your design, re-rendered into the animation's cute-and-cartoony art style, appear in Missing Halloween!


-It could be an existing design you created before, even long ago, or a new one you made specifically for this contest!
-Only one design can be submitted per artist.
-The character must be a regular human. (Added) He/she can have additional parts such as animal ears, tail, wings, etc.
-Of course, you should be the owner of the character design.
-The character should not directly be based on any other existing designs.
-No nudity, gore, or anything that can be found offensive to most people.


August 23 (my B-day lol) to August 31:
Accepting of designs.

September 1:
Announcement of the submitted character designs.

September 1 to September 14:
Judging, sorting, and possibly re-rendered into Missing Halloween's art style.

September 15:
Announcement of the designs to get in the animation!


The submissions will be judged and sorted by the director himself!

The top 5 best designs will have the following:
Their character will be featured as one of the young adults giving candies to the kids, fully animated!
Their name put in the credits as "Additional Character Design"

The next 10 (or more) best designs will have the following:
Their character will be featured as one of the many kids in the background, Trick or Treating!
Their name put in the credits under "Character Design Contribution"


In order for the character design to fit in the animation, your submission will have to be altered to accommodate the art-style and content, (Added) making the fantasy-like parts into costume. We're talking about kids in costumes, after all!
Example: Extended body parts such as animal ears, tail, wings, etc. will be redesigned into costume accessories.

Altering/redesigning will be done by the director himself.

Here are some visual examples:


By submitting your design to the project, you'll have to agree to the following:
-If your submission gets accepted to be featured in the animation, you will automatically give permission to let your design be used in the animation.
-(Added) The design you submitted still belongs to you, of course. You may use it to however you like for other purposes, it's your creation after all.
-The re-imagined design will be final and may not be edited when the animation is done.
-No additional rewards, payments, or requests can be made at any time, unless stated otherwise by the director.

-The schedule may possibly be changed at anytime by the director, depending on various situations. (I do hope it doesn't)


If ever you wish to submit a design, then let me just say this in advance: THANK YOU!!! Thank you for helping out on this project!
Missing Halloween may not be a masterpiece, but rest assured, it'll be longer than Draw with Me.
It will be released for free only on Youtube, in hopes that this will be my next animation that isn't an April Fools or job commission~
I hope people around the world will enjoy watching it when it's done!

To the people who have been reserved in my commission page, don't worry, you are not forgotten. But sadly, I have to give priority to other things at the moment. (And this could take months) Thank you for understanding.


Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:38 PM
Thank you for your feedback in the poll I made. I saw people prefer raffles instead of kiribans and I can see why! I like them better too (even when I have never won one lol) so let's make one in order to celebrate that I reached 4000+ watchers and 80K+ pageviews YEEEEY! ヽ(;▽;)ノ Thank you for the support <333

I'm not in the best time of my life but this has really brighten my day. Thanks!

Now to the main topic:


+ Only watchers! :heart: :hug:
+ Fav this journal :+fav: - so you get a number :glomp:
+ Make a NEW journal entry linking to this raffle :rose: OR make a poll about it!  :star:
+ Leave a comment HERE linking me to your journal entry/poll :heart:

There will be 2 winners. Raffle ends on August 25th at 9:00 PM Cst. I'll be picking the winners through ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


:love: First winner gets a Fullbody drawing
Pink Girl by ChiioChi

:love: Second winner gets a sketchy colored chibi
Woof! by ChiioChi

:star: It's all, thank you and good luck! (രᴗര๑) :star:

Skin by SimplySilent
I've reached 4k watchers a few days ago and thought about making a small raffle as appreciation for my watchers up until now
Sorry it's only running for two days bcuz i have quite a lot to do...


Time: 10:50 pm AUG 21~ 10:50 pm AUG 23 (Taiwan time UTC+8:00)

1) you must be a watcher since AUG 21, 2014or before that
2) FAVORITE this journal (I'll be using the list's numbering)
3) Make a wishlist (with STASH, google doc, tumblr or whatever) and comment link on this journal 
     Please make it clear (first prize: i want bust otp OR single chara of..../ runner up prize: i want....)


