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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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DeviantsGallery Halloween of Horrors!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 3:40 PM

Hello my fellow deviants and welcome to our Halloween of Horrors!  *insert evil cackle here*

As some of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I want to celebrate it with YOU!

Our goal is to inspire everyone to create new art and more than that we want to have activities that every member can participate in. So… instead of having a contest, we are having 5 Halloween themed challenges. Without further ado, let get's started with our HALLOWEEN OF HORRORS!

Halloween Visual Art Challenge
:bulletorange: For this challenge we are accepting Digital Art, Photography, Drawings and Paintings that are Halloween themed.

You can submit your entries here:…

Jack-o-Lantern Challenge
:bulletorange:  We are challenging you to create a REAL jack-o-lantern. That's right, in order to enter you must create a jack-o-lantern and post a photo of it.  Most jack-o-lanterns are done with pumpkins, but you can carve anything you like- as long as it is a jack-o-lantern.

For example, you can check out some of my jack-o-lanterns I've carved in past years.

2013 Jack-o-Lantern by prettyflour     Ned Flanders is the devil. by prettyflour

You can submit your entries here:…

Spooky Literature Challenge
:bulletorange:  This one is for all you writers out there.  We are challenging you to write something in the theme of Ghost Story.  You can enter poetry or prose just please keep your entries 1,000 words or less.

You can submit your entries here:…

Zombie Selfie Challenge
:bulletorange:  We want you to take a selfie and manipulate it to make yourself a zombie. Or you can submit of selfie of yourself dressed up as a zombie.  

You can submit your entries here:…

Costume Contest
:bulletorange:  This idea comes from a few members who commented on our recent poll. We want to see you in costume!  This is where you can submit photos of yourself in a costume. This is the place where our cosplaying members can kick some serious butt.  

You can submit your entries here:…

:skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones:

Let's get to the REAL sun stuff.  The prizes!

:bulletorange:  All participants will receive favs and llamas courtesy of :iconramyart2:

:bulletorange: All winners will receive a feature by:
:iconprettyflour:, :icondeviantsgallery:, :iconall-photographers:  :icondogsoftheworld:, :iconpetantics:, :iconcome-one-come-all:, :iconlacedshadowdiamond:, :iconsupergirlswag:, :icondarkclub:, :icondigillustrate:, :iconrainbow-4all-club: :iconfantasywarriorwomen:  :iconfull-color-art:  :icondigital-pictures:

:bulletorange: Each winner will receive:
100 points from me aka :iconprettyflour:
A critique from: :iconramyart2:
A Llamas from:  :iconlacedshadowdiamond:, :iconwaterdrup:  :iconmelalina:  
A Favorites from:  :iconmelalina:
A llama and fav courtesy of :iconmeorow:

:skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones:

:bulletorange: The winner of the Halloween Visual Art Challenge will receive:
A commission courtesy of :iconmeorow:

:skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones:

:bulletorange: The winner of the jack-o-lantern challenge will receive:
A commission courtesy of :iconelcaide:

:skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones:

:bulletorange: The winner of Spooky Literature Challenge will revieve:
A commission courtesy of :iconprettyflour:
A chibi commission courtesy of :iconseangelsaph:
A Feature in :iconpoets-and-warriors: and :iconpoeticalcondition:

:skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones:

:bulletorange: The winner of the Zombie Selfie Challenge will receive:
A commission courtesy of :iconama-encyclopika:

:skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones: :skullbones:

:bulletorange: The winner of the costume contest will receive:
A commission courtesy of :iconsilviastarlight5:
A critique courtesy of :iconmystiecub:

:pumpkin: :skull: :chainsaw: :pumpkin: :skull: :chainsaw: :pumpkin: :skull: :chainsaw: :pumpkin: :skull: :chainsaw: :pumpkin: :skull: :chainsaw:

Let's take a minute to talk about the pesky rules.
:bulletblack: 1. You must be a member to participate.
:bulletblack: 2. You can submit one entry to each challenge.
:bulletblack: 3. All submission must fit the theme.
:bulletblack: 4. All submission must be new- created for these challenge.
:bulletblack: 5. All submissions must mention this journal in the artist comments.
:bulletblack: 6. The deadline for submissions is 10/30/14.

:furious: :pumpkin: :skull: :furious: :pumpkin: :skull: :furious: :pumpkin: :skull: :furious: :pumpkin: :skull: :furious: :pumpkin: :skull: :furious: :pumpkin: :skull: :furious: :pumpkin: :skull:

If you would like to donate prizes, please note :iconprettyflour:. We would happily accept anything you have to offer- favs, llamas, features, commission, points or anything else you can think of.

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment here and we will respond as soon as we can.

Thank you so much for helping us celebrate HALLOWEEN!

Okay so, since nobody knows me anymore bunneh icon8 , I'd like to get more recognition, get more askers. I don't know what to do with these points, except give them to you guys~ Though, now one has asked me yet. Invisible 

What I will be giving:

        100 Points to 1 random lucky deviant and the other 100 Points to another 1 random lucky deviant
                                                                            That weekend feeling 
~ This giveaway is for my watchers. But youuu.. others who aren't watching me can enter as well so therefore, you must be watching ME Creepy stare !
~Write a journal about me and then comment the link of your journal in the comments below.
~Fave this journal (optional because you might forget what contest you won from!)
And That's it!

I will announce the lucky winners on October 15th!

1. :iconnarutoluva992:
2. :iconanotherstupidartist:
3. :iconaandromeda:
5. :iconlilysplash:
6. :iconsartdustfairy:
7. :iconxbonbons:
8. :iconshygreenyoshi:
9. :iconmarciasari: 
 10. :iconasianeditions:
11. :iconlillychan123:
12. :iconpaichi:
13. :iconyurimilk:
14. :icon 
15. :icon 
16. :icon 
17. :icon 
18. :icon
20. :icon
21. :icon 
22. :icon
23. :icon
24. :icon
And if you people were wondering these numbers are your numbers entering the contest so... remember them!
So lets get going~
Happy Garry Emote (Small) 
P.S. Who likes meh new icon?
Pretty cool huh, made it mehself!
No commissions tho.
Halloween fella ( Universe ) It's that time of the year again and this year we are going to have a great contest!! This year the contest will be hosted by the affiliated groups;Halloween fella ( Universe ) 

:iconin-obscuro: and :iconombre-de-nuit:


Unexpected Evil -  In other words we want you to show us anything that normally isn't a creepy or evil, being creepy or evil. (Note or comment if you don't understand)


1 October 2014 - 30 November 2014, midnight GMT+2


Pumpkin  Only digital artworks will be allowed. Any form of Digital Art is welcome though
Pumpkin Your artwork should be relative to the theme provided
Pumpkin All stock must be credited WITH A DIRECT LINK (If you are not sure about how to do this, please ask)
Pumpkin Your entry must be created after 29 September 2014
Pumpkin Only 1 entry per person
Pumpkin Only dark/macabre/horror works will be excepted
Pumpkin No explicit pornography please, all though taste full nudes will be excepted
Pumpkin All artworks should be submitted to this folder > Halloween 2014


1st place
200 points from Emerald-Depths 
1500 points from In-Obscuro and Ombre-De-Nuit 
66 points from itznikki530 
3 month sub from Emerald-Depths 
Exclusive stock from Mandies-Stock
Features from Emerald-Depths , CapnSkusting , mippieArt , In-Obscuro , TheVoiceOfManips , A-Wakefield ,  EyeoftheOracle , devOmbre-de-Nuit, itznikki530 

2nd place
100 points from Emerald-Depths 
700 points from In-Obscuro and Ombre-De-Nuit 
66 points from itznikki530 
1 month sub from Emerald-Depths 
Exclusive stock from Mandies-Stock
Features from Emerald-Depths , CapnSkusting , mippieArt , In-Obscuro , TheVoiceOfManips , A-Wakefield ,  EyeoftheOracle , devOmbre-de-Nuit, itznikki530 

3rd place
50 points from Emerald-Depths 
350 points from In-Obscuro and Ombre-De-Nuit 
66 points from itznikki530 
Exclusive stock from Mandies-Stock
Features from Emerald-Depths , CapnSkusting , mippieArt , In-Obscuro , TheVoiceOfManips , A-Wakefield ,  EyeoftheOracle , devOmbre-de-Nuit, itznikki530 

Please feel free to make a donation to the prize pool. Any donations are welcome! After the contest we will do a thank you feature for all those who made donations.

