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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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I haven't spend much time on my computer last weekend, but enough to see that DeviantArt was kept busy by a troll that apparently did really well for as much as trolls can 'do well' on the internet. A little over 4000 pageviews in just 4 days the account is online proved not only the artists involved in the matter took offense... but apparently a lot of other DeviantArt members as well. Even those that seemed (to me at least) totally uninvolved with the troll or the particular type of art.
For those that wonder about the issue; It's about Foxbun's rather cynical joke about the 'closed species' matter. (I'm usually against name calling here. But this account has intentionally created for its goal. It has been all over the site already and would've been in the comments within 10 minutes, even without me mentioning here. I don't provide a link, though. Use your search engine if you want to research it.)

The term white knight is to most older members of DeviantArt (or the internet in general) a well known term, and not for its positive connotation. It's most used in the context of fanatic fangirls or groupies that defend a celebrity or (in this case) famous artist on basically every front, regardless of checking sources, or if this person is right and reasonable or not. This often leads to awkward situations, harassing people, spamming and entire wars against a single (sometimes unaware) critic, often with devastating consequences. 

Seeing the huge amount hateful of comments on this single issue, and considering the fact that a few of the artists attacked where considered 'big shots' on DeviantArt, I consider this again a classic case of white knighting. And regardless of the person being a scam or not; I do not like the sight of that. Not at all. It reminds me a bit too much of the high school bullying where it was often 10 people against 1, and the rest stood by and just watched and laughed. I just can't help to cringe at that kind of behavior. 

Sure, this person might be an experienced internet user. A troll, or whatever people might call it. But not all people are aware of internet rules and community etiquette.
In one of my early years on DeviantArt, I once made the mistake to post a critical comment on an artwork from a user that had a rather big fanbase. Despite my good intentions of actually of wanting to help this artist, and the fact that my comment was overall balanced, the comment was everything but appreciated. At least; not by her fans. Even before she could reply I got at least 5 replies in my inbox written by her fans. They told me, not in the nicest way, my comment was unjustified and that I was a **** [you may imagine] for even having the guts to write something like that to their idol. In the end the artist herself never replied to me, but the negative feeling that came with her drawings lasted a long time. I unwatched her for a while. And even when I found back the courage to watch her again (when I realized she wasn't the one responsible, but her fans were) I actually never commented again. I liked her art, but wanted to avoid her fans really badly.

A few years of experience and a lot more watchers have basically forced to view the issue from the other side as well. 
And this makes it part of the reason why I want to share this with people.

Because as an artist I've learned that you can't completely control a watcher base. A few days ago I made a piece for the MH17 airplane disaster. Just, heartfelt, because as a fellow Dutchy (a lot of people from my country died there) I felt like it. Most reactions were positive. One, however, was negative. But before I even woke up the next day and had the chance to look at it and write a reply to it... another person already wrote something instead. Luckily this was a very sensible person and a very sensible and thoughtful comment. But the point is; with such exposure, people answer things before I myself can even get to it. And that's basically how part of this happens.
Part of it, I say. Because I firmly believe the other part is controllable with responsible behavior. There's a difference between making a journal about "Somebody insulted me. I feel bad today"  or "Person-X insulted me. What a ****". The first statement is probably going to get you some cyber hugs and comforting reactions. The second thing will most definitely redirect all the hate towards that Person-X. And while that sweet revenge might bring you relief for a second, it won't make you anything more than just a big cyber bully. Overall; refrain from name calling, unless positive... or unless it's such a big blown up matter that everybody already knows it and not saying the word is like ignoring an elephant in the room.

As for people in whose name is white knightned (if that even is a verb). I cannot speak for all of them on DeviantArt here, but I'm sure there are many people with me on this one, that don't particularly like it when their "fans" go all out on someone or something. Having a reasonable discussion with someone about a subject, even in the name of some else, is totally fine. As long as it's done in a polite manner and with some solid arguments. Trolling people, harassing them, spamming them, calling names, bullying them... etc... is not cool.
It might seem cute and everything. Defending your idol. And sure, I can imagine people being protective towards someone else that else that already gets a lot of criticism -- I don't deny the fact that some people here are in fact exposed to harsh criticism. But doing bad things in the name of your idol only gives your idol a bad name and reputation. And that's the one thing you don't want as fanatic fan. People turning away from your fandom, because they might've liked the fandom itself, but can't stand the fans. 

