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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (66,156 votes) 832 comments
71,150 Deviants Online
Not much to say about this.
Just some basic tips and tricks for flawless interaction on DeviantArt Nod 


:bulletyellow: Watch people when you honestly find them interesting.
:bulletyellow: Watch your friends, even if they don't have amazing art. It helps you stay updated with their progress.
:bulletyellow: Watch groups. They'll offer you a fine selection of art you're interested in, and will help you discover new (interesting) artists.
:bulletyellow: Check the faves of people you watch. As you like their work, you might have similar tastes in art. Checking their faves might help you find cool art.
:bulletyellow: Recommend art from people that you watch for a Daily Deviation (if good art, of course).

:bulletyellow: Uncheck all boxes when watching. There's nothing more disappointing than an empty watch.
:bulletyellow: Just watch people for points. It's lame.
:bulletyellow: Watch people for a watch-back. Many people don't do those. You'll only end up disappointed.

Commenting on profiles

:bulletorange: Thank people for watching/faving you. It's not obliged, but it helps you to meet new people and stay in touch with your fans.
:bulletorange: Comment on the page of someone you watch. People love to hear what you like about their work.
:bulletorange: Post a few kind words on the page of a random stranger whose work you like. You might make a new friend.
:bulletorange: Comment either in English or the user's native language (if he displays his location). There's a big chance he doesn't know other languages.

:bulletorange: Ask people to watch you. It's annoying. Many people don't do this anyway.
:bulletorange: Spam people with your contest/group/facebook page or whatever. If you have something to promote, do it in your signature. 
:bulletorange: Send messages that include "send this to a x-number of your friends". It's annoying.

Commenting on artwork

:bulletred: Read the description underneath the artwork. So you can understand what the artist meant with this work
:bulletred: Encourage the artist
:bulletred: Tell them what you like about the artwork
:bulletred: Balance your critiques. Even if you don't like a work, make sure to highlight the positive aspects as well as the negative ones.
:bulletred: Shut up if you haven't got anything nice to say. 

:bulletred: Tell people "this reminds me of character-X from show-Y". It comes across as if the artist stole the idea from a certain show. Not very nice.
:bulletred: Tell people "this looks like character-X" and insist on it. Character designs have only so much variation. It's possible that characters with similar haircolor/haircuts look alike. That doesn't mean the artist stole the idea.
:bulletred: Tell people "you've copied this from artist-X". It's an accusation. It's impolite. Especially when you have no solid proof (as in; the original work or an exact photoshop overlay)
:bulletred: Post a comment that's all negative. It feels like you attack the artist. 

Private messages

:bulletpink: Send a private message if your message is either too long or too personal to post on someone's profile

:bulletpink: Randomly spam strangers with your artwork/group/whatever via private message. It's spam and it's annoying
:bulletpink: Gossip about other people


:bulletpurple: Post encouraging words towards fellow artists
:bulletpurple: Share art tutorials / art books / art related websites
:bulletpurple: Feature work you like
:bulletpurple: Feature work from friends that need more exposure

:bulletpurple: Post things that are too personal. DeviantArt is an open website. Everyone can read your journals, including your boss or your parents.
:bulletpurple: Complain about another DeviantArt user. Other people have nothing to do with your problems.
:bulletpurple: Be too strong in your opinions. Stating you 'hate' a certain fandom is never a wise idea, unless you want angry mobs harassing your comment section.
:bulletpurple: Be a chronic complainer. People hate them.


:bulletblue: Ask questions. Be elaborate. The better you describe the problem, the better the answers will be.
:bulletblue: Use the search function to check if there's already a topic about your problem/question.

:bulletblue: Complain outside the complaints-forum. People will mock you.
:bulletblue: Post links in the thumbshare forum. It's for THUMBNAILS. Not for links.
:bulletblue: Spam your work everywhere. There's a thumbshare forum where you can show your work.
:bulletblue: Feed the trolls. Some people's only purpose is to get other people angry. Don't let them get you.


