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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Colouring Mini Contest! (First entries!! *O*)

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 9:00 AM

Welcome to Cru first colouring mini-contest! :la:

:star: The picture you can color:  :star:
Colouring contest - Innairyn by CristianaLeone
(PSD file: lineart Innairyn)

Innairyn is one of the minor character of my fantasy novel. She is the Goddess of Hope, to which Kyed did his vow. She keeps the hopes of the people who vowed to her in sparkling globes of various dimensions, depending on the intensity of the hope and in the desperation of who did the solemn promise. She is merciful and kind, but she can read in the hearts of people their real intentions. People that wants to vow to her, needs to do the same tattoo of her forehead on the shoulders.
When the hope is finally realized, it is said that the tattoo will disappear...

For more info: :iconkherming-chronicles:!

I've never drawn her before, so she doesn't have a defined colour palette. That means that you have full freedom in colouring her! :D And I hope you will have fun and like the lineart enough to enter! :heart:


:star:Rules : :star:

:star:  You can :
:bulletgreen: color the picture with your favourite media, digital or traditional (also good quality photos can be accepted if you don't have a scanner^^ ) 
:bulletgreen: use all the colors you want
:bulletgreen: change the colors of my lines
:bulletgreen: do whatever you want in the background, also adding objects and details in the empty spaces (nothing offensive or that is against DA rules, of course)
:bulletgreen: add textures, details, patterns etc...
:bulletgreen: blur the lines or change the opacity as long as we can still see them
:bulletgreen:  you can enter the contest more times (but you can win only with one, of course)

:star: You can NOT :
:bulletred: delete parts of the lineart
:bulletred: remove my signature
:bulletred: change the perspective or deform the lineart or some parts of it
:bulletred: claim the lineart as yours
:bulletred: claim the character as yours

:star: You MUST:
:bulletwhite: credit me and my lineart in the artist's comments, when uploading your entry on DeviantArt
:bulletwhite: add the link to this journal in the artist's comments, when uploading your entry on DeviantArt
:bulletwhite: send me your entry via note or by linking it in a comment to this journal


:star:Prizes: :star:

 1st place:
:bulletpink: 3000 DA points
:bulletpink: colour speed/sketchy painting (up to 2 characters)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

2nd place :
:bulletpink: 1500 DA points
:bulletpink: colour speed/sketchy painting half body (1 character)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

3rd place :
:bulletpink: 900 DA points
:bulletpink: colour speed/sketchy painting portrait (1 character)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

Honorable Mentions: (if there will be more than 10 entries)
:bulletpink: Pencil bust sketch (1 character)
:bulletpink: Journal feature

Please for any question don't hesitate to ask me! ^^

I also would be really happy if you could promote the contest in any ways, so thanks in advance for your help!! :heart:

Have fun  ! Love


Competition submission by Velisa54Color Innairyn CONTEST by DKSTUDIOS05

Ghost Stories Lit. Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 1:58 PM
It's October 1st. :stare:

October 1st.


And OfOneSoul, IrrevocableFate, DreamingAutumn, & DrippingWords
are proud to announce their next Lit. Contest...



We know.

:iconscaredplz: <--------- THIS is you. :evillaugh:

:iconpetpetplz: <--------- THIS is us. :flirty:

No time to be scared, lovelies! It's time to write.

Although the "Bestest Friend Contest" that IrrevocableFate & DreamingAutumn headed up together has yet to end, we're just TOO excited to work together again... and even MORE excited that it's almost...



Before you scroll down to DA RULEZ and DA PRIZES... which I bet you've already sneakily done? :horny: Here's a few words to get you pumped and explain exactly the sort of thing we're looking for.

We all have that memory. That fantastic moment when we heard, read, or watched our first GHOST STORY. Whether you were sitting around a campfire listening to urban legends, or hiding in a closet with your friends, holding a flashlight under your chin to see who freaked out first...

- this contest is to help you relive that.

We want to hear your scariest tales! Your "creepy babies crawling out of abandoned buildings"; your "wailing spirits who stop cars over old bridges", your "dead cats who appear at inopportune times"...

SCARE US. And you will rewarded.

But first things first, my loves...


:bulletred: This is a Lit. contest - so PROSE ONLY. [No visual art or poetry.]
:bulletred: You must have submitted your entry after October 1st, 2014.
:bulletred: Your entry must be written specifically for our contest.
:bulletred: In the artist's comments be sure to mention our contest w/ a link to this journal.  
:bulletred: Submit your entry in a :note: to OfOneSoul with a :thumb: and the subject Ghost Stories Entry.
:bulletred: 3,000 word maximum with your word count in your artist's comments.
:bulletred: 1 entry per deviant.

