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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Light Hunters Feature #85

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 8:46 AM

Enjoy some of the recent additions to our gallery

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Parabolic Memories

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 6:14 AM


blue wood by augenweiderusted by augenweide

S+F 21 by PencilsAndInkS+F 27 by PencilsAndInk



A Global Speed Art Affair by EintoeRn
And please do no hesitate to take a full preview of the book here:

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APN Suggestion Saturday #25

Sat Aug 30, 2014, 10:20 AM


In this article you can find some of the DD suggestions I've received in the last 14 days! I might not be able to DD every suggestion I receive, but I can help giving them some exposure one way or the other!

Annihilate by WishmasterAlchemist Joga by azu-55 BEAR portrait by black-bear-2014
Insomnia by lucium55 Facing the Winds by HetaliasHero Thistle 17 by Kayababe
Decision by InLightImagery A Breath of Ice by LilacLorelei Afternoon Beauty by dmguthery
Tiger by Londonbaby Dreamy Water Mist. by Exparte-se Impending Rain by sheiruki
Beautiful creature by xXBellcatXx Sunny Pathway by third-one ray of light by HeikoGerlicher
'I didn't do it' by Finalation Kitty Hug!! by Riphath Sweet Dreams by Spademm
Mother's day by brijome Fina by nari-me Snake by SnapShot120
talk to me by Buntcone Bird Grasshopper by Andres-Cadena Bla Bla and Bla by Roby17
Flying away by Rozul tully pond - royalston, ma by ChasMandala 2014 - 27 Just a Test by W0LLE
Puppy by FuriarossaAndMimma Summer's Grateful Heart by SharingMyDreams Chasing Bubbles by x-xSpitFirex-x
10 by polmrok DIVE DIVE DIVE part 2 by wolvesone Sunshine by feileacanathair
Grass Snake by KattPhotography in dry grass by Mari-Ghostly Sophie Pugalina Wrinkles by Catandhearts
Morning in the Forest by ferrohanc 05.06.2012 - cheetah queen by AnimalPhotographer On top of the world by Nikonfinest

My DD guidelines are written on my profile page! :heart:

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

APN Promotion

:bulletpink: rainylake ABC's of Animals's newest edition!
:bulletpink: A-Foggy-Day is having a Fog Fairy Tale contest (ends September 17th)
:bulletpink: :new: CanonAdventures and thedaydreaminggirl are holding "The Big Gender Photo Challenge" (ends October 4th)

If you have any APN links, contests, APN groups or other links you want me to promote; just leave a comment or send me a note! :heart:

APN Groups

:iconconservation-art: :iconartisticanimals: :iconnature-capture:

Previous Editions

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24

Monthly MEGA Manga Features Volume 7 +200 points

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 12:24 AM
Monthly Mega Manga Mondays by iingo

:heart::love::+fav: Here's the seventh edition of my Manga Series, MONTHLY MEGA MANGA FEATURES, where I will be featuring DD, Great manga artist, Unseen Anime Artist , and MANGA OF COURSE! Give these artist some love :+fav::love::heart: There will be no giveaways this time. However the winners from last raffle will be announced here!


I didn't do a feature for July so this is why this one will be a great one!

Orange bullet icon by iingo So here are 15 DDs featured from cinyu
check out more of the DDs she featured…

A Gift by Yonccoshingeki no bahamut by khanshinLuna by KaizeruGARDENING by MACKMACCom: With you by meodualeoJellyfish by joodlezHome lab~ by NattorinSR AT: Bow Down to Your Highness! by ShyBlumy dream by babagoforest friends by yukihomuRagnarok by JoyfoolSummer Tea Time by rosuuriClownfish by RegInsenserCosmic Cosmetic Room by chamooiY by harapeko

:heart:Here's 15 from Gwendolyn12 that are super cool!
Cherry shadow by IbyChizuhi.. by LZTanukichi
MY SONG by hecoheioFantasies of a Child by blue-kingdomMiku by CymphoniaWarsong by ToosanChibi Dragon by Skunkyfly+ h u n t i n g + by rainueOC : Akai by EvalidaGlaucidium by TeaserdDespertar de mariposa del Sol by sonamy-25Pazamal by KarboAbout Love by XxFederfreiMilk tea jam by MushstoneDark Gaia by melted-ices

