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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Hi :) - so I'm starting new series of journals with useful resources - mainly because I'm running out of topics to write about and I just like some diversity. (I'll continue to post general art/motivational journals too every now and then)
Here are some of my favorite youtube artists, that inspire me and I hope that these resources might be helpful for you too.  :) (Smile) 

Level Up
'Level up!' is an idea of two Polish artists - Wojtek Fus ( WojciechFus ) and Darek Zabrocki ( daRoz ), who want to teach and learn from each other. Level Up has expanded a host team by amazing Jonas De Ro! There are weekly, 2 to 3-hours long livestreams with critiques, overpaintings and Q&A's. It's so wonderful to watch them paint and talks about important tips on art and life as an artists. Also check out their lovely Facebook group and website with lots of resources.


Art videos that inspire, instruct, and entertain by Sycra Yasin, who is a freelance artist and online art instructor on YouTube and His videos are so educational and he explains art fundamentals so wisely and quite great to understand. He also has a lots of resources on his website


Instructional How to Draw videos for artists by Stan Prokopenko. His drawing lessons are approachable enough for beginners and detailed enough for advanced artists. His philosophy is to teach timeless concepts in an entertaining way. Really adore his figure drawing videos.


Awesome videos - tutorials and speedpaintings by sinix. He provides different unique videos that offer people other ways to indulge in their love for art and all things creative. His "Montly Inspiration" videos are my favorite. 


Digital art tutorials by incredible artist Marc Brunet. It's so great to hear his thought-process along the stunning artworks that he makes and records on youtube videos. 

Captivating videos with lots of great insights by Feng Zhu, who 
has been working in the entertainment design industry for the past 15 years. There are lots of great advice and tips on art process. 

So, how about you - who are your favorite youtube artists? 

This week I found some lovely resources - two tumblr blogs about art/style/design - this and this one, awesome post about creative thinking by Grant Snider, great pinterest board about creative crafts, epic video of how were made the gravity scenes in Inception, the "secret door", that takes you to absolutely random place on Earth and inspiring video of Iain McCaig, who is best known as a principal designer on the three Star Wars prequels. :)


P.S. I quite frequently post some sketches and artworks in my art tumblr - and I have a weekly Music Sunday post on  and weekly 8 songs playlist.
and a youtube art channel:) (Smile) 

Have a wonderful week!

"There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologize for your enthusiasm. Never. Ever. Never."

Ryan Adams

Styggy's Community Board 2014.2

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 12:00 PM
:dalogo: deviantART announcement: 

Hello fellow deviants!

We regret to inform you that some of our users are currently experiencing some trouble connecting to the site or have slowdown issues while browsing. The deviousTech team is aware of the issue and working on a resolution. We sincerely apologize for this delay in service and assure you we will be back up and running just as soon as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

:bug: deviantART group bug:

Be careful while approving group submissions because the message center shows all the same folder for all the submissions. Click on the submission to display it individually to see the right folder it is submitted in. The first submission is in the right folder. You could approve one by one but make sure to refresh between each submission. I opened a ticket but it was not answered yet. deviantART already have a lot on their hands with the connection bug.

If your art has been rejected from group, please be considerate. The bug is not that obvious for smaller groups.


Group spotlight: RecommendAFriend


The Recommend a Friend project was created in order to expose the work of deviants that are recommend by their friends. The friend also includes a tidbit about why we should check out their recommended deviant's gallery. The friends that recommend also get featured monthly!

Basically, features for ALL!

:groups: RecommendAFriend was originally featured made by rainylake on her profile. In April, she decided to upgrade it to a group. This group is a wonderful place to help your friend get more exposure. Please take a look.