To return to the beginning of my DeviantArt journey. I was a newbie on the site, a non-native English person (took me ages to write a message in English) and unaware of the general culture on the site. I thought I did something helpful, and those reactions scared the shit out of me. That being one of the first experiences with that particular artist on the site, it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I never commented on the artist work again. Ironically not even up until today. I could've been an amazing fan, though. Considering that, back in that time, I was a basement dweller with basically no life and there were other people that I commented on all the time. But yeah, those so called fans just scared me away.

What I wanted to say is; just don't be that person that ruins the experience for other people on the website.
If the artist himself wants to be an ass and chase away his fans... that's up to him. Those are his fans, so it's his loss. But don't do it for another artist. If someone personally attacks you, your family, or your best friend... it's totally be okay to get involved. If someone attacks your art, it's okay to get angry. But don't get into a fight for an artist you barely know. Or at least not without doing a proper background check on the subject and having a solid opinion on the subject that's actually yours.

And as a final note. Before any of you go harassing to comment section saying "OMG! U support art theft!!!!" or anything like that, just because I mentioned this particular case; learn to read context. I don't support art theft at all, and I've never done so. But I don't support cyber bullying either. My stance on this case is rather neutral, and the only reason I brought it up is to serve as a recent example.
Hey everyone!

We are having another mini-contest!

Our challenge to you...Write a poem about a color.  Pick a color- any color and write us something beautiful.

Let's get the pesky rules out of the way.
1. You must be a member to participate.
2. You are allowed 1 entry per person
3. The deadline for submissions is 8/30. This gives you plenty of time to come up with something fantastic!  
4. Entries must be a new deviation- something written specifically for this contest.  
5. You MUST mention this contest in your artist comments and if you could fav this journal, that would be much appreciated!

We will pick one winner who will receive 50 points and a poetry commission from me.
We will also have 2 honorable mentions that will get 25 points each.

All winners will be featured here, my personal journal, and a journal feature in :iconpoeticalcondition:  AND :icondeviantsgallery:

Prize donations are gladly accepted.  

The fabulous :iconhermionefrost: will be helping me judge.  :)

Be creative!  Have fun with this! And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
I have a plan
more like a suggestive rallying cry if anything else really...
- - during the weekend, something hit me and I want to do something about it.
   Even though Mark isn’t able to attend a bulk of cons that are out there,  
   many of his followers/subs would and do attend them.
- - we have to find a way to meet up and plan to meet up as a collective.  
   Even if it’s just 2 people for 10 minutes, it’s going to be worth it.
- - what are some suggestions for making this happen?

How it works…

Advertise this journal + the Raelans group! That's all you have to do. Let me know that you did, and you will get a raffle ticket with a number. When the raffle is over, we'll roll for a random number and whoever has that ticket wins! Simple, right? :meow:

How to get tickets:

:bulletblue: Advertise this journal + the Raelans group in a journal and get 2 tickets.
:bulletblue: Post the link to the journal + the Raelans group in a poll and get 1 ticket.
:bulletpurple: Donate a prize of 100 :points: or more OR artwork and receive two additional tickets.
Please make sure you can actually provide the prizes if you wish to donate.

You can do one, two, or all of the above to get tickets! If you do a journal, then a day later decide to do a poll, you'll be assigned a random additional ticket(s)--they just won't be in numerical order.

Participants and ticket numbers will be posted on this journal to keep track. The rolled number will be screenshot and posted in my gallery as well.

This contest starts now! and ends on August 5th at midnight CST.

Here are the prize tiers!

5 people or less participate –

1st place only, 1 month premium OR 400 :points:

10 people  –

1st place: 3 month premium OR 700 :points:,

2nd place: 100 :points:

25 people –

1st place: 12 month Premium OR 2,000 :points:

2nd place: 3 month premium OR 700 :points:

3rd place: 1 month premium OR 400 :points:.

35+ people —

1st place: 12 premium OR 2,000 :points: AND a custom Raelans of your choice.