Have fun!! In-Obscuro and Ombre-De-Nuit 

Ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night: we want to bring the macabre and spooky to Novel Expression!

Monster by NovelExpression

While our current collections are geared toward romance, your deviations don’t have to be romance covers. They can be romance, paranormal, suspense, mystery, or any other genre that inspires you. Just to help spur your creativity, click here for a few examples.

We do ask you include text for a title (feel free to use Book Title or something generic) and an author name (Jane/John Doe is fine) in your design.
Prizes include (some to be added!):

First Place:

1 yr membership

4000 points

A feature and 100 points from  Elandria

3 exclusive stock packs from  CelticStrm-Stock 

1 exclusive stock packs from  PirateLotus-Stock    

Interview or write-up and featured post on the Novel Expression site

Image featured on Novel Expression site and dA page with credit and back links

Second Place:

6 month membership

2000 points

Image featured on Novel Expression site and dA page with credit and back links

A feature and 100 points from  Elandria
2 exclusive stock packs from  CelticStrm-Stock 
1 exclusive stock packs from   PirateLotus-Stock    

Third Place:

3 month membership

800 points

Image featured on Novel Expression site and dA page with credit and back links
A feature and 100 points from  Elandria

1 exclusive stock packs from  CelticStrm-Stock 


• Contest is open worldwide.

• The provided Novel Expression images must be used and while manipulations are encouraged, the image(s) you choose must be recognizable in the cover design. Images to be used are to be found here.  Images are to be used only within the context of the contest.

• Additional stock images may be used in your design along with the Novel Expression image, though you MUST have rights to use these images (through licensing, commercial Creative Commons licensing, or similar permissions.)
+fav must notify owners of use, credit  in the artist's description, and add the link of the stock they use. =) (Smile) 

• You are welcome to post your deviation on your page and use it in your personal portfolios, but final designs may not be licensed out to other clients without licensing from Novel Expression.

• You may submit up to three unique designs, though you can only win once.

• Submit images by posting them in your own gallery with a link back to our contest page, then send us a note with a link to your image. We will start to build a folder of entries for all to see.

***  IMPORTANT  ***


• IMPORTANT: By entering this contest, if your deviation is chosen as one of the winners, you authorize Novel Expression to use your artwork for promotional purposes on our website, dA page, and social media outlets (we will give attribution whenever possible).


All entries must be received by October 24, 2014. If entry is received after that, it will not be eligible for judging and prizes.


All entries will be judged by a panel of judges, including the Novel Expression founders SheridanlaEllenCHerbert, and NovExChip, and special guest judges!    


Winners will be notified and announced on October 30, 2014.

Send us a note with any questions - have fun and we can't wait to see what you create!

Llama Party and Kiriban Results

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 4:30 PM
Here's a quick journal to announce the results of...

My Fabulous





My Most Recent


So get excited. :iconstinkeyeplz:

First things first...

- the Llama Party results.

Yesterday, September 28, 2014, I asked all of you fine people to participate in my first ever Llama Party. Within which we worshiped the existence of said glorious creatures, participated in games, contemplated the awesomeness of the #6, and successfully llama-ed 6 beautiful deviants. Missed the action? Check out the original journal:

Welcome to the Llama Party!If you're reading this journal, you're cordially invited to my...
In my "last journal" I revealed this upcoming party with no clues as to what it would involve. :eyes: All I revealed is that it would include prizes such as :points: & Premium Memberships. :drool: What I did ask of you was to answer this poll. The question?
What is your favorite number between 1 and 10? And why?
This was in fact the first "contest". I perused the comments and chose the number I will be using in the party based on the entrant's reason. And the winner of the first prize, 100 :points:, is...
- with their comment:
"I like 6.
Ever since I started learning numbers in school, and math,

Cool party, amiright? :horny:

If you participated or just went to read up on the happenings, you should now know... A LOT OF PEOPLE WON A LOT OF STUFF. :stare: This portion of my journal is to congratulate and name those people and to formally thank everyone for participating and facilitating my madness. Seriously.



Although I will be doing A LOT of repeating myself, I want to document and congratulate all winners here for their sake and my organization purposes. :salute:

Favorite Number Poll Winner

Let's REcongratulate BATTLEFAIRIES for suggesting our party's number theme... the number SIX. :clap: They won themselves 100 :points: right off the bat. Lot's of love, my dear! :heart:

6 One Month Premium Membership Winners

I offered 6 One Month PMs to any deviants who helped in the second part of my madness. 3 of these winners were chosen randomly from the first 20 people to give me llamas after the journal was published. They are:


The next 3 winners of a One Month PM were chosen for being the FIRST three people to share the Llama Party Journal in either their own journal portal or in a poll. Those winners are:



100 :points: to Six Special Deviants Winners

Although I already announced these winners and WHY they won in the original journal - like I said. GET OVER IT. THIS IS FOR DOCUMENTING PURPOSES. :stare: The 6 Special Deviants are:



Llama Point Trade Winner

For poops and giggles, I offered 6 :points: for LLAMAZ through the llama/point trade system. The sixth person to give me a llama received 60 extra points. That person was...

- sweetyemma

You've Been LLama-ed Participants

I don't know about you guyz... but this was my favorite part of the party. :eyes:

For this grande event I asked everyone who arrived at the party to visit 6 deviants' pages and LLAMA THEM TO DEATH. :stab: Specifically - you guys gave 6 deviants llamaz and then commented politely on their pages:

Or something along those lines. :flirty:

First - I want to extend a BIG "thank you" to the 6 deviants who bore my llama judgement. :iconwooooplz:


You're all beautiful, amazing people and my vicarious llama-ing was done out of love.

And now another large "thank you" from the whole of my heart to those who did the llama-ing and will receive 6 Points per llama given. They are:


Congratulations to everyone who won or participated in my first Llama Party!

I'll be :note:ing all of you after the publication of this journal.
But I also have a question for you now. Should I do this again? :horny:

Next up...

- my 40,000 Kiriban Winner!

I've never had such a big response. :faint:

A lot of people sent me screenshots through either a comment or private :note:. I REALLY appreciate everyone trying - but only ONE can win. ^^; So - the winner is... for being the FIRST person to either :note: me or comment with a screenshot:



I'll respond to your :note: as soon as possible. :heart:

Yeah. There's a few other things I wanted to mention to you guyz. :paranoid:

There's a couple of groups you should join:

BeACritic & LitRecognition

:iconbeacritic: :iconlitrecognition:

I am a Recruiter over at GrimFace242's group, BeACritic. I'm inviting you all to join and be provided with even MORE opportunities to receive and give critiques. :eyes: The group will be officially re-launching OCTOBER 1ST... so keep an eye out. :stinkeye:

I am a Prose Admin. over at SilverInkblot's group, LitRecognition. Not only should you join this fantabulous group that brings exemplary literature to the forefront in daily articles - BUT YOU SHOULD SEND ME PROSE SUGGESTIONS. :stare: Main rules? No chapter-ed works, fan-fiction, or poetry. Because I am a prose admin. :flirty:


A small feature for a beautiful person is up next. None other than the amazing...


Locket SirensIf there's something I'm not supposed to be doing, I've forgotten. The locket rests, heavy and cold, on my palm. I shiver, gooseflesh prickling my bare arms as the wind shifts course. In a frenzied game of tag, the curls I slaved over this morning dance and flatten across my face and I squint, trying to see through the thick locks. The locket hums again, haunted, and grows colder still. Frowning, I flip my palm upside down, trying to rid it of metal. The chain binds my fingers closed. The locket doesn't budge, but hangs instead from the gap between my life and heart lines. A pain, like pinching and releasing the skin, pricks across the flexes of my hand.
"You can't let it go now, Lees," Koto whispers beside me, his chrome-tinted eyes bulging and riveted to the necklace entangling me. There's a sheen to his lips I've never seen before; as I watch, his tongue sweeps across them again. A nervous habit.
Despite myself, I chuckle--a clipped, haughty sound that falls from behind my teeth lik
Over SteepedUninvited, the past will loosen
the bow tie around his neck
and seat himself
at the head of your dining room table,
sharp elbows digging grooves
into the hardwood.
You'll live your days around him,
letting dust creep 
into the harsh haunches of his shoulders
like snow piles up in the drive
on cold Sunday mornings.
You'll forget he's settled there--
stone-still and haunt-heavy
with the things you try your best
to sweep under the rug,
to pack neat and tidy away--
until he shifts;
a tuck of elbow,
a lift of eyebrow,
a twitch of finger.
On that day,
pull out your best China
and invite him to tea--
over steeped
and gulped quickly,
bitter and plain.
pink shading, scented lotioni really hate:
chocolate pudding, pink shoes,
and love on a whim.
romantic movies,
valentine's kisses and cards.
loving a moron.
pink bubbles and soap,
shampoo scented like daisies,
and holding your hand.
cologne, sweaty feet.
the patter of heartache, loss,
and being found here.
bugles and spices,
salt grains stuck to velvet skin,
pink flowers and hearts.
starlight and singing,
hope for a better sunrise,
and letting you go.
but above all else:
white shoe strings, old music, and
saying "I love you."

This amazing, beautiful, talented woman created something for myself and the equally gorgeous, IrrevocableFate. Not only should you check out this extraordinary piece of literature - but also the rest of her gallery and the poems mentioned in her artist's comments. :turbopoke:

Of Irrevocable SoulsMother, I have learned
of all the places in the universe
mementos from the underworld
break through
within an owl graveyard,
death beading
maps not meant for following--
a fleeting touch of the galaxy.
The moon is on fire,
a dreaming globe;
in the silence,
a strong and broken man
plagued by phantasms
the tails of falling stars--
"The bone yard glows, but you are still here;
friends shouldn't say goodbye like this."

Thank you sooooo much, sweetie pie! :icontardhugplz:

A few random features before I close this journal. :iconstaredanceplz:

Deviants You Should Love

A few people you should know about. :heart:


Recent Artworks That Blew Me Away

What does it all mean... by HaiisuCloud by George-B-Artwholesome by dogtoothpaste
Re-EntryGliding down from the stratosphere
All the pretty lights sparkle for me
It's the New Year
And I'm celebrating in grand circus style
Coming in over the mighty Pacific
Watching it rise and fall
From 85,000 feet
That ancient jade dragon
Pierced through with blades of icy blue
A cotillion of clouds linger majestically over the expanse
Light fans encircle me
Radiance completing an arc
Mastery of the tangent that is my body
A blackened silhouette against the burning
Violet light
Chasing me as I plummet faster and faster
Overtaking to-morrow
I see the lights of Tokyo
The geishas are bowing
The dragons are dancing
As the old men smoke Dorothy's poppies
While the Tin Woodman drinks sake
And the Lion greets the Monkey
The Emperor is laughing
As the parrots sing
I see the geishas waving at me
And I smile
Ice crowned spires of black rock
Soar into the aether
Riding the gemini
As Circulon revolves around the Sun
The eagles rest on his flanks
Eating light to pour life into their young
Far above the
Delusion becomes meDelusion becomes me
it echoes with the listless duty
of confining me
within the horrid tyranny
of my own fiction.
There will be no coup
no revolution nor rebellion
no cries for reality
nor exuberance of freedom
only the echoes of duty.
The monotonous drown of forgeries,
atrocities, and apologies,
the dying screams 
of impoverished souls
of fancy and fantasy,
the rapacious shouts 
of fallacious joy over 
the births of new yet 
lovely children of fate and belief,
more loudly the gunfire
these shouts are meant to cloud
horribly loud in themselves
though they quiet some of the screams,
and finally the repetition 
of my own whispers
,my own words,
repeating the implication
and imagery of every sound
as is my duty.
My duty t know 
every tragedy and ever
Biscuit crumbsIn the bottom of a small cabinet ,
the old Arrowroot biscuits chewed, 
by the tiny little teeth of mice ,
lay like mini ancient ruins,
undisturbed ... 
the residents of the nursing home ,
sat on vinyl chairs,
watching the television.