:bulletgreen: Add a description. People want to know what it's about.
:bulletgreen: Add the material used/time spend in the descriptions. This will prevent people from asking.
:bulletgreen: Credit the people whose stock material you used (stock rules differ per person. Make sure to read the stock artist's policy)
:bulletgreen: Submit your works to groups. It'll lead to more exposure.
:bulletgreen: If you make art for someone, tag this person. By doing so this person will automatically receive your artwork in his inbox.
:bulletgreen: Add a mature content tag if it includes strong violence or nudity

:bulletgreen: Post every random doodle. Quality over quantity will make your watchers stay.
:bulletgreen: Make hate art. If you hate a person/fandom, just let it be.

Replying to people

:bulletblack: Reply if someone took the effort to write you a message (unless it's a simple "Thank you" -- those are impossible to reply to)
:bulletblack: Block people and report them to the staff if they're repeatedly mean to you. It's better than fighting back.

:bulletblack: Gossip about other people. People will be notified when you tag them. They will read it. Public comments will be spread fast. There's nothing as fast as the internet.
:bulletblack: Be an ass

DeathNote Mystery Case GiveAway #7

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 29, 2014, 4:00 PM

 photo Death_Note_Logo_zps28c9a0c5.png

How To Use

  1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
  2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
  3. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.
  4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
  5. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

Puzzle Levels: Hard-Very Hard


:winner: 1st place prize: 500 :points:  (First to finish the event)
:star:  2nd place prize: 300 :points: (2nd one to finish)
:heart: 3rd Place Prize: 100 :points: (3rd one to finish)

Anyone else who finishes the case will get their name entered into a RAFFLE to become one of the 2 people to win 50 :points: each and 1 person to win a silver FGA ticket to be used here FGA GATE

[Event will be open for three days]

How does this Giveaway works?

This journal will have the FIRST CLUE or a puzzle that you need to solve, and it will TAKE you to the next clue. That next clue will take you to another one when you solve it, and so on and so forth until you reach the end. In one mystery case session, there are usually 4 to 10 puzzles that you need to beat in order to solve the entire mystery. Full FAQS can be read here if you wish to know more about this later.

Before you start solving the case, please TAKE THE TIME TO READ THE RULES OR YOU MIGHT GET DISQUALIFIED OR BECOME INELIGIBLE TO CLAIM THE PRIZE IF/WHEN YOU WIN! Dont be in a rush; I promise you these puzzles will take time to solve.


1. Be a member (if not already) of the supergroup :icondetective-hq: Detective-HQ. As long as you send the member request, you will be fine! (The join request is on the left side panel)

:star: BUT you can safely do hint sharing in the chatroom (link available below) :D (Big Grin). ALSO, no DIRECT answers/link. Share with HINTS ONLY.

3. :new: DO NOT personally send notes to other detectives asking for hints IF ITS NOT REQUESTED/NOT WANTED. Spamming detectives asking for hints using notes is now considered an abuse due to complaints. If you need hints, go to the chatroom and see if someone is willing to give you one. Otherwise, if you randomly note people, they CAN report you and you WILL get disqualified.

4. You can ask the creator of this case :icondestinyrose09: for ONE hint on the 24 hour mark after this journal is posted.  You must mention WHERE you are stuck. Asking me for hints earlier than that will be ignored.

5. FAV this journal and COMMENT below and say "I AM DETECTIVE ((insert your PSEUDONYM HERE)) and I will catch Kira!" BEFORE you start solving the case. 


What you will need to solve this event

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! A smartphone (You need "certain" apps, if you can figure it out).
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Anything that will allow you to play around with audio clues.
Rose Red Bullet - F2U! Possibly a paper and pen.

Onto the event and your first clue

CLOSED CASED FILE:  Light Yagami died on January 28, 2013. It's over.

Only its NOT over.

Detectives, our mission now is to catch the mass murderer "Kira". That's not his real name of course, it was a name given to him by the people. A nickname given to Light Yagami. The original Kira. 

Criminals are once again are suddenly dying of suspicious and consecutive heart attacks in their prison all over Japan. This pattern was seen before, merely a year ago. This can only mean one thing....

Kira is back. The deadly notebook from the spirit world found its way to Earth once again. Someone is writing names on the notebook, killing mercilessly. Clearly, someone who shared Light Yagami's belief that mass criminal murder is "justice." 

