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Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 8:55 PM


The DesignnHQ challenges you to create the cover art for the next edition of Designn Magazine! The winning artwork would be used as the cover of the 6th edition with an inside cover feature.

Your entry can originate in any medium. Keep in mind that that this is a magazine cover which would go to print; hence keep the highlights of the artwork focused towards the center and left side of the cover, and avoid details towards the edges (1cm from each edge).

(Note that you only need to create the background image of the cover and submit it with the template we provide.)

How to Enter

1. Create

Create your entry in any medium - anything from digital paintings to traditional drawing.

Make sure the final work is at least A4 size (2480px x 3508px) and 300dpi. Save it as a JPG or PNG file, and you're ready to submit.


Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest by UJz

2. Submit your work

Once you finish your piece, upload your cover image as a PNG or JPG file to DeviantART.

Remember to mention it's for the Designnn Magazine Cover Art Contest on the description.

Then submit it to the contest folder at our offical group DesignnHQ . (You must be a member to submit.)
Submit Cover

View Submissions

(Keep in mind to store a copy of the original files (.psd) since you would be required to submit them if you win.)


1st Place

• Artwork featured as the cover of the 6th edition

• Insider cover feature

• 2000 :points:
(from Moonbeam13 )

• 3 month Premium Membership

• 500 :points: + Feature
(from TehAngelsCry)

• Free copy of the 6th edition

• Feature on the Designn Blog and Weekly Features

2nd Place

• Magazine Feature

• 1500 :points:
(from Moonbeam13 )

• 3 month Premium Membership

• 300 :points: + Feature
(from TehAngelsCry)

• Feature on the Designn Blog and Weekly Features

3rd Place

•  Magazine Feature

• 1000 :points:
(from Moonbeam13 )

• 3 month Premium Membership

• 200 :points: + Feature
(from TehAngelsCry)

• Feature on the Designn Blog and Weekly Features

The Rules


Entry must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PST) on November 1, 2014 and must be submitted to the contest folder at our group DesignnHQ.

• Entrants must be at least 13 years old to participate. Residents of any country are eligible.

• Entries can originate in any medium but must be in PNG or JPG file format when submitted.

• You may submit more than one entry.

• Entries cannot contain any watermarks and any resources used should be credited to in the description.

•  By submitting you give Designn permission to use the cover image in the magazine cover (both digital and print) and any promotional material.


The 3 winners will be chosen by Designn staff members.

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

• Creativity

• Technical Skills

• Overall Impact


:icondigitallycreated: :icondeviantart-related:
If you'd like to offer a prize, let us know in the comments!
Any questions? Please comment below.

Fashion 101: Working with Models

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 10:52 PM
Welcome to the first edition of Fashion 101, a series of articles revolving around the art, business, and nuances of fashion photography brought to you by Fashion-Show. While some topics may be relevant only to the fashion industry, many of these articles can apply to multiple genres and art mediums, such as today's topic. As is customary with most of my articles, there will be a giveaway and discussion at the end!


What is a Model?

Simply put, a model is a person employed for the purpose of posing for an artist. This can be for a painter, sculptor, animator, photographer, etc. For the sake of this article, we will be looking at models for photography. We will also be further defining a model as someone who has agreed to pose or act for your photography project, versus a brief subject such as a person on the street.

Why Work With a Model?

A model brings a lot to the table for a photographer, particularly when it comes to bringing a photographer's artistic vision to life. While friends and family can certainly be wonderful subjects for photography, working with a model with at least some experience can completely change the end result. There is a common misconception that all a model does is look pretty for the camera, and while that is the truth for many, a model brings so much more to the table. A good model can bring a sense of character and personality that may have otherwise been lacking, their own artistic direction and ideas, as well as pose in flattering and creative ways that the photographer may not have thought to suggest.

The model-photographer relationship is one of collaboration, which together can lead to a much better product.

