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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Art Book pre-orders + 300 pt lottery

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 8:57 AM

About the point lottery:

To join the lottery all you have to do is +fav this journal. In 48 hours i wil use a randomizer to randomly pick a number from 1 to how many favs this journal got and the deviant who's name corresponds to that number will win 300 points :D :la:

About the Art Book:

Aaaaaaaand i am officially announcing that i opened pre-orders for my art book :D:D
The pre-order stage serves also as an order stage, it's from August 20 2014 to September 20 2014, and it's the only time you can buy my art book. It won't be available in any online store. I will keep 30-50 books to sell at Romanian conventions which are Nijikon, Comic Con and Otaku festival. So if you're romanian or intend to go to these convention then that's the only other time you can buy my art book :D
Actually this is where the idea to make an art book came from in the first place. To have something that sums up my work since i started digital art, at my stand at conventions :la: For me this art book has so much meaning because when i started digital art 4 year ago, i kind of sucked at it! And i incorporated some drawing in the art book that are as old as 2010 because they were important steps for me as an artist and i was very proud of them at the time, and i think they still hold artistic value today :D
Another important thing for me was the artists i got to know during this time, i even got to be friends with my idols, i can't even believe how that even happened! And they even agreed to have one of their works feature in my art book ;u; 
So here is a list of the amazing artists who have guest spots :iconblix-it: :iconerebun: :icondepinz: :iconvisualizemyname: :icongasara: :iconfaqy: :icontenshi-no-hikari: :icontga-tsurugi: :iconshichigoro756: :iconkahookashii: :iconsandara: :iconred-priest-usada: :iconrynisyou: :icondamaimikaz: :iconastavielze: :icontocatchad: :iconneobirdy:
I will make a series of features in the following weeks to introduce you to them individually, thoigh you probably know them already :D

Art book technical info:

-Price is $40 + Shipping (add $5 for Europe and $10 for any continent outside Europe)
-114 pages full color
-A4 size
-hard cover (awesome, i know)
-digital art, traditional art and realism sections
-be ware, the art book also contains magical fairy dust C:


-send me a note with your name and address (don't forget to write the country and postal code) and i'll give you my paypal email, it's as simple as that :D
-you can also choose to have me sign it for someone else, or not for your username but your real name or another nickname :D But if you don't mention anything about it, i will sign it for your dA username. And everyone gets a signed art book :la:

Here are a few images of the art book:

Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza

Having an art book was one of my goals, and now i can scratch it off my goal list :la:

Don't forget You can only order it until September 20th!

Peace out :iconmuahplz:

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !Hello everyone! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

So seeing as Over the past two days since I have joined, I have accumulated a fair amount of points. So I thought to myself; why not hold a mini point give-away before the big one I plan to hold?

This is only a small 50 points give-away* for only ONE winner, but I have quickly learned that every point counts and any amount of points are always appreciated! 
*This means the amount could increase through more donations!

Points glomp

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !The rules! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

   To enter you must...

:bulletred: You must watch me! My Dork Dance 
:bulletorange: You must favourite this journal! Cheerleader 

:bulletyellow: Comment: DONE when completed so I know you want to enter! Rave Project-entry 

I will be using A randomiser to decide the winners! It will be using numbers that match up with each user! Once you comment I will give you your number!

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !More entries! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

:bulletred: Spread the word! Create a journal about this!
Send an extra message with your journal link instead of sending it with the initial "done". It keeps things easy for me. [I'm not a bot remember!]

:bulletorange: Donate at least 1 :points: to our cause so we can do larger give-away's in the future!
Send an extra message saying you have donated instead of sending it with the initial "done". It keeps things easy for me. [I'm not a bot remember!]

!This leaves you with 3 possible entries!

~I will be checking the above if you want an extra entry~

False messages shall be hidden

:yay: !This contest ends in 24 hours time! :yay: 
:yay:  So if you want to enter... enter now! And good luck 
~Maya and Amy~

Time of end: 22nd August 4:30 pm central time

Stock and Resource Galleries Pt.2

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 1:00 PM by Elandria:iconelandria:

Galleries Month

Application Resources

Application resources are specifically developed for either one particular piece of software, or a series or group of similar software processes. These resources include brushes, patterns, parameter packs, scripts and actions.

