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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Stock & Resources

Broadly defined, Action Stock is any photo-reference in which the subject is doing SOMETHING. That 'something' does not need to be extreme or particularly kinetic, it just has to show the effects of various forces on the bodies (or other objects) in the image. Perusing an artifact, sitting on someone's knee, even enjoying the aroma of a cup of coffee are great examples of actions that, when explored as stock images, can be of great value to artists.

Bridger Mehmood (9) by anyman82 ~ Lovers 8 by kirilee ~ Hot Cuppa Sitting Preview by Null-Entity

Of course, there is nothing wrong with extreme, kinetic, over-the-top actions, either...

Weapons Wench 40 by kirilee ~ A Gentleman's Last Act Dive 13 by Null-Entity ~ Finish Him - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock ~ Street Fighter 11 by syccas-stock

It's worth stating the obvious: if you are interested in exploring the more "kinetic" end of the action spectrum, know your limits. Don't work beyond your skill level and observe all necessary safety precautions; no shot is worth getting hurt over.

Consider the visible effects of forces on objects when designing the shot. Clothing, hair, and body position/tension are the things that most clearly show gravity and motion.

WUC13 - 3 by jademacalla ~ The Stick 2 by DaeStock ~ Sci-fi Geisha 45 by kirilee ~ Otherworld Remix 9 by lindowyn-stock

Sometimes you may have to hack gravity a little but...

Melted Wings 6 by PirateLotus-Stock ~ Traveller 11 by dazzle-stock

As with any photo-reference image, action shots can benefit from the addition of interesting/unexpected angles and foreshortening.

Operator Soldier Stock - 53 by Nemesis-19 ~ Pose Reference stock 1 - Falling by charligal-stock ~ RTA_Preview by jademacalla ~ Staff Perspective - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

Likewise, subject orientation gives the artists who use action shots more options...

Apoc-Survivor (33) by anyman82 ~ Treasure Hunter-50 by Nemesis-19 ~ F2_AA_03 - Preview by jademacalla ~ Alanna41 by faestock

The subjects of gear and technique are too broad for this forum, but it's probably worth mentioning that you should understand your gear well enough to get the result you want. If you want to freeze your subject in mid-flight you need enough light to allow for the appropriately fast shutter speed; generally this means the use of either strobes or daylight.

REQ13_mr_boom3 by jademacalla ~ Jump 21 by DaeStock ~ Chandar 4 by b-e-c-k-y-stock ~ MAT_05 by jademacalla

If you've never played around with action-oriented stock images I hope you'll give it a try; the main thing is to have fun and be careful.  The sky's the limit.

hawaii exclusives 6 by magikstock ~ Forest Queen 22 by kirilee ~ Ascend And Reach - Eye Level 03 by Null-Entity ~  Southron Archer 4 by lindowyn-stock

my first giveaway:squee:

-everyone can join
-no spamming (if you are spaamming you were disqualificated!)

1. fave this journal and if you want make a new journal
2. optional: watch me if you don't want to miss more giveaways
3. leave a comment with your number and only the number, look what the deviant has who commented before for examlpe this person had 28 then you have 29

just donate the points and you get some extra numers the you leave in the same comment or if it is later a new comment with the next numbers in this order and don't forget to write in the message "for ... extr numbers in your giveaway"
2 numbers extra - 4 :points:
5 numbers extra - 10 :points:
15 numers extra - 20 :points:
all points will be added to the giveaway!!! If you want to be nice just donate points and write in the message "for your giveaway" and don't forget as more points as more prices

1st place receive 170 :points:
2nd place receive 70 :points:

IT ENDS ON 25TH SEPTEMBER 2014 AT 5 PM (GMT), the winner will be choosen with

Flash Manip Challenge 01 - Dreams

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 1:08 PM

You've heard of flash mobs, right? Large groups of people that meet in public places and perform in some way for a short amount of time, then disperse and act as if nothing happened, leaving everyone else surprised and confused? I figured I'd try to incorporate something like that into a short challenge. :D

You will be given a theme. The idea is to quickly piece together a manip based on that theme. Because the time limit to complete it will be short, technical skill will not be heavily judged

There will be more of these challenges, but they will not be on a set schedule. Like a flash mob, they're meant to surprise you and keep you on your toes. :meow:

Guidelines for Challenge 1
Theme: Dreams
Time limit: 3 days (due by 11:59pm EST September 21st)
You will be judged on creativity/originality & how well you fit the theme
:star: All stock must be legitimate
Upload your entry to your gallery and send the link/thumb via note

Because this is not a full-blown contest but instead somewhat frequent challenges, the prizes will be fairly small.
There will be two winners.
If anyone wishes to donate anything extra, it will be greatly appreciated. :heart:

First place
200 points
3 month subscription
feature on profile

Second place
100 points
1 month subscription
feature on profile

If you can't take part in this one, don't worry! :hug: There will be many more. Hopefully these will help stir up inspiration and creative ideas. :heart:

Also, feel free to suggest future challenge themes! (they just won't go in the order they are received ;))

Happy manipping! :eager:

Tournament and Graduation Dance

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 7:56 AM
Helmy says:

Well, well... we made it to the end of the tournament, and there was plenty of bloodshed for all of us to enjoy! It also appears that the academy is going to be holding a Ceremony and Dance this month!

Day: September 27, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00 PM CDT
What: Come to a ceremony for the top three tournament winners and the graduates of this year, then enjoy free food and music for the remainder of the night!
Where: Otherworlde Chatroom

Need a date? Come solicit one here!

Now, the part you've been waiting for...

Example: 2-0 is two wins, zero losses

Glitch 10-0 || Darvenel 7-4
Kichi 9-2 || Kyran 7-5
Cressida 8-4 || Contour 7-5
Pet 8-3 || Kaine 6-5
Dion 9-3 || Chrono 6-4 
Broken 7-4 || Jinxie 5-5 
Kyriel 6-3-1 || Shira 5-7
Lilin 6-6 || Alexei 5-6
Eva 6-5 || Virgil 5-7 
Sol 3-7 || Ida (Drop)

OW: Glitch (Expert) by viralremix
Final Record: 10-0

Kichi OW Expert by Kittrex
Final Record: 9-2

[OW] Dion Miachaelson by devinaaTART
Final Record: 9-3

OW: Pet App3 by Rndom-Obsessions
Final Record: 8-3

Otherworlde, 3rd year: Cressida Hawthorn by KeplerNova
Final Record: 8-4

Otherworlde Application: Darvenel Scrymogeour by Ju5tAB0r3d1Broken's app by Evil-Wren
Final Record: 7-4

Kyran Otherworlde New App by NightsCreatureOtherWorlde Application: Contour by Ju5tAB0r3d1
Final Record: 7-5

Otherworlde: Y5 Kyriel Applicant Form by kaihidou
Final Record: 6-3-1


Ninth: Chrono 6-4
Tenth: Kaine 6-5
Tenth: Eva 6-5
Eleventh: Lilin 6-6
Twelfth: Jinxie 5-5
Thirteenth: Alexei 5-6
Fourteenth: Shira - 5-7
Fourteenth: Virgil 5-7
Fifteenth: Sol 3-7

Refer to this journal for prizes, contact viralremix for points/USD and subscriptions.

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First of all, I'm quite a few days late in getting round to sorting this out, so for that I apologise! Sorry to keep you guys in suspense!!!

I'm happy to announce that the winner of the 12 month premium membership is :iconawakialkyona: !!! :party: :party:

Congratulations :iconawakialkyona: !!!!!!!

I know there'll be a lot of disappointed deviants (I never thought so many people would enter!) so I'm planning on holding more giveaways in the future once I get some spare funds. I might do more than one prize as well, so there's more chance of winning. :)…

Several weeks back, Ed Boon released this picture on Twitter, simply stating that "These boots were made 4 walkin." Not much else could be garnered from this, since the image is rendered colorless to avoid easy identification (at least that's what I have theorized).

However, more recently Mr. Boon has replied to a fan's inquiry about whether or not these feet belonged to returning Kombatants or new ones. He deemed it fit to inject it with a little hint.

"@peteyy360  @noobde any of these returning Kombatants or all new?? EB: MIxture!"

It's a combination of various characters then. Theories on what returning fighters he could be hinting at with this, anyone?
For those you that are pokemon fans I have a proposition for you. If you have any ideas for your own pokemon let me know and I'll draw them for you.
                             Transformers Story #1
 Writer:Sidney Gross (BumbleBee)
 Typed on: My Laptop .3.

  BumbleBee walked around an old abandoned town.It seemed to have life but then again,no one was around.He turned to his transformer and put his hands on his hips,walking around like he was some cowpoke.(He was in a Western town so he felt like being in the old days.)
  He remembered his partner,CliffJumper."Boy I wish Cliff was here.."He laughed.He kicked some dust up and continued walking around.He took his hands off his hip tho.He hated being alone.His missed his family and friends back at base.He gave a long heavy sigh,as he turned to his wolf and started walking around.
  A rumble startled him.He looked over to see a barrel fall over.He flicked his ears back,but then saw it was only a cat.But wait...That cat looked fimilliar...Bee's eyes widened.Optronix Prime!His uncle!"T-Tronix?"He asked thinking it was him.The cat looked up,hearing his name."Bee!"He turned to his wolf and ran at Bee,hugging him."Boy have I missed you guys!"Bee said hugging Tronix."We miss ya more."He laughed."So how's the army?"He said.Bee gave a long sigh,in annoyance."Boring.I have to go find some femme."He said putting a paw out and lolling his tounge,but not in the happy way."Sounds fun!"Tronix said,in a sarcastic laugh.Bee gave a fake laugh."Ha ha...Very funny.."He smiled and pawed at Tronix's head.Tronix smiled too."So who's the femme?"He said,curious."I have no clue,me and Shadow Streaker are looking for her."He pointed to a black mustang driving around town."Hey Shadow!"He called and the mustang turned to her wolf and padded over to them."Sup?"She asked."Have you found this femme we are looking for yet?"He sighed."Nope."She grunted."But I will!"She put her snout to the ground and started sniffing around."I don't know what Jazz sees in that femme..."He laughed.
  Tronix got out his data pad and started to search for an enrgoun souce.He got a signal but far away."So was her enrgoun spilled or anything?"He asked.Bee nodded."Ya,that's what the army said."He sighed."Alright,Well I am getting a spilled enrgoun signal."He said pointed at his data pad.Bee looked at it."Well I'll be da**ed..."He laughed."Well I guess we follow it?"Shadow Streaker's voice came from behind them.The two bots nodded."Alright then,what are we waiting for?"She wagged her tail and they started walking toawrds it.
  "Signal is getitng stronger."He said looking at his data pad."Then we must be close."Bee said."Do you think she will be nice,like Toxic? Or mean like erm.. Arachnid?"Shadow said.Bee flicked his tail."I hope she is nice..."He sighed.Tronix nodded in agreement."Yep."

Hello, all! This is AngelDonSplinterson, Co-Founder of this group! I'm here to tell you that if you need anything, have a question to ask, or want to tell us we can do better, be sure to contact us! We're here to answer any questions!! Just comment here OR send a note!
Thank you for your cooperation and your continued support and love of Stag Wolves! Watch for adoptables or be sure to buy a custom from MangaKidArt!!

Yours Truly,
:iconangeldonsplinterson: AngelDonSplinterson

P.S. AngelDonSplinterson has DISCOUNTED commissions for ALL Stag Wolves (and some other species (including Cafe Dogs, Water Dogs, and more!))! Be sure to check them out!

It's sad to say but the 7 foals born this year at DCS have not yet found a home. If they don't find a home by 31st of October, I am terminating 5 of them and classing it as "Natural Causes". The 2 survivors will grow up, mature and go for a second round as an older version with set traits. I don't want to do it. They are basically free, give aways or offer a payment if you desire. But they are little beauties. We'd like you to join us too so we can see how interact with your horse and this breed:
There are also a few adopts again free starter Mares and Stallions. They have longer. So spread the word please.