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it's 20 April

happy easter fellow members  and also time for a new give away 8D

but first a very special thanks to my donators  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support

:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month April:la:

(I send you a note fast as possible if you didn't got featured yet!)

for  those of you who do not know, I, Tsuki-SoraRuki decide to do a project

called project Pm give away here you can win Pm's for free :la: 

how can I enter ?

  • to enter simply fave :+fav: this journal (thats all :meow:)
  • and feel free to write a comment on the journal.

what are the Monthly prizes?

  • 1 month premium membership (for one lucky member
  • 3 month premium membership(for one lucky member 
to keep up running this project....

I need lots of support 
I'm holding the give aways like this 50 % by :points: me and 50% :points:by my donators 
if you have some couple of points to spare and want to help me out please donate
even if you don't have points feel free to share this journal with your friends and watchers ^^

How do you donate?

To donate to this cause, go to `Tsuki-SoraRuki or mariridoodleparadise page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them! 

After you donate, I will contact you fast as I can  keep in mind I'm not all the time online sometimes you need to wait a little longer.

why do I contact you ?

  • starting from 7 January when you donate: as my thanks that you help me with my project in return I will feature 4 of your works on the groups profile  

  • but only when you want to be feartured.

  • in case if you don't want this I will feature your name on the groups profile .

  •  also one of your deviation will be added in our folder called Project monthly give away donators folder(which is also displayed on the groups page)

the more points you donate to longer you will be featured on the groups page

you can find my prize list below 

~ prize list~
1Points a day 
Points a week 
10 Points 2 weeks
15 Points 3 weeks
20 Points 1 month 
50Points 2 months
100Points 3 months
200Points 4 months 
300Points 5 months 
400Points 6 months 

without any further do these are the winners choose the  following numbers
105 & 37

congratulations to the following lucky members who have won 

a present by Krissi001:iconlady-yume: & :iconlucariochick12:a present by Krissi001

if you are curious this is the list of all monthly give away winners so far :3

I have made these people happy so far :3winners of the Weekly give aways so far
Updated 20nd April 2014
:icondarkkawaiifox::iconVishw::iconphongtu::iconjemikam::icongailsouthworth::iconcitrinepetal::iconpandaotaku::icononidenki::icongemastarlight:,:iconpuppypal32:,:iconroxy2344::iconforonceandforever::iconterekoi:,:iconmystykness::iconshiro-jinja::iconkinouchi::iconrainbownarwhals::iconchopstickle::iconepicmaj::iconmetamoor27::iconminibabylizard::iconpatamonkt::iconspanner88::iconpopyfriend::iconmekimz::iconbeautifuleternalsun::iconcolor-sekai: :iconpuppypal32:  :iconaryiatia::iconbuffy23::iconheyeveryone123::iconmiyuhinamori: :icondysplasia: :icontjhiphop: :iconcharlottesearson: :iconvishw: :iconxhobocakes: :iconszuzka::iconwolvesmaycry::iconlaureleikirsch::iconflamingmarshmallows::iconiwantarocketship::iconwingsprite::iconinfernape77::iconastridstormlight::iconkiangi::iconsavanah25::iconkileandra: :iconcleo0084::iconisacchi::iconirzakurawolfe: :iconpokeaday::iconmsliuvar::iconninated::icontsurukicchi: :icondarthr

Rules of the Give away 

  • this give away is only open for members,contributors,admins,and co founders of CI (in order to enter join Creation-inspiration: (excluding mariridoodleparadise and Tsuki-SoraRuki (both accounts are from Tsuki)

  • if you are members and want to give it to a friend we accept it just let me know in a comment.

  • at the end of the giveaway winners will be randomly chosen (with

  •  you must be a member of deviantart for at least two weeks in order to enter in this contest!

  • write anything you want on this blog except mean,or rude comments (I will read all comments even that sometimes I'm to busy to answer)

when is the deadline of this give away

This give away ends on( 20 May) 

Clover - Free Icon by etNoirgood luck everybody!Clover - Free Icon by etNoir

Spread some cheer.

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 6:37 PM
Hello everyone! hope your Easter was good! :happybounce: 

so I've been so busy lately and i decided to take another approach at helping children's hospitals, this time i want as many people to get involved. 
I want to make a BUNCH of cards and send them out so these kids can have some cheer, hope, and really feel like there's people out there who care.  