Suggest Manga/Anime to

:heart: Here are 30 deviations from some of our favorite manga/anime artist
- Commission - cherielou 2 by janirotluvxInspirit by ZelbunniiCheese! by hitsukuyaYakouressya by kirero1Sakuya Oyasumi by Lolisoup:CE: Last Of Summer by nouraiiBrave by TeaToriThe Greens by Jon-LockHave you ever seen a blue deer? #2 by Maruuki.Butterflies of my childhood memories. by HetiruA Midsummer Night's Dream by GYRHSShy Beach Boy by craytmWarm Embrace by PinlinConfinement by KanekiruThe Balloon Dress by Na0hGuilty Crown - Pray to the Queen by NyanfoodFloating by kandasamaEvenings by XkYLovely Blast by anikakinkaLittle Birds by ooStratoZooCommission - Midori + Shiro by Shumijin603 by azammiiAT : Dear-Koyu by RelxionCE: Going to Abyss by Sakon04Queen Bubblegum and Vampire Princess by DAV-19LoveLive! : Honoka by kanipandaMoonlight Cavern by JowaForget-me-not by luleiyaAnime Revolution: Senkaku Mei Cover by ippusMemorieal Artbook by naoyatoudo

:heart:Here are 60 Unseen artist that deserve some love. These artist really have talent!
Games and Loli's by myaohCamdy girl(2) by Nanatsuki-JinkoCustom Commission for Mochine-Chan by Hey-XanderMiku'! by SchonDeedAoisaki by YoaiSakura /  Beng-beng-chan's Contest by ReiraSeoGaia Online Commission: Hopeh by WhiteKanaHappy Birthday to beloved Samyze by FlaurelPinku no mado by Chendelieucliff parade by jurrigMary's Song by Mastry01yugata sanae-tohou project by qianshuhaoSunny by Oiru777Naru chan! by OsakiloCharacter2 by tukasaaya[Danganronpa] Celestia, ending by ZealAlephOC OC OC OC !! by s-haaPrincess Lovely by isanctzUnderwater Excursion by shihoranBismarck~ by MMrailgunAlice by CiriuZ1 and Z3 by hironyanFlowers by ocharoIa by YuzasA-giga by kitsune-aniiHuu by potatoe-kunSpirited Flower by StaplusHiradaira Chisaki underwater by Fast-Runner-2024Dood by mysticswordsman214868 by kouchisHide by SuSuperResynchronized by puinkeyTsunami x Shadow Link by wickedzFirst Taste Contest Entry - Vanilla Queen Hallie by Ross-86Jibril by mushomushoALICE by Tsiih-chanNext Chapter by KuroenoGarden of Gaia by HonHonMy world by 3bgrassCOM - Happy Day! (Arnef) by KentChanShe's a pirate by Taly5Brighter by PorukachiiLessons of a mermaid by NaussiComm : Alice Pandora Hearts by KarinPyongPPC : Sato by hientruong95peace by izumi07TehBotol Sisri by SchonDeedB A T T L E by Asa-tanAT: kioler by LolipopuMajestic Flare Adopt by cadillacsKiriban: Aaeruu by YanderikaLeta by BephilopsAT: Ria by KooRiikoElf by chiaki43.:C H O C O L A T E:. by Hoshi-PanCM: s102912 by helloveda3 Elin by jurriggirl's school by DewitrikaColorful Night by AmarriAyla - Commission by Hey-Xander


here are 20 sweet chibi deviations that you should instantly :+fav: fav!
Adoptable by TheSoundOfFreedomShinobu ~ Commission for Himeij-hime + Speedpaint by tinyTonboHuro by kouroux.: Commission :. Vaniraa by Rineri
Naegineko Species #2 || 48hr Auction || CLOSED by Reo-chiiPurple Kitty Flowers by MiiddoriAT: Relxion by Orico-tanBuruberi by himawari-tanGrand Couturier Harime Nui (Kill La Kill) by HadibouGiftie for Squitopus by MiitsunePrincess Tutu by fanyaziTouko chibi by WatashiwaArisu:Baby Chibi: Madoka by nouraiiTogekiss by neutrinoflavorCommission for llatulies by DarkDanielaAT: Homuah by Polka-PotSweetie 04 by Shatik[Contest Entry] Kitty by epicCOOKIninjaMarybelle Pagedoll New by Mimitea:GT: Marcherin by Nanami-Yukari

