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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Lit Basics Week

(ShadowedAcolyte deserves equal praise/blame for this one. Hello, ShadowedAcolyte.)

It's Lit Basics Week, for all types of literature, and we haven't discussed the most basic thing of all: deciding what your work should be. Prose, poetry, scripts all have some fundamental things in common. Since they all use words, they can convey the same information, such as the sadness of losing a loved one or the details of attending a classical concert. Of course, written scripts are a lot more dialogue heavy, and prose is more forgiving than poetry on some counts, but the essentials are the same.

So if content doesn't matter, how do you decide?

Format (e.g. prose, poetry, scripts)

What skills do you want to build? Are you trying to challenge yourself with the exactitude that poetry demands (yes even experimental), do you want to play with the media crossing opportunities a script offers, or take advantage of how flexible prose is to delve into your narrative?

I'm a prose junkie. I've tried the other forms, and I will say they made a difference to how I approached my next project. While I still work best with prose, I think it's important to not stick too closely to that comfort zone. But the only hard and fast rule for picking a format—that we've dug up, anyway—is when someone else is asking you to pick one. Feel free to challenge this in the comments.

Otherwise, it's all about what you want to do. Picking a challenging topic? You might want to stick to a format you're more familiar with. Trying to riff on something you saw? Maybe changing formats will give you more room to distance yourself from the source.

What about length?

This one's easier to answer. The longer a piece is, the more ground your overarching narrative has to cover. Like going from Atari to the PS4, the (image) resolution increases: it's unlikely you'll get half as detailed about a person's day in a flash fiction piece or short story, as opposed to a novel. (I would recommend checking out Flash-Fic-Month and SRSmith's 365Tomorrows to learn more about flash.) Likewise, it's harder to extend a metaphor comparing oceans to relationships to an epic poem. But could you imagine trying to compress The Odyssey into haiku? (On that note, the-haiku-club has some fantastic resources on brevity.)

Also, conceptual scope. A short form allows you to really distill a theme or feeling or character portrait, but a longer work ends up covering wider ground and may even lose impact. Some ideas, of course, do need more space than offered by a very short work.

In short, pick a format based on your experience as the writer (and try to challenge yourself!) and a length based on what you want the reader to experience.

  • Do you agree/disagree with the statement above? Discuss.
  • This whole blog is supposed to be a discussion, so how do you decide what your piece will look like?
  • Especially for length, do you find planning beforehand makes a difference?
  • Just for kicks, turn your favorite novel into a single line, or poem into haiku (no, they aren't all 5-7-5).


Literature Basics

    Ever feel like no matter what you do, you just. can't. write?

    You're not alone. Many other writers have been in the same situation, left frustrated and exhausted trying to get through this. But what can you do about it?

What is Writer's Block?

    According to wikipedia 
"Writer's block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce work for years.

Steps to Overcoming Writers Block

  1. Quit. At least for now, take a step back and breathe. The more you struggle the more worked up you become and the worse the block seems to get. Before anything else, give your mind a break for a bit and come back. Sometimes that's all you even need to do. Remember, your mind, just like your body needs rest.
  2. Disconnect & Organize. Clean up your writing space, close the tabs on your computer, turn off your phone and wi-fi. Get your area set so you can focus on your writing without clutter and distraction so you can keep your focus solely on writing.
  3. Try Something New. I understand you're on the 15th chapter of that novel you dream to publish, but since any writing you may be getting out really isn't that good, set it on the back burner and try something new. A different story, genre, style, theme... just do something new and different.
  4. Explore. A lot of people have their "writing spot", where they're comfortable and have the peace to get things done. Since that's not working for you right now, it's time to change your surroundings; take a notebook and go somewhere else. Explore the world around you for inspiration; Go for a walk, to the park, the coffee house, the bookstore, go to mars. Go somewhere, anywhere.
  5. Plot Away. So the story your writing isn't working out, but you've got ideas bouncing around in your head like it's an intense game of pingpong. Write them down and outline the story. Get an idea of what you want in it, how you want it to go, etc. and get it all down. Sometimes once you look at it all on paper the ideas just start flowing like an avalanche again.
  6. Prompts. And you thought I forgot this one? Prompts are a hit or miss. Some people snap out of writer's block with prompts, workshops and such, some people don't. You'll never know until you try. There's plenty of prompts on dA alone, then you have the entire internet as well. Give them a shot and see what happens.
  7. Just do it. Just write, even if it's complete and utter s#!*, write it anyways. Get your mind flowing, ideas rushing and sometimes that's enough to snap yourself out of it. Free writing can help jog your mind, creativity and kick this block in the face.

