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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (58,393 votes) 740 comments
59,506 Deviants Online
Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Emote king - :emoteking: 

Queen of the tards 

New contest, I hope everyone had fun making a beautiful manipulation


What you have to do?

The theme will be interactive, you will choose the main details (the place and the characters) in the lists below.
Crown and Scepter I use 

Choose the place for your manipulation:

(choose only 1 place)

  • Throne Room
  • Room of Magical Powers (such as a laboratory or library).
  • Landscape of the kingdom.

Choose the character for your manipulation:

(choose only 1 character)

  • Medieval king
  • Alien Queen
  • King of the Underworld
  • Queen of Egypt
  • King of the Frozen world
  • Fairy Queen

Note 1:
you have to make a manipulation with one of the characters listed above, and the character has to be on one of the places listed above also. for example, you select the throne room and the character medieval king. then you have to make a king in medievel time in a throne room, the scenery has to be in medieval thematic.

Note 2:
you can not change the gender of the characters, for example, you choose Alien Queen, then your character has to be a WOMAN.

Please Read the Rules

  • Categories accepted: photomanipulation . (only)

  • All entries must be NEW for this contest

  • Your entry must be made ​​exclusively for this contest, it means that you have to just submit in this contest and will not send to other contest.

  • All stock and resources must come from legitimate sources (see some tips here) and all stock and resources must be properly credited  with a direct link in the description of your work - following the stock providers terms of use. If you use a stock that is not legitimate, you will be notified and will have the chance to edit and change the stock. if you use purchased stocks also have to credit all with a direct link.

  • All entries must include a link to this journal in the description.

  • You can participate with up to 2 entries.

  • Judges can not compete

  • We will not accept entries that have used stocks listed  here.

Rules of Voting

  • The entry has to be a creative work, with a great concept.
  • Entry must have a great technique, but based on each category (beginner, intermediate and advanced).
  • We not promote the artists who copy or do not care about the feedback received (one of the objectives of the contest is to promote the artist, then we'll check this detail.)
  • No fake accounts or with no activity.
  • The artist has to be used very well the stocks, and not just a manipulation with two or three stock (as a model and background).

What are the Prizes?

If you donate feature read this:

                                                              If you donate feature not just copy the journal of the winners.
                                                                      do something special and beautiful for the winners



How Many Winners? and Will Have Categories?

This new contest will have a total of 12 winners. Four winners in each category, and there will be three categories (advanced, intermediate and beginner).

How the Winners will be Chosen?

The Winners will be chosen by Wesley-Souza  Whendell  with special help from Dani-Owergoor and Sandra-Cristhina.
we choose all the winners, and we will not judge the entry of the place or character chosen. What will influence in the decision of the winners are the voting rules listed above of journal, and the concept, details and technique done.

How I can submit my Entry?

To submit your entry, you have to send the link of your entry for the group via note or comment on this journal, we will analyze your entry, and decide which category is recommended for you to enter, and we will send a request to be added in the folder.
and if you really sure which category you want to enter, send us the link of your entry and tell which category you want to enter and we will send you a request.
The folders will not be open for you to send, because in the last contest, many have erred in deciding which category to enter, then this error not to happen again, we will decide in which category you can enter.

When it Starts and When it Ends?

The contest begins today 25 / July
and ends day  27 /September

on the front page of the group has a Countdown, for you to follow the time of decline.

                                      at the end of the contest, when announcing the winners, all donors will be notified.

if you have questions, you may ask.


Here we go again, another art contest, and this time around my persona will take center stage~! 

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Contest ends:

October 10th

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Prize contributions would be so very appreciated ;v;/ <3 
Once the contest is over I will feature anyone who contributes.



1st place:
2000pts OR 20$ from XAngelFeatherX
1 fullbody (value 25$) from XAngelFeatherX
+Watch from XAngelFeatherX

2nd place:
1000pts from XAngelFeatherX
1 fullbody (value 25$) from XAngelFeatherX
+Watch from XAngelFeatherX

3rd place: 
500pts from XAngelFeatherX
1 halfbody (value 20$) from XAngelFeatherX
+Watch from XAngelFeatherX


If I get a 100+ entries I will up the first place prize to 2500pts/25$

Star Divider - Free by etNoir


:bulletyellow: The entry can be done in any medium and style.
:bulletyellow: It doesn't have to be colored.
:bulletyellow: You don't have to draw a background.
:bulletyellow: Bases and tracing is NOT allowed. You may use references though.
:bulletyellow: You can NOT draw my persona with your own OCs.
:bulletyellow: Unlimited amount of entries.
:bulletyellow: You can draw my persona in any outfit of your choice.
:bulletyellow: Animal versions of my persona is totally fine.
:bulletyellow: You have to feature this contest in a journal or poll.

