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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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186 Points Giveaway-OPEN

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 11:47 AM
A 2D animation project will be headed by James Lopez, a verteran animator who has worked on Disney's Paperman, Princess and the Frog, Hercules, and Lion King.

Hullabaloo is a steampunk film about Veronica Daring and various other female characters who strive to become positive role models in the field of science and engineering.

Here's the donation page:…

Though the project has reached well over that goal of $298,613 out of $80,000, it has more to offer with further donations. The last day to donate is October 1, 2014.

Here's the following stretch goals thus so far (9/17/14 8:30am):


UNLOCKED! -$140,000: At the $140,000 mark, we will make a second Hullabaloo short titled Curse of the Cheshire Cat. 

UNLOCKED! -$160,000: At the $160,000 mark, we will produce a full-orchestra soundtrack for both shorts.

UNLOCKED! -$240,000: At the $240,000 mark, we will now make a third Hullabaloo short titled The Mysterious Island.

UNLOCKED! -$260,000: At the $260,000 mark, we will now produce a full-orchestra soundtrack for the third short. You will get this soundtrack at perks thatoffer digital rewards at $25 and up. So now you get three shorts and three soundtracks made with a full-orchestra starting at $25 and up.

$300,000: Behind the scenes featurette on "The Making of Hullabaloo", showing the Hullabaloo team at work.

$320,000: Tea for all. Anyone who has picked up our $35 dollar perk and up (or any perk that grants “All Physical Rewards”) will get a teacup charm to add to your collection of amazing Hullabaloo loot.

$340,000: At the $340,000 mark, we will make a fourth Hullabaloo short titledAsk the Professor.

Let's help bring back 2D Animation to it's prime! Thank you for your time and have a good day!

*Phone rings*

*You wait a few seconds*

*Then you answer and hear the Founder's voice*

"Hey, hello. I'm just addressing a few issues people seem to be having with the group. First off I want to point out that I am currently inactive and on hiatus from this site. I have a life outside the computer, understand that. So that's why the group has also been inactive. The settings were all weird so the other mods couldn't accept any of the submissions that were waiting for approval. So I apologize, the settings are fixed now, so you can submit and others will get back to you.

Also a new rule I'd like to enforce, all art not submitted to the right folders will be denied. I'm not sorry for this rule either, you guys should have the common sense to read the gallery folder names and submit them there. Also, do not request any kind of new folder, we are not accepting folder requests. I'm tired of seeing comments asking for a folder, if they're human form and not animatronic, submit to whatever the character folder that they are, if there is more than one, submit to "More than one canon character". It's not that hard. Like seriously, please read. You're putting a strain on all the mods here, there is currently over 700 group messages.

If you submitted an artwork or fanfiction 1-2 weeks ago and it has expired or hasn't been accepted for a long period of time, please resubmit them. I didn't get to them in time. I apologize.

If your submission has been denied, it's either 1 or 2 things: 1)It was in the wrong folder. 2)The submission area is glitched up, because currently I've heard from the other mods that they are having glitch issues with the pending gallery items. It displays a different folder name than to the one you submitted to. If they deny it, please inform them in a comment or on the submission approval area to resubmit it, that they made the mistake, not you.

Sorry if I seem stern in any type of way, I'm not trying to be. I'm just getting fed up with the crap. Not to mention, just cause the group was messed up I heard someone made a group to mock this one called "Active FNAF Fans" or something. Yeah ok.

I am currently hiring more mods to help with messages, since the current ones don't seem to be too active with the messages, I noticed the messages are still piling up even though I gave them permission. So if a couple of you think you can handle it, I'll look over your pages and your own groups, and you're hired.

Now that these rules have been addressed, I hope you all listened and understand.

Thank you for your time."

*Founder hangs up and so do you*

SteamCommunity is a new group by Domazetov created for the sole purpose to unite all the gamers here on deviantART. But that's not all. We also organize points, steam keys and contributor spot giveaways as this one right now! To cut things short, read the rules below on how to enter this giveaway and you might just be the winner :la:

*IMPORTANT* If you don't have a Steam Account go and create one now HERE. Or, if you're not interested about the steam key, than you can give away the key afterwards to a friend, it's your choice if you win :)

These are the simple tasks you need to do to enter this giveaway:
:bulletred: You must be a member of this group.
:bulletgreen: You must :+fav: this journal.
:bulletblue: Create a simple journal mentioning this giveaway in a journal on your own profile page.
:bulletblack: Write DONE in the comments when you've done all the above tasks.

Additional tasks you can do to boost up your chances: (These are optional tasks)
- Watch Domazetov.
- Add me on Steam as a friend [LINK].
- Donate 20 :points: or more to Domazetov which later will be re-used for other giveaways.
- Submit art related to Steam or Steam games in the gallery folders.

:bulletyellow: 1st place will get 250 :points: + A Game of Dwarves Steam Key (Worth €9.99 on Steam) and a contributor spot in SteamCommunity.
:bulletorange: 2nd place will get 100 :points: + a contributor spot in SteamCommunity.
:bulletred: 3rd place will get 50 :points: + a contributor spot in SteamCommunity

:bulletred: :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: This contest ends on the 27th of September at midnight (Central European Time). Winners will be announced on the 28th of September by random using

I hope you guys like these prizes. But then again, this is the first giveaway in this group. With time and more members, the giveaways and contests will increase more and more. Be sure to be active in this group, participate in contests to win bigger and bigger prizes. :)

Thanks to everyone who enters this giveaway from the botom of my :heart:. :la:


Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 4:45 PM

If I see another person who says

"you can't be discriminated on the internet ever."

 then flips around and says


I will just sit there and stare very disapprovingly. Because I know they have their head so far up their asses they wont even want to listen to me. I can't even begin to explain just how much that contradicts itself. I cannot explain to them that there is more people who get bullied/discriminated against online. I cannot even begin because the answer is so obvious. Everyone on the internet has been discriminated against. For age, sex, relationship status, sexuality, and a whole lot of things. Particularly opinions.

So saying that all white people who are straight should stop "overreacting" to "internet jokes" is the biggest bigot thing I've ever read.

gay than gay 24/7

Death/Rape threats is Online Bullying

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:24 PM

Death/Rape threats have been around for a long time on the Internet.

The majority of these threats are from either immature preteens or psychopaths. Most are unknown and are unable to track down, we refer to these people are trolls and are best ignored. The topic around the time was called ‘Online Bullying’, we are only hurt if we let them hurt us or keep feeding them by continuing the argument. Even with online gaming you get a little shit yelling in your headset how they’re gonna find you and rape you in your sleep. Does anyone take these threats seriously? No, it’s taken more of a pathetic joke and is ignored because of the immature nature of the idiot on the other line.

Unfortunately when a feminist get’s a death/rape threat they treat is as proof of sexisum, It’s not, it’s proof that idiots still exist. They use this as an excuse to get more attention and power. When a Troll attacks anyone else it’s ignored, but when a troll attacks a feminist then everyone is all up in arms as if a volcano erupted in their front room.

Think about it, would Anita Sarkeesian been as popular if she never got the Death/Rape threats in the first place? No. She would of just been viewed as another feminist extremist with no research or evidence to prove her point.
All she has is ” I've been getting Death/Rape threats, this proves I’m right!”, No, it doesn’t. Once again, this proves that there are idiots out there. There’s been studies and even a documentary that  proved that a majority of trolls who send these messages are teenagers, and they send them just to get a reaction and find it hilarious on how offended people get.

Anita’s supporters find it insulting that police officials are doing nothing about these oncoming threats, and there is a good reason for this.

 If a threat is not physically ( like a handwritten note. ) direct to the said person, then there is no real physical threat to that person.

 When no photos of the offensive sender is seen doing any kind of unlawful act, then there is no real threat.

 Online threats are non physical data, it could've possibly been sent from someone on a whole different continent.

 Lawful action will only be taken if actual threats though letters are sent to the persons home. This also proves that the offender knows where the person lives and police will take action.

There are actual people who get actual hand written threats delivered to their homes, speaking of killing everyone in the family and selling the women on the streets. this is a serious problem, not a anon hate in your e-mail.
that’s like saying I’m gonna punch you in the face in text and you turn in that text to the police so they can arrest me for assault.

All because you’re a Woman doesn't mean that gives you the right to do as you wish. Feminism was all about equality, but now it’s become Women overpowering Men in every way and it need’s to stop.
What’s stopping Anita from taking that 150K and using that money and help out actual women who have been abused by their spouse? Why isn't Anita actually helping out actual women who were rapped and forced to raise a baby from that ungodly incident? How come Anita is taking people’s money and rage just so she can protest on how she disapproves the gaming industry, when she could help real women who need real help?
Because video games are popular and she saw the opportunity to get noticed. 