  • 1st PRIZE- 2 winners
    • Bust Up OTP drawing (plz give me relationship description)
  • AT jeusev by chisachan2010 Jinyalucifer by chisachan2010
    • OR

    • Single character drawing (At least half body much more i draw is really up to me)

    • A sketchy colored bust 
  • 20140821 by chisachan2010 <STYLE AShotanor by chisachan2010<STYLE B


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:26 AM
So i've been thinking about it and have decided that i want to organize a Christmas character exchange! This means that everyone who joins will be designing a new character as a holiday gift for someone else. :dummy:
What could be more fun and potentially special than a new character? This way everyone can have artistic freedom instead of the typical art exchange.
Original species are welcomed AND encouraged as long as they belong to you alone. (For example, I will be designing a Luim) BUT keep in mind that this isnt a "species"  exchange, but a character exchange. so design ALL of the things!

:star: i actually did this sort of an exchange twice before over on TLKFAA. Its nothing new to me and i hope to get LOTS of people involved. Thats why im putting this up now!




:santa: Anyone is welcome to join, even if you dont celebrate Christmas. Join for the fun and holiday spirit!
:santa: Adherence to the rules is ESSENTIAL for this to work.
:santa: SKILL does not matter, but EFFORT does. 


:santa: First: you must "Favorite" this journal if you want to participate.
:santa: Second: comment below saying you wish to join, upon joining you will be given a number.
:santa: Deadline for joining is: December 15th
:santa: Submitting your entry: Participants must NOTE me a link of their entry.Preferably from your st.ash account so that there are no broken links come exchange day! Do NOT Upload your entry as these are meant to be surprises!!)
:santa: Entry due date: MUST have entry in by December 20th. 
:santa: Exchange day: I will upload another journal on December 25th with links to what character participants get!
:santa: Backing out: You may back out ANY time prior to December 15th. Failure to complete your design by December 20th will get you put on a list of shame. 0N0
:santa: About your entry: Participants MUST draw original artworks. (NO PRE-MADE LINE ART), and EFFORT matters. This means you get out of this what you put in. If you put in an exceptional character with a reference page, that is what you will get in return. The less work put into your entry, the less you will get out. That is why i personally will be sorting out the characters to their new owners. 
:santa:It is better to give than receive: If you wish to only give a character instead of get one, you can! JUST BE SURE TO INCLUDE IN YOUR JOINING COMMENT THAT YOU WISH TO ONLY BE "A GIVER".


1.) Mwokozii 
2.) puqqies ..........................with slimerock pups!
3.) XanderGirl96
4.) Rivaillei
5.) SweetieNectar
6.) mythkin
7.) Ponacho
8.) Riroka
9.) Operia
11.) gummysharkcircus
12.) LunariaMistShadows
13.) Gloriousphilia 
14.) Adolas 
15.) CoolMDrawings
16.) Noiizu
17.) PetiteCatpuccino
18.) empt-minded
19.) ZZ-Art
20.) Shaythulhu
21.) nightIights
22.) woospuss
23.) goldbrick-ryukin
24.) tele-kinesis
25.) Wifflin
27.) Kimikohi
28.) Mlle-Kamichat
29.) Wolfdragonwings
30.) znh
31.) Iock
32.) Luna950
33.) xHappyMuttx
34.) SpiritClaw123
35.) TitanEclipse
36.) Lunamoon6657
37.) ReiReivax
38.) snowflake95
39.) poodlebite
40.) AdoptableCutes
41.) Xx-Nightstorm-xX
42.) ChinZaPep
43.) Terr-Bear
44.) iceshadow19
45.) Furratricity
46.) Attsos
47.) BananaIguana101
48.) pinalapple 
49.) PastelPixeIs
50.) kAngeLxD
51.) joaniek
52.) Spywolf606
53.) Shinigami-Souls
54.) baconxeggsxandxtoast
55.) Magicionary 
56.) Jennator
57.) issapiie
59.) rippIing
60.) l-Gotta-Believe
61.) xWolfwingx
62.) MysticShadowSkull ................with Cloudleions!
63.) TripleRainbowDash
64.) Tsukikoko
65.) BooBerryMilk .......................with Hunny Pups!
66.) :devD4RKT0RN4THOR3: 
67.) Chipo-H0P3
68.) xNighten
69.) hallethefox
70.) Raptorwolf-AML
71.) doeling
72.) Howling-night ......................with Avilli!
73.) RazZzle-Dazzle
74.) Darkkitten49
75.) AikoAkaNeko
76.) TrollishTheTroll
77.) PhobophobicDalek
78.) Nocturne00
79.) CrappyKungFu
80.) TheDukeOfGoblins
81.) M-Lee08
82.) agentKROSS
83.) Argentkirin
84.) Kirasel
85.) XcBlueshadow
86.) pixielog 
87.) fortiseryn 
88.) Silverpaw99 
89.) BIossom 

on complimenting art [please read]