Entries can be found "here". :icontardhugplz:

Deadline: October 31st, 2014

And now for the gewd stuff... :drool:


If you would like to make a donation, please :note: OfOneSoul or comment in this journal. :heart:

First Place:

12 Month PM or 2,396 :points: - OfOneSoul
200 :points: - OfOneSoul
100 :points: - SeeThroughtheMist
1 critique - SeeThroughtheMist
1 full body, colored chibi - Lilith-the-5th
1 Halloween-themed, rainbow, loom bracelet - DreamingAutumn
1 pagedoll - lili-luu
1 "title" or "first line" poem - TwilightPoetess
1 "wish" granted - TwilightPoetess
1 poetry commission - TwilightPoetess
1 poetry commission - d-e-l-e-t-e-d
1 short story commission - Just-A-Dabbler
1 drawing - athr10
Special feature - NemoX7

Second Place:

6 Month PM or 792 :points: - OfOneSoul
150 :points: - OfOneSoul
1 critique - Margaret-Belt
1 simple chibi - Lilith-the-5th
1 Halloween-themed, rainbow, loom bracelet - DreamingAutumn
1 drawing - NakamiKa
1 glitch icon - lili-luu
1 "title" or "first line" poem - TwilightPoetess
1 "wish" granted - TwilightPoetess
1 poetry commission - TwilightPoetess
1 poetry commission - d-e-l-e-t-e-d
1 poetry commission - Margaret-Belt
1 drawing - athr10

Third Place:

3 Month PM or 396 :points: - OfOneSoul
100 :points: - OfOneSoul
1 simple chibi - Lilith-the-5th
1 Halloween-themed, rainbow, loom bracelet - DreamingAutumn
1 "title" or "first line" poem - TwilightPoetess
1 "wish" granted - TwilightPoetess
1 poetry commission - TwilightPoetess
1 story commission - lili-luu
1 poetry commission - d-e-l-e-t-e-d
1 poetry or short story commission - prettyflour

Features For All - SeeThroughtheMist, OfOneSoul, Just-A-Dabbler, prettyflour, rainylake, DreamingAutumn, & IrrevocableFate



Prize Donators


If I have listed any of your prizes incorrectly, please let me know, loves! :heart:

Contests to check out...

DeviantsGallery Halloween of Horrors!Hello my fellow deviants and welcome to our Halloween of Horrors!  *insert evil cackle here*
As some of you know, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I want to celebrate it with YOU!
Our goal is to inspire everyone to create new art and more than that we want to have activities that every member can participate in. So… instead of having a contest, we are having 5 Halloween themed challenges. Without further ado, let get's started with our HALLOWEEN OF HORRORS!
Halloween Visual Art Challenge
:bulletorange: For this challenge we are accepting Digital Art, Photography, Drawings and Paintings that are Halloween themed.
You can submit your entries here:
Jack-o-Lantern Challenge
:bulletorange:  We are challenging you to create a REAL jack-o-lantern. That's right, in order to enter you must create a jack-o-lantern and post a photo of it.  Most jack-o-lanterns are
All Hallow's Tales Contest 2014 - CAMERA OBSCURAThis contest is generously sponsored by prize donors and:
Ghouls and Ghasts and ne'er do wells, welcome once again to the LaBORatory for our annual celebration of prosaic chills in this, the season of all things spooky.
Have you ever ran across a photo, perhaps lying on the sidewalk, or tucked between the pages of the family Bible, a photo so strange that your mind just couldn't help but to form a story around it? 
Dear writer, let this contest be the dusty attic, the abandoned parking lot, the spooky junk store with stacks of forgotten photos just waiting to have their story told. That, dear writer, is where you come in.


This is a Halloween-inspired, Literature-only contest asking for submissions of PROSE FICTION. Each entrant will be assigned a photo at random from a bank of photos generously donated from photographers all over deviantArt.
When you are assigned a photo, you must write a story using that photo as inspiration. Ignore

Colouring Mini Contest!Welcome to Cru first colouring mini-contest! :la:
:star: The picture you can color:  :star:

(PSD file: lineart Innairyn)
She is Innairyn, the Goddess of Hope in the Universe of the fantasy novel I'm writing, and she is the one to which Kyed does his vow (the tattoo on his shoulders is the same on the Goddess's forehead).
For more info: :iconkherming-chronicles:!
I've never drawn her before, so she doesn't have a defined colour palette. That means that you have full freedom in colouring her! :D And I hope you will have fun and like the lineart enough to enter! :heart:
:star:Rules : :star:
:star:  You can :
:bulletgreen: color the picture with your favourite media, digital or traditional (also good quality photos can be accepted if you don't have a scanner^^ ) 
:bulletgreen: use all the colors you want
:bulletgreen: change the colors of my
Halloween ContestWelcome
A group for writers of all things Prose.
Prose:- (n) Ordinary writing as distinguished from verse.
:star::bulletred::star:PLEASE READ:star::bulletred::star:
:bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletblue: Please ONLY SUBMIT PROSE :bulletblue:[Bullet; White][Bullet; Blue]
[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Red] Poetry can go into My-Soul-Bleeds-Ink which is our sister group. [Bullet; Red][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Red]

[Bullet; Orange] 1 October - 24 October :-: Submission Time
[Bullet; Black] 25 October - 30 October :-: Judging Time
[Bullet; Orange] 31 October :-: Winners Announced

[Bullet; Black] One entry only
[Bullet; Orange] Use the prompts as guid

Anything else I should add? :note: me.

Are you scared yet? Cuz we can't wait to be!

:heart: OfOneSoul, IrrevocableFate, DreamingAutumn, & DrippingWords

journal skin by STelari
old paper texture by frameofthoughts
This week, I will be hosting the Writing-Rampage Weekly Contest. The theme I am applying is the month of October.
Take a deep breath. Smell that? It’s the sweet scent of pumpkin spiced everything, and slowly recovering from failed football bets.

The most obvious change brought about by October is the change in the weather, turning our plush green backdrops into earthy-toned autumn spectacles. Although autumn technically begins in late September, it seems that not until October that Mother Nature truly embraces the season with a few light drizzles and colorful wardrobe changes before she strips her branches naked in time for a good wintery blizzard. Remember, everything has to die off so that it can be reborn again in the spring, so go nuts with the cavities.

Media: Prose and poetry
Theme: October--The changes in season, festivities, and activities that will or have happened during life in this generally spook-filled month. 


1st Place – 50 Points
2nd Place – 30 Points
3rd Place – 20 Points
+A feature in Naktarra's Literary Almanac Monthly (November)


Bullet; Black Keep to a reasonable mature level. (PG13)

Bullet; Black Fanfiction will totally be accepted; just tell us what it's from in the description!

Bullet; Black One entry per person.

Bullet; Black 4,000 word limit for prose—100 line limit for poetry.

Bullet; Black Please link to your deviation in a note to the appropriate admin. (This week: smith4891)

Bullet; Black You don't have to be a member to join. Heart

Bullet; Black It can be a deviation from August 2014 or a new Deviation.

Bullet; Black Incorporate the prompt or challenge in your own creative way!

As always, the most important rule is: HAVE FUN! I am a dummy!

What are you waiting for!? Let your senses guide your way through your writing, the wonderful smells of fall, the visual beauty of changing nature, hearing the sounds of birds migrating and squirrels gathering, and start wearing warmer clothes! Good luck and happy scribbling!

Due by: October 7th


:shakenescontroller:Game Boy Avatar  :shaken64controller: New DS avvie :shakegamecubecontroller: Another Emote: Nintendo DS 

This is the last in a series of Nintendo Contests that will happen this year! Our next theme is Pokemon- you can use any of the Nintendo Pokemon video games and related content for your inspiration. ANY type of project you can think of that represents the Pokemon theme is acceptable, but it will be especially helpful to the judges if you explain your inspiration in your description.

Unfamiliar with Pokemon? Le Gasp Check out these links:
Wiki… (Nintendo Official) -
Pokemon You Tube Icon  -

rlly? plz Rules

Bullet; Black Only knit and crochet work is accepted. ANY type of projects are acceptable for this contest! Hats, scarves, blankets, a cell phone cozy, as creative as long as it stays within the theme.

Bullet; Black Your entry must fit the Nintendo Pokemon theme.
Bullet; Black New entries only.

