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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Unbirthday Contest Results!

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 4:39 PM

The Community Relations team presents:

Just in time for you to have forgotten that it ever occurred, here are the results of the Unbirthday Literature Contest hosted by CRLiterature! The tardiness should be blamed entirely on ShadowedAcolyte, and not on the other judges who made up the Court of the Surreal: neurotype, GrimFace242, DrippingWords, and HtBlack. There were an amazing 27 entries, but here are your winners:

Best in Show


Fortnight's GraceOne Saturday, Stanley the librarian accidentally thwacked Grace with A Complete History of the British Isles, and she ended up in the middle of next week.
“But I don’t want to be in this week—I want to be in last week!” she cried to the Wednesday whose knee she had ended up on.
“You can return to last Saturday,” said the Wednesday, “but you must prepare yourself for a gruelling journey: making your way through each day takes… well, twenty-four hours.”
So Grace made her way back through Tuesday and then Monday, and finally Sunday.
“Please, Sunday, let me through the border to last Saturday,” said Grace.
“In a minute,” yawned Sunday. (It was a day of rest.)
However, several hours later still nothing had happened. “You know what,” said Grace, “I think I’ll just wake up here.”
“I’m terribly sorry,” said Stanley, as she came round. “Can I take you out fo

This tale of one woman's unusual journey won the cup by a large margin!
Prize: 1500 points!

Best in Prose


Soul FlyUncle Levi and Auntie Gertrude and Katie didn’t miss Gramma. They didn’t even think about her until her Soul Fly Day came. Their flies were silver with big sparkly opal eyes, but Momma said the wood ones Grampa carved for us were just as good.
It was my first Soul Fly Day ever. Momma got me a new black dress and told me it was all right to cry. Katie’s dress had white ruffles and silver flies stitched into it. She pointed at my wood fly and called us poor.
There were so many people there was barely enough room for the shaman to get to Gramma. Everyone got real quiet so we could hear him say words I didn’t understand. Gramma’s Soul Fly came out of her mouth and started flying over us. It was like a paper doll, only just black. It landed on my head and Momma cheered and we sang Soul Fly Day songs. Katie whined about how she should have got the blessing because her fly was so pretty.
And that’s how my painting won first prize at the fair.

Whatever world these characters are in, it certainly isn't this one; the setting is richly characterized in so short a piece.
Prize: 1000 points!

Best in Poetry


The Carpenter's BrideYour dreaming face betrays no conniving
lies; do you dream of sheep or kangaroo
courts handing down guilty verdicts, diving
into pools of laundered money accrued
by men with caterpillar mustaches?
Can your lurking Cheshire grin meet my eyes,
or is our great depression succotash
made with shelled oysters lead astray by wise
men gone to the dark? Keep your looking glass
spotless, and keep me on the other side
of reason, of justice. This last impasse
leaves no way out for the besotted bride
who saw too late; your guilty, bloody hands
have ripped apart our only Wonderland.

Unexpected enjambment and fresh double rhymes enlighten this stellar sonnet and its unsettling tone.
Prize: 1000 points!

Honorable Mention


PenitenceAnd if I disappear, remember this:
My orphaned flaws will find a home in you.
Please carry on your rompkings, gentle miss.
The treasures I have left you are but few.  
You'll want to taste the lemon drops, I know-
The ones I plucked from 'neath a dragon's nod.
To find them, follow dreams I sank below.
Look under all the sunbeams I have trod.
Your heart and breath may start to pull away,  
So keep them locked up tightly in your chest.  
And if these words should lead your mind astray,
A simple trick can lay your fears to rest.
Hang silvered fish around your neck like beads,
Then feed them on your tears and my misdeeds.
and SketchyGraphite creatures crawled over planes of white, crossing lines like railroad tracks. Those in lead were the lucky ones. They- the flying tortoises, the moaning pumpkins, and the sea monsters with no gills- had been completed.
These were followed by their half-drawn brethren, who dragged themselves forward in spite of missing limbs. They tripped, sometimes, over beings that had never been granted heads.
Then came the ghosts- creations that had been finished, then erased. They drifted in a fog of pencil smears, and their voices came in clouded moans.
“How could you do this to us?”
The stragglers had all been crossed out. Ink dribbled from places where lines had lanced through their bodies.
Together, the ghoulish menagerie surrounded their tormentor.    
The artist bowed her head, holding her pen out like a general surrendering her sword. “I swear I will never draw again.”
“No,” said a fanged sea monster, “You never will.”

This deviant entered both categories and both pieces made it to, but not past, the final round of judging. The sonnet achieves all too familiar a tone through very unfamiliar means, and the flash fiction will speak to any artist's dark dreams.
Prize: 500 points!

And in case you weren't creeped out enough the first time, we'll close with this again:

Daily Lit Recognition for October 2nd, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article. 
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: chromeantennae 

This is a truly fantastic piece on the beauty of autumn.

Suggested by: toxic--sunrise
Featured by: TwilightPoetess
the world is waiting for youbulletproof. fairground.
the world is waiting for you,
forget to dodge it.
1. in the fog, the eye sees further than we understand. the body changes,
advances, relentless, cannot be stopped though the mind refuses, rejects.
the fingers, the elbow, the feet, in every instant, already tracing the future.
2. we try to carve a moment of silence
(looking out at the roaring sea)
3. a) you brought me here and
       I count the hours
    b) until we must part
4. some trees
grow on rocks in the sea,
their roots exposed to the salty wind.
rocks peel like rotting wood, dead skin
melting into sand. we are snakes
guarding our shedding places.
5. imagined stillness, premeditated interruption of our time.
our pencils scratch at the truth but time is inexorable,
invisible, like the wind buffeting this island, and we forget
only until it catches in our sails.
6. lie down. (let’s pretend) the world is waitin

Because we all need to be reminded some days that breaking apart doesn't mean we stop being strong.


Featured by: OfOneSoul
Early WinterDeath drives a green Packard. Depression era, with modern bumper stickers and parking tickets which, if you look closely, were written out by Hammurabi. I met him once, he’d pulled up outside my house and hopped out for a smoke break on the street. He looked like he didn’t have anything to do when, far as I know, somebody dies once every few seconds, somewhere. I went outside and asked him who he was after.
"You. But not for a while. Y’know Arnold Rothstein got shot just three blocks from here?"
"I thought he was killed in New York. Definitely in America."
"Who you gonna believe?"
Death flicked his smoke to the asphalt and crushed it with a casual twist of his purple dress shoe. Then he drove off, leaving me feeling a little melancholy and a little drained. Never could get the hang of snow in October.

A brief, interesting piece that hooks you and leaves you wanting more.

Featured by doodlerTM
Supernova“A star?” Jeff was looking at me like me like I was crazy.
“Yeah. A star.”
“And you’re sure they weren’t being like “You’re a star because you’re so special” blah blah blah.”
“No they were totally serious.” More serious than I’d seen them about anything for a long time actually when I thought about it.
Jeff just shook his head and let out a slow whistle. “Man your parents are messed up.”
“Thanks I really needed the reminder.” I said with enough sarcasm to poison a baby elephant. My parents had been in prison for about eight years now and just when I think they might finally be out of their drug induced fantasy land they go and spring this on me. I was done with it and honestly I was this close to just saying ‘so long, enjoy your incarceration’ but some part of me just won’t let me do it. I guess somewhere deep deep down I still cared about them. At least e

A well-written vignette charged with emotional intensity.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation 
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: chromeantennae

Skin by SimplySilent

Be A Critic: bookloverblue

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 1:11 PM

Announcement Before Your Feature!

YES, we're back!  And thanks to TheGalleryOfEve (go and give her love on her page) we also have Super Group Status!  :love:  I've also made a few very slight changes to the way our features are run.  Instead of starting on a Wednesday and running for two weeks, we're going to run two features a month.  The first feature will start on the first of the month and the second on the fifteenth of the month.  This will help us keep things simple.  NOW! Back to your regularly scheduled program!


Pro Rege et LegeA city guarded
by lions and owls -
where cathedral bells ring
as the devil dances in the streets
to the hiss of violin strings.
A goddess looks down
on young musicians
who, blessed by the Muse,
play their sweet melodies
to passers-by.
Stalls upon a stone-paved street
tempt with exotic cuisine:
their colourful open-air kitchens
and the scent of the spices
unite the world in one place
as they call to the hungry.
Valuable treasures
safe behind glass
glisten under burning lights:
adored by many,
acquired by few.
This centre of curiosity,
this eternal festival,
this jewel of the North
is also the jewel of my heart,
forever shining.
The city that bore me,
the city that shaped me,
the city that made me -
and the honour shall always be mine.
E.M.U - Episode 1: The Adventures of Brilliant Boy by bookloverblue Letters to CHIP: The Easter BunnyThe Management Committee
Council of Holiday and Imaginary Personifications
Twinkle Towers
Land of Make-Believe

To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to express my displeasure at what I believe to be unequal treatment within the Council of Holiday and Imaginary Personifications (CHIP).
My name is Jeffrey Floppington III. However, within your organisation, I am more commonly referred to by my codename, “The Easter Bunny”. For several decades, I have been a prominent and active member of CHIP, and have been thoroughly committed to bringing joy to the youth of the world every Spring.
My task is not an easy one. Every year, I manufacture thousands, if not millions, of chocolate eggs, and then hide them in various locations around the globe for children to find during egg hunts, which take place on or around Easter. Although I find my work spiritually rewarding, I have to deal with many cumbersome practicality and administration issues as part of my employment.
Over the yea

The Challenge

:bulletblack: Pick at least one of the thumbs above*
:bulletblack: Read it
:bulletblack: Comment or Critique it**
:bulletblack: Comment on this Journal with a LINK to your critique***
:bulletblack: Wait for the results to come out!

Start Date: NOW!

End Date: October 14th, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST(US)

The Prizes

:bulletblack: One random winner will receive a comment/critique from me
:bulletblack: Best feedback will receive 50:points:****

Interested in being Featured?

Awesome! It's real simple to sign up. Just drop a note to the group with the thumbcodes to three of your deviations you'd like to receive feedback on. Prose, poetry, scripts, anything (as long as it’s lit)! But, before you send the note, please make sure that the deviations you're choosing have a couple questions in the author's comments. It's much easier to give feedback on something if you know what the author isn't sure about.

*Commenting/critiquing on more than one of the deviations will increase your odds of winning. There is a strict limit of three entries per deviant.
**A Comment is a few lines, possibly a paragraph, about your opinion of the story. It usually includes something that you really liked and should include at least one thing that can be improved. A Critique is many paragraphs about the deviation and will include both personal opinion as well as correction to technical errors.
***Once your comment is submitted, click the timestamp. Then copy/paste the URL into a comment on this journal.
****Best feedback is decided on by the writer that’s featured

A type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.

In our feature articles, we will be showcasing selections of the wonderful six word stories submitted to our monthly versicolor project prompts. New monthly prompts will also be announced here.

The Next Round of Versicolor Project

Prompt: Onyx 
-> Submission Folder

Submissions for these prompts will be accepted from Tuesday, October 1st to Friday, October 31st.

Please take into account the Prompt Guidelines before submission.

Also be sure to read our guidelines about what makes a six word story.


If you have suggestions for a prompt that we could do, send us a note with the subject Versicolor Prompt Idea!

If you have queries regarding prompts, contact don't hesitate to contact us! :love:


Hola soy el narrador y hoy les voy a narrar una gran historia sobre lo que la imaginación puede llegar a ser, pero antes de empezar voy a contar mi historia… si ya se el narrador solo cuenta la historia y toda esa vuelta, pero quisiera compartir mi historia, muy bien empecemos yo antes cuando tenía 8 años era una persona que no podía liberar su forma de pensar a la falta de inspiración, era prácticamente neutral, no me gustaba discutir, dar mi opinión o incluso hablar de un tema sin estar a favor o en contra, creo que estarás pensando ¨quién no es capaz de expresarse? Eso es natural¨. En mi caso no fue así expresarme era como imposible mi mente estallaba de tan solo pensar que de verdad lo haría, jamás le ha pasado? No poder expresarse por miedo a la opinión ajena? Si te ha pasado podrás entender mi fatídica maldición pero como toda comienza todo debe terminar, así fue cuando tome la decisión de empezar a expresarme con naturalidad, intente y intente pero nada era capaz de hacerme expresar hasta que un buen hombre me dijo unas palabras que me motivaron a hacerlo, no, no era un familiar o un conocido el hombre no siquiera me conocía, pero fue tan bueno que sin importar que fuera un desconocido me brindara su ayuda, supongo que fui suertudo ya que nadie ni siquiera mi familia pudo motivarme de la forma que él lo hizo, creo que es mentira lo que dijo mi mama ese día ¨no confíes en los extraños… tienen malas intenciones¨. Tiene razón en parte, aunque esta equivoca ya que aún hay buenas personas que quieren ayudarte sin recibir nada solo hay que buscar. Casi me rindo jamás pensé que algún día podría expresarme, pero mírame ahora puedo hacerlo sin temor al pensamiento ajeno. A eso se le llama avance pero nunca fue fácil, para empezar mi familia nunca me apoyo en que lo lograría, en el colegio me trataban como un monstruo por solo ser diferente aunque entiendo que solo era unos niños, y aunque no me expresaba mucho tenía un amigo que me defendía y seguía en las buenas y en las malas. La forma del manejo del dinero era bastante mala tanto así que todo el pueblo debía acoplarse a unos trabajos bastantes mediocres así que el pan faltaba casi todos los días. Supongo que mi vida no fue la mejor, pero me gusto mi vida y aun me sigue gustando porque vamos uno es el que hace la vida mala o buena no los problemas, con problemas o no fui capaz de expresarme con naturalidad aunque me costó tiempo pude lograr algo que quería de verdad y creo que de eso se trata la vida, conseguir cosas al paso del tiempo, como dice el titulo no hace falta alas para poder volar y la completo diciendo solo es cuestión de soñar, esta frase puede que suena algo cursi y cuando era niño pensaba que cualquier cosa de reflexión o de mejoramiento era una mierda ya que te decían que hacer, pero luego aprendí que no te obligan a hacer lo que dicen si no te guían... si ya se era muy obvio pero era pobre, leer y comprender escrituras en ese tiempo era para gente con dinero, aprendí gracias a mi único amigo que lo pasaron del colegio al cual pertenecía a uno donde se manejaba mucha plata, el me prometió que si se iba, me enseñaría lo que quisiera saber y fue tan buen amigo que cumplió su promesa, aun después de ese día seguimos siendo amigos, un verdadera amistad dura más que todo un año, pero dura menos que el amor lo cual es eterno, pero basta estamos hablando mucho de mí y poco de la historia que iba a contar?

Origin of Laughing Jack (for SnuffBomb) by LovelyLumi
*Lumi i stole ur pic! HAHAHA >:D!!!. jk :)
*4 the ppl wh wanted 2
:iconblakemizuno:   :iconyoailove101:   :iconmissredhood109:
:iconnepeta132:   :icondoctorwhofan4life:   :iconfluffl:
:iconnomnomcupcakes143:   :iconren17black:   :iconkirathekiller3:
:iconjust-here-for-fanfic:   :iconozziesnuffles:   :iconcreeperfangirl:
:iconkumaxnoxko:   :iconmyuuta:   :iconrin0kiyomasa:
:iconshadowdragonghost:   :iconunheardmadness:   :iconaliswonderland101:

