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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 12:30 PM



In 2007, when I first started paying regular attention to the DD page on this site, I quickly realized that the general photography galleries were being watched over by three ladies with an insane amount of talent in their medium but widely disparate styles and viewpoints - and they were all awesome. Staged, Sandra Keplinger, was this passionate German high-style lady with an eye for cinematographic compositions and journalistic attacks; hellfirediva, Tina The Rabbit Whisperer, was the Macro Queen who loved the colourful and the spunky; and then there was equivoque, Elinor Scott-Sutter, who seemed to be forever on the hunt for the most artistic executions possible. Over the years since then I had the chance to get to know each of them personally, and they all influenced my photography more than I'd ever like to admit. Sandra became an idol to me, and to date she's still one of my favourite photographers in the real world; Tina became a good personal friend, then a mentor when I later had the chance to try and singlehandedly fill the gigantic fucking shoes those three left for the Overlord Of All Photography slot on the CR team. And then there was Elinor.
untitled polaroid portrait by equivoque
I could say a lot about Elinor but I'm going to try and keep this short. At various points I called her a friend, an inspiration, an idol, a teacher, an adversary - but the overarching theme of all of it was that subtly, through her work and her words, she was the one person on this website who probably shaped my outlook on the art of photography the most, if not my aesthetic. She was a fervent believer of the ability of photography to both document and transform, to capture and to release, to show and to hide. Her work was like a series of paintings that somehow got pressed into Time-Zero film by some particularly angry impressionist artist, and she was unafraid to push her camera and her chemistry to the limits of their abilities to get that perfect frame every time. And you could be certain she'd get a perfect frame every time: She'd be the first person to tell you that her beloved expired Time-Zero was too expensive to waste on snapshots. She handheld me through the purchase of my first and fourth polaroid cameras - yep, that includes my SX-70, the one you all used to love so much - and gave me countless pointers on how to use the cameras, and how to molest the film, to get the results I wanted. Her methods of imparting the wisdom weren't always the fluffiest but they certainly always got the point across. Today I still use those cameras, and I still use those pointers because Impossible Project's damned near as expensive as Time-Zero was back then. I'm still in her debt for that; God knows how many more packs of film I would have wasted without.
the fire in her eye by equivoque
Elinor was one of those deviants who had a massive, but subtle and quiet, impact on the community here. As a volunteer she became a beacon for the analog photography community; after she left, her memory became as much of a beacon as she herself was, I think. Even years after she'd left the site, when I volunteered, I got compared (favourably at least as often as unfavourably) to her pretty much every day, every time I set a DD, and especially when it was a polaroid. She made huge strides - through her volunteering and her own art - toward developing the legitimacy of analog and darkroom photography as media on deviantART. Without her having set the precedent first through DDs and education, I don't think we'd have been able to get our devoted Instant Film and Alt Process galleries, let me tell you. She was one of the rare people who was always able to see the image as three parts - subject, execution, sum total - that were of equal importance. Her aesthetics and her memory are still deeply present here, just look through the darkroom galleries or just ask any of the old film photography crew - Evil-e33, jierumi, JillAuville, myrnajacobs and so on - which moderator of yore set the most consistently bitching DDs.
Becoming Light by equivoque
On September 12, 2014 - Friday of last week - the world lost this wonderful talent and fierce fighter to a battle with pancreatic cancer. Her sister Cathi writes: With deepest sorrow I'm sorry to share that Elinor passed away this morning. Buck and Jodi were by her side. She knew it was time to go and called them over. They held her as she quietly exhaled and peacefully went to a place with no cancer. We've all had a chance to hold her and say good-bye. She was surrounded by love and adoration to the very end. We are in awe of her strength and determination as she ran this final race. Our beloved Elinor. You are with God. You are free to run effortlessly with grace and beauty. We love you. We miss you.
painted light by equivoque
Goodbye, Elinor, and thank you for everything you gave our community.
Old Fahioned Roses by equivoque

3 Year Anniversary

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 2:39 PM
So I just looked down on my page and I saw that today was my dA birthday! I've been here for 3 years now and it's been so much fun! I think that's pretty cool that I've been here for that long. If it wasn't for google I probably would have never found this site! xD I joined the community for the art and staying for the community spirit! :la:

I want to give a random deviant 100 points for leaving a comment about how long you've been here, how you got here and why you're still here. xD 
That's really it. :dummy:

