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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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400+ watchers Art Raffle!![added rewards]

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 1:39 PM
Chibi me #4 by Madhurupa I love sleeping by Madhurupa20140715 221236 by Madhurupa
deviantART Winners Info
Bullet; Green There will be 2 winners.

deviantART Prizes Info

1st place

Bullet; Green a full colored chibi digital art of a new customized character, one character only
Bullet; Green 50 :points: from me.
Bullet; Green LLama from me.
Bullet; Green free commission from me.

 2nd place

Bullet; Green a flat colored traditional chibi picture of own character, one character only.
Bullet; Green 10 :points: from me.
Bullet; Green LLama from me.

3rd place

(unlocked if 50 + people joins)Bullet; Green  a flat colored traditional picture of any character.
Bullet; Green LLama from me.
Bullet; Green Feature from me for 1 month.

deviantART How to enter?

Bullet; Green Firstly, you must be watching me - it is for my watchers, after all (although any new watchers are welcomed) (compulsory)

Bullet; Green Fav this post. (compulsory)

Bullet; Green Comment with the link of your OCs (compulsory)

Bullet; Green Write a new journal named "Art Raffles" with link to this post and then write there a comment with a link to the journal. (gives 1 extra ticket)

Bullet; Green Join this group :iconproject-undiscovered: (gives 1 extra ticket)

deviantART How will be the winner chosen?
Bullet; Green The winner will be chosen by Random Generator.

deviantART When is the AG ending?
Bullet; Green 30th September

Participants here ~
Okay, I think that's all Sweating a little...

If You Want to donate some rewards, it will be appreciable.

 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I'll reply asap! And thank you once again Heart  

'The Unseen Stock' to art contest

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 9:26 AM
Hey people! I'm starting my first little contest :happybounce:
This is some kind of a test, if you like it and there are many entries I will probably do a contest
like this more often, maybe every two months or so.

Here are the simple rules:
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! you must use at least 1 resource from every of these 4 last Unseen stock features:

The Unseen Stock - JuneIf you like this feature, please add it to your favourites so more people will see it! (:
:heart: :+fav: :heart: :+fav: :heart: :+fav: :heart:

 Thorfinn by Liancary-Stock 08 by TheniaAfentoulidou STOCK Lady in Red by Apsara-Art 2014-06-02 Treasure Monger 19 by skydancer-stock
Military Stock4 by Redherc46 Lormet_Renaissance-0030 by Lormet-Images 2014-05-18 Hamlin Piper 51 by skydancer-stock white dress stock 04 by simoona lpz02 by Amliel
My Love 8 by LadyAquariusStock Steampunk Pirate Stock 1 by Sayashi-Stock Greek Queen 25 by kirilee
Lake 2 by Wildarts-Artwork
  Natural arch by SacMPhoto staw... by mirandaarts
  The Unseen Stock - June (ll):heart: :+fav: :heart: :+fav: :heart:
I hope you enjoy these underappreciated stock photos as much as I do! :love:
If you like the journal please add it to your favourites so more people can see it :hug:



Pisqah Green Wizard 2011-05-24 67 by skydancer-stock Snow Princess Stock 3 by kayleeehall Little Wizardess Preview by RachgracehStock Tangled 2 by kirilee Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger 4 by PirateLotus-Stock

  The Unseen Stock - JulyModel

Dark by LadyAquariusStock Mucha Inspired - Midas 10 by HiddenYume-stock Culdalasse Laihendi Ranger 10 by PirateLotus-Stock Free Stock Photo by ElectricSorceress

    September Sky 11 by adarkerpurpose-stock    

 Bottom of Waterfall Stock 2 by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Waterfall 2 by AircatSkylion Red Rocks and Trees by dollieflesh-stock Snow Scape by Ardenstock Another Sunrise Stock by Cinnamoncandy-Stock
  The Unseen Stock - July (ll)Model

 Unicorn 01 by KittyTheCat-Stock Little Forest Fairy_4 by anastasiya-landa
  Crimsonella stock 6 by charligal-stock Downward Glance by Danika-Stock Woodland Archer 4 by IthiliamStock Double Agent 03 by Null-Entity


