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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (52,508 votes) 1,140 comments
74,720 Deviants Online
As some of you might know I have a birthday coming up.
September 20th this year I'm turning 27

Because of that, I'm organizing a giveaway.
The price is 1000 :points: 

Yay! Points! by DamaiMikaz

What you need to know
:bulletblack: Leave a nice comment under this journal in order to participate. Wish me a happy birthday. Tag some friends... whatever.
:bulletblack: Watching me isn't mandatory. Watchers do make twice as much chance (consider this a bonus for being a loyal fan -- hehehe)
:bulletblack: Watchers are chosen by a randomize script
:bulletblack: The winner will be announced Monday september 22nd (because I'm away during the weekend)

Have fun! :la:

[Contest!] Nekoi Group Icon

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 5:54 PM

Contest: Make a new Icon for the Group Nekoi Island!



:star: revamp Rules :star: revamp

Blue Pixel Orb Icon size must be 100 x 50 pixels
Blue Pixel Orb Pixel is preferred rather than tooled/anti-aliasing
Blue Pixel Orb Animation is allowed and encouraged!
Blue Pixel Orb Icon must contain the name of the group "Nekoi Island" Somewhere
Blue Pixel Orb Entries must be posted to your gallery (not
Blue Pixel Orb Entries must be posted to the entry folder:…
Blue Pixel Orb You can enter as many times as you wish
Blue Pixel Orb Icon should include a Nekoi, preferably the mascot,
Paradise by Kawikuand / orAvocado Sushi Nekoi by Kawiku
but can also contains other Nekoi designs that have been approved.
(all Nekoi posted in the group are approved)


:star: revamp Prizes :star: revamp

1st Place
Icon will be used for the group!
A custom Nekoi with rare traits (or Gold MYO ticket)
3000 points

2nd Place
A Silver MYO Nekoi ticket
1000 points

3rd Place
A Silver MYO Nekoi ticket
500 points

Contest ends on September 29, Good luck to everyone!


New dA Layout

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 10:46 AM

Only a few beta testers can see it for now, it looks like this:
(ignore my messages omg)

Layout by Kawiku

So many people are freaking out about it already.... but I totally love the new layout!

The only thing I would change is the new "activity feed" widget.
(Not sure if you can see it, but I added it to my page temporary so you can see)

Basically, you can write status messages on it, but it will also shows publicly your latest activities on the site, with big pictures of your submission, favorites, and journals, which is really big and clustering. I will be removing it, since I don't like that it can only be placed in top right of the page, since I use the custom boxes for my page layout and would rather put the widget under it. I will reconsider using it if it could be placed in other portions of the profile page.

Newsworthy .02

Mon Sep 15, 2014, 5:37 PM by diphylla:icondiphylla:


Hi loves,
I wanted to inform everyone of some fantastic upcoming news from the community and my fellow CVs! Please take a moment to check out these amazing articles:

Features, Events, & Contests

Site Navigation, Activity Feed, and Status UpdatesPLEASE NOTE: This is a limited Beta release and not all Beta Testers have access to these features at this time.
Three major changes to the way the deviantART works have just been launched to Beta Testers! We’re pleased to announce the beta release of a redesigned site navigation and two entirely new features — Activity Feeds and Status Updates — bringing exciting new options to deviantART’s browsing and sharing experience.
These enhancements are the first step in what’s to come, and we can’t wait to show you the full picture.  Until then, we need your help to use and abuse these features!  Tell us what you like, what you don’t, and be sure to report any and all bugs or inconsistencies you encounter.  Your use of these Beta features provides invaluable data and insight so that we can better shape the features for actual launch to the entire site.
DeviantART's New Site Navigation
The site's navigation menu
Monday Munchies [22]Every Monday, I will be featuring a single deviant's artwork. The deviant may be known or unknown, and may have received accolades or joined deviantART last week. By featuring just a single deviant, I hope to give the deviant some exposure and bring a little beauty to your week. I also include a short description about the artist and/or what draws me to their work. 
Selene R. | Facebook

Selenada's pieces are absolutely stellar. They create a beautiful new world 

In addition to the realistic pieces, there are some wonderful concept pieces such as this one. Again we see wonderful lighting, colors, and details in this piece. 

