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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (71,401 votes) 906 comments
51,233 Deviants Online

This is a cause i want to fight for because i live in Romania which is just south of Ukraine. The war is very close and very real and this Ukrainian family is asking for your help to move away from the war zone. 

They need to raise $1000 and have already raised $269

How to donate! There are 2 ways:

Send money through this fundraiser
or send money to :iconshimiart:'s paypal

:iconshimiart: is offering commissions in exchange for money for this cause as well check the journal below for to see what she is offering

Here is the original journal of the person who is organizing this fundraising for her Ukrainian friend and the info on the drawings she is making for the people who donate

Of course, you can donate without asking for art, it's your choice.
You also don't need to make a huge donation, even small ones make a difference! Small acts of kindness put together can be very strong i believe :D
I will donate too because i want to know that if i were in this situation there would be someone out there who would help me.
Even if you can't donate at all, you can spread the word through a journal or +fav this journal. 
Thank you for reading :hug:

Totoro Journal Skin by starrily

Would you like to go into more depth in the world of digital art?

Take a fast lesson on how to use an image editor as good as photoshop and free.


Made With GIMP:

Legend of Sol: The Team Avatar by SolKorra

Sol and Brok In Love by SolKorra

Sol Vs Brok Firebending Training by SolKorra

Korra Bending The 4 Elements by SolKorra

School Girl Korra by SolKorra

Wild Korra II by SolKorra

K-O-R-R-A by SolKorra

Legendary Avatar by SolKorra

Shinobi Art Online by Koikii

Koikii The Trainer by Koikii

PEACE by Koikii

KORRA X NARUTO - Crossover by Koikii

My OC by Koikii

.:Please don't destroy our future:. by Koikii

Enjoy in this amazing World!!!

Founder SolKorra:iconsolkorra:

Get a Premium! Also, ducks.

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 3:23 PM by puddlefisher:iconpuddlefisher:


x1 blunt sword
x1 rubber duck
x2 owl eyebrows

You may choose only one.

Simply leave a Muro doodle below this journal of any character equipped with either of the objects listed above - in any kind of comic/cartoon visual style. It's a one-time super mini event that will last around 24 hours (with a possible extension) after which three doodlers will each receive a Premium Membership. The doodles will be featured in the next article to announce the winners. This is, of course, for me to celebrate starting my term on the communityrelations team.

- Must choose one of the three options to equip your character, e.g. x1 rubber duck
- You are free to interpret the rest of your doodle however you want
- Doodles will be chosen based on the creative use of the items and visual relevance to cartoons/comic visual styles.
- Doodles won't be chosen based on the technical skill - use your mouse, or anything that moves your cursor!
- You may already be a subscriber (open to anyone)
- Time starts now :stare: (deadline 23:59 02/08/14)

1st: 3 month Premium Membership
2nd: 1 month Premium Membership
3rd: 1 month Premium Membership





Semi-official Community Relations group for the Traditional and Digital Typography and Digital Text Art galleries on dA.
Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrtextandtypography: :icondigitalists:

August Book Club: Carrie

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 4:00 AM

For August's Book Club, we're taking a turn into the terror of the fantastical and paranormal universe that is Stephen King's Carrie. Check out what's in store for this month below and then go get reading!

What do you need to know about this month?

  • You need to read the book. There is every benefit for doing so!

  • Join in the mid month discussion journal. where we will be discussing details for up to the end of part one. I'll be posting a journal through CRLiterature sometime on Saturday August 16th with a few discussion questions for everybody to chew on. As I'll be on vacation the week of the 16th, this journal will be scheduled in advance, but I will be back by the end of the weekend of the 16th/17th

  • Attend the end of month chat. Time and date of the chat is 12 PM PST on August 31st.

    Chat Countdown Clock

    Refresh the page to see it countdown!

  • Prizes!
  • A wonderful contributor at CRLiterature teamed up with other wonderful people, the publishers at Egmont and Sourcebooks who will be providing prizes this time around: a signed copy of AMITY by Micol Ostow and a copy of THE GIRL IN THE WELL, along with ghost dolls made by the author Rin Chupeco for a participant who contributes to this month's book club.

  • If you finish reading early, you can always start on the next book.

Carrie Fan Art

Carrie by Brithzy

Ask for Forgiveness - Carrie Poster by disgorgeapocalypse

carrie by vhe-splatter

CARRIE: Chole.Grace.Moretz by awkwardtaco


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Lightbulb Summary  
"...It’s an online magazine, posted every Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday, through deviantArt, to give you your daily dose of appreciation. Each day of the week will focus on a particular form of art, in a rotation: Literature, Art, and Artisan Crafts..."

Lightbulb GOAL
"...In the sum of things, we'll be helping a number of deviants from around the community will be featured, helping to introduce them, and you, to a wider community of artists. Your role is resources for the topic you're applying for. These resources will help deviants get more out of their dA experience, have more opportunities to get involved with other deviants, earn feedback on their work, and more!..."

Lightbulb  What's In Each Article 
"...As they read through our article, not only will they find words of encouragement, but also a lot of information to help them grow and broaden their talent as an artist. We will also feature different events, contests, and giveaways as an addition to get them more involved with the community. Lastly, The Daily Team will be hosting prompt sessions at the end of each issue. This will allow all of us to come together and participate in receiving love from every direction.

The Daily Bread Team

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:iconastrikos: :iconremanth:
2014 Summer Contest (CLOSED!)Sa mga nagsusungit dyan, wala kayo sa lugar para umarte ng ganyan!
Huwag rin kayo umasta na parang may utang ako sa inyo na dapat kong bayaran. Hindi niyo kelangan mag-padala ng napakaraming notes na nagsasabing "sori po" at pagkatapos ay magko-comment kayo na hindi ko tinanggap ang entry niyo dahil ayon sa inyo ay "pangit" ang gawa niyo. Hindi ako ganoong klaseng tao na hindi tumatanggap ng ayon sa inyo ay "pangit" na entry. Ang rules ay rules kaya hindi niyo dapat ikasama ng loob kung paalalahanan ko kayo ng tungkol sa mga yon bago ko tanggapin ang ipinapasa ninyo.
Tandaan niyo, kayo ang mga contestants, hindi ako!
Kung hindi pa mahaba-haba ang pasensya ko, baka patalsikin ko pa kayo sa group.. pero wag kayo mag-alala dahil hindi ko pa naman gagawin yon sa ngayon! Kapag sobrang napikon na talaga siguro ako, baka! Minsan naman, palawakin niyo naman ang isip niyo katulad ng ginagawa ko para sa inyo.
Wala akong matatanggap na kahit anong bayad dito sa ginagawa ko. Donation ko lang po an

2014 Summer sa Pilipinas Contest

1st Place


CE: Magi Trio explores Mount Mayon and Cagsawa! by hananomnom

by :iconhananomnom:

You have won:

* Genius EasyPen i405X Graphic Tablet by cryingAnarchy

12 months Premium Membership (or equivalent :points:) by cryingAnarchy
Tell me whether you'd like to have premium or :points: points.
If you chose premium, please say kung kelan mo gusto simulan para magamit mo at hindi masayang ang 12 mos. premium.

One Colored Artwork by oinkwarrior
One Colored Portrait (head to waist) by PrinceCaeruu
One Drawing (head to bust) by krisppie
One Waist-up by Yiri-tan
One Colored Headshot by ia-sen
One Colored Drawing by MissArisu
One Full body by Maamii
One Colored Drawing (head to waist) by NeekoChanii
One Fullbody Chibi by erichankun
Winner's Package by AnotherContestGroup
1 month Profile feature by cryingAnarchy
1 llama by MissArisu

* Send me a note with your complete name and complete hone/school/office address with zip code (or wherever you can be easily located). I need those details para sa resibo/warranty ng Genius Graphic Tablet and para sa pagpapadala ng item either via LBC or Air 21 (or kung malapit ka sa akin, personal). I will give you the tracking number (kung meron nun) para malaman mo ang delivery progress if you're outside Metro Manila. Kung may phone/landline kau, isama mo na rin para pag kailangan ng confirmation. :D

If you do not need a graphic tablet, just tell me also para matanong ko sina 2nd placer, 3rd placer, and honorable mentions kung sino sa kanila ang may kailangan nun (1st reply, 1st choice). //wink

2nd Place

Contest Entry: Kuroshitsuji in Vigan City by LoitumaRamen

by :iconloitumaramen:

You have won:

6 months Premium Membership (or equivalent :points:) by cryingAnarchy
Tell me whether you'd like to have premium or :points: points.
If you chose premium, please say kung kelan mo gusto simulan para magamit mo at hindi masayang ang 6mos. premium.

One Colored Artwork by oinkwarrior
One Colored Portrait (head to waist) by PrinceCaeruu
One Drawing (head to bust) by krisppie
One Colored Headshot by ia-sen
One Sketch by MissArisu
One Waist Up by Maamii
One Colored Drawing (head to waist) by NeekoChanii
One Fullbody Chibi by erichankun
Winner's Package by AnotherContestGroup
1 month Profile feature by cryingAnarchy
1 llama by MissArisu

3rd Place

Summer in Philippines by NekoHimeChama

by :iconnekohimechama:

You have won:

3 months Premium Membership (or equivalent :points:) by cryingAnarchy
Tell me whether you'd like to have premium or :points: points.
If you chose premium, please say kung kelan mo gusto simulan para magamit mo at hindi masayang ang 3mos. premium.

One Colored Artwork by oinkwarrior
One Colored Portrait (head to waist) by PrinceCaeruu
One Drawing (head to bust) by krisppie
One Colored Headshot by ia-sen
One Chibi by Maamii
One Fullbody Chibi by erichankun
Winner's Package by AnotherContestGroup
1 month Profile feature by cryingAnarchy
1 llama by MissArisu

Honorable Mentions


[CE] Hey~ #It'sMoreFUNinthePHILIPPINES by istarleng by :iconistarleng:, Hetalia philippines summer by uzuluna by :iconuzuluna:,
Summer Happiness (in Bangui Wind Farm) by NeekoChanii by :iconneekochanii:, Summer Memories in Bohol with Gon and Killua by champs00 by :iconchamps00:,
Summer with halo-halo n_n by ShailynFe by :iconshailynfe:, {Contest Entry} by popcolas by :iconpopcolas:

You have won:

1 month Premium Membership each by cryingAnarchy
Please say kung kelan mo gusto simulan para magamit mo at hindi masayang ang 1mo. premium.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

:star: Sa mga nag-donate ng prizes, please sana po i-honor ninyo ang inyong promise/s! Kung pwede po as soon as possible para hindi naman mamuti ang mata sa kahihintay or malungkot ang mga nanalo. For sure naman, merong "reward" na kapalit in the future yang mga gagawin niyo para sa kanila, tulad na lang ng friendship na pwedeng mabuo between you and the prize winner!