 Snow Scape 4 by Ardenstock Tree 09 by cemacStock Waterfall Black Forest Triberg by BVFoto Dry Hill2 by oddmountain

Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! you must use at least 2 resources from my gallery
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! the pictures you chose from the features and my gallery must be clearly visible in your work
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! you can use as many other stock photos as you like
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! the contest theme is open, let the beautiful unseen stocks inspire you !
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! all used stocks must be credited properly and from legitimate resources
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! allowed are digital art/manipulations, traditional art and mixed media

How are the winners chosen?
There will be 2 winners:
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! one chosen by the community by voting in a poll
  (no asking for votes allowed,please be fair !)
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! one chosen by me. I will choose by concept, creativity, skill and overall impression.

How to submit your entry
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! just send me the link of your work and say that it's an entry for the contest
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! a maximum of 3 entries per member is allowed
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! you have 1 month to finish your entry(s). Deadline is Sunday, August 31st
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! when the contest ends, I will start the polls with the entries.
   There will be enough time to vote to get a good result (:

This will be only a small challenge, so there wont be huge prizes - it's for the fun!
(Forgive me, I'm just a poor student who has saved some dA points :sigh:)

Both winners will get:
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! 250 :points:
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! a feature in my journal and in the blog of 2 of my stock groups
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! glory, honour and my admiration :giggle:

(If you want to support this contest, you can donate some points.
All points will be spent on future challenges! :heart:)

Free Art Giveaway!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 31, 2014, 6:34 AM
Hi guys!

It's about time I start being generous. So here's my first art giveaway! :iconlahdplz:
The winner will get this kind of art~:
Commission: Tarjaa Silverriver for ntvr2 by Shin--chan
OC or fanart. Whatever the winner wants :D

All you have to do is follow these rules:

1. MUST be a watcher. You can watch me right now even :D
2. Fav this journal. I will give a number to those who do
3. Advertise this journal. More chances of winning for those who do. They will receive another number
4. Comment on this journal. They will receive YET another number
5. No trolling or fighting with other deviants

I will use a random number generator to select the will. The winner will be announced on 
14 August 2014

So hurry up and join! :D

:star: Donate :star:  :points: here >>>>>  artfavoritepoints.deviantart.c… :star:
:star: Submit your NEW artwork :star: here >>>>>…
We've had 1413 :points: donated so far! Thank you to those who have donated!! I will make the journal feature later today!!!! with 1-3 of your deviations in it to feature here in the group!. Even if you donate just 1 :points:! You will be featured!! :happybounce:
*You don't have to participate if you donate!*

:star: :new: :star: Entries so far (Come on! Enter to win :points: !!! :happybounce:)
*:star:* SEE BELOW FOR RULES AND PRIZES!!!!! *:star:*

:star: DEADLINE is September 1st 2014 :star:

:star:Digital Photo Manipulation
W O N D E R L A N D by Isidems

:star: Photography
None :(

:star: Traditional Painting/Drawing
None :(

:star:Digital Painting/Drawing
(Contest) What do I do now? by TitosAlexius
Alice in Wonderland by Sandramalie
Wonderland (Contest Entry) by Andreanable
After wonderland by nomi1993
Alice in Winterland by JennyJinya

:star: Sculptures & Crafts
Meet our Wonderland by CHEMAX3X

:happybounce:---The theme chosen is :bulletblue: Alice in Wonderland :bulletblack:
This contest is open to every artist out there! (We do need more donations so every winner can receive a generous prize :) )
:bulletgreen: If you can donate any points or prizes of any sorts (features, stock packs for digital manipulators etc.) Note me!

All points will be used towards this contest. EVERYONE who donates will be featured in a journal!
I will make that feature journal on August 1st~!~

~~You do not have to participate, but there are rules!!
So please read carefully!!~~



:bulletblue: Any artist can participate
:bulletblack: MUST be Alice in Wonderland theme!
:bulletblue: Be creative
:bulletblack: You CAN put your own twist on it!
:bulletblue: Digital Photo Manipulators- MUST credit stock!
:bulletblack: For those who paint/draw... if you use a stock picture as reference, please leave a link in the description! :) :heart:
:star: :bulletblue: Include ONE of these in the description!! :)

:bulletred: :iconartfavorite:

:bulletred: Contest Announcement!!! (UPDATE!):star: Donate :star:  :points: here >>>>> :star:
:star: Submit your NEW artwork :star: here >>>>>
We've had 1389 :points: donated so far! Thank you to those who have donated!! I will make the journal feature on August 1st with 1-3 of your deviations in it to feature here in the group!. Even if you donate just 1 :points:! You will be featured!! :happybounce:
*You don't have to participate if you donate!*
:star: [New] [Star!] Entries so far (Come on! Enter to win [Points] !!! [:happybounce:])
*[Star!]* SEE BELOW FOR RULES AND PRIZES!!!!! *[Star!]*
[Star!] DEADLINE is September 1st 2014 [Star!]
[Star!]Digital Photo Manipulation

[Star!] Photography
None :(
[Star!] Traditional Painting/Drawing
None :(
[Star!]Digital Painting/Drawing



:bulletblack: All submissions MUST  be new :bulletred: (Dated 7-16-2014 or later) :bulletred:

:bulletblue::bulletblack: MUST contain at least 3 of the following elements! :bulletblue::bulletblack:

:bulletpurple: Main Characters only count as ONE
:bulletpurple: Eat me/ Drink me sign or cookie/drink or whatever you may want to use.
:bulletpurple: Rabbit Hole
:bulletpurple: Tea Party
:bulletpurple: Flamingo "croquet mallet"
:bulletpurple: Rose Bush
:bulletpurple: Hookah
:bulletpurple: Clock
:bulletpurple: Talking doorknob
:bulletpurple: Key
:bulletpurple: Oysters
:bulletpurple: Walrus and the Carpenter
:bulletpurple: UNbirthday cake
:bulletpurple: Cards

You can do your own thing with it, just be sure to include at 3 of the elements listed above! :)

!:star: !SUBMIT YOUR WORK HERE >>>>>>>…
!~:bulletred:~! If you submit it to another folder, I will not know it is for the contest! Therefore, it will not count.
I am also searching for ONLY ONE judge in each category!!! Note me if you would like to help judge!

:bulletgreen: :star: Prizes!!! :star: :bulletgreen:

There will be THREE winners for each of the following categories. Digital Photo Manipulation, Photography, Traditional Painting/Drawing, Digital Painting/Drawing, Sculptures & Crafts.
If we get more donations, we can make it more than one winner for each category!
:star: Donate :star:  :points: here >>>>>  artfavoritepoints.deviantart.c… :star:


(In each category, for now-will update if more donations come in!! :happybounce:)

:new: 1st place - 120 :points:
:new: 2nd place - 85 :points:
:new:  3rd place - 30 :points:

:star: (These are the prizes, if at least 3 entries are made for the 6 categories listed!):star:

:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletblack::bulletred:~!~ REMEMBER ~!~ :bulletred::bulletblack::bulletblue::bulletred:
If you donate, I will make the journal feature on August 1st with 1-3 of your deviations in it to feature here in the group!.

:star: DEADLINE is September 1st 2014 :star:

CONTEST!!Thinking about hosting a contest here.
What theme shall we do?
:bulletgreen::bulletred: Holiday
:bulletblue::bulletblack: Alice in Wonderland
:bulletblack::bulletpurple: Nightmare Before Christmas
:bulletpurple::bulletblack: Beetlejuice
Comment below!
:bulletyellow::bulletwhite:[Bullet; Black][Bullet; Blue]
There will be points for the winners!!! 3 total winners..
If we get enough point donations, we can do 3 winners in each category (Digital, Photography & Traditional)
If any other artists; artisan crafts, sculptures, comics etc etc.  You are more than welcome to participate as well!!
[Star!][Star!] Go here to donate! [:happybounce:]>>>
[Bullet; Red] Everyone who donates will get one random deviation of yours featured in a journal from this group!! [:happybounce:]

Deadpool Sprite  Oh yea own movie sweet...HEY Fox taken down video well them put you on kill list :dead: hehehe, Here go for more "Info

