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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Tue Sep 30, 2014, 2:00 PM
Pumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehreI love Autumn by converse-kidd-stampsPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Hi Everyone! Since Fall's coming around,

I figure now would be a good time to host a quick giveaway!


I made it onto dA's front page! ;v;

Thanks everyone!

I'm doing a giveaway to help draw some traffic to my page as well! It's very VERY hard to get ahead on dA, and I really have no other options ;x;'
I'm a good artist, so please check out my gallery! ; ;

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoRULES:Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Favorite this Journal entry! ( +1 Number )
Once you favorite, leave a comment saying you did, and I'll assign you a number!
Please DO NOT  remove your favorite until after the giveaway ends, or you will be disqualified!

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoOPTIONAL BONUS ENTRIES:Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Make a journal advertising the giveaway and link it back here! ( +2 Numbers )

Watch me and favorite some artwork! ( +1 Number )

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Divider Small - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoTHE GIVEAWAY ENDS OCTOBER 13thPumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Divider Small - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko**Optional Entries Notice**Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoOnly NEW watchers may receive another number for WATCHING me.Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko
I want to encourage new users to take a look at my artwork, and I've been struggling to do that, so the second option will only apply to those who have not watched me before. Do not try to cheat this rule, I have a tallied list.

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko
Failure to do this may end up in skipped entry numbers, and I will not be responsible for that!
Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko
Winner will be decided through a random number generator!

I hope this all goes well!
In the meantime, checkout some of my artwork! ;v;

Lord Hyacinth [open] by Solar-ParagonCrimson Dreamer [open] by Solar-ParagonTundra Drake [open] by Solar-Paragon
Prince Of September [open] by Solar-ParagonNocturnal Acrobat [open] by Solar-ParagonGodina Of Embers [open] by Solar-Paragon

Starglider [OPEN] by Solar-ParagonQuasar Killer [open] by Solar-ParagonSunset Spirit [For Sale] by Solar-Paragon
Divine Healer [SOLD] by Solar-ParagonCOM: Drakequine Design Custom by Solar-ParagonFeather Mage [SOLD] by Solar-Paragon

Paypal Customs List: OPENGeneral rules:
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue]
1. Payment can be either half-half, or up-front. Upfront payments will be taken if the custom needs to be done quickly, or if I am working on a time-based schedule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific custom. Your custom may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image of their custom, for their private use. Only the watermarked images may be used by the commissioner..
5. If you

Paypal Commissions List : OPENGeneral rules:
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue]
1. Payment can be either half-half, or up-front. Upfront payments will be taken if the commission needs to be done quickly, or if I am working on a time-based schedule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific commission. Your commission may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image of their commission, for their private use, which may not be used publicly.
5. If you have any questions at all, pl

Specialty Point/USD Discount Commissions OPENPoint commissions are only applicable to certain art types, as follows. Paypal is a buying option for all commission types throughout this specialty journal, and my regular commission journal.
These are Specialty commissions which don't fit in my regular journal. They're discount buying types not readily available from me, and are a bit cheaper than my full-scale artwork.
My main commissions journal is here:
All rules are still applicable for these.
Just ask if you have a question! ouo
Prices slightly lower for less-detailed characters, just ask if your character applies for a discount!
I have a very fast turn-out time .u.
Once this journal closes, all prices will go up and will not be available at this tier anymore.
USD Buyers will receive a slightly higher-quality image than Points buyers.
Sorry but, I have bills. ono;


1. Simple 600px Icon

110:points: OR $1.20 USD


Colouring Mini Contest!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 9:00 AM

Welcome to Cru first colouring mini-contest! :la:

:star: The picture you can color:  :star:
Colouring contest - Innairyn by CristianaLeone
(PSD file: lineart Innairyn)

She is Innairyn, the Goddess of Hope in the Universe of the fantasy novel I'm writing, and she is the one to which Kyed does his vow (the tattoo on his shoulders is the same on the Goddess's forehead).

For more info: :iconkherming-chronicles:!

