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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Hello lovelies,

Please read the journal carefully.

This is my second watchers raffle. First one's winner was OhSquishy and here's her prize:
:RP: OhSquishy by nouraii

Blue Pixel Orb This time, the winner will get a thigh-up similar to these:

Miku, Mikuo, Miku by nouraii M A R Y by nouraii AT - Pyuuni by nouraii

Blue Pixel Orb Rules:

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You have to be a watcher of mine before this journal was posted. If you want to participate in future watchers raffles, you can watch me now.

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You need to fav this journal to get a number.
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You need to comment on this journal with references of 3 characters max that you want me to draw.
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You can edit your comment later to change characters or add references as you want.

Blue Pixel Orb This raffle will end on September 25

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 

Yes? Then... It's a RAFFLE TIME! :D :heart: 

Let's celebrate the fact that I've got 799 watchers or something,
I don't know, I just want to draw something for some random person sooo... :heart:

If you want to participate, all you have to do is:
  • To be my watcher (if you're going to unwatch me after the raffle... don't do it, don't make me sad :C)
  • Fav+ this journal (so you can get the number)
  • [Additional - you can do it, but you don't have to :D] Make a journal or poll about my raffle, spread the word
If there's more than 50 persons participating, I will choose 2 winners! (+100 = 3 winners etc.)

The prize is an animated pixel chibi from me :heart:

Ruby by TheAviesAnge by TheAviesGin by TheAvies
More here:…

I will choose the winner with Random Number Generator.
Raffle ends: October 24th

Good luck to everyone ! :iconaawplz:

secretgifts- introduce yourself!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 10:15 PM

HELLO THERE! I have been ordered by the higher power to make one of those awkward around the room self-intros 
We hope that you might feel more comfortable drawing for/receiving art from someone you know a little more about (avoid stranger danger!). 
This journal will serve as a place for us to write a blurb about ourselves!

For members, please reply to the featured comment on this journal with a short introduction about yourself, keeping in mind that this is completely optional.
For guests who would like to mingle & jingle, please feel free to post a self intro as a regular comment on the journal (instead of replying to my comment!)

Below are some suggestions about what you might like to include. (Just suggestions!)

- Anything personal you are comfortable sharing!
- Things you like to draw in particular
- Favorite color, food, drinks, TV shows, anime, books, music
- What you would enjoy doing on a rainy day 
- Your social security number

secretgifts group chatroom

both members and guests are welcome!
(on the right hand panel is everyone who is currently in the room)
please note that when you load the chat, you won't be able to see previous messages!

There's also a chat box in case no one is online and you want to give a holla
you can find it here
please use your deviantart username if you're going to post!

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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300 :points:

I'll make you...

Featured 3 months
A fullbody hardworked drawing like this
.:Music Queen Graciette:. by PuppyinmypocketSmash
A headshot drawing like this
.:Vaati:. by PuppyinmypocketSmash



I'll make you...

Featured 6 months
Fullbody hardworked drawings like this
.:Music Queen Graciette:. by PuppyinmypocketSmash
A pixelated drawing like this
Night Wizard Melfon Pixel Doll by PuppyinmypocketSmash



I'll make you...

Featured 6 months
Fullbody hardworked drawing like this
.:Music Queen Graciette:. by PuppyinmypocketSmash


1 month PM

I'll make you...

Featured forever

2 Fullbody hardworked drawings like this
.:Music Queen Graciette:. by PuppyinmypocketSmash
Headshot hardworked drawing with your character wearing a scarf like this
Evil dumby cutie with a scarf! (Took off MC!) by PuppyinmypocketSmash


3 months PM

I'll make you...

Featured forever

2 Fullbody hardworked drawings like this
.:Music Queen Graciette:. by PuppyinmypocketSmash
Headshot hardworked drawing with your character wearing a scarf like this
Evil dumby cutie with a scarf! (Took off MC!) by PuppyinmypocketSmash
A pixelated drawing like this
Night Wizard Melfon Pixel Doll by PuppyinmypocketSmash


Sorry they're are expensive, but I disparetely need some points and PM! :aww:

August Winners

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 4:20 AM

tactician vs genius by Nikitomate
Based on your votes, here are your top fan favorites from TMNTContests August "2014 Movie" Theme Challenge. These winners will receive prize ptsPoints, TMNTContest's official stamp for display on their winning work, a feature on the TMNTContests homepage and a permanent spot in the TMNTContests Hall of Winners Gallery.  

Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 Congratulations! Trophy Emote 2 

Check Out These Other Great Entries:

(in no particular order)
How to become a super hero, Mikeys style by sampsonknight   R is for Recalcitrant
A little Raphael fic based off the new movie. Does contain a teeny bit of spoiler-y-ness, but nothing huge.
RATED T for a swear.
R is for Recalcitrant
Fingers stretching, limbs extended, reaching, reaching.  Time slows.  Her terrified face stares up at him, eyes wide and pleading.
Save me.
Catch me.
Don’t let me fall.
Raphael isn’t good at much, doesn’t have too many redeeming qualities.  He knows this.  He’s caustic and mean.  Pushes his brothers as far from him as possible while still living with them as a family unit.  He’s indecent and rude.  He’s stubborn and willful.  He’s not smart like Donnie, figuring out how to read books before Raph could spell his name correctly.  Not clever like Leo, mastering every new kata Splinter presents to them, no matter how complicated.  He ain’t charming like Mikey can be
  Untitled by Fhsadas  April Oneil, 2014 by HorrorRuby7   FamilyFamily
Summary: The reason why April found the kanji for family spray painted all of the city in the 2014 movie
Warning: Very mild spoilers to a very mild twist in the 2014 movie
Excited whoops and hollers could be heard from four shadows as they moved together in a dark alley taking out the group of terrorists as they tried to break into a genetics lab on the edge of town. Technically they weren’t supposed to be above ground and their sensei would throw a fit about it and send them to the hashi if he found out but right now they were enjoying themselves far too much to care.
The terrorist group known as the Foot Clan put up a decent fight, enough to give the shadows a good workout, but in the end it wasn’t enough to overcome the speed and power of their new adversaries. With all of the Foot soldiers laying unconscious on the ground or having run away in fear the shadows finally stepped out into the dim light cast by the flickering light bulb over the security exit.
  michelangelo 2014 by NoyanDemir

to all our participants and voters. This group thrives because of you!

Reminder!  Deadline Approaching!

       September Theme Challenge: Second Chance
"Second Chance" 

Year in Review Inspiration Feature

(All contest details below, enjoy the art on your way there)




TMNT by pachira-jp

Also don't forget to take advantage of our contest feature service.
Just submit your TMNT related contests to the group's favorites.
and it will be featured on our homepage during the deadline month. 

Contests, Games & Activities, Join Us!

Group Founder/Organizer:EnsoDancer Journal Skin By:LabLayers
I was just wondering, do you think anyone would buy me for an art slave?
I think I shall sell my nonexistent soul in to art.

Sb: 50 :points:
AB: 600 :points:
I think I'll just see if this goes anywhere......
But anyways, what this is for is art slave for..... 6 months? Then I'll have another auction.
This will end on October Nineteenth, Two thousand fourteen.
9-19-14 to 10-19-14
What I will do: Pretty much anything, just ask.
What I won't do: R34
Finally, after a long hiatus, KSP has returned to my page!

The UNSI series will be slowly continuing, so long as the computer issues that stopped it don't come back. My KSP Nine save file is gone, unfortunately. The reason? The Near Future Propulsion mod actually contains a piece of malware. I strongly advise you to not download the NFP mod for KSP unless your system is well protected. So, I will be more careful with KSP mods in future.

And for those wondering, yes, I'm happy Scotland stayed with the UK. Democracy works! 

Thanks for reading. 

Samsung Kyocera from Boost:… since it's still in working condition I priced it at $75. Do not bid on it unless you plan on paying up front once the auction is over.

#78 | Weekly Photography Fun!

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 8:05 AM
We are aware how inconvenient our Photography Games Nights can be, so we are bringing the Photography Games Night to you in the form of a weekly blog involving some good ol' photography fun. Some of you may recognise our photography games and some may not, but we all hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you!

This week, we would like to ask you to take part in our games and guess what the photographs below are. Many of you may recognise this as our 'Obscure Photo Game' in our Photography Games Night, which is exactly what is happening here, but in blog form instead!

...but first, let's reveal what last week's photographs were in order! :la:

Lamp Base | Badminton Racquets | Shuttlecock | Laptop | Car Headlight

Congratulations to UszatyArbuz for being the first to guess badminton racquets, shuttlecock and car headlight, dARobinHood for lamp base! :clap:

The aim of the game... to guess each subject in the photograph correctly.

Please be very clear and specific when you tell us what you think these objects are in a reply to this blog. We do not want just the part of the object. We would like both the part of the object (what the photograph is showing), and the whole object (what the part is a part of/represents).

The first person to guess correctly will win themselves 10 :points:!

You are only allowed one guess for each photograph, so make it count!

Just reply to this blog with the corresponding number and what you think it is!

Presenting the photographs... :eager:






Deadline: Friday 26th September, Midnight PST

Thank you UszatyArbuz, BeccaB-Stock-N-Art, Kamal-Q and SketchyBrohoof for providing these photographs!

We are always looking for photographs to use, people to help shoot these photographs behind the scenes, game suggestions, ideas, improvements, etc.. If you think you can help us with anything like this (and we would gladly appreciate your help), please don't hesitate to send us a note!

If you have some spare :points: you'd like to donate to help us out, we'd very much appreciate your support there too. We will be grateful for any amount you can give here.

Good luck! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. :love: