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Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others?

Vote! (35,554 votes) 257 comments
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Allright then I've got an awesome idea! What about starting drawing anthro portraits? :la:
Give me your photo, few features creating your personality and tell me which animal you'd like to become. Then you'll get personalized anthro cartoon/comic character based on your appereance and your personality. Isn't it great? :la:

My artworks are unusuall, and I want to share them with you! It isn't totally free, I value my work and effort I put into drawing every single artwork, but I think my prices are affordable for most of you.

Interested? hurry up, for now there are only 4 slots open, sooo note me as soon as it's possible :la:  

Portrait: 4$
+ 2$ for extra character 

  • Give me a note including all required info. Give me as much details as you can, cause it's really helpful!
  • After getting your note I’ll give you my paypal info.
  • I don’t do refunds, unless I have any reason for it.
  • The artwork still belongs to me, which means I can post it where I want to with credits to you- unless you specify before I start drawing that it's private.
  • You can put my artwork anywhere you want to, but make sure you credit me.
  • If you'd like to see a WIP, just ask!
  • All pictures are going to have a transparent or simple background, but it doesn't hurt to ask something simple. I’m just terrible in drawing highly detailed backgrounds or landscapes.
  • I truly believe that deals like this should be a fair game. Pay your half first, and I'll send you the sketch! Then you can pay the rest if you approve it. Just so you know, the sketch will be low quality and marked to prevent stealing.

Interested in ordering something different? Click the image below :D
~ Madame's Carotte PayPal Commission Info ~ by xmelax

Chat + Forum Newsletter: March, April

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 4:02 AM
The chat and forum have been busy for both the Community Volunteer team and the deviantART community these past few months! If you are interested in either the chat or forum, then this newsletter is for you!

chat News

:star: Chat Event Calendar

We have somewhat slowed down our chat events so, as a result, we'd like to ask you what chat events you'd like to see! Would you like more critique chat events? Fun and games chat events? What kind of fun and games? Trivia? Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Let us know your thoughts on what kind of chat events you'd like to participate in!

dAmn Chat Userscript Problems
photofroggy recently posted an announcement about dAmn Chat Userscript Problems. Uerscripts are not officially supported by deviantART, so keep your eye on the journal for more updates on these issues!

forum News

:star: Forum Events Calendar

:star: Nominate your favourite forum whores in I'm A Forum Whore, Get Me Outta Here ~ Nomination Round!

Challenge Fun, Deviants Forum

We have recently started a new, weekly event in which the winner receives a 3 Month Premium Membership or the equivalent in 636 :points:! Check out our Challenge Fun #1 which is focused on stating the best reason for singing 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'! If you have a particular scenario in mind that would prompt such a song, please post it in the thread!

Muro Challenge, DrawPLZ Forum

As always, we are continuing with our Muro Challenges in the DrawPLZ Forum! Check out our latest hosted by diphylla here. Draw, doodle, illustrate or scribble your OC (original character) as a new superhero using it's special power and you may win a 3 Month Premium Membership!

Past results: #44, #45, #46, #47, #48.

Forum Features

Our Forum Feature for this month is hosted by myself. To be featured in our current Forum Feature, submit a deviation to our thread on the theme of New and you may be featured for this month's Forum Feature!

Check out our latest features, Forum Features #42 - March: Spring.


The Community Relations team is always looking for Community Volunteers for the Chat & Forum! If you are a frequent chatter in chat, or a regular forum poster in the forum, and you think you would be a great asset to our team, consider applying here!

We will try to continue these events in the chat and forum! That said, if you have any suggestions for improving the community side of the chat and forum, or anything related to the two that you would like/we could provide for you (features, interviews, contests, news, etc.), please do not hesitate to let us know!

Thank you! :love:

3wyl, posting on behalf of the Chat & Forum Community Volunteers at communityrelations

So I've decided to make a group contest an annual thing

---but before I gee into that, MAJOR  apologies for the slow in deviation processing, even bigger apologies to littlevillagewolf and RainSometime whose deviations expired (an invite for the beautiful photos and custom has been extended)---

Back onto the contest,

:bulletred:It will run from the 23rd of April to the 30th of June
(tell me if you think an extension is needed)

:bulletorange:2014's theme is water
(Be creative! Just a drop of water an I'll except it! You could even customise a water themed horse or make water themed tack!)

