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Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others?

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:icondragonhi: Hi everyones!!

Finally I have the necessary points to make a little giveaway, for the members of this group.
The points are from my personal points :points: box. :meow:

Only one will can win this special price.

Addicional Gifts: I will raffle 3 free commission beetwen the participants too (exept the winner)

How Participe? Is very simple

1. Watch me :D SolKorra :iconsolkorra:

2. Fave :+fav: this draws

Legend of Sol: The Power of The Avatar Girls by SolKorra

K-O-R-R-A Storm of Powers by SolKorraSol and Coqui by SolKorra

3. Comment with the word "Done".

4.If you want participe too for the 3 free commissions, comment with the link of the image of the character or oc you want for the commission.



~Dead Line: Sunday 10th of May~


Founder SolKorra :iconsolkorra:

Hello and welcome to Sabu's Draw My Characters Art Contest.
Below is the requirements to join in and all the information you will need for this contest. 

Rules & Characters

"I am a [r a r e] species...
not a -s t e r e o t y p e."

F i r s t things first: the * c h a r a c t e r s!

Please click the icon to be taken to their ref and/or art.

Pirate  ◘  Gemma  ◘  Rune

Marionette  ◘  Jemiah  ◘  Honna  ◘  Halcyon

  Finn  ◘  Genevieve ◘  Angler  ◘  Katsu

*On Pirate's ref, please note his facial markings and use the examples provided to get his marking right. There are two dots on both sides of his muzzle, not three and two or any other variation. Here is an example of Pirate's face.. and no. His whiskers do not come out of these dots.. 

* I favor digital art over traditional. For this reason, please do not enter traditional art unless you have my permission. 

* In order to join this contest, you must provide me at least 5 pieces. (You are encouraged to have more, but 5 is the minimum). Of these pieces, there must be at least one image of each of my fursonas (Pirate and Rune). For the other three pieces, you may choose from the list provided above. However, you may only draw Marionette once and yes, the monkey is to be included with the drawing.

* Of the five pieces,you must provide me with one piece that is full detail (high lighted and shaded) and one piece that is full body. These may be the same image, but they do not have to be.

* Of the five pieces, no more than two busts will be allowed, unless they are icons or badges. 

* Because this is an art contest, I will be keeping all artwork of my characters that is entered, regardless of whether you place or not.

* The grand prize will only be given out if I have at least 15 contestants.

* When posting your entries, please only comment to this journal once. Every time you post a new piece of art, please reply to your first comment. Anyone who does not do this will have all art not in their first comment disqualified. I have posted an example in the comment section of this journal, please refer to it if you're unsure what to do.

* I do not want 5 minute entries. Please draw to the best of your ability, color in the lines and do your best to make the markings as accurate as possible.

This is an example of what I don't want. This is clearly not done well; the coloring is outside of the lines and Pirate's markings are not correct.

* There are some guidelines to follow when sizing the drawings. These are the smallest that the drawings in these categories can be, but larger pieces are greatly encouraged.

Sprites: 50 x 50
Pixel: 100 x 100
Flatcolor: 400 x 400
Shaded: 700 x 700
Bust: 300 x 300
Painting: 900 x 900
Fullbody w/ BG: 800 x 800


"N o t the prize gives the *j o y...
but the s t r i v i n g to win the -p r i z e."

What's a c o m p e t i t i o n without * p r i z e s?

[G r a n d] Prize
Winner's choice of: 
2 years premium membership
4,000 dA points
$50 USD

*F i r s t Place
Winner's choice of:
2,000 dA points
$25 USD

S e c o n d;; Place
1,000 dA points

-T h i r d- Place
500 dA points

F o u r t h Place
150 points

- Even art that does not place will be kept, since it is art of my characters.
- The grand prize will not be given out unless there are at least 15 entrants.

End Date

"This song is [e n d i n g]...
but the story -n e v e r ends."

*A u g u s t 5th!

I will no longer accept art past August 5th, and I will decide no later than August 13th. August 13th is my 18th birthday. For this reason, you have the opportunity to draw a picture of all of my characters at a birthday party for Pirate, before the close of the contest. It does not count as one of your five pieces, but if you draw this piece of art, and you place in the contest (Grand-4th) you will receive 500 points in addition to your prize.


