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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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300 point lottery!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 3:33 PM

Hello everyone, this will be a short journal :D
I am giving away 300 points in this lottery and here's what you have to do to enter:

+fav this journal :D that's it
-winner will be announced in 2 days :la: 

I will use to pick a number from 1 to the number of favs my journal has at the time, and then the winner is the person who's number corresponds (in the fav section of the journal you will notice favs are counted when you click on 'who')

I will be making a series of lotteries to celebrate my art book, which will be printed in a limited number and you can only get it until September 20 :D

So until September 20 i will also make point lotteries :D So there will be more chances of winning. Also the winner of the previous lotteries are not eligible to win a second time (although it's highly unlikely for the same person to win twice
I might give away a free art book copy but that depends if i get many orders or not ^^

So, check out my art book here:

Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza

Hi..hi its time for another raffle.. well actually i wanted to thank for the 10pvs i got with 700+ watchers,for everything that happened, i can only thank you for your support and love..guys, So i'm made this Special Adoptable Raffle with two of mine old style characters:heart:
Now you need to read and follow all terms and rules to enter this raffle, pointing that i will check each and everyone who will follow everything right, ok? so here we go!!!

[End Date!]
Saturday, October 1st 12:00 AM GTM -3 (Argentina Time
Winner will be choose by


Adoptable winner will get;
  • Two characters originally designed by me.
  • A coloured full size of both without watermark version (transparent bg).
  • A full size black&white of both without watermark version (white bg).

Adoptable Winner Rights

  • To personal usage only.
  • To give the characters a personality, name,age,gender...etc.
  • To give other outfits to the characters but not change drastically the original one.
  • Originally they are horse kemonomimi but you can change their species.
  • To trade/gift and sell (following my adoptable rules).

Terms and Rules

  • You need to read and follow my terms and rules (including adopt terms/rules) wrote at this journal!
  • Be a watcher!
  • Favourite this journal and   this post  (yes, you have to fav both).
  • Make a journal post adding my icon : iconkanoshii : (informing that i'm holding a Special Adoptable Raffle).
  • Deviants with empty gallery (you don't need to draw though, have your text,poetry..etc for example are allowed to participate) can't participate.
  • Comment here to confirm your participation

Adoptable Terms/Rules

  • Credit: give credit to : devkanoshii : / : iconkanohii :
  • Original designer rights: Never claim that it was designed by you.
  • Trading: the person who you'll trade will have to follow Terms/Rules and Adoptable rules as well.
  • Selling: If selling, you'll only be able to sell with my certificate so note me for that and make sure to sell for a reasonable price to $10-$30(min-max). For the buyer personal usage only.
  • Tracing: Never trace this base or any other art in my gallery.

Any question regarding this raffle just msg me or send me a note.

Thank you <3

Fixed Form Fiesta II - Poll Poetry

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 10:10 AM
Hi deviantART writers!

I have decided I will be hosting very small contests periodically to promote fun, outrageous, and amusing fixed forms of poetry to show that forms in poetry are not stiff, old, or broken. Along with the entertainment of writing an enjoyable form of poetry, there will be prizes. The catch? These contests will only be held every time my donation pool breaks a 2000 point increment. We've broken that second benchmark and it is time for a second fiesta for a fixed form.

There are a slew of intensive contests booked from September through to October, so I will be saving jswebb's nested villanelle poetry form for another fiesta. This time, we will be doing something that requires a bit more... randomness and cooperation.  We will be doing Poll Poetry.

What is Poll Poetry?

Poll Poetry is a poem where each line in a poem is a voting option in a poll or survey. The results from voters then rearrange the lines from most voted to least voted to give the poem its new order of lines. This allows the writer to think outside the box and forces them to adjust to unexpected results when writing the final poem. It's all part of the fun!

You might be thinking that only premium members can post polls, and this is true. Because of this, I am asking everybody to use the following site to create their poll for their poem.

Follow them

:bulletblue: You must use poll-maker to create your poll.

:bulletblue: Poll Poems must have be between 8-16 lines, meaning a minimum of 8 poll options to vote on or a maximum of 16.

