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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (32,280 votes) 784 comments
43,477 Deviants Online

It's difficult to feel motivated and stay focused on our goals all the time. But how to achieve what we want, how to not let procrastination stand in our way?

Here are some of my thoughts about the topic and I hope that they might be helpful.  :) (Smile) 

1. Set goals
Think about your ultimate goal - what is that matters to you the most, what would make you incredibly happy and excited. Write that down and work your way through to it. It will be the reason, the reminder for you to look forward in those times, when you'll feel less motivated. 
Try to write also weekly, monthly and yearly goals - be reasonable and realistic regarding that, but don't be afraid of challenges. They have to be S.M.A.R.T. - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. 

2. Plan tasks in previous day
Make a list of what you want to accomplish in the next day, prepare all the necessary tools, workspace. Be ambitious, but think of what would be the best choices to make. For example, write 3 tasks for next day - then do them and see the results. If you narrow the tasks and plan accordingly, you will feel less overwhelmed and you won't need to think whether you should do them and you'll procrastinate less, as you won't have to make decisions, just do the things on list.   

3. Use schedules
As boring as it may sound, but schedules can have a great impact on your workflow. 
There is this wonderful "One Week Practice Schedule" by WojciechFus, and it's amazing for planning studies accordingly to your needs and maintaining focused discipline in order to become a better artist. 
Also take a look at another Art Study Schedule by Suzanne-Helmigh, that is more focused on certain time constraints and allowing to make your own personalized schedule. 

4. Know your most efficient hours
Analyze when you feel the most inspired and motivated to work, what is the time of the day when you're the most efficient. Then on those hours put your full focus and do the most important work. Don't allow distractions stay in your way when you're the most productive. Work smarter, not harder - think about more productive ways to get things done. 

5. Use the deadlines 
Deadlines can be a tough and frightening thing. Use them in your advantage - whether it's a commission of personal project. Mark that in the calendar or in visible place. Knowing that there is limited time, can motivate you to not slack off and use every moment that you have in order to be closer to accomplishing the task or finishing an artwork. 

6. Stay organized
It's easy to get confused when things are messy - start with your workspace and put things and tools where they should be, so when you would need them you would know exactly where they are. Try to sort your folders in desktop, having inspiration folders, music, videos in a certain place can be useful - also naming files according to what they contain, not asdfgfjk.jpg, can be great when you will need to find them later on. 
While it's been said that messiness can lead to some sort of creativity, sometimes there needs to be a clean and prepared workspace for "happy accidents" to even happen. 

7. Do research 
Read about succesful people, not only artists, but those who have achieved a lot and have wonderful and inspiring lifes. Learn what helped them to get where they are now, study their creative habits, mindset. Through podcasts/audiobooks there is a way to listen to them and their thoughts, while working on your own stuff. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but be cautious and respect the time of the other person, by looking on their website/interviews whether they have already answered those questions and choosing to ask meaningful things. 

8. Don't allow yourself to procrastinate all the time
Think about how well you spend your time. There is a chrome app - Motivation that displays your current age and when you see how your time passes when opening new tab - it can add some sense of how fast time really goes by. 
Install StayFocusd to block certain websites when you need that, disconnect from internet if necessary. 
Check your social media sites, e-mail at certain time of the day.
It's easy to fall in the repetitive cycle of wasting your time, then feeling guilty and anxious about that and then, in order to feel better and forget that - by wasting your time even more. We can't run away from what needs to be done and putting most important tasks till the very last moment is not the right choice. Perhaps it worked well in the school, but in real life - your are in charge of what you do. 
What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.

9. Reward yourself
Even if it's a cookie, episode of favorite tv show, great movie, new art supplies - sometimes rewarding yourself after a hard work can motivate you to succeed. Thinking about the reasons why you are doing a certain task and combining this with rewards can do miracles in terms of motivation and lead to better results. 

10. Do the work
Start doing what you need to do. 
Don't allow doubts and thoughts that you will fail to stand in your way. 
Just start.
It's the most difficult thing, but once you do something, it becomes more easier to continue.
Start with small things, get in the mood (even if you don't feel like it), sometimes all it takes is an action. 
Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. -- /Paul J. Meyer

So, how about you - what are your thoughts about productivity? 

This week I found some lovely resources - amazing video of closer look at the Guardians of the Galaxy UI concepts, design and animation by Territory Studio, creative comic - "Being good to each other is so important, guys." by Nate, this epic, yet hilarious and silly SNL digital short, talented guitar player Trench on vine (he has some great tabs in his blog), this great masterlist of resources for those who are going back to school and a cool animated video "Annie" by Gobelins. 

