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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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So apparently I'm not so good with routines, but better late than never, right? After a two week unplanned absence, here's another volume of Words on Wednesday, because you people write incredible, incredible things that deserve to be seen!

Recap on how it works: There are seven days in a week, and seven pieces of featured literature! I only feature people once a fortnight. Below the thumb, you will see a beautiful quote from within the featured piece.

Here we go! In no particular order, here are seven incredible pieces of literature that you should all go and check out, favourite, comment on, and love!

disintegrationmy teeth are cracking:
i dream of enamel-kissed
spiders, their limbs trailing
the contours of my gums;
expanding holes
from nails, ungerminated
and rotten, desecrating
my digits; i dream
puddles of my own hair
choking drains,
the erosion of my flesh,
the disestablishment
of my organs;
my resolve, too,

"i dream of enamel-kissed

[songs of rain]forgiveness in the third chord,
like silence or the moment
artemis pulls the arrow free,
thanks the buck for his sacrifice.
lightning in my lungs.
saltwater in my lungs.
i, storm,
will rage & pass on.

"forgiveness in the third chord"

a deep fog has
rolled in– it's a cold August
day, and i am
fumbling for something to
inside white walls casting
white static noise, i
seem to have somehow surrendered
my tongue.
lost in drugs that
fill me up more than a lover's heart
every did, i pack dirt
into the dried valleys
where my veins used to
lie. but this
weather is tearing me down from this
high; and i've spent too long in a
downpour to start
choking on nothing more than a
halfhearted mist.

"inside white walls casting
white static noise"

soft hues edge sharp thoughtsclouds, heavy with rain,
swell above a bared soul,
its flesh bent in service 
to king and earth,
and above it the
little birds sing,
eager to become the
butchers of the sky
with their yellow beaks
as carving knives and
their feathers ruffled
into unstained aprons.

"eager to become the
butchers of the sky"

Devour.You, who gives meaning
to the word
devour (v)- to consume destructively, recklessly, or wantonly,
Which I would gladly do
to your thoughts,
and your lips,
and the secrets soaked into
your skin.
The sustenance I might enjoy
from those things you loathe,
those things I lust for;
(Warm arms contrast
and so complement
domineering eyes-)
My canines graze on
fields of flesh
fed by
and breathed for
by your mouth,
irrigated and
by mine.
Such sanguine,
sultry times
we’re living in,
aren’t they,
my Dear?
(Our hearts race in
mismatched cages-)
Perhaps my hungry,
heavy-lidded eyes
sit behind
rose-colored glasses,
there truly
does exist,
somewhere among
the shaking sweats,
some carnal, instinctual
to devour.

"(Our hearts race in 
mismatched cages-)"

Most houses do not kill(i)
I am not such a house.
I trap them within me,
and feed.
I am haunted by a ghost,
the ghost of that ghost,
four shades of sinister.
Like all living, it was lonely.
To find missing parts
that never existed.
Do the dead grieve
for the living?

"Like all living, it was lonely."

ocean, suicide.let me slip forward, off the algae-
covered cliff, so i may rejoin my brothers
and sisters in the waves;
so i may cuddle the sunrise and mourn
the dusk at dinnertime. i swallow blood
by mere chance, the meal a
steal to the shark
nibbling away gently at my wrinkly toes;
eulogizing and crying,
froths embracing my face, tears a foreign delight
to my tired eyes.
the sea and i,
are one. a mother and child,
anthem to appraisal, living to death, contrast
to collapse:
hearts to
b e a t.
jaws of ocean sweetness snap shut, holding
the fingers of sugar and
saltwater still at my throat’s opening,
bursting through my lungs
in the end: remain! air, not water; no,
air. i inhale the tempting brook, choke;
crush into
c l i m a x

"tears a foreign delight"

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the third edition of Words on Wednesday
Go on, have an incredible day, night, or whatever time it may be where you are. 

Until next Wednesday! I love you all.

Heart Balloon Emote 

  • Mood: Lonely
Hello! =^-^=
    First off this is a huge jump out of my comfort zone. I was told I should be more social and not close myself off and here we go. I am a shy teenage girl. That is all to be said. I might like you and we're good friends, but I won't ever give you where I live or other personal information. The internet is dangerous and I want to stay safe.
    Experience: I first started about a year and a half ago. When I started my best friend and I were talking over Skype and suddenly our OCs we're writing our novels about started to get into the conversation. I didn't even know there was a name for what we were doing. I thought we were just writing a story together. We usually did it MSN Style as a lot of people call it.
    Alic: *glared over to Cat* Why must you always cause trouble?
    Cat: *shugs* Because it's fun?
This is only an example with two of my own characters. But I can do it Story-like as well.
    Alic is walking down the road when he saw a dark-haired man with wolf ears and tail skid into an alley to evade the police. After he was sure the police was gone and the wolf was safe, the vampire walked into the alley. The man was standing behind a dumpster with a hand over his mouth, stiffing a laugh.
    "Why must you always cause trouble, Cat?" Alic asked as he gave him a pointed glare.
    The wolf subsided his laugh and shrugged.
    "Because it's fun?"
Again just an example, didn't think to hard on this, but I do try my best when I rp.
    Basic Personality: I am extremely shy (if you didn't already figure that out ^^;). I am generally a nice person or at least try to be, but I won't be very nice if you are being a jerk. I'm also nervous. Afraid I might make you mad or hurt your feeling and I really DON'T mean it. Please tell me, I'm sorry! :hug: <-- Hugs make things better =^-^=
I also reply fairly fast. I depends on what I am doing that day and what I am doing. School is starting next week for me. 

