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Selfies Contest Results

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 6:49 PM
For those of you that weren't watching the crazy on April Fools Day, I ran a Selfies Contest that coincided with the announcement that selfies had a new Gallery Folder here on dA.  For the record, that was part of the April Fools joke.  With all the entries in it's time to announce the winners!

Best Duckface

Prize: 200:points:
duckfaesh by iAmoret

Cutest Couple

Prize: 200:points:

The Boy and The Girl by MintyRevolution

Most Exotic Location

Prize: 200:points:

Selfie by WorldWar-Tori

Best Overall....Drum Roll Please!

Prize: 300:points:

duckfaesh by iAmoret

Thank you to all the participants!

So I've decided to make a group contest an annual thing

---but before I gee into that, MAJOR  apologies for the slow in deviation processing, even bigger apologies to littlevillagewolf and RainSometime whose deviations expired (an invite for the beautiful photos and custom has been extended)---

Back onto the contest,

:bulletred:It will run from the 23rd of April to the 30th of June
(tell me if you think an extension is needed)

:bulletorange:2014's theme is water
(Be creative! Just a drop of water an I'll except it! You could even customise a water themed horse or make water themed tack!)

:bulletyellow:I'll except entries even from non-members too!
(however, feel completely welcome to join the group!)

:bulletpink: THE photo/custom/tack MUST be taken for the contest only, a.k.a no old works

:bulletpurple: SCHLEICH horses and only SCHLEICH horses, other animals and people can be in the scene but they too MUST be schleich, ok? This group wasn't called SCHLEICH horse haven for nothing!

:bulletblue: SINCE this contest has a water theme, yes water must be incorporated or I won't except it

:bulletgreen: IT'S optional to post a journal or other as an advertisement (however it will be greatly appreciated) but you MUST put in the description, --- Entry for Schleich-Horse-Haven's group contest ---

And that's just about it :-)

:bulletyellow:ART ASSESSMENT:bulletyellow:
(Will be posted soon)

I'm working on it, sorry! -suggestions are welcome!-)

None so far


Streaming for an hour

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 6:41 AM
Alrighty fuck the donation thing since people clearly aren't interested in getting featured... instead I propose that If you:
Leave a comment: 1 :points:
If you make a journal about me (public): 3:points:
Starting... NOW
9 Spots left and 3 for the Journals :3
ich suche aktuell Sci-Fi Artisten jeder Art.
Die neue Gruppe braucht dringend neue Mitglieder (wär cool überhaupt welche zu haben xD)

Der Fokus der Gruppe soll auf "realistischem" Sci-Fi liegen.

Die Menschheit hat sich nach einer gescheiterten globalen Kooperation
zweigeteilt: Auf der einen Seite steht das Grand Empire(Ganz Amerika und West Europa)
und auf der anderen die United Alliance (Ost-Europa und Asian.)
Diese Parteien führen seit 22 Jahren einen (mehr oder minder) kalten Krieg,
der nun zu eskalieren droht, da die Menschheit im Rahmen der Kooperation
einen Weg gefunden hat das Sonnensystem zu verlassen. Nun steht die
Menschheit im Jahre 2072 und liefert sich einen Wettkampf um das Kolonisieren der
so genannten "neuen Welten".

Soweit also zur Rahmenhandlung, nun seit ihr gefragt:
Jeder Sci-Fi "Artist" egal welches Skillevel, ist gern gesehen.
Die Kategorien die ich zu füllen versuche sind:

Letzteres sollen die Mechaniken, Strukturen und Ereignisse näher Beschreiben und helfen
sich in die Welt einzufühlen

wenn euch wenigstens eine Kategorie davon anspricht und ich euer Interesse geweckt hab:
Schreibt mich an, würde mich freuen euch bald willkommen zu heißen :)
This is like the last time I'm going to do this because now it's at the point where I feel I'm being used and not in the good way. So basically what I'm going to do is you can donate what ever amount you want and depending on how much you give I'll give you 4 days automatically and sit you right next to the other guy featured in my pool? Is that deal enough for you? GO
otay otay ish thinks I will do a page view contest i was gonna do 1000 but it's unfair to must people to do it while they can't see such a thing soo mew. Ish will do it for 1,100page views! you must provide a screenshot of your entire screen, nut just the pageview count. I thought why not, even though ish dun care about my pageviews, i thought people would enjoy this!~ ^^

If you don't get 1,100 and you are one or two off still screenshot it~ tehe weather ahead or behind.

person at 1,100:
    chu can get 5pts and 1-2 custom drawing or story!~ chur choice!~
1-2 views ahead or behind this ish will give chu 2pts for effort ^^
    And a surprise prize!~ Oh what will it be!~ if you have any ideas or recommendations please tell me what you think they should get ^^~~
  • Mood: Artistic
Original journal here:

Who Reads dA Lit? A MissionHello deviantART lit community. I have a mission for you. I would like to create an infographic of the readers and writers on deviantART as well as provide a resource for helping the writers of deviantART understand their audience: who they are, what they like, what they want, and their opinions on dA lit. To do so, I have created an easy to complete survey that can be completed anonymously and can be found here:
Who Reads dA Lit?
The results will be shared in about a month's time on May 18 as raw data for the community to analyze themselves. In the meantime, I would like to ask if you could complete the survey and spread the word to other deviantART members. It is anonymous.
Thank you for your time,

There are quite a few things happening already with the survey, and I'd like to keep people up to date with what has been going on. If you tried to access the lit survey yesterday and noticed that you were taken to a 404 page, I'd like to apologize, and give you access to the updated link, which is here:

Though the link changed, making the survey seem inaccessible, the survey is unchanged and all of the data is still there and still accessible to myself and a few trusted individuals. These individuals are: your current lit volunteers, neurotype and GrimFace242; and your current owner of DailyLitRecognition, SilverInkblot. Please be respectful and do not prod them or myself for information in any way, we'd greatly appreciate it, as every precaution for confidentiality for the respondents is still being taken, which leads us to our next point.

As brought up by maxnort here, those who commented on the initial journal could possibly be linked to their response on the survey using the timestamps that the survey records automatically and matching it up with a certain writer's way of speaking. Because of this (admittedly far-fetched) potentiality, responses will not be shown with the choices people in the survey made and the timestamps and the original document will not be shown altogether, which seems the appropriate decision to make regardless.

For my last point, I'd like to start thinking ahead: how do you want the results to be displayed to you? What questions do you feel will correlate with another? Below is how the results are viewed now, one by one; we'd like to make it easier to look at the whole picture by displaying two types of information: both the results from each question and a "people who answered 'A' were more/less likely to answer/say 'B'" form of statistic. By knowing ahead of time which questions you feel may have an influence on the answer to another question, it helps us to reduce our workload. If there is another form of statistic you would like to see, comment and let me know.

Who's reading by Nichrysalis

The last two questions haven't been shown, they are:

:bulletblue: How can deviantART authors get you to read their work and keep you reading?
:bulletblue: Any other comments you would like to bring attention to about deviantART literature?

Thanks again for your time dA lit,

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Follow the link to enter:…