:deadpool: Enjoy video more kicking ass 

:deadpoolla:  Love my own game got all cute scene 

  • Mood: Excited
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hello all! i'm sorry that this isn't quite an emotional journal dedicated to our dear friend here but it's related to her so that's why i'll be bringing your attention to it

recently i had a conversation with Magicflora-fairypony about cat's planned series, sakura unmei, that never saw the light of day (there was even a group dedicated to it sakura-unmei ). she had the idea of starting the project back up again from where cat left off. a lot of people were involved and excited for the project so we figured hey, why not?

it was to be a series about a magical kingdom of pokemon featuring a pink bellossom (a cherry bellossom as she called it) as the protagonist, and detailing her adventures in the realm of sakura unmei

the basic aim of this journal is to recruit voice actors, writers, and animators for the project. since i'm pretty busy with other things in my life i won't be able to help animate it, only edit it all together at the end. we'll need all the help we can get, so i hope some of you would be willing to lend a hand!

if you have any questions you can contact either me or Magicflora-fairypony
Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for the contest. Having given it some thought, I'm going with the idea of Clutterstep squaring off against certain opponents.

You can read more about it here:

Hello Horde :salute:

Welcome back to ApocaLit Fridays; Apocalypse-writing's bi-weekly roundup filled with news, information, features and updates on things ..... well, apocalyptic and literature in nature (hence the clever name :slow:).

:spotlight-left: In honour of our 300th member, we are holding a contest; The ABC’s of the Apocalypse. Check out the official journal for all the details! :spotlight-right:

This week we have the usual Group, Affiliate and Lit Community updates, as well as "What to Watch/Read/Web".

:star: Fun Fact Friday: 14.4 million letters are lost in the mail every year. :star:

Group Updates

:bulletblack: Due to illness, we had no prompt for this week. Prompts will resume as scheduled this Saturday 2 August.

:bulletblack: We are looking for 2 Contributors to help out with blogs, prompts, articles and to help stir some interest and get activity going within the group. Click through on the link for details on how to apply.

:bulletblack: We are still seeking prize donations for our contest. If anyone would like to donate prizes, then send us a note. We would be most appreciative of any donations. Also If you would like to donate points, feel free to do so here.

Affiliate Updates

:star: Previous Affiliate and Lit Community Update.

:bulletred: AnotherContestGroup has the latest Winners Package Results.

:bulletred: CRLiterature has updates on July Book Club and a Literature Gallery Restructure.

:bulletred: Over at communityrelations this week: Putting the Art in Artisan, Hot off the Press! Reaper-X is Published!, Challenge Fun #13 Winners, CRphotography Needs You!, Handy Hints & Tips, Stock Radar #9, Cartoons and Comics: Illustrated Interviews, LUSH! Pinup & Glamour Features, Digitally Delicious July 30th, Hot off the Press! The sun under the shade, RAoK Fan Fiction Contest, and Welcomes two new Team Members.

:bulletred: Horror-Writers-Unite have posted their latest July Prompt.

:bulletred: LiterallyUnknown has the New Member Feature.

:bulletred: PoeticNation announce the Feelings Without Feelings Contest Results!

:bulletred: SixWordStories updates the 7 Deadly Sins Project – Week 5.

:bulletred: theWrittenRevolution posts Writers of the Revolution - July.

:bulletred: Unseen-Writers has a question for their members regarding Graphic Novels.

:bulletred: We-Write-To-Escape posts Important Housekeeping & Reminders.

Lit Community Updates

:star: Previous Affiliate and Lit Community Update.

:bulletblue: DailyLitRecognition has a Visual and Found Poetry Feature .

:bulletblue: IrrevocableFate posts the latest Love dA Lit!. *Note: Love dA Lit will be taking a break while IrrevocableFate takes a [well-deserved] vacation! It will return, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, after the 13th of August.

:bulletblue: The current volume of LadyLincoln’s Ladies of Lit is up!

:bulletblue: Lissomer is hosting a Micro Colour Poetry Contest. The deadline is August 19th (PST).

:bulletblue: neurotype regularly updates A Smattering of Lit News.

:bulletblue: Nichrysalis is hosting Fella: A FFM Contest. The deadline is August 7th.

:bulletblue: SpriteBlayde has posted the latest volume of The Ink Stained Quill.

ApocaLit Features

This week’s features showcases the winners of our esteemed affiliates, :iconwriting-rampage:, Prompt Contest.