It is worth noting that previews for actions, packs and other application resources should NEVER contain copyrighted celebrity photos, screenshots from TV series, movies or games or any other copyrighted artwork.

Further, packs and other application resources should never contain copyrighted content such as PDF books, music or content that you did not create yourself!  Please be copyright aware!
FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Don't miss out on the Miscat Superhero Contest here - :la:

ALS Flat Rate Commissions: 90% go to the cause

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:36 AM

Help the cause. Spare the ice.

$10 flat rate* commissions until Sept 1st and %90 are going towards ALS.

For $10 you can get any of the following:
  • 3 Baby Chibi sketches
  • 2 Colored Baby Chibi sketches
  • 2 Chibi sketches
  • 1 colored chibi sketch
  • 1 colored portrait sketch

Chibi Examples:
Chibi Examples by Bostonology

All purchases will also get you a month feature on my page along with what you consider your best piece, be it written or illustrated. 

I can draw human, humanoids, kemonomimi, chibis, and anthros.


Fill out the form below and send it to me VIA NOTE (I will not respond to inquiries in comments):

Your Name:
Paypal email (if different from above):
Character name:
Primary Character Reference Link**:
Character Age, Personality:
Pose type (standing, sitting, crouching, etc.):
Secondary Character Reference Links (Max of 6):

*Does not include commercial work.
**No alterations from references, please.

Skin by SimplySilent

youtube Icon by Sunnybrook1SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE FOR VIDEOS!!…
  • Listening to: A Perfect Circle

343 Halloween Premium Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 2:45 AM


3 months* premium membership (or equal :points:)
for three (3) lucky winners*

* More will be added depending on the success of the Halloween Contest

Rule No.1

Make a NEW journal entry (after Aug 21, 2014). Click the Edit button and choose "Switch to HTML Mode"

Copy-and-paste the following details into the text box and submit journal:

<div align="center"><h1>sundayAnarchy's Halloween Contest and Giveaways!</h1>


about @sundayAnarchy's original characters
using the Halloween theme!</b>

:thumb351795196: :thumb347737090: :thumb395688579:
:thumb353080118: :thumb439872012:</div>

Win cash ($ USD), premium memberships, points, etc.!
You can submit as many entries as you want for more chances of winning!

<b><div align="center">For details, please read here:

:thumb476203360:  :bulletblack:  :thumb476203360:  :bulletblack:  :thumb476203360:
by :iconsundayAnarchy:

Contest ends October 27th 2014

</div></b>And in case you're interested, she also has a mini-giveaway going on! :D

Rule No.2

Add BOTH my Halloween Contest
journal and this Giveaway journal to your favorites.

Halloween Reboot 2014!!Contest: Draw or Write!
Theme: Halloween
Draw or write about my original characters

Lockett, Sunday Shivers, Bridgette, Midnite, Akane
General Rules
Portray my original characters (OCs) in a story or scene, wearing halloweeen costumes and doing halloween stuff.
You can dress up my OCs in halloweeen costumes or turn them into halloween creatures themselves.
You can WRITE a story :bulletblue: or DRAW a picture :bulletpink:
You're allowed to create both story and drawing for this contest. You DO NOT HAVE TO do both if you don't want to, of course!
They must be doing something related to halloween.
Use your imagination! They can be trick-or-treating, flying on broomsticks, pulling pranks at people, slaying vampires-or-zombies-or-whatever, carving pumpkins, etc.
DO NOT claim my characters as your own.
Entry must be finished. No works-in-progre
  343 Halloween Premium Giveaway!Prize
3 months* premium membership (or equal :points:)
for three (3) lucky winners*

* More will be added depending on the success of the Halloween Contest
Rule No.1
Make a NEW journal entry (after Aug 21, 2014). Click the Edit button and choose "Switch to HTML Mode"

Copy-and-paste the following details into the text box and submit journal:

sundayAnarchy's Halloween Contest and Giveaways!
about sundayAnarchy's original characters
using the Halloween theme!

