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Beta Launch: Tags

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 3:13 PM
PLEASE NOTE: Tags are in limited Beta release and not all Beta Testers have access to this feature at this time.

You’ve been hearing a lot about tags in the past few months, and we’re happy to announce that they’ve just been fully released to Beta Testers.

Tags create landing pages around topics making it easier to discover related artwork, bringing together artists and art appreciators, and forming communities around common interests. As deviantART grows and creates new ways to discover great content, we believe tags will play an important role in better surfacing artwork.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.10.20 PM by danlev

Tag Your Deviations (and Collections)!

You now have the ability to tag your deviations and Collections. Tags added to your deviations will be publicly viewable -- this is a change from the previous use of keywords, which were private.

Important: Keywords added to existing deviations before tags launched will not display publicly unless you approve them using the Tag Editor, which can also be used to add and edit tags on your existing deviations in bulk. Tagging your deviations and collections will improve their visibility across the deviantART network. Tagging is a crucial part of discoverability and will help your work find the audience that will appreciate it most!

On deviation pages, tags are presented beneath the title and category for at-a-glance reference. Visitors can learn about your work by viewing how you tagged it, and can find more works by you and other deviants based on tags.

Tags can also be used in comments, Status Updates, Journals, and Collections.

Get started now! Use the Tag Editor to approve tags on your deviations.

Tag Pages

Clicking a tag will bring you to its corresponding tag page. Tag pages display different types of content around a shared theme. When on a specific tag page, artwork, Journals, and Status Updates with that tag will display, and tag pages also include a stream of activity around that tag.

Deviants who use that tag and Collections with that tag will appear on the page, so you can connect with other people who share your interests.

Tag Tips

When submitting deviations, add tags to bring your art to the right audience and give your art more exposure. You can add up to 64 tags based on a variety of topics.

To make the most of your tags, keep these tips in mind:
  • Keep it simple. The less complicated the tag, the easier your art is to discover.

  • Be specific. If you take a picture of a rose, tagging it as #flower, while correct, won’t get your art to the right audience the way tagging it #rose will. You can, of course, tag both.

  • Tag efficiently. If your art is based on Lord of the Rings, tag it #LordOfTheRings and/or #lotr. You don’t need to tag every combination; tag the most commonly used.

  • One word tags. Tags are limited to one word without spaces.  That way you can find already existing communities, and your art stands a better chance of being seen.

Try it out!

You can try out tags now by editing your old deviations, tagging your new deviations, or by visiting a tag page (such as #lotr, #stepbystep, or #drawthisagain).

If you encounter any bugs or other issues, please file a ticket about them in the devBUG Issue Tracker, under the Tags project.

PLEASE NOTE: These items are in limited Beta release and not all Beta Testers have access to these features at this time.
In addition to today’s Tags launch to Beta, we’ve also made updates to the site navigation, Daily Deviations, and Activity Feed.

The More Menu

Previously, the site’s main menu could be found under the arrow drop-down in left corner of any page.  We’ve often received feedback that it was too hard to find, and it contents overwhelming. In response to feedback from our recent Beta Testing release, we’ve taken the opportunity to re-evaluate how it displays.

The main menu has since been moved to the right of the search bar, and has been placed under a “More” heading, for easier discovery and usage. We’ve removed items that are already duplicated in other menus on the main navigation, so that you can find what you’re looking for at-a-glance, with no complication.

For users who prefer the Stick Menu option, it remains available, but has been relocated to your Settings page.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.34.10 PM by danlev

Sticky Navigation

When viewing deviations on the Browse page, the secondary navigation and left sidebar will travel as you scroll, so that other pages can easily be accessed regardless of where the viewer is on the page. With endless scrolling on Browse pages, having the navigation readily available can be handy if you’re deep into a browse experience.

Daily Deviation Updates

We’ve heard a lot of feedback about the absence of Daily Deviations in the footer.  To address community concerns, and to continue to highlight their presence, we've added Daily Deviations to the secondary header available on the front page. A few deviants suggested this exact change, and we agreed that it’s an ideal way to showcase the works in a prominent, easy to find location.

Dds by danlev

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll is now available on the Daily Deviations page, allowing you to scroll through previous Daily Deviations dates -- backwards in time, for as long as you like!  (You can also still browse using the previous and next buttons.)

Activity Feed Updates

In the first version of the Activity Feed, deviants could share someone else's Status Update, and other deviants could then reshare that update. We received feedback about the design and loading issues caused by these nested shares, and have we adjusted the way things work. Now, when you share someone else's Status Update, only the original Status Update will display.

Two weeks ago, we announced that this change would require us to delete previously submitted Status Updates. We’re please to tell you that this is no longer the case!  Your previously created Status Updates will be transitioned without any deletions.

Try it out!

You can see these changes by visiting the homepage!  If you encounter any bugs or other issues, please file a ticket about them in the devBUG Issue Tracker, under the respective
Site Navigation or Activity Feed projects.

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