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#56 | Weekly Photography Fun!

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 10:02 AM
We are aware how inconvenient our Photography Games Nights can be, so we are bringing the Photography Games Night to you in the form of a weekly blog involving some good ol' photography fun. Some of you may recognise our photography games and some may not, but we all hope you will enjoy what we have in store for you!

This week, we would like to ask you to take part in our games and guess what the photographs below are. Many of you may recognise this as our 'Obscure Photo Game' in our Photography Games Night, which is exactly what is happening here, but in blog form instead!

...but first, let's reveal what last week's photographs were in order! :la:

Hook on Hanger | Rose Petal | Speaker | Inside Track on Rowing Shell | Part of Water Fountain

Congratulations to WorldWar-Tori for being the first to guess hanger, policegirl01 for rose petal, and SepticSkeptik for speaker and part of water fountain. You will each receive :points:, though it will take a bit of time for you to receive them. :clap:

The aim of the game... to guess each subject in the photograph correctly.

Please be very clear and specific when you tell us what you think these objects are in a reply to this blog. We do not want just the part of the object. We would like both the part of the object (what the photograph is showing), and the whole object (what the part is a part of/represents).

The first person to guess correctly will win themselves 10 :points:!

You are only allowed one guess for each photograph, so make it count!

Just reply to this blog with the corresponding number and what you think it is!

Presenting the photographs... :eager:






Deadline: Friday 25th April, Midnight PST

Thank you DinamiQ, Caitlynncobra, Kamal-Q, innerviki, Daemare for providing these photographs!

We are always looking for photographs to use, people to help shoot these photographs behind the scenes, game suggestions, ideas, improvements, etc.. If you think you can help us with anything like this (and we would gladly appreciate your help), please don't hesitate to send us a note!

If you have some spare :points: you'd like to donate to help us out, we'd very much appreciate your support there too. We will be grateful for any amount you can give here.

Good luck! If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us. :love:

Banana Llama Plushies?

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 5:59 PM
So i've been tinkering away working on more MintShark stuff u wu/ (for anyone who doesnt know what mintshark is you can check the store here: )

So far it seems Banana Llama is one of the more popular characters-- which im glad cause hes probably my favourite ah hah = 7= <3

This fluff butt here:

Banana Llama by Little-Miss-Boxie

Now a project I'd love to take on in the future ; v; would be to get this little guy into a 9-10inch tall plush form for sale

though for something like that to happen, it'd only be if people were genuinely interested in getting one, and would most likely be done through kickstarter to raise the funds to send him into production . w./ <3

I'd love to have Apple Alpaca made as well and have them match as a set-- but plushes are extremely expensive investments @ w@; so for now it'd just be Banana LLama, and Apple will come along later if theres interest, or maybe even become an extended goal if the kickstarter is more successful then the funding goal.

Planning too that the Llamas bought through the kickstarter will come with an exclusive adoption paper, your adopted Llama will be given a number on that certificate too! so if you were the first to adopt one, you got Llama #1! :D

there will also be a lot of other packs filled with banana llama goodies for people that want to pledge more then just getting the plush!

But yes, so i guess my question is would you guys be interested in these, please let me know your thoughts in the comments ; v;/ and if theres some serious interest, i'll start looking into this over the next few weeks and months.

hope everyones doing well <3

Skin by SimplySilent
In honor of Easter I am doing three things. So read this ALL the way to the end.

I recently came across a nice amount of money. So since it's Easter time, I might as well help others by celebrating and yeah.....

These all end on APRIL 27, 2014 at 11:59PM Central Time.
Judging is from APRIL 28, 2014 to APRIL 30, 2014 at 11:50PM Central Time.
Point Awarding is on MAY 1, 2014 to all winners.

If this gets more than 100 people who join.I will give a MONTH OF PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP TO A GRAND WINNER IN EACH CONTEST.

This one is easy, and quick
The steps are....
1) Comment on my pictures about some help I can use to make my pictures better.
2) Comment on my journal (this one)
3) Share my journal so others can see.
4) Comment on this journal that you are done.

Judging is random, all done on

First Place:
20 points

Second Place:
10 points

Third Place:
5 points

This one is for people who want to enjoy a color challenge.
The steps are...
1) Go to this picture and download it.
2) Color it on either GIMP, Photoshop, or Paint.
3) Upload to DeviantArt, following the rules on my picture.
4) Comment on this journal with the link to the picture.

Judging is based off of color scheme, use of light, technique, and separated off of age.
14 and Under in group #1.
Ages 14 to 18 in group #2.
Ages and up in group #3.

First Place:
20 points

Second Place:
10 points

Third Place:
5 points

For those people who want to write a little bit.
The steps are.
1) Create a new journal.
2) It must be between five to nine paragraphs.
3) It must be FICTION, about something dealing with Easter.
4) Comment on this journal with a link to your journal so I can read it.

Judging is done based on entertainment, grammar, and character devolopment.