Lastly, this piece really struck (heh...) me
The Illuminated World ContestStock & Resources
The Challenge
Imagine a world where the soft glow of the magnolia blossoms illuminates the sidewalk. The reaching branches of the tree cast their light over the street, reflected in the gathering puddles of a spring rain. A garden nearby is a riot of colors against the deep shadows of the night. The harsh artificial street lights that we know today are gone. What would your world look like? Is it a world where the need for fossil fuel has been eliminated, or have the scientists bio-engineered the earth into a beautiful apocalypse?
The idea of bio-luminescent plant illumination is a real project in progress by three scientists in San Francisco, California. These scientists are engineering marine bio-luminous bacterial DNA into plants to make them glow. You can read more about their project here: Glowing Plants: Street Lig
#Digitalists Chat Event 9/13/2014 - Winners!Hi everyone,
 Yesterday I hosted a Muro Chat Event Challenge and Rock, Paper, Scissors tournaments. Participants were first asked to Draw in three challenges with a winner picked for each one. The second how was Rock, Paper, Scissors and through two tournaments we ended up with a repeating top three players. All our winners will receive a 3 Month Premium Membership!
The Winners are:

For the Muro Draw Challenges: :iconplexusdynasty: , :iconho-ohlover: and :iconriemea:
For Rock, Paper, Scissors :iconc0mpassion: , :iconriemea: and :icontheancynt:
Honorable Mentions:

:iconkalmasis: :iconmysticarya: :iconrainylake:
Thank you all again for spending time and hanging out for the chat event and congradulations to all the winners!
Be sure to check out all future #Digitalists chat events for more chances to win premiums and :points:

Fashion Makes the World go Round IIWelcome to a feature that includes a selection of pieces from the Fashion photography galleries, Fashion-themed news and contests, a Fashion artist of the week, and some more fun stuff!
From the Fashion Photography gallery:

Dark Enchantress V by NocturneHandcrafts snake queen by Rinksy
Own time-space continuum by piXelRider 4 Img 0128 (800) by Mictian-DCLXVI
Usami and Sariel by sarielowa Woodland beauty II by MoririPhotography Story St by Dracovinia
ProjectPorkchop Vol367:iconplumsplace:
Michelle is an artisan crafter from the United States. Her area of expertise is doll-making and her whimsical and fun figures are sure to melt your heart! Each on is expertly hand crafted and painted and there are so many little details on the costumes! Michelle's gallery will make you feel like a kid again, so be sure to check it will be glad you did!

see more..
Jacek is a traditional artist from Poland. He is a wood sculptor who creates amazing abstract works that are truly a sight to behold! He expertly utilizes negative space to make his pieces more dynamic and he adds a variety of textures to the wood for a wonderful finishing touch. He will certainly enjoy browsing his
Digital Art FavoritesHello all,
Here are some magnificent examples of art from the Digital Art > Drawings and Paintings, Mixed Media, and Photomanipulation galleries. Enjoy!
Aeirmid / Jade

Winners: A Candle in the DarkGreetings!
So, we are long overdue to announce the winners for the "A Candle in the Dark" contest at mental-health. That's my fault; I hope you will forgive me (Aeirmid).
The point of the Candle in the Dark contest was to have people reflect on the things (coping mechanisms, people, etc.) that helped them get through their darkest times and come out stronger for the journey. It's about overcoming obstacles and growing. We had many, many amazing entries; you can see them here.
It was extremely difficult for those of us who judged the deviations to find a winner. How do you rate one person's pain and triumph against another? There really is no "right" or "wrong" answer. In the end, we went with the images and stories that were the most moving, powerful, and/or beautifully crafted. This could have gone about 20 ways, as each judge had her own ideas of what should win. In the end,

Project Reveal .03:iconlastdragon:
Let me now reveal to you LastDragon!
LastDragon has been a member of the community for 11 years! Her gallery is a wonderful collection of digitally painted creatures, dream based artwork, and much more! I have included some of my personal favourites from her gallery to share with everyone below:

Be sure to check out LastDragon's gallery! 
Digitalism v.09

Smokeangel by lion21
Azeron by 88grzes
GDD Contest: To tell a story   


GetDailyDeviations  is hosting an exciting contest for you ALL to participate in! We hope you're all very eager to create and submit your entries, please read the description, rules, and guidelines below!
To Tell a Story:
The theme of this contest is to tell a story, which is vague, but also very to-the-point. All artwork tells a story whether it intends to or not, as we all interpret what we wish to, when we see it. Your goal for this contest is to create a piece of art, with a specific story in mind. It can be your story, the story of someone you know, it can be fictional, it can be short, it can be sad, it can be ha
NEW CONTEST!!!!!:star: :new:  NEW CONTEST!!!!!! :star: :happybounce:
:star: DEADLINE is HALLOWEEN!!! (October 31st)
This contest IS open wordwide!!