Not many, mostly general things
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! No 18+ (I am under aged and it makes me uncomfortable)
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! No Yuri/Yaoi (I'm sorry, another thing I am uncomfortable with, but please note I AM for LGBT rights!!)
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! No Furry (I am just not a big fan of it, but I DON'T hate people that do like furries :D)
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Godmodding (Perfect/God-like characters, I like flaws in characters. Makes them more real)
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Powerplaying (Do not control my characters or kill/majorly hurt them without my consent)
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Use proper grammar/spelling. (I understand a hard word being misspelled or a forgotten period, but please use ENGLISH, not slang. ex. 2 instead of to or too. Kawii, desu, Japanese honorifics (-chan, -san, -senpai))
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Excessive alcohol use/drugs (It's fine if your character drinks from time to time, but I will not tolerate drugs)

    Honestly, I prefer to not do fan-rps (Sonic/Kingdom Hearts/Percy Jackson/ etc.), but if you have an interesting scenario and I have a fairly basic knowledge of said fandom sure. I might try it out.
    My preferences are a fantasy build, but I can do other things (If I have a basic knowledge). Sci-fi, Historical, Modern Day, Supernatural. I am also a drop dead romantic, but I love a good gore/fight scene. I like doing relationships or a action thriller (Even better if it's both ;)
    Also, I would like to keep this on Deviantart. My Skype is reserved for friends I actually met in person and family. And I can keep it all private where me snooping and bothersome sisters can read it. If you are interested please send me a note. 
    I hope my rules are reasonable. I am trying to be a clean, good girl without malicious temptations. Thank you! Huggles! :hug:
    "Oh, lovely" I mumbled. 

    A figure with two blades appeared in the air above the ground just outside to The Hall of Empty Melodies, on Naught's Skyway. It struck down on the ground much like the Dragoons, but it's movements were much more swift. It took me a second, but I recognized them. They were Samurai, swift, smooth Nobodies. I didn't know whose copies they were, but they were nonetheless formidable. I had trouble taking even one down the first time, when I was with Riku. He had to fight them, while I fought the other enemies. True, I had a stronger Keyblade now, but Riku had the ability to shoot pure darkness from the tip of his Keyblade, Way to the Dawn. While I didn't have that, I did have Thundaga now. It's the most powerful version of the magic spell Thunder, and I had practiced that one especially. However, the sudden sight of a Samurai made me panic and I tried to straight up attack it. I hit it twice, but it returned my hits three times. We both backed up. 

    "Calm down, you're better now..." I though to myself.

    I charged at the Samurai and with a bitter clash of metal and a spark, I was less than two feet from his face. It was the classic sword crossing. Now we just had to see who was stronger. It reached down for something, leaving the ability to strike. I took it, but just as I did I remembered its other sword. It viciously struck my Keyblade out of my hand, and sent it flying into the abyss below. I could summon it back, but I had to calm down. I couldn't do that as long as the Samurai was swinging at me. I backed up and, considered. 

    "Maybe I should just go back and get Riku, or Donald and Goofy..." I mumbled, still dodging the Samurai's attacks. 

    A picture of Kairi flashed into my mind. I remembered why I was going in here, and why I was going alone. Kairi had told me that I needed to protect the island just in case anything happened. She also pointed out that if Donald, Goofy, or Riku were there, that I wouldn't have to do all the fighting, thus less training.

    I jumped extremely high in the air, above the Samurai's reach, let out a Thundaga, and realized it was stronger than I thought. Not only did it leave the Samurai exhausted from just one hit, I didn't feel very drained either. I did it again and the Samurai dissipated, like all other Nobodies when defeated. Two more appeared, and I used Thundaga twice again. They were both vanquished, but now I felt a little tired. The only enemies left on the ramps up to the end of Naught's Skyway were small, slick creatures called Creepers. They could take different forms but had no means of defense and were very weak. They served as a little extra target practice. Aside from them, there were a few more Samurai and the Creepers, but it wasn't too hard after having an Ether and taking them out with Thundaga.

