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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (34,915 votes) 847 comments
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Hey guys!! ; c ;

It's going to be my 16th birthday tomorrow!  Bear Emoji-33 (Sad) [V2]
I'm so excited! I've come a long way being on deviantART, and I would like to celebrate with you guys! What's the best way to do it than have a raffle! :happybounce:

This is also an 800+ watchers raffle! Showing my great appreciation to all! Thank chuu to everyone!~♥



Bear Emoji-10 (Long time no see) [V1]HOW TO JOIN Bear Emoji-10 (Long time no see) [V1]

Follow these simple steps otherwise, you may not be entered ; A ;

♥ Must be a watcher~ (This is to show watcher appreciation, of course :love: New watchers are welcome!)

♥ Add this journal to your favorites!~

♥ Comment saying "Happy Birthday!" just to prove that you have read through the rules carefully! (Otherwise, you will be ignored/not entered D: )

♥ Share this raffle by making a journal OR poll about it, but if you DO NOT LINK IT BACK, you will be ignored/not entered :(


There will be no extra chances ;o Everyone has an equal chance~


Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1]THE PRIZE Bear Emoji-01 (Good job) [V1]

There will be three winners Bear Emoji-31 (Hello Hi) [V2] 

All three will win a fully-animated Type 4 icon/avatar
 Illumine: Kai Satou Type 4 Icon by Vivi-ChuuIllumine: Vitous Schwartz Type 4 Icon by Vivi-Chuu~Delvin Lusk Type 4 Icon~ [FOR USE AS EXAMPLE] by Vivi-Chuu

New -If we get 30+ participants, I will be adding a fourth winner ^-^

-If we get 50+ participants, I will be adding a fully-shaded chibi!
(Example:C: miseryrayvn [1/3] by Vivi-Chuu)

-If we get 70+ participants, I will add a fully-shaded half-body!

(Example:G: Happy Birthday to icefeatherartist by Vivi-Chuu)

Thank chuu for reading and I hope to see many participants! ^-^


Bear Emoji-07 (Uh-huh) [V1]LIST OF PARTICIPANTSBear Emoji-07 (Uh-huh) [V1]

1. lightvanille

2. TikiTiel

3. MiyukiTakara1229

4. SeeThroughtheMist

5. Yalue

6. topazluck

7. Shino-G

8. grbdisme

9. Pizza-senpai

10. Lunaris-kun

11. SpiritSilverMoon117

12. Xx-Nightstorm-xX

13. KuchikixRukia

14. Sarusaurus

15. Light-chii

16. Caspain-Basset

17. dethtreeorigin

18. sakuraGx4nina

19. ColourfulStorm

20. bloodredbatwings

21. Clovis-thecutestcat

22. PermenantMarkers

23. GreenNoodleKitten

24. miseryrayvn

25. Icefire1200

26. Light-in-Dark56

27. totaldiscordfanatic

28. Youkah

29. Milky-Bunni

30. LilacPhoenix

31. RosalinaXLuigi713

32. safyia110

33.  Eye-Candy-Maker 


  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Rush, America, & Nirvana!
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life!~
  • Eating: Shish-Kebabs, Burgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza, & Ribs~
  • Drinking: Tea ; v ;

PE: Introduction to Chats

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 1:00 PM by diphylla:icondiphylla:

Chat and Forums

The purpose of this article is to help others become familiar with what chat rooms are, the purpose they serve, and how to get involved with chats here on Let’s begin!

Chat Rooms: A Brief Overview

The term chat room or chatroom, is used to describe any area on the Internet, a computer network, or website where users can communicate with one another in real time. Think of it like web based group text messaging except you may or may not know the users communicating with you. Chat rooms are great in that provide us with a venue to socialize with others who share a common interest. For instance, here on there are numerous chat rooms available, which can easily be found by going to the chat page.

The Chat Network

The Chat Network here on consists of a large number of chat rooms, both official and unofficial. Official chat rooms are operated by deviantART staff and volunteers, while unofficial chat rooms are created and operated by users of our community.  For instance, #devart and #help are the main chat rooms that are officially moderated by the volunteer team. Also, when you are browsing the chat page official chat rooms will have a :fella: icon listed next to the chat name.

As stated above, official chats are moderated by staff and volunteers. This means official chats are moderated based on specific rules. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the Chat Network rules before participating in chats.
For more information, please review: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

So you may be wondering about unofficial chats and what their moderation rules are. Since unofficial rooms are created by users of the community they are allowed to customize their chat rules as long as the General Chat Network Policies are followed. Thus, whenever you are new to an unofficial chat ask the Founder what the chat’s rules are before participating in the room. Please note, unless an unofficial room is violating the General Chat Network Policies, volunteers cannot take action in an unofficial chat. Instead, you must contact the unofficial chat’s founder or moderators. However, if you suspect an unofficial chat or person is breaking the chat network rules, please join #help and let a volunteer know.

For more information, please review: FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

#devart & #help

Now that I have explained that #devart and #help are the official main rooms and provided you with the Chat Network Rules; I think it is important to provide a more in-depth overview of these rooms. You see, both of these rooms serve a greater purpose for our community than some may realize. The chat room #help was created for users to receive real time help from volunteers. Of course, not every question can be answered by a volunteer. However, the ability to receive general help on the fly can prove to be more beneficial than most people realize or appreciate. If you have never used #help before why not give it a try the next time you need some quick help and see firsthand how awesome it is.

The chat room #devart is deviantART’s official general chat room, which makes it one of the most active chats on the site. Also, #devart is often the first chat users new to the Chat Network come across. Thus, #devart plays a vital role in how new users to chats will perceive chat rooms based on their first impression of being in #devart.

Unfortunately, not every user will have a great first impression of #devart or the chats. Why? Well, some users have expressed it is hard to join an ongoing discussion while others are turned off by the topic being discussed. The key thing to remember is a chat room is like walking into a social event. There will be groups of people talking to the side, loners spread around, and if you are in #devart you will even have chaperones to make sure the event does not get out of hand. If you were at an actual social event you would look for your friends or for a group of people you feel comfortable enough socializing with. The same is true for a chat room, especially #devart.

Thus, when you enter the room take a minute to observe the environment, look for familiar faces, and once you feel comfortable begin socializing with others. It makes it a lot easier to socialize with others if you become familiar with the topic of discussion, the people in the room, and simply stay relaxed. Also, if you do not like the topic and would prefer to discuss something else (as long as it does not violate rules) feel free to start up a conversation with others. Remember, chatting is supposed to be fun!

Insight from #devart Chat Volunteers and Regulars

"The more effort you put into knowing what the environment is like, the better you'll be able to determine your next action... or if it's even worth your time to be there." - Reaper-X

"Treat others as you'd want them to treat you." -Erzsabet

"Always remember that chatting is supposed to be a fun and social experience." - diphylla

"Take time to familiarize yourself with the official room rules. If you have questions or you're unclear on anything do not hesitate to ask a volunteer." -Erzsabet

“Volunteers are there to moderate, assist others, as well as socialize. Do not be afraid to interact with us!” -diphylla, Erzsabet, Mrs-Durden, & morbidman187

“Try joining in on conversations or talking about what you like. Joining and just saying “I'm bored" or acting out will usually make your time there less enjoyable.” - morbidman187

Helpful Links and Resources

FAQ #294: What is dAmn?
FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?
FAQ #874: What is the purpose of the #help chatroom?
FAQ #288: What does the Fella icon by a chatroom name mean?
FAQ #292: What are the commands that I can use on the chat network?

Full List of Chat Network and Forums FAQs: Chat Network & Forums FAQs

Monday Muses

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 2:03 PM

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!

It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:

There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!

Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Please also include why you chose that artist or artwork. Your suggestions will be featured next week! :heart:

If you want the feature to be a surprise for the deviant(s) you suggested, please leave away the '@' or :dev: when typing the username (and post links to artworks instead of thumbs), that way your Muses won't be notified of your comment here through the mentions system.

Also feel free to post this wonderful stamp the awesome a-neverending made on the profile pages of your Muses once the feature is published:

Give a stamp! - You are my MondayMuse by a-neverending

This week's Muses are:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconjjpeabody: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Healing Springs by jjpeabody
"When I came to Jereme was the first artist that ended up on my watchlist for his unique digital-fantasy-style. He inspires me every time he submits a work! I appreciate that he always stays true to his style but is still experimenting and developing all the time - testing new stuff, playing around with old ones etc.
Thank you for sharing your work with us! You are a constant inspiration!"

~ Windklang

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconmidorimurasaki: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Dragonriders in love by MidoriMurasaki
"I want to suggest MidoriMurasaki for always being there to lend a helping hand in various projects or just to deviants in need. Her community spirit is really admirable, and she's just a lovely person Heart
On top of all that, she's got amazing art as well! Wow!"

~ KiwiCocktail

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconrandyrakhmadany: and :iconpaullonden: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Amazing Lokbaintan by randyrakhmadany

Clockwork Super Nova by PAULLONDEN

~ Dieffi

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconredilion: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"Redilion's name is Iuliia Frantseva and she lives at Kharkiv in Ukraine.  She is an Administrator in three Groups:  Founder of Owl-House, Co-Founder of Traditional-Painting and Contributor at ArtworkCuteness.  Here are links to four of her 497 Deviations:

In Despair
Library owl
Temple in Sanchi


Iuliia is a student at Kharkiv State Technical University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.  She also devotes considerable time to volunteer work at the Kharkiv-Pasazhyrskiy railway station, distributing food and information to displaced persons.  Here is the link to a screen capture I made of her recent interview on EspresoTV:  Iuliia Frantseva.  The entire report is located here with Iuliia's interview beginning at 35:55.  I'm not literate in any of the Slavic languages, but it's nice to hear her voice all the same!

Personal Computer

We frequently chat via Facebook and I find her inspirational because she selflessly gives her time to helping people during the ongoing national emergency in Ukraine.  I love her artwork and sense of humor; yet I'm concerned for her safety, for obvious reasons.


~ LayaboutJoe

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :icondejmiaann: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Smeagol by Dejmiaann
"Dejmiaann is a polish artist who is not so long on dA but has an amazing skills and should be totally noticed more. His gallery is totally breathtaking and worth to take a look."

~ UszatyArbuz

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconarte-de-junqueiro: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"Mel is fabulous photographer, who puts a lot of heart and passion into his work!
So many of his scenes are really breathtaking, and I'm always inspired when I've been to his gallery. Not only that, Mel is a good friend, kind of like a brother, who genuinely cares. He's a good person who has compassion for other people, as well as for animals and other good causes. He's a great person with a big heart. No wonder he's my muse!

Here's an example of one of his gorgeous works:


~ TeaPhotography

Thank you for participating! :heart:

So as it is September the 1st  I am launching a new monthly contest :excited:

each month on the 1st I will be launching a new contest that will allow you to win a 3 month premium membership or the points equivalent.

from today you will have until the 30th of September to submit your entries.
you can leave them in a comment on this post

All you need to do is create  something based on a specific word.each month there will be a new word
This months word is Transport

The  Rules are simple.

:bulletblue: It can be any media
:bulletblue: You can only enter once
:bulletblue: If you are a photo-manipulator all stocks must be credited
:bulletblue: everyone gets featured  the following month
:bulletblue: There can be only One winner each month
:bulletblue: It must be submitted in the month of September 2014

if you would like to suggest a word for the follwing month please do so in note form

Comment Month: September

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 4:05 AM
Alongside our Monthly Photography Critique Thread, we are hosting a Comment Month this September!

Every single one of us deserves at least one insightful comment on our deviations. We have all needed to start somewhere and some just need that extra boost to really get going.

Our timeline is as follows:

1st – 7th September: Members of CRPhotography can suggest one deviation for a chance to receive some comments. This is a chance for any underappreciated artist to get the comments they deserve.

7th - 30th September: Anybody and everybody can comment on the submissions we received for Comment Month. More information on the day.

1st - 7th October: Comment Month is over, but other things are just beginning. Deviants who have commented constructively on over three submissions will receive a news and page feature and :points:, and any deviations that have not received any comments will also be featured. More information on the day.

Please note:

:bulletblue: Submission is only open to members of CRPhotography, though anyone can give a constructive comment.

:bulletblue: To really make this a successful month, we encourage you to think about your comment and make it constructive, so that it does not consist of one word comments or one sentence comments.

:bulletblue: We will keep you up to date with what’s happening, so don’t worry if you’re confused about future events. All will be explained.

:bulletblue: If you have a question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

Submissions Open Now!

Starting from today, submissions will be accepted for Comment Month in this folder!

Can’t Wait?

Those who cannot wait until the 7th September to comment can comment on the deviations submitted right now! Just keep a list of the deviations you’ve commented on in link form in a word document somewhere ready for when commenting officially starts!

We hope that everyone participates in Comment Month, whether it is through suggesting or commenting instead. You really can’t 'lose' here, so please join in, spread the word (the more people the better!), have fun, suggest and comment, comment, comment! :eager:

PE: Chat Scavenger Hunt

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 9:23 AM

Welcome to our projecteducate Chat and Forum week chat scavenger hunt!
We have put together a fun way to browse the chats while learning a bit more about what makes them so great.  
The overall goal is to have fun and take some time to get to know other chatters along the way.  This hunt isn't about who gets through it the fastests so please do take your time, work at your own pace, and most of all, remember to have fun!  

We have worked hard to make clues easy to follow without just giving them away.  Be sure to pay attention to messages as you enter rooms, or links that stand out.  Many rooms list rules or other important tidbits in the rooms topic and/or title.  These are great places to pay attention to as well.  

Don't be afraid to ask other chatters questions about the chats, take some time to make new friends or just get to know someone.  If you'd rather do this with a friend, feel free to bring one or more along for the ride.  

What you need to do:
  • Keep track of your route in the order you go.  You'll need this information to get your prize. 
  • Pay attention to any clues given to you, or clues that are placed where you can find them
  • Once you've reached the last chat room, and you have finished chatting it up for the day, send me (Astralseed) a note with the different places you had to visit (chatrooms and/or other) to complete the scavenger hunt.  
  • Bonus points for including a bit about your experience when you send in your note
  • Bonus bonus points for including a funny quote from the chats that you experienced. 

Deadline: Thursday September 4th 2014 at 11:59pm PST

Prizes: We have a few 3 month Premium Memberships up for grabs!

Let's get you started shall we?  Open the chat page.  Ready?

Okay, here's your first clue:
The first room you must join is not #devart.  

Astralseed2 By 3wyl-d7xf3te by Astralseed

:bulletred: English :bulletred:

It is a month of the beginning of beautiful autumn color back to school or back televised. This is a month where we start to harvested fruits and vegetables

Challenges is ...

It is shown picking fruit or vegetable in the fields (grape harvest).

noted well: that except for the month the picture with of human beings pick up what into the fields are accepted.

:meow::star: The challenges you enough ... there are process and rules to follow. :meow::star:

:bulletpink: Important to register before submitting the work in the "challenge of month" folder.

:bulletyellow: Respect the rules of paragraphs 3 (File section).

:bulletpink: Respect the focus group.

:bulletyellow: Make sure that your work is for our group ('ll enjoy are saying).

:bulletpink: If you made ​​the photography, editing photos are accepted.

:bulletyellow: We accept with or without a man picking fruits or vegetables. We need a fields.

:bulletpink: We accept focus or close-up fruits or vegetables into as many of specified that is what.

:bulletyellow: to be creative, imaginative and fun and and good back.

:flowerpot: The challenge ends October 1, 2014 :flowerpot:

:bulletblue: Français :bulletblue:

C'est un mois de début de belle couleur d’automne de rentré scolaire ou rentré télévisé. c'est un mois où qu'on commence à récolté des fruits et des légumes

Défis est...

C'est montré la cueillette de fruit ou de légume dans les champs (vendanges).  

noté bien : que l'exception du mois les photo avec des êtres humains entraîne de ramasser de quoi dans les champs sont acceptés.

:meow::star: Vous assez le défis... il y a des démarches et des règles a suivre. :meow::star:

:bulletpink: Important de s'inscrire avant de soumettre le travail dans le dossier « challenge of month ».

:bulletyellow: Respecter les règlements du numéros 3 (section dossier).

:bulletpink: Respecter le focus du groupe.

:bulletyellow: Assurez-vous de dire que votre travail est pour notre groupe. (se serai appréciez de dire)

:bulletpink: Si vous faite de la photographie, les photos de montage sont accepté.

:bulletyellow: On accepte avec ou sans d'homme qui ramasse des fruits ou des légumes. Il nous faut un champ.

:bulletpink: On accepte focus ou gros plan de fruits ou de légumes en autant de précisé c'est quoi.

:bulletyellow: soyez créatif, imaginatif et amusez-vous et bonne rentré.

:flowerpot: Le défis se termine le 1 octobre 2014 :flowerpot:


Daybreak by RiseUndead Perdue dans les champs by Pastekinette berry picking by junkeemunky Field Work by davidsant Vegetable Bowl - Close up by NJD-Miniatures grape picking by leglaunecmichel Picking Sunflowers by Dahtamnay Vendanges by cameraflou Vegetable composition by CapellaChan La traversee des champs de ble by Lak-Satif Raspberry Fields by IdaliaMay speed-3 by styloide Strawberry fields forever by awesome43 Mixed Veg 1 by Succubeth My Imaginary Land by Dyun Fruit by MassiveAggressive Fields of Cotton by Kredence101 Robot Fields by PanPanMomo Fruit Bowl in Pastels by ZEPASTELARTIST The Magical Fruit by xXTheComicsGirlXx Blueberry Fields by ieatSTARS Speed paysage by styloide Dragon Fruit Field by thephotographicools Audience... by vertatp Raps Field In Midday by AldemButcher

Deviation Hunt!!

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 6:50 AM by justanothersomeone:iconjustanothersomeone:

Hi everyone :wave:
As you may or may not know, it is Chat & Forum Week her in projecteducate. There's a ton of fun challenges and activities happening that we can all participate in! 
I will be hosting a Deviation Hunt alongside with Erzsabet on Tuesday the 2nd! The theme I've come up with for this deviation scavenger hunt will be Greek Mythology!
You only need to jump into #CommunityRelations at 8pm Pacific and we will be giving you clues as to what god, titan, hero, etc that you are to search for and what particular image containing said element that we are referring to. You then have a small allotted amount of time to beat your fellow deviants at finding the deviation and posting the thumb in the chatroom first. At the end of the contest whoever has the most points will win some prizes! As well as some runner ups!


3 month Premium Memberships

Also: I will be including the link to my Scuzzle piece at a random time during the event so you won't want to miss that!
More details on the Scuzzle contest here:

Look forward to seeing everyone Tuesday night! Happy Hunting!

News & Updates - 9/2/2014 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Ignotis Blessing Event! Be sure to give your offspring names before the end of this month, otherwise they'll wander off in search of someone else to give them one. :) 

Broucke will be going on vacation for the rest of the month, so aside from a friend of mine's birthday, there won't be any new pets uploaded or comments processed until October. You can still interact with your pets, help Cradles in the Nursery and play Croquet on Saturdays until I return, but I won't be on to respond before then. See you guys soon! :heart: :huggle: 

--- Featured Pets--- 

DemonSkylier: Nouba by BrouckeAliceTheHunted: Rue by BrouckeNalico: Clarissa by Brouckesmithieaan: Chaos by Broucke
When I started this contest about a month back, I wondered if I'd even have three entries so I could fill the promised slots. The fact that seven entries came is a huge compliment. You guys really stepped up with the artwork and I am looking forward to displaying this art in upcoming After the Fact videos.

Unfortunately, seven entries means that I have to make some choices. So before I list our top three entries, let's have a look at some honorable mentions:

Clutterstep vs Cheese Sandwich - Shipping is a treacherous process. You never know who you might cheese off. RhythmicEssence took the "Talky Box" joke from my comic and took it to a tough conclusion. Tough for Clutterstep, that is.

Clutterstep vs Pinkie Pie - Seems kind of poetic after Cluttesrtep vs Cheese Sandwich. CookieBeliever knows how to take advantage of Pinkie's rhyming talent with a rap battle I'd enjoy seeing. I don't know how long Clutterstep could go without using the word "orange". This was CookieBeliever's first comic, and I hope we'll see more!

Arm Wrestling - And this is why you don't challenge a Diamond Dog. Ed1229 has contributed several times to this gallery, and I'm glad he and his OC, Spike the Diamond Dog, took part in this contest. In addition to a supporting cast and some fun expressions, we get more of Pinkie Pie being... Pinkie Pie.

Battling the One He Loves - Changelings are jerks. I hear folks on the net defend their nature, yet I always remember how they laughed as they invaded Canterlot. They know what they're doing and they love it. So a Changeling posing as Twilight to mess with Clutterstep is a double-jerk in my book. TakaraPOV did a great job with the rainy terrain and the expressions. The wet mane look is always in.

And now we go with my three picks, with an explanation behind my reasoning:

#3 Clutterstep vs Freckle - Introducing an OC is hard since the audience may not know the whole story. DoodleTheDemon89 introduced Freckle and his motives to the audience, then set up a conflict between Freckle and Clutterstep that wasn't based on any real animosity. Plus, as Clutter is acting a little full of himself, it's enjoyable to see his pride, and Freckle, come back to bite him. The one thing holding this comic back is the background. Clutterstep stands out well against the red, yet Freckle's orange coat tends to recede.

#2 Clutterstep vs Button Mash - The quirks of Pokemon's gameplay are well known on the net, and EvMEM takes full advantage of them along with Button's personality. I have no idea how Clutterstep is supposed to battle without any Pokemon, and I'm expecting him to show up at the nearest hospital with some unique injuries. The composition on this piece is very strong as nothing is left to waste and the green background helps both characters stand out. The only critique I have are the word bubbles. I know from experience how hard it can be to arrange them, yet relying on numbers to tell the audience how to read can hinder the experience. A study of the IDW comics can show some great arrangement (plus lots of fun stories).

#1 Clutterstep vs Giant Cat - CAAAAAAAAT! I never specified any mediums, and chicka125 did something truly unexpected with her crochet pony. Crochet-step is looking at an unhappy time as the kitty's newest play toy. Not only is the quality of the figure well done, the shot is nicely composed with a sense of size to the cat and the eye is drawn to the foreground despite an active background. With its creativity, composition, and skill, I declare this my top choice for Clutterstep Versus!

Thanks to all of your for your submissions. I hope you'll all be encouraged to keep creating and improve your skills even further. Now, Clutterstep has to rest up for his next comic. This contest may seem a picnic by comparison.