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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Just Art Feature [10]

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 8:53 AM

Got a change this week! As you must have noticed from the header I've renamed my weekly feature to Just-Art Feature! There's an awesome collection of arts this week - most of which were published within the last 7 days and one or two from a few months back! 

This weeks featured artists is a talented concept artist and illustrator from Poland - maykrender. You should checkout his gallery or website!

Expectations by t1na
Into the Light by Miguel-Santos
The universe is within me by RazielMB Marry Me by LadyLemonne Are we... free? by WanderingLola Dreams come true by sasha-fantom
Dark Knight by Drake1024
Ed by Telemaniakk
Rose*asis by Escria Freetime by Tung-Monster NightCore Try | Animation by NaLu95Drax the Destroyer by Namecchan  
Something About a Moon by jesus-at-art
Welcome to Paradise by btgarts The Source Of Life - Desktopography 2014 by Paulo-Bert  Dreams come true by sasha-fantom
Game of Bones by Ry-Spirit

JFK assasination by maykrender

Featured Journals and literature

(And you love me anyway)I trap secrets
behind onyx teeth,
creasing my wrists
with your melody.
You spill truths
from incandescent fingers,
rejoicing (lamenting) companionship
through chrome power lines.
We swap batteries and candles,
hoping we light each others' ways
while still stumbling along our own.
I get too trapped
by my life's natural disasters
to remember to celebrate
the close-earned commodities
that spill into yours.
(I want to take this moment
for the thoughts that rot to frustration
on my tongue, but this should be
about both you and me.)
I want to cradle your dreams
in my palms, the way you steady
my fears in yours. But I bleed your heart
with my (self) hate, and a deeper connection
drowns in the eddies.
Will we get there? Time
is unmoldable, and it marches on
whether we (I) prepare or not.
But you make me forget it,
if only for a Skype 3 a.m. hour.
Of Irrevocable SoulsMother, I have learned
of all the places in the universe
mementos from the underworld
break through
within an owl graveyard,
death beading
maps not meant for following--
a fleeting touch of the galaxy.
The moon is on fire,
a dreaming globe;
in the silence,
a strong and broken man
plagued by phantasms
the tails of falling stars--
"The bone yard glows, but you are still here;
friends shouldn't say goodbye like this."
From Out of the Clear Blue Sky Comes a FeatureGreetings, all. I felt a sudden urge to create a Feature. I have more in early development, so if you aren't featured in this one, watch for upcoming Features from me. :love:
Please take the time to get to know any new-to-you names from this eclectic mix of fine deviants. I hope some new dA friendships start here! :nod:
Bridgitte is recognizable as a busy promoter and supporter, particularly within dA's literature community! :heart: In her own gallery you'll find apocalyptic literature and more. She can also be found hard at work supporting the group Apocalypse-writing
Don't let the fact that he's " antisocial dark wizard" stop you from visiting his gallery. ;) He's also a "Philosopher, Literary Artist and Entertainer." You'll find him

Victorian Building 006 ColorWash 001 by kewel72000
Holy Shit by SFC-AuratusDrifting by evenliu   Mural Painting - Merseyside Ellesmere Port (UK) by ART-BY-DOC Electric Wasteland Full Print T Shirt by misscarissarose
INITIAL ASSAULT by totmoartsstudio2
Kortesuo by m-eralp Pasedin by KailyzeMINI 1 by MaeNemesis
Amazonia - Desktopography Exhibition 2014 by Wesley-Souza
PRINCESS OF DARKNESS by KilartDev Wormworld Saga by MihaiRadu Wakfu comics Shak Shaka Cover by xa-xa-xa Ion Sky by Draken413o

Got something you'd like me to feature on the next issue? Send them to me (UJz) via a note. 

Written by


Udara Jay.

In this tutorial, i will explain how i created some of my recent "isometric" works. For example:

Staircase to Heaven by tatasz Surface by tatasz

Softwares needed: Apophysis and Chaotica.
Prerequisites: you will need some previous knowledge on how to use Apo and Chaotica. If you have any doubts, please check those out:

Plugins used: square.

