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PE: How to Make Pixel Clouds

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 3:00 AM

How to Make Pixel Clouds


In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make pixel clouds. I have two different types of clouds I use depending on the piece; semi-realistic, and cartoon style. I will be showing you both today!:dummy:

Let us start!:eager:


The semi realistic style can be done two ways, depending on if you are limiting colors or not.
First, I'm going to show you the way for if you do not care how many colors you use.;)

Clouds1 by IceXDragon
First you will pull out your pencil brush, as you would normally do when making pixel art, and set the color to white. After that, set the opacity to around 10%-20%.


Clouds2 by IceXDragon
Randomly brush side to side with the pencil, and then overlap some lines randomly as well.:giggle:


Clouds3 by IceXDragon
Keep doing that until the cloud if about as big as you need it; it should look something like this.c:


Clouds4 by IceXDragon
Zoomed out.:dummy:

Okay, now this is the other way we can do semi-realistic. This way is for if you are trying to limit colors, or simply do not have the opacity tool on your program.;) The brushing is very similar, but we just prepare differently.:nod:

Clouds6 by IceXDragon
So start out by picking a few colors relative to the background, this will be your pallet. I usually pick about 4 colors, but you can have more or less if you want.:D
If your program has opacity, you can take a shortcut for picking out colors.:meow: For this cloud pallet, I took the opacity to 16%. The first color on the pallet is one layer of the color, the second is 3 layers, third is 7 layers, and forth is 10 layers. Of coarse you can change that up a bit, but that is just what I used.:giggle:


Clouds7 by IceXDragon
So much like the first way I showed you, just make some random lines with your pallet you made to form the cloud. Although clouds vary, the good rule of thumb when you are making clouds is to have the middle part the most densely white, and work you way out with the less dense colors.


Cloud8 by IceXDragon
Here I just mixed the colors around and dithered a little bit to make the cloud look cleaner. Make sure to do this otherwise your cloud might look sort of unnatural.;p


Clouds9 by IceXDragon
Zoomed out it looks like a pwetty pixel cloud!C:

Cartoon Style

The cartoon style can be used for a number of situations, like perhaps the piece is very lighthearted, or you are using a single cloud as a focal point, for like if someone is having bad day, and have a single cloud raining on them.>.>
It is not as simple as the semi-realistic cloud, but still not too hard to pull off. Let's get started!:eager:

Clouds10 by IceXDragon
Firstly, set your pencil brush to a dark grey (don't worry too much about it, you can change the shade later), and set the brush size big enough so that is is nicely round. 10px, 13px, 15px, and 17px are good sizes, but basically any size do. Except for 14px, the 14 pixel circle is kind of ugly.:shifty:


Clouds11 by IceXDragon
So now, just blotch those circles together until a resembles a cloud shape like...


Clouds12 by IceXDragon


Clouds13 by IceXDragon
Now hollow it out!:la:


Clouds14 by IceXDragon

So now, following roughly the same shape of the outline, color the bottom of the cloud grey (The light source for this is coming from the upper left).


Clouds15 by IceXDragon
With a lighter shade of grey, do basically the same thing, working inwards.


Clouds16 by IceXDragon
And just keep working inwards using, lighter and lighter shades, until you get to white. You might have to play around with the contrast of the colors too if you think you need to, but I think these are about right.


Clouds17 by IceXDragon
Dither it! If you do not know what I'm talking about, you can find a great dithering tutorial here!:happybounce:


Clouds18 by IceXDragon
And now, take a lighter shade of grey (You don't have to worry about using 50), and shade the edge of the outline of the cloud. I used 2 extra shades - a lighter one for the majority of the top left corner (where the light source is coming from), and one a little bit less light, just to make the transition smoother from light grey to dark grey.;)
This step is important, because it really does improve the cloud a lot.:o It makes it look all shiny.c:


Cloud19 by IceXDragon
And there you have your cartoon style cloud!:hooray:

So that is the end of the tutorial! I hope you learned something from this, and will be able to use this in the future!:happybounce:

Any questions, just ask in the comments!:lawoo:

Have an awesome day!