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 2:19 PM
Student Filmographer

Comment Skin

ok so i want to start of with, first of all, i know saying this outright wont stop it from happening at all on my work, but i still would like it to be known at least?? hah

i notice, and have experienced countless times, that a lot of younger users on this site tend to do something akin to self depreciation when attempting to praise others work.

thats…really not ok.  like really really not ok

im going to be using direct addressing pronouns “you” without actually referring to anyone specific, but, by you saying something like “oh ill never be as good as you” or “im so jealous of your work” or “i want your style/skills” in a directly envious and self depreciating tone, you are honestly doing NO ONE any favors.  its rude, childish, and hurtful to say things like that, to both sides.  you think i want to hear you talk down about yourself in an attempt to make me feel good?  why would that make me feel good?  being told you suck just makes me feel guilty and sad.  i should in no way feel guilty about the skills i have spent years working my fucking ass off to refine, years of labor and insecurity and some blood too, trying to get over my own personal obstacles with things like my colorblindness in an attempt to make my art look decent. even though im still pretty insecure and have doubts(like ANY artist lets be honest) im pretty fucking proud of my craft and how far ive managed to take it after all this time. i used to be a shitty artist too tho ok!! i didnt just get here overnight(wouldnt that be neat tho...probably requires some hella deals with satan tho lmao)

you dont accomplish anything by talking shit about yourself like that. it just tells the artist you dont have any value in your work, which is sad and what are we supposed to do about that?  especially when you say it in the same breath as a compliment. like...thank you...but??? thats an unnecessarily immature and cruel guilt trip that no one deserves to be put on. you say you wont improve or ever get as good as someone youre complimenting(like me i guess), and yeah. you know youre kind of right if you say it like that. with an attitude like that you wont improve, whoops. tough luck.  thats not to say we all have to be proud assholes of our art, but i mean, come on i guess? we all get self doubt and thats unavoidable, but we still wont get very far with our craft if we dont at least try a little(a lot)

its hard and i tell this to literally every single kid who has ever given me these shitty backhanded compliments, but just fucking...keep trying.  please just keep trying your hardest, put effort and care and TIME into your art. this shit takes so much time, blood sweat and tears and some other cliche but true bullshit in this case.  its OK to be down on yourself, to have those doubts, i know i have them like...all the time. but please dont use them as this weird fucking bullshit leverage against other artists. it only hurts both sides

and uh, thats really all i gotta say about this matter? yehaw

R.I.P. Meja 20th August

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 7:50 AM
I´m crying so much while I´m writing this. I hope it is worthy for her.

Today my dog, and best friend, Meja, passed away.
It was her turn to go an join the other angels waiting for her.
She was a beauty straight into the end. Always intelligent. Always alert. Always kind.
The last thing she did before her final breath was to look at me and with all her might she tried to rise her head.
To kiss away my tears. 

She became 12 years old. 
She suffered from a disease she got 1 year ago that made her lose 10 pounds. 
After that she never regained her muscles again, no matter how much medication,exercise and food we gave her.
Slowly but surely she lost the ability to walk, stand and in the end even sit up.
The only thing she could do was to lie down while watching her friends run around. Being worried about her.
We tried our best, she tried her best. But one day your best will not be enough. And then you have to let go, let her sleep.
You tried your best my love, I will be forever be proud of you. ♥

Meja was a mighty white King Poodle. The biggest of her kind, yet she was always elegant.
She was a true beauty and won every contest she entered up to the age of 2.
Where she got cancer in her uterus. And the only way to survive was to remove it.
So unfortunately we couldn´t bring her out on contests anymore, or have some puppies from her.
But her beauty was still not unnoticed. Commercial workers noticed her and she ended up on big posters around Sweden for the shop Pandora Hobby.

