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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Art Book pre-orders + 300 pt lottery

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 8:57 AM

About the point lottery:

To join the lottery all you have to do is +fav this journal. In 48 hours i wil use a randomizer to randomly pick a number from 1 to how many favs this journal got and the deviant who's name corresponds to that number will win 300 points :D :la:

About the Art Book:

Aaaaaaaand i am officially announcing that i opened pre-orders for my art book :D:D
The pre-order stage serves also as an order stage, it's from August 20 2014 to September 20 2014, and it's the only time you can buy my art book. It won't be available in any online store. I will keep 30-50 books to sell at Romanian conventions which are Nijikon, Comic Con and Otaku festival. So if you're romanian or intend to go to these convention then that's the only other time you can buy my art book :D
Actually this is where the idea to make an art book came from in the first place. To have something that sums up my work since i started digital art, at my stand at conventions :la: For me this art book has so much meaning because when i started digital art 4 year ago, i kind of sucked at it! And i incorporated some drawing in the art book that are as old as 2010 because they were important steps for me as an artist and i was very proud of them at the time, and i think they still hold artistic value today :D
Another important thing for me was the artists i got to know during this time, i even got to be friends with my idols, i can't even believe how that even happened! And they even agreed to have one of their works feature in my art book ;u; 
So here is a list of the amazing artists who have guest spots :iconblix-it: :iconerebun: :icondepinz: :iconvisualizemyname: :icongasara: :iconfaqy: :icontenshi-no-hikari: :icontga-tsurugi: :iconshichigoro756: :iconkahookashii: :iconsandara: :iconred-priest-usada: :iconrynisyou: :icondamaimikaz: :iconastavielze: :icontocatchad: :iconneobirdy:
I will make a series of features in the following weeks to introduce you to them individually, thoigh you probably know them already :D

Art book technical info:

-Price is $40 + Shipping (add $5 for Europe and $10 for any continent outside Europe)
-114 pages full color
-A4 size
-hard cover (awesome, i know)
-digital art, traditional art and realism sections
-be ware, the art book also contains magical fairy dust C:


-send me a note with your name and address (don't forget to write the country and postal code) and i'll give you my paypal email, it's as simple as that :D
-you can also choose to have me sign it for someone else, or not for your username but your real name or another nickname :D But if you don't mention anything about it, i will sign it for your dA username. And everyone gets a signed art book :la:

Here are a few images of the art book:

Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza

Having an art book was one of my goals, and now i can scratch it off my goal list :la:

Don't forget You can only order it until September 20th!

Peace out :iconmuahplz:

DeviantART Compliments #127

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 7:49 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:+fav: Please consider faving this journal to help
bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

shep4life is the loveliest person. Jamey, you always leave thoughtful comments, draw attention to parts you like, and are one of the friendliest people on here. You're great, Jamey :glomp:

YOUR ART IS LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE YOU I ALWAYS SEE YOU ON YOUR FRIENDS PAGES (sorry not stalking I just watch them too ;u; ) AND YOU'RE WAY TOO MODEST YOU'RE BETTER THEN ALL OF THEM. Like- you should post way way more ;w; I'd rather see just one of your sketches or anything then what you comment on and call cute bc it's so amaze please!

You're one of the sweetest and most adorable person I've ever met. I'm thankful I met you, because I've never felt this close to someone before, and nobody has ever gotten this close to me. I do deeply care about you. Your art is beautiful, and I know you put effort into it. Just keep getting better~

Thank you for sending such a sweet compliment, I literally blushed when I read it. /^//u//^\
I didn't think I'd be much of a friend to you, but you seem to think so otherwise. I did like our rps very much & you made my heart inside very happy. I hope I meet more people like you on both DA & off the web. Stay as you are my friend: Fun, Fabulous & Artistic!
Lots of Love :heart:,

AlphaManifest, you are a badass lady, hands down.
Keep at it, sista! :heart:

pureawesome101, you are a dear friend that I have met over the internet.
Have a hug! :huggle:

TheDarknessOfFire @blizzardxwc
you guys are amazing
i mean
you've always been part of my best friends and i couldn't ask for better pawbros
your both amazing never forget that xoxoxoxo

My HoneyEve, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have you in my life. Out of all of my friends, you are the only one I completely trust and feel I can share my heart with you.
If we weren't so far apart location wise, I'd give you the biggest hug and kiss ever right now. One day though, I will give you it. :smooch:
Stay strong and sweet, my beloved friend. No matter what happens, I'll always have your back. :heart:

I would like to compliment KiwiCocktail for being such an active and caring deviant on top of being a funny and strong person. :la:
Your colorful art is most enjoyable too~ :meow:
Many thanks for being around and making my DA experience even more fun, Julia! :huggle: :heart:
Your stalker, Feli~ ;P

Hello MidNight-Vixen! I just wanna say, you're epic! And, you're one of the reasons I'm here on Deviantart! Keep the good comics up! You have made me inspired to create my own comic account! :D Besides....Super Smash Comix may be delayed because my sister is still using her tablet, and my school starts next week! Anyways...I can't wait to get started with the tablet and you've been watching me for one Deviant year! CraftyGirls Fanclub started in the same week!
Tigerwarrior13 (Sewersnake1111)

SeeThroughtheMist is an amazing deviant! She's one of those people that you could talk to for hours and never get bored. She writes so much, and often seeing how much she does inspires me when I'm going through a writers block. I haven't known her throughout my entire time on deviantart, but she's one of those people I feel like I've known forever. Besides, the two of us are okay being saps together ^-^

You're the best anyone could ever ask for my bay bay~
Every day you make me smile, through the good and the bad. What would I have done without you.. Oh I don't know <3 The day we met I knew we would have something good and great with one another. Let it be just a simple friendship or a great loving couple. But now here we are, 1 year and a half in our relationship. Please keep up the wonderful attitude and person that you are. And never ever change <3

With so much thought and Love about you,

You continuously inspire me every day with your dedication and words. You paint pictures across my mind when you write and they seemingly spring up from the page. Your work always amazes me and I look up to you for that. You're dorky, silly and bluntly honest, and it cheers me up in every way when you talk to me. You're one, if not, my best friend and each and every day I'm glad I met you. I'll be sighing and sketching in class and end up drawing something related to a show I watch and think, 'i remember when masq wrote something for this' and smile, or I'll hear something hilarious and think, 'i've gotta let masq know about this'. Embarrassing as it is, I love you so very much and you are easily the best, most talented, kindest and sweetest writer and person I've ever met !!! Thank you for being my sunshine, Christine !!! <3

To knbmusic,
You are one of the loveliest person in dA, thank you for being so sweet and kind. Your writing absolutely inspire me and I really hope to see more of your art work. :heart:

Truth-Never-Lies have a collection of the most gorgeous art works ever, they are all so well-written they could be published in a book. :hug:

I would like to extend my gratitude toward some truly wonderful people - for their time, their friendship, and for their inspiration: ArtBYbeverly , LindArtz , Nameda , MayEbony , Applemac12 , Malco735 , Magicionary , Dygyt-Alice , darcat1530 , Lucifer-Poison-Angel , nudagimo , DragonsChest , NocturneJewel, Bialy-Bloom , BritishSixtiesBeat and KmyGraphic ! May you all be blessed out of your socks, for your kindness and inspiration! :hug:
Tracey Henderson (aka PurpleInk777 )

luneu gurl u are so friggin awsm-- you're supportive of so many people on dA and youre such a sweetie i really cant--HOW ARE YOU SO NICE. Your landscape paintings and your profiles are so breautiful and youre improving really fast too-- SO IM REALLY REALLY GLAD TO HAVE MET YOU/////// also hella rad page gurl

I love your profile, your skins and your art. Your one of the people that I admire and wish to be like one day. Also would be cool to be friends with you too~

Dear Paradox-pony,
I'm so glad I met you. You've taught me so much since we first began our friendship. You have no idea how much I treasure you as someone close to me. Like, honestly, you're amazing. Whether you agree or not. Not to mention your art. Like, whoa. It's always improving. ALWAYS. You deserve all the watchers. All of them.
Also, wow what a cutiepie. Hahah. *Shoves all the compliments at you*

Can I just say
that I love you very much dear <3
I love your art and I love your personality. I love you by everything
You make me so happy when I'm sad
And I'm proud to have you with me
You are very important to me bae
Also if you make her feel bad
I will pretty much hate you no matter what
I love you skye

Dear ToadandDaisyRule Echumi FoxTail101 Hugger-Luver TulipSketchPonyArt homgirl2 cosmicgirl04 newflutterpie YesImAPegasister StarSparklePony Bolt-the-Kitty Pikamew322 EssiTheKiller Ribbon-Wren Circuscatgirl ReasonTheReasonable WildAnimeKittyKat Redshy-Harmony Spywolf606 MisfitMuffinz HeartBloom appleowl13 SnowRose9201 mothes xYellowBurnx
Thank you all very being very amazing best friends I love you all so much and am so happy I met you ; u ; Thank you all so much again for supporting me through time and time again
I <3 You all

I never really got to say "thanks" for being such an amazing friend. You've helped me improve both artistically and socially, so I hope you read this one day. :3

CompassRoses I'm just gonna say it now, you are the smartest gal I ever met, honestly what's your IQ? Beyond genius? Please tell me when you discover the cure to cancer because you have a lot of potential! You probably don't know who it is, but I hope you have fun guessing <3 We don't talk much but I still admire you.

Paradox-pony Your art is amazing! You were one of my first ever followers, and encouraged me so much. I hope you have an awesome day! :3

cheyluvsu03 ArtistGirlFiona zaksabeast LordAdrian1 nekopew Polygontus ProfessorDoctorC You guys have all been awesome friends! I love you guys, thanks! You all are amazing and individual, awesome art too!

You're one of my very best friends and I'm so happy that I get to say that. You're a loving and kind girl, you're great at role playing, the art you create is fantastic, and I cannot express in words how highly I think of you.

You're a super cute bundle of fun and I love the fact that we've become such good friends. I love talking to you throughout the day and hearing how expressive you are! You're a joy to be around, a great rp partner, and just an amazing person in general! <3 Keep doing what you're doing!

Emilykiii Your so amazing to me! Your the best friend a girl could ever have! Your the best Bae and the best Waifu!! ((May or may not be Katie))

My dear Kuro there are no words to describe how much I value you. You're the only person I've met on dA who's always, always been there for me through what ever I was going through. You rarely complain about anyone, you're always out to make people feel good and you just naturally know how to brighten my day. You're my best friend and so much more at the same time. I'm always going to be there for you whenever you may need me.

You're a quiet gal, but what really rings true for you is how funny you are and more so how wonderful your artwork is. Keep doing what you're doing and never let anybody hold you back.

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Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal.

Share your compliments with the community! :#1:

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Skin by SimplySilent

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !Hello everyone! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

So seeing as Over the past two days since I have joined, I have accumulated a fair amount of points. So I thought to myself; why not hold a mini point give-away before the big one I plan to hold?

This is only a small 50 points give-away* for only ONE winner, but I have quickly learned that every point counts and any amount of points are always appreciated! 
*This means the amount could increase through more donations!

Points glomp

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !The rules! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

   To enter you must...

:bulletred: You must watch me! My Dork Dance 
:bulletorange: You must favourite this journal! Cheerleader 

:bulletyellow: Comment: DONE when completed so I know you want to enter! Rave Project-entry 

I will be using A randomiser to decide the winners! It will be using numbers that match up with each user! Once you comment I will give you your number!

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !More entries! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

:bulletred: Spread the word! Create a journal about this!
Send an extra message with your journal link instead of sending it with the initial "done". It keeps things easy for me. [I'm not a bot remember!]

:bulletorange: Donate at least 1 :points: to our cause so we can do larger give-away's in the future!
Send an extra message saying you have donated instead of sending it with the initial "done". It keeps things easy for me. [I'm not a bot remember!]

!This leaves you with 3 possible entries!

~I will be checking the above if you want an extra entry~

False messages shall be hidden

:yay: !This contest ends in 24 hours time! :yay: 
:yay:  So if you want to enter... enter now! And good luck 
~Maya and Amy~

Time of end: 22nd August 4:30 pm central time
❤ My Profile Page ❤ My Gallery ❤ My Journal ❤

So I decided that I really wanted to hold a contest for you guys and this is what I'm looking for: 

I adopted a lot of adoptables and want them drawn as a family together. Yes I know there are a good amount of them, but your commitment to drawing all of them and taking your time could earn you some prizes! Ene (Smile) [V7] 

The Family:

Eric and Neil:…




Optional to Add: 



Info on them:
Neil who has the black hair is the older brother and "father character"
Eric who has white hair is the second youngest and is the trouble maker little brother 
Rose is the big sister and often acts like a mom to them... including Neil who she often argues with.
Nina is the baby sister who adores her big brother Eric (the trouble maker) and often helps him with his pranks.
Lillyana is the middle child and is very quiet but takes pleasure in seeing the chaos the family loves to get themselves into. 

I accept:

Digital Art 

Traditional Art


Can be: half body or full body drawings


You can't use them anywhere else

Comment if you want to enter

When your entry is done note me or comment with a link back to it

You can make as many as you want but only one will win!

Have fun~


First place: 150Points 
1 full body commission + 1 chibi + 1 wall paper 

Second place: 100Points 
1 half body commission + 1 chibi 

Third place: 50Points 
1 chibi

Dead line: August 31 2014 (If need be I can lengthen the time)

Entries found here:…

Have fun! 

Contestants: :iconkurozakurahime:  :iconmc-l0vin:  :iconsailorsweets: :iconsoraheat: :iconkotomi121:

343 Halloween Premium Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 2:45 AM


3 months* premium membership (or equal :points:)
for three (3) lucky winners*

* More will be added depending on the success of the Halloween Contest

Rule No.1

Make a NEW journal entry (after Aug 21, 2014). Click the Edit button and choose "Switch to HTML Mode"

Copy-and-paste the following details into the text box and submit journal:

<div align="center"><h1>sundayAnarchy's Halloween Contest and Giveaways!</h1>


about @sundayAnarchy's original characters
using the Halloween theme!</b>

:thumb351795196: :thumb347737090: :thumb395688579:
:thumb353080118: :thumb439872012:</div>

Win cash ($ USD), premium memberships, points, etc.!
You can submit as many entries as you want for more chances of winning!

<b><div align="center">For details, please read here:

:thumb476203360:  :bulletblack:  :thumb476203360:  :bulletblack:  :thumb476203360:
by :iconsundayAnarchy:

Contest ends October 27th 2014

</div></b>And in case you're interested, she also has a mini-giveaway going on! :D

Rule No.2

Add BOTH my Halloween Contest
journal and this Giveaway journal to your favorites.

Halloween Reboot 2014!!Contest: Draw or Write!
Theme: Halloween
Draw or write about my original characters

Lockett, Sunday Shivers, Bridgette, Midnite, Akane
General Rules
Portray my original characters (OCs) in a story or scene, wearing halloweeen costumes and doing halloween stuff.
You can dress up my OCs in halloweeen costumes or turn them into halloween creatures themselves.
You can WRITE a story :bulletblue: or DRAW a picture :bulletpink:
You're allowed to create both story and drawing for this contest. You DO NOT HAVE TO do both if you don't want to, of course!
They must be doing something related to halloween.
Use your imagination! They can be trick-or-treating, flying on broomsticks, pulling pranks at people, slaying vampires-or-zombies-or-whatever, carving pumpkins, etc.
DO NOT claim my characters as your own.
Entry must be finished. No works-in-progre
  343 Halloween Premium Giveaway!Prize
3 months* premium membership (or equal :points:)
for three (3) lucky winners*

* More will be added depending on the success of the Halloween Contest
Rule No.1
Make a NEW journal entry (after Aug 21, 2014). Click the Edit button and choose "Switch to HTML Mode"

Copy-and-paste the following details into the text box and submit journal:

sundayAnarchy's Halloween Contest and Giveaways!
about sundayAnarchy's original characters
using the Halloween theme!

Win cash ($ USD), premium memberships, points, etc.!
You can submit as many entries as you want for more chances of winning!
For details, please read here:
 :bulletblack:    :bulletblack:  
by :iconsundayAnarchy:
Contest ends October 27th 2014

Rule No.3

Comment ONLY HERE on this journal with
the link to the journal you made under Rule No.1

DO NOT comment ANYWHERE ELSE on my profile page,
on my groups, on my gallery, and on my artworks
about this giveaway.

Rule No.4 (optional)

Watch me for updates.

Feeling lucky?

Write a new journal under Rule No.1 again
after every two or three weeks of making the 1st
journal and then comment the new link here.

This will earn you a second (or even a 3rd and so on) slot in this giveaway.


None as of the moment!

Anything else?

Giveaway ends Oct. 27th 2014

I will use a random number generator to choose winners.

~ Waiting for your entries!


|| Four Elements Contest || 2014 Halloween Contest ||

ALS Flat Rate Commissions: 90% go to the cause

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 3:36 AM

Help the cause. Spare the ice.

$10 flat rate* commissions until Sept 1st and %90 are going towards ALS.

For $10 you can get any of the following:
  • 3 Baby Chibi sketches
  • 2 Colored Baby Chibi sketches
  • 2 Chibi sketches
  • 1 colored chibi sketch
  • 1 colored portrait sketch

Chibi Examples:
Chibi Examples by Bostonology

All purchases will also get you a month feature on my page along with what you consider your best piece, be it written or illustrated. 

I can draw human, humanoids, kemonomimi, chibis, and anthros.


Fill out the form below and send it to me VIA NOTE (I will not respond to inquiries in comments):

Your Name:
Paypal email (if different from above):
Character name:
Primary Character Reference Link**:
Character Age, Personality:
Pose type (standing, sitting, crouching, etc.):
Secondary Character Reference Links (Max of 6):

*Does not include commercial work.
**No alterations from references, please.

Skin by SimplySilent

youtube Icon by Sunnybrook1SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE FOR VIDEOS!!…
  • Listening to: A Perfect Circle

Flowering Reconstruction by BlAcK-MoNaRcH13
    Evelyn was walking around outside when she smiled and decided that she would go check on the work she had started almost 2 weeks ago, it had been Virnox's idea to start this reconstruction for the town but with Uthyr and herself chipping in ideas it had gone farther then just "taking down" the unused parts of town.
    when she saw the sprouts of grass and flowers starting to grow around the area she had done she smiled even wider and knelt down to gently touch one of the flowers to see if they were surviving ok. thanks to Virnox and Uthyr taking the old road and building out the plants were getting more space and sunlight to live off of.

    "you're doing so well my flowers~" she looked around and sighed, she couldn't wait until all of this was full of grass and was useable for all the zygos in the future to play on and explore but that would take time... which she had so that would be ok. 
    with Cian's help she had started on another area of the reconstruction project and that was going along well too, soon this whole area would blend with the forest and as she slowly got back up to looked around once more she knew that this would be an amazing home for all of them and hopefully any others who joined them in the future.
    as she turned to leave she looked at the castle and town close by, think about what else she could plant that would make this place even better for everyone to live in. "maybe ill start planting more fruit trees and wild berries for everyone to eat later on~" with a nod and a new task at hand she headed back into the forest to find what she was looking for and maybe get Cian's help again to move the large flower pots again.

Hey there everyone we will be announcing the winners to our recent Unlikely Palettes Summer Contest now!

Let's get right to it then!~
The winner of 1st place goes to....

:trophy: aconite-pawlove Chasing Colors by aconite-pawlove :trophy:
All of the judges agreed this lovely entry stood out and should be given the 1st place~ The palette is both unusual and limited, but also pleasing to the eye and executed wonderfully. The dynamic pose and shading stood out to the judges as well as the downright adorable character!

1st Place Prizes:
- 3 week feature in our Featured folder [winning entry + 4 other pics]
- 1 month sub from Kuitsumi
- 1 month sub fromHeyriel
- 500 :points: from Nai-Alei
- Digital Fullbody w/ simple BG + Digital Chibi [or equivalent/lesser value] from Ange-ll-os
- Shaded fullbody like this from LacedHarlot
- Shaded fullbody from Nai-Alei

- - -

runner up 2nd place goes to
AppleDew Firefly Cliff by AppleDew

2nd Place Prizes:
- 2 week feature in our Featured folder [winning entry + 3 other pics]
- 150 :points: from Heyriel
- Digital Chibi + Animated Pixel Icon [or equivalent/lesser value] from Ange-ll-os
- Cell-shaded headshot from Ranohara

- - -

and finally 3rd place goes to
Music-lovinFox Unlikely Palettes Contest Entry! by Music-lovinFox

3rd Place Prizes:
- 150 :points: from Heyriel
- Digital Tiny OR Animated Pixel Icon from Ange-ll-os

- - -

Everyone will also have their entry + 1 other pic featured in a mass feature on Ange-ll-os' journal for 2 weeks

Winners please contact prize donators about your prizes [if donors have not contacted you already]

Thanks to everyone for entering!~

I meant to get this journal up a few days ago, but I got tangled up in home life so I hope you can all understand. That stated, I will now continue.

I am one of millions, maybe even billions?.. one of many that loved Robin Williams. The man could make the saddest person laugh. I cried for a long time after hearing of his death. It still doesn't feel real to me. But lets not get into how he died. Instead, let us focused on how he lived. As a father, husband, and amazing entertainer!

I asked :icontavington: for permission to start this big art collab, seen as she has done many of her own in the past. I didn't feel right just starting one without her permission. I also copy/pasta the rules from one of her journals because her way works. Don't hate me Donna, all my credit goes to you!


The collab is going to be a giant group picture of Robin Williams characters from any film.

Each artist will create one character, and all of the pictures will be grouped together into one big collaboration for the world to see!

This will offer many to pay tribute to the man that touched our hearts.

When the giant group picture is finished, I will post it in my DA, and will link to every contributing artist in the comments section with their name and which character they did.


You will be tasked with drawing ONE Robin Williams character. I may give you the opportunity to do two, but you MUST have completed and sent me ONE first.

Please choose FIVE characters you would be willing to draw, with the one you want most as #1 on your list. While I will do my best to give you your first pick, please be aware this will be a first come, first served basis, so please refer to the character list to see who's already been picked already!

That said, you must be willing to draw whichever character your marked down as, so be sure your list are ones you WANT to do!
Please don't forget you have put your name down, either, as there maybe someone who is more eager to draw the character you have already chosen. If you can give me a rough date when you can complete your character, that would be most helpful!


The picture must be OUTLINED and have SOME COLOUR on them. NO sketches will be accepted. A solid black line around the edge of your character will help somewhat, but feel free to use WHATEVER medium or style you like to create your piece.

Please create your piece no less than 300dpi. Whether a CG piece or a scanned one.

The picture needs to be a FULL BODY picture only. That means all arms and legs included. Even if you don't think you can draw them very well, it doesn't matter, have a go anyway! As this is open to all ages and abilities.

The pose can be anything you like. Just draw it however you feel!

Draw it in whatever style you like, though it MUST resemble the characters to some degree.

Do NOT put in backgrounds of ANY sort. Not even flat colours please. The background must either be transparent, or WHITE. This is to make the picture easy to add to the group image.

When you are finished, please either NOTE or EMAIL ( ) me with a transparent .gif or .png of the finished piece. (If you are unsure how to do this, get a deviant friend or a member of your family to help you. I'm afraid I don't have the time to change everyone's piece to transparency.)

You must also add your DEVIANTART NAME and your FULL NAME, so I know who is who!


You simply fill out the form below, and comment in this journal.

Name: (how you would like your name to appear on the finished piece)

Top 5 Characters:
(Please make #1 your top choice)


You may sign up straight away, and start on your drawing as soon as you see your avatar and character choice appear on the Character List. The sooner the better, please! Keep checking back regularly to see if you have been added to the list and got the character you wanted.
You may send me the picture as soon as you're done, and your avatar will get a Star!  by it, saying you're finished.
All pictures will be due by SEPT 20TH.

I am hoping to upload the finished piece no later than 2 days after I receive all the submissions.


As of right now I wont be offering prizes. That could change before the due date. However, I was thinking of sending this to the Williams family somehow along with a personal message. But I'll need to figure out how to get in contact with them so that isn't a for sure thing right now.


:iconladyfoxill: ~ Robin Williams
:icontavington: ~ Genie
:iconreaperfox: ~ Mork
:iconenprison: ~ Teddy Roosevelt
:iconryuuza-art: ~ Mrs. Doubtfire
:iconkirkykate: ~ Fender

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Hola a todos les habla la fundadora :iconyaminekbeth: y aquí solo para decir una cosa, por favor, si son tan amables de poner cada imagen en la carpeta que les corresponde, se los agradecería mucho, pues a veces es algo laborioso el organizar todas las imágenes, por favor, las carpetas deberían de aparecer para seleccionarlas, pero si no aparecen entonces díganmelo y yo veré como arreglarlo ok?

:iconbeni100: te pregunto, aparecen las carpetas cada que subes un dibujo aqui? si no aparecen dímelo porfavor porque todo se esta mandando a featured


Hi all, I speak the founder: icon yamine beth: and here just to say one thing, please, if you are so kind to put each image in the folder that corresponds to them, I would appreciate it very much, because sometimes is somewhat laborious organize all the pictures, please, folders should appear to select, but if they are not then let me know and I'll see how to fix it ok?