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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Daily Lit Recognition for September 22nd, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
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Suggested by:  saevuswinds
Featured by: Medoriko

The Guide of HeliogabalusHis hands—
they were ships
traveling up the crest of my thighs
breaking against my skin
oh, they were paper boats
edges soft
sails that were like wings
of origami crane
don’t you love it when I talk like this?
throw me back against the pillows
thrust up my skirt,
dear boy—
I’ve got secrets
they fluff up their tails like peacocks
jewels for your eyes alone—
don’t they dazzle you?
and though there are some stains
you just can’t get out
would you want them to disappear?
you’ve got the eyes of Heliogabalus—
painted frescos of blue and gray
they tremble when you look at me
they drown themselves in the rose petals
pouring in from the ceiling
fires of pink, white
they smother us both
and don’t they smell like honey?
doesn’t their kiss make you blush?
“Sir, what are you?”
you say
“what is this lightness
this feathered downpour that I feel?
why, you look at me
with the eyes of a monster

The Guide of Heliogabalus by TheMitmit

Suggester says: I found this to be quite
the interesting read. Thought it would be good
for it to get some more attention. The first stanza
is my favorite; the imagery is so vibrant.

Featured by: WorldWar-Tori
fabled lifei.
she talks through her wrinkles,
'i have no desire for food', she says.
i take her plate to the kitchen
noticing how the beetroot shavings bled into the skin of the chicken and brown rice.
it was blood, skin, and bone,
and the rice was a million starlike cells floating between.
this reminds me of my anatomy textbook:
we've been learning what's beneath our skin,
we learned that all cells divide. some cells often don't stop dividing.
other cells divide and stop when they should...
but not my grandmother's.
starlike, they explode, they shatter, they consume
they divide.
i want to be mad at my grandmother's cells,
but what would that do?
i want to talk to my grandmother's cells,
i want to tell them they can be alive
and not kill her.
but first,
i have to catch the moon,
i have to visit hades and bargain with beautiful music,
i have to sell my voice for legs,
i have to sail the ocean blue in search of a good reason why cancer can't just be what it is.
this is not a fabled life

fabled life by jungle-slang

Fabled Life perfectly describes the
emotions and lack of understanding on
those who have had someone they
love touched with this illness


Suggested by: SilverInkblot
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

ShipsDo you know why its a bad idea for ships to travel side by side over the sea?
They sat side by side, husband and wife, not touching. She sat perched on the edge of the sofa, as though she was scared to come into contact with anything solid. He, on the other hand, lay so far back that he was almost flat, as though hoped that the cushions would swallow him. He was wrapped in a blanket (he was always cold these days) whereas she just looked cold. Not as if she was cold, but as if she radiated it, as though it was some sort of negative heat. Neither of them looked at each other. They both acted as though the TV was their entire world.
The motion of the waves acts on the outer edge of each of the two ships.
"Do you still love me?" she said suddenly. He didn't reply. This wasn't particularly surprising, as she had been dead for a year now. She sighed, and he wriggled deeper under his blanket.
But the really interesting part is that each of the ships acts as a natural shield

Ships by CatharticDistraction

From the suggester: There's so much
going on in this piece, so many layers to be uncovered.
The subtleties and undulation between the
two sections had me reading more than once.

Featured by doodlerTM
Bitter SeedsIt had all started when Jeremy failed his exams. He had never gotten top marks, but this was the first time he had actually done so badly. His mother was very angry. She had stormed into his room and opened all his cabinets a created the mess he was sitting on right now. His dad simply locked himself in his study and let her do as she wished.
Next she brought in some boxes and made him throw all his books and games that were unrelated to his studies. It was his own fault too. He had made the fatal mistake of telling them that he didn't want to be a lawyer. He wanted to help people. As a volunteer, if he could. Or maybe study nursing?
It had gone very badly, with his parents deciding for him that he was distracted and clearly wasn't thinking intelligibly. His mother had taken it upon herself to clear his life of this distraction and set him back on the ideal future they had planned out for him. Everything they were doing now was all for Jeremy's sake. He would know that when he was olde

Bitter Seeds by adventwinter

A young man comes to a sinister
realization when he is prevented
from following his dreams.

