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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (54,501 votes) 1,156 comments
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my first giveaway:squee:

-everyone can join
-no spamming (if you are spaamming you were disqualificated!)

1. fave this journal and if you want make a new journal
2. optional: watch me if you don't want to miss more giveaways
3. leave a comment with your number and only the number, look what the deviant has who commented before for examlpe this person had 28 then you have 29

just donate the points and you get some extra numers the you leave in the same comment or if it is later a new comment with the next numbers in this order and don't forget to write in the message "for ... extr numbers in your giveaway"
2 numbers extra - 4 :points:
5 numbers extra - 10 :points:
15 numers extra - 20 :points:
all points will be added to the giveaway!!! If you want to be nice just donate points and write in the message "for your giveaway" and don't forget as more points as more prices

1st place receive 170 :points:
2nd place receive 70 :points:

IT ENDS ON 25TH SEPTEMBER 2014 AT 5 PM (GMT), the winner will be choosen with

Stock & Resources

Broadly defined, Action Stock is any photo-reference in which the subject is doing SOMETHING. That 'something' does not need to be extreme or particularly kinetic, it just has to show the effects of various forces on the bodies (or other objects) in the image. Perusing an artifact, sitting on someone's knee, even enjoying the aroma of a cup of coffee are great examples of actions that, when explored as stock images, can be of great value to artists.

Bridger Mehmood (9) by anyman82 ~ Lovers 8 by kirilee ~ Hot Cuppa Sitting Preview by Null-Entity

Of course, there is nothing wrong with extreme, kinetic, over-the-top actions, either...

Weapons Wench 40 by kirilee ~ A Gentleman's Last Act Dive 13 by Null-Entity ~ Finish Him - Pose Reference for Drawing by SenshiStock ~ Street Fighter 11 by syccas-stock

It's worth stating the obvious: if you are interested in exploring the more "kinetic" end of the action spectrum, know your limits. Don't work beyond your skill level and observe all necessary safety precautions; no shot is worth getting hurt over.

Consider the visible effects of forces on objects when designing the shot. Clothing, hair, and body position/tension are the things that most clearly show gravity and motion.

WUC13 - 3 by jademacalla ~ The Stick 2 by DaeStock ~ Sci-fi Geisha 45 by kirilee ~ Otherworld Remix 9 by lindowyn-stock

Sometimes you may have to hack gravity a little but...

Melted Wings 6 by PirateLotus-Stock ~ Traveller 11 by dazzle-stock

As with any photo-reference image, action shots can benefit from the addition of interesting/unexpected angles and foreshortening.

Operator Soldier Stock - 53 by Nemesis-19 ~ Pose Reference stock 1 - Falling by charligal-stock ~ RTA_Preview by jademacalla ~ Staff Perspective - Pose Reference by SenshiStock

Likewise, subject orientation gives the artists who use action shots more options...

Apoc-Survivor (33) by anyman82 ~ Treasure Hunter-50 by Nemesis-19 ~ F2_AA_03 - Preview by jademacalla ~ Alanna41 by faestock

The subjects of gear and technique are too broad for this forum, but it's probably worth mentioning that you should understand your gear well enough to get the result you want. If you want to freeze your subject in mid-flight you need enough light to allow for the appropriately fast shutter speed; generally this means the use of either strobes or daylight.

REQ13_mr_boom3 by jademacalla ~ Jump 21 by DaeStock ~ Chandar 4 by b-e-c-k-y-stock ~ MAT_05 by jademacalla

If you've never played around with action-oriented stock images I hope you'll give it a try; the main thing is to have fun and be careful.  The sky's the limit.

hawaii exclusives 6 by magikstock ~ Forest Queen 22 by kirilee ~ Ascend And Reach - Eye Level 03 by Null-Entity ~  Southron Archer 4 by lindowyn-stock

Tournament and Graduation Dance

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 7:56 AM
Helmy says:

Well, well... we made it to the end of the tournament, and there was plenty of bloodshed for all of us to enjoy! It also appears that the academy is going to be holding a Ceremony and Dance this month!

Day: September 27, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 6:00 PM CDT
What: Come to a ceremony for the top three tournament winners and the graduates of this year, then enjoy free food and music for the remainder of the night!
Where: Otherworlde Chatroom

Need a date? Come solicit one here!

Now, the part you've been waiting for...

Example: 2-0 is two wins, zero losses

Glitch 10-0 || Darvenel 7-4
Kichi 9-2 || Kyran 7-5
Cressida 8-4 || Contour 7-5
Pet 8-3 || Kaine 6-5
Dion 9-3 || Chrono 6-4 
Broken 7-4 || Jinxie 5-5 
Kyriel 6-3-1 || Shira 5-7
Lilin 6-6 || Alexei 5-6
Eva 6-5 || Virgil 5-7 
Sol 3-7 || Ida (Drop)

OW: Glitch (Expert) by viralremix
Final Record: 10-0

Kichi OW Expert by Kittrex
Final Record: 9-2

[OW] Dion Miachaelson by devinaaTART
Final Record: 9-3

OW: Pet App3 by Rndom-Obsessions
Final Record: 8-3

Otherworlde, 3rd year: Cressida Hawthorn by KeplerNova
Final Record: 8-4

Otherworlde Application: Darvenel Scrymogeour by Ju5tAB0r3d1Broken's app by Evil-Wren
Final Record: 7-4

Kyran Otherworlde New App by NightsCreatureOtherWorlde Application: Contour by Ju5tAB0r3d1
Final Record: 7-5

Otherworlde: Y5 Kyriel Applicant Form by kaihidou
Final Record: 6-3-1


Ninth: Chrono 6-4
Tenth: Kaine 6-5
Tenth: Eva 6-5
Eleventh: Lilin 6-6
Twelfth: Jinxie 5-5
Thirteenth: Alexei 5-6
Fourteenth: Shira - 5-7
Fourteenth: Virgil 5-7
Fifteenth: Sol 3-7

Refer to this journal for prizes, contact viralremix for points/USD and subscriptions.

Flash Manip Challenge 01 - Dreams

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 1:08 PM

You've heard of flash mobs, right? Large groups of people that meet in public places and perform in some way for a short amount of time, then disperse and act as if nothing happened, leaving everyone else surprised and confused? I figured I'd try to incorporate something like that into a short challenge. :D

You will be given a theme. The idea is to quickly piece together a manip based on that theme. Because the time limit to complete it will be short, technical skill will not be heavily judged

There will be more of these challenges, but they will not be on a set schedule. Like a flash mob, they're meant to surprise you and keep you on your toes. :meow:

Guidelines for Challenge 1
Theme: Dreams
Time limit: 3 days (due by 11:59pm EST September 21st)
You will be judged on creativity/originality & how well you fit the theme
:star: All stock must be legitimate
Upload your entry to your gallery and send the link/thumb via note

Because this is not a full-blown contest but instead somewhat frequent challenges, the prizes will be fairly small.
There will be two winners.
If anyone wishes to donate anything extra, it will be greatly appreciated. :heart:

First place
200 points
3 month subscription
feature on profile

Second place
100 points
1 month subscription
feature on profile

If you can't take part in this one, don't worry! :hug: There will be many more. Hopefully these will help stir up inspiration and creative ideas. :heart:

Also, feel free to suggest future challenge themes! (they just won't go in the order they are received ;))

Happy manipping! :eager:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:+fav: Please consider faving this journal to help
bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

You are one of the most amazing persons I have ever known in my life. You are full of life and creativity! You're my favorite author and one of my closest friends! :) I know that with your determination you will achieve your dreams and prove to everyone what a great author and person you are! You are sweet, kind, funny and very wise! :) Thank you so much for being my friend! :D

You are an amazing and wonderful friend, who manages to deal with my craziness! XD You are my interenet sister and together we will always be the Dynamic Duo! :D You do lots of collabs with me and I love your imagination, be it us running away from THE PHONE DUN DUN DUN!!! Or just simple going crazy with smileys! You will always be a very important person to me! :)

Madi, you are just one heck of an amazing person~ I am very glad I got to know you when we started role-playing together those two years ago~ I want to say, you are one of my best buddies, I really hope some day we can see each other!~ :tighthug: Anyways, stay amazing, and thank you for always being there~

To mah brosu, :RokieBlueRose:
Dear Rokie,
Even though you live all the way across the country, to me, you are my most dearest and closest friend. I remember the first time we met when Nise introduced us and it was really awkward at first but we bonded so fast! I really don't know what to say! I'm completely speechless when it comes to describing you! There is not one word that exists that can describe our friendship. I love you so much! Like my own sister! You have always been there for me no matter what! You've helped me and you've inspired me. You always understood to the point where I could tell you anything! You're the one person that I can relate to no matter how different we are! We are beyond best friends, or even sisters. I'm so happy that I met you. I'm so honored to be able to make you laugh and smile. Laughing with you brings me so much joy and happiness. I know that you are a caring, sweet, and joyful person no matter what anyone says! I know that you deserve so much and I owe you so much! Other than God, you are the one person who I can depend and rely on when I need to. I do believe that by God, we have met and I'm so so so glad that we did. You are my true friend, Rokie. I love you so so so much no matter what! We are soul-sistas forever~! Never forget! God bless you, Rokie!
Your soul-sister and brokie ;D,
Mitsu <3 <3 <3

@Spiritwolf147 You are such a kind and friendly person <3 I'm so happy to have meet you. I hope you have the best of days! That are filled with happiness.

rerce- You are an absolutely amazing person who I love dearly. You support me through the difficult times and offer to do nearly anything to make me feel happy. Your art is absolutely gorgeous and I'm also proud to be your friend. I hope you have a wonderful life and that we stay friends for a really long time, you beautiful person. Love ya <3
With love from E-Dragon-Suru~

I love my precious kouhais uchuubranko mintyfreshmangos irriKUN & Spudfuzz so much~
You make your senpai very happy~ :la:

Oh my goodness where do i begin?!?
You've made me laugh ever since i met you.
Yea so we've fought a couple times but who cares
I will always love you dood i'm glad to be your friend :D

To: astrapiamayeri
A few days ago, you said you never expected to inspire someone to draw something. You really so! Especially to me. Seeing your drawings, makes me want to work harder. On animals, mythical creatures, scanning (lol) or whatever else. Your art is very good and inspired me to draw these kinds of things. My likes of these kinds of things increased too! I want to thank you. For everything. You inspire lots! 
From: AnimaImaginez

Smileyface1027, you are an awesome writer! I absolutely think it's phenomenal! Even though you met me first, YOU inspired ME to write my stories, and your characters are so cool! I love to put my OC Danny with your OC Rachel, even though Danny hates it! XD And those growing tensions with Phillip and Lucas... while Leo, Danielle, and Maria watch. XD Keep up your funny, cute, awesome, and sometimes tear jerking stories!
chaowie, your drawings are so cool and nice! I love all of the stuff you drew for me! I love all your comics and little arts, as well as Chaowie the Chao and the Angry Luma. Angry is so funny! Busting through walls, screaming, "Why wasn't I invited?!" Keep it up, man!
Hiyukee, your art is so cool! I'm glad you took Momma-Ran's 100 Themes Challenge! You perfectly fit the themes and it always looks wonderful! I wish you good look on future themes!
Nintendrawer. Wow, Mon. There may be a LOT I have to say. I have loved your catoons since I was 8, before even knowing dA. Your art is so cool and fun to look at! Thanks for the laughs! Also, I thank you dearly for letting me play Mario Kart 8 with everyone! It is so much fun! I would like to say that you may be one of the greatest deviant friends I've met. I love your work!

