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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Secret design exchange! Dont forget to comment!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 6:19 PM
seeing more journals than comments. XD

The point of this is to have fun and give people gifts c: I will be putting sections of these such as traditional and digital with one another to be fair for all. I will be randomizing who is with who on August 8th! I will note you with who you have to do!

Ok so how to join;

its simple. You must be a watcher of mine.
You must link your journal/poll here!
You must favorite this journal.
You must post a poll or journal showing this off c:
You must comment with if you are doing digital or traditional! This will put you in your sections.
Have fun! Also put some of your likes down in the comment!
One comment per person please!


Premade lineart from other users is not allowed! All art must be made by you! Drawing technique and style does not matter!
You must try your best to be fair. No half assed gifts because its no fair to the person you are giving it to.
No premade characters are allowed.
All designs must be appropriate!
Be nice! No matter what you think of a design gifted to you show kindness. Its a gift. You can edit the design up abit if you wanted to.
If you break these rules you will never be allowed to enter any giveaways of mine again and may be blocked by me.
No tracking, stealing or copying or photo shopping!

Once all the numbers are given ill be randomizing who you get. No one will know who they are getting a design from. That is the fun of it!
This ends August 8th!




Journal for Wolfvids
Journal by Koiremains
  • Mood: Exhilarated

This legitimately was the hardest thing I had to watch... before Ren Seeks Help, but we'll get to that one soon enough. I was nauseous watching it. I was nauseous editing it, and I can't even watch the video for fear of getting nauseous again. Oh, and that scene with the old man, what did you think about that?

Monthly Contest #01 - Seasons

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 12:54 PM
Oh, guys. Do you remember those little contests I used to host back when I had money for prizes? Me too. And I miss them. So I've decided to ignore my oft-dire financial situation and bring them back.

Yes indeed! So let's get started.


The primary purpose of these contests is to have art-based fun. While there is obviously that element of competition there, the idea is to enjoy the process of creating your art rather than worrying about winning. It's not about perfection, it's not about skill, it's about doing. You have an entire month to enter, during which you can spend as much or as little time on your piece as you like. I only ask that you put effort into you work as this will be partly how I judge the entries.

How to Enter

All you have to do is create a piece of art based on the theme of seasons. Your art can contain references to one, some or all of the four seasons.

You can create any kind of art you like - drawings, pixels, literature, skins, anything at all.

Your art has to be created and must be uploaded during the duration of the contest. Art submitted before the first day or after the last day of the month will not be counted.

Your art must be submitted by no later than midnight Sunday 31st August.

Leave a link to your entry in the comments here and I'll add it to the contest gallery.

And, as ever, if you have any questions just get in touch. Good luck, m'dears!


The lucky winner will receive one month premium membership. And there might be one or two points given away too.


Coming soon...

Thank you everyone for participating in my 4th of July Big Event Raffle!
Every month I am giving away a Thigh Up Drawing to a lucky winner!
Just Favorites Icon 3D this journal and you are entered to WIN!
Good Luck!
R: Aki by Metsumei
ENDS: 8-15-14!
You don't have to be a watcher to enter, just fav : )
  • Mood: Zest
Hi guys! I'm here to show the contest Of :iconshedidntscream:
Here the contest:

Hi guys! :iconpixelated-nightmare: and I are going to be hosting a drawing contest!

The rules~~

:bulletred: Create a character or creature using the theme of ‘The Seasons.’
(So winter, spring, summer or autumn/fall)
:bulletred: Your picture must include a tree, work it in however you see fit.
:bulletred: No overly sexual or violent entries will be accepted! But otherwise feel free to be as creative as you like, the contest will be judged on originality and creativity ;) (Wink) This also means do not worry about your skill level! All can join and ALL have a fair chance!
:bulletred: 3 entries per person
:bulletred: Please, only finished works- we don't want to see just sketches!
:bulletred: Contest entries are open until the 30th of September 2014.  
*Judging time may vary depending on amount of entries.

To enter simply comment on this journal to show you're interest and again with a link to your entry when finished (or the one on pixelated-nightmare s page  ) :) (Smile)

~~Anyone who enters will get a llama badge from one of us; you will get a llama from the other one of us if you also share the journal so DON'T FORGET TO SHARE!! ~~

The prizes are:

:star: 1st :star:
- 12 month premium membership
- A coloured fullbody drawing (or chibi if you prefer!) from each of us (Thats two drawings!)

