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Daily Lit Recognition for April 24th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: VertigoArt

parasthesiaand i guess i should have said i drilled this
cavity through my chest for you; you hid
in my mouth instead. there will always be you
holding my hand protecting me from
monsters in the dark worse than the ones
inside of us. goodbye
is not a word. it is the way
you will not meet my eyes when i
tiptoe back through eggshells and phantom
heartbeats. i guess i should have said
i don’t know the labyrinth of myself. i
should have mentioned the pinpricks
on my skin where you injected
yourself like a vaccination.  i should
have told you that your eyes remind me
of a watercolor sunset and your hands
are anchors and you are always warm
and i am tired of shivering. i should have
warned you that i’ve never loved anyone
as much as a prescription. i should
have held you closer to me, i should
have held your pieces tighter, i should
have carved a bigger hole.

The use of line breaks and punctuation allows this piece
to flow masterfully. The writer strings you along through the piece,
forcing you to read again and again to fill in the
blanks that are left from the first time through.

Featured by: Medoriko

Nightmare PaintWords swirl off tongues
A voice; suspended, stranded
Parachutes float down
Waves wash over shores,
Like paint against a burnt horizon.
Watch the footsteps fade
Lights sink low,
as stars appear
Dancing on the canvas.
Silhouettes waltz.
Slim figures outlined
Against a brick and mortar cage
Shadows fade into blackness
Silence slinks in,
A blanket
Nightmares grasp in darkness.

Nightmare Paint is seamless from beginning to end.
It sends a chill up your spine and leaves you gripped with fear.


Featured by: TwilightPoetess

Message in the MirrorUpon exiting the shower, I looked into my bathroom mirror. There was a foggy message waiting for me:  
"You left the door unlocked again."

This two-sentence horror story will put chills
down your spine--and make you double check
that your door is locked!

Featured by: AyeAye12

the devil's walk
“Every night the Devil comes here and makes his plans against humanity,” said Max, pointing to a barren circle of earth.
The man he had guided there looked skeptical.
“From here?” said the man. “You can’t see anything from here. How can you plot in the middle of nowhere?”
Max frowned at the man.
“I think a better place to make plans,” said the man, “is on the moon!”
The man snapped his fingers and they were both on the surface of the moon, looking back at Earth.
“See? From here, I can see everything. Here is where I make my plans.”
The Devil laughed while Max asphyxiated behind him.

the devil's walk by herebewonder

A terrific piece of micro-fiction, which manages to add in
sudden plot twists and dark humour in 110 words.
The writer has many more great pieces like this,
all painfully unappreciated.

Featured by: Kaz-D

Kettling‘All I wanted was a kettle. Mam taught me at a young age that a cup of tea solves all of life’s problems. So, being the proud owner of my very first shared apartment, all I wanted was a kettle. That’s why I was at Walmart that day. I’d been hanging around trying to work out the difference between a load of kettles that had vastly different prices. One of them purified the water before boiling it but I thought that boiling did that anyway, so I wasn’t sure. I scratched the back of my neck and felt the tension in my forehead of an oncoming headache. I needed to stop frowning, it was just a kettle for gods sake. I bought the cheapest (shiny aluminium) one that I could find. I didn’t buy the £12 white plastic job – even I had some standards.
As I left I saw a man in a red Walmart shirt and a dainty little woman trying to shove a huge washing machine box into the back of a little white van. I ran to help when the box shifted suddenly with a da

Kettling is a beautiful piece of prose that
pulls the reader in from the very first line.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: Aerode

"Well, I honestly don't know what happened. I was flying into the Void, but I was taken by a random light. It might've been a wormhole, but I guess I wasn't alone. Somehow; Bana, Marxie, Charmx, and Nora appeared in the same world as I did. But we found ourselves to be on an island of some sort. Nora flew up a bit and found a small sea port village on the beach. It took us a while to get there, we pretty much tore ourselves up in the bramble bush. When we arrived, the house was abandoned. Our luck right? Bana and Marxie were reading the books while we all found what clothes we could. It looks like someone already cleaned this place out. Could it be pirates or marauders? We all found some clothes since our old ones were torn to pieces. Bana found something in a book about a  giant tower called the World Bridge. I guess that is our next target. Marxie and I went walking out on the beach, and found a crashed boat. We found the resources at the house and we all fixed it, except Charmx. She is terrified of water, and I can see why. Cats are weird. I knew it was going to be hard to get her on the boat, but we couldn't leave her here.

