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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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I never have as much time to give back to the DA community as I used to (being an adult and all that jazz!), and therefore I've decided to hold a simple competition!

:party: The prize will be a 12 month premium membership for DA!!! :party:

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is fav and comment on this journal. That's it!! You MUST do both.

The competition will run for 3 weeks. So starting today, the last day to enter will be the 12th September at midnight GMT

I will be randomly picking the winner with help from a random number generator. I will bestow the membership immediately afterwards.

Good luck guys! And thanks again for all the support you've given me over the years!!!! :hug: Much love!
:sun: Hi all!!

Since I wanted to organize an raffle for a long time, i found my 400 watcher mark a great opportunity! :iconballooonplz:

So, want to win some art from me? Raffle closes on August 31th

Here we go!! :la:
:bulletpink: There will be 2 prizes in this raffle! One random winner, and one winner with the best request idea!
Winners get something like this:

Dedenne ~ Arttrade by Jenniej92

Rules~! it whould be no fun without some, right? :D edited!  you dont need to spread the word anymore to enter!

1) You have to be a watcher of mine, since this is a watchers thank you raffle and all! (but you can be a new one! :dummy: )
Comment on this journal with your art request. This can be anything! (like: pokemon/ disney/ oc/ other fandoms etc.etc.!) You can be really detailed if you want.
2) You get a number from me after you commented. Also, it's appreciated if you faved this journal ^^
3) For extra luck: promote this raffle! You get 2 numbers instead of one :) so you dont have to spread the word if you rather not to. (but i love you a little extra if you do ;) )
4) I will randomly pick the first winner with a randomizer from the internets, I will choose the second winner by choosing the best art request!
- I also will do a journal feature of 20 participants, who will be randomly picked! -
5) This Art raffle needs to have 20 participants to get it started :la: (i hope so much people want to win art from me ;o; )
So, get started! :la:

More art examples:

Aristocats - a Night in Paris by Jenniej92    Top percentage by Jenniej92

Johanna, painting by Jenniej92

What is the Great Lit Crit Event?

It's a literature community critiquing event with a buttload of prizes to be won! And it is about time we started handing out some of those prizes.

Get all the information here:  The Great Lit Crit Event!:iconlawooplz: EXTENSION!! :iconlawooplz:
Being that I've been a bit absent (real life, ugh) I've decided to extend BOTH PARTS of this contest. 
If you have not yet submitted a poem or story to the contest, you have until AUGUST 15TH to send me a note with a thumb or link to your deviation. 
If you still need time to leave feedback, you have until AUGUST 31ST to leave your comments or critiques to be entered in the epic prize drawing. 
Because Critique is Awesome!
A couple weeks ago, I wrote a couple articles about critique in the deviantART community.  The response to those articles was generally positive, which was completely awesome. Several people expressed a desire t

What is the Community Comment Countdown?

Well, I ended up getting way more prize donations than I did literature submissions. :lol: So, to help with getting as many people involved in the prize giveaway as possible, I'm going to be hosting a different activity with 5 random participants winning something from the prize list! It could be points, features, critiques, commissions, or other dA-related prizes. The gift cards and physical prizes are reserved for the original GLCE comments. ;)

So, we're counting down the last two weeks until the end of the Great Lit Crit Event with activities every other day! 

How does it work?

I will be posting a different challenge in my journal every other day. Make sure you :+devwatch: me or keep checking my page for the update. All of the activities have been pre-determined and set to auto-post at midnight each day in The activities will be hosted every other day.

These drawings do not require that you leave a comment on the deviations submitted to the Great Lit Crit Event, and only new comments will be considered for these drawings. However, if you have not yet left a comment on the deviations submitted to the Event, I highly recommend you do so for the really big prizes! :) 

Challenge #2 Winners!


:clap: Thanks for your participation! Expect individual journal features for your galleries from me starting in September. :hug:

Challenge #3

The Task: Go into one of your favorite literature groups on deviantART and find one (or more!) piece(s) from people requesting feedback. (Generally groups have a folder reserved for feedback requests.) Leave a comment on those deviations that responds to any specific feedback requests the author left. Then leave a thumb or link to the deviation you commented on in the comments of this journal. I'll feature all of the linked deviations along with the winners in the next challenge announcement! :)

Tip: Groups like theWrittenRevolution require people to leave feedback requests in their artist comment! 

The Time Frame: You'll have from the moment this journal is posted until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Saturday, August 23rd to complete this challenge!

The Prizes: 5 random participants will receive a 1-month premium membership for themselves, or someone they'd like to donate it to. 

:eager: Ready, Set, Go!

Questions? Leave a comment! 