:bulletblue: You are free to use whatever options the site allows (the 'other' option and allowing voters to select multiple options for example) but your results must be visible to everybody.

:bulletblue: Your poll must be up for at least 24 hours and have 8 responses from people besides yourself before you may compose your poem based on the order of responses. However, you can wait longer and have as many more people than that vote as you'd like. Be sure to promote your poll wherever you can, anywhere and everywhere, even here to make sure this happens!

:bulletblue: For this contest, a line of poetry is considered at least 4 words or more.

:bulletblue: You are allowed to adjust the beginning or ending of a line of poetry, to make it fit to your wishes but the original line itself must remain mostly intact.

:bulletblue: You can only submit one entry for the contest, but you may make as many different polls to base your poem on as you like.

:bulletblue: Please take a screenshot, or at the very least, a tally of the votes of your results at the time of your writing of your poem. Post your written piece as a literature deviation and note your screenshot or vote tally, your literature deviation and the link to your poll to myself, Nichrysalis. You get one entry, make it count. I will be collecting the entries here:…

:bulletblue: This contest will be closed to entries Sunday the 14th of September 11:59 PM CST.

Judging will be done by myself and TwilightPoetess. Entries will be judged by two qualities: their creativity and the final poem.


As always with the fixed form fiestas, the prize pools aren't necessarily large, but tend to grow with donations over time. If you would like to donate a prize, comment below!

First Place
800 points, custom origami book and feature from Nichrysalis

Second Place
600 points and feature from Nichrysalis

Third Place
400 points and feature from Nichrysalis

All participants
Feature from Nichrysalis

Questions or comments? Not sure your poll fits the rules? Just ask. Make sure to :+fav: the article and share with others. The more the merrier! Good luck!

LLEGUÉ A LAS 100 LLAMASS!!! :iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz::iconllamacancanplz:
Muchisimas gracias a todos los que me donaron llamas!!

Thank very much to all!!!!
  • Mood: Adoration
HI! I have a new group, :iconmlp-adoption-agency:! As you can see, it has no icon... ;-;
That' the contest! Whoever designs the best mascot has his or her design put in as the icon, and mascot!
There are no limitations on how many people enter but I ask for only one entry. Enter in the comments below, and share!




And so on...
Meet artist and character designer extraordinaire, Gilang Andrian!

Good morning, everyone!

We’re gaining some serious momentum as our contest officially launches NEXT WEEK! Where does the time go? Haha!

We’re excited to have a short interview with the fabulous talent behind the Fran Kenstein designs! This guy is seriously a genius so enjoy:
First up—tell us a little about yourself!

Hello! My name is Gilang Andrian (alchemaniac), and I am a freelance artist based in Singapore for about a year now. I really love drawing, and I never stop trying to explore other techniques and styles!
You’re a completely digital artist, correct? What are your “tools of choice” digitally?

Yes! I can’t really draw well on paper, maybe because of the super-powerful Ctrl+Z feature. :P I have tried several programs like Corel Painter, Paint Tool SAI, Clip Studio Paint, but the program that I like the most is Adobe Photoshop CS5. And I am using my Intuos 5 drawing tablet.
How did you come to be involved with this project? Were you aware of Madefire beforehand?

YES! I was shown by my classmate, around a year ago, and was completely amazed because I think to have a moving comic book is a really cool idea! So, I was very excited when Ben invited me to join one of Madefire’s projects.

Today’s designs by Gilang are an interesting group as we get a first look at Fran’s attempts at creating the perfect boyfriend:

Was it hard creating designs for humans assembled from pieces of other people?

I think it was easier (and fun) to create them rather than normal humans, because you can try and experiment with their sizes and proportion.
You graduated University last year, correct? How crucial do you feel it is for an artist to have a school degree to find work and excel?

Correct. I finished with a diploma in Animation. In my opinion, it’s not that crucial. It will be good if you attend an art school, since you can make friends and connections and learn new stuff. But in the end, it’s the portfolio that matters.
What are your plans for the future? Any chance you’ll be creating any stories—or Motion Books—of your own?