:star: Donate :star:  :points: here >>>>> :star:
:star: Submit your NEW artwork [Star!] here >>>>>
[Star!] OR!!!!~~!!  (AND)
~~You do not have to participate, but there are rules!!
So please read carefully!!~~

[Bullet; Purple]  You MUST include at least 2 characters
[Bullet; Black]  You MUST include a link/thumbnail to the group or this journal- stating it is for THIS contest.. in your deviation description.
[Bullet; Purple]  Your entry MUST be new. Dating 9/14/14 or newer. Old entries or entries that are fo

Penny Dreadful CompetitionPenny Dreadful... the TV series link has inspired me to make my debut in competitions!
My competition Is going to be about everything dark: Blood; Gore; the Erotic (of whatever nature); the Satanic and Sinful
But most of all based around the TV series, not necessarily fan art but of that era of Gothic horror and dastardly tales.... So Edgar Allen Poe etc. would also be acceptable reference.
Your work may be in any format, but must contain or reference an item in this gallery and be clearly defined and linked in your finished Work. It must also comply to all the regulations of DA and clearly list any stock used (All sources will be checked any offsite stock must have proof of purchase and appropriate licensing agreement, this will be checked) Written works must also include reference to a stock and link to the stock described.
I am hoping your w

September 19, 2014 - Talk Like a Pirate Day, Arr! :pirate:

Talk Like a Pirate Day - Treasure Hunt!!Arr mateys',
This Friday (September 19th) is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and what kind of day would that be without a chance for you all to win some booty!  .:Piratela:. 
I reckon some Community Volunteers have been hogging some booty to themselves, the slimy eels!
It's your job to find where they are hiding their booty, and steal it all for ye-self! Pirate w00t 
Here's how it works:
Read over the Chat list of activities here
Attend as many Chat events as you can: Clues to find their booty will be announced during the events!
Collect the clues to each Community Volunteer's booty, and try to find them all!!
Once you have found them all, send me Mrs-Durden, a note with the links to all their booty!
:note: Booty = Treasure. The treasure will be a photo, linked somewhere on the Community
  Talk Like a Pirate Day - Forum events!Arr mateys,
Ye ready for some creative and fun ways to win awesome prizes? :ahoy:
Here's the list of all the forum events that will go up this Friday, Sept 19th! All event winners will receive 3 month PMs or :points:!

Best Pirate Pick-Up Line
Self-explanatory, you'll need to give us your best Pirate pick up line! (nothing that violates DA rules/policy)

Muro Draw
You'll be asked to draw something pirate themed in Muro and then post it as a comment into the forum!

Pirate Creative Stories
You'll be asked to write a short creative story about pirate adventures!

3 line Pirate Poem
You'll be asked to write a poem about being a pirate and fighting for your treasure or plunder!
Best Pirate Joke!
You'll be asked to give us your best pirate joke!

:note: Deadlines, prizing, and further details will be discussed in the forum post for eac
Talk Like a Pirate Day - Chat events!Arr mateys!
Are ye ready to win some awesome prizes?? Here is the schedule of all the awesome Pirate themed events planned for Friday 19th of September (aka Talk Like a Pirate Day)!
3 month premium memberships, and/or points will be awarded!

:note: To win the Treasure Hunt, you should attend as many chat events as possible! (Find out more here!)
:note: All events will occur in #CommunityRelations.
:note: All times are PST. Please use a time converter as needed.
9AM - Muro Draw Event
You'll be given pirate themed things to draw in Muro, the best drawings win!
10AM - Deviation Scavenger Hunt
A hunt for pirate themed deviations!
11AM - Muro Draw Event
You'll be given pirate themed things to draw in Muro, the best drawings win!

Community News

Pimps and Whoas - Sept. 11, 2014
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - September 2014
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Bug Fixes and Feedback
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Tags are the new Keywords
Official Contests
All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:59 PST on the end date. This applies to all Community Relation run contests and all deviantART sponsored contests.
:flagus: denotes US only contest
:bulletpink: Anthro Challenge 111
Thank You!
Join me in thanking jane-beata for her time with the Traditional Art Community.
and Shue13 for his help with the Space and Sci-fi community
and tatasz for her help with the fractal community
We appreciate you! :heart:
Thank You!
Please join me in thanking ginkgografix and Ry-Spirit for all of their efforts during their time as volunteers :)
Thank you to ginkgografix for all of her help with the deviantART related and Icon community and her excellent skills with CSS 
and thank you to Ry-Spirit for his efforts with the Fan Art Community
We appreciate you!! :heart:
Thank You!
Please join me in thanking Gwendolyn12 and Emerald-Depths for their valiant efforts as Community Volunteers :)
Gwendolyn12 for helping with the Anime and Manga Community
Emerald-Depths for her contributions to the Photomanipulation Community
We appreciate you! :heart:

Thank You!
Please join me in sending out a resounding "Thank You" to Thiefoworld  for his contributions to the community as a Community Volunteer for the Digital Art Community and a member of the Community Relations Mentor Team.  Many of you will recognize him from the numerous deviantIDs he's created for fellow community members, including myself! His style is iconic and easily recognizable, and while we'll miss him on the team, I know he'll be forever part of this community!
Thank you, Thiefoworld , we appreciate you :heart:
Thank you, Danielle! (Emerald-Depths)
Hi everyone,
As you may know, today was Danielle (Emerald-Depths)'s last day as a Community Volunteer. There are several things I love about Dani. Of course, there's the fact that she's an AMAZING artist (see my favorite work by her, above, as just one example).
But even beyond being a great artist, Dani is a great friend. It's not easy to be a CV sometimes, because sometimes it seems like the world is against you. Dani was always there for me with supportive words and a hug. Moreover, we as a community could always count on her to chip in and help out, whether for a project or to help with a contest prize. Her love for this community has no bounds.
I also really love and respect Dani for her time as a CV. As I said, it's not always easy. Our community can turn on a dime, and people who were your best friends today can seem like your worst enemies tomorrow. Until you've actually been a CV, you don't know what it's like. We don't make dA polici
Thank You ThiefoworldHello loves,
By now most of you are aware that today was Thiefoworld's last day as a Community Volunteer and Mentor. Although no longer on the Volunteer Team, he will forever be a part of our community and forever known for his adorable deviantIDs as seen below: 
On a personal note, working alongside Thiefoworld was not only rewarding, but also a very inspirational and positive experience for me. He always had a positive outlook and have you seen his journals? He sure does know how to find fantastic gifs! Seriously though, he is someone I look up to and respect fully as I know many of you do as well. He is simply put an amazing individual and artist! Don't fret though, he will still be actively engaging in the group and the community from as he put it "the comfort of his senior wheelchair" and we love him even more for that!

Please now join Digitalists a
Daily Deviation Guidelines - FashionI am now responsible for the Fashion (photography) gallery, alongside Pixel-Spotlight, if you'd like to suggest a Fashion photograph (from the photography galleries only) you may now send your suggestions my way if you wish! (A big thank you to Moonbeam13 and Pixel-Spotlight for trusting me with this beautiful gallery)
General Info:
:bulletpink: To suggest a daily deviation, please send me a note titled "Daily Deviation Suggestion" or something along those lines. Do not comment on my front page, on this journal, or anywhere else.
:bulletpink: Please include a thumbnail of your suggestion, and preferably a reason why you feel it deserves a Daily Deviation. If you have multiple suggestions, feel free to include them all in 1 single note, so long as it's organized and clear. Also, if you'd like to remain anonymous please let me know.
:bulletpink: Before suggesting a Daily Deviation please check to see that the deviant has not received a DD in the past 6 month

Pixel CVJust a quick announcement to say that I'll be watching over the Digital Art > Pixel Art gallery for the next little while =)  Which means that if you have Pixel DD suggestions, you can send them my way :la:
Yes I am still taking Fan Art DD suggestions; I will simply alternate days in DD featuring =)
The only rule I want to enforce for Pixel Suggestions is no edited game sprites please.  Work must be original.  Aside from that, suggest away :la:
Aeirmid's DD Guidelines v.3 - Sept 2014Overview
Daily Deviations (DDs) are a way for the Community Volunteer team and deviantART Staff members to share art that is outstanding and stands apart from the gallery. We aim to showcase stellar art, and an artist can receive one DD every six months. DDs are not prizes to be won or awards to be given; they are simply daily features. For more information about DDs, be sure to review :faq61:
I can accept DD suggestions for the following galleries and only the following galleries:
Digital Art > PhotomanipulationDigital Art > Mixed MediaDigital Art > Drawings and Paintings
Special requirements for Photomanipulation and Mixed Media
Here are my specific guidelines for photomanipulations and mixed media work:
All stock and resources must be credited. See :faq217:All stock must be legitimate. No Google searches, etc. See :faq157:
Suggestion Guidelines
Suggestions? Yes, plz! Here are the guidelin
Daily Deviation Guidelines 2.0Hi loves,
Welcome to my new and improved Daily Deviation Guidelines! I decided it was time to give my guidelines a good overhaul because hey let's face it... they were super long. I just imagine you all read my previous guidelines and reacted something like this:
Thus, this time around we are going to keep it simple and to the point! So without further ado let's get down to business! I am a dummy! 
Daily Deviations
Many times I am asked what a Daily Deviation (DD) is and what the purpose of Daily Deviations are. For those less familiar with Daily Deviations please review the following FAQ's links:
Galleries Overseen
I can ONLY take Daily Deviation suggestions from the following galleries:

Digital Art > AnimationDigital Art > 

Want to be promoted here? Send me a note or leave a comment and I will promote your news in my next update! :la: :heart:



Community Groups

:icondigitalists: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconprojecteducate: :icondevbug:


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 12:30 PM



In 2007, when I first started paying regular attention to the DD page on this site, I quickly realized that the general photography galleries were being watched over by three ladies with an insane amount of talent in their medium but widely disparate styles and viewpoints - and they were all awesome. Staged, Sandra, was this passionate German high-style lady with an eye for cinematographic compositions and journalistic attacks; hellfirediva, Tina, was the Macro Queen who loved the colourful and the spunky; and then there was equivoque, Elinor, who seemed to be forever on the hunt for the most artistic executions possible. Over the years since then I had the chance to get to know each of them personally, and they all influenced my photography more than I'd ever like to admit. Sandra became an idol to me, and to date she's still one of my favourite photographers in the real world; Tina became a good personal friend, then a mentor when I later had the chance to try and singlehandedly fill the gigantic fucking shoes those three left for the Overlord Of All Photography slot on the CR team. And then there was Elinor.
untitled polaroid portrait by equivoque
I could say a lot about Elinor but I'm going to try and keep this short. At various points I called her a friend, an inspiration, an idol, a teacher, an adversary - but the overarching theme of all of it was that subtly, through her work and her words, she was the one person on this website who probably shaped my outlook on the art of photography the most, if not my aesthetic. She was a fervent believer of the ability of photography to both document and transform, to capture and to release, to show and to hide. Her work was like a series of paintings that somehow got pressed into Time-Zero film by some particularly angry impressionist artist, and she was unafraid to push her camera and her chemistry to the limits of their abilities to get that perfect frame every time. And you could be certain she'd get a perfect frame every time: She'd be the first person to tell you that her beloved expired Time-Zero was too expensive to waste on snapshots. She handheld me through the purchase of my first and fourth polaroid cameras - yep, that includes my SX-70, the one you all used to love so much - and gave me countless pointers on how to use the cameras, and how to molest the film, to get the results I wanted. Her methods of imparting the wisdom weren't always the fluffiest but they certainly always got the point across. Today I still use those cameras, and I still use those pointers because Impossible Project's damned near as expensive as Time-Zero was back then. I'm still in her debt for that; God knows how many more packs of film I would have wasted without.
the fire in her eye by equivoque
Elinor was one of those deviants who had a massive, but subtle and quiet, impact on the community here. As a volunteer she became a beacon for the analog photography community; after she left, her memory became as much of a beacon as she herself was, I think. Even years after she'd left the site, when I volunteered, I got compared (favourably at least as often as unfavourably) to her pretty much every day, every time I set a DD, and especially when it was a polaroid. She made huge strides - through her volunteering and her own art - toward developing the legitimacy of analog and darkroom photography as media on deviantART. Without her having set the precedent first through DDs and education, I don't think we'd have been able to get our devoted Instant Film and Alt Process galleries, let me tell you. She was one of the rare people who was always able to see the image as three parts - subject, execution, sum total - that were of equal importance. Her aesthetics and her memory are still deeply present here, just look through the darkroom galleries or just ask any of the old film photography crew - Evil-e33, jierumi, JillAuville and so on - which moderator of yore set the most consistently bitching DDs.
Becoming Light by equivoque
On September 12, 2014 - Friday of last week - the world lost this wonderful talent and fierce fighter to a battle with pancreatic cancer. Her sister writes: With deepest sorrow I'm sorry to share that Elinor passed away this morning. Buck and Jodi were by her side. She knew it was time to go and called them over. They held her as she quietly exhaled and peacefully went to a place with no cancer. We've all had a chance to hold her and say good-bye. She was surrounded by love and adoration to the very end. We are in awe of her strength and determination as she ran this final race. Our beloved Elinor. You are with God. You are free to run effortlessly with grace and beauty. We love you. We miss you.
painted light by equivoque
Goodbye, Elinor, and thank you for everything you gave our community.
Old Fahioned Roses by equivoque

The Great Lit Crit Event: Results!

Mon Sep 15, 2014, 9:35 PM

What is the Great Lit Crit Event?

It's a literature community critiquing event with a buttload of prizes to be won! And it is about time we started handing out some of those prizes.

Get all the information here: The Great Lit Crit Event!:iconlawooplz: EXTENSION!! :iconlawooplz:
Being that I've been a bit absent (real life, ugh) I've decided to extend BOTH PARTS of this contest. 
If you have not yet submitted a poem or story to the contest, you have until AUGUST 15TH to send me a note with a thumb or link to your deviation. 
If you still need time to leave feedback, you have until AUGUST 31ST to leave your comments or critiques to be entered in the epic prize drawing. 
Because Critique is Awesome!
A couple weeks ago, I wrote a couple articles about critique in the deviantART community.  The response to those articles was generally positive, which was completely awesome. Several people expressed a desire t

How The Prize Drawing Winners Were Chosen

Everyone who participated had their username put into a random list generator at The more comments left, the more times your name was put into the generator. All of the prizes were put into another list generator. Then the first username and first prize were matched up, the second username and second prize were matched up and so on and so forth. :) 

The Results!