How Writer's Block Can Actually Help You

    While you may be looking at this as the end of writing, wondering if you'll even be able to produce a shopping list this week - sometimes it can help. Overcoming writers block by breaking your routine can help challenge you and bring your focus to other points and areas of literature. 
    If you experiment, try new things and change your surroundings; you may find yourself adding to and/or improving your style.
    One of the main ways to prevent writer's block is to have a routine or schedule. For example "write every morning for 15 minutes" or "go somewhere on Tuesdays and Thursdays to write". By putting this forth to reduce/eliminate writer's block, you're also disciplining and training yourself to be a better writer.

Reader Questions

  • Have you ever suffered from writer's block? If so, how did you over come it?
  • Do you have a "system" or "plan" on how to prevent and/or overcome writer's block?
  • Have you ever noticed anything specific that leads to your writer's block?

My Homestuck OC by Alliicam
*u can be boy or girl
*im srry if he's out of character at som srry again, i cant change Cearon's Os 2 his normal 1s. It wont allow me 4 som odd reason

You were doing your normal things, like sitting on your beanbag chair, typing away upon your (Husktop/Laptop). You were currently on (Website Name), just browsing because you were bored right now. Setting your (Husktop/Laptop) down onto the (Fav Color) carpited floor, picking up the (Fav Drink/Faygo/Water) you had sitting beside you. You leaned back, you could hear your radio within the background. (Fav Band) was on, the song that played was your favorite, (Fav Song Played By That Band). Bringing the drink up to your (Human>->Skin Tone/Troll>->Grey/Dark Grey/Light Grey/Skip This) lips, you loved the taste, it was refreshing to you. Your Pesterchum had went off, slightly scaring you. You sighed setting the drink down, you had lifted the (Husktop/Laptop) back up onto your lap. Clicking the icon for the chatroom, you could see that none of your friends were on except for (Friend's Name) and Cearon. You knew (Friend's Name) longer than anyone else, but (He/She) started to get mad at you when you begun to talk to The (Humans/Trolls). But with Cearon, you met him a week ago. Vergil was so excited to have you meet his friend, Cearon, you could easily remember that first day. He was jumping up and down, plus he also begged for you to meet Cearon. You were quite glad you got to met the Cerulean blooded troll, he was the quite type at first. But the more you got to know him, the more hyper and outgoing he was. Plus he was very caring, he was also violent when he would find out that one of his friends or family memebers would get hurt. like a couple of days later, when he saw you getting bulied, he had became very pissed and started to beat the sbit out of your bully. You were scared of Cearon's violent self, but for some unknown reason, youalso found it quite sexy. Snapping out of your thoughts when you heard another beep, you quickly looked to the screen. A chat box had popped up, Showing that Cearon was trying to get a hold of you.

(im srry Aliicam, it wont let me post Cearon's qurik Os. i hav no choose but 2 put it into normal Os. i hope this doesnt triggger u in anyway)

crookedMercenary [CM] Started Trolling (ChumHandler) [(CH)] At 5:02

[CM]: _______, whAt Are you doing? I don't hAve Anyone to tAlk to.
[CM]:_____________!!!! Are you spAcing AgAin? _______________!
[(CH)]:Sorry, I was just thinking is all...And for your question, I was just sitting around, browsing and drinking.
[CM]:WhAt Are you drinking? Are you getting drunk?
[(CH)]: (Fav Drink/Faygo/Water)...And nooooooo.
[CM]: Do you wAnt to come over And do something?
[(CH)]:Sure :) When do you want me to come over?
[CM]:Anytime. OkAy, see you there.

crookedMercenary [CM] Stopped Trolling (ChumHandler) [CM] At 5:04

Shutting off your (Husktop/Laptop) and closing it, you than stood to your feet, strecting your limbs. Walking over to your dresser, you grabbed your empty bookbag. Opening it, you had picked up your (Husktop/Laptop) and placed it inside your backpack. Zipping it back up, you made your way out of your room. Walking down the stair chase, your (Human>->Sister/Brother/Troll>->Dancester) Stopped you. (He/She) was leaning against the railing of the stairs, a smirk upon (His/Her) (Female>->Lipstick Covered/Skip This) lips. "Where are you going?" (His/Her Name) said with a cocky grin, "To a Friend's Hive..." You answered boredly, (His/Her Name) crossed (His/Her) arms over their chest. "Really, Squrt," (He/She) than (Chuckled/Giggled). You just narrow your eyes at (Him/Her), (He/She) just watched as you went to the front of the (Hive/House). You grumbled as you left, you hated (Her/Him). Sighing to yourself, you made your way to Cearon's Hive.