Win cash ($ USD), premium memberships, points, etc.!
You can submit as many entries as you want for more chances of winning!
For details, please read here:
 :bulletblack:    :bulletblack:  
by :iconsundayAnarchy:
Contest ends October 27th 2014

Rule No.3

Comment ONLY HERE on this journal with
the link to the journal you made under Rule No.1

DO NOT comment ANYWHERE ELSE on my profile page,
on my groups, on my gallery, and on my artworks
about this giveaway.

Rule No.4 (optional)

Watch me for updates.

Feeling lucky?

Write a new journal under Rule No.1 again
after every two or three weeks of making the 1st
journal and then comment the new link here.

This will earn you a second (or even a 3rd and so on) slot in this giveaway.


None as of the moment!

Anything else?

Giveaway ends Oct. 27th 2014

I will use a random number generator to choose winners.

~ Waiting for your entries!


|| Four Elements Contest || 2014 Halloween Contest ||

Here is a recap of whats happening next week: BORRA WEEK!

:bulletblue: Takes place August 25th to August 31st!

:bulletgreen: These are the prompts:

Day 1: Gift
Day 2: X Marks the Spot
Day 3: Grapevine
Day 4: Road trip
Day 5: Dance Lesson
Day 6: Forgiveness
Day 7: Say Goodbye

:bulletblue: There will be a Borra Week 2014 folder open on the 25th at midnight!

:bulletgreen: There is a 200 :points: prize for the entry that best describes the borra week spirit!

:bulletblue: If you are submitting strictly on tumblr, please either use the submit button on the
fuckyeahborraweek page, or tag your entries with #fuckyeahborraweek & #borraweek2014
so I can see them and reblog them from you. (But please tag anyways, regardless of how you submit)

:bulletblue: Here is our tumblr

:bulletgreen: Here is the official announcement…

I am beyond excited to see what you guys come up with, and I hope we will have a great celebration
of this lovely pairing! I wish you guys luck, inspiration and hope you are as excited as I am to see this
all unravel! :eager:

July Winners

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 9:03 PM

tactician vs genius by Nikitomate
Based on your votes, here are your top fan favorites from TMNTContests July "Donatello" Theme Challenge. These winners will receive prize ptsPoints, TMNTContest's official stamp for display on their winning work, a feature on the TMNTContests homepage and a permanent spot in the TMNTContests Hall of Winners Gallery.  

Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 Congratulations! Trophy Emote 2 

Check Out These Other Great Entries:

(in no particular order)
TMNT: War games... (One shot)TMNT: War games...
(TMNT CC based on 2003 version, Donnie is 19 years old. )
Warning (Rated: T) Mild T-cest
Please Don’t Read if you don’t like this stuff.

