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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Xin chào cách tềnh êu  Hôm nay là ngày đẹp chời nên tuôi share nha <3 
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DA tuôi 200+ wat rồi đó  Ý chính của cái blog này là mừng 200+ wat mà /bựa gơn/ 
Start nho~
Fav+cmt+watch = Lấy
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Credit if you use: :iconmearilee27: avatar
Đi qua để lại 1 tiếng ạ, lượt xem nhiều hơn like 300 lượt thì khóa blog , DA mà fav ít hơn lượt xem 300 lượt thì cũng block cái journal vào nha♥







Yura ♥
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All k-pop-hiếm quá nạ ♥


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Quà tiếp cho pinkpanda đêy @.@


Chị già bá đạo của em ♥


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All k-pop, phần lớn là sistar


Queen <3


Gái đẹp ♥


Tươi trẻ rạng ngời 


Capscreen, đã luôn 











Thực sự là....... Bệnh lười tái phát =((( 
Tớ sẽ share riêng nha <3

Alright so I'm still in Colombia but BBC HD is having this whole documentary like thing about Superheroes (both Marvel and DC) and my mom is catching it with me.

Mom: Is that X-Men?
Me: Yeah
Mom: Wait whose that guy? I've never seen him before.
Me: That's Angel.
Mom: Oh....but like, he only showed up for one scene.
Me: I know.
Mom: You know I still don't know why they didn't let Rogue keep her super strength in the movie. Like she had more than just absorbing powers.
Me: Yea--Wait you know that?
Mom: Yeah grandma (she's means her mom/my grandma btw) gave me money and I was like a tomboy so I bought like a bunch of comics.
Mom: Yo man....I gave it to Maurice.
Mom: Florida.


*It's like 11:30 at night*

Me: Mom I'm hungry!
Mom: You're gonna get fat D:<

*Five minutes later*

Lil bro: Mami tengo hambre! D: (Mommy I'm hungry)
Mom: Seriously? ??

*15 Minutes later*

Moms Boyfriend: Babe I'm hungry
Mom: Are you kidding me? Hell nah I'm not making you guys shit and then washing the dishes.
Boyfriend: Babe, I got this *whips out sandwich toaster thingy*


The boyfriend: *watching the show too now* You know Spider-Man is my favorite hero. Superman is eh to me. He's too much.
Me: AHA! I told you Mom!
Mom: What do you mean?
Me: He's too perfect D:<
Boyfriend: Exactly!
Mom: And that's bad?
Me: YES.

That is all.
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                                           Promo Celly by doubleWbrothers
The girl without hands by megan7        Paso A La Eternidad by MariaJoseHidalgo

Weeping of violin by MiloshJevremovic

The cycle of life by RazielMB

Dreamspace by Tracy-WilliamsArt  Amor Aeternum by nova63

Wolves by Manink

LOVE OUR HOME by erool       Landscapes by John35Photography

Mother Of Dragons by Whendell         Little Companion by MarcoHerrera

Goodbye by Darkraven002    Hand-kissing by cornacchia-art

Steampunk Adventure by CindysArt

Not a Fairytale I by SPRSPRsDigitalArt

Welcome to Heaven Nick! by Dani-Owergoor

Before the Dawn by ChristabelleLAmort

Fire Of Life by Lolita-Artz

Goddess of the evil by CharllieeArts                  Emptiness by thelemadreams

Feels like fire by Altair-E

Esmeralda by EstherPuche-Art      When Doves Cry by JacquelineLecocq            
  Walk in the Fog by Sisterslaughter165   Summoning by MoonRoseEternity

I will wait Forever by BrennaWintjens

In my Dream by Antoshines         The blinding lights, rain and the cat's plot by Antoshines

Ophelie by VeroniqueThomas

The Firebird by fatal-kitty Free by OlAleksandra
Sleeping Beauty by Gwendolyn1                            Warrior by IrKos

The Sea Witch by A-Wakefield  If We Don't Take Care by Lhianne

Ellen by Gedogfx

Mr and Mrs by Kibblywibbly

Do not be scared my little girl by FueledbypartII              Compass by Teddy-Cube