La-Pokeball Emoticon  Bullet; Black You must add our group icon :iconknitting-and-crochet: to your description. You can do this by typing a colon : on each side of iconKnitting-and-Crochet. FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
Bullet; Black Submit your work to the contest folder.
Bullet; Black The deadline is Friday, October 31.
on right Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black  mega pokeball You can read our Contest and Challenge FAQ here mega pokeball Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black 

Takeshi (Heart Eyes) [V1] Prizes

First Place Winner:
100 points from the contest prize pool
Something cool (TBA) from Brookette
Feature from KnitLizzy
Pokemon drawing- your choice! from LARvonCL (aka KnitLizzy)
Other Prizes TBA
Second Place Winner (only if 5 or more entries are submitted):
50 points from the contest prize pool
Other Prizes TBA

Third Place Winner (only if 10 or more entries are submitted):
25 points from the contest prize pool
Other Prizes TBA

Team Rocket (Make it double) [V1] Judges

:iconicedeb: :iconaphid777: and Special Guest Judge :iconknitlizzy:
Bullet; Black We'll judge the work based on creativity and craftsmanship.
Bullet; Black Please try and submit a clear photo of your work, this helps us make the best choice.
Bullet; Black Setting a scene and/or providing a description of your project, which in may include work process and inspiration, is always a plus!

Please consider contributing to the prize donations!

mega pokeball Bullet; Yellow mega pokeball Bullet; Black We will be accepting prize donations for this contest! Bullet; Black mega pokeball Bullet; Yellow mega pokeball 
Ideas may include:
Points! Our group prize pool is on Brookette's page.
Handmade prizes
Art work
Yarn or other craft supplies
Pattern booklets or craft magazines
Special Coupon codes/discounts in your online shop
dA Journal features

Point donors of 100+ get their own Feature!
Any prize donor gets their work in the Featured folder for that month!
Red Square Bullet  Please comment here or send a note if you can donate a prize! Thanks!

on right Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black  mega pokeball You can read our Contest and Challenge FAQ here mega pokeball Bullet; Black Bullet; Yellow Bullet; Black 
:baffled: Other Questions? Just ask!

Drawtober Day 01

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:00 AM
Lena-pencil-banner-DRAWTOBER by reneedicherri

Draweveryday by reneedicherri


Drawtober-day-01-2014 by reneedicherri

What's Drawtober? 

Drawtober is a 31 day drawing challenge hosted by Autodesk SketchBook and Microsoft Surface.

How do you join in?

- Be a member of our groups on deviantART.
What- you aren't already? Join the Autodesk-SketchBook group and the Microsoft SurfaceArtGroup

-Watch the account ~Drawtober
Each day in October, a blank canvas will appear with a creative prompt- like the one above.
Nobody knows what the prompts are until the morning of! That's part of the fun- can you challenge yourself to draw something on the fly?

-Take the blank canvas that gets posted new every day, download it, and draw the prompt. 
Download SketchBook and get creative. Use your imagination. Go crazy. Do you create a literal interpretation, or do you see the prompt in a different way?

Upload your finished piece to your own DeviantART account, and submit it to the Autodesk-SketchBook and SurfaceArtGroup.
Be sure to check out the other entries from both communities. Share the love by adding them to your favorites and leaving comments.  Everyone loves a comment.

October Challenge: Halloween

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 6:31 AM
    'Tis the season to be spooky, ooky and ghoulish! Pumpkin La

BUT FIRST! our September winners!:

1st place: RodianAngel with
I Want Candy by RodianAngel

2nd place:
reichan79 with
My precious by reichan79

Now onto our October Challenge!:


Halloween. Anything and everything Halloween related! Pumpkin LA Icon 


    The submission folder will be open from today until 31.October.2014
    you can submit your works in THIS FOLDER!


Bullet; Black Entries must have been created in 2014
Bullet; Black Images must fit the theme [Halloween]
Bullet; Black It must follow Still-Life-Stills group rules
Bullet; Black Only ONE [1] submission per person
Bullet; Black You need to be a member of the group to participate. 


1st Place
3 month subscription 
150 points

2nd Place
3 month subscription
50 points


Happy Halloween! by GallynetteSpiced Pumpkin Macarons by cakecrumbs
Halloween Princess by HunterX-v2BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO by WillieMusicMiura Mummy 9 by HongkongcavalierdaveViral-lit Moon Pumpkin by web-virusHappy Halloween by BadAlki

Previous Challenges:

May 2014: Objects in Nature
June 2014: Breakfast
July 2014: Letters
September 2014: Possessions

Journal Design and CSS by PreetikaSharma
Strawberrys by spanjebob89
:spotlight-left: AUTUMN CONTEST! :spotlight-right:

DailyFractalFeatures is pleased to announced it's second contest! :party:


We are looking for works inspired by the colors of autumn! So lots of reds, oranges, browns, yellows, and fading greens.

Entries can be abstract, focusing on the colors or focusing on the shapes with the added colors.

STARTING DATE: October 1, 2014

:spotlight-left:   RULES: :spotlight-right:

there has to be a few - please read them through!

