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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Welcome to the sixth edition to Deviantart's own Literary Almanac Monthly! This month DA's own authors will be featured for their writing, involvement in the community, and for their dedication to what they love to do.  As literature comes in many forms, Literary Almanac is not limited any type of writer--everybody matters! 

Literary Almanac Monthly: Volume Six

1. an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables. 

A Quick News Forecast:

Build the next Literary Almanac Monthly!

LAM is made up of three main components in the article. Group news, features and an inspirational quote. For October's Almanac, the rules will be shaken up and the article will be open to all sorts of things. Submitting to any one of these things will have you entered for the prize draw, but more than one submission is greatly appreciated! 

S.M.I.L.E: Build-an-Article EventThis contest event is affiliated with DeviantART-Smiles and the S.M.I.L.E project. :heart:
Welcome to the seventh edition to Deviantart's own Literary Almanac Monthly! This month DA's own authors will be featured for their writing, involvement in the community, and for their dedication to what they love to do.  As literature comes in many forms, LAM is not limited any type of artist--everybody matters! 
(October) Literary Almanac Monthly: Volume Seven
1. an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables.
You know, it's all fun to collect stuff and awesome things to put together to make the Literary Almanac Article by myself for the release on the thirteenth of every month, but I think it would be even more fun to have LAM's very own Fra


GrammarNaziCritiques is looking for prose and poetry submissions. Are you thinking of getting some feedback on your work? You're in luck! Not only will we give you feedback, but we'll burn your village, capture your women and deliver a plague onto your family! Are you still not convinced? GrammarNaziCritiques now offers optimized critiquing in 3D! What are you waiting for? Submit your work today!

Warning: Grammarnazicritiques is not responsible for crying, heart failure, pregnancy, death, loss of hearing, disappointment, emotions, depression, lying spouses, general discomfort, revolutions or any other side-effects of every day living.


TheWritersHaven has opened a contest!

Monthly Contest--Win Points! Back to School Theme!:iconthewritershaven: is starting a new monthly contest!
Since many of us have just started school again, this month's theme is "Back to School"!
The awesome and generous :iconcuriouslyalone: has donated 100:points: as a prize for the winner this month and our newest co-founder :iconNaktarra: has offered to give the winner a feature in her September edition of Literary Almanac Monthly! :happybounce:
:bulletgreen: Just submit your Deviation to the Monthly Contest Folder here:
:bulletgreen: Up to two entries per person is allowed. The deadline has been extended through September 30th!
:bulletgreen: Your entries can be old or new works, but must relate in some way to the "Back to School" theme. Be creative!
:bulletgreen: The administrators will choose the winner fairly and objectively based on the quality of both the concept and execution of your piece.
:bulletgreen: The winner will be announced soon after the month of


PostRevival's goal is to revive snail mail
around the world! With a little time and dedication,
you might have a brand new pen pal! :heart:

Group IdeasLet's all talk about what we'd like to do with this group!
Do you have any ideas for fun pen pal projects?
Maybe you've got some good prompt ideas to inspire writers when they're having a hard time getting past "How do you do?"
Any art prompts you'd like to see tackled?
Maybe something crafty like making a small book or trinket to send?
A mail-mixer: everyone sends something to an admin who then mixes it up and sends each participant a random piece of mail.


Faces of Religion - Evangelical ChristianIn spring of 2012, my husband was praying about children and our future, and God said to him, in a clear voice, “when you’re 23”. David told me, and although stunned we began to prepare. By the next fall, after months and months of prayer and consideration we gave up birth control because we felt that God telling us had as much to do with obedience as anything. But we didn’t get pregnant then. Or the next month, or the next. A year later we got that positive, and it just underscored that no birth control or lack if it is going to stop God bringing a life into the world, or compel Him to when He didn’t originally intend it.
By that point my husband was already 23, and the due date was set for a week after he turned 24. We were puzzled, but assumed the baby would be born a week early, which isn’t atypical."
Then, at 20 weeks we got the news that our boy, who we had decided to name Samson long before I had even conceived, had hydrocephalus and a brain d

CorinneFriesen is writing a book
to bring attention to the representations
of religion in today's media. 

Support its cause on Kickstarter!