buttfIuff has recently suffered a severe breakup. (The user WILL NOT be mentioned, for I do not want any hate to be directed towards him/her.) I am sure all of you know this is quite common, and shouldn't be fussed over.
This breakup has affected her life drastically, and she wants to self harm.
I know most of your responses: Yeah, so are hundreds of teenagers elsewhere. Your points being?
Well, these people need to be told how much they are cared and loved for!
I ask you, all of you, to simply show buttfIuff how loved she is by watching, giving a llama, favoriting some of her works, donating, commenting on her profile, or simply noting her to show how much she is cared for!
Not just to her, but to anyone you know who is suffering the temptation to self harm!
Even though probably not many will read this, I appreciate any of you who care.
Share this journal to spread the word, please!
buttfIuff, you are loved, and I am going to show just how loved you are. :heart:
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Hello Horde :salute:

Welcome back to ApocaLit Fridays; Apocalypse-writing's bi-weekly roundup filled with news, information, features and updates on things ..... well, apocalyptic and literature in nature (hence the clever name :slow:).

This week we have the usual Group, Affiliate and Lit Community updates, as well as "What to Watch/Read/Web".

:star: April is the month of NaPoWriMo!. If you’re in need of prompts, tips or just want to show your support, then head on over to NaPoWriMo and join in the insanity! :star:

:star: Today in Literary History: April 18, 1394 – Geoffrey Chaucer's twenty-nine pilgrims met at the Tabard Inn in Southwark to prepare for their departure to Canterbury. :star:

Group Updates

:bulletblack: Our weekly prompt is The Things We Left Behind. The deadline is this Saturday 19 April 23:59 EDT.

:bulletblack: Check out our latest Member Feature Mondays.

:bulletblack: We also posted our March New Members Feature. Head on over and check them out or just stop in to say :wave:.

:bulletblack: We are looking for prize donations so that we can continue our monthly contests. If anyone would like to donate prizes, then send us a note. We would be most appreciative of any donations. Also If you would like to donate points, please do so here.

Affiliate Updates

:bulletred: A reminder that Horror-Writers-Unite are on a Prompt Hiatus during the summer months.

:bulletred: Poetry-To-The-Masses has Weekly Feature 158 and Weekly Feature 159.

:bulletred: Live-Love-Write share some Craft Elements of Poetry and Craft Elements of Prose. They also update their latest prompt and are looking for Points Donations to go towards their summer programmes. If you’d like to donate, head on over to LiveLoveWriteSupport and hit the "donate" button. You’ll even score yourself a month long feature on their front page!

:bulletred: Writers--club are currently running a 1,000 Word Short Story Contest. The deadline is April 20. They have opened a new folder specifically for their member’s National Poetry Writing Month submissions and showcase their Member of the Month; recklezz84.

:bulletred: Unconventional-Story are still looking for new admins.

:bulletred: LiteratureJunkies has a quick Update for its members & :+devwatch:ers.

:bulletred: Story-Corner are still looking for a new Co-Founder. This could also potentially extend to their sister group, Stanza-Corner, as well.

:bulletred: Unseen-Writers theme of the week is Bird.

:bulletred: Another busy week for SixWordStories with Weekly Spontaneity 104 & 105, the announcement of the Round 4 Winners of their Tournament Contest and updates of both the Prompts! and Versicolor Project lists.

:bulletred: Nurturing-Narratives announced their Twisted Easter Contest. The deadline is April 30. They also have another contribution for their How Do You Write? series from psychovampire11, and introduced their New Contributor; megatarget.

:bulletred: LiteraryCompass lets members know that the group is Still Here…Still.

Lit Community Updates

:bulletblue: Writers-Workshop are in full Resurrection mode. To see how you YOU can help out and bring this invaluable part of the Literature Community back to life, head on over to the journal and get involved!

:bulletblue: communityrelations has CR Newsletter – March/April as well as Fan-Fiction-Tastic News #7, and the April Literature Newsletter.

:bulletblue: lacoterie are running a Prompt Contest until May 1st. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs, so go and check it out!

:bulletblue: devLIT have issued their April – June Challenge.

:bulletblue: theWrittenRevolution puts out a call for Sci-fi Short Stories Wanted for Divertir Publishing’s first ever anthology.

:bulletblue: DailyLitRecognition have a number of Volunteer Positions that need filling.

:bulletblue: IrrevocableFate released the latest issue of Love dA Lit as well as Love dA Lit Loves You: Vol. 2!

:bulletblue: neurotype regularly updates A Smattering of Lit News. (Although, not this month because it’s NaPoWriMo time!)

