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A Guide to Tutorials

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 1:00 PM by Elandria:iconelandria:

Stock & Resources

So, you want to make an awesome tutorial for your friends, and anybody else who might be interested in your style/techniques/skills/programming/designing ...

There are some essentials you are going to want to keep in mind when you make your tutorial.

:bulletpink:Its not just a bunch of text and some pictures (OK it is, but theres more you could do! )

:bulletpink: Its not just a few quick tips or pointers for a friend who asked you for some more details (OK it is, but its more than that! )

:bulletpink: Its not just some work in progress screenshots/photos of your next big project (OK it is, but its SO MUCH more than that!!)

Don't forget, great design IS ART!


DeviantART is predominantly an English language website.  However, DeviantART is a global community, so not everyone can read English fluently.  Make sure your use of language is going to reach as many people as possible so try to be concise when you are explaining steps or techniques. 

If English isn't something you are particularly fluent in, GET SOMEBODY WHO IS TO CHECK IT!!  They will be able to spot grammatical problems, typos and other readability errors for you which will improve your tutorial 100%.

Interweb speak is fun, but it is useless at conveying complex directions or information - avoid at all costs! There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, and over a quarter of a million distinct English words. Please make use of them!

:bulletgreen: DYK - One of the main reasons tutorials get declined for Daily Deviation features is because of spelling errors, typos and readability problems! :bulletgreen:


If your tutorial suddenly develops a life of its own, grows additional limbs and tries to eat your cat when you are putting it together, consider condensing your steps or breaking your tutorial down into a series of smaller tutorials. 

Don't forget very lengthy tutorials packed full of information can actually be off putting, as much as a wall of text can be or a deal made with Crowley.


Most tutorials will consist in equal parts of images and written text, with the exception of literature tutorials which may still contain images to break up the literature content. 

Your job as the tutorial creator is to present your information in the most engaging, understandable, readable format.  How you do this is up to you, but the important thing is to make an effort.  Don't just slap your unedited phone pictures onto a blank document and scribble around them!

DESIGN ---- Fonts

Font font font. Even if you produce the most incredible fact filled tutorial on the planet, if you choose the wrong font or font size the chances are you will completely put off all but the most patient of readers. 

Choose wisely! Some font types to avoid are things like heavy script/handwriting fonts and fancy fonts. You want your tutorial to be legible! 

Further, whilst choosing to hand write your tutorial steps (rather than using a handwriting font) can be cute and give a tutorial a lot of character, it can be another big offput.   Hand written text is never going to be as neat as you think it is.

:bulletgreen: DYK - Another main reason for tutorials being declined for Daily Deviations is because of font choice, colour and text size!:bulletgreen:

DESIGN ---- Images

A Picture paints a thousand words.  In a tutorial where you are using images as a significant part of explaining and showing how to do something it is VITAL that they are clear, in focus and actually show the thing you are trying to explain.

Crop your images to properly focus on the important aspect.  Edit your images to make sure they are well exposed and sharp.  Take the time to take photos with a camera rather than using your phone - unless you have the knowledge and ability to take good photos using your phone.

CREDIT YOUR SOURCES! ALWAYS credit source stock images if you are using anybody elses work to illustrate your tutorial.  No matter how small.  Not crediting is considered a cardinal sin, and you tutorial won't even be considered for a Daily Deviation without any necessary credits.  Even if all the images are your own. Say so then there is absolutely no confusion!

:bulletgreen: DYK -  Images can seriously let down an otherwise good tutorial and is another big reason why they might be declined for a Daily Deviation. :bulletgreen:


Your actual content, the thing you are creating the tutorial for is above and beyond the most essential element. 

Nobody wants to know how many times a day you check your Facebook account, but they do want to know how many layers you might have in your digital artwork, or how you effectively used that kind of paint on that type of canvas. 

This is an ART website for ARTists - no matter their skill level, and this is your target audience when you post your tutorial to the site.

TL;DR - Your tutorials showcase your art

Just as all of your gallery showcases your artwork, so do your tutorials.  Whenever you use your art as an example of a technique or skill, or display it in a way that scrutinizes an element or the over all effect,  it becomes a reflection of yourself and of your abilities to present yourself in a professional manner - so make some effort! 

You never know when a well written tutorial might be featured by an external tutorial site and go viral, so make sure they look great! :thumbsup:


Here are some beautifully designed and presented tutorials!

Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial by Vilya0 Tutorial: Cake Layering by cakecrumbs Polymer Clay Chocolate Chip Cookies Tutorial by Talty
Do's and Don'ts of Stock Photography by Tasastock The Lighting Tutorial - Part 1 by kuschelirmel-stock Photomanipulation Tutorial  on blending by tamaraR
Tutorial #18 : A possible path on the color map by AquaSixio Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei Can/ Soda Tab Chainmail Vambrace Tutorial by kirilee
Creating a City Tutorial by TylerEdlinArt Painting metal by yigitkoroglu Let me Catch a Walkthrough by Norke
Know your Basics - PerspectivePerspective comes in different forms, the most obvious & basic of which is the use of the word in relation to the appearance of relative orientation in a three dimensional space. At first, it may seem irrelevant to photomanipulators, (because, hey, the photographs already are perspectively sound,) but putting more than one photograph in context requires that you learn to see what makes sense and what doesn't.
The Technical Stuff

Perspective (from Latin perspicere, to see through) in the graphic arts, such as drawing, is an approximate  representation, on a flat surface (such as paper), of an image as it is seen by the eye. The two most characteristic features of  perspective are that objects are drawn