Hook, Line and SinkerI dreamt of a girl beyond the water. Above the green glass sea, she dangled her feet, threw out her gaze to ripple along the surface, and waited. Her words fell like fishing lines, diving and cutting through the mosaics of blues and greens, slipping under my skin as hooks. Her tongue was a reel, tugging me faintly upwards, flying through fluid blurs and crashing into a planisphere of ivory laced clouds, golden sands, a pair of mahogany eyes. It’s funny, how falling in love with her was just like drowning in air, feeling gills shiver and water drip, the distant cries of seagulls reminding me how vulnerable I am this side of the glass. Falling in love with her was just like leaping upstream, tumbling into the dark branches of mangrove trees and seeing their roots, my branches, splinter through the horizon.
And she embraced me like a fishing net, fingers coarse as rope. Between her tightly circled arms, I saw squares of the night sky, slivers of stars and somehow I could almost conv
    Beach Ball with a BubbleBeach Ball with a Bubble
Butterflies spin out of cruise control as they hover above the flowers marking the end of the path. The odd lazy monarch spirals dizzily over the heated sand catching a wave or two before coming back to the flowered shore.
Out on the beach the ants get lost among the grains until their ticklish feet touch tired toes. Mainly they are ignored; left to do their own business and go about their way, lost to any world but their own.
Close to the shore where the air mixes a boy blows bubbles; soap spiralling sluggishly from the wand. Surfing monarchs mingle with whimsical bubbly balls that drift out of control on the heat only to pop when pushed against air pressure. Those closer to the ground gently touch ant-feet before lifting towards the sky again.
Bubbles spiral forth from the wishing wand as waves suck the earth from beneath the boy’s feet. Butterflies bounce off the glistening balls, ants waving them lazily along.
In the war of the w
    The NecklaceI rested my arms and head on the boat railing, trying not to get sick. The waves were rougher than an offroad drive.
Keep your eye on land, dad said. But God tilted the horizon back and forth, as if a pinball game was being played. Puerto Vallarta lit up and distant cars turned on their headlights. I could see club and bar signs from here.
We were going back to tourist central. A few jet skis were still out and a couple passed by. I watched some muscleman smiling in his moment of rented freedom. Then the cornrowed American girl behind him opened her vest and flashed me.
Covering my blushed face, I got up and walked over to the helm. The orange sky marked the end of our fishing run and we were on our way back with a full haul. My dad chuckled, “Get a free show did you?”
I looked down at the half-dry floor, “You saw that?”
“Those were fake.”
“What? Summer is like a 3-month spring break here. Besides, I only like the real

Congratulations to the winners in Authors-Club's contest!


The 100 Days of Literature Challenge
This is the start of the 100 Days of Literature Challenge!
We are now on Day 41!  

Please note that I have updated the contest. Ten people will now stand to win the 100 points each and will be chosen at the end based on writers choice. 

Below, you will find the list of prompts that have been submitted! 
Each number represents the day and the order in which I will write a piece about the prompt you have submitted. 
If you have any prompts, do post it in the comments below and get your name on this list! 
I will fill up any and all missing slots but having someone give a prompt is much more challenging for me! 
So here it is, the prompt challenge list so far!
1. Blue Wolf Rage prompt contributed by :iconadimetro00:

2. The Flower At The Desert prompt contributed by :iconclokthegod:

3. <b>

Try out this new themed literature challenge!


A big special thanks to everyone who participated in Writing-Rampage's first and very successful month of prompting! Here is a peek at everyone's contributions! 

Week #1  by Naktarra

The Party Ended at MidnightShoulder-length black hair
Eclipsed by the closing door
She never said "Bye."
    Maintenance Relief on the First Day of SummerThe hallway was silent
as doors to empty lockers swung.
Perfect for cleaning.

