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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (52,102 votes) 692 comments
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The most amazing thing happened today!

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 12:36 PM

This morning, a guy rand my doorbell and i thought that was a little weird because i wasn't expecting anyone. He said he has a delivery for me with 2 tubes from deviantART. I was really surprised because i didn't remember giving my address (it was such a long time ago that i did probably) or didn't remember ordering anything and only until i opened them did i realize they were print gifts from my wishlist! But i have no idea who sent them :icontearyguyplz: They were both prints of this artwork Bless the girl by jurithedreamer
and i am not sure if there were too separate people who sent them (they appear to have been sent at different times) or one person. BUT WHOEVER YOU ARE THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU WONDERFUL PERSON!
The prints are amazing looking! Kudos to deviantART because the quality of the print is astonishing :la: the prints are on material not paper and that not only makes them more durable but it also has a very neat oil painting feel to it. :love:
This just made my week! I will put both of them in frames :love:
But i want to know who are the people who gave me these gifts! I want to give you a virtual hug :iconglompplz:

Totoro Journal Skin by starrily

I just started being active on this account not too long ago and I've racked up almost 700 watchers.

//heavy sobbing

I love you  guys so much!! :]

For you beautiful people who chose to watch me, I'm gonna raffle off a pixel doll (please, only animals)

like this:
Eight by dogebutt


:bulletwhite: Please fav this journal! (this is how i find out who will win and you can unfav this after it ends, idrc)
:bulletwhite: since this is a gift to my watchers, you must be watching me (it isn't too late either ouo)
optional: you can write a journal about this for another chance to win ! :'D (please link back on this journal)

that's it :'D

please comment with your reference sheets,, even if you don't win, i might draw a request aha

that is all

and remember

You're Awesome by dogebutt

deadline is friday

WishingWell Weekly 100th EDITION!!

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 2:41 AM

:iconsparklingpinkloveplz: Welcome to WishingWell Weekly :iconsparklingpinkloveplz:
Hello Dear Members, Watchers, and Visitors, :wave:

WELCOME TO dAWishingWell!
:iconspreadmoreloveplz: It just might be the most awesome group EVER!!! :iconspreadmoreloveplz:

Now sit back and enjoy the show, and whatnot, which is this week's VERY SPECIAL EDITION!

:iconpopcornplz: :popcorn: :iconpopcornplz: :popcorn: :iconpopcornplz: :popcorn: :iconpopcornplz:

:iconfireworkplz:This is OFFICIALLY, Our 100th EDITION!:iconfireworkplz:

It won't look much the same as our other WishingWell Weekly Journal Editions, because we thought it might be fun, to do some different and fun things... and THEN we will resume to some sort of normalcy again with the 101th Edition... :aww:

To start off...

:icon100plz: 100 Reasons to :love: LOVE :love: "The Well" :icon100plz:
Thanks to everyone who participated in this event!!! The Well LOVES you, too! :love: :nod:

StudioIJB My best reason: Simple and effective way to help other Deviants. ^^

Together by StudioIJBShoot the Moon by StudioIJB


Felizias I love the well because it is a very reliable and social part of DA there you can meet a lot of amazing deviants! :love:
Definitely, the best side of DA I have seen so far. :D

Fort Königstein by FeliziasBonnie by Felizias


UszatyArbuz I love the Well because I can feature my friends and show to other deviants how great and talented they are! :la:

Looking down by UszatyArbuzFlowers by UszatyArbuz


omichii I love the well because they help get unknown artists a chance for exposure and help spread the word for things they need help with! :)

Super Fantasy Rainbow Pastel Slushy Deluxe by omichiiFreaking Fabulous by omichii


Annissina I love the well because it helped make my birthday all the more special! :la:

Wave by AnnissinaIn My Dreams by Annissina


MitsukiTinky - Simple way to help deviants.
- You get to give llamas, and hugs.
- Did I mention you get to hug people in mass? :love:
- The community feeling.
- The fun posts and features of deviants and groups.
- There is always something you can do, even if you have no points, to make other deviants happy.
- We grant smiles :D

Stranger in the forest by MitsukiTinkyJames' Pocket Watch by MitsukiTinky


CarolynYM The Well is informative, newsworthy, shows wonderful artists and their deviations, and is a community group.
Thank you dear Tea for all your work on the Wishing Well :love::heart:

Rickshaw in the Home by CarolynYMMosaic Art in Oil by CarolynYM


Shay-chan33 The well has the best group concept into bringing us deviants together as artists and helping each other when needed ^^

Contest Entry: 'I can handle this myself' by Shay-chan33Collab: 'Say Cheese!' by Shay-chan33


Anonymyth It brings deviants together and allows us to help each other with anything that may be going on, and it shows us some really talented deviants too :)

Sonner les cloches by AnonymythFleurs de Glace by Anonymyth


FlightPixel This is my favorite group! It brings people together and helps wishes come true, and really shows how kind people can be. I got a 3 month premium membership and 300 points because of it! It helps unknown artists be discovered as well! It's a simple and rewarding way to help others. :)

Draikou by FlightPixelTogekiss by FlightPixel


Lust0fADeeperPain I feel the wishing well is a great way of exposing beautiful art and photography so that other deviants can connect somehow with new friends and fave more work and it gives a lot of members here in Unframed-Nature a chance to be a part of something very special. And there is always so much news and wonderful events going on that is shared besides the fact that it very interesting. I for one am always very grateful for the acknowledgement of my birthday in your very pleasing and inspiring journals and I feel proud to see my work displayed here also and it influences me to get involved in some more photography.I know no other way to express my gratitude other then to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hydrangeas by Lust0fADeeperPainStore Models by Lust0fADeeperPain


TrinitySage I love the Wishing Well because they grant wishes! This group is constantly bringing awareness to all of DA about special causes and needs that different people have. This group does much more than post regular journals, they help people! 

Sunset Again by TrinitySageHari by TrinitySage


mormonbookworm I love the Well because I wholeheartedly believe that service heals the soul, both of the giver and the receiver. And the Well gives me a way to give back to another aspect of my life.

Hades and PershponeI watch her from underneath,
Yearning for her beauty,
To lighten my dark world.
I'm not usually the impulsive one,
But today, I don't just
Want her, I need her.
So I take her,
Home with me.
Away from the sun.
She glares at me,
And she tells me she hates me,
But even her hatred is beautiful.
I give her jewelry,
And fancy clothes,
And the newest Apple device.
But most of all,
I give her my heart,
But she does not take it.
He thinks he can
Win me over,
With fancy things,
But he's wrong.
He steals me
From my world,
And though he tries,
To get me to accept
One thing from him,
I refuse, knowing it would
Put me in his debt,
And make me stay here.
For I'm not cruel.
I have a heart,
Just not for this creature.
This thing, this monster,
The one who has taken
All my happiness.
Tunes, Typhlosis and TeachingDexter sat on a sticky seat on a bus, counting the milliseconds until the vehicle stopped at Townsville. He wanted off this filthy, public transport and into a tackle hug, courtesy of his pseudo-sisters.
They would tell him all about their Christmas, and ask about his. He would tell them that DeeDee had gotten him a new piano piece for Christmas, something by Evanescence, insisting that he learn to play something modern. What he wouldn't tell them was he had a feeling Buttercup had something to do with that nudge, with the liking she had taken to that band.
He hated the lyrics, but the notes themselves weren't so bad. He had to admit it sounded nice, a graceful start, crescendos in the right places, and fade off ending. He was still trying to figure out who Amy Lee was, though. He thought he might ask Buttercup, but quickly foresaw the consequences. The main one was her teasing him, and he could nearly hear her now…
Wait-that was actually Buttercup, telling him 'to get his butt of


CRGPhotography The number one reason I love the well is because it spreads love and appreciates the members and is open for ideas and is always looking to improve. I guess that's several reasons but it's hard to limit with such a great group! :D

So Hard to Say Goodbye by CRGPhotographyAfter You My Beautiful Dreamer by CRGPhotography


Anj3lla I "LOVE the Well" because it spreads love and positivity. :heart:
Helps those "in need" and those that would like more exposure/feedback.
Thank you to the group's administrative team! :dalove:

Cosmic Wonder by Anj3lla2ofAkind by Anj3lla


Aisuryuu I love the well because it's an active and well organized group that helps advertise what deviants are looking for help with and is easy to navigate for those who are looking for someone to help. I found I had joined a lot of other groups that were aimed at the intent of helping with certain things. But with the well a lot of them are all collected together so it feels easier to ask for help for something and get it attention, but also makes it easier for me to find someone who I have the resources to help.

