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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (33,862 votes) 817 comments
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This is my 3rd giveaway.

Want to win 100 points?
Rules are simple.

1. Fav this journal to enter(This will be your number)
2. Watch me only if you like my work.
3. Comment done.

Yep you are now done just wait till the results are announced.
Winner will be selected from

If more than 60 people enter then i will increase the number of winners to 3 and points to 200.
Open till 4th September.

Anyone who wants to help me or want to place a prize is welcome.

September Color Contest!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 12:10 PM
Ladies and gentlemen... The contest is HERE!!!

YEAH! It's finally time! Let's get down to business!

This is a color contest! The entry period is September 1st, 2014 to September 30th, 2014. After that, one week will be used for judging entries. Please note that after September 30th, your entry will not be considered valid, so please try to make that deadline! However, if you for some reason can only upload it the day after or a few days after, you will still be listed with the other people that participated.:dummy:

The color is... BLUE! Yes, blue~! The color of Sapphire, which is September's birthstone. Happy birthday to everyone born this month!

Any winners of the contest will be added to AllArtCreation's featured favourites, which is shown on the front page their group.

Winning pieces will also be featured on DonateAllArtCreation's profile!

:bulletblue: What you have to do: :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: Compose a picture made of only shades of blue, like this color palette:… (This is a safe link, it leads to*
:bulletblue: Tell me in the description what the color blue conveys to you, what it means, and/or symbolizes. This contest is NOT for skill, it is for creativity-- meaning the more we're moved by your picture, the better chance of you winning, even if you don't have very good art skills!
:bulletblue: Your entry can be traditional, digital, photography, and even literature! Yep! This contest spans across all of these media.
:bulletblue: For literature entrants: make a poem, story or prose based on the color blue; see bullet 2 above.
:bulletblue: For photographers: Take a picture of something (or a lot of things together!) blue; see bullet 2.
:bulletblue: *Note: CRAFTS and other hand-made things count towards traditional art.

You can enter once per category. That means you can enter to digital art, traditional art, literature, AND photography, HOWEVER you can only win in one category for fairness.

:bulletblue: Due to prize constraints, we will have only 1 winner for each category, meaning only 1 person will win the digital art category, one for the literature category, etc. There will be 4 winners total, and below them in the 'winners' journal' I will list every single person who participated, even if they were a judge, prize donor, or someone who couldn't make it in time! And also a llama from me, if you want one :3

"Okay, okay! But what about PRIZES?!"

:bulletblue: Here is the list of prizes! :bulletblue:

For digital art--

LonelyZoner: Drawn commission (Please note she will probably need more time than others to draw your request!)

Tora-Sayo: Free commission of 1 OC, anime or real life character with a simple background

KoJewKi: 2 Art books (contact them for more details~)

Cuthillius: Drawn animal commission

Kirassvaeri: Drawn commission, llama (Please see her journal here for what she will and will not draw, along with examples of her drawings:… )

TheTigeressWithin: Short story with the theme being winner's choice

OrionisZeta: Silhouette-style commission (contact him for more details!)

raiku321: Drawn commission

AikouDesu (me~!!): Drawn commission, 215 points, llama, your personal slave and/or friend

For traditional art--

LonelyZoner: Drawn commission (Please note she will probably need more time than others to draw your request!)

Tora-Sayo: 50 points, free commission of 2 OCs, anime or real life character with detailed background

KoJewKi: 2 Art books

Cuthillius: Drawn animal commission

Kirassvaeri: Drawn commission, llama (Please see her journal here for what she will and will not draw, along with examples of her drawings:… )

TheTigeressWithin: Short story with the theme being winner's choice

blueberryblossoms: Drawn commission

OrionisZeta: Silhouette-style commission (contact him for more details!)

raiku321: Drawn commission

AikouDesu (me~!!): Drawn commission, 215 points, llama, your personal slave and/or friend

For literature--

LonelyZoner: Drawn commission (Please note she will probably need more time than others to draw your request!)

Tora-Sayo: Free commission of 2 OCs, anime or real life characters with simple background

Cuthillius: Drawn animal commission

Kirassvaeri: Drawn commission, llama (Please see her journal here for what she will and will not draw, along with examples of her drawings:… )

TheTigeressWithin: Short story with the theme being winner's choice

OrionisZeta: Silhouette-style commission (contact him for more details!)

raiku321: Drawn commission

AikouDesu (me~!!): Drawn commission, 215 points, llama, your personal slave and/or friend

For photography--

LonelyZoner: Drawn commission (Please note she will probably need more time than others to draw your request!)