Week #2  by smith4891

To YouShe came in and out of the coffee shop starting in the spring. Her medium cut, cerulean hair was hard to miss, and it danced with her movement over fair skin that looked as soft as silk. It was these small details that I cherished more than anything in the few moments we would spend talking about our writing. Rather, the moments we spent talking about mine. She never dared speak about hers. She would just silently grip her coffee cup between both hands, sipping every so often, listening intently. Throughout the times she would come in, I would occasionally offer to buy her her coffee, and she would occasionally allow it. The order was always the same, a white mocha with whip. We would sit down and continue to talk about what it was I was planning, and she was always genuinely invested in my words. Even still, it wasn’t long until she started to fade away.
By summer, she started coming for coffee less.Her interest in me began to dwindle, let alone my stories. She would occasionall
    Closed DoorsLeave me alone
Let me lose
Myself in the ocean
Where I will be
Forever young.
Let me stay
Away from the clock
Invisible dictator
Of our days.
I’m afraid
Of the reality
Waiting for me
With a knife.
I don’t want
To leave behind
The best years
Of my life.
What I like
Never last
The time
Fades it out.
Soon will be
Dust these words
In your memory.
    Time of a Mad ManHow many times a night did he hear the clock tick?
Every second was another moment in all of time and space and history. And here he was. In this room.
In a single tick, everything in life can change. You may die, you may be born, you may be happier than ever before, you may feel the universe is crashing. But the clock keeps ticking, and the world still spins, indifferent.
In this room, time was different. Walls stark white. No windows, no clock; his only indication of time was that ticking. Some nights it consumed him. But it also kept his sanity. The only noise in his cell was the clock.
Years had passed and days had gone, but how long had it been for him? The voices had stopped coming. They no longer floated through the brilliantly bright walls. Now it was only the clock.
Some days he considered the possibility he was mad; the thought never stayed with him for long though.
How old was he now? He counted seconds on the clock and thought of the world. The universe went on, unto
    The Goddess of Time
The Goddess of Time
My body is always heavy because I am not allowed to take a break as I always must continue to walk down my path. My long brown hair was slightly moving from the slight hot breeze as today in the the never ending sands of time it was hot.
The souls of my feet where cracked from the burning hot steps, my throat was so dry from the hot air but I still continued to walk as I felt the hot sun beating down on my skin as the breeze came through again slightly blowing my white dress that danced in the wind. In the distance was a clock that was always spinning as I would walk along the steps of time each step I took I watched a new eras form, the bloody wars, and generations of people who changed history.
People would come into this time line as I would watch many as they traveled on the same path I walk everyday except unlike me when they reach the end of their clock as they slowly faded away into the sands of time their exist fading into tiny pieces of sand along this eter
    Time    It had been so long since he had smiled. As Edward realized this, he realized why he had been feeling depressed. He had lived too long. Everything had become dull and boring. For twenty-two thousand years, he had lived upon this planet, Danae, and he had ruled. He had commanded all things, been their savior, their executioner, the one they spoke of in whispers huddled around fires at night, their eyes shining with fear and awe. He had become a god twenty-two eons ago, and he had done everything. He watched humanity go from small hunter-gatherer societies, to sprawling cities. He had cured the plague at one time, started it another. His beautiful features never changed, the sands of time never weathering him. He had witnessed wars on massive scale, he had commanded an army to slaughter, destroy, rape, and loot, and he had fought in another army as a lowly foot soldier, and he was the one to receive those same orders. He had fallen in love, married, started    TimeThese brief, intimate moments of happiness
will be the ones we fondly carry into eternity,
guiding our souls when the lights of our eyes dim.
    Clocks of Night and DayTime fades the mind's oasis into wasteland.
I can't protect paradise from parasites.
Carrying away friends, he'll convert them into my ghosts.
King time only produces dust, bones, and pain. 
Time mends all wounds.
Only if you reach out for his hand, however.
Casting off the burden of worries, peace will land
Keeping your soul from shattering.

Week #3 by Kurt-Jarram

Cosmic HistoryRasping throats, flushed cheeks, burning tongues and weepy eyes share their secrets in putrid air and on slimy, smooth countertops. This kitchen buries its wretched hearts in wilted lettuce and stale cheeses hoping these juvenile tactics will bring a more mundane existence but this is a realm where ties are forged then severed with the ease of handing over a knife. Here I sit, mistress of flavors, running my eyes over each man's shoulders like a hand over the flank of a trusty quarter horse.
"Such grotesque, calloused hands!" The dame cries every time she visits. Her words often fall like dust on ancient stone and bear no consequence on the day's happenings but today is different. This morning's portent borne me at the bottom of my teacup spelt out danger, fear, death and left me with a persistent chill in spite of the season's warmth. My rattled nerves lack their usual resilience and buckle under her horrid voice.
Her nagging reaches my perch. Her berating, demeaning condescension gro
    Never listen to a gypsyI never should have listened to that damn gypsy but no she had to go my best friend in the whole wide world who just wanted to go get her palms read because apparently that is in right now with all those supernatural shows on Tv which made me laugh. But no she still managed somehow to drag me away from soft ball practice I was hoping today finally he could notice me; our high school pitcher once glance of him was enough to make a teen age girls heart skip a beat.
With his longer straight black hair that he tucked behind his ear and his golden brown eyes that burned like fire when he threw his fast ball. He was simply amazing yet I use to be able to catch for him until we got into high school now I just caught for out team just to be able to watch him throw.
“Hey Lily it's your turn,” my best friend told me as she broke me out my fantasy with him as I sat down in the chair to look at the gypsy who wore that outfit you would see around Halloween with the sashes as she wore he
    Why I Lived For So LongI could not do it,
I could not step on that crack.
Due to an overactive imagination,
Cowardliness is what I didn't lack.
And a black cat crossed that path,
So I have to take the back roads.
I can't help but do this,
The worry comes in loads.
Even thought theses men,
Are working on the front door.
I refuse to walk under that ladder,
I didn't mind walking a little more.
Saying "Bloody Mary" was a dare.
I knew it wasn't wise.
Doing it I didn't know,
Is what would be my demise.

