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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Hey everybody, it's fall, school's back and a chill is in the air. Weeks like this it seems like the fun of summer are gone for good, so here's a giveaway to cheer you up!

Back by popular demand, it's my turn to give back. 
Thanks to everyone who already made the previous giveaway such a success!  

New Kiriban OPEN
The number to reach is is 371,117. 

For the first time, i'm having two kiribans in a week to double your chances of winning.
In case you don't know, a kiriban is when you watch a person's page count, then if you happen to see the special number, take a screenshot of it to win a prize! You must include the clock in your screenshot to qualify. 

As for the point giveaway, There are a few important changes and NEW PRIZES.

I'm giving away 100 points to one lucky winner and 50 points to THREE lucky winners on 9/24.
:new: Two other people will win a 1 month feature on my page.
If you're really lucky, one person will win a FREE COMMISSION  of any simple animal, character or fanart of something they enjoy. I might draw your OC if I really like it too. 

Commission Examples: 

Fera by Kiwikku I WILL BEAT YOU UP AFTER SCHOOL by Kiwikku = we come in peace = by Kiwikku 

Round everything up, and this giveaway is my biggest ever, with more than 
1000 :points: worth of features, points and commissions being handed out. 

One cannot win both the kiriban and giveaway, or more than one prize.

Here's how to enter:

Step 1: Fave this journal. +fav 
Step 2: Be a watcher. Added to my devWatch! 
:new: Step 3: Leave a comment explaining why you want the points and should win/use them.

And that's it! The winners will be announced at the end of the contest. All pickings are done at random so it is fair.


Of course, even if you don't win, you can ALWAYS get free points by watching, faving and llamaing the featured deviants on my page. Click here for more info and rules/requirements. 

Cool art from around the community

This week's theme: "Color"

~Pop Star~ by Gullacass Ice Cream by rianbowart Mangkukulam by rianbowart 
Master Assassins Unite by Design-By-Humans  Spidey commission colors by TylerKirkham

Whoa. You can find a lot more cool art right here. Or, browse undiscovered
Be sure to fave and congratulate those featured!

My art 


eevee on the rocks by Kiwikku I M A G I N A T I O N by Kiwikku Squash by Kiwikku
VIOLENT WORLD by Kiwikku i have a dream by Kiwikku in winter by Kiwikku 

Want to see more?  Check out my gallery :D 
Thanks for joining! Keep watching for important news, updates, art and yes, more giveaways/contests! 

#Digitalists Chat Event 9/20/14

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 11:47 AM
Hi loves,

Nope you are not dreaming! Digitalists is hosting another chat event this Saturday September 20, 2014! Everything you need to know about the upcoming event has been included below:

#Digitalists Chat Event

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the events!
Need to convert the time? Time Zone Converter

Be sure to come out and party with us! We're excited to party with you!

1 free Mineral Neko giveaway

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:04 AM
only 1 because its school time...
i will randomly choose someone

Watchers only
(your welcome to watch me and join,but if you dont win,please dont unwatch me...we could be friends ;w; )

fave this journal so i can keep count of how many is entering uwu

not required,but you can do-
spread this journal around uwu

heres some examples of what they looks like,Gold,Silver,and Bronze (ok i tried to make bronze dont judge me)
NEW OC: Hitomi *read description please!* by Orange-Kitty-Goddess

NEW OC: Kyousuke by Orange-Kitty-Goddess

NEW OC: Mystic by Orange-Kitty-Goddess


First three colors
Gold,Bronze or Silver
Likes and Dislikes
Clothing (they have to have long sleeves sorrryyyy)
Accessories (if any)  

(if i need anything else i will add it uwu)

some facts about Mineral Nekos:

- they have no more than four colors,including Gold,Silver,or Bronze
they have 3 other colors
-they have to have the colors gold silver and bronze 
its how theyre born
the royal family,is in bronze
theres nekos outside of the royal family that are bronze,but not very many.
the towns people are usually gold or silver
the places they have silver,gold and bronze:
- eyes
- tail
- their chest
- their ears,the fur at the top of their ears,and earrings
- nose
- theyre skin is always white
again,its how theyre born
they have no color in their skin whatsoever
- they have either a heart,or a diamond on their chest
females have hearts,males have diamonds.
its an easy way of telling them apart,especially if they look like the opposite gender.

- their sleeves are ALWAYS longer than their arms
its a way to protect themselves
plus,theyve always had this preference

-they have gems on their boots
theyre usually the second color they have

if this doesnt get at least 10+ faves,i will cancel this giveaway .w.


soo...yeah thats all for now .3.
ill update the journal later if i forgot anything

oh,and if you dont win,dont be a pain about it please .w.
its an automatic block ^^;

im going to bed..

hopefully this gets over 10+ faves owo;;;

- Lauren :heart:

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SE2014- 10 days left (wishlist, entering)

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 3:40 PM
hi everyone~! Another small update for you all :iconsweethugplz:

it is going to be the 27th of September in only a few days, so that means that there are only 10 days left
for you to enter the Halloween exchange and for the people who ARE entered already to make a wishlist! 

if you want to participate in this spooky exchange, please click on this icon and follow the rules on there~!

and to those that have entered and do not know what to include in their wishlist, simply write the following:

at LEAST 2-3 characters that have no sexual,gory or violent designs

what you would prefer your gift to be (not AMG IT HAS TO BE THIS OR ELSE, just what you would prefer)

a bit of explanation of these characters, and maybe ideas on what the secret ghost //aka. person who will be drawing for you //// should draw 
and anything else you would like to add > u <

and either mention me, add the :iconsecret-exchange-2014: icon in your wishlistOR link your wishlist to me so i know you've done and completed everything~! <33

and yes it CAN be a wishlist....not preferred of course but you still can do that.

there are no exceptions for these deadlines.

if you did not enter before or on that day, and if you didn't make your wishlist before the end of the 27th, then you cannot enter and are disqualified.

Yes it's harsh, but there are now over 100 participants and i can't allow anyone who feels like theyre a special snowflake to just ignore the rules everyone else has to obey.

If you really wanted to enter then you would have followed the deadlines, or planned ahead.

but on a much less harsher note, i am so glad we are now at 100+ participants~! Thank you all so much for your collaboration guys :love: I look forward to seeing your wishlists and soon, your lovely artworks!

-the halloween queen//shot

Okay, this is the first group contest. And since it is the first, everybody who enters will receive a free sketch of any of your OCs (only one) by me, and any other (I'm talking to you guys) who decide to donate to the entry prizes or grand prizes.

Entries closes on the 16th of October (I will check them on the 17th my time though.)


Since this is the first group contest, it will relate to the group itself. So every entry must have:
  1. The group name: DoodleDumperPlace
  2. Your depiction of yourself, it doesn't have to look exactly like you, it could even be your favorite OC or whatever, just put a person who is unique to yourself
  3. A background comprised of doodles or some of you favorite character, basically anything
  4. COLOR! The only thing that I would like to see in color is detail number 2

Prize for entering:
A uncolored sketch of any one of your OCs by Me
Any entry prizes donated by kind members

Prize for DONATING:
Two uncolored sketches of up to two different OCs or yours drawn by Me
And a colored sketch of one of your OCs by Me

3rd place prize:
Three colored drawings of up to three different OCs of yours drawn by Me
Any prizes donated by kind members

2nd place prize:
One sketch and three colored drawings of up to four different OCs of yours drawn by Me
Any prizes donated by kind members

1st place prize!!!:
Two sketches and five colored drawings of up to five of your OCs drawn by Me
A llama badge and a point from Me

Please, submit as many entries as you want. They can be digital or traditional.

FOR MEMBERS OF DoodleDumperPlace ONLY!!!

I've got 6,105 pagesviews myself, but that led me to wonder; do other people keep track of their pageviews and do they really matter that much to you?

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:iconmin3cr4ftking4: said:

Is saying I should end my life well that's what I might do 

I might end my life 

First let me say one thing 

:iconashvanity: You're a stupid cunt 


:iconretfarcimak: said:
Because I have experience with this feeling, and min3craft is my friend, THIS. HAS. GOTTEN. PERSONAL! Alright, :iconashvanity: you fucking dipshit! Get in his boots! See how it feels to be told t commit suicide! You will probably be reported! EVERYBODY COPY THIS JOURNAL AND POST IT! WE NEED TO STOP THIS DOUCHEBAG!

Weekly Forum Lit. Contests

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:38 PM
As the title states, this journal will be where I store my past and recent...

Weekly Forum Micro-Fiction

:iconlplz::iconiplz::icontplz:      :iconcplz::iconoplz::iconnplz::icontplz::iconeplz::iconsplz::icontplz::iconsplz:
:iconstaredanceplz: :iconwooooplz: :iconstaredanceplz:

Current Contest

Fairy Tales: A Micro-Fiction Contest

Prize: 1 Month PM or 396 :points:
Deadline: September 24th, 2014 :turbopoke:

Past Contests & Winners

Orchestra: A Micro-Fiction Contest

Prize: 1 Month PM or 396 :points: & 1 Critique
Winner: awholelotofflowers

Broken Hearts: A Micro-Fiction Contest

Prize: 3 Month PM or 636 :points:
Winner: Just-A-Dabbler

Siren's Call: A Micro-Fiction Contest

Prize: 3 Month PM or 636 :points:
Winner: Goldfish-In-Space

Keep an eye out for future contests!


:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by frameofthoughts
Sorry, but i dont submit drawings cause im not inspired

dont worry, i can submit random things sometimes