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Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others?

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Since I just recently got my 4000th watcher, I though I do an Art-Raffle!

The price will be one ballpoint drawing with a character of your choice:

Cosinus-Hater by Dae-Thalin Tsunami-Beast (Krytery Revamp) by Dae-Thalin Dragon Warrior by Dae-Thalin

Rules to participate:

1. You have to comment on this journal (I will give you your number then)
2. You have to fave this journal
3. You have to watch me

You can get one extra number if you promote the Raffle in your own journal and give others the chance to join, too :) 
Also, please be fair and don't use second accounts to get better chances. I will take a look at each account to be sure of it's activity :P

I will use RANDOM.ORG to generate the winners on the 31st April. 

Have fun! :D

Screams endlesslysaucery

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 7:38 AM


Bugguff by Stuck-with-ideasTrade: Griffsnuff by bananamantisTrade: Griffsnuff by bananamantisGift: Griffsnuff by bananamantis
Griffsnuff Pixel by KawikuGriffsnuff gift by PonachoNora Pixel by PonachoGruffsnuff by xQueenTrade: Griffsnuff by bananamantis

I cant I just cant omg I love icons so m uch and gosh you all <3

Went Undercover as a Student at a University

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:28 AM

Sorry for lack of updates, I have been away for a bit. But now I am back to tell more stories and upload more art. Anyway. Sometimes Ry can be a troll (Just sometimes). And I did exactly that last week actually. I pulled off a 21 Jump Street. Right, so I was in Melbourne for a convention and I also stayed longer for a few days to hang out with friends. The night before convention, my friend Alice (Who is a core member of the Japan Club) invited me to visit her University at RMIT for a Japanese movie night as part of her Japan Club's activity. At first I was a bit unsure whether I should go or not since I am not a member of the club or the Uni. But I do like to watch Japanese movies, so I went! :iconmingplz:

So there I was, in a room full of young fresh Uni students. One thing I noticed is that when I went into the club room, some people knew each other but many were first timers, they were all introducing themselves to each other, and I did as well. At that moment I realised that everyone just assumed that I was an RMIT student, this sparked an opportunity... FOR FUN. So douchebag Ry used his acting skills that he learnt through years of watching Hollywood movies, and put on his best performance. My role? A student of RMIT studying Design and some leader in the Japan Club. :icontrollmorphplz:

Since Alice is a core member of the club and the fact that I was with her, many people thought I was actually someone important in the club as well. So I played along with this idea, I started helping out with the lights and doing things on the computer and packing up chairs and walking around asking everyone how they are, like a teacher. I also made some public announcements like "OK guys, thanks for coming to movie nights tonight, remember to check your emails for upcoming events for the Japan club ok?". To which many members nodded like students listening to a teacher. Alice was face palming herself the whole time, she knew exactly what I was trying to do and I just laughed. //Rytroll

Then we all went to dinner together after the movie, and I actually started making friends with the students. Everyone was very nice to each other, and to me too, it felt really nice and kinda different from how it usually is, usually people are nice to me but thats because they are fan of my art and know me as Ry-Spirit already, but that night I was just a regular guy. The club members were surprisingly super nice to a point that I felt guilty about my act and eventually told a few members that Im not actually part of the club... or the University... or even from Melbourne. But they were polite even after I told them Im a fraud. I told them who I really was and my real reason for being in Melbourne, I then invited them to come to Supanova the Convention, to which many came. I gave free prints to some of them.

I had such a good time that I begged Alice to hold another Japan Club meetup before I go back to Sydney. I suggested Bowling and Laser Tag. So she quickly organised it on Facebook and we went there on Tuesday night, I don't think I've had that much fun for a very long time. Everyone was making jokes and being friendly. It was my second time playing Laser Tag and it was so much fun! But all good things must come to an end. The day ended and some of the less informed members said goodbye to me and said they hope to see me again next week... to which I just smiled and replied "yeah....". While the members who knew that I won't be back for a while said their goodbye more properly. A new friend I made from the club Manaki also gave me a little Japanese coin as a gift as well, he told me its what Japanese give to each other as a sign of respect and friendship. I nearly burst into tears. :icondesucraiplz:

Here's us having a dinner break from Laser Tag and Bowling.