Studies have show that even with the increase of game popularity is on the rise, the rate of sexisum and mysoginy is at an all time low, Yet Anita and her followers turn a blind eye and stay the course. Even when they are corrected and prove that the gender in gaming is equal.
Anita and the others are not interested in results, they want to stay in power as long as possible and get as much support from blind followers as well. 
There are more adult female gamers than there are teen boys, and a majority of male gamers actually respect women and don’t look down on them.
Men are just as exposed and more abused in videos games than women, yet no one wants to see that.

Need I remind everyone of naked Raiden?

Don’t make me remind you of naked Raiden…please don’t.

My point is, all because you get rape/death threats because they oppose your views does not mean that those idiots are the vast majority of that entertainment industry, they’re just idiots. Keep your head high and continue what you think is right, not use these threats as a bullet in a gun.

I’ve grown up with video games since I was 5-6 years old, my brother has been playing video games since he was young and did not grow up sexist.
My brother-in-law, my husband, nephew, cousins, even every dude friend I’ve had grew up on video games and no one of them is sexist towards Women.  
How can every man I've ever know grow up on video games and not be sexist? 
One word: Parents.

We were raised right, Kids absorb multiple things around them as they grow, not just from the entertainment industry but from their parents as well.

If a kid is raised to respect others and view others as equal then they turn out alright in the end, But if a kid see’s father beating mom all the time and talking down on her simply because she’s a woman, then the child will absorb that and keep that with them when they grow up.

It’s not Anita’s job to take over one side of an industry to make people less sexist, it’s the parents job to raise their kids right and respect everyone as an equal. Never treat anyone by their gender, but by who they are as a person and how they treat others, and right now Anita is treating us like idiots who can’t think for ourselves. It’s insulting And we need to let her know that fictional characters don’t need help, real abused women do.

In closing, I hope this at least opens some eyes half way and maybe gain a different perspective on the matter. 
I’m fully aware that despite all that I've just said, it’ll go through some heads and they'll laugh at how ‘wrong’ I am. Well, that’s to be expected when one gives an opinion. It all matters on how we deal with it the criticism we get. 

What I’m saying is from my own personal experience.

I will accept that my typos and punctuation is unforgivable. X__<;

Hi, guys!!! As you all know, I've reached 500 watchers.

So, I decided I will give a 3 months Premium Membership to 1 lucky watcher of mine! 

:star: Easy Rules to enter :star:

:bulletpink: You must be a watcher.
:bulletpink: Fave this journal. 

I will choose the winning number with on September 21st. 

Good luck to you all!!!

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Mi retiro temporal de DA

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 5:27 PM

Me voy por un tiempo.

Mas que nada es por mi bloqueo artístico, la falta de tiempo y ganas.
sin mencionar lo decepcionada que estoy.

Me enferma la gente de acá, me enferma que les encante llamar la atención a costa de los demás
que alardeen de popularidad, de originalidad y toman hasta las palabras a otras personas.

Que cambien por tener un poco mas de watchers y que se crean superiores al resto
Que no sean sinceros con ellos mismos, que se crean hombres cuando no lo son, y que se enojen cuando les preguntan su genero.

Me enferma cuando se quejan de llenos, de que no tienen el celular del año, que no tienen tiempo cuando recién van al colegio.

Me emputece cuando les dan favoritos a la gente que dibuja cosas populares y a los grandes artistas no los toman ni en cuenta solo porque dibujan Original Art.

Pero mas me enferma la gente estúpida que los idolatra.

Volveré cuando pueda cambiar mi nombre de usuario (osea en octubre)
ya me apesta lo desagradable que es.

Me dedicare a devolver mensajes en cuanto tenga ratos libres, pero nada más.

Asi que el concurso se extiende hasta al rededor de la quincena de octubre, osea un mes mas.

Fin de la transmision

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f you don't care: Stop reading.

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If you're not scared: Re-post and see

Who your "Real Friends" are
Holap, mañana se cumplen 10 meses desde que cree esta cuenta, la verdad nunca pensé que se haría 'popular' pero más que nada comencé esto, por las personas que no tienen el dinero para adquirir la música de sus artistas favoritos o no saben como descargar y yo se los facilito, muchas gracias a esas personas que me donan aun que sea un punto yo quiero ser premium pero cuenta serlo haha. )-: Haré un sorteo de una discográfica ya que mi mamá me presto su computadora.


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phani xx

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