Tora-Sayo: Free commission of 1 OC, anime or real life character without background

Cuthillius: Drawn animal commission

Kirassvaeri: Drawn commission, llama (Please see her journal here for what she will and will not draw, along with examples of her drawings:… )

TheTigeressWithin: Short story with the theme being winner's choice

OrionisZeta: Silhouette-style commission (contact him for more details!)

raiku321: Drawn commission

AikouDesu (me~!!): Drawn commission, 215 points, llama, your personal slave and/or friend

Now, GO CRAZY!!! :iconexcitedlaplz:

Hey guys!! ; c ;

It's going to be my 16th birthday tomorrow!  Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2]
I'm so excited! I've come a long way being on deviantART, and I would like to celebrate with you guys! What's the best way to do it than have a raffle! :happybounce:

This is also an 800+ watchers raffle! Showing my great appreciation to all! Thank chuu to everyone!~♥



Bear Emoji-10 (Long time no see) [V1]HOW TO JOIN Bear Emoji-10 (Long time no see) [V1]

Follow these simple steps otherwise, you may not be entered ; A ;

♥ Must be a watcher~ (This is to show watcher appreciation, of course :love: New watchers are welcome!)

♥ Add this journal to your favorites!~

♥ Comment saying "Happy Birthday!" just to prove that you have read through the rules carefully! (Otherwise, you will be ignored/not entered D: )

♥ Share this raffle by making a journal OR poll about it, but if you DO NOT LINK IT BACK, you will be ignored/not entered :(


There will be no extra chances ;o Everyone has an equal chance~


Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1]THE PRIZE Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1]

There will be three winners Bear Emoji-31 (Hello Hi) [V2] 

All three will win a fully-animated Type 4 icon/avatar
 Illumine: Kai Satou Type 4 Icon by Vivi-ChuuIllumine: Vitous Schwartz Type 4 Icon by Vivi-Chuu~Delvin Lusk Type 4 Icon~ [FOR USE AS EXAMPLE] by Vivi-Chuu

-If we get 30+ participants, I will be adding a fourth winner ^-^

-If we get 50+ participants, I will be adding a fully-shaded chibi!
(Example:C: miseryrayvn [1/3] by Vivi-Chuu)

-If we get 70+ participants, I will add a fully-shaded half-body!

(Example:G: Happy Birthday to icefeatherartist by Vivi-Chuu)

Thank chuu for reading and I hope to see many participants! ^-^


Bear Emoji-07 (Uh-huh) [V1]LIST OF PARTICIPANTSBear Emoji-07 (Uh-huh) [V1]

1. lightvanille

2. TikiTiel

3. MiyukiTakara1229

4. SeeThroughtheMist

5. Yalue

6. topazluck

7. Shino-G

8. grbdisme

9. Pizza-senpai

10. Lunaris-kun

11. SpiritSilverMoon117

12. Xx-Nightstorm-xX

13. KuchikixRukia

14. Sarusaurus

15. Light-chii

16. Caspain-Basset

17. dethtreeorigin

18. sakuraGx4nina

19. ColourfulStorm

20. bloodredbatwings

21. Clovis-thecutestcat

22. PermenantMarkers

23. SpiritSilverMoon117 


  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Rush, America, & Nirvana!
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life!~
  • Eating: Shish-Kebabs, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, & Ribs~
  • Drinking: Tea ; v ;
A type of Flash Fiction, six word stories are (very) short stories with an exact word count: six words. SixWordStories is the place where, alongside quality, quantity really does matter. Though these stories are so brief in length, they can be as profound, if not more, than the prose and poetry you see and read every day, partly because six word stories can tell us so much and yet contain so little.

As a Group, we encourage writers to explore their boundaries with prompts, collaborations and more, but we accept anyone and everyone too! Whether you are a digital artist, photographer, or something else entirely, if you can string six words together into a story, this is the place to be!
Please support the contest and :+fav: the article so that more can join in on the fun! :dalove:

Contest Begins:

September 1st

Contest Ends:

September 30th,


Six word story ;P



The reason why we are doing a 'Questions' theme contest is because we receive a lot of submissions with questions that are not stories. Therefore, not only is this a contest, it is also a challenge for all those that are brave enough to take it on!

We strongly suggest that your question(s) take up one bit of the six word story (1-3 words) and not the entire piece. The more it takes up the entire piece, the less a story it will be!


:bulletblue: One entry, per person.

:bulletblue: The entry must contain a minimum of one question and must be a story!

:bulletblue: The entry must be newly submitted to deviantART from September 1st.

:bulletblue: The entry must only contain six words and follow our guidelines.

:bulletblue: The Author's Comments must include: SixWordStories' Question Contest (Or you can copy and paste: :devsixwordstories:' Question Contest )

How to Submit:

Submit the entry to SixWordStories' Gallery here. You do not need to be a member of SixWordStories to enter; it's open to everyone and anyone!


One winner will receive a 3 Month Premium Membership, news feature, their piece submitted into SixWordStories' Featured folder! Two honourable mentions will also receive :points:, a news feature, their piece submitted into SixWordStories' Featured folder! Additionally, 10-15 entries also be featured in the announcement of the contest winners (news article), alongside the winners!

