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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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When an artist decides to draw eyes differently, some say that they use a different style though the eye shape is literally all that changed. Their originality is often questioned. Never understood why there's so much controversy over such a small thing.
Legend of Sol The Official Team Avatar by SolKorra

This is a little example of an Anime Team, in this oportunitie, are my OC's.

What is your favourite Anime Team???

You can share images or draws of all anime series!!!

Founder SolKorra:iconsolkorra:

Meet Emma Vieceli—writer of Fran Kenstein!

Good morning, gang!

It’s update time on Madefire’s 'Fran Kenstein' Artist Challenge. So far, things are going swimmingly and the community’s overwhelmingly positive feedback has been gratifying—reaffirming our excitement for this! As a special treat today, let’s meet the voice behind our story—Fran Kenstein writer Emma Vieceli!
First up—tell us a little about yourself!

Hi there! Okay, so I'm Emma (emmav) and I've always loved telling stories; whether on stage, through writing or through comics – which combine the best of everything, I think.

Some of the projects I've worked on include: Alex Rider (current), Vampire Academy, Manga Shakespeare, The Avalon Chronicles, Young Avengers, My Little Pony and my creator owned titles, Dragon Heir and BREAKS (Which you can read RIGHT NOW for free at You can find out more about me at my website: or on my deviantART page. (Which I must update!)
How did you come to be acquainted with Liam/Madefire? Are you a fan of what we’re doing with digital reading both as a creator and fan?

I've known Liam for a long time. Comics are a pretty happy family most of the time, and it's hard not to get to know your fellow creators. Years ago I got to know Liam through the London MCM Expo event; a show which had just started to grow back then – and that apparently saw over 100k people through the door this May! Liam and I stayed in touch off and on over the years, and then we found each other on devianART! I've been following Madefire with interest as they're really on the button in terms of what can be achieved when you combine comic storytelling with media. I'm not a fan of standard 'motion comics' as they often run the risk of being a watered down version of either animation or comics, but Madefire are doing incredible things with the medium and are coming up with ways of genuinely forging a new way to read comics. A lot of it follows on and improves on steps I took along with the fantastic Thrill Electric ( team a couple of years ago – so it's a medium I've always had interest in.
How did you come to be involved with this project?

I was lucky enough to be approached by Liam and Ben, and asked if I was interested in scripting a short comic for them. Fran sounded a really fun concept, as was the idea of seeing deviant artists working on it. So I immediately said I'd love to join in!
You’re known as a writer-artist but have you ever written a script for another artist to work from? How was that different, process-wise, then how you write for yourself?

This is the very first time I've scripted for someone else, and it was so much fun! I'm used to scripting for my own purposes, and I'm very used to drawing from other writers' scripts, so I think I had a pretty firm idea of what an artist who had never worked with me might want to see in a script.

I was able to consider what was feasible in a direction, and what could be done with the space without making things really difficult on an artist, because I AM an artist :) What I did find was that I was a lot more careful than I would have been when writing for myself, haha. When I script for myself, it's very messy and loose as I know I'll be re-scripting more firmly once I've seen how the pages actually shake out visually. With Fran, I had to be sure that any artist could understand what I was explaining, so I had to be a little more clear than my own messy scripts ;). Hopefully I've still left enough room for any artist to play, though, and make the pages their own. That's a lot of the fun of comicking.

Today’s design by Gilang Andrian is that of Oscar, Fran’s near-perfect male classmate:

Any advice for aspiring creators?

Gosh, there are a million things someone can offer as advice but, when it comes down to it, everyone will forge their own path in comics and art. Few paths are the same. But in terms of handy coverall advice, I'd definitely recommend challenging yourself to practice everything...especially the things that you don't want to draw or write. Sticking with what you're comfortable with will never lead to improvement; only within very small boundaries. Comics often require us to step out of our comfort barrier, so get ahead of the game and test yourself early! Hate drawing cars? DRAW CARS! Hate writing romance? WRITE ROMANCE! ^_^
Lastly, can you tell us some of your favorite deviants?

Oooh that's hard! I follow so many people on deviantART and it's very hard to pick any above the rest. I guess some of my favourites are:,,,,,,, and
But there are many more!

Thanks again to Emma Vieceli for taking the time to sit down with us for that great interview! Now it's time to announce yet another judge…so ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a warm welcome to:

Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

Dave Gibbons truly needs no introduction as the co-creator of many of the greatest sequential stories ever told. Ever heard of Watchmen? Yeah, that Dave Gibbons…and we’re insanely lucky to have him on-board!

We'll bring you another update in just a couple of days, so keep watching and have a great week!