    I walked through a doorway that lead to a platform which was elevated above the Hall of Empty Melodies. I summoned Oblivion, and observed it for a second. Images of Riku when he was consumed by darkness appeared and disappeared in my head. I wondered what it was like to have the power of the darkness. Maybe just once, I could get it by going into a Drive Form...

    So I did. The feeling I received was much different from what I usually do when i go into Valor Form. It was cold, and I was jittery. It was dark.

    I was dark.

 Sorry, this one was a little shorter than the last two, and it was late. I'm kinda having trouble finding motivation to write these, but I promised I would for a friend. Hopefully you all peeps like them too.
Anyways, hope you enjoyed.

Feedback appreciated!


YAY!!! First OC review!!

And today's lucky OC is..... *drumroll*.....

Created by :iconamara-nthine:

Yeah, although i am the friend of Amara/Janice, i will not be bias on how i see her OC.

For starters, i would like to say how wonderfully original Amara is.

Looking on her character, you dont hear much along the lines of trigon, nonetheless a used-to-be follower of him. the explanation of where Amara learned to use her powers is very original and makes a lot of sense.

now when reviewing an OC, i ask myself these questions:


WHO- Amara. even the name alone is one of a kind. i had never even heard of the name until i saw this OC. Her character is nicely rounded with her story: a little untrusting but trying to make the best of life. (at least that's how i see her). although her character matches her story, i would like to see her a little more... i dont know... happy? XD she's pretty cool but i would like to see the light, happy side of her im sure she hides somewhere inside her.

WHAT- what can she do? her powers were always there according to what i gathered in Amara's backstory. what i really like about her powers is that unlike most other OC's, including my own, she didnt just learn to use them herself and in a short time (my OC can get away with that ONLY because her power is almost involuntary. its a mental thing and needs only to watch to use her powers.) But instead had the help of going to that Trigon school (lol) and learning the art of her powers overtime.

WHEN- the way her backstory is put very nicely goes with the cannon series. i looked long and hard and the timelines match up to a T. making sure that your OC is the right age during a certain time can be a little difficult, but Amara is spot on. VERY NICE.

WHERE- There isnt much information as to where Amara came from in the first place only that she was an orphan when she was found. this can be both a good thing and a bad depending on the way you make your OC. When it comes to Amara, i think it simply adds mystery to Amara, making wish i could know more about her origins. OH THE SUSPENSE!!!
the backstory nicely explains her reasoning and her thoughts, allowing us to got to know Amara even better from her perspective. the idea that she betrayed Trigon for the sake that they were taught to betray was priceless. oh the irony. XD her relationship with the titans is well thought out. after all Amara went through, who could blame her for not feeling like she belonged there?

HOW- another backstory question. how did she get to where she got. again with the question of her origin. still, although i would like to know, it does add to the suspense and mystery, making it even more frustrating. XD LOL

So seeing that Amara's back story was easily able to answer my usual questions, i would say, Amara is a pretty amazing OC. the only thing unoriginal about her is that she is one of many who love Red X. and ya know what? i think the real question is, WHO DOESNT? *Deathwish raises her hand* oh be quiet you... we all know you like him too! *DO NOT!!!*

So that is my review for the OC known as Amara Nthine! (i think that's how the last name is spelled ^^; )

My overall rating for this OC (on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the best) is: 9 (because there's always room for improvement! ;) )

two girls one creek

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:24 PM
Your Talent title [As written in your real comment box]

Comment Skin

also if you wanna know i ended up putting on two girls one cup for everyone to see and i'm pretty sure i'v scared one or two-
and some creek busyness 

