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Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others?

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It's been a while since I've been actively online.
But even though temporary, it did changed my perspective on some matters.

It's weird how much the internet can become an influence, and how this process goes so unnoticed. At a certain point the countless voices of people around you blend into a continuous buzz. A buzz that you soon get so familiar with that you forget there was a life before it. I guess that's what social media does in general; creating a buzz. An artificial need for you to continuously be online and check your messages, because you might just miss something otherwise. Life, in general, has become so infused with the internet that it sometimes scares me. I'm part of the internet industry. Hell, I even made it my job! But even I sometimes find myself wondering where the time has gone that I could work on an artwork for hours straight, without feeling that creeping itch to check my messages. 

The last few weeks before the break, I've repeatedly felt bad about myself. Why? Basically because people told me I didn't meet their expectations, and I just happen to be a person that hates to fail expectations.

As a kid, I was happy to be creative. Even though I only made drawings for fun, making art was a nice way to spend time and it genuinely felt good to be always full of ideas. As I saw most of my classmates lose their childlike imagination as they grew older and their interests shifted, I used to take pride in the fact that such a thing never happened to me. As most of my classmates submitted to peer pressure, I still followed the voice from within. And until not too long ago, I thought that that was what being an artist was all about.

As of lately, I've gotten quite a view what is the art world is actually about. About the constant struggle from many people that all try their hardest to get one of the few jobs in art and the hostility that comes with that competition. How art school students, that are supposed to be taught to be open-minded and accepting towards all kinds of art, are often the ones that pass the strongest judgement. About that you don't mean shit as an artist, unless you have the job to prove that you have skills. And how hobbyist artists are regarded as inferior because they simply don't earn money and haven't got a thing to prove. 
Money. That's what it all about. Living on myself, I can honestly understand that, because having a career is important. As a web developer with 10 years of experience in the industry I'm the least person to tell you that there's no difference between "just messing around with html" and working in the industry. However, hobbyist or professional... we do have something in common. We both love websites. We share our love for the same thing. And that's something so important I cannot stretch it enough.

What this whole thing comes down to?
That many of the people I look up to and I'd love to learn from (often those with professional-level artwork) belong to the above group -- something that isn't exactly motivating. And as we are all influenced by the people around us it's hard to make art my way and follow my own feelings and instincts, when the internet collective tells me that I'm doing it wrong and that I should feel ashamed I put my talent to waste. (For those wondering; that was literally said to me.)

The strength of the internet --that everybody can say what he wants-- has also come to be one of it's major downsides. Downsides that even drove many famous artists to the brink of depression. 
It's hard to maintain a sense of "self" within the buzz of people continuously talking about you, your works, your characters, and what you could (or should) represent. I think anyone even remotely known on any place on the internet can confirm that with me. It's even harder when you're an artist and you need this sense of "self" in order to create. Because let's be honest; for most of us our vision of life is the sole reason we create. Or at least for me it is.

My health has slowly gotten stable over the last few weeks. I've seen some doctors, got a new medicine for the migraine attacks, and whatnot. I've been back to training fully again, which I guess kinda helps since the RSI-specific training also strengthens the muscles in my neck. I'm still waiting for the checkup at the hospital, though (Those waiting lists... seriously...). Some days are good, and I try to enjoy them as much as I can. Some days are terrible. I'm still tired pretty often. but it seemed to have stabilized a bit. I think a large part of the tiredness came from trying to force myself to keep up with everything, even while in miserable physical condition. And in that regard, I think taking my distance really helped. I realize now that I can't keep up and that it's not a shame to admit so.

I guess strict moderation is the answer in this case. The answer for shutting myself off from too much negativity. If people in real life talk shit about me, I'm not afraid to tell them to shut the hell up. So why shouldn't I be able to do the same online (by removing and blocking)? It's not like people that deliberately try hurt others have the right to complain about that. 

To conclude this (already too long) message I would like to show my thanks to the massive support that I've gained from the DeviantArt community during my break. It's heartwarming to see how many people out here actually bothered to show their support. Either via e-mail, Facebook, or via DeviantArt's private message system. Not people that I know in person, but also people that are complete strangers to me and just happened to learn about my hiatus. Thank you. Thanks a lot!

(Here are some of the kind messages that people send me (and I've already read -- there are still many more).