"N e v e r give up a *h a p p y middle...
in h o p e s of a happy -e n d i n g."

T h a n k you for your -[t i m e]!

I hope you all enjoy this contest. You may use the contest banner with a link to this journal if you'd like to advertise my contest. You don't have to advertise to enter, but just keep in mind that the grand prize will not be given out unless I get at least 15 contestants. You may post the banner to dA and ChickenSmoothie but do not post elsewhere. Thank you all <3

Credit goes to all artists who originally designed my characters, and all art credit will always be given to each person who participates.

** Banner and formatting by Untamed--Spirit.

Charity Collaboration Project

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 3:35 AM
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From our adorable :iconwildcharmander: I proudly present a brand new, unbelievably AWESOME massive charity collaboration!

WildCharmander has officially announced the next theme: Grumpy Cat :iconlainloveplz:
Please read more here, the deadline is July 1st! So you have plenty of time to participate!!! :eager:
"For every submission I get, I will add $0.50 to the pool. That money will be sent to the SPCA right here in Swift Current. this is a "no kill" shelter and the are in a bind right now. Every grumpy cat will be for a good cause! Help me reach 200 people again! If I get 200 submissions, I will donate 50 dollars worth of pet supplies to the shelter as well! If I get 300 submissions I'll donate 150 dollars worth of pet supplies!"

- WildCharmander 

Thank you in advance everybody!!! :iconyaayplz:


Art by TheGalleryOfEve | Coding by SimplySilent
I'll have 18 slots open, for 2 points each. Ponies or girls. I need some points ^^;

They'll just be a basic sketch and lines. I hope its worth the price...
I can color it for an extra 2 points.

2-15: :icononigiria:

Senior Week deviantART-Related Chat Event Summary

Earlier today we held a chat event in the #seniors chat room on dAmn! It consisted of 20 questions relating to deviantART as well as a bonus question and a FLASH MOB event! Overall, it was a wonderful event, and we had a great turn-out!

Trivia Winners

These folks each won a 3-Month Premium Membership for placing in our trivia portion of the event:

Congratulations, guys! You certainly do know your dA trivia! :la:


After trivia, we held a FLASH MOB event and sent everyone in the chat to either Moonbeam13's, Astralseed's, or Kaz-D's profile with a special and sincere message. :heart: These guys each participated and were randomly selected as our winners:

Congratulations! You'll all receive 1,000 :points: for your participation! :heart:

Stay tuned to projecteducate for more Senior Week happenings! :la:

Yoooo if im gonna do these charms owo/ wanna raise some money to get a batch of them printed~

So opening up some quick chibis~ they'll be finished over next few days after payment u wu!

Example of chibis

Ackerman by Little-Miss-Boxie

each of these are $10 each or get two characters together for $15 
Will also take points so either 1000 :points: or 1500 :points:

opening 15 slots!
to reserve a spot please comment below or send me a note! after payment your spot will be confirmed owo/
if theres a lot of interest i may extend the slot numbers <3

Thank you!!