2nd place: 3 month premium OR 700 :points:, and a breeding slot to a natural Raelans group cat of your choice

3rd place: 1 month premium OR 400 :points:

50+ people –

1st place: 12 month premium OR 2,000 :points:, AND a custom Mutation Raelans of your choice, a semi custom natural Nordanner …AND something from the DA Print store to the value of $50 or less OR the point equivalent (4,000 :points:)

2nd place: 3 month premium OR 700 :points:, a custom starter Raelans (natural coat) AND something from the dA print store for the value of $30 or less, OR the point equivalent (2,800 :points:)

3rd place: 1 month premium OR 400 :points:, AND something from the dA Print store to the value of $10 or less OR the point equivalent (800 :points:)

A word on donated prizes:

  • Donated prizes will be given by the donator to the winner(s) directly once the raffle has ended.
  • Any unpaid donations may disqualify you from future Raelans contests, and/or revoke the prize if one of your tickets wins during this raffle. 
  • If you, for any reason, can no longer donate your prize, you may contact us to remove it (must be before the raffle is scheduled to end).  We will remove any extra tickets earned by you from your donation(s) should you choose to retract it.  

Prize Donations:

Zandromina 100 :points:
SloppySwishingEva one headshoot to each winner
fennexxfox 50 kaaring
SageFacility 2 pieces of artwork: Lineart + Flat color + shading ontop with a simple background
Night-angel-stable 100 :points:

Ticket Holders:

Zandromina Tickets 1-5
Pickle-Paws Tickets 6-8
SpiritWolfeLily Tickets 9-10
TheBrooklynnYouLove Tickets 11-12
SloppySwishingEva Tickets 13-17
fennexxfox Tickets 18-22
SageFacility Tickets 23-27
Fort-Ridgely-Stables Tickets 28-30
ameDigital Tickets 31-32
Night-angel-stable Tickets 33-37

I was tagged by the lovely, :icondalekcaanii: - who was tagged by the incredible :iconsammylovesyoulots: ~ Let's begin!

  •  You must posts these rules.
  •  Each person has to share 10 things about them
  •  Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
  •  Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
  •  Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
  •  Not something like "you are tagged if you read that"
  •  You have to legitimately tag 10 people
  •  No tag-backs
  •  You can't say that you don't do tags.
  •  YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY. NO COMMENTS. Unless you're commenting about the actual entry, derp

Questions given to :iconalphamanifest: moi ~

1) Do you enjoy walking on the beach during sunrise or trekking through the forest at night? 

Trekking through the forest. Did you not know? That's my home sweetheart. Speaking of which, dinner is calling...

2) If a zombie was coming right at you, what would you do? 

*chokes* W-what? What on earth are you talking about, :icondalekcaanii:.

Oh, I'm sorry... You say you weren't finishing talking?

My dear, I am so sorry. See, this is what happened.

All I saw was Zombie and Coming. And you know, a girl has got some good sense to not even listen to whatever came after that. Did you not see me haul ass about 2 minutes ago?


Hmm, well I'm not sure what Zombie you're referring to, but there's no zombie here :heart:. I'm currently drinking a bloody mary at that beach you were speaking of earlier. Nice place. You should join me sometime. 

3) Define "life".

Focus on this  ( . )

Now tell me what you see?

A dot?

No, no, dear. Look harder.

Still see a dot?

Well dear, stop insulting it! That dot is what we call life. Everything is in it, revolves around it, and is either cherished or wounded within it. It is all and It is nothing. It is also the #42. For further explanation and more information, please visit

Thank you! 

4) Would you risk your life for the sake of the human race?

Actually, hell no.  Pardon my french...

You know why? Because 99.99% of the human race has already killed itself 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 since the beginning of time by doing something stupid, that turned into something amazing, but later caused us to be effected by it in the worst way somewhere along the line, that is later claimed to be something potentially hazardous to our health, and then is deemed "2012".

Yeah, that's right. I went there. You know exactly what that reference is.

So don't even pretend that you'd give your life to a race of people who still can't even learn to think for themselves, because they depend on society to make their reality instead of creating with something called "The Thought Process".  

5) What is an adventure to you?

Doing something that I will later regret doing.

Like for instance, most likely getting lost in the middle of Madagascar, even though me and whoever is with me at the time can clearly see that we have a tour guide that speaks 20 something odd different languages fluently and has the amazing strength of 20,000 men and knows Madagascar like it's his front porch.


Yup, never doing that ish' again. 