Time skip, because Ceraon lives far away

After a while of walking, you finally made it to the Cerulean blooded troll's hive. Walking up the sidewalk, you than knocked upon the door when you were close enough. It was soft knocks at first, but when no on answered, you knocked loudly. You heard the door being unocked, you thought it was Cearon who answered. But instead it was his older brother or in other words his Dancestor, 'I'm screwed!' You thought scaredly, Cearon's brother was a scary motherfucker....Well, in your opinon that is. You haven't fully met him, but from afar he seemed really scary like. "Who are you? And what do you want?" Your grip on the strap of your bookbag tighten, "Uh," he raised a black brow at your lose of words. He placed a hand upon the door frame, you thought you heard a low growl of annoyance come from him. "M-My name is ________ _________ and I came over to visit Cearon." He turned his head to the side, only showing the other half of his face while he looked over his shouldered and called out for Cearon. You finally notice that Cearon's brother wasn't wearing no shirt, you could see the cerulean colored grub scars. When the male was done yelling up the stairs, he looked back at you, you stiffen under his gaze. He stayed there in the doorway until Cearon made his way over to you both, he smiled at his brother. The male troll you were wanting to see, had turned his attention towards you. His sharp teeth begun to show when his smle widen more, "Hey _______! Your finally here, I thought you would never come." Cearon's brother, turned away and begun to walk away, he scratched the back of his head as he did so. You walked inside as the male troll had closed the door behind you, you sighed in relief. The cerulean bloded troll chuckled at you, you crossed you arm. A Grumpy look upon your face, Cearon stopped chuckling and begun to head over to the staircase, you following after him. "Dude, your brother is scary." You finally said and Cearon lighly laughed to himself, "He isn't scary. Not until you get to know him, plus from what it looked like. He seemed to just have awakened from his peaceful slomber." Cearon said as you both headed towards his room, he opened the door, allowing you to enter first. Once you both were inside, he had shut the door. You walked over to his spiny chair, resting yourself in it. Setting your backpack down beside the desk, you had to resist the urge to spine around in it. But that soon was broken and were now spining for the fun, you stopped when you felt like you were going to throw-up. Cearon lightly laughed, watching your sicken face. You didn't notice that Cearon had begun to walk over towards you, his grey hands gripped the handles of th spiny chair. Turning you to where you were facing him, you looked up at Cearon, he had a small grin on his lip. His Black and Cerulean eyes were slightly narrowed, you leaned back when he started to lean towards you. A small (Human>->Pink/Troll>->Blood Color) blush layed upon your cheeks, "Awww, your blushing. How cute.~" He huskly whispered, his nose was barely touhing yours. 'What is Cearon doing?!' You thought, you both are never this close to eachother, unless the areawas crowaded than yeah. But he was acting very strange, you sliently gasp when you felt his cold hand touch the side of your face. His thumb ran along your lower lip, he could feel your smooth skin under his touch. Your (E/C) eyes widen when Cearon pressed his lips against yours, hit bit your buttom lip, drawing blood. You gasped in pain, his tongue entered your mouth. You placed your hands upon his chest, trying to push him away. But he wouldn't allow it, he took a hold of your wrist. Moving them away, holding both your wrists in one hand, he used his now free one to holdthe back of your head. He deepen the kiss, his fingers tangling themselves into your (Human>->H/C/Troll>->Black) locks of (Short/Long) hair. Cearon pulled away, a string of sliava connected to both yours and his lips. Than it broke, you could see your blood upon his lips. He licked his lips, he also had licked the blood along as well. "My~ You taste good.~" You wince when you felt him dig his sharp teeth into your skin, he repeted the action, trying to find you soft spot. When he did, a slightly loudish moan came from you. The male troll smirked to himself, he bit down harder upon that spot, causing a louder moan to leave you. He licked the blood away from biting to hard, you tryed to kick him away now, but that didn't work(why wont u kick him in the balls than -_-"). You could feel his hand slip underneath your shirt, everytime his cold hand touch your warm skin, it would send a shiver up your spine. Before he could carry on, what he was doing. A sound of a alram clock was going off, your eyes snapped open. Quickly sitting up witin you bed. you looked around the room. Noticing your were in your room, you let out a sigh of relief. A smile crossed over your lips, you heard your cellphone going off. You went to goturn to look at it, your neck started to hurt. Your rubbed your neck as you picked up the (Fav Color) phone up, throwing off the covers. You got out of bed, checking your cellphone, you noticed you had a message.

