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Part of Your No Shirt...maybe!

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 9:46 PM

News by TsaoShin

Part of Your No Shirt Design

I've been working on some shirt designs lately and one of them was to convert Part of Your No to a design suitable for a shirt.  It's currently up on a list of potential shirt prints for The Yetee!  If you need a Grumpy Ariel shirt in your life head over to The Yetee Facebook Page and let them know you'd like them to print it with a comment, like, or share!

I can't believe it, the first of a series I pencilled for Archie Sonic is coming out next month! ;.; I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time! D: so look out for Sonic 260 "Waves of Change" next month! Let me know what you think of it!! I haven't seen it in completion yet because I want to wait for the book! XD I'm a dork like that. 

As living, sensitive and watchful human beings, we want the things of the world to be more than just things, the people to be more than faces.... We want to see them as symbols, metaphors, meanings.  How can they do such a thing? Through our artistic help of course. Creation is our gift to the world. Creation gives soul, meaning and future. Amazing works, amazing artists! Enjoy!!

Melancholy by Jean-PierreLeclercqOn the third day by bohomaz13stil life by andrianart
 Rain by MrEyeCandy66midnight opens it's arms to me by dholmsYour Sunshine by Amro0Mystical Morn by spudsy2
Dreaming by kyriakoulastreet lamp by YouMustSmileStillness 01 - Bic Ballpoint Pen Artwork by LopezLorenzanaDaddy's Special Little Girl by SweetHeartBabie
Mermaid Katya by sirenabonitaChildhood story by thesvetislavThe Magpie and the Tulip. by 3Drake9Teresa by SolYaCheva
Midday marsh.  6x8 oil on board. by ddeltoroBeyond reality by CharllieeArtsMy Creativity is Broken by KlauzeroStreet in Koper by RLoben
Roemer, Flowers & Perfume Bottle by jon-wildFor a minute there I lost myself by Marie-EstherPuppy Love by CinnamoncandyMy Sweet Home by Mohammed-Hussein
Tellus by PajunenCrying Game by CanankkMiranda Kerr by KevinPrestonFlowers by Zenthylle
Secrets Await by CrystalClear-ArtFemale nude beauty by KSR 2013 04 by RizovForgive Us by dseleneVa ou le vent by amiejo
Pygmalion and Galatea by LasarasuDiamonds by AnubhavgLa espera by freelyneSun And Shadows by stargateatl
Lost by Sandra-CristhinaOphelia by JesCallieSummer Fairy by SeventhFairyEye for contest - Dry Pastel pencils by f-a-d-i-l
Norman Borlaug by subhankar-biswasNothing Gold.... by FoolSightBlindFan Bingbing Madame Figaro cover by Pevansybecause .. by Murmele
Drown With Me... by RalderablePeeled lemon by marchebaPrincess of the universe by AsiLeSAutumn Eyes by Carol-Moore
Dreaming child..oil paint on linen canvas by xxaihxxElemental Passion by Lilac90Rhiannon - Maker of Birds by DriPointThe power of Love by EstherPuche-Art
Flower Spoiled V2 by SK-DIGIARTSunset for Blue - Study of a Sunset ~ Pastels by ArtBYbeverlyParty Girl by katiousa15Big cat by Rustamova
portrait by ritsasavvidouRainbow Roses...... by TriciaSPercy by PencilpastelStronger than you think.................. by pjenz
Mother Teresa by richardbgomesJohnny Knoxville by ArtsyValSueños de mi Hermana by HMissXXfloppy... woman!! by Greek-pan
The Dibella by sedge-sEuphoria by ArtByCherDrawing pencil water on face by byMichaelXDan Final by Bodeen27
Torn Apart by umbatmanWaiting.. by megan7Cyclone Of Colour 2 by wedges1Marina by WheresYour-HeART
Me 29 by AlexndraMiricaAutumn 2013 by nudagimoPai e Filho by Milena2011Rural scenery oil paint by Boias
Lirazel by kimsolOffering accepted by dorianvincentmy valentine by ecilARoseA picture of affection by sonia-p
sPaRkS fLy by FajralamFeeling Deserted by LightlyEveS p a w N by J-u-d-a-sDetachment by mimikascraftroom
Terra Vulgaris by brietolgaThe Hill of Sorcery by calderamoonBallerina by devonhantsIsabella and Pot of Basil by Pidimoro
Where Boats are Cars 2014 by ArielRGHEarth,Wind and Fire by sesam-is-openThe Little Big House of Miracles by Tigles1ArtistryWOMAN.... by KE22
Atlantis by Cold-Tommy-GinFlying Tigers A-10 Thunderbolt by Willie51Detalles  Y tu amor donde lo guardas by Marazul45Hanging Around by Hunkinart
Flower by flamingodancer123tiara by Kris-KamikakushiThe Palace of Forgotten Sleep by McFlykyAmor at work by YBsilon
Elizabeth by MonaParvinReach to sky by sivandogan1212Miracle by LhianneSpring Impression by JacqChristiaan
Wish Big... by CaroleDamzIn The Still Of The Night by PrincessMagicalTEACH ME MORE... by chryssalisBlue winter by Lord-Makro
Mpompa ! by stem75The Fire In Me by Bojan1558Siamese Friends by philippeLJulia by PMucks
Mountain Fog by topazlightsMemoirs of a geisha by Imalia-DAWhen Will the Madness Stop ? by ArtinprogresOcean Dream by Marjie79
Welcome To My Dreams by maiarcitawishful thinking by nakedcrayon23Daughter Of Tears by ralfw666High Above the City by AliaChek
the ballad of mona lisa by AndaelentariEnvy by MataHari22Marsh by Sillybilly60The Gathering Storm by Notvitruvian
30 second shutter in the daytime by TomKilbaneIgnibus Doloris by Shades-Of-LetheLight and Shade + Tutorial by DraakeT by DraakeTmysterious white by olympiadakasatou
Good Advice by davincipoppalagDarkness My Old Friend by KurtzanEternal springtime by milenkadelicDaughters in a Wheat Field by CarolynYM
Hera by gianniskTunes in Amsterdam.- by themaninthehatartFirst raindrops by La--BohemeAngel of the Morning II - Animation by Guihena
Battle the Unknown by MayeauxThe crossing by batculaThe Portal by SweediesArtTrust- by eclecticpassions
La Distillerie 2 by duytterLost in our fate ...... by Someone-Else79Dont Look Back by LindArtzCuriosity by ShanghaiSarah
Made of Stone by ascenciokFresh off the boat by TLT62Chiaroscura III by FiguraArtoWith and without you..Animation by OhLizz
two golden apples by dusanvukovicDissolving Roses by deRaat1941 Willys coupe drawing by WhizzieWhizzerBlues scum by Markkus76