Tell a Story by Wesley-Souza

The Queen by HideAll

.:Let it go:. by SummerDreams89

Dream Maker by Black-B-o-x     Unwritten story by ShinyHeels

AttractCrow by maiarcita   La Regina Che Crea Nero by LenteScura

 Bride Alone by DX-Degeneration          Four Dear Friends by fhelalr
  night sail by evenliu

Haunted Forest by ObscureLilium   Buddha ke bandhana by Wolves-PSD

FeatherS by shiny-shadows-Art  ...Nostalgic... by Beautiful-Life15

Melusine: Cold Hearted by BlackAddiction  Quand elle dort la magie se reveille by Marjie79Strangulation tree by Manink

Inferno - The Man who sold his Soul by Kurtzan

Midsummer Night's Dream by pono4evnaya


Wed Aug 27, 2014, 11:44 AM

Good morning , good night , good day !

It´s time that No-pe make a special Raffle Time !
you can win a price that i never make as a Commission, Art Trade or Request !

So you get the chance to win some art by me and other wonderful people that wanted to donate!////

okay . but first ! how can you enter this raffle ?
you must be my watcher and
only was you need to do is

:bulletblue:fav this journal 
:bulletblue:watch she 

say on this journal "DONE"

*make journal to get more change 
and please send me your link to this journal 

and your are in the list !

Price list:

:new:1. Price : Win 300 :points: and an animation
 Silentdeath Smile 2  by No-pe
a headshot by the beautiful artist :iconzeenovos:

2. price : win 100 :points:
and a shurt little animation
evaison kitty by No-pe
a cute chibi by the sweet good artist :iconmoontowhee:
3.price : win 50 :points: and an animated icon :3
 Akila by No-pe

Raffle will ends in 10 days !
 sry for my bad english!

List :