:bulletblack: anyone is allowed to enter - not just group members

:bulletblack: All fractal programs are allowed. No fractal manipulations, please. Just make to say which program you have used.

:bulletblack: Also allowed are fractals found in nature. So photographs are welcome as entries.

:bulletblack: work must be your own - no plagiarism  anyone caught trying to pass off other people’s work as their own will be disqualified and reported.

:bulletblack: No premade fractal program scripts.

:bulletblack: please make a note of what program(s) you used in making your entry in the artists comments

:bulletblack: please put a note in the artists comments that the work created is for this contest.

:bulletblack: entries must be new works - no entries will be accepted dated before 1 October.  - likewise no entries will be accepted to the contest folder  once the contest has ended.  - works must be submitted to the contest folder dailyfractalfeatures.deviantar…

:bulletblack: A total of one entry per contestant in each field of fractal and photography. So you may do a fractal and a photograph. Or just a fractal. Or just a photograph. You can only win ONCE, - for example, if you win second place you cannot also win a  honourable mention place etc.

:bulletblack: the admins at DailyFractalFeatures reserve the right to add or alter rules if they see fit.

:spotlight-left: JUDGES :spotlight-right:

:icondeadened-glow: :iconc-91: :iconchasmandala: :iconrockgem:

I’m  looking for at least one more volunteer from the admins to help judge this one and judges will be announced later today.
If not anyone who has an eye for good fractals and photography.
Judges are not allowed to enter the contest themselves so bear that in mind!

There will be FIRST, SECOND  and THIRD places as well as HONOURABLE MENTIONS! This is for fractal and photography entries separately. Though you will only win once.

All places and honourable mentions will receive a blog featuring their art on DailyFractalFeatures

Please share this contest with fractal and photography groups!

Please leave a comment, if you have a question.


Name my Character ~ Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 4:34 AM
Hey all!
As little distraction I want to start a contest again.
This time it's on you to find a name for my new character


• You must be an watcher
• You must fav this journal entry
• Create a journal  entry or a pool etc. with a link to my contest
• Leave a comment here with your journal or pool etc. and one name for the oc
.:Please Comment 01:. by Chipi-Chiu
That's all

Here is the character

This names already exists:
- Luna - Ebla - Lulubell - Nihal - Apple Candy - Emiko Rini - Tilki - Purple Fluff - Laylune

It will be 1 winner for this contest. The best name for me wins.
The price is one icon made by me.

AT/ Com. Collection Set 4 by Lunatic-Hao-ChaNCommission Collection Set 5 by Lunatic-Hao-ChaNOC Icon Collection Set 1(unfinished) by Lunatic-Hao-ChaN
The contest will end on 31.oktober by 12 clock. (European time)

  • Mood: Neutral

Sally Chibi Tim Burton Movies Jack Skeleton Chibi 

To celebrate Halloween, this month our challenge theme is about Tim Burton's dark and macabre movies. You can make anything related to his movies: clothes, characters, objects... 

If you want to learn more about Tim Burton and see his complete filmography, check these links:



Bullet; Black  The Monthly Challenge is not a contest.
Bullet; Black  It's just a way to encourage inspiration (and use up some of that yarn stash!).
Bullet; Black  Only work created during the Challenge month is accepted (new submissions only).
Bullet; Black  A new folder will be provided for you to submit your work into. Please make sure to add your work to the Challenge folder so it can stand out!
Bullet; Black  All Challenge entries will receive a llama and a feature in my jounal at the end of the month.

Star! You can read our Contest and Challenge FAQ here
October marks a full year that I've been hosting this contest, and it's seen a good deal of progress. Thank you for your continued participation! For this reason, October's theme is "Milestone."

September Winners

Well done and thank you to all who entered the 'Three' themed Abstract and Surreal Contest. Without further ado, I present the winners!

First Place

The Wheat, the Moon, and the Muse by Einsilbig

Second Place

regenerate by Enigmapsyche



1st Place: 200 points and 6 months of Premium
2nd Place: 100 points and 3 months of Premium

October Theme - Milestone

This contest is open to Digital Art, Photography, Traditional Art, and Fractal Art.
As long as your entry is one of these, and is classified as Abstract or Surreal, it will be accepted. Fractal art is the only exception, as there is no A&S subcategory.


Entries will be judged by their creativity, technical quality, and relevance to the monthly theme.


Your entry must be your own work!
Only Digital Art, Photography, Traditional Art and Fractal Art are allowed.
Your entry must have been created this year, 2014.
One entry per member.
This contest closes on October 29th.
Your entry must be Abstract or Surreal!

Submit Here