TIP 8 - lazy skewing

Sometimes, you can first tile and then skew, since unskewed squares are easier to tile. Can be handy when you need to tile a reasonably huge surface with skewed squares.

For example, lets make a pattern like one below. You can tile directly the skewed squares, but you can also tile "default" squares, add a common linked transform (as described in Part 2) and skew the whole block at once.

Unskewed block                                                    Skewed block
Sk1 by tatasz Sk2 by tatasz

In the parameters below, check transform 2: it is the block`s container, and it is the only skewed one.

<flame name="sq" version="Apophysis 7x Version 15C.9" size="777 510" center="0.978061373034762 0.826019851119642" scale="98.690655" oversample="1" filter="0.2" quality="1" background="0 0 0" brightness="4" gamma="4" gamma_threshold="0.01" estimator_radius="9" estimator_minimum="0" estimator_curve="0.4" enable_de="0" plugins="" new_linear="1" curves="0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1" >
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="0.5" color="0" symmetry="1" linear="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="0.866025403784439 -0.5 -6.12303176911189E-017 1 0 0" chaos="1 0 " opacity="1" name="container"/>
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 1 0" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 2 1" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 2 2" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 0 2" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <palette count="256" format="RGB">

TIP 9 - Triangles

In some situations, using just squares could lead to overlaps. When this happens and you need some triangles to complete the pattern, you can use, for example, starblur by zy0rg.

Some Usage ideas

You can use your isometric tile as a standalone piece:

Mv25n by tatasz

Or tile it using linears:

Surface by tatasz

Or use a foci final transform:

Builder by tatasz

Those are not the only options: you may try putting your isometric patterns into hypertile, grand julian, splits elliptic, spherical... The possibilities are endless.

Softness-art: Weekly feature XXXI

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 2:30 PM

...dubrovnik XII... by roblfc1892Colores by Arteric
Melancholy of Sakura by RavenaJuliart
244.365 Something from Nothing by PiecesOfAnsleyAutumn Breeze. Branch Project I by RavenaJuliart
in the end by See-the-halo
Lisbon: The tram. by inbrainstormwhite blooms by vampire-zombie
Grace by JuliaTosi
grandpa's cam by CliffWFotografiethere was a storm yesterday 6 by M0THart
And without light, nothing flowers. by astridle
KHohs@Ogre NatureETC 6249 by KrisinoTranquillity by DragonflyAndromeda
daisy dune by vampire-zombie
Layers 2 by NightlineSous les Arches d'Or by Lorelyne
Heart of the forest. by malashki
how to be okay by Rona-KellerSun Breeze by DeingeL-Dog-Stock
Untitled by Herzlich-t
...praha XXXII... by roblfc1892DISSOLVE by M0THart
When the Robins come by NataliaDrepina
Descent to the coast by hitforsaEvening Light by AljoschaThielen
The colors of Autumn - Part VI by myINQI
Tree Fairy by ildiko-neerSandra by aufzehengehen
Lady in red by JenniSjobergMizumi- Roswell Ivory by Roswell-Ivory
Sphere of Influence by pagit
Lilli by namimosaPink by ksushiks
Summer Time by zingruby
Fairy-Ring by Once-Around-the-Sun979 by Nigrita
Only rocks. by JackesPhotography
Methoni Castle by sui400In a moonlit room by onkami
Luisa by aufzehengehen
Inverno by MariannaInsomniaAngel by fly10
Summertime by KrisVladSouvenir by TonyLeBastard
FLY IN BLUE II by simsalabima
One Step Closer by MikkoLagerstedtRise by John-Peter
the poppy and the ant by CliffWFotografie
greenwood by EmmmBeeeOne With the Grass by Rimisa
Jeanne d'Arc by Anna1Anna
ingenue4 by piesongThe Connection by samkaczur
Red Woods by shauntiamodel
Overgrowth by brandtcampbellpeaceful waters by melannc
Lost boys by uglybug
Verdant Nights by tvurkHopetoun Falls by jkrab
High in the sky by BrunoCHATARD
Dark morning coffee by MirageGourmandSandra by aufzehengehen
Katharina by LauraCallsen
Mirror Mirror by EclipxPhotographythe sighting by CliffWFotografie
Me by Katarzyna Czerniak by fairyladyphotographyNina by inspired-impressions
Deer by Nightmare-v
Mother of God by EukendeiTour Eiffel, study 4 by DamienVassart
Away3 by piesong
The Spiders Web by fistfulofneuronsWasserfall by dynax700si
white noise by deadendsoul
Hallways Of Enchanted Trees by WeissglutHeritage by abdieft
Louvre by Alessia-Izzo
Falling by NataliaCiobanuFREEDOM IS SLAVERY by AlinaSoloviova
Second Coming by Eukendei
wet by DenisGoncharovstrong by MartaSyrko'Caelestis II' by EternalEden13