1. Flamestorm11 <reserved / unpaid>
2. meiresthaimoros

Skin by SimplySilent

Awesome Raffles!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 3:17 PM

Art Raffle~[OPEN]Hello everyone! Tama speaking here. How are you guys? :)
As you can see from our lack of activity, we've reached quite a lot of loopholes and dead-ends in our plot, so we are currently in the process of revamping the whole thing :iconsweatdropplz:
So! To occupy the time, I've decided to hold an art raffle to practise speed-painting, and well, Easter is just around the corner :iconheplz:
Conditions of entry:
:bulletred:Must be a watcher of this account
:bulletred:Fav the journal (so that you'll be assigned a number)
:bulletred:Link this raffle in a journal/poll and comment the link below
This raffle will end on Easter Monday. After that, I'll use a random number generator to pick out the winners and they will be notified :D There will be 4 winners, and each will get a coloured (and sketchy) bust-up like these:
Note that I will only draw in manga/anime-style, and will not do anthro, mecha, etc.
I may increase the number of
Raffle and New Account for CraftsThis account will be used for my jewelry and crafts.
My other account is for my art (mostly mature!) - :iconbaked-potatoes:
Anyways, about the raffle:
Deadline is April 21st ,2014
:bulletpurple: You must post a journal or a poll advertising this raffle.
:bulletpurple: When you have made a journal/poll please comment below with a link.
:bulletpurple: No new accounts are allowed to enter.
:bulletpurple: Do not enter with more than one account.
:bulletpurple: You can only win one necklace.
:bulletpurple: I will mail the necklace to you and I will pay the shipping if you are in the United States.
:bulletpurple: If you are in a different country, I will pay half of the shipping and you will pay the other half (Paypal).
(I mailed a set to the Philippines and it was only $10 ,so it's not that bad :I )
:bulletpurple: You have 13 days to give me your address, if I don't get a reply within that amount of time I will pick a new winner.
The first necklace:
Pearl Choker

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Senior Week: Muro Challenge Winner!

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 7:38 AM

Muro Challenge Winner

Congratulations to crysie for winning our Senior Week Muro Challenge! :clap: She'll receive 300 :points: from deviantART! :la:

Stay tuned for more events for Senior Week at projecteducate!

:bulletred: This has been the most asked: How do Topians use magic? Topian magic is wielded by hands. But the focus is provided by the mind of the wielder. This is also known as the will power of a Topian. Preferably this must be taken out of caution due to the amount and level of this Topian's will power and the consequences that may follow if caution is ignored. Stay tuned for future Magic Positions a wielder must know in order to cast spells or generate magic with just the control of their hands.
:bulletorange: Magic is energy provided by ExtheanTopia itself, the inner and external globe of magic within. It isn't scientifically proven.
:bulletyellow: Magic affects the caster, the victim (if cast on), and even the environment. Such as school. School is the most popular environment for Magic to practice/perform.
:bulletgreen: Who Can Wield Magic; Any Topian can perform magic, however it is preferred that spells must be cast by one who is trained in a certain spell they cast.
:bulletblue: Spellbound
*Reminder with spells: Guardian Angels are in charge to keep the peace and monitor the magic in which Topia is spellbound through security. They make sure the spells aren't out of control or god-modded. If anything is out of hand, the situation is either handled by the guardian angel themselves or by myself. If the situation furthers, they are discussed with the admins who will go over given "consequences." Note: Spells can be found in the Spell blog here:…

From here on out remains what you have been waiting for!!!! This is TheFuzzyWolfy's writing and I do not claim any of her work however we both worked as a family (Ohana as she likes to call it :3) to make our creations reasonable for Topia. It seriously couldn't have been done without those of you who helped along the way and kept me sane for all this work lol. Mountainous of thanks to ALL of you:

Topia Magick
Topia is home to more than one type of magic. Topians must learn and train in certain magick in order to utilize it. But each magick holds power and responsibility in its user. And overdoing yourself when casting a spell could cause severe complications. Often times the type of magick will reflect the caster's personality. An example, if you wish, is if you have a Topian-Aquatic that uses Fractals, They will likely be most skilled in Water Fractals and very handicapped in Fire Fractals. This causes some Topians to study most in their weaker points of magick. But let's get into the types of amazing magick Topia has at its dispense.
-General Magick(All Topians have the abilities to utilize at birth);
:bulletwhite:Spoken Spell Casting
-Specialized Magick(Takes time to learn and use);
:bulletblack:Powers of the Mind