ALL participants win a llama badge and a journal feature from the always wonderful MagicalJoey
smileykaya wins 100 points from points donations
Medoriko wins 3-month premium membership from points donations
Braxton-T-Rutledge wins first line or title commission from TwilightPoetess
Naktarra wins 100 points from points donations
C-A-Harland wins feature in Literature Almanac Monthly by Naktarra
HtBlack wins 100 points from points donations
Oralle08 wins critique from LiliWrites
neurotype wins journal feature/llama from ezradeacon
Carmalain7 wins critique from LiliWrites
doughboycafe wins journal feature/llama from Astrikos
neurotype wins 100points from points donations
C-A-Harland wins first line or title commission from TwilightPoetess
Carmalain7 wins 1-month premium from points donations
Medoriko wins journal feature from LiliWrites
Waffles-Of-Gondolyn wins journal feature from LiliWrites
Carmalain7 wins 3-month premium membership from points donations
Medoriko wins critique from HuntingForHappiness
smileykaya wins print or art gift ($10 or less) from points donations
smileykaya wins critique from LiliWrites
MyLoveForYouEternity wins critique from HuntingForHappiness
InklingsOfOblivion wins critique from LiliWrites
Carmalain7 wins $10 amazon gift card from LiliWrites
Waffles-Of-Gondolyn wins critique from HuntingForHappiness
ChochoMariposa wins journal feature from C-A-Harland
Medoriko wins journal feature from C-A-Harland
Zire-7 wins 100 points from points donations
smileykaya wins journal feature from Vigilo
Zire-7 wins prose commission (1000 words or less) from TwilightPoetess
Carmalain7 wins poetry commission from TwilightPoetess
Medoriko wins critique from LiliWrites
justsmilestupid wins journal feature from LiliWrites
C-A-Harland wins 1-month premium membership from points donations
C-A-Harland wins $10 amazon gift card from LiliWrites
neurotype wins first line or title commission from TwilightPoetess
aelogan journal feature from LiliWrites
saevuswinds 1-month premium membership from points donations
xxEmi-AnGeL-chanxx wins 1-month premium from points donations
MadHat11D6 wins 3-month premium from points donations
Waffles-Of-Gondolyn wins deviantART shop item ($10 or less) from points donations
VFreie wins prose commission (2000 words or less) from TwilightPoetess
Braxton-T-Rutledge wins journal feature from LiliWrites

If you participated in the event, but you don't see your name listed as a prize winner PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH NOTE! I tried to make sure I caught all the comments, but I'm human and may have missed someone. I definitely want to make sure everyone who participated gets a prize. :)

Many thanks to all the amazing people who donated points for this project!


Expect prizes to be distributed over the next couple weeks! :D Thanks again to everyone who helped make this a great project. It was lots of fun!

:heart: Lili 

deviantMEET-Paris V.39 : Access !

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 1:11 PM
Salut salut tout le monde :la:

Après trois long jour de black out de deviantART pour ZeldaDreams et SaTaNiA nous voila enfin de retour !
Nous allons enfin pouvoir vous annoncer ce que nous allons pouvoir faire pour le deviantMEET-Paris 39eme édition :)

:drumroll:  Après une semaine de poll vous avez choisi d'aller voir l'exposition : :drumroll: 

Tatoueurs, tatoués au Musée du Quai Branly

L’exposition revient sur les sources du tatouage et présente le renouveau de ce phénomène.
Elle est articulée en 5 sections : du global au marginal, un art en mouvement, peau neuve : renaissance du tatouage traditionnel, nouveaux encrages auxquelles s’ajoutent 32 oeuvres spécifiquement produites pour l’exposition.


Alors petit récapitulatif global pour tout le monde...
Date : Samedi 20 Septembre 2014
Heure : 14h30
nous attendrons les retardataires jusqu'à 15h, heure à la quelle nous rentrerons dans le musée :nod:

Pour les personnes qui voudraient nous rejoindre après l'exposition, demandez nous nos numéros de portable par notes afin que l'on puisse se retrouver facilement !
(Nous allons sans doute nous poser sur les bords de Seine en face du musée afin d'échanger tous ensemble, donc n'hésitez pas à ramener vos crayons / feutres / bloc / appareil photo ou quoi que ce soit qui vous passe par la tête :) )

Et pour vous inscrire c'est par ici : deviantmeet-paris.deviantart.c…


:bulletred: 9 euros en plein tarif 
:bulletred: 7 euros en tarif réduit 

Pour ceux qui resterons boire un verre avec nous après le devmeet ou qu'il pleut en sortant du musée, pensez à prendre quelques euros de plus ;)

Sur ces bonnes paroles nous espérons vous voir avec nous samedi prochain :lawoo: 

Votre Staff,
:iconsatania: :icontheneoshaman: :iconzeldadreams:

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Hey guys! I understand that this group has been kind of running itself for a really long time now. :iconceilingotaku: moved over to posting her stuff on Tumblr I believe, and I've just been super inactive on and off.
That being said, I'm back and plan on being more active :)

And of course, that Halloween contest in the most recent journal is pretty old, but how about we keep it going? It'll actually be kept up to date, and I'll pick three winners to be featured. :D
This is the Halloween info on the previous journal, and I'm sticking with it:
"Al wants to go trick or treating, but he needs a good disguise (and possibly an excuse of a small Vocaloid for a man his age to trick or treat)! The entries are due on October 31st!"