My plan for the future is to get more interesting projects, and become a successful artist! I am not really good (and shy) at storytelling, so not at the moment! If I got a really cool idea, maybe I will make one in the future.
What are your plans for the future? Any chance you’ll be creating any stories—or Motion Books—of your own?

I really like He’s the main inspiration for my art, then,,,, and

Thanks to Gilang for letting us pick his brain! Let’s end the week on an exciting note—we’re proud to announce our next judge:

Dustin Nguyen (duss005)

Dustin’s a creative and innovative veteran of the American comic book industry having worked on just about every character DC Comics has to offer (check out his amazing Li’l Gotham series!) and recently announced a creator-owned book at Image that we’re all dying to read.

It's getting close to the zero hour, so look out for our final Journal before the contest begins! 


Alright guys, great news; I have 100 points to spend on a contest! :points:

The winner will probably get 70 points (among other prizes), and 30 points will go to second place.

The third place won't be walking out empty handed either.

The contest theme/subject will also be really fun (hopefully), and it will give you a lot of creative freedom! (I'm not telling you the contest subject just yet however.)

Before I start off anything...

I want to ask you guys when would be the best time to put my RigbyandEileenFans contest in motion? I need a reasonable date.

I know a lot of you guys start school soon (too soon maybe), so I want to know which date fits you best?

Today immediately? Tomorrow? Somewhere in September? On some kind of a break?

If people vote for today - At least 3 who intend on joining, and are the majority - I will start it off in a few hours.

Also, no matter when I start it; The deadline will be in 3 weeks minimum.

NOW, I'd also like a rough number on how many of you would maybe join in.

So please comment if you think you're up for some friendly competition! :heart:

Friday Fun

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 11:45 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to Friday Fun!

FRIDAY! by ILifeloser

Friday Fun is a new weekly blog dedicated to our affiliates contests and events. If your group is affiliated to us, you can send a note to the group with a link to the journal describing your event. Note that a journal is required; we will not write a description for you! :) If your news is time sensitive, please consider that we will only feature it on the next Friday.

If you want to affiliate your group with us, please feature dAWishingWell in you group in a journal and send us the link in a note. We will then affiliate to you. In exchange, your group will appear in the next Thursday Greets and you'll be able to send us your event to feature in Friday Fun.

And now, this week events for you!


Reinterpretation ContestHey all! It's time for a new contest :eager: Inspired by and co-hosted/cross posted with the wonderful WintersRead  :)
Reinterpret/recreate one of the following photos below. Be creative, there are many ways to look at the theme. :la:

:bulletgreen: Let us know which photo you are reinterpreting when you send in your note.
Bullet; Red In your deviation description, be sure to link back to this journal (ex: "This piece was created for Reinterpretaion Contest:[add link here]" ). 
Bullet; Blue The piece MUST be created for this contest. Any art that was submitted before the August 19th, 2014 will not be accepted.
Bullet; Purple All visu
  Anime Twin Contest!~Anime Twins Contest!
We are going to start our Monthly contest! I hope you all like it because you voted for it. I know we'll see a lot of great art works as well as help with prizes.
Because you guys are awesome :dance:

NOTE: There will be no extension for any contest we host. If no one enters, that contest is voided. If only one preson enters, that person wins a cancellation prize!
:star:--------------------------[CONTEST INFO]--------------------------:star:
:bulletblue:THEME: Twin Contest! Draw characters dressed a like, who look a like or maybe they actually are twins. Be Creative!
:bulletblue:MEDIA: Traditional/Digital/Painting/Writing
:bulletblue:START AND END DATES: Aug 13th - Oct 13th
- Must be a member of AnimeContestGalore
- Must be a NEW drawing submitted after Aug 13th
- Can only enter once. No second/fake accounts
- May draw more then 1 character but no more then 1 entry per pe
ARKs Kindness Quilt Contest - 2 Week ExtensionHello all! We would like to let everyone know that we will be extending the end date of the contest to September 13th! Please try and get your submissions in as soon as possible! 
:heart: :heart: :heart:
deviantHEART is pleased to announce that we will be holding our 2nd Annual Kindness Quilt Contest!
:star: What is a Kindness Quilt?
Kindness Quilts are photo collages that are made up of custom Quilt Squares. They are positive and often tell a story of some kind. The templates come in two sizes, 3x3 and 4x4.
Here is a sample quilt for reference