I also did some reading while everyone was asleep, and I realized that magic in this world is very weak. I even tried, but I couldn't use it very well. That might be the reason why Alister and Averna hasn't appeared to take away Nora. I don't mind that at all though. So I explained that we are going to have to sail the seas. Bana wanted to be captain, but everyone decided to vote me. Bana wasn't too happy, but I made her my first mate. I got to keep my family close. She seemed to like that decision. Nora was voted as our scout, because of her ability to fly. Marxie was voted as our deck hand, she helps Bana and I whenever we need it. I know she won't let us down. Charmx was very frantic about sailing, but we made her our chef, so that she wouldn't see the water at all. She doesn't make bad food either, she pretty good actually. Bana thought it would be funny if I wore this naval hat while we sailed. I didn't wanna wear it, but I guess it would be good for everyone's spirits. Well we started to sail the blue seas until we found a village or this World Bridge we read about. I have a feeling I will be writing more of these during our trip."

                                      -Captain's Journal Entry 1


There once was a crazy young man

Who fell in love with a girl named Anne

Anne was cold and never talked

And from her place she never walked

Birds often rested in her gray hair

For Anne was a statue in Central Square

¡Hola a todos! Un par de personas me han preguntado por nota sobre algunos consejos para realizar un escrito,  y bueno, no creo que sea la mejor explicando pero haré el intento. :D :la:


    1-      Para escribir un fan-ficción, novela, cuento, etc.

Primero que nada: Ten bien planeada la trama, no escribas a lo loco. Piensa en un buen comienzo, en como desenvolverte en clímax y como terminar la historia. Escribir debe ser algo que se disfrute, para liberar los pensamientos que tenemos, no te fuerces ni te frustres cuando la inspiración no acuda a tu llamado.

    2-      Cómo tener buenas ideas.

La verdad, hay que tener mucha imaginación y paciencia. Usualmente las ideas llegan de repente, así que no intentes escribir algo que sabes que no podrás terminar. Una buena forma de inspirarse es escuchando música, leer o simplemente imaginar. Siempre anota las pequeñas ocurrencias que tengas, por mínimas que sean. Una idea bien planteada hace una diferencia. Ojo, ninguna idea es 100% original, pero eso no significa que debas copiar ‘algo’ que ya exista.

    3-      Ya tengo una idea, sé que sucederá pero… ¿ahora qué?

Pues bien, es momento de plasmar nuestras palabras. Recrea todo lo que sucederá en tu mente. Desde los aromas, los colores y los sentimientos, todo es esencial a la hora de escribir. Puedes comenzar describiendo el paisaje, o si quieres puedes comenzar narrando con las sensaciones de los personajes. Ejemplo:

    a)      “Anna abrió los ojos, sin embargo, la obscuridad que la sucumbía no le permitía diferenciar la negrura de su mente o la realidad. Conforme dio pasos, sintió miedo. (…)”

    b)      Los arboles parecían pequeñas motas de colores: desde el verde más claro al café más obscuro. Olía a lavandas, pero para ello tendría que existir la luz del sol, porque claro, las nubes bloqueaban cualquier rastro de color azul (…)”


    4-      Formalidad ante todo.