AoH - Spring Ball 2014 - Sefem Sonak by Aisuryuu[ - OC Contest Entry - Natsu - ] by Aisuryuu


KiwiCocktail I love the well because...
:bulletgreen: It's an active (and interactive!) group that encourages members to participate in events
:bulletgreen: It helps spread the dA love :dalove:
:bulletgreen: The admins and members are all wonderful and kind-hearted people
:bulletgreen: It's full of positivity, and to see new Well journals in your message centre makes you squeal with joy! :happybounce:

Color my World by KiwiCocktailBurst of Color by KiwiCocktail


camelopardalisinblue I love the well because it gives me a list of people to surprise with llamas and more!

Reasons to Foster (Sassy) by camelopardalisinblue love and other underestimationsIt was the smallest of things
that grabbed me first--
the merest hint of a thing
that pulled my attention
and held it there:
like a dog at a bone;
like me at you; the fly
into the sticky mess of web.
It was the littlest of things
that grabbed me then--
the merest hint of a thing
you, fidgeting
just the way I do.
You were already my world,
just words on the screen,
but I was already smitten; stuck
on you, like craft glue to fingers;
like wet on water; the sugar
over a child's cheeks.
It will always be
the sweetest of things
keeping me--
your heart beating da-dum
just the way mine does.


explosivelight I love the well because although not every wish comes true a lot do and it brightens peoples days.

Before the Rain by explosivelightForest Strawberry by explosivelight


Stygma I love the well because all bit of joy given is priceless! :heart:

Creature for insinaaty by StygmaIn between by Stygma


FractalBee About the WishingWell :D I was only a watcher for times and I totally forgot to join this wonderful group. It is really great to find people who want to do something for other people. Who want to help, give an opportunity, give llama's or points or hugs. There are so many events here and so many journals which are such a joy to read. Greatly organised and colorful. Yes, I would love to be involved here and I will join right now! :nod: :hug: :dalove:

Queen of Beads by FractalBeeMonkey Worship by FractalBee


ethereal-dancer I love the Well because it allows artists to help each other and it spreads goodwill and happiness!! :D

Aerlona by ethereal-dancerAT with The-Cheshire-Bunny by ethereal-dancer


katzrollz I love the well because it has such a great cause, granting wishes to deviants like a magical majestic creature, and spreading the art and creativity of talented artists. It spreads happiness to those who come across it, and has a dedicated team to support it :meow:

Autumn Cats by katzrollzA  Sad Little Pig by katzrollz


Dreamiez I love the Well, because it is a genuinely warm and welcoming Community
All of the people I've met here, are so supportive and friendly :)
Even on the worst of days, I can visit the well, and leave smiling .. you all just rock! :iconsweethugplz:

Silent Fright by Dreamiez PiecesFalling to pieces
not metaphorically
In ways that most
could not conceive
A dare to reveal
the dreams
in silent screams
An awkward distraction
like a rare disease
An urgent need
to release
something unseen
Mental anguish leaks
like a sieve
into the physical pristine
Impossible blemishes
to clean
Laid bare for all to see
A requiem
for what used to be


ezradeacon The Well has become a source of daily inspiration for me. It never fails to fill me with happiness to see all the wonderful things The Well, and it's members & watchers, are doing for dA!

Keep up the fantastic work everyone! You are all wonderful and amazing! I love deviantART!

Art for Arts' SakeArt was being selfish.
He knew this to be true.
For Muse would stop
And stare at him,
Her eyes an icy blue.
"What now?" she would inquire
With a dark tone to her voice.
And Art would tell her
All his wants.
He had no other choice.
The drive to get it out of him
Would come on oh-so strong.
And if he chose
To let it pass?
Well, that would feel just wrong.
His need to paint; to write; to draw;
Was stronger than his will.
So he gave in to it
Every time
Until his hand was still.
And Muse could only watch him
For she knew she was to blame.
As he toiled all his time away
Making art for his own name.
C is for ChildrenSaturday morning cuddles.
Comfy under the covers
eating cereal and
watching cartoons.
A cloudy afternoon spent 
playing cloak-and-dagger,
combing caverns for crystals or
conquering citadels.
Cool summer evening.
A cookout under the stars,
coaxing giggles and cheers
with campfire tales.
Then time for bed.
Calm and cosy,
cloaked in your cocoon
of sleep.


Internetexplorer968 My reason why I like The Wishing Well (if that's correct) is for my well thought out reasons. After my visit with the admin of the group, she was very compassionate and the group gave a sense of hope for me and my skills. It was very hard to get noticed in the art community, Wishing Well was giving me a chance to feel good. I might still never get noticed, but The Wishing Well helps me focus on the positives. Those are my best reasons why I like the Wishing Well.

Kerberos Panzer Juggernaut by Internetexplorer968Destroying Virus Groudon Part 1 by Internetexplorer968


Flutterbat321 I love the Well because I can make wishes here safely and have them granted! Thank you all! :3

Sea Dragon Adopt~ CLOSED by Flutterbat321Rainbow Wolf by Flutterbat321


Windklang There are so many reasons to love this group :D haha

- I love it because you are most likely to meet so many absolutely stunningly generous people here!
and more:
- I love it because (of course) it helped me find a sponsor for my giveaway.
- I love it because it does hundreds of little things for the community like fun-events, announcing birthdays, featuring people.... just so many small things that make an absolutely precious total of AWESOMENESS :D
- I love it because I can see what I can do to make people really happy

And there are many more - so if you don't come to the total of 100, poke me again :D ;)

Skibby - The Fighter by WindklangSeagrounddile by Windklang


:iconsimplysilent: I love the well because it brings together such a positive and welcoming community. :heart:

And the obligatory main troll reason:

I love the well because of the weekly nutella jars. :B Nutella is always good.

Promplz by SimplySilentTropical Fruit CSS by SimplySilent


MidoriMurasaki I love the Well because it is made 100% of positivity! I feel it~

Bianca by MidoriMurasakiMoon child by MidoriMurasaki


orchid-bliss The Well in an inspiration!
It allows not only those starting out but those more advanced a chance to contribute to the whole community!
Whether as a thanks to someone who has helped them in the past or as a simple gift to someone, the well shares wishes which anyone can accomplish.
From llamas to points, the well is where simply put the whole community comes together to create and make wishes come true.

The well personally is a place of opportunity for all artists. ^^

Divide Between Two Forecasts by orchid-blissFaina of the Forest by orchid-bliss


Redilion I love the Well soooo much! Since I participated I met lots of talented and generous people.

Every day I discover something new. Joining the Well is the perfect way to help the community sharing talents and getting inspiration. I learned here how small deeds can make someone really happy. This is the place where I feel helpful. I only wish I could help more.
This place reminds me Christmas where everyone give gifts to each other and share the love. and my love to the Well is growing day by day!  Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool

Fancy Zebras couple by RedilionForest witch by Redilion


SolBrandz I love the well because it's not just a group, it's a community filled with a bunch of kind and talented people. The admins spend so much time working on journals and trying to help grant other member's wishes that it just goes to show you that just one little deed can make someone's day.

Sakura Rose Fans by SolBrandzLoftwing and Zelda WIP by SolBrandz


awesome43 I love the well for all it's positive aspects. :nod: There are no requirements here, because everyone gets equal love no matter their skill level.  It is a haven where we can come visit often and make new friends,  encourage each other and support the ongoing needs of others.  I only wish I had more time to spend here.  I am so very honored to be a member of such a wonderful group whose focus has always been to spread love and friendship.

Magic moment by awesome43Sunny-Peeps by awesome43


icefire8521 I love the Well, because the admins here work really hard. They're patient and kind, and they use so much of their time to keep such a large group running. And not only that, the members are willing to help those who submit wishes. It's a place where everyone comes together as a community and spreads love and care to one another.

Hipster Penguin by icefire8521Darkblood by icefire8521


x-SunnyMoon I love the Well because it gives deviants a chance to experience things they might not otherwise get to experience! :heart:

AT: LiteBlue-L13 by x-SunnyMoonKatya by x-SunnyMoon


LydiaRhianne I love the Well, because it brings together lots of awesome people to do lots of awesome things!  :D

Henry IX by LydiaRhianneDressed for the Season by LydiaRhianne


TheGalleryOfEve I love the Well because I've found lovely "gems" in it!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconloveloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz: Wonderful friendship in fellow Admins, warmth from the members, and the chance to help the community to spread some love around!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconsweethugplz::iconflyingheartsplz:

Good moments together by TheGalleryOfEveRain Over Me by TheGalleryOfEve


TeaPhotography The things I love about The Well, could go on forever... when I first heard about it from iLantiis through  deviantHEART almost 2 and half years ago, or so, my first thought, was that this group was the type of group with the kind of concept that seemed right up my alley! It combines both the passion for art, with the compassion to help others! It is what I seek to do in my daily life, but here it was on dA, similar, but in a different format, but with different types of needs and wishes, and perhaps reaching in far different directions than what I was used to, and maybe farther, as well! :heart:
I love that the idea of the well, could strengthen my hope and faith that much more in humanity, in general, because there was a time when it was not too strong, and so I began to search out these ways... :aww:

And while nothing is perfect, or perfect all the time, the fact that I know the huge amount of time and effort that is put in to organize, and maintain this type of group, and pull off these types of concepts, and wishes, makes me truly love the Administrators. :love: I also love the Members, too... because the Administrators can't do all the wish granting ourselves all while also trying to keep up this group, and we are ever-grateful for our awesome and generous MEMBERS, for we couldn't do it without all of YOU!


And I leave with my love for our Stygma who just rocks this place, and has been doing one really super fabulous job here! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Tidings of Gratitude by TeaPhotography


NOW... How about a little FUN with a quick little game... with one grand winner??? :trophy:

:squee: Ready for a little dAWishingWell 100th Edition TRIVIA GAME????? :squee:

(Of Course! ;) )

:bulletblack: Answer the following questions/or commands below the RULES here, CORRECTLY, in a COMMENT of this 100th Edition of WishingWell Weekly, here.

:bulletblack: The first one to complete the following questions/or commands below, CORRECTLY, in a COMMENT here, will win! :la:

:bulletred: Remember, all answers DO have to be CORRECT to win! :nod:

:bulletred: Please don't ask any Admins., or anyone else for help, plus anyway, you don't really have time to do that... most of these aren't that difficult anyway... just have a look :eyes: around. ;)


:bulletpurple: 100 :points: from: TeaPhotography and Stygma :w00t:

:bulletpurple: A feature for yourself, in next week's 101st Edition of WishingWell Weekly! :boogie:

:bulletpurple: A feature for a friend of yours, who you feel should receive more exposure for their work!
It could even be someone from our recent Wish Lists, if you want, or whoever you'd like; it's your free-bee prize! :la:

:bulletgreen: On your mark, get set, GOOOOOO!!!!

(Yes, it really starts, from the time that this journal is published, because it's that kind of game.
And that does make a lot of it, based on luck, as in, who sees/plays the game first.)

:bulletorange: There will be a COMMENT below, OR, the Article will be Edited to officially announce when we have a Winner...

So anyway, if you DO play, just have fun- it's just for fun! :iconcatlaplz:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


1. What is the exact and FULL date that dAWishingWell was founded?
Dec. 31st 2011, or apparently Jan. 1st... depending on your time zone... ;)
2. In order, from our first one to our current one, who have been the Founders of our group?

iLantiis SavageFrog Stygma
(I was not going to count the time when iLantiis took it over again just before Stygma
though she probably WOULD! :XD: )

3. What does The Well do?

To quote: "It is a group specifically created to give back to the dA community by featuring and granting dA-related wishes such as premium subs, supergroup status, giving items off of wishlists, point donations, features, DD requests, and more!"

But if you got the main idea, it's FINE! :la:

4. What does The Showcase simply show?

To quote: "The Showcase simply shows all the known ungranted wishes."

5. How many Members does our group currently have?
1,751 (at the time that I posted Questions)
or 1752 (at the time many of you were answering!)

6. How many “Wish Guardians” does our group have?

7. Who is the “Wish Master”?

8. Please link or paste a thumb of a deviation you like from the gallery of our "Wish Master" right here.
Anything you liked from the gallery of Stygma

9. Name one weekly News Article/Event besides WishingWell Weekly
Many to choose from: Monday Muses, Tuesday Treats, Wandering Weds., Thursday Greets, Friday Fun,
or any of our Weekly Wishing articles. :la:

*BONUS: Name a monthly News Article/Event.

Either, Birthday Puppeteer, or Points Feature

10. If you found 100 dollars, and the owner was unknown, not to be found, and you did not have to save it for yourself, what would you like to do with it?

There was NO wrong answer here!!! Just something fun,
(and plus I'm nosey and curious!! ;) )

*BONUS: How many PEOPLE participated in the above "100 Reasons to LOVE The WELL Event"?
(if we started counting up all of the reasons, that could be really hard to correctly delineate.)

(and I am very very sure there were MORE THAN 100 reasons posted to LOVE THE WELL!!!! )

*BONUS: Describe the group dAWishingWell using ONE WORD!