In this journal, we introduced our project for featuring your art with 0 constructive comments. Now that plenty of awesome pieces have been submitted, thank you, and it's time to showcase them! La la la la

0 Constructive Comment Submissions

Consider commenting on these deviations constructively. Give them some love!
Note 10 images will be featured bi-weekly in the order of their submission, starting from the oldest. 

the freeze by dolphinsrock101 Audrey Hepburn by Tottaparadise Cherry Racheal by missimoinsane Moonlight Necormancy. by missimoinsane Tears of nature by ringthedeathknell 
Sail: Chapter 1"Ouch!” I cursed under my breath and pressed the bright line of blood across my thumb to my mouth.
“You’re doing it wrong,” Fendul said. He took the driftwood and my whittling knife, peeling away a thin curl of wood with a single smooth motion. “Hold it like this. You’ll stab yourself in the gut otherwise.”
“Nei. It doesn’t work that way.” I pulled the palm-sized figurine back out of his grasp.
We sat cross-legged next to each other on a rocky beach, looking out over still, turquoise water muffled by fog. Colossal hills surrounded the lake valley, their dense layer of trees barely visible against the dark sky. A dull pink glow silhouetted mountain peaks in the east.
I missed the cool, dry air of the mountains already. The forest behind us dripped with humidity. My fingers were too damp to grip the smooth bone handle of the whittling knife.
Voices drifted down the shoreline toward us. “Don’t you have somewhere to be
 (TFB Concept 1)  VS Mechanolich Soul by Ouroboros-Armageddon Acrylic Self-Portrait by KinduhSortahMaybe butterfly by dolphinsrock101  Sail: Chapter 1"Ouch!” I cursed under my breath and pressed the bright line of blood across my thumb to my mouth.
“You’re doing it wrong,” Fendul said. He took the driftwood and my whittling knife, peeling away a thin curl of wood with a single smooth motion. “Hold it like this. You’ll stab yourself in the gut otherwise.”
“Nei. It doesn’t work that way.” I pulled the palm-sized figurine back out of his grasp.
We sat cross-legged next to each other on a rocky beach, looking out over still, turquoise water muffled by fog. Colossal hills surrounded the lake valley, their dense layer of trees barely visible against the dark sky. A dull pink glow silhouetted mountain peaks in the east.
I missed the cool, dry air of the mountains already. The forest behind us dripped with humidity. My fingers were too damp to grip the smooth bone handle of the whittling knife.
Voices drifted down the shoreline toward us. “Don’t you have somewhere to be

The Second Pantheon by Ouroboros-Armageddon

Mini Constructive Comment Contest (+ Winner feature!)

La la la la

Congrats to  meaty-nosebleeds 

with this comment on Alice - Lidfox

by geek96boolean10!

Chibi Bala by meaty-nosebleeds Art Challenge #2: Winter Speedpaint (with video) by meaty-nosebleeds Chibi Kai by meaty-nosebleeds Abilene Commission by meaty-nosebleeds 
Challenge #5: give a gift (now with video) by meaty-nosebleeds


These articles will be published on a bi-weekly basis, and the winner of each mini contest will be awarded with a feature on the next article! 
  1. First, find a deviation above that's to your liking. Or you may find one from the folder!
  2. Comment as constructively as possible on the piece. We are looking for the most constructive, and will be judging on that! 
  3. Copy the comment link once you're done, and then link it via comments section under this article. To find the URL of your comment on a deviation (or anywhere), you submit the comment, right click the time stamp, and then select copy link address. 
Happy constructive commenting! 

Have a great week,
If you haven't seen S.M.I.L.E. yet, be sure to check it out! 

Tagging rules: 

1. Complete all the questions or alter them to make it your own!
2. Please link back to the S.M.I.L.E. event or at least mention it in your journal's title. 
3. Tag as many people as you'd like to fill out these questions! (The more the merrier)
4. Have fun or else! Or else! :D
5. Repost these rules in your journal. Or else! :heart:


1. What is your unwinding activity?
2. How do you feel about your DeviantART community?
3. Is there anyone you admire in the community?
4. What is your usual art format(s) on DA? (Literature, photography, crafts, blogs, drawing, paint, etc.)
5. What do you do when you're feeling blue?
6. What do you admire in your own work on this website?
7. Do you do anything else besides DA regarding what you love to do? (Tumblr, Blogspot, forums, etc.)
8. Quick! If you could give anyone here on DeviantART a big squishy hug, who would it be?
9. Have you ever suggested someone else for a feature whether in a group dedicated to it or for a Daily Deviation?
10. What does a smile mean to you?