P.S. I quite frequently post some sketches and artworks in my art tumblr - and I have a weekly Music Sunday post on  and weekly 8 songs playlist.
and a youtube art channel:) (Smile) 

Have a wonderful week!

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”
― Norman Vincent Peale

Official Fan Art Newsletter [#01]

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 6:31 PM

| Table of Contents |

- Official Community News -
- Community Projects & Interviews -
- Concerns of the Community -
- Ideas & Suggestions -
- Community Spotlight -

Official Community News

:star: A Tribute to Robin Williams by techgnotic
:star: Guardians of the Galaxy by madizzlee
:star: Fan Art Friday: Assassin's Creed by Lyricanna
:star: Fan Art Friday: Persona by Lyricanna
:star: A Guide to the Subcategories of Fan Art by Lyricanna
:star: Fan Fiction on deviantART by SingingFlames
:star: PE: Fan Art and Anime/Manga - Miscats by Gwendolyn12
:star: Misplaced works: Traditional Art and Fan Art by STelari
:star: Fan Art + Fan-Fiction DD Roundup by TheCreativeJenn

Community Projects & Interviews

:star: deviantArt Fella Collab! by TommyGK
:star: Fan Art World #7: Kingdom Hearts by Pascua-Tanya
....... [#8 Alice in Wonderland]
....... [#9 Avatar The Last Airbender]
....... [#10 Aladdin Disney]
:star: dA Birthday Contest! Fella Fan Art! by Pascua-Tanya || -- [Español] --
:star: draw my sonic oc contest
by housin123
:star: Birthday Contest + Points Raffle! by JacksonChen
:star: Draw my OC Contest by Thomas-J-Baker
:star: Interview #1: Inma by SimplySilent
:star: Fanfiction interview by DixonVixon
:star: Fanfiction Giveaway by erundle

Concerns of the Community

Misunderstandings of Traced Art

"I've heard some people say that if you use a reference for a drawing, painting, etc. then it's not really art. That is total bull. If you make something from nothing then it is art, and even if you use a reference there's always going to be some kind of difference, even if it is so small no one can see it, because there isn't really a "perfect" artist. I mean, even landscape painters need a reference, but according to those commenters and other people, that isn't really art. Bullcrap. Art is art, and yours is beautiful, don't let ignorance make you feel bad. They're probably just more jealous than anything else, anyway."

At least two fan arts were featured by me that resembled a photo, and the community was given the impression that they were completely unoriginal, having been ripped from the actual source without considering the fact that they were made from scratch. The series of unfortunate events led to such an uproar that one of the deviations had to have their Daily Deviation recognition removed to sterilize the never-ending arguments.

As deviants, it should be in our best interest to support each other and keep an environment where practice is key to being the best you can be, and where criticism serves as a beneficial gesture - not destructive. You don't have to be a Fan Artist to be original, but as Fan Artists continue to expand here, there are most who celebrate their support of fandoms... all the while yearning make their style recognizable.

Previous deviants have gained recognition through their works, all by recreating an existing image pertaining to Fan Art, and it should be expected that there will be many more who will follow the same procedure so long as technology advances and resources become more available to enrich success.

12 Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty by harbek Iron Man by MattiasFahlberg
Look closely - the Daily Deviations here are originals remade with an artist's style.
- - - -
What was once appreciated and welcomed warm-heartedly by the community has suddenly blown up in flames by angry deviants with Today's DDs! What gives?

Daenerys and Drogon by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Arwen and Aragorn by imorawetz I just wanted to say - hello by beth193

As artists, I encourage us to take a stand at learning more of what we create, and to continue making our mark wherever art is needed.

References aren't a sin - they're a blessing. Use them.

:star: :heart: :star:

Critiques aren't a gateway to spread hate and immaturity, they're to spread growth and familiarity.

Artists, deviantART isn't just a platform for art, it's a home where you can mature career-wise and a neighborhood to socialize. With this in mind, please begin sourcing your reference links in your descriptions before you submit it to the public - respect where you got the source from! Only the ignorant would recreate something and claim they did it without any help.

:star::star: Special Note to my Suggesters: My Fan Art Guidelines have been updated in regards to this serious matter. From now on, please make sure reference links are included in the artist's deviation, and even if you aren't sure if what they feature is an actual alteration, ask yourself these:

- Does it look like a photograph?
- Will I see a similar image if I do a Google Search on these keywords?
- Is this same art style consistent in the artist's gallery?

I will have to confirm that you did your research, because as suggesters it is in your best interest to highlight an artist's attractive style - NOT to add another DD Suggestion in your Accepted DD's folder. Please be considerate of your actions, and prevent as little drama as possible by doing research. :)


Respect the Suggester

While we're on the topic of Suggesters, I would like to make one small note to come across. On average, I get at least 25 notes a week, sometimes by the same suggester, but when it isn't, it's of a new suggester who has just gotten the hang of helping CV's feature artists who could use the exposure.

At this time, I would like to just narrow it down on what I'd like to say ---

Thank You.

I know it is tough to adapt to various tastes of the communityrelations team, but your determination to bring light to a deviant's work in the community at a high standard is incomparable. Personally, I believe suggesters ought to have more respect just as much as the community volunteer that features their suggestion - for without one's help, what good is the other? You help us feature artists, and with the mindset that starving artists have to start, you help their work get known, you help them get business they never thought they would qualify for.. you help them become who they are.

Suggesters, you have a bold are an important portion of the community. You can be ambitious, passionate, generous, uplifting, inspiring, and especially patient. You may not get the responses you need to continue your endeavors as irreplaceable assets, but you trust your gut and keep the artists in mind.


learn from these suggesters. You may see their suggestions featured on a daily basis, or even once in a blue moon due to life and it's added responsibilities - but learn from them. Get to know them. See what drives them to help deviantART's artists thrive. If you can never at least try to put yourselves in their shoes, you have no right to taint their name or set their dreams up in flames. Getting the wrong idea from anyone's actions should never convert into a life-long grudge or judgment without understanding the initial cause.

After all... DD Suggesters are human just like the staff, and just like the CVs in front of them.

As a whole, we are a powerful community and no one should be left behind.

For more information on how to suggest, who to suggest to, and what kind to suggest to them, please read this latest article by ginkgografix - Did You Know? - Suggesting DDs.

As for the suggesters, thank you so much for making a difference with your efforts, and don't let the flame burn out.
I salute you!!!

Ideas & Suggestions

It is unsure where we stand with our secret projects (with a contest in-the-making), but Lyricanna and I are eager to bring our overdue projects to light so the community can pick up their desired medium and create to win prizes and gain recognition. For now, we will highlight what the community is up to until the official information is released.

Also, you have a voice too! If there is anything you want to share with us, or if there is anything you'd like to collaborate together, please send me a note titled:

[ Fan Art Project ]

..and I will review it, and bring it to Lyricanna's attention. Thank you. :)

Community Spotlight

Last but not least - enjoy a small feature for our growing community!

Notable Artists to Watch
:star: :iconcryophase: || Cryophase makes a lot of excellent Metroid fan art and fan fiction.

:star: :iconfreezingicekirby:|| FreezingIceKirby does awesome fan art of all kinds of cartoon media characters.

Arcade Miss Fortune by loserfacerochelle  Samus Aran by SplashBrush CatBug Plush by tygerbug
Guardians Of The Galaxy - Rocket and baby Groot by p1xer Untitled by wdom909 MOAR 3D CATBUG! by SuperMoonImagination
With Great Feedback Comes Great Improvement! by SuperMoonImagination
Link - Hyrule Warriors Cosplay by Laovaan Marvel Team up by theCHAMBA
Linkachu 2 by CoyoDesign

DeviantART Compliments #128

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 6:13 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:+fav: Please consider faving this journal to help
bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

I just want to say you are a wonderful friend, thank you for being there when I need it most. You have an amazing style of artwork and even a great taste in movies and shows! Have a great day.

EpicPrincessofDoom and AquarianRoyalty are amazing people overall and deserve so much love! They are both cute and smart, with talents of their own.
EpicPrincessofDoom is very special to me because she is one of the first people I met on this site. Despite my flaws, and my stupid roleplaying, she's always up for being nice and has a large, and funny cast of amusing characters! She is also really cute sounding, and is overall a good person to be around. Don't let mean people keep you down, go for the crown my Australian cutie! 38)
AquarianRoyalty is the queen of rarepair ships. Be it Ararezi, Equius x everyone (especially the bby Rose Lalonde), or pale Erirezi, this girl has it! She attracts an array of fun and friendly people, so defs check her out! She has a lot of potential in her art, and it's so amazing!

From, Enemom

Thank you thank you thank you especially to LightBulbMoon  for keeping the good ship  XtremeFractals running  while I was in the hospital

Also a blanket thank you to each and every person who looked after my husband  melodiousglenndog....sent me cards, made me  art......what a wonderful group we have here.

CARBONATED-STARDUST, Although we haven't known each other for too long, I'm happy to say that you've quickly become one of my best friends! Your humor is just perfect for me, and your tastes are odd, but that's what makes you interesting and unique and what makes me like you! You're so extremely nice it's almost crazy, and your art is cute to boot!! You've already given me many gifts, although I think the biggest and best gift you've given me so far is the time that you spend with me!! Your kindly 'good morning's put a smile on my face and brighten my day instantly. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, and I hope we can spend more time together!!

sheples, There's not much I can say here except that you're one of the greatest people I've ever met!! You've inspired me, taught me, helped me, cheered me up and done so many other things for me that the list would go on and on. Although we've had our fair share of awkward moments, upsetting moments, and straight up awful moments, we still manage to stick together and keep on going. I sincerely hope that we can continue being together this way, and that we can open up our hearts more and be more honest with each other. Your art is beautiful and inspirational and it's no surprise that many, myself included, look up to you! You yourself are beautiful, too, and you need to believe it!! For day one, now, and all the days in between, I thank you for all of them!

Odyssey-Redstars, You're incredible, and there's not much else to add to that. You've done so many amazing things for me, ranging from cheering me up after a hard day, giving me advice when I don't know what to do, to giving me bunches of art gifts because you almost always want to! I'm so grateful for everything, and I definitely want to pay you back for it all one day. You're one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I'm so glad that I met you on accident, because it's made me so unbelievably happy. I want us to stay together for a very long time, and I want us to keep understanding each other and helping each other for an even longer time. You're a wonderful person, and your art is so quirky and special in many of its own ways! Even the silly, not-much-effort-put-into-it art is great. I give you many thanks for the advice, love, art, and many, many other things.

You are such a wonderful artist, and a great friend. You have many skills, just like Xena! I love seeing all the jewelry you make and exchanging letters with you, and talking HtLJ. Your friendship means so much to me, and thanks for taking the time to send me the stroopwafels! :D

I won't mention any names publicly, but someone very close to my heart deserves all the compliments in the world. Here's mine.
Just by coming to know you, I've learned that love and friendship are really not that different. It started out with my childish crush on you, and now you're the best friend I could ever have. And so much more too: my role model, my kindred spirit, and in your words, my plot buddy.
I speak in my hardly understandable way, and you listen. I mention what's bothering me, and you help. I cry, and you give me your shoulder. (Plus a headpat. >w<)
I'm so glad you were able to stand the old me long enough for me to become as I am now. I'm a real person because of you. I owe you more than I can ever repay, but I try to give a little back every day.
I talk with you, I listen to you, I help you, I love you.
Here's hoping I've brightened your life a fraction as much as you've brightened mine.

Elyses & Sklavenbrause
I would like to thank you two for being great friends and interesting people over so many years. But also for being such amazing artists and inspirations. You are two of the few people that really keep me going and have been an idol to me ever since I saw your pictures over seven years ago. Please keep it up and never let someone take away the fun in the things you do!

hopeburnsblue is an amazing lady. She's going through some difficult stuff right now, but I want her to know that her strength shines out despite it all. I want her to know that, no matter what, she's amazing and wonderful, and deserving of so very much kindness.

You are beautiful, smart, funny, and caring in every way. We've been through so much, the chatzys, the drama, the roleplays. I'm blessed that I met you. Your art has gotten so much better, and you've improved so much as an artist and a person. I wish I knew you in real life, but for now I'm okay with the midnight video calls XD But seriously, you are my sister, my best friend, my moirail, and my homegirl. Luv ya!

shyfurry is a brillant user. Even though she joined yesterday, she has great potential to be a great user.

Oh man. You are awesome. Words literally can't describe how awesome you are. You may be more awesome than I am - and that's saying something!
Haha, but all jokes aside - you truly are an amazing person and I wouldn't be half as far as I am now if it weren't for you. You always try to put your art and writing skills down, but, truthfully - I strive to be as amazing as you are.
Keep being you, keep being awesome - and boost your confidence, because I need more of your awesome submissions to feast my eyes upon. <3

Dear Lissomer
you're an absolutely, dizzingly gorgeous writer. Your poems are something that I'd expect to find in a book, unique and beautiful and expertly crafted.
You're also a super nice, funny and clever person. I'm not even the slightest afraid of you. Honestly, I'd shake your hand if I ever got to meet you. All your kind words and the fact that you even read my poetry make me so happy. Thanks a lot for being here and being you!
What else to say... The coffee they make from your caffeinestream is very tasty, I suppose.
I hope you have a very nice day, my dear! :heart:

fishter911 is a great person who has an amazing and sweet personality that would just brighten anyone's day up~ He has helped me at times whenever I have felt down or when I just needed a hug. u-u I honestly don't know how I could thank him enough for all the things he has done for me. He's also so generous towards people and all that~.. owo :heart: I love ya lots and you should never doubt yourself whenever things get bad for you. :hug: Cuz you know that you're a strong person who can do lots of things. :iconcutegamzeeplz: You rule!~~~
puchiipanda is simply wonderful. She's one of the sweetest and funniest people on dA, and her art is always lots of fun to look at! It's already very good, but it's improving at an incredible speed. This is someone who's really committed to improving- it's extremely inspiring! Coupled with a friendly attitude, this is someone I never regret watching. I really can't emphasize enough how nice she is and how fun it is to talk to her. Come for the art, stay for the artist! :)