Trucy757 you have inspired me to draw dragons more often. Your linearts are amazing and your chibis are so adorable! you have a great personality and I hope you keep up the good work despite school (^_^)

Swerville you are my best friend. The fact that we have only known each other for about 8 months is crazy, considering I can't remember or even imagine what I would do without you! You may be my only friend, but to me you are better than having a million. Thank you for being there <3

Hey, hacker12345
Though you're constantly trying to shamelessly flirt with people, you're a pretty nice person. Thank you for doing my request so quickly despite being busy with work. I wish you luck in high school.

I love your art so much! Especially the eyes! You're the best!

Dearest Ujalasocks2001,
You're a fantastic person. So fantastic, that I envy you greatly. Your art might not be the best, but you're an amazing person. Good luck in life. I won't say to make new friends in high school, because I plan to be your only friend. Despite whatever you want. MWAHAHAHA.
- Someone SUPER anonymous

BabyAbbieStar Girl, I know I've only been talking to you for a couple of days :XD: butbutbut you are seriously amazing :la: I don't know if you remember, but you and I go back a couple of years ;P Y'know, when I was all new and shy :ashamed: and you graced the first part of my story with your presence and comment! :giggle: Then I totally disappeared for like a year ^^; You have no idea how happy I was to find out I still had a friend :blush::huggle: I'll admit, I was feeling super down still am :c about myself when I came back because no one seemed to care for me or my art anymore, so talking to you again made me feel welcome :blush: 
Anyway, just wanted to tell you to keep shining :D and take care of your Troll Fairies! :dummy:

:devZánika99: and IenixSS
I just wanted to say that you two, best friends, have taught me a lot about friendship!
You inspire me and keep me drawing, thank you two ~ *throws penguins everywhere*
From your penguin master; Magi-senpai

You are, by far, one of the best artists I've seen since joining the site. Your profile doesn't get half the attention it should.
All skills as an artist aside, you're an unbelievably nice person :)

PinkPeonyPie5972 :
Thanks for all your help and support throughout our time on dA and away from the internet. I'm glad you've been able to hold on this long with all of my eccentric tastes (e.g. historical fangirling) and quirks, so that is a pretty big achievement! Thanks for all you do, and keep being awesome, sweetie!

SuperiLoveCartoons :
You are honestly one of the most unique, resilient, and intelligent artists I've seen. You're not afraid to express or be yourself, which is a great thing in my book. You've inspired me to overcome my own problems and continue on my path in life. Adding on to my statement, I cannot express in words how much you and your story have touched me. Thank you so much.This is to my best friends EVER, that I know here and in real life.
OmNomStegosaurus, since we met last year, you've introduced me to the most hilarious experiences of my life, and I can't thank you enough for that. If it weren't for you, I may not have met all the people I know now, or be as close to them.
Hithere180, you are an amazing writer, and I'm so glad Taylor brought us together. You're an amazing friend, and I hate we can't hang out more due to our lousy classes. But I still hope we can be great friends, and if we don't, promise me you'll still be as awesome as you are now!
@god-of-theinbetween, I can't tell you what things I wouldn't have gotten into if it weren't for you, we've been friends for what, 2-3 years now? And they've been so awesome since we met. You're a great artist, even if I don't see your art all that much anymore.
All three of you are the bestest friends a middle scoole girl could have, and even though we'll be torn apart when high school comes around, hey, we still have technology, and anyway to see my friends is a great one.
-CutieCake~ (Even though you should know who this is. cx)

ConArtist-666 Heya, bro~! I know you're reading this. I just want to say how much I love you as a brother~! You're really nice and seriously adorable (no matter how much you disagree)! When I first met you, I thought you were an annoying troll. But the more I spoke to you, the more I feel so happy and feel so blessed to have met you~! Don't let negativity hold you down, bro! U GOT DA POWAH! Seriously, though, you're frickin' amazing and I'm really happy to call you a brother~~ <3