First Place

DisruptedThe terminal's glow protruded from the screen, grew through the air and eventually died on my face: a blue hymn of cognizant numbness. A chorus of tip-tap-clicks played a symphony of sporadic notes while the rain pummeled the roof. The LANders Lounge was a common refuge for those weary of the exhaustions of social niceties and atrocities: a mecca for tuning out with movies, games and internet alter-egos. I was surprised to see how busy the Lounge was considering the awful weather that night, but I suppose it's good being alone together, right?
Then, suddenly our god deserted us: heat, light and entertainment all snubbed out with the indignity of an omnipresent sear of lightning and swelling orchestra of thunder. Everyone cooed their surprise and rattled off their nerves in halting laughter. A room moments ago brimming with hums, whirs, mp3s and games suddenly became a mausoleum of anxious statues jerking their eyes left and right to see if their neighbors warranted the risk of attempte
- by Kelcobi

Second Place

Dragons and the Highway"Dragons and the Highway"
By Jeremy Johnson
Driving home at 4 am.
The sprinklers water business lawns
in their secret mist, except
for one rebel, gushing straight up,
a geyser against the smoky skies
As the moon lights up its last cigarette.
Victimized, the nocturnes launder their cowls
and fall asleep before they finish their prayers
for vengeance, damning their soft, soft eyelids.
These are dragons that live as people.
They sleep like people sleep.
Not but a few hours prior, they were chasing
Swinging flails in their claws, magic maces
and scepters with iron spikes, thirsty
for no blood in particular, and finding none.
No demons left to slay, long nights
resume the throne as nemesis.
Desperate, the dragons strike
at sprinkler heads. Defeated.
It will take all day
for my cowl to dry.
But at least people
will see my geyser
and know that I was there.
- by Schofield-Alan

Third Place

Living memoriesThe way to the little house is covered with weeds.
She remembers the stones under her bare feet, wet after a rainy day.
They pricked her skin and she had to return to the grass besides the way.
She sees the big, old tree in front of the house, an old one, with a wide
trunk and big branches. The leaves are light green and singing their song
in the wind. Her father built a swing for her, which still hangs there.
She smiles. The memories of her childhood are good ones. At this time
everything seemed to be alright and the cruel world outside the garden
and house couldn't harm her.
Her mother was outside on a day like this, sunny and with very little clouds
at the sky. She cared for her tomatoes and potatoes, salad and strawberries.
And for her little daughter, swinging back and forth, long brown hair,
She can still see the little acre, now overgrown with green grass,
dandelions and thistles.
Near the tree stood a table with the best lemonade Janet could imagine.
It was some kind
- by Shari01

Honourable Mentions

Demon Eyes [Contest Entry]
    That day lived inside me like dangerous disease. You were contagious. You and that goofy smile of yours.
    I couldn't help but love you.
    But you were a normal boy. One who could live a perfectly normal life. With a perfectly normal family. With a perfectly whole heart. With two perfectly normal eyes.
    Those eyes.
    Radiant and sparkling, like the ocean with the sun's rays bouncing off. Blinding me.
    But whenever I look in the water's reflection, I don't see the sparkling sunlight. I see only imperfection. I see only the cursed boy who lived alone in the alleyway.
    These puddles I stared at showed the truth. My eyes were those of a demon's.
    With my demon eyes, I watched you past by every day. You never noticed the ragged, cold boy in the shadows.
    But I'd rather keep it this way then let myself fall in love.
    Alas, it was inevitable. I'd caught a di
- by RinKagamineluvr

:CE: First Day Back
First Day Back
It was my first day back.
Now let me tell you something; the first day back is always the most awkward as you try to readjust to the familiar settings. That's how I was feeling when I arrived. It had been days since I came back to this place. I had been gone for awhile now; gone on a big trip around the world to work on my training. My brothers had went with me, each of us getting stronger with each passing day.
But something remained weak inside.
It was a fragile thing people called a heart. Now, to be perfectly honest, I've never really fallen in love. Girls were icky when I was a kid, and as a teenager all I could do with the opposite gender was mess around in bed after getting drunk at a party. But there was this one girl. I've known her for awhile now; I guess you could say something about her caught my eye.
She wasn't like the other girls I dated. Oh no. She was perfectly competent and preferred not to be pampered. She was independent. Smart. Perfect. She wa
- by kuku88

Some amazing work! Congratulations everyone! :clap:

What To Watch

Z Nation Trailer. Brought to you by Syfy and The Asylum.