:star: The Theme
"My Inspiration" In the s
  Feature ContestHello everybody!!
After holding my first contest about journal-skins which was a success so far, I want to go ahead, doing my next contest already!
To thank the participans of the previous contest and show them my appreciation - and to make sure, that their skins are recognized by the community, I want to host a follow-up contest.

Start: 10th August 2014
(previous entries will be ignored!!)
Deadline: 1st November 2014
How to enter/Rules:

Star! choose one of the skins that have been created for the original contest. (Unfortunately you need to be a premium-user to do this)
Star! make a feature with at least 20 artworks of 20 different artists.
Star! feature the journal-skin-creator with his icon and add three of his deviation

Features and interviews

Heart to Heart Interview: chichariaHello Everyone!
Welcome back for the Vol. 9 of deviantHEART’s Journal series, Heart to Heart! The goal of these feature articles is to learn more about our featured Heartists overall as well as on a personal level.
Today's Heart to Heart Interview will feature chicharia!
Charlene (Chicha for short) is a 21-year old hobbyist from the Philippines. She’s a recent graduate from Nursing School (congratulations Class of 2014) studying for her licensure exams in November. Chicha was always interested in drawing as a child and her love of art grew when she took a few art classes when she was in grade school. These days, she mostly creates anime using poster paints/colored pencils and is teaching herself realism.
Art Feature

What’s your
  Monday Munchies [19]Every Monday, I will be featuring a single deviant's artwork. The deviant may be known or unknown, and may have received accolades or joined deviantART last week. By featuring just a single deviant, I hope to give the deviant some exposure and bring a little beauty to your week. I also include a short description about the artist and/or what draws me to their work. 
John Giannis | Facebook 

I recently stumbled across John's art, and was immediately mesmerized. Although many artists will work with models to create fantastic scenes, this was one of only a few artists I have seen take that to an entirely new level. 

johngiannis27 brings his models to life from a simple photograph
  Picture of the WeekHere's our new Picture of the Week!
by :iconmsnessix:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Others in the poll:

Gentleman by Ottachan A Flower for You by Oniendra
Send on the ball... by catchaca1 Juvenile Elvis by Innocentium
                 Cows in yelow by catchaca1

Senior Selections #13Senior Selections #13
Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its thirteenth week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by :+favlove:'ing this news article. Please also comment and :+fav:  on our wonderful features!





Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the community just send us or a team admin a not
  TRADITIONAL TROVE 34Hi my Lovelies... hope you are being creative!
These traditional troves are meant to reach
out to people who may not have had enough
exposure in their works, I feature art work 
from the 'newest - traditional' feature of DA's
search, I hope that whomever looks at these 
will learn from them or merely fave/
comment/'watch' the featured artist's work
So until next time.. SEE YA! :wave:


I'm sure they will
  ProjectPorkchop Vol362:iconkrzysztofheksel:
Krzysztof is a professional traditional artist from Poland. His technique is heavily influenced by the polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, who is his inspiration. He classifies his works as surrealism or "magic realism" and his works are simply awe-inspiring! He uses a glaze technique which is very difficult but the color and depth he achieves is well worth the effort! This artist is a must add to your watchlist!

see more..
Camille is a varied hobbyist from the United States. She is passionate about fantasy art and gaming and creates beautiful desktop wallpapers. If you are a fan of Skyrim, you will definitely want to pay her gallery a visit! Her digital paintings are nicely rendered with great intensity and lots of

Featured Artists - Volume 18:iconsynconi:


Cuttlefish 2013 Back 2048 by divingsculptor
Octo 01 2048 by divingsculptor
Hh 03 by divingsculptor
Seals 02 by divingsculptor
Octo 03 2048 by divingsculptor
Hh 01 by divingsculptor
mummers by AokiAvsen
ghost by AokiAvsen
thirty nails by AokiAvsen
Prague street by AokiAvsen
raspberry-orange jam by AokiAvsen
  DA Starters 47 | Auraskie:fellalovesgroups: Let's welcome another DA starter! I love deviantART!