Week #4 by Naktarra

Trusting a ManiacIt was not like I disliked my mother, but it was also not that I liked her either. For me, she was just someone who was living with me together in a big old house between other big old houses in a usual street, which is part of any average city. She was just there to feed me, wash my clothes and the other stuff which other mothers would do. I did not really talked to her, more never spend time with her. She is a busy woman, she said, and she would only have time for me at the table while eating dinner.
It has not always been like this, it was even the opposite. During my elementary and middle school years she would have followed me around anywhere to make sure I’ll be fine, and I was not allowed to stay out late. I was fine with that rule since I didn't had many friends. So what changed the situation it used to be to the situation now? Simple: Tell your parents that they are annoying and you wished you could choose who to be your parent. Those were my situation changing words to
    waking the dragonshe circled ragged fingers,
enveloping tiny blackened silhouettes
of monarch moths lingering
at daybreak inside a silver womb.
barefoot and drenched,
she wove herself into
a dream of trampled wings
and fading pastels.
waking, she lifts a prayer skyward.
the budding wings of butterflies
reflect and refract in burning light.
she peels layer of silken cocoon
from her flaky flesh, and
it smells like morning dew.
glistening, she renews
as a girl with stained glass eyes
the color of a rustic sunset,
and she watches wet wings
whirl wistfully toward the horizon.
and she prays the demons stay at bay.
   Aronansa Special ~ Fascination by Sharquelle    Straight-jacketMy cell was lit gray when I awoke, drab, and cold. I shivered and sat up.. My ankle stung when I tried to move it, reminding me of the grim days before. Pulling aside the towel bandage, I saw dried blood and grimaced; the bullet was lodged somewhere in my foot and I hadn't found a doctor to remove it. Though, I knew that it wouldn't mean anything, I looked around at the cell, which was the same. Right next to me was the wall, the two, empty cells, and the hallway, with an occasional guard-passerby. Slowly, I looked to the cell on my right; it was empty as usual. Then, I looked to the cell on my left and saw a girl with black hair and a straight-jacket tight around her. She was muttering.
“Hello?” I asked, carefully, gripping the bars with my hands, peering in at her.
She looked up at me, there was blood all over her face; she spit red out before she spoke to me. “Dammit,” she cursed.
“Hello?” I tried again.
“I heard you the first time!” s
   Anuriel Nightshade - At Last by EinoKoskinen

Also: Week four's prompt offered a fifteen Points reward to the best entry in that week along with a big squishy :hug: for everyone who participated for the month of August. Stay tuned for more prompts in spooky, scary October! 

Quote of the Month:

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.” 
― Madeleine L'Engle

Got Literature?

If you find something you want to suggest for the next issue of Literary Almanac Monthly, 
please feel free to send Naktarra a note with your suggestions. Make sure you include
what you like about the piece!

Also: Don't be afraid to feature yourself; we wont bite the person who wants to be recognized. I'll nibble just a little.

(Be sure to check out the rules of submission here!)

Happy writing,


Interested on asking me silly things? Ask me your silly things here!

On a normal day on Mobius

Sooonic!! Amy Rose said in happiness ."yes amy" the blue blur said " sonic there is this wonderful little shop up north Tails's house where they say your future and even who you were and where AND your lifestyle! It's only 100 dollars each person!!~ Amy "what!! Are you CRAZY!!! I will NOT spend MY money on that crap!!"~sonic  " please sob* I-I just want to know our future together " " aww Ames i will let us go but just remember I truly know we will be together forever" " you are so sweet , but we're still going" " so when are we going" " where?" ~amy " the fortune teller! Remember?!"  " oh, ya will go today"

Sonic's P.O.V

As I was driving to the fortune tell shop I thought  " there is just a price you pay , especially with amy