:star: 2nd :star:
-3 month premium membership
-A full colour chibi from each of us

:star: 3rd  :star:
- 1 month premium membership
- A sketch from each of us

*Please note that there are some things which we are not comfortable drawing, for example, we will not draw anything we deem too violent or sexual and you will in that case be asked to make another request!
:bulletred:A journal will be posted when the contest is judged and winners will also be sent a note :D (Big Grin)
I'd watch the whole video first before you question it lol

Finally my i picked something for my PMV, I love Weird Al will all my heart.

Before i say anything else you do not need to animate anything. it's like this just a picture with lyrics uvu

Okay so this is a very upbeat song so no sad picture for your part please if you can ;v;

THERE ARE A LOT OF PARTS you can get a total of 3 parts
So i'd REALLY help me out a lot if you promoted this journal <3


[Wrecking Ball:]
1.We clawed, we chained our hearts in vain Astralphilia
2.We jumped never asking why CloudClawArts
3.We kissed, I fell under your spell couraqe 
4.A love no one could deny xXSoul-CatsXx

5.Don't you ever say I just walked away GlassFeline
6.I will always want you Shenanistorm
7.I can't live a lie, running for my life xX-Rosestar-Xx 
8.I will always want you DatCreepypastagirl

9.I came in like a wrecking ball Noodle-Nerd 
10.I never hit so hard in love DatCreepypastagirl
11.All I wanted was to break your walls GlassFeline
12.All you ever did was wreck me provoked-titan
13.Yeah, you wreck me OreoEspurr 

[Pumped Up Kicks:]
14.All the other kids with the pumped up kicks FIRQUEEN 
15.You better run, better run, outrun my gun Glassanimals 
16.All the other kids with the pumped up kicks KiraFursona 
17.You better run, better run faster than my bullet couraqe 

[Best Song Ever:]
18.And we danced all night to the best song ever OreoEspurr 
19.We knew every line, now I can't remember CloudClawArts
20.I think it went ooh eh ooh provoked-titan
21.I think it went oohla eh ooh
22.I think it goes eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh Noodle-Nerd 

[Gangnam Style:]
23.Eh, sexy lady CloudClawArts
24.Po, po, po, po TekkyTheWolf
25.Polka Gangnam Style Daredevilmaster
26.Eh, sexy lady GoingInCakeless 
27.Po, po, po, po TekkyTheWolf
28.Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh

[Call Me Maybe:]
29.Hey, I just met you, And this is crazy Glassanimals
30.But here's my number, So call me, maybe RAVEW0LF
31.And all the other boys, Try to chase me xFoxlanx 
32.But here's my number, So call me, maybe Gravity-FaIIs 

[Scream & Shout:]
33.I wanna scream and shout (hey!), And let it all out CrystalTheeGlaceon 
34.And scream and shout (hey!), And let it out Daredevilmaster
35.We sayin', "Ohh, wee ohh, wee oh wee oh" RAVEW0LF
36.We sayin', "Ohh, wee ohh, wee oh wee oh wee ohh, wee oh wee oh” Crooked-Moon 

[Somebody That I Used to Know:]
37.Now you're just somebody that I used to know xFoxlanx 
38.Now you're just somebody that I used to know xX-Rosestar-Xx 

39.It's going down (hey!), I'm yelling timber FrozenLightsSketches
40.You better move, you better dance FrozenLightsSketches
41.Let's make a night you won't remember FrozenLightsSketches
42.I'll be the one you won't forget xFoxlanx 
(Timber! Timber!)

[Sexy and I Know It:]
43.I’m sexy and I know it GoingInCakeless 
44.Girl look at that body (He’s sexy and he knows it) sh0tas 

[Thrift Shop:]
45.I wear your grandad’s clothes, I look incredible Glassanimals 
46.I’m in this big old coat, From that thrift shop down the road Gravity-FaIIs 

47.(He’s wears your grandad’s clothes) That’s right! sh0tas 
48.(He looks incredible) I do! tie-ka 
49.(He’s in that big old coat) It’s large! Hey, lets go! GoingInCakeless 
50.(From that thrift shop down the road) CresentCake

51.I'm gonna pop some tags, Only got twenty dollars in my pocket RAVEW0LF
52.I'm hunting, looking for a come-up Pocky--Minccino
53.This is super awesome tie-ka 