:heart: Lili

July Winners

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 9:03 PM

tactician vs genius by Nikitomate
Based on your votes, here are your top fan favorites from TMNTContests July "Donatello" Theme Challenge. These winners will receive prize ptsPoints, TMNTContest's official stamp for display on their winning work, a feature on the TMNTContests homepage and a permanent spot in the TMNTContests Hall of Winners Gallery.  

Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 Congratulations! Trophy Emote 2 

Check Out These Other Great Entries:

(in no particular order)
TMNT: War games... (One shot)TMNT: War games...
(TMNT CC based on 2003 version, Donnie is 19 years old. )
Warning (Rated: T) Mild T-cest
Please Don’t Read if you don’t like this stuff.

The night amazing in all of its glory, the stars glistened, fire flies twinkled in the tall grass, accompanied by a cool breeze that tickled Donnie’s neck, it was beyond words for him to even try to describe.
Spring… fresh and new, with an earthy aroma in the air, which lured the purple clad turtle to stay outside to relax under the old oak tree located on the farm house, that Donnie called his second home.
(It can’t get any better than this.)
Oh how he loved visiting the place, time away from the noisy city, leaving all his problems, worries and fears behind.
With a pleased smile, Donnie closed his eye
SAINW: Donatello's life now by ShellshockerTMNT117Donatello's Dragon From 2003 Ninja Tribunal by krzykatldy Same As He'll Never Know One Day He Will
By: :iconhorrorruby7: for TMNTContests's contest with the topic: "Donatello"
Word Count: ~286 words
Fandom: TMNT 2003
Donatello will remove the goggles that mark the rim of his eyes. He will quickly glance at his homemade clock; informing him of yet another sleepless night. He will stand, a few old bones cracking, and habitually make his way to the kitchen. He'll make his usual no-sugar coffee and from there, he'll continue this not-so-normal day.
As usual, he'll walk by his bickering brothers. He'll ignore their venomous words. Not hear the hatred that plague their words like raging thorns.
He'll walk past his cheerful brother. He'll try to ignore him. When that fails, and when the suspicions arise, he'll smile that fake smile of his. Make everyone believe that everything was alright.
Later on, he'll listen to his brother for the umpteenth time about some threat. How some enemy is trying to terminate them. Destroy them.
And even later, they'll be on a mis
Fire on the Mountain-(One Shot Maybe)TMNT FicDonatello's footsteps fell silently on the snow as he walked out of the sewer entrance, leading away from the city. Everything seemed to start to fall apart a few months ago;after the accident. April & Casey had been visiting them, Casey and Raph had been goofing off  near the lab doors then Raph sent Casey sliding across the floor into Donnie's Lab table now they had a fifth turtle on their hands. It hadn't been his fault and yet everyone seemed to be blaming him. At first everything was okay  Donnie needed a canister of  mutagen to make a retro injection. It didn't take them long to find one but when Donnie finished that batch of retro mutagen, and injected Casey  it hadn't worked ; in fact it had  mutated him further, causing him to become almost primal in nature.
He set about trying to make it right spending Hours, days weeks in his lab not eating, or sleeping then April had the nerve to try and tell him he was taking so long on purpose,  it had been a
Deep Pools of RedDonnie screamed in rage and in sadness, he never experienced so much pain in his life. After the deadly yet dangerous fight with the Kraang AND the Foot Clan, he had bruises and small cuts on his arms. A bloody head and a deep wound slashed across his plastron. It was hell for him, he felt like he was going to die from a acceptable amount of blood. 
Donnie stopped screaming and gasped for air, clenching onto his stomach. He needed to get to the lair fast, but the lair was a far of a distance for him because of his bloody body tearing his life apart. It was too much for him and he had to ponder about it, something he was really amazing at.
He thought about his love of his life April, his brothers and his father; remembering the great times with them. As he thought that Donnie scolded himself for pondering like that, he needed his rest. He wasn't thinking right.
Donnie lied down on the cold hard ground, trying to close his bloodshot eyes, sleeping into peace. He could
The Brains: Donatello by tinker97Donnie by NokaKomiBorn by FrillyReptile Mad ScientistMad Scientist
Summary: Don’s genius is pushed to the edge in the protection of his family
The world was a great black pit, cold and cruel to those that were different from the norm and mutated turtles were certainly different. Don understood this harsh truth, probably better than any of his brothers did. He didn't just know that their enemies would like to capture them and exterminate them; he knew all of the painful and agonizing ways that they would do it too.
The scientist in him knew every procedure that would be used in order to find out just exactly he, his brothers, and his father ticked. Not only would it hurt to the point that they would be begging for death but it would be an incredibly slow procedure too.
In the past few months it had been made clear to Donatello that this was the fate that awaited his small family. Almost every time they ventured out of their home they were set upon by Foot ninjas, Purple Dragons, and random citizens that just feared what they
TMNT - All alone by FelhesznelenevAlright by DasWesen A whole new world
A whole new world
April was standing on a roof top, watching over the big city. She saw something most people would think was some kind of light show but she knew better. She ran and jumped from roof to roof until she was on the same roof as him.
Donnie was ice sculpting, something that looked a like a snake or a lizard. But then she saw the wings and realized it was a dragon. Kinda like that dragon she had seen in a fairytale. A snake-like body, short but strong looking legs and big, strong, awe wings. And from the sides of its nose was a long mustache.
"You're getting better at stealth, I'll give you that." She jumped when she heard him talk. She had been looking at what he was doing and had almost forgotten that she was there. He turned around and looked at her with smile. And she got a full look of the dragon and it was a beautiful in every detail. She stepped out of the shadows and walked up to him.
"Heh, thanks. I guess I've gotten better in my training." She looked at the
Luck Be Donnie Tonight by alaerThe Secret's Out by PowderAkaCaseyJones FearFear
If you asked Hamato Donatello if he ever felt fear, he would say you were insane. Emotions such as fear should be unknown to a rational mind such as his. But as he tinkered in his lab, Donnie realized that even he couldn’t deny that he knew fear all too well.
The thing he feared most of all was letting someone down, not being good enough. Not being as skilled a ninja as his brothers. Not worthy of April’s love. Not smart enough as a scientist to keep them alive. These fears kept him awake at night. One wrong move, one mistake, and he could lose it all.
He had failed before. Like with Timothy. No matter how many times people tried to convince him Tim brought it on himself, he knew it was all his fault. And he still felt responsible, even indirectly, for Kirby’s mutation, and losing April. Donnie was eternally grateful that it wasn’t forever. But it could have been.
Donnie sometimes worried, irrational as it seemed, that if he failed, not only could his loved