:bulletyellow:I'll except entries even from non-members too!
(however, feel completely welcome to join the group!)

:bulletpink: THE photo/custom/tack MUST be taken for the contest only, a.k.a no old works

:bulletpurple: SCHLEICH horses and only SCHLEICH horses, other animals and people can be in the scene but they too MUST be schleich, ok? This group wasn't called SCHLEICH horse haven for nothing!

:bulletblue: SINCE this contest has a water theme, yes water must be incorporated or I won't except it

:bulletgreen: IT'S optional to post a journal or other as an advertisement (however it will be greatly appreciated) but you MUST put in the description, --- Entry for Schleich-Horse-Haven's group contest ---

And that's just about it :-)

:bulletyellow:ART ASSESSMENT:bulletyellow:
(Will be posted soon)

I'm working on it, sorry! -suggestions are welcome!-)

None so far


Selfies Contest Results

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 6:49 PM
For those of you that weren't watching the crazy on April Fools Day, I ran a Selfies Contest that coincided with the announcement that selfies had a new Gallery Folder here on dA.  For the record, that was part of the April Fools joke.  With all the entries in it's time to announce the winners!

Best Duckface

Prize: 200:points:
duckfaesh by iAmoret

Cutest Couple

Prize: 200:points:

The Boy and The Girl by MintyRevolution

Most Exotic Location

Prize: 200:points:

Selfie by WorldWar-Tori

Best Overall....Drum Roll Please!

Prize: 300:points:

duckfaesh by iAmoret

Thank you to all the participants!

Alrighty fuck the donation thing since people clearly aren't interested in getting featured... instead I propose that If you:
Leave a comment: 1 :points:
If you make a journal about me (public): 3:points:
Starting... NOW
9 Spots left and 3 for the Journals :3
Welcome to Line art Isn't dead! Everyone is welcome! Even if you just want to look at Work from others or Submit all of your work! Just be sure you credit the original artist (even if its yourself in the title or description!)

You get three submissions per day and just be sure to submit it to the correct folder as well.  

Je vous rappelle les thèmes
I remind you of the themes

Day 1: Start   
Day 2: Tree    Day 3: Ball    Day 4: Heart    Day 5: Tea    Day 6: Smile    Day 7: Black    Day 8: White    Day 9: Colour    Day 10: Circle    Day 11: Minute    Day 12: Reflection    Day 13: Food    Day 14: Art    Day 15: Tiny    Day 16: Creature    Day 17: Book    Day 18: Home    Day 19: Handwriting    Day 20: Window    +1: Your best after this 20 days!

01Day1: Start by Gwangelinhael 02Day 2: Tree by Gwangelinhael 03Day 3: Ball by Gwangelinhael 04Day 4: Heart by Gwangelinhael 05Day 5: Tea by Gwangelinhael 06Day 6: Smile by Gwangelinhael 07Day 7: Black by Gwangelinhael 08Day 8: White by Gwangelinhael 09Day 9: Colour by Gwangelinhael 10Day 10: Circle by Gwangelinhael 11Day 11: Minute by Gwangelinhael 12Day 12: Reflection by Gwangelinhael 13Day 13: Food by Gwangelinhael 14Day 14: Art by Gwangelinhael 15Day 15: Tiny by Gwangelinhael 16Day 16: Creature by Gwangelinhael 17Day 17: Book by Gwangelinhael 18Day 18: Home by Gwangelinhael 19Day 19: Handwriting by Gwangelinhael 20Day 20: Window by Gwangelinhael +1+1 by Gwangelinhael

And Now, the challenge is finish and I finish it

Joy ! Happiness ! Glory !

I can switch off my smartphone

for few days

Joie bonheur de retrouver une vie presque normale

Merci à vous tous pour vos soutiens et vos encouragements avec vos commentaires et vos :+fav:s
Thank you all for your support and encouragement with your comments and :+fav:

Hello and welcome to MUGENUniverse please share your great MUGEN creations here!!!
1. Only Post MUGEN content if you don't do this and post something NOT MUGEN content the user will be banned!
2. No trolling if the user trolls they will get a 1 Year ban.
3. No censored content and I mean it! Posting links to images or videos of censored content will result in a automatic ban!
4. Have Fun!!! :D