Terms to Know

In the world of modeling, there are a few terms to be aware of.
:bulletpurple: TF: Abbreviation of 'trade for,' which refers to the exchange of modeling services for something, also called bartering. Usually it means the trade of a model's time for photographs, or for magazine work. This is often for portfolio building.
:bulletpurple: Test: A test is a shoot for the purpose of experimenting with new equipment, an idea, a make up artist, hair stylist, model, etc. Tests can be paid or unpaid, but the goal is often for practice or portfolio building.
:bulletpurple: Tear Sheet: A tear sheet, or 'tear,' is a photograph that is published. Typically this refers to a photograph being published in a print magazine, book, brochure, etc. However, with the increased popularity of digital magazines, it can also mean an online publication.
:bulletpurple: Rates: These are the model's fees. These can be done as an hourly rate, a half-day (usually 4 hours), or full-day (usually 8 hours) setup.
:bulletpurple: Creative Team: This is a team of people that take part in a photoshoot. Members of a creative team can include a make up artist, hair stylist, designer, wardrobe stylist, photography assistant, art director, manicurist, props manager, set designer, and others.
:bulletpurple: Casting: This can be used in two different ways. A 'casting call' is when someone is seeking models to fill a particular need, not much different from an audition for actors. To 'cast' someone, is to simply hire them for a specific project.
:bulletpurple: Editorial: An editorial is meant to be a story-telling or cohesive-element photography series. Typically these are either fashion-focused, or cosmetics-focused.
:bulletpurple: Talent: Aside from the common definition, it is another word for a model.
:bulletpurple: Moodboard: This is also known as an 'inspiration board,' and alludes to the use of reference images for a concept or theme. A moodboard may include images showing the style of make up, the types of posing, or even wardrobe. Moodboards are very well-received in the fashion world, as it helps to communicate the photographer's vision to their team.
:bulletpurple: Model Release: This is a legal document that is signed by the model that gives the photographer the right to reproduce their likeness in photographs. Typically these are used for commercial purposes or magazine submissions, but is an absolute must when working with a model that is not agency-represented.

What Should I Look For?

What you're looking for in a model depends on several points. First, is your experience as a photographer of people. Second, is the theme and sub-genre of your project, such as beauty, editorial, swimsuit, fitness, etc. The third point, is the model's own experience with the craft.

Let's start with a photographer's experience. When approaching a model, having a portfolio of portraits will be a strong recommendation. Many models will immediately pan a photographer if they have no applicable images to show. Offer to take photographs of friends, family, or co-workers if you currently do not have portraiture. If this is not an option, then consider paying a model for their time, in order to help with creating those initial images.

Now, to consider the sub-genre of your photography project. If you are looking to do a production of a more gothic theme, then casting an alternative model may be something to consider. Or, if you are looking to cast a model for an editorial that is very high-fashion (think Vogue), then you may not want to cast a fitness model who would be unfamiliar with high-fashion poses. Whenever possible, you want to find models that have prior experience in the sub-genre you're aiming for.

For the final point, a model's experience is definitely something to consider. If a model is inexperienced, they may not know how to flatter themselves for the camera, nor know how to pose depending on the lighting situation, or be particularly personable and easy to work with. A more experienced model will typically bring more to the table, and can therefore make a photographer's job much easier by removing a lot of guesswork for them. More often than not, your experience level should be mirrored by your model, unless you are compensating them in order to approach better talent.

Where To Find Models

With the advent of social media, models are much more accessible than ever before. Below is a breakdown of some common approaches.

Damm by Kendra-Paige
Model Mayhem is a social network for photographers, models, make up artists, designers, stylists, hair stylists, publications, and more. One of the largest networks when it comes to models, this is one that I highly recommend for someone that is new to working with models. There is an approval process for this site, so having existing photographs of people will be a must in order for your profile to be created. With tools that allow you to post casting calls and browse for models that fit certain measurement, aesthetic, or genre-specifications, Model Mayhem makes it relatively simple to find the models you're looking for.