:bulletblue: OHiNeedTea posted Notes on Co-Writing as part of projecteducate’s Community Week

:bulletblue: Have you ever checked out LadyLincoln’s The Ladies of Lit? No? Well maybe it’s time you did!

ApocaLit Features

This week’s search theme was Easter Apocalypse.

Plastic Easter Grass ApocalypseThis is how the world ends, not with a bang, nor with a whimper, but rather drowning in plastic Easter grass.
The plastic Easter grass was up to just below my window when I went to sleep this morning.  This afternoon when I woke up it had broken through the window and was pouring into my room.  The plastic Easter grass is a foot and a half deep on the floor of my room.  And it is the purple kind which is, unbelievably, even more vicious than the damnable green variety.  Also it is worth nothing that I live on the seventh floor, in Denver, one of the last unburied cities on earth.
Everybody always knew plastic Easter grass had a tendency to show up in the damnedest places, but nobody knows why it's gotten so horrible recently.
It is only natural that I, the world's third foremost expert on the Boston Molasses Flood of 1919, and no less a learned authority on the Jonestown Gravy Disaster, was consulted when the plastic Easter grass began to smother the earth.
I am as stumped as anyone.  
- by joshuadobson

In The ShedDay Two Hundred Fifty-Three
December 16th, 2013
Theme: In The Shed
Warnings: Zombies! Blood, gore, language
It was quiet that morning.
The news had been covering the outbreak for a week at that point, and we knew it was coming. But my parents weren't the type to run. All of the houses around us emptied one by one as they fled to shelters. But that was my parents' plan – get everyone away from us. If a shelter got breached, then everyone inside was a sitting duck. They thought that being isolated would save us.
They were wrong.
Life had pretty much reached a stand still. I had no high school to go to anymore – classes were suspended until “further notice”. So I hadn't been setting my alarm, and thus only woke whenever Mom decided to wake me. But that morning, I rose on my own. Groggy from oversleeping, I rubbed at my eyes and squinted against the grit.
She didn't answer.
Struggling out of bed, I didn't bother changing out of my sleepwear
- by SylveraDrake

The Cuisine of the Apocalypse
we can’t
the way
look at
honing in
we hone,
ich fraß
a hypo-
and it
made me
at least
a few

while i ate
i don’t
know whose
not failing,
but it’s
the corpus
like merdre
with père ubu’s
extra r.
the stem.
and this
stem is
are candy
with an
that just
left or
and salt
the cere-
bral meat
fill you
those round,
but don’t
you’re putting
the ritz
all you
those folds
keep you
but you
won’t like
even fresh,
- by tonepainter

ApocalypseOn the morning where light turned scarlet, ashes poured on the iron sea. Water rose like an incandescent wall, and then transfixed into mud. Whales howled in pain inside the newborn earth and slowly suffocate. Above their melted bodies, their fish bones became the white and sharp branches of the mineral trees.
As water transfixed into earth, earth transformed into fire. Lava swallowed everything, from the grass to the flying birds, and lands disappeared into an incandescent ocean. Stars felt from the empty sky to crash into the burning sea, creating ephemeral islands of ashes and light.
In this terrible warmth, air vanished. Wind got out of breath and died in a long lament. Atmosphere leaved the cold of space and felt on the ground in boiling tears.
- by Parchemin

What To Watch

Ruin: A Post-Apocalyptic Short Film.

"A fantastic short sci-fi film directed by Wes Ball. The movie is just 8 1/2 minutes long but is totally stunning both with its rich post-apocalyptic scenery and its action packed sequences."

What To Read

A Saunter With Death: Book 1 by  Z. N. Halferty, a.k.a. our very own General-Kool-Aid!

"A plague has been cast upon the Earth, turning people into animal-like, cannibalistic beings. With no humanity about them, they devour any creature they encounter, leaving death and destruction in their wake. Read as Kmoneiethe, a young "prepper," struggles to survive the hell that has become his new home as he records, in detail, his experiences. Plagued by a series of misfortunes throughout his journey, his own sanity comes into question; bits of his memory becoming voids, strange occurrences becoming standard, and his actions becoming something of a mystery.....those of a creature; if you will. With little help from his short-known friend, Kmoneiethe endures some of the most challenging obstacle of his life. Each becoming seemingly more difficult as his mental and physical health degrade. Will he survive this new world? Or become another statistic among those that have already fallen?"