I really like C-ATVOMIT and their art. I never know what kind of art to expect next, and it's always something interesting! It's strange, because it isn't the kind of art I usually like, but something about how this particular artist handles it really made it different. The colors are sharp and jump of the page, and the character designs are as unique and diverse as they are cool! These are OC's that I'd really love to read more about. :) There's real feeling in the lines, and to top it off, the artist is a fun and exciting person as well as a genuinely nice one- I can always look forward to seeing their new art and journals!

You're kind, caring and damn right awesome. And even though your OC has a toilet as a cutie-mark, you're amazingly talented, bringing joy into dA with your beautiful skills. I know, I'm not the only one who thinks this.
You try and help everyone, doing livestreams with free requests and even replying politely to comments which seems harsh and mean. You're even doing a contest, trying to get more people to get artistic and to actually do something, than searching around dA, waiting for a miracle.
So, thank-you for everything.

Dear KatyMacabre ,
  I just wanted to say that I've known you for such a long time,
that I wanted to tell you that I love you.
I love you so much that I would do **anything** for you.
You're so sweet and talented, you make me laugh and smile.
You just make me feel so happy to know that someone cares about me that much.
I'm sorry I'm not perfect, you could've done so much better than me.
But I'm so glad that you choose me <3
So I know I'm not the best,
I know I'm not the nicest or most talented
But I just feel like I won the lottery because I have you in my life.
I feel all warm inside when I talk to you, I just want to hug you and hold you for a lifetime.
I might not be a Romeo, but I have found my Juliet ; v ;
coughs funky doghtor, u know who this is
this is ur mother emily
eggs coughs giveme your art styleohmygod
mek, brother, you're the best invertebrother ever
scrolling, dude, you're hella rad.
oh katie (qIobe) and u stay hella amazing god ur so funny
these people are my dear friends
and if you hurt them i will slap u god
coughs from your lord,

Detachments ,
You have some really cute, interesting characters. The designs are definitely better than what I see on other OCs. I think that is something to also take pride in, since coming up with characters can be, well, difficult. I'm kinda sad you're leaving because I think you are one of dA's better original artists. Oh well hope you find success on other sites I'm sure many will be just as awed by your art as your fans are here xoxo

There are so many people I wish to compliment, where do I even begin??
I think I'll start with imblue36752100,
You were basically my 1st real friend I made on here. We originally clicked when we were both  obsessing over Soul Eater and we started making jokes and I just… You made me lmao XD.
Gurl, you were fabulous from the beginning don't you ever change~ :blowkiss:
I hope one day we can meet IRL since we're both in SoCal <3
Stay rad,

Next I want to thank NINJAWERETIGER for always being SO SWEET and caring and always supporting me :heart: I've met some truly incredible people in the last few years and mostly thanks to you!
I met arisaxkureno, The-New-Host, Toxic-Weirdo and so many other incredible friends through you and I can't thank you enough!
Thank you for always being there and being so friendly cause you got me through my miserable middle school years with your kindness.
Love always and forever,

Now onto 2 awesome fellow Californians! :D
To Avato-chan, my anime buddy,
You introduced me to a lot of amazing shows that I might not have discovered otherwise. I am the person I am because of the things you've shown me and I want to say thanks for everything!
See you at wondercon maybe?
Love Lulu

To DenkiSutoraiki,
We've had plenty of ups and downs in the past years, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Our trials have only made our bond stronger and, for that, I couldn't be more grateful~
I know you'll continue to be awesome and strong and beautiful and I hope we can meet up soon.
Love LulutheDragonQueen

You're going to be off to college and I'm not gonna see you as much anymore but I want you to know you're an amazing friend, pseudo-sis, artist, partner in crime, etc xD
I'm gonna miss you so much and I honestly wouldn't be the artist or person I am today if I didn't know you. I hope you can learn to appreciate yourself and your work without me having to remind you how amazing you are! Be proud of yourself and don't compare yourself to others because you'll be loved anyways <3
(and you're gonna be great in college, don't worry ;) )

You are a great artist, a fantastic roleplayer, and you're full of awesome ideas.
But most importantly:
You're an absolutely amazing person.
Your kindness has already brought you lots of friends and loads of admiration, and I just wanted to remind you how much of an impact you have made on all our lives.
I'm glad I met you, and that we became friends. I love talking to you, and I absolutely admire your skills. You are a treasure to so many, and it makes me even happier to know that I'm special to you, too.
This whole thing was pure coincidence, but really, you deserve compliments like this one every day. Stay the way you are, for that's how your friends love you. Bye~

RebeccaBajanJerome Where should i begin? You're such a beautiful person, both inside and out. You sunny spirit brightens my every day and you are a very special girl in the most beautiful way. The best way to to describe you is that you are like a miracle sent from above. You are a wonderful person and I love you very much. Thank you for always being my friend.