  • Ten en cuenta la ORTOGRAFÍA Y GRAMÁTICA. (Acentos, comas, puntos, etc.)
  • Dale unas tres revisadas antes de subir tu contenido a DA (o cualquier otra red, como wattpad) De preferencia, pide a alguien más que sea tu ‘filtro’. Una persona que lo lea antes de que lo publiques y te diga si tienes errores.
  • Para evitar que se rompa la fluidez de tu escrito, no repitas palabras. Los sinónimos podrían hacer la diferencia.
  • Nunca utilices caritas o simbolitos. Rompen con la formalidad y a simple vista luce horrible.  Tampoco utilices asteriscos  para señalar acciones.
  • Los diálogos son muy importantes, por lo que utiliza el GUION LARGO (―), nunca utilices este: (-) Simplemente… No.
  • Los signos de admiración y exclamación también pueden producir ciertos problemas. Si utilizas uno, no uses el otro.
  • No escribas en mayúsculas si no es necesario. En los diálogos, solo enfatiza que la persona está gritando.
  • Evita el uso excesito de puntos. Son 3, no más. Al igual, en tus oraciones, no te excedas demasiado.



    a)      Anna: :D *feliz* - ¡¡¡¡¿¿¿ENSERIO???!!! ˆUˆ -
      Red: ¡SSSHHH!  ¡¡¡Silencio que nos van a descubrir! >:O
      Anna: *se tapa la boca*  - Jejeje… este… emm… ¡LO SIENTO!...- >O<
    b)      ― ¿Enserio? ― Preguntó notablemente emocionada, sin embargo, su felicidad se esfumó en cuanto notó que se había excedido al gritar.
― ¡Shh! ―La calló Red. ― ¡Silencio que nos van a descubrir! ―susurró completamente enojado.
Anna se llevó las manos a la boca. ― Lo siento… ―balbuceó avergonzada cuando pudo reprimir la risa.


    5-      Pequeños detalles.

Okay, esto es para quienes escriben historia más largas como novelas. Recuerden que los pequeños signos son esenciales. Aquellos que cuando los lees dices: ¿Para qué quiero saber esto? Y luego… ¡Bam! Te das cuenta que todo tiene forma de existir. Aquí no puedo dar detalles porque no me sabría explicar, pero puedo dejarles un ejemplo:


    a)      “(…) Se trataba de un libro, el lomo de cuero tenía escrito la palabra “Liberlumn”. Maravillada por la elegancia de sus ilustraciones Anna no pudo evitar la tentación e hizo caso omiso a las protestas de Red (…) Había una hoja arrancada,  se encontraba doblada en las últimas hojas del libro. Anna se sentía a no más poder: la adrenalina de su nueva aventura la mantenía activa y con vida. Emocionada leyó en voz alta: «Este libro debe quemarse, nadie debe conocer su historia ni siquiera su final. Quema este maldito libro. No husmes, sálvate. (…)»


    6-      Giro inesperado.

Aquí es donde viene lo bueno. La parte existencial de tu escrito. Se introduce la problemática, es decir, el clímax.  El lector en este punto no sabe lo que espera.


    a)       (…)  Cuando terminó de leer, se dio cuenta de una cosa: se trataba de su vida. Liberlumn narraba tu historia, desde tu nacimiento hasta tu muerte. «Morirás por Liberlumn.» Citaba la última hoja.


    7-      Fin.

Se resuelve el conflicto y la verdad sale a la luz. Se define lo que le ocurre a los personajes, sea bueno o malo su desenlace. Ejemplo:

    a)      «Morirás.» Leyó nuevamente. Y entonces, después de pronunciar la última palabra del libro, cayó muerta. Lo último que alcanzó ver Anna fueron los zafiros ojos de Red.


Nótese que todo lo he escrito yo, no soy una profesional. No tengo una licenciatura en algo así, algunas cosas las he aprendido yo misma, otras por blogs y personitas que me han dado consejos a lo largo de mi vida. Sólo soy una chica que le gusta escribir y esto es lo que toma en cuenta a la hora de redactar. Si bien, algo no es a tu parecer puedes hacer lo que quieras.  Recuerdo nuevamente que la escritura es un hobby (o al menos para mí) y hay que disfrutarlo :D

¡Saludos y espero que les haya servido!