Wall of Fame

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 7:01 AM
I just wanna take some time to thank every single person who went out of their way to make me fanart in the past and in the future. I appreciate every single piece you guys make me and it always makes my day and brings a smile to my face receiving fanart. Thank you all so very much!
Special gifts/fanart You Guys Made For Me :heart:
Kasi wolf by TosaabituTseenaTundra fanart! by Icy-flareFriends lineless art redo owo by XxMagpieWolfxXRealistic blaze journal doll by The-Bad-ChickThe Key by Icy-flareRead description :3 by Icy-flareWolf inspirations by 512MoonWolfKasi by 001floWCheer up by Hikaru123midnightI'll always love you. by Icy-flareKasi by CrystalCallunaoh hai..i didn't eat the cookies.. by The-Bad-Chickgift W.I.P by XDNEONwolfStay Strong Dani! by The-Bad-ChickFlare and blaze. by Icy-flareHunter fanart by GiantsHawk12Me and my best friend by Icy-flareBlazefire41 ^-^ by blazefire111REALISTIC blaze~ by The-Bad-ChickFan Art by xXSeptemberXxOn the Road by Yellow-K9Kasi :D by Icy-flareFor Kasi by xHappyMuttxBLAZE FANART by lilywarrior234Furry Rave by Dwolf548Huggles by Rain23432Random by GreenstormTheWarriorxKasiWolfx Fanart by SilverSoul4444Congrats Blaze! by ShadowWolf11231Wooflie by Winterstar-of-winterShay!-Lineart Request by ChessWolfBlaze :l by Winterstar-of-winterKasi wolf by Laynastarhugz? by TwerkingKitten69fur blaze! by TwerkingKitten69Fnrt Fir Wolf by TwerkingKitten69Gift of Shay by SkoonzLove7Gift for Kasi by XxMagpieWolfxXPup friends by WolfLover12321Kasi by Winterstar-of-winterBlaze fan art by Hikaru123midnightFanart of Kasi by Sn0wyAnGelBlazegif by XDNEONwolffor blaze! by XDNEONwolfKasi (REQUESTED) by WolfdomoHug? by WolfLover12321Comfort by ChessWolfCassie and Blaze by Nightwind529PhantomBlaze fanart 2/2 by SkoonzLove7PhantomBlaze fan art 1/2 by SkoonzLove7Ford GT 500 Black and Red. by Icy-flareFrienzies! by Evilwolf1234Dark World by ChessWolfBlaze Giift by horseelover321I got bored... by ChessWolfNever Give Up. by SundayGlitchValentine 2~ Burning Blaze by xSpiritWolf7xBlaze for Blazefire4 by Evilwolf1234B-fire by Winterstar-of-winterBlaze Gift Art by ShadowedSorrowBf icon by XDNEONwolfChristmas card cover #3 by desilancerMerry Christmas Blaze by Marbard12Blazefire4 by XDNEONwolfblaze fanart(redo) by freehugs12345The Two Cuties by Haunted9Happy Birthday,Blazefire! by CanisPausHappy *Late* Birthday BlazeFire! by Jennathehedgehog74happy b-day BlazeFire4 by xxsinisterxx152Raising Fire by Phoenix19xpfor BlazeFire4 by GATORREVOLUTIONHappy Birthday Blaze! by Sn0wyAnGelHappy 18th birthday blaze by StargazingTundraFor Blaze by terribleCanineblaze for: blazefire4 by cobalion808FanArt for  Blazefire4 by SourisdedogBlazeh's birthday gift by desilancerWhat Did You Say? :G: by Animalcrazy55Firework by Sp1ritWolfSuprise!!! by ShadowWolf11231Fan Art/B-day Gift For BlazeFire4 by WyldWolfProductionsHappy birthday Blaze!! by doodlebuddiesHappy Birthday BlazeFire4!! by SkoonzLove7Blazefire4 B-day by AwakeandAlive26Happy early b-day Blaze!!! by HopeWolf12334Happy Birthday, Blaze! by TFgirlSamPutting My Defences Up by DreamFirexFor Blaze Wolf by DerpyLuna112Happy Birthday Blaze! by KariTheCatFor BlazeFire4 by InsanityDarkshadowsYay,Adulthood T-T by ChessWolfGET WELL SOON, BLAZE by furfurrykittyFor BlazeFire by FostTheMagicalStickGift for BlazeFire4 by StargazingTundraBlaze- Fanart by zoruakatIcon for Blazefire4 by FirestarsInsanityDraw It Again Meme(single picture) by ChessWolfBlaze and flame by ChelseagtvHaha! If I ran into Blaze! by GIMME-SOME-ONIONSBLAZEFIRE4! by XDNEONwolfFlipnote Hatena Wolf Gang. by yoshispyroloverFriends 'Til The End by AllTrenchDiscoBlazeFire4 Fanart!! by SageWolfArtistBlaze And Hummer Fan Art by umbreonanmoonstarGIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN by furfurrykittyDont be Sad Blaze... by SourisdedogFeral Heart Buddies :3 by DesteryDarkAngelI am the Champion, and You're Gunna Hear Me ROAR! by DemonSixxBLAZEFIRE4 by XDNEONwolfBlaze (GIFT) by WolfdomoHeartbroken (To Blazefire4) by MixpawCheer up buddy! by Sn0wyAnGelfor blazefire by deadwing1For Blazefire4 by Haunted9.:BlazeFire4:. Fanartz by jasloFanart for BlazeFire4 by FlareWingWolfGifts ouo by ChessWolfMy Besties!!!! by SarajoHessBlazefire Fan art by HalfWolfStudiosFanart for ~BlazeFire4~ by StargazingTundraHowling Wolves! by TFgirlSamWelcome Back: BlazeFire by DemonSixxFan Art For Blazefire by SourisdedogBlaze by maria4234NOT AMUSED BY YOUR STUPIDITY by CanisPausGift for blaze fire by xXSkittlesbelieve in youreself blaze by MiyukatheDemonWolfBlaze's Request 2 by Shadowwolf1015Blaze fire by MiyukatheDemonWolffor husky166 of Hunter by duallygirl178blaze wolf :)! by XNeonWolfXBlaze fan art by ChessWolfFan Art For Blazefire by umbreonanmoonstarFor blaze by MiyukatheDemonWolfCuddle the Blaze by desilancerFor BlazeFire4 by Haunted9Icon for BlazeFire4 by FirestarsInsanityGift by fluffy92903Fan Art: Blaze Fire and Lyall by drawingismygameFan Art For: BlazeFire4 by 001floWI love you sis!! For :iconBlazeFire4: Only!! by BlazeFire4everGift for BlazeFire4 by Wyld-FyrI'm always here by MiyukatheDemonWolfFan Art Fot BlazeFire4 by Spiritwolf56Blaze chibi for blaze fire 4 by MiyukatheDemonWolfFanArt for BlazeFire4!! by xXkazmoXxFanart for Blazefire4 by DemonSixxBlaze Fire Fan Art by HalfWolfStudiosGift for blaze fire by SweetApplecookieLuna Vs Blaze by graystorm1234Fan Art For BlazeWolf4! by 001floWBlaze by wolf-of-heartsfor BlazeFire and her car i holp you like it by darkwingduck1992Fan art for Blazefire4 :3 by MiyukatheDemonWolf1a23 by ShadowRanmaruGift For BlazeFire4 by CIBEYFanart for Blaze*Fire4 by WolfSongX7Blaze Fanart (For BlazeFire4) by AllTrenchDiscoBlaze and Dulcis by furfurrykittyMe and Blaze by SilverSoul4444fan art for blaze by KenobiBooBlazeFire4 by ElviretTHANK YOU by snowyprussia34For BlazeFire by xCreekTo Husky116 by DemonSixxBlaze by DreamFirexFor: Baze fire by fluffy92903for blazefire by Phoenix19xpRequest for: Blaze Fire by fluffy92903Fan Art for Blaze*Fire! by toxic2020



Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 6:01 AM

My life is bit busy now, work school, commissions, etc. BUT!
Here's your chance to win something cool~!

You'll have a chance to win a....
Coby Kyros 7- Inch Android 2.3 4 GB Internet Touchscreen Tablet MID7012 - 4g

 photo this_zps4cac3b4e.jpg

Sadly enough, Its been sitting in my room, barely used and collecting dust, and it needs to go pronto!//WEEPS
Its just like new ; w ; )/♥

SO hears the deal
  • You MUST be a watcher of mine(new watchers are welcomed, if you unwatch, you'll be disqualified from future raffles//srry ;w ; only watch if you like my stuff plz
  • - Be sure to read everything u v u
  •  Your account must be at least two weeks old.  I don’t want any “mule” accounts taking up raffle tickets.  (this does not apply to current watchers, though I do know a few of your extra accounts, so please, try to keep it one entry per person, okay?)
  • You have 12 DAYs from now to enter 8/27/2014 till 9/8/2014(lol) it may be extended...idk yet)
  •  To enter, all you have to do is comment on this journal typing ( <3 or ♥ )
  • There will be only ONE winner for this
  • The winner will be decided with a random number generator. I will not be selecting any favorites, so don't worry.
  • If this raffle reaches over 100 entries, there will be a SECOND prize and SECOND winner in this raffle

 ♥ !!Ways to get more raffle tickets!! ♥
- Current watchers automatically get two tickets upon commenting.  New watchers will start off with one.
- Share this journal (you must make a NEW journal or poll) and link it to me in your comment.
 -If your comment has the word “muffins” in it, you will earn yourself 1 extra raffle ticket♥ 

Depending on how this goes, I may hold raffles like this again in the future

  • Listening to: my heart breaking
started this project last friday, principal animation finished on sunday, music was only finished today by :iconskybase:
have a watch! and pls share it too! thanks alot!

Hug all the Animals

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 8:35 AM

Above is me and the Hitler cat (I am the one with the hat) at the Melbourne Cat Cafe that I visited a few days ago, marking it the second time I ever touched a cat, the first time being just two years ago. Its not that I don't like cats or anything, but I just never had the chance to. And after having a conversation with my friend Snacky-Bites about pets, I have decided to write about pets I used to own. From as early as I can remember. WARNING: May contain tear jerking moments.

Startin with a pair of rabbits I used to own when I was around 6. I remember my parents bought me two fluffy white rabbits from the local street markets in Hong Kong. Yeah i know, not in a pet shop but in the street market? Now i think about it, it seems a bit odd. Not sure if its even legal! Don't you need a proper license shop with a roof at least? We might as well buy it from a man with sun glasses and hat in the back alley with rabbits inside his long coat. But I digress. So two rabbits, and... after about two weeks... one of them died. I know right, Im sorry if I made anyone sad with this story but yes it happened, we were treating it good too, I got a feeling it has something to do with those markets, maybe the rabbits were already in bad health I dunno, whats even more sad (Sadness ahead, just skip to the next story if you dont wanna read it) whats even more sad is that I still remember the other rabbit looking at and touching the passed away rabbit, pushing it gently like as if it was trying to wake it up, I still remember that image very clearly and yes I was in tears of course (even now typing this up Im feeling teaRy...), it was my first exposure to the concept of death and it happened to my cute little fluffy white rabbit ;v;" the other rabbit lived a bit longer, but a few weeks after it also passed away, this time I held back my tears but still sad..