Daomp by Kendra-Paige
While not as large as Model Mayhem, One Model Place is another social network for photography-related creatives to meet and collaborate. This community offers a lot of the same features as Model Mayhem. While a lot of models will have profiles on both networks, I have found some that only have profiles on One Model Place.

Dainsta by Kendra-Paige
Link: Mobile App Available in the iOS and Droid Marketplace
While this a mobile-based social network that runs purely on photographs, there are a lot of networking opportunities available. Tagging models and members of a creative team are very common practices for fashion photographers, which can make it easy to find local talent in your area. Search for hashtags related to your location and for models, and you may be surprised who you find.

Daface by Kendra-Paige
While the most popular of social networks on this list, Facebook is a bit trickier to discover models on. Like Instagram, finding models is typically comprised of following the right people and paying attention to the people and pages they link to. Search engine inquiries such as 'facebook group for <location> models' may bring up results. The main use for this site is to follow the right people.

Daagency by Kendra-Paige
A modeling agency is a company that represents models for use in promotional, entertainment, commercial, catalog, and fashion work. Some of the larger and more prestigious agencies are Ford, Next, Elite, Wilhelmina, LA Models, Photogenics, MC2, and plenty of others. For someone that is just starting to work with models, finding a smaller boutique agency will be a great start. 'Testing with an agency' refers to having an agreement with a booker /agent at an agency to take photographs of their models in exchange for either images in a portfolio, or compensation.

If you are serious about taking your photography to the next level, working with a modeling agency is a must. A lot of models sign exclusivity contracts, which mean that they can only work with photographers that the agency tells them to. As a result of this, many of the world's most talented models can only be acquired through an agency.

While models can also be found on the street, or even right here at DeviantArt, above are some of the most popular methods.

How to Approach a Model

Once you have found a model you wish to work with, it's time to reach out to them! Everyone has their own way of doing this, but some tips for success are the following:
:bulletpurple: Be respectful. Complimenting a model with words such as 'hot, gorgeous, sexy, etc' might alienate a potential model and appear unprofessional. An industry-friendly way of accomplishing this is by saying a model has 'a great look.'
:bulletpurple: Give the model dates and times. Many models are contacted by a lot of photographers who give them no details. This forces the model and photographer into a time-consuming back-and-forth. Give the model as many details as you can in your introductory message.
:bulletpurple: If you have a theme or concept, share it with your model! Providing them with a moodboard will also go a long way in persuading them to work with you, as well as convey your vision.
:bulletpurple: Set the expectations for the shoot. This will include how many images the model can expect from the shoot, how long it may take, what magazines you may want to submit the photographs to, etc. Hash out your terms early, not later!
:bulletpurple: To try and avoid the model 'flaking' on you (not showing up), be sure to confirm the day before the shoot is due, talk to the model over the phone if possible, and share contact details.

In Conclusion

Working with models can be an extremely rewarding experience, and one that is necessary for many facets of people photography and other people-oriented art forms. If you have any questions about an aspect of this tutorial, please feel free to comment below!


:bulletblue: Have you worked with a model before?
:bulletblue: What was your experience?
:bulletblue: Where do you find most of your models?
:bulletblue: Do you have any feedback on this article?


There will be a giveaway for three winners of 50 :points: each! Below are the details.
:bulletpurple: Favorite this journal.
:bulletpurple: Join or Watch the group for added chances.
:bulletpurple: Participate in the discussion or comment on the journal to increase your changes.
:bulletpurple: Winners will be announced on August 30th.