Contests & Events You Should Know About

GDD Contest: To tell a story - Deadline Extended   


GetDailyDeviations  is hosting an exciting contest for you ALL to participate in! We hope you're all very eager to create and submit your entries, please read the description, rules, and guidelines below!
To Tell a Story:
The theme of this contest is to tell a story, which is vague, but also very to-the-point. All artwork tells a story whether it intends to or not, as we all interpret what we wish to, when we see it. Your goal for this contest is to create a piece of art, with a specific story in mind. It can be your story, the story of someone you know, it can be fictional, it can be short, it can be sad, it can be ha
Ye Pirate Tales (Talk Like a Pirate Day!):new: Entries are starting to come in now and will be stored in the contest folder for all to see! Can't wait to see the entries roll in!
Behold me literary feather-bearers, how fair ye in on a week where we celebrate talking like yon pirate? It's time we took the celebrations to a new level and test ye wits in a tourney!
To pit ye writers against each other, we arr asking for your best pirate legend. Give us a tale of mystery, of cunning and wit- be it stupendous or just plain stupid. We're looking for humour and exaggeration, we want intrigue and excitement- do ye think you can do it? Then lets hear ye!

September 19th

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, where people all over the world are encouraged just to do
Bestest Friend ContestCONTEST IS NOW OPEN!
Right? RIGHT.
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! In celebration of my bestest friend DreamingAutumn coming to visit me, we've decided to host a contest! :eager: The premise of this contest will be simple, write something to your best friend! It could be anything! Maybe you want to write them a letter telling them how much you care, or a write piece dedicated to them. Maybe you want to write about your favorite memory, your silliest moment, or that time you both laughed so hard your sides hurt because one of you did the Six Little Ducks Dance from Barney. ANYthing!
Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U! Want to donate something? Feature, points, pm, a print, something you made? Note either IrrevocableFate or DreamingAutumn. Or donate straight to RainbowMonkeh! If you donate a prize you're still eligible to enter and win!
DeviantsGallery Halloween of Horrors!Hello my fellow deviants and welcome to our Halloween of Horrors!  *insert evil cackle here*
As some of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I want to celebrate it with YOU!
Our goal is to inspire everyone to create new art and more than that we want to have activities that every member can participate in. So… instead of having a contest, we are having 5 Halloween themed challenges. Without further ado, let get's started with our HALLOWEEN OF HORRORS!
Halloween Visual Art Challenge
:bulletorange: For this challenge we are accepting Digital Art, Photography, Drawings and Paintings that are Halloween themed.
You can submit your entries here:
Jack-o-Lantern Challenge
:bulletorange:  We are challenging you to create a REAL jack-o-lantern. That's right, in order to enter you must create a jack-o-lantern and post a photo of it.  Most jack-o-lanterns are

There's a lot of things happening, you guyz. So keep your eyes to the monitor and, as always...

- keep on deviantARTing!

:heart: OfOneSoul

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by frameofthoughts

Monday Muses

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 11:10 AM

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!

It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:

There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!

Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Please also include why you chose that artist or artwork. Your suggestions will be featured next week! :heart:

If you want the feature to be a surprise for the deviant(s) you suggested, please leave away the '@' or :dev: when typing the username (and post links to artworks instead of thumbs), that way your Muses won't be notified of your comment here through the mentions system.