1 free Mineral Neko giveaway

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 2:04 AM
only 1 because its school time...
i will randomly choose someone

Watchers only
(your welcome to watch me and join,but if you dont win,please dont unwatch me...we could be friends ;w; )

fave this journal so i can keep count of how many is entering uwu

not required,but you can do-
spread this journal around uwu

heres some examples of what they looks like,Gold,Silver,and Bronze (ok i tried to make bronze dont judge me)
NEW OC: Hitomi *read description please!* by Orange-Kitty-Goddess

NEW OC: Kyousuke by Orange-Kitty-Goddess

NEW OC: Mystic by Orange-Kitty-Goddess


First three colors
Gold,Bronze or Silver
Likes and Dislikes
Clothing (they have to have long sleeves sorrryyyy)
Accessories (if any)  

(if i need anything else i will add it uwu)

some facts about Mineral Nekos:

- they have no more than four colors,including Gold,Silver,or Bronze
they have 3 other colors
-they have to have the colors gold silver and bronze 
its how theyre born
the royal family,is in bronze
theres nekos outside of the royal family that are bronze,but not very many.
the towns people are usually gold or silver
the places they have silver,gold and bronze:
- eyes
- tail
- their chest
- their ears,the fur at the top of their ears,and earrings
- nose
- theyre skin is always white
again,its how theyre born
they have no color in their skin whatsoever
- they have either a heart,or a diamond on their chest
females have hearts,males have diamonds.
its an easy way of telling them apart,especially if they look like the opposite gender.

- their sleeves are ALWAYS longer than their arms
its a way to protect themselves
plus,theyve always had this preference

-they have gems on their boots
theyre usually the second color they have

if this doesnt get at least 10+ faves,i will cancel this giveaway .w.


soo...yeah thats all for now .3.
ill update the journal later if i forgot anything

oh,and if you dont win,dont be a pain about it please .w.
its an automatic block ^^;

im going to bed..

hopefully this gets over 10+ faves owo;;;

- Lauren :heart:

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Okay, this is the first group contest. And since it is the first, everybody who enters will receive a free sketch of any of your OCs (only one) by me, and any other (I'm talking to you guys) who decide to donate to the entry prizes or grand prizes.

Entries closes on the 16th of October (I will check them on the 17th my time though.)


Since this is the first group contest, it will relate to the group itself. So every entry must have:
  1. The group name: DoodleDumperPlace
  2. Your depiction of yourself, it doesn't have to look exactly like you, it could even be your favorite OC or whatever, just put a person who is unique to yourself
  3. A background comprised of doodles or some of you favorite character, basically anything
  4. COLOR! The only thing that I would like to see in color is detail number 2

Prize for entering:
A uncolored sketch of any one of your OCs by Me
Any entry prizes donated by kind members

Prize for DONATING:
Two uncolored sketches of up to two different OCs or yours drawn by Me
And a colored sketch of one of your OCs by Me

3rd place prize:
Three colored drawings of up to three different OCs of yours drawn by Me
Any prizes donated by kind members

2nd place prize:
One sketch and three colored drawings of up to four different OCs of yours drawn by Me
Any prizes donated by kind members

1st place prize!!!:
Two sketches and five colored drawings of up to five of your OCs drawn by Me
A llama badge and a point from Me

Please, submit as many entries as you want. They can be digital or traditional.

FOR MEMBERS OF DoodleDumperPlace ONLY!!!

Frog dance Woot! Woot! Woot!Frog dance 
Another round! Anoooother round! 

Nice ta meet ya folks!
Ahhh~ It's those "Ber" months again! What ta expect?! - Liquors! Parties! Halloween! Christmas!
The year is slowly closing in and so are my favorite mangas (damn) anyways...

Are ya excited? Huh?! Huh?! Huh!!?DO YAH? 
Are ya?? Are ya???Smile Miguel 
(yes..yeeees..that's what I wanna see mumuwahaha! HNNNGGGG )
PREEEEEEEEESENTING!!!! The third installment of 'How tough are ya' series!
*Dun dududuuuuuun!*

First off! Halloween Contests! Halloween fella ( Universe ) 
Halloween Art Contest!!!This is Halloween HELLO, HELLO, HELLO!!!This is Halloween 


Hide and Seek on Halloween WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWHide and Seek on Halloween 

 by: Dannie-29                                  (ongoing)
Halloween Contest 2014 1st prize 3 month premiumHey guys! I'm finally starting a new contest, thanks for the people who commissioned me and donated any points, I really appreciate it.