Please :+fav: this journal to support the project!
Thank you! :iconkendra-paige:

Reinterpretation Contest

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 7:41 PM
Hey all! It's time for a new contest :eager: Inspired by and co-hosted/cross posted with the wonderful WintersRead  :)


Reinterpret/recreate one of the following photos below. Be creative, there are many ways to look at the theme. :la:

Jelly by rainylakei want to sail away from here by rainylake
Pika Appears! by rainylakeHistory by WintersRead
Sound the Bugle by WintersReadTranslator by WintersRead


:bulletgreen: Let us know which photo you are reinterpreting when you send in your note.
Bullet; Red In your deviation description, be sure to link back to this journal (ex: "This piece was created for Reinterpretaion Contest:[add link here]" ). 
Bullet; Blue The piece MUST be created for this contest. Any art that was submitted before the August 19th, 2014 will not be accepted.
Bullet; Purple All visual mediums are accepted :) (Smile)
Bullet; Black One entry per person please.
Bullet; Yellow Submit deviations to rainylake by note, titled "Contest Entry". I will then note you back if your entry was accepted and add it to a favorites folder made for this contest. Click here to see all the entries. DO NOT comment below with your entry, this will not count as a submission. Please, please, please just note it to me. Aww
Bullet; Orange Entries must be submitted by September 30th, 2014. This gives you a little over 6 weeks to create something magnificent La la la la
Bullet; Pink NOT REQUIRED: If you'd like, please favorite this journal/spread it around, so we can get more exposure/more entries. Here's a kiss for you, my love!


We are still looking for prizes, so any donation would be appreciated (features, artwork, points, subs etc). If you can donate a prize, please comment below. Anyone who donates anything will be featured when the contest results are posted. Heart

300 :points: from WintersRead 
200 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylake , WintersRead 

200 :points: from WintersRead 
150 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylake ,WintersRead 

100 :points: from WintersRead 
75 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylakeWintersRead 

Runner up
50 :points: from WintersRead 
50 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylakeWintersRead 


September 30th, 2014


:iconwintersread: :iconrainylake:


Feel free to leave a comment below or note either rainylake or WintersRead  :heart:

Project-Name-Origins Contest

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 7:37 PM
((Please note this is not an official AA4E contest, ours is coming soon!))

Hey, guys! Aikou here~ I've found a contest here on dA that I think needs some more recognition! I'm most likely going to be entering myself, so please check it out!


Project-name-origins *anniversary art contest*Hello and welcome to our first "Project-name-origins" (PNO) contest!
Some time ago we hit our
1 Year anniversary
and so we've decided to celebrate it with an art contest with cash prizes!
Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist to participate because we chose a simple PNO related theme for the contest.
Our judges will be looking for the feeling and meaning behind your submissions, rather than the artistic quality of the image.
What do I have to do to participate in the contest?
If you have an DeviantART account become a watcher so you won't miss out any updates on the contest.
You must join the Project-name-origins and add your story to our collection! Everything you need to know about the project can be found at our homepage:
What do I have to draw?
You have to draw a por

Hello and welcome to our first "Project-name-origins" (PNO) contest!

Some time ago we hit our

1 Year anniversary

and so we've decided to celebrate it with an art contest with cash prizes!
Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist to participate because we chose a simple PNO related theme for the contest.

Our judges will be looking for the feeling and meaning behind your submissions, rather than the artistic quality of the image.

What do I have to do to participate in the contest?

If you have an DeviantART account become a watcher so you won't miss out any updates on the contest.

You must join the Project-name-origins and add your story to our collection! Everything you need to know about the project can be found at our homepage:

What do I have to draw?

You have to draw a portrait of yourself, half normal and half related to your username.
Example: If your username is "Shourei, jackkuro, Subdivided" or whatever else, you draw half a page of your actual portrait and the other half how you imagine "Shourei, jackkuro, Subdivided..." to look.
(side note: This year's contest theme was suggested by our chinese Moderator: geek96boolean10)

geek96boolean10 also drew an example entry:
PNO - geek96boolean10 by PNO-Contests

Once I’ve finished

Send us an E-Mail with these questions filled out, your username (the one you used for your drawing) and attached entry to
We’ll check if the origin story of your username is listed in our database and let you know if your entry is valid or not.