I've never drawn her before, so she doesn't have a defined colour palette. That means that you have full freedom in colouring her! :D And I hope you will have fun and like the lineart enough to enter! :heart:


:star:Rules : :star:

:star:  You can :
:bulletgreen: color the picture with your favourite media, digital or traditional (also good quality photos can be accepted if you don't have a scanner^^ ) 
:bulletgreen: use all the colors you want
:bulletgreen: change the colors of my lines
:bulletgreen: do whatever you want in the background, also adding objects and details in the empty spaces (nothing offensive or that is against DA rules, of course)
:bulletgreen: add textures, details, patterns etc...
:bulletgreen: blur the lines or change the opacity as long as we can still see them
:bulletgreen:  you can enter the contest more times

:star: You can NOT :
:bulletred: delete parts of the lineart
:bulletred: remove my signature
:bulletred: change the perspective or deform the lineart or some parts of it
:bulletred: claim the lineart as yours
:bulletred: claim the character as yours

:star: You MUST:
:bulletwhite: credit me and my lineart in the artist's comments, when uploading your entry on DeviantArt
:bulletwhite: add the link to this journal in the artist's comments, when uploading your entry on DeviantArt
:bulletwhite: send me your entry via note or by linking it in a comment to this journal


:star:Prizes: :star:

 1st place:
:bulletpink: 3000 DA points
:bulletpink: colour speed/sketchy painting (up to 2 characters)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

2nd place :
:bulletpink: 1500 DA points
:bulletpink: colour speed/sketchy painting half body (1 character)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

3rd place :
:bulletpink: 900 DA points
:bulletpink: colour speed/sketchy painting portrait (1 character)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

Honorable Mentions: (if there will be more than 10 entries)
:bulletpink: Pencil bust sketch (1 character)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

Please for any question don't hesitate to ask me! ^^

I also would be really happy if you could promote the contest in any ways, so thanks in advance for your help!! :heart:

Have fun  ! Love

Message Center Management

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 1:00 AM by Windklang:iconwindklang:

Community Week

Everyone who is on dA for some time knows the story:
You are new to dA, you enjoy every little drop of attention. You thank everyone for every llama and every favorite. You respond to every comment at length, you return smileys and you comment on all the artwork that your watchers post. After two weeks you have already joined a couple of groups and you enjoy receiving more art you are interested in from different people in your message-center. You also take part in some contests and you get updated every now and again.
Then there is a weekend - you are for some reason absent.
On monday you take your time to come back to work, and in the evening you want to relax, looking at some nice art on dA - BUT - when you open your profile, you already see that you got several hundreds of messages in your inbox  omfg  .

I feel the love by celesse

Even if you catch up with your messages: You know from that moment, that you need to organize your message center somehow, or you cannot add any groups or watch more people than you already do. Maybe you stop thanking for llamas or favs, or you stop responding to very short comments. However, you might feel bad about that.
So I decided to make out how other deviants deal with their message-center. I picked mostly deviants who have been on dA for a very long time already. I asked Community Volunteers as well as senior-members and others. I will give you an insight of what they told me, and summarize each section with some tips. Of course those are only suggestions and show how it is commonly handled. You can just pick what helps you personally.

I have too many Messages by Dragon-of-Midnight

Comments on profile pages and artworks

It is very clear, that all deviants prefer answering even short comments on their profile page and artworks if they somehow can. Communication, appreciation and love for interaction seems to be the motivation to do this even though there are often only small messages. Especially friendly comments, encouraging words, critiques, comments that are longer than 3 words and questions are always answered. Still: Most of the experienced  deviants seem to stop responding to very short messages at some stage. This would include messages like "thank you for the fave/llama" and such. They also delete emote-only-comments, chain-comments (you know this "send-it-to-10-other-people"-Thing), one-word messages, :points:-beggars and any sort of spam.


  • If you feel flooded, stop responding to short messages.
  • Make the decision and delete messages without bad conscience!
  • Return Llamas instead of thanking for them. To give llamas with one single click install this script by Kishan-Bagaria
  • Include a general "You are welcome" for the messages you are not going to answer anymore in your profile-widget, or create a custom widget if you are a premium member.
    Please understand, that I am not going to reply to comments like:
    Thank you for the llama
    Thank you for the fave
    --> You are most welcome - go off and create more art instead of thanking me :)
    I gave it to you because you deserve it, and because I KNOW you appreciate it - show your appreciation in being creative!

  • Sometimes it is even more efficient to use images like these:

    Don't thank me for.. stamp by wol4ica-stockLongButton: No Thanks PLZ by Emotikonz


Notes are commonly considered the most important sort of messages in our message centers. Almost all deviants claim to answer them first. Nobody mentioned that she or he ever got mixed up with notes. However, it happened to me, since I tend to manage a lot of group-stuff but also my projects like contests via notes. However, it seems to be the best organized part of our message center.


  • Check your notes first before you start sifting through less important messages.
  • Create folders also for notes, even if you think you might not need to get back to the notes. - Do not leave all of them in the inbox after reading
  • mark notes as unread if you read, but need to go back to them later again

I HEART Receiving Notes Stamp by BasmaSmiley  NOte Spam Stamp by HlTLER  Notes are like Drugs... by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

DeviantWATCH stacks from watchers

Watching a certain deviant seems to be quite supervalued by a lot of people who are trying to reach a certain amount of watchers and freak out when they reach it. My little research has shown, that most deviants don't comment on people's deviations more often than on others (like those they receive from groups). Commenting and keeping track of a deviant seems to be a privilege that most times occurs after a very good interaction or if the deviant is considered as friend, or even close friend.


  • Use the tools to your advantage. If you are interested in certain aspects of someone you watch, there's the ability to watch certain things from your friends or watchers. Like deviations only, journals only, etc.
  • If one of the artists you watch submits regularly to a group you also watch, consider watching the deviant for his Journals only, receiving his art through the group.

I Have Silent Watchers Stamp by Torotix   I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko   Anti-Silent Watchers Stamp by just-a-web-artist

DeviantWATCH stacks from groups

Most deviants have more groups on their watch list than they are actively watching.
Still there are amazingly many deviants who watch over 100 groups and still receive all messages (meaning: not turned e. g. Deviations off), and sift through all the notifications! Therefore it seems to me, that watching groups is more important than watching Deviants. I suppose, that latter is more for the purpose of interaction and friendship and groups rather for exploring more art and enjoying group news...


  • Turn off deviations in groups that tend to accept a lot of deviations per day/week, especially those, who accept without a voting process or limitations.
  • Open your stacks and delete pictures that don't draw your attention. Go to those you like afterwards and enjoy.

How to catch up after hiatus

Everyone seems to know the phenomenon. Take in account, that most deviants consider notes to be the most important kind of notification. They tend to answer those first.

Hiatus Sign + PLZ by Mirz123


  • Either you start with deleting all things that were outdated or not important, or you start answering the most important things first.
  • Create folders at the left side of your message center and sample journals or deviations to look at them later. This way you can keep them without being stressed and still get to a zero in the message-center counting.
  • Figure out which journals were outdated and delete those first.
  • tend to reply to notes and comments first.
  • Most deviants drop group deviations first.

Hiatus by nidhi-rathish

Last but not least

I think that the most important thing to learn when you feel stressed is the following:

Stop having a bad conscience about deleting stuff. Do not feel obliged to see every single message going through your message center. Of course there might be certain obligations, but most of the things have one main purpose: to bring some love and happiness to people and make you smile. Considering this you might find, that all those lovely notifications fail their purpose if they start to stress you. Make up your mind for priorities. If you lose interest in one group, just unwatch it and move on to the next (at least as long as you did not take any responsibility e. g. as contributor).
Those groups and people who really deserve it and give you back what you are putting into will automatically stay on your watch list and those will also understand if you skip some things for whatsoever reason :).

Remember to enjoy ;) It's the key :)

I wish you all the best, and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to comment below :). I will be happy to help if I can :).

dA Love by ClefairyKid

Related articles and links

Did You Know - NotesNotes
Within your Message Center you also have a section that is for notes only. Notes are something like deviantARTs internal mails.
Your Notes center can be easily reach by either clicking on the little note symbol in your menu or by selecting the Notes tab in your Message Center.

On the left side you have - similar to your regular Message Center - your notes menu. Beside 6 default folders (Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent Notes, Drafts and Spam) you also can add your own custom folders to organize notes.

The little number next to the folder indicates how many notes you currently have there.
When you hover over the name of a custom folder, a little arrow symbol will appear that will give you some more organizing options.

When deleting a custom folder your notes won't
Do's and don'ts for flawless interactionNot much to say about this.
Just some basic tips and tricks for flawless interaction on DeviantArt Nod 
:bulletyellow: Watch people when you honestly find them interesting.
:bulletyellow: Watch your friends, even if they don't have amazing art. It helps you stay updated with their progress.
:bulletyellow: Watch groups. They'll offer you a fine selection of art you're interested in, and will help you discover new (interesting) artists.
:bulletyellow: Check the faves of people you watch. As you like their work, you might have similar tastes in art. Checking their faves might help you find cool art.
:bulletyellow: Recommend art from people that you watch for a Daily Deviation (if good art, of course).
:bulletyellow: Uncheck all boxes when watching. There's nothing more disappointing than an empty watch.

If you know any related articles, please comment below so I can add it ;).

Add ons that might help

'Self Suspension' from DA by ViscountDevilDev_Multi_Open by DediggefeddedAhub_MessageCenter_ContestWidget by Dediggefedde

Special thanks to the participans of my enquiry!!

:iconastralseed: :iconriemea: :iconsimplysilent: :iconkovowolf: :icondrake1: :iconuszatyarbuz: :iconastrikos: :iconginkgografix: :iconclovis-thecutestcat: :iconlatestarter63: :iconidjpanda: :iconmiloticscale: :icondeevelliott: :iconpiratelotus-stock: :iconzanchi-phoenix: :iconlinneaphoto:
(I hope I did not forget anyone!!)
You can find most of their original answers here.

And also a special thank you to my proofreaders:

Hello there, peeps! :wave: Yeah, I know this is late (again, I'm notorious for that) and my only excuse is that I was busy. But enough about me, let's get on with the fun!

Perksofbeingwallflower1 by DrippingWords

You should be finished with the book, and for those of you who have never read it, be warned; there may be spoilers in the journal and/or comments!


Perks of Being a Wallflower by krazykitten2310 The Perks of Being a Wallflower by StarGirl30 perks of being a wallflower by kimberlytaya
Perks of Being a Wallflower by claviclecurve Perks by CourtneyTomey wallflower by Nekopie
The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Fan-made poster by TributeDesign Wallflower. by TiffanyAnnIsAG6 The Perks of being a Wallflower Movie Poster Remak by EmmaSo

And NOW, Our Discussion Questions!

  • Do you like that the story is told through letters? Do you feel you know the kind of person Charlie is? His friends and family?
  • Why do you think Charlie wants to remain anonymous? Have there been times when you wish you could have, or did?
  • There are so many books, songs, and movies referenced in this book. What do they mean to the characters? How do they affect the way you read the book?
  • THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER was (not-so) recently made into a movie, with a screenply written by the author. If you've seen the movie, how does it compare? What did they leave out, and why do you think they did so?
  • How did you feel when Charlie realized what happened to him with his Aunt as a kid ? Do you think the author handled this revelation well? How did if affect your view of the novel as a whole?
  • You've got 30 minutes a side to your blank cassette tape. What songs would you put on it to make a mix tape for your best friend? Your significant other?

We've got two great books to give to the top participant this month! We're giving away a copy of PLAY ME BACKWARDS by Adam Selzer and GABI, A GIRL IN PIECES by Isabel Quintero. Each book will also go into the end of the year's prize basket!

How do you get participation points? Make awesome comments on these journals! Participate in the end of month journal and make meaningful contributions to the discussion! You can also write a critical review (uploaded as a lit deviation) or fanart, note CRLiterature about it, and get points for these as well.  The team is keeping track of who's doing what, and we're so excited to see everyone's enthusiasm!

We will announce the winner of this month's prizes in the mid-month discussion journal for the next book, which will be a series of short stories perfect for the month of Halloween: selections from THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP AND OTHER WEIRD STORIES by H.P. Lovecraft! It will be hosted by ShadowedAcolyte. Excite!

You can check out our Book Club Schedule to see what books we're reading next!

This week, I will be hosting the Writing-Rampage Weekly Contest. The theme I am applying is the month of October.
Take a deep breath. Smell that? It’s the sweet scent of pumpkin spiced everything, and slowly recovering from failed football bets.

The most obvious change brought about by October is the change in the weather, turning our plush green backdrops into earthy-toned autumn spectacles. Although autumn technically begins in late September, it seems that not until October that Mother Nature truly embraces the season with a few light drizzles and colorful wardrobe changes before she strips her branches naked in time for a good wintery blizzard. Remember, everything has to die off so that it can be reborn again in the spring, so go nuts with the cavities.

Media: Prose and poetry
Theme: October--The changes in season, festivities, and activities that will or have happened during life in this generally spook-filled month. 


1st Place – 50 Points
2nd Place – 30 Points
3rd Place – 20 Points
+A feature in Naktarra's Literary Almanac Monthly (November)


Bullet; Black Keep to a reasonable mature level. (PG13)

Bullet; Black Fanfiction will totally be accepted; just tell us what it's from in the description!

Bullet; Black One entry per person.

Bullet; Black 4,000 word limit for prose—100 line limit for poetry.

Bullet; Black Please link to your deviation in a note to the appropriate admin. (This week: smith4891)

Bullet; Black You don't have to be a member to join. Heart

Bullet; Black It can be a deviation from August 2014 or a new Deviation.

Bullet; Black Incorporate the prompt or challenge in your own creative way!

As always, the most important rule is: HAVE FUN! I am a dummy!

What are you waiting for!? Let your senses guide your way through your writing, the wonderful smells of fall, the visual beauty of changing nature, hearing the sounds of birds migrating and squirrels gathering, and start wearing warmer clothes! Good luck and happy scribbling!

Due by: October 7th
*Edit (2/15)*
Alright, alright! hitherestranger, LucyXxNyuu13 and I would like to announce our group's first contest! :D

Now this contest will be a little different than the others. Instead of us, the co-founders, deciding the winners, it's gonna be you! We will make a poll of all the stories enrolled in the contest and the other members can read and vote for their favorite one! All entries should be submitted before or on October 30th. Between October 31st and November 3rd , the top 3 stories with the most votes are the winners!

There will be a journal entry where all the submission will be posted for all of you to read. Please do keep an eye to every update, afterall, this is a people's choice contest.

To get all of your inspirational juices flowing we are going to suggest some themes you MAY use to make your story, you don't have to use them if you don't want to.
:bulletred: Undying Love
:bulletred: Shy/innocent Love
:bulletred: Twisted
:bulletred: Betrayal
:bulletred: Choices
:bulletred: Halloween

These are just some ideas, maybe someone will actually get inspired and write using these themes.

Now, to talk about prizes!

First place winner:
•3 story requests
• 2 art requests or points

Second place winner:
•2 story requests
•1 art request or points

Third place winner:
•1 story request
•1 art request

Important Rules! Something that cannot go unmentioned, your story MUST be written for this contest, it cannot be any previous work. It cannot be stolen either, because we will take the liberty of disqualifying and reporting to the original author of what you did. It can be a series if you wish, but it would be much, much better if it was a one-shot. Be aware that we will be very careful with the entries.

Attention! Your story does not need to be a lemon. Since dA has been cracking down on lemons, we don't want any of you to get reported and have your story taken down. If you DO decide to write a lemon, you can post it on another site and send us the link to it so we can put it in the contest story journal. Any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to comment in this journal or to note any of the tagged members. We'll try our quickest to reply to all your questions. (Suggestion: Note all three of us because eventually one of us will reply quickly.)

Thank you all for being amazing members! We hope you all have fun with this ^^
Also! If you want to do a story or art request for one of the members, please message: DatAwesome, LucyXxNyuu13, or hitherestranger or send a note to the group itself :3

Ongoing projects

The Calendar Project is a project that is based on the famous christmas calendar, which was 'invented' to shorten the time you have to wait until Christmas is finally there.

Naktarra's S.M.I.L.E. Project
S.M.I.L.E is run by random acts of kindness and it's supported by random acts of kindness supporting giving random acts of kindness. Basically, at the end of the day my wish is S.M.I.L.E is something you can say, "I did that and it made me happy."

Medoriko's ABC's of Lit Community Project
The aim of this project is to serve as a single collaborative collection of literature forms. The project can focus mainly on poetry forms, but can also include types of prose (examples: non-fiction, six word stories)! :la: Since this project is about all of the writers on dA, that is where the community comes in.

iingo's Sweet New Icon Revolution Project
"This icon revolution is also dedicated to creativeness! We want to see your creative side by creating a popsicle icon. "

Savaliste's Eyes of the Artist Project
A fun project that allows people to submit photos of their eye, to later be made into one large montage creating an eye out of eyes.

"Our goal is to give extra exposure to features and new members of the community.
If you are preparing any features, please remember to tell us so we can spread the word."

meiyue's Artist's Telephone Game
The ATG is basically a twisted version of the classic game, Telephone. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the game Telephone, the concept is to pass a message along a chain of people and see how the message has changed by the time it reaches the last person. The idea for the ATG is to incorporate art into this game.

Artistle's TeamWork Project
The project teams two (or more) artists together as teacher and students to learn from each other about a certain topic over the course of 4 weeks.

Puzzles, solving mysteries and simulated online investigations. Detective-HQ is a unique group that challenges your mind into thinking outside the box, encourages creativity and critical thinking in a whole new different level.

SeniorSelections stands to feature premier artwork from the deviantART community through weekly features from each gallery category.

Mrs-Durden's Group Spotlight Project
Regular feature of active community driven and involved groups to help encourage community activity by groups.  

an art and literature collaborative project where artists and writers get to work together. Artists can create their works, and writers will choose something that inspires them to write an accompanying story or poem. Read more here

This group is filled with activities to help deviants make new friends.

This is a group against the disrespect towards art and art as profession. We hope to fight against underpriced art by setting a minimum wage for art commissions." Everyone in the group has to have commissions at a price higher than 500 points.

Web5teR's Emote Story Project
In this project you can show not only your drawing skills, but also the ability to write an interesting story!

Aimyee's Project Earn
"Project EARN, which stands for Encourage Awareness. Every month I will choose a certain topic and invite everyone who wants to, to submit art, write journals and participate in discussions etc. to raise awareness in these certain topics. I will also hold points and premium membership giveaways or contests/other things."

VonDiezyl's I'm Real, Are You? Project
A project that asks people to submit a photo of themselves showing that they are real people with feelings etc and not just someone pretending to be someone or something they are not.  

iDJPanda's Revamp Your Article Project
Inspired by the Draw This Again meme, this project asks people to revamp their old articles.

fella Help Update Fella's Dictionary

WorldWar-Tori's 2014 Positivity Project
"The whole point of this project is to spread positivity through photographing inspirational/positive/motivational/uplifting quotes written on paper"

A group for artists to get together and collaborate!

Bonelos' Inspiration Project
"This is a series of articles featuring artists that you in the community find personally inspiring. "

Astrikos's Praising Life Project
"I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can."

Tifa22's The Great Language Gathering Community Project
"My idea is to list all the languages people on dA can speak / write with both their English term and the original name, plus the sentence "I speak language" (correctly translated of course)."

deviantHEART's The Kindness Quilt Community Project
"The Kindness Quilt is a blanket created from the love of deviants right here on deviantART. This quilt is built upon love, respect and gratitude. Every person has a reason to and a means to create their own quilt square. To say thank you, to share a collaborative work, to show off a gift, commission or request, as a present, or simply as a design. The quilt square is 500x500 pixels, and when included in a completed quilt, can be resized smaller."

" Here, we will place a new Deviant each week! Deviants who are featured here are either upstanding members of our Deviant Art Community or are people who our members have caught committing an act of kindness! Any act qualifies, and we encourage members to be on the lookout for any Deviant who is worthy of this spot!"

MirachRavaia's Art For Trees Project
This project encourages you to participate in two different ways, either plant a tree, or offer art in exchange for trees being planted.

"dAWishingWell is a group specifically created to give back to the dA community by granting dA-related wishes such as premium subs, supergroup status, giving items off of wishlists, point donations, features, DD requests, and more! Do you have a wish? It could come true!"

"deviant365 is deviantART's official 365 Project where you will be provided with weekly tasks for the whole year. The aim of this is to give you motivation to participate in areas of our community that perhaps you have never experienced before, make new friends, work on your art, learn more about deviantART and enhance your experience on deviantART."

"ProjectComment is a Group of many projects centred around comments, but, more importantly, constructive comments.
We offer Members of deviantART a lot of opportunities to get comments, give comments, participate in comment projects, win points, get featured and much, much more!"

"dA's Community Relations Team bring you ART HISTORY, a series of articles about the entire History of Art."

"Project Educate, originally launched in 2008 by the Community Relations team, is a project to promote and support artistic growth and knowledge."

"Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal."

Nameda's Angels Without Wings Project
Angels Without Wings is a project that recognizes community members that work hard at promoting others or stand out otherwise in the community.  

Recommend your friend for a feature and get featured also.  

This group aims to focus on uniting people and encouraging them to support each other through life. We will actively encourage members to share their stories and talk to each other to make new friends, we will discuss important issues that may affect our members and we will accept all artworks that deal with an emotional issue. This is not limited to mental health issues, and the group is open to anyone.

We are a place to feature and promote community projects, events, and news, inspire collaborations of all kinds of art, educate others on how to get involved in the community and where they can go for projects and support, and other various community inspired activities.

Here you'll find useful tutorials, a critique corner, and activities to help you develop your artistic skills even more!

This group is not about getting attention for your art, it's about spreading awareness for Cancer, Aids, Child Abuse, Hunger, and the many resources out there needing help.

petrova's PrintsForPanzi project
Help contribute to Panzi Hospital by donating art or money.

This group works at interpreting deviantARTs faq to other languages so non native English speakers have a better chance of understanding them.  

non-real's Art Liaison Project
The aim of this project is to inspire artists to do some collaborative work.

Helping Hands

CRCommunityProjects is proud to announce that we have launched a Mentoring program! Now that it's live however, we are looking for community members who are willing to be mentors.  While our mentor program can focus on art and art creation, we aim to provide support in the community as a whole so we're looking for mentors who are familiar with certain communities and or sub communities and or running projects or contests within them.  
If this sounds like something you'd like to help with, have a read over our program here to see how to apply to be a mentor.  

Planning any Community Projects?

CRCommunityProjects is here to help you with your projects by giving them some extra promotion, or even help you brain storm your ideas so that you can get your project off the ground.  If you are planning any contests or projects, or are currently already running/hosting one feel free to shoot us a note to see how we can help you breathe extra life into it or help you with any problems you may be having.  

Want to be featured in next months round up?  Send CRCommunityProjects a note detailing your project and let us know you'd like to be included in our next round up.  

Coding by SimplySilent
Thank you all sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for watching me and liking my artwork. You don't know how much that means to melet me show you the dance of my people 

So I decided to make a Raffle! This is my first time making one. The person who wins this raffle wins 50Points, a free request, and can have all of my adopts im working on right now for free when I post them!

1- Favorite this journal (Once you favorite it don't unfavorite! If 'unfavorite' is even a word..)
That's all you gotta do and I will  pick at random who will win. I will not pick favorites just because I might know the person who is watching me, don't worry.

1- Send me a note begging me to choose you
2- Submitting a comment on my wall asking me to pick you
3- Spam me with messages asking to pick you when I make my next raffle
Seriously don't do it. It will really piss me off and it's annoying.

And if you want you can repost this journal letting all your watchers, or friends, or even anyone know about this raffle. Even though it's nothing big......The Raffle will end in 5 days maybe a week. Have Fun!!!!Love 
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Drawtober Day 01

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:00 AM
Lena-pencil-banner-DRAWTOBER by reneedicherri

Draweveryday by reneedicherri


Drawtober-day-01-2014 by reneedicherri

What's Drawtober? 

Drawtober is a 31 day drawing challenge hosted by Autodesk SketchBook and Microsoft Surface.

How do you join in?

- Be a member of our groups on deviantART.
What- you aren't already? Join the Autodesk-SketchBook group and the Microsoft SurfaceArtGroup

-Watch the account ~Drawtober
Each day in October, a blank canvas will appear with a creative prompt- like the one above.
Nobody knows what the prompts are until the morning of! That's part of the fun- can you challenge yourself to draw something on the fly?

-Take the blank canvas that gets posted new every day, download it, and draw the prompt. 
Download SketchBook and get creative. Use your imagination. Go crazy. Do you create a literal interpretation, or do you see the prompt in a different way?

Upload your finished piece to your own DeviantART account, and submit it to the Autodesk-SketchBook and SurfaceArtGroup.
Be sure to check out the other entries from both communities. Share the love by adding them to your favorites and leaving comments.  Everyone loves a comment.

:spotlight-left: AUTUMN CONTEST! :spotlight-right:

DailyFractalFeatures is pleased to announced it's second contest! :party:


We are looking for works inspired by the colors of autumn! So lots of reds, oranges, browns, yellows, and fading greens.

Entries can be abstract, focusing on the colors or focusing on the shapes with the added colors.

STARTING DATE: October 1, 2014

:spotlight-left:   RULES: :spotlight-right:

there has to be a few - please read them through!

:bulletblack: anyone is allowed to enter - not just group members

:bulletblack: All fractal programs are allowed. No fractal manipulations, please. Just make to say which program you have used.

:bulletblack: Also allowed are fractals found in nature. So photographs are welcome as entries.

:bulletblack: work must be your own - no plagiarism  anyone caught trying to pass off other people’s work as their own will be disqualified and reported.

:bulletblack: No premade fractal program scripts.

:bulletblack: please make a note of what program(s) you used in making your entry in the artists comments

:bulletblack: please put a note in the artists comments that the work created is for this contest.

:bulletblack: entries must be new works - no entries will be accepted dated before 1 October.  - likewise no entries will be accepted to the contest folder  once the contest has ended.  - works must be submitted to the contest folder dailyfractalfeatures.deviantar…

:bulletblack: A total of one entry per contestant in each field of fractal and photography. So you may do a fractal and a photograph. Or just a fractal. Or just a photograph. You can only win ONCE, - for example, if you win second place you cannot also win a  honourable mention place etc.

:bulletblack: the admins at DailyFractalFeatures reserve the right to add or alter rules if they see fit.

:spotlight-left: JUDGES :spotlight-right:

:icondeadened-glow: :iconc-91: :iconchasmandala:

I’m  looking for at least one more volunteer from the admins to help judge this one and judges will be announced later today.
If not anyone who has an eye for good fractals and photography.
Judges are not allowed to enter the contest themselves so bear that in mind!

There will be FIRST, SECOND  and THIRD places as well as HONOURABLE MENTIONS! This is for fractal and photography entries separately. Though you will only win once.

All places and honourable mentions will receive a blog featuring their art on DailyFractalFeatures

Please share this contest with fractal and photography groups!

Please leave a comment, if you have a question.