Thanks Hiatus2 by DamaiMikaz

At this moment, I still have 17.376 messages to catch up to (artworks excluded), from which 7500+ new messages and even more replies to... whatever stuff I made.
I still have to read the replies to my last journal to find out who the winner is from the previously announced "contest".

Hiatus Replynr by DamaiMikaz

There are a lot of things going for me at the moment;
Animecon is coming up soon. I'm currently in negotiation with Mangaschool about their schedules, but if everything goes right I might return doing a workshop there... or at least be at the manga-drawing stand there. Which will give you, Dutchies, a chance to say hello and make me help you out with your art. 

Dynamic pose by DamaiMikaz
(for those that were curious about the previous workshop, check the link behind the artwork above)

What also might be interesting, is my upcoming kiriban of 1.000.000 pageviews. I'm still doubting about the prize. It's gonna be either points or a head-shot drawing of your character. The choice is up to you. Whichever gets the most votes will do.

Uploading artwork might still take a while. I have a whole lot of sorting out to do. And as weird as it sounds; I still feel a bit insecure about publishing stuff online again and exposing it to an audience that is even more massive than the day I left. I guess it'll take a bit of time until that feeling is entirely gone. And even aside from that; I've got a lot of sketches and stuff to sort out.

Sketchdump january 2014 by DamaiMikaz

Having learned from previous experience, I'm taking my time to catch up.
So it might take a while before I'm fully operational again. In the meanwhile; please bear with me.

~ See you around!

TLDR version; I'm back

Crowned with chaos by DamaiMikaz

:icondragonhi: Hi everyones!!

Finally I have the necessary points to make a little giveaway, for the members of this group.
The points are from my personal points :points: box. :meow:

Only one will can win this special price.

Addicional Gifts: I will raffle 3 free commission beetwen the participants too (exept the winner)

How Participe? Is very simple

1. Watch me :D SolKorra :iconsolkorra:

2. Fave :+fav: this draws

Legend of Sol: The Power of The Avatar Girls by SolKorra

K-O-R-R-A Storm of Powers by SolKorraSol and Coqui by SolKorra

3. Comment with the word "Done".

4.If you want participe too for the 3 free commissions, comment with the link of the image of the character or oc you want for the commission.



~Dead Line: Sunday 10th of May~


Founder SolKorra :iconsolkorra:

Hello and welcome to Sabu's Draw My Characters Art Contest.
Below is the requirements to join in and all the information you will need for this contest. 

Rules & Characters

"I am a [r a r e] species...
not a -s t e r e o t y p e."

F i r s t things first: the * c h a r a c t e r s!

Please click the icon to be taken to their ref and/or art.

Pirate  ◘  Gemma  ◘  Rune

Marionette  ◘  Jemiah  ◘  Honna  ◘  Halcyon

  Finn  ◘  Genevieve ◘  Angler  ◘  Katsu

* I favor digital art over traditional. For this reason, please do not enter traditional art unless you have my permission. 

* In order to join this contest, you must provide me at least 5 pieces. (You are encouraged to have more, but 5 is the minimum). Of these pieces, there must be at least one image of each of my fursonas (Pirate and Rune). For the other three pieces, you may choose from the list provided above. However, you may only draw Marionette once and yes, the monkey is to be included with the drawing.

* Of the five pieces,you must provide me with one piece that is full detail (high lighted and shaded) and one piece that is full body. These may be the same image, but they do not have to be.

* Of the five pieces, no more than two busts will be allowed, unless they are icons or badges. 

* Because this is an art contest, I will be keeping all artwork of my characters that is entered, regardless of whether you place or not.

* The grand prize will only be given out if I have at least 15 contestants.

* When posting your entries, please only comment to this journal once. Every time you post a new piece of art, please reply to your first comment. Anyone who does not do this will have all art not in their first comment disqualified. I have posted an example in the comment section of this journal, please refer to it if you're unsure what to do.

* I do not want 5 minute entries. Please draw to the best of your ability, color in the lines and do your best to make the markings as accurate as possible.

This is an example of what I don't want. This is clearly not done well; the coloring is outside of the lines and Pirate's markings are not correct.

* There are some guidelines to follow when sizing the drawings. These are the smallest that the drawings in these categories can be, but larger pieces are greatly encouraged.

Sprites: 50 x 50
Pixel: 100 x 100
Flatcolor: 400 x 400
Shaded: 700 x 700
Bust: 300 x 300
Painting: 900 x 900
Fullbody w/ BG: 800 x 800


"N o t the prize gives the *j o y...
but the s t r i v i n g to win the -p r i z e."

What's a c o m p e t i t i o n without * p r i z e s?

[G r a n d] Prize
Winner's choice of: 
2 years premium membership
4,000 dA points
$50 USD

*F i r s t Place
Winner's choice of:
2,000 dA points
$25 USD

S e c o n d;; Place
1,000 dA points

-T h i r d- Place
500 dA points

F o u r t h Place
150 points

- Even art that does not place will be kept, since it is art of my characters.
- The grand prize will not be given out unless there are at least 15 entrants.

End Date

"This song is [e n d i n g]...
but the story -n e v e r ends."

*A u g u s t 5th!

I will no longer accept art past August 5th, and I will decide no later than August 13th. August 13th is my 18th birthday. For this reason, you have the opportunity to draw a picture of all of my characters at a birthday party for Pirate, before the close of the contest. It does not count as one of your five pieces, but if you draw this piece of art, and you place in the contest (Grand-4th) you will receive 500 points in addition to your prize.


"N e v e r give up a *h a p p y middle...
in h o p e s of a happy -e n d i n g."

T h a n k you for your -[t i m e]!

I hope you all enjoy this contest. You may use the contest banner with a link to this journal if you'd like to advertise my contest. You don't have to advertise to enter, but just keep in mind that the grand prize will not be given out unless I get at least 15 contestants. You may post the banner to dA and ChickenSmoothie but do not post elsewhere. Thank you all <3

Credit goes to all artists who originally designed my characters, and all art credit will always be given to each person who participates.

** Banner and formatting by Untamed--Spirit.

We Are Resurrecting!

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 1:38 PM


Hello all 

Following our previous journal on our zombifiction revival, I am pleased to say it is crazy enough to have a go! I don’t expect every one of our 1500 members to get involved, but even if there is a handful each time getting some good out of this, then that’s one handful getting a better attack on their writing and understanding their niches. These groups hold a great opportunity to explore and stretch even the more experienced writers, and I believe that’s what made this group so good to begin with.

The Plan Batman

So here is my plan. 

In May, we will hold a new workshop. The entire workshop will be encapsulated in one month: 2 weeks to write, 2 weeks to workshop.

Week 1, Day 1: Workshop brief is launched and you have 2 weeks to submit. The standard to what you submit can be anything from a rough draft to something you have worked on, it doesn't even have to be complete yet. (Please ensure you put it in stash or scraps if it is a WIP)

Week 3, day 1: Submissions are posted for critique and review

Week 4, end: At the end of the week, Workshop host to summarise results, pick a few pieces that stand out

End: We all celebrate with a glass or three.

 The intention would be to have these run from the first Saturday of each month.

So what workshops are we doing?

All sorts. The idea is to vary what we do; covering different forms and styles and concepts. We want to look at habits and behaviours; things you don’t always consider as a writer first off. We also may use real examples, such as submission briefs in zines or contests going off elsewhere (maybe even some dA contests you can genuinely enter). We want to stretch you!

But I never get any feedback!

Urgh, critique. That thing we all want but rarely give ourselves. Critique isn't free; you can’t just throw up a deviation, go have a cup of tea and watch the responses come in. You have to work for it. There are PLENTY of opportunities to ask for critique including: Chat events, Critique groups, Critique forum thread, Helpful people who offer it in journals (networking!), asking people who you think would help you (and ask nicely!). We would expect anyone who submits in a workshop to actually participate in giving feedback to others in the workshop- that’s kind of the point. Plus it is AMAZING how much you can learn about your own work by looking at someone else’s- so it is ideally a win-win situation! /end rant


In this workshop environment, we do ask if people are participating, they at least offer feedback to one other piece in the group. If there needs to be an incentive to encourage this, thoughts are welcome.

So what can I do to help?

Easy help- Give this some encouragement! I'd like to see this journal full of enthusiastic comments or fancy banana drawings.
Medium help- Spread the word! Link this article in your personal journals, polls and groups!
Hard Help- If anyone has a desire to host a future workshop, let me know!
Big scary commitment help- I am looking for some backroom support to help manage this/ bounce ideas off/ plan workshops etc. If you are interested, let me know and we will have a chat.

Easy help is just as appreciated as the big scary! Support and enthusiasm is what keeps a group strong!

Roll on May... I guess I better be getting a workshop together! :woo:

Stock and Resources News April 2014

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 9:51 AM


You guys rock, and it goes without saying that the time, effort, creativity and drive from the stock and resources community at large is phenomenal, and you all make that happen!

We've seen a great increase in new members of the community - so welcome to you all!

We've also seen a really good increase in the quality of stock and resources being submitted which is really good for the entire gallery so big thumbs up!

:bulletgreen: In the mean time whilst you are all being very creative now spring has sprung we are asking for suggestions of how you would like US to help YOU :)   Features? Contest ideas? Off the wall inspiration interviews? More exposure? More/less/different DDs? 

Feedback from you is vital to us if we are to continue supporting you in the ways that mean the most to you, but unless you tell us what those ways are, we can't read minds! (Unlike deviantTHOUGHT :D )
Drop us a line, send a pigeon with a scroll, note us, email us, leave a comment here!!

Ongoing miscats

Yep still happening, your continued patience, understanding of the difficult situation and the sheer volume of submissions we have to try and catch is appreciated.  I would like to take a moment to reiterate the fact that we are volunteers, this isn't our "job" and we don't get paid for spending oodles of time on the site.  We do this because we know its a big concern for the community at large and we do our best to make a big dent in the problem areas. 

Shouting/ranting/flaming at artists because they simply don't understand our stock and resources guidelines or perhaps don't speak English as a first language is never ever (ever ever) going to be ok.  :stare:

By all means talk to them - in fact we positively encourage you all to get out there and talk to these artists who might be posting images that are not stock or resources, they are still part of our community!  A kind word and a little time taken to make sure they understand what the issue might be is a far far better way to help people and improve things.  Speak their native language? Even better!! Translation problems can make a simple subject completely confusing, so be a little patient, show a little kindness and give our big big community some love :)

Sub Category alterations

We've had 2 recent changes to our gigantic category tree which should hopefully clear up a few confusing issues


Line art & Character Templates…   Has been RENAMED :)  
There has been for some time now huge confusion about where artists should be posting their character designs and this sub cat ended up collecting them all which is no good when the vast majority aren't designed for other artists to use.  To be completely clear -

:bulletpink: Personal/unique character creations or character stat sheets should NOT be posted to lineart and character templates.  They are purely artwork and need to be posted to the most appropriate traditional or digital art category.

:bulletpink: BLANK/EMPTY character sheets FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO USE AND FILL OUT should be placed in the line art & character templates sub category.

:bulletpink: If you have unique character designs in this sub cat they will be earmarked for being moved, we are more than happy to help you move your own if you have a lot, just drop any one of us a note and we'll get them moved for you.

:bulletpink: On the same note ADOPTABLE art/characters should be placed in the deviantart related/devious fun/adoptables… category NOT into the line art & character templates resources gallery!


Literature Templates… Has been CLOSED for further submissions.  This sub category has for a long time been superseded by the stock images/premade backgrounds sub category which essentially does the same job. 

:bulletpink: Anybody currently trying to look for literature templates would be hard pressed to find any valid submissions in the past 12 months and the majority of the submissions in there are miscatted literature pieces which will be moved to a more appropriate literature gallery over the next few months. 

:bulletpink: Once this sub category is empty it will be removed from the category tree.  So any future literature templates/backgrounds can be posted to stock images/premade backgrounds…

March Daily Deviation Roundup

Is here -

:bulletpink: REMINDER - we need your suggestions!! Without suggestions from you, the community, great stock and resources can easily be missed by our 3 pairs of eyes, so please keep on sending suggestions to us!  Don't be put off or concerned about sending us lots and lots, we like spam from you all :D  

Even if your suggestions are not always given a daily deviation all 3 of us regularly feature stock and resources in news articles and feature articles so theres a very good chance the stuff you suggest to us will get exposure in other ways!

