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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:38 PM
Thank you for your feedback in the poll I made. I saw people prefer raffles instead of kiribans and I can see why! I like them better too (even when I have never won one lol) so let's make one in order to celebrate that I reached 4000+ watchers and 80K+ pageviews YEEEEY! ヽ(;▽;)ノ Thank you for the support <333

I'm not in the best time of my life but this has really brighten my day. Thanks!

Now to the main topic:


+ Only watchers! :heart: :hug:
+ Fav this journal :+fav: - so you get a number :glomp:
+ Make a NEW journal entry linking to this raffle :rose: OR make a poll about it!  :star:
+ Leave a comment HERE linking me to your journal entry/poll :heart:

There will be 2 winners. Raffle ends on August 25th at 9:00 PM Cst. I'll be picking the winners through ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


:love: First winner gets a Fullbody drawing
Pink Girl by ChiioChi

:love: Second winner gets a sketchy colored chibi
Woof! by ChiioChi

:star: It's all, thank you and good luck! (രᴗര๑) :star:

Skin by SimplySilent


Fri Aug 22, 2014, 2:27 AM

final stages of starters revealed!

Finally the final forms of  Ekopi, Batflare, and Kelpony have been revealed! Who will you choose?

Hope you enjoyed this update.
Stay tuned for next week's Fakemon Friday!

Just as the title says, there will be a contest here held for designing new plants to be potential plant partners! The judges will be Urnam-BOT, plus the admins BUKOWSKl and zneakii if they desire.

The "rules" below really aren't rules, so feel free to make anything your creative brains can muster. No limitations to design or execution. Anyone is allowed to enter, even if they aren't a member of the group.


No more entries will be accepted after September 21st! Submit as many as you like before then!

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT Design a plant. The more unique, alien, and functional it looks, the better chance you have at winning the contest.

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT Try and capture the spirit of the group. This is the original form: Space Garden - Alien Plant Species by Urnam-BOT

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT You may give a suggestion as to the plant's power in the description, but if it isn't there, I (Urnam-BOT) will decide if it wins.

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT For each entry, you will automatically receive one green gem berry.

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT There will be five "winners". Each design that wins will get a reference and will officially be a kind of plant partner for people to choose from or switch to.

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT I lied, there is a rule. Send a link to this journal entry to your submission to enter.

And now, most importantly...

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOTPrizes:Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT

If you are feeling generous, you may pledge to contribute to the prizes! It can be points, art, character designs, anything! Just leave a comment!

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT

First place

- Designs featured and used in Space-Garden and:
1 Purple Gemberry
Avatar from Urnam-BOT Caesol Avatar Commission by Urnam-BOT
Traditional/Digital image from Urnam-BOT Down in the Dumps by Urnam-BOT
Full body detailed image from zneakii Burds. by zneakii
Journal doll from zneakii Lady that shakes her butt by zneakii
Headshot from lunatherosewolf Look on the bright side by lunatherosewolf

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT

Second place

- Designs featured and used in Space-Garden and:
3 Gold Gemberries
Traditional/Digital image from Urnam-BOT Down in the Dumps by Urnam-BOT
Postcard from zneakii Happy Birthday - SAIL by zneakii
Icon from zneakii Jeromy bullet by zneakiiFell bullet by zneakiiJ3T by zneakii
Page stamp from lunatherosewolf Art Fight 1 by lunatherosewolf

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT

Third place

- Designs featured and used in Space-Garden and:
1 Gold Gemberry
300 :points: from Urnam-BOT
Head shot from zneakii
Icon from zneakii Jeromy bullet by zneakiiFell bullet by zneakiiJ3T by zneakii
Icon from lunatherosewolf Moss YCH icon by lunatherosewolfIris Icon by lunatherosewolf/RQ/ Icon for BlazeyGhostie by lunatherosewolf

Fourth and fifth place get to have their designs featured and used in Space-Garden!

Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOTEntries:Purple Pixel Animated Star Bulb by Urnam-BOT

SG: Plant Competision by COLS0NCauldron Rose by TheYonderlanderPlant Design :CE: by Swift-The-Kitty/CE/ SG: Medic Class Plant by lunatherosewolfMore SG plants by COLS0NContest Entry by SparrowWrightheart

new species?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:22 PM
I came up with an idea for species while I kept checking my battery on my phone xD

Not sure what to name them yet but I will call them minidroids for now v u v
Sketch2255046 by puqqie
Its a small animal thing with battery's on its stamach

They love to sing and play with their owners

It can have any themes! 

Sketch2255038 by puqqie

When their batteries are lower their themes will slowly fade away

When their batteries are empty, they will turn to see-through glass
Sketch2255028 by puqqieSketch2255022 by puqqieSketch2255016 by puqqieSketch2255010 by puqqieSketch22545945 by puqqie

Their batteries are like food and water, it normally take a day or two for the battery to finish from full to empty

They will fall asleep when their batteries are empty, and it wont wake up till they are charged

Sketch2254646 by puqqie

What you you guys think? ; A ;
I need crits om

Hello cute bumblebees! ( ´ ▽ ` ) today before I start a long day of work (commissions) I'd like to
share my acne story and of course, how I finally found something that put an end to the stage of my
life where my self steam was below the ground and wearing makeup became my worst nightmare. Yes
it's been probably the most traumatic nightmare I have ever lived.

The reason why I'm writing this is because when I talked about finding a cure for acne in one of my
past journals, some of you asked me what was that miracle product I started using! Well today I'm gonna
tell you! (・∀・) and if you have acne problems I really hope you decide to give it a try because believe me
it is absolutely worth it!

SO I started suffering of mild acne when I came to live to the US, in all honesty I have no idea what could
have triggered it, I never visited a dermatologist. But as some of you may already know, English is not my first
language (which I also apologize for in case I make no sense haha I try my best I promise ( ノ^ω^)ノ ) so it was constant
stress at school, being scared of presenting, of talking to teachers and overall of making friends, bad sleeping
and eating habits (a lot of junk food) , as time passed by it slowly became worse, but my main issue was that
I touched my face a LOT and would pop every single pimple that appeared on my face.. this unfortunately
led to scarring, and even though I knew this.. my brain just automatically moved my hand to my face . BAD BRAIN!

It wasn't until this current year (2014) that my problem started to get even WORSE! YES, my face felt oily
all the time! And now I didn't have acne on my face only but it started spreading to my neck and even my
chest!( gross)  My self steam was just destroyed! No matter how many or what products i tried none of them worked!!
all they did was irritate my face and make it more sensitive.. I couldn't also risk using makeup to cover it up
I was scared to use it simply because my face looked too cakey and I was scared it'd cause more acne to
pop up!!! I was just so done, I never wore makeup to school, rarely wore anything pretty because I was too
embarrassed, it wasn't that I was scared of what others would thing that made me feel this way, I couldn't care
any less, it was more like I was unhappy with myself.. I didn't feel good about my appearance ... it just killed
my mood every single day!...UNTIL...

My sister bought me this 3 step acne treatment! (;▽;) So to you I present ..


"Clear Extra Strength ACNE Kit"

Is about $50 but it's worth it.

(please excuse the unclear picture, I don't have a fancy camera) (;へ:)

These 3 bottles are filled with magic.. I promise you!! Back in April, one of my older sisters (who also struggled with acne)
bought me this kit! At first I was skeptical, I mean.. nothing had worked for me before so why would something I never
heard about in my entire life would finally do the trick? Well guess what! To my surprise, MY FACE FELT SO MUCH CLEANER AFTER USING
IT FOR THE FIRST TIME! It felt silky, less oily and overall JUST SO MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER! and once again I made the same
mistake.. I couldn't stop touching it, it just felt so soft... my skin made a huge improvement within the first couple of days.
I just couldn't believe it (゚´Д`゚)゚! Something finally worked on my face for the first time in years!! ( ´∀`)

So believe me you guys, this will definitely do something for you! I mean it has to!! If it worked for me! Why wouldn't it work for
you, so I do recommend you try it if you have been apart of that never ending fight against acne.

My personal tips:

please note that these tips are based on my personal experience, some may work for you some may not.. I'm no professional,
every single body works differently.
My skin type is OILY. 

(*~▽~) ( probably the worst skin type out there) /// genetics//

♥ Your face will become REALLY DRY, whether you have oily, normal or dry skin, so you definitely have to get a good moisturizer that
will keep your skin hydrated, otherwise your skin will start peeling .. NOT A NICE FEELING.
♥ Make sure you also follow a good diet! Reduce sweets (this was the hardest one for me;  ; ) and junk food overall. Eat lots of fruit!!
My diet before I came to the US consisted mostly of fruits! And my skin's texture was as soft as a baby's butt!!
♥ Drink lots of water! THIS IS A MUST! You'd be surprised how miraculous water is, so drink an average of 2 bottles of water a day!
♥ ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS remove your makeup (if you're a girl) after you come home, if you go out and you're wearing makeup, make sure you
wash it off with a good cleanser! Even if you're home all day, is always good to wash your face at least 2 times a day! Remember your face collects a lot
of dirt and unwanted stuff you rather not have there.
♥ Be careful with the type of makeup you use, avoid cheap makeup, specially if it's too oily.
♥ BE CONSTANT! I can't stress enough how important this is, USE IT AS DIRECTED, EVERYDAY! Don't use it every time you remember, it is good to
follow the routine! I use it once a day even though it says to use it morning and night.. but I'm scared of the dryness it may cause. So find something
that makes your face feel comfortable as long as it still works.
♥ WHATEVER YOU DO! DO NOT NOT NOT NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE, I think is okkay to touch it right after I was it as my hands are cleaner but after that
avoid it at all costs.

AAAAAND This is all I can think of now ♥ (*´・v・)
I have been using it for almost 4 months and my face did some crazy improvement! An improvement I didn't really expect to happen,
my face is a lot clearer! I do get small pimples every now and then but they dissapear within two days and they're not as painful
as they were before, the only thing I am struggling with now are the scars.. but those are also slowly fading!

I do not have pictures to show you but, please believe my word! I promise you, you will not be dissapointed. (。・ω・。) I hope
to update this journal with pictures later on.

Please check out Paula's Choice website as it also has a whole lot of other wonderful products I have only tried once but they still made a difference.

and the product's page (there's a ver. for not so severe acne so try looking that one up if your acne is not as severe)…

I think they will also give you a full refund if it doesn't work for you! So check them out!! & well this is all.. I don't know how long this took me
to write but I hope it can help some of you! I'm just sharing my experience with the product and so far it's been wonderful! So I hope it
works wonderfully for you guys as well!


and a special shout out to all the lovely people who helped me out to buy the last kit by commissioning me ♥! Is the one shown in the picture.
oh and before I go.. the Cleanser and exfoliate last around 2 months if you use everyday! So there may be a slight chance you will
have to buy them separately if you want to continue the treatment!
Missed this journal skin <3 

If you have questions PLEASE ASK I might have been unclear about something in the desc. and then it's easier for me to correct and add more info if you let me know! ~
Also..big hopefully people want to enter xD 

C O N T E S T   T I M E ! ! 

Right! Let's do this!! :'D 

...Now I won't  limit this contest too much, but the main subject is "headacanon" So if you feel unconfident about your art (I'm sure it's wonderful) I won't be just judging the entires based on skills in art but the most intresting/cute/sad/ and so on headcanon! So be creative :'D Enter have fun!! Heres your chance to play around with my two charactors! If you already have a headcanon for them, use that! 

Headcanon? Whats that?

a headcanon is sort of… like what hasn’t happened in canon, but has happened in someone’s head. thus, headcanon. however, headcanons vary from person to person and not everyone believes the same thing. some headcanons even go against stated canon, but some people just roll like that! (found this info on tumblr! so basicly....fanfiction like xD ) 

Got any questions just ask! 

so your entry, It can be small things, or big things, they can be sad, happy, crazy, funny... whatever you feel like! 
They can be something completley new that you made up or something that you think is happening but I've never shown. If you ship them maybe you can explore that a bit, maybe your headcanon is that the Hero has a crush on The villian but never shows it! it Can be anything! 

And yes this is a art contest, traditiona, digital whatever is fine ! It dosen't have to be a fully drawn detailed drawing, perhaps you'd rather focus on writing a description with a story or something! You can do many sketches or a small comic ~ 
You can also make animations or pmv's if you feel like it ! Whatever fits your entry! ~ 

You can base your entry on a song that inspierd you to make your headcanon whatever is fine just as long as it's pretty far from whats canon! ~

You may use :

The Hero 
Hero by BeCarefulPaint
The Villain
The villian by BeCarefulPaint
The sister
Sister by BeCarefulPaint
(not that much info about her ohohoooo lot's of stuff to make up maybe)

And the cats in the cages

(I think you can do lots of stuff with these cats..haven't developed them that much! )


I might end up using your headcanon or it might be good enought to inspire me to to add something simillar to their story or personality! ~ 

Also you'll get this! 
300 :points: 

full drawing!
Close demise by BeCarefulPaint
With all your power by BeCarefulPaint
Someone call the ambulance by BeCarefulPaint
(halloween custom or regular drawing!)

Same as for first place! Also you'll get these! 

200 :points:
Full drawing but with sketchy lineart!
Please don't be dead! by BeCarefulPaint
With all your power by BeCarefulPaint
Someone call the ambulance by BeCarefulPaint
(halloween custom or regular drawing!)

Same things here and some of these 
100 :points: 
With all your power by BeCarefulPaint

5 mentions ! 

You'll get a stikky!
You are the cool kids by BeCarefulPaint

Contest ends :  10th Oktober ! Lots of time! 

Perhpas the last contest can inspire you :…

[ Pixel Commission ] O P E N

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 6:20 PM
☂ Do not steal / copy / trace over my art.
☂ I can't pixel furries , anthros , nude , etc.
☂ When payment is received, I will start on your commission.
☂ If interested in commissioning me, please send the form by note ☂

Forms of payment are by points or by paypal.( You must pay sending fee )
2 o o :points: / $ 2 . o o 
4 o o :points: / $ 4 . o o for couples

Icon Form
Icon Style: 
Animation: ( Blinking / Giggling ) 


Icon Base A  

5 by nuarei7 by nuarei8 by nuarei10 by nuarei

Icon Base B  

1 by nuarei

Icon Couple Base  

1b by nuarei1a by nuarei

So i saw that super big penguin at the market…


he was pretty expensive…. but i needed him…


…so i bought him. Luckly he fitted in the car.


The first day he slept on the couch. (at boyfriends house)


The other Day i took him home. He is really adorable and super fluffy.


I love my penguin.

His name is Günther btw. (Guenther)

  • Mood: Obsessed
  • Listening to: Its All About Me (Rain) - Amaranthe

If your MYO Sushi Dog hasn't been personally approved by me yet, please leave a link to it in a comment below!


I will either be replying with "Approved",
or, if something needs to be corrected, I will tell you what needs to be fixed! uvu

//I deeply apologize for taking so long replying and approving designs!
My notes just keep multiplying and it's a bit hectic because some people send me multiple notes...which gets VERY confusing. ^^; (I still have 300+ unread notes ;A; )

And as always, thank you SO much for being patient and respecting my requests of not posting them until they are approved, it really helps haha n__n

:star:Also, if your email is on the bottom of this journal,
please let me know so I can put your username on the list (Once again, sorry if I missed it.)
Proof that it is your email is appreciated and will make the process easier.