Thennnn I must've been like 10 or 11 when I had my second pet, well two Goldfish to be exact! I named the orange one Magikarp and the white and red one Goldeen, because I was a big fan of Digimon obviously. I don't remember where I got them actually, I'm guessing from a pet store of course but I don't remember getting them at all its kinda weird. I also liked smelling the fish food, they smelt really yummy lol. Oh yes a very interesting story, I had a seashell that I kept in the fish bowl where Magikarp and Goldeen lived, one morning I went to feed them to realise that Magikarp was missing! I was worried that it somehow escaped the fish bowl like in Finding Nemo, I should've known better that my fishes were plotting a prison break. Then I looked at the seashell and realised that Magikarp was stuck inside, so I shook the seashell and eventually freed Magikarp, then something crazy happened that got me really confused. Magikarp.... evolved! NO it did not evolve into a Gyarados. But rather, it changed color, Magikarp now evolved from an orange fish to a white fish, at first I thought maybe Magikarp died and my parents replaced it with a new fish? But they said no they didn't do anything. I was very confused as to what happened to Magikarp haha. It was only till years later when the internet was invented that I found out its normal for Goldfish to change color.

Then I got my dog Kakashi, you may have heard me talk about that little son of a bitch before in previous journals. Kakashi, because I was a big fan of Bleach obviously. Kakashi is a mixed between Shih Tzu and a Jack Rusell... we think. We don't know for sure because I got the dog from my ex who had dogs who gave birth to a few puppies, but she never told me the breeds for unknown reason, and since we don't talk anymore its hard to find out more info about Kaka's origin (I mean me and my ex don't talk, not me and my dog). He is a funny dog, gets along with humans very well, ultra friendly, but very antisocial towards other dogs, might be because once he was bitten in the tummy by another dog, and since then he just thought all other dogs are bad.

OK then lastly I gota talk about my two mice. Mr Honey and Mr Horny. and no I did not come up with those names. The two mice actually once belong to my college classmate Bahareh, she named the golden one Mr Honey because of his color, and never understood why the silver one is called Mr Horny, I never caught him jerking off to porn or whatever. I loved them both very much, but I got a feeling that they never really trusted me, I would feed them and change their newspaper and stuff but they always try to run away from me. One time Mr Horny did a prison break and escaped! Literally climbed its way out of the box, I never thought he was able to but he did, like in Batman Rises. And I was heartbroken.. I couldn't find him for days, I knew he was in the house somewhere, so I would put cheese on the floor around the house to make sure that even if he's free he would still be able to survive. Until one day at the corner of my eye I spotted him in the kitchen, so I quickly opened my arms hoping he would jump into mine in slow motion and dramatic music, that didn't happen, the little guy just ran for his life! :T He hid behind the fridge, it was really hard to get him out but eventually I caught him and brought him back into his cell.

So yeah as you can see, not too many pets, kinda sad really.. I wish I had more! Anyway I couldn't find any pics of my fish and rabbit, I just have some pics of Kakashi and my mice.. so I have also included some random animals in there to make it seem like I had more.

Kakashi with Hehallama on his head

This has got to be my favourite photo of Kaka. As you can see, he is a cross between Shih Tsu and Satan.

Happy fun times

Handsome boy

And then Harry Potter stole him. :Y

The ever famous bee suit Kakashi.

Is this dog even real?


Mr Horny going for that cheese

I used to love putting him on the table tennis table, because he can run around on a big empty space, and also so I can teach him table tennis.

Mr Horny getting dat cheese

This is a panda

This is a tiger

This is a dolphin

And at one point I had a dinosaur as a pet.

So that is all, tell me about your animals and share some funny stories about them. Do it right meow!

Ry-Spirit cares.

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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 9:04 PM

That's right, it's time for Ghosts of the Future, Issue 12: Into the Vault!

I'll be posting a page EVERY SUNDAY for the next six months (give or take a week)! I love this issue, and I hope you guys enjoy it too.

Seeya soon with more updates!

Please Visit:

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