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Regarding the looks:
-You can design new clothes for my persona if you wish.
-Can be any color or style, I am curious what you can come up with!
- Keep the color of the eyes/hair/skin the same though.
-You can draw any hairstyle you like, you can even cut it short~
-As stated in the rules, you can design an animal version of my persona if you want to (like MLP).

The themes:
All themes are welcome, I appreciate creativity! Though I like cute things, it'd be interesting to see darker themes too~ 
It'd be kinda funny if my persona "cosplayed" one of my OCs xD

Other characters:
Yes, you may draw my persona with my OCs or my cats.

Original characters-
Kitties (normal and humanized)

You raise your chances of winning if you put effort into your entry, I will pick the winner based on quality/looks.

Star Divider - Free by etNoir


Outfit A by XAngelFeatherXOutfit B by Lolisoup by XAngelFeatherXOutfit C By Kioler by XAngelFeatherXOutfit D By Tenshilove by XAngelFeatherXOutfit E by XAngelFeatherXOutfit F by XAngelFeatherXOutfit G by XAngelFeatherX
More art of my persona: (Not contest related)


Now for the description of... ... me? I suppose? XD

Friendly but reserved, loyal, creative, sarcastic, short tempered, a bit soft hearted, stubborn, lazy.

Cute things, stars, movies, books, art, animals, travelling.

Heat, insects, spicy food.

Favorite animals:
Cats, penguins.

Favorite colors:
Pink, black, white, gold, teal.

Favorite foods:
Pizza, strawberries, cherries, smoothies, candy/chocolate.

Favorite drinks:
Water, tea, Monster energy drink.

Favorite book/movie genres:
Fantasy, horror, adventure, drama.

Gemini, love Disney movies.

Pixel Persona by XAngelFeatherX

Star Divider - Free by etNoir

Contest ends:

October 10th

Star Divider - Free by etNoir


Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 10:23 PM

I challenge you to draw a selfportrait. Not of a stylized or unrealistic you, but YOU.

Skewed Self Image.


Even self loathing.

I've done em all. 

I've been tempted to do the puking thing, but am deterred when I think about the health risk.
I've been tempted to starve myself until my body starts cannibalizing everything it has. Again, health risks.
I've been tempted (A LOOOONG time ago) to just take more diet pills than prescribed. Health risks. 
And most of this has been in the past 6 years. And this is the first time that I've admitted it outside of my head.

Before the kids, I was 155lbs and a size 5/6. I had NOOOO clue how good I had it and would love to go back in time and smack myself for complaining about the tiny 1" extra fat around my tummy.
I am working on accepting my current body, but it is extremely hard for me. I automatically see everyone anatomically. I see them and my brain starts breaking down what their body looks like beneath the clothes. I am in a current state of anatomy study. lol. And where I am concerned, it becomes very negative. 
I tried exercising but at this point have about given up since every time I try, something happens that renders me physically unable to continue beyond a month. 4 major abdominal surgeries in 4 years and now I am on hormone medication that came with side effects that stopped me from working out for around 30 days. 

But anyway, I digress.

I am trying to accept me for me so I did a self portait of who I am vs who I'd like to be. Now, it's still a little off (prob about an inch off around the tummy) but it's closer than what I've been able to admit to visually in a long time. (Also adjusted the shirt to fit. I have no shirts that fit me that nicely.

SELFIE stages by Bostonology

My longer than average torso. My short legs. My lack of hips (seriously they are concave. lol). And mostly that funky torso of mine that gains fat while my pelvis area gains NONE giving me a natural muffin top.
But I am very much beginning to like my hair now that I can do a faux-hawk or a fro pretty easily now. And I have LOTS of beauty marks that I have adored for decades. I don't like anyone seeing my feet but I LOVE being barefoot (even if its only ever at home). I love my legs in shorts but hate how they ride up in the crotch. My first comic love was X-Men. My first fictional crush was Gambit. I love red white and black when I am not obsessing about green. I love hoop earrings. And as Anja23 can attest to, I have a crap ton of flowers for my hair. lol.

This is me. I am putting myself out there and it'd be nice to not be alone. So finally:


Draw yourself as honest as you can manage.
Upload your selfie along with a picture of at least your face next to MY selfie. (Need to know it's you :))

Every person that participates will get a free doodle from me (until August 31st)

Extra Info:
For those of you that identify as the opposite gender, draw yourself as the gender you identify with. Not skinnier. Not bigger. Just you as you are in this moment.