We are all scared of death,
but you can't escape from it,
Death is an inevitable part of your life,
But we are only here for a limited time,
Until then we have to enjoy life as much as we can,
Before the good Mighty Lord comes and takes us to His Kingdom in Heaven.
Love is a really complicated feeling,
but we all have to show love through our actions and our beliefs,
Because God wants us to show love,
Without love, you are lost and feel nothing,
They're only fools who care about money and power but cannot love,


We need a lot of hope in ourselves,
God will give you hope and raise you up,
When you feel despair, you should also feel hope too,
Hope is the opposite of despair,
Pull yourself together,
Brave the treacherous mountain and reach to the top,
Never give up on others,
But most importantly never give up on yourself.


:) (Smile) Clap Nod Hug Heart :happybounce: Love La la la la Giggle Airborne Hi! Woohooooo! #1 Ohm... Ohm... Dance! Boogie! Floating Whisper sweet nothings in my ear! 

viola and ellen is find a castle so viola and ellen find a king he is see the ellen magic and viola is keyole( I give a keyblade for her ;p) so the king is tell for 2 girl what happend viola is says
viola: O my god this is so bad
ellen: well how I and viola can help you rat
violais give for her a bad look.
ellen: I mean king
mickey: well you ellen is have a strong magic.
ellen: I know that he-he
viola:Shuichi face palm  why me?
mickey: and you viola is have the best weapon in the word the keyblade.
viola´s is summons the keyblade, your keybalde is a blue and black
so sora enter in the room
sora: sorry but I have something important for tell....
sora is look for viola and ellen but sora´s is think 
sora:wow the blonde girl is cute
sora: h-hi:blush: v2 
ellen: Hiwave remake 
viola: Hihi hi 
sora: she is so cute
sora::blush:  well my name is sora.
ellen: I am ellen.
viola: and I am viola nice to meet Youcute blush 
sora: Viola is a beautiful nameBlush 
viola: thank-you Okie Doke 
king: well sora I see you re like he-he
ellen: ho-ho viola already stealing hearts.
viola: S-Shut up ellenMisaki-Blush (Misaki Ayuzawa) 
king: well sora you can show castle for her I have talk something important for ellen.
sora: ok
sora and viola exit the room and viola grab sora´s hand
viola: this place is so beautifulNana (Blush) [V1] 
sora: you re more beautiful.
viola: w-what ?!!Anime Msn Emotion 2 
sora: n-nothing :cringe: 
roxas,vanitas,riku and ventus see he and viola.
vanitas: he-he sora you have a small girlfriend.
roxas: sora she is your girlfriend?
ventus: such a beautiful coupleIn Love 
riku: I agree.
viola: Yugi blush 
viola: w-well my name is viola nice to meet you 4
vanitas: my name is vanitas sora´s girlfriend
roxas: I am roxas
ventus: ventus but call me ven
riku: riku
viola: nice to meet you:blush: revisit 
roxas: awww sora you have a shy girlfriend
sora: SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND Ai Fuyuumi (Blush) [V1] 
vanitas: well she is not girlfriend let me see your name is viola right?
viola: right
vanitas get more close for viola
 viola:  Yugi blush   
vanitas: I like a cute girls and...
sora is pushed vanitas
vanitas: see sora is have a girlfriend
namine and kairi: what??!!
viola: huh?
namine: oh hi you re new keyole right?
viola is agree.
namine: my name is namine and this is kairi.
kairi: hi
viola: nice too meet you 2 my name is viola
kairi: I think you and me we will be great friends.
namine: I think this too.
viola: :happybounce: 
kairi and namine: lets go I show you the castle viola
viola: thank-you
ellen: HEY!!
viola: oh hey ellen lets go this 2 girls show me the castle lets go.
ellen: ok
the 4 girl exit the room
sora: I WILL KILL YOU 4.:angry: 

"Marco, were are you"!?