[20:14:42] kapitono tyleniaus hotdogas: but are tweenies fuckable

itsagrapejuiceall: CREEK IS JESUS
itsagrapejuiceall: CREEK IS LOVE CREEK IS LIFE

Youall: rekt


itsagrapejuiceall: REKTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

TheUntamedArtistall: what did i just come in on

TheUntamedArtistall: owo

gerbuttall: SMURF

itsagrapejuiceall: omg yesh

streamall: IM CRYING

gerbuttall: FUCKIN SMURF


gerbuttall: NO OMG

Youall: two girls one tweenie

streamall: OMFG AYA

streamall: AYA

gerbuttall: NOO

streamall: THIS IS GOLD

itsagrapejuiceall: WHAT NO WAY

itsagrapejuiceall: TERRIBLE

Youall: lol

gerbuttall: AHHH



gerbuttall: NOOO

gerbuttall: U CLICKED IT

streamall: NO

streamall: NO


itsagrapejuiceall: NO

streamall: NO

gerbuttall: WHY DID U CLICK IT

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: OMG NO SHTAP


Snowall: OMG WAIFU

Snowall: HAI


Youall: IM DYINH

Chissaall: WAIFU HEYY


itsagrapejuiceall: DFJIDFHGGFUSHFDGDFG

itsagrapejuiceall: I

itsagrapejuiceall: I CAN'T

gerbuttall: FUCCCCCKKKKK

gerbuttall: NOO

itsagrapejuiceall: T P E


mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: *scream of pur terror*

Youall: you guys feeling it

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: I CANT LOOK AWAY

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: pure*




itsagrapejuiceall: IT'S SO TRUE YET SO TERRIBLE

Snowall: NO

Snowall: OMG






gerbuttall: GDI

streamall: NICR

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: I JUST HAD POND CAKE

streamall: NICE

itsagrapejuiceall: I WANT MY MAMA

streamall: NICE

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: POUND*

gerbuttall: POND CAKE

gerbuttall: I LOVE POND CAKE

gerbuttall: TASTES SO


mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: xD

gerbuttall: MUCH LIKE WATER

gerbuttall: AND STUFF


mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: i play Creeky

Youall: omg

Chissaall: my golden words

Youall: to what


Youall: OH

Youall: oooOOO

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

itsagrapejuiceall: I'm so seriously saving this chat in my stash

Youall: gOOD

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: i was sayin i play with Creek

Youall: omg put it as a journal after or something

itsagrapejuiceall: SO WE CAN ALL REMEMBER

Youall: creeks hard

Youall: beef stick

Youall: yes

streamall: YES

gerbuttall: NO

Snowall: ew lol

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: xD

gerbuttall: NO

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: yush

gerbuttall: BAD

Youall: two girls one tweenie

Chissaall: I've seen too much today

streamall: NO


mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: cannot unsee

gerbuttall: I AM SCARRED


itsagrapejuiceall: creek u sexy fella


itsagrapejuiceall: WHYYY


Chissaall: everyone who had been on this joinme has been traumatized

Youall: you guys wanna see a girl shove a snake up her vagina

streamall: I SW

gerbuttall: NOOO

Snowall: NO

Snowall: NO

itsagrapejuiceall: NO

Youall: HAHAHA


Chissaall: AYA NO

itsagrapejuiceall: I SWEAR

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: *Nopesrightoutthedoor*

Snowall: AYA WTF

Snowall: WHY


itsagrapejuiceall: I WILL

Chissaall: FUCK NO

itsagrapejuiceall: SJDFGVISFBODHFBDGFB

Youall: LMAO


mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: nopenopenopenope

itsagrapejuiceall: HECK NO



gerbuttall: NO MORE PLS

itsagrapejuiceall: CREEK HOLD ME

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: i wanna see le smexy Creek bab

gerbuttall: NOO THANK U

streamall: creek


streamall: OMFG

streamall: TRUE

itsagrapejuiceall: because creek is my savior

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: BTW

itsagrapejuiceall: MY SUNSHINE

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: how is Creek w/ kits


Youall: omg what

streamall: DO U

Youall: OMG

gerbuttall: just think of happy creeky thots

streamall: DO U

itsagrapejuiceall: I DO *bows*

streamall: -----DO UUUUUU---

gerbuttall: I MEAN thoughts

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: I DO TO

Snowall: YESHHHH

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: I AM NOT WORTHY

itsagrapejuiceall: CREEK IS JESUS

gerbuttall: creek's thots

streamall: OMFG

itsagrapejuiceall: CREEK IS LOVE CREEK IS LIFE

Snowall: WE DOOOOO, WE DOOOOO, WE DOOOOOO (insider lol)

streamall: CREEK IS LOVE

Chissaall: everybody ignore what I'm saying on skype

streamall: CREEK IS LIFE

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: CREEK FOR WORLD LEADER

streamall: OMFG CHISSA

itsagrapejuiceall: WHAT THE FU

streamall: CREEKMAN

streamall: OWAOOOOH

Snowall: LMFAO

Chissaall: he opened the door and called me a faggot

streamall: ok i have run out of things to say

Youall: omg should i copy the whole two girls one cup thing

streamall: UYES

gerbuttall: DO IT

itsagrapejuiceall: UESSSSS

Youall: bc pls just hold on typing for a moment xF

streamall: UES

mostfluffyshadowwolfaliveall: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

itsagrapejuiceall: OOOH I KNOW

itsagrapejuiceall: CREEK IS CUP

Your own signature starts from here!

i've traslated the zagreus rhymes into spanish, here it is and hope you like it!

Zagreus habita por tu mente,
Zagreus camina entre la muerte,
Zagreus te acecha a ti en la cama,
Y te come mientras duermes.

Zagreus te espera en el infierno,
Zagreus engaña sin remedio,
Zagreus llega si no hay salida,
Y en la historia un llanto eterno.

Zagreus el tiempo resquebraja,
Zagreus del héroe se zafa,
Zagreus la última parte otea,
El trofeo que él se gana.

Zagreus canta si nada queda,
Zagreus arrastra al que enfurezca,
Zagreus gana, el héroe pierde,
corazones él se lleva.

Zagreus la nave anhelaría,
Zagreus romper la red ansía,
Zagreus despacio sorbe el tiempo,
Y la vida desperdicia.

Zagreus aguarda al fin del mundo,
A Zagreus le es el fin del mundo.

Su hora es el fin de las horas,
Pero su hora nunca llega.


Zagreus prende el cielo en llamas.
Los soles su flama un brillo...

Zagreus es mi nombre oculto,
Zagreus es aquel que culpo,
Zagreus es el fango al pueblo,
Y la bestia que en mí arrullo.

wednesday recs

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:05 AM
A slightly altered version of this project can be found on Tumblr now: doseofdiverselit, if you're interested! By slightly altered, I mean that blog will recommend stuff that's for free and can be found in various formats online, whereas here I might, should I feel the urge, recommend a book that costs money. But that blog also reblogs other rec lists of books that cost money (as well as other diverse literature-related posts). So maybe it's not that altered? Anyway, it's there if you want to take a look.


Never Dreaming (In Four Burns)
by Seth Dickinson is a great short science fiction story and I almost - but not quite - cried at the ending. It's fantastic, go read it. Here's an excerpt:

It’s too much. Afterwards, she calls Siv, who, having split with her girlfriend and joined Zaleha in the solitary hell-covenant of Total Engineering Life, has replaced Zaleha’s family as her great pillar of solace.

“Hey. Want to come over and watch—” She kicks her stack of DVDs and allows the collapse to present a title. “Cosmos?”

“Can’t sleep?”

It’s an ordinary question, delivered casually, but it gives Zaleha chills. “It’s still early,” she says.

“I’ll stay as long as you want.” Siv’s voice hushes conspiratorially. “Hey. Is weed haram?”

“Probably.” She doesn’t keep haram, exactly, but she doesn’t drink either. She’s an unbeliever now, but still a complete square. The lamest apostate.


A Litany for Survival by Audre Lorde, whom everyone should know. You can find out more about her, and more poems by her, at the Poetry Foundation.

For those of us who live at the shoreline
standing upon the constant edges of decision
crucial and alone
for those of us who cannot indulge
the passing dreams of choice
who love in doorways coming and going
in the hours between dawns
looking inward and outward
at once before and after
seeking a now that can breed
like bread in our children’s mouths
so their dreams will not reflect
the death of ours


For those of us
who were imprinted with fear
like a faint line in the center of our foreheads
learning to be afraid with our mother’s milk
for by this weapon
this illusion of some safety to be found
the heavy-footed hoped to silence us
For all of us
this instant and this triumph
We were never meant to survive.


And when the sun rises we are afraid
it might not remain
when the sun sets we are afraid
it might not rise in the morning
when our stomachs are full we are afraid
of indigestion
when our stomachs are empty we are afraid
we may never eat again
when we are loved we are afraid
love will vanish
when we are alone we are afraid
love will never return
and when we speak we are afraid
our words will not be heard
nor welcomed
but when we are silent
we are still afraid.


So it is better to speak
we were never meant to survive.