Foreign Language

Featured by Malintra-Shadowmoon
Poem: Wiedergeburt des Gluecks by Luna42
Wiedergeburt des Gluecks by Luna42

Romantic free verse poetry about
someone lonely who has found
the love of the eternal life.

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to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

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~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: SilverInkblot

Skin by SimplySilent

Love dA Lit: Issue 182

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 4:06 PM
IrrevocableFate's Lit treasure chest!
Issue 182

Welcome to the one-hundred eighty-second issue of Love dA Lit!  Art is love   Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

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Hugs, love and thanks to:

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:iconsottomissione-di-amo: for letting me run LITplease’s Community Portal.

:iconmarcoemma: who let me know about a contest!



Let Me Talk About You Presents



Hello! And welcome to Let Me Talk About You: Issue 2! Today we’ll be focusing on a rather new-but equally talented deviant: cml33 (aka Curtis). Though only on DA for a month, his efforts to involve himself in the DA community are admirable and inspiring. Primarily focused mostly on literature himself, Curtis also takes a great interest in many other areas of art. I asked him a few questions in order for you all to get to know him a bit better. Let's get started!

1. What inspires you in your field of art?

"I'm inspired by everything around and inside me. All of the people, places, events, and emotions I encounter in life have an influence on my work. In terms of style, my work draws a lot of inspiration from the Romantic era of poetry. Poets such as Coleridge, Poe, and Shelly the ones who got me into poetry in the first place. I love the scale and emotions of the poetry of this era, and, being a musical person, meter and rhyme always had an appeal to me."

2. Who/What introduced you to DeviantART?

"I had known deviantART hosted a lot of visual art, but the literature section was something new to me. A friend mentioned offhandedly that deviantART hosted writing as well, so I checked it out and decided to join."

3. What is one of your proudest moments when it comes to your work? 

"I'm not sure. I've had many people say that they like my work and that's always made me happy, but there really isn't one event or thing in particular that I can separate from the rest and say with certainty that it was the proudest moment."

4. On a scale of 1-10 how likely is it that you would consider your work as a career field if you had a 100% chance of success and why?

"I think an 8. There are so many other things I'd like to explore and do, but the prospect of writing and creating for a living sounds amazing to me."

5. Any advice you might have for others?

"Practice, take in all that you can, and be true to yourself. Stylistically, I'm not what you would call a modern poet, but I enjoy what I do and work hard at it. Do what you like, and try do it well.

And here are some pieces for your own personal viewing pleasure. cml33 is particularly favorable to the first two, and the last two are works that I personally recommend. 

StarsOn shining lights in velvet nights
I hung my hopes with silver string
As whispered words I overheard
Rebounded in my rotting brain.
I sang a song the whole night long
And prayed that love would soon return,
But hope that night it shone too bright,
And on the stars, my dreams, they burned.

DreamsI dreamt of clouds in skies of blue
With crimson streaks of light,
And all around there was the sound
Of laughter and delight.
Where worries were a memory
Forgotten long ago,
The air was warm and ground was soft
With tufts of fluffy snow.
I stayed there long in joyful song,
But when I finally woke,
I realized it was a dream,
And my poor heart, it broke.

DuskThe golden gaze of waning day
Retreats behind the hill.
The floating clouds they turn to red,
And all the earth is still.
And as the heavens turn to black
The day makes way for night
Who opening an empty eye
Does bathe the land in light.

Demonic SymphonyThe ever creeping footsteps creep along
Through dusty peeling walls of yellowed white
While childlike voices sing a haunting song
To rhythmic groans and moaning in the night.
A skeletal tree branch conducts the tune
That echoes in my ever beating breast
While shadows of the hunter’s moon
Prevent me from my long due rest.
But even when I’m finally asleep,
The terrifying symphony moves along.
A wicked mare sits on me, breathing deep,
while dancing to the evil, nighttime song.
And with a vile kiss in deathly light,
She fills my heart with blackest fright.

I additionally wanted to point out cml's use of iambic pantameter. Simply said, it's really great. There is much to be said for simplicity in the flow of a poem. Not only does the reader have something to follow, they have a 'melody' to continue to hear once the poem is finished. If you're curious about getting your pieces to 'rhyme' more to your liking, these are great compositions to peruse. 