6) Ice cream cake or Coke float?

I'm a pig. I love sweets. So I'm going to go with chugging both...because I'm a boss like that.

7) Imagine that you are in a room with no escape. How do you get out?

Wait what? Last time I checked, this isn't SAW...

*walts out and somehow falls through a trap door in the floor*

...On second thought, *ducks from a swinging death machine*

....never mind...

8) Do you often question your decisions & choices?

Girl, if I had a dollar for everytime I questioned what I did, I'd be rich. And not just any type of rich. I mean, I'd be able to own everyone and their thoughts, RICH

9) Are you proud of yourself?

Nope. Not in the slightest. 

In fact, I'm so not proud of myself, that when I think back on my life every single day....I wonder where I find the time to even be proud, when I can encourage, inspire, and make others proud instead? 

10) Last question: Which is better; Breaking Bad or Walking Dead? If you haven't seen either of 'em, would you like to?

GAH EEEE GASP! HOW DARE YOU TEAR ME BETWEEN THE TWO WOMAN....YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF AND ALL THAT IS HOLY! ......................................................................walking dead


Alright, here are my question by moi, :iconalphamanifest:, to the following minions tagged: 

1) If life gave you the opportunity to voice your thoughts to the world in three words, what would you say? Remember, you finally have the chance to make an impact. Choose those three words carefully. 

2) If you heart was attached to your lips, and your eyes to your feet. How would you view the the sky without limitation and how would you speak without becoming broken by those you see? 

3) Ethnicity is a powerful word. If someone were to ask you what that word means, and you have never heard it before, how would you describe it?

4) If the midnight grew darker each time you took a step, would you remain still or be consumed by your own infinity? 

5) If I said, "Tell me who you are and not what you chose to be...", what would you say?

6) We are our own barrier. If the door you walked out of had transport you to another land; to one where you were automatically judged and hated. How would you bring about peace, when your fate has already been sealed? Remember, you cannot return to where you came from until your fate has been changed. 

7) There is no purpose in ________ , but the silence in __________ . When you are victim, when does purpose become ______,  ______,  and ______.

Fill in the blanks.

8) What's the first image that comes to mind when you hear the phrase: "Toy with me, and play with the outer skirts of my tongue." Try and keep your response clean, lol.

9) Explain your most cherished memory and your most hated one. Now, how did you find purpose to your pleasure and a solution to your demise? 

10) Not a meaningful question, just out of curiosity:

 Remind me of the moment you saw my homepage, what was your first impression?

Those who I chose to be my minions -- Go my minions, spread the unquenchable gothic fire...


Make sure to tag me in it :heart:, I want to read and comment on your responses!

More Giveaways!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 4:07 PM
1-Month Premium Membership GiveawayI am going to give away my 1-Month Premium Membership.
Yes, I did work very hard to earn enough points to buy one, and I did enjoy it very much, but not as fun as I'd hope for. Therefore, I am going to give it away. Here are the rules:
#1 You have watched me
#2 You must :+fav: this journal
#3 You must advertise this PM Giveaway in a journal of your own
#4 Leave a comment below with a link to your journal
If you feel like it, you can also advertise my page in the same journal.
I will be using to choose the winners, so it'll be totally fair.
The contest will end 7/28/14.
Good luck to everypony that joins!
I am going to regret this in like 2 minutes XDD
But don't worry I won't cancel it CX
Dathie's 700+ watcher raffleoh my goodness, thank you so much for the 700+ watchers!
So shall we play this raffle as if we were in a fairground?
well i am~ lets go~
Rules to enter!
(gives you 1 ticket~)
1) you need to be a watcher of mine!
(new or old, but dont just watch for the raffle, watch for the art~)

2) comment below~
(so I can give you a number!)
To get extra numbers!
-Make a journal/poll advertising this and comment it below! (easy)
gives +1 ticket

-in your comment at some point use the word "tea" (easier)
gives +1 ticket

-Name my favorite type of tea (pfft have fun!)
gives +1 ticket
up to 4 tickets can be had in this!
1st place prize~ (open)
halfbody with detailed background

(requires 0+ peopl
dATweet : 100 Points Giveaway #1.Hello everyone! Welcome to my latest points giveaway for the week :D (Big Grin)
Thanks to all of those who are reading this, (When it comes to point giveaways. :stinkeye:)
So, here's how to enter:
Bullet; Green Add this journal to your faves.
Bullet; Green Add dATweet to your watchlist for more points, giveaways and more! It's never too late to watch me. 
Bullet; Green Write a journal to spread the word!
If you want, you can just copy and paste this:
:icondatweet: is holding a 100 point giveaway!
With dATweet, you can donate points to receive watches, llamas, and favs! 