""Z Nation" starts three years after a zombie virus has gutted the country, when a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Although the antibodies he carries are the world’s last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all.

With humankind’s survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America."

Z Nation is a new zombie series airing later this year on Syfy.

What To Read

Locke & Key by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez.

"Locke & Key tells of Keyhouse, an unlikely New England mansion, with fantastic doors that transform all who dare to walk through them... and home to a hate-filled and relentless creature that will not rest until it forces open the most terrible door of them all."

What To Web

Interesting Literature - A Library of Literature Interestingness.

"Welcome to Interesting Literature, an online library of all that is most interesting and captivating about literature. Here you’ll find fun facts, interesting research into writers and their work, and blog posts which seek to capture the most fascinating facets of the literary world. So pull up a chair at this virtual library of literary wonder, and begin browsing!"


:iconliterarycompass: - Group featuring and promoting long-form fiction, novels, and on-going serials.
:iconthebackofthebook: - A group for browsing for/or advertising your books.
:iconpublishing-group: - A group for writers seeking to be published and for publishers seeking writers to publish; poetry, prose and fan fiction; horror, science fiction, fantasy and romance, manga, comics and cartoons.

IrrevocableFate's Love dA Lit - latest issue
DrippingWord's Let’s Talk Writing - latest issue
The Ladies of Lit - latest volume
CRLiterature’s Literature Articles You Should Know
Breaking in to Lit!
Expose-Lit: Your Literature Lifeline
Tips For Young Writers
How to get more views on your Literature
'PinkyMcCoversong's Writing Resources for Noobs (and not-so-noobs)
3wyl’s Constructively Comment in 5 Quick Steps
How to promote other peoples work
Forum on How Publishing Works
=julietcaesar's List of Useful Writing Blogs
#deviantHEART's ARK Project
ezradeacon's LITany of Resources

We hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of ApocaLit Fridays. Make sure to join us again next issue.

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The deadline for these is no later than Thursday 12:00 noon (EDT).

Until next time, Dear Horde. Stay frosty. :salute:

Ongoing projects

meiyue's Artist's Telephone Game
The ATG is basically a twisted version of the classic game, Telephone. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game Telephone, the concept is to pass a message along a chain of people and see how the message has changed by the time it reaches the last person. The idea for the ATG is to incorporate art into this game.

Artistle's TeamWork Project
The project teams two (or more) artists together as teacher and students to learn from each other about a certain topic over the course of 4 weeks.

Puzzles, solving mysteries and simulated online investigations. Detective-HQ is a unique group that challenges your mind into thinking outside the box, encourages creativity and critical thinking in a whole new different level.

SeniorSelections stands to feature premier artwork from the deviantART community through weekly features from each gallery category.

Mrs-Durden's Group Spotlight Project
Regular feature of active community driven and involved groups to help encourage community activity by groups.  

an art and literature collaborative project where artists and writers get to work together. Artists can create their works, and writers will choose something that inspires them to write an accompanying story or poem. Read more here

This group is filled with activities to help deviants make new friends.

This is a group against the disrespect towards art and art as profession. We hope to fight against underpriced art by setting a minimum wage for art commissions." Everyone in the group has to have commissions at a price higher than 500 points.

Web5teR's Emote Story Project
In this project you can show not only your drawing skills, but also the ability to write an interesting story!

Aimyee's Project Earn
"Project EARN, which stands for Encourage Awareness. Every month I will choose a certain topic and invite everyone who wants to, to submit art, write journals and participate in discussions etc. to raise awareness in these certain topics. I will also hold points and premium membership giveaways or contests/other things."

VonDiezyl's I'm Real, Are You? Project
A project that asks people to submit a photo of themselves showing that they are real people with feelings etc and not just someone pretending to be someone or something they are not.  

iDJPanda's Revamp Your Article Project
Inspired by the Draw This Again meme, this project asks people to revamp their old articles.

fella Help Update Fella's Dictionary

WorldWar-Tori's 2014 Positivity Project
"The whole point of this project is to spread positivity through photographing inspirational/positive/motivational/uplifting quotes written on paper"

A group for artists to get together and collaborate!