As a puppy and young dog she was very disobedient.
She knew all the tricks I taught, as she was smart. But her smartness became a trouble.
She tried to run away from home, a lot. (A common habit King Poodle shares) And she was a perfect jumper. She could jump over anything.
She was not fond of humans as young. She would only stick to me and my father. She neglected my mother for many years until she finally accepted her.
She became more mature and accepting with age. Cuddling with everyone she saw.
Never has she bitten any other dog. 

These last 4 years when we moved to the dog hotel, has she been able to freely run over 2 miles worth of grass and nature. No leash. Just her, freedom and her friends.
A life worthy of a girl with such energy in her legs.
She might have become more mature, but she kept her bad puppy habits.
Just 2 days ago, she managed to grab my shoes and eat them half up.
It felt like it was her last little prank, her way to say Good bye. Don´t forget me.

And I surley won´t. She was the most wonderful dog and friend.
Been through with me for 12 whole years. Since I was 7 years old.
And she will still stay with me. In my heart, for even more years to hopefully come.

Thank you Meja, for being there.
I love you, and Good night, have wonderful dreams my love. :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent

The prizes:

:winner: The person with the highest score will receive  500 :points: OR One month premium membership + 100 :points:

:bulletpink: Runner up will receive 250 :points: 
If there is a tie, the person who sent me the FIRST 2nd best highscore will win.

:bulletblue: Third one will receive ONE Premium Lottery Ticket to be used here FGA GATE
If there is a tie, the person who sent me the FIRST 3rd best highscore will win.

FGA ticket Info: 4 boxes, you choose one. -- Premium = The boxes contains either 3 Months Premium Membership > 150 Points > Feature for 1 month > 50 Points .
Luck plays a huge role! So yes, you may possibly obtain the 3 months premium even though you're on third place. 
Magic boxes Sponsored by FlashGiveAways. Feel free to check it out! Questions? Ask me! 

:star: Many people who scores  20 points and above will automatically be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 50 :points: each. Point system will be explained below.

:heart: The purpose of this game is for Detective-HQ  to give the spotlight to talented, yet undiscovered artists of deviantart on different mediums such as Digital art, Traditional Art, sculptures, etc. This will be a monthly event and a part of Detective-HQ's hosted events.

How to Play the Game

This is a scavenger hunt. A small magnifying glass is hidden in the gallery of selected deviants. It looks like this:   Magnifying Glass by DestinyRose09

:bulletgreen:Where to search: Again, its hidden in the comment area of a deviation in their gallery. Search the gallery and each deviations!

Example, lets pretend that DestinyRose09 is one of the featured people:


:bulletgreen: Yay you found it! Click on the magnifying glass and it will lead to a stash question/hint you MUST answer. The answer to the question/hint can be found on THAT SAME DEVIANT'S gallery WHERE YOU FOUND the magnifying glass. 
Example (click to see the question):

:bulletgreen: After you read the question, RETURN to that person's gallery (or his/her front profile page), and search for the CORRESPONDING ANSWER.
The answer to the question is Destiny's Olaf deviation:
Olaf in Summer by DestinyRose09

Note: Answer MUST be in thumb format (NOT text or link). Since you will be noting me the answers, even non-premiums can use thumb and it will show on notes. 


You don't want to find all the magnifying glasses and answers to it, only to find out that you will not be able to claim your prize because you didn't follow the rules.

Official Scavenger Hunt Rules

:bulletred: This event is exclusive to Detective-HQ :icondetective-hq: members only. Feel free to join! The join button is on the left side of the group page.
Admins will check the winners for eligibility if this rule was followed before prize distribution.

:bulletred: Make sure to FAV this event journal and COMMENT anything below if you are joining. This is important information I take to keep track of how many people participated versus how many answers/notes I will receive for the next two weeks. It also helps for exposure and more people to join!
Admins will check the winners for eligibility if this rule was followed before prize distribution.

:bulletred: DO NOT note the featured person/deviant/fellow scavenger hunters and ask for hint/help about the answer or location of the magnifying glass. WORK ALONE. You can be reported to the admins and you will be DISQUALIFIED.