Hi, Auraskie ! Hi! Please introduce yourself, what are your interests?

Hey, I'm John Titor, I will be born in 10 years in France and I make pictures of ponies, when I'm not busy playing games on my computer. No it's not my real name, but I really am french.
Could you tell us a bit about how you got involved into art and if you have any goals as an Artist?
I used to draw when I was younger but I wanted to have that professional feel on my pics, not just child drawings, at the time I had no computer and I had to wait my 12th birthday to finally have one. First I tried drawing with paint and a mouse, but obviously it wasn't really what I had been searching for, a few years later I di
  Fella's Welcome WagonHop on board Fella's Welcome Wagon as we welcome some awesome new deviants into our community!
Welcome, National-Horse!
Deviant for 11 months

Welcome, jblevalenteen!
Deviant for 1 month

Welcome, fudearashi!
Deviant for 10 months

Welcome, Lovinne!
Deviant for 1 month.

Welcome, puqqie!
Deviant for 3 months.

Deviants featured here have been a part of our community for less than one (1) year and have at least one (1) deviation in his/her gallery. If you see any awesome new deviants you'd like to see featured here, please send a note to fella with your suggestion!

News and articles

Did You Know - Add MediaAdd Media
Add Media is a feature that allows you to quickly add deviations from or deviantART. It is available for various places, such as in general, when writing journals or when leaving comments (profile, deviations, forum...). 
To get the Add Media interface for comment and description areas you simply click that Add Media textlink at the bottom of those sections. 

(For descriptions on the submission page it looks similar,
but is without the "Add Drawing" link)
When you are using the Add Media interface will always show up whenever you edit a section where it is available. Same for when writing journals via the journal page. 

The interface allows you to differ between Conversations (only available for comments),, deviantART and Emoticons.
The default tab changes depending on what feature you are currently using. For exa
  What is a Digital Doll? Galleries Month
As part of the gallery description month, I'm going to be introducing the Digital Dolls subcategory (and it's subcats) to all of you.  This will include a brief description and a few examples from each category.
Digital Dolls is located in the Customization category.  Customization is the gallery that is dedicated to forms of art that let you modify or individualize things; wallpapers to change up your desktop, avatars and icons to change your dA presence, emoticons to enhance the chat experience and digital dolls.  Digital Dolls are created by customizing a base body, created by yourself or someone else, hence it's home in the Customization category.  
Digital dolls traditionally had a hard pixel edge and a transparent background but dolling has deviated away from that in recent years.  The transparent background used to be important for people that would adopt dolls (display them on personal web pages with a link back to the creator) so that a
  Fan Fiction On deviantARTGalleries Month
What Is Fan Fiction?
Everyday, we are inspired by movies, television, novels, and other forms of media. They engage our minds with a variety of stories and characters, their plights and triumphs, their everyday minutiae. Fan fiction authors are so enamored with these other worlds and their inhabitants that they must partake in the stories which have brought them so much enjoyment. They expand on the current universe, explain gaps in the narrative and delve into characters' motivations.
A good fan fiction (or fanfic) is more than simple borrowing another writer's characters and universe. The fan fiction author must immerse his or her readers in the story, make them believe it is a natural extension of the source material. Characters have their own mannerisms and quirks; each universe has its own history and rules that need to be followed. The fan fiction author must master the nuances of those characters and the world they inhabit (unless purposely writi