" where here" I said as a woke amy up

We got out of the car as I walked up the stairs of the small bit very  scary  looking shop I got  a  nervous chill down my spine. " welcome " the lady said  I walked up close to her and saw it was the one and only blaze the cat" what are you doing here " I said  as I was giving her a handshake . " well I needed a job,  anyways let's start  the session, and just for knowing me you get  50% off "

As she sat us down  I felt nervous because what if something  would come up  like me or amy dies or a huge fight  or we will never be able to have kids  or something like that. She said " the first part we will be couples and the second part will be  a solo session" she told me and amy to spread our hands  out on the table . " ok know lets begin" 

Amy's P.O.V 

i felt sooo sooo happy inside  that I could find out for sure we would be together  forever and ever and EVER!! " but what if it's not like - wait why worry he IS going out with ME so no worries


blaze  told them they would be happy with to kids Rose and  Ami ( XD  on names , right) but the rest was on them if they wanted that to happen or not. She said to them it would be possible to change there fate .

" Now I will beginn the solo session . Amy please stand out side while I do sonic's session first"

" sonic before I start relax . But I have  one question" " what's that" " are you happy with amy?" "Ummm... Yes I am she IS my girlfriend " the blue one said
"ok. Let's begin .  In your past life you were a man married to woman name  Roja . In the other  a woman with a man named Fists and -( she says a lot so let's skip) . " now sonic out of all your life's including this one you have been with the wrong person "  blaze said " wait so amy is not my soulmate or the one I am meant to be with?!" " no, there has always been one person that every time makes the mistake of not telling you there feelings for you and you secretly waiting for them , you never are happy . Which means deep down thawed is someone you have a crush on that is not amy and you must tell them your true feeling or history WILL repeat its self and you will never be truly happy, do you understand?" " yes blaze I do , so does that mean the person I may love secretly loves me back? " " yes they do sonic , and it's not you MAY love them it's you DO love them." 

After amy's session

so sonic any bad news?~ amy

not at all  actually it was perfect~sonic

as they got to there house to sleep an ebony one stared through the night " why does the world make me feel this ... Feeling I-I can't describe " as he yelled in anger because of his confusion sonic heard him as he awoke " hmm I wonder where he is ? I shood find him! I will never forget what blaze told me!"

he ran strait out of the house to find the ebony one . 

" where could he be ??" As sonic ran closer into the forest he heard noise of feet walking somewhere ahead of him and reailized how far from the city he was . He walked up the hill and saw shadow standing there looking down at the waves crashing against the shore.

as shadow thought he felt something hug his back rapping its arms around him " get off me faker!!" " whell I'm stunded how did ya know it was me ?" The blue one asked " humph" was all he could get out of him. 

 Shadow's P.O.V

 I was realy curious on why sonic was here especially at night wouldn't he want to be with his girlfriend 

" why ARE you here faker"

" I heard you yell so I was consirne if you were ok or needed help" 

now  I was in complete shock . Why would he of all people care how I was doing this night .

" Shadow there has been something I have been meaning to tell you" sonic said as he started to blush

" what is it and w-why are you blushing ?" I asked 

" shadow I-I love you ok!!" 

that was the last thing I heard before he ran off in tears before I could tell him I love him too.
I write this with my own blood,
Heart beats form into splattered words.
When my bloody palms can't take it anymore 
I start blowing my soul out,
Whispering these lines.
Eating my own tongue,
I'm sometimes forced into quitting.
I wish I could say nothing could stop me,
Truth is anything can,
A lot of things have.
I take breaks and ignore my passion,
Then lock it up and feel lost.
It's not self harm per say...
More like discipline.
The overwhelming array of poetry..
It swallows my being,
Lost in it's stomach.
I feel pity for myself,
As if not learning how to do this isn't my fault.
Self loathing I create,
Make poems with no feeling.
Shameless creatures that need to be dead,
Sentences that should have ended before they started.
Yet I tell myself,
I am poetry.
    I was walking around the mall with a few of my friends. Shakil, a purple fox with a Bullet for my Valentine shirt, black jeans, and black converse shoes, was to my left. On my right was Scott, a red and blue hedgehog with a plain white muscle shirt, blue jeans, and black and white Jordans. I was wearing a white shirt with a black jean vest, blue jeans, and black and white KB Jordans. We were about to enter gamestop when I received a text message from sonic.exe

EXE: Hey!

Me: Whats up?

EXE: I will be working at the club tonight. Pick me up around 9pm at 448 Wilmington Ave.

Me: K. See ya until then

    I let my friends know that i will be leaving early to pick up exe. Shakil looks at me and exclaimed, "I thought Exe had a car? cant he drive back?" "His car is in the repair shops getting inspected" It said. Scott saw the text and said, "I know where that is! I can give you directions if you want?" "I can look it up on my cell phone. Thanks though" I replied. After a few minutes we all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways.

    I get into my car and started the motor. I drove a restored DMC Delorean with a flat black and red paint job that i restored and customized myself. I pull out of the parking lot and headed to Anneli's auto body just a few minutes from the house i lived in with exe since we were forced to be roommates. I go into the building since i had special access and took a look at EXE's car. He drove a 2014 Subaru BRZ in Rally blue. I took a look and saw that the crew just put a fresh coat of paint and clear coat on the rear bumper. I walked out and headed to the club.

    I drove down the road and noticed that the club was in the middle of nowhere. I  was surprised that it was able to be found on my GPS. I pull into the parking lot and parked the car nest to a 2014 chevrolet corvette stingray. I shut the motor off and some guys approached me. They looked at my car, and recognized the look. "your EXE's roommate arent ya?" I was nervous thinking that they were going to beat me up and take my car since they looked like they were from one of SEGAfan15's doodles, but i looked at the one that questioned me, and said, "yes i am" They beckoned me to follow them and they let me into the club. I walked in and was greeted by a woman in a bikini. She opened the door to a room full of people, lights, loud music, and stripper poles.

    -To be continued-

Features and 3 Word Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 11:12 AM



100 Poem Feature

Date expected: 7th October 2014

If you have know any deviants who write poetry or have a poem you would like me to include in next month's feature, whether it be your own or somebody else'. Please send me a note with a thumbnail of the poem and a quick 3 to 4 sentence comment as to why it should be included. If I really think it's good I might suggest it to one of the Literature Community Volunteers for evaluation for a DD. Entries open only until 1st October.


Poem of the Day

This is a new feature where I select one poem from a deviant and showcase it on my profile page for 24 hours. A time period of 31 days must elapse before a deviant can be allowed to have another poem showcased. A special folder in my favourites will be created soon which will include the poems I have selected. Unlike the 100 Poem Feature I'll not accept suggestions. Sorry.


3-Word Contest


This is a brand new contest I've decided to create. Before I get into the nitty gritty I would like to make absolute clear that there will be no Premium membership or point prizes. The reason being I cannot afford it.

Anyway on to the contest itself.

:target: Aim - to write a poem or a prose piece including one or all of the following three words:

Spontaneous  Combustion Engine

:target: Please enter your entries in the comments section below.

:target: IMPORTANT: Please keep your word count to under 225 words. I don't want to read a novel hahaha.

:target:IMPORTANT PART II: Please could you type your entry into the comment section below. I won't accept any entries that are deviation links. I've excluded one entrant only on the grounds I forgot to express this rule clearly beforehand. Also please include your word count total either at the top or bottom of your entry. That would be brilliant. :D

:target: There will be TWO winners.

:bulletpurple: The winner in First Place will receive a special one-off journal feature with an interview, a selection of their works and a honourable mention in my next 100 Poem Feature.

:bulletorange: The winner in Second Place will have one of their poems featured in my Poem of the Day Feature and an honourable mention in my next 100 Poem Feature.

:target: Entries are limited to 2 per entrant.

:target: Deadline is 3rd  October 2014.

:target: Winners will be noted before 5th October 2014 and will be revealed on October's edition of 100 Poem Feature.

I wish anyone who enters the best of luck. :wave: :rose:

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 A scream rattled through the night. Not from what you hear from horror movies. But a u utterly painful scream. Deep in the woods lay a monster giving birth..

 Tainted screeched. It was painful!! So very painful. Soon a small kitten was born. But she wasn't finished. After much more pain there were two more. Three. Three kittens. The father was no where in sight but he was there. She could feel her Master's presence. It funded l filled her with happiness to know he was looking over her. She looked down to examine her kits. She froze. It wasn't right.. no.  They weren't right. Her fur bristled with rage. They were ugly!! All of them!! Normal, ugly, boring kits!! She lifted one of her tails. It's mouth opened. She slammed it down on one of the kits. It screamed in pain then went silent after its neck snapped. She went to kill the next. It was crawling away, fast for a kit. But not enough... no it was too slow. She n killed it the same as she did the other. Then glared at the last.

 I silently listened. My mother was killing my littermates but I didn't understand. I had no name yet. But the cries only made me feel I've thing- Happy. Yes.. happy. Was it strange? I didn't feel like it was. But I was hungry. I yelled at my mother, a high pitched mew. She was staring at me now. I growled deeply and crawled towards her. I was eating whether she liked it or not.

 Tainted was shocked by the sudden growl from the last living kit. Then she noticed something she missed before. The kit was muscular, and she had not one but two tails. But that was all. No.. no it wasn't. She noticed something else. They looked like faces. Her tails had one smiling sharp toothed face and one frowning one. Both had eyes that fit the mouth. They also had tufts of fur going down them. Was this her one??

 I reached her!! Great!! Now where is the thing where the food comes from? Eugh! There's something horrid smelling. Is that mom? Oh gross!! I don't like this... She growled and nudged her mother. It wasn't her. Good. I wouldn't wanna live with it. But what was it? Then she noticed something running down her face. Thick and gross. She wiped it off but more came out. I can't do nothing about it..

 She looked at her kit, then with one of her tails lifted it up gently. She flinched when she saw it's face. It was creepy.. so beautifully creepy!! The smile it wore was more than pleasing. "I'm keeping you.." She muttered.

 I like what I hear. But.. I'm still hungry. She screeched at her mother to feed her. And she did.

 "I need name. Heard it's thing for mother child.." Tainted mewed. Then she realized that there could only be one fitting name. Her smile and the joy she felt of having this one special child.

    "I will call you Happy."


You sighed as a plastic bag was shaken in front of your face. This was frustrating. Why in the world did you even want to play such a game?

Oh, right. Your friend Nerdygirly forced you to.

"Oh, come on, (y/n)! It'll be fun," she begged, her fiery red tail swishing about in excitement. But you knew she only wanted to do this because she wanted to be alone with every guy playing, save Light- to which she despised with a burning hatred- and Near, who kinda freaked her out. Not just that, but there were plenty of "yaoitastical" moments in which one of the boys she shipped pulled another boy's item and they made yaoi-cake.

You would have said no if she hasn't pulled out a knife and threatened you with it, though.

So now you were here, Misa shaking a plastic bag in your face and is contents annoyingly jingling with every bounce. You glared at the dumb blonde and snatched the bag from her grip. Fishing a hand through the sea of objects, and cutting you finger on the tip of Beyond's knife, you suddenly grasped what felt like a smooth stick and pulled out out.

That stick just just happened to be a lollipop.

From the corner of your (e/c) eye, you noticed L going and stand from his crouched sit with a sigh. You never really understood why L agreed to playing this game on the first place, judging the face that he was too mature for these types of things. 'Maybe Nerdygirly or Light forced him?' From another corner of your eye, Beyond and Light sneered at you in envy and you stick your tongue out at them, to which Nerdy sent you a small smile. But she too wanted L to go with her.

"Alright, move along now!" Misa ordered, literally pushing L into the dark, stuffy closet, and right into you. The door slammed closed as the detective fell down and came crashing over you, your body now on the floor from the impact. L groaned and pushed himself on ask fours with his arms and legs only to flush when he realized that he was straddling you, and he quickly jumped off like a cat out of water.

Rolling your eyes, you pulled out the lollipop film the bad and have out to him, hoping that would make him less awkward. With a small smile, he took it, and nodded to you as a silent 'Thanks'.

For the next few minutes, the both of you spent it in quiet, the occasional slurp of L's tongue atop the candy sending you on edge. It wasn't comfortable at all.

"Ryuuzaki-Kun," you asked, breaking the silence, and he looked to you with his wide, black irises. "When we leave, nothing will be awkward between us, right? It's just a game, so..." You flushed as a large hand playfully rubbed the hair on your head.

"I highly doubt that there would be any difference in our friendship, (y/n)." You smiled warmly at him and landed in so that you lips were by his ear.

"Good." As you give him a chaste kiss to the cheek, the door is thrown open revealing a worried Beyond and Nerdy.

"Times up, guys!~" The Kitsune announced with a smile and wink to you. Your face hearts up as you stroll off, L following behind, and Nerdy groans loudly as she picked out a pen from the bag- that pen belonging to Light. Said teen smirked and dragged her into the closet, promptly shutting it closed. You had a feeling that Light was either horny or stupid as crap.

You can't feel but to feel a smile from your side and you turn to see L grinning like a kid in a candy store. You smile too, the sweet feeling of L's taste burning on your lips.