The night amazing in all of its glory, the stars glistened, fire flies twinkled in the tall grass, accompanied by a cool breeze that tickled Donnie’s neck, it was beyond words for him to even try to describe.
Spring… fresh and new, with an earthy aroma in the air, which lured the purple clad turtle to stay outside to relax under the old oak tree located on the farm house, that Donnie called his second home.
(It can’t get any better than this.)
Oh how he loved visiting the place, time away from the noisy city, leaving all his problems, worries and fears behind.
With a pleased smile, Donnie closed his eye
SAINW: Donatello's life now by ShellshockerTMNT117Donatello's Dragon From 2003 Ninja Tribunal by krzykatldy Same As He'll Never Know One Day He Will
By: :iconhorrorruby7: for TMNTContests's contest with the topic: "Donatello"
Word Count: ~286 words
Fandom: TMNT 2003
Donatello will remove the goggles that mark the rim of his eyes. He will quickly glance at his homemade clock; informing him of yet another sleepless night. He will stand, a few old bones cracking, and habitually make his way to the kitchen. He'll make his usual no-sugar coffee and from there, he'll continue this not-so-normal day.
As usual, he'll walk by his bickering brothers. He'll ignore their venomous words. Not hear the hatred that plague their words like raging thorns.
He'll walk past his cheerful brother. He'll try to ignore him. When that fails, and when the suspicions arise, he'll smile that fake smile of his. Make everyone believe that everything was alright.
Later on, he'll listen to his brother for the umpteenth time about some threat. How some enemy is trying to terminate them. Destroy them.
And even later, they'll be on a mis
Fire on the Mountain-(One Shot Maybe)TMNT FicDonatello's footsteps fell silently on the snow as he walked out of the sewer entrance, leading away from the city. Everything seemed to start to fall apart a few months ago;after the accident. April & Casey had been visiting them, Casey and Raph had been goofing off  near the lab doors then Raph sent Casey sliding across the floor into Donnie's Lab table now they had a fifth turtle on their hands. It hadn't been his fault and yet everyone seemed to be blaming him. At first everything was okay  Donnie needed a canister of  mutagen to make a retro injection. It didn't take them long to find one but when Donnie finished that batch of retro mutagen, and injected Casey  it hadn't worked ; in fact it had  mutated him further, causing him to become almost primal in nature.
He set about trying to make it right spending Hours, days weeks in his lab not eating, or sleeping then April had the nerve to try and tell him he was taking so long on purpose,  it had been a
Deep Pools of RedDonnie screamed in rage and in sadness, he never experienced so much pain in his life. After the deadly yet dangerous fight with the Kraang AND the Foot Clan, he had bruises and small cuts on his arms. A bloody head and a deep wound slashed across his plastron. It was hell for him, he felt like he was going to die from a acceptable amount of blood. 
Donnie stopped screaming and gasped for air, clenching onto his stomach. He needed to get to the lair fast, but the lair was a far of a distance for him because of his bloody body tearing his life apart. It was too much for him and he had to ponder about it, something he was really amazing at.
He thought about his love of his life April, his brothers and his father; remembering the great times with them. As he thought that Donnie scolded himself for pondering like that, he needed his rest. He wasn't thinking right.
Donnie lied down on the cold hard ground, trying to close his bloodshot eyes, sleeping into peace. He could
The Brains: Donatello by tinker97Donnie by NokaKomiBorn by FrillyReptile Mad ScientistMad Scientist
Summary: Don’s genius is pushed to the edge in the protection of his family
The world was a great black pit, cold and cruel to those that were different from the norm and mutated turtles were certainly different. Don understood this harsh truth, probably better than any of his brothers did. He didn't just know that their enemies would like to capture them and exterminate them; he knew all of the painful and agonizing ways that they would do it too.
The scientist in him knew every procedure that would be used in order to find out just exactly he, his brothers, and his father ticked. Not only would it hurt to the point that they would be begging for death but it would be an incredibly slow procedure too.
In the past few months it had been made clear to Donatello that this was the fate that awaited his small family. Almost every time they ventured out of their home they were set upon by Foot ninjas, Purple Dragons, and random citizens that just feared what they
TMNT - All alone by FelhesznelenevAlright by DasWesen A whole new world
A whole new world
April was standing on a roof top, watching over the big city. She saw something most people would think was some kind of light show but she knew better. She ran and jumped from roof to roof until she was on the same roof as him.
Donnie was ice sculpting, something that looked a like a snake or a lizard. But then she saw the wings and realized it was a dragon. Kinda like that dragon she had seen in a fairytale. A snake-like body, short but strong looking legs and big, strong, awe wings. And from the sides of its nose was a long mustache.
"You're getting better at stealth, I'll give you that." She jumped when she heard him talk. She had been looking at what he was doing and had almost forgotten that she was there. He turned around and looked at her with smile. And she got a full look of the dragon and it was a beautiful in every detail. She stepped out of the shadows and walked up to him.
"Heh, thanks. I guess I've gotten better in my training." She looked at the
Luck Be Donnie Tonight by alaerThe Secret's Out by PowderAkaCaseyJones FearFear
If you asked Hamato Donatello if he ever felt fear, he would say you were insane. Emotions such as fear should be unknown to a rational mind such as his. But as he tinkered in his lab, Donnie realized that even he couldn’t deny that he knew fear all too well.
The thing he feared most of all was letting someone down, not being good enough. Not being as skilled a ninja as his brothers. Not worthy of April’s love. Not smart enough as a scientist to keep them alive. These fears kept him awake at night. One wrong move, one mistake, and he could lose it all.
He had failed before. Like with Timothy. No matter how many times people tried to convince him Tim brought it on himself, he knew it was all his fault. And he still felt responsible, even indirectly, for Kirby’s mutation, and losing April. Donnie was eternally grateful that it wasn’t forever. But it could have been.
Donnie sometimes worried, irrational as it seemed, that if he failed, not only could his loved

to all our participants and voters. This group thrives because of you!