Subject: Hey!
From: Cearon

Hey! You AwAke yet? I got this new gAme And you need to see it!

Setting the phone down, you begun to walk over to the bathroom. You wondered what kind of game he had got, when you entered the bathroom. You noticed, by stairing at the mirror above the sink. You watched as black and blue bite mark had begun to form upon your neck, you staired at it in horror. The only thoughts running through your mind was 'CEARON IS FREDDY KURGER!!!'

Daily Lit Recognition for July 25th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Deviations!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Suggested by: MagicalJoey
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

Things in my head- WordsWords are easy
like a cheap whore anyone can call
when they want to feel artistic
just write some
it doesn't have to rhyme
or make sense
just as long as they come "from you heart"
you can call it poetry
and fill your notebooks
with lines of
poorly planned pity
it's not like music, with rules
and theory, and skill
or drawings, with
technique and study
you just have to know how to spell
and even that doesn't count
just type a rant in
under five minutes
that invades your mind, streaking in your brain
and shouting its name til
it rings in your ears
someone will tell you you're talented,
Can you tell yourself?

Things in my head- Words by hikarihiddenleaf

Taken straight from this piece by hikarihiddenleaf --
"And / someone will tell you you're talented, / but / Can you tell yourself?"

Suggested by: SilverInkblot
Featured by: DrippingWords

Myrtle Tressesno matter
how harshly
you pull this
incised corset
closer to my skin
it will be
when I am
always unable
to pull into
myself enough
to make you satisfied.
and curls and
adorable ornaments
will be ineffective
when I am
being suffocated
by the layers of
my own skin.
any pair of your
petite gloves
are far too thin
to hide my
morbid revulsion
for fellow
human contact
or to conceal these
unsightly souvenirs
you have endowed
upon my skin.
and all your
embroidered handkerchiefs
will be useless  
when I am
weeping behind
paper mache fans
that so easily
and burn.
where will your
high laced boots
and elaborate
embellished tights
when I am
running from
the clutches
of men
who wish to dishonor
and sully me?
therefore I hope your
funeral clothes
are sufficiently extravagant
so when you are required
to attend my obsequies
you can look
pleasing to
men’s eyes.
I trust you have
plenty of
to tuck
your compunction into
and necessary  
on your pettico

Myrtle Tresses by Phantomtigers

Suggester says: "The short, clipped
lines give the reader a sense of anger bubbling
just under the surface of otherwise calm words."


Featured by: SpriteBlayde
Driven by DesolationThe...being stands with its back to her, and she can feel a slight breeze coming from what she knew to be the puzzle pieces it was made from. They moved, rotating every now and then, while maintaining their human like figure, and the pieces showed their various shades of black. As if telling her that this shouldn't be possible. That this thing shouldn't be possible.
But she takes its hand anyway.
The figure doesn't reply, and she doesn't see it, but she knows it turned its head, looking over her shoulder and to the ground in the distance.
"Was all this, really worth it."
There's pain forming in her throat, and somewhere near her heart, because of the implication.
"I...don't know."
"Is this all, because of you?" The puzzle pieces of what looked to be a shadow like arm gestured to the burning city around them, flames searing up towards the dark sky.
She's frightened, because she doesn't know. She isn't sure, and she can't remember.
"I..." Her voice breaks, and she ti

Driven by Desolation by Entitaria

A mysterious piece sure to leave you
with plenty of questions to answer.

Featured by: Naktarra
In The ChairFour years ago, a crazy old man wanted to put a pick under my gums.  I wasn’t having it.  But a freak accident with a granola bar on Wednesday made me eat my words.
His assistant led me to a windowless room with a recliner sitting in the middle.  She motioned for me to sit.  She put a bib around my neck.  The memories were clamoring for entry.  Today was a new day.
He came in ten minutes later.  I expected the old man.  One look told me he was wasting his life in dentistry.  He was the most gorgeous sadist I’d ever met.  
“How are you today?”
He donned some large latex.  Pulled up his face mask.
“Show me which one?”
I pointed to the lower middle front tooth on the left.  He leaned close.  Through the latex, the touch of his fingers on my chin made me shiver.
“Number 25, incisor, Shannon.”
The tooth that was cutting the tip of my tongue had the same numb

In The Chair by raspil

A five hundred word vignette not including
the word “and” is a fun little story about a trip
to the dental chair. The story doesn't suffer from
the missing common word and it's creative and relatable.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: DrippingWords

Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Caring
  • Reading: Fermat's Last Theorem

What do children know that adults seem to have forgotten? Children are more confident, more courageous and and are able to enjoy life far more intensely than adults. Sometimes it feels that we spend our entire lives trying to return to who we were as children.