If you would like to give a prize to this contest, please note SixWordStories with the subject title: Contest Prize. We appreciate any and every support given! :la:

It would be best to :+devwatch: SixWordStories just in case there are any updates. We wish you the best of luck and hope you have fun as well! If you have any queries (or anything else), please do not hesitate to contact us! :love:

Perksofbeingwallflower1 by DrippingWords

SEPTEMBER is home to Banned Books Week, so we will be reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower, a coming-of-age epistolary novel written by STEPHEN CHBOSKY. What are you waiting for? Go forth and read!

Things You Need To Know For This Month

  • Read the book! You know you want to. :eyes:
  • We will be discussing up to the February 8th entry in the MID-MONTH DISCUSSION JOURNAL, which I will be posting through CRLiterature on MONDAY, September 15th. Keep an eye out! :eye:
  • Instead of an END OF THE MONTH CHAT, we will have and END OF THE MONTH DISCUSSION JOURNAL. It will be like the mid-month journal, but at the end of the month. This way, it's easy for you to participate no matter what time zone you live in! I'll be posting that through CRLiterature on SUNDAY, September 28th. PinkyMcCoversong and I will moderate. :eager:
  • How exactly do you win prizes? Participate! Commenting on the discussion journals, responding to other deviant's comments, posting fan art, or posting reviews of the novel are ways to earn points (not dA points)! If you are posting fan art or a review, please be sure to note CRLiterature with the title: BOOK CLUB PARTICIPATION. We give out points for each of the criteria and the deviant with the most points at the end of the month wins the prize! :squee:


Wallflower Fan Art

perks by juliannatheory
Perks VII by whatshername13
Perks by ThimbleBostitch
Perks of being a wallflower 2 by LexahLovelee 
Perks by Catching-Smoke
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Love and like by ohitsanina

WishingWell Weekly Ed. 104

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 12:44 AM

:iconsparklingpinkloveplz: Welcome to WishingWell Weekly :iconsparklingpinkloveplz:

Hello Dear Members, Watchers, and Visitors,

WELCOME TO dAWishingWell!


What SPECTACULAR Events Happening in Our Group!

:eyes: CHECK OUT :new:"Fishing for Wishes 8.4":
Fishing for Wishes 8:4Featuring DD, Group and Exposure Wishes.
Take a look at the new wishes!
:star: BloomingRoseXeniia wishes for DD. :star:
:star: C0MPASSION wishes for Samiraku to receive a DD. :star:
:star: Esthiell wishes for a DD. :star:
:star: frantices wishes for a DD. :star:
 I'll be waiting by frantices Who are you really? by frantices
:heart: Aliniel wishes for a DD. :heart:
Eli the Snail by Aliniel La plenitude by Aliniel The Graceful Duet Edited by Aliniel

Please DO Comment if you help, we would really appreciate it so much! Thank you! :love:

:eyes: YAY :w00t: It's the "Wishing Jar 8.5":
The Wishing Jar 8:5Featuring Memberships and Point Wishes. :iconlainloveplz:
Hello everyone! This is DeviBrigard and I will be watching over Eve's big jar of Nutella while she is on a temporary break! :D
Take a look at the new wishes!
:star: HigherSeeking wishes for a 12-month premium membership. :star:
:heart: FlamingBreeze wishes for a premium membership. :heart:
:heart: googimoong wishes for 1 or 3-month premium membership. :heart:
:heart: Maiyunbby wishes for justi-adopts to receive a 3-month premium membership. :heart:

Please DO Comment if you help, we would really love your help, if you could! Thanks so much! :love:

:eyes: And See "Wish Fondue 8.5":
Wish Fondue 8:5Featuring critiques/comments, prints, badges, contests/events, commissions/adoptables and miscellaneous wishes.
Take a look at the new wishes!
No new wish.
:star: SilverInkblot wishes for photo prints from her wishlist. :star:
:star: Viokcha wishes for llamas. :star:
No new wish.

Comment if you help, please and thank you, kindly! :love:

:iconrainbowarrowplz: Yay! "Monday Muses"!! I adore me, some Monday Muses! :iconlittleheartplz:
Monday MusesTuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!
It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:
There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!
Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Pleas

It's not too late to participate! :iconlittleheartplz:

:iconrainbowarrowplz:  "Tuesday Treats!" is always fun! :excited:
Tuesday Treats: What is in the box?Monday Muses | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly
What is in the box?

Select a deviation (even from your own gallery) to show what you think is in the box and link it in a comment on this blog. Limit of 1 deviation per member please! Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day! 

:bulletblue: Suggestions must be sent before Tuesday September 2nd.

What a Wonderful World!