Again, no wrong answer, and me.... nosey and curious!!! :giggle:

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

If you haven't started playing the game yet...
what are you waiting for!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GO FOR IT!>>>>>>>>>>>> :iconpompomsplz:

:note: This was not easy to check to check, through but after thorough evaluation, I believe I found the person who got their answers in the fastest, first!  Our WINNER:

:rose: :trophy: :star: :iconkiwicocktail: :star: :trophy: :rose:
:points: POINTS will be distributed later... and I will reply to your comments, etc., when I get back, by tomorrow or so!
 CONGRATS!!! :la:

EDIT: I almost feel like :star::iconredilion::star: is a really close second, or practically tied for first to not mention...  here... not sure about points... yet... but will have the same feature privileges! :nod:
Plus, another thing... I didn't know we can now EDIT our Comments!!! (Which I normally celebrate! And I will more, once I figure it out for myself, but is not a good thing for the way I set up this game. :XD: )

I just want to thank you ALL, for participating in general with our 100th Edition of WishingWell Weekly!

You're all wonderful and amazing people!


See you all NEXT week, with your regularly scheduled WishingWell Weekly (101st Edition).
No worries, I'll get "The Treasure Chest" going, and you can begin suggesting next week. 

Have a pleasant week, from all of us at dAWishingWell :wave:

:iconblowkissteaplz:, Tea

Hiya Darlings,

I have the pleasure of sharing a fantastic contest with you that has some very generous prizes! This contest is perfect for artists that are interested in the field of book covers. Please take the time to check out the journal that I am including in this one for more details about the contest. It promises to be a very fun contest to participate in!


- Cheryl

Novel Expression Cover Contest

❤ Skin CSS © Nesmaty

- Cheryl - Stock & Resources Community Volunteer
Bloop. Another contest already! haha!

Deadline: August 25th
Or later if something comes up in school.

This time Its about Ships! (No, not the Argo 2 lol)
It can be any type.

It can be both PJO or HoO characters, your your OC paired with one of them.

It doesn't matter.


:bulletred: 2 pieces max
:bulletred: Must contain a ship. It can have other people to but it must contain a ship. (Like obvious shipping. Holding hands, etc. )
:bulletred: Must be a new submission. (No using old art this time!)
:bulletred: Must be your art. (No bases, collabs, etc.)
:bulletred: Nothing that is overly sexual please.
:bulletred: Please put in the description that it's for this contest.
:bulletred: Put entries in the folder labeled "Contest Entries"

:bulletred: Can be a flashback
:bulletred: 2 pieces max
:bulletred: Must contain a ship. It can have other people to but it must contain a ship. (Like obvious shipping. Holding hands, etc. )
:bulletred: Must be a new submission. (No using old art this time!)
:bulletred: Must be between 200 and 2,500 words. (Please, don't go overboard. And we are willing to be lenient.)
:bulletred: Nothing that is overly sexual please.
:bulletred: Please put in the description that it's for this contest.
:bulletred: Put entries in the folder labeled "Contest Entries"

Comment if you want to join!

(If you want to be a judge, note an admin.)

/5 Originality
/5 Neatness
/10 Effort
/10 Emotion and shiz

/5 Originality
/5 Grammer, spelling, etc.
/10 Effort
/10 Emotion

Anyone want to contribute?
Bloops! piggy here!!!
One ANkle up  ANything :iconpiggylover29:


Animal,Any type :iconpiggylover29:

:bulletyellow: Participants:

Good luck to y'all!!!

Note: The winners from the last contest still need to tell us what they want.

dA Premium Membership Contest

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 6:12 PM
Hello, everyone~!
I'll be having a contest where there will be a first and a second place winner. (Sorry, no third places!) First, let me explain how this contest will work.

Now you see, in this contest you'll be drawing a cute, adorable, character duck. Just a simple, generic, yellow, duckling. That's it basically! Just draw me a cute simple yellow duckling, and the person with the best ducky will win...

:bulletyellow: 1st PLACE: 3-Month Premium dA Membership or 636 dA points
:bulletyellow: 2nd PLACE: 1-Month Premium dA Membership or 396 dA points

Whoa there! Of course we can't get started yet until you read the rules! Here are the rules when drawing the little yellow duckling.