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  • Reading: yes.
  • Watching: Belle (2013).
New Book/Journal Cover! | Hellbound: The Return by HorseyGirl1
Chapter 3: The Pretty Little Broad
Everything flashed before my eyes. All the guards were lined up and ready to go, each one with a weapon in jaw. I was to lead them across the forest towards the North Mountain, where, on the other side, the tyrant rules. Jacob insisted I take Joseph with me, since he knows the grounds outside of the herd territory a little better than anyone else. As we left, I had a cold feeling under my coat. My hooves suddenly felt numb and weak. I must've looked kinda sick because Joseph asked me "Um General, you ok?" "I'm fine, relax Joseph." I struggled to say. He looked at me as though he doesn't believe me (which I don't blame him, I couldn't believe myself either) but continued to walk on. Eventually, we made it to the edge of the mountain, the air feeling colder than before. It wasn't as steep as I thought, so we managed to walk through the rocky landscape. I led the patrol through the snowy path, almost losing my sight a couple times. Then, through the fog that covered the bottom of the mountain side was the darker side of the land, the tyrant's territory, covered in darkness and dreary deceit. "Well, there's devil's land." Joseph murmered under his breath. I laughed softly under my breath, but I never forgot why I was here, why we were about to assault in defense of our herd. Soon, we reached the edge, by then, we were almost freezing to death. Then, I heard a couple of high-pitched sneezes. "Who's there?! Show yourself!" Joseph demanded. What we most expected was an intruder from the tyrant land, but what we least expected was a deputy and a healer. "Esther? Jereni? What the hell?! Didn't Jacob say that you weren't supposed to go with us?" Joseph said, exhausted from the journey through the mountains. "Look, Joseph, Christine, please don't send us back! We'll never make it!" Jereni pleaded, her eyes practically trying to steal our souls by puppy eyes. "(Sigh) Fine, you can stay. But just stay within the protection of the other guards, understand?" I told. They both nodded and began to blend in with the other mare and stallion guards. We managed to make it to a small herd, mostly made out of a small bunch of mares, but there was a shocking part. As the guards stayed with the mares, Joseph and I managed to view our surroundings. "Nothing but cold, dark, and quite ugly." Joseph retorted quietly. He and I were in for much more than ugly. We heard two horse just behind a large rock. "You little prostitute! What do you think you're doing out of the king's land?!" One stallion screamed. "Please stop!" A mare screamed. "The king might as well make you conceive another foal for him!" The stallion continued to yell. I already couldn't stand the sight. A poor, already pregnant mare, nearly beaten to death by a stallion wearing a black cloak with a symbol exactly like the one Jereni and I saw. "Stop, please, I beg you!" The mare continued to beg. I couldn't stand it anymore, I just couldn't. "Get the hell away, right now ya prick!" I back talked. Joseph looked at me as though I was crazy (wasn't the first time he looked at me that way) and the stallion and mare turned around. "Trespassers!" The stallion yelled. He began to lung at me, trying to bite my throat with his massive fangs, but I was too small and managed to get out off his grip before he bit into the air instead of my flesh. Just as I escaped, the stallion managed to bite my tail and try to drag me into his fangs. I tried to pull free, but it was no use. I looked behind me, the stallion's eyes blazing with a passion so dark, so murderous, yet it looked in pain. Those eyes suddenly went blank for a moment as Joseph revealed the knife he had implanted in the stallion's back. "Go! Get that mare out of here and take her to the guards quick!" Joseph commanded. I looked at the mare, she was bleeding everywhere, her body looked almost too small for a pregnant mare, but I could tell she was. "Where are you taking me?" She asked meekly. "To safety." I answered. I managed to lead her to the guards, one guard, by the name of Kanel, who is also my cousin, took her in and assured me that she would be safe. I looked back, I still couldn't see Joseph. It was only a matter of time until he got back, a giant cut on his cheek, bleeding slowly. "So tell me, what exactly were you doing in this desecrated area, pretty little broad?" Joseph questioned the mare. And so the mare began to speak.

//Okai Hai this is Kitcat and I'm here to show you the components of the Magmarian society and some background on them and their factions. Also here to show you some stuff to do with my dragon and their Blood Scale.
First off let's start with Draneoka's explanation. It also contains some info to the Dark Sun Apocalypse.
Draneoka: This may take a while..... Let's start at the beginning. I'm Draneoka, a demonite-fire wolf of the CoL Factory faction. My only living relation is Shiner, a light wolf of the same faction.
Shall I tell you the factions?
Draneoka: Well, the first factions were Fire wolves, Blizzard wolves and Light wolves. Then came Water Wolves and Life Wolves. Followed by Undead wolves and Magic wolves. Then the interesting discovery of hybrid element wolves and Demonites. There's also the few Gem wolves, that serve Rock Golems.
Draneoka: Next we discovered Time and Space wolves, very near to the Dark Sun Apocalypse. The Reckoning for this began when I took Whisper and Wildfire with me off planet on a mission. This was a mistake, and my sister Shiner realized it. She left Sinre alone in the factory and came to get us. While we were gone, the first attack struck, destroying our city. The factory was stronger, but the catwalks had started to creak as of late, since Volcano accidentally crashed the Predator on the roof not long ago. The factory collapsed minutes after we got back, and Wildfire was taken captive by the Dark Sun's minions. A fellow Light wolf, Ember had been the first to turn due to her accidental death at the paws of Grim. She took to work capturing other wolves, Lucky and Rocky; Wildfire's siblings. Dark Angel wasn't killed, but wounded near her heart, letting the virus in changing her golden eyes lavender.
Sinre in her mad dash to get out of the factory before the supports gave way saved a small mortal puppy named Misleading. The electric current used to run our machines had broken, shocking the poor puppy. Her right eye turned lime green. 
Our whole planet was a danger zone, except for the base made by team Eruption. We found wolves of all kinds here, and surprisingly humans and hybrids. There was also a few mortal animals, like Muffin the cat brought by Brye.
Many of the human's siblings and friends were still left on their planet. Sakira and Melody rigged the scanners to find them, having to use certain frequencies to find those that were hybrids, or had voices. We discovered that we couldn't find some because they'd been killed. 
A neko drowned, two boys related to voice holding girl died but regenerated as part monster, another neko was shot with an arrow through her chest and the girl the boys were related to was killed by one of her closest friends. Her friend, since there were some of the humans who were unstable, and that goes to show through her friend; having lost one of the voices was going literally insane, killing or collecting from whoever was found.
Draneoka: When we were about to lose the war, Volcano approached the Dark Sun, his elemental collars started to float and eventually their magic destroyed the sun.
It left Volcano coughing up ashes for weeks though!
Yeah, that's just about the Dark Sun Apocalypse really. But it holds useful to the fact of the different kinds of wolves! Here's a less confusing list of the wolves:
First came Fire, Blizzard and Light wolves. Then Water and Life. Next Undead and Magic, and then the discovery of Hybrid elements and Demonites! There are also Gem and Rock wolves but they are insanely rare. Time and Space wolves also exist, much more uncommon than all the others except Demonite who are also quite rare. There's also two nearly dead races of elemental Magmarain wolves. Toxic and Spirit wolves. They're the rarest of all the Magmarian wolf species. There is also the Flying wolf faction as well, it's been around nearly as long as Water and Life but was not charted until Time and Space wolves were discovered.
Let's make a quick chart of the types and their rareness! :3
Fire- One of the first three types, they are common as their faction is quite large. The president of Magmar's capital is a fire wolf. Volcano's parents were Fire wolves, but they were not commanders. Volcano's unique ability got him into his position as leader of the faction and Team Eruption.
Blizzard/Ice- Another of the first three types, they're also just as common as Fire wolves. Wind's father was a commander of this faction, leaving it to Wind when his father retired.
Light- The final of the first three types, these wolves are rarer than the first two. Their rareness is that of Life wolves, which is why they share a faction. Ember's uncle led this city until he went missing. Ember, and her co-commanders Lightning and Beam control the city beside their Life allies.
Water- One of the secondary types, these wolves are probably the most common! Their faction is one of the only two you can find water in. Rapid's parents were commanders of it for a long time but when he got old enough passed it down to him so they could travel the universe.
Life- The other secondary type, these wolves are as rare as Light wolves. They share a faction with the Light wolves as well. As a secondary type, their leader was Lucky, Rocky and Wildfire's mother. Their father held it down until Gaya took over after Volcano accidentally killed her when he was a pup and his powers were uncontrollable.
Undead- The first of the third two types, this type is rarer than Blizzard/Ice and Fire wolves, but more common than Light and Life wolves. They are demonic things, found only in the hottest regions of Magmar, and sometimes in the capital. The commander of this faction is known to reside in the Nether. This faction belonged to Volcano's aunt, and was passed down to Grim when Volcano accidentally changed him. Grim uses a portal to travel between the Nether and Magmar.
Magic- The other of the set has little info known. They're tied to Spirit wolves being Magic ones. Magic wolves can sense things no other wolves can sense. They're also like Spirit wolves in the way they can shift through things like ghosts. The commander of this faction is unknown. As is their rarity.
Hybrids- There are plenty of these guys! Known mixes are Light and Water, Fire and Life, Fire and Demonite and lastly Flying and Light. 
These kind of wolves live in the CoL faction. Some work in a factory we will hear more about later. 
Demonite- These wolves are pretty rare, they're less common than Light and Life wolves. They, like Undead wolves reside in the hotter areas of Magmar, and Draneoka and her father are the only two known to venture to neutral temperature areas. These wolves have a commander, but they are unknown, it is suspected they are related to Draneoka.
Gem- These wolves are insanely rare, only residing on the distant planets and within caves that house rock golems. Some golems even have the power to de-evolve into Gem or Rock wolves! There are no leaders for these factions. Sapphire is one of the actual gem wolves and she serves the royal golems.
Rock- Like Gem wolves they're insanely rare, and reside on planets and within caves that house rock golems. They can be de-evolved into as well and have no leader in their factions. Avalanche de-evolved into a Rock wolf but his Evo mode allows him to become a golem again.
Time- Like their sister faction, Space, these wolves normally reside off planet. They're also rarer than Demonite wolves. They control time and can normally be found on earth, or traveling through space with Space wolves. Their commander is Hour.
Space- The sister faction to Time, Space wolves also normally reside off planet but more Space wolves remain on planet than Time wolves. They don't appear to have a commander like the Time wolves do.
Flying- These wolves are quite common, and they're just as old as Water and Life wolves! Their commander is Volcano's uncle.
Toxic- These are the rarest of all Magmarain wolves, the only known one is Toxic on Team Eruption.
Spirit- There are very few of these wolves as well, Team Current has one.
That's really all there is to say about the factions! How about something about Magmar hmm?
Let's start with Magmar's more important areas.
The place with the most technology on the planet is the Capital, where the City of Light and Life, the factory, and Team Eruption's base and homes are. Many wolves of all factions live here, and it's a busy place.
It also houses the studio for Magmar News, which is a pretty funny News show.
The planet itself is mostly lava oceans, with the exception of the rocky continents it is made up of. Factions reside on most of these, and there's always a way to each and every faction. 
Now, the Fire faction of the planet has a volcano on it, which is where Volcano and his SIC, Rocky go for meetings of the Fire faction. It's a large faction as previously described, with many wolves in it.
The Blizzard/Ice faction is surrounded by a frozen icy wall. It has a break from during the war where a bomb was set, but the wolves are working to repair it. It's going well and this is where Wind comes for meeting of his faction.
The Light and Life factions are the City Of Light and Life, it's also surrounded by a wall, that is crumbling in some places, but it protects them decently, this city is the most populated of all factions.
The Water faction is also large, the only area to find raw water on the planet, being earlier Water wolves created a obsidian barrier to stop the lava. When the ice melts in the Blizzard/Ice faction, it is brought here.
Undead wolves normally live on island chains since they're hellhounds most of the time and are built for the climate, so there's no way to trace them. Grim meets with other Undead wolves in the Nether.
Magic, Spirit and Toxic wolves have no real faction area and are found all over the planet like Gem and Rock wolves.
Demonite are like Undead wolves in their choice of faction area.
Time and Space wolves can also be found in larger factions, maintaining the atmosphere and timeline of the planet.
Flying wolves live in a cloud kingdom above the Fire and Blizzard/Ice factions. They're built for this and are proud. All wolves can walk on the clouds, but they have to be certain types to get to the faction without help.
Yup. That's all I have on that, but here's some insight to the gods of the Dragons and Magmarains.
Their gods are Moonlight creatures, sometimes there are even mortals with the Moonlight essence, but it's quite rare.
Temples to these ancient races can be found on Magmar and even few underground on earth.
The Blood Scale
We all know about this, Noi has versions of it posted.
1. Purple/Ender
2. Magenta
3. Frost
4. Gold
5. Dark Jade
6. Apple-Berry
7. Dawn
8. Night
9. Apple
10. Void/Black
11. Candy Red
12. Part Moonlight
13. Lightning
Each of these types are different. And here's a rareness chart.
Purple/Ender- These dragons are not very common, but they exist. They're dragons who prefer the night. One of the canon ones is Millennium. 
Magenta- The more judgmental of the dragons, these kind specialize in law and peace making. They're also pretty rare. The canon one is Clarity
Frost- These dragons are kind of common, they're very sweet if you catch one doing it's job, they rarely lash out. The canon one is SG.
Gold- These are also judgmental dragons, they're kind of quiet and cold. They hate flying in daylight, though walking outside during the day is something they commonly do. The canon full on one is Dranon, and half breed one is Eternity.
Dark Jade- Personally these are my favorite, and these are the most blood craving but smart ones of the scale. The canon one is Angel, and she's known to like hanging from trees like a bat. These dragons are also common but dangerous.
Apple-Berry- These are the only dragons with two colored eyes, red and blue. They were created originally by experiment, but really they're the product of ancient Candy and Moonlight dragons. Merilan, the dragon from chapter 6 is one. They are dream stealers.
Dawn- These dragons have immense control over firepower, and can dim sunlight in places. Quite rare. The only known dragon of this kind is Rayshine.
Night- These are also rare, they can control moonlight, like moonlight dragons, being a direct but ungodly descendant from them. There are no full breeds of this dragon, only Eternity as a halfbreed.
Apple- These dragons are fairly excitable, and posses the rare talent of seamstress/tailorship. Foli is the canon one, and she's pretty nice. These dragons are rare, as mutants.
Void/Black- These dragons always come with powers, such as reviving of the dead, void portals and teleportation. Void and Lurika are the canon ones.
Candy Red- These can only be achieved through experimenting, such the case of the Experimental dragongirl.
Part Moonlight- Also very rare. These are achieved through full moon mating.
Lightning- These dragons are elemental, not very common. There is only one of these dragons, she has a love of adventure, common with Lightning dragons as bouncing place to place.
Hybrids- Like with Eternity's Gold/Night status, they may cancel traits of one out. It's pretty interesting really. 
Now a short paragraph of me talking about them.
Millie has purple blood making her highest on the scale as a Dark Blood, Magenta bloods like Clarity are known as the Legislative blood, Frost like SG are known as Winter bloods, Golden are known as the first, Dark-Jade are known as Royal, though they rank about midway on the scale, Apple-Berry like Merilan are known as Mix or Dreamcatcher bloods, Orange like Rayshine are known as Dawn, and Dark Blue as Night blood.
And another quick one.
Yes, and Dark Blood are known to oppose Night bloods.
Eternity's Golden-Night Dual blood enables this trait to be nonexistent within Millennium however.
They each have weaknesses, but Eter and Millie have lion fish as one.... They're orphans, and Susan raised them with an iron fish XD
Now that's all, and hope this was informational to anyone who likes my dragons or the Magmarains!