Heyo vikkinq! I'd just like to say, you're the best. I'm SO glad to have you as a friend, you changed my life. I hope we can stay friends and hopefully meet each other in the future! I love your art, personality, looks, everything. You're just pure amazing. I love watching you draw, playing games with you, talking to you, anything. It's just so much fun being your friend. Love you friend! ^_^

To: TysunamiWolf
Thankys for being such a great friend! You are smart, artistic, and funny all the time! It is truly a great honor to be your best friend, and I hope you will rise to be a star! Sometimes, I wonder why you chose me to be one of your friends. I really don't deserve you! Your art style is so cute and I sometimes envy you ( jk XD) I hope you succeed in art!!!!!

I love the way you smile.
I love your goofy and perverted jokes.
I love your kindness and I love your harshness.
I love the way you make my heart beat out of my chest, just by simply standing next to me.
But most of all.
I love you.
For you.
You've stolen my heart, and given my soul a place to call home. Thank you.

I'm sure you can guess who's writing this... But I really don't mind. Everyone deserves to know what a wonderful person you are.
Stormy, you're fantastic. You're funny and kind, accepting and understanding, handsome and confident, caring and gentle. Everytime we talk I can't help but grin from ear to ear. Just hearing your voice makes my day twice as bright. With you around I don't feel depressed. I can feel confident about myself... I can accept who I am. Not just anyone can do that. Especially to an antisocial, introverted girl like me.
Yes you're my boyfriend so it's likely my opinion is biased... But that doesn't matter. You sets eve the watches and favorites on your beautiful, unique art. You blow me away with your creativity and intellect... Thank you for alway se being there.
I love you so much, but know that even if our relationship doesn't work out... I'll always be here for you.
Yours truly,

you are so sweet and caring and the most wonderful friend I could wish for. Thank you for being there and helping me out in tough times :heart: I know I haven't commented on your last poems, but I'm still madly in love with everything you write. Your titleeeesss O.O Besides, you manage to capture the emotions in your poems so perfectly, and they are all worth reading a thousand times. If you ever stumble over something in the dark, it's probably me camping in your gallery. (And you're always welcome at my campfire, we can sit and share stories, dear.)
I hope everything's going well for you.

you. are. the. definition. of amazing. c:
You're an absolutely amazing artist (legit. you might be the best artist I know), and the greatest friend eveerrrrrrrrrrrr
Thank u for being so aweshum
and for watching con air with me xD (and cloverfield!!!! EEE so good)
I love u~~~
(its Nicolas Cage, if you're wondering who this is from.)

person. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a fantastic writer, and a very talented artist. Don't give up on yourself, ever, promise..?
Te amo

To my best friend's, EcoStark, Ask-Red-Elsen , PkmnFanInvaderMia , CandiedMeow , Pony-Workshop , IRL-SnowQueenRarity and X-SunnyFriendship-X
You guys... god, where do i start? you guys are so amazing, i just wanna go out and say that
kohai, i love you.. nuff said. i love you so much (no homo.... okay maybe a bit homo <w<) ANYWAYS you've helped me threw so much and i cant thank you enough for that kohai
red, you... are just awesome, your personality is golden and your funny and nice and gjahkg i love everything about you man. you're just so sweggy xD
pkmnfaninvadermia AKA, the person i have to copy and paste the username of because its SO. DAMN. COMPLEX... or. mia... xD mia, you're really fun to talk to and im damn glad i met you... we dont really chat too much which we need to change.. though sadly im often busy.