might be another spoiler!

Watch here:…
I cant get over Raph being so bored and Splinter having a...cheese popsicle...given by an icecream cat?? does he know about the kitty here already??

+Concurso +300 points gracias por todo

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 4:31 PM

Hola♥, no se si sabrán pero los otros días Jenni cancelo el concurso de 100 points por una causa:c {no participaron muchos}, bueno ya que, pero fíjense que en un journal estamos donando points al azar, pero ahora quisimos hacer un concurso con muchos points ya que nos regalaron 3 meses de membresía y no los necesitamos, además como Jenni cumple los años pronto el padre le regalará +400 points, entonces podremos donar aún más:3 si ustedes nos donan más podemos aumentar los points, si no no hay problema(? ya que... estos son los puestos;

¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡LUEGO AUMENTAREMOS LOS POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, pero tampoco tantos tal vez unos 100/200.


•+WATCH (reviso)

Además; •Si quieres tener mas oportunidades de ganar, debes donar 1 point por cada numero que quieras aparecer (si quieres aparecer 2 veces mas, dona dos puntos, si quieres 5, dona 5 puntos, y asi)

-Eligiéremos por mejor respuesta o los sortearemos *no sabemos*-


Gracias por todo y suerte!♥. (recuerden que hacemos esto porque nos gusta ayudar a los demás♥)

#1- :iconthisismeforever: x1
#2- :iconzombiedowney: x3
#3- :iconmusicphani: x1
#4- :iconwlitershy1894: x1
#5- :iconImkoper: x1
#6- :iconyssietwilighter: x1
#7- :icondiamondoflove: x9
#8- :icongiise-flor: x3
#9- :icondidyouforgetaboutme: x11
#10- :iconluci228: x1
#11- :icon1wendy1cp: x7
#12- :iconfernycp: x6
#13- :iconpenguinyamilcp: x1
#14- :iconcamiitinista77: x1
#15- :iconsharkswithstyle: x1
#16- :iconphotopackspdg: x1
#17- :iconinothingmatterstome: x3
#18- :iconmaiatinista: x1
#19- :iconleftoutinthelight: x4
#20- :iconohmylittleworld: x21:
#21- :iconmariabelieberyt: x1
#22- :iconXxFuncking-TigerxX: x1
#23- :iconxxakiranekoxx: x3
#24- :iconsochitil: x1


Design by harleshinn
CSS by moonfreak
After seeing all these contests going on, I decided to host one myself again.
However different prizes! I will keep it short so it's not a tl;dr journal.

