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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Okay! So i promised a raffle when i hit 10 watchers ;) so here it is!!!

Just fave and comment on this journal so i know you know about you joined :)
This is just for my watchers so if you watch me then you can join :)

This is raffle for one art piece from me. There will be 2 winners and you can ask me
to draw ANYTHING literally! Like ultra-rare flapiti PAIR so you can breed em :D (but if you want something else then dats okay :3) and no nudity or stuff like thet!

It works like this: You comment and fave = you get a number.
When the participating time is up use randomizer to mix the numbers and see whos at the top and
who on the bottom :) Those two will be the winners

This will end first of september (finland time)

Plz all my watchers participate <3

Thanks for reading!

Hello! It’s been a while since we’ve given an update due to Audition Round starting, but I’ve finally got a new one!

We’ve gotten a few judging requests, which is great, but as we get more we’ll have to start deciding how long judges need to judge your rounds before R1 comes out which largely depends on how many people we need to judge and such.

So while we can’t give you a solid estimate yet (since we’re unsure how many more requests we’ll receive), we’d like to give you the option to request judging before deadline so long as you understand that means no edits after a judge reads your entry will be counted in your score. So if you’re sure you’ll make no edits, go ahead and tell us so we can get some judging done sooner!

Informing us that you won’t make edits and are willing to be judged before deadline also means R1 will come that much faster once deadline is up. Future rounds will most likely have this feature as well!

Thank you for reading!

Ay! Notaron lo que está sucediendo! ? :s por algún motivo el cual desconozco, deviantART está cerrando o suspendiendo algunas cuentas! Le pasó a una de las cdc's de mi pagina de photopacks png y estoy asustada .-. Alguien sabe el motivo por el cual está pasando esto!? D: agradecería respuestas! !
I may or may not be making a music video Troll  and I wanna add other people's OC's in it, so if you want me to add your character let me know and tell me which character! I will give credit to where credit's due don't worry guys XD. (please don't give me a really complicated oc for they are harder to animate)Seizure Kitty Dance 

:iconvampire070: with her OC Zero and awesome albino coyote
:icondaft-waffle: with there OC Waffle ^^ she's a cutie

Looking for Admins

Thu Aug 28, 2014, 2:14 PM

So the group has been running for little over a month now and I'm very pleased to announce that things, so far, are running smoothly! Of course, there are things to improve. Exposure and an increase in activity being two of those.

In the following few days, I start back at school and this year is my final one, which means it's going be full of a lot of hard work and exam pressure. The likely hood of things are that I will not have the opportunity to log on and tend to the group everyday, like I would wish to.

To assist me in running the group, I'd like to recruit a team of admins who would be responsible in helping me keep the group alive, maintaining behind the scenes, helping to promote the group and collaborate on new, exciting ideas for the group.

The following positions are open:

Credit Keeper

In order to keep the Credit System alive, it is important that I have some help in overseeing things and making sure that credits are added and removed as they need to be.

Contest Collaborator

I plan to hold many a contest on devSINCERE and to help me come out with new and exciting themes and ideas concerning them, it would be useful to have someone who can collaborate in contest brainstorming. This person would also be expected to help promote any contests we hold.

Gallery Maintainer

Ensuring that deviations are submitted to the correct folders, ect, the gallery maintainter will oversee gallery submissions.

To apply for the positions, please note the group with the following form filled out:

Position Applying For: 
Previous Group Experience:
Average Weekly Hours Spent on dA:

Wow, hi everyone.  It's been a while.  I'm going to be straight with all of you.  Here goes.

1: First of all, I deeply apologize for the inordinately extended absence.  It wasn't fair to any of our contestants, viewers, or pending auditioners to drop off the map like that.  Sorry from the bottom of my heart, personally.
2: Second, I took such a break from this OCT, I almost forgot about it.  My life, simply put, got full of debt and very busy, so I've been working that out, even taking a break from higher learning.
3: Third, I am still seriously interested in continuing this OCT.  This is my baby, and it IS exciting.  But I realize I need to take this more seriously than ever, and that's what I intend to do.

I understand if several of the already-accepted contestants are no longer interested.  I've kept you waiting far too long.  But I can promise you that I won't abandon you like that again.  Even if this goes under at the end of it all, I'll tell you, and not string you along for my own convenience.

Now on to the present things... [very important, please read, everyone]

1: HELLO.  I am SO happy to be posting here again and to become reacquainted with you all!  Holy crap, it feels good to be even on DevArt again.
2: I will need an assistant manager for this OCT; in essence, we are hiring.  This is too much to handle on my own, and while my sister and co-runner Kyasarin-angel is sure to pop in every now and again, she is too busy for this position.  I need someone who is willing to help me run and manage this OCT.  This includes writing and posting blogs and updates, responding to messages and notes, badgering judges or contestants for deadlines, and even providing unbiased judging [if needed] for this OCT.  This "job" will extend for the next year, possibly longer.  Please pm the group or even me directly if interested, and we'll talk.
3: This is the official update blog!  We're blowing the dust off this old girl and getting back in the game.  Who's with me, Freedom Fighters??

GazellaMech, Creator and Owner
Kyasarin-angel, Co-Creator and Current Head of Animation

2014 Contest

Thu Aug 28, 2014, 5:51 AM by Bit-sinna:iconbit-sinna:
Hello lovely deviants. It is about time that we got another contest going, but to do so we need to choose a theme and collect some nice prizes. :)

Potential Themes:

To help, please choose from the themes below the one you would most like to see as the theme of the upcoming contest and vote on this poll. Your vote will only count if you vote on the poll, not if you write a comment or send a note.

Non-Art Nouveau remake: Take a non-Art Nouveau piece of art and remake it in the style of an Art Nouveau artist.

Mash-up: Take the styles of two Art Nouveau artists (ex. Mucha and Klimt) and combine them in one new work.

Advertisment Poster: Make an advertisement poster in Art Nouveau style.

Mythical Being: Make an Art Nouveau work featuring a mythical being that is half beast/half human.

Mythical Creature: Make an Art Nouveau work featuring a mythical creature of your choice.

Star Constellation/Zodiac Sign: Choose a Zodiac Sign or a a Star Constellation to base an Art Nouveau work on.

Major Arcana: Choose a Major Arcana Archetype to use in making an Art Nouveau work.

Movie Poster: Choose a film/movie or tv series and make an advertisement poster in the style of an Art Nouveau artist.

Mechanical Focus: Make a visual Art Nouveau work where something mechanical is the main focus.

Gods and goddesses: Make an Art Nouveau work featuring a god or goddess from an old mythology of your choice.


1st place:

:bulletgreen: 10 points (so far)
:bulletgreen: Bookmark portrait commission (shipping included) from Bit-sinna donated by Anonymous Deviant.
:bulletgreen: One month profile feature from Bit-sinna.
:bulletgreen: Journal feature from Cassy-Blue & Bit-sinna.
:bulletgreen: A llama from BreakNeckViolet, Cassy-Blue & Bit-sinna.

2nd place:

:bulletgreen: One month profile feature from Bit-sinna.
:bulletgreen: Journal feature from Cassy-Blue & Bit-sinna.
:bulletgreen: A llama from BreakNeckViolet, Cassy-Blue & Bit-sinna.

3rd place:

:bulletgreen: One month profile feature from Bit-sinna.
:bulletgreen: Journal feature from Cassy-Blue & Bit-sinna.
:bulletgreen: A llama from BreakNeckViolet, Cassy-Blue & Bit-sinna.

If you would like to help improve the prizes by giving features, Premium Memberships, points, llamas or something else as a prize, you can comment below and I’ll add you to the list.

If you want to donate points for the contest, you can do so here: artnouveau-donations. Even one point is great. :heart:

Thank you for your time, and have a great day. :)

Yes I know this club has been quite dead but now we are going to change that.
But lets kick this started with some questions?
What kind of art competition you would like to have next?
I was thinking of smiley / chat emoticon competition.
What do you like about that?
And everyone who are not members here you can also comment and shout out what you think about it. ;-)


/And yes Campion1 still is the coolest rabbit bro I have. :la:

Heavens-Aria's contest advertising

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 8:33 PM

MisterMya is hosting a contest about her Naruto fan-character "Eishou Tenon", and you can even draw Hyuuga Neji with her!  ^^
It's quite interesting since you can use inspiration from a list of over 20 songs.  :)

More info about the contest rules and prizes here:

I'm going to enter, too!  :eager:

  • Mood: Artistic
Hello, people of Deviant Art... I'm new here and this is my first post... First, I hope you enjoy my artwork(s), Ill be posting mainly wallpapers and cosplays that I create (not to good with much else lol) well anyway I hope you enjoy what you see and plz comment on my works, Thank you