Sa mga hindi nanalo sa ating Summer Contest, ituloy niyo pa rin ang pagguhit. Wag kau malungkot dahil kahit di kayo napili dito, I'm sure meron pa rin naman kayo natutunan (techniques, faster ways of doing art, etc.) sa mga ginawa ninyong entries. And of course, meron namang kasunod na new contest ito eh so try lang ng try, okay?

Speaking of new contest, suggest naman kayo ng tema please! Dapat may kinalaman sa ating bansa at kultura xempre. Huwag na yung "Tag-ulan" sa Pilipinas, huh? Gasgas na gasgas na yang topic na yan right now dahil kahit saan ka tumingin dito sa tin ngayon eh umuulan at may baha..

Hanggang sa next contest,
I'm :iconcryinganarchy: cryingAnarchy (Mhacky), at your service!

Giveaway WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 6:48 PM

Alright it's time to announce the winners of TWO recent giveaways I had that both ended on  August 1st ;p

So...let's start with the smaller one:  Thanks so much for 100K PVs! OVEREDIT: The giveaway is CLOSED now. Winners will be announced ASAP! :eager:
Sorry for the late notice, but because I normally don't see my pageviews, I was shocked to find out that I was already at 100,000!!! :o last time I checked, I was at 40,000 or so! :faint:
Anyways, I want to thank you guys SO MUCH for all the support whether it be a watch, llama, fave, or comment! ;p I really appreciate it! :hug:
:bulletblue: I've been on dA for about 21 months and I can't believe I've achieved so much:
650 Deviations 
3,301 Watchers 
100,705 pageviews
7122 llamas
So as a little thank you, of course, I'm going to hold a little giveaway! :) This is only for my EXISTING watchers, so new watchers won't be entered, but of course, you can still watch me because I will definitely hold more giveaways in the future! ;p
:bulletred: All you have to

Out of the 27 watchers who participated only one could win the 100 :points: and that was....


Congrats!!! :clap:
*prize will be delivered momentarily for the my 2nd monthly giveaway:  Monthly Giveaway #2 CLOSEDEDIT: The giveaway is CLOSED now! Winners will be announced ASAP! :eager:
Win PM, points, art, and more! :la:
So I know this is random and in the middle of the month but...... I've decided to try something new here where instead of having one big giveaway only once in awhile, I'll have a small giveaway every month or two :) (Smile) prizes are the usual: premium memberships, points, art, features, etc. And rules have not changed either!Sweating a little...
:bulletblue: You must be Added to my devWatch!-ing me! I will always have giveaways and contests in the future so if you want a chance for more points, I would say don't unwatch me Sweating a little...
Bullet; Red Make a journal or poll about this giveaway and post a comment with the link to it. Sorry I know ever

Out of the 378 people who entered, only 7 could win...but here they are: ;p


:trophy:1ST PLACE
:iconpandy-maddy: Pandy-Maddy

Congrats!!! :clap:
Point Right 3 month premium membership (or 636 Points )
Point Right A free commission of your choice from my commission journal
Point Right 1 year feature on my profile

:trophy: 2ND PLACE
:iconlyrach4nmehh: LyRach4nMEHH

Congrats!!! :clap:
Point Right 400 Points 
Point Right 3 month feature on my profile

And finally the FIVE deviants who each won 50 :points::
#183 :iconjacksonchen: JacksonChen
#234 :iconkitamikichi: KitaMikichi
#161 :icongossamier: Gossamier
#228 :iconpixillon12donuts: Pixillon12Donuts
#259 :iconanichan7: anichan7

Proof of numbers:

Congrats to all the winners!!! :la: prizes will all be distributed asap ;p Thank you to all who joined and made the giveaway such a success. :nod:

Finally, be on the look out for the next giveaway and contest!

These are my official commission prices for paying with points! :)
Some Information:
:bulletred: I will ONLY do ANIME :police: if you suggest an animal, anthro, or anything else, I will decline.
:bulletwhite: I will choose between full-body or half-body, but 99% of the time, it will be FULL-BODY. (Unless it is the traditional sketch which will most likely be half body) ^^;
:bulletred: Once you request a commission, you pay AFTER I submit it!
:bulletwhite: Also, just a little note from experience: for sketches/line-arts, the more complex the character, the better!
:bulletred: And boys for me dont always turn out right fyi. :nod:
:pointr:50 :points::iconnaturedivider1plz: Digital Headshot:
:pointr: 100 [Points]:iconnaturedivider1plz:Traditional Half-body:

[Point Right] 100 [Points]:iconnaturedivider1plz: Colored:
Want to be Featured?A new updated journal! :la:
Do you just really want to have yourself and your art featured? Well you can do that just by donating a few points! 
:meow: I will feature you at the top of my profile so everyone can see it AND I will select TWO of your deviations to feature in a special journal as well!!!! :meow:
So here is the list for the features:
:bulletgreen: 1-5 :points: 1 week
:bulletred: 6-15 :points: 1 month
:bulletgreen: 16-25 :points: 3 months
:bulletred: 26-49 [Points] 1 year
[Bullet; Green] 50+ FOREVER!!!!! :D
[Bullet; Yellow] Multiple accounts and point donors ARE allowed :)
[Bullet; Yellow] And just so I know you have read the rules, you must say "feature me" in your message for your donation or else I will assume it it a gift!!!!!!!! *****
I hope these prices aren't too high, but THANKS FOR READING! :iconbummiesplz:
Special journals for features:

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak

Friday Fun

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 6:52 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to Friday Fun!

FRIDAY! by ILifeloser

Friday Fun is a new weekly blog dedicated to our affiliates contests and events. If your group is affiliated to us, you can send a note to the group with a link to the journal describing your event. Note that a journal is required; we will not write a description for you! :) If your news is time sensitive, please consider that we will only feature it on the next Friday.

If you want to affiliate your group with us, please feature dAWishingWell in you group in a journal and send us the link in a note. We will then affiliate to you. In exchange, your group will appear in the next Thursday Greets and you'll be able to send us your event to feature in Friday Fun.

And now, this week events for you!


Summer ContestIt is time for our group summer contest!  Earlier this year some of you may remember voting on this poll and leaving a comment with the title you had randomly generated.
Well, our staff each selected their three favorites from those comments and then voted on their favorite (other than the one they selected) to be our summer contest theme.
Contest Rules
You must be a member of ArtisticAnimanga to participate in this contest.
All contest entries must be made specifically for this contest.  This means you cannot submit a deviation that was made before this contest was announced.  Your entry must be dated on or after the start date of the contest (July 1st, 2014).
You can submit a maximum of two (2) entries, but you can only win once.
Your entry cannot break our group rules.
For your contest entry to be acceptable
  CONTEST!!! Dark Emotions:icontypewriter-cplz::icontypewriter-oplz::icontypewriter-nplz::icontypewriter-tplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-splz::icontypewriter-tplz:
Hi Everybody! Hi!
So, it finally arrived: Beat-The-Block's very first contest!!! We are very excited about this, and we have some awesome prizes for you. 
If anybody would like to donate any prizes (even if it's only a Llama or doing a Winner's Feature) please feel free to send a note to the group, or ShackledMuse, or ReconditeDevices or foxdoodles. :nod:
So without further ado, here we go: 
Start Date: 14th July
Deadline: 18th August (Can be extended if not enough entries)
First Place:
Points Points
  New Prizes! Summer Contest - Water (OPEN):new: ONE MONTH LEFT! :new:
We have received less than 10 entries, so your chances of winning are very good!
Be sure to submit your entry before August 10th! :thumbsup:
The contest has also received a tremendous amount of prize donations! Just take a look at the Prizes section :la:

:iconsun--plz: Hello dear members and watchers! :wave:
The I-Heart-Colors crew is thrilled to announce this year's big summer contest! We've been discussing the contest for a while, and with a two-months long deadline, we're sure to get tons of fabulous entries from you guys! :huggle:
The theme we have chosen is:
Which means you have lots of room for imagination! :dance:
What do you relate to the word "water"? Do you see colorful exotic fish swimming in the ocean? Raindrops on the flowers in your garden? Or perhaps a day at the beach in your new vibrant swimsuit? Be creat
ARKs Kindness Quilt Contest!deviantHEART is pleased to announce that we will be holding our 2nd Annual Kindness Quilt Contest!
:star: What is a Kindness Quilt?
Kindness Quilts are photo collages that are made up of custom Quilt Squares. They are positive and often tell a story of some kind. The templates come in two sizes, 3x3 and 4x4.
Here is a sample quilt for reference

:star: The Theme
"My Inspiration" In the spirit of kindness and community togetherness, we decided to pick a theme that will let participants be creative and will also benefit others! For this theme, you will create a kindness quilt as a tribute to a fellow deviant who has help
  Furry-Tales summer contest 2014It's time for a new contest!
Actually for two contests in one! One competition will be a Comic and Story contest. The second competition will be an Art and Literature contest.
General rules
Those rules apply for both parts of the contest!
 Deadline for both competitions is August 31, 2014.
 Everybody can enter; you don't have to be a member of Furry-Tales.
 The main subject/character must be feral or anthro (animal, beast-type fantasy creature, beast-type alien, werewolves, ...).
 Humans and humanoids are only accepted as secondary/background characters.
 You can submit any number of deviation your like, in either or both of the competitions, but you can win only once.
 Although, if you enter both competitions and both of your entries
  Feature ContestHello everybody!!
After holding my first contest about journal-skins which was a success so far, I want to go ahead, doing my next contest already!
To thank the participans of the previous contest and show them my appreciation - and to make sure, that their skins are recognized by the community, I want to host a follow-up contest.

Start: 10th August 2014
(previous entries will be ignored!!)
Deadline: 1st November 2014
How to enter/Rules:

Star! choose one of the skins that have been created for the original contest. (Unfortunately you need to be a premium-user to do this)
Star! make a feature with at least 20 artworks of 20 different artists.
Star! feature the journal-skin-creator with his icon and add three of his deviation

Features and interviews

Heart to Heart Interview: TheSignmakerHello Everyone!
Welcome back for the fifth installation of deviantHEART’s Journal series, Heart to Heart! The goal of these feature articles is to learn more about our featured Heartists overall as well as on a personal level.
Today's Heart to Heart Interview will feature TheSignmaker!
Frenk Breuer (TheSignmaker) is a 50 year old traditional artist from the Netherlands. He began drawing when he was a child, but was inspired to pursue art seriously when he saw an interview featuring Rajacenna on Dutch TV. He primarily does pencil drawings, mainly focusing on children and Jesus as his artistic subjects (his celebrity drawings are amazing as well). Frenk attributes his growth as a drawing artist to deviantART because this is where he found a community of people willing to mentor him (and we’re so glad he found us :) ).
Art Feature
  Fractaling Vol. 21:love: Welcome to the 21st edition of Fractaling!:love:
Please, be sure to go to the deviations, leave a comment and +favlove !


Fractal Daily Deviations for the past week:

Go and show these deviants some love!
  Senior Selections #9Senior Selections #9
Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its ninth week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by :+favlove:'ing this news article. Please also comment and :+fav:  on our wonderful features!





Endorell-Taelos and suggested by LiliWrites



Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the commu

July 2014
We would like to thank all the kind and generous members who were thoughtful enough to donate their points to our donation account, Donate-DA-Flowers. Thank you kindly :heart:
  Featured Artists - Volume 14:icongabrielevans:


Sweet Death by KChampeny
Self Portrait by KChampeny
Gummilove by KChampeny
Up Up and Away by KChampeny
A Rose By Any Other Name by KChampeny
School of Transcendence by KChampeny
Solway Tide by Erisiar
Neon Coast by Erisiar
Another Endless Night by Erisiar
Moon Swing by Erisiar
Worlds Unexplored by Erisiar
  ProjectPorkchop Vol354:iconeuchrideucrow:
Thomas is a varied professional artist from Norway. He has a passion for cartoons and comics and enjoys telling a story through his artwork. He is incredibly talented in the the areas of both digital and traditional and is always experimenting with the hopes of improving his technique. His pieces are beautifully composed with great movement and are chock full of action! This is one artist that is definitely worth watching!

see more..
Keith is a professional traditional artist from Ireland. He predominantly paints landscapes and scenery and his work is almost abstract in nature. He utilizes bright colors and heavy brush strokes to create his environments and his paintings have a lot of great textures throughout. His works allow the

News and articles

Community Operations Newsletter - June 2014In this, the first of a new, regular newsletter, I'd like to take a moment to give you an overview of the Community Operations department.
DeviantART's Community Operations Department encompasses the Help Desk and the Copyright and Etiquette Administration (CEA) teams. These teams are dedicated to providing a high level of support within the community via our help desk portal as well as what we call the "Moderation Desk", which is where all of the deviations that have been reported as being unsuitable or in violation of our policies, await review from a member of staff.
Community Operations Staff are spread out across the globe on a mix of many time zones. Some work from a physical office in deviantART HQ in Los Angeles, some work from their homes in America, Canada, Bahamas, Germany and the UK. This may not sound like a real job, but like any employment, there are clearly laid out roles and responsibilities as well as continuous supervision to ensure that people are meeting expectati
  News You Can Use From Around HQ and the Community

:icondevnews: DevNews :icondevnews:

:icondabirthdayplz: Don't forget to create a special "Birthday" deviation for :devart: for the 14th birthday celebration on August 7, 2014! There is a Category Folder just for the birthday devs! :nuu:

:iconnewsboyplz: from hq

:iconnewsfellaplz: from fella

:iconnews14laplz: from communityrelations
Rewriting Cliches Contest Winners by SingingFlamesMany welcomes for the new CVs! by communityrelationsProject Reveal .02 by diphyllaThank you to Photofroggy! by communityrelationsNotable Newcomers by AeirmidWelcome, TheCreativeJenn! by communityrelationsPhotomanipulation Update: July 2014 by AeirmidNewsworthy .01 by diphyllaThank you PolyMune and FionaCreates! by communityrelations

:iconnewsign1plz: Art History and Project Educate
  Celebrating Deviousness August 2014Deviousness Award
Congratulations to

Innocence Lost

Ruins of my soul

Character Hanging Plaque

What is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

Did You Know - dA @webdeviantART @web
While the website itself is rather obvious, you can find deviantART at other spots in the world wide web as well.
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A few of those accounts can already be found in the deviantART footer, but there is a more!

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  PE: Lit Basics Round-UpLit Basics Week
projecteducate's Lit Basics has wound down, so lets take a stroll through the articles that came out this week! :eager: Hopefully, you learned something new or we refreshed your memory on something you all ready knew. We hope that you learned something from the plethora of useful information! ♥
Article Round-Up
Project Educate: Lit Basics Week
Literary Terminology Guide
PE: Literature Basics Settings
Fighting the Bloat!
  Site Update: Bug Fixes and FeedbackIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
Change Log
When viewing a deviant's Featured gallery folder from the "Browse Folder” link on the Gallery Folder widget on their Profile Page, the Featured folder would not display as intended. Fixed by elhsmart
The Popular and Undiscovered browse modes were not available for Motion Books category. Re-added by ultramouse
The "Contribute Deviation" modal on a Group Gallery page could only be opened once per page load. Fixed by justgalym
The deviation selection option used in areas such as the "Contribute Deviation" modal would not render properly on smaller resolution screens. Fixed by @shendykur

Projects and events

I-Heart-Colors: Charity AuctionHi everyone!
As you may or may not know, our group's Super Group status is going to run out in September. We've received a few kind donations to our donation account DonateI-Heart-Colors, but the rate we're getting points at isn't fast enough to gather all needed 4,796 :points: before September.
We need our super group status in order to:
:bulletblue: Use custom journal skins to make our features and journals more appealing
:bulletblue: Make polls for our members to enjoy
:bulletblue: Have a representative layout on our home page
:bulletblue: Be able to use custom box backgrounds to make the group's page appealing
:bulletblue: Use custom widgets to display necessary information as well as being able to feature people on our home page
:bulletblue: And last but not least, show the community and potential new members that we're an active group
I don't think it's fair for the founder and admins to have to pay this huge amount of points by themselves, since most of the
  CRphotography needs YOU! As a central base for anyone and everyone who enjoys Photography, CRPhotography is always expanding and looking at taking on new volunteers to help out with various roles within the group. Below is a list of the sorts of things that we are looking for, if anything takes your fancy then please do get in touch. If any of these positions sounds attractive to you, please note the group with the following:
Subject: Application
Position: [copy/paste here one (or more) of the positions available above]
Why are you interested in this position and/or helping out CRPhotography?
What do you think you can bring to CRPhotography?
Do you have Skype? We have a skype group for typing/communicating
Name one photography discussion, tutorial, troubleshooting issue, topic etc. that we could tackle.
  The CRCP Mentoring ProjectMentoring Project @ CR Community Projects!
Here at CRCommunityProjects, we care about you and the community! 
Welcome to our own project, the Mentoring Project! 
This project aims to pair users who are experienced with projects and certain communities within dA.
There are many benefits to utilizing the mentoring program! Getting a mentor will help you learn more about your art community niche and how to set up projects and promote them effectively; becoming a mentor will help you do something wonderful for the community. Involving yourself in this project will hopefully lead to many lasting friendships! :heart:
Signing Up: 
Obtaining A Mentor
:note: Please note us at CRCommunityProjects with the following: 
Title: Mentor Request
Subject: Genre of art you want to be mentored in. 
We will then match you up with someone else who has applied to be a mentor

Artists Toolbox - Get Involved! Get Involved!
Our 'Artists Toolbox' weeks have been hugely successful in the past but with the schedule fast filling up at projecteducate we've decided we don't need to wait for a whole week before bringing you some awesome articles! With that in mind we're encouraging you to get involved. You can check out what we covered in the last week here.
What's the idea?
The idea is that we bring a series of Art Tool themed articles to your inbox's to update you on what's out there, what the best tools are for the trade (in our humble opinions) and how to use them. It's educational, but in a different way to our usual projects.
What do I need to do?
To get involved just send your idea via note to projecteducate. The aim of writing an article is to try and include examples both in words and visuals to illustrate to your reader
  Recommend A Friend #7:icontypewriter-rplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-cplz::icontypewriter-oplz::icontypewriter-mplz::icontypewriter-mplz::icontypewriter-eplz::icontypewriter-nplz::icontypewriter-dplz:      :icontypewriter-aplz:   
You can recommend a friend here to be featured (even if said friend is not a member)
Simply post two thumbs in the comment section from your friend's gallery, and 2 thumbs you'd like to feature from your gallery.
There's a catch tho. You have to comment on at least one thumb listed here by another member, and leave a link below once that has been done.
The goal of this is to get exposure for yourself and a friend, while also taking somebody's else creation into consideration.
:devart: How to do this, I hear you ask? :devart:
If you want, you can pa
  DeviantART Compliments #120DaddysGirl120 is an amazing artist and friend. She is really welcoming and makes crazy rp characters that crack me up
targeting50, AceJG95, Marxpup, Nightshade-warroir, WaluigiTails3801, SonicPikapal, Roseholly, EternalHours, Zboys, Haley1715FOXHedgeHOG and Barbara-Darkness
You are all amazing friends :D I have enjoyed the wonderful talks we've had, the laughs :XD:, the joy. I'm really glad I got to know you all and I wanted to say thanks for being awesome friends :) My friendships with you all run deep and will stay strong. Whatever adversity, whatever calamity and hardship that comes our way we'll get through together. Because that's what friends do, especially close ones. :)
From DoubleDoppelganger
Where can I truly say how inspiring you are? How beautiful and how elegant you are in behavior? How  interesting and sweet you are? How amazing, and How outgoing you are? Despite the falls that have overtaken you

A bit of everything

dAr CR Update August 2014This will be my last CR update as my term as a CV will end in September. This means, that it is your time to apply for that position now - if you are interested and haven't yet!
Wasn't able to get as much done as I was hoping for originally, but hopefully still enough to have been a decent dAr CV again. Still, the last month is not over yet, so as always you can leave suggestions and ideas regarding that gallery!
Hope you all enjoyed Project Educate for dAr last month and have learned something new maybe. In case you missed it, you can find an overview of all articles here or over at projecteducate.
Soon dA will have its 14th birthday. And that means it's time for partyyyyy :eyes:
dAr Daily Deviations July
World of deviantART
During July the following CVs headed to seniorland: photofroggy, PolyMune and FionaCreates.
While these deviants j

:cake: It's soon the deviantART birthday! :cake:

That's all for this week! Have a good weekend!


Contest *550+ points*

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 1, 2014, 1:10 PM
So, since I did a contest for some of my OCs, I figured why not do it for my other OCs.

-No limit to entries
-You can only draw for 2 OCs
-No combining entries
-You can only win one prize
-Make a journal/poll about the contest before entering
-You can draw one of the OCs in different than normal clothing BUT consult me first to see if it is in character
-If not enough people enter to create a prize, all entrants will receive 15 :points: worth of commissions
-If you have any questions just ask ^w^
I will be doing the judging, and I might ask the opinions of some of my irl friends.
Accuracy > Skill
I will look more favorably upon an entry that has my OCs personalities correctly but is not as well drawn than one that is beautiful but innacurate.
Entries that involve some creativity (i.e. the character doing something versus just standing or a simple headshot) have more chances to win.
Alyssa: :thumb468841907:
Alyssa is the epitome of sweet and innocent (even though said innocence means that sometimes she pisses people off without realizing it). Born blind she met Clover at a young age and soon became quite dependent on her. Before that her parents were essentially her world as they were extremely protective of her. Adding to her sheltered life was the fact that she never was bullied or anything of the sort because ever since she was in school she had Clover to protect her from any hurtful comments. Alyssa loves loves loves cotton candy and adores small fluffy animals. She keeps her eyes closed most of the time, but when opened, they are a very pale violet. She is 21 years old. 

1st place (unlocks at three entrants): 75 Points + 25 Points worth of commissions + watch + llama
2nd place (unlocks at five entrants): 50 Points + 10 Points worth of commissions + watch + llama
3rd place (unlocks at seven entrants): 25 Points + watch + llama

Magenta: :thumb471969753:
Magenta is a smeet (child irken) and if she was human, would be 12 years old. She wears long sleeves covering her hands (I haven't had a chance to post her ref sheet yet DX) and can be described as uptight. She was created through a program sanctioned by Tallest Red and Purple. The program was to create many smeets from the D.N.A of the "best" irkens, such as the Tallest and the most successful invaders. The resulting smeets (all named after colors keeping in with the tradition that Red and Purple said of having the Tallests be named after colors) were put through a training program to have them learn to be succesfull invaders/tallests. When the smeets reach full maturity, the tallest(s) will become future Tallests and the rest Invaders or Elites. TL;DR the program is one to gentically engineer an upperclass of irkens. Magenta fully believes in following the law or any rules to a letter and is a perfectionist in all tasks she takes on. She abhors anything she deems to be "unsanitary" and doesn't get along well with those who are carefree/hyper.

1st place (unlocks at three entrants): 75 Points + 25 Points worth of commissions + watch +llama
2nd place (unlocks at five entrants): 50 Points + 10 Points worth of commissions + watch + llama
3rd place (unlocks at seven entrants): 25 Points + watch + llama

Lyn: :thumb465322204:
Lyn is adrenaline junkie of sorts. She enjoys being scared and is constantly on a hunt for horror movies, creepypastas and haunted houses. That being said, she does have a stronger stomache than most when it comes to gore or scary things, which is part of the reason she looks for scary stuff; she wants to see just how scared she can be. Lyn also loves amusent parks and more specifically the rides there. Other than that she likes comfy clothes and lazying around. A favorite pasttime of hers is scaring her friends by sneaking up on them and jumping on their backs or forcing them to watch horror movies with her. Lyn's friends know not to open any links sent to them by her.

1st place (unlocks at three entrants): 75 Points + 25 Points worth of commissions + watch + llama
2nd place (unlocks at five entrants): 50 Points + 10 Points worth of commissions + watch + llama
3rd place (unlocks at seven entrants): 25 Points + watch + llama

Grand prize (one winner chosen from all the categories): 100 Points + 1 month feature on my page + 25 Points worth of commissions + watch +llama
Deadline: September 21st

Journal skin made by Ashley44598X
Art made by rayuzumaki | preview devination
Reqeusted by Diddyd47
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Vote Now: Donatello Challenge

Fri Aug 1, 2014, 11:29 AM

tactician vs genius by Nikitomate
The TMNTContests July "Donatello" Challenge is now CLOSED and voting has officially begun. 

Voting Guidelines

  • Voting is open to anyone.
  • To vote click the button at the bottom to send a Note NOTE to TMNTContestsPlease do not post votes in comments.
  • You must rank 4 or more entries for a valid ballot.
  • Entrants are encouraged to vote but may not rank themselves.  
  • Asking for or buying votes is discouraged as it is contrary to the spirit with which the contest is hosted. 
  • For simplicity please list only the letter of the corresponding entry on your ballot.
  • Voting will run through Aug 15th. 
  • Winners Announced Aug 17th.

Sample Ballot:

Y>P>X>V>Z (preferred)


1st Y
2nd P
3rd X
4th V
5th Z


Police revamp Please DO NOT judge based on thumbnails as pieces are DISTORTED. Each work should be viewed in full-view.

Please review  BOTH  literature and art entries before voting. Thanks!

A.  TMNT: War games... (One shot)TMNT: War games...
(TMNT CC based on 2003 version, Donnie is 19 years old. )
Warning (Rated: T) Mild T-cest
Please Don’t Read if you don’t like this stuff.

The night amazing in all of its glory, the stars glistened, fire flies twinkled in the tall grass, accompanied by a cool breeze that tickled Donnie’s neck, it was beyond words for him to even try to describe.
Spring… fresh and new, with an earthy aroma in the air, which lured the purple clad turtle to stay outside to relax under the old oak tree located on the farm house, that Donnie called his second home.
(It can’t get any better than this.)
Oh how he loved visiting the place, time away from the noisy city, leaving all his problems, worries and fears behind.
With a pleased smile, Donnie closed his eye

B. SAINW: Donatello's life now by ShellshockerTMNT117

C. Donatello's Dragon From 2003 Ninja Tribunal by krzykatldy

D.  Same As He'll Never Know One Day He Will
By: :iconhorrorruby7: for TMNTContests's contest with the topic: "Donatello"
Word Count: ~286 words
Fandom: TMNT 2003
Donatello will remove the goggles that mark the rim of his eyes. He will quickly glance at his homemade clock; informing him of yet another sleepless night. He will stand, a few old bones cracking, and habitually make his way to the kitchen. He'll make his usual no-sugar coffee and from there, he'll continue this not-so-normal day.
As usual, he'll walk by his bickering brothers. He'll ignore their venomous words. Not hear the hatred that plague their words like raging thorns.
He'll walk past his cheerful brother. He'll try to ignore him. When that fails, and when the suspicions arise, he'll smile that fake smile of his. Make everyone believe that everything was alright.
Later on, he'll listen to his brother for the umpteenth time about some threat. How some enemy is trying to terminate them. Destroy them.
And even later, they'll be on a mis

E. Donnie Tot by BakaMeganekko

F.   Deep Pools of RedDonnie screamed in rage and in sadness, he never experienced so much pain in his life. After the deadly yet dangerous fight with the Kraang AND the Foot Clan, he had bruises and small cuts on his arms. A bloody head and a deep wound slashed across his plastron. It was hell for him, he felt like he was going to die from a acceptable amount of blood. 
Donnie stopped screaming and gasped for air, clenching onto his stomach. He needed to get to the lair fast, but the lair was a far of a distance for him because of his bloody body tearing his life apart. It was too much for him and he had to ponder about it, something he was really amazing at.
He thought about his love of his life April, his brothers and his father; remembering the great times with them. As he thought that Donnie scolded himself for pondering like that, he needed his rest. He wasn't thinking right.
Donnie lied down on the cold hard ground, trying to close his bloodshot eyes, sleeping into peace. He could

G.    Fire on the Mountain-(One Shot Maybe)TMNT FicDonatello's footsteps fell silently on the snow as he walked out of the sewer entrance, leading away from the city. Everything seemed to start to fall apart a few months ago;after the accident. April & Casey had been visiting them, Casey and Raph had been goofing off  near the lab doors then Raph sent Casey sliding across the floor into Donnie's Lab table now they had a fifth turtle on their hands. It hadn't been his fault and yet everyone seemed to be blaming him. At first everything was okay  Donnie needed a canister of  mutagen to make a retro injection. It didn't take them long to find one but when Donnie finished that batch of retro mutagen, and injected Casey  it hadn't worked ; in fact it had  mutated him further, causing him to become almost primal in nature.
He set about trying to make it right spending Hours, days weeks in his lab not eating, or sleeping then April had the nerve to try and tell him he was taking so long on purpose,  it had been a

H. The Brains: Donatello by tinker97

I. 30 years of D's by hittosama

J. Donnie by NokaKomi

K. Born by shadowperla

L.  Mad ScientistMad Scientist
Summary: Don’s genius is pushed to the edge in the protection of his family
The world was a great black pit, cold and cruel to those that were different from the norm and mutated turtles were certainly different. Don understood this harsh truth, probably better than any of his brothers did. He didn't just know that their enemies would like to capture them and exterminate them; he knew all of the painful and agonizing ways that they would do it too.
The scientist in him knew every procedure that would be used in order to find out just exactly he, his brothers, and his father ticked. Not only would it hurt to the point that they would be begging for death but it would be an incredibly slow procedure too.
In the past few months it had been made clear to Donatello that this was the fate that awaited his small family. Almost every time they ventured out of their home they were set upon by Foot ninjas, Purple Dragons, and random citizens that just feared what they

M. TMNT - All alone by Felhesznelenev

N. Alright by DasWesen

O.  Confidence Trick [Tots]I am convinced all of humanity is born with more gifts than we know. Most are born geniuses and just get de-geniused rapidly.
― Richard Buckminster Fuller
Donatello looked at the book he held in his hand. The flow of images from the repair manual never pausing for a moment. It all came to him perfectly crisp and clear, so intricate and fascinating that he only glanced at the occasional images to confirm he labeled parts he had only seen so far correctly. His face lit up with excitement at the new useful concepts. What he learned now could make a difference next winter! He read on eagerly, devouring the pages, each concept fitting into the next. Only slowed by stains and the need to use a lantern to read the fine print, he continued into concepts he wanted to start work on next week. The notepad at his elbow filled up rapidly with rough print outlining the steps needed to make repairs. With a little luck and a bit of supplies already at hand, the

P.  A whole new world
A whole new world
April was standing on a roof top, watching over the big city. She saw something most people would think was some kind of light show but she knew better. She ran and jumped from roof to roof until she was on the same roof as him.
Donnie was ice sculpting, something that looked a like a snake or a lizard. But then she saw the wings and realized it was a dragon. Kinda like that dragon she had seen in a fairytale. A snake-like body, short but strong looking legs and big, strong, awe wings. And from the sides of its nose was a long mustache.
"You're getting better at stealth, I'll give you that." She jumped when she heard him talk. She had been looking at what he was doing and had almost forgotten that she was there. He turned around and looked at her with smile. And she got a full look of the dragon and it was a beautiful in every detail. She stepped out of the shadows and walked up to him.
"Heh, thanks. I guess I've gotten better in my training." She looked at the

Q. Luck Be Donnie Tonight by alaer

R. The Secret's Out by PowderAkaCaseyJones

S.   FearFear
If you asked Hamato Donatello if he ever felt fear, he would say you were insane. Emotions such as fear should be unknown to a rational mind such as his. But as he tinkered in his lab, Donnie realized that even he couldn’t deny that he knew fear all too well.
The thing he feared most of all was letting someone down, not being good enough. Not being as skilled a ninja as his brothers. Not worthy of April’s love. Not smart enough as a scientist to keep them alive. These fears kept him awake at night. One wrong move, one mistake, and he could lose it all.
He had failed before. Like with Timothy. No matter how many times people tried to convince him Tim brought it on himself, he knew it was all his fault. And he still felt responsible, even indirectly, for Kirby’s mutation, and losing April. Donnie was eternally grateful that it wasn’t forever. But it could have been.
Donnie sometimes worried, irrational as it seemed, that if he failed, not only could his loved

(wink Remember you must rank 4 or more entries for a valid ballot)

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