How will my drawing be rated?

Like we said before, you don’t need to be a artist to take part in this contest.
Our skilled judges know that the meaning and feeling of the drawing is way more important than its quality.
(You can draw on normal paper and scan it afterwards or you draw directly on your computer. You just need to be able to send your entry via e-mail.)

What can I win?

Click the link below to view the contest prize sheet.
Contest price sheet!

If you‘re in any social or creative network please consider posting your entry on your account and linking back to our contest!
The more people to join the contest increases prize money, and we get more participants means more new stories for our project!

What is the schedule for the contest?

Turning in entries will be from *the moment you read this journal* till *September 30*

When will the winners be chosen?

As soon as our Jury is able to look through all the entries we will receive!
It mainly depends on how many entries we gain.

We will keep you up to date on who won as soon as our jury choose the final winners.

And last but not least, our Jury:

Our Jury includes three skilled artists from deviantART who are able to judge a drawing by the feeling behind it instead of just by its artistic quality.

1) s0s2:
"I put my main focus on cartoon art, mostly done in Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS5. Colorful and exaggerated pictures are my trade mark."

2) Naratzu aka Nara:
"I am a hobby drawer, animal artist, focused on canines. I do my art in Paint Tool Sai, and I add effects in PScs5. My style changes a lot, but I like warm atmosphere with contrast in cold atmosphere."

3) nahnahnivek
"I'm pretty much a self-taught artist like you all. I started the same like everyone and learn from everyone to build my skills up so that I can bring out all those ideas and vision of mine out from my thick skull. The reason why I am here is to learn from everyone and improve. Hopefully you can learn something from me from what I have learned from others. I am here to guide you so that you can improve further in terms of skill and concept."

Now go spread the word and join in the contest!
We at PNO hope that you and your friends have a fun time and enjoy our contest as much as much as we do!

Hoodie Cult 2.0

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 4:19 AM

We did it in 2010 and it's time to do it again!

The Hood Cult!And it just keeps growing :faint:
This is all bellchilds fault XD
Staff Awesomesauce!!!

MN Awesomesauce!!!

:thumb159918646:Rofl by MegMcMuffinHoodie ID by deshrubberAll The Cool Kids Are Doing It by martypunkerMN Hoodie ID Meme by sine-outNinja by ananasjihad
MN_Gangstahz by mackattack23:thumb159948711:FELLA by NarfmasterOpalMist Hoodie by OpalMist:thumb159985391:Evil Hoodie by dxdHurro by leaf-loverI'm really hot by dammitMELOh noes by CaektiemsHood Cult by Resaturatez
GM Awesomesauce!!!
:thumb159962265:In Yo' HOODie by PurpelBlurHoodie Action by ginkgografixHoodie Extreme by FionaCreatesGansta Warlock by Platinus:thumb160155532:
wtf by taenaron:thumb160155711:Hoodie Cthulu by MyntKathoodie by Nyx-ValentineBig up the hoodie massive by UnicornRealityIN THE HOOD by pica-ae
Hoodie tiems by elicoronel16hoodie by SRaffaI'm being cool... by Pixel-SpotlightLittle Blue Ryding Hood by rydi1689
dA Member Awesomesauce!!!
Hoodie ID by teamtd11Cause by invisibledecoyYuki's Hoodie ID by YukiMizuno:thumb160162664::thumb160168187::thumb160167782:
AND MY FRINGE IS THIIIIIS LONG by Rainbow-Mist-Topaz:thumb160173526:Manly ball in the hoodie by CookiemagiKSOOO SHINY INSIDE by Athos-of-Light:th

A while ago Nyx-Valentine and I decided that we need to do it again. Grab any hoodie near you (if you don't have something use any other kind of head covering or be creative) and get your photo done!

Let's see if we can beat the amount of 82 entries from last time.

What are you waiting for?