"A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin

Unlike adults children have the excellent ability to find joy all around them. Just watch the humor a child can find in a shopping mall or at the park.

"Every day you either see a scar or courage. Where you dwell will define your struggle." - Dodinsky

When a child gets hurt,he becomes the superstar of the class, the proud survivor . As we get older,  our wounds become our secrets. We don't want to be seen as weak, so we tell no one where it hurts. But what children recognize is that  a scar is a sign of strength and survival. A story to tell. An accomplishment.

There is always something adults may learn from kids as kids may learn from adults.

and in case I dont see ya good noon, "
good evening,
and good night".
(Jim carrey) Ace Ventura Stamp by acww-freak08

Axis x reader Group Chats

  12:34 P.M.

Germany! (Name) stole my pasta!

Vell, go get it then

Eh?! But she ran away and I don't know where she went!!!

Go complain to Japan I'm busy!


12:46 P.M.

-Japan was added to this group-
  (Invited by Italy)

Japan! (Name) stole my pasta!

Zat isn't vhat I meant......


(Name)! She stole my pasta! And  I A don't know where she a went!

Oh. Well here den

12:50 P.M.

-(Name) was added to this group-
  (Invited by Japan)

Uuuum... Why am I here?

Ve~ You stole my pasta! Give it back!


(Name), just give him the pasta...

I said No!

Fine! I'm telling me Fratello!

12:58 P.M.

-Romano was invited to this group-
(Invited by Italy)

Nooooooooooo! Not Rooooomaaaaanoooooo!!!

What The Hell Do You a Bastardos Want!?

(Name) Stole my pastaaaaaa!

(Name), Give him the damn pasta so he'll shut the fuck up!!!

NEVEEEER!!! You Can't Make Me ROOOMAAAA!!!!

Don't call me that ragazza you damned Idiota!!!

(Name) Prease give him his pasta

I'm eating it already :/


1:05 P.M.

-Italy left this group-

Oooh (Name) you better protect your ass
He is coming over to your house

Told you...


Yes (Name) You better watch out Italy gets rearry cranky

1:23 P.M.

~Your house~

You rolled your eyes at the text. Then, *POUND* *POUND* *POUND*.

"(Name)! Give me my pastaaaaa!" Someone yelled from behind the door.

~Group convo~



-(Name)'s phone has been disconnected. -

I warned that stupida that my Fratello was coming at her

Now I have to go get them

Was I A Talking to You Potato bastard???

Werr this is a group chat...

-Germany Left This Group-

Yeah that's right you damned potato bastardo YOU BETTER LEAVE!

-Romano left this Group-

*sigh* I have very weird friends...
      "Daddy!"- Said the litle kid and went to hug L.The kid did looked like L....alot.

"L...did you?"-You tried to ask, still in shock.

"No, no, i will never do that..and you know it"-L said looking at me.Then Watari appeared.

"L, This women needs your help..."-Said Watari and a relly pretty woman came out of a room and showed herself.

"Good morning, sorry for disturbing your day"-She said to us and then she looked at the kid.

"son, we are going to talk something you mind going to tye kitchen and color over there?"-Said the women. At that the little kid, looked at L and then separated from his grip and went to the kitchen.

"sorry for not introducing name is Asami...and L...I need you to be Kobiko's father for a day"-Said the women, finally reveling the kid's name.

"No"-L said simply.

"Let me explain....Kobiko's husbad...he died of a heart attack, when Kobiko was just two years he never actually got to interract with him, because he was in jail....but now that he is four years old, his friends stared to ask him, where his father was...Kobiko stared to ask me more often about him...I just could't tell I lied by saying that if he was a good kid he will be able to meet his father....I just want you to be Kobiko's father for one day
..after that, i will explain that his father can't live with us....please L, just this time..for the bond we used to have...please..."-Asami said with begging eyes, you felt sorry for her, then he look at you.

"What do you say?"-L asked you. then you looked at the women.

"You are...Beyond Bithday's wife?"-You ask the women.

"Yes...i used to"-She said...Now everything makes sense.

To be countinued....

A/N: ...Sorry guys! It took me forever! And this chapter is really short, Im really sorry! But I don't have that much time now, because my dance practice have finally stared! Please be patient...hope you are ejoying this so far! please comment!
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   The lights flashed red and blue that night. Why I do not know, I did nothing wrong. I was just walking down the street when they came, it was so sudden. I felt like I had just jolted awake. I see a crowd gathering and walk over. Fear spreading threw me, why was it becoming so cold. But the crowd they did not hear me, even if I screamed in their ears. The did not feel me, even if i pushed them, they didn't even move. When I see what they are all looking at, realization flooded over me. They were looking at me, in my final scene.