"Marco, please answer me"

You zoomed past houses. Running on the ground was my only option. In this world, if you run out of gas for your 3D MG, your screwed. But you weren't t going back, not until you found Marco. Your best friend, the one you loved. You ran as fast as you could, skidding corners and destroyed buildings. You jumped over the dead body's of your team mates, ignoring the smell of there blood. You turned a corner and ran down the street when you ran past something. Only to have you slow your pace and stop completely. You slowly turned around and walked over to the thing you missed. Your eyes widen as tears began to cloud your vision. You had ran past, not something, but some one. Long lines of salty tears dripped down your cheeks. There layed Marco, his body, bitten in half.



*Slap*. Your (Eye color) eyes widen, the sound of skin on skin echoed through the girls dorm. Your cheek stung as it slowly started to turn a reddish purple. You bolted up from your covers, your breathing sharp and panting. Mikasa was sitting on your bedside, same as Petra, hanji and Sasha. Mikasa's hand was slightly in the air, like she was ready to slap you. She had already done that though. Tears began to blur your vision, and with one quick movement, you wrapped your arms around mikasa's waist and buried your face into her shoulder, your tears staining her shirt.

"Shh, its ok (Your name), it was only a nightmare, its alright".

Mikasa rubbed your back as your sobbing got louder. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. Whispers could be heard from the now filled hallway. Petra walked over to the wooden door and opened it. Allowing a few people in. Eren, jean, and Armin walked in, confusion and worry clearly visible on there features. Eren and jean ran over to you, Armin walked over, not wanting to trip over the carpet.

"(your name)! Are you alright"? Eren asked with concern.

"We heard a scream and came down here as fast as we could". Jean whispered in the darkness.

"She's fine, she just had a nightmare". Petra mumbled.

"(Your name), can you tell us what you saw"? Hanji asked as if she was taking to a child.

You sobbed once more, feeling the pain in your chest tighten. Mikasa gently sat you up. Every body took your dreams to heart. Even corporal Levi. You had saved hundreds of lives because of your dreams. It started when you told commander Erwin. You had told him that twenty soldiers were going to die if they went out of the walls, and that they should go tomorrow. Of course he told you that it was just a bad dream, and that same day, he and his soldiers went out there. Only to have twenty die and thirty severely injured. You even saved captain levis team. Even captain Levi himself! You told his team member's that when a green flare gets fired in the forest, do NOT fire one. And so they believed you and continued on. Indeed the female titan appeared only moments later, but you told them to let Eren fight her, and that they need to get out of there as fast as they can. And that's what they did, and now here they are, breathing and alive as ever. Because of you. Now every one took your dreams seriously. You wiped your tears away, your eyes were red and puffy, showing how bad the dream really was.



You were suddenly interrupted when a tall body was leaning against the door. Standing in the doorway, panting and sweating, was Marco. His breathing was sharp like he had just ran a mile. He stood there for a moment, his eyes staring into your (Eye color) ones. That's when the tears began to fall once more, showing relief and terror at the same time. You couldn't let him, no, you wouldn't let him go. You jumped out of bed screaming his name. You wrapped your arms around his waist, and buried your head into his chest. Lessening to the sound of his pounding heart. A small tint of crimson covered his freckled cheeks, his eyes softened as he stared down at your trembling form. He gently wrapped his arms around your torso and legs, and with a swift moment, picked you up into his arms and carried you back over to your bed. Your arms refused to release there death grip on his neck, so he set you down on his lap. His hand rested on your thigh and the other rubbed your back. Your face was still buried into his chest, your tears now soaking his white shirt.

"I heard a scream, and that's when I saw jean, and Armin rush out of are dorm. I tried following them but I was tangled up in my blankets".

Marco said to the others who were standing, or sitting next to you. You hadn't realized that commander Erwin and Corporal Levi were standing next to your bed. Most of the people there saluted your superior's, you on the other hand didn't. Same as Macro, you were to busy trembling and Marco was busy helping you relax. You took a deep breath in and out. You didn't want to show your weak side, you were so embarrassed you could die.  You felt a large warm hand on your shoulder, which caused you to slowly turn your head away from Marcos chest. Only to stare at two big blue eyes. Those eyes belonged to your brother Erwin.