Recommend a Friend Project: Relaunch!Holy cow, it's finally getting relaunched! With a bit of a makeover that is :giggle: Please be sure to read all the new info.
Introducing, the new place for RAF deviants(icon pending :B )
The Idea
We now have a group! :eager:. Instead of being featured on my profile, your feature will be posted through the group. The concept is still the same, you just send suggestions to the group with all the information filled out (look below for more details). I will then create a journal featuring your friend, that will be up for a full week! The journal will feature five recommended friends. It will also include a tidbit about the recommended friend, including why you should check them out. Once a month, all of the suggesters will be featured in an epic roundup journal.
Please send the group RecommendAFriend, a note Note  titled
  Recommend a Friend: Edition #15 Welcome to the #15th edition of Recommend a Friend :la: If you want to get a friend and yourself featured, check out the launch journal.

PHbeks is one of the kindest people I have run into on DA lately. He puts all he has into his art. Going out hiking even when he has trouble some days just to be able to stay motivated to get around. He has two rare genetic diseases even more rare together but you wouldn't know from his talented photos.
Recommended by CRGPhotography

An amazing friend who is really talented with words! 
Recommended by anonymous
  Recommend A Friend: Suggester Edition #4Welcome to the 4th installment of RecommendAFriend's Suggester Edition! The following feature is for all the people that recommended a friend and wanted a little feature too :la: Please note, the only people shown below are deviants who's friends have been featured already for the months of July & August. Thank you all for taking the time to suggest a friend :blowkiss:


Freaks by Shadowkat678I need you... by Shadowkat678
Makeup take 2 by AryieaChaos Cards (sketches) by AryieaGlowing Crystals Woodlands Staff by Aryiea
The Door to Somewhere by ElsapretBack 4 by ElsapretPlace where Air and Water meet by Elsapret
don't let her walk away again by fotomademoiselleyou're a tangled mess in my heart by fotomademoiselleset the sky on fire by fotomademoiselle

Contests and raffles

Invictus Art ContestDraw My OC's
In honor of my good friend :iconPsychoscissor:'s new Fantasy Fiction story:
Invictus: Heart of a Monster
:spotlight-left: :spotlight-right:

:w00t: We are hosting an Art Contest :w00t:
This Contest is for Visual Arts only please. Traditional and Digital Art accepted, with the exception of Pixel Art.
What we are looking for: Who can best bring the Characters Invictus and/or Kelsair to visual life! :eager:
:above: So it kind of goes without saying, that reading the story is Mandatory :above:
Within the Thumbnails :above: you will find all the Descriptions/Character Details you will need
to get your imaginations rocking these Characters!
:dummy: It also goes without saying, that all Entries must be Newly Created for this Contest :dummy:
[Bullet; Pink] You may Draw Invictus, Kelsair, or both :) [Bullet; Pink]
[Bullet; Green] Only ONE Entry per Participant please! [Bullet; Green]
[Bullet; Pink] Absolutely
  Avatar ContestSo, the group is up and running and I have put in place a very basic avatar (if you could even call it that) as I was going to work on a new one. However, upon Endorell-Taelos's wonderful suggestion, I have decided to hold an avatar competition, instead! The avatar is for the group PaintdAGold
Rules and Specifications
The icon must be 100 pixels by 50 pixels.The golden element must be evident.The icon must be all of your own work (no bases).You can enter as many times as you wish.Deadline: 20 September 2014. You don't have long, so get going!
100 :points: from Windklang (via pixiepot)
50 :points: from pixiepot44 :points: from MidoriMurasaki20 :points: from pointsSINCERE10 :points: from browsed1 :bulletblue: (See the credit system)Winners feature from C-91 and pixiepotMore to be added. Ple
  CONTEST: SHIFT HAPPENSWanna enter a contest where you draw your OWN characters? Look no further! This is the contest for you!
Star! Contest Theme
AWOOOOOOOO! That's right, kids! Halloween is coming up and that means it's time for the SHAPE SHIFTERS to come out of hiding. Draw YOUR character (that's right, yours not mine, unless you feel like including them) changing shape!
Your entries should capture them in the act of changing from one form to another! They don't have to be a werewolf or even normally capable of shape-shifting. Just have fun! It can be cartoony or creepy, glittery or gruesome! Feel free to draw a single pose or a whole sequence if you like. 
Keeping with the spirit of SPOOPYNESS these shape-shifts should be kept to your character changing from one distinct form/species to another. Age/sex/mass changes do n