Reminder!  Deadline Approaching!

Contests, Games & Activities, Join Us!

Group Founder/Organizer:EnsoDancer Journal Skin By:LabLayers

★What you need to draw★
Front,side and back of character (3/4 are fine)
Close up of marking/tattoo/piercing or any detail
Your complete whole pendulum(unless you want to mix and match with the opponents then just your piece then)
Colour Palette (do not include shade colour)

★Reference Info★
Name[nickname]: []
Species: (if it is an original please add more information about it)
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
Skin Colour:
Brief History:
Relationship with partner: (if you have a second one)
Others worth mentioning:
Allow killing: (yes/no)(this is in case your competitor wants to kill your character, putting yes means that you don’t mind having your character killed than just having their piece taken away)

(audition criteria will be added in the future)
    The re-construction of the city in itself wasn't the hard part for Zenoth, given his vast knowledge of electrics, plumbing, and anything else that can make him a one Zygos army for when it comes to repairs or an overhaul of just about anything, from pipes to fixing wires, but mostly the wires for his own work. At the start of his work, it was off to a slow start, many if not all, of the things that needed to be fixed were hundreds if not thousands of years old, the weathering and natural disasters that may have come to this lost place has given Zenoth a large order to handle. But, with a deep breath and focused mind, he lifted his chest up high, and takes a step forward.

    Slowly, his work started to pay off, recycling many of the parts damaged and fixing most of the issues in the city. It was a good thing too, since the Alpha, Virnox, didn't have anyone working on the inside of the houses, at least that's what he thinks. He'd often get thanks and -in some occasions- gets treated with food for his work. Though he is a type to rather accept a thanks rather than food, he couldn't help but to say thanks and eat the food that was provided. Though face it, if you were working all day and someone offered you food as payment, you can't argue with that, right?

    Though his work was still not done, far from it, to be honest. As the city tries to come up to more of a 'modern' time in terms of technology, things still have to be rebuild and repaired. After all, if he did fix everything, he'd be bored for the rest of his life. So everyday, when he wakes up, he looks at the city, slowly being built to its fullest potential, he takes a deep breath, brings his chest up high, and takes a step forward, into shaping a city into what it can be.
Welcome everyone to the 2014 Deviant Art Summer contest series, this contest is to pit the all of you against each other in an art extravaganza. The prize 1,200 :points: :D, if your second 500 :points: :) and third 200 :( (but you still get points though) The rules are simple... When you enter, you must draw a picture for the person in front of you to enter. Then when someone else decides to enter, you can tell them a picture you'd like them to draw for you:
In this sequence for example, Since Celestial entered first (This is an example she is one of my judges and therefore can not enter the contest) and I entered after her I have to draw a picture  for her. Then in return, since Silver Wolf entered after me, she'd have to draw a picture for me. The very first person whom enters doesn't have to draw or sprite anything just to let you know. I let you guys off easy in the Spring, when I said you can enter using bases as well... This time I don't want to see no bases at all in this contest or you'll be disqualified. So basically the rules are also:
No bases, Re-colors or at home art... as in if someone asks you to draw them a couch for some reason don't take a picture of your couch and say I'm done, your picture will not qualify that only works on your art if you don't have a scanner and even then you should use one of your computer programs to color over the lines like I do.

That covers just about everything... oh yeah almost forgot, this is a Summer Contest Series for a reason, so their will be four to five other contests posted under this journal if those who see this aren't interested in this. Have Fun and stay positive, Oh and uh to break tension, I'll be entering first tehe...
:iconfatalitydragonrider:[contest entry] by Fatalitydragonrider
:iconchaotickawaski:contest by Chaotickawaski
:iconzlmike:Donnie, the inked porcupine by ZLMike
:iconlazyfoxxx:Elissa (competition) by lazyfoxxx
:iconacethekidd17::CE: Helen by AcetheKidd17
:icontoonfan0:A Wonderland by Toonfan0
Judging posted 10:00Am Tomorrow Morn