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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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GDD Contest: To tell a story

Sat Aug 30, 2014, 9:08 AM

GetDailyDeviations  is hosting an exciting contest for you ALL to participate in! We hope you're all very eager to create and submit your entries, please read the description, rules, and guidelines below!


To Tell a Story:

The theme of this contest is to tell a story, which is vague, but also very to-the-point. All artwork tells a story whether it intends to or not, as we all interpret what we wish to, when we see it. Your goal for this contest is to create a piece of art, with a specific story in mind. It can be your story, the story of someone you know, it can be fictional, it can be short, it can be sad, it can be happy. It can be anything! Be creative, unique, think outside of the box, or go to the basics. But your story must match the art you create to go with it (unless it is a literature submission in which obviously the writing is the story in itself).   

Rules & Guidelines:

Gold bullet Your submission must be a NEW deviation. You must have created it specifically for this contest, and posted it from August 30th onward. We will be checking, and declining submissions of old art.
Gold bullet In the description of your deviation you must state: This is for the GetDailyDeviations "To Tell a Story" contest. + a description of your story. This is very important. You must explain the story your art is describing, I recommend your description be at least a paragraph long. You want us to be impressed, you want us to see that this is something you put time and thought into creating and describing for us.
Gold bullet Please try to put some thought and time into your submissions, we will be looking for submissions in which: The art submitted has high quality, but also the story you tell in your description, is of quality, and fits well with your art. 
Gold bullet All mediums are accepted! So long as you have a "story" and follow the rules described above, your submission should be accepted into the contest folder.
Gold bullet All submissions are to be sent to the "To Tell a Story" Gallery folder, NOT the Featured folder. Also, you must be a member to submit.
Gold bullet You are only allowed 1 submission to this contest, so create, choose, and submit wisely!


Deadline: October 1st, 00:01AM PST


If you would like to offer prizes please let us know and we will update the list.

Alright guys, great news; I have 100 points to spend on a contest! :points:

The winner will probably get 70 points (among other prizes), and 30 points will go to second place.

The third place won't be walking out empty handed either.

The contest theme/subject will also be really fun (hopefully), and it will give you a lot of creative freedom! (I'm not telling you the contest subject just yet however.)

Before I start off anything...

I want to ask you guys when would be the best time to put my RigbyandEileenFans contest in motion? I need a reasonable date.

I know a lot of you guys start school soon (too soon maybe), so I want to know which date fits you best?

Today immediately? Tomorrow? Somewhere in September? On some kind of a break?

If people vote for today - At least 3 who intend on joining, and are the majority - I will start it off in a few hours.

Also, no matter when I start it; The deadline will be in 3 weeks minimum.

NOW, I'd also like a rough number on how many of you would maybe join in.

So please comment if you think you're up for some friendly competition! :heart:

So as some of you already know, I had mentioned a while back that I wanted to host some sort of community D.Gray-Man review project, where everyone could review the DGM anime and manga at the same time on a sort of scheduled basis. Well, here it is!

Koto-wari and I have teamed up to host DGM:Rewind!

We've been planning for quite some time now, and we finally have the bare bones stuff down. However, we need volunteers to help us out! It's a large project, going over two DGM anime episodes a week with discussions and livestreams, so having helping hands would be fabulous.

:icontimcanpyplz: You don't even have to volunteer for the entire project - you could offer help for three weeks, then drop off if you're too busy! :D

On a most basic level, we'll need writers to aid us with the biweekly journals, as well as people to help facilitate discussions. We'd also like to have a team of Livestreamers who could livestream the episodes for live discussions.

If you'd like to give us a hand, you have two options to choose from *v*
You can help us out on our Tumblr blog, or on our deviantART Group!

Applying is really easy - just read the information and fill out the form provided. Remember to read requirements carefully. This project needs dedicated fans who don't mind giving their time to help us out. We can't have slackers on this one!

This project will not be able to start up until we get some volunteers, so any help at all is appreciated! We really hope that we can bring some excitement back into our hiatus-suffering fandom, and maybe regain interest in the fandom over all :heart:
Furthermore, if you could spread the word and help us advertise, that'd be brilliant!
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Contest hosted by Nojjesz. Want good prizes? Then let your creativity take place here, check it out:…
Cute, lovable and fluffy! Chibis are the adorable side of any character!
Show off your talent for the art of cute, in this contest for yours truly.


Pick one of my various characters-listed below. And draw them in your own sugary sweet chibi style!





1st place wins 50 points, a free Animatriox adopt, Art by me, picture displayed as my ID
2nd wins a free adopt and art by me
3rd wins a free adopt

When art is done, simply leave a link down in the comment section! 
Contest ends in exactly one week! 
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Requests (free)

Paper and pencil sketch 

Basic colored drawing

Commissions (points)

Colored drawing with shading - 3 points

Colored drawing with simple background - 3 points

Colored and shaded drawing with simple background - 6 points

Colored, shaded drawing with complex background - 10 points

I'm open for art trades too^^


Sat Aug 30, 2014, 10:39 AM
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Hi Ya everyone such a long time to write a full journal :D ... to day i had a new special event for who love " competition with other people !!!! "

yeah that is " BID COMMISSION " it seem like you bidding on ebay ,but you will get only one SLOT instead stuff it right?  