"(Your name), don't push your self, now please, can you tell us what you had just dreamt about". 

"I dreamt that the colossal titan breeched the wall, again." Gaps could be heard around the room. But you paid no attention to it. Your gaze traveled to Eren. Your (Eye color) eyes boring into his emerald ones.

"You need to plug the hole, or every one will die. But even if you do that...your going to lose control and attack mikasa, don't lose control and even if you are able to plug it up, Marco will...". (A/N, I know that Eren finds out that he's a titan shifter and that he hasn't been judged yet, but in this he has and every one is already living in the castle, and stuff like that, lets just say that the female titan had already appeared and that the colossal titan hasn't yet, ok back to the story). More gasps could be heard. Eren's eyes widen as yours slowly looked at Marco. More tears began to fall down your cheeks, feeling the warm water running down your bruise.

"Marco...your going to die...So please, stay here tomorrow, ill save jean and we all can live ok!" Jeans, erne's, mikasa's, Armins, Petra's, and Marcos eyes widen in disbelief. Levis face remanded emotionless as ever, he quickly jumped in to the conversation.

"We cant risk your damn death cadet (Your name), your to important, cadet Jean will travel alone, we will give the dumb ass two tanks of gas so he can make an escape, cadet Marco can stay here with you, now, all of you brats, go back to fucking bed cadet (Your name) will sleep with Marco tonight, ".  His cold gaze traveled to Marco, who's face was now a bright red. "You'll need to watch her in case she has any other dreams, got it brat".

Marco nodded as every one else wished you both a goodnight. The boys traveled back to their dorm, and the girls went back into their warm beds. Marco picked you up bridal style and carried you out to the hallway. Your arms now firmly wrapped around his neck. He held you like you weighed nothing as he traveled back to his dorm. Your eyes stared at his freckle's, then down a little to his thin lips. Dear god you loved  this man, you loved every thing about him, The thought of losing him was just to much for you to handle. As he continued walking he couldn't help but look down only to see you starring at him, Tears began to fall down your eyes once more. He halted his walking, a small gentle smile was now plastered on his face

"(Your name), every thing is going to be ok, so please don't cry". 

And with that, his lips pressed against yours. Muffling your cry's. Your eyes widen and your body tensed up, it took a minute but you relaxed and kissed the freckled boy back. Sense you both were humans, and humans need air, you both Regretfully pulled away. Both your faces blushed a pure red. Marcos back made contact with the wall, and as if on cue, he slid down and rested on the floor. You sitting in his lap. Both of you in the hallway, not caring if any one walked by. Your palm rested on his cheek, your lips formed into a loving smile. He rested his forehead on yours, breathing in your sent as you both sat there, enjoying the peace.

"(Your name), I love you, more then anything in the world".

"I love you too Marco".

And there you sat during the night. And for the first time in along time. You finally felt at peace, knowing that the one you love, is going to live another day. And who knows, Maby you'll dream of having children with the man. Who ever said that's dreams would never turn into reality. 



The End~

Well i hoped you enjoyed the story. Please leave a comment and if you have any requests please let me know by leaving a comment you messaging me. Thank you ^_^


Yeah, so might start writing short stories about one of my OCs, Tallulah, (and probably about her siblings as well), but mainly her because I don't know what her fate is in an RP I have her in. If it turns out badly for her Waaaah!  you guys are in for a story time! I am a dummy! 
I think you might like it. And I hope many of you will read them! Love 

I've figured out a schedule already, or well..there wasn't really much to figure out. But since I post drawings on Fridays and photos on Saturdays, literature would be published on Sundays. Meow :3 
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MLP TF Season 1: Done

Vinyl Scratch - 1
Octavia - 2
Princess Celestia -3 
Princess Luna -4
Derpy -5
Finally, a male pony. Doctor Whooves? - 6
By the way, one more male. My OC? - 7 Finale
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