:note: It's always a really great topic! :rose:

:heart: And let us not forget to check these out:
Wandering WednesdaysHello everybody!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
Today we have another edition of our new “Wandering Wednesdays” ... As you all know by now, from time to time we affiliate with new groups, so we chose Wednesdays to go wander around one of our affiliated groups :gallery: … So come on, let’s go!!! :eager: :eager: :eager:
Let’s get inside :iconemotiholics: Emotiholics: today :sherlock:
"Are you addicted to emotes? Well, here's the place to calm that craving. :dummy:" :tighthug:
So what do we have here???   :gallery:
Let’s go meet the Admins :excited:
:heart:   [Love]   [Heart]   [Love]   [Heart]   [Love]   [Heart]
Thursday GreetsMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly
:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:
Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.
Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:
:iconLillith-The-Frog: Lillith-The-Frog

Lillith-The-Frog has no wis

Friday FunMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly
Welcome to Friday Fun!

Friday Fun is a new weekly blog dedicated to our affiliates contests and events. If your group is affiliated to us, you can send a note to the group with a link to the journal describing your event. Note that a journal is required; we will not write a description for you! :) If your news is time sensitive, please consider that we will only feature it on the next Friday.
If you want to affiliate your group with us<
Late Selfless SaturdayMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | WishingWell Weekly
:spotlight-left: Welcome to Selfless Saturday! :spotlight-right:
Selfless Saturday is a weekly feature to promote one of our active members.
 20Tourniquet02 joined dAWishingWell on January 2012 and have been an active member ever since, granting wishes and participating to activities. Thank you for staying around!


:icongiveroseplz: BIG Thank You's :icongiveroseplz:
:iconcuterainbowplz: Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this group, in a variety of ways, such as through your donation of POINTS :points:, HERE: TheWishingWidget, promoting us in your profile journals, group journals, participating in our various Group Activities, Commenting on our other very Special Features that we have, and :+fav:'ing the work that we are sharing with you, AND
:star:ANYTHING to do with helping to make dA wishes come true!:star:
:thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
This is all VERY IMPORTANT support and participation, and we are truly grateful for all of it!
Most recent POINT feature:
:new: Point Feature - July 2014Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | WishingWell Weekly
Hello everyone! :wave:
This is a feature for everyone who donated to our point collection account ~TheWishingWidget :la:.

:points: All the points donated are used to grant wishes. :points:

If you would like to be featured in the next update please donate "Here"

"Anonymous" donors are not featured but we thank them just as well. :heart:

10+ :points:
:iconc0mpassion: :devc

:icongrouphugplz::iconpinklilyplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz: :icongrouphugplz:

:icontreasurechestplz: The Treasure Chest :icontreasurechestplz:

"The Treasure Chest"- truly OUTSTANDING work, found from around dA from Active Deviants, any genre, with 299 faves or less.
Here goes our 15th ONE! :la:


BAKU BONG by ZenophrenicFluctuation of ID by McCorvey92Depth by JeremyYoung

Somewhere we'll meet again in colors of love by alexandernAnother day dawns at Staithes by YorkshireSamPoppies 5 by wienwal

Ask not the sparrow by juneyijunRebecca Yanovskaya The Guardian by Ryer-Ord-StarFlame Robin by Maromanko

Sunset 76 by RisandellDroplet by Aheng711Gary Oldman by Dejmiaann

Three Little Pigs vs. GodzillaOnce upon a time there were three little pigs venturing out on their own. The first little pig decided that he needed a shelter to live in, so he built a little hut out of straw. Some time later, Godzilla ventured into that part of the village and came across the straw hut. He asked the little pig to come out and the little pig said, "Not a chance, buddy". So, Godzilla huffed and puffed and blew fire and burned the straw hut to the ground and enjoyed roast pork for breakfast.
The second little pig decided that he needed a place to live, so he built a log cabin. Some time later, Godzilla ventured into that part of the village and came across the log cabin. He asked the little pig to come out and the little pig said, "Not a chance, buddy". So, Godzilla huffed and puffed and blew fire and burned the log cabin to the ground and enjoyed smoked ham for lunch.
While Godzilla was busy devouring the first two little pigs, the third little pig decided to build a brick house. Some time later, God
A Light In The Dark by LychnobiaHanna by aufzehengehen

Look at me by KariatydaPortrait of happiness by UtiliaMignanoTomorrow by clippercarrillo

Urban Cats - 44 by MARX77Her Turn to Become A Man by ThroughMyThoughtsGenerations by Mahaha1985

Scenic waterfall by diana-0421Treasured Trove by GolubajaWho Is The Decoration by LoByteSo

Bloom in Glass by wolfepaw You Don't Have to be Wonder Woman...I think these walls are collapsing around me because I'm not smart. I don't think with my head, I think with my hands in terms of what I can make, what I can break, and how to put back together what was previously given up on.
No, I don't always have a steady grip on reality and sometimes my abstract sight, the only one I can really see with, wavers and I'm blind to everything around me. So I feel my way through the thorns and the storms and put my friends in poetry so that way, when they leave, I can still say we're gonna be best friends forever.
It won't really surprise any of you to know that I auditioned to be Wonder Woman. They told me I had great spirit but that cape was way too big and those boots were too tall and I just didn't have the look, you know, that superhero look. But I had great spirit! And if I just stuck around long enough, they were sure I could change the world.
But even if that doesn't quite work out, even if the world is exactly the same fifty year
Calm Before the Storm by akrasiel