Create your own questions! Maybe you want to tag a special someone and you want to ask them an embarrassing questions to make their cheeks go all red. (How long was it since you washed your underwear? LOL) Maybe you just want to ask someone about who they are, what they prefer or you just want to ask them another question for the sake of asking another question! Create what you like and there is no limit. As long as the journal produces a smile, it can be altered as you choose. :heart:

Happy writing!

For the first challenge, I'm going to tag a whole bunch of people I think are just darn groovy and who I would give just the squishiest of hugs to. (Loving asphyxiation.)


If you want you're allowed to post your responses in the comments. I'm not holding anything against you if you want to regulate how may journals you post. :heart:
Wellll since they are so easy to make, I decided why the hell not and to open up customs I guess. So this is how pricing will go:

Headshot: 25 :points:
Troll Adopts 1 [OPEN] by X3LKI
Waist-up: 50 :points:
Troll Adopt 2 [OPEN] by X3LKI
Full-Body: 75 :points: 
Be The Meditating Girl by X3LKI


*Headshot, Waist-up, or Full-body?:


*Blood Color:

*Horn Type (Small, Medium, Large, Curly, Straight, Etc.):

*Clothes Type/Theme(Normal troll with just a shirt and pants/skirt or something more fashionable):

*Hair Type(Short, Medium, Long, Spikey, Wavy, Straight, Etc.):

*Personality(This is optional. It just helps me with the design a bit.):

*Extra(Anything else you might want to add in)

1. :iconpastelcolorjunkie:
2. [On Hold]

Just send that to me in a note and we shall work something out :3 ALSO, I can do Fankids as well. If your interested in that instead just note me and once again we'll just work it out.
So I was planning on adding a little romance in my story so if you want to make up a dragon or use a dragon from a story is fine...
I taked lots of picture of this one, but I'll post only the betters
Untitled by AnfelMeva

Fore some reson Dirk and Gamzee are arguing (that Levi in the corner)
Untitled by AnfelMeva

aaaaaaaaaaaaand Eridan (there was an Attack on Titan thing behind but they finish it during the Homestuck thing so I didn't take pictures of them ;v;
Untitled by AnfelMeva

So much grey alien dudes with horns..

Untitled by AnfelMeva

I love Nepeta and her shopping X3 (dat Equius cosplay looks like him a lot umg)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

GAMZEE HAVE A BUCKET EVERYONE RUN!!! (yu can't understand the bucket thing if yu didn't read Homestuck btw)
Untitled by AnfelMeva

Why is Dirk fighting with Dream Dirk?

Untitled by AnfelMeva

I really love this Calliope cosplay, so fabulous.

Untitled by AnfelMeva
Alpha kids! (jakestopkissingdirksdeadhead)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

the only Ancestors

Untitled by AnfelMeva

The Beta kids (aka the 4 main characters), in different version X3

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Egbert and Crocker family (everyone loves dad)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Harley and English family...and a boy version of Jade in the midlle

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Lalonde and Strider family (aka the cool guys aka the blondies)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Family tradition...drink the alchool

Untitled by AnfelMeva

I love how ''dead Dirk that get off his head'' is siting write in front of his head XD
(he get off his head for saving his friends and he is still alive by his dream self that get out of derse for come in their universe ... homestuck is so complicate)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

I wanted to pust a picture of them but during there time they put out there middle finger and my parent will be like ''y u take a picture of dat''
(caus Karkat is so vulgare...but I love the way he insult, he insult in such a creative way XD)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

I love that girl version of Tavros

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Solluuuuuux  Sollux Captor by AnfelMeva and a doll of his ancestor X3

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Leijion family (everyone love cat girls)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

This Kanaya in the left is so cool (dat vampire fashion queen)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

I love Terezi, hse is blind but so cool, if I ever cosplay a Homestuck character it will be Terezi we are similar in some ways (like I LOVE DRAGONS and the read color ect)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Vriska is cool but she's a real b****

Untitled by AnfelMeva

STRONG PICTURE (see whut I did there XD)

Untitled by AnfelMeva

dat towel

Untitled by AnfelMeva

Gamzee umg I luve him, such I nice person (dat scary psycho clown make have the clown phobia x1000000000000000...)