Art Raffle~ (Open)Hi~ it's my first time making a raffle, okay? ; 3;
A detailed chibi 
(If I have more than 30 people entering i'll add more prizes >v>b)
End date: July 26th (the raffle is only for 4 days x3 but if there's alot of people entering i'll make another raffle in the future)
Sample of me chibis: (More samples in gallery uvu)

How to enter:
Must be a watcher~ please don't watch and then unwatch afterward because that's lame :(
Fav the journal (that's how you'll get your number)
Make a journal advertising this raffle u vu~
Comment with your character reference and the link to your journal.
Your ref must be an image. PLEASE don't put a description as a ref ; __ ; 
I draw mostly girls but I will try to draw guys but they might look weird.. xD Also I will draw fanart but give me ref. 
If you win please don't sell or say you drew it and don't mess wi

  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: Lemonade
Hello everyone!

I thought I'd take a break from saving points for a PM and make a little giveaway instread! You can win Points, Llamas and Art!
There are a many possibilities to increase your chance of winning and you can donate prizes (and be mentioned here) as well!
The prizes can be updated at any time!


1st Place

    - 85 Points by limelin
    - 1 free art request by limelin
    - 1 Llama by limelin
    - 1 Llama by praneeth388

2nd Place

    - 25 Points by limelin
    - 1 free art request by limelin
    - 1 Llama by limelin
    - 1 Llama by praneeth388

3rd Place

    - 15 Points by limelin
    - 1 Llama by limelin
    - 1 Llama by praneeth388

4th Place

    - 1 Llama by limelin
    - 1 Llama by praneeth388

How to enter


The following two steps have to be completed in order to participate in this giveaway.
You will only get a number if you followed both steps.

    1. Favorite this journal
    2. Leave a comment in which you tag at least two deviants of your choice


The following steps are not necessary, but it would be nice if you'd do it anyways.
If you decide to do at least one (but less than all) of these, you'll get one extra number.
If you decide to do all of these, you'll get two extra numbers.

    1. Make a journal and/or a poll advertising this giveaway
        (please don't forget to give me the link to your journal/ poll or to mention me)
    2. Support me by commenting on at least one of deviations
    3. Support another participant of this giveaway by commenting on at least one of his/her deviations
        (all participants can be found here; please don't forget to give me the link to your comment)

Donate Prizes

To make this giveaway more interesting, I'd be really thankful and happy if you'd donate prizes. It could be everything from a Llama to Points to Art.
Of course, everyone who donates prizes will be mentioned in this journal and in the journal announcing the winners.
    a) To donate Points, use the donation widget on my userpage and use "giveaway" as a reason and tell which place should receive the points
    b) If you donate Llamas or Art, please say so in your comment or send me a note

Other Information


August 23 2014

Please understand that at least 15 people should enter. If there aren't 15 people participating until August 23, there'll be a new deadline.


The winners will be chosen through In case you entered, you can see your number(s) here.
The winners will be announced within the week after the deadline.
Please note that I am not responsible for the prizes donated by others.

And now, happy participating and good luck! St. Patricks Day!

Also, enjoy these sea-themed pictures!

Stolen from Paradise Part 1 by limelin Waves by SavageFrog Calm Sea by isischneider Stolen from Paradise Part 2 by limelin
 Scaring Myself by DPasschier A Hours Walk by DPasschier Misty Morning by GargoylesBlood
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Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari
D.Grayman by Ennun
Featured art by Ennun


As of late, this group has been very inactive. However, it's also accumulated over 160 members now! Since there are more of us, I've been thinking of ways to make the group more like an actual fan page and less like a mere art dump.

In order to keep the fandom alive and to get everyone to feel like they have a say, I've considered posting Monthly Discussion Questions.


What's up with Monthly Discussion Questions?

These questions would be posted on the group page EITHER at the top of the page, down and above the comment section, or posted in a separate journal (haven't chosen yet).

Every month, admins will post a new question regarding D.Gray-Man that the members will have the chance to answer in the comment section. The idea is that people can share their opinions openly, and communicate with other members freely.

All questions will be opinion based, and everyone is entitled to their own. There are no "correct" or "incorrect" answers.

As a rule, members should respond to the previous member's comment BEFORE posting their own. This is how we can get the discussion flowing an no one can feel left out or ignored. Everyone matters.

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred: All flaming will result in a warning. If the flaming continues beyond that, you will be blocked. We want this to be a safe environment, and no one deserves to be put in a corner for speaking their mind. The victim will not be punished, but instead, promptly apologized to for the trouble they went though whilst participating. :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:


Purple Butterfly Divider by CherushiMetsumari

Also, if you didn't notice the lovely artwork at the top of this journal already, we have been considering featuring at least one piece from the group's gallery in each Monthly Discussion Question as well.

~Comment below~
 :icondownarrowplz:   :icondownarrowplz:
:bulletgreen: Do you think Monthly Discussion Questions are a good idea?
:bulletyellow: Would you actively participate?
:bulletorange: Do you think it'd be better to do weekly questions, or would you prefer we provided a larger window of opportunity for members to respond?
:bulletred: Would you prefer the Discussion Questions be posted as a Journal, where each individual Journal houses a separate discussion for organization purposes? Or would you prefer to keep the discussion on the group's page, to maintain a steady flow of members to scroll by the group's lovely artwork?

This Journal is to give notice of the Fan Art Challenge Pokemon ends on July 31 and you have 9 days to deliver your entries. To know how participate you must read the rules of the challenge:

Fan Art Challenge July-Pokemon Welcome to the First Fan Art Challenge!
Fan Art Challenge is inspired by the Art Challenges, artistic challenges which are very similar to contests. As the name suggests, this is all kinds of art challenges. The main thematic of my challenges is the Fan Art because I know we all love this kind of art. These challenges are monthly and a different theme will be chosen randomly on each challenge. Being a challenge Fan Art the theme can be any:  TV Series (Animated or live action), Movies, etc.
Pokeball THEME                                 

The theme for the Fan Art Challenge for this month is POKEMON. I decided to start a series well known to all in order that this first challenge is fun :).
Pikachu waves 

I'm disappointed because no one has interest in participating in my Contest. I wanted this first contest was a success but I see that is not so. My intention in making this competition is that all of you could have fun while doing their work of art, that you can meet others who share your taste and also give more exposure to your art. It is for this reason that the prize is a Featured in my account.

Now I ask this question to all: Your only participate in a contest to take the prize offered?. I can safely say that the answer is yes. I am aware of many people browse dA contests that offer prizes like Premium Membership or Points. And what happens if you find a contest that no offers prizes that you want to have? Are not you interested in participating because of that?. I can also safely say that the answers to those questions are:

- "I am dedicated to just browse for another contest that if have the prizes I'm looking"

- "I have no interest in that type of competition"

And more similar responses. I'm not trying to say that they all adopt the same attitude. Some people engage in anyway contest regardless the prizes. Others just want to contests in which they have a chance to win Premium Memberships and Points. However, not all people who organize competitions may offer such prizes and instead offer Commissions, Drawings, Some Points, Featured, etc.. The reason is that they do not have the ability to pay a premium or giving points.

I am one of those people. At the moment I can not give the Membership that everyone wants and it bothers me that nobody wants to join my contest for that reason. I understand that you are eager to have a Membership (At some point I obsess me with having a Membership but now I'm calm) but do not do that your main reason for wanting to participate in a contest. Remember that the only important thing is not to win,  is do release out your artistic talent and so other users can find people to share opinions and have much in common :). There may be many competing to win but there are also those who come for fun, to make friends and share their art with other users :).

I hope my words are taken into account and not simply be ignored. If nobody participate in my contest for the next few days I will be forced to cancel. Not worth keep an open contest in which nobody wants to participate.