:bulletred: DO NOT leave any comment in the deviation/stash/event that can reveal the answer to the hints/questions/clues or YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

:bulletred: The FORMAT of the answer is important when you send the answer note to me.  Please send me only ONE NOTE after you collected the MOST magnifying glasses and answers you think you can manage. You don't have to find them all. Collect more than 20 points and you can join the raffle.

Answer format:
1. [Username]
    [Deviation that the magnifying glass was found *Link is fine*]
    [ANSWER to the stash question]

   1.  DestinyRose09
    Olaf in Summer by DestinyRose09

Point system: 1 point for finding the deviation with the magnifying glass and 1 point for the CORRECT answer.

Are you ready? Here are your featuring deviants! Find the magnifying glass and enjoy their art! :heart:
















There are 15 magnifying glasses total. You can accumulate up to 30 points if you find all the magnifying glass and correct answers.

Stuck and need a hint? Here are ways to get a hint out of me.

1. Share this event in a NEW journal. Note me with your question with the link of your newly created journal for ONE hint.
2. If you joined the Deviantart Unbirthday Event and was tagged here somewhere , you get ONE hint. (You can no longer use it to get an answer on the next mystery case event)
3. If you found the secret event here you can note me for ONE hint. (But you forfeit your chance to win in that event)

Depending on the person, you can accumulate a total of (3)three hints. Note DestinyRose09 Use them wisely. :D
This event will stay open for 2 weeks.

Goodluck and Have Fun!

:bulletred: Respect the artists featured. Do not complain or cause unnecessary dispute or you will be disqualifed.
:bulletred: Do you know anyone who would like to be featured on next month's undiscovered gem scavenger event? Do you want to be featured? If yes, contact DestinyRose09 for possible processing. Criteria to qualify includes less than 20k pageviews and less than 300 watchers. 
:bulletgreen: Donations for prizes are always appreciated ^_^ Donations can be sent here :heart:Donate:heart:

Event Administrators
DestinyRose09 LittleScavenger RoamingShadow xSammyKayx MirachRavaiaHazelstar67

Brought to you by
:icondetective-hq: and :iconflashgiveaways:
Detective-HQ ll FlashGiveAways

status : open

How to commissioning me :
◆ Send me a note with "COMMISSION" title, and fill it with commission FORM
◆ Please wait until I reply your note
◆ I will work on it and show the sketch first, commissioners may make corrections
◆ After you satisfy with the sketch, please sent the full payment & I will start paints the full colored
◆ I will update the commission progress on my DA profile
◆ You will receive A4 jpg images with 300dpi, I will send it to your email

Commission form :
◆ commission detail         : head/bust shot / waist/knee up / etc....
◆ email                           : (to send the final work to your email)
◆ your PayPal emaill        : (if paypal)
◆ number of character     : 
◆ images references        : (link to your characters)
◆ description about your characters (information and personality of the characters, pose, face expression, etc)
◆ others (background, etc)

Payment :
- paypall (USD)
- points ($1 = 100 points)

OK : fanart, oc, artistic nudity, kemonomimi, mild yaoi
NO : hentai, R-18, mecha, anthro, complicated animal
(*kissing, hugging, ero pose [show some abs/leg] are ok. No explicit sex, no male reproduction organ)

◆ Monochrome (black-white or with 1 accent colors)

Bust / head shoot : $5 (+ $3 /add 1 character)
Waist / knee-up    : $10 (+ $5 /add 1 character)
* with simple patterns/solid/no bg only
Man playing violin by RedSeroja
→Please check my gallery to see my artworks :…

◆ 2D CG

Bust / head shoot : $10 (+ $5 /add 1 character)
Waist / knee-up    : $20 (+ $15 /add 1 character)
Full body              : $30 (+ $20 /add 1 character)

Background :
simple patterns/solid/no bg : free
Full colored bg : $ 20-40 (depending of the complexity)

2d artworks dump by RedSeroja
sweet taste by RedSeroja I'll Be By Your Side by RedSeroja
Please check my gallery to see my artworks :…

◆ Semi Realist CG

Bust / head shoot : $20 (+ $15 /add 1 character)
Waist / knee-up    : $30 (+ $20 /add 1 character)
Full body              : $40 (+ $25 /add 1 character)

Background :
simple patterns/solid/no bg : free
Full colored bg : $ 20-40 (depending of the complexity)