First Place:
20 points

Second Place:
10 points

Third Place:
5 points
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I'm open for art trades and or requests cause ive really got nothing to do yknow. So give me something to do! I do wolves and sonic characters! Request below.Ghost And Murdoc by DemonzicAngelz

Ghost The Radioactive by DemonzicAngelzMurdoc Flare by DemonzicAngelz

Neon The Hedgehog by DemonzicAngelz

Pink hedgie by DemonzicAngelz

Lucifer Jaxon (wing view) by DemonzicAngelz

800 + Watchers ★ RAFFLE  is now OPEN ♡

Raffle ends on the 27th 
of April 
00:00 am EST 

I can swear I did this not so long ago..(*´-ω・)ン?
and didn't I just finished 700 Watcher Tutorial..(´・ω・`)? 
but.. now 800..!? (well I am still little short)

I am not complaining 。+.。ヽ(*>∀<*)ノ。.+。 I love you guys 
to show my love to all my stalkers I mean watchers..
I am going to hold Another Raffle 

★★★★★★★★★★Prizes ★★★★★★★★★★

First & Second Place

Chibi Kirito - SAO by d-tomoyoMako MAKO MAKO by d-tomoyoSleeping Fluttershy gif by d-tomoyoTomoyo my very first Pixel art by d-tomoyo

Chibi or Pony Drawing 
oh and Pixel Icon if you want ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ


1) you Must be one of my watchers - Old or new doesn't matter!
2) Anyone who has comment blow on this journal gets a ticket to enter the Raffle
3) every one gets a number according to there comment timeline
4) will use random number generator to get a winner at the end
5) will stream the raffle result 
6) entry is close on midnight of Sunday Apr 27th

★ How do I get Another ticket? ★

 If you do help me advertise this Raffle -Poll, Journal, ect  
(and provide link blow in the comment) you get a 
free extra ticket 

you don't have to favorite this journal 
I rather want you to fav one of my drawings then a 
journal entry 
but if you do, you get hug and kisses ヽ(*´v`*)ノ


Send me a note of what you want me to draw ヾ(o´▽`)ノ゙

if there are more than 50 Participants 
I will pick lucky 3rd winner 
Prize same as above.

             My other Art works

Nonon Jakuzure Chibi by d-tomoyoKill la Kill Satsuki Chibi by d-tomoyoMatoi Ryuko Chibi by d-tomoyo

It's been a weird day... Especially with this 'girl' in my house running around... I have NO idea who she is or might be.. then I felt breathing down my back it sent chills running down my back, I didn't dare turn around, but I wanted to so badly... I could hear 'Giggling?'. "H-hello t-there..." I heard a girl whisper in my ear. my body totally froze as my eyes widened, I heard her back up a few steps... I ran out of my room swung open the door and ran down the stairs like there's no tomorrow... "W-what?!" I said as I was shocked and terrified there was some red liquid on the walls spelling: THE SHADOWS ARE COMING... then I heard that... creepy little girl giggle again, she walked down the hallway now what seemed like a giggle turned to a psychotic laugh.. I quickly grabbed something sharp all I could find was a flipping pocket knife, the girl pinned me down but I kicked her off running into the woods, the girl kept following me, "what does that creepy thing want with me?!" I whispered.. Then before I knew it that... 'thing' was in front of me... the girl wore: Black hoodie, short black jeans, high top runner one was white and one was black, black and white side ways belt holding.. what looked like a sledgehammer a scapel and an axe... and that freaken mask ugh! that thing creeped me out... it was a white mask with black around the eye holes with a regulator in the left eye hole and a pocket watch in the right.. she had black-ish brown hair with white tips. she was the most freakiest little girl I've ever seen in my life! I backed up, the girl's head twitched, as she ran right at me grabbing her sledgehammer and pinning me down, "T-the S-shadows A-are C-coming..." The girl laughed psychotically and lunged the sledgehammer to my face.... "I-I'm B-Brianna..." The girl said as she watched my face gush out blood...

Character Brianna belongs to Me! :33
sooo when i first went into the library i started going through the rows like it was a maze then as soon as i hit a corner i ran into a person about my age and we both fell down and we were wearing the same shirt!!! i stayed silent and ran off while he followed me through the entire library like it was a game of cat and mouse!!! XD XD i eventually got away lol
woke up to my nephew screaming, took care of him, went on my morning mile run, ate breakfast, read the rest of my 600 pg book, drew a little bit, worked some more on SpeedKick101's drawings, and said your welcome to the ones i gave watches to lol.
  • Mood: Euphoric
Hi, guys! Well, the last two days are full of the spirit of Easter, you know the little rabbits, easter colourful or chocolate eggs, flowers and of course the big event of the Resurrection of Christ. I don't want to insult anyone or insult someone's religion, I'm from Greece and my people celebrate very much the Easter event. I'm addressing to everyone and I would like to wish to everyone Happy Easter and Happy Holidays. I hope these that they celebrate also Easter can understand. 
Just share your wishes here and let the spirit of Easter.

So, Happy Easter and Happy Holidays!
Have fun and keep creating art!

Aya20809Deanne-morrison-easter-wallpaper by Aya20809