Fab U. Lus by BlissfullySarcastic

The Hoodie Collection (7)

Hoodie 2.0 by ginkgografix hoodie by pica-ae thiefo55 by Thiefoworld Hoodie Cult v2.0 by Exillior
20140820 150758 by Windklang Hoodie Cult by Koriru
Joining the Hoodie Cult by SimplySilent  Hoodie Cult 2.0 by Clyverly-Vyril

Link me to your entries and I will add you here!


Quickest way to get into contact with me is via notes. If you want to contact me via Skype, ask for details please.

Hey guys!

First up! Started doing speedpaints again!
You can find a new one uploaded over here:

Also on the topic of speedpaints-- more active on my picarto channel here:…
If you sign up and sub to my channel-- you'll get notifications whenever I go live, plus if I get enough subs I can earn a little money ; w;/ which helps support me to make more content!

Also! not long till the Damien badge wont be available anymore-- please check out Melodies patreon page here: to see how you can get one Andkeeponeinhismemory //SHOT INTO THE SUN
August 2014 collector badge by Little-Miss-Boxie

Also if you've been following Melodies tumblr or facebook-- you may have seen this

more news coming soon e we
❤ My Profile Page ❤ My Gallery ❤ My Journal ❤

So I decided that I really wanted to hold a contest for you guys and this is what I'm looking for: 

I adopted a lot of adoptables and want them drawn as a family together. Yes I know there are a good amount of them, but your commitment to drawing all of them and taking your time could earn you some prizes! Ene (Smile) [V7] 

The Family:

Eric and Neil:…




Optional to Add: 



Info on them:
Neil who has the black hair is the older brother and "father character"
Eric who has white hair is the second youngest and is the trouble maker little brother 
Rose is the big sister and often acts like a mom to them... including Neil who she often argues with.
Nina is the baby sister who adores her big brother Eric (the trouble maker) and often helps him with his pranks.
Lillyana is the middle child and is very quiet but takes pleasure in seeing the chaos the family loves to get themselves into. 

I accept:

Digital Art 

Traditional Art


Can be: half body or full body drawings


You can't use them anywhere else

Comment if you want to enter

When your entry is done note me or comment with a link back to it

You can make as many as you want but only one will win!

Have fun~


First place: 150Points 
1 full body commission + 1 chibi + 1 wall paper 

Second place: 100Points 
1 half body commission + 1 chibi 

Third place: 50Points 
1 chibi

Dead line: August 31 2014 (If need be I can lengthen the time)

Entries found here:…

Have fun! 

Contestants: :iconkurozakurahime:  :iconmc-l0vin:  :iconsailorsweets: :iconsoraheat: :iconkotomi121:

.:They'll open tommorow!:.

FREE Classy Status button: Commissions are closed by koffeelam

Digital art

Brighty drawing of your character

Handsome Rav' by PuppyinmypocketSmash


Because I will work so hard on this drawing and
it takes 3 hours or less~

A fullbody drawing of your character


The Shinerule Heroine by PuppyinmypocketSmash


Because I will work so hard on this drawing and 
it takes 4 hours or less~

A cat version for your character


I can has rupee? ~ Cat Ravio by PuppyinmypocketSmash


This one is cheaper because it takes just 1 hour or less~

An animation with your character


Second Warrior Ed animation by PuppyinmypocketSmash


Pixel art

A pixel icon with your character


.:ENTRY:. Gamibri Pixel Icon by PuppyinmypocketSmash



Unanimated Stamp


PuppyinmypocketSmash support stamp by PuppyinmypocketSmash


Animated Stamp


Evis Evillis stamp by PuppyinmypocketSmash


Note Note me if you're interested! Note 

Please fill in these on the note:

For digital art

Commission type: (what commission you want)
Character: (your OC reference)
Pose: (what pose you want)

For pixel art

Commission type: (what commission you want)
Character: (your OC reference)
Pose: (what pose you want)
Animation type: (blush, blink, wink, dance, bounce, smile or wave)
Extra animation: (if you want an extra animation)