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Este Journal es para avisarles que mi Fan Art Challenge de Pokemon termina el 31 de Julio y todos tienen 9 días para entregar sus entradas. Si quieres saber como participar debes leer las reglas del desafio:

Fan Art Challenge Julio-PokemonBienvenidos al Primer Fan Art Challenge!!
Fan Art Challenge esta inspirado en los Art Challenges, que son retos artisticos muy parecidos a los concursos. Como su nombre lo indica, se trata de todo tipo de desafios de arte. La tematica principal de mis desafios es el Fan Art porque se que a todos nos gusta este modo de arte. Estos desafios son mensuales y un tema diferente será elegido al azar en cada desafio. Al ser un desafio de Fan Art el tema puede ser cualquier Serie de TV (Animada o de actores reales), Peliculas, etc.
Pokeball TEMA                                 

El tema para el Fan Art Challenge de este mes es POKEMON. Yo decidí comenzar con una serie muy conocida para todos con el fin de que este primer desafio sea muy divertid

Estoy decepcionada debido a que nadie tiene interes en participar en mi Contest. Yo queria que este primer concurso fuera un exito pero veo que no es así. Mi intención al realizar este concurso es que todos ustedes pudieran divertirse mientras realizan su obra de arte, que puedan conocer otras personas que comparten sus gustos y también dar más exposición a su arte. Es por ese motivo que el premio es un Featured en mi cuenta.

Ahora yo les hago esta pregunta a todos: ¿Tu participas en un concurso solo para llevarte el premio que ofrece?. Puedo decir con seguridad que la respuesta es Si. Estoy consciente de muchas personas en dA buscan concursos que ofrecen premios como Membresias Premium o Puntos. ¿Y que sucede si encuentran un Concurso que no ofrece los premios que tu quieres tener?¿No sientes interes en participar por ese motivo?. También puedo decir con seguridad que las respuestas a esas preguntas son:

-"Simplemente me dedico a buscar otro concurso que si tenga los premios que estoy buscando"

-"No tengo interés en ese tipo de concursos"

Y más respuestas parecidas. No estoy tratando decir que todos adopten la misma actitud. Algunas personas participan en cualquier concurso sin importar que premios ofrecen los mismos. Otros solo quieren concursos en los cuales tengan la oportunidad de ganar Membresias Premium o Puntos. Sin embargo, no todas las personas que organizan concursos pueden ofrecer este tipo de premios y en su lugar ofrecen Comisiones, Dibujos, Algunos Puntos, Featured, etc. La razón es que ellos no tienen la posibilidad de costear una Premium o dar Puntos.

Yo soy una de esas personas. En estos momentos no puedo darles la Membresia que todos quieren y me molesta que nadie quiera participar en mi concurso por esa razón. Yo comprendo que ustedes esten ansiosos por tener una Membresia (En algún momento yo me obsesione con tener una Membresia pero ya estoy calmada) pero no hagan que ese sea su motivo principal por el cual quieran participar en un concurso. Recuerda que lo único importante no es ganar si no dar a conocer tu talento artístico a otros usuarios y así podrás encontrar gente con la que compartas opiniones y tengan mucho en común :). Pueden haber muchos usuarios que compiten por ganar pero también los hay aquellos que entran por diversión, para hacer amigos y para compartir su arte a otros :).

Espero que mis palabras sean tomadas en cuenta y no simplemente sean ignoradas. Si nadie participa en mi concurso durante los siguientes días me vere obligada a cancelarlo. No vale la pena mantener abierto un concursos en el que nadie quiere participar.

Are you ready for see your great character in FULL Color?. Yes, I know that many love my style of coloring. If you like my art style, you Win a free drawing. Just read the following details.


The character's face. With a fresh background.
For Male/Female characters. Humans / Furries.

For Boys

A Half-Body draw of your character. No background.
For Male characters. Humans / Furries.

For Girls

A Full-Body draw of your character. No background.
For Female characters. Humans.


A draw of your real face. In a cool toony style. With full color background.
For Male/Female peoples.


Only 1 Original Character. I Need the Reference of you Character. No about Politics/Religion/Erotism. And YOU SHOULD give me the Credit if do you wanna upload it the art in another site.

ABOUT the Portrait selection, send me your photo (or, if possible, more than 1 photo). You can feel free to specify preferences about your features, but without exaggeration... PLEASE.

Contact Me via Note.

Just send me or comment here about your character: Reference Image and his Name/Gender. Feel free to question me.

This is possibly my last plan for free works. Come on!