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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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*Ahem* Another giveaway! 800 points!

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 3:00 AM
And also, collectively, 37 bites on my legs... I forgot that flies hide under the sand at night. /cries/
Some people have asked where I've been, I've been in Sharm El Sheik for the past fortnight! I have loads of pictures!

And I'm in an awesome mood, so, it's time for another of
super awesome amazing

The draw: 800:points:!

The rules are the same as last time! ~

  • Fave this journal, otherwise you won't get a number!
  • Watch me please! You can be an existing or new watcher!
  • That's it really!! Heart You could make a journal but it's not a rule, so you don't have to!!

I will double the prize draw if 500 people participate ~

First: 400:points:
Second: 200:points:
Third: 100:points:
Fourth: 100:points:

The winners will be selected via a random number generator ~

I'll just copy and paste from the previous giveaway journal to explain how this works:

The reason why I want you to fave this is that if you click on faves [there's that number, for example, Favourites  52  [who?] ] if you click on who a whole bunch of people will come up, and they'll all have numbers next to them! If you fave this, then your name and number will be there!!
Sorry, that doesn't make much sense, I'm terrible at explaining things!!
Oh yeah, don't look for your name and assume that, say, 15 is your number because for some reason they get muddled around... But they'll remain stationary when I do the draw XD

The draw will be held on 11th August 2014!

Good luck! Thanks for participating!

My adopt account: Natoruki :iconnatoruki:
My Youtube:…
My PaigeeWorld:
My Facebook:

My Gallery:

Oh yes, another random piece of random information; I've created two more OCs and about 7 more adopts!

1 month Premium Membership+500points Giveaway

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 9:37 PM
Hello~ :wave:
Its been quite awhile since I upload anything. Due to no Internet connection ><
So here I am. Fine, healthy,.. (like anyone would care :lol:)

So, the title says it all!
My first PM giveaway xp

1st- 1 Month PM 
2nd- 200:points:
3rd- 200:points:
4th- 100:points:

:bulletpink: :+fav: this journal
:bulletpink: That's all!

(optional):bulletgreen: watch me/llama me / advertise this journal

Winners will be announced by 10th of August using

Goodluck and tq  for reading! :heart:

Okay, so I have gotten numerous notes and comments asking me for critiques and suggestions on their up-n-coming original species'.
Now, a lot of you guys out there are probably saying,
"Ugh what's she trying to say her dogs are just fat with swirl tailz!11"
Well, that may be, but if they were really as plain as a fat, swirly tailed anthro, they probably wouldn't sell as well nor be renowned for the traits that set them apart from the rest, which I'll delve into later.

So, here are some tips to creating something fun, successful (if you put in the work), and original!

For starters, pick an animal or creature to base your species off of
Pick an animal you don't see used too often, OR pick something you KNOW you can give original traits.

What I mean by the above statement, is that if you pick a common animal, like a dog or cat, and basing them off of drinks or biomes (desert, forest, beaches), ect., you have to understand that people have done this a million times, and that if you're going to execute something simple like a water-based canine species, you have to make sure of one important detail


Let's be honest, no matter how unoriginal you think cinnadogs, waterdogs (alfeddy), sushidogs (witchpaws), and others are, if you see one on the front page or in your inbox, you don't need to know the artist or name of it to know WHAT IT IS AND WHOSE SPECIES IT IS. That's the thing - if people like it, get it out there, make it recognizable from the rest.

So, let's take dessert dogs on for a change. Pretty old, yes? Overused? Probably not the best place to start an orig. species. But let's see first, if you're hell-bent on a dessert themed creature species, it's what you can give them that makes them original.
So, like the step way up there, pick a species you don't see too often, like caterpillars, slugs, even elephants or hawks. Or, even better, make up your own creature - but make sure the creature isn't too bland. If you make a quadruped furry animal with big ears into a species, it can literally look like anything (not a good idea).
Give it a set of unique antlers, a cool nose, extra limbs - unique anatomy is key!
    -Cinnadogs are fat for a reason - many people are uncomfortable drawing overweight and pudgy characters. It is something I don't see too often in designs or species in general. Their anatomy is unique in that they have a defined pear body, neatly shaped legs and paws, and even a set weight and tail length, The tails can't uncurl, and the species itself isn't overrun with giant piles of cream and drippy chocolate, but the palette itself is taken from the wonderfully colorful photos of food. Knowing this, owning and drawing a cinna gets people out of their comfort zone and into drawing new things, exploring their artistic capabilities!

What I mean is, placing wings on the butt of a cat and making is a closed species isn't only ridiculous and uncreative, but it is also something hundreds have done before and will more than likely do again. 
Here are some do's and don'ts to adding on traits to make a species creative.


-ceiling fans
-washing machines
-carpets from India
Catch my drift? Anyone can put a sock on a dog and claim it, but it's not creative and reflects poorly on your abilities.

DO's to adding and possibly making a successful species add-on
-Stuff no one really does
-------a. (ex) Dextromethorphan (medicine used to treat cold/flu/coughing)
--------1. Use this medicine to make a character based off of the symptoms of what it is supposed to protect. Let's say you have a unique species based off of the pharmaceutical field (be aware people have made medicine creatures, but let's make these stand out), what do they do? Does each creature protect against the symptoms it is supposed to? Have they been overrun with their respective sicknesses? Did they all used to be created for a purpose but ended up failing as helpful experiments? THINK CREATIVE! HAVE FUN! Put them in the future, make the world post-apocalyptic and these disease-ridden creatures wander around trying to heal the sick but end up being zombies themselves.

Boom, I just made a species concept in less than 40 seconds. I'm not saying it will come as fast to all of you, but give it a shot!

See where I am going? Think of things no one has done. If you're making a dog species purely for profit (which is fine), DON'T make it closed if it is really cliche, and DON'T attack others for making something similar.

Here's a recap
-What makes a cinnadog recognizable from a dog slathered in mushy sugar and gooey chocolate put up as an adopt?
-Don't slap a trait on an animal and call it closed
    -People did it before, and will do it again
    -Dogs with buttwings and hoodies aren't original at all
-DO make your species recognizable, be open for critiques and suggestions
    -Remember: If you see a waterdog out there, you know it's a waterdog by Alfeddy.
-Dogs and cats may be easy to draw, but get out there and explore!
    -See how your species fits some other animal
        -Does a slimy space creature fit a dog more, or how about a six-legged space slug with glowing eyes?

On a side note, please don't ask me to critique your species, I wish I had time to look them over and give you help, but alas I don't.
Be free to take this chance and take this journal into deep consideration - EVERYONE OUT THERE HAS THE CAPABILITIES TO MAKE SOMETHING GREAT! GET OUT THERE AND TRY IT! ♥


Sun Jul 27, 2014, 4:26 PM
in the beginning
in the bone
white tendrils
of holy fire, the night
ate away at it all,
that acid tide -
it ate away at
the bud in the mud
and the blood,
it burned their bodies
but left their ghosts
so they could be
identified -

and then a wild
man, a monster
pressed his thumb into
the air, he drew
a cross upon his face
said light
and now

i am drowning
i am drowning in light
i am drowning
in the white
and the gold
as he sits
at the end of my bed
and he shouts -

for something
or someone
i don't know
and i scream, god, please just
let me sleep!
let me sleep
in the cold barren ground
of the earth,
let it pull me right in
through its mangle -

and i feel a sting
in the crook of my arm
when they come

(and then even the wolves, even the wolves start to whimper)


Sun Jul 27, 2014, 6:47 PM

The group :iconsushidogs: has hit 1,000+ members --

So it's time to reveal the special event that we have been hinting at!

The Summer Soosh Draw To Adopt!

Can you guess what they are? Keep an eye out for more news on the DTA within the next few days! c:

SimplySilent - Journal

Art Challenge and Raffle!! Day #1

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 11:23 AM

 Commission: Mini Derp for Twitter-light by Sarilain Commission: Mini Derp for Windnara by Sarilain Commission: Mini Derp for Ruuchiya by Sarilain

After writing that journal about improvement and such, I thought it'd be a great idea to try hosting a week-long art challenge to help motivate us!  If this goes well, I'll definitely host more in the future.

The theme this week will be "favourites", it should be simple enough for anyone to join.  I just hope it's not so simple it's boring, ahaha.x3

Today's Prompt: Your favourite animal!

Real or mythological, doesn't matter!

Raffle is Open!

2 winning numbers will be drawn in approximately 24 hours.  Winners will receive 50 :points: each.

How to Participate:

:bulletpink: Create any kind of artwork according to the daily prompt using any medium (pencil, digital, clay, photography, etc.)

:bulletpink: No premade linearts, unless it's made by you!  The idea is to challenge ourselves to create and improve!

:bulletpink: Submit your image to your gallery with "Art Challenge" in the title.

:bulletpink: You may join at any time you like, and skip days if you like, it will affect your eligibility for the raffles however!

:bulletpink: Favourite this journal to enter the free points raffle.  Only those who complete the art prompt are eligible though!

:bulletpink: Linking back to this journal is appreciated, but not required!

:bulletpink: Comment with a thumb code or link to your entry, and I will add all of the participants to one of my favourites folders so everyone can see them.  I will also choose a few of my favourites to feature in tomorrow's journal.

:bulletpink: New prompts will be given every 24 hours (approx.).  If you'd like to keep up with the challenge, it might help to watch my journal at least, not required though!

:bulletpink: All skill levels are welcome!  This isn't a competition, so just have fun!

Completed Entries:…

::Skin and CSS by Shattered-Earth::
Do you always seem to postpone your tasks? Or you know that you have to do a task but you're just too lazy/don't have time for it? Do you have the tendency to do things in the last minute? Or do you have problems with managing your time? Then, this journal might be for you. This journal is written and exclusively meant for the topic of "procrastination". Although it is an intended self-help journal, it will not work if you're not putting work or applying these tips in real life. The only one who can change your procrastinating habit is you, yourself.

 Thank you for your support on my previous self-help journal ("How to be a better artist!") It has gotten many positive feedbacks, so I made another poll asking what type of self-help journal should I do next. "How to stop procrastinating!" got the most votes out of them all. Hopefully you can find an insight or motivation inside this journal. Oh right, english is not my native language so please excuse my poor grammar and spelling. We all struggle with procrastination, but we're just not informed enough on how to get out of the black hole. I researched a lot of articles, books, etc for this. Hopefully you'll find this journal helpful! Have fun reading! Changes won't come easily. Don't pressure yourself. If you're not an avid reader who likes to read long journals like this, you can take breaks now and then while reading. It doesn't matter. You can even save or share this journal somewhere if you want to. Good luck!

1) Create a to-do list.
Now, now, before you start to squint your eyes at this obvious tip, let me tell you how important this is. We all forget sometimes or maybe most of the time. I'm a very forgetful person and I need a to-do list badly. I rarely write it down traditionally like in a planner or agenda, but I do write my to-do list in my phone through a mobile app. If you have Android or iPhone, I highly recommend downloading, Todoist, and Evernote. I personally use Todoist, it has been the best throughout the year and it's basically my life. While creating a to-do list, keep your priorities in check. Homeworks or tasks with urgent deadlines comes first while cleaning your room or watching YouTube can come afterwards. I've seen a blog before stating a good tip: Categorize and tag your to-do list tasks in 2 categories; A) When you're highly motivated and ready to get things done. B) When you're low motivated and a bit lazy. There is no category C where you just lie around and do nothing. Either you do category A or B first, your choice. Just do it. While in a book written by Annie Ashdown, you could divide your tasks in 3 categories. A) Important and urgent. B) Important but not urgent. C) Urgent but not important. This could help you decide the tasks that you should really do and prioritize. Sometimes we're too caught up with stuffs that we thought were urgent but it's not important. Life your live, choose your own choice, be prepared for the risk.

2) Just do it.
It may seem easier said than done. "Just do it" my ass. "I'm just too lazy and un-motivated", we all said. Now that's just a lame excuse. You read this journal because you want to stop doing it. Now the only solution for it is to DO YOUR WORK. There is no quick shortcut into becoming a diligent and motivated person. You have to work for it. You can't just sit around (in this case, you're also procrastinating) and wait for the procrastination to disappear. It doesn't disappear if you keep doing it. Researches said that if you do the same one thing for 28 days or more (depends on each person), you will form a habit. Guess what? You should use that to form a new habit. What's the new habit to stop procrastinating? Just do it. Procrastinating won't stop just because you formed a habit. You might sometimes break the habit here and there, but you would be moving on from it. So, just do it! Have that homework around but you still want to browse the internet? You think you can delay and postpone the work tomorrow and might still be fine with it? Throw those thoughts away. Quickly tear your eyes away from the screen, grab your homework, and do it! Do it fast, and just throw away everything you're doing and focus on the things that matter. Internet can come later on. Heck, you can browse Tumblr, Twitter, or anything else later after you've studied. Just do it first. You won't regret it.

3) Pomodoro technique.
I use this a lot when I'm facing a test or just doing the regular homeworks. Or even when I draw, really. It works on most tasks in my daily life. The Pomodoro technique was created in the 1980s. It is one of the most popular time management life hacks used today. It aims to provide the user with maximum focus and creative freshness, thereby allowing them to complete projects faster with less mental fatigue. It's simple. Plan your time into short increments and take breaks periodically. You work for 25 minutes, then take break for five minutes. Each 25-minute work period is called a “pomodoro". After 4 “pomodoros” have passed, (100 minutes of work time with 15 minutes of break time) you then take a 15-20 minute break. Frequent breaks keep your mind fresh and focused.

4) Be specific.
This is connected to number 1 about writing your to-do list. Be specific about the tasks. "Draw everyday" is not exactly the best motivation you could feed to yourself. (Instead of "Draw everyday" you can write "Draw every 15 minutes per day.") Next time, try something more specific because being specific will make your tasks seems important and a task. Not just some globby words. If necessary, set time-frames for your items to be done by. (For example; "Study for biology test at 13:00")

5) Finish the hard or most-disliked tasks first.
That's right. Finishing the ones you dislike or feel depressed about will most likely lift some weight off your shoulders. You will feel more pressured from the beginning, but once it's done, you'll feel a lot better. When you have a task that's bogging you down and making you unproductive in other areas, tackle it first. Finishing the largest item on your list of things to do will make you feel extra productive and give you the boost to do other things you’ve been pushing to the side.

6) Divide into small tasks.
Instead of writing "Clean room today", you could divide it into even smaller and specific tasks: A) Fix the bed. B) Organize the desk. C) Mop the floor. Don't worry about completing the whole big task unless if it's urgent and important. Dividing the big tasks into smaller tasks will make you more focused and get things done faster.

7) Remove distractions.
If you're still reading this by now, I just want to tell you that these tips are not listed based on how successful and important they are. All these tips that I write in this journal are equally important. It's just the way you prioritize them according to your liking. Alright, so remove distractions. I'm pretty sure this is the main tip that we all know because procrastination usually comes from distraction. Be it the internet, your friends, small un-important tasks, or just you, yourself. Remove those distractions. If internet seems to distract you, close your laptop or whatever that is preventing you from doing your tasks. RescueTime is an app that blocks off certain (or all) websites for a particular amount of time that you set. You need to have a strong will for this. Make up your mind. Or you'll definitely regret it.

8) 2 minutes rule.
2 minutes is 120 seconds. It may seem short, but it's enough time to get one or a few tasks done. If you have a task that can be finished in 2 minutes, do it NOW. Those 2 minutes will be worth it! Better than procrastinating for an hour or so just to do a task that can be done in 2 minutes.

9) Don't be a perfectionist.
You're not perfect. I'm not. We all aren't perfect. No need for your tasks or projects to be "perfected". Especially when you "procrastinate" by prolonging your time just to make it "perfect". Do your best and accomplish something that you're proud of. If you're too focused on one task, you're going to delay the other tasks which is not good at all. Just do your best, that's all that I can say. Telling yourself you need ___ supplies, time, equipment, motivation, etc and waiting for them to appear is not a good thing at all. It won't come by itself unless you work for it.

10) Positive motivation.
I suggest going around the internet, searching for motivational quotes and so on. Or listening to music might help. Positive reinforcement is the most effective means of motivating yourself. Reward yourself after finishing your task. For example: You may open the internet for an hour for every 30 minutes of studying.

The most important part of any new habit is getting started — not just the first time, but each time. It’s not about performance, it’s about consistently taking action. In many ways, getting started is more important than succeeding. This is especially true in the beginning because there will be plenty of time to improve your performance later on.

11) Success & joy.
Focus on the positive success and joy that you will receive once you receive your task. You will feel less pressure and burden once the tasks are done.

12) More to be done > done.
Always remind yourself that there's more to be done than done. Are you getting the right things done?

At the end, it boils down to taking action. You can do all the strategizing, planning and hypothesizing, but if you don’t take action, nothing’s going to happen. 

13) Tasks are not going to 'season'.
Don't decide that 'later' would be better because the task or idea needs time to "season." I'll tell you what, the task is not going to do itself. You have to do it. Why wait so long and prolong the task when at the end you ended up having to do it again?

14) There's no easier way.
Don't have this thought: "I want to do it, but there must be an easier way. Let me think of one." There is no shortcut to finishing the task. In the end, it all comes down on whether you'll do it or not.

15) Researching.
I have to confess that while I'm procrastinating to study for my test, I went to the internet and search articles about "How to stop procrastinating". Imagine how stupid it is? You don't need to do researches on how to start doing your task when you can just do it right now. I'm not talking about the researches for your project purposes or whatever. I'm talking about researching "How to stop procrastinating" when you don't make an effort to stop. I know researching those stuffs are not forbidden, infact they can be really helpful and I would recommend them for you to read. Just don't prolong your tasks by those.

16) It's either now or later.
The result will vary. We tend to live in the present and try to forget or dismiss the future consequences. Don't. Regrets always come last and it sucks. I
f you say "later is better," ask yourself why. "And why do you need to be better to do this?"

{A/N} I will probably add more tips later on. Thanks for reading up until here!

In my last journal I apparently touched a few people off by saying that I didn’t like rape jokes in Family Guy, and that I was upset that a digital mutant lizard was killed in the trailer for Mad Max. There were a number of people who didn’t find those things to be offensive and couldn’t seem to understand why I personally would get so upset. “Family Guy has ALWAYS had rape jokes” or “It’s not even a real animal” being the typical response. So let’s try to address this stuff...

Family Guy and Rape Culture
Before we begin we need to set some definitions so that we’re all on the same page.

Rape culture is a phrase used to describe a culture in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender, sex, and sexuality. Examples of behaviors commonly associated with rape culture include victim blaming, sexual objectification, trivializing rape, denial of widespread rape, or refusing to acknowledge the harm of certain forms of sexual violence that do not conform to certain stereotypes of stranger or violent rape.

Unlike the idea that violent video games make people violent, there are actually a lot of scientific studies that show making jokes about rape DOES, in fact, result in society at large trivializing rape and can result in victim blaming and dismissing how harmful rape actually is.

A couple links to some scientific studies for you to peruse if you want:……

If you don’t think rape culture exists, think about how often rape is brought up as a casual synonym for “defeat” in video game competitions. For Example: When 10 year old kids are shouting “I raped you/your team” over X-Box Live, that’s normalizing/trivializing rape. Studies have shown that people who make light of rape, are more likely to dismiss rape claims and are also less likely to enforce harsh punishments on convicted rapists.

Family Guy relies a lot on shock/satirical humor. But if there’s one thing I think Family Guy often gets wrong, it’s how to pull off satire well. I personally do not think that Family Guy is a funny show. Often the jokes fall flat, or are just so extreme and shocking that they’re more of a turn-off for me. And rape humor, sadly, is an integral part of the show since one of the main characters has been known to (or implied to) force sex on women on numerous occasions.

Now I am not trying to make you feel bad, or “prove” to you that Family Guy is awful. If you find the show funny, by all means continue to watch it. However, the issue was that people didn’t understand why I personally had a problem with rape jokes, and this is my explanation. I’ve grown up knowing a lot of people who have been raped. It’s a terrible disgusting act that leaves long-standing psychological trauma to the victim. I do not personally feel that rape jokes should be made at all. I’m not saying they can’t be made, because of course all humor is subjective and open for anyone to tackle. But I am saying that if given the choice I don’t think they should be made. In my opinion they’re not funny, and in the long run they breed social acceptance of rape culture. And there are so many other jokes you could make, falling back on rape humor is just really low, unoriginal, and shows a severe lack of imagination.

I know a lot of people out there seem to think that rape jokes are like violence in video games. IE: violence in video games don't cause people to become more violent, therefor rape jokes don't make people actually rape. And in a certain sense they're right. However, rape jokes DO trivialize rape, and that can have longstanding damages on our culture. I don't think rape jokes cause people to rape more often, but I do think it causes people to look at rape as less of an issue. Likewise, pointing this out is NOT like the violence censorship problems video games have gone through. No one is trying to "censor" rape jokes through legal recourse. No one is advocating for LAWS to be written to regulate comedy or video games or movies involving rape jokes. There is a HUGE difference between trying to outright CENSOR something legally because you find it offensive, and actively asking that people be EMPATHETIC to those around them and not purposefully do things that might trigger or harm those around us out of consideration. Please bear that in mind while reading this.

Digital Animal Abuse
Now this one I can understand a lot of people not getting. I will admit that I am more sensitive than others when it comes to animal abuse in movies. OBVIOUSLY the animals aren’t really getting hurt. We have ethical programs and animal groups put in place to ensure that they aren’t harmed during the filming of a movie. And films are all abut make-believe.

But that’s just it... movies are DESIGNED to make you feel something towards characters and situations. Their whole purpose is to manipulate you through visuals and sound to feel happy or sad or angry at whatever is going on the screen. Growing up around animals all my life, I’ve become very empathetic towards them and it pains me when I see animals in movies getting hurt, abused, or killed off simply for “the sake of the plot.”

Remember Independence Day? There was a scene where a family was running away from the alien’s fire wall and left their dog in the car. In the original cut, the dog died. Test audiences were so upset about this that the filmmakers went back and added a heroic scene of the dog jumping over cars and escaping.

The thing is... animals don’t have our intelligence. Animals aren’t born vicious and malicious, they become that way due to external forces. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are not vicious by nature, they’re vicious because we (humans) make them vicious. Dogs and other animals don’t have the higher level critical thinking to understand WHY something is happening to them. They operate pretty much on a purely emotional level. And that’s why it bothers me when animals are abused or hurt in movies. I’m empathetic enough that I can put myself in their situation. They’re innocent. They don’t know WHY they’re being hurt. All they know is that they ARE being hurt. And often times, there’s no real good reason TO hurt an animal in a movie.

And I know that I am not alone in this. There’s even a website out there called “Does the Dog Die?” and the whole point of the site is to say YES or NO, without spoiling the movie, if an animal in the film is portrayed as being hurt or killed. I cannot stand when filmmakers resort to hurting an animal in films. It’s a cheap emotional crutch.

Am I personally more sensitive than other people? ABSOLUTELY. I know that I am. I’ve seen enough movies and witnessed enough actual animal death that I do not want to see any more of it, even if it’s fake. It doesn’t matter if it’s the digital dog from Vin Diesel’s 3rd Riddick film, or the 2 headed lizard from the Mad Max trailer. I don’t care if it shows that the T-1000 is cold-hearted, there’s no need to kill the dog in Terminator 2. Heck, even the troll from The Fellowship of the Ring is given that one suddenly humanizing moment when Legolas shoots an arrow through his throat and he realizes he’s going to die... there’s that low painful wail that is gut wrenching to listen to.

I understand that not everyone shares my views on these things. Some people can take stuff better than others. I freely acknowledge that I am more sensitive about animals in films than other people. But I hope at least this explains WHY I’m more sensitive.
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1.000 points giveaway!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 9:37 AM
:points:1.000 Points giveaway :points:


Hello guys,
I decided to do a giveaway! I :iconjeavieh: forgive 2X 100 and 1X 800 :points:. You want the points? Okay, than read! :3

~~~~~~~~~that you have to do~~~~~~~~

-fave this Journal
-write a journal about this. 
-whrite a comment whit your journal.
-give me a lama and fave my art
-you must watch me and don´t unwatch!
-You have a question? ask here: :iconcreepxhatter: or :iconjeavieh: