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hungry fruits by prettyfarna30          neopets harvest food by ponygirlish    hungry fruits by prettyfarna30 

If u can be a fruit, what fruit would you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Kitty Icon by FuSung

It is fun to think about what fruit you are!

So plz commeeentttt! >_< Say Cheese by prettyfarna30 :love:

I like cherry! Free For Use Cherry Icon by AnEmberMoon But I want to be Tomato! :tomato love: by Frodomeg
The headache passed quickly. I pulled my hand away from my head. The head ache was so distracting I never noticed I had grabbed onto Russia's coat. "D-did you hear that?" I asked him under my breath, so no one could hear. All he looked was confused. "Nevermind. Sorry I grabbed onto your coat. I think it might fray a bit." He shook his hand as if it were nothing. "Don't worry about it. After all, it is just a coat."  Russia shook it off. At the front of the group another letter was being unfolded. We went back over to the group and started reading over his shoulder again. It was obvious this was sometime later. The writing is very messy and getting hard to read.

Dear mummy,

He told me. He told me how you drank yourself to death in grief. I find that dissapointing. Especially from you. The person who needs to stay strong the most. There is a young child in that house who needs you to stay strong as an example. All you did was drink until you died. When I see you again, which may be soon, I could never look you properly in the eyes. As for my condition, I'm in pain almost all the time. Bruises have started appearing all over my body. My nose is broken and one of my ankles have been fractured. With the brusises all up my arms it is hard to write. This could be one of my last letters.

"Wait! How can it be one of her last letters if she's only written one before it?" America shouted out. "Because, no matter how many there are before it, if it is one of the last ones, it is one of the last ones!" England snapped.

 The attacks have been becoming more ferocious now. He has been kicking me with a sadistic desire never seen before. Also, I found out his name. It's Andrew. I was kidnapped and being beaten by a man named Andrew. Even the strange woman has been getting involved. Just the other day she had snuck a drop of acid in my food. When I ate it, the burning was something I've never felt before. I thought that I would burn up from the inside out. As I was screaming in pain I heard her laughing on the other side of the door. On another ocassion a batch of bread was made with bleach insted of water. I almost died painfully. All in all, I'm scared. I want to go home. I want to see little Zac again. I want to see your face again. I hope I can see it soon. He's coming. Oh god he's coming. Andrew is dragging something. Something heavy. I hope he isn't killing me now, please don't let him kill me now. I'm not ready yet.

I thought I asked to not read anymore letters anymore!" Italy cried out. "We need to find out as much as possible about what happened here. So we have to do this," Germany tried to console him, "Besides, you don't need to read the letters anymore. Just stand off to the side until we finish it." Italy nodded and went off to the side.

Dear mummy,

The pain is unbearble now. If they don't kill me, the pain will. I'm struggling to write this letter. I am going to ask them to kill me. I'm in to much pain to go on. I hope they agree. The water they gave me was tinted with bleach and acid. My insides must be gone now. That means three possible ways, starving, pain or killed. I hear sounds again. Andrew is coming back with that woman. Who knows what they might do to me.

After that the writing was sloppy and almost unreadable. I could pick up on some parts though.

I can ------ breath. ---------------stop soon. --------------- you in ---------. ------------- to kill me. -------------- Tommorrow afternoon. ---------------- Come soon enough. ------------------- please wish me a ---------------- death. ---------------- world. ------------ open arms. -------------- Zac. ------------------ over you. ---------------------- not the way to go. --------------------- reads this, leave. --------------------- dangerous----------. ------------------ coming. ------------------------ sooner than planned. ------------------ see you soon mummy.

The letter stopped. No more letters in the pile. That was what I did. I killed her. She wanted quick and painless, I gave her slow and painful. Just like what I will do to you. I gave myself a quick hit over the head. "Malaysia, what's wrong?" Canada asked. I waved it off. "Nothing. I'm doing fine. Just a little head ache." I quickly answered. I'm going to have to tell them soon, but when I don't know. I can't keep lying like this. That's right, soon you'll have to tell them. And what will they say about you lying to them?  
Once upon a time there was a kid named Randall who lived In a house and had friends to annoy the crap out of. He and his butler Henry decided to annoy the crap out of the friends that they had to annoy the crap out of.

Randall ran very fast and very recklessly down a very long road to a very laytonesque house because guess what thats where the very afro clad layton boy lives.

"ASDFGHJKL" yelled Randall as he basically eternally tripped at an extremely fast pace towards afro man's house.

"ASDFGHJKL" Henry said slightly quieter as he tumbled down the hill after trying to catch up to Randall.

Randall smashed into hersh's window and landed inside on a pile of glass and do not ask me how he got up to the second floor window because I don't know.

"DEAUGH" Hershel screamed like a girl because he was definitely not expecting anything like this to happen. "WHAT THE HECK" he said.

Randall got up from the pile of glass with a big grin and yelled "HI FROSH" so loud in hershel's ear that it ruffled his big poofy brown hair and Randall spittled all over him. "Say it don't spray it Randall" Hershel grimaced and wiped spit off of his face, glaring at his friend.

Just then, Henry burst in through the door because apparently he cant magically fling himself at a second floor window to break through it like apparently Randall can and had to use the front door instead like a normal person. Also apparently he IS a super human tea maker machine so somehow he had a tray and a teapot on it and politely burst in and announced in a way that wouldn't disturb anybody that he made some tea in the minute or so it took him to walk upstairs.

"Wow" said everyone ever.

"Wow" said Randall and Hershel.

And then they drank tea in a pile of broken glass on Hershel's floor and didn't even care that they were getting glass on their butts.

When they were done they all got up and Randall threw the tea set out the window and yelled "BE FREE" and all it did was shatter into little pieces on the ground. Then Randall also picked up Hershel and was going to throw him out the window but Henry said that was a bad idea so he just carried him outside and they all walked quickly to Angela's house.

Randall rung the door bell again and again very quickly and everyone's ears hurt. Finally Angela's dad opened the door with a grumble. "I told you vacuum salesmen that I don't want your sucky vacu- oh hey kids" he went inside and Angela came out to the front door and looked at her strange friends.

Randall stopped holding on to Hershel who was slung over his shoulder for a second to do double pistols at Angela and go "AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY"

Angela immediately did the exact same thing back and Hershel fell off of Randall's shoulder and onto the ground face first because Randall wasn't holding on to him anymore.

"OW" said Hershel.

"AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" said Randall and Angela.

Henry said nothing.

Then Hershel got up and they all walked to Alphonse's house to annoy the crap out of him, even if he wasn't really their friend.


They found Alphonse sitting outside on a park bench near his house throwing rocks at people who passed by. He threw rocks at them because they were passing by.

"OW" said everyone collectively except Froshel because he caught the rocks in his hair and so he didnt feel the pain.

Alphonse Dalston giggled like a little girl until Hershel's hair flung the rocks back at him. Then he started crying like a little girl.

Everyone stared at Hershel with a very strange face except Dalston because he was crying like a little girl.

Randall stopped staring at Hershel and his magical rock flinging hair to ask Mr. Little Girl Dalston if he wanted to come be annoyed by them with them because he was sortof their friend.

"Uh, what?" said Alphonse as he stood up from the bench.

He was promptly poked in the face by Randall who said "BOOP!" and smiled at the confused Dalston boy.

"Shhhhhh, you don't have to tell me anything," said Redhead Randall as he rubbed his finger all around Alphonse's face.

Then they all walked away calmly and normally into the woods on the opposite side of town.

Of course, being them, they got lost even in their own small community.
"OH GREAT PUZZLE GODS, GIVE ME A SIGN!" Randall screamed up at the sky randomly. As if in response, Hershel's hair spontaneously combusted but didn't seem to actually be burning away.
Hershel looked at him like he was an idiot, "My hair isn't on fire Randall." In reality, Hershel was right, his poofy hair was not on fire. However, Randall doesn't always live in reality. "Shhhhhh, you don't have to tell me anything," Randall said and stuck his finger in Alphonse's face again.

"Oh okay," said the flaming afro somehow before spontaneously uncombusting and going back to normal.

"NOOOOOOOOO" yelled Randall as he fell to his knees, "IT WAS SO YOUNGGGGG."

Everyone looked at him weirdly and Henry spoke up, "Master Randall, you'll get your knees dirty, please get up."

"Oh" said Randall and looked down. He solved the problem by magically hovering and then proceeded to begin yelling at the sky again in a dramatic manner. "ASDFGHJKL" Randall yelled at the sky again in a dramatic manner.

Then he looked to the left and realized that they were right next to Stansbury all along, so Randall go up and walked away and everyone else looked confused before following.

I hold the smile on your face
In the front of my mind
I feel the touch of your hugs
That is where I will hide

Our goodbye is a struggle
I don't want you to go
But again I will see you
In my heart this I know

I am grateful to know you
We're a family now
Goodbye is not forever
Our memories scream loud

So see you on the flip side
Wherever that may be
We're Familie für immer
Thank God for RYE

    (authors note: couldn't find a damn thing on what Eyeless jack was so.... MOST LIKLEY NON-CANNON I'M MAKING THIS UP AS I GO!!!! k? k enjoy:) )
    The next day I decided to get more of an explination about those green tenticles. Jack didn't go into detail about how he lost his eyes but told almost every thing there was to know about the tenticles and why he had them. Aparently he belonged to a species of demon that took more semi-aquatic qualities, the tenticles where thier primary weapon to capture and drag prey in for the kill. He was aparently sacrificed to some god and forced to live on land for good. Due to his blindness he was forced to scavange for a few years untill he ended up scavenging the Kidney off a homless man who'd fallen asleep and he mistook the man for being dead. He only took one kidney out of necesity to survive and the man lived. He learned how to extract the organ and leave a person alive, he even found that his eccolocation helped him find sleeping people in thier own homes for this.
    "So that's my story." He finished. I kissed him on the cheak and said no more. We stepped out for break fas when I suddenly saw Jeff running at full spee with nothing but a towel on. I blinked in confusion when Masky patted my shoulder.
    "It's bath day.... Generally Hoody, Toby and I just clean up and go but Jeff had to argue. Slendy wanted you to help Ellery by the way, the spider legs have been giving her trouble aparently." Masky threw a towel over his shoulder and made his way to the baths. The mansion had a men's and woman's bath set up for our comfort. I nudged Jack over to the other guys and left to find Ellery. She was fighting to scrub her own back so I took the cloth and helped her.
    "How's the spider mom?" I asked. She said she was fine and held her stomach in a tender fasion. She seamed to be happy about the baby. She and I swapped some girl talk while washing off. I felt something in the back of my mind, checking up on me. I wasn't quite used to having Slendy check up on me so easily but I said nothing.
    We all sat at the breakfast table and enjoyed a meal. Slendy stood and gestured for Hoody and Jeff to follow. Hoody was eager to follow but Jeff stayed put. Slendy said something to him. Somthing I couldn't hear. Jeff Suddenly stood and left the table, almost happy about what ever it was. I just continued throught the day, Slendy asked me to be Ellerys attendant and help her when she needed it. I spent most of the day lifting heavy stuff for her and convincing her not to climb everything.
    Ellery and I were exploring the possibilities of what would happen when the baby was born when we found an intersting problem. Ellery couldn't fo to a hospital like other women, she was a spider monster. We knew that wouldn't go over well in a hospital. I told her that in all Slendys years he probably knew how to deliver a baby. I was, however, very doubtfull of this. I wandered the house, still remaining close to Ellery. I noticed that Toby sat and spoke with Masky about small things.
    "So, did the boss fix you? Are you better now?" Toby asked.
    "Well, I remember the good things now. I remember why he fed me nothing but cheasecake for a month. I guess you could say I'm better, I cerainetly am not going to be dodging the master as much." Masky replied. I felt better for them. I heard some sound in the kitchen and took a peek at what it was. Jack was enjoying a kidney with a certain gusto only a guy could have. I remained silent so he could enjoy his meal in peace. Ellery walked past me on the wall. I grabed her by the rib area and dragged her off the wall and onto the floor.
    "Hey I though you said you'd stay on the damn floor. You know Slendy hates it when you climb the walls and cieling." I froze. I was being an inforcer, like Hoody. I shrugged it off. I chose this life and I had to eccept that Slendy was my boss now. Honestly the only differance was that I felt compelled to do it now. Ellery Agreed to stay on the floor when I brough up that the change in direction might hurt the baby.
    A few hours later the three returned. I looked them over to see Jeff covered in blood with a maniacle look to his eyes.  Hoody had a few splatters here and there. Slendy had remained clean, somehow. We all welcomed them back in a chearfull fasion but I wondered who they just killed. I then remembered the issue Ellery and I had discovered. I pulled Slendy asside.
    "Umm.... Ellery might have a problem." I said.
    "WHAT?" Every one felt Slendys rage, like we had a direct link to his emotion.
    "Well, umm... we don't know how to deliver a baby do we? And we can't take her to-"
    "I see. I'll find a solution to that don't worry. We have nine monthe after all. That's plenty of time for me to fix this." Slendy mused. I was glad he calmed down. He dismissed me with a wave of his hand and teleported off to find a solution. I left the living area to find Jack outside the door. I gave him a hug to reasure him. We then left for our room seeing as it was the middle of the night and we all needed sleep.
    Jack stretched and yawned in a tired state. He clicked his tounge idly. He did that from time to time. It doesn't matter that he knew the house like the back of his hand by now. It was just his way of staying connected with everything. I hooked my finger around the back of his shirt and dragged him back. He yelped in surprize and started fighting. I kissed him quickly and he figured out it was me. He and I spoke about things for a while when I made a slight suggestion. He looked surprized and glanced at me, well, as close to a glance as an eyeless man could give. His discolored skin gave a blush and he looked away.
    "I um... I've never..." He began.
    "Chill, I'll take the lead." I said. We shared the night happily. Jack fell asleep soon after and we layed close together. I felt content knowing that what ever Jack was, he and I could co-exist happily. I cuddled up close and fell asleep.
William's Pov

As the travel was long to the human world it seemed short well (Y/N) Sat there admiring the beautiful things humans make. Her (H/L) (H/C) hair flown magnificently in the wind, hitting the sun just right to look like a bird's feathers. "This feeling is love? Have I ever felt this? No, but its strong and I like it." For some reason she was silent the whole way, before are kiss. I liked it and she seemed to like it. As we made it to a roof she spoke, "Okay, let's see. She lives right...there. Do you see her, I know where gonna have difficulties. Read the file." Wow she does sound like me. I thought and grabbed the file.

Stacy Lin Gillber is a witch who's used magic to stay young. Many reapers have failed. Be careful.

Your pov
 The whole way there I kept silent thinking,
 will William hate me?  So I kept silent, and so did he, to make the ride interesting I admired the beautiful things humans can make. It wasn't long till we made it to a suitable roof. "Okay, let's see. She lives right...there. Do you see her, I know where gonna have some difficulties. Read the file." I hope I didn't sound to demanding then she spotted us. Her golden hair in a braid looking out the window, her brown eyes narrowing at us.

Williams pov
As I finished reading I was surprised, I picked a good reaper and so did the team. Then I was being tapped "William it's time to move. She's spotted-" then something made me and (Y/N) fall. She was using magic to hurt us. "William!" I heard her cries and I saw the thread the witch was using to pull us. I clipped it and we were free then we ran. Grell was fighting with that demon again. "Grell Sutcliffe, you were sent to reap someone. Not to fight with this demon. (Y/N) and I must return to are work, let's go, (Y/N)?"

Your pov
The demon was asking why I worked as a shinigami, he kept saying that it was better as a demon. His grip was tight but William was able to free me. "Sebastian Michaelis, I'd advise you to keep your filthy hands of my partner." I heard William say. Sebastian bowed and said "Okay, but watch out William I think I'll keep an eye out for her. If she's extremely precious to you keep her out of harms way." Grell was whining over what Sebastian said to William. "Am I precious to William? He kissed me yes, but can one kiss change a person?" I looked at William and said "William am I precious to you?" He soon replied "Oh course you are. I love you (Y/N)." And  that he kissed you on the lips making you blush and smile.
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    Today was just full of fun for Riles. Everything was terrible. First, he got to school late. Secondly, Evan claimed that his friend was beaten up by Riles. Riles never beat up anyone! Thirdly, his language teacher gave him detention for glancing towards the window once! Lastly, he was beaten again after school by Evan.
    At least this may be the least of my days at this school. This wretched place. Tonight, I test P-3T! Project Time Travel & Teleportation! he thought as his mom drove him home. He may be able to escape this world.
    Oddly, he started seeing lights on the ground, and helicoptors in the air close to his house. What's going on! A few army trucks started to drive alongside Riles and his mother. They finally got into their driveway, but there were tons of helicoptors and police cars and army tanks surrounding the house.
    "Please step out of the vehicle!" he heard from one of the loudspeakers from a helicoptor.
    "What's going on!" my mom yelled. I didn't understand either.
    "You're under arrest for destroying the future world! Step out of the vehicle, or we will have to make you!"
Riles stepped out of the car very slowly. He looked all around himself, lights flickering over the ground and the loud noises of the vehicles draining down on his ears. He stood there for a moment.
    "Would the driver please step out as well?"
    Riles' mother stepped out of the car, looking very frightened at the mass of tanks and cars and helicoptors around his house.
    "W-W-What do you want from us!" his mom cried.
    "We are taking you under arrest so you do not destroy the future world!"
    "The future world?!" his mom yelled. She clearly didn't understand it, and neither did I, except it might have to do with P-3T.
    "Yes. Would you please walk up to-Hey! Get back here!" the helicoptor pilot yelled. Riles broke into a run for the house, in a zigzag path through the line of police cars and tanks. He went into the house, and quickly went through the trapdoor down into the basement.
    Lots of noises from the helicoptors were outside as Riles rushed to get to P-3T. All he had to do was turn it on! He knew that if he used it, his mom could be gone, arrested or sentenced to death. Nobody cares anyway. Not even my mother. he thought. He raced and grabbed the phone-appearing device and a pack of batteries. He grabbed his emergency kit: A wallet with extra money, some bandages, and more batteries. He stuffed his other batteries in it and yanked the charger for P-3T out of the wall.
    After he had everything in his emergency bag except P-3T, he turned it on, inserted random coordinates and a random time, and pressed the start button.
    All of the voices from the outside of his basement were silent to him as P-3T produced lots of flashing lights. Before long, he was gone. Out of the existance of his proper time.
I've Just Woken Up Yet Again Remembering a Dream! Last Time, The Last Dream I Remembered Was a AVP & TMNT Crossover. But Now I Had a Dream Of a Different 
Sort. Heres What The Dream Was About... I Was In a Store... I Think? I Was With My Mom, and For Some Reason, My Cousin Ian. I Guess Robby Didn't Wanna Come... I Haven't Seen My Cousins In a Lllllllloooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg Time. They're Living With They're Asshole Of a Father, Rob Who Use To Be My Uncle... Not Anymore! I Just Know Someday They'll End Up Going To Prison For Whatever Crime They Did And It'll All Be That F*cking Asshole, Rob's Fault! Back To The Dream...
Some Me, Mom And Ian Are In a Store, I guess? We Were Looking Around The Place, Maybe Because Its a New Store? Anyway, I Looked Over To Where They Place The Comics And Magazines, And Then Thats When I Gasped At What I Saw... ALIEN COMICS!!! It Was So AWESOME! I've Never Read an Alien Or Predator
Comic In My Life! I've Read a Godzilla Comic... But Never an Alien Or Predator Comic. I've Always Wanted To Read These Comic... But Where I Live, There Are No 
Near Comic Book Stores. And Barnes & Nobles Only Sell Marvel Comics... I HATE Superheros! I Can Care Less For Superheros... I'm More Of a Monster Type Of 
Person. Humans & Superheros Don't Mean Sh*t To Me. Now That I Finally Set My Sights On The Comic, I Wanted To All Of Them... But I Knew To Will That My Mom Would Only let Me Have One. It Was a Tough choice. I Took One Of The Alien Comics, For Some Reason, They Didn't Have Any Predator Comics... So I Took One Of The Alien Comics, I Don't Remember The Title Of That Comic Was And I Skim Through The Comic Looking At The Pictures Because To Me, Pictures Are More Appealing And Interesting Then Words, But It Doesn't Mean I Won't Still Read The Comic. So After I Skimmed Through The Comic, I Wanted It! Then My Cousin Ian Took One 
Of The Comics And Looked At The Back Of The Comic. It Was My Cousins, Robby And Ian That Introduced  Me To Alien And Predator. It's a Story I'll Talk About 
Another Day. But Anyway, Back To Ian, He Picked Up a Comic And Looked At The Back Of It. It Had Questions I Thought Were Going To Be Related To Alien Or
Predator, Like a Trivia. As He Reads The Questions, They For Whatever Reason Didn't Related To Anything At All To Alien Or Predator... As Ian Started Walking Away,
He Questioned My Knowledge Of Alien And Predator, I Think I Was Explaining To Him The I Didn't Know The Answers To Those Questions Because They Didn't 
Have Anything To Do With Either Alien Or Predator. So Then Mom Comes Along Asking If We're Ready To Go. I Went Back To Where I Got The Comic, Still Thinking
Which One To Get, All The Comics Were Alien Comics, So Maybe There Might Be Another Alien Comic I Might Have Been More Interested Of. So As I Looked Through
Each Cover Of The Comics. I Seem More Interested In The Comic Already In My Hands. That When I Gasped The 2nd Time When I Saw Something else.
It Was a Predator Comic! So There Was Hope After All! I Grabbed That Comic, Skimming Through It, And Wanted It. But I Had Another Comic Already In My Hands. So That Means I Had Choose One Of Comic... I Wanted The Alien Comic, But At The Same Time, I Wanted The Predator Comic. I Kept Thinking That If I Choose One Of The Comics, I Won't Be Able To Get My Hands On Either One Again! It Was a Really Hard Choice I Had To Make, I Can't Choose Between Alien And Predator!
I Love Them Both! More Then Anything! If They Didn't Exist, Life Would Have No Meaning... As The Pressure Grew, Thats When I Woke Up, Recalling My Dream.
I've Learned Something From That Dream... I've Learned That I Can't Choose Between Two Monsters That I Love More Then Anything. I Just Can't!
THIS is it a fictional story.... So don't get your hopes up that this is real.

I was just an ordinary student. Minding my own business but all of that change. I don't know how or why. Or if it is destined but I do know is. . . . . . If I would just see him again. Just once. Just a minute or a second. If only I would forget about him. If only I was not mesmerize by his conflection, his body, his face and eyes. Why I'm I so anticipated to see "the boy with those bloody red eyes.

Chapter 1: The beginning of a tragedy.
It was the last day of school and the beginning of summer.... My adviser and classmates are having fun while I was drawing on my notebook full of my designs. You can say I'm a anti-social kind of girl but that's not true. I just don't want to extend my energy to dancing cause I'm a lousy dancer and I really want to finish my work. I was about to finish when one of my friends, Molly went towards me.
"Hey," Molly said. "Why are you here all gloomy and being emo? Come join the fun."
"Nah," I said "l'm alright here. You go have fun."
"Come on girl. Lighten up a little." Molly said. "Summer's just down the corner and everyone is having fun even Mr. Brown who everyone knows..."
I replied. "That he is the most strict teacher in the school and only once in a blue moon is he socializing with his students."
"Ding ding ding. We have a winner." said Molly then pulled up my right arm just like in reality shows do. I just rolled my eyes at her.
"After I finished my drawing, alright?" I said.
" Oh... Your being Mozart again. What are you drawing anyway?" asked Molly.
"First of all, Mozart is on music. Not drawing or painting. Second, you can see for yourself." I said then I hand over the notebook to her. It was a drawing of a dim forest and standing in the middle was a teenage boy. It was kinda dark to see his face but the only thing that would caught  person's vision would be his scarlet red eyes.
"Okay. Okay, your the genius." said Molly. "Umm, who is this?" Molly pointed out the face of the boy that I was not finished drawing.
"Oh," I said. "That's just an imaginary character that I made up."
"Are you sure about that?" asked Molly. Still not convinced.
"Yes," I responded "I'm really really sure." With my serious look like the look of an librarian.  
"Well," Molly said. "If you created him. He should have a name, right?"
"Yeah....." I said. Still can't believe that Molly is asking her something not related to celebrities,  fashion, gossip or boys.
"Well," Molly pointed. "What is it?!"
"Why do you want to know?" I said. Still uncertain if Molly's mind is intact.
"Why shouldn't I?" Molly pointed out.
"Well," I said. "That's so unlike you."
"Oh," Molly said. "I'm sorry if I just want to know my best friend's art work."
With that I understand what her deal was.
"Cut the act already," I pointed out. "I know what game your playing at."
Molly was little startled but quickly recover from my perspective.
"Game?" asked Molly.  "You sure about that? I'm not playing any game. I promise." Then she use her index finger to plant a imaginary X on her chest.
'She's denying it. I'm sure of it. Hmm, what must I do to make her confess?' I thought.
. . . . .
'Yes, got it.' I thought.
"His name is Nigel." I said.
"Excuse me!!!" Molly shockingly said.
"Yes?" I replied. She took the bait.
"Who in their right mind would name a boy, Nigel. Yuck!" Molly pointed.
"I am." I said.
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In this fan fiction my OC pony (who is an alicorn, There's a back story.) is trapped in Team Fortress 2 with spike and they try to find a way to get back home. Will they make it back to Equestria or will they meet a dominated fate?

It was a very exciting day in Equestria for everypony. Every pony was heading to Canter-lot to witness a new spell being created by Princess Luna, and Princess Twilight. Rainbow Dash and Rarity were in the main hall of the castle. The castle was decorated with ribbons and sparkling streamers for the special event takeing place. Rainbow dash was talking to Spit Fire about the wonder bolt academy. "Remember the time I rode the dizzatron!" The blue peguses asked. "Ya you almoast made an academy record." Spit fire replied. On the other side of the room Rarity was talking with Fancy Pants about a new line of clothing she was creating. Rarity was wearing one the dresses she made for the event. It had a purple top with a light violet skirt. It had safaris around the skirt and for earrings. The top had a white dimond to complete the out fit "O I can’t wait till you see the new couture I made for the season." Rarity said with anticipation. "Knowing you miss rarity they will be simply wonderful." They were about to continue the conversation when the clock ticked 3:00 and rainbow dash remembered the spell would now be shown in the throne room. Rainbow Dash turned back to Spit Fire. "Sorry Spit Fire I gota go." Spit Fire watched as Rainbow Dash flew as fast as she could right next to rarity. Rarity was a little startled by her arival. "Come on Rarity or we will miss the show." Rarity didn't want to miss her friends performance with the Princess. "Yes your right. Excuse me Fancy Pants." Fancy Pants smiled at the unicorn. " It’s quit alright Miss Rarity. Go enjoy the show." Rarity smiled back and headed towards the thrown room with Rainbow Dash. Mean while in the castle bakery Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, and Spike were making apple tarts for ponies to eat after the presintation. Pinkie pie was ‘taste testing’ all the backed good in the kitchen, making the chefs mad. " Mum Cumin Numb ‘gulps’. These cupcakes are sooo Good!" Pinkie said satisfied. "STOP EATING ALL OF MY SWEETS!" The chef was foaming with anger from having to constantly making more cupcakes. Pikie bowed her head nervouse to see the chef. "I am not eating them I am tasting them to make shore they are perfect for all ponies." Apple Jack rolled her eyes. "Pinkie I think you tasted enough sweets. Why don’t you help Spike and me take these tarts to the castle throne? If we don’t hurry we will be late for the spell." Apple jack finished loading the first basket of apple tarts. "She’s right we better get going." Spike said. Spike looked to see if anypony was watching. Then he stashed a apple tart in his scales to eat later. Pinkie, now overflowing with joy hopped over to Apple jack filling more baskets with tarts. "OOH! I can’t wait to see the new spell their making. Its suppose to make ponies teleport from city to city without haveing to use magic every time. Now I will be able to travel all of Equestria, trying new candy." Pinkie started to hop in one place to let out her excited energy. " And I will be able to sell my families apples to every pony in Equestria. With all the money we’ll make we can redo the whole farm." Apple jack said putting a basket of tarts on her back. Spike however didn’t look so sure. "I don’t know guys. Twilight said the spell was still in the experimental stage." Pinkie ran to Spike with a basket hanging from the hook in her mane. " Don’t worry Spike. Twilight knows magical magic things like the back of her hove,And she has princess Luna to help her too." Spike looked at her and smiled. "Ya your right." Spike picked up a basket and they headed out to the throne room. Princess Twilight and Princess Luna were in their guest room getting ready for the spell presentation. Luna was putting on her crown and necklace. Twilight was pacing nervously back and forth thinking of what could go wrong. Luna looked at Twilight annoyed. "will thou stop worrying!" Twilight slowed her paceing to look at the Princess. " I can't. What if something goes wrong. What if I mess up?... Uhhh!" Twilight started to pace faster leaving marks on the white tiled floor. Luna started to feel sorry for her fellow princess. "Nothing will happen. We have practiced it for many moons." Luna looked back to Twilight who ponderd the thought. "Yes we are ready. I’m so ready to show the spell. I mean nothing can go wrong. Nothing like THE SPELL ACCIDENTALLY TELEPORTING ALL OF EQUESTRIA TO A DIFFERENT DIMENSION AND PRINCESS CELESTIA TAKING AWAY MY WINGS AND BANISH YOU TO THE MOON AGAIN AND I’LL NEVER SEE MY FRIENDS AGAIN OR SEE SPIKE EVER AGAIN!" Twilight started to pant loudly. Luna was now frightend for her friend. "Twilight Sparkle calm yourself! None of that is going to happen. Thy sister would never do such a thing." Twilight breathed in and out slowly till she felt calm again. " OK, granted that won’t happen but what if the spell does go wrong? We would have disappointed princess Celestia, Cadence, and every pony." Luna felt offended by Twilight's remark. " Twilight Sparkle, you are an alicorn Princesses. You and your friends have defeated many foes. Nothing will go wrong with you doing the spell with me. Things will be okay." Twilight was surprised Luna would say that but now she felt more confident in herself and her abilities. "Thank you Princess Luna." Luna huged Twilight and looked out the door. "Now." Luna said questionably, "are you ready?" Twilight looked up at Luna. All of her worries faded away into nothing. "Yes. I am ready." Luna smiled. "great. I can’t wait to see my old friend again." Flutter shy and Samantha Magics were already waiting in the throne room to see the spell.(Samantha Magics has a pink coat, Straight yellow hair, blue eyes, wears green round glasses, and a purple jacket. She hasn't found her special talent yet so she doesn't have a cutie mark, but she is not imbarresed by it like the CMC. Flutter shy and Sam new each other by writing letters when they were fillies as pen pals, and when Flutter shy wrote in the letter about the spell Sam decided to come over to Canter-lot to see it. Also to see her friend Flutter shy and Luna who she met in her dreams. She would dream of flying in space and Princess Luna would talk with her and play with her. Flutter shy’s friends have only met Sam the other day when she saw Flutter shy at the edge of the Ever Free forest. They expected her to ride a train to Ponyvill from Pony falls. Instead she came out of the forest on a giant black and white Hell hound. They were first scared of her dog. But when Fluttershy played with her and her dog thier fears faded away. They were surprised to see she was an alicorn but her wings were the same size of a normal pegasus, and they asked her about it but she didn't want to talk about it. Even Flutter Shy didn't know. Sam told them that the dogs name was Kalli. She explained to them that when ever she had to travel a long way she uses Kalli to travel across Equestria. Samantha got along with the girls pretty well. She had a little in common with all of the main 6. She liked fashion, bucking trees, flying, partying, animals, and to practice new spells. Even thou she wasn’t the strongest studier. She lived with her dad named Shadow Magic's, he has a black coat, green striped zebra cut mane, and he is a unicorn royal guard for Princess Luna. Today Sam was going to surprise him by seeing him at work after the presintation. ) More and more ponies came in to see the show. Some where even from the crystal Empire and Apple lusa. Flutter shy was quivering from every pony entering the throne room. " Wow there is so many ponies here. Maybe... we should sit in the back." Sam looked at her yellow friend with content. "It’s OK Flutter shy. The presentation won’t be long and then we can go and eat Apple tarts with your friends. OK." Flutter shy still shacked. "ok." Flutter Shy decided to try to ignore her fear and speak to Sam to get her mind off it. How does the spell even work for the new machine? Does it hurt?" Sam looked at Fluttershy seeing that she needed something to keep her mind busy. " The spell Twilight and Luna created would be cast on a medal plate which would suck the magic into a chamber to absorb it. The magic would power up the machine. When a pony wants to go somewhere they just say the aria’s name and the machine would instantly send them there. The only problem is that the Machine would need to be refilled every 5 month's with new magic and is very fragile so only one pony could go at a time. At least thats what Twilight told me." Rainbow dash, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie pie, and Spike entered the room going to the front where Flutter shy and Samantha were standing. Apple jack, Spike and Pinkie pie sat the tarts on a near by table and headed towards flutter shy and Samantha Magic's. Rainbow Dash flew between the 2. "Hay Flutter shy and …..You?" Sam got annoyed by Rainbow dashe's remark. "Samantha Magics" Rainbow Dash rubed her main nervousely. "Right, that’s still a weird name." All 7 of then sat down and waited. They were all stared when they heard horns blow from the royal guards. Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence were walking to the thrones. Ponies bowed to the Princesses as they passed buy. When they reached the throne Princess Celestia started to speak along side Princess Cadence. " Welcome every pony to the presentation of new form of travel. May this help us in the future." Cadence cleared her throat. "Ponies have traveled all around Equestria to see this glorious event take place and now it is time to let a new age of magic show." " So now presenting my sister Princess Luna,and Princess Twilight." The two of them walked in with every pony cheering and stomping thier whoves to the floor. Princess Luna walked up next to her sister and Princess Twilight stood next to her sister in lawCadence. Twilight waved to her friends and they all waved back. Flash Sentry and Shining Armor brought in the metal plate all ready to go. It was a flat sphere with small buttons and a speaker to the front. It was grey but had colorfule buttons and green lights on the side. Every pony started to quiet down and took a seat. Princess Luna, and Twilight stood around the metal plate concentrating hard. Spike couldn’t see past all the other ponies. Sam turned her head and saw Spike moveing from spot to spot. Sam giggled and floated Spike onto her back to let him see. Spike smiled at her and watched Twilight. Their horns started to glow blue and pink with colorful sparks, along with the magic plate. Spike’s stomach started to rumble. So he took out the apple tart he hid in his scales. Their horns started to glow brighter and brighter, Sparks started to fly all around them. "Ohh aww!" The brightness started to blind Spike and Moast of the ponies. He dropped the apple tart to the floor. It slid across the polished tiles on to the blowing metal plate. Spike now was frightened and hopped of Samantha’s back and ran tword the metal plate to grab the apple tart. Every pony was too amazed to pay attention to him. Samantha however felt spike run off her and onto the plate. Sam quickly glanced at the Princesses and she knew that they were about to cast the spell on him. So without thinking, she flew toward him. "Noooooo!" She instantly jumped on Spike covering him with her wings and body. Every pony saw this in a split second and then the spell was cast on them and the machine. Sparks flew everywhere, the apple tart clogged the magic fuel tank. The machine couldn’t handle all the weight from them, and then a huge burst of magic energy flew around the room making Princess Luna, and Twilight to lose balance and topple over across the floor. When every pony looked where spike and Samantha Magic's were there was only a black shaped swirl and metal shatters of what was left of the machine. Princess Celestia flew to Princess Luna's aid. Twilight’s friends and Cadence ran to her side to see if she was okay. Every pony started to mutter to each other. Twilight started to get up grogy and dizzy. "What happened?" Twilight was confused by the explosion and magic energy. "We don’t know. Spike ran onto the metal plate and Sam ran after him. The next thing we know you’re sliding on the floor with Princess luna!" Apple jack explained worried. " Are you alright?" Flutter shy asked scared for her friend. "Where’s Spike!? Where’s Samantha?!" Twilight looked around the room and didn't see them anywhere. Everyone was silent, ponies stared at the princesses wondering what to happen next. "I’m afraid we don’t know." Rarity answered sadly. Every pony dropped their head in sorrow. Twilight started to cry. Samantha and Spike were now spiraling in a magical tornado of sparks and colors. They had no control in their movements. "HELP!" Spike yelled for anyone to be by his side. "SPIKE I'M COMING!" Samantha was flapping her wings as hard as she could but couldn’t get any closer to him. She was getting slower and more tired. Spike started to close his eyes. Then they both realized they weren’t getting slower. They were passing out. The magic was sucking out their energy. "Sam…" Spike said in a quiet whisper. He fell asleep in the magic vortex. "Come on…stay... awake." Now Sam was only able to stay awake until everything went white. She saw was spike hitting a bale of hay and herself hitting her head on a create. Everything went blurry, the room spun around, and she fell to the floor. The room went black and quiet. The only thing she could hear before she passed out in a comma was... "Flawless Defeat!".

will continue in chapter 2

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