[Get Lucky:]
54.She's up all night til the sun xXSoul-CatsXx
55.I'm up all night to get some CresentCake
56.She's up all night for good fun Shenanistorm
57.I'm up all night to get lucky Astralphilia

58.We're up all night til the sun xXWitch-Of-HopeXx
59.We're up all night to get some GlassFeline
60.We're up all night for good fun Titan-Sushi
61.We're up all night to get lucky sh0tas 

62.We're up all night to get lucky xXWitch-Of-HopeXx
63.We're up all night to get lucky Shy-Waifu 
64.We're up all night to get lucky pegasiswaterbender
65.We're up all night to get lucky XD001SPR
66.We're up all night to get lucky BuzzyFoof 
67.We're up all night to get lucky BuzzyFoof 
68.We're up all night to get lucky Titan-Sushi
69.Up all night to get lucky Titan-Sushi

70.Yes, we’re up all night to get provoked-titan
71.Can get lucky, we’re gonna get lucky, let’s all get lucky Daredevilmaster
72.We’re up all night to get lucky! (Hey!) KiraFursona 

I've noticed a lot of people a bit mixed up with what a PMV is and stuff so here's and example for you guys!


Omg ... OwO

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 1:56 PM

This is probably the cutest thing I'll see all day :heart:

The Recruit :CONTEST 2:

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 9:42 PM
Ahh yus.
Another contest.

This contest will be another "Recreate" contest. This time, instead of remaking the cover, I would like to see a remake of an actual page. ^v^
Basically, choose your favorite page from 'The Recruit' and redraw it in your own style! :D

:bulletred: The new remade page must contain the same content as the original. (Meaning it should tell the same scene and have the text.)
:bulletpurple: The style must be your own! (No tracing the original page and no using lineart)
:bulletblue: Must link back to the original page in your description.

Deadline has yet to be decided, it will be sometime in late september / Early october. :D

All comic pages can be found here~…
Some references can be found here~…
Rainpaw's reference~…



~First place~
:bulletgreen: A forever-feature of the new page you created. It will replace the current page meaning every new reader an re-reader will see it! :D
:bulletgreen: A whooping 800:points: Hell yeah!
:bulletgreen: An art piece! c: (Large art /or/ Journal doll /or/ Icon(s)) Up to three characters.

~Second place~
:bulletyellow: 200:points:
:bulletyellow: An art piece! c: (Large art /or/ journal doll) Up to three characters.

~Third place~
:bulletred: 50:points:
:bulletred: An art piece! c: (Large art /or/ journal doll) One character

(Point prizes may increase if I get some more commissions done! c: )

What will I be judging for?
:bulletblue: Accurate designs! (It kills me when people mess up designs. I will be more than happy to make new references if needed! :D)
:bulletpink: Effort! (Basically whether you cared enough for details or naw)
:bulletblue: Quality! (Goes along with Effort)
:bulletpink: Some other stuff I cannot think of! :D (Awww yeah)

~This contest will be co-judged with CattickElf~

Contest 2014

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 4:36 PM
art trades

Time for a contest..!! With a total of 5000 points in prizes and art!!

About; The contest will have 5 categories with one winner in each category.

Prizes; 1000 points + one drawing for each category.

Stuff To Know;
x You can enter as many times and in as many categories as you'd like.
x You can only win in one category.
x Judging is done by me. Judging on creativity and effort.
x If enough people ask for an extension, then I'll extend.
x No bases allowed.
x No NSFW.
x You do not have to be watching me. I'll post a little heart and thank you so I don't show I react with each entry owo
x Any media is allowed. But some categories require specific media.

Find my characters here :

1) Pixel Icons - Icons must be drawn with crisp pixel lines, you can include background or animation.
2) Full Picture - Full picture done of one character with a semi-detailed to detailed background. So no single coloured BGs or pixels.
3) Transparent - A drawing of one character with a transparent background.
4) Group - A drawing with the interaction between two or more characters with a transparent background.
5) Large Pixels - Any pixels larger than 50px by 50px will be placed here. Again you can include a background and animation.

End Date;
January 1st 2015. (Giving you 5 months)

All entries can be found here :…

Link me any entries below or I might miss it!
If you have questions feel free to ask.
Now have fun and don't stress out ;o;!!