So there you go. I went undercover and infiltrated a University, and as a result for my sins, I made some new friends...
So the moral of the story is.. lying is good. NO!! The moral of the story is, join clubs to make friends. There.
Ry-Spirit cares.

I have more stories to tell from my recent trips. Look forward to them :3

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites!:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

  • Mood: Llama


Sat Apr 19, 2014, 6:24 PM
did you spend
last night digging
in my graveyard of a chest?
i seem to have a hole
this morning -
where did you put
your heart you
bitch, i know you
must have one there
and when the light lets
itself in through
my bedroom curtains,
i will always say
get fucked
fuck off
fuck you
go fuck up
someone else
do you still crack
your knuckles when you're
angry? take two
sugars with your
tea, carry a scythe?
well i carry the devil
in from the car when he's too
tired to walk, he tugs
at my sleeve with his little
red fists, says i know how
hard it is to get closure
on something
that makes you feel
ripped wide open, mate,
now carry me in i'm too
tired for all this tonight -
oh, one more thing
the shore can never leave
the sea
no matter how hard
it tries, again and
again, you're going to get
fucked by the current,
so just go with the flow
it gets better,
spend the rest of your
life laying in that
bed you made,
spend the rest of your
life letting love
leak out of your fingers

(heart head and bottle in colosseum)

Kissu, kissu! Surprise, surprise!
Hello, my dears, how are you? Excited about Easter?
Okay, I'll get to the point... I wanted to do something special because I love Easter and I haven't done something special for any holiday ;p Anyway.. Here's what this raffle is all about:
You can get a free chibi with Easter theme from me if you follow these rules:
:star: DA RULES: :star:
:bulletpink:1. You must be my watcher (only doing free stuff for watchers sry)
:bulletpink:2. Fav this journal so you can get your raffle number
:bulletpink:3. Comment here with a character you'd want me to draw because...


One will be chosen by the raffle, random number thingy. And the second one will be the one who has the cutest character.
This raffle ends within a day. So the winners will be known on Easter!
My chibi examples:
*C* Ky-Dusk 2/2 + SPEEDPAINT by MuskCat*AT* mochatchi by MuskCat

Good luck everyone :heart:
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EYE CONTEST 500 points + original drawing

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 2:52 AM

Please fave/share this journal, to help spread the word :heart:

Hello lovely deviants! :wave:

It's contest time!

I'm going to be holding a little contest here. It's going to last until 1. July 2014

As some of you may  have realised by now; I love eyes! So, I want to spread this love, by helping you see (pun totally intended) the light.

So what is this contest about?! :eager:

DRAWING EYES! :la: ..or painting :giggle:

Basically anything that is traditional, no photomanipulation or digital art.

I'm going to be a little more specific here. I have some eye images in my stock folder:… . I want you to use any one of these eyes, that you please.

You can add whatever you want to it, as long as you use one of these eyes. Be creative!

:bulletblue: You have to watch me to enter this contest
:bulletblue: Your entry must be traditional art
:bulletblue: You must use one of my eye stocks
:bulletblue: You must state in the description that your entry is for this contest. it would be great if you could link to this journal as well.
:bulletblue: Your entry must be submitted after this date. 19.04.2014
:bulletblue: Contest  ends on 1. July.
:bulletblue: Note me with a link to your entry, so that I can keep track on them. I will fave them all in a contest folder.
:bulletblue: If you win and are under 18, you need to have your parents or guardians permission to let me send you your prize.

I will ask some brilliant people here on DA to help me judge the entries. You will be judged on quality, creativity and the over all impression of the piece. You don't necessarily have to be a hyper-realism artist to win this :nod:

Now, what can you win? :eager:

I may add some more prizes, if people donate.
But for now the prizes are:

:bulletgreen: 1. prize: A4 drawing of an eye drawn by me.  + 500 :points:
:bulletgreen: 2. prize: Eye ACEO card, or sketch card, drawn by me. + 100 :points:
:bulletgreen: 3. prize: 100:points:

Example of prize:
1. prize: Iridescent by acjub See my Soul by acjub Emerald gaze by acjub
2. prize: This wont hurt a bit by acjub Angel Eye by acjub

Every entry will get a feature in my personal journal!