Projects and events

New items! I-Heart-Colors AuctionHi everyone!
:new: August 28th: We have now reached our goal to renew the I-Heart-Colors Super Group status! :la:
The auction will be kept up to gather points for group events.
As you may or may not know, our group's Super Group status is going to run out in September. We've received a few kind donations to our donation account DonateI-Heart-Colors, but the rate we're getting points at isn't fast enough to gather all needed 4,796 :points: before September.
We need our super group status in order to:
:bulletblue: Use custom journal skins to make our features and journals more appealing
:bulletblue: Make polls for our members to enjoy
:bulletblue: Have a representative layout on our home page
:bulletblue: Be able to use custom box backgrounds to make the group's page appealing
:bulletblue: Use custom widgets to display necessary information as well as being able to feature people on our home page
:bulletblue: And last but not least, show the community and potential
  Seeking: More Group Staff and Privileged MembersOur group is currently seeking more group staff and privileged members.  If you are interested in helping our group please continue reading and review all the provided information before applying.
Group Staff
Group Staff are responsible for completing daily group functions and tasks as well as enforcing group policies.
Daily TasksReviewing and voting on gallery submissions.
Reviewing join requests.
Voting on Weekly Features.
Voting on contest submissions.
Enforcing group policies.
Greeting new members.
Providing critiques to group members.
+ much more.
RequirementsYou must be active.
You must be familiar with out group rules.
You must be willing to listen to the directions of more experienced group staff.
You must be willing to spend time working on the daily tasks required of being a group staff.
If you feel you meet the requirements and wish to join us as a group staff member you must fill out an application.  Once you have applied your application will be rev
  Santa's Wish ListOne more reminder of the quick and simple rules regarding making a wish:
You must be an active member with an account that is at least three months old
You must be a member of the group (Not just watcher, but a member) and donate 20 :points: to make a wish (secondary wishes are purchasable for 100 :points:)
Wishes have a value limit of $25 USD or 2500 :points:
Nothing insulting or profane as a wish
No wishing on multiple accounts! If you have ten and want to join on all ten accounts, go ahead, we don't mind the member number going up. But we know how to tell who is wishing on multiple accounts, so pick ONE and stick to that one to do your wishing.
The Wishlist will be updated weekly on Tuesdays!
Deviants who wish for more Commissions!

Deviants who wish for Giftcards
-RevRun14 wishes for an amazon giftcard for art supplies (0/$25) Wish #G-06
-Anon Deviant (only ANON to all of you!) wishes for an ebay Gift Card to gift as a present! Wish #G-04 (695/250

DeviantART Compliments #127shep4life is the loveliest person. Jamey, you always leave thoughtful comments, draw attention to parts you like, and are one of the friendliest people on here. You're great, Jamey :glomp:
YOUR ART IS LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE YOU I ALWAYS SEE YOU ON YOUR FRIENDS PAGES (sorry not stalking I just watch them too ;u; ) AND YOU'RE WAY TOO MODEST YOU'RE BETTER THEN ALL OF THEM. Like- you should post way way more ;w; I'd rather see just one of your sketches or anything then what you comment on and call cute bc it's so amaze please!
You're one of the sweetest and most adorable person I've ever met. I'm thankful I met you, because I've never felt this close to someone before, and nobody has ever gotten this close to me. I do deeply care about you. Your art is beautiful, and I know you put effort into it. Just keep getting better~
Thank you for sending such a sweet compliment, I literally blushed when I
  Looking for AdminsSo the group has been running for little over a month now and I'm very pleased to announce that things, so far, are running smoothly! Of course, there are things to improve. Exposure and an increase in activity being two of those.
In the following few days, I start back at school and this year is my final one, which means it's going be full of a lot of hard work and exam pressure. The likely hood of things are that I will not have the opportunity to log on and tend to the group everyday, like I would wish to.
To assist me in running the group, I'd like to recruit a team of admins who would be responsible in helping me keep the group alive, maintaining behind the scenes, helping to promote the group and collaborate on new, exciting ideas for the group.
The following positions are open:
Credit Keeper
In order to keep the Credit System alive, it is important that I have so

That's all for this week! Have a good weekend!


 :happybounce:  New Console....wight minute look same we have :? Kinda Admit does look nice only JP  

CURSE YOU! Coming 3rd October have buy both version get free soundtrack "Info 

fair fight Finally Pokemon fighting each other this be awesome :)

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