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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Hello dear members,
it's time for a new give away :la:

Rules of the Give away .

  • to enter in this give away fav and comment on the journal below this is important because you need to get a number from me(if you don't comment you cannot get a number and not win)
  • this give away is only open for members,contributors,admins,and co founders of CI (in order to enter join Creation-inspiration: (excludingmariridoodleparadise and Tsuki-SoraRuki (both accounts are from Me)
  • if you are a member and want to give it to a friend we accept it just let me know in a comment.
  • at the end of the giveaway winners will be randomly chosen (with
  • you must be a member of deviantart for at least two weeks in order to enter in this contest!
  • write anything you want on this blog no mean,or rude comments 

very special thanks to my donators for this month  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support

:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month  August:happybounce:

for  those of you who do not know, I, Tsuki-SoraRuki decide to do a project
called project Pm give away here you can win Pm's for free :la:  
EDIT: only Pm's away NO POINTS!

how can you enter ?

once again enter Simply fave :+fav: this journal and comment below so that I can give you a number (meow) thats all

what are the Monthly prizes?

1 month premium membership (for one lucky member
3 month premium membership(for one lucky member 

to keep up running this project....

I need lots of support 
I'm holding the give aways like this 50 % by :points: me and 50% :points:by my donators 
if you have some couple of points to spare and want to help me out please donate
even if you don't have points feel free to share this journal with your friends and watchers ^^
How do you donate?
To donate to this cause, go to `Tsuki-SoraRuki or mariridoodleparadise page and click "Donate" on the donation pool, or go to the "Give" drop-down menu at the top-right of the page and select "Give Points." No matter which way you give, I still get them! 

After you donate, I will contact you fast as I can  keep in mind I'm not all the time online sometimes you need to wait a little longer.
why do I contact you ?

starting from 7 January when you donate: as my thanks that you help me with my project in return I will feature 4 of your works on CI profile  
but only when you want to be featured.
in case if you don't want this I will feature your name on the groups profile .
but if you want to have a friend featured instead let us now :D

the more points you donate to longer you will be featured on the groups page
you can find my prize list below 
~ prize list~
1:points: a day 
5 :points: a week 
10 :points: 2 weeks
15 :points: 3 weeks
20 :points: 1 month 
50:points: 2 months
100:points: 3 months
200:points: 4 months 
300:points: 5 months 
400:points: 6 months 

without any further do these are the winners 

will be announced tomorrow ^^

congratulations to the following lucky members who have won 
will be announced tomorrow ^^
a present by Krissi001:a present by Krissi001

if you are curious this is the list of all monthly give away winners so far :3
I have made these people happy so far :3winners of the Weekly give aways so far
Updated 19 August 2014
:icondarkkawaiifox::iconVishw::iconphongtu::iconjemikam::icongailsouthworth::iconcitrinepetal::iconpandaotaku::icononidenki::icongemastarlight:,:iconpuppypal32:,:iconroxy2344::iconforonceandforever::iconterekoi:,:iconmystykness::iconshiro-jinja::iconkinouchi::iconrainbownarwhals::iconchopstickle::iconepicmaj::iconmetamoor27::iconminibabylizard::iconpatamonkt::iconspanner88::iconpopyfriend::iconmekimz::iconbeautifuleternalsun::iconcolor-sekai: :iconpuppypal32:  :iconaryiatia::iconbuffy23::iconheyeveryone123::iconmiyuhinamori: :icondysplasia: :icontjhiphop: :iconcharlottesearson: :iconvishw: :iconxhobocakes: :iconszuzka::iconwolvesmaycry::iconlaureleikirsch::iconflamingmarshmallows::iconiwantarocketship::iconwingsprite::iconinfernape77::iconastridstormlight::iconkiangi::iconsavanah25::iconkileandra: :iconcleo0084::iconisacchi::iconirzakurawolfe: :iconpokeaday::iconmsliuvar::iconninated::icontsurukicchi: :icondarthro

when is the deadline of this give away
This give away ends on( 20 September) 
Clover - Free Icon by etNoirgood luck everybody!Clover - Free Icon by etNoir

Galleries Month


Hi everyone! Welcome to the first of two articles about the film and animation gallery. 

Our gallery is the part of deviantART where everything comes to life! Our community is relatively small compared to some galleries but it is a thriving and exciting one. The range of talent we have includes super talented design students through to professional motion graphic wizards!

With independent film and animation works on the rise over the years, it’s a really exciting community and gallery to be a part of right now!

For gallery descriptions month TimberClipse and I will be talking about the gallery as a whole, the application process, how the gallery runs and even a little bit about ourselves!


Film & animation in deviantART in general 

Film & Animation is a gallery in itself on deviantART but it’s not the only gallery that has motion in. There are animations independent from this gallery, namely the Digital Art gallery, Traditional Art, Customization > Emoticons and Flash. So when you're sending us your Daily Deviation suggestions please remember to check the root category! ;)

Let before we look at the actual Film and Animation gallery let us take a look at those other galleries and celebrate the work that they have in motion!

Digital Art > Animation

XIIIDster T8 Turntable by xiiid ANIMATED Monster In The Room by minicosmicgirl Holding Patterns Animation Test by TR-B

Traditional Art > Animation

Animation Test - Tea Time by Miss-Belfry Vulture Pencil Test by ThreeDerpMoon Rain Gif by room4shoes

Customization > Emoticons

Kiss the World Cup Emoticon by Gomotes Stoked by Krissi001 Giant Faint by Web5teRShy kiss by Krissi001 I'm a bomb by BurgerBunny

Flash > Animations

Librarian owl scene by RedrickShuheart Buildings - Production by Lord-Dragon-Phoenix Life of Cow by Dei-bon

As you can see there's a wealth of talent on deviantART in all the galleries, you never cease to impress us! The reason why there is animation work in other galleries is simply because we separate the work by different mediums. So if you have ever sent us Daily Deviation suggestions and we've redirected you to someone else, you now know why!

Nonetheless there is fantastic animation work in all these galleries so if you love the Flim & Animation gallery, do check out these other galleries as well!  

Film & Animation gallery overview

The Film & Animation gallery is split into the 6 main categories, each with their own subcategories e.g. 2D, 3D, Stop Motion, Stills etc. It is the main gallery for motion work and every style you can imagine can be found in the galleries!  

Here is a selection of work from each main category!
  • Commercials - any sort of videos that is for promotional purposes.
  • Film - video work that has been shot on film.
  • Multimation - videos that have been made with a mixture of different mediums.
  • Trailers - short animations or films to introduced and promote feature works.


It was difficult for me to choose just a few works from each gallery because the range of work is so vast! I recommend that you check them all out yourself, there are some real gems in all of them! 

deviantART film application process

You can submit works to any gallery on deviantART the moment you register with us! However the deviantART film community is a little different, you have to apply for the privileges to submit film and animation files. This is so we can maintain a certain level of production value to submitted work.

FAQ #831: Why can't just anyone submit film?

You have to fill in an application form and naturally we advice members to read through the deviantART film FAQ's in the help section to make sure you understand the basics e.g. copyright music and image, file size and duration limits, licences etc.

In your application we would ask you to link to current film or animation work you have from your portfolio site or public video site such as Vimeo or YouTube. We also ask that you link to any material you used that isn't yours, such as images or music so that we know all the material is either produced by you, or you obtained the proper permissions and licences to use any other material. If we feel that work isn't credited properly this can invalidate your application!

As far as work quality is concerned we're not looking for applicants who can work to the level of Disney or Studio Ghibli, we're looking for potential! So don't be shy and feel free to send in your animatics and student work! 

Sometimes you may not have to apply, you may simply receive an invite! And once you're part of the film community you can in turn invite other deviants to join as well.

FAQ #836: How does the 'Film' invitation process work?

For more information on the application process please check out the deviantART film section in our help page!