I hope a many of you want to join this contest :D I'm really looking forward to seeing all the eyes!

If you have any questions, leave a comment on this journal, or send me a note :nod:

my biggest pet peeve

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 9:33 PM
This is probably my biggest pet peeve:
I hate it when you're really proud of a drawing and you really really really want to show your friends in real what you drew
but you know once they see that furry shit they'll be like
"wtf is that a dog with boobs???"
"dude bestiality is wrong"
"you're not an artist"

this is me everyday

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Textures by julkusiowa

As The Title Says Im Going To Introduce New Kinds Of Giveaways Below Is The List Of Em !!

First Comment First Get

:bulletgreen:In These Kinds Of Giveaways I Would Upload A Journal Saying The First Person To Comment On It Will Get Something... Comment On It And You May Win About 10:points: to 100:points: Or Other Amazing Prizes

First Answer First Get

:bulletgreen:In These Kinds Of Giveaways I Would Post A Journal Asking People Some Questions The First Person To Answer The Questions And Send The Correct Answers In A Note To Me Will Get 5:points: to 100:points:

The Last Comment I See Gets It

:bulletgreen:In These Kinds Of Giveaways I Would Post A Journal And After A Certain Period Of Time Example About Thirty Minutes Later I Will Check Who Has Given It The Newest Comment And He/She Will Get  5:points: to 100:points: :D

Bored And Want To Listen To Something Journal :3

:bulletgreen:In These Kinds Of Giveaways I Would Post A Journal Asking People To Give Me The Name Of A Song I Will Enjoy And Out Of The First 30 Song Suggestions From First 30 Commenter's If There Is A Song I Like I Would Give That Person  5:points: to 100:points: :D

Thats All :D

WINNERS ARE :iconsylvena:, :iconjunapei:, :iconmeowth: and :iconshibetails: with $95, 1K points and a drawing! THANK YOU!

Yes! I'm selling Flo!
I've lost my attachment to her and now she must go!
I still think her design is so cute and pretty, but she just doesn't fit into my group of OCs
So offer anything above $25 please! You can offer ANYTHING you want!
Points, drawings, characters, icons, features, literally anything!

Of course I am mostly interested in Paypal or points my loves!
So here she is

Other Art
Flo icon by stellarbuckBurn baby burn by AlpacatEellie 1  By Furfrou-d72cyxb by eellieMagma By Pew-d6yc2gg by eellieEzimba12795747234000 by eellie
IM FOR SALE by eellieim hot by floweringsstrut by creowlgo with the flo. by hello-icarusSlough It Off by angry-dog
The Pretender by chickenmcfuckittired by fursalot.:The.Girl.On.Fire:. by DogmaticPrince

If I don't like anyone's offer and I don't think it's worth it, I will keep her!
I'm really hoping to trade her away for a new cute character I can spoil!

Esta persona

Amores quiero contarles una tonta y breve “historia” con “moraleja”.

Yo no soy una persona prejuiciosa y que mucho menos ve al mundo con malicia, siempre me gusta dar votos de confianza a pesar de tener un mal presentimiento. Si tienen un mal presentimiento simpre háganle caso. Esta persona me hizo un pedido y me lo ha robado (estamos hablando de dinero real, no puntos), no es solo el hecho y la tonteria de robarte un dibujo borrandole la marca de agua si no lamanera tan cabrona en que lo ha echo.

Pongo esto aqui porque realmente me siento mal, no es una sensasion que le desee a nadie. Ya lo veia venir asi que al menos la sorpresa no me lleve y claro que para la proxima voy a ser mucho mas conciente y precavida. 

No quiero decir "vayan todos a reportarlo porque se metio con Mahi" pues eso ya realmente es eleccion de ustedes, y recuerden que la falta tambien fue mia por no poner mi instinto de precaución sobre mis buenos deseos.

Si deciden hacer algo de lo anterior agradecería que no me mencionaran porfavor.

Los quiero mucho y siempre alegran mis dias, gracias por acompañarme en los momentos dificiles como este y quien sabe cuantos mas vendran XD

Att: Mahi♥