to all our participants and voters. This group thrives because of you!

Reminder!  Deadline Approaching!

Contests, Games & Activities, Join Us!

Group Founder/Organizer:EnsoDancer Journal Skin By:LabLayers
Classes will be starting up soon and all who have been on a long vacation we your loving teachers would love to see all of you in class again.

 If more join then we are willing to bring in more staff to bring in more classes of your choosing.

 If you have classes in mind you would like us to bring into our Academy then please leave a comment below and we your teachers will bring it up with the headmasters for you!

We love all our special students !

  ~ Teachers

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !Give-away winner announcement! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

Here is the contest give-away winner evidence:
Winner by LoveAndGivePointsWinnerevidence by LoveAndGivePoints

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !The winner! Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

This means that the winner of this give-away is....

:heart: !Congratulations! :heart:
+50 :points:

My Dork Dance  !I thank all the participants, and I wish you all luck in the next give-away's I will be hosting in the near future!My Dork Dance 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! !Don't be sad if you didn't win, there could always be next time!  Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! 

Rave Project-entry ~Maya & Amy~ Rave Project-entry 
I HAVE 200 WATCHERSS!!! :iconoooohplz:
OH GOOD! I'M SO HAPPY, NOW!! :iconrigbylaplz:
thank very much to all!!!! :iconrigby-plz:

TENGO 200 WATCHERSS!! :iconoooohplz:
OH DIOS! ESTOY TAN FELIZ AHORA! :iconrigbylaplz:
muchas gracias a todos!!!! enserio :iconrigby-plz:
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Hello. I'd like to take a moment to use my advanced knowledge of art and literature to give an example of how Rainz01 should improve his bio.

Rainz, take notes. I want to see your bio changed immeadetly.

Here it is:

I'm not a regular guy, I'm an autist with no idea of how to write a story. Retarded movie reference.

I'm a plagiaristic writer. I don't come up with my own ideas and I'm not creative at all. I have a popular work, but only because it's so shit that everyone feels bad for me.

I'm an atheist, and I don't shove my beliefs down other people's throats. Unless they don't convert to atheism.

I'm a stupid feminist asswipe who has little to no understanding of the world today. If I was smart, I would acknowledge that men are clearly the superior sex, and women must only be used for cooking, cleaning, and vagina.

My favorite author is Uwe Boll.

My favorite cartoonists are Lil' Wayne and Blood on the Dance Floor.

I don't talk about politics much, just so that people think I'm not autistic.

I'm a fat, slobby American with nothing better to do but watch TV and eat Doritos.

At times I may be an autistic shitstain, oh wait, I mean all the time.

I enforce DeviantArt rules because I'm a stuck-up prude with autism.

But most of all, I'm an enormous faggot who loves big, black dick.
want to go to the crocodile rock?
or wanna see greatest hits of Elton john?
you need to come here then!
you will a fun time blogging about Elton johns songs that you like!!
Wind Wisp:

 She never met her father mother was a pegasus and father was a unicorn, therefore she has a little bit of magic but can't access it.
 Wind Wisp was not a very good flyer, she always fell onto the clouds whenever she got a foot above the clouds. She was sent to flight school as a filly but didn't get very far, so she dropped out without her mother knowing and met up with Light Feather. That is where she learned to fly well enough to for periods of time without stopping.
  She eventually gained her cutie mark, doing the thing she does best, by flapping her wings gently (with other pegasi help) she created a breeze strong enough to get the breezies' home.

Wing by DitzyDoo0

Cotton Candy:

I bet you can guess what her talent is.
 Cotton candy was born with a disablity, she has been blind since birth her mother tried to find a doctor that would help her sight but never could. She grew up with a loving mother and father, but didn't leave the house to much, other than for school or the occasional trip to the market with her mother or father.
 She wanted to contribute, since she felt helpless and weak whenever her mother and father protected her from the world, she contributed by selling cotton candy at the town fair with her mother. Whenever she got the compliments on her cotton candy she would beam with pride! Around the 30th compliment she gained her cutie mark, but didn't notice it until her mother said, "I knew you would get that cutiemark!" Cotton was amazed and happy that day for gaining her cutie mark doing the one thing she loved.
 About 5 years later she moved out oh her mother and father's house and opened her shop. Her shop is always busy, her cotton candy is the best in Ponyville.

Cotton Candy by DitzyDoo0

Agent Clue:

 She never guessed that she would ever be a spy, she always thought that she would be a cop or a royal guard or something but a spy! Oh but being a spy is great too, other than the occasional assassins coming and trying to kill her and her family, no biggie.
 She eventually separated herself from her family and friends so they wouldn't be in any danger while she worked for princess Celestia gathering info from Celestia's enemies. She eventually erased herself from all databases so her family wouldn't be in any danger so she renamed herself Agent Clue. Nobody knows her name or her past other than Celestia and Luna.

No Pony:

 He used to be a changeling, he was nothing special before he drank the potion that turned him into an ordinary equestrian. He was originally sent by Chrysalis to infiltrate the pony empire but eventually his motives changed after he spotted Kit. He instantly feel in love with her but kept his crush secret, never approaching her or letting her know he was there.


Kuolema means death in Finnish I think XD

I am still developing this character, but the colors are not permenate, in fact they will probably change

 She is based off of the mythological sisters that would measure and cut the thread of lives. Her cutie mark is a spool and pair of scissors, they symbolize that only she can measure and cut the thread of lives. If anypony else tries they will not be sucessful.
She was not born an alicorn, she was granted wings from another alicorn, (keep in mind this is an alternate universe) unlike other ponies she hates her destiny. Killing fillies is not something you love, but it has to be done, otherwise everypony is immortal.
That is another reason why she hates her destiny, everypony that knows of her hunts her down, to stop her from killing them off, so they can be immortal.

Kuolema by DitzyDoo0

Heart Song:

 Ever since she was a filly she LOVED music! She was always sing along to any and all songs. Her cutie mark is a lyre is shaped like a heart and is surrounded by music notes.
All around sweet mare sometimes helps out with Cotton's cotton Candy shop whenever she cannot make it. Both Parents are earth ponies, they're one of the upper class ponies and look down on anypony that is is not on their "level".  Will sing for a bit if you ask nicely. Would be Pinkie Pie's Bff if they didn't live in different towns, both love parties!

Heart Song by DitzyDoo0

Light Feather:

 She is a sweet mare, generally gets along with everypony. Has a condition called heterochromia, one iris is a different color from the other. As a filly she was made fun of because of her different colored eyes, but eventually everypony accepted her. She is BFFs with Wing Wisp because of they both grew up in Cloudsdale. Is a average flyer and still hasn't gotten her cutie mark. (AKA I haven't found the perfect cutie mark for her) She currently works with the could stomping team.

Rose Bud:

 Rose Bud was always an outcast never fit in and nobody liked her. Not even her own mother. But things got worse once she started growing a tail! She left town one it became noticeable, and left to go to the everfree forest. She eventually befriended a few of the "monsters" and grew to enjoy her quiet life there.

Rosebud by DitzyDoo0


Please offer 10 :points: or more.

Only ponies!

If you would like to know more feel free to ask questions.