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
Hello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds
and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is neverdying


Daniel Berard is a graphic designer from Quebec, Canada. He has been doing graphic design professionally for the last twelve years. He is specialized in corporate identity design (logo, brochure, web) and photo manipulation.

When did you first discover your passion for art? 

It goes back to high school. I had to create this fake magazine for a class and this is pretty much where it all started. I loved the experience and decided to take a graphic design course the next year.

The Stand by neverdying

Where do you find your inspiration?

Mostly movies. I watch a lot of movies every week and different genres too...this is why you see me jumping from one genre to another. Games and music are other inspirations.

Zero Gravity by neverdying

What is your favorite piece from your gallery and why?

My favorite piece is Worlds Factory because it's a simple idea that I think I've successfully illustrated in a clear and clean manner. Anyone can easily understand the concept and fill the gap with their imagination. That's what I like about art, don't tell a complete story, let the people see what they want.

Worlds Factory by neverdying

As a professional digital artist, what advice can you give to those who are trying to become successful in the business?

For a start, don't show everything you do. Think of deviantART and similar sites as portfolios. Only show your best work. Another thing is to use social media platforms as much as you can do. This is where business is at nowadays.

Payback by neverdying

There are a lot of people in the community who think receiving a Daily Deviation 
is essential for achieving popularity on DeviantART. From experience, 
how much would you say getting awarded Daily Deviations has 
impacted your success on this site? 

Essential? No, I don't think so. But yes they help to a certain extent to gain views and watchers. Just remember that they are not an achievement, but a one-day feature.

Leap of Faith by neverdying

Name three influential artists on DeviantART whose works 
inspire you and tell us why you look up to them.
All of his works scream genius. The guy sure knows his softwares and he
is incredibly creative and talented.

Next stop: Earth by ErikShoemaker  Winter is Coming by ErikShoemaker   Ariel by ErikShoemaker

His sci-fi pieces are really stunning and imaginative. I can look at them for hours and I
always find something I didn't see before.

Inside The killzone by Shue13  Rubynia by Shue13  The Sign by Shue13

 Another talented artist. His works are very detailed, especially his last few pieces.
Not that the work he did before wasn't good, but I think that he recently reached a whole
new level in photomanip.

Mother Of Dragons by Whendell  Fairy of the Lake by Whendell  Witch by Whendell

Till the End by neverdying

Thank you neverdying for sharing your wisdom and experience with the community! 
Join us next week for another installment where we will be interviewing


We are feelings..

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 10:09 AM

1 decent comment per day stamp by Little-Vampire Please comment :Stamp: by KooboriSapphire Comment Stamp by bitchinvixen Comment  Favourite Happy by ForgottenMemorie Mature Critique Stamp by Toxic-Decay Critique Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun 

Thank you LouVart :hug:

Remember, I'm waiting for you by LouVart Never give up by LouVart The freedom key by LouVart Life is not a lazy river by LouVart Runaway Beauty by LouVart Jeanne d'Arc zoom by LouVart Eomer by LouVart Ice tomb by LouVart

Rhaegar by Lensar Sleeping Angel by RazielMB Whisper of hope by artorifreedom Hunted by MihaelaJoeDesigns Celestial Warrior Liliel by Carlos-Quevedo lot's wife by ezorenier Veins In My Body by CrazyGirL44 Quiet Tears by FBIspy22 My Immortal by k-i-mm-i-e Winter Tears by Saidge42 Sweet Dark Evil by Kiriya Royal Winnipeg Ballet by RejeanBrandt Little Lies by mou-s ANIMA - Imprisoned by DamaiMikaz Angel by wlop Hysteria by Dantelian Lost Soul by NebelelfeNaemy Fallen to a pale desire by LuneBleu

Feel free to give a comment to everyone - no matter how many they already have! It`s a sign of respect for the work they do!
Please Write a Critique by lazywolf

  • Listening to: thoughts

Nearing the End...

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 10:55 AM

Hello to all of you lovelies! :la:

Love Heart by LOVEMAYUlollollol by LOVEMAYULove Heart by LOVEMAYU

I have a few announcements!

1.} My "Journey Through the Underworld" contest will come to an end tomorrow! You still have all of today, and a good majority of tomorrow to get an entry in! Please have a look at the rules here:

Judging will begin on the 2nd of October and winners will be announced
no later than October 7th.

A Journey Through The Underworld Contestants
1.] Create a digital, photo manipulation, or traditional artwork depicting what you feel
a journey through the underworld would look like. Please feel free to do your research.
Many cultures believe in "The Underworld" but have different views and portray them
as they view them. I would like to know your view.
2.] All images will be judged equally on creativity, and technique.
3.] Your image DOES NOT have to be dark, horror, or macabre related. Remember, this
image should be created

You can have a look at the other entries here:

Journey Through the Underworld Contestants

There are only 9 entries so far, and I had hoped for more. I hope you will have a look, it may be worth it to enter! :happybounce:

2.} I have opened a new Photo Manipulation group:  Manipulating-Legends This group is strictly for manipulations based on legends, folklore, and myths. Please do not submit regular manipulations, they will be declined.

3.} I am weary about my next contest: "Lago Delgi Idoli". If there are not enough entrants to unlock all of the prizes, that contest will cancel. All of the points up for grabs through Manipulating-Legends have come out of my own pocket. I would like to see that contest be successful. You can find the rules and theme here:

Behold: The Ultimate ContestI will be offline for all of September, and possibly a good portion of October. I am scheduled to have surgery on September 2, and will need 
recovery time. So I am going to post this now, in hopes that I will come back to some extremely amazing works of art! :la:
Current Judges:
:iconA-Wakefield: :icontheheek: :iconnova63:
"Lago Degli Idoli"
{Lake of the Idols}
HOSTED BY:   :iconManipulating-Legends:
This contest will be PHOTO MANIPULATION ONLY
If you are going to enter this contest, you must follow the rules.
There will not be any changes, or exceptions made to any of them.
This contest will also require research to be done, in order to best
create your Photo Manipulation entry.
Lago degli

If there are not at least 18 entries per level at the close of the contest, it will cancel out and the contest will end with no winners. If you would like to help with donations please note me. All entrants must link to the contest journal in the description of their entry. Please help spread the word! :la:

4.} I have started three new boxes on my profile. They are: Daily Favorite, Weekly Favorite, and Monthly Favorite. Keep an eye on my page, you may find your work in one of them! :happybounce: I have decided to begin trying to suggest DD's again. Those works that find their way into the "Monthly Favorites" box beginning in October, will be my one and only suggestion for the month. I have been here over a year and have not received one, and have only had one of my suggestions make the mark, so LOT'S OF LUCK TO YOU! I will wish for the best :la: :excited:

Have a look at what I've been loving lately:

CRYPTOCURRENCY__Dogecoin by nina-Y On a day... by ObscureLilium TheLastRose II by mimikascraftroom
The Pride by CrystalClear-Art
Nightmare by Gpzang miss miss  adelade by chautariya Jon Snow by fdasuarez
Witch House by Kajenna
Lass Mich Fallen by ChristabelleLAmort Sunshine by leejun35 Huckle-Berry-Finn by Art-Kombinat
Shtriga by CRaght

Don't Forget to Check out these Contests:

Haunted Dolls and Creepy Clowns are Here!
Found a great contest at :iconcastle-of-cards:
You should join in on this one.....
This is what the blog had to say:
In light of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I'm calling for artwork depicting either haunted dolls, creepy clowns (or both!) After watching "The Conjuring" and the most recent episode of "Face Off" wherein scary clowns were the challenge-I got inspired. Below are the specs:
Bullet; Blue Size- This is one of the few times in the year that I am not requiring a "card" shaped size. I hope that allows for more freedom in your creations.
Bullet; Blue There MUST BE either a haunted doll or creepy clown in your image. You also may have both in your work. In fact, I encourage that idea. :) (Smile)
  1st annunal Halloween ContestPrizes
Contest Starts Sept 25th and Ends October 25th 2014
:evillaugh: Now that I have your attention......
We are still looking for prize donations and will add to this list as soon as they come in. Be sure to check back often.
:iconnitchwarmer: Points 100/75/50
and a feature on my home page.
:iconbracey100: Feature, Llama's,
1st place winner Bracey will turn you into a zombie
:icondasghul: A print of your choice from his gallery.
:icona-wakefield: Points 100/50/25
Features and premade backgrounds.
:iconMissGribouille: Points 200/100/50
:iconCapnSkusting: Feature
Contest Synopsis
 So more of you can participate we are going to be creating a Halloween scene or develop a piece that is Halloween related. Be it digital, a manipulation, or craft. Even writers can get in on this. Just show us something that depicts the holiday. Plan and simple.
Standard rules apply.
:bulletorange:Manipulators are required to credit all stock used and use only da stock.
  Bad To The Bone - Contest need points  FAQS - Website - Commissions OPEN  - Blog Index - Shadowness - Tutorials  - Tumblr - My Daily Deviations - Resources RULES - Dark Portfolio - society6 - Behance  - Zazzle
  Just a Dream Contest 2014Rose just a dream contest
Dates: Submissions open from Sept. 8th through Oct. 3rd
Guidelines: Have a weird/scary/wonderful dream lately? Let's turn it into something! For this contest you'll need to re-create one of your wildest dreams, whether good or bad.
One entry per personAnyone can joinAny type of medium can be usedAny type artwork or resource may be submittedCan submit new OR old artwork (must be a dA submission)
Judges: :iconEveLivesey: :iconjenfruzz: :iconsomadjinn: :iconcloaks:
Please note me with your submission!
I will continue to make weekly journal entries, the contest details will be moved to a custom box after next week. So please note me with your submission instead of posting it in the comments. Submissions will be located here: Just a
  #our generation contestThe 70s were a wild, hippie-filled time, Michael Jackson and Madonna set the tone in the 80s while wonderfull movies like Forrest Gump, The Sixth Sense, Mrs Doubtfire (bless you, my captian), Tatanic and many more dominated the 90s followed by great polical change (the first black president of the US, the first woman as Germanys Federal Chancellor, e.g.) in the 2000s.
So many things are happening in the world. So many things to leave a mark (good, bad or neutral) on you as time passes.
Now my question is: What defines your generation? Was it a certain couples of year, only one event or the overall "feel"? :)
Put your impressions down on your paper or your screen or whatever you can hold long enough to show to others. :giggle:
:bulletgreen: You can enter up to 3 times but only one piece can win a price~
:bulletgreen: Any media is allowed.
  Autumnista Contest 2014It's Contest Time Digital-Wings-Art Members!

:bulletred::bulletred: We're looking for autumn inspired artworks :bulletred::bulletred:
:bulletorange::bulletorange: Think autumn colors, harvest, or Halloween :bulletorange::bulletorange:
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Anything with an autumn/fall theme will be accepted [Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Yellow]

• Rules •
[Bullet; Red] Deadline is the 1st of November, 2014 [Bullet; Red]
• Entries must be new, submitted no earlier than September 21st, 2014 •
• You must be a MEMBER of Digital-Wings-Art to enter •
• You must follow all group rules as well as dA content rules •
• Only digital art and photomanipulations will be accepted •
• You may submit 2 ENTRIES, but only 1 will go the final vote •
• Art