There's still a Halloween contest folder in the gallery, so if you're interested, submit your entries there! Again, the deadline is Halloween (Oct. 31). Hope you guys submit lots of cool art! :D

Oh, wait, you're a newcomer?
Well, then... *ahem*

Hello and welcome to :iconbig-al-lovers:! This group is dedicated to the Engloid Big Al, the gentle giant of the VOCALOID family! To join, just click the "Join Group" button and you'll be accepted immediately!

We accept all fanart/fanfic related to Big Al in this group. Please spread the Big Al love!

If you've never heard Big Al's voice, here are some of his songs~! If you notice that a song was incorrectly categorized, please comment here so the mistake can be corrected.
Big Al - Solo


Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover) -… *
I'm Too Sexy (Right Said Fred Cover) -…
My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion cover) -…
Last Dance (Original Song) -…
Little Toy Robot (Original Song) -…
Dublin Jack of All Trades -…
Waltzing Matilda -…
New York, New York…
Grandfather's Clock -…
Sway (Dean Martin cover) -…
Secret (Luka Megurine cover) -…
Dragostea Din Tei (O-Zone cover) -…
Numb (Linkin Park cover) -…
Firework (Katy Perry cover) -…
Bulletproof (La Roux cover) -…
Once Upon a December (from "Anastasia) -…
Real Emotion (from "Final Fantasy X2" -…
Anata ni dakaretai -…
Can't I Even Dream? (Miku Hatsune cover, dub) -…
Fukkireta -…
House of the Rising Sun -… *
If I Were a Rich Man (from "Fiddler on the Roof) -…
Scarborough Fair Canticle -…
That'll Be the Day -…
The Girl in Byakkoya (Lola Cover) -…
F*ck You (Cee-Lo Green Cover) -… *
Electronic Santa (Blazer Force Cover) -…
Alejandro (Lady Gaga Cover) -… *
If U Seek Leon (Brittney Spears Cover) -… *
Bad Apple! (Cover) -…
Still Alive (Portal Cover) -…
Friday (Rebecca Black Cover) -…
Monster (Lady Gaga Cover) -…
The Longest Time (Billy Joel Cover) -…

Original Songs

Beat Beat Tick Tick -… *
I Fell in Love with Geisha Girl -…
Bornagain -…

Big Al w/ Vocaloid Friends


Magic Moments (Perry Como cover ft. Sonika & Sweet Ann) -…
Tu vuo fa l' americano (ft. Tonio) -…
magnet (English cover, ft. Leon) -… *
Toeto (Luka Megurine cover, ft. Luka Megurine) -…
magnet (ft. Tonio) -… *
Hometown (from "Silent Hill", ft. Sweet Ann) -… *
Hide & Seek (Imogean Heap cover, ft. Luka Megurine, Sweet Ann and Gakupo Kamui) -…
The Lamentation of Jeremiah (ft. Tonio) -…

Original Songs
DANCING☆SAMURAI ~branch Ham Handed Traveler (ft. Gakupo) -…
UR Not in My Heart (ft. SONiKA) -…
ROLL ROLL ~Dung Beetle~ (ft. GUMI) -…
Baby Bear (ft. Rin Kagamine) -…

Big Al w/ UTAU Friends


Beauty & the Beast (ft.  UTAU Meera Constantine)(Disney's "Beauty & the Beast Cover) -…

Original Songs

Drifting (ft. UTAU Trem) -…

Thanks to :iconleoperaghost:, :iconsleepysheep7:, :iconkaitie-hoover:, :icondead-kitty-1313: and :iconikazuko: for sending and/or making a ton of these!
The "*" means it has adult, controversial or scary images/themes in the song.

Have any other Big Al song suggestions? Send me a note and I'll add it to the list!
After the events of last night, I’m beginning to think more rationally about the situation I’ve gotten myself into.  After scanning through the images that Shodai put up as evidence against Titan, and after reviewing most of the information I have, I’m beginning to come to a conclusion.

I’m not gonna start saying stuff like  "TITANO Y U DU DIS 2 MEEEE EYE WANT U 2 DIEEEE U STUPID FAGET!!11!!!!!Eleven!!!11” like some of you are doing, because that’s immature and childish.  But I’m going to try and give my thoughts on the matter.