Man With Cig by RedSeroja Howl and calcifer by RedSeroja Sinbad by RedSeroja Say Cheese by RedSeroja Kuroo by RedSeroja
→Please check my gallery to see my artworks :…

Commission rules :
  ◆ DO NOT claim, edit, reproduce my artworks or use it for commercial
   Please give me clear references and details (images and text, additional info, personality, etc)
   There will be an extra cost for designing character
  ◆ NO rushing, unless there is a good reason (exm : for birthday gift, etc...)
  ◆ I may will upload commission artworks at my sites, commissioners may ask me to not upload it at site
   The waiting time will vary because first order first serve, I will finish it in 2-4 weeks if I had start to draw it
  ◆ Any other questions please ask me ^^

Warning: This will be detailed so that you can understand better what to write. For those of you who don't want to read, please just delete this entry from your inbox and continue on with your merry day. 

Hi everyone! In my last journal entry I asked if it was okay to write this and I got a good amount of people giving me the okay so here I am. 

Now as I said before and above in the warning, it will be detailed since in too many how to's of this, people say the same thing. Looking up popular and well written lemons do help since you can see how it is written and what to do. But, what a lot of people end up doing is just basically copying lemons and moving some things around to match the characters that are in the lemon. Whether it's an xReader or one with your OTP, a lemon is smut and smut is porn. And everyone wants the good stuff. 

First thing:


This may sound ridiculous but it's more than that. Educate yourself on sex and look shit up so you understand it better. Please don't give that whole, "but my school never taught me/doesn't want to teach me sex ed" or "my parents never gave me the talk" because 1) shame on fucking them and 2) there are handy sites that will teach you. Trust the .org one's though not the .com's so much. By learning more you can write a good lemon that will help you write those stories where the reader/character ends up getting pregnant. 

Oh and speaking of pregnant, here's another thing I want to write about.

Lines you should avoid and things you should avoid doing:

1) "But I don't understand! How did I get pregnant?"
Dead. Fucking. Ass. Unless the character is really stupid, the answer should be obvious. Unprotected sex happens a loooooot in fanfiction so please if you're writing about a one night stand, a mistake, or anything else for that matter, do not make the character a bimbo and proceed to wonder how she got pregnant when HELLOOO. Unprotected sex causes this. Even if she was drunk, she should at least remember she had a one night stand or something because no one can just randomly get pregnant and accept it. The whole "not knowing who the father is" can happen though. Also, I'm indifferent towards the whole no condom/yes condom thing. Just do whatever floats your boat.

2) "His tongue wrestled with yours for dominance and his won." I swear to all things that are lemony smut goodness, THIS is the most used line. Click on a lemon and what do you know! This line shows up because the writer just wants to show already whose in charge in the sex. Hell I've probably used this in desperate times but it needs to stop. Explore other ways to establish dominance. Make the girl/guy tell the other to do things in a demanding voice, have one be pushed up against the wall. Let there be biting and grabbing and so much more. 

3) "I love you." Whaaaa? Avoid that? Well let me explain. A lot and I mean A LOT of lemons end on saying I love you and it's okay but just too many of them end that way. End with one of them saying something flirty or something else. I love you is a good way to end it but seriously, having two characters who just met and decided to fuck shouldn't say that. It makes no sense. It's unrealistic. Especially if want to write a serious on going story, do not throw around the I love you's until the relationship between the characters develops well enough. 

4) Bad dirty talk. You want to write dirty talk? Do it good. Don't just throw in random ass stuff because you don't know what else to do. The typical things are: You're so tight, F-Fuck you feel so good inside of me, You liked being fucked like that, don't you?, I want to feel you come inside of me, Pull my hair and make me your bitch (that's more for someone whose submissive in the relationship), annnd more.

5) Talking too much. I've always found it a bit awkward if during sex the two characters just randomly start talking about their day and then there's a paragraph describing what the character is thinking about (and it's not about the sex). I mean yeah that happens in real life but like, we're here for the lemon. Let's be honest. We just want to read about the fucking.

6) "You're a good girl."
Girls are not dogs. Boys are not dogs. Do not talk to them as such. Sometimes it's sexy but sometimes it gets a little played out. Use it no more than once.  

7) Penis to vagina, penis to vagina. There's a lot of shit that can happen in sex and if it's hetero sex we're talking about (and even gay sex), there's a lot more you can just do then just having penis to vagina action or penis to ass in gay sex. 

That brings me to my next thinga ma boob. 

  • Boobs. We all love them but please learn how to treat them right. Don't write something where the dude/chick is basically just smashing the other girls boobs together.  That doesn't sound sexy (speaking of that, don't actually call them boobs or boobies in the lemon. Liiiiike no. Breasts people. They're called breasts. Or use chest if you want). It sounds painful as fuck. Groping is one thing but literally just squishing them together really hard is another thing. Also, don't forget about the nipples. Pinch them, tug on them, suck on them, and hell, even bite around it a little bit. I mean a small bite of course. Don't do like a massive glomping bite to the boob. Boobs are precious guys. 
  • Oral sex. Ooooo don't lie. You love reading that. (I know I do). Whether its girlxgirl, boyxboy, girlxboy, it happens and of course you need to be careful when writing it. When one comes/climaxes into the mouth of the other, some people have the habit of describing the taste like it's whipped cream or something. Sorry to burst your bubble kids but it doesn't. Salty is more like it. But you can use bittersweet if you don't want to use that word. That doesn't mean you can't use, "Mmmm you taste so sweet". Please do since it's apart of dirty talking. Now when it comes to oral sex, the clitoris (or clit) is something you should be writing about. Picture it as a little nub in your vagina where the magic happens (Jesus Christ I can't believe I just wrote that). It's true though since that's where sexual pleasure occurs. Rubbing, licking, and sucking should happen there and during oral sex, when one is the eating the girl out, don't forget about fingering. Now a blow job isn't literally a girl/guy sucking a dude off. It's moving the head, moving the tongue around, and having the lips press down. NO TEETH. Like seriously I don't have a dick but reading that she bit down sounds painful as fuck.  
  • Genital terms. (Is that even a proper phrase? Oh wells) Sooooooooo. Typical things that are used are manhood and womanhood. I've found the terms to be a bit awkward. Honestly, don't be afraid to use words like cock and pussy. I'm not even joking. Vagina and penis do sound weird but you have other words to chose from. Some people have written core, length, member, and even hot center before. Some of these terms can sound a bit awkward as well (depending on the situation) but if used properly you should be alright. But the manhood thing needs to stop. 
  • Toys. We ain't talking about your Thomas the Choo Choo Train here (idk if that's what it's even called), oh hell no. We're talking about sex toys. Now if you don't know what a strap on or a dildo is.....lesbian sex is probably not for you. But if you do know what that is, and you do want to write lesbian sex, then use those toys. Vibrators can be used on the clit but I believe that there is a special toy that vibrates inside the vagina. I'm not that well educated when it comes to BDSM, but tying one down to the bed or using handcuffs is also good. But when writing BDSM, it's not just that. There are safe words, someone is the dominant one and someone is the submissive one. One doesn't cross lines unless the other is comfortable with it. It's really about communicating. So please don't use Fifty Shades of Grey as a guide. It's terrible. Just...just don't, son.  
  • Kissing. To this day I still struggle with writing this. I don't know why but I do. I'll try my best to explain this one but basically, kissing is more than just moshing your lips onto someone else's. It's not a literal face battle. "His lips brushed against yours in a gentle kiss," is something that is used. Kisses can be rough and passionate and they can be gentle and sweet. Don't forget that tongue is used but try not to use what I stated above and also, "His/her tongue explored your mouth," too much. Remember it's all about moderation. 
  • Connection. Please explore in the feelings of both characters while they're having sex. Have a shiver run down her spine when his fingers trail down her sides, make her whimper when he/she caresses her inner thighs and have her gasp when his/her fingers get close to her center that has become wet because of all his/her teasing. Make him feel completely submissive and at her mercy when she starts to kiss down his chest and across his lower abdomen to his erection. Really explore what they're feeling when being touched by the other. 
  • Foreplay. Before the actual sex, he/she basically has to get warmed up. I know, I know. Weird way of putting of it. But hey I like to add some humor to make things feel less uncomfortable. Anyways, foreplay can contain fingering and rubbing the clit or doing both at the same time. There's also handjobs and though not that many people explore this one, there's also gently rubbing over the dudes balls. I'm still not sure if that works when turning a guy on but I heard it's a sensitive place. However of course you'd want to research that. 
A lot of people want to write a good, long fuck which is great! Sadly, because of this, most lemons end up being badly written and just one character banging the other and that's pretty much just it. Sometimes we stress so much on writing a long lemon that we don't realize how bad it ends up being. I'm not saying to keep it short but sometimes it's a little difficult for you newbies to write a long lemon. As long as it's good and a nice length, you'll be fine. 