Okie... You better read this first, :iconari-chii19:!! The phone screwed up this story! I had to rewrite it... And now it sucks, doesn't it?!! e-e

The Lli-Che Siblings (Eri and Aru) cameo! //*shottbecauseIneededareasonwhyEri'sbrotherwaslikethatinEri'sstory...

Some words need spaces... (Again, my phone screwed up the file... SOME PARAGRAPHS WERE MOTHRFCKIN MISSINMG!!!! WHAII?!!!!!) //*shottdeadwhaii?!!

Does Lucy and Luce seem too out of character?? //*shottIdon'tknowthemwell

If you have any other suggestions, I'd be glad to change it... //*shottIhatemyself...Ionlywantedtoeatpancakes... //*doubleshottby//*shottCanada

I'm so sorry... I'm such a fail... //*shottbecausethisstorywasrusheddddd

I didn't have much time to edit, this moar! My phone... Why u screw up the story!!! //*shottIwasatacomputershop...Computerathomebrokedown//*shottnointernet



Lucy, Lucy... How did you end up like this?

You were such a promising lady... Though you had your troubles, you always tried to plaster a smile on your face.

And what exactly did happen? A story from once upon a time? That sounds a little too cliché for you...

But I won't lie, you were and always will be my princess in our happily ever after..

- Luce


"You little slut! Having a motherfucking man behind my back?!! Screw you all!!! You and your useless little daughter!!!"

Leonardo pulled against his wife's hair as a sign of  nothing but pure aggression.

He had it... He had it with all the lies she tried to cover, all the things she tried to hide. He felt like a total fool for all the things that happened against him.

Little Lucy could only cry herself to sleep that night, listening to the never ending fight going on downstairs. She hoped that everything would be better tomorrow...



"Lucy...Lucy wake up...It's time for breakfast, honey..."

Lucy opened her eyes. Letting out a hefty tired yawn, she was greeted by her mother's angelic face.

"Yes, mother..." She spoke, getting out of the bed and following the brunette to the kitchen.

There, the little girl ate a light serving of cranberry pancakes, gulping down a glass of orange juice every so often. Everything seemed so peaceful-- the exact opposite of her house the night before.

Following her daily routine, again she tailed her mother to their family's mini garden. The only difference is, her father wasn't sitting on the terrace sipping coffee like before, and she didn't dare question about it, not now... Later, perhaps?

The only thing she could do at that time was help her mother cut off weeds and trim unwanted branches with a pair of large scissors. No doubt that the two of them loved gardening. They often talked about lots of things ranging from how Lucy's grades were up to what they would have for dinner. But today it was quiet, just as quiet as breakfast. The suspense in the atmosphere and Mrs. Gabrielle's troubled face was killing Lucy. A few more seconds and her mind might snap from the surrounding's awful aura. Her lips tempted to move, trying to find words she could use.

"Mother... What happened to father?"

Her mother froze, not even trying to look at her daughter. With a shaky voice and tears forming on the corners of her eyes, she tried her best to smile andreplied...

"He's not coming home anymore..."



"C'mon Lucy! Lighten up a bit so we can play!" Luce stammered, but his friend could only sigh again while staring at the dull blue sky.

"Sorry Luce... It is just that, I do not feel like doing much today...My mother and father are..."

Lucy could feel wet, warm crystals fall from her face. She couldn't even finish what she was trying to say. The events, fresh from her mind, gave her a big open wound in her heart. It hurt too much...

Luce could only shift next to her and give her a tight but reassuring hug, never wanting to let go...

"Shh... It's alright... You don't need to worry about anything... I'll always be here for you no matter what happens... Always..." Luce whispered, stressing the word 'always'. Nevertheless, Lucy somewhat felt safe in his arms...




"Thanks Madelle. I'm sure Eri would be delighted to see you, oui!" Aru strummed with a light French accent, his nickname for her 'Madelle', coming from a shortened mademoiselle.

Lucy could only roll her eyes at his behavior. Her friend was always so giddy when it came to his little sister.

Everything was going well for her,see? Once upon a time, she was a lost little girl who was burdened by her father, and now she was a beautiful lady, striving through the ups and downs that life throws at her. She had always said "I have been through worse!" A phrase that always put a smile through her lips.

Her emerald eyes shone far brighter than the sun, retaining the twin tail hairstyle that her deceased mother left her. She casually walked to her near home, her frilly dress bouncing with every step she took.

Unlocking the door, she skipped inside to find a surprise waiting for her...