Bonelos' Inspiration Project
"This is a series of articles featuring artists that you in the community find personally inspiring. "

Astrikos's Praising Life Project
"I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can."

Tifa22's The Great Language Gathering Community Project
"My idea is to list all the languages people on dA can speak / write with both their English term and the original name, plus the sentence "I speak language" (correctly translated of course)."

deviantHEART's The Kindness Quilt Community Project
"The Kindness Quilt is a blanket created from the love of deviants right here on deviantART. This quilt is built upon love, respect and gratitude. Every person has a reason to and a means to create their own quilt square. To say thank you, to share a collaborative work, to show off a gift, commission or request, as a present, or simply as a design. The quilt square is 500x500 pixels, and when included in a completed quilt, can be resized smaller."

" Here, we will place a new Deviant each week! Deviants who are featured here are either upstanding members of our Deviant Art Community or are people who our members have caught committing an act of kindness! Any act qualifies, and we encourage members to be on the lookout for any Deviant who is worthy of this spot!"

MirachRavaia's Art For Trees Project
This project encourages you to participate in two different ways, either plant a tree, or offer art in exchange for trees being planted.

"dAWishingWell is a group specifically created to give back to the dA community by granting dA-related wishes such as premium subs, supergroup status, giving items off of wishlists, point donations, features, DD requests, and more! Do you have a wish? It could come true!"

"deviant365 is deviantART's official 365 Project where you will be provided with weekly tasks for the whole year. The aim of this is to give you motivation to participate in areas of our community that perhaps you have never experienced before, make new friends, work on your art, learn more about deviantART and enhance your experience on deviantART."

"ProjectComment is a Group of many projects centred around comments, but, more importantly, constructive comments.
We offer Members of deviantART a lot of opportunities to get comments, give comments, participate in comment projects, win points, get featured and much, much more!"

"dA's Community Relations Team bring you ART HISTORY, a series of articles about the entire History of Art."

"Project Educate, originally launched in 2008 by the Community Relations team, is a project to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge."

"Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal."

Nameda's Angels Without Wings Project
Angels Without Wings is a project that recognizes community members that work hard at promoting others or stand out otherwise in the community.  

Recommend your friend for a feature and get featured also.  

This group aims to focus on uniting people and encouraging them to support each other through life. We will actively encourage members to share their stories and talk to each other to make new friends, we will discuss important issues that may affect our members and we will accept all artworks that deal with an emotional issue. This is not limited to mental health issues, and the group is open to anyone.

We are a place to feature and promote community projects, events, and news, inspire collaborations of all kinds of art, educate others on how to get involved in the community and where they can go for projects and support, and other various community inspired activities.

Here you'll find useful tutorials, a critique corner, and activities to help you develop your artistic skills even more!

This group is not about getting attention for your art, it's about spreading awareness for Cancer, Aids, Child Abuse, Hunger, and the many resources out there needing help.

petrova's PrintsForPanzi project
Help contribute to Panzi Hospital by donating art or money.

This group works at interpreting deviantARTs faq to other languages so non native English speakers have a better chance of understanding them.  

non-real's Art Liaison Project
The aim of this project is to inspire artists to do some collaborative work.

Helping Hands

CRCommunityProjects is proud to announce that we have launched a Mentoring program! Now that it's live however, we are looking for community members who are willing to be mentors.  While our mentor program can focus on art and art creation, we aim to provide support in the community as a whole so we're looking for mentors who are familiar with certain communities and or sub communities and or running projects or contests within them.  
If this sounds like something you'd like to help with, have a read over our program here to see how to apply to be a mentor.  

Planning any Community Projects?

CRCommunityProjects is here to help you with your projects by giving them some extra promotion, or even help you brain storm your ideas so that you can get your project off the ground.  If you are planning any contests or projects, or are currently already running/hosting one feel free to shoot us a note to see how we can help you breathe extra life into it or help you with any problems you may be having.  

Want to be featured in next months round up?  Send CRCommunityProjects a note detailing your project and let us know you'd like to be included in our next round up.  

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