We all worry about OOC (out of character) -ness and some people say it's okay however do not completely change the character. For example, Captain America probably wouldn't do the stuff that Tony Stark would/has done. Y'all catch my drift there. 

It's a good thing to explore location. Hot, steamy shower sex is nice, somewhere public is a little a naughty but hey, why not? Things can go beyond the bedroom. If you want to keep it in the house then write about her/him getting fucked on the kitchen table or on the couch. Anywhere really (and I mean that both ways). But do remember not to turn a lemon into a bad porno cause of this. I mean yeah lemon is technically porn but like duuuuddeee. There's good porn and bad porn.

Oh! Another thing is of course: stripping. When it comes to taking off clothes, taking it off in a sexy way is also very good. Have her/him give the other a lap dance and tease the other to make them very turned on. "She swayed her hips from side to side, moving towards him and spreading his legs apart to caress his inner thighs. He swallowed thickly, his heart beginning race and his eyes locked on hers while she slowly unzipped his jeans and her naughty hand went underneath his boxers to brush over his hard cock."

That's something you can write. (Not literally of course, don't steal lines from other writers. And don't even think about stealing lines from books.) 

Some struggle with just starting the lemon. Like okay they're at home or whatever, what do I do next? Obviously don't just make one randomly turned on. Start it off slow. Have one be a tease and do something to turn the other on. She could give him a very heated kiss while moving her hand over the growing bulge in his jeans. We all have those characters who would probably finger another character in public or worse- during a board meeting underneath the table. That's something you can always write before said characters drags the other out of the meeting to the nearest bathroom or to the car. 

You gotta do what you like and what you're comfortable with. If you're really squemish, have a friend read your lemon. But make sure it's your sassy honest one and not the one who agrees with whatever you say. Y'all know what I'm talking about. Honesty can hurt but it's also for your own good. 

Also it's okay to just start off writing the lemon. Nothing wrong with that. There's no rule saying that you have to write the two characters doing something before the actual lemon part. Be creative but also don't forget that you can do whatever the fuck you want (but make sure it's good). 

If you want to use curse words in your lemon, go right ahead. Don't ever let someone tell you that it sounds vulgar or whatever. In my opinion, cursing isn't a big deal. Just don't have the character literally say fuck or fucking in every sentence. Moderation people. Remember that. 

Sweet Sex/Love making: In this case, sweet sex is usually making love which means that it's very soft and gentle. Most of the time the sex is gentle when the character is a virgin. The other character wants to make sure the other is comfortable and is paying attention to all of his/her needs. Butterfly kisses are left across the jaw and hands glide over skin to make the other shiver. It's here where the sex usually happens in the bedroom. 

Rough sex: Rough sex can be a one night stand but it can also be a couple who really just like it rough. Here people can be pushed against the wall and have their lower lip bitten (gently of course, actually making it bleed like a river wouldn't be good). Pulling of the hair can happen as well as new sex positions like one being on all fours. 

Basically I've said everything that I needed to. I hope that this has helped you out more than my past journal entries about this or other journal entries that you may have read. A BIG NO that I have is:


"But it's an anime character-"

I do not give a fuck. No matter who or what (yes, what), no nose bleeds. It just makes it sound really childish. Especially if the guy is in his late twenties and his nose bleeds at the sight of a boob. Most of you who write lemons are teens but you want to write like an adult. 

I hope this helped and if you have any questions, feel free to write a comment or note me. 

P.S. I'm still a virgin. Personally I live by the quote, "my mind is a slut, my body is a virgin" but what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to not be a virgin to write a good lemon. Sure experience helps but don't worry if you have none. Research is good and I really hope these tips helped somehow. 

Stay classy people~
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Fri Aug 22, 2014, 2:27 AM

final stages of starters revealed!

Finally the final forms of  Ekopi, Batflare, and Kelpony have been revealed! Who will you choose?

Hope you enjoyed this update.
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