2014 Contest: Movie PosterHello lovely deviants. A theme has been chosen, prizes have begun to accumulate, and our 2014 contest can begin. :heart:
Thank you to everyone who voted. As usual we will save the rest of the themes as possibilities for our future contests. The theme that was chosen is the following:
Movie Poster: Choose a film/movie or tv series and make an advertisement poster in Art Nouveau style.

15th of December 2014. See frontpage of group for countdown.
Your entry must be your own original work. It must be made, uploaded to deviantART and submitted to artnouveaus Movie Poster folder after the 3rd of september 2014 and before the end of the 15th of December 2014. See frontpage of group for countdown.
It must be clear from both your description and your poster what movie or tv series you have made a poster for. The deviation description must state that the deviat
  Feature ContestHello everybody!!
After holding my first contest about journal-skins which was a success so far, I want to go ahead, doing my next contest already!
To thank the participans of the previous contest and show them my appreciation - and to make sure, that their skins are recognized by the community, I want to host a follow-up contest.

Start: 10th August 2014
(previous entries will be ignored!!)
Deadline: 1st November 2014
How to enter/Rules:

Star! choose one of the skins that have been created for the original contest. (Unfortunately you need to be a premium-user to do this)
Star! make a feature with at least 20 artworks of 20 different artists.
Star! feature the journal-skin-creator with his icon and add three of his deviation
  Birthday ContestThis Year my sweet Katinka will turn 15. That makes her older, than some of you XD
well for her Birthday this Year, I will start a Contest in which you are supposed to design a Fan Cover for my Series uvu
When I am back on my PC, I'll list some important Characters which might be interesting to add to the Cover. Katinka Readers might know already which Characters where important in Act 1 (which is almost done).
Covers I did so far

A Request Cover I got from my mind twin Ninchiru
This is just a little info so you know what the B-Day vontest will look like this Year (there will also be a Mini Contest. Will tell you tomorrow)
The Cover Contest will end somewhen near Christmas uvu and the first Winner will get a ONE YEAR PM if there are more than 10 Entries.
ps: i might print all entries and pin them on my wall uvu
1. Winner 300 Points.
if there are more than 5 Entries: 500 :points:
If there are than 10

Deviant in need :heart:

Art feature

Art from my watchers, from dAWishingWell members and from my personal favorites.

Eternal Love - Calina's Words by PumpkinQueen13 Ivysaur Gijinka~(OPEN) by ashvanity 
Selfportarit by Suasite
Princess Luna by jetweaver Reach Out by katzrollz
Lucid Dream by zi-kriany My Necros is Official now :} by LadyWolfcat
The Blooming Summer with Shiraishi Kouki by Kauthar-Sharbini Mc: Lithxe by xRubyCayx
Contest Entry - Mister Mya by xSammyKayx RuralArea021 by Arrosiya - night bird - by Owlivia
Teal and Orange by LittleGrayTiger Out of balance by Essieh
MLP: Princess Northern Tides by Greenpolarbear47 eh by ItsRainingIce
Balik Bayan Sights by StraightFlashes Wolf and swift by Runneraurora Hola! by TigresaDaina
What's up gurl? by AnetoPachygeneral displeasure by FoxFornication


Yeap, I decided to hold one of these things, since I went over 200 watches! Thanks guys!


1)Favourite and make a journal linking to this Raffle
2)Comment below with the link 
3)I'll reply you with a number.
4) Winners will be chosen via
5)You don't have to watch me to enter, but check out my stuff if you want to!


