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:star: :star: :star: FREE COMMISSIONS GIVEAWAY :star: :star: :star:
Ok, business is slow lately (mostly due to me not arting) BUT I thought maybe this would make things more active, This is a little "giveaway" of sorts, and the close date is now featured down below! Basically, how to enter is to :+fav: this journal, and you're in the running for a free commission by me!

1: Sketch commission
2: Icon commission   
3: Chibi commission  

Here's a link to the world clock:…

Some examples:

 Kagamine Rin: MELTDOWN by Neko-Kyohaku

In the depths by Neko-Kyohaku

Another 3 Deviants will be chosen for sketch commissions, and I will be posting the winners on this journal, and also note you about it.
This is a giveaway, and is purely random, with the winners being decided by a random number generator

These commissions are $50+ VALUE

NOTE: I don't draw
If you're not sure about what you want, and if it crosses any boundaries, tell me!


(also give me a watch if you are interesting in future giveaways)


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 10:42 PM
hello hello guys > u < first of all i would like to apologize for my late reply ;;; i just realized that i have been too busy irl lately so it is a little hard for me to be active here ; n ; i also have closed most of my commissions due to my business
i am sorry for my current commissioners that your commission may take longer than usual (1-5 day(s)) i hope you all do not mind > n <

i would also like to say thank you for you all who have given me birthday wishes and gifts o 7 o i really appreciate and love them all

i would like to feature the birthday gifts because i love them all so much ; 7 ;
untuk neneek by pindanglicious Tumbling . by Xaferis Happy birthday Piijenius by teapartyblues
HBD: piijenius by BlazingBacon

oh and i also want to share this happiness so i am making a mini raffle <3
i will give each 100 :points: for 5 winners > 7 <
if you are interested - you only have to favorite this journal so that you can have a number
the raffle will be ended in saturday 19 april o u o

thank you for reading and once again thank you for everyone who have given me birthday wishes and gifts <333
good luck > 7 <

Easter [+Flash Giveaway]

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 9:55 PM
Hey Guys, 
Just a heads up that I will be away for the Easter long weekend. I leave later tonight, and will be back on Monday night. 

I will only be able to come on via my phone, so expect less activity [especially considering I live on here during the day...]. I will be working on some art things while I am away, plus loads of Pokemon. 

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend!

Flash Giveaway

To enter the Flash Giveaway, comment below with what you are doing this Easter, and +fave this journal. 

One deviant will win a one month PM whilst another will win 100:points:.
Winners will be contacted on Tuesday. 

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So I'm going to be doing a giveaway to celebrate 400+ watchers. thank you all, I love you T-T
but anyway, I'll be giving away

-An UTAU design (an original design by me)

So the prizes are pretty self-explanatory, I'm making the UTAU design as we speak [I'll reveal later], there will only 1 winner as of right now.
If 200+ enter, I'll double the prizes and make it two winners, if I get 400+ people to enter, I'll triple the prizes.
But I doubt that's gonna happen, so yep, only 1 winner for now ^-^

In order to participate:
-You MUST be watching me [do not watch just for the giveaway, if you're gonna watch me, I'd rather it be because you like my art]
-ADVERTISE, please advertise this journal as much as you can. whether it would be a journal, or poll, just do whatever you can, it really would help me out.
-Fav this journal. I'll be randomly selecting the winner, so this helps me keep track of numbers and what not.
-Donate a point to me [Not at all necessary, but it would help me with future giveaways. I have no use for points, so I like to give them away ^-^]

If you've done all of these things [except, like I said, you don't have to donate] then you will be participating.
I'll let you know by replying to your comment that says you've done everything.

I'm not quite sure how well this'll go. I'm hoping it will be alright.

Start: April 17th | End: May 7th

and as for the UTAU design...I'll give you a hint...punk rock....that is all. 

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Jumping ahead a little bit into using photoshop to animate. Since I noticed....
some people still need to know some small tricks here and there to make their process faster animating in photoshop.
What this tutorial covers:
1. Animation tool - briefly
2. using layer function to animate
3. 3 passes of rough animation

This is what I do with mine currently. :) 
I’ve been thinking about gradually moving my work off of DA and onto my various other websites. I’ve already shifted my Alex Ze Pirate work to and I’ve moved my deviations that are in storage over to my main site.

Now I’ve got one more feature to shift over and that’s journals. Ideally I would like to just start posting journals on my own website rather than on DA for a number of reasons. The link to the journals is located here (and can also be found on the top left of my main site.

This came at just the right time as my subscription with DA has finally ended and... honestly... I don’t really feel like signing up for premium membership again. I love DA and my success here has been enormously life impacting in many ways, but at the same time I kinda feel like I need to have my own site and my page and my own place, which is what my various websites mean to me.

Do not fret, I won’t be disappearing from DA at all, just that I’ll be focusing more of my energies on my own pages. Art will still be posted here, journals will still be posted here, and I am in no way “leaving” the artistic communities.

Just wanted to give y’all a head’s up.
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Fentastic Contest

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 7:22 AM
Hey Everyone!!
Fenny here!!!
As mentioned in a previous poll, I was thinking of making a contest, and with so many positive responses, I've decided, I'm going to go ahead and host one! 

SO, What kind of Contest?

This is a multi-media contest. You can do literally any type of art you can think of! Can't think of what to do? Here are some examples!
Drawing (traditional, Digital)
Minecraft pixel work/ statues

As you can see the list goes on.

So, what should we art?

Well, I am being kind of greedy, and my main characters just need more art, plain and simple. Yep, it's one of thooose contests, sort of. There is one minor twist , but I think it will be fun- hopefully.

You are to draw one to all of these characters 
Such Fluff by Fenny-FangLittle Moosh by Fenny-FangSoft with Peace by Fenny-FangThe Great by Fenny-Fang
comm--fenny-fang by haselnusse(this last Guy is Doctor- I havent had time to draw him yet )
Also look here for additional images…

A quick look a personalities 
Fang- sassy and soft
Mooshi- sleepy and lazy
Pockey- Head strong and proud
Lilah- Sweet and kind
Doctor- Charismatic and clever 

You may draw or art them in any way shape or form (like even turn them into humans, or antrho etc)

So what's the twist?

Dont get too excited //shot
The 'twist' is your work must have inspiration off of a song. any song. Pop, classical, techno, wubstep- whatever. Just link it in the  description! Does it matter if I like the song or not? Nope!   As long as I can listen to it along with look at the picture and stare for hours im good! <3

So, what are the prizes?

If you look to the lovely right, there is the list of all of the main prizes. There are three to four grand prizes- depending on how many entries I get (entries= number of arts) You are allowed to submit as many entries as you want. If I get over fifty, the pony plush prize will be unlocked!

When the prizes are won, in case this isnt clear, the first place winner will get to pick what prize of the three (or four) then , the second place will get to choose one from what's left and so on and so forth.

What's this about a raffle?

Well, Im not sure I can get 50 entries on my own. And I would really like the opportunity to make someone a pony plush and get some really cool art!

So! If you advertise my Contest (in a poll journal, whatever) You will be entered into a raffle for a fourth prize. (which is either a fourth grand prize or the prize stated below) for every piece of advertizement you will get a number. So, you can get up to two chances!  

And this ends when?

I have not set a date yet, but probably some time during the summer. You will of course be notified when that is.  
Just for now, think June or July as the probable end date!~

Final Fenny Words

I hope this contest goes well ;v; , and I hope yu all have a lot of fun. Please read over everything before asking questions, but if you still have some I would be more than happy to answer them! Please Mention me in your entries so I can find them, or link them here , on my page, or through notes and I will put the entries below <333

Thank you everyone! 
And Good luck!


20 USD
12 month Premium Membership
If Fifty entries are made
Pony Plush Prize!

1st Place
+First Choice of Grand Prize
+ Painting
+ Mythic (or any other type) of Artail OR an Owline

2nd Place
2nd Choice of grand prize
+Rare or Normal Artail

3rd Place
+Third Choice of Grand Prize
+Normal Artail
+Chibi or Icon

Raffle Winner
Depending on number of entries
3 Month Premium Membership
fourth Choice Grand prize


Money Crisis: Selling LOTS of DevWear and DevGear

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 8:50 AM

:wave: Why hello everyone! I have seem to run into a pretty major financial wall, and I really really need help recovering from it. For anyone who I may have talked to, things have gotten kinda slow at my work, and I am not working nearly as many hours as I used to. Work less hours, bring home less money.

Sadly though, my bills have stayed the same. :noes: And now I am in danger of running out of money. So, I decided to swallow my pride, and sell off a good chunk of my devwear and gear. As you'll notice below, the list is quite long. I mean long. :lol: I have been collecting these items since 2006. So some of them are really old, some of from devwear's last days.

It really breaks my heart to part with a lot of these items. I love dA, I always have, and I always will. But sadly, my reality is that I need money, I need it as fast as I can get it, and this may be one of the ways to do so. Please help me. :noes: 

The sizes of clothing are all specified, so be sure to read what they are. All clothes have been lightly worn or not worn at all. They are in great condition. Will wash all clothes before any are shipped.

Please also note, that even though I really haven't worn many of these clothes, they have mingled with clothes I have worn, and when I wash them, there is a chance that allergins, such as dog and cat far may have gotten on them. 