Unchained Melody by AndaelentariGreat Horned Owl by deskridgeTrying to find the path by Arte-de-Junqueiro

I'm still here by VampirbieneDream Lake by MtnMamaHi Friend by Jukepoksi

Pink Dogwoods by bewilderedconfusedYellowstone Sunset by ChaosOfGodsChecking out the tourists by DeviantTeddine


If you would like to participate in "The Treasure Chest" feature, simply refer to the criteria above, and IF you are an Admin., Member, or Friend of dAWishingWell you may feel free to suggest, UP to three deviations you feel are worthy of being found in the Treasure Chest.

All you have to do, is place the thumbcode or link of the deviation, in a comment below. And that's it! :w00t:

Yes, this is for the work of someone else, besides yours, in this type of activity. :XD:
Just please remember, that "three" is a MAX number. One is fine- and please don't suggest more than three... per week! :la:

:note: A Question came up: Yes, the intent is ONE work of Art, per ONE Artist each. So three different Artist featured, at the most, with one work each.

Thank you!!!! :love:

The following EIGHT Members and Friends of The Well, helped by suggesting the first 21 works!!

:iconwindklang: :icondeb-e-ann: :iconkiwicocktail: :iconfraeya: :iconc0mpassion: :iconknifeintoaster: :iconuszatyarbuz: :iconfelizias:


:cake: :party: Birthday Corner, For: Aussie-Blonde and for, Andaelentari and for, JulianasGrandma and for, CameronKobe and for, Shirimasen and for, deskridge and for, johngiannis27 and for, Arte-de-Junqueiro and for, KJames7 and for, primalfuryan and for, NanaOsaki88 and for, Trippy4U and for, VisualPoetress and for, Neccers and for, theubbergeek2:party: :cake:

The Admins and Staff at dAWishingWell love to celebrate and share the :dalove: and we hope you will share in our celebration of these wonderful artists!  Feel free to wish them well!

Linley Aussie-Blonde - Aug. 18th
Mr Fry Loves the Fish by Aussie-BlondePink Rose for Ellen by Aussie-Blonde

Elizabeth Andaelentari - Aug. 18th
Colors of the Wind by AndaelentariTorn by Andaelentari

Allie JulianasGrandma - Aug. 19th
Happy Birthday Teresa by JulianasGrandmaHappy Birthday Mel. by JulianasGrandma

Cameron CameronKobe - Aug. 20th
Lost To The Captain by CameronKobeHere's To You by CameronKobe

John-Luke Shirimasen - Aug. 27th
PC Cat is unamused. by ShirimasenStarburst by Shirimasen

Daniel deskridge - Aug. 27th
The Peace Accord by deskridgeBringer of Fall by deskridge

John johngiannis27 - Aug. 27th
natural dymamic wallpaper by johngiannis27color contact I wallpaper by johngiannis27

Mel Arte-de-Junqueiro - Aug. 30th
Man the lifeboats by Arte-de-JunqueiroLady by Arte-de-Junqueiro

K. KJames7 - Sept. 1st
Rubin 08 by KJames7Bunny Say What? by KJames7

DJ NOx Ali primalfuryan - Sept. 1st
Loneliness In my Room by primalfuryanSPIRIT OF THE HORSE by primalfuryan

Nana NanaOsaki88 - Sept. 2nd
Johnny Depp by NanaOsaki88Slash by NanaOsaki88

Richard Trippy4U - Sept. 4th
Bathed In Rumination by Trippy4UA Space Within by Trippy4U

Michelle VisualPoetress - Sept. 5th
Waiting For An Eternity by VisualPoetressForest Queen by VisualPoetress

Neccers Neccers - Sept. 5th
Blu by NeccersTilly by Neccers

TUG2 theubbergeek2 - Sept. 5th
Birthday gift - Keokotheshadowfang by theubbergeek2Request - Sandstormpony by theubbergeek2

Please keep an EYE :eyes: out for our next weekly feature articles and events to participate in- as they are outlined and summarized in the top portion of this weekly news article!

As you can see... Lots of really fantabulous things happening here in our group!
Check back every day!


Thank you so much to Members and Staff Alike! :thanks:
We, at dAWishingWell would like to WISH all of our Members, Watchers, Visitors,
a sensational FIRST week of SEPTEMBER! Butterfly love by Nina1love1


:iconblowkissteaplz:, Tea

Handy Hints and Tips: Long Exposure

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 8:00 PM by Fe0:iconfe0:

Long Exposure

For photographers, long exposure is a must for wicked epic shots.

Experiment with the shutter speed to create some interesting effects. When taking a night time shot, try shooting with the shutter speed altered, to a slower speed. You will see that the movement of the object is captured along with some light trails. If you choose a faster shutter speed, the trails will not be as long or bright; instead the action will be frozen, giving you an average shot.    
   This technique works well if you are photographing a moving object.

This is the common method that photographers use to take those cool photos of highways, with vehicle lights drug out, for example. Though, there are many other fabulous outcomes that you can find with long exposure.
   Play around, adventure a bit & see what amazing shots come from it! 
;) (Wink)

Solitary traveler by JeffreyDobbs
Photo: Solitary Traveler by JeffreyDobbs


PE: Introduction to Chats

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 1:00 PM by diphylla:icondiphylla:

Chat and Forums

The purpose of this article is to help others become familiar with what chat rooms are, the purpose they serve, and how to get involved with chats here on Let’s begin!

Chat Rooms: A Brief Overview

The term chat room or chatroom, is used to describe any area on the Internet, a computer network, or website where users can communicate with one another in real time. Think of it like web based group text messaging except you may or may not know the users communicating with you. Chat rooms are great in that provide us with a venue to socialize with others who share a common interest. For instance, here on there are numerous chat rooms available, which can easily be found by going to the chat page.

The Chat Network

The Chat Network here on consists of a large number of chat rooms, both official and unofficial. Official chat rooms are operated by deviantART staff and volunteers, while unofficial chat rooms are created and operated by users of our community.  For instance, #devart and #help are the main chat rooms that are officially moderated by the volunteer team. Also, when you are browsing the chat page official chat rooms will have a :fella: icon listed next to the chat name.

As stated above, official chats are moderated by staff and volunteers. This means official chats are moderated based on specific rules. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Chat Network rules before participating in chats.
For more information, please review: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

So you may be wondering about unofficial chats and what their moderation rules are. Since unofficial rooms are created by users of the community they are allowed to customize their chat rules as long as the General Chat Network Policies are followed. Thus, whenever you are new to an unofficial chat ask the Founder what the chat’s rules are before participating in the room. Please note, unless an unofficial room is violating the General Chat Network Policies, volunteers cannot take action in an unofficial chat. Instead, you must contact the unofficial chat’s founder or moderators. However, if you suspect an unofficial chat or person is breaking the chat network rules, please join #help and let a volunteer know.

For more information, please review: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

#devart & #help

Now that I have explained that #devart and #help are the official main rooms and provided you with the Chat Network Rules; I think it is important to provide a more in-depth overview of these rooms. You see, both of these rooms serve a greater purpose for our community than some may realize. The chat room #help was created for users to receive real time help from volunteers. Of course, not every question can be answered by a volunteer. However, the ability to receive general help on the fly can prove to be more beneficial than most people realize or appreciate. If you have never used #help before why not give it a try the next time you need some quick help and see firsthand how awesome it is.

The chat room #devart is deviantART’s official general chat room, which makes it one of the most active chats on the site. Also, #devart is often the first chat users new to the Chat Network come across. Thus, #devart plays a vital role in how new users to chats will perceive chat rooms based on their first impression of being in #devart.

Unfortunately, not every user will have a great first impression of #devart or the chats. Why? Well, some users have expressed it is hard to join an ongoing discussion while others are turned off by the topic being discussed. The key thing to remember is a chat room is like walking into a social event. There will be groups of people talking to the side, loners spread around, and if you are in #devart you will even have chaperones to make sure the event does not get out of hand. If you were at an actual social event you would look for your friends or for a group of people you feel comfortable enough socializing with. The same is true for a chat room, especially #devart.

Thus, when you enter the room take a minute to observe the environment, look for familiar faces, and once you feel comfortable begin socializing with others. It makes it a lot easier to socialize with others if you become familiar with the topic of discussion, the people in the room, and simply stay relaxed. Also, if you do not like the topic and would prefer to discuss something else (as long as it does not violate rules) feel free to start up a conversation with others. Remember, chatting is supposed to be fun!

Insight from #devart Chat Volunteers and Regulars

"The more effort you put into knowing what the environment is like, the better you'll be able to determine your next action... or if it's even worth your time to be there." - Reaper-X

"Treat others as you'd want them to treat you." -Erzsabet

"Always remember that chatting is supposed to be a fun and social experience." - diphylla

"Take time to familiarize yourself with the official room rules. If you have questions or you're unclear on anything do not hesitate to ask a volunteer." -Erzsabet

“Volunteers are there to moderate, assist others, as well as socialize. Do not be afraid to interact with us!” -diphylla, Erzsabet, Mrs-Durden, & morbidman187

“Try joining in on conversations or talking about what you like. Joining and just saying “I'm bored" or acting out will usually make your time there less enjoyable.” - morbidman187

Helpful Links and Resources

FAQ #294: What is dAmn?
FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?
FAQ #874: What is the purpose of the #help chatroom?
FAQ #288: What does the Fella icon by a chatroom name mean?
FAQ #292: What are the commands that I can use on the chat network?

Full List of Chat Network and Forums FAQs: Chat Network & Forums FAQs

PE: Chat and Forum Contests

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 10:00 AM

Welcome to another Chat & Forum projecteducate week.
During this week we will aim to promote involvement and interest in both the chats and forums and this contest will hopefully help provide further incentive to not only get involved but stay involved through-out the week.

This contest will have three different elements and you are welcome to participate in all three, or just one.. just which ever you are most comfortable with.  While we encourage full participation, it is worth noting that these contests are about having fun so if anything makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, feel free to skip it in favor of other events that are more to your liking.


Who doesn't love scuzzles?  Over the past we have observed much success where scuzzles were involved so we felt it was a good way to help get everyone involved in what we have planned for you this week.  

During the week we have multiple events planned, you'll want to participate in and pay attention to as many as possible since there will be scuzzle pieces given out at the end of each (1 piece each day).  

What you'll need to do:
:bulletred:Keep an eye on projecteducate or this journal to stay up to date on which events are happening where and when. You can find the week's schedule at the bottom of this article, and links will be added as they are available.  
:bulletred:Participate in as many (or as few) events as you'd like.  Remeber that one event a day will grant you a piece of the scuzzle.  
:bulletred:Collect as many scuzzle pieces as you are able by Saturday and either note me your put together scuzzle or link me to an image of it (which aready exists on dA).  
All notes with your completed scuzzle must be titled "Scuzzle" and noted to me (Astralseed)

Deadline: Saturday September 6th, 11:59PM PST


Since the goal of this week is to get people more familiar and or comfortable with the chats and forums here on DeviantART, we're asking you to take some time this week to get more intimate with these areas of the site.  
At the end of the week we will have you submit your experiences back to us with prizes up for grabs!

What you'll need to do:
:bulletred:Take this week to familiarize yourself with the chat and forum.  
Feel free to visit as many or as few chats and/or forums as you are comfortable with.  
We highly suggest taking the time to browse a little and trying out different ones.  Don't be afraid to post your own forum thread through-out the week, or maybe even create your own chatroom and invite your friends.
:bulletred:Keep track of your experiences during the week, what forums or chats are you enjoying, howcome, have you made new friends, etc?  
:bulletred:Participating in the events we have scheduled for the week can be seen as bonus points for this challenge.  The challenges are also a lovely place to get started with the chats and forums, just remember to branch out in ways that you are comfortable with and will enjoy.
:bulletred:On Saturday note me (Astralseed) with your experiences.  
Be sure to include any chatrooms or forum threads you've created during the week.  

Deadline: Saturday September 6th, 11:59PM PST

Forum Challenges:

For this we'll want you to pay extra close attention to the challenges posted in the forums this week. We will be scoring you on overall effort of your participation.  

What you'll need to do:
:bulletred:Ideally we'd like to see you participate in all of the forum events we have planned for this week, but we'll also understand if that's not possible.  
:bulletred:Remember that the goal of this week is to relax and have fun while getting to know the chats and forums a bit better.  We will definitely take favor to someone doing just that, rather than forcing yourself through events you're clearly uncomfortable with.  
:bulletred:Keep an eye on projecteducate or this journal to stay up to date on which events are happening where and when. You can find the week's schedule at the bottom of this article, and links will be added as they are available.  
:bulletred:Participate in as many (or as few) events as you'd like.

We will be keeping score on these events so there wont be any need for you to send us any notes in regards to your participation.  


  • 1st place winner in each of the above categories will receive a 3 month Premium Membership
  • We also have a few 1000 points to divide up between participants who have shown us great effort in these events. 

Schedule of events for the week:

Monday 1st September

AM: Contest by Astralseed

Tuesday 2nd September

AM: CHAT: Scavenger Hunt by Astralseed
PM: CHAT: Deviation Hunt by justanothersomeone 8PM PST

Wednesday 3rd September

AM: Forum Interview: FixMeKnow by 3wyl
PM: CHAT: Art Challenges by puddlefisher 12PM PST

Thursday 4th September

AM: FORUM: Scuzzle 
PM: FORUM: Muro Challenge by Anoya
PM: CHAT: Muro Draw Challenge by Erzsabet 6PM PST

Friday 5th September

AM: FORUM: Scavenger Hunt by 3wyl
PM: CHAT: Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament by morbidman187 

Saturday 6th September

AM: CHAT: Trivia by Mrs-Durden 11AM PST
PM: CHAT: Trivia by Mrs-Durden 12PM PST
PM: Chat Interview copperrein by Astralseed

Sunday 7th September

AM: Forum Interview deVere by 3wyl
PM: Chat & Forum PE Week Roundup (Winners Announcement)

Just a note to say that once events go live, they will be linked within the above schedule to help make things easier on those of you participating.