:iconfenny-fang::iconphantom-lucario::iconfauxfoxing::iconbringmetohell::iconcelestial-trance::iconrileychu::iconmidnightpanther818: :iconfynxi: :iconthinker4567: :icontalonex: :iconbloodtaintedsoul::iconkavaro: :iconxeshaire::iconstarconsumer::iconleo-in-love::icontweetr::iconmey-rln::iconblueauraz::iconcheckered--badger::iconcrescentmoon96::iconlavacookies::iconfluffily: :iconteddy-star-doge::iconsa1b0t::iconraqqdoll::iconspashai::iconfangs211::iconkotorimiko::iconmew998::iconhollowroot::iconscarletmintybreeze::iconfireflywish::iconlovelesskia: (3/3):iconkatkr::iconrrrai::iconnoahjayne::iconmooseprince::iconstridays::iconviral-prince::iconbrookpink::iconsea-cliff::iconjevvel::iconprincekissu::iconmondobutt::iconpopsular:(3/3):iconpixeldoq::iconfailedmonster::icongingerblazee::iconlonely-galaxies::iconrhylem::iconpocketstash::iconwhovian-rinny:(2/2):iconcorriezodori:(1/3):iconskelefrog::icondragonpunk15::iconshark-vomit::iconvirivax::icongravity-faiis::iconemete::icongriwi::icondarkstar-9-25::iconieopards::iconiceflair::iconmrgremble::iconiazra::iconteabutts: :iconvxdka::iconrazzberrycookie:(2/2):iconraencomplex::iconmoonsongwolf::iconkawaiithug::iconmothes::iconspacecritter::iconsymphh::icontoastiebuns::iconsnapple-bee::icontheriffonassassin::iconkaiyasha-amaterasu::iconwritten-amarya::iconbellpup::iconeirablair::iconfayren::iconimonox::iconlilgriddles::iconkawoshln::iconbottled-rottweiler::iconhawaiipartii::icontokiou::iconpikamew322::iconraidac::iconkeldeos::iconfaux-storm::iconmaeveon::iconnine-broken-clocks::iconseash0res::iconcrystal-rex::iconpurride::iconpikapaws::iconsarilain::iconxwhitedreamsx::iconotonid::iconmakashy::iconsketchi-panda::iconzieu::icondaffodille::iconeecoli::iconkurohimekurai::iconmonostars: :iconalibastar::iconpickleweasel360::iconskull-gum::iconblack0eternity::iconcammypaws::iconfatherluna::iconsoftsugar::iconpixiepup::iconoakbears::iconm1lk-n-hunny::iconcomealongseb::iconaaeruu::iconlpsmaddie32::iconpiecreature::iconpungafruit::iconsuburgatory::iconkiboku::iconmistyathena12::iconlovedrawing1999::iconcupkeks::icondovei::iconjazzchinchilla::iconxxsinnersheavenxx::iconluxspur::iconkhaisa14::iconpolarbeartoxicdeath::iconjojuki::iconbeetwixt::iconmintykoneko::iconunolespirit::iconlunaradopts: :iconpharos-chan::iconkinla::iconnautikos::iconth0rsday::iconhyruchewey:

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SimplySilent - Journal
Apparently my vimeo account got taken down or something.... with no warning. I won't say for no reason because copyright bullshit and shit. I'm not really bummed at all. I've gotten all of my videos saved in backup and I'm sure that many of you guys do too. But, let's talk about importance. First of all, any planned reviews of FOX shows (Regarding Margie, Herpe the Love Sore) are going on hiatus while I sort this out. But in the meantime I'm done relying on other websites for this shit. Anyone know how to make your own website/get a website with enough storage in order to upload a video?

Until this is all resolved, these reviews will be unviewable

  • Animated Atrocities #14: Seahorse Seashell Party
  • Animated Atrocities #19: 1 Night in Gottlieb
  • Animated Atrocities #26: Lupe's Revenge
  • Animated Atrocities #32: Life of Brian
  • Animated Atrocities #35: Lisa Goes Gaga
  • Animated Atrocities #51: Fresh Heir

Ren Seeks Help was uploaded to YouTube.

Hey, I just realized why FOX hates having its cartoons reviewed... because they're responsible for some of the worst episodes ever made. What do you know.