This is a dangerous mission. PROTECT your name because Kira can kill you if he knew your real name. PROTECT your real faces, because he needs that as well to murder someone with the notebook.

God help us all if this Kira possesses the "Shinigami eyes."

Mass murder of criminals is NOT justice. If you are on Kira's side and you believe that what he does is NOT evil, then don't join this hunt. If you believe otherwise, then know that in chasing Kira, your life is in danger.

The hunt will begin once the countdown on our HeadQuarters is over. Detective-HQ
One of you is a descendant of L and N. Without the blood ties of course. Dont fail them!

Near by RileyFelton

Your first clue. Kira left this for you: 

 photo 1_zps21bf1d3d.jpg

Dont let Kira catch you.

Any abuse during the event can be reported to the group, to me, OR  to one of our moderators. They will also oversee the chatroom.

:iconhazelstar67:, :iconroamingshadow:, :iconxsammykayx: :iconmirachravaia:

:star: Click here for the --> Chatroom <-- STATUS: OFFLINE  // Chatroom for you detectives if you want to take a break, chat, share hints, find a partner etc. 


hello friends!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

i've had this account for a while but i just recently switched over to it about a month ago. lately i've gotten a lot of new watchers -- more than I'd really expected, so i wanted to do a little thank you giveaway!!

i'll probably do more of these in the future, especially since school doesn't start for a while, so stick around for multiple chances of winning :^)

how to enter: 

+ to enter, +fav fave this journal! 

+ must be watching me! this is for my watchers, after all.

that's it! you don't have to comment or anything but it would be appreciated. :^)

+ you'll get an extra entry if you help spread the word! if you mention this raffle in your journal, poll, etc. and mention me or send me a link showing me in the comments i'll give you one more entry!

that's it! the raffle will end after two weeks, on August 12th! i'll use a random number generator to pick the winner. the winner must respond within three days of being contacted, otherwise i'll draw again. oh, and if no more than 10 people enter, i'll probably redo the giveaway, so that more people have a chance to see it!  

if you win, you'll get a free headshot portrait drawing like this one. 

lucky!! by kat-ari

thanks for looking! *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 
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The adoptable winners from this journal are now official! c: I've read through EVERY entries and absolutely every single other comments left on the journal even though I haven't responded you or checked out the tagged deviants yet! Will come back to it, I KEEP MY PROMISES. :D

First of all I'd like to give you all a fluffy hug *hugs you all with paws* and say A BIG THANKS to EVERYONE for the support and enjoying this! Thanks to all the old watchers who keep following my art and everyone else who decided to do. Thanks for everything you do. ;w; One can't simply explain how great it can be to participate together with people in a society of art. I'm really being serious. Showing, creating, working with, and sharing art together with people are one of my ever favorite activities, and one can only imagine how different it would be without you wonderful deviants ever joining! Even though everything has their ups and downs, it's always the best to spread a smile, and this has been just so great. =3

Acknowledge the gratitude. THANK YOU! *Makes face-expressions to hide my happy tears*

I always kept something important in mind, and that was to give my babies a safe and good home (even though some of the characters probably will be killed in a story-scene. Yay! :D <333). So, now you'd like to know the winner names, won't you?


Nope. *Throws ball at you* 

FREE adoptables! by Lithroxid

... 1st design: :iconk-arashi:

Congrats with your first ever received adoptable! Have fun with it on Weebly and in roleplays! c:

... 2nd design: :iconlithroxid:

That's mine... :D

... 3rd design: :icontheowlartist:

You seem to have plenties of exciting plans, please take care of your new character! I love the name Tempest, and the personality you gave it. ;D

... 4th design: :iconescapeintomyfantasy:

Have fun with your new Danielle! The story you came up with really caught my attention. Hope you'll also find a second character to fill the slot of your storyline. c:

... 5th design: :icongogospirit:

Good luck with learning, and have fun! It is hard to let go from this one, but I'll trust you that you'll take care of it. ;w;

... 6th design: :iconlikelylupine:

All the best of luck for your upcoming comic-project! *Wags tail*

... 7th design: ...

I'm sorry, but this character is still left open. *Holds it safely in my arms* This one was the least popular design and didn't get any entries that I couldn't resist... compared to almost all the other designs EVERYONE wanted. xD

... 8th design: :iconliagon:

Eeeee. :D You've got no clue about how excited I am to see how this character will interact with other beings and develop in your story! Can't wait!

... 9th design: :iconkirafursona:

Trust me. I know the feeling of constantly drawing for others and forgetting doing personal art. I hope that this character really WILL motivate you to draw for yourself. You deserve it. Have fun. <3

... 10th design: :iconawakialkyona:

I couldn't RESIST your entry. It was my favorite one of them all. What more should I say? This darling is yours, congratulations! :D

... 11th design: :iconradioactivepills:

*Flops tail* Have so much fun with your new skater-wuff! It was difficult to choose a winner for this one, but you deserve it!

... 12th design: :iconglowingpaws:

Choosing a new owner for this one was the most challenging of them all as a lot of people wanted it. *Overwhelmed* xD But in the end I thought that you deserved it the most. I'm honored that this design also affected you in such a way. I pray for you the best with your upcoming projects, and congratulations with a new main fursona! :D

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated!

PS; Some of the "participants" didn't follow the instructions of the journal and would not be counted for picking... I understand that you are desperate, but guys, this wasn't first come first serve. You had days on you. xD

I'm so sorry to everyone who didn't get anything! There exist other characters out there that wait for you if you needed some. And remember, you could exploit your creativity and try to develop your absolute own designs, personalities and stories as well. If you haven't tried it out yet, I highly recommend you to! It's tons of fun. Characters aren't only visual, you could write OC's as well. :D <33

There will be other similar opportunities like this in the future, but don't expect the intervals to be as dense as the two last ones... xD

Thanks so much, everyone! Have fun with all you OCs, and stay artistic!

Rose was in her room she turned on the TV she was watching her favorite Movie. She was happy it was on right now then her TV went off.

She got up and started hitting the TV then she was sucked in the TV. She hit the ground and when she opened her eyes she saw a man standing in front of her.

“ You ok baby?” Thrax asked as she blinked then groaned from her hurting head and he helped her up

Rose tried to speak but nothing came out she felt her throat and she got her hand away blood was on it. She freaked out because of that scar on her neck might of opened .

She started crying then she felt a hand on her throat she saw the man then realized who it was.


“ Hey it’s just ketchup.” Thrax said as she smiled then laughed and she looked at him

She wondered why she couldn’t talk but she smiled and laughed because she liked seeing Thrax smile.

“ I love your laugh baby, come on lets get a pretty girl like you a drink.” Thrax said as he wrapped an arm around her and she followed him

They went to the Zit club Rose knew this scene but why wasn’t Thrax acting the way he did in the movie. Was it because of her, she started getting tears and then she started crying.

“ Hey it’s ok Big daddy Thrax will take care of you since you don’t have a voice and I don’t know your name.” Thrax said with a grin and she smiled as she grabbed a piece of paper then a pen

Rose wrote down her name and handed it to Thrax he looked at it then smiled.

“ Rose what a pretty name I wish I could hear your voice.” Thrax said as she blushed and he gave her a drink

Rose like him but wasn’t he suppose to be the villain not a big sweetheart like this. Then Ozzy and Drix showed up as planned. Rose watched the scene but soon as the bomb was about to go off Thrax grabbed her then got out of there.

Rose fainted because the bomb scared her when she woke up she was in a hotel with a rag on her forehead. Thrax had a glass of water next to the bed and he smiled at her.

“ You ok baby?” Thrax said Rose smiled and nodded

Thrax had asked her that when they first met she grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down Thank you. Thrax smiled as he read the words and he extended his hand.

“ The names Thrax Roja.” Thrax said with a smile as she shook his hand and she smiled with a yawn

He let her sleep after eating he watched her even though he forgot about his plan his new plan was to get Rose to speak so he could hear her voice.

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We're Cutting It Close!

Collab Project: The Daily Bread Cafe (Sneak Peek) by AlphaManifest

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

We are cutting it really close to the deadline of August 2nd which is when the grand opening for The Daily Bread Cafe is going to be. I want to go ahead and properly thank all of you who signed up and those who will be signing up in the future as volunteers for the weekly event. Now, as far as those who have already, I did tell all of you that I would contact you again. However, I was hoping to do this yesterday instead of today. It's very early in the morning, so you can only imagine how much I'm trying to get done.