THIS IS ALSO A 200 :points: Point Giveaway as well!


I am including 5 more slots to win since I couldn't give away 200 points in the 5th volume...BUT I will do it here

 Apple bullet icon by iingo FIRST YOU MUST :+fav: Fav this journal

  • Tell who you think should be featured in the 8th volume and why
  • Should I feature pixels next time
 Lemon bullet icon by iingo LAST, Let others know about these features, too! I would appreciate it.


Lime bullet icon by iingoRAFFLE WILL END ON THE 1ST AND RESULTS WILL BE POSTED ON THE 3RDPear Bullet Icon by iingo

Thank you for staying tune for more features in the future!

thank you for visiting :heart:
-Frosty :heart:

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177


Galleries Month

Traditional Art category is for original works made with traditional media, or for traditional works commissioned (or requested) by the copyright holder.

Fan Art category is for works that contain copyrighted elements that don't belong to you and that were not commissioned or requested by the copyright holder, even if they were commissioned by a fan. If a work contains elements directly inspired by a copyrighted environment but not representing the original material, like a fan fiction illustration, it still belongs to Fan Art gallery, even if there are your original characters in it.

Some subcategories might seem speculative as to where put your work, but in reality it's very clearly specified:


Traditional Art > Paintings > Illustration and Traditional Art > Drawings > Illustration sub-galleries are for illustrations that were commissioned (or requested) by the copyright holder, be it a publisher or the author, and for illustrations to non-fan fiction texts written by you, and for illustrations to public domain texts.

Books & Novels sub-gallery under Fan Art is for illustrations and pictures inspired by a text when you were not commissioned to draw them by the copyright holder and you hold no copyrights to the text itself.

For example: if a publishing house commissioned you to illustrate Harry Potter, you can submit those illustrations under Traditional Art. In any other case - even if you were commissioned by a fan - you need to post the pictures under Fan Art.

The Burrow by LhoxBag End Garden by ullakkoSansa Stark by rai-mondSilver Night by yanadhyanaOwl by Kaelycea


Portraits of famous people can be placed either in Traditional Art or Fan Art category. But there's a rule to it. Like when you have a drawing of an actor outside his job, you have a choice between Traditional Art and Fan Art category. But if it's the same actor dressed for his role, it can only go to Fan Art.

For example: a drawing of Tom Hiddleston on vacation on the beach - you can submit it to Traditional Art or to Fan Art, but Tom Hiddleston as Loki goes only to Fan Art.

Tom Hiddleston (colour pencils) by QuelchiiTom Hiddleston III by SecondGoddessTom Hiddleston by JUN-KAMIJOLoki by mushroom2020Loki by Jeanne-Lui

Some of mah peeps need some recognition (and I barely post journals here ;3; I'm not dead)
Large art feature ahead (with categories and examples of THEIR art. I own nothing.)
And keep in mind, these people do more than what they're categorized in ;3; :

YouTuber fanartists:

HUNGER GAMES by XxFallenTributexX Gavin Free You British Prick by XxFallenTributexX TeamCrafted T-Shirt design by XxFallenTributexX
:iconb4rn: b4rn :
.:This is How We Do:. by b4rn Princess Sub and the Bodil40 by b4rn Attempting to do Lineless :U by b4rn

Homestuck fanartists:

Karkat by pokefan425 Gamzee Makara by pokefan425 Eridan by pokefan425
HOW..? by SolluxCat Digitalized Bec Noir by SolluxCatCat!Sollux Mind Honey by SolluxCat
SORRY by UnremmitingHopeFef pixel by UnremmitingHope Helloooo cute sea-dweller by UnremmitingHope
I FUCKED UP by HelloHaruChanP Kan/Ana/Sol Grubs by HelloHaruChanP Terezi without glasses by HelloHaruChanP

OC Artists:

:iconfasterpanda: FasterPanda (she actually does a lot YouTuber art as well and writes)
Teenage Ninja Desert Bandit Panda by FasterPanda Le Artist of Art by FasterPanda.:GIFT:. Unicorn deviantID by FasterPanda
(Icons aren't working anymore! ;A; I've reached the limit I think... ) A-r-t-e-s-i-a-n (she does a lot of YouTuber art too)
Newz DeviantID by A-r-t-e-s-i-a-n Hatsune Panda {Gift} by A-r-t-e-s-i-a-n YOLO by A-r-t-e-s-i-a-n
Together by strawberrythefox I like to make myself believe by strawberrythefox At with Silver-SeaLMN by strawberrythefox 

Writers (They draw nicely too :3) :

Merome [One Shot] #5Theme: Magical/Mysterious
Situation: Mitch is going off camping and hears noises.
Song: Up All Night by Owl City.

A/N: Another Merome one shot… What are the freaking chances? XD
I’m only doing this because Rob was alone.
That’s what I kept telling myself to shake off the fact that I’ve been away from Jerome for almost 3 months already and I was beginning to feel more paranoid by the moment as I noticed how long I’ve been without Jerome by my side. He said that he was okay, they said he would be okay, but I knew that for a fact he wasn’t. I knew he shouldn’t have gone on this trip overseas alone but he insisted that it would be a short business trip and back.
It was a lie though. He had postponed his flight so many times claiming that something dastardly had come up in the company. Of course I knew something like this would happen so I made him promise me that he’ll call me anytime he’s free but soo
(The journal isn't centering writing pieces e.e)
SimDil90 [One Shot]Theme: Fluff
Situation: Watching TV (Hugs)
"NO BODIL!" I shouted as he kept poking me over and over again in my sensitive spots as we were watching a horror movie on the television.
All he did was laugh at me as I scrambled to the other corner of the sofa, trying to protect myself from any other attacks. Just as I turned around to look at the television, a jump-scare popped out and scared me shitless as I jumped from my corner into Martin, knocking the both of us down.
The impact caused both of us to fall on the couch and bounce on it, eventually coming to a stop as we stopped moving. When we came to a complete halt, I tried to get up by pushing myself up from the sofa but as my hands reached around to find the surface of the couch, I felt my hand run across something hard. As I sat up, I disregarded it and let it linger for a moment too long before turning around in horror to see what I had been touching.
I pulled my hand back with such force that caused me to lose balan
SkyMU [One Shot] #2Theme: Happy
Situation: [Choice made by Writer]
Story based off the drawing SkyMU - In the rain
"No, no, no!" he shouted as he pushed the other students aside.
He had to get home early today since it was his best friend's birthday but he got held back by his History teacher whom had assigned him a few extra assignments that he was to complete that term. Being the top student has it's perks and downfalls and this sometimes really affected his scheduling for certain things. This time, it was of drastic measures.
Running to his locker, he forcefully punched in the code and swung open its door as he dumped the unwanted contents that he held in his arms into the locker before slamming it shut. Quickly glancing at his watch, he saw that he only had half an hour left to get everything ready, not to mention him arriving at Jason's house first. He slipped on his dark grey zip up jac

Midnight DreamsSo if you actually read my super long weird description, I said I like to write! So here it is. My not grammatically correct story! Please enjoy and judge even if it makes me sad face.
Midnight Dreams Chapter One: Freedom