More information on the Film & Animation gallery in part 2 of this Project Educate series!


Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) MEET UP!

Okay so InsanelyChiee  and I are hosting a New York City Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Meet up!
We set up flyers earlier on this week, with the theme of "Where's Levi?" I illustrated a picture of Levi with all his important information. She came up with and wrote the blurb! We put our numbers on the flyers to get calls or text from people who'd like to know about the event. We have two meet up's for the "Where's Levi?" Event, one of them being on August 22nd, 2014, the next we are hoping to have before the ending of September!  
So far over 20+ People are attending the Meet up of the 22nd and still plenty more to come!
I won't go all too much into detail but if you think you can make it to the event, then note me!! I'd love to see one of you guys there!!

Drown Me Out Comic UPDATE!

Guys, Drown me out is going to go on it's first LONG Break, once it reaches page 20-25... I will be starting a new year of classes soon,and when I do is when I will be able to get back in order with Weekly updates and shit. I just wanted to warn all of you ahead of time. I'm going to be busy with all this planning and poster shit, and I still am stuck in the shelter home stuff, so yeah; I'm trying here guys! Drown me out has been getting noticed by the by! and I Just want to say THANK YOU ALL!!! I really wouldn't have even continued the comic if you guys hadn't been showing me such support and interest! ;v; It really did boost my self-confidence and make me want to proceed with more things! IN THE MEAN TIME I'M GOING TO TRY TO HELP GET THE DUBBED-VERSION OUT! A BIG THANK YOU TO :iconsh0taakio: !! WHO I STILL OWE A BIRTHDAY DRAWING TO! HNG! I'M SORRY. 

500+ Watcher Milestone!

So As I mentioned before We made it to 500+ watchers!! I really need a solid answer of what you guys want from me though!
I simply need to do a Vote among you guys!
So what will it be??

- Challenge
- Video
- Speed Paint
- Live  Stream
- Other (Name what you think it should be.) 






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Reinterpretation Contest

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 7:41 PM
Hey all! It's time for a new contest :eager: Inspired by and co-hosted/cross posted with the wonderful WintersRead  :)


Reinterpret/recreate one of the following photos below. Be creative, there are many ways to look at the theme. :la:

Jelly by rainylakei want to sail away from here by rainylake
Pika Appears! by rainylakeHistory by WintersRead
Sound the Bugle by WintersReadTranslator by WintersRead


:bulletgreen: Let us know which photo you are reinterpreting when you send in your note.
Bullet; Red In your deviation description, be sure to link back to this journal (ex: "This piece was created for Reinterpretaion Contest:[add link here]" ). 
Bullet; Blue The piece MUST be created for this contest. Any art that was submitted before the August 19th, 2014 will not be accepted.
Bullet; Purple All visual mediums are accepted :) (Smile)
Bullet; Black One entry per person please.
Bullet; Yellow Submit deviations to rainylake by note, titled "Contest Entry". I will then note you back if your entry was accepted and add it to a favorites folder made for this contest. Click here to see all the entries. DO NOT comment below with your entry, this will not count as a submission. Please, please, please just note it to me. Aww
Bullet; Orange Entries must be submitted by September 30th, 2014. This gives you a little over 6 weeks to create something magnificent La la la la
Bullet; Pink NOT REQUIRED: If you'd like, please favorite this journal/spread it around, so we can get more exposure/more entries. Here's a kiss for you, my love!


We are still looking for prizes, so any donation would be appreciated (features, artwork, points, subs etc). If you can donate a prize, please comment below. Anyone who donates anything will be featured when the contest results are posted. Heart

300 :points: from WintersRead 
200 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylake , WintersRead 

200 :points: from WintersRead 
150 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylake ,WintersRead 

100 :points: from WintersRead 
75 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylakeWintersRead 

Runner up
50 :points: from WintersRead 
50 :points: from rainylake 
Feature from rainylakeWintersRead 


September 30th, 2014


:iconwintersread: :iconrainylake:


Feel free to leave a comment below or note either rainylake or WintersRead  :heart:

Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 8:55 PM


The DesignnHQ challenges you to create the cover art for the next edition of Designn Magazine! The winning artwork would be used as the cover of the 6th edition with an inside cover feature.