It's literally 2:02 AM as I'm writing this. I have a lot of free time, don't judge me, lol. That, and as I'm writing this...I'm also packing, so yay! for multitasking. I've been working very closely in this project with my lovely friend C-A-Harland, and she has been an incredible amount of help.

Anyway, I want to make sure that you all know how the event will go about and what your role is, regardless of the status you signed up for:

Outline of Event

During each issue, there will be 36 Deviants hosted. This is excluding Issue 01 & All Artisan Features. With each deviant hosted, there will be words of inspiration, along with resources to help them get more involved with the community to better their overall experience at dA. Community Volunteers & Supporters will also be present to expand on resources depending on the category they're representing each week. At the end of each issue, deviants will be given 4 Comments for their participation in the prompt for that day. They are allowed to answer the prompt at anytime. There is no time constraint. Also, each deviant at the end of each issue will receive a gift based on a random roll of #'s by

The gift can range from points, to features by other deviants, premium membership, and more!

Other activities that will be going within The Daily Bread besides features will be articles on different literature topics on our newsletter page (start in late september), contests, giveaways, real time prizes and the advertising of other events/workshops around dA. 


As for the commenters who are apart of this event, thank you for volunteering your time. Hopefully all of you will be able to  be present for our first week of The Daily Bread Cafe in helping deviants feel appreciated for doing what they do best: Being Deviously Creative!

During your time of being a Volunteer, your role is simply to be present when time permits for you. Whenever you're available, any help is appreciated. When doing so, it is entirely up to you on how many deviantions you decided to comment on. On Wednesday's, Artisan's will be featured and will equal to about 12 Deviants hosted versus the usual 36 as an example.  

As a commenter, all you're being asked of is to participate when you can. There's no rules in when or how to go about commenting. However, we ask you to keep in mind that we're showing these deviants a little love. Spreading some honest time from our hearts to visit the beautiful works they've created. The only thing I can ask of you, is when you decide to comment on those deviations, is to write #TDBC or The Daily Bread Cafe at the beginning or end of your comment. That way we can leave our mark amongst those who were chosen for the weekly event and we can kind of keep a tally of what works were commented on, etc. 

Lastly, when you do comment, please keep in mind that your comment should relate to the topic at hand and should state what you like and/or dislike about the artwork you're reviewing. Not only is it being courteous to the creator, but also, it helps in leaving a fruitful comment rather than a comment that has no thought to the artwork. There's no particular length in how long or short your comment must be, but only that it remains solid. 

The Daily Bread Cafe Team
 7 | 29 | 2014

Founder | Illustrator | Graphic Design

Co-Founder | Administration |  Illustrator | Assistant




This winter, The Daily Bread Cafe will be hosting a huge contest. It will be surrounded by the categories that are represented on SWS's Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We would like the grand prize to be 2,000:points: to 5,000 :points: . C-A-Harland and myself are doing a lot to try and achieve our smallest goal of at least 1,500:points:. Even to that degree, our lowest amount would be a start in reaching our higher goal. We would gladly appreciate any donations towards our efforts in pulling this off. More details will come about in late October.

On August 2nd I will be collaborating to create a 2nd deviantart account to be specifically made for donations. In the meantime, I will be personally taking donations in my donation box until further notice. All donations given to this account within the time span of now and August 2nd will be transferred to that account.

Any contribution is helpful. We're not asking for any specific amount.

Thank you! 

Share & Share

Lastly, I just want to remind you guys that The Daily Bread Cafe is still up for help when it comes to volunteering your time in commenting! If you know anyone who may be interested, please don't hesitate I will really appreciate if you guys can spread the word.

The more the merrier!

Calling All Commenters, Critic's, and Bookworms!Bonjour, Help Wanted
I hope all of you are having a beautiful day. The weather isn't too bad actually, but I'm beat tired. Anywho my lovely's, I'm in the process of making an event that will require at least 20 Commenters, Critic's, and/or Bookworms (readers). It's completely voluntary, so if you're interested, please keep reading below. Remember, every little bit helps!
Event Supporters
:iconMedoriko: :iconSilverInkBlot: :iconMetaruKitsune: :iconchromeantennae: :iconSimplySilent: :iconWhitePlumFragrance: 
▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
▲ ▲ ▲ ▲
What's the Event About?
I will be starting a weekly event that deals with featuring deviants, but it's not just any type of feature. We're just giving some love to the community, that's all. Each deviant featured, who answers the daily prompt, will receive a comments on <b wytiwyg="1">

The Sign-Up Sheet

Another Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 7:03 PM

Tiny Animated Chibi Give Away !Heart MAIN ACCOUNT :iconangedecristal: Heart :iconangieruby: MATURE&SEXY ACCOUNT Heart
Hello All Heart
I finally decided to close my commissions 'cause I'll go on Holidays soon.
I have a little free time for a Give Away for an Animated Chibi ! :la:
Only ONE winner - Until the 30th July.



WIN something like this:+ LCE + Tiny Animated Chibi + Ruby by AngedeCristal
150 points + more prizes: monthly raffle #1
Hello guys and gals!!!!
So, the first monthly raffle for my group :iconpoints-p-o-i-n-t-s: has started. Squee Bounce Yes! THE GAME IS ON!!!!

deviantART RULES:
You need to be a member of :iconpoints-p-o-i-n-t-s: If you are not, still you can participate, but will have less chances of winning (read below).Even if you are a member, you need to have donated 2 points to :iconpoints-for-feature: to participate in the group's contests.You need to add the "FAMOUS FIVE" to your watch. The FAMOUS FIVE are:
:iconkartik786: , :iconthemegakat: , :icononigiripandahats:  ,:iconllucmagic: and :iconnoseinbook42:
You should fave this journal. If you create another journal regarding this raffle, and if you win, then you'll get 10 points extra.All the true members who have paid 2 points will get five random numb
500 Watcher Raffle!First of all, thank you so much, everyone! ;u; Some of you have stuck with me from the beginning while others have only recently seen my work and I'm just really grateful for all of you watching my art and helping me improve <3
Alright, so let's get to it! New watchers (after 7/23) can only win the fourth and fifth prizes, but can still enter at any time. I will assign each person a number on a .txt, and use RNG to pick the winners
Winner 1:
- 500 :points:
- Page doll (digital or pixel)
- 3 Pixel Icons
Winner 2:
- 200 :points:
- Page doll (digital or pixel)
- 3 Pixel Icons
Winner 3:
- 150 :points:
- 2 Pixel Icons
Winner 4:
- 100 :points:
- 2 Pixel Icons
Winner 5:
- 100 :points:
- 1 Pixel Icon

Ways to enter:

- Fav the journal (Required)
- Advertise this raffle on a poll (+1 entry)
- Advertise this raffle on a journal (+1 entry)
Raffle ends August 9th! August 1st, 11:59 PM PDT! (sorry im really impatient amg that should still be more than enough

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</i> A special event is upon us!

I am allowing people to audition characters to be in my comic, Super Paper Bleck! FCs and OCs welcome! Open PERMAENTLY!
i would want to do a pmv collab with this song

i just dont know if people would actually be interested in joining or if i would get enought people to join, as i have liek only 43 or somthing i dont know, so plz tell me if youd join if i actually made this.
Graciias by SoffMalik

Llegué a mis primeros 111 Watchers! Love 
Muuchas gracias a todos por sus comentarios, watchs, favoritos, TODO!
Y mil gracias a las cuentas que me están donando! :') En verdad, sé que no es el mejor dA pero hago el esfuerzo para que sea lo mejor posible c: Hace un par de días decidí hacer esto de los points y así poder obtener una membresía.. Y es mucho más lindo cuando se hace con el apoyo de otros!
No voy a hacer la gran dedicatoria porque no me saldría bien y además las aburriría.. jajaja 
Solo GRACIAS!! Y estaré preparando un lindo pack para mis Watchers eue que subiré cuando llegue a los 150, que sé que pasará Giggle 
Y nadaaa.... jaja esto es para ustedes♥ Hug ♥