StarLightSilver123 PinkChickenInk Angelbluedeer
I'm really bad at things like this, but I just wanted to say thanks for always being there. I'm grateful for our friendship more than you'll ever know. Thanks for being my friend, online and off, even through all the crap I've unfairly put you through. <3 you guys.

Girl, you're so awesome! <33
;;w;; You're art is friggin adorable, and your my best friend on deviantART!! <3333
Now guess who I am~ |DD

shuuming is the sweetest person ever !! i am very glad i met her ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
she is a very talented artist and i just know she is going to be very successful (●ↀωↀ●)✧

Apologies for the lack of journals recently. :ohnoes: There will be some extra journals in the next few days to catch up with the backlog.av

Write a Compliment

Stumbled across an artist with some amazing artwork? Joined a group that you absolutely loved? Met a deviant who turned out to be an absolutely fantastic friend?

Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal.

Share your compliments with the community! :#1:

Write a Compliment!

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> Past dA Compliments
> dACompliments

Skin by SimplySilent

CRLiterature BOOK CLUB Schedule

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 4:42 PM

Planning ahead when it comes to getting your read on? So are we! Here's the official schedule for the CRLiterature Book Club.

Not sure what to expect from Book Club? Check out our Book Club Facts.

September 2014

  • Host: DrippingWords
  • Mid Month Discussion: Monday, September 15th
  • End of Month Journal: Sunday, September 28th

October 2014

November 2014

  • Host: Beccalicious
  • Mid Month Discussion: TBD
  • End of Month Journal: TBD

Still having trouble finding a book? Have you tried BookDepository?

Previous Books:

June 2014 - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy hosted by PinkyMcCoversong
July 2014 - Thief Lord hosted by GrimFace242
August 2014 - Carrie hosted by Nichrysalis

This is my 3rd giveaway.

Want to win 100 points?
Rules are simple.

1. Fav this journal to enter(This will be your number)
2. Watch me only if you like my work.
3. Comment done.

If you post a journal about this giveaway then i will give you 1 point.
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Yep you are now done just wait till the results are announced.
Winner will be selected from

If more than 60 people enter then i will increase the number of winners to 3 and points to 200.
Open till 4th September.

Anyone who wants to help me or want to place a prize is welcome.

Holding a contest was so fun the last time and I also got to meet some new friends along with some other awesome artists, so I'm definitely holding a contest again ^^ RIGHT NOW!

Your goal: make either a pixel icon or a pixel journal/page doll of one or more of my OCs (listed below)

The Prizes:
1st Place
-200 :points:
-a watch and a llama :p
-a custom adoptable (your choice of it being either a pony, wolf or humanoid)
-a free Tim Burton styled commission
-a free digital or traditional commission

2nd Place
50 :points:
-a watch and a llama :3
-a free Tim Burton styled commission
-a free traditional sketch

3rd Place
10 :points:
-a watch and a llama xD
-a free traditional sketch

The OCs you can choose from:
Tomoda Shi
(ghost pony, generally innocent)
Tomoda Shi by WhiteNoiseGhostTomoda Shi pixel banner by WhiteNoiseGhost

Allen Warfare/Prpject S
(vampire/scientific experiment, video game addict)
Allen - Complete ProfileName: Allen Warfare
Alias: Project S
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: 21 (But looks 15)
Nationality: American
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 58 kilograms
Skin tone: very pale
Eye colour: red and grey (normal), deep purple (under control)
Hair: black, straight, slightly wispy, reaches shoulders (so fairly long but not too long and certainly not too short)
Distinguishing Features: blind on one eye, black feathered wings, little vampire fangs, while in Controlled state has purple liquid coming from his eyes and mouth
Fears: scientists, syringes, anything holy, the parasite fluid that was put into him, direct sunlight, slightly claustrophobic
Personality: a bit lazy, usually spends his time playing video games and only really goes out to hunt for blood or to stretch his wings a little. Doesn't make a problem out of the fact that he has to kill humans to feed on their blood ("I'm just higher on the fo
Reference Sheet: Allen Warfare by WhiteNoiseGhost

(vampire pegasus, sociopath, crazy mass murderer)
Reference Sheet: Distraught by WhiteNoiseGhostCOME LETS GO HAVE FUN by WhiteNoiseGhost