News and features from the Community

Stock Radar #4

Tiles Texture by IvaxXx
Vanessa Chun Li Original 2a by jagged-eyeRockStocks300S02059 by RockStocks
Japanese garden 7 by stockdeana
places484 stock by pranileJelly Fish Stock by Hands-and-Teeth
2013 Shilin's drawing tutorial/walkthrough by shilin        Photomanipulation Tutorial on blending by tamaraR         Black-Wings way of doing Nature's elements by Black-Wing24
Wireframe Fractal Pack by NichrysalisWork In Progress: That's how I make textures! by mercurycode
Premium Texture Pack IX by Sirius-sdz
  Stock Radar #3

Chicks 2 by kayosa-stock
Icy Branch by SafariSyd
Tori 9 by CathleenTarawhiti
Nikka Kneeling With A Sword by comicReferenceDSC08168 Dragon Boundary Mark by wintersmagicstock
Carousel Horse Celestial by ReQuay
Purple Flowers by fuguestock
In The Stock-Light: wintersmagicstock:spotlight-left: In The Stock-Light: Vol. 7 :spotlight-right:
Deviant For: 1 Year
Profile Stock Rules Gallery
Explore Their Gallery




Game Of Thrones: Stock FeatureGame of Thrones: Stock Feature
     To celebrate the premiere of the new season of Game of Thrones tonight, I decided to do a quick feature. We all love fan art. We're inspired by movies and shows to create art based on the characters we love. To achieve our goals, we need a reliable source of stock and references. So what are we to do? Well, take a look at this list of stock providers who look like the Game of Thrones characters we love or love to hate. Remember to follow the individual stock provider's terms of use when using their stock. By downloading it, you agree to abide by those terms.
Cersei Lannister

Daenerys Targaryen

  In The Stock-Light: At-Stock:spotlight-left: In The Stock-Light: Vol. 6 :spotlight-right:
Deviant For: 8 Months
Profile Stock Rules Gallery
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  AT-Stock- Animal032 by At-Stock 
 AT-Stock- Animal028 by At-Stock  
In The Stock-Light: 10eke-stock:spotlight-left: In The Stock-Light :spotlight-right:
:star: 10eke-stock :star:
Deviant For: 3 Years
     Welcome to the fifth volume of the weekly "In The Stock-Light" feature series. This series is all about featuring stock providers in our community! Each week we will be exploring the galleries of different stock and resource providers.If you know of a stock provider whom you'd like to see featured, please send me a note titled: "In The Stock-Light Suggestion." For the beginning of this series, I will be focusing on providers who have been on dA one year or less, or have less than 20k pageviews.  Keep in mind that each stock provider may have a slightly different set of rules regarding the use of their stock. By downloading and using their stock, you agree to abide by their terms of use. Remember to follow them as per each individual provider's instructions. 

Daily Devation Suggestion RemindersHiya Darlings,
     Today I'd like to send out a reminder for what I look for in a Daily Deviation suggestion. We've all seen the classic DD comment about how so-and-so does great work, but they never get featured. Well, there's a very easy solution to that problem. Suggest them! There are just a few things that you need to consider before sending me or the other Stock & Resources CVs a Daily Deviation Suggestion.
:bulletpink: What type of stuff do you feature?

     - I can only feature submissions listed under the Resources & Stock category of deviantART. For all other categories, please check out this handy guide:

:bulletpink: Have they been featured with a Daily Deviation within the last six months?
      - This is a very easy thing to check out. The way I do it when I'm checking to see if they've had one in the last six months is by ad
  Recent Stock and Resources FavsStock Gallery
Stock Rules
Art Account
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Things I've Added to my Favs Recently
I was looking around the stock gallery today and going through some other feature journals and added a ton of kickass stuff to my favs!  I haven't posted just a general feature journal for quite a while, so here is a sampling.  Enjoy!
Check This Stuff
The Unseen Stock - AprilMODEL
     Faun/Centaur/Satyr/Pan STOCK 23 by DamselStock
Spring by anettfrozen Rebekah Stock 28-1 by artmaniabychristine Elsa Stock (inspired) by Liancary-Stock Farewell Summer 4 by Anariel-Stock

Spring 2 by YBsilon-Stock
Forest 07 by BmAStock Desert 4 by Achiha-Azteca arena_23 by abelgalois pond with sun reflecting by NovaScotiaDream
Deserted by StarryHorse Sky by Adeleene Nature 269 by Dreamcatcher-stock Botanic Garden 23 by LeikyaStock
 Stock: A New Day is Dawning by Celem Fire by Aredelsaralonde Fog 30 by MASYON Haapsalu 44 by MASYON 


Shanty 1 by kimmy-k-stock freestock - link back by skittles010 Chichen Itza by yinetyang

Cinema Makeup SchoolWatch depthRADIUS
|About|Previous Journal


By techgnotic
Mastering The Magic ofMonster Making
15.7 million fans tuned in for the fourth season finale of the AMC cable channel’s hit series The Walking Dead, making it one of the most watched hour-drama broadcasts in cable history.
More than a mere gore fest, critical approval for the show has come by way of nominations from the Writers Guild of America and the Golden Globes. World War Z
  The Stock Market - No. 9depthRADIUS
Issue No. 9|

Stock Market

About Stock Market
The inspirational magic of one image awakening the creative muse of hundreds of artists.
This issue's stock image
White Peacock 01 by MapleRose-stock

White Swan by Essilou-Art

White by KittyScorpiaNoa

Featured Stock - Easter and SpringEaster Bunny Basket Static Here is a little selection of spring and easter related stock I found around dA,
I hope you like it ! If you do so feel free to add it to your favourites :heart:

Happy Easter by Burtn egg stock 9 by hatestock
2610 Easter Sweets 2 by HelenaRothStock Easter Egg - broken by dull-stock Hatched Background by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK Easter eggs by MajesticStock
Eggs by wintersmagicstock Bird Nest with Eggs 01 by FairieGoodMother Stock 221 - Cracked by pink-stock
Easter II by darkcalypso-stock Wooden Easter Eggs by bhorwat Easter Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Easter stock 2 by InKi-Stock

The Unseen Stock - March (ll)MODEL
Broken Bride by QueenWerandra  
Kirna 9 by MASYON
 River Stock 4 by MoonHowlForever Japanese garden 1 by stockdeana my old barn on a snow day by ChipmunkSailor
Free - sunset 16 - creationtakesun by creationtakesun Orange and Pink Sky 1 by chelsmith18 freestock - link back by skittles010 Untitled by ReneKunert 
Austria 5 by fallen-cherubim Forest 7 by NobleShrimpStock Forest by YordaDeriya freestock but you must link back by skittles010
Sunset Beach Stock 2 by naturalhorses Beach Garbage by Kia01-Stock Canyon Road Stock by YvaineGlareStock Desert 3 by Civetta70
306 by MASYON Sunset Stock by Vinyonga
  Starting our new contest on April 20 and FeatureMegaphone curious :D  We have found a wonderful new theme and we hope this will inspire you a lot.  :dance: I will post the contest-journal with our contest-stocks on April 20th. The theme is still a secret :D
:iconevelivesey: :iconcd-Stock: :iconybsilon-Stock: 
If you want to help us with some donations please let us know, every little help (eg. exclusive stock-packs, journals....) is sooo much appreciated. :hug:
We will have two categories of winners (beginner/light intermediate & more intermediate/advanced) so we need all donations double :D Flirtatious Please 
Easter egg
Have a lovely Easter
Here are some awesome Easter-Stocks
Inspirational Stock and Thank You FeatureI started this account a year ago, with no clear idea of what being a stock provider entailed or just how much work goes into making and providing stock. This is to say thank you to my fellow stockers for all your hard work and support, answering my questions, promoting newbies like myself and sharing your wonderful resources :love:
     Texture 51 by Malleni-Stock  Fennec Stock 02 by Malleni-Stock  Mossy log Stock 05 by Malleni-Stock
Texture Eleanor by CD-STOCK  Moulding 10 by CD-STOCK  Twisted Woods 03 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK  Contaminated 01 by CD-STOCK  Premium Ornament by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK 
Window 06 by CD-STOCK  Track by CD-STOCK   


News from Stock and ResourcesLine-art & Character Templates Gallery
The Line-art & Character Sheets gallery has been renamed to "Line-art & Character Templates" in hopes of less confusion going on there.  The gallery is meant for line-art (there seems to be no problem with this) and the less-understood item called a character sheet template.  These are character sheets that have NOT been filled out yet, and are available for others to use.  
Pre-filled character sheets need to be placed in Digital Art, or wherever is appropriate.  As a reminder, please only place resources for others to use into the Resources & Stock Images gallery.  We are putting some extra focus into this sub-gallery to get it nice and shiny!
If you need help moving your filled-in character sheets out of the stock gallery, give one of us a holler :)
Contest Winners

Features a

communityrelations StockandResources

Stock & Resources CV's

PirateLotus-Stock CelticStrm-Stock Elandria

Stock & Resources FAQs

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?  
FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?
FAQ #572: What does deviantART consider "Fan Art" to be?

Stock & Resources Policy Clarification:  

Massive Charity Collab Announced!

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 9:55 AM

    From the ever so awesome :iconwildcharmander: we proudly present a brand new, wickedly talented one and only Adele Dazeem MASSIVE CHARITY COLLAB!

WildCharmander is happy to announce the next theme!

Grumpy Collab!

Grumpy Cat is the theme of this collaboration!! Let us honor the world's grumpiest cat and raise money for the Animal Shelter!!

For every submission I get, I will add $0.50 to the pool. That money will be sent to the SPCA right here in Swift Current. this is a "no kill" shelter and the are in a bind right now. Every grumpy cat will be for a good cause! Help me reach 200 people again! If I get 200 submissions, I will donate 50 dollars worth of pet supplies to the shelter as well! If I get 300 submissions I'll donate 150 dollars worth of pet supplies!

Please fav HIS journal so that more people can see it and participate in the collab! 


Project Deadline is penciled down for July 1st! 

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Charity Collaboration Project

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 16, 2014, 3:35 AM
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Senior Week: Muro Challenge Winner!

Wed Apr 16, 2014, 7:38 AM

Muro Challenge Winner

Congratulations to crysie for winning our Senior Week Muro Challenge! :clap: She'll receive 300 :points: from deviantART! :la:

Stay tuned for more events for Senior Week at projecteducate!

Yoooo if im gonna do these charms owo/ wanna raise some money to get a batch of them printed~

So opening up some quick chibis~ they'll be finished over next few days after payment u wu!

Example of chibis

Ackerman by Little-Miss-Boxie

each of these are $10 each or get two characters together for $15 
Will also take points so either 1000 :points: or 1500 :points:

opening 15 slots!
to reserve a spot please comment below or send me a note! after payment your spot will be confirmed owo/
if theres a lot of interest i may extend the slot numbers <3

Thank you!!

1. Flamestorm11 <reserved / unpaid>
2. meiresthaimoros

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Awesome Raffles!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 3:17 PM

Art Raffle~[OPEN]Hello everyone! Tama speaking here. How are you guys? :)
As you can see from our lack of activity, we've reached quite a lot of loopholes and dead-ends in our plot, so we are currently in the process of revamping the whole thing :iconsweatdropplz:
So! To occupy the time, I've decided to hold an art raffle to practise speed-painting, and well, Easter is just around the corner :iconheplz:
Conditions of entry:
:bulletred:Must be a watcher of this account
:bulletred:Fav the journal (so that you'll be assigned a number)
:bulletred:Link this raffle in a journal/poll and comment the link below
This raffle will end on Easter Monday. After that, I'll use a random number generator to pick out the winners and they will be notified :D There will be 4 winners, and each will get a coloured (and sketchy) bust-up like these:
Note that I will only draw in manga/anime-style, and will not do anthro, mecha, etc.
I may increase the number of
Raffle and New Account for CraftsThis account will be used for my jewelry and crafts.
My other account is for my art (mostly mature!) - :iconbaked-potatoes:
Anyways, about the raffle:
Deadline is April 21st ,2014
:bulletpurple: You must post a journal or a poll advertising this raffle.
:bulletpurple: When you have made a journal/poll please comment below with a link.
:bulletpurple: No new accounts are allowed to enter.
:bulletpurple: Do not enter with more than one account.
:bulletpurple: You can only win one necklace.
:bulletpurple: I will mail the necklace to you and I will pay the shipping if you are in the United States.
:bulletpurple: If you are in a different country, I will pay half of the shipping and you will pay the other half (Paypal).
(I mailed a set to the Philippines and it was only $10 ,so it's not that bad :I )
:bulletpurple: You have 13 days to give me your address, if I don't get a reply within that amount of time I will pick a new winner.
The first necklace:
Pearl Choker

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