Now onto the contest itself. All you need to do is draw one of my OC's in a Halloween costume. Not in the poses in the thumbs below, they just show the OC's. 
          Darian and Nell by HaseoLeomyr Aliya by HaseoLeomyrAnime Girl 2 by HaseoLeomyrNew Darian by HaseoLeomyr
The drawing must include one of my OC's, but
 by: HaseoLeomyr                             (ongoing)
contests - halloweeni wanted to do a contest for a Halloween mutation so here it is
please make a Halloween themed mutation with these lines
you can mix them with other mutations we have if they work better mixed with some so go wild XD
but cant use the mutations that got no ref for yet
Prize for the winning one is a horse with that mutation
for second place i will draw a head shot of one of there oc's
deadline is halloween
mutation list:
 by: The-Misfit-Breed (group)             (ongoing)
Halloween contest!!Bullet; Pink Deadline: October 12 2014!Bullet; Pink 
Bullet; Pink How to Enter:Bullet; Pink 
Bullet; Purple You must post this contest in your journal. Then you will be in the contest.
Bullet; Purple Draw one or more pictures.
Bullet; Pink Categories!Bullet; Pink 
Bullet; Purple Insane Emily((Has to have Blood and have a insane expression, you don't have to put a knife or weapon unless you want too.))
Bullet; Purple Emily wearing any Halloween costume in my poll.((IT HAS TO BE THE COSTUME IN MY POLL. NO OTHER COSTUME IS ALLOWED.))
 by:  XXPinkiepieRocksXX                  (ongoing)
Halloween Design-Me-An OC Contest: OPENSo since my pacing is FANTASTIC with my commissions and trades (almost done with all the commission carcasses so they're ready for stuffing!) and the OC Showdown is being worked on; I figured why not make another contest for ya'll?
I am a HUGE Halloween nerd! As someone who loves to do Special Effects Makeup and grew up watching horror films it is the BEST holiday for me! So I figured why not host a contest similar to my last Design-An-OC Contest, but with a Halloween Theme!
The Best Part:
If you can't draw ponies, NO problem! You're allowed to design me an original monster or something! Just as long as it's Halloween-y

Now The Prize:
A 9" Beanie of a Show Character or Simple OC 
*Possibly* 400 :points:
IF I can get through my Queue of Plushies I may upgrade or add but for now it's a beanie
End Date: 
October 11th at 11:00 MST
Rules for Monster Entries:
Jack O Lantern Mild-To Medium Gore Allowed (Missin
 by: CrescentMoon96                        (ongoing)
Will's Halloween Outfit Contest (45,000 points)Ok so I started this a bit later than I wanted, but I did end to other contests today to so yea... anyways this contest is a major 2 month contest that will be held over the next two months. I wanted to hold a W.I.T.C.H. Halloween contest last year, but I was... well I had projects around the house ^^;. That said I have been looking forward to this and I have decided to hold the contest here with bonuses to make it more interesting and to get more W.I.T.C.H. art AND I'm going to add hypno bonuses as well it's my FAVORTIE theme and so I going to add it. I have other themes and bonuses as well to add. Couples (in halloween outfits) Group images as well (in halloween outfits) and Will in Halloween outfits. This is a Halloween contest nothing without Will Vandom in an Halloween related outfit will not count. You'll need to be a member to join one of the main reasons for hosting the contest here is to boost group membership :). W.I.T.C.H. art will be pushed here, but this is mainly f by: Will-Vandom-Ultimate (group)    (ongoing)
Contest: BMO's Spooky Holloween Party!New Updates
This journal will be updated as prizes and important information are added.
We've already got some submissions!
Since DA hasn't yet fixed the bug with group submissions, I've made it so contests submissions to the "BMO Halloween Contest" folder are automatically approved. This is to avoid confusion and to make sure the contest submissions get in correctly until this craziness is fixed.
Also, more prizes added :)
It's finally time for the reveal!
For the next official group contest, BMO is hosting a Halloween party. Everyone is invited of course :iconbeemoplz:
:bulletgreen: Submissions must include BMO in some way, and be Halloween themed.
:bulletblue: Submissions must be in before the end of October 31st.
:bulletgreen: To be entered into the contest, submissions must made to this folder
(either by submitting it yourself or having a group admin do it
 by: Adventure-Time-club (group)     (ongoing)

They have amazing prizes so don't miss this once in a year chance!
What??! Groot is angry  You want more??! asked for it..I'll give ya more!

This one is a color contest exclusive only this September!
September Color Contest! Update!Ladies and gentlemen... The contest is HERE!!!
YEAH! It's finally time! Let's get down to business!
This is a color contest! The entry period is September 1st, 2014 to September 30th, 2014. After that, one week will be used for judging entries. Please note that after September 30th, your entry will not be considered valid, so please try to make that deadline! However, if you for some reason can only upload it the day after or a few days after, you will still be listed with the other people that participated.:dummy:
The color is... BLUE! Yes, blue~! The color of Sapphire, which is September's birthstone. Happy birthday to everyone born this month!
Some clarification: Pure white and black aren't allowed, but you are allowed very light or very dark shades of blue, like this: and this: -- I hope this clears some things up (:
Please submit your entry to our 'September Blue Contest' folder. :d
 by: AikouDesu                                (ongoing)

And an 'anything media' bio-illuminated contest! Read through and you might have the chance to win awesome rewards!
The Illuminated World ContestStock & Resources
The Challenge
Imagine a world where the soft glow of the magnolia blossoms illuminates the sidewalk. The reaching branches of the tree cast their light over the street, reflected in the gathering puddles of a spring rain. A garden nearby is a riot of colors against the deep shadows of the night. The harsh artificial street lights that we know today are gone. What would your world look like? Is it a world where the need for fossil fuel has been eliminated, or have the scientists bio-engineered the earth into a beautiful apocalypse?
The idea of bio-luminescent plant illumination is a real project in progress by three scientists in San Francisco, California. These scientists are engineering marine bio-luminous bacterial DNA into plants to make them glow. You can read more about their project here: Glowing Plants: Street Lig
 by: CelticStrm-Stock                       (ongoing)

...well...what else? Hmm..Ice King (resized)  I'll add more whenever..
These contests are too short to finish so better hurry! The clock can't stop ticking! Aim for home and start running!
Haha Haha Haha 

 *this 'ere is a free advertisement :D*
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deviantMEET-Paris V.39 : Access !

Tue Sep 16, 2014, 1:11 PM
Salut salut tout le monde :la:

Après trois long jour de black out de deviantART pour ZeldaDreams et SaTaNiA nous voila enfin de retour !
Nous allons enfin pouvoir vous annoncer ce que nous allons pouvoir faire pour le deviantMEET-Paris 39eme édition :)

:drumroll:  Après une semaine de poll vous avez choisi d'aller voir l'exposition : :drumroll: 

Tatoueurs, tatoués au Musée du Quai Branly

L’exposition revient sur les sources du tatouage et présente le renouveau de ce phénomène.
Elle est articulée en 5 sections : du global au marginal, un art en mouvement, peau neuve : renaissance du tatouage traditionnel, nouveaux encrages auxquelles s’ajoutent 32 oeuvres spécifiquement produites pour l’exposition.


Alors petit récapitulatif global pour tout le monde...
Date : Samedi 20 Septembre 2014
Heure : 14h30
nous attendrons les retardataires jusqu'à 15h, heure à la quelle nous rentrerons dans le musée :nod:

Pour les personnes qui voudraient nous rejoindre après l'exposition, demandez nous nos numéros de portable par notes afin que l'on puisse se retrouver facilement !
(Nous allons sans doute nous poser sur les bords de Seine en face du musée afin d'échanger tous ensemble, donc n'hésitez pas à ramener vos crayons / feutres / bloc / appareil photo ou quoi que ce soit qui vous passe par la tête :) )

Et pour vous inscrire c'est par ici : deviantmeet-paris.deviantart.c…


:bulletred: 9 euros en plein tarif 
:bulletred: 7 euros en tarif réduit 

Pour ceux qui resterons boire un verre avec nous après le devmeet ou qu'il pleut en sortant du musée, pensez à prendre quelques euros de plus ;)

Sur ces bonnes paroles nous espérons vous voir avec nous samedi prochain :lawoo: 

Votre Staff,
:iconsatania: :icontheneoshaman: :iconzeldadreams:

Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA

-:: ClubKenshin 2014 Annual Contest Winners ::-

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 16, 2014, 2:23 PM

After careful deliberation, we're proud to announce the winners of the 2014 Annual ClubKenshin Epic Battle Contest! Congratulations!!

Our heartfelt thanks to all who entered and/or donated. :heart: We hope you'll participate the next time around.

A.N. To those who donated prizes, please contact the winners soon to make any arrangements necessary to complete your end of things and get those prizes out there. Winners, please allow the prize donors a couple months to fulfill their commitment. Life is busy for all of us.

:icon1stplaceplz:1st Place:icon1stplaceplz:
Between life and death by Aquarina12
by Aquarina12
:bulletpurple: 3 Month Subscription from Mirrasae
:bulletpurple: 240 Points from Mirrasae
:bulletpurple: Permanent place in the Featured Folder of ClubKenshin's Gallery.
:bulletpurple: Group Feature from affiliate :iconsaimono:
:bulletpurple: Kenshin Deviation by HumanStick
:bulletpurple: Cosplay Photo Request by xXBrokenMemoriesXx
:bulletpurple: Sketch Request by akkeyroomi
:bulletpurple: 10 Points and llama from Hieihige

:icon2ndplaceplz:2nd Place:icon2ndplaceplz:
Kenshin contest - Battle by TeaMazaki
by TeaMazaki
:bulletpurple: 1 Month Subscription from Mirrasae
:bulletpurple: 160 Points from Mirrasae
:bulletpurple: Group Feature from affiliate :iconsaimono:
:bulletpurple: Kenshin Deviation by HumanStick
:bulletpurple: Sketch Request by akkeyroomi
:bulletpurple: Half-body Color Request and llama from Hieihige

:icon3rdplaceplz:3rd Place:icon3rdplaceplz:
Darkness of the Heart by TanoshiiGirl
by TanoshiiGirl
:bulletpurple: 80 Points from Mirrasae
:bulletpurple: Group Feature from affiliate :iconsaimono:
:bulletpurple: Kenshin Deviation by HumanStick
:bulletpurple: Sketch Request by akkeyroomi
:bulletpurple: Headshot Request and llama from Hieihige

Honorable Mention:
Like Father, Like Son by Knight-Dawn
by Knight-Dawn
20 Points from Mirrasae

After the events of last night, I’m beginning to think more rationally about the situation I’ve gotten myself into.  After scanning through the images that Shodai put up as evidence against Titan, and after reviewing most of the information I have, I’m beginning to come to a conclusion.

I’m not gonna start saying stuff like  "TITANO Y U DU DIS 2 MEEEE EYE WANT U 2 DIEEEE U STUPID FAGET!!11!!!!!Eleven!!!11” like some of you are doing, because that’s immature and childish.  But I’m going to try and give my thoughts on the matter.

First off, I’ll say this, NO ONE in chat is perfect.  We whine, we yell, we curse, we act immature to say the least, and I’m no different.  But what Titan did was wrong.  As an Admin/Bureaucrat/Wikia Star/Whatever, you should contain composure and resolve conflicts without sounding like an (pardon my language) asshole.  for example, when we tried to report him to Troycool, he responded by saying something along the lines off…

“Here’s my response that will discredit you forever!  And everyone with a brain will agree.” *Followed by a wall of text*

So, he basically called us retarded for wanting to demote him, something someone of his status should NOT say.  Sadly, the conversation was deleted, so I don’t have any evidence of him saying that.

Like many people, I actually remember Titan acting differently before his promotion.  But if I were to recollect my past experiences with him, I would sound like a hipster.  So I’ll just leave it at “He used to be different”.

Back to the subject of Titan not being suitable for his status.  Like I said earlier, he doesn’t know how tolerate other people.  If I had my way, I would demote Titan to an editing status, seeing how that’s what he does best.  Wikizilla wouldn’t even be CLOSE to what it is today if it weren’t for people like Titanollante, Ghidorah#1, and GodzillaIsland72, among others.

Well, that’s my opinion on the matter.  I’m not trying to suck up to anyone, or talk shit about Titan, hell, I still like (some) of the chat members.  And I will NEVER stop going to Wikizilla, it will ALWAYS be my source for Godzilla information.

-Sincerely, Thegoldnguy

P.S.  If any of you guys can find a way to chat again, tell me in the comments below.

#Digitalists Chat Event 9/20/14

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 11:47 AM
Hi loves,

Nope you are not dreaming! Digitalists is hosting another chat event this Saturday September 20, 2014! Everything you need to know about the upcoming event has been included below:

#Digitalists Chat Event

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the events!
Need to convert the time? Time Zone Converter

Be sure to come out and party with us! We're excited to party with you!