(Norwegian winged wolf demon, nocturnal being with cat-like slits for pupils,an azure snake tongue and long fangs)
Vincent Astaroth refuses to be cute by WhiteNoiseGhostAstaroth (final design) by WhiteNoiseGhost

Sven "Stray Cat" Evans
(Military sniper, has insect wings and antennae as a result of scientific manipulation)
Sven Evans by WhiteNoiseGhost

Lyrical Lament
(vampiric bat pony, psychopath, musician and poet)
Reference Sheet: Lyrical Lament by WhiteNoiseGhostCount Lament by WhiteNoiseGhost

Nana Blackblood
(reaper/demon who likes messing with people's dreams)
New OC: meet Nana Blackblood by WhiteNoiseGhostChibi Nana by WhiteNoiseGhost

(Creepypasta ghost-zombie-ish being, singing causes victims to bleed profusely)
Siren - Complete ProfileName: Siren
Former Name: Dorothy McGullough
Alias: Choir Ghost, Choir Child, Blood Singer, Wendigo Witch, Banshee
Gender: Female
Species: Onryo
Age: 74 (but looks like 14 because she is a ghostlike/undead entity)
Date of Birth: 16/2/1928
Nationality: British
Date of Death: 4/1/1942
Height: 1,61m
Weight: 52 kilograms
Skin tone: deathly pale (...surprised I didnt write 'corpse blue'? xD)
Eye colour: azure
Hair: long, black, straight/slightly messy
Distinguising features: has a cut scar across her face and throat, the white of her eyes is black, wears her formal choir outfit which is scorched and tattered at some places
Personality: Quiet, curious, a bit naive at times, tends to be sadistic when angered or proposed, often lonely, seems to have no memory of whom she supposedly wanted to wreak vengeance on and therefore haunts and/or kills people at random, having no specified tar

(earth pony (?), butterfly obsessed being without a mouth)
I Have So Many Friends by WhiteNoiseGhostAnathema Ref Sheet (temporary) by WhiteNoiseGhost

(computer virus pony, generally evil)
5y5t3m_f41lur3 by WhiteNoiseGhost

What I will be judging on:
-Whether or not it's animated (dont worry; if a non-animated entry looks really good it can still win!)
-Accuracy (markings, colours, hair styles (xD), unique details etc.)
-Originality (is it just standing there staring into infinity or is it actually doing something?)
-Looks (does the result look good?)
-Animation smoothness

What I won't be judging on:
-Size (otherwise it wouldnt be fair for the ones who enter their amazibg icons right?)
-Which/The amount of OCs you choose to do

-Entry has to be submitted BEFORE 1st of November
-You may enter as many entries as you want, but only one of your entries can win
-No late entries will be accepted
-Generally no NSFW allowed. however, any level of gore WILL be accepted
-You don't have to make a journal advertising this contest but I would very much appreciate it if you would :3

How to enter:
-Fave this contest
-Leave a comment saying that you're entering
-When done with your entry either note it to me or leave it in a comment
-(optional) Write a journal entry promoting this contest


Handy Hints and Tips: Long Exposure

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 8:00 PM by Fe0:iconfe0:

Long Exposure

For photographers, long exposure is a must for wicked epic shots.

Experiment with the shutter speed to create some interesting effects. When taking a night time shot, try shooting with the shutter speed altered, to a slower speed. You will see that the movement of the object is captured along with some light trails. If you choose a faster shutter speed, the trails will not be as long or bright; instead the action will be frozen, giving you an average shot.    
   This technique works well if you are photographing a moving object.

This is the common method that photographers use to take those cool photos of highways, with vehicle lights drug out, for example. Though, there are many other fabulous outcomes that you can find with long exposure.
   Play around, adventure a bit & see what amazing shots come from it! 
;) (Wink)

Solitary traveler by JeffreyDobbs
Photo: Solitary Traveler by JeffreyDobbs


Tournment (ROUND 5! FINAL ROUND!)

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 12:04 AM
Helmy says:

Guess what, losers! This is the last round of the tournament, isn't that great? Later in the quarter we're going to be having some stupid ass ceremony and a dance (groans) celebrating the winner and whatever turdblossoms managed to graduate from the academy this year. I think there might be some, if Kaine and Kichi don't murder each other for the graduation spotlight. Wouldn't that be so sad?

I mean, what would we do without Kichi. The academy would never be the same, and who would get rid of the unwanted pedestrians in Moonseed Lane? Bitches jaywalk too much and don't look where they're going.

The final tournament round is on... SNOW!! That's right, the snows are finally coming back to the academy! The snow has replaced the sand, and you should watch out for snow monsters.