You suddenly felt like this game wasn't bad at all, especially when Light gave a loud, pained screen from the other side of the closet door and you realized that Nerdy still had her knife with her.
Il Cartoomics è una fiera organizzata dalla UpMarket Srl, che si svolge a Milano (più precisamente alla Fiera Milano-Rho) nel periodo di Marzo, generalmente a metà mese.
Il luogo della fiera è facilmente raggiungibile grazie alla metropolitana attiva fino a tarda notte, quindi non è strettamente necessario trovare un alloggio vicino alla fiera, ma basta essere in una zona raggiunta dalla metro! Appena si esce dalla metro ci si trova davanti alle biglietterie ;3
L’entrata è a pagamento, vi è la disponibilità di fare un abbonamento per entrare più giorni e addirittura il primo giorno di fiera i cosplayer entrano gratis! Per quanto riguarda i servizi invece sono previsti guardaroba custoditi e camerini interni alla fiera. All’esterno è presente anche un parcheggio a pagamento.
Il Cartoomics è generalmente svolto in contemporanea con un’altra fiera (che può essere riguardante musica, giochi etc) e il biglietto d’entrata vale per entrambe le fiere. Nel padiglione dedicato ai fumetti, animazione e cosplay potrete trovare stand di varia tipologia: da quelli dedicati alla vendita di oggettistica e manga, ai workshop, alle presentazioni di games, fino agli stand di rievocazione medievale.
Durante il weekend in cui sarete in fiera potrete assistere alle sfilate cosplay , esibizioni live di artisti e live action della Umbrella Corp.

L’unica pecca di questa fiera è quella di non poter uscire dai padiglioni per poi rientrare per motivi logistici, quindi l’unica opportunità per avere delle foto o prendere una boccata d’aria è quella di uscire dalle porte laterali dei padiglioni che danno sulle scale anti incendio. Data l’affluenza, lo spazio è un po’ristretto , ma a mio parere vale la pena andarci, dopotutto ogni fiera è sempre una bella occasione per vedere vecchi amici e fare nuove conoscenze!
Ci vediamo a Milano il prossimo anno dal 13 al 15 Marzo!
Nyan nyan!~
J'en aurais presque oublié ce que je faisais avant de la connaitre. 
Je me suis perdu, je me suis oublié dans son idée. 
Le retour à la réalité est brutal. 
J'ai tellement changé avec elle.... 
J'suis devenu vide, juste une volonté d'aimer et de baiser. 
J'en ai marre de me tenir. De retenir mes mots. 
J'voulais la lui mettre dans la chatte, elle a pas voulu. 
Dommage, j'l'aurais bien défoncé h24 dans toutes les positions imaginables. 
Il faut que je trouve mon chemin. 
Et ça passe pas par c'te fille, qui m'a juste pourri l'existence. 
Je veux plus être ce mec, one-itis boy. 
J'aurais tenté de me consacrer à une seule fille, mais ça marche pas. 
L'amour à 2, ça marche pas.
A partir de 3 ça deviens intéressant. 
Mais le mieux c'est de ne pas avoir de limites. 
Traiter les filles comme des salopes, 
Parce que l'Amour, ça n'existe pas. 

C'était qu'une chatte après tout. 
Une parmi tant d'autres. 
Je peux plus me tenir, il faut que j'explose. 
Que je sois moi pour moi. 

J'ai franchis c'te colline.
J'y vois plus clair maintenant.
J'ai perdu mes illusions. 
Je veux plus souffrir. 
J'ai assez souffert pour des filles. 
J'en ai marre. 

Fuck les biatchs !
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Dear sci fi and dystopia readers!

After publishing the German version of TIRANATH in July, the English version is finally out now.

As a little gift to the great art community of I love deviantART!  I decided to do a giveaway event here.

Every DA member who posts a comment with his/her answer to the following question, has a chance to win 1 (of 5) TIRANATH* ebook.


If you were able to change something forever, what would you change?

Expire date of giveaway event: 15. 10. 2014


1. Total number of giveaway ebooks: 5
2. If there are more than 5 entries, I'll choose the winners randomly
3. The winners can choose if they want a German or English ebook version & the file format as ePub or MOBI

I'm looking forward to your comments  Jark in a jar.


*TIRANATH is about a high engineered alien civilisation which has settled down on a new planet because their home planet was threatened to be destroyed by a cosmic event.

In volume 1 the story is about Camil, an excellent scientist who gets the request for a special genetic order. When he begins with his experiments, he isn't aware of the consequences to which his researches will lead ~ neither for his own life nor for their society.

Besides science fiction it includes also dystopic and social critical elements.

An extract can be read here: