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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Hello lovelies,

Please read the journal carefully.

This is my second watchers raffle. First one's winner was OhSquishy and here's her prize:
:RP: OhSquishy by nouraii

Blue Pixel Orb This time, the winner will get a thigh-up similar to these:

Miku, Mikuo, Miku by nouraii M A R Y by nouraii AT - Pyuuni by nouraii

Blue Pixel Orb Rules:

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You have to be a watcher of mine before this journal was posted. If you want to participate in future watchers raffles, you can watch me now.

Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You need to fav this journal to get a number.
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You need to comment on this journal with references of 3 characters max that you want me to draw.
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! You can edit your comment later to change characters or add references as you want.

Blue Pixel Orb This raffle will end on September 25

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (My kawaii plushie) [V6] 

300 Point Giveaway! (by me!)

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 12:54 AM
Okay Sweating a little... this is the first time making a point giveaway..
if it turns out great I'd be sure to hold another one again sometime! :D (Big Grin) 

there will be 6 winners!

each will get 50 :points:!

How to join:

1. Watch me and CHEVR0LET-CAMAR0 (she's my sis)

2. Fav this journal!

and... you're done! :D (Big Grin) 

(if you're aleady watching both of us just fav this journal!)

the winners will be chosen with 

Please don't unwatch us if you're a winner
go unwatch us if you lose,  we don't care! 

deadline: September 30th 2014

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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day from #CR!

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 12:00 AM

lagoon by IIDanmrak
Ahoy Mateys! Welcome to International Talk Like a Pirate Day presented to you by communityrelations on deviantART!

You may see some pirates around the site today, so make sure to keep an eye out and consider taking part in being like a pirate! :evileye:

What is TLAPD?

Talk Like a Pirate Day (or TLAPD) is a day of fun times and lots of arrrs! TLAPD starrrrted in 1995 and has grown more and more since that that day in September! With events all over the world, many people join togetherrrrr and embrace their inner pirate! 
"Twas a pirate who sailed out o’ Bristol
Had a hook made o’ delicate crystal.
It would flash in the sun
And could fright anyone
But it cracked when he fired his pistol."
Events go on all over the place! Some places actually give out discounts to those that walk into restaurants or shops as pirates!
Like drinking? So do pirates! Many bars welcome pirates into their midsts today! 

How is communityrelations Enjoying TLAPD?

We have a number of different events going on throughout the day! We invite you to take part in one, or all of them! We'd love to have you on board!

We love Pirate Arrrrrrt!

Show us yours and comment below with some of your favorites! Be inspired by some of these awesome pieces here! Also be sure to check out today's Daily Deviations for some more pirate inspired work! 

Yo Ho Ho by screwbald   Once Upon A Time - Captain Hook by MelissaFindley   Pirate Of The Baltic Sea by Wieselblitz

Want to learn how to talk like a pirate? 

Well you can do so now! And don't forget, thar lads and lasses be more attracted to pirates, so use your words wisely! After all... C'mon, lad, shiver me timbers!


Skin by Dan Leveille

TLAPD Muro Challenge Winner!

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 8:40 AM by KovoWolf:iconkovowolf:

Are yeeee land lobers ready for a pirate of a good time!! Then Join me NOW!!

The Booty

The booty be lookin mighty good to yew land lobers eyes! What looks t'a' be in ye' here chest is a  3 month premium membership and 2 One month memberships!

The Clue

I will also be'a handen out some clues for ye adventure if ye choose to participate!!  If'n ye aint sure, here be the adventure's map!
Talk Like a Pirate Day - Treasure Hunt!!Arr mateys',
Tomorrow, Friday (September 19th) is Talk Like a Pirate Day, and what kind of day would that be without a chance for you all to win some booty!  .:Piratela:. 
I reckon some Community Volunteers have been hogging some booty to themselves, the slimy eels!
It's your job to find where they are hiding their booty, and steal it all for ye-self! Pirate w00t 
Here's how it works:
Read over the Chat list of activities here
Attend as many Chat events as you can: Clues to find their booty will be announced during the events!
Collect the clues to each Community Volunteer's booty, and try to find them all!!
Once you have found them all, send me Mrs-Durden, a note with the links to all their booty!
:note: Booty = Treasure. The treasure will be a photo, linked somewhere on the Comm

Thank Yee all Who Participated!

The land lubbers seemed ta have been asleep in their hammocks below decks! So thank you TheAncynt for participant'n!  Below you will find the winner and their prizes for our muro chat event! You will find who won the booty below!

1st Place Theme #1


Draw a pirate captain finding the biggest horde of loot ever! It must contain these THREE things: A pirate captain, loot ( treasure ), and a mermaid!


 3 Month Membership


All The Entries!

COPYRIGHT 2014 | communityrelations
Skin by KovoWolf

Words Of Wisdom

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."

― Pablo Picasso



TAGGED by :iconant-d:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put there icons on this journal.
4. Go to their page and inform them that they have been TAGGED.
5. Not something stupid like *you are tagged you read this.*
6. You have legitimately tag 10 people.
7. No tags back.
8. Can't say *no tags.*

Here's the questions I got!!!

1. What is your favorite cartoon in the 90's?
spongebob of course oh my god

2. What is your favorite movie?
the spongebob movie

3. What's your favorite food?
bread and mustard

4. What is your the most favorite Sonic character?

5. What is your least favorite Sonic character?

6. Your favorite music artist?
s club 7

7. What is your favorite Anime?

8. Your favorite videogame?
Spongebob movie game for xbox

9. Which Sonic character want to see in sprite?

I Tag:
1. :iconbarproductions:
2. :iconant-d:
3. :icontolkien-bout-doctor:
4. :iconbigpurplemuppet99:
5. :iconcyberfox:
6. :iconedwouldzilla:
7. :iconclownmask-clock-411:
8. :icontruephazonianforce:
9. :iconyu-moia-ovi:
10. :icondarksonic19:

Here is my own 10 questions :

1. Whats ur favorite smell?
2. What is youre favorite sound?
3. Who is your best friend on the internet?
4. Who is your favorite animal?
5. Whats your favorite spongebob charecter?
6. If you could order anything off the krusty krab menu what would it be?
7. Whats your favorite food?
8. Who would you meet if you could meet anyone alive or even dead if you want?
9. Whould you go on a plane?

HAVE FUN (only terrorist go on planes so answer wisely )
I'm going to take 10 requests and or art trades and then close them (for now). While the requests are closed I'm open for commissions ^^

- 4 pony limit on art trades and requests
- 1 request per person
- no porn or gore (scars are fine)

How to enter for requests
- post comment with link to pony/ponies
- if you want a pony in a certain pose or you want your ponies doing something tell me
- tell me if you want a sketch or colored drawing (be aware that a colored drawing will take longer)
- I can turn your character into a pony if you want

How to enter for Art Trades
- post comment with link to pony/ponies
- if you want a pony in a certain pose or you want your ponies doing something tell me
- tell me if you want a sketch or colored drawing (be aware that a colored drawing will take longer)
- I can turn your character into a pony if you want
- tell me what are your limits for your picture that you will do for me










Here it is, just like last year: Pokemon Gender Differences.
Deadline: Friday, November 28th

--Will have a link to the entries here.--

(May change slightly or add more places if other donors come forward. I'm still accepting donations for art, journal features, or points!)

:bulletgreen:1st Place:
   - 1-year sub from me
   - Art from Sharulia

:bulletgreen:2nd place:
   - Art from Ashstar13

:bulletgreen:Honorable Mentions:
   - Will get a mention from me in the results journal

:bulletgreen: If I have enough points left over I'll throw in some cake badges, starting from 1st place down.

Sometimes, Pokemon have interesting gender differences (like in the Nidoran line), other times, they're just awful (Wobbuffet?!), and the rest are very subtle or nonexistent anyway. Well, your job is to change that!

I want you guys to take an existing Pokemon's line, and make two distinct (but visually related!) male and female designs. The Nidoran line is a great example of exactly what I'm looking for. You can see how different each design is, but you can also see how all 3 stages are visually similar.
Nidos for pokedorks Contest 40 by WindieDragon

:bulletblue: Absolutely no gender labels. Don't put the m/f symbol next to them, don't mention it in the description, and if they're interacting with each other they shouldn't be exhibiting any gender-specific body language. If the gender isn't instantly obvious, then your design has already failed.
:bulletblue: You can have up to TWO entries, but you can only place with one. G-rated only.
:bulletblue: Submit your entries to me via note with the subject of "Contest Entry". Other methods will not be accepted. (You can swap out entries until the deadline.)
:bulletblue: You must do the entire Pokemon line, including any branched evolutions but excluding banned Pokemon. (See below for more detailed info.)
:bulletblue: Only ONE Pokemon line per entry, and all in one image.
:bulletblue: In the case of single-gender Pokemon, changes must still be made to both gender designs. (Like if you did Tauros, you'd have to change something for the male version. You can't just add a female version and leave the male one as-is.)
:bulletblue: ALL skill levels are welcome, but you will be judged on presentation, design, and creativity.
:bulletblue: Submissions must be done in a cartoony style. You don't have to be a Sugimori clone or anything, I just want to avoid extremes like realism or chibis so it's a fair playing field. Really, just draw it like normal Pokemon, and you'll be fine.
:bulletblue: Pokemon should be depicted in their natural Pokemon bodies. Basically, no anthros/gijinkas/whatever. Again, just draw them like Pokemon, and you're good.
:bulletblue: Some Pokemon are banned, but otherwise I don't care whether you use normal or gender-exclusive, genderless, legendary, etc. Feel free to make a male/female Lugia, Ditto, Acreus, Voltorb, etc.

The following are great examples of what you should do, and that's why they're banned from this contest:
:bulletred: NidaranF - NidaranM
:bulletred: Nidorina - Nidorino
:bulletred: Nidoqueen - Nidoking
:bulletred: Gardevoir - Gallade (Ralts and Kirlia are ok if you choose to do their line, just leave off Gardevoir and Gallade.)
:bulletred: Silcoon - Cascoon (Same as above, just do Wurmple, Beautifly, and Dustox if you choose this line)
:bulletred: Plusle - Minun (They're not technically related but their designs are similar so it counts.)
:bulletred: Volbeat - Illumise
:bulletred: Latias - Latios
:bulletred: Shellos E W (Not a gender difference, but their designs are still a great example.)
:bulletred: Gastrodon E W
:bulletred: Uxie - Mesprit - Azelf (Same reason as Plusle and Minun.)
:bulletred: Basculin R - B (Same as Shellos, although these are the bare minimum differences I'd accept.)
:bulletred: Frillish M F
:bulletred: Jellicent M F
:bulletred: Arcanine (Ok so this one's a bit different, but I'm gonna save you time by saying this now. Using Arcanine is a guaranteed lose for you because I'm biased about it, and I'll hate anything you change about its design.)
:bulletred: Meowstic M F
:bulletred: Pyroar M F

:bulletblue: The prize will be awarded as exact points (2,396 :points:).
:bulletblue: dA likes to do a give-one-get-one-free promo around Christmas. If you're patient, you might want to hold onto those points so you can sub a friend as well!
:bulletblue: Backgrounds are not necessary, but they might affect your presentation score depending on how well you make them work. That's a very big "might" though.
:bulletblue: If you're insane enough to do Eevee, you only have to a minimum of TWO of its evolutions, because having to make a m/f out of that many evos is just torture. The more you do, the more chances you have to gain or lose points.
:bulletblue: Designs for non-permanent form changes (Shaymin, Darmanitan, Giratina, Deoxys, Megas, etc.) are optional. Again, they can help or hurt your score.
:bulletblue: The 1-year sub is the only prize I'm providing, the rest are donations. This means that I can personally guarantee that the sub will be given, but please understand that the other prizes may change if anything comes up on the donor's end.
:bulletblue: I don't care about you making new names, just the designs.

Need inspiration? View last year's ENTRIES and WINNERS.
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                             Transformers Story #1
 Writer:Sidney Gross (BumbleBee)
 Typed on: My Laptop .3.

  BumbleBee walked around an old abandoned town.It seemed to have life but then again,no one was around.He turned to his transformer and put his hands on his hips,walking around like he was some cowpoke.(He was in a Western town so he felt like being in the old days.)
  He remembered his partner,CliffJumper."Boy I wish Cliff was here.."He laughed.He kicked some dust up and continued walking around.He took his hands off his hip tho.He hated being alone.His missed his family and friends back at base.He gave a long heavy sigh,as he turned to his wolf and started walking around.
  A rumble startled him.He looked over to see a barrel fall over.He flicked his ears back,but then saw it was only a cat.But wait...That cat looked fimilliar...Bee's eyes widened.Optronix Prime!His uncle!"T-Tronix?"He asked thinking it was him.The cat looked up,hearing his name."Bee!"He turned to his wolf and ran at Bee,hugging him."Boy have I missed you guys!"Bee said hugging Tronix."We miss ya more."He laughed."So how's the army?"He said.Bee gave a long sigh,in annoyance."Boring.I have to go find some femme."He said putting a paw out and lolling his tounge,but not in the happy way."Sounds fun!"Tronix said,in a sarcastic laugh.Bee gave a fake laugh."Ha ha...Very funny.."He smiled and pawed at Tronix's head.Tronix smiled too."So who's the femme?"He said,curious."I have no clue,me and Shadow Streaker are looking for her."He pointed to a black mustang driving around town."Hey Shadow!"He called and the mustang turned to her wolf and padded over to them."Sup?"She asked."Have you found this femme we are looking for yet?"He sighed."Nope."She grunted."But I will!"She put her snout to the ground and started sniffing around."I don't know what Jazz sees in that femme..."He laughed.
  Tronix got out his data pad and started to search for an enrgoun souce.He got a signal but far away."So was her enrgoun spilled or anything?"He asked.Bee nodded."Ya,that's what the army said."He sighed."Alright,Well I am getting a spilled enrgoun signal."He said pointed at his data pad.Bee looked at it."Well I'll be da**ed..."He laughed."Well I guess we follow it?"Shadow Streaker's voice came from behind them.The two bots nodded."Alright then,what are we waiting for?"She wagged her tail and they started walking toawrds it.
  "Signal is getitng stronger."He said looking at his data pad."Then we must be close."Bee said."Do you think she will be nice,like Toxic? Or mean like erm.. Arachnid?"Shadow said.Bee flicked his tail."I hope she is nice..."He sighed.Tronix nodded in agreement."Yep."

:iconcandykiki: is holding a raffle so why not join? Link:…
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