Untitled by AnfelMeva


Untitled by AnfelMeva

Dat Condence •3• dat Feferi cosplay is awsome >u<

Untitled by AnfelMeva

So yeah that's last picture I taked it was almost done but I had to go for some reason...
 my father had to go in Algeria for 3 weeks and I don't want to tell why, so I'm kinda free for three weeks again :D

BUTcat face 
Untitled by AnfelMeva

I freaking had time to hug Sollux Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6] 
I wanted to hug Gamzee to but he was with the other people taking pictures so I didn't ;D; same for Karakt ;//D//;

Stuff I bought there, I get there with only 90 dollars so I didn't bought lots of stuff (thank to dat huge SNK poster that cost me like 40$ >:U )
Sebastian Michaelis plsuhie:  Untitled by AnfelMeva  I have a british-demon-butler on my bed, I love british accent, I love demon, I love his butler suit, I love his hairs, I love his eyes, I love his love for cats, (I love the fact that he can tie a cherry stalk with his tongue (is that even possible? anyway that mean he's a good kisser XD) I love his smile even if he seriously creep me out...…
Gaara figurine: Untitled by AnfelMeva  My first figurin of my future otaku-geek figure collection ☼_☼
Link poster: Untitled by AnfelMeva The artist that draw this is so cool.
and finally
Attacl on Titan/Shingeky no Kyojin poster: Untitled by AnfelMeva this thing cost me freaking 40 dollars!! >:U But it's so cool, it's like the official image of SNK that you see everywhere. And it's long like 1 meter or somthin'.
We bought other stuff but for my brother.

I did other stuff but I didn't take pictures of it (you can't take a picture of an HD One Piece Film Z in a cinema...)
Yeah that's it for rhis year ;v; 
Good advice of my experience: When you go in a convention and you want to buy need more then 100$

Hello fellow fans of Russell ferguson
I just want to say the please join my group
You can do whatever you want only rule is no bullying and no hates thy all bye now


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 3:52 PM

100 Watcher Raffle!Thank you guys so much for 100+ watchers >///< I'm finally gonna hold a raffle~ Sorry if the prizes aren't much >//<
There will 1 winner, but more places will be unlocked as more people join. Also, if less than 10 people join I'll cancel this contest ;;
How to Enter:
Must be a watcher (new or old)
Fav this journal (this will be your number)
Make a poll/journal entry advertising this raffle
Comment the link of the poll/journal
First place:
Gets an anime drawing, icon and bullet of any character
Gets a headshot of any character by Airisusama
Gets 40:points: (Given by KamiNoDarkWolf

Second place: (15 entries)Gets a a chibi drawing, icon and bullet of any character
(Pic of chibi coming soon)
GIVEAWAY RAFFLE! Thank you for 1k PVs *//3//*Ahhh I've seen a few people do this and I wanted to do my own! I know 1k isn't really that much but I'm still so happy to get that many views T///3///T)/
There will be 2 types of winners, for a total of 3 prizes!! :heart::heart::heart:
:heart: First entry type: Favourite this journal for an entry!
:heart: FIRST PLACE: :heart:
Will get a chibi and icon of a character of their choice!!

:heart: SECOND PLACE: :heart:
Will get an icon of a character of their choice!

:heart: Second entry type: Make a journal advertising this raffle for an entry!
:heart: FIRST PLACE: [Heart]
Will get a chibi and icon of a character of their choice!!

3 month premium give away ouoI thought I'd do something cool and stuff for you guys by giving away a 3 month premium membership :D yey
Ohh and I'll give the left over points to 2nd place , cause why not.
All you gotta do-
Watch me
Fave this journal
Then repost a journal about this then link that journal here.
I will be checking that you guys do the 3 things above.
This will end the 2nd of September and will be drawn at random by this
whoever is first wins etc etc.
Thankies :3

My life is bit busy now, work school, commissions, etc. BUT!
Here's your chance to win something cool~!
You'll have a chance to win a....
Coby Kyros 7- Inch Android 2.3 4 GB Internet Touchscreen Tablet MID7012 - 4g

Sadly enough, Its been sitting in my room, barely used and collecting dust, and it needs to go pronto!//WEEPS
Its just like new ; w ; )/♥
SO hears the deal
You MUST be a watcher of mine(new watchers are welcomed, if you unwatch, you'll be disqualified from future raffles//srry ;w ; only watch if you like my stuff plz- Be sure to read everything u v u
 Your account must be at least two weeks old.  I don’t want any “mule” accounts taking up raffle tickets.  (this does not apply to current watchers, though I do know a few of your extra accounts, so please, try to keep it one entry per person, okay
djasfdgfahdagjfdhjafa I reached 3000 watchers finally :'D
omg this is so incredible, I'm I'm I'm so happy and nervous and I'm almost goint to cry of happiness
I dunno how to describe all the feelings I'm having right now so I just thought making a raffle is a good way to show you how grateful I am to have you all following and supporting me <3
Fav this journal.Comment on this journal saying something like "I want to join". I will give you a number.Optional 1: make a poll/journal and leave the link on your comment. I will give you an extra number.Optional 2: mention some of your friends on your comment (Minimum 3, Maximum 10). I will give you a second extra number.
So if you follow all the steps, even the optional ones, your comment should look like that:
I want to join! <3
Here's the link of

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