...hope this special commission look make sense :heart:


                         :heart: :heart:    Now let see about  " BID COMMISSION  "  RULE and DETAIL.  [please read it clearly before ask.] :heart: :heart: 

1.  " OPEN ONLY 1 SLOT " = ACCEPT ONLY  1 character waist up  NO BG with full colored   [MALE or FEMALE IS WELCOME ]


3.   18+ also mature is welcome ,but if it too hardcore i will send it directly to your e-mail.

4.   don't try to spamming long text or write any thing that not relate about bid commission ....please i'm did it for fun :heart:

5.  don't paid to me first if i receive it before bid commission done . i will kept it and don't send it it ? :heart: :D

6. after i had got who win bid price for this bid commission i will send a note to winner and ask for commission detail [that must scope on topic 1. ]
and ask for collect the price before start [80% of overall price before start and 10% after finished job]

7. if you had any question about bid commission just ask me only in this journal ..don't try to send a note to me. 


                 :heart: :heart:  How to Join bid commission :heart: :heart: 

1.  Donate me only 5 point  for join these bid commission . 

2. only people who had a name[avatar] on my donate list [donate 5 point] cans be bidding !!....cause it's easy way to check whom want intend to join this bid commission 

                :heart: :heart:   How to bidding :heart: :heart: 

1.  Starting price  10$

2.  when bidding price please add this symbol  :squee: on front and bottom of bit price and text "i'm bidding" every time..... for example  " I'm bidding :squee: 12$ :squee: "

3. BID INCREMENT 1$ for each time when bidding.... for example " starting price 10$  next it would be 11$ ,12$ or hight up each time for 1$ "

4. if you can't handle or can't take a bid price anymore ? [if it too hight] you must called  " :stupidme:  OKAY I'M OFF!!!  :stupidme: " for leave this competition 

5. bidding only in this journal !!!!!

 :heart: :heart: TOP 3 BIDDING RANK PRICE   :heart: :heart: [select winner from 1st only] i will update it as possible as i can before bid end . Orz

1. :iconinsyncinsanity:  price 13$ :heart:

2. :iconshiponstails:  price  11$ :heart:

3. :iconabitcracked:  price 10$ :heart:


Remember i'm did it for fun only!  don't made a drama or serious situation with each other !!!!!! and please read the rule clearly before bidding !!

AT 13.00 or 1 pm. THAILAND TIME ZONE [+7]

Hope you enjoy bidding :heart:

P.s. so sorry for my english.







KIRIBAN [80k] :heart:  :iconfunkylicios:  :heart:


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Big Macintosh Drunk Texting by LaptopGun
Throughout September, we're putting a highlight on stallion buttons like never before!

Greetings, everyone! :D Appropriately renamed founder, NavelColt here with a new artwork event for everyone. This time, we're trying something a little different. Whereas normally our artwork events last a few days and attempt to cram everyone's attention so that artworks can be brought in quick, this artwork event will be a casual, ongoing theme for the entire month of September! That theme is one of our simplest ones to date; draw some stallions with belly buttons!

The goal:
To draw a stallion character of your choice with a visible belly button! OC's are as welcomed as canon characters, and it can be safe or not safe for work!

The Time Limit:
The entire month of September! The event closes September 30th, and a conclusion blog with all the artworks created during the events' run will be posted along with their artists, during that time.

The Posting Location:
There is no specific gallery folder for this particular event! You post your artwork wherever it would normally go; OC's go in the OC folders, secondary characters go in the secondary character folders, etc. However, if you'd like to help our staff out, submit your navel stallions to the 'Stallions N' Stuff' collection folder (now found at the top right of our homepage), while you're also submitting them to the gallery!

As with all of our Artwork Events/Challenges/Training Grounds, there are no prizes; this is all about having fun, and participating in our community because you're a member here with us :D So if you find the time to sit down and draw some stallions who have some navel to show off, or would like to use our long-term event as a means to kill time and have fun in the process, or even to get yourself out of am artwork block, we'd love to feature what you give us!

As always, questions and clarifications, as well as feedback should be submitted below! :meow:
Thanks for reading, and we're looking forward to seeing what you guys can do!

Skin by SimplySilent
10 free drawings! since i dont think i have to many active watchers and how many of them will be interested in it i start with 10 free linearts. ill draw your characters or redesing or something like that. im alittle limited by technology, not even scaner under my influence god damn it BUT(t) i need to get back to work and practice so yeah im selling myself for free.












~spank my butt, thank you.