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Triggers, Triggers Everywhere

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 4:00 PM
"Trigger warning."

If you browse art on dA or Tumblr, you've probably seen these words before.

What exactly is a trigger?

Triggers come in multiple flavors.
  • Trauma triggers
    • A person who has experienced a severe traumatic event—which isn't just limited to war veterans—may find that a particular sensory experience sends them back to that trauma. (Although as camelopardalisinblue rightfully points out, it may not always be a full-scale flashback. Plenty of grey areas.)

    • I knew someone who had been abused in a room with fish-themed wallpaper. So while something like the Jesus fish was tolerable because it was so abstract, they found real fish uncomfortable, and sudden exposure to a similar type of fish drawing would send them into a severe anxiety attack and then flashbacks, where they were trapped in the event itself. (Details changed to protect privacy, of course.)

  • Self-destructive triggers
    • Images or detailed descriptions of self-harm, anorexia, or other unhealthy behaviors can trigger a relapse into that behavior. Why someone would want to engage in self-destructive behavior is a topic for a different article.
    • Conditions like autism can come with a tendency to self-harm, and that will have its own set of triggers.

A trigger is something that doesn't just cause an emotion like happiness or sadness, it makes a person act in a way that they don't want to act, either through self-harm, using, or literally re-experiencing a traumatic event.

What can I do to avoid triggering other people?

Trauma triggers can be very individual. I was at a panel where they were discussing how a horror game went south because one of the people had been abused by a cult as a child, and did not react well to being surprised by people in hoods. Is that something they could have anticipated? Maybe, maybe not.

It's easier to anticipate harm-related topics being a problem, like rape, cutting, bulimia, childhood abuse, etc. A detailed description of any one of these things can be triggering. This doesn't mean you should avoid exploring these topics. They're unfortunate, but they are part of the human experience, and never discussing them isn't healthy, either.

Flag content when appropriate—though finding that line can be hard when you yourself aren't triggered. If someone asks you to add a warning, be respectful of their request. You don't know what they've been through.

What are my responsibilities as someone who is triggered?

Don't trivialize triggers.

Let's be clear: triggers are frightening for the person experiencing them. They're not simply an emotion like happiness or sadness. They can literally make trauma survivors feel as if they're reliving their trauma. Or they can drive a person to engage in harmful behavior.

I've seen some really absurd uses of the term. Every time you say something is a trigger just because it makes you cry a little, or makes you mildly uncomfortable, you are trivializing it for people who have real, serious issues. Feelings are part of the human experience. Losing control of your actions is not.

If you've read the above and rolled your eyes because you do have real triggers—please try to be patient with people when they fuck up. I know it isn't easy, but for instance in my first example, this person avoided aquariums because they knew it would be unpleasant. They didn't go around and yelling at fish owners for being insensitive, because they knew it wasn't meant to be personal. And they made sure all their friends knew what set them off, so we could help them avoid it or calm down before a full-blown panic attack happened.

With so many people on the Internet, it's likely you will run into something that causes you discomfort, or cause someone else discomfort. Being tolerant and understanding that we all come from different places, and that trivializing mental health—either by overusing the term or ignoring it—isn't appropriate either, can improve everyone's experience.

Feel free to add your thoughts on the matter :peace:

Thank you to everyone who entered the Rewriting Clichés Fan Fiction Contest!

Third Place

250 :points: Prize

Second Place

500 :points: Prize

And finally...

First Place

1000 :points: Prize

Also entering -

Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to everyone for entering! I hope to see you next month for the next contest!


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Monday Muses

Mon Jul 28, 2014, 10:54 AM

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!

It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:

There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!

Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Please also include why you chose that artist or artwork. Your suggestions will be featured next week! :heart:

If you want the feature to be a surprise for the deviant(s) you suggested, please leave away the '@' or :dev: when typing the username (and post links to artworks instead of thumbs), that way your Muses won't be notified of your comment here through the mentions system.