For stamps

Commission type: (what commission you want)
Character: (2 links of your OC, must be transparent)
Animation: (Yes or not)

Multhaiku, a haiku and micro-poetry based group, is conspiring to hold another contest in the near future (details are top secret) but already we have a great prize list accumulating. In the days before the contest opens, we'd like to open it up to donations of all kinds. Here's a peek at what's already up for grabs:

1st Place

600 points from hopeburnsblue
200 points from Nichrysalis
Matching origami book and bookmark from Nichrysalis and SilverInkblot with your writing inside.
Features from Multhaiku, hopeburnsblue, and haphazardmelody

2nd Place

400 points from hopeburnsblue
200 points from Nichrysalis
Matching origami book and bookmark from Nichrysalis and SilverInkblot with your writing inside.
Features from Multhaiku, hopeburnsblue, and haphazardmelody

3rd Place

200 points from hopeburnsblue
200 points from Nichrysalis
Matching origami book and bookmark from Nichrysalis and SilverInkblot with your writing inside.
Features from Multhaiku, hopeburnsblue, and haphazardmelody

Feel free to donate: points, features, llamas, premium, critiques, and anything else you can think of. We're on the lookout for any unique prizes people have to offer as well.

Thanks for your time, and stay on the lookout for the contest!
Strongly considering this because I see others do it and it looks kind of fun. Run only by :icondoctor-shadowprints:Doctor-Shadowprints

Draw my Character in any situation that is comedic. Situations can be anything at all. Sexual, Violent, Racist, I don't care. As long as it includes my character specifically. You may add your own character if you want, but that's your choice.

Furfag by Doctor-Shadowprints This is my character. This is who you will be drawing. Marvel. Marvel in his greatness. You ARE allowed to add features like clothing and lipstick and makeup and stuff. As long as I can still tell he is mine. So no changing the fur patterns.

Character may be drawn as an Anthropomorphic being (2 legged) or a Feral being (4 legged)

Character MUST NOT be drawn as a Human being. Or you'll be disqualified.

You DO NOT need to be talented to join this contest. I refuse to make a contest where the better artist wins.


all submissions will be assigned a number

Numbers will be put in a randomizer


Number which is picked will be the winner and recieve 75 dollars through Paypal. (NOTE: This is CAD, I will pay additional money to even out with USD, but this will not be the same as  75 EUROS. Otherwise I'm lookin' at paying 100 dollars or so.

All you have to do to enter is remake a journal telling all of your friends about the contest.


:bulletred:First Place - $75.00 via PayPal or Credit Card Gift Card (Winners choice.) Plus an additional 100:points: for participating.
:bulletblue:Second Place - $50.00 vis PayPal or Credit Card Gift Card (Winners Choice.) Plus an additional 100:points: for participating.
:bulletgreen:Third Place - $25.00 via PayPal or Credit Card Gift Card (Winners Choice.) Plus an additional 100:points: for participating.
:bulletblack:Fourth Place - 1000:points:. Sorry. No money for you. Tough titties. Plus an additional 100:points: for participating.
:bulletyellow:Participation - 100:points: for participating in the contest itself.

ALL of those who enter will receive 100 points for their participation.

:bulletred:You must post ALL of the above as a journal, including this line to be officially accepted into the contest. A poll or a journal feature would be nice but you only have to comment to be accepted into the contest.

:bulletblue: The Contest will last from August 25th to September 25th. If you need extra time for your piece of art to be done, NOTE ME. I will give a maximum 5 day extension if enough people need it.

:bulletred: Participants will not receive their points until after the contest has come to a close, or during the contests run, depending on what I do with myself and my money during the contest.
  • Listening to: My balls slappin my thighs
  • Reading: a blank sheet of paper
  • Watching: paint dry
  • Playing: Tear the piece of paper in half
  • Eating: molded wood from a chair
  • Drinking: A plastic bottle.