Example: 2-0 is two wins, zero losses

Glitch 8-0 || Pet 6-3
Darvenel 8-2 || Dion 6-4
Kaine 6-3 || Contour 6-3
Chrono 6-2 || Alexei 4-4
Kichi 7-2 || Quinlan (Drop)
Cressida 6-3 || Lilin 4-5
Kyriel 4-2-1 || Enri (Drop)
Jinxie 5-3 || Elijah (Drop)
Kyran 7-3 || Ida 2-6
Shira 4-5 || Sol 3-6
Eva 4-4 || Thane (Drop)
Broken 5-4 || Virgil 4-5

Remember, keep fighting in the rounds, even if you lose, to improve your score and get better prizes!

ROUND 1: Glitch (:iconviralremix:) vs Darvenel (:iconju5tab0r3d1:)
ROUND 2: Kichi (:iconkittrex: vs. Kyran (:iconnightscreature:)
ROUND 3: Contour (:iconju5tab0r3d1:) vs Cressida (:iconkeplernova:)
ROUND 4: Pet (:iconrndom-obsessions:) vs Kaine (:iconawaterfox:)
ROUND 5: Chrono (:iconawaterfox:) vs Dion (:icondevinaatart:)
ROUND 6: Jinxie (:iconaceykunn:) vs Broken (:iconevil-wren:)
ROUND 7: Kyriel (:iconkaihidou:) vs Shira (:iconfirewyrm2018:)
ROUND 8: Lilin (:icondiluculi:) vs Alexei (:iconankdros:)
ROUND 9: Virgil (:icondiluculi:) vs Eva (:iconsamsxcs:)
ROUND 10: Sol (:iconerzanightshade:) vs Ida (:iconjeanawei:)

Get ready for PRIZES!!

Muchas gracias a todos los que participaron!!!!! muy ingeniosas y bonitas entradas :heart: y por lo que ya no se aceptan mas entradas.
Pronto se subiran los resultados :D
Tagged by :iconmidnightdarkness1:  This seemed fun! 

1.) Choose one of your OC's 

2.) Your OC must answer every question as truthfully as possible 
3.) Journal Title should be "OC Interview" 
4.) When Your done,tag as many people as you wish 
5.) HAVE FUN!!!

1.) Hi! What's your real name and Nickname?
Oh, um. I'm Vivian. My friends sometimes say Viv, Vivs, or Vivi. 

2.) Interesting...What's your current age?

Oh,okay.. Well, I'm fifteen right now. I'm kinda close to sixteen. 

3.) Uh-huh.What's your favorite food?

ugh, I hate that question.. ummmmmm. I like anything sweet. Pretty much.

4.) And your favorite Drink?

I love tea. I could have it all day. -^^-

5.) Confession time! Who's your Crush/Lover?

I… don't have one. *slight sniffle*

6.) Aww! Have you kissed yet?

You don't listen, do you?

7.) Classic Question! What's your favorite color?

Teal, aqua, aquamarine, turquoise, whatever you call it.  It's so pretty~~

8.) What's your favorite book?

um.. I don't know. that's hard.

9.) Now what's your biggest fear?

That my mother will come back. And kill me or my aunt.

10.) *Stifles a giggle* I'm not laughing...*bursts out Laughing* Sorry.Any siblings?

You wouldn't be laughing if you met her..
I have no siblings. I don't know if I'm an only child or not.

11.) Almost done,It's only twenty questions. Who's your hero?

Twenty? nooo….
My uncle. He had my mom taken somewhere else. 
my friends too.

12.) Okay,who's your Worst enemy?

My mom and her second husband.

13.) What would you do if Your Hero and Your Worst Enemy got together?

I couldn't stand my uncle gone or my friends gone.  I can use a gun actually, thanks to Anna.

14.) Interesting...What would you do if you met your creator?

I've seen her many times. She's strange sometimes, but i like her.

15.) Okay,I'll contact them right now.Done! Now,what do you want to be when you grow up?

I doubt she'll pick up. She's in a really lazy state.
Oh right, um… I don't know. Maybe a social worker, teacher, um….

16.) What's your worst nightmare?

My mom and her husband finding our current location. My friends leaving me. My aunt or uncle getting hurt. I hate thinking about these things.

17.) What's your life-long dream?

Getting a nice job and life when i get older. I could hopefully get something for my aunt and uncle as well.

18.) What would you do if your Life-Long dream came true?

I suppose it would be better! I don't know, since i don't know the future. Maybe he'll succeed in a time machine? Sorry, talking to myself! 

19.) Okay,Where's your favorite place to relax?

My aunt's house or my friends' cabin/lodge/ I don't know what it is.

20.) Last Question! what do you spend most of your time doing?

Studying for school. Helping my aunt. Helping my friends. sleeping. 
Last question? Oh, um bye then! -^^-