You sat upon the roof of the mansion, you watched the others move around freely. Your Brother called them 'CreepyPastas', when he said that, you thought of it as a kind of pasta. Laughing Jack tried to keep you in secert, but he had to talk to the ones that saw you, for them to keep quite about you. Slenderman didn't know that you were currently living here without his consent, you sat beside a gargoyle, you, yourself almost blinded in with them. Because of your new form, looking down at your large claw like hands. You sighed and closed your eyes as your hands had closed into fists, looking up to the orange sky, the sun was setting at this point of day. Reopening your (E/C) eyes, you looked at the beautiful sky. Looking away, you stood to your feet. You didn't want to wait for L.J. to come back in order for you to eat, in a blink of an eye, you used your speed to make it look like you had disappeared. You were now running on all fours through the forest, dodging every tree elgently and swiftly. The reason you ran on all fours, was because your body had changed to the point where you couldn't run on only two legs. You quickly jumped up into the tree, jumping from branch to branch. You soon stopped upon a large branch, the sun had went down and the darkness had engulfed the land. You wee about to leave when you heard footsteps, looking around, your red veision allowed you to see in the darkness easily, like if it was still day. You could see these people called 'Masky and Hoodie', thats what L.J. called them. You watched as they quickly put up many notes in random places, from what Laughing Jack told you. Almost everyday, someone would play this game of 'Slender's Woods'. Slendy proably did this because he was bored. You watched as the brothers quickly left, you moved from tree to tree until you saw someone. You stopped to stair at them, you could tell that this person was a woman. She held a flashlight in hand, she looked like a goth or emo. Every little noise or sound made her laugh, your eyes widen when you noticed that her name was floating above her head. You didn't notice this before, words above her head stated: Kelly William. You watched as she continued to walk with those doll like high heels, you followed after her. Watching her every move, Kelly had picked up one of the many papers that Masky and Hoodie had placed around. She staired at it, she folded the paper and placed it into the pocket of her bra. She than moved on, you stalked after the teen. Unknown to you, Senderman was doing the same, vise versa with him as well. The female had collected 3 more pages, Slenderman had lost sight of the girl. But you didn't, Kelly stopped when she started to hear growling. She looked around, but she didn't see anything. Your sharp teeth bared at the sight of the girl, the more you waited the more hungry you became. The female than looked up asshe did, she screamed as you jumped out of the tree to tackle her. Slenderman quickly followed after the sound, when he did, he saw you hunched over the girl as you feasted upon her. She was ripped open through the middle, one of her arms ripped off and her jaw torn away from its place. Slenderman walked a little bit closer, you looked over your shoulder to see the tall skinny male before you. Swallowing what you had been eating, you stood to your full height. Turning around to face the Slenderman, you were about tall as him, maybe a couple of inches. Plus counting your horns. You both staired at each other, no word spoken. You took one step forward, you and the body disapearing. Only thing that was left, was the blood and Slender's papers that fluttered to the ground. Slenderman looked around, trying to see where you have left to. You had made your way back to the mansion, you sat back on the roof onc more. Tearing off the corpse's arm, you had begun to devour it. Laughing Jack quickly climbed onto the roof, "________, where'd you go?" You looked over to the dark clown as you ripped off some  of the pale flesh, you nodded your head to the body beside you. "You didn't really needed to go out and do that. I could've brought one back for you." L.J. walked over to you, he sat down on your other side. The clown had hugged you than released you, "Did anyone see you?" Your Brother asked you, you looked at him than back to the half eaten arm. You shrugged, L.J. sighed and stood up. "When you get done with all this, come inside so you won't get cold. And (Mr/Miss) (Fav Stuffed Animal Name) is waiting for you~. (He/She) is quite lonely." You nodded your head, L.J. kissing the top of your head before he left. You stopped nawing on the arm, you have just noticed that your behavior had changed as well. You plundered on the whole subject of everything that happened yesterday and today, you didn't care what was happening until now. You wondered why though, you couldn't figure it out. Laying back, you staired up at the dark sky, watching the stars twinkle. You turned onto your side as you gripped your head, your head had started to hurt out of nowhere. You winced in pain, it hurt like a Motherfucker. The pain soon subsided into nothing, you felt tired. Standing to your feet, you left the roof to head into the forest. You had given up eating your meal, you passed many trees until you stopped at a large one with thick branches. Climbing into the tree, you chose one of many branches. Leaning against the trunk of the tree, you stayed there until you had fallen asleep.

Part 3>>>

Carpet Diem

A parody of "Sister Hate" by The Living Tombstone & Mic the Microphone

Parody lyrics by Mathew Swift

Artwork by sharkie19

Carpet Diem by sharkie19


M = Mable
D = Dipper

M: Hello, I'm Mabel and I want to partay!
D: Hello, I'm Dipper and I clean up your mess all day.
M: You want some leftover pizza from last night?
D: An owl tried to eat my tongue, so not quite.
We need to set up some rules,
No sleepovers, they're not cool!
M: Then, you can't read at night,
D: What's wrong with that? M: I'll tell you why!
M: Look, there's a room in the shack,
D: Hey, there's a key in the back!
D+M: Get ready to lose big time,
because I'm winning that room!