E1- What Does It Take?

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 12:00 PM

Added a few FAQs

As various Tamers and Digimon continued appearing out of nowhere with questions to be asked, it was unfortunate that the Leaders themselves could not answer them. Out of nowhere, they were prompted to oversee the event, and had questions of their own to ask. Without a doubt, there were those who even felt like it was shady, and even a little risky...over time, it was clear that not all of them were going to agree to stick around for this mysterious phenomenon. Each contributed to what they could, but some decided that it wasn't something they were going to sit around to wait for answers. 

Regardless of the situation though, those who are left know to be cautious: Preparation is the key to everything. And whatever the future of this tournament holds, they will not lose sight of the importance of being prepared for a fight.

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! Our first event of the Bits and Bytes 2015 tournament!!

The first event is essentially a test run, but to start off, you are given TWO options on what to do!

Option 1: Training with the Judges!

What better way to prepare for the mysterious unknown future than training! Esyra, Hukaro Nakawa, Matthew Ambrose, and Takeo Raiden have taken it upon themselves to spar against contestants with their Champion-leveled digimon (or themselves) on various locations.

E1- VS Esyra: Gale of Possibilities by MoonPhyrE1- VS Hukaro: Double-Tag Beach Party by MoonPhyrE1- VS Matt: Synchronized Swimming by MoonPhyrE1- VS Takeo: High-Rise Duel by MoonPhyr

Select the Judge image you want to face to know about their info. Remember that this is a spar; there is no real win or loss in that.

Option 2: Field Work - Retrieve Stolen Eggs!

E1 Egg porter copy by ZinyaWolf

For those of you who prefer to learn through experiencing reality, the Event Leaders of Bits and Bytes aren’t just going to sit back without action. There have been a recently reported case of nests full of eggs stolen by several digimon (of roughly Champion power level.) Latest reports indicated they were last seen in these locations outside of the Bubble:

DigiEgg Event places by ZinyaWolf

Here are the targets you are to be locating:

Modukomon by ZinyaWolfProngmon by ZinyaWolfWarurumon by ZinyaWolfOdathmon by ZinyaWolfSleipnermon by ZinyaWolf

Once again, select each image to access files we have so far on these digimon. Your job is to retrieve the eggs only. Engaging with the digimon may cause harm to the eggs themselves, as reports have shown they are unwilling to leave the nests.

Additional information:

Whether it be against the judges or going out on field work, this is not only a chance to test your base strength but also a chance to get a feeling for what it's like when you must venture out. Remember that the judges want to test your base strength and outside, there are eggs at stake. Most of you might be worried as you do not have anything past Rookie form...however, this is the exact reason why you are here. Against all odds...when we are not on even level and strength all that matters?

Oh yes, and do not injure anyone.

Contestants can pick either one or two enemies out of both categories. so 1-2 out of 9. (So, you may retrieve two eggs from field work, or spar with two judges, or do one of each.)

Dear contestants, please keep in mind that fighting will be exhausting for your digimon and that they might get wounded. So if you want to face two enemies, please give your digimon a break and time to recover. so only one enemy a day!



Either Splash Pages (single images) or comics will be allowed. Min 3 "images" or "pages." Max 7 deviation entries. Please only submit to the gallery when all pages are done. (Your pages can be as long as you want or as many pages in one single deviation. The deviation cap is because when judges judge your entries, they will open ALL of the deviations at once, so, we would like to not crash our browsers with too many windows or tabs, please. :) )


Minimum of 1500 words, maximum of 3600 words. Here's the nifty word counter for those without fancy word editing documents. 


:bulletwhite: What determines “success” in this event?

    For sparring, it’s no “winning.” For the Egg Retrieval, it’s retrieving an egg. Keep in mind: do not significantly harm your sparring partner, and do not hard engage (i.e. kill/reset/delete) the digimon that stole the eggs.

:bulletyellow: Deadline for full points is Monday October 6th. Remember, entries will still be accepted after October 6th! However, the amount of points for it will be halved. 

:bulletwhite: What should Spirit Evolution users without partners do?

    Since this is a mostly-rookie event, if you are a Spirit User that doesn't have a rookie digimon or has yet to unlock your first spirit, you may borrow a P-Spirit from the judges. Not sure what kind of P-Spirit to use? Just ask~

:bulletyellow: Submission gallery is here

:bulletwhite: Are we only allowed to pick two out of the nine?

     You may definitely do extra pages or continuation stories of your team's thirst for challenges, and your enthusiasm will not be squandered! However, for Event One's judging, we will only judge TWO instances, so make sure you think carefully of which fights/rescues to submit to the Event 1 gallery, and which ones to put into the Story gallery! 

:bulletyellow: Digivolution is allowed so long as you have enough Bits! To unlock a form, tell us here!