*Admin recommendation*

What To Web

Underground New York Public Library

" The Underground New York Public Library is a visual library featuring the Reading-Riders of the NYC subways. "


IrrevocableFate's Love dA Lit - latest issue
CRLiterature’s Literature Articles You Should Know
Breaking in to Lit!
Expose-Lit: Your Literature Lifeline
Tips For Young Writers
How to get more views on your Literature
'PinkyMcCoversong's Writing Resources for Noobs (and not-so-noobs)
How to promote other peoples work
Forum on How Publishing Works
=julietcaesar's List of Useful Writing Blogs
#deviantHEART's ARK Project
ezradeacon's LITany of Resources

LiteraryCompass - Group featuring and promoting long-form fiction, novels, and on-going serials.
TheBackOfTheBook - A group for browsing for/or advertising your books.
:iconpublishing-group: - A group for writers seeking to be published and for publishers seeking writers to publish; poetry, prose and fan fiction; horror, science fiction, fantasy and romance, manga, comics and cartoons.
TheKnow are a new group here on dA that are building a database of resource material aimed specifically at writers. As their founder puts it:
"Research is a huge part of writing. And there are several things for which it's hard to find a good resource. Deviantart is a big place, full of folks with different backgrounds and experiences. What if there was a place where we could offer our personal knowledge to all those people looking for information?
We want to be that place."

So if you’re looking for information, have something you want to contribute or have suggestions for topics, then head on over to TheKnow and check out the Original Release Journal and Database Roundups. Submission Guidelines can be found on their front page. :star:

We hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of ApocaLit Fridays. Make sure to join us again next issue.

If you have any suggestions or if there are any specific topics, hints, and tips that you would like to see included in future editions, then please send the group a note titled "ApocaLit Fridays - General Info" with your suggestion and I will get to researching. If you already have any helpful links or info, then include those as well (it will certainly make my job easier ;)).

Also, if you've recently come across a piece of apocalypse-themed literature that you would like to see featured (and that is not your own or from one of our members), then send us a note titled "ApocaLit Fridays - Feature", include a link to the original deviation and a brief blurb about why you would like it featured and we'll make sure to add it in. *Note: Your name will be included with the deviation as "suggested by".

The deadline for these is no later than Thursday 12:00 noon (EDT).

Until next time, Dear Horde. Stay frosty. :salute:
I been tinkin' bout dese poems and I have decided to publish some of them right here in dis journal space. i have one repaired but if you guys (if anyone's looking) want more poems you can always comment on it. I can only do non rhyming ones though because.. I.. well I dunno I just can't be Dr.Suess I guess.(greatest rapper in history btw) Remember, To Comment!!!!
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Weekly Hunt #122

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 8:56 PM by IceXDragon:iconicexdragon:
Every Friday, there will be a 'Hunt' for either the Most or the Least of something or other. It's a weekly (hopefully) fun activity, open to all, that will get you scouring deviantART for the best possible piece that fits the 'Hunt'.

The person who suggests the best piece will get four of their art pieces featured on our page and, in return, the piece itself will also be featured on dAseniors' front page!

Please suggest up to 2 pieces to this folder, not on this journal!

(It will be automatically approved, so make sure you submit wisely. Ohm... Ohm...)

Last time, we had the least...

Sunny Day!

a rainy day and the loneliness by hidlight

Suggested by Sserenita

Another Awesome Suggestion:

Dark Days by mrcool256

Suggested by mippieArt 


This week, the theme will be the...

Most Fluffy Bunny

Happy hunting!

Bullet; Blue When does it end? Any time next Friday the folder will close, so get your suggestions in before then!
Bullet; Blue Have a few theme suggestions? Send us a note!

HEY. I need some commissions to help my mom out a little. So I'm setting them at half the original price

All my commissions are half off for a limited time. I've got eight slots. (This ends first of May, or until the slots are filled.)
First come first serve. (Also first commissioner gets another half off a second order if they make one.) I'll do my best to give you what you want. I do only anthros typically. Don't rush me, you're getting a discount. AND GO.

Chibis - Normally $2.50/Discounted $1.25
Headshots - Normally $5/Discounted $2.50
Torso/Half Body - Normally $10/Discounted $5
Full Body - Normally $15/Discounted $7.50
Simple Ref - Normally $20/Discounted $10
Complex Ref- Normally $25/Discounted $12.50

If you are paying me in IMVU credits - $1.25 = 2,500 Credits

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hiya i wanted to do a special friend rp if you would like to join i wll tell you more