One would get a detailed picture Like

Isn't that a girl's name? by EruditeEspeon Haime the Aqua dog by EruditeEspeon

One would get a character design ref sheet like
Sporty Ref by EruditeEspeonEvan Ref (UPDATED) by EruditeEspeon

And One would get a headshot 

CO: Toxickit by EruditeEspeon:CO: Space by EruditeEspeon     :CO: The wickedest by EruditeEspeon

Raffle ends on 15 October.

If I get over 60 people participating, I would add more prizes! :D




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            Since we're publishing our art everywhere on web and can't control who can use it, and no one like to see his/her photo being claimed as others work. 
Watermark or copyrights help a little to prevent others from stealing your efforts, or at least make it difficult for them to erase your name. 
I found many ways to add a watermark and I'll list few for you to try them out !

Method 1 : Text tool Watermark in Photoshop 
Method 2 : Brush Watermark in Photoshop
Method 3 :  Plug-in Watermark in Photoshop


Method 1 : Text Tool 

Step 1 : 
Choose Text Tool ( T ) 

Step 2 : 
Pick your favorite font 
and start typing your watermark 

Step 3 :
 You can re-position and re-size your mark by the Move tool 

Step 4 :
 Decrease Opacity to make a transparent watermark

Method 2 : Brush Watermark

Step 1 : 
Open Photoshop then go to " File > New " 

Step 2 : 
Select the below setting for your new project then click "OK": 
Width: 1000 Pixels
Height: 1000 Pixels
Res : 300 Pixel/Inch
Background : Transparent

Step 3 :
With text tool ( T ) and after choosing your font write down your text

For adding another text below or somewhere first click on the check mark [✓]

Then while you still using the text tool click where you want to type another text.

after you're done click on the check mark again [✓]

Step 4 : 
Choose the crop tool 

Select your text 

Then click the check mark [✓] or press " Enter " on keyboard 

Step 5 : 
Go to " Edit > Define Brush Preset "

Then name your watermark and click OK 

Now your Bush is ready to use !

Step 6 : 
Open your image then click on brush tool


Right click anywhere on your photo and go down to the end of your brushes you will find your new brush, click on 

Change opacity by the slider above the image

Or by the Opacity slider above layers, while you're selecting the watermark layer.

And you can change the color of the watermark 

resize your brush and click on the image where you want your watermark to be 

Method 3 : Watermark Plug-in 

I recently found a helpful watermark plug-in from Russell Brown. [ Download Link ] 
ٍScroll down into Russell Brown site you'll find a link of tutorial video beside " Adobe Watermark Panel 2.2.2 "
I still didn't use it but it's easy, download it and and start discovering. :love: BTW it's FREE la in love  

Examples of pretty watermarks

The gold ear by XeniaChowaniec
 Cosmo by PuppetSan
_ by migdalek


- Use one of the methods above and show us the result by commenting with a link of your image.
- OR share with us the method you use to add your watermark, and provide your comment with an image of yours contain a watermark.


Thanks For Reading 
Little Pixel Heart 

dA Connection/Slowdown issues for users

For several days, many dA users are not able to access the site. Connection/slowdown isses, pages not loading means many who are trying to access the site or contact people are not able to do so. This is leading many people to confusion. deviantART is already aware of the situation and they are continuously working to get it fixed soon!

They have announced it in their deviantART Status section of help:

You can keep up to date with any announcements by email they make through deviantART Status by subscribing to it (click the link below):

-> How to Subscribe to the deviantART Status Forum and to Individual Posts

However, many are not able to even access the deviantART Status page, as the same issue persists there, as you have to log in there to click subscribe. Many who have commissioners waiting, status updates and other communications waiting means the people on the other end of the communication are not aware why the people they need to contact may not be able to respond for this period of time, so this announcement is to let them know about this. If you are able to share it across the net, know others who are not aware of this situation, please let them know that it may be for this particular reason. If you are able to subscribe to the deviantART Status, do so so you may be personally updated for any updates regarding dA through email.

You can also reblog this same information on Tumblr from here: Click Here

You can always contact dA to get the info, such as these:

deviantART Tumblr
Contact deviantART Help Desk
deviantART Help Desk Status Updates l How to subscribe to status forum
deviantART Facebook

This post is only to let everyone know that dA team is already aware of the situation and they are working on it. Stay positive and creative!

PE: Anime and Manga Week Wrap-up

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 2:03 PM by cinyu:iconcinyu:

Anime And Manga Week


Anime & Manga Week

If you'd like to contribute in our next Anime and Manga Week on December 29th - January 4th, please send a note to CRAnimeAndManga titled "Anime and Manga PE article" with a short description of your idea you would like to write about in our Anime and Manga Week!
See you all next time! :dummy:

Hello everyone and welcome to the Tournament! If you are looking over this then I can assume you are interested, or even insanely interested in participating in the first wrestling event of the group. Well! You've come to the right place!

Down below will be listed with the first part of the tournament. Including rules and guidelines of how this is going to be setup. I'll try my best to make this as simple as possible!

*********** NOW OPEN ***********

Wrestling Tournament Part 1 of 2


1. Do not get dramatic if you did not win.

2. Only one of your Nara's can enter the Tournament at a time.

3. You MUST make a 130 x 130 portrait of your Nara with a very simple background (for tournament placement)

4. The deadline for training images to earn stats will be October 20th

5. After October 20th we will be looking over the stats to make sure everything is right.

6. Don't forget to link your training images (very very important)

7. Have fun!! This is suppose to be a fun event for people to enjoy.


Working on your stats

Each cat will have three stats to work on/be using for the tournament. However since no one's cats are higher than Novice at the moment. The cutoff will be 5 for each stat. The more wrestling tournaments we have the more stats you can earn. (these can only be earned through official group wrestling events and will stay on your cat)

1. Speed - Swift attacks // Dodging

2. Stamina - Determines your health points (7 points of health for each stat)

3. Strength - Attack damage // Withstanding hits


(don't worry about the RNG stuff, I'll be handling that when it comes to rolls so it won't be difficult to understand)

Speed - 3/5 (+3 to make a hit / +3 to dodge an attack)

Stamina - 3/5 ( health starts at 30 21 = 51 hp)

Strength - 2/5 (+2 to attack rolls / +2 to reduce damage rolls)


Earning your Stats

Each stat point earned will be through training pictures. One training image = 1 stat point.

Depending on the stat you wish to point up will determine the training image you will need to do.


For examples....Speed would require the training image to be of your Nara running or doing agility of somekind.

Strength could be of your Nara doing weight pull.

Stamina could be of your Nara swimming, doing toughening exercises.

Please Place this stat guide on your Nara's ref sheet info

Wrestling Stats:

Speed - 0 / 5

Strength - 0 / 5

Stamina - 0 / 5

Once your Nara has reached the limited stat total for each one, the next wrestling match will become higher 10, 15, etc.
So we will have Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced level matches.

Alright guys! I hope this helped someway and isn't too hard to get down. Please feel free to ask questions you may have and I'll get to each one of them as swiftly as possible.

WishingWell Weekly, Ed. 106

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 9:52 PM

div align="center">

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday| WishingWell Weekly

:iconsparklingpinkloveplz: Welcome to WishingWell Weekly :iconsparklingpinkloveplz:

Hello Dear Members, Watchers, and Visitors,

WELCOME TO dAWishingWell!


What SPECTACULAR Events Happening in Our Group!

:eyes: CHECK IT OUT, Fishing for Wishes 9.1":
Fishing for Wishes 8:5Featuring DD, Group and Exposure Wishes.
Take a look at the new wishes!
:star: BloomingRoseXeniia wishes for DD. :star:
:star: C0MPASSION wishes for Samiraku to receive a DD. :star:
:star: Esthiell wishes for a DD. :star:
:star: frantices wishes for a DD. :star:
 The paths we walk by frantices Our Journal by frantices
:heart: LiinaPhotography wishes for a DD. :heart:
White cornflower by LiinaPhotography Marigold flower by LiinaPhotography 

Please DO Comment if you help, we would really appreciate it so much! Thank you! :love:

:eyes: YAY :w00t: It's the "Wishing Jar 9.2":
The Wishing Jar 9:2Featuring Memberships and Point Wishes. :iconlainloveplz:
Hello everyone! This is DeviBrigard and I will be watching over Eve's big jar of Nutella while she is on a temporary break! :D
Take a look at the new wishes!
:star: HigherSeeking wishes for a 12-month premium membership. :star:
:heart: AngelInTheHeart wishes for a 3-month premium membership. :heart:
:heart: az-the-trash wishes for a 3-month premium membership. :heart:
:heart: ICrescent wishes for a 1-month premium membership. :heart:

Please DO Comment if you help, we would really love your help, if you could! Thanks so much! :love:

:eyes: And See "Wish Fondue 9.2":
Wish Fondue 9:2Featuring critiques/comments, prints, badges, contests/events, commissions/adoptables and miscellaneous wishes.
Take a look at the new wishes!
:heart: zi-kriany wishes for at least 100 comments/critiques on this. :heart:

:star: SilverInkblot wishes for photo prints from her wishlist. :star:
:star: Viokcha wishes for llamas. :star:

Comment if you help, please and thank you, kindly! :love:

:iconrainbowarrowplz: Yay! "Monday Muses"!! I adore me, some Monday Muses! :iconlittleheartplz:
Monday MusesTuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!
It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:
There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!
Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Pleas

It's not too late to participate! :iconlittleheartplz:

:iconrainbowarrowplz:  "Tuesday Treats!" is always fun! :excited:
Tuesday Treats: SurrealismMonday Muses | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly
 noun \sə-ˈrē-ə-ˌli-zəm also -ˈrā-\
: a 20th-century art form in which an artist or writer combines unrelated images or events in a very strange and dreamlike way
Select a surreal deviation (even from your own gallery) and link it in a comment on this blog. Limit of 1 deviation per member please! Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day!

:note: It's always a really great topic! :rose:

:heart: And let us not forget to check these out:
Thursday GreetsMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly
:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:
Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.
Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:
:iconforthickbeard: ForThickBeard
:iconKoiAdopts: KoiAdopts
Friday FunMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly
Welcome to Friday Fun!

Friday Fun is a new weekly blog dedicated to our affiliates contests and events. If your group is affiliated to us, you can send a note to the group with a link to the journal describing your event. Note that a journal is required; we will not write a description for you! :) If your news is time sensitive, please consider that we will only feature it on the next Friday.
If you want to affiliate your group with us, please fea
Selfless SaturdayMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | WishingWell Weekly
:spotlight-left: Welcome to Selfless Saturday! :spotlight-right:
Selfless Saturday is a weekly feature to promote one of our active members.
AnnaLena250199 joined dAWishingWell on December 2013. She's one of the regular participant of Monday Muses, helping us feature great artists. She's also an active wish granter.



:icongiveroseplz: BIG Thank You's :icongiveroseplz:
:iconcuterainbowplz: Thank you to everyone who has been supporting this group, in a variety of ways, such as through your donation of POINTS :points:, HERE: TheWishingWidget, promoting us in your profile journals, group journals, participating in our various Group Activities, Commenting on our other very Special Features that we have, and :+fav:'ing the work that we are sharing with you, AND
:star:ANYTHING to do with helping to make dA wishes come true!:star:
:thanks: :thanks: :thanks:
This is all VERY IMPORTANT support and participation, and we are truly grateful for all of it!
Most recent POINT feature:
:new: Point Feature - August 2014Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | WishingWell Weekly
Hello everyone! :wave:
This is a feature for everyone who donated to our point collection account ~TheWishingWidget :la:.

:points: All the points donated are used to grant wishes. :points:

If you would like to be featured in the next update please donate "Here"

"Anonymous" donors are not featured but we thank them just as well. :heart:

500+ :points:
:iconilantiis: :devil

:icongrouphugplz::iconpinklilyplz::icongrouphugplz::icongrouphugplz: :icongrouphugplz:

:icontreasurechestplz: The Treasure Chest :icontreasurechestplz:

"The Treasure Chest"- truly OUTSTANDING work, found from around dA from Active Deviants, any genre, with 299 faves or less.
Here goes our 19th ONE! :la:


Refrigerator.img942, with story by harrietsfriendunidentified flowering object by UnclespikeyVilla Seta by MarcosRodriguez

Katniss Everdeen. The Hunger Games. by strannaya-annaKatniss Everdeen by 0bsidioKatniss Everdeen 3-27-2014 by khinson

LOve by malenka740715Pheonix by aherminCosmic Protozoan by Blazemorioz

Homo Floris XXIII by FrodoKLost by meimicatProtector by rizaturker

The world is not enough by a3t3rnumBotalack Mines, Cornwall by JakeSpainFlame On! by Cluke111

R e s p e c t . . . by Waymanequus brigachus by RaMiBruTimeless by Bonniemarie

Contemplation by somethingzenzenMy Fly Fighter Dragon by SmokesBrandyPRESS START by Tsuuuuu

Bethunes by duytterStorm Arise by plexusdynastyHalloween by phospherant

Colours of life by AngiWallace.: Rural Sunset :. by Frank-BeerFlower by yavuzselimturan

Messenger by TrenteKlatschmohn by Martina-WWSonnenpusteblume by TobiasAckermann

Estampida de alazanes - 1992 by andresbestardmaggioMantella Frog by BrettAZimmermanCuriosity by LittleEvil102

Luray Caverns by xthumbtakxAll my Hopes by poca2hontas


If you would like to participate in "The Treasure Chest" feature, simply refer to the criteria above, and IF you are an Admin., Member, or Friend of dAWishingWell you may feel free to suggest, UP to three deviations you feel are worthy of being found in the Treasure Chest.

All you have to do, is place the thumbcode or link of the deviation, in a comment below. And that's it! :w00t:

Yes, this is for the work of someone else, besides yours, in this type of activity. :XD:
Just please remember, that "three" is a MAX number. One is fine- and please don't suggest more than three... per week! :la:

:note: A Question came up: Yes, the intent is ONE work of Art, per ONE Artist each. So three different Artist featured, at the most, with one work each.

Thank you!!!! :love:

The following EIGHT Members and Friends of The Well, helped by suggesting the first 21 works!!

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:cake: :party: Birthday Corner, For: LadyOfSilver and for, DevilKue and for, John-Peter and for, PumpkinQueen13 and for, dukeofspade and for, sam92088and for, Sekhmets-child:party: :cake:

The Admins and Staff at dAWishingWell love to celebrate and share the :dalove: and we hope you will share in our celebration of these wonderful artists!  Feel free to wish them well!

Dora LadyOfSilver - Sept. 14th

DevilKue DevilKue - Sept. 16th
Blue by DevilKueTime To Go by DevilKue

João Pedro John-Peter - Sept. 19th
Summer Breeze by John-PeterThe Magic of the Autumn by John-Peter

Connie PumpkinQueen13 - Sept. 19th
Succumbing to FantasyOh my deepest desires
How I wish that I can have you
And never let go
You slip away when I return to the real world
And I feel as though I'm slipping away
From the things that keep me normal
All that matters is that I don't want to lose
The only thing that keeps me sane
The only thing that keeps me alive inside
My livid imagination
My dreams
My fantasies
Oh how I wish you were real
And take me away from this cruel world.
Wander Over Yonder Fanfic (Preview)Somewhere, in a galaxy far far away, a metallic skull-like ship was slowly, but steadily, approaching a blue planet that was ways away from their current location. 
Inside the ship and near the control panels, was a hooded figure with lightning bolts sticking out of it, its gloved hand reaching up to its head.  “How much longer until we reach the planet…?”  It asked another figure sleepily as it looked up at the radar which was blipping every now and then, indicating a nearby planet.   
The other figure was smaller in size, but its cap that contained an elongated lightning bolt embedded in it made up for its short stature. “I’d estimate roughly one day, sir…” It answered, rubbing his red eye.
“Ugh…this is taking way too long, is there some way we can get there faster?  Initiate hyper-speed; the sooner we get there, the sooner the planet’s mine.”  The taller figu

duke dukeofspade - Sept. 20th
Ayaaawwwww (Nooooo!) by dukeofspadeFAME by dukeofspade

Samantha sam92088 - Sept. 20th
An Obol to Cross by sam92088Thought by sam92088

Myra Sekhmets-child - Sept. 20th
Geisha  by Sekhmets-childBest of Friends by Sekhmets-child

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We, at dAWishingWell would like to WISH all of our Members, Watchers, Visitors,
a SUPERB 3rd week of SEPTEMBER! Butterfly love by Nina1love1


:iconblowkissteaplz:, Tea

ProjectComment presents the community of deviantART a project that will question what it really means to be a commenter, an artist, a member of deviantART. All of these challenges relate to commenting in some shape or form, and we sincerely encourage everyone to take part! :la:

You do not have to be brilliant at writing comments and we are not asking you to perform miraculous feats. We are just looking for people willing to make a difference. It is all too easy to receive constructive comments, but giving them is equally, if not more, rewarding.

Each week, a challenge is set with the deviations of those who participated in the previous week featured in a news article. Many thanks to LiinaPhotography, OlivCater, CameronKobe for participating in Week 35!

Ladybug by LiinaPhotography This Way Little Cards :AT: by OlivCater

Participate in this week's comment challenge…

Constructively comment on three pieces that you have found through Undiscovered that have under five constructive comments.



:bulletblue: Once you have commented, link us to your comment in a reply to this article!
:bulletblue: The comment must be newly submitted to deviantART from today's date.
:bulletblue: Please try to include something along the lines of: "Commented on behalf of ProjectComment's 52 Week Comment Challenge" in your comment!
:bulletblue: Feel free to follow our guide on How to Comment - Pointers and Examples. If you are struggling with the concept of a constructive comment, this should help!
:bulletblue: You may do this challenge as many times as you want!

:star: Those who complete the challenge successfully will be featured in a news article, and the one who completes the most challenges successfully will win themselves a 12 Month Premium Membership. There will also be :points: given to the best efforts!

Have Fun! :love:
I am busy at the moment with tons of homeworks and project...
And I also have tons of delayed requests and commissions...
But I still really want to do dis. Because I love all you guys :dummy:

Art Raffle time!

Well this is the first time I do sth social like this, so the rules are quite simple.
All u need to do is +fav this journal! 
You don’t have to watch me or make some silly journals (because I hate it too) if you REALLY like my art. Don’t watch me then unwatch. No one likes it, don’t cha? ;) (Wink) 

Deadline will be 21th September! :meow:
Winner will be chosen randomly by

If this reach 100+ favs, we’ll have 2 winners!
If this reach 200+ favs, we’ll have 3 winners! :la:

:damphyr: My arts:

Octonauts: Cheepa Cheepa! by Monokanguyen   [Commission] Eon by Monokanguyen

[Request] Ivans biggest gift by Monokanguyen    Octonauts: Our leaders by Monokanguyen

Erial by Monokanguyen    [Request] Umeka by Monokanguyen