:bulletwhite: Do NOT use bases/templates
this means not to use pictures which are set as examples to draw over; i consider this to be unoriginal and unfair to those who're actually putting in effort with their own drawings
:bulletwhite: Do NOT use art which is already drawn
this means, commissioned or not, do not use art which is already drawn, it's unfair to those again who're making new drawings
:bulletwhite: Do NOT harass/threaten other contestants
this can mean not to say stuff like, "my art's definitely better than yours, you should probably drop out", it's rude, disrespectful, and very arrogant; please refrain from being a jerk

Finally we're done. I'm still unsure when the deadline should be, so the deadline which I'm setting up for right now is written in pencil, not in pen.

If you're participating and you're done with the sketch/painting/drawing, please send me a note with the link to the drawing. The drawing MUST be uploaded to dA, so I can add the drawing to my contest folder. The drawing's title/name should start with: "Ducky's Art Contest ~ _______".

--Thank you, and have non-plagiarized fun~! c:


August 25th, 2014; 8/25/14

Monday Muses

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 1:54 PM

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!

It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:

There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!

Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Please also include why you chose that artist or artwork. Your suggestions will be featured next week! :heart:

If you want the feature to be a surprise for the deviant(s) you suggested, please leave away the '@' or :dev: when typing the username (and post links to artworks instead of thumbs), that way your Muses won't be notified of your comment here through the mentions system.

Also feel free to post this wonderful stamp the awesome a-neverending made on the profile pages of your Muses once the feature is published:

Give a stamp! - You are my MondayMuse by a-neverending

This week's Muses are:

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconxarime: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Life by Xarime
"Even though Mary has only been on dA for two months, she's doing so much to spread positivity in the community! She's writing features and running the wonderful group TheStudentGallery and is always kind to fellow deviants.
And let's not forget her amazing art! Heart"

~ KiwiCocktail

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconegil21: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

"So my thanks go to egil21 - she runs the group TheFavouriteShowcase and when I became a member there, she invited me soon to the contributors since she saw my love for making features. From there she helped me through a lot of techniqual struggles and was always there to answer questions and explain things over and over again to me :) (Smile) Finally she gave me a pm and keeps working a lot for the group and the dA community as such. She really inspired me with her efforts for the community :D (Big Grin)"

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :iconrisandell: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen:

Sunset 48 by Risandell
"Risandell is my friend and a photographer, mostly of lovely flowers and beautiful sunsets :) (Smile) I really like his pictures and the simply way that he captures nature :) (Smile)"

~ UszatyArbuz

Thank you for participating! :heart:

If it is one thing that I'm tired of seeing, it has to be the closed-minded talent unbelievers, especially when it comes to art. There IS a such thing as talent. It's not my fault that you're too trapped in a box to realize that it exists. I hate it so much when people are so stubborn and can't understand the reasoning I tell them. Talent is not a religion therefore it shouldn't have been a controversial topic.:no:

I will briefly mention art so there are not tutorials or anything, just my insights. Oh, I'm guessing that this is a good category as it's not quite personal since I want to get my thoughts out there.

Here are a few on-the-spot reasons I know talent exists (because as I'm typing this it is late):

1. "Talent" is often misused as "skill".
This should be avoided at all costs. I see people justifying talent in place of skill for why they can't get better at art. Saying that someone has more "talent" than you even though you haven't been practicing is the worst thing you could possibly do using such a word. This is an appropriate time to reevaluate yourself and your study habits and get to work. Who knows, you may blow the "talented" people out of the water if you work hard enough.

2. "Talent" is a separate entity.
I get really tired of people who destroy the meaning of talent and then put their misguided "opinions" out there without looking it up any. I comprehend talent as something that is a great addition to skill. It is like extra credit on a test when you can do above average on everything. That extra credit boosts your score to get a better grade, you see? There is a difference between someone who has real, raw "talent" and is a highly skilled artist and then you just get the basic highly skilled person. The talented artist will have taken it upon themselves to get to an even more advanced level of feeling and devotion to this practice while your average highly skilled artist will have artwork that is missing this certain "something".

3. "Talent" is like "potential" and "intelligence".

If at an early age you can tell someone has an interest in something like art for example, the child may be showing an advanced perception of the things around them when they start doodling. You know, everything looks like it makes sense and it's not just a mere scribble. This is one way to tell that this particular child has the potential to become a great artist (and this is from personal experience when I was little lol). If the child has an exponential interest in art and has the proper mindset, then they may be talented as talent is not skill but like an easy way to higher education. Why else are there schools for gifted students? Are you going to tell me that they all should be eradicated?

4. "Talent" does NOT equal "lazy".
People often misinterpret talent as being lazy. If you are talented or if you learn things faster and better than others, this does NOT give you any reason to slack off. As a gifted person, you are supposed to take it upon YOURSELF to STUDY and get an even BETTER education compared to the average person who has to work ten times as hard to reach your level. The faster you learn, the more inclined you should be to take in more information quicker and utilize it to the best of your abilities.

5."Talent" is in NO way a substitution for practice and hard work.
Yeah, keep believing that it is. It's wrong and because of this mentality, people don't believe that it exists in the first place. You have to WORK to get better at art. Like I said, the talent just helps you get a better grasp on things compared to your average artists.

6. People must stop thinking talent does NOT exist.
Just because it took you longer to learn something compared to another person doesn't make you a bad person. We are all different and we all learn differently and at different paces. But for people to just dismiss this innate ability as nothing when they lack it themselves is going too far.

In the end, talent is REAL and people are constantly dismissing it as if it doesn't exist. This is like an art teacher saying that "manga" and "anime" are not art when all they have been doing is looking at badly drawn "manga" and "anime" as examples justifying this and overlooking the fact that excellent examples exist.

Well, anyway, it is not all right to say that talent doesn't exist. The only problem I have with it is that people use it as a substitution for skill and practice when it is not that.

I know full well that we ALL have to work HARD to achieve ALL of our goals and it sickens me how people don't believe in diversity. We ALL learn differently and there is NOTHING wrong with that. If you have to study something one hundred times to understand, then fine, do that. But don't get jealous of someone capable of getting it in only three to five times if that much. Some people have to work a lot harder than others to get to different artistic goals and any other goals for that matter and that is NORMAL. Though we may be different, we are ALL the same in that regard.

Thank you, and happy commenting.:star:

If you're not talented, don't be afraid to work harder. If you are talented, you had better work hard, too. :nod:
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Read Description For Info!
I have a contest for whoever wants to make the book cover for my book "Dimensions: The Game World". 

                                                                                    Main Rules

1.You may use bases, but the prize will have to be split between you and the base maker
2. It has to be detailed, not just thrown together
3. No sketches. 
4. You only get two entries 
5. You may draw it and color it on paper but it still has to be DETAILED
6. You can use anime, except the girls CANNOT have big breasts or an enormous butt.
7. It has to be redrawn, not pasted together. 
8. No nudity.
9. Yes, you are allowed to use Photoshop and other programs but everyone has to look like they really belong there.
10. It can be line art, so I'll be able to color it if you don't want to. (It has to look like the characters)
11. If you're drawing it in pencil, please color Mystery's eyes so they glow in the picture.
12. If you use ANYTHING that someone else made, you have to tell me so I can give them part of the prize. (I will check DA if you use a base)
13. No comic strip cover.

                                                                                  Design Rules

1. The characters from RE6 can be wearing any of the two outfits they are given in the game(s), but the my characters have to be wearing the outfits I made them. (Shown in links below)

2. The characters that will be in it are:
(Click for bigger pictures)

Chris Redfield

Leon Kennedy

Piers Nivans

Helena Harper

Sierra Williams

Note: The skin color on this picture is wrong, she's actually pale.

Costume she wears: Sierra And Leon
Raven Hair (Black)
Green eyes (shown in picture above)
Natural red lips
Pale skin
Wears a choker necklace
Long bangs that curve around her face (shown in picture above)


Mystery face
Costume she wears: (But without the sword).
Note: The second picture is to show you what her real eye color is. Red to gold.

Dark brown hair
Red to Gold eyes (shown in picture above)
Long black glove on right arm
Long scar on left side of her neck
Wears a double heart necklace with blue crystals
Long bangs that hang from both sides of her face

Jake Muller

Sherry Birkin

3.The picture has to say:

The Game World


Written by HALO-Infinity
       And BabyRC

The winner gets 200 points, 

The winner will be mentioned in the book as the cover artist.

The nominations and the winner get featured on my channel and get made a wallpaper by yours truly.

Note me or comment if you want to join. 

That's it! 
The Contest ends on


You have quite a bit of time to draw your picture(s) you have to post it on your profile and send me a link of the picture. 
You may ask for an extension and I'll give you an extra two weeks, but that's it. 

                                                                                           Good luck! 


RandomCivilian23 (also in the contest)