    All my life I've lived in this cruddy shack of mine. Talk about a no life huh? After endless eternity, I was finally packing my bags and leaving but of all the days, it had to be the one mother went out to take a walk. I could see the sun glistening between the wood panels blocking the window. In hope to see past the window, I ripped out the nails which kept the boards in place. Sunlight immediately flooded the gloomy room. The gentle breeze brushed against my face just like it did to the trees in my dreams. The outside smelt of morning dew and pancakes.
"Pancakes?" I exclaimed suddenly realizing that meant that mother was back.
"How could you have done such a thing Midnight?! I told you never to touch anything that connected to the outside!" Moth
Alone...20 minute short story! I know it probably won't take 20 minutes to read it but what I mean is that it took me 20 minutes to write this.
Two friends are just strolling along on a rainy day ignoring the rain when one of them glances at a puddle. Let's call this puddle staring person Elix and the other one Robin. Elix stops, just staring into the puddle while Robin walks on not noticing. Robin eventually looks back and sees Elix kneeling down in front of the puddle still staring into it with empty eyes. There's a moment of silence as droplets pelt them. Finally Robin walks up to Elix and places a hand on Elix's shoulder. Elix doesn't bother to look at Robin and kneels closer to the puddle. Robin looks at the puddle but all she sees is her own reflection. Elix finally looks up at Robin. He slowly gets up and grabs Robin by the shoulders.
Elix: What do I look like?
Robin scans him over and over again. She thinks for a while and then removes Elix's hands from her shoulders. She gets closer a


So um, yeah. Please check these people out! ^^
I would literally feature 2000 more people but the journal would become too long ;~~; I honestly would though.
Again, please check these people out! Thanks! :3

Stock Use Feature - August

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 30, 2014, 11:34 AM
Such a huuuge feature this time, I hope no pictures are missing :faint:
Enjoy all the beautiful creations :heart:


Angel In Sky by BurnedAngel King Of Frost by FUROR ART by FurorArt Arteva by Anibriar548784
Come With Me by Baldos55 wood cat by pony701 Beyond the mist... a place to touch the clouds by RazielMB 
Colors of the Wind by Andaelentari Metal, ktory nie istnial by chrismarshall78 Slavic mytology forests -Morning hills- Pagan V.1 by JanR90 Dancing In The Abondoned City by LaviniaChu
MOOOOOMYYYY!!! by Psychepics
What's a mob to a King, What's a King to a God by Dreamsnare Dreamy Sunrise by QAuZ Butterfly Bridge by ARTHUR38 Mysticroom by iblushay
FALLEN by toxictone Ngm4 by poeticdarkness42 Alone by SuzieKatz The-World-in-the-Year-2514 by mrscats
Room by iblushay
Family by Terohime Melody by Ada-Darvis The Lonly Mermaid by Not-a-Designer Astrid by BoleynChic
Avis by BoleynChic Why are you so sad ? by astarot1111 Red riding hood by AufrichtigStimme Aladdin- Genie by CosplayCassie
My life is not in a Zoo by tryskell
Waiting ... by Simbores My lonely place 2 by IgnisFatuusII Oldwindows by Dragonflyzhollow Rhino-ricksha by sarirus
WaterFall. by KingCromb the first hello [Novel Expression Cover Contest] by inhonoredglory Treasure Hunt by A-Wakefield Vampire Bite by Dark-Lord-of-Sith
Losing Humanity ! by DARSHSASALOVE
Hidden Paradise by Zodiion Pledge to Protect wm by Sophia-Christina Laying beside the moon. by xXLilly Hommagenick by roserika
Wolves by Bambi567 Not in the Cards wm by Sophia-Christina Candy by tiffanydark My Prince by Reverie-digitalart
Kaija by idelirie
In The Shadows by A-Wakefield Sweet Secret by tinca2 Silent tears... by Steel-Reflections Dead living room by Alatriste22
Ice Age Plains by Bealmeister Dark Angel VI by Dark-Angel669 Nightmare by fleetofgypsies Daphne and Kyla by IvanVladik
Tale of The Black Pearl by fhelalr
I Ching 35 - Jin (Progress) by annewipf Caravanserai by KangTengri In A Quiet Endless And Deep by FennecFyre My Eve by BjornTheBear
Aladdin- Genie Applause by CosplayCassie Fairy Tales_Go Home - dheean by dheean Winged Barbie by xyldrae Fairy Tales_Caravan - dheean by dheean
Create Your Own World by FreezyDavySmokey
Zombie by TatianaSSabino Snow Husky by xxtgxxstock Last Spark Of A Dead World by Syphorean Time does not stop. by ConceptDezines
Into the Forest by GypsyCoyote Having A Baby On Red Summernight by Wimmeke63 All For One by mydas5 Winter fairy by Simbores
Rhino by OtravitusBianca
Boy by Photomanipartist Fairy by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Twilight Princess by fishter911 Sleepy by emagolema
  Richly laid table by mrscats Fennikin in a Box by Bela-designs Fairytale Gone Bad by Schnitzelyne Time to Leave by TaylorElizabethYoung  
King Of A Frozen World by ElementOfOne1
Witch by KovLi Portrait of Color by DJMadameNoir #unknown by Srkl Ultimate Women Awards by fleetofgypsies
  Temporal displacement by LWDigital On A Distant Shore ~ Assassin by MarcoHerrera My little Paradise 4 by IgnisFatuusII A Place in Paradise by SchnitzelyneThe Oath of Feanor by EvenstarArwen
The Haunted House by Jumpfer-Stock
 Book cover - Bride of the sea by queenofeagles Source Code by amethystmoonsong .:Dark Temptation:. by SummerDreams89 Snow White Fears Evil Stepmother by Calisaroa Seagulls Soar by marphilhearts
  Itzzy *-* by With-Fire-and-Blood Our Quiet World by Tefee Time Guardian by VeilaKs Warrior Flames by Steel-Reflections
Flight by kimsol
 Demon. by CharllieeArts Manifestation Of Reality by Natalya-Valley cotton candy mermaid by Lolita-Artz not take me by TatianaSSabino The book by iblushay
Haunted Shadows by EthericDezigns Santa Muerte by Ephynephryn Novel Expression Cover Contest by farunderheaven Abduction - Novel Expression by EthericDezigns Silver-Tongue by Garlandgal1
Dreamers by robhas1left
 Afraid by Fishermanim The Other Woman by A-Wakefield Sleekstar (For RP) by AshleighStone My Owl Manip by KBJ-77 Protector of Fang Island by virgolinedancer
Book Cover by Lolita-Artz Lonely by AufrichtigStimme Comission - Mermaid by MirellaSantana Color of the night by PhotogenicExhile Secretvisitor by Dragonflyzhollow
Bear and salmon by Sondx47
 Lava Queen by LittleOph Hero by AASpookyArts A Gypsy's View by JustmeTD wishing hell by Andaelentari
 Gift for you by emagolema Coming Home by Ada-Darvis Magic Gate by Sabrina-K-88 Mermaid Penelope by sirenabonita
   For N4 by Mom-EsPeace Contact by AndresSabastian We're Waiting by Pain-Maker

Equine art

Bell by Bela-designs Burning up the air by foxyfirewings
Roylie-Large by Doolie2209 [ a mothers love ] by laceyellis Renovate Your Future [comm] by semperfiesty
Consider Me by dragon2413 Forrestt by Sheltiegirl17 Like Roses We Blossom And Die by westy99 Unicorn by CarnivalOfVanity
G A L A X I T E by Befera
Aelvath by Araluen-Ekala Cloud by Hope-Fire With Wings I Can Fly by TigerStriped4 1611 SP Harlequinn Angel - TEKS mare by Sinaas
vondas by eventing-queen Artist of All by BrokenAngel98 Uni Lake by cloverf79
We Own the Night by Riptide-Heart Escape From Wonderland by Ceviyar Pasofinocomp by Death-On-Two-Legs Magic Teke by jackiehorse
Atlas and Sacrilege by looserfaceman Glow by braidsandarrows The Path To Nowhere by AshleighStone HGC entry by horselover36500

Drawings & Paintings
 Adventure Mouse by GreenRibena
Fantastic Baby by MetaDragonArt (Gift) Favet by Etskuni
 100 theme adopts: #9: steampunk [closed] by impossible-fox Fireworks by saaiksr 
Cold beauty by Angua33
The Little Mermaid Ariel by CosplayKoneko Summer by kuraiaku Magik + X23 Sparring by Sand3
~One Paw Step at a Time~ by warriorsluver8045321 Angelina (for a friend) by MayaAdelia Meerkat Friend by Th3-Gr3at-ESCap3


Premade 01 by Pagan-Stock
      PREMIUM backgrounds - Purple Night by Heavenia Premades 103 (2 versions) by pranile      
Wonderland premade 98 by pranile
PSD #3 by Grace-like-rainx Old Church Premade Preview by Mandies-Stock Premades97 (2 versions) by pranile
 Premade Background Island by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Grainy Mono Action by cazcastalla 

Contest entries for my "Unseen Stock to art" challenge

 In My Own Little World by Bela-designs Moth Lady by TheoGoth Fountain of Youth by pranile
The Lilly Witch by VeilaKs miss you so by VelaniArt Forest Fae by TinaLouiseUk
Lonly Bear by DkFDesigns Evil and good by Ferrellphotolover Valkyrie by Gejda
Malleni Challenge (A Dying Star ) by vergonozo Follow Your Dreams- by amethystmoonsong The Elf Princess and Her Owls by avyva Lost - Contest Entry by SerenaDream This is where heroes and cowards part ways by JaiMcFerran
For a contest by Dark-Kadabra Atardecer by Energiaelca1 Unicorn Ranch by marphilhearts Snow white? by Simbores
The Dino unspecting guest by annemaria48 Mermaid secret place by annemaria48 The Frog Prince by Simbores The owl woman by annemaria48
The search by idelirie glow by Lolita-Artz A HOUSE OVER THE CLOUDS by apelaths Black Bird by marphilhearts
Sea Horses by amethystmoonsong Houston!...I've got a surprise for you.. by robhas1left The Wizard by SilvanaMassaArt Reading is the Key- by amethystmoonsong 
Love Dream by tinca2 We Spend A Lifetime Waiting... by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art Fire Goddess by la-voisin Dream place by diana-0421
A DREAM. by darkconjurer Mary's Pets by Elsapret Guardian angel by Ferrellphotolover Season fight by Simbores

:heart: :heart: :heart:

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Daily Fractal Feature for 30th August 2014 - Saturday Special

On a daily basis we, at #DailyFractalFeatures, are aiming to showcase a small selection of fractal artwork to the community.
We are proud to present our Special Saturday Feature, whose theme for today will be flowers!
You can show your support by +favloveing this News Article.
Please comment and +fav the works featured and congratulate the artists!

Sparkling Souls by SaTaNiA

The dark gradient with golden spots framing a beautifully crafted and detailed Apophysis flower, in which the dew drops and the irregular edges of the petals are the cherry on top.

Sparkling Souls by SaTaNiA

Flowers for Alia by JCCJ756

Nice and delicate shapes repeated in a classical fractal pattern, so peaceful for the eyes!

Flowers for Alia by JCCJ756

Flowers in Blue. by Rowratty

Mechanical look and delicate palette combine each other in some very well done non-organic Mandelbulb flowers.

Flowers in Blue. by Rowratty

Fall Flowers... by LaxmiJayaraj

The title is right! The artist managed to create an awesome warm colored composition, leaving us the typical autumnal feeling.

Fall Flowers... by LaxmiJayaraj

Wet Dreams by SallySlips

Using a high amount of details on a bloom can lead to a heavy look, but this 3D flower proves the exact contrary. The contrast between the dark colors and the spots of light makes this fractal a wonder to stare at.

Wet Dreams by SallySlips

For more information, including how to suggest a deviation to be featured, please visit us at #DailyFractalFeatures.
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Prepared by C-91 :iconc-91:

Conceptual Spotlight Vol. 102

Sat Aug 30, 2014, 1:38 AM by BokehLight:iconbokehlight:

Streetside Stories: Human Disposition

Sat Aug 30, 2014, 3:09 PM