There's a lot of reasons to pursue your goals, whether you are new here or ancient. We're all blooming artists in some way or another. One thing that stood out for me in this interview was the statement: "Do what you like." I emphasize is more than important. 

Thanks again to cml333 for the opportunity to interview. I wish you the best of luck in your art, or whatever you should choose to do in the future! 

And thank you to readers, for taking time out of your schedules to read LMTAY.



***please additionally note there were some formatting issues. i have worked all day to fix them. my dell acknowledges forms of font and spacing, but my asus does not and i do not have access to my dell as of now; hence why the center of the interview is not....centered or formatted. i will work to fix this, but i wanted to post before the day was over and done with. i hope this can be overlooked.

    The two cats padded out of the den,and Dusty couldn't suppress a gasp. He had seen the camp before,mind you,but he had been injured and confused. Now,the camp glowed in golden afternoon sunlight,and everything was so clear and calm. 

"Like it?" Rainpaw laughed. "You should see the look on your face!" 

"It's amazing!" Dusty meowed. "Back when I was with the rogues,we lived in an alley near the TallStompers."

"TallStompers?" Rainpaw looked utterly confused. "You mean Twolegs?"

"Is that what you call them?" Dusty asked,and rolled the word around his mouth. "Twolegs,twolegs...Interesting."

    Suddenly,a large,grey tom padded up to them. 

"Greystar!" Rainpaw meowed,purring. "I was just showing around our new friend!"

"Dusty,right?" He meowed. Dusty nodded. "Not for long."

"What do you mean?" Dusty felt a shiver run down his spine.

"Don't look so scared." Greystar chuckled.

"When you join a clan," Rainpaw explained. "You get a new name. When I was young,my name was Rainkit."

"Really?" Dusty found it odd that these cats changed their names.

"Now that I'm an apprentice,my name is Rainpaw." To Greystar she added: "What will Dusty's new name be?"

    Greystar didn't reply,but walked away,signaling for Dusty to follow him. Dusty followed nervously. Greystar lead him to a large rock in the middle of the camp,and yowled loudly. 

"All cats old enough to hunt their own prey,please join beneath the highrock for a clan meeting!"
OMG He's gonna get his apprentace name!!!!!!! I so excited!!!!! Wat will it be?!??!?!?
As always,critique is fine. 
I do not own warriors or any of it's characters.
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Petra X Tree By Armxmew-d6ytl2h by MeTheCookieNomster
[don't read this if Petra's death made you cry] 

Petra was running away from the Female Titan, who was only a few steps away from her, when suddenly she froze. There he stood, a fine looking bigass tree. His leaves were greener than any other leave she had ever seen. His dark brown bark shined in the sunlight. She snapped back to reality when she heard Auruo screaming at her:'PETRA GET AWAY!' but she didn't bother to listen to him, all she wanted was to be with the bigass tree right now. She saw Annie coming closer and gasped. She felt the big titan foot smash her into something, she knew what it was, it was tree she fell in love with just moments ago. When her soft skin touched the hard bark she wisperd:'We're finally together...' 


Alex wanted to make sure that her new partner/sidekick Wan, the first Avatar, to make a good impression on her best friends. After all, Tintin has always told her that ''introducing another person from a different time continuum may be strange, but it's also rewarding''. Now, Alex wanted Wan to meet the little girls Miwa and Meimei.

"Are you ready for this?" Alex asked. Wan shrugged and answered, "Hey, no worries. Your new friends seem to be no harm at all." "Okay, but you oughta be real careful with these two," Alex warned him. "They can be a real handful once you get to know them." "Hey, I've tackled more than just the pure elements to survive anything," Wan replied with a smug grin. "Besides, how bad can they possibly be?"

"Alex! Over here, sweetie!" Alex turned and found Linda, along with the girls, walking toward her and Wan. Linda was dressed neatly, wearing a clean, pressed, miniskirted dress with black pumps. Miwa and Meimei were dressed differently; Miwa wore a green tank top with a dark blue overall dress, and Meimei wore a purple and red dress. "Hi Linda!" Alex said, hugging Linda. "I didn't expect to see you here." "Me neither," Linda replied.