I can't stress this enough:
   It is a simple challenge. Please don't make it complicated.

Everyone have fun and be brave!
And thanks for reaching the end of this! 

Skin by SimplySilent

youtube Icon by Sunnybrook1SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE FOR VIDEOS!!…

1000 Pt. Giveaway and more!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 5:15 PM
Monthly Group Raffle August!!Ok people, time to start the next month group raffle!!!
You can win up to 300 points!  totally free!!
The mechanics will be simple:
:bulletblue: You must be part of the group to win!! :squee: You can join the group if you are not a member yet :D
:bulletblue: :iconfav3dplz: this journal and share it in your own personal journal. Remember to say that we do this every month!!!
:bulletblue: Comment this journal with the link to the journal that you did!
:bulletblue: If you want to donate points, we would appreciate it!! For every 50 :points: you donate, you will have the right to an extra slot for the raffle!! (All the donated points will be given as prizes for the monthly raffles!!)
:bulletblue:5 prizes will be given to 5 random numbers!!! Each number can only win once, so if you want a chance to win more points or the drawings donate to the raffle and get extra slots!! :D
:bulletred: The raffle will finish: August 24th. (May be extended if needed)
 Monthly Giveaway by :iconuniversalfantasy:UniversalFantasy
1,000 point giveaway!! by honeybun
1 Month Premium Membership Giveaway!I giveaway 1 Month Membership...
End: 2014.10.01. (yyyy-mm-dd)
Watch me. (:iconvvulfy:)No ask, adoptable, etc - secondary accounts! Enter only once.Make a Journal about this GiveawayWrote your number in comment (First person's number is 1, then 2, etc)
Watch meMake a Journal about this GiveawayComment your number
1 Month Premium membership2×20:points:

A 230 point Giveaway!!! :)Hi, everyone! Today which is the 24th of July 2014, I am having my first Giveaway for 245 Points!!! And if you would like to join this Giveaway, here are the steps:
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Added to my devWatch! me! (This Giveaway is only available for my watchers!!)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! +fav this journal (This will be your participant number)
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Make a journal about my Giveaway!!
Alright! (All these steps will be 3 entries all together.)
And down/below here you can see another 3 things!
They are the extra entries!! :) 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Donate 5Points  or more to me!!! -3 extra entries
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Give a Llama (If you already gave before,

  • Eating: pizza and cinnamon rolls
  • Drinking: water

Continues Mini event!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 11:38 AM
About | Gallery Info | Breed Registration | Point System | Adverts | Summer Show |

The Horse Art Deviant Breed Association, aka, HA-DBA has decided to host a mini event!
It is pretty much a regular mini event, with several classes. The difference is that this event is non-stop. It will continue into eternity. New classes maybe added upon request, as we try to add as many classes as possible.
Each class is judged when there are 5 entries. If a certain class turns out to become very popular, it will be judged with 7 entries. Judging is completely random, using
The classes are made to be a broad as possible, so you may use this ongoing mini show as an easy way of training your horses.

How to enter

Comment on this blog with your entry!
Your entry has to at least contain a sketch of your horse. This sketch must show enough of the horses body that we can see what the horse is doing.
The horse must be recognizable as the individual horse you're entering. (generally this means you'll have to draw the marking or color it, unless it has extremely unique features compared to your other horses)
The picture you draw does NOT have to be taken during the actual class! You could also draw preparations or vet-checks or the like!
If you are entering a ridden class you have to draw at least part of the handler.
If you're entering a driven class you have to draw at least part of the wagon OR the tack.
You may of course draw as much extra as you want.
You can enter as many horses in as many classes as you want and you can draw more then one horse in one picture,
but you maybe only enter a horse in each class once. If a horse wins a class it may not enter that class again on the next show, but after that it may enter again.

Music class - includes all musical events, all types of dressage, as well as vaulting, group events, trick shows and reigning.
Jumping class - includes free jumping, cross country, standard jumping and even hunting.
Herding class - includes cattle events like cutting and roping, as well as herding whatever kind of animal (or dragon) you want.
Water class - included water racing, treasure diving, obstacle course, mounted water polo and any other water-event you can think of.
Sky class - includes aerial racing, obstacle course, aerial dressage, mounted quidditch and any other sky-event you can think off.
Show off - includes halter, liberty and freestyle for (semi-)natural horses, and challenges magic users to show what they can do and includes show driving.
Outdoor - western or english rides out over field, beach or through forest, includes endurance as well as outdoor races (all types), as well as obstacle driving.
Gymkhana - Games on horseback in singles or teams, feel free to get creative.

None..... :(

HA-DBA stamp by Jian89Crimson Feather Stables Stamp by RoseThornStablesHorse Stamp by silverglass19Rose Thorn Racing by RoseThornStablesEnemies ::stamp:: by ShiritsuThe Friend Stamp by BusirisArtist Rights by tarutoAnti-anti-deviantART stamp by Thrash-WaltzI'm Here for the Long Term by realitysquaredStamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirlCyber Bullying Stamp by InsaneRomanPony stamp by Shabi000Dreaming the Impossible-STAMP by Black-Heart-AlwaysBe Kind by fear-the-brillianceSupport Creativity by Putri-984Opinion stamp by xAshleyMxPirates Are Better -- Stamp by RipfangDragonWhat is an Artist? by NeikoishRead Before You Comment by LeoLeonardoI Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dWanna Stamp by agra19Art is Stamp by ultravioletbatSupport realistic and fantasy HARPG stamp by ChistokrovkaDramatic Horse by rosariocentralplzSunset Freedom Horses Stamp by devils-horizonHorse stamp by xMashykaxMy friends support me stamp by SynfullI support my friends stamp by SynfullThe gladiator by SirvanaRachana

The Shinigami Calls

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 3:42 AM

 photo Death_Note_Logo_zps28c9a0c5.png

How To Use

  1. The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
  2. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
  3. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.
  4. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
  5. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.


How will you catch a criminal with a power to kill like a God?
-Only on Detective-HQ


From :icondestinyrose09:

 I just wanted to give update about the next mystery case since its been a couple of weeks since we had one. I'm still working on the puzzles! Lol! It should be ready soon, and I'll announce the preview when its ready. Hopefully before this month ends. This will be the journal skin to be used for the Mystery Case Event ^_^

Scavenger Hunt Answers + WINNERS

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 12:25 AM

The I-Heart-Colors first Scavenger Hunt was a success! A huge thank you to everyone who participated, we hope you had fun and learned new things about our group! :glomp:
The event journal with rules and prize listings can be found HERE.

We've now calculated the points based on the notes we received.
Points were given as follows:
A correct checkpoint location + link: + 1 point
A correct answer: + 1 point
An almost correct answer: + ½ point
A wrong answer: - 1 point
No answer to a question: - 2 points Yes, we encourage guessing!

This means the max. point amount was 26 for finding all 13 checkpoints and getting every question right.

The fact that nobody got full points tells that this wasn't the easiest event! We are aware that some of the questions were a bit challenging and a few checkpoints were very well hidden. But since each checkpoint was found at least once and every question received at least one correct answer, it wasn't an impossible task to complete! :)

Checkpoint locations & Answers

1st checkpoint
Location: Scavenger Hunt journal
Question: Who is the original founder of I-Heart-Colors?
Answer: AlvaMusai, formerly crumblecoochiie (Both answers accepted)
Found in: The Our Team journal and "Admins" widget on our About Us page (under "Former founder") or by looking at the author of old journals such as this

2nd checkpoint
Location: The About Us page of our group, in the "Welcome" widget
Question: When did the founder of I-Heart-Colors change to KiwiCocktail?
Answer: June 2nd 2013
Found in: This journal entry

3rd checkpoint
Location: The Artwork page of our group, in the "Gallery folders" sidebar
Question: Which admin or admins are in charge of inviting new artists to the group?
Answer: Our Talents Scouts Writto and ValentinaWhite (Either the Talent Scout moderator name or the deviant names had to be included)
Found in: The Our Team journal or the "Admins" widget on our About Us page

4th checkpoint
Location: The Journal page of our group, in the "Stamps" widget
Question: Who is the writer of the "Best of" Monthly Features?
Answer: Our News Article Feature Manager nihilistic-hun (Either the News Article Feature manager or the deviant name had to be included)
Found in: The Our Team journal, the "Admins" widget on our About Us page or the bottom of a Monthly Feature

5th checkpoint
Location: The Visitors ("Look who stopped by :)") widget on the I-Heart-Colors home page
Question: What types groups can affiliate with us?
Answer: All groups except hate-groups
Found in: Our Affiliation Guidelines

6th checkpoint
Location: The Our Team journal, in the "Former Admins" section (The hint about the admin checkpoint referred to this one!)
Question:  How do you become a Top Contributor?
Answer: You must have 10 pieces successfully submitted and remaining in our galleries, and after that you must note the group stating you wish to become a Top Contributor. This was changed sometime before the hunt began, so I hope you double-checked before you sent your answers!
Found in: Our FAQ, the "Top Contributors" widget of the I-Heart-Colors home page, or in old Top Contributor features

7th checkpoint
Location: KiwiCocktail's profile page, under the "Groups" section of the "<3" widget (The hint about a fruit referred to Kiwi!)
Question: Which of the I-Heart-Colors gallery folders should you submit the following piece to?

Answer: One Color Other (Because it's a green stock image)
Found in: This journal as well as on the I-Heart-Colors front page in the "Gallery folder guide" or Artwork page sidebar (in the decriptions of the "Colorful Other" and "One Color Other")

8th checkpoint
Location: In a comment on the "Do you browse our group's galleries?" poll
Question: You changed the color of your yellow photograph to purple with Photoshop. What folder should you submit it to?
Answer: One Color Digital Media
Found in: Our FAQ (see Q3.2), this journal, the I-Heart-Colors front page in the "Gallery folder guide" or Artwork page sidebar (in the decription of "One Color Digital Media", it says that pieces with one main color which have been heavily edited digitally should go into this folder)

9th checkpoint
Location: The 1st Top Contributor journal
Question: Which gallery folder is not open for submissions?
Answer: The Featured folder
Found in: Our FAQ (see Q1.3), this journal, the I-Heart-Colors front page in the "Gallery folder guide" or Artwork page sidebar (the decriptions of "Featured" say that this folder consist of hand-picked pieces by the admins, which would mean that it's closed for public submissions)

10th checkpoint
Location: A reply to this comment on the I-Heart-Colors home page
Question: When were the One Color folders introduced? (Month and year)
Answer: March 2013
Found in: The March 2013 feature (the "This month we introduced our new One Color folders" however, references to the featured month in question, March, and not the month when the journal was submitted!). For those with good memory, the Submission Guidelines journal used to be an announcement journal for the new rules AND new One Color folders

11th checkpoint
Location: On our donation account DonateI-Heart-Colors profile, in the ID widget (The hint about points referred to the donation account!)
Question: Before the folders became divided based on medium (Traditional, Digital etc), what folder system did I-Heart-Colors have?
Answer: One folder for each month
Found in: Old members might remember the monthly folders, others would have to go to journals such as this, this or this for hints

12th checkpoint
Location: A comment on the Mini-contest voting journal
Question: Where and how can you get your contest featured at our group?
Answer: In this journal by sending the group a note
Found in: That same journal or our FAQ (see Q6.1)

13th checkpoint
Location: The "Top Contributors" widget on I-Heart-Colors home page
Question:  In 2013, we had one contest. What was the name of it?
Answer: "Opposites Attract"
Found in: The contest journal or contest folder

And now for the results! :la:

1st place: Stygma with 24 points! :winner:

2nd place: Annissina with 23,5 points! :clap:

3rd place: gortholomew with 22 points! :clap:


The winners will be contacted with their prizes shortly :heart:

Thank you for reading :huggle:


Yamiyugiatemlovers Logo For Contests By Artworx88- by Sissie131

So it finally came, the contest for our official photo group!!! 

As I said it's for our Official Photo Group. :iconartworx88: :iconjacqueliny: and me :iconsissie131: we're gonna be the hosts for the contest. There's gonna be three winners!

The theme of the pictures is: Whatever you want (except hentai or ecchi) the only thing it got to have is the three Yugi's (Yugi, Yami, Atem) in it :D
Deadline: August 30th
There'll be a poll for the members to vote :D

The prizes:

1st place: 1 free full color full body request w/simple gradient background or premade sai tool pattern + speed paint video of their request, 200 points, and their photo entry on our group page.

2nd place: 1 free full color full body request w/simple gradient background or premade sai tool pattern + speed paint video of their request, 200 points

3rd place: 100 points

To submit your entry just go to our page and upload it on our contest file :D. Link -> yamiyugiatemlovers.deviantart.…

Good luck everyone!!! :iconmonkeymeowplz:

  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Phantom of the Opera
As some of you may know, I have been getting a ton of positive feedback on my You're not a Monster (Meta Knight x Reader). I was telling some of the people I have been replying to the comments that I might make another one. Since alot of people have liked this oneshot that I have done, I was thiking of going all out and doing a ful Meta Knight x Reader story based around Kirby Right Back at Ya. Please tell me in the comments if you would like to see something like this from me and if you guys want, I will make the first chapter and if you guys don't like it, I will stick to oneshots for this specific character. Thank you and I am looking forward to hearing from you!