Note: All of these prices are for US. If you are outside of the US and would like to purchase any of these items, I'll have to figure out how much it'll cost me to ship internationally. That being said, I would like to limit any international shipping to smaller items such as shirts, hats, lanyards, and the knapsack. Of course though, if you are willing to pay more for the international shipping, I'll figure out a way to get it to you. :) I don't want to exclude anyone. 

If you are interested in purchasing anything below: Please send me a note saying you are interested, and tell me what you want. I'll set it aside until payment is settled, then I'll get ready to ship it.

Forms of Payment:
  • Paypal - Worldwide
  • Personal Checks - US Only

I'd like to buy something, but I can't :noes: I'm sad to hear that, but don't worry. I'd just like that you please help promote this. Link it in a poll, tell your friends. I'm in a serious crisis over here, so the more that people know about this the better. So please, if you aren't able to buy, please promote this however you can.

Without further ado, the list of clothing and goodies for sale. :la: Please don't be offended if the prices seem a tad high, I really need the money. To look at what the item looks like, please click on the price. It'll lead to you what the item looks like.

Hoodies & Pullovers :star: All sizes in unisex

Top hat pullover hoodie 3XL: $25
Cursive pullover hoodie 2xl: $25
8bit pullover hoodie 2xl: $25

T-shirts :star: All sizes are men's XL unless otherwise marked.

dA Icon Red: $15
dA Icon Blue: $15
dA Icon Orange: $15
dA Icon Green: $15
Fella Skull: $15
Clown Town: $15
Llama: $15
Comics Are Art: $15
Wisp: $15
Triple Rainbow Black: $15
Sunset Burner: $15
Swashbuckler: $15
Batter Up (Baseball Tee): $15
Sunset Burner: $15
Monster Talk: $15
Inside Voices: $15
Llama Llama: $15
Its Art!: $15
Wireless: $15
Secret Garden: $15
Samurai: $15 OH HOLD
All day every day: 3XL: $15
Unicorn Purple: Women's 2XL: $15

Dart Boxcap black L/XL: $10 ON HOLD
Hustler Boxcap brown S/M: $10 ON HOLD
ID Flexfit hat: $10

dA bags
Knapsack: $10
dA Laptop Messenger Bag Black: $30 ON HOLD
dA Pro Camera Bag: $40
dA Pro Nomad Bag: $50
dA Pro Nomad Bag: $50
dA Pro Nomad Bag: $50
dA Pro Digital Artists Backpack: $50

Super Llama: $15 ON HOLD
Fella Plushie Original: $15 OH HOLD

dA Lanyard: $5 ON HOLD
dA Lanyard: $5
dA Glow Lanyard: $5
dA Icon Lanyard: $5
dA Stress ball set 1: $15 OH HOLD
dA Stress ball set 1: $15
dA Stress ball set 1: $15
dA Stress ball set 2: $15

:la: And that's all.

Again, if you are interested in buying any of these, please send me a note. We'll work out payments there.

If you aren't able to buy anything, but would still like to help, please spread the word of this sale. I am super desperate to get the money in. :crying: My bills got the better of me, so the more of this I sell, the more I can pay my bills. 

Thanks for looking. :heart:

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177


Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 1:05 PM
  • Mood: Excited


I will upload a journal whenever commissions are open linking to this one.
The slots will be on that one but the prices will stay here.

Please read my terms before ordering!

I will draw; animals ( not ponies ) and gore
I will not draw; NSFW art of any kind or humans

- Please allow me at least a week before telling me to hurry up.
- Please tell me all the details about what you want (including refs, poses, etc) so I can get going quickly.
- I will edit details of a commission if you want me to, but I won't redraw the whole thing.
- Please wait for instructions of how to pay before you send any payment. I'm flexible with payments and am happy to receive them before or afterwards, as long as I get them.

Reserve spots are going to be rarer this time, or just for friends (apologies there but it was getting hard to handle).

I have a right to refuse your commission! Darker characters are harder for me to pixel, be warned. I take paypal over points but you can pay with either/both!

Don't like the prices? Don't buy.



Mini pixels | 500-700 :points: // 5-7$ depending on character complexity

Headshot Icons | 700 - 900 :points: // 7 - 9$ depending on character

Fullbody Icons | 600 :points: // 6$ (double for linked)
(+100 :points: // 1$ for a background)


Butterfly by puplingsWolfsbane by puplingsPeachpup by puplings
(generally 100x100 or bigger, smaller ones available)
1000 -1300 :points: // 10-13$ depending on size wanted and character complexity


Strawberry Gateau by puplings American Jawbreaker by puplings Forest fruits by puplings Caramel Wafers by puplings
2000 :points: // 20$ ( 2500 :points: // 25$ if you want an icon too )

Normal Picture:

Same kind of pictures as the ones I do for designs (shown above)
1500 - 2000 :points: // 15 - 20$ depending on character
( will come shaded and with highlights )