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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Nekoi DTA Winner!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 12:12 PM

Free Drawings :D

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 7:19 AM
Give me 100,000 points first.


Ok, I will be making free drawings for people, but I will choose at random.

:bulletgreen:How to enter: Just leave a comment on this journal and put a reference of the character you want me to draw for you. You'll know if I selected you when the drawing is complete haha.

Yes, I read every comment and save the references to a special folder in my desktop :hug:

I encourage you to do the same for others C:

Love you all, God bless :)

Make a Journal about this contest
tag at least 5 deviants.

Do a Drawing of my OC Stella

~ Respect others entries
~Traditional/pixel/animations.. and anything else is excepted.
~You may donate a prize or prizes to the winners  ^_^


1st Place
-MYO BeauBeast

2nd Place
-a icon from QUEENFFAH
-a chibi from QUEENFFAH
-MYO BeauBeast slot

3rd Place
-a icon from QUEENFFAH
-MYO BeauBeast slot

Winhdia's 300 Watchers Contest c-:

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 4:09 PM

You guys are too great man. TOO great. So since the poll won with 'contest' rather than 'raffle' by like, two times, I decided to make a contest.

Deadline: Sometime in October-- I'm really indecisive


1. You have to be a watcher (since this is a watcher contest)
2. Favorite this journal (and spread the word -optional-)
3. Comment down below if you're considering to join.
4. In the description of your entry, link this contest there. ♥
6. Must be colored
7. No copying, tracing, stealing, and shiz.

just comment anything like really.. anything at all... (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

So here's the main part of the contest!

Winnhie by Winhdia

Draw my Mascot, Winnhie!
But not only do you get to draw her, but I'd encourage you to design something for her.
Any kind of outfit is fine. The only requirement is that she must still be recognizable with her brown curly hair with light blonde ombre.
Try to fit her style too, with the same punk-ish look, but still cute. Her hat isn't completely necessary to keep, but it would be preferred that she wear some sort of beanie.


Any kind of DIGITAL art is fine. Meaning pixel is fine. Just not icons ... Which should be self explanatory.
The reason why I don't accept Traditional is because Digital looks nicer tbh.
You may submit a maximum of 2 entries.
If you want to be a prize donator, feel free to join the contest as well!


- Quality over Quantity -

2 different designs can give you a higher chance in winning, but one single amazing design can throw you off in a heartbeat.

- Effort -

I'll judge on how much effort it looks like you put in. Like, the cleanliness, the complexity, etc.

- Original design -

Obviously an original design will get you so much farther than others. The design doesn't have to be SUPER ULTRA MEGA HARDCORE,
but as long as it's not inspired/based off of anything that's already been taken or used. I want something that will be known to Winnhie.

-just remember that super complicated and a complex design doesn't mean it's better. things have to fit. That includes being smart with colors.


- First Place -

3 month PM (or equal in :points:) from Winhdia
1 Fullbody drawing from Winhdia
1 Chibi from Winhdia
1 pixel icon (of choice) from Winhdia
1 month feature from Winhdia
1 watch from Winhdia
1 Llama from Winhdia
Chibi from 10-02-96
100-200 :points: from emu-chann
Half-Body from emu-chann
Cell Chibi from e-gao
Pixel Icon (elecon) e-gao
Chibi from ShimmyShom
Full Coloured Bust Up from SKoomah
Fullbody drawing from Kuuru-kun
Pixel Icon from PixelCaptain
Headshot from akkochi

- Second Place -

1 month PM (or equal in :points:) from Winhdia
1 Chibi from Winhdia
1 pixel icon (of choice) from Winhdia
1 month feature from Winhdia
1 watch from Winhdia
1 Llama from Winhdia
Chibi from 10-02-96
Headshot from emu-chann
Cell Chibi from e-gao
Pixel Icon (elecon) e-gao
Chibi from ShimmyShom
Full Coloured Bust Up from SKoomah
Chibi from Kuuru-kun
Pixel Icon from PixelCaptain

- Honorable Mentions -

50 :points: from Winhdia
2 week feature from Winhdia
1 watch from Winhdia
1 Llama from Winhdia
Cell Chibi from e-gao
Pixel Icon (elecon) e-gao
Full Colored Chibi SKoomah
Chibi from Kuuru-kun
Pixel Icon from PixelCaptain

The more entries there are, the more (and better) prizes to be added.

Click here to see all current entries


:icon10-02-96: :iconemu-chann: :icone-gao: :iconshimmyshom: :iconskoomah: :iconkuuru-kun: :iconpixelcaptain: :iconakkochi:

Skin by SimplySilent
Tớ đã comeback ~ Như cái tiêu đề, hôm nay tớ viết blog này để hướng dẫn các bạn cách cap ảnh từ videos mà tớ hay dùng để cap nho~ Nhưng đáng tiếc...... máy tớ không thể down videos về mà cap Cry forever  Cap tay >.<
Fav+cmt+watch = Lấy
Like+yêu+cmt = Lấy 
Credit if you use: :iconmearilee27: avatar
B1: Download phần mềm về tại đây
B2: Download xong, các bạn mở ra. Đương nhiên chọn " Yes "
B3: Sau khi xong nó hiện ra 1 cái bảng chọn ngôn ngữ. Chọn English nhé (mặc định) 
B4: Chọn Next
B3: Vẫn là Next
B4: Next 
*Lưu ý: Nếu trong ô của các bạn không phải là ổ C thì các bạn hãy chuyển thành ổ C. Định dạng : C:\Program Files (x86)\DVDVideoSoft (Đối vs win 64 bit) C:\Program Files\DVDVideoSoft (Win 32 bit)
B5: Next cho đến khi nó hiện thế này và chờ
B6: Finish
B7: Đợi nó load, xong sẽ ra thế này
B7: Download 1 videos trên mạng về. Tớ sẽ dùng MV Happiness
B8: Chọn Add files... Mở Videos
B9: chọn ô mình khoanh, chọn 1 thư mục để các bạn lưu ảnh -> OK
B10: Chọn chế độ phù hợp
Every : 10 Frames = 10 khung sẽ chụp 1 ảnh. Nên dùng chế độ này để cap hoạt hình
Every: 1 seconds = 1 giây chụp 1 ảnh. Dùng vs mọi chế độ. Nếu dùng cho phim hoạt hình sẽ bị nhiều ảnh lặp nhau nhé
Total: 50 frames from videos: Chụp 50 ảnh từ videos . Riêng loại này thì người ta sẽ căn chỉnh cho đúng yêu cầu mà mình chọn. Có thể chọn theo mẫu của người ta hoặc tự viết số vào. Mình chọn 100 stock
B11: Chọn convert, chờ nó cap nhé
B12: Xong <3 Mở thư mục kiểm tra nhé =)) Xóa ảnh bị nhòe đi nha 
Kết quả:
Vì chọn 100 stock, quá ít so vs 1 MV =((( Stock nó không liên quan lắm 
Kệ vại~
End TUT~ 

Bài viết: [TUT] Cách capture stock từ videos [ĐỘC QUYỀN] 

Nguồn Zing Blog

Please read this journal: 

Update plus commissionsHello everyone gaiz! First of all I want to thank everyone for the messages of support, thanks from all my heart you gaiz are the best!
Second, my apologies to everyone who sent me notes and messages regarding commissions and etc, I am almost done replying everyone! To my commissioners, I really am thankful for your patience on your requests, I am back to work now! I am really late with some requests so Im deeply sorry about that, you guys can always reach me up asking for updates! 
College has started and I've been busier than usual, but I will be overworking myself to get everything done asap! ;A;
So, as I haven't been working in the past couple weeks and had to spent money with tickets to my dad's city and other stuff, I'm kind of broke now and with lots of bills to pay, so I will have to take a few commissions but since I still have old commissions to do, I wont be able to take detailed ones at the moment. ;-;
I need to pay college, rent, food, credit card and general stuff, a


Portrait/ Headshot

Note: I will finish one of these per day so you might get your headshot done in 1~30 days depending of where you are on the list!

Bullet; Red Payment Method
Paypal (USD)

Bullet; Red Style
Digital, Cell/ anime style

Rin-2 by danzzila

Less sketchy.
Headshot/portrait- U$25 each

If you are interested note me with the info bellow:

Paypal name & email:
Number of characters:
Expression: *optional, but it would be nice for me


*Note that I will start on these in the beginning/ mid october only, as explained in the previous journal, just a very few slots though!

Oh well hello there by danzzila

U$100 (single character, 2 different poses)
Original size: 1969x5096 (so you can print it)

Note me with the following:

Character references:
Clothes (or not):
Paypal email:

Sorry for raising the price that much, but I am really in need due my actual situation... I promise I will put a lot of effort into these! Thank you!
This is kind of a bragging Journal, but it's also an exciting story I would like to share! :D

I was at a local anime con the other week called the Kita-Kon.

It's a small convention, but there were actually a number of people who recognized me from dA! I was approached and talked to by quite a few fans who were excited to see me, and surprised to learn we all lived in Thunder Bay!

But get this! Four-- FOUR fans asked for my autograph.

I signed someone's fucking Rainbow Dash phone case.
Is this even real life?
Never have I felt so famous in all my life.

I always had an idea that I was sorta popular in this fandom, but am I... am I horse famous?

OH GUYS! It doesn't even matter either way!

We all love FiM. Some more than others. We love supporting the show, and our community is strong! I used to draw only because I love FiM (which I still do, more than ever!), but drawing for YOU guys... that's something else entirely...

I love drawing for you. I do.
This horse business has been an amazing experience so far!! I only wish I could give back half the love I get from all of you... but I'll keep trying! :heart:

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What I'm listening to right now...

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Yes I am an artist like everyone else is here but I do stand from an art admirer/buyer point of view at times as this is a crucial point that almost no one really realize or even take notice at all .  No I am not kidding with you , this journal is all about admiring your own artworks and the benefits it comes with it ..

Change your perspective , you are the buyer/ viewer , admirer etc  now 

If you are going to keep on telling yourself that your art is ugly , its not nice etc , try to change your perspective for once . Like what i tell everyone , one man's meat is another man's poison . You may hate it to the bones but from another person's point of view , it could be a masterpiece . Dump that artist critique inside you , be someone else now and we shall start this incredible viewing session :) 

Admiring artworks , how do I do it ? 

You are no longer the person that painted this artwork so first and foremost , Sit down and relax....

look at the title of the artwork and start to view the following 

1) The main subject of the painting & the title of the artwork
2) The background
3) Artist choice of colors
4) Inspect for unique brushstrokes 
5) Stand further back and view the artwork again ..
6) Try to understand the story behind the painting
7) Now check out the title of the painting again 
8) Start to check out for any irregularity of the painting vs the title of the artwork 
9) Starts to collect data (back ground , main subject , frames etc) 
10) Piece the entire puzzle pieces together .. enjoy 

Maybe now you understand why viewing art works in galleries and museums itself is art . Its such an amazing and enjoyable process that you should try to feel it . And try out the 10 steps , you will learn to have a different point of view  VS how you always view your arts ( i know that feeling when you keep on telling yourself that your art is ugly)

Why is admiring your own arts beneficial ? 

For people that is like OCD or just cant see eye to eye with their artwork , try to work side by side with your arts instead of going against it all the time . In order to improve , you will definitely need to break the greatest barrier of all times and that is yourself !!  Like I said above , hammering yourself and your artworks is a major hindrance for any improvements that you might make in future .

Always remember this , there is no right or wrong in arts . What you may see it as a terrible mistake here and there may just be a stroke of genius in another person's point of view . 

Admiring your arts is delusional ? 

There was once someone that told me that admiring your own artwork is all about boosting your own ego and trying to make yourself better , let me tell you its clearly not the case .  For every color or stroke of brush work that you do has a reason .. a reason that you may not know consciously and that is something special but no one really pays attention to it .  If viewing you art is delusional , then what are your eyes and your brains made for ?  Every now and then , i take out artpieces that i made almost a decade ago and those are the kind of artworks that will get like 5 comments max if i am lucky. 

See your earlier days of artwork , remember how you are still learning to make arts , remember how you started to hold a brush / tablet etc . This is what i call , your origins ... something that i will always take reference from when I have an art block ... maybe you can call it , your very own foundations .. and let me tell you this .. this is AKA your own unique style.  So start viewing your arts from time to time , pick out the unqiue features of your artwork and this will greatly make you understand what is so YOU inside those artworks ...  its clearly not delusional my friends

Understanding the DA crowd 

Trust me on this , I highly doubt that the general crowd of DA will admire a piece of your artwork for 2 hours and admiring it and telling you how flavorful your artwork is . After studying for almost a year , to capture the crowd here , its more or less those "love at first sight" genre paintings which is generally character portraits , familiar fan arts or those "m18 stuffs" i think you know what I am talking about..   It doesnt matter if you have like 10 or 20 views on your artwork , those low view counts doesnt mean that your arts aint good , please do not have this perception :)  

I started out with these 10 view counts kind of artwork .. everyone has to start from somewhere , dont give up !!

I tried all the above , I still cannot bring myself to admire my own arts 

My dear pal , you are just being too tough on yourself . I do know that there are tons of insane amazing paintings which can get like 10,000 favs easily which you are there slogging day and night and no one appreciates you . I know that feeling all too well .. 

When I am in that "Dilemma" mode , the main causes of it is the amount of pressure and stress that you have put on yourself . Take a break , go out for a scroll , hang out with your friends , dont think about arts for awhile and then start all over again . You will definately be free from that heavy burden .  

--->Remember , resting is always part of winning a battle<---

I hope you guys have a different perspective of your artworks now and I cant emphasis why is this so important. An artist with only eyes from an artist , you have just successfully limited yourself to that zone . Open your eyes wider , start to be slightly more open minded and ask yourself , why do I like and what do I like about this artwork ....  and if you were the artist , what would you like to see or change 

I know this sounds rather, non logical .. but trust me .. this works for me for many years . I have ever went art viewing for almost 7 hours with a customer of mine and I learnt so many things just by admiring artworks ..... 

They say a picture means a millions words , i hope this makes sense to you ...