First off, I’ll say this, NO ONE in chat is perfect.  We whine, we yell, we curse, we act immature to say the least, and I’m no different.  But what Titan did was wrong.  As an Admin/Bureaucrat/Wikia Star/Whatever, you should contain composure and resolve conflicts without sounding like an (pardon my language) asshole.  for example, when we tried to report him to Troycool, he responded by saying something along the lines off…

“Here’s my response that will discredit you forever!  And everyone with a brain will agree.” *Followed by a wall of text*

So, he basically called us retarded for wanting to demote him, something someone of his status should NOT say.  Sadly, the conversation was deleted, so I don’t have any evidence of him saying that.

Like many people, I actually remember Titan acting differently before his promotion.  But if I were to recollect my past experiences with him, I would sound like a hipster.  So I’ll just leave it at “He used to be different”.

Back to the subject of Titan not being suitable for his status.  Like I said earlier, he doesn’t know how tolerate other people.  If I had my way, I would demote Titan to an editing status, seeing how that’s what he does best.  Wikizilla wouldn’t even be CLOSE to what it is today if it weren’t for people like Titanollante, Ghidorah#1, and GodzillaIsland72, among others.

Well, that’s my opinion on the matter.  I’m not trying to suck up to anyone, or talk shit about Titan, hell, I still like (some) of the chat members.  And I will NEVER stop going to Wikizilla, it will ALWAYS be my source for Godzilla information.

-Sincerely, Thegoldnguy

P.S.  If any of you guys can find a way to chat again, tell me in the comments below.

Frog dance Woot! Woot! Woot!Frog dance 
Another round! Anoooother round! 

Nice ta meet ya folks!
Ahhh~ It's those "Ber" months again! What ta expect?! - Liquors! Parties! Halloween! Christmas!
The year is slowly closing in and so are my favorite mangas (damn) anyways...

Are ya excited? Huh?! Huh?! Huh!!?DO YAH? 
Are ya?? Are ya???Smile Miguel 
(yes..yeeees..that's what I wanna see mumuwahaha! HNNNGGGG )
PREEEEEEEEESENTING!!!! The third installment of 'How tough are ya' series!
*Dun dududuuuuuun!*

First off! Halloween Contests! Halloween fella ( Universe ) 
Halloween Art Contest!!!This is Halloween HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!!!This is Halloween 


Hide and Seek on Halloween WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWHide and Seek on Halloween 

 by: Dannie-29
Halloween Contest 2014 1st prize 3 month premiumHey guys! I'm finally starting a new contest, thanks for the people who commissioned me and donated any points, I really appreciate it.

Now onto the contest itself. All you need to do is draw one of my OC's in a Halloween costume. Not in the poses in the thumbs below, they just show the OC's. 
          Darian and Nell by HaseoLeomyr Aliya by HaseoLeomyrAnime Girl 2 by HaseoLeomyrNew Darian by HaseoLeomyr
The drawing must include one of my OC's, but
 by: HaseoLeomyr

They have amazing prizes so don't miss this once in a year chance!
What??! Groot is angry  You want more??! asked for it..I'll give ya more!

This one is a color contest exclusive only this September!
September Color Contest! Update!Ladies and gentlemen... The contest is HERE!!!
YEAH! It's finally time! Let's get down to business!
This is a color contest! The entry period is September 1st, 2014 to September 30th, 2014. After that, one week will be used for judging entries. Please note that after September 30th, your entry will not be considered valid, so please try to make that deadline! However, if you for some reason can only upload it the day after or a few days after, you will still be listed with the other people that participated.:dummy:
The color is... BLUE! Yes, blue~! The color of Sapphire, which is September's birthstone. Happy birthday to everyone born this month!
Some clarification: Pure white and black aren't allowed, but you are allowed very light or very dark shades of blue, like this: and this: -- I hope this clears some things up (:
Please submit your entry to our 'September Blue Contest' folder. :d
 by: AikouDesu

And an 'anything media' bio-illuminated contest! Read through and you might have the chance to win awesome rewards!
The Illuminated World ContestStock & Resources
The Challenge
Imagine a world where the soft glow of the magnolia blossoms illuminates the sidewalk. The reaching branches of the tree cast their light over the street, reflected in the gathering puddles of a spring rain. A garden nearby is a riot of colors against the deep shadows of the night. The harsh artificial street lights that we know today are gone. What would your world look like? Is it a world where the need for fossil fuel has been eliminated, or have the scientists bio-engineered the earth into a beautiful apocalypse?
The idea of bio-luminescent plant illumination is a real project in progress by three scientists in San Francisco, California. These scientists are engineering marine bio-luminous bacterial DNA into plants to make them glow. You can read more about their project here: Glowing Plants: Street Lig
 by: CelticStrm-Stock

...well...what else? Hmm..Ice King (resized)  I'll add more whenever..
These contests are too short to finish so better hurry! The clock can't stop ticking! Aim for home and start running!
Haha Haha Haha 

 *this 'ere is a free advertisement :D*
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