"Ah! Lucy! You're finally home, no?" A sly smile carved itself on the man's mouth.

"L-Luce!? Is that you!?" Lucy's jaw nearly dropped in seeing him. It had been eleven years and it had been too long."I had missed you..."

Luce encased her in his arms and opened his mouth to speak. "I missed you too, my little Lucy... I just wanted to see how you were doing, and you seem fine... And you seem to be quite attached to that Aru person, no?"

"Oh Luce... No need to worry about that! Ithas been quite a while now..." Lucy cried.

Luce stayed over for dinner. It had indeed been a while. Him and Lucy shared laughs all the way and talked a lot. Everything seemed fine... The only thing that troubled Lucy was his smile, it seemed so dangerously sly and mysterious that she couldn't quite put a finger on it. But she still brushed it off. What could possibly go wrong, right?




"News flash at five! Man found decapitated near the Frionn River! He could not be identified. A local reported him to be Riemonn Areui Von Lliance-Cherella. Other information is unknown about him... Authorities are now investigating the case!"

Lucy flinched at the television set. It was her half-French friend Aru, did he really die? A closer inspection would reveal that the dead man's clothes do bear a resemblance to his, yesterday. A little girl was also shown crying... It was Eri... Her brother had just died...

Who would... Do such a thing? Lucy pondered and shut off the television. She was scarred of what happened. It had no clear explaination whatsoever... She only closed her eyes that night, a familiar pain shooting through her insides for the death of her friend.

She woke up at morning feeling gloomy while having her usual breakfast, cranberry pancakes with orange juice, just like her mother used to make... Another important person was taken away from her.

Lucy sighed. "It's shameful... Isn't it?" She told herself, face down on a table. That same feeling of agony again-- The feeling she tried so hard to hide... She felt it again. It hurt harder than last time.

Knock, knock...


Lucy made her way to open the door. She was greeted with a man with the same color of eyes and hair as hers...

The only difference was, he was painted red, she wasn't...


Luce smiled, that disturbing smirk again. "How do you like the little stunt that I pulled, my dear Lucy? Did you like it? He won't bother you anymore, wont he? Just like all your other suitors, right?!! Right!!? It will just be you and me together now, right? You and me... Always..."

"Luce... I..." Lucy made a run for it. She knew something was off, he just wasn't the same Luce she knew and loved. He was different... So much more different than before. Even when he first visited in eleven years-- The way he acted. It just wasn't the same... How did he end up like that? He was once such a promising person...

But Lucy had to leave her thoughts... She had to escape the madman chasing after him. Luce had brought up a weapon and started chasing her around the house for God knows... She was just so scared...

But in the end she was cornered... Cornered by her childhood friend who cared for her most...

"Aww... Is my dear Lucy out of places to run? I told you it should be you and me together... Always!! You... Have to be punished, my dear Lucy..."

Lucy was terrified. She backed away, bumping to an old trunk. 'I-It's not over y-yet!' She thought, slightly opening the trunk and grabbing a cold piece of metal... She wasn't going without a fight...

Lucy slashed up Luce's arm, the tip of the metal brushing over his skin.

"Lucy!!!" Luce choked, looking at his injured limb. Lucy just held the big scissors up high, ready for another attack.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Lucy... I wouldn't do that" Luce threatened. "If I were you..."

His other hand, the injured one, managed to dislodge a knife from his pocket, swiftly jabbing it into Lucy's chest in one move...

The girl only fell... Ending her life and forcefully jabbing her scissors to Luce's stomach...

"I-It's s-shameful... I-Isn't it?"She managed to breathe out.




Luce dropped to a panic. He felt his knees go numb and fell down as well.

His stomach hurt, truth be told what hurt him more was that he killed his dear Lucy.

His blood was running out. He could only bend his back and kiss obsession on the forehead, ending his life as well...

"I'm sorry... M-My dear Lucy? Wh-What have I done??"




Lucy woke up in a daze, all the color drained out from her, looking like a figure of black and white. She lightheadly took off the knife in her chest, taking her scissors from Luce's stomach as well...

What happened really? She didn't know quite. But there is one thing...

She found out that she could trust no one in this rotting world-- Not even the person who promised to 'always' be there for you...

Life truly is...



Lucy took back onelast look at Luce, he was lying dead on the floor. "It's shameful... Isn't it?" She said as she walked away...




The story's lame, ain't it?!! //*shottanddiedinahole...

I'm open for suggestions, really, I need them!! //*shott

I really need to rewrite this with a moar not rushed version... orz I'm so lame... Srryyy Ari-chan... Whaii?!!

He came here every summer, year after year. Some say he was just a lazy ass who didn't have money or that he was just using us for our hospitality. But those are all just rumors that many people choose to believe. The real reason he came every summer, was to see me. I met him was i was just the age of 6, i remember seeing him covered head to toe in mud, or dare i ask horse droppings, he was just standing there on top of the hill looking at me...then the strangest thing that my 6 year old self could not understand but after staring at me for quite a while tears started to trail down his face, while sharing a sincere smile.  Being the timid child i was i went to get my mother who was hanging laundry outside of our cottage. she saw me running and met me half-way looking behind me she saw the man, after studying him from afar my mother looked down and saw something that made her eyes wide. i turned around and that's when i notice too he was injured, and bleeding. After seeing this my mother helped him into the house by putting his arm behind her neck and hers on his waist hoisting him up into our poor excuse for a cottage. since we only had chairs she asked me to move everything off the table and we set him up on that, setting him up on that table gave me a better view of him, and i will never forget what he looked like. He had messy dark brown hair though the lighting from our lanterns gave it this golden glow, his eyes were many different shades of emerald green his skin was a beautiful color that i found to be incredably beautiful it was this light tan and soft. After setting him on the table my mother took off his shirt revealing more of his injured body, we saw his eyes shut tightly and heard a hiss come from his lips as the cold air grazed his wound. When he opened his eyes he looked down at me with a smile and with a look that read "I will be okay". My mother was actually used to this type of thing since she had to do it for a living, she was a nurse who helped in the army when needed. When all of his wounds were wrapped she brought down a few pillows from her sewing room upstairs, it was just the left of the bathhouse and across from my bedroom. She lifted his head and placed the two most plush pillows that i have ever seen and covered him in a thick blanket, after all it was typically cold here in the day but got worse when the sun fell. She told him to make himself at home only to respond in a nod and asked me to get ready for bed since i had chores to do in the crack of dawn. After giving her a look of displeasure i decide that it would be better to go upstairs like my mother said instead of hanging around the stranger. I headed up the stairs slowly, about halfway I heard a voice saying "Goodnight mi amore" to this day i have never forgetten what that voice sounded like it was beautiful and full of compassion. I turned around to respond but words did not come out, i just stared into his green eyes and nodded. As I laid in bed looking up at the many holes in the ceiling I couldn't help but let my mind wander. "who is he?", "where did he come from?", "are we in danger?". These questions did not cease to fill my mind but only to get even more questions into my mind. So instead of just wondering there and worrying myself to sleep i decided to get some answers from our mysterious house guest. Creeping down the steps slowly one foot in front of the other i saw him sleeping peacifully his breathing was slow and his face was relaxed. Making it to the bottom of the stairs i heard a moan coming from him "Darn it, so close" i thought as i started to make a get away to my room, only to be stopped by a hand on my shoulder. "I thought you might show up little one" I stopped dead my tracks "H-How did you know i was here?" i stuttered. He looked at me like i had asked the dumbest question known to man "This house is a bit on the creaky side" he said with a smile, he had so many teeth...his skin brought out his teeth even more making them like as white as snow. Not knowing what to say back to that I decided to get my answers that i had come for in the first place. "um, i was just wondering..what are you doing here?" his hand got tighter around my shoulder while looking at me with smiling eyes and he simply responded, "i came to see you". "me?!" "ME?!" I looked at him puzzled and scared. so much more questions started to fill my head but only one managed to escape my lips "why?". His smile faded and he looked at the ceiling, after a few seconds he asked me to bring a chair over to the table and for me to sit down while he was explaining to me. I expected to hear a story but instead i was SHOWN a story. He opened his hands to reveal a ball of flame resting in his palms, i backed up from the chair startled..."he was holding fire!, FIRE!" "Don't be scared Evelyn, it won't hurt us" starting to come back to the table he closed his palms again and started rubbing them together causing some sparks to fly around his hands. He them opened them again which caused the sparks to float above us, they looked like stars. I felt a hand on mine leading me to one of the stars my hand touch it causing it is glow brighter. I pulled my hand away and face toward him "are you a wizard?" I asked with my eyes full of wonder he laughed and patted my head "not exactly" he said. The stars disappeared leaving the one lantern near the window the only source of light "there is more that meets the eye Evelyn, we are not like the rest." this made me make a confused look on my face, seeing this he simply shook his head and placed a kiss on my forehead and told me that i should go get some rest, saying goodnight i did what i was told and went to bed, with barely any answers. We woke up only to find the blanket and pillows on the floor with a note on the table saying "I will return mi amore"