waifu (candy) you are such an amazing artist even if you never wanna admit it... im happy i get to talk to you and be your friend, you're so special to me ;w; *huggles face* i love chu
pony-workshop. you are SUCH a great vector artist, and one of my most active watchers, so for that id like to thank you ^^
and LASTLY but NOT least. my two Bae's (yes. i have two)
IRL-SnowQueenRarity and X-SunnyFriendship-X you two have some of the best artwork i have EVER seen (no offence to my other friends, your all fabulous so shush) but seriously, sunny, your anthro art and homestuck art is just...Hurr.... its so amazing, the commission i got from you was absolutely PERFECT and snowqueen, your adopts are the best i think iv ever seen when it comes to foal/pony adopts. if i ever won the lottery i would probably be broke within a week from buying so much stuff from you xD
alright. enough sappy stuff...
-paradox (kevin {senpai} )

You are a fudging AMAZING friend! You're awesome, your art's beautiful and adorable, you're always here for me and you've helped me improve in countless ways.
I couldn't thank you enough. I know we haven't been friends for a long time but your kindness and friendliness makes me feel like we've known each other for years.
Never stop being you, Pie. <3

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Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Happy
First of all, I'm quite a few days late in getting round to sorting this out, so for that I apologise! Sorry to keep you guys in suspense!!!

I'm happy to announce that the winner of the 12 month premium membership is :iconawakialkyona: !!! :party: :party:

Congratulations :iconawakialkyona: !!!!!!!

I know there'll be a lot of disappointed deviants (I never thought so many people would enter!) so I'm planning on holding more giveaways in the future once I get some spare funds. I might do more than one prize as well, so there's more chance of winning. :)
Natsu and Happy (Thumbs Up) [V1] smill - Natsu 1 Happy (Poke) [V1] Fairy Tail Bullet Natsu's Mark Natsu-talking Natsu-Lucy-and-Happy-at-lunch-2 Natsu-Lucy-and-Happy-at-lunch-3 Aye sir 2 Natsu-Lucy-and-Happy-at-lunch Natsu-and-Lucy-meat Natsu-smash Happy-and-Natsu KO Fairy Tail Bullet Natsu's Mark Flipped Natsu - Happy 6 Lol - Natsu Fairy Tail Happy-walk-and-talk Natsu - Wairiiiii Natsu - I'm sorry Natsu - I'm ready Natsu - Happy 4 Happy-walk-and-talk-2 Natsu Blush Natsu - Smiling Natsu - Happy Natsu - Opening OVA Natsu - Happy 5 Natsu - Happy 2 Excited - Natsu Fairy Tail Natsu - Happy 3 Natsu - showing of his dance moves Natsu - I'm so ''happy'' to see you Happy Natsu Icon #2 Natsu Baby  
There is voting going on at this link
If you are interested, please visit this site!^^
I would be extremely grateful, and so would DGMN4EVER!
Please visit the site and pay attention to this blog.

Your friendly neighborhood dragon, Kaden Long
It is finally time for Ponyville Mystery to head for what I like to call the final stretch. Most oft he texts are already written and proof-read, the designs are (aside from the Gameboard) finished and the whole project starts coming together.  

This will lead to a few problems I like to confront head-on :). First of all… many of the cards I’ll now add are in fact cards that contain encounters i. e. little stories. And just to put it into perspective, we’re talking about nearly 150 cards. I am absolutely thrilled about finally getting them out, as well as new cards with artworks, but releasing them all at once won’t do them justice, so I thought up a little routine!

One card a day for as long as I manage to keep it up! Additionally, every Sunday,  there’ll be one special card among them, containing an artwork like a spell or a new exciting item or maybe even new investigators.

But that’s not all. Ponyville Mystery now has its own Wordpress-Site, which is much more beautiful and neatly arranged. I also made some new headers to make the site look extra awesome!

In addition, we now have a tumblr!

I think that’s all for now.

Stay awesome! :)

While I have stabilized the tension between my E-bay and my Bank of America account I am testing the waters by selling my Phone. It looks like this…? and since it still works and has service for the time being starting price is $75. If you want it get it while it's hot :3