I will have two themes, each theme will have 3 winners with a prize.

Subject to draw for this contest:
Theme 1:
Draw any of these characters below as you like but stick to their personality (NO NSFW PICS.) It's entirely up to you if you draw a background what not.
Xeshaire Fursuit style:…
Xeshaire Dragoness:…  -…

Theme 2:
Draw either the whole, partial or one of the bird squad. Placement, position, background is entirely up to you. The comic will be in a Savannah/Desert and Jungle environment. They CANNOT swap squad position, so the Aiden stays Medic, Captain stays Squad Leader and so forth.
Captain Nugget:…

- Must be your own creation. You cannot commission, trade or ask someone else to draw the entry for you. (This would be a cheap way to win. )
- Can be either art or crafts, however no writings though.
- Keep it SFW (Safe For Work) mild gore/violence is ok but no nudity or whatsoever. (I don't like seeing my characters having guts flying everywhere, wounded is ok to fit the illustration but you get what I mean. )
- Yes you may include your character in theme 1, however for theme 2 if you intend to include your character, make it fitting to them. Example if you draw them as ferals draw your character as a bird too to fit it, in case of military outfit and in a war zone draw your character with proper gear too unless it's like saving you from something. )
- Copied entries or traced work will be disqualified for good, play fair, no one likes cheaters!
- In case you intend to make a craft, I would like to receive it in real if possible, I'm willing to pay/draw for the shipping.
- Winners will need to note or comment to claim their prize, you have a week the time if no such claim has been made a different winner will be chosen.
- Make sure you're allowed to give out your address, get a PO box if needed. The tails WILL be shipped to you at no cost.
- For the tails no crazy designs like stripes, unless black stripes those I can put on with markers.
- If you can't give out your address for whatever reason, I can swap the tail for artwork. 
- Multiple entries are allowed! But only one will win. :3


Place winners will be judged on the effort. Example a scribbly line that was no effort put into will most likely not win while a well thought out themed piece will win. It all depends on how you will draw the illustration. Example just standing poses are most likely to get boring, whereby in-action poses will be more likely to be chosen as winner.

So creativity plays a big role here. :3 My husband and I will be the judges of the contest to choose which one should place what.



Theme 1:
1st: 12 inch long tail
2nd: 8 inch long tail
3rd: 4 inch long tail
4th: Any type of commission desired except full scenery. (Full background is acceptable. See commission info for examples)
5th: Cellshaded chibi
6th: Flat chibi

Theme 2:
1st: 12 inch long tail
2nd: 8 inch long tail
3rd: 4 inch long tail
4th: Any type of commission desired except full scenery. (Full background is acceptable. See commission info for examples)
5th: Cellshaded chibi
6th: Flat chibi

+ 5 random people who entered and did not win a place, will receive a colored sketch.

June 18th 2014 10 pm EST
Contest may be extended but only for a week if needed. Winners will be chosen the next day.




Someone challenged me to list in a Journal TEN things people probably don't know about me. Settle in, 'cause y'all are about to learn a lot about me right now! :D

1. Before I got into ponies, I used to be a fetish artist. Often times, BDSM is a highly respectable art.

2. I grew up with a "spinal subluxation," resulting in an under-developed brain/learning disability. My brain also has dramatic difficulty processing numbers; even simple math is extremely difficult and stressful for me.

3. I've been the lead vocalist in three different bands, none of which played any shows, ever.

4. I take about an hour to draw each frame of a comic. (Wasn't always this way, as I used to repeat the same pose with minor alterations in each frame. I've long since abandoned that method.)

5. My shoe size is 7 1/2 W.

6. Pretty skilled "backyard" archer.

7. My favourite TV show is actually NOT FiM-- it's a French cartoon called "Wakfu." Game of Thrones is a close second, with FiM in third. To list a fourth, Futurama.

8. I almost lost my life when I was about a year old, falling down three flights of stairs. It was a miracle that I survived  (This mishap is actually where my spinal subluxation came from).

9. Discrimination is for losers. I respect and am friends with all religions and races, though I'm not religious myself, and my family tree includes a great variety of nationalities.

10. I'm an open book!
  • Listening to: Die by the Sword - DragonForce

I thank you all for helping me out to make one of my dreams come true and that is to have a desktop. I've been struggling using my laptop for 3 years but 3 years worth of struggle, with your support it helped improve and discover new things about art, it helped me to keep moving forward, and in time, it made me good enough to earn and raise money to get a desktop.

I'd like to thank my friends, family, watchers, followers, commissioners and everyone else who've been around and supporting and encouraging me with the things I do and make, and also in my times of life struggles.

I couldn't do it without you guys :iconcryforeverplz: