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How to get feedback on dA

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 2:36 PM

We all joined this site, more or less for this reason, to get feedback on our art. The whole point of submitting art online is for people to see it and hear what they think about it. 

Now there are a lot of deviants out there who get little to no feedback and as a result ask the people who faved their art to comment or go to random people on dA and ask for them to look at their art or comment in the hopes that the person will be kind enough to return the favor. 
A message to the people who do that, you're doing it all wrong.
Sure, if you ask 20 people who faved your drawing what they thought about it, you might get 1 or 2 answers, but in return, you'll be ignored by say 10 people and you'll annoy 8 people. I get these comments and i'm telling you, begging for feedback is not the way to go, if someone didn't comment when they fave, what makes you think forcing their hand is the right way to go? 
A fav is a compliment, take it a it is. Not everyone has time to comment, but you should be happy they took the time to look at your art and click that fav button. 

Also, commenting on random deviants and expecting them to return the favor might leave you disappointed. There are many friendships that can be forged this way but it's tedious because many deviants aren't very active on dA, many are just interested in receiving comments and don't even reply, and many are happy to receive your comment but have no time/don't feel like returning the favor. That is especially the case with popular artists who receive lots of comments and literally don't have the time to answer/comment/ check out people's galleries. So if you want to do it this way, it's ok, but you could try to comment on deviations who have few to 0 comments. Check to see if they answer to their comments, if they don't, chances are they don't really care for giving and receiving feedback (or they might be interested in receiving feedback but are sure as hell not going to give you any).

Most deviants wait for people to come to them and comment, and that's a legitimate way of doing it. But if you really don't feel like waiting for that to happen and don't want to leave this to chance then here are your options:

1. Comment for comment group, i will even list a few in case you don't know how to search for groups on dA :iconprojectcomment: read their projects and journals and apply to get feedback there. You will have to comment in return but isn't it much better to comment knowing that you will receive feedback as well? 
more groups: :iconproject-comment: :iconiwantfeedback: :iconanimangafeedbackclub: :iconcomment-club: :iconcomment-revolution: :iconcommentart: :iconfeedbackfrenzy: 

2. critique groups - if you're interested in in-depth comments and critiques, there are groups for that as well. 
Critique groups:
:iconcritiquecommunity: :icongoldencritique-club: :iconcritique-exchange: :iconcritique-it: :iconcritique-boutique: :iconcritiquegeeks:

3. Thumbshare in forums.… bet many of you didn't know that even existed :)

4. Be in the community. Give llamas, browse the undiscovered section, comment in the forums and give other people feedback, but not just random people but people who asked for feedback in the thumbshare or the feedback groups, they are most likely to be grateful for your comment and return the favor. Don't just wait for them to come to you, try to be the one to make the first step. 

I am by no means an expert, this is just what I would do. I get enough feedback and i am very happy with it. If you know of other good methods to get feedback then you can suggest it here and i will include it in this journal.

If you want my oppinion on a particular drawing, you can write a link in this journal and i will try to answer to as many people as possible.

Also, please fav this journal so that many people can see it and have this information. You'd be surprised how many deviants out there have no idea how to find these feedback groups.
I also encourage you to comment on each other's linked drawings in this journal, but you don't have to if you don't want to, but you'll make someone happy if you do.


Impromptu RAFFLE!!!

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 8:38 AM

Be A Critic: Fe0

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 8:47 PM


DanceI very faintly remember, the first day I saw him.
Blond hair, blue eyes, and very, very slim.
I remember all his kindness, it put me in a trance.
I couldn't help but wonder...If he likes to dance.
We met each other, back in world war two.
He was so delicate, I didn't think that he would do.
I knew how war was, harsh, cruel & grim.
Everyday I feared, he may just break a limb.
But he was honorable, kind & good.
When it came to doing the right thing, he did what he should.
Soon he showed us his loyalty, and became our finest man.
He always stood by us, when everyone else ran.
We came to know each other, and our love began to show.
I thought that he might love me, but I didn't know.
But I knew the feeling was mutual, when he asked for a chance.
I knew my assumption of love was true, when he asked me to dance.
They were only little nods, only little words.
but the signs that we sent never went unheard.
My heart raced, and fought with desire.
My passion for him, was hotter than fire.
AgingThor looked to the sky.
Midgard was beautiful this time of year, but it was nothing compared to home...
To Asgard.
There were few clouds covering the sun, in a gorgeous, pink fashion.
Still, nothing compared to the realm of the gods.
Coming to know humans, Thor found them so much like himself.
He didn't understand why he deserved more.
He was just a strong version of them all.
Why was he stronger?
Perhaps, some people couldn't be trusted with strength.
They couldn't all be like the Man of Iron, though.
Much like people on Asgard, everyone was an individual.
And, as the Man of Iron had proved, they were smart enough to find strengths.
They had worked their bodies, worked their minds and even made protective suits.
Thor couldn't understand why they were undeserving of being gods.
Though, he was sure there was some good reason.
Perhaps, at one time, they were more like the frost giants.
Who could assume anything at this point.
He did know that there was no point in making friends.
He sat
Daydream Romance. ( If I could paint. )If I could paint, I would paint him...
His deep, blue eyes, his sleek hips, his dazzling smile & sweet, tender lips.
Which way would I draw his hair? So many styles, to choose just one is not fair.
His cute little tummy, hands & his feet, his legs covered by a bright, white sheet.
I would sketch him out, the way that puts me in a trance, my little daydream romance.
If I could paint, I would do it for him...
For the way that he makes me feel, the closest I have come to something real.
For his dreamy voice that makes me lose sight, of all fears I had that night.
For the protection that his thought offers me, I should owe him something.
He would never give me a secant glance, but he's my dear daydream romance.
If I could paint, I would immortalize him...
The way he is immortal in my fantasies, as I toss & turn begging for him to touch me.
The way he is immortal in my reassuring dreams, more real than what it seems.
The way he is immortal on the big screen, while I just ad

The Challenge

:bulletblack: Pick at least one of the thumbs above*
:bulletblack: Read it
:bulletblack: Comment or Critique it**
:bulletblack: Comment on this Journal with a LINK to your critique***
:bulletblack: Wait for the results to come out!

Start Date: NOW!

End Date: May 6, 2014 @ 11:59PM EST(US)

The Prizes

:bulletblack: One random winner will receive a comment/critique from me
:bulletblack: Best feedback will receive 50:points:****

Winners from DEANJENO--art

:bulletblack: RoamingShadow won a comment/critique from me.
:bulletblack: bryosgirl won 50:points:

Interested in being Featured?

Awesome! It's real simple to sign up. Just drop a note to the group with the thumbcodes to three of your deviations you'd like to receive feedback on. Prose, poetry, scripts, anything (as long as it’s lit)! But, before you send the note, please make sure that the deviations you're choosing have a couple questions in the author's comments. It's much easier to give feedback on something if you know what the author isn't sure about.

*Commenting/critiquing on more than one of the deviations will increase your odds of winning. There is a strict limit of three entries per deviant.
**A Comment is a few lines, possibly a paragraph, about your opinion of the story. It usually includes something that you really liked and should include at least one thing that can be improved. A Critique is many paragraphs about the deviation and will include both personal opinion as well as correction to technical errors.
***Once your comment is submitted, click the timestamp. Then copy/paste the URL into a comment on this journal.
****Best feedback is decided on by the writer that’s featured

dAy-Brighteners Project (and DLR)

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 5:52 PM by Aerode:iconaerode:

Good morning/afternoon/evening! :la: I hope you've been well.

I have some exciting news: the official group for the cause dAy Brighteners is now live! :happybounce: For more information, click on the journal below, or keep reading:

dAy Brighteners is a cause which attempts to improve (brighten) other Deviants' days through means of a kind comment or few sentences on a profile or artwork. A Deviant in this group will attempt to leave at least five of these types of comments on profiles a day. It could be anyone: a friend, family, or even a random Deviant!

Here's a link to the new Group:



I hope you join!

In other news, I'm still eagerly awaiting more DLR suggestions! My Notes are always open. If you'd prefer to suggest to someone else, click on the 'Meet the Team' journal below. (No hard feelings!) To find more information about this, head over to DailyLitRecognition or the official group, LitRecognition . :love:

Here are a few of the latest articles:

Daily Lit Recognition for April 24th, 2014Daily Lit Recognition for April 24th, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Featured by: VertigoArt

parasthesia by intricately-ordinary
The use of line breaks and punctuation allows this piece
to flow masterfully. The writer strings you along through the piece,
forcing you to read again and again to fill in the
blanks that are left from the first time through.
Featured by: Medoriko

Nightmare Paint by :devcertified-daydreame
Daily Lit Recognition for April 23rd, 2014Daily Lit Recognition for April 23rd, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Featured by: ladyshadowrage

Human Traffic for Profit by eqlrytes
This piece calls attention to a 
growing problem we have in the world 
that doesn't get enough awareness.
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

She Was With the Stars by WindFragments
WindFragments tackles a 
heavy-handed subject in this 
beautifully crafted poem.
Featured by: TheTerrorOfTheDeep

Daily Lit. Recognition for April 22nd, 2014Daily Lit Recognition for April 22nd, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition! 
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article. 
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Featured by: Carmalain7

Revelation by KKeiperPhotography
A simple narrative that attests to the beauty of realized moments.
Suggested by: OHiNeedTea
Featured by: DrippingWords

seasoned by amour-raven
Suggester says: "I really like this poem. I think it flows well and shows a good concrete image."
Featured by: :devNaktarra
Daily Lit. Recognition for April 21st, 2014Daily Lit Recognition for April 21st, 2014
We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!
Featured by: TwilightPoetess

His lap was reserved for science... by ArbiterGirl
Reminder for everyone: Tell the people you
love, that you care.  They aren't mind-readers.
Featured by: AyeAye12

Blue Kentucky by sydnerella
A poem that captivates the homeliness
and essence of a homeland, with beautiful
imagery too; country poetry at its finest.

Meet the team:
Meet the TeamForgive me if I accidentally double-post you all - I tried to avoid it, but could not get the original journal on the LitRecognition group account for some reason. This one should work, so anyone watching the group nut not watching DailyLitRecognition will be able to get the same information delivered to their inbox :)
Hello everybody! This is SilverInkblot once more with a particularly big group update - we're just about ready to get started! :la: I aim to have the first DLR article up THIS MONDAY and, hopefully, to get the ball rolling on the weekend features as well. If not, rest assured the weekend events will start by the next week instead! For now though, I'd like to introduce everyone to the new team - please make them feel welcome! Additionally, there are still a few slots open if you want to help us out!
The Group

Literary Panel

And as always, have a wonderful day. :hug:

Skin by SimplySilent
Voting round 1 has ended. Any votes added after this moment will not be counted.


These actresses have made it through to round 2!

The rest 19 actresses will face the voice judging round. 
5 more actresses will be chosen.

Elsa1 by chillydragon

Elsa2 by chillydragon

Elsa3 by chillydragon

Elsa4 by chillydragon

Elsa5 by chillydragon



1st: Voice actor 03, 48 votes.

2nd: Voice actor 05, 12 votes.

3rd: Voice actor 07, 9 votes. 

4th: Voice actor 06.

5th: Voice actor 02

6th: Voice actor 01

7th: Voice actor 04

ALL auditions will be judged by our judges. 

The final scores will be counted as:

( community round 1 votes + judges round 1 ) + ( community round 2 votes + judges round 2 )



Congratulation voice actor 01, Wartherang (Peter Griffiths) for being chosen as Marshmallow's voice actor! 

Marshmallow by chillydragon


Amanda (Wolvian) ~ Dark red winged wolf with very dark red bird wings, brown eyes and redstone claws

Hit-The-Target (StampyLongNose’s enemy!)~ dark green pelt with red eyes, bat wings green and red

Redstone~ glowing red wolf w/o wingse

Last Dawn (comic script)

Amanda: How long will this LAST?!

Redstone: Ok. We need a plan!

Amanda: OH NO! Not another plan!

Hit The Target appears out of no where

Amanda: WHAAAAA-?!

Redstone: Looser! Wolvian, you chicken!

Amanda: *sarcasm* Yea, very encouraging…
Watched and completed Steins Gate.
Beautiful. Easily one of my favorites.

It shall remain in my memory for a long time. 
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Welcome to dAy-Brighteners! :la: I'm so glad you could join us here, and please, enjoy your stay.

There are a few rules to abide to, but it's nothing you wouldn't see in other groups:

:bulletred: No spamming/trolling/flaming.
:bulletred: Be polite, considerate, and respectful of others. (After all, we're supposed to brighten others' days!)
:bulletred: When Galleries open, no stolen artwork.

Now that the drab part is over with, here's the actual meat of the cause:

dAy-Brighteners was created to improve (brighten) other Deviants' days, through means of a kind comment, a few sentences, or some words on his/her artwork.

:bulletgreen: Try to aim for at least five a day!
:bulletgreen: The comments can be on friends, family, or a total stranger. :tighthug:
:bulletgreen: If you're pressed for time, try asking how others' days are. Even in a Favorite response comment: 'Thank you for the Favorite! How is your day?'

This is a new group, but I hope to see it thrive as a joint effort. I'm planning a few events soon, and hopefully a contest! :la: To do this, help with management will be needed. If anyone is interested, please comment on this journal or note either the group or I, Aerode. I'd love to have you. :love:

Thank you to everyone who joins! There will be much more to come, and have an amazing day. :glomp:
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Cohort 1
Trivia(can join hunt)

Cohort 2

Cohort 3

Cohort 4

Cohort 5