D: This carpet must've rearranged our minds.
M: Of all the creatures, this is the worst of the kind!
D: I could be like you, and lose for you.
M: Woah, wait, hang on - -
D: Oh, Stan, I always hated you!
M: I'm Dipper with a dumb head,
D: I'm Mabel, my mind is dead,
M: Goodbye, fellow childhood.
Dipper, you won the war,
D: I couldnt've wished for more!
M: But you can't have it,
If you can't enter the room!

D+M: I never wanted to move out all along.
D: I needed to say I was alone for so long.
M: Why didn't you say so, tell me, why?
D: Cause it's one of those problems, only for a guy.
M: Here, you have the room, I won't fight for it anymore,
D: Thanks, Mabel, very much. My head is still a little sore.
Hey, I just wanted to ask, wanna sleepover with me?
M: I'll agree to that offer,
D+M: Pillow fight, you and me!
In the silence of the morning, I sing my lonely song,  the melody of my heart, the melody of the wind. It spreads through the gardens of timeless dreams, hall of the dreams in a bush of blood stained black roses. My heart screams to leave, yet it also cries to stay, this soft and sweet fragrance the beacon of my dreams and nightmares. A bird sings now, so daring and lovely, a song meant for others to listen, for others to enlighten in the beauties of this oh so wretched life. A life of pain and joy, such contradictory things they are, for strange as it may, so often will you feel both at once. Nevertheless we are blessed to have a special, gentle feeling within our hearts, a feeling as rich as it's name is simple. Thus is the feeling I have for you, the only one who has the key to my heart, to my dreams,  to my future. My Love, thou art the very air I breathe every day, every second of my life, thou art my dream and my hope for the future within the melody only mine and thou heart sing as one.
"When I hug you,you push me away."

"When I try to talk to you,you ignore me."

"When I try to cheer you up,you say I'm bad at it."

"When I tell you a joke,you rarely laugh at it."

Its like you don't want me to be near you anymore.

And the worst thing is that I can't 'repair' our bond either.

Its gone,vanished,disappeared from sight.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I'm REALLY BAD when it comes to this kind of thing,I'll admit that at least.

"You're weird."

"Are you...*(beep)*?"

"Sorry,I was distracted...Say that again?"

"Your voice is so awful. And what kind of song IS THAT?"

It hurts you know. Don't ever think that for one SECOND. 

ONE SECOND I TELL YOU. That I don't feel hurt.
I'm sensitive,I know that. I get hurt too easily.
Why do I cry so easily? Of course,you WOULDN'T know,
You don't understand. You're too small-minded. 

I thought you were my 'friend' but...ugh.

"I should've known it was too good to be true."
Tagged by :iconDamomann:

1: You must post these rules
2: Answer the 10 questions from the person who tagged you then make up your own ten for who you're going to tag.
3: Tag 10 people and put their icons in this journal
4: Go to thier page and inform them of the tag.
5: Not anything stupid, eg: "You are tagged if you read this"
6: Legitimetaly tag 10 people
7: No tag backs
8: You can't say "No Tags"
9:Everyone tagged MUST make a journal entry

:icondamomann: 's Questions
1 Fav song?
Science and Faith by The Script
2 Marvel or DC?
3 If you had any superpower, what would it be?
Ability to stop time
4 In a Zombie apocalypse, would you go it alone or team with others, knowing full well they could kill you?
With others...
5 Fav YouTuber?
6 Batman or iron man?
7 If you could meet anyone, both fictional or real, who would it be?
My boyfriend
8 Ghost Or Toast?
9 Fav Person, Evah!?
10 A random anything pops into your head, what is it?

Person I tag!


Take it away Kaitlyn.

My Questions!
1. Who is your favorite homestuck troll?
2. Who is your favorite homestuck Kid? (Human)
3. Can you say hi to Damomann is the comments??
4. Do you make cup eggs?
5. Are you and Ray back together??
6. why do you disapprove so much??
7. Who do you ship me with??
8. why do you ship me with them??
9. what's you saying for today??
10. Do you like warm hugs??