Photo Manip Contest! Please enter :)My tablet is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I'm super excited!! 
I have wanted one for ages, so to celebrate finally getting one, I've decided to have a contest.
The prizes are 
1st place: 1 month premium membership -or- 400 points (your choice) along with 3 of your works being featured for one month on my page.
2nd place: 150 points along with one month feature on my page of 3 of your works.
3rd place: 50 points along with one month feature on my page of 3 of your works.
3 Runner Up Prizes - One work of your choice featured for a month on my page.
So as you see, there are six prizes. If not enough people enter the contest, I will extend the deadline for two weeks. If after that there still aren't enough, I will just go ahead with voting for the entries I do have. I'm just letting you know this ahead of time because I am not the most popular here on DA, and I'm worried enough people may not enter.
This  is a Photo Manipulation cont
  The Illuminated World ContestStock & Resources
The Challenge
Imagine a world where the soft glow of the magnolia blossoms illuminates the sidewalk. The reaching branches of the tree cast their light over the street, reflected in the gathering puddles of a spring rain. A garden nearby is a riot of colors against the deep shadows of the night. The harsh artificial street lights that we know today are gone. What would your world look like? Is it a world where the need for fossil fuel has been eliminated, or have the scientists bio-engineered the earth into a beautiful apocalypse?
The idea of bio-luminescent plant illumination is a real project in progress by three scientists in San Francisco, California. These scientists are engineering marine bio-luminous bacterial DNA into plants to make them glow. You can read more about their project here: Glowing Plants: Street Lig
  Reinterpretation ContestHey all! It's time for a new contest :eager: Inspired by and co-hosted/cross posted with the wonderful WintersRead  :)
Reinterpret/recreate one of the following photos below. Be creative, there are many ways to look at the theme. :la:

:bulletgreen: Let us know which photo you are reinterpreting when you send in your note.
Bullet; Red In your deviation description, be sure to link back to this journal (ex: "This piece was created for Reinterpretaion Contest:[add link here]" ). 
Bullet; Blue The piece MUST be created for this contest. Any art that was submitted before the August 19th, 2014 will not be accepted.
Bullet; Purple All visu
  Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest
The DesignnHQ challenges you to create the cover art for the next edition of Designn Magazine! The winning artwork would be used as the cover of the 6th edition with an inside cover feature.
Your entry can originate in any medium. Keep in mind that that this is a magazine cover which would go to print; hence keep the highlights of the artwork focused towards the center and right side of the cover, and avoid details towards the edges (1cm from each edge).
(Note that you only need to create the background image of the cover according to the size provided below.)
How to Enter
1. Create
Create your entry in any medium - anything from digital paintings to traditional drawing.
Make sure the final work is at least A4 size (2480px x 3508px) and 300dpi. Save it as a JPG or PNG file, and you're ready to submit.

2. Submit your work
Once you
Hello Friends, Watchers and Visitors,
I have started a new Contest, called "Twisted Tales" 
* To be clear from the start, this is a PHOTOMANIPULATION-Contest!!!
* This contest is not for professionals, but for beginners and intermediate users of photoshop!!
There are a lot of fairytales, urban legends you can choose as inspiration or maybe something from your favourite movie/tv-series, but
your work has to have a twist in it or maybe a refference to a horrormovie. You are free to choose the stocks you like, but they have to be legal!!
I support stocks from other websites like pixabay etc., but no google, imgur, lenagold etc.. 
Give credit to the stockproviders and i like direct-links to the stocks used in your work.
You may enhance your work with some digital painting, but not from scratch!!
I won't except explicit sex or horror, the twist should be subtle and not to disturbi
  Feature ContestHello everybody!!
All prizes are unlocked now!! :la::la::la:
Since I won in a raffle by PatyKida I am going to give 10 points to places 21-30 each - IF WE GET 30 ENTRIES!!!
Go ahead :)

I am in current dialogue with All-about-features in order to set up a second contest like this but with free chose of skins and also with an option for non premium-members.
People who are interested in sponsoring prizes - please contact Felizias - she will be organizing the prizes :)
We highly appreciate our sponsors.
After holding my first contest about journal-skins which was a success so far, I want to go ahead, doing my next contest already!
To thank the participans of the previous contest and show them my appreciation - and to make sure, that their skins are recognized by the community, I want to host a follow-up contest.

Start: 10th August 2014
(previous entries will be ignored!!)
Deadline: 1st November 2014

together part three

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 11:36 PM

Less than Parallel by chaos-echo Intersection by bliXX-a park by FuriousLee


 Ghost by Dreena she seen me by Demonoftheheavens the end by greg-sowa


 SIGMA KAI MU by menervaTau Dancing Waters by tholang ... by MWeissArt


 Primary Colour Palette by tholang yellow by incolorwetrust   door... by beans6677


 Vision VI by siby Yesterday Morning by KizukiTamura Conversation by KizukiTamura


 . by doyo Sine Wave by CarlosBecerra Zephyr by FalseMaria


 PERSEPHONE by MWeissArt memories by PAtScHWOrK Life and Death... by Alcove


 The Artist And His Muse by AnjaMillen und alles ist ein schweben by kolorits New Toy by MargotMi


 Sherwood Forest by sternenfern .MDN. by dasTOK Humeur-Noire-XXIV by crossfading


 Undertone X by greQ111 Ba84 by kitamba CAECUS by menervaTau


 --- by WilfredSagen Light by multigrade 143LES VALKYRIES by jhsavoldelli


 koraal by hyssteria Tree by AnitaAnti summer fades away by MWeissArt


 synthetic beauty by LauraZalenga your soul is a fire. by CarolineZenker Liza by sollenafotografie


 Mermaid. by fly10 and in the darkest place I found my name by Sturmideenkind Trash The Dress by Laura-Ferreira


 Waking Dream by Sturmideenkind 6/52 by Sturmideenkind You Heard My Voice by Sturmideenkind


 By A Thread by CrazyGirL44 Reverberate by sophiaazhou Strings Of Life by CrazyGirL44


 DSC 1716-web by warhammerphoto sensual by zieniu by zieniu Paula by kaunau


 *** by Tarasov An old fashioned garden by Muse1908 Melancholy by artofdan70


 ...- by MichaelMagin Victoria in the forest by psychiatrique arachnophobia by ezorenier


 Open your heart by FrancescaDelfino Elegance of the Lupins by SharonLeggDigitalArt Calm by jussta

thank you for your wonderful works

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Nebula Up-Close by ErikShoemaker

Hi!   Helloooo Time to featured you guys!
Hope everybody had a nice day.  Welcome new members and watchers! 
Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.
So today, as each week i will open a space for all the members to get one work featured. 
In this space quality does not matter, is to help you out to get more exposure. 

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Guardian of Atlantis by annewipf Noivern by aburnier Squid Meal by evoluzione 5. Seeking Solace by Sorianumera TLIID 208. Indiana Jones' and Lara Croft's kid... by AxelMedellin paint it black. by vexnir higher ground by TwilightKirby Purple dreaming by theheek Hello Darkness My Old Friend... by dBFTS Day and Night by HermitCrabStock Pumpkin Soldier by 2pified Glowing Fairy by Lolita-Artz Waiting by coby01 After the Storm by la-voisin Scadoo and Annym by LeenaHill The Huntress by KiyaSama Want to join the prince? by Animefanka Can't Find My Mommy by StarfireArizona Despair by Redsam6 Floral Fantasy #3 by ValerieJoyLauria Romulus by Riskikoi Darkness by ullakko Dark girl by xnhan00 Totem by kidy-kat I just love to draw my Master!! by aenaluck Journey: The Drop, Acrylic by SpoonfishLee Devil by d-oppelganger R2D2 by Lion6255 cemetery by Boris-Dyatlov

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Hello :wave:
Hope you are all having a great day. It came to my attention some problems about what sites are legal stock providers and witch ones are not.
I have made a very extensive research to make sure i'm not making a mistake by declining images with not confirmed sources. Please read very carefully, i will not battle about this later.
:police: Sites that are NOT confirmed nor will i accept:
:bulletred: Photobucket
:bulletred: Gfxspot and the similar ones
:bulletred: N
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