Crystal Magick
There are thousands upon thousands of crystals found every year in Topia. They are mined in caves and given by other places in the world. Each kind holds a power of its own. Size does matter for spell casting with these precious minerals. If you were to use a small crystal for a big spell, it would most likely fail and fizz out its user, making them tired and sometimes even have them fall into a coma.
-Types of crystals found in Topia
Spoken Spell Casting
Often times crystals will be used in aide to a spoken spell. A spoken spell is exactly as it sounds; A spell spoken out loud. But these spells may vary for some are 'spoken' in the casters mind. There are many spells avalible and vary from family to family in language and out comes. Often times spoken spell casting is to up a caster's aura in order to channel it and use it as a defense or attack tactic.
No Topian has the ability to use Fractal magick at birth. This type of magick requires training and knowledge in the feild of magick. Most Topians learn to use Fractals at the age of 10. Reason being is because they will omit a strong aura at this age. The aura will determine how strong of a Fractal the Topian has the ability to cast.
-Types of Fractals and thier discriptions
Main four (All Fractal users have the ability to use these);
:bulletwhite:Air- These Fractals are commonly less visible than any other type. When seen designs look very vauge and depend on the mood of the caster. Air type Fractals are typiclly easier to control and Topian-Avians are the main users of Air Fractal magick since it enables them to control the air in which they fly.
:bulletwhite:Water- Water Fractals are commonly seen as designs that flow and move within the Fractals main circle. Depending on the Topian's strength and mood these Fractals can be quite difficult to control. For example is a caster is in an agressive mood and uses a Fractal to create waves they may become exerted and create a Typhon. When/if the Fractal falls apart the caster will be overwhelmed with exaustion and will need to recooperate. Topian-Aquatics tend to be the main users of Water Fractal Magick since they can control and warp the water around them
:bulletwhite:Fire- These Fractals are commonly seen as sharp but fuzzy type lines. These Fractals are the most difficult of basic Fractals to control. Worst cases result in burns and loss of ones sanity. Topian-Reptiles, mostly Dragons are the main users of this Fractal magick. They have the ability to unconsciensly create a very small Fractal at the back of their throat. This is how they control themselves as they 'breathe fire'.
:bulletwhite:Earth- Commonly seen resembling the desired outcome. An example is that a Topian Fractal caster wishes to grow a specific sort of flower. Let's say a red tulip. The Fractal may be a red color and the lines inside will form a tulip made of smooth lines. These Fractals require strength of the body to control correctly. Topian-Mammals tend to use Earth Fractals the most. Since they are usually found somewhere on the ground. A Topian-Mammal can use this Fractal Magick to reach the sky or even go into the earth itself.
:bulletblack:Ice-Requires Training and knowledge in Water Fractals Ice Fractals need a gentle hand and mind to control. They can be very beautiful, but also very deadly. They are most commonly seen with very sharp and crisp edges. If ones aura is stong enough a Topian can create a snowstorm within a 100 mile span around them. But this will tire them out and they can easily lose control.
:bulletblack:Metal-Requires Training and knowledge in Earth Fractals This type of Fractal is acctually quite deadly to its user. Over time using Metallic Fractals with take over the Topians body. At death the entire body is covered in metal. The designs do not have a common detail.
:bulletblack:Electricity-Requires Training and knowledge in Fire Fractals Topians who use this type of Fractal are typicly very stong of mind. The design of this Fractal is almost always a lightning bolt.
:bulletblack:Shadows- Requires Training and knowledge in Air and Fire Fractals  Usually Shadow Fractals are only used by those who are tainted and want the worst for others.The Fractal design is seen like snakes and seems to ooze from the Fractal's outline. Casting Shadow Fractals requires great strength and balance of body and mind.
:bulletblack:Light- Requires Training and knowledge in Air and Fire Fractals This is a very rare type of Fractals commonly only used by Heros,  Heroines and often times Trainers. In order to use Light Fractals one must be pure and completely balanced in body, mind and spirit.
Powers of the Mind
This Type of magick requires a very strong will power and balanced mind and spirit. It enables the user to move objects with his/her mind. This could be bring an object to them from within thier veiw or throw a weapon at an enemy as long at they are balanced of course.  Some times even have the object appear right before them. (This object was already in existance. They just brought it to them) This power varies from person to person. If one has  a very strong aura they may even be able to read anothers mind. Though darker minded Topians can sometimes control another with a single thought. But this requires the victim to be at a disadvantage from an injury.
Every Topian be warned; no matter the type of magick or how easy it seems to control, taking on a level higher than ones auric level may result in physical or emotional damage. Comas, broken bones and even death may happen on a physical level. Depression, agression and retardation may happen on a emotional level. If a Topian takes on a magick that is not consented or to high for thier auric level they may also get hit with a spell that completely disables their magic.