Suddenly, Linda's attention turned toward Wan. "Alex, who's your little friend here?" Linda asked. "The name's Wan, miss," Wan told her. "Nice to meet ya." "Well, it is very nice to meet you too, Wan," Linda said. "My name's Linda Wattanasombong, and these are my two daughters, Miwa and Meimei." "Mommy," Meimei asked, "who's the weird man with the bushy hair?" "That's Wan, my dear," Linda said. "Alex, you and Wan wouldn't mind watching the girls while I go run some errands?" "Of course," Alex said.

After Linda left a few minutes later, Alex told Wan, "I'm gonna go practice my firebending skills. Watch the girls for me, okay?'' "Sure thing bud," Wan answered. "I can watch these girls like a hawk." As Alex left a short while later, Wan muttered to himself, "Now I can finally meditate in peace." He then closed his eyes and began to meditate, without noticing the little girls approaching him. "He has a lot of hair," Meimei said. "But something's not right." "You got it," Miwa said. "He needs a makeover!"

Working swiftly but quietly, Miwa and Meimei started brading Wan's bushy hair. Giggling, Miwa tied each braid with a rubber band. Meimei decorated each braid with little flowers. When they finished, Miwa inserted a big daisy on Wan's head, and the two ran off.

A few hours later, Wan finally opened his eyes and finished his meditation. Feeling fresh and relaxed, Wan headed to the pond. He noticed people were pointing at him strangely and laughing. Wan then strolled to the pond and, after taking a whole eyeful of himself, shouted, "ALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEX!"

Alex, who heard the cry, ran over to Wan as fast as she could. After staring at him, Alex burst out laughing. "Wan, you look so ridiculous!" Alex said, barely catching her breath. "You think this is funny?!" Wan exclaimed angrily. "Look at what those two munchkins did to me!" "I told you, they're quite a handful," Alex said. Miwa and Meimei, standing behind Alex, giggled in harmony.

A few minutes later, Linda arrived to pick up the girls. "Hi guys," Linda said. "Did the girls behave themselves today?" "They were absolute angels," Alex said, stifling a laugh. "Wan!" Linda exclaimed, looking at Wan's new hairdo. "What on earth happened to you?" "Do you allow your daughters to do this kind of thing to a man?" Wan asked. "Oh, it's not that unusual," Linda said. "They do that all the time with other boys, especially Tintin!" 

As Linda and her daughters left, Alex put her hand on Wan's shoulder. "You never told me they were such obnoxious kids," Wan said. "Well, they're like little angels," Alex said. "And like little devils, in a sort of way." "Ha, ain't we all," Wan said. Then, the two began to laugh joyously for the rest of the day.

                                                        Le Fin!
                                                                                                         PICTURE IS A REFERENCE  

  I am _____ 16 years old I am a transfer student from France. I have (e/c) eyes, (h/c) (h/l) hair, very shy and on the other hand make me pissed i wont hold back . i have no clue were anything at my new private school called Seika Private High school which used to be a cram school, but now a Private school thanks to the great Misaki 
 Ayuzawa know back to what I was saying i have to find the office and go to class I am already late. I walk around for a good 5 minutes and find the office. knock knock knock. I walked into the door and ask the staff lady if I could get the class I was in " class 1-b second floor first door to your right ".  I replied " great thank you" . She seemed to busy to help but I went anyway . I ended up finding the class. tap tap tap. A male teacher opened the door '' hi I am-- '' but before I could finish he impolitely interrupted me. " your late , come on don't be impolite yourself to the class". " yeah sure ". I walked into the class I automatically saw three one I wanted badly by the window. " hi, I am _____ ( L/N) ''. " thank you miss (L/N), Mr. Ayuzawa raise your hand".yes window spot and bonus I didn't seem to notice a really cute blond haired boy 16 or 17,green eyes, strong tall shape. I was told to sit there and the whole time I kinda wasted my time spacing out. at lunch I didn't have any thing to eat well I did.I was surrounded by many random girls and some dudes and Ayuzawa or that is what I think his name was . After lunch school went by in a flash I walked around to get a better look of the city I happened to bump into a maid cafe. wow looks interesting, " cute". a voice came from behind me I turned around it was whats his face. " oh hi _____ right ". " yeah your urr umm ayu something " . he chuckled " Usaki Ayuzawa the owner of this maid cafe's son and that same person is my mom who thought of the private school we go to Misaki Ayuzawa". " wow quiet a bragger you are". I said with a smirk. " why,thank you miss ( L/N )". " USAKI ". A voice yelled. I walked in behind him because I thought I could look for a job here. I say a lady in a black maid outfit,two with blue,one with red. I asked the one with the black " I am sorry to bother but can I get a job here". " how old are you". " 16". I replied . " Yes you can help in the kitchen with deserts to start and if your good enough I will let you come up here to work kay good Its in the back down the hall to your left after the dressing room but first change into the apron on the door". " kay thank you miss". " Ayuzawa ". I walked past the curtain into the hall i went to the dressing room to change and put on the apron. Then i walked down the hall a little bit more to the kitchen to find Usaki and I am guessing his dad. " umm. miss Ayuzawa sent me back to help". " here ____ make a tea with a chocolate cake". " YES SIR" . Then his dad dropped into the conversation " good job soon i knew you could get a girl by the way she is one hell of a cutey''. '' urr thanks pops". I was shocked " UMMMM I am still here usaki you could at least wait until i leave the room".  he chuckled " yeah yeah make the tea and cake the guest are waiting baka". I replied playfully" takes a baka to know a baka, baka''. His dad dropped in again " oi. love birds get to work play time later. we said at the same time time " WERE NOT LOVE BIRDS". Then laughed at. 