Your entry can originate in any medium. Keep in mind that that this is a magazine cover which would go to print; hence keep the highlights of the artwork focused towards the center and left side of the cover, and avoid details towards the edges (1cm from each edge).

(Note that you only need to create the background image of the cover and submit it with the template we provide.)

How to Enter

1. Create

Create your entry in any medium - anything from digital paintings to traditional drawing.

Make sure the final work is at least A4 size (8.267 inches x 11.692 inches) in size and 300dpi. Save it as a JPG or PNG file, and you're ready to submit.


Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest by UJz

2. Submit your work

Once you finish your piece, upload your cover image as a PNG or JPG file to DeviantART.

Remember to mention it's for the Designnn Magazine Cover Art Contest on the description.

Then submit it to the contest folder at our offical group DesignnHQ . (You must be a member to submit.)
Submit Cover

View Submissions

(Keep in mind to store a copy of the original files (.psd) since you would be required to submit them if you win.)


1st Place

• Artwork featured as the cover of the 6th edition

• Insider cover feature

• 2000 :points:
(from Moonbeam13 )

• 3 month Premium Membership

• 500 :points: + Feature
(from TehAngelsCry)

• Free copy of the 6th edition

• Feature on the Designn Blog and Weekly Features

2nd Place

• Magazine Feature

• 1500 :points:
(from Moonbeam13 )

• 3 month Premium Membership

• 300 :points: + Feature
(from TehAngelsCry)

• Feature on the Designn Blog and Weekly Features

3rd Place

•  Magazine Feature

• 1000 :points:
(from Moonbeam13 )

• 3 month Premium Membership

• 200 :points: + Feature
(from TehAngelsCry)

• Feature on the Designn Blog and Weekly Features

The Rules


Entry must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PST) on October 1, 2014 and must be submitted to the contest folder at our group DesignnHQ.

• Entrants must be at least 13 years old to participate. Residents of any country are eligible.

• Entries can originate in any medium but must be in PNG or JPG file format when submitted.

• You may submit more than one entry.

• Entries cannot contain any watermarks and any resources used should be credited to in the description.

•  By submitting you give Designn permission to use the cover image in the magazine cover (both digital and print) and any promotional material.


The 3 winners will be chosen by Designn staff members.

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

• Creativity

• Technical Skills

• Overall Impact


:icondigitallycreated: :icondeviantart-related:
If you'd like to offer a prize, let us know in the comments!
Any questions? Please comment below.

Project-Name-Origins Contest

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 19, 2014, 7:37 PM
((Please note this is not an official AA4E contest, ours is coming soon!))

Hey, guys! Aikou here~ I've found a contest here on dA that I think needs some more recognition! I'm most likely going to be entering myself, so please check it out!

Hello and welcome to our first "Project-name-origins" (PNO) contest!

Some time ago we hit our

1 Year anniversary

and so we've decided to celebrate it with an art contest with cash prizes!
Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an artist to participate because we chose a simple PNO related theme for the contest.

Our judges will be looking for the feeling and meaning behind your submissions, rather than the artistic quality of the image.

What do I have to do to participate in the contest?

If you have an DeviantART account become a watcher so you won't miss out any updates on the contest.

You must join the Project-name-origins and add your story to our collection! Everything you need to know about the project can be found at our homepage:

What do I have to draw?

You have to draw a portrait of yourself, half normal and half related to your username.
Example: If your username is "Shourei, jackkuro, Subdivided" or whatever else, you draw half a page of your actual portrait and the other half how you imagine "Shourei, jackkuro, Subdivided..." to look.
(side note: This year's contest theme was suggested by our chinese Moderator: geek96boolean10)

geek96boolean10 also drew an example entry:
PNO - geek96boolean10 by PNO-Contests

Once I’ve finished

Send us an E-Mail with these questions filled out, your username (the one you used for your drawing) and attached entry to
We’ll check if the origin story of your username is listed in our database and let you know if your entry is valid or not.

How will my drawing be rated?

Like we said before, you don’t need to be a artist to take part in this contest.
Our skilled judges know that the meaning and feeling of the drawing is way more important than its quality.
(You can draw on normal paper and scan it afterwards or you draw directly on your computer. You just need to be able to send your entry via e-mail.)

What can I win?

Click the link below to view the contest prize sheet.
Contest price sheet!

If you‘re in any social or creative network please consider posting your entry on your account and linking back to our contest!
The more people to join the contest increases prize money, and we get more participants means more new stories for our project!

What is the schedule for the contest?

Turning in entries will be from *the moment you read this journal* till *September 30*

When will the winners be chosen?

As soon as our Jury is able to look through all the entries we will receive!
It mainly depends on how many entries we gain.

We will keep you up to date on who won as soon as our jury choose the final winners.

And last but not least, our Jury:

Our Jury includes three skilled artists from deviantART who are able to judge a drawing by the feeling behind it instead of just by its artistic quality.

1) s0s2:
"I put my main focus on cartoon art, mostly done in Flash CS3 and Photoshop CS5. Colorful and exaggerated pictures are my trade mark."

2) Naratzu aka Nara:
"I am a hobby drawer, animal artist, focused on canines. I do my art in Paint Tool Sai, and I add effects in PScs5. My style changes a lot, but I like warm atmosphere with contrast in cold atmosphere."

3) nahnahnivek
"I'm pretty much a self-taught artist like you all. I started the same like everyone and learn from everyone to build my skills up so that I can bring out all those ideas and vision of mine out from my thick skull. The reason why I am here is to learn from everyone and improve. Hopefully you can learn something from me from what I have learned from others. I am here to guide you so that you can improve further in terms of skill and concept."

Now go spread the word and join in the contest!
We at PNO hope that you and your friends have a fun time and enjoy our contest as much as much as we do!

Hey guys!

First up! Started doing speedpaints again!
You can find a new one uploaded over here:

Also on the topic of speedpaints-- more active on my picarto channel here:…
If you sign up and sub to my channel-- you'll get notifications whenever I go live, plus if I get enough subs I can earn a little money ; w;/ which helps support me to make more content!

Also! not long till the Damien badge wont be available anymore-- please check out Melodies patreon page here: to see how you can get one Andkeeponeinhismemory //SHOT INTO THE SUN
August 2014 collector badge by Little-Miss-Boxie

Also if you've been following Melodies tumblr or facebook-- you may have seen this

more news coming soon e we
Me hice una nueva cuenta en dA! Porqué? No sé, solo tenía ganas xD Por favor, me dan +watch? c: :iconloveistheonlyway:
Aún no subo casi nada y todavía no lo remodelé, peeeeeeero pronto estaré haciéndolo c: soo... no olviden su +Watch e_e 
Devuelvo c:
I don't normally auction myself off to do art slavery, but I have a good reason.
I know I owe a bunch of commissions, but this is a dire situation.
I have my own money problems figured out, but I have a friend that could really use some help
So I am selling my soul holding an auction for future art commissions/designs

All Profit from this Auction will go to my friend, who needs the money to go to college this term


Bidding will start at 5$
AB - 100$+
HB - SB lunamoth19 

What you will get

for the SB - 3 Fullbodies or 1 Custom Design
Bids Over 25$ - 5 Fullbodies + 2 Custom Designs + 1 Chibi
Bids Over 50$ - Art Slave for 3 Months ( 10 Fullbodies +2 Custom Designs + 2 Chibis )
AB or more - Art for an entire year ( I will do art of whatever, whenever you wish for an entire year )

This is a quick auction that I am hoping to end in the next 24 hours

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Holy fuck! I feel shakey as hell