Also feel free to post this wonderful stamp the awesome a-neverending made on the profile pages of your Muses once the feature is published:

Give a stamp! - You are my MondayMuse by a-neverending

This week's Muses are:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconawkwardalpaca::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

blustery billow by awkwardalpaca

"Their simple ink drawings capture the spirit of the artist."

~ MinorasPatchworkArt

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconangelicacrystal: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Conformity by AngelicaCrystal

"Her artwork continues to astound me, and yet she never realizes how amazing she is and how wonderful her art is! Her art ..and her.. inspire me greatly. :) (Smile)"

~ ReachtheSkies

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconmckadesinsanity: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Commission: Betrayal by mckadesinsanity
"She has gorgeous works, she's a great inspiration and I hope I'll get as good as she is somedayLa la la la"

~ Lilith-the-5th

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconrazielmb: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

"My dear friend Raz is a master of photmanipulation, a lover of angels  and an angel without wings! Here is one of his best and newest:

The Lost Angel by RazielMB"

~ Dieffi

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :icontigles1artistry: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

KINDRED SPIRITS... by Tigles1Artistry
"Tigles1Artistry is an amazing deviant well know in dA community. She's a beautiful, cheerful woman who spreads love around dA and I guess it's the most community-loving person that I met on dA :) (Smile)"

~ UszatyArbuz

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconcameronkobe: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
"Cameron is always looking for ways to be helpful. This is one fantastic friend I've met on dA who's been a blessing in many ways, by kind word, by kind deed, and by interesting, creative, and awesome works of art! It's lovely to know someone as sweet and warm-hearted as Cameron.
Here's just one of many artworks from Cameron's gallery that I like:
Just You And Me by CameronKobe"

~ TeaPhotography

Thank you for participating! :heart:

Weekly Pixel Challenge

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 12:55 PM


The objective is to get you out of your comfort zone and push you to pixel something weekly. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece! Just challenges to have fun! These challenges also have prizes so keep up with it and you might win something! :'D

Week 39, 2014 at #deviant365

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 4:02 PM
Hello deviants! :dummy:

Last week, we asked you define what art meant to you. We saw some wonderful definitions and we would like to congrutulate Aniusia483 . They won a three month premium membership.  :clap:

This week, we want you to descibe how you deal with change (with all these new updates coming around, your feedback could be helpful to other deviants!). Do you scream and shout? Or do you just roll with the waves? :eager:

:bulletblue: Describe how you deal with change (doesn't HAVE to be a dA related change; could be a personal experience as well!) 
:bulletblue: All entries must be submitted by Thursday, September  25 at 11:59:59pm PDT
:bulletblue: One deviant will be randomly chosen to win a 3 Month Premium Membership.

Good luck and have a fantastic week! :la:

1 month PM giveaway

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 6:05 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

I recently became a premium member, and I though why not celebrate it by giving one to someone?  I can't afford more than a month right now, but it's something!


Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Leave a comment to say why you would like to be a premium member (any reason is valid, I'm just curious)
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U! Fave this journal!
Arrow Bullet (Dark Blue) - F2U!  Optionnal : give me a llama, I love llamas :D

No need to watch me, unless you're interested in my art, in which case you should, I'd appreciate it! But doing it won't make you win, I'm not doing this to get watchers, I just want to make someone happy! 

Winner will be chosen with a random number generator (that's why you have to fave this to enter)

That's it, good luck! Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 

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Holy crap 256 points!? That's right! Even tho I'm not quite to 900 watchers I still wanted to go ahead and start the giveaway! There will be 4 winners this time around, wow! 
So what do you need to do? Well there's a few thins :3
1. Be a watcher! If you aren't a watcher or you unwatch after winning you will not receive any points. New watchers are definitely welcome!
2. Fav this journal, the number you get is the number that will be randomly selected. 
3. Make a journal/poll and add a comment with the link to it. 
And that's it!

This will end on October 13th! ((The day the new Borderlands comes out omg)) the winners will be chosen randomly with a number generator. 

Have fuuuuuuun!! 
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