   Later that night i waled home with Usaki showing me the way. 

  " umm thanks for today ". I said blushing lightly. " No problem, see you tomorrow" 


I never EVER get tired of watching this, because it is soooo freaking epic! I hope you all enjoy too!

It was a dark night, and Ruby was in the TV room, watching TV.She was bored, so she walks out of the room.
She opens and walks in and closes the door to the attic.She walks up the stairs.It was hard, since it was dark, she searched for the steps.When she reaches the top, she searched for the string.
She finds it, pulls it, and the lightbulb turns on.She looks around and sees a carboard box.It says "Ollie Odeon."
"What?"Ruby said with confusion and walks and opens it.
There were two pictures, jeans, a green shirt woth white sleeves, year book, and a knife.
Ruby picks up a picture and examines it.
"What? "Ruby pylls the picture her dad gave her and compares it to the other."He looks exactly like Ollie.
"But who's Ollie Odeon?"
Ruby checks her watch.8:23.She's officially eleven.The lights flicker.The lightbulb breaks, it's pitch black, and Ruby jumps up as it happens.
Then right in front of her, is a red candle.It was cinnomon sented, it was in mid air.
Ruby looked closely, and saw a hand, hold the plate the candle was on.
"Huh?"Ruby was confused.
She sees a face with pale skin and brown eyes and blonde hair like hers.
"WHO ARE YOU?!"Ruby asked with fear.
"Ollie,"he said simply.
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                                                              HOW TO SURVIVE THE FANGIRL

     If you are an animated movie character, singer, actor, or celebrity, you need to know how to survive the fangirl apocalypse! If you are an anime character you are safe from the fangirls, nobody likes you! So enjoy your freakishly big-eyed lives! Everyone else needs to pull up a chair and shut up! What you are about to learn will save your life in the long run.

Step 1: Find a small low populated area to live in. Less people, less fangirls. Bring anything of value to keep you entertained.

Step 2: Make the doors and windows fangirl proof by boarding them up with wooden planks and metal sheets, possibly furniture. Fangirls are mental and will do anything to get near you.

Step 3: Next you must prepare for an attack. Always wear extra layers of clothes under your usual wear. Fangirls will take anything they can get, even if it means savagely tearing it off of you and running away. Bring a small bag of supplies with you when away from the safety of your hideout. In this bag you need earplugs or headphones, water, food, and a personal item that you are not attached to.

Step 4: When under attack you need to know how to fight off the fangirls. When there is a pack of fangirls climb a tall tree to get a hight advantage. Then poke at the attackers with a long stick and see if they will leave. If that does not work, take your small un-valuable items and chuck them as far as you can. This will get their attention off you for a moment. In that time, put in your earplugs to protect you hearing from the high pitched battle shriek of the crazed fangirls.

Step 5: Run! Run as far and as fast as you can! It's your only hope! 

Good luck in surviving..........THE FANGIRL APOCALYPSE! :fangirl: 
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