Also feel free to post this wonderful stamp the awesome a-neverending made on the profile pages of your Muses once the feature is published:

Give a stamp! - You are my MondayMuse by a-neverending

This week's Muses are:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconsyra-728: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"Syra's been a friend of mine on dA for a long time and her artwork is outstanding. She's drawn a few things for me and they always blow me away. Her coloring and shading are always gorgeous. She's been endlessly encouraging to me any time I feel inadequate and has helped me through more than one hard time. I have a few friends on here that I consider close, and I'm glad to have her as one of them."

~ CoattailsOfJustice

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :icon0bsidio: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"I want to thank 0bsidio for being there from almost the first day of my dA-time. She is always incredibly supportive, comments on all traditional deviation in a detailed manner and constractively detailed!
Her own art is so wonderful and inspires me especially because she gets never tired to explain how she did it :) (Smile)
Thank you for being there for me all the time! You are a huge support and a treasure for the community!"

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconnicostars: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Watcher by nicostars
"Nico's art is amazingly imaginative and vibrant, and seeing her works always puts me in a good mood Aww"

~ KiwiCocktail

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconjofrenchie: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"Jofrenchie (Joanna) is a huge inspiration and blessing in my life because she is such a kind soul! She reached out to me when I really needed someone to talk to who could understand some of my health struggles, and I know of many others who have surely been touched by her friendship too.  She overflows with sweetness and deserves all the appreciative gestures she can get. Aww Plus, she makes some really cute graphics!"

~ tinylaughs

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconfelizias: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"Felizias is one super nice deviant here on dA. She's been my muse often! She's just really kind and very encouraging, and makes me smile. I have always noticed and really appreciated her support, and I think it's very cool that she's talented in a variety of types of artwork, (kind of like she is talented in multiple languages!).
I would like to show a favourite work of mine, which is in photography:

Bonnie by Felizias"

Thank you for participating! :heart:

Hop on board Fella's Welcome Wagon as we welcome some awesome new deviants into our community!

Welcome, PrettyOrangeMonster!
Deviant for 2 Months

Standing Nails by PrettyOrangeMonster

Welcome, espiire!
Deviant for 2 Months

[gift] tfm by espiire

Welcome, mega-diancie!
Deviant for 2 Weeks

.:FANART:. Star the cutie-Eevee by mega-diancie

Welcome, joffrehorlor!
Deviant for 7 Months

Hairy Goddess #3 by joffrehorlor

Welcome, corngum!
Deviant for 5 Months

Still too young by corngum

Deviants featured here have been a part of our community for less than one (1) year and have at least one (1) deviation in his/her gallery. If you see any awesome new deviants you'd like to see featured here, please send a note to fella with your suggestion!


hello friends!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

i've had this account for a while but i just recently switched over to it about a month ago. lately i've gotten a lot of new watchers -- more than I'd really expected, so i wanted to do a little thank you giveaway!!

i'll probably do more of these in the future, especially since school doesn't start for a while, so stick around for multiple chances of winning :^)

how to enter: 

+ to enter, +fav fave this journal! 

+ must be watching me! this is for my watchers, after all.

that's it! you don't have to comment or anything but it would be appreciated. :^)

+ you'll get an extra entry if you help spread the word! if you mention this raffle in your journal, poll, etc. and mention me or send me a link showing me in the comments i'll give you one more entry!

that's it! the raffle will end after two weeks, on August 12th! i'll use a random number generator to pick the winner. the winner must respond within three days of being contacted, otherwise i'll draw again. oh, and if no more than 10 people enter, i'll probably redo the giveaway, so that more people have a chance to see it!  

if you win, you'll get a free headshot portrait drawing like this one. 

lucky!! by kat-ari

thanks for looking! *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 
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Deviant Nightmares Magazine and Other Stuff

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 12:57 PM

The anthology didn't really get all that much interest, and I'm trying to get exposure for you guys, so the decision was made to take Deviant Nightmares in a slightly different direction.

I give you... Drumroll (cue echo-effect and booming God-like voice)

Deviant Nightmares Magazine!:happybounce: I think I've fainted. Heart 

Deviant Nightmares Magazine - Issue #1 Coming Soon by joseph-sweet

Yup, we decided to publish a quarterly magazine.

what does this mean for you?
Well, it means that it will be a bit easier to publish you guys on a regular basis, and magazines are shorter, so... Offline and on here, we have enough stories for most of next year's issues. Between 3 and four stories per issue, depending on length of submissions, and articles written by staff. there's also opportunity for that now as well. If you write a news article that's relevant to the magazine, and want a shot, note me with it and I'll give it my consideration. 
We're looking for horror, dark science, apocalyptic, and dark fantasy fiction. The magazine may be themed on some months, but at other times will be considered general horror. Articles pertaining to this category and movies and books in that area will be considered.

We're currently looking for apocalyptic, zombie, vampire, werewolf and general horror stuff. The more violent the better, but it needs to be good.

Also art. Really anything goes. We may be featuring an artist or author in each magazine, so if you want your stuff featured in a magazine that could potentially be viewed by millions, get submitting.

I'll be changing the folder in a few minutes or making a new one for general DNM submissions.  DNM=Deviant Nightmares Magazine, of course. 

Submit anything you think will fit in there, articles, stories, art, photography, etc. And if you feel that you know an artist, author or both who is worthy of a magazine feature, shoot me a note.

I'll do another feature in the next day or two. hings have been hectic. 

I apologize for not being around to approve submissions for nearly a month. Some unexpected stuff happened.

For 2015 submissions - at least for the first couple of issues - think vampires and werewolves, but we aren't looking for sappy romantic stuff. No twilight-like stories. We're looking to go back to the roots of vampires and werewolves that made them terrifying to begin with.

Blood and gore and violence and darkness. Keep it coming. We'll take it to the masses and hopefully get you the recognition you deserve.

Joseph Sweet

So hey guys the Breadman is here and I just want to take a quick moment of your time to see if you can help us here at Blazeclan.
As you may or may not have heard, we here at the Blazeclan planning area (or if you want to be more realistic, our skype chatroom) have come up with some cats to join our "hearty crew" However, do to some limitations (or not wanting the cats), Most of us at our planning area are unable to use these cats and are hoping some of you guys would be willing enough to take a few of them for RP Purposes. The list of cats is as follows:
~This orange cat:
~Parents of Lizardkit, Tarantulakit and Tortoisekit
If you decide that you want to use one of these cats, message either me or Stabats and we will give you any details we have come up with for the cat you have chosen, though most of the cats on the list are up to you on how they act and/or look.
Remember: These cats are absolutely free and only require messaging for permission before taking.
Feel free to ask any questions.

~ TheBreadSpic
</i> A special event is upon us!

I am allowing people to audition characters to be in my comic, Super Paper Bleck! FCs and OCs welcome! Open PERMAENTLY!
Ender sighed. 'Why is that she-cat looking at me like that?' he wondered.

"Hi. I'm Star." the albino she-cat said, flicking her ear with a black star. 

Ender stared at Star's ear, then instead of just thinking it, he blurted out "Aren't Albino's supposed to be all white?"

Star took a step backward, trying to hide obvious hurt. She dropped the flower to the ground, snapping it in half to distract herself. She seemed possessed, as if she didn't realize what she was doing.

Ender stared at her all the same, trying to figure it out. How could she be so hurt? It's not like he cared. Did he? He continued to ponder as Star looked up at him apologetically. "Sorry..." she trailed off, red showing in her cheeks.

"What for?" Ender said coolly, showing no signs of his earlier confusion.

"For... my breakout." She sighed. "My siblings used to bully me about being an albino... which wasn't exactly fun. Rather mentally damaging. So when others mention the word albino..."

"I get it. I to, want revenge. Wait, you do want revenge right?" he asked, hoping for the right answer.

"Y-yeah." she stuttered. "I guess so. It's just..." she once again trailed off

"What?" he asked, sounding agitated.

"They're already dead." she said, looking guiltily at her paws.

"So... you know what your doing." Ender considered.

"Yeah..." Star said, looking up at him with pleasure. "Anyways." she said, grabbing something from behind her ear. It was a white lotus, carefully crafted to fit behind her ear. "Here." she said. "I want you to have this."

"Um..." he said, blushing. He tried to fight it, but he couldn't. He had to face the facts. 

He was in love with Star.