If you click this link you can find out everything you need to know on how to truly go about this. 

If you don't wish to click the link but still want answers then i have provided the FAQ page to you below so you can stay on this page:) 

Q: Do you accept cards year-round?
A: Yes, we do. 

Q: How often can I send in cards?
A: As often as you want! We distribute cards to hospitals monthly and on major holidays.  

Q: Can I send the cards in a large envelope rather than individual ones?
A: Yes, you can. You do not have to send each card in a single envelope.

Q: Do you have a need for cards written in Spanish?
A: Yes!! We definitely need cards written in Spanish.

Q: What is the deadline for sending holiday cards?
A: We prefer to have receive all holiday cards at least two weeks prior to the holiday to ensure enough time to get them to hospitals. However, we can accept cards up until 7 days before the holiday.

Q: Can I write "Merry Christmas" on holiday cards?
A: Yes. We also reccomend making a few cards that simply say "Happy Holidays" or "Happy Hanukkah" for kids that don't celebrate Christmas.

Q: What hospital are the cards given to?
A: Cards are not given to a single hospital. We give cards to hospitals around the USA  including Miami Children's Hospital, Shriners Hospitals, Dayton's Children's Hospital and many others.

Q: Where do I send cards?
A:  Cards for Hospitalized Kids, 6567 N. Olmsted, Chicago, IL 60631

Q: Should I address the card to a specific person?
A:  No, you should not address cards to a specific person.

Q: Should I sign the card?
A:  Yes, please sign your first name on the card.

Q: Does each card need an envelope?
A: No, the cards do not need to be in envelopes.

Q: Can I earn service hours for making cards?
A: Yes, email us at for more info on this.

Its time we all do something special for someone else:) so get involved and make a child's day! 
If you decide you are going to do this or when you make the cards, take a picture of them and post it in the comment section below! i'd love to see some of your cards and know you guys are getting involved! :D

Here are some pictures of kids that have received some awesome cards! 


Warm Hugs 

if you really want to do this but have absolutely no way to send out your card(s), if you upload them here on DA i can print them out for you and include them in my package when i send out my batch of cards:) 

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Week 17, 2014 at #deviant365

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 9:00 PM
Hello Deviants! :la:

Welcome to week 17!

Last week, we asked you to find a deviation that you think should be a Daily Deviation and comment on a journal with the thumb or link and the reason you think it should be featured.

Stygma and BritLawrence both participated and have each won a 3 month premium membership.
This week, we want you to continue with this trend of finding things on deviantART. This week, we want you to find 3 deviants that you want to thank or show that you care about and leave a comment on their page telling them. Then comment below with the links to the three deviants.

One person who participates will randomly be chosen to receive a 3 month premium membership from deviantART.

:bulletblue: Comment on a deviants page and thank, love, or otherwise tell them how awesome they are!
:bulletblue: Comment on this journal with three links to the comments you left.
:bulletblue: All entries must be submitted by Thursday, April 24th at 11:59:59pm PDT
:bulletblue: One (1) lucky deviant will receive a 3-Month Premium Membership, courtesy of deviantART!

Good luck, and happy tasking! :fella:

Junkies' Monday Assessment #2

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 10:20 PM
Hello everyone! Welcome to dA-Junkies' "Monday Assessment" which, in a nutshell, is a weekly journal to get your art more attention and feedback from our memberbase! :la: Each week, we'll post a journal similar to this one asking you guys for deviations that you'd like to receive feedback on, and we'll feature them!

Here are some wonderful deviations that are waiting to receive some feedback!
Echo Crossover by BEN-SERHAN wind mill by Lia83 Blue Guy by MyHeadWonders

Here are some more wonderful deviations that came from some folks who left feedback for the last issue!
Pilot Epic 2 by The-Golden-Knight

Thanks for your participation, everyone! We look forward to seeing you next week!

Okay 20 slots only. 1st come first serve. I will draw a headshot of one of your oc's but you must link the oc to me. I may doodle a background also.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Angel with a shotgun
ProjectComment presents the community of deviantART a project that will question what it really means to be a commenter, an artist, a member of deviantART. All of these challenges relate to commenting in some shape or form, and we sincerely encourage everyone to take part! :la:

You do not have to be brilliant at writing comments and we are not asking you to perform miraculous feats. We are just looking for people willing to make a difference. It is all too easy to receive constructive comments, but giving them is equally, if not more, rewarding.

Each week, a challenge is set with the deviations of those who participated in the previous week featured in a news article. Many thanks to CameronKobe, OHiNeedTea, DanielleIvanova, WorldWar-Tori, icanthinkofgoodname, Wyntry, RetSamys for participating in Week 14!

The last time he saved meJamie and I always had a very lopsided relationship. Even though we were very close and he never really expressed any desire for things to change, he was always saving me. He was the strong one, battling the world while I hid behind him, cowering in his shadow. In all my life, there was only one time that I ever saw someone go absolutely mental over something that he had done but even then, when I really think about it, it was the last time he ever saved me.
    Grandfather stormed into the dining room. His face was red and spit sprayed from his mouth as he screamed about what Jamie had done. He slammed his body so hard against the chair that I thought it might break. He began to explain but I couldn’t help but be distracted by the cracking of the chair – it was his chair, the one no one else was allowed to sit in. Jamie sat in it once, when Grandfather had gone away on business. Smirking at me, he slid down into the chair at the head of the table. When
Bloody Peppermints-Hello ch.2Kagami's POV
After the almost dreamlike visit, I kept holding the red handkerchief close, trying to recall the soothing feeling that I had gotten when I had heard the words of reassurance. The smell of peppermints still lingered, along with something I couldn't identify. Something sweeter. I prayed this one memento would be allowed to stay with me before I died. As the streaks of scarlet crawled over my legs, my heart began to clutch up in anticipation despite my efforts. Would he really come?
A hand shook me awake, and I blearily opened my eyes to be greeted with a masked stranger. I instinctively shot back, mouth opening to scream, but it put a hand over my mouth.
"Shh, shh! Keep quiet. I'm trying to help you. Can you not scream?" He whispered. It was him! I nodded, and he removed his hand, wiping it on his shirt, then grabbed a pair of metal cutters.
"I'm just going to take the chains off." He murmured, showing them to me. I let him do so, only grimacing whe
Spring light by DanielleIvanova ::sugar cookies:: by WorldWar-Tori Quick sketch: Elsa, the vanilla ice fangirl by Wyntry JKL Ghastly Alphabet by RetSamys

Participate in this week's comment challenge…

Constructively comment on one deviation from three different people who watch you.



:bulletblue: Once you have commented, link us to your comment in a reply to this article!
:bulletblue: The comment must be newly submitted to deviantART from today's date.
:bulletblue: Please try to include something along the lines of: "Commented on behalf of ProjectComment's 52 Week Comment Challenge" in your comment!
:bulletblue: Feel free to follow our guide on How to Comment - Pointers and Examples. If you are struggling with the concept of a constructive comment, this should help!
:bulletblue: You may do this challenge as many times as you want!

:star: Those who complete the challenge successfully will be featured in a news article, and the one who completes the most challenges successfully will win themselves a 12 Month Premium Membership. There will also be :points: given to the best efforts!

Have Fun! :love:
Tagged by the wonderful Gabbyartisto3o
Other one…

1) Hello, OC(s)! What's your name? First, middle, Last if you have one? c:
Lizren: "My Name is LIZREN! Hero of Justice."
Tagisis: "Tagisis Tarrasque Giganotis, you may address me as Chapter Master or Lord Dragon."
Ace: "I have no real name But everybody calls me Ace of Anarchy."
Naga: "Naga Sandāhanmā or Naga Thunder Hammer."

2) Have any nicknames I can call you, hmm? 
Lizren: "Fish Man, (Love by Lia)."
Tagisis: "Chapter Master or Lord Dragon."
Naga: "Monster, Weapon, and Jinchuuriki."

3) Lets start with the oh-so-boring basics. What species are you?
Lizren: "Sahuagin Demigod."
Tagisis: "Human, Adeptus Astartes."
Ace: "Human Survivor."
Naga: "Human, Jinchuuriki"

4) Have any super-special abilities that hopefully don't make you a Mary Sue?? 
Lizren: "I'm the one that made immortality, I'm a lord of Life and Death, Leader of the Abyssal Leviathan, I can Destroy Dimensions of I get 100% Angry and I'm the purist of Immortal even Death has nothing on me." <---Call him a Mary Sue... I Dare you.
Tagisis: "I have Dragon and Ancient Gunatics, a sharp mind in battle, Bred for battle and have 3 1/2 ton armor."
Ace: "I'm a PSYCHO... That means that I'm god damn good with a gun, sword and I'm very visual... oh and I can survive practically anything."
Naga: "I'm the vessel of the God Mother of a Monsters and Beast of the Multiverse, the Leviathan Queen"

5) Okay, don't shoot me for asking you this, but what's your favorite color? //hides// 

All: "Green... it our aura color."

6) Do you have an accent or lisp of any kind? 
Lizren: "I can speak any Human Language, also Abyssal, Aquin, Draconic and Celestial."
Tagisis: "English, Eldar, and Tau."
Ace: "Just the one"
Naga: "English and Japanese."

7) Favorite song genre?

All: "Rock and Nero"

8) Oh, on the subject of songs, do you sing at all? How proud of you of your voice?
Lizren: "Truly I sang three songs for Lia, I'm kinda proud."
Tagisis: "None."
Ace: "HWUD Songs... YEP!" :humasks:
Naga: "No"

9) Okay, lets get a liiiiittle deeper. Mind if I ask you some TMI questions later?~ eve
Lizren, Tagisis, Naga: "WHAT?"
Ace: "You'll love it girl."

10) Do you have kid(s)/a husband/a wife?
Lizren: "I know I'll have 6 daughters in the future and Lia will be my wife, I foreseen this."
Rest: "Nope i wish"

11) If you don't, a boyfriend/girlfriend? Or do you have a crush on someone?~ 
Lizren: "Lia the last merfolk"
Tagisis: "Nivea the Eldar Farseer"
Ace: "My Girl turned into a Droger Zambie.
Naga: "No..."
12) Ever been heartbroken? Like, VERY depressed and just hurt all over after something upsetting?

Tagisis: "Had to kill my Brother, who fell in the hands of chaos."

13) Ever wanted to kill anyone? C'mon, be honest. Or HAVE YOU killed anyone? 
Lizren: "I've killed millions of evil doers."
Tagisis: "I want to kill Eldar Autarch Agkist, but I have killed Chaos Marines."
Ace: "I just kill them any way"
Naga: "No not really"

14) ...I bet you're really just a huge softy under all your macho-ness. 
Lizren: "Yes I am kind hearted."
Tagisis: "Me and the Eldar... You could say that."
Ace: "lost it over the years.
Naga: "... Yes... but girls don't see it."

15) Sexual preference? Opinions on Homosexuals and "Homophobics"...? 
Lizren: "what?......"
Ace: "More Chicks in one room... YAAAA!"
Naga: :wha: 

16) Do you have a religion or worship anyone?
Lizren: "nope... I need no religion i'm a demigod."
Tagisis: "The Imperium of man serves a corpse that is waiting to die, and the worship the poor guy and I learned the Emperor said two stupid things about Xenos."
Ace: "Religions are for assholes, from Catholics to Santinists."
Naga: "Ninja... Not many religions."

17) I forgot to ask this, but what's your favorite food? Snack? xD 
Lizren: "I'm a meat eater but I'm also a Plant eater."
Tagisis: "Meat, to gain information on the enemy."
Ace: "I scavenge for food."
Naga: "Sushi and Ramen."

18) Who was the first person you fell in love with? Do you they love you the same way?
Lizren: "Surprisingly Lia."
Tagisis: "Nivea, I would Die for her, I would even fight Sleenash to get her back."
Ace: "No one."
Naga: "Two girls, can't decide."

19) ...Are you still a virgin? //awkward question, sorry
Lizren: "Yes I am."
Tagisis: "OH YES."
Ace: "A50 and I are the only ones that are not virgin."<---A50 form halo reach
Naga: "... Yes..."

20) What shampoo do you use? o>o 
Lizren: "I have fish scales... I oil my scales and keep them wet."
Tagisis: "Sham, Poo?"
Ace: "No factories, no shampoo, thats what you get for living in the apocalypse."
Naga: "Sakura no kaori no shanpū."

21) How fluffy is your hair/fur/whatever? (But if you're bald, I'm sorry xD)
Lizren: "SCALES!"
Tagisis: "Thick and strong."
Ace: "Scraggy."
Naga: "Smooth."
22) Who is the person you're currently in love with and how do you feel about them?
Lizren: "Lia I... I JUST LOVE HER!"
Tagisis: "Nivea is a hand full, but it's good."
Ace: "My Rail Pistole Sue is hot."
Naga: "Hyuuga Kiyomi and Uchiha Hotaru."

23) Any stories you really like or can relate to?

All: "Nope"

24) I'm just jumping all around topics, aren't I~ d:

All: "..."

25) Hmm... Name some people you really dislike.
Lizren: "My Three Evil Brothers, and every Sinner there is... And my father Sekolah."
Tagisis: "Not people but groups like, the Inquisition, Necrons, Orks, Chaos Marines/Deamons, and Tyranids... God damn Tyranids."
Ace: "EVA Inc and Titanium guv..."
Naga: "The Seven Devils, and Dyrrnax'es."

26) Name a few others you really respect and care for.
Lizren: "My group and there friend and family."
Tagisis: "The Eldar and TAU they are friends to me and my army."
Ace: "Hearts of Chaos."
Naga: "Just Hyuuga Kiyomi and Uchiha Hotaru"

27) And now name some people you just aren't sure of yet. (Haven't really gotten to know them)
Lizren: "General Zybaan Baazan."
Tagisis: "Autarch Ven'Sincos."
Ace: "Toxic."
Naga: "hokage Tsunade."

28) Are you completely flesh and skin, or do you have any robotic or unnatural parts on you?
Lizren: "All Flesh and Blood."
Tagisis: "I have a robotic abdomen, Left arm and Right Leg."
Ace: "Robotic arms and torso."
Naga: "I am whole."
29) More of the TMI questions: How do you feel about sex 
Lizren: "... I really don't think about it so I don't care." <---- Has no Lust even when 18+ Years
Tagisis: "... Heretic..."
Naga: ":fearblush:......... OKAY MOVING ON!"

30) Now what's your opinion of the perfect date with someone? //starts taking notes//
Lizren: "Going to the Ocean at night and get the rare chance to see the sea light up with Bioluminescent Plankton with your Data."
Tagisis: "Take Her to a beautiful space scene of the space clouds and see the lights of the stars light it up."
Ace: "SNORE!"
Naga: "I need the info..."

31) Are your parents still alive, dead, or are somewhere unknown? 
Lizren: "My father is an evil god of my race *Sekolah* and my mother is a mermaid goddess of life *Denea* and still alive."
Tagisis: "Both my parents are dead... Killed by Tyranids."
Ace: "Unknown I hope there Dead."
Naga: "LONG Dead."

32) If you had a choice between living with someone you really hate or living by yourself for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Lizren: "I'm Stuck with both of those so no to them both."
Tagisis: "Better to have company."
Ace: "ALONE!..."
Naga: "Same with Lizren." 

33) When where you born and what's your zodiac?
Lizren: "Multiversal time, Universal cycle 1, Year 1, day 50, Sahuagin Zodiac Leviathan."
Tagisis: "May 16, 998.M41 Solar Zodiac Drake."
Ace: "Don't care."
Naga: "... I Don't know never have I had a birthday."

34) Favorite season?
Lizren: "Spring."
Tagisis: "Autumn."
Ace: "Sea, son?"
Naga: "Autumn because of the Sakura trees."

34) Bonus Questions - Favorite Holiday?? :'D
Lizren: "Halloween."
Tagisis: "Don't know."
Ace: "Holidays died."
Naga: "Christmas."
35) Anything you really like doing, by yourself and/or with others?
Lizren: "Relax."
Tagisis: "Same."
Ace: "Kill things."
Naga: "Be with people."

36) Do you have a job or go to school? 
Lizren: "Protect People and resurrect the innocent from unlawful death."
Tagisis: "Protect the Milky Way Galaxy."
Ace: "Kill Mutans, Zombies, Merks, Religious F***ers, and Bad Government."
Naga: "Asasinat any target in the hit book."

37) Ever think about getting tattoos?
Lizren: "Only a Seal of the Leviathan on me arm again."
Tagisis: "I Have one on my back *Imperial Eagle.*"
Ace: "Naaaa."
Naga: "The Eleven Fang seal located on my back you can say it's like a Tattoo."

38) Opinion on if your lover got a tattoo...? 
Lizren: "NO!"
Tagisis: "She has engraved seals on her skin on her shoulder blades, hips and in between her breasts."
Ace: "..."
Naga: "No, not realy."

39) If you could talk with any of my OCs right now, who would you talk to and what would you say to them?
Lizren: "Don't know."
Tagisis: "Sister Gabriella."
Ace: "All the chicks."
Naga: "Meh..."

40) Now that we've covered quite a lot about yourself, wanna play a game?
Lizren: "Okay."
Tagisis: "Oh no."
Naga: "..."

41) First game is "This or That", or also known as "Would you Rather", because that's totally original and not boring at all. <:

42) Would you Rather sleep naked with someone you didn't know or sleep naked outside. In the rain. Where it's cold and muddy.
Lizren: "I sleep in the cold and muddy."
Tagisis: "Someone?"
Ace: "Done both."
Naga: "... WHAT?.."
43) Would you rather have your lover cheat on you or have them die?
Lizren: "I DONE!"
Tagisis: "Auh?"
Ace: "THEM DIE!"
Naga: "Cheat..."

44) Would you rather be rich but unhappy, or be poor and happy?
Lizren: "Happiness."
Tagisis: "Poor and Happy."
Naga: "Poor."

45) Good God, this game got old fast. I'm already bored.
Every one: "....?"

46) ..Sooo... What's your opinion on me as a person? Am I just an annoying and obnoxious little girl to you or am I actually kinda decent?
Lizren: "Not sheore."
Tagisis: "Just a little girl 1/3 my size."
Ace: "A cute little girl that need's to be-"
Naga: "Decent..."

47) That's good to hear... I hope. I don't really know what you're saying right now. PLEASE DON'T HATE ME </33
Tagisis: "Really..."
Naga: "Oh..."
48) Rate yourself, 15 being an amazing and flawless person and 1 being a terrible little b*tch who deserves to die. 
Lizren: "14 I'm not the most perfect person."
Tagisis: "12 I know my placement."
Ace: "15 because BITCHES LOVE ME!"
Naga: "2 because no one cares."

50) Anymore tips on living life to the fullest, or just wanna say something dumb before we end this?
Lizren: "I'm Immortal but just do you best."
Tagisis: "Get things done."
Ace: "Kill with a love."
Naga: "Just be you."

51) Well, see ya. I hope you enjoyed answering awkward and a bit stupid questions, and It was fun doing this with you!

Tags: Anyone.

Sup peeps, Random Person here.

Zelda Dungeon is in the works of making a new podcast and they have put yours truly in charge of the project. What does this mean for you guys? Recognition! Zelda Dungeon has always been interested in fan art, so the podcast is another venue to help recognize artists who draw such Zelda art, which I'm assuming are the members of this group considering that's the only kind of art we allow here.

Stay tuned for more information. (And don't think I forgot about those contests)

HURRY UP Contest deadline 30th April!

Draw YOUR Original Character contest! New prizes!!:la:I'm running a contest!! My first one yay! (hope to not fail :XD:)
Draw YOUR Original Character contest
Contest deadline: 30th April,2014
A little explanation of the subject:

The subject of this contest is about YOUR Original Character.
Choose your beloved one of your Original Characters (in case you have more than one) and draw it in a FULL BODY view, the front view is enough. (Pose may be dynamic, not necessarily static as the example)
This contest allows media such as:
Digital paintings ONLY
No traditional (I don't know how to say it =_= ) or photomanips or 3D, etc.
The styles may be manga/anime, semi realistic, realistic, whatever, but only digital paintings please.
I'd like to see your OC on canvas this time maybe we'll see 3D on next contest.
I personally love OCs, they are made from our imagination and during years I saw really epic OCs, sometimes they're better


Feature time: 1 open slot! Check those artists!UPDATE: 1 open slot left :la:
however if the slots are all taken just wait till one will be free (there are dates next the deviants' names) ^^ then feel free to contact me and donate to be added!


The first 10 people which will donate on my DONATION POOL in my homepage will have the possibility to get featured 5 deviations at them choice or their respective groups!
Donation will start at least from 20:points: (feature for 3 days)
One week 50:points:
Two weeks 100:points:
One month 1000:points:
"How to get a slot?"
Send me a note with Object: Art feature after sending the points in my DONATION POOL
In the note add the thumbs of your 5 deviations or the icon of your groups!
"Is it worth?"
I have 700+ watchers and 100 daily pageviews so, your choice! :heart:


:star:3 days feature:star:

Nia-Neko (till 21st April)
Haru-chan! by Nia-Neko Mako-chan! by Nia-Neko [Contest] Into the Sky by Nia-Neko Lovelovelove - Darius and Adam by Nia-Neko Happy Women's day from Kofuku!!! by Nia-Neko

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VirgoxAOS (till 22nd April)
PPC - Cyber Momo by VirgoxAOSPPC - Half Dragon Girl by VirgoxAOSDual-Blade Assassin by VirgoxAOSMantis by VirgoxAOSRaven by VirgoxAOS

CrypticCosmonaut (till 23rd April)
Eat That Up by CrypticCosmonaut IT'S HUGE! by CrypticCosmonaut Raikil by CrypticCosmonaut The Tower by CrypticCosmonaut Crys by CrypticCosmonaut

Rooooook (till 26th April)
Elena by Rooooook Freedom by Rooooook Comm for Vienna-skies by Rooooook Finn the Human by Rooooook Art Trade with Katherine4ever by Rooooook

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arkaeldarknnes (till 30th April)
Yu-Gi-Oh! LD DMD Shingetsu Card art by arkaeldarknnes Yu-Gi-Oh! LD Barbara Yuzuki by arkaeldarknnes The face of fear SLENDERMAN by arkaeldarknnes The Darkness Tales Species - Crescent moon Dragon by arkaeldarknnes The Darkness Tales - Arkael Darkness by arkaeldarknnes

FlaminiaKennedy (till 30th April)
Request for 0Antares0 by FlaminiaKennedyKawaii-Heichou-Sama!! by FlaminiaKennedySecret Santa for  RushFantasy by FlaminiaKennedyBinotaur_Creature Design Contest Entry by FlaminiaKennedyCreature Contest: Abysshal by FlaminiaKennedy

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Some More Giveaways!

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 6:07 AM

396 points GiveawayWhy 396 points? It is for the people who want to get a Premium Membership.
How to enter:
:bulletyellow: Watch me.
:bulletyellow: Fave this journal.
:bulletyellow: You must post a promotional journal on your deviantArt page and post a comment here with the link to it.
I'll use to generate random numbers. 
Deadline 05/05
Good luck to everyone!!!

Request and Raffle time !:iconlazywaveplz:
:new:  If I not responde you is because I'm going to sleep  xD ,  dont worry in the morning i put you a number ! :new:
 You will receive this ! READ BELOW


:bulletgreen: ONE PERSON !:bulletgreen:
1.- In the comments put your reference if you get one note is that won ;w; /  
But do not worry may have another chance to WIN!
:bulletpurple: ONE PERSON  ! :bulletpurple:
✧ Make a journal or poll about this  
✧COMMENT this journal I put you a number </ sub>
ENDS  22/4/2014   00 AM (GMT -4)
Time Zone !
I will choose the person via

R A F F L EHello guys > v <
To celebrating my 100 watchers, people ask me to do a raffle, and I like this idea, so... I did it O v O
This is my first Raffle, so hope I will do it correctly ^-^"
Prices :
1 : A chibi pagedoll + a fullbody drawing + a colored sketch
2 : A fullbody drawing + a colored sketch
3 : A colored sketch
(if they are a lot of entry I'll might add a price for the 4)
To participate, you must :
1- Watch me (after all, this is a raffle 
2- Favorite this journal
3- Comment this journal with a reference of the OC I'll draw if you like (You can participate with only 1 OC, and I can't draw boys, but if you participate with a male OC anyway, I'll do a genderbend of him ♥)
4- Share this journal
5- That's all x)
Exemple of Page Doll :

Exemple of Fullbody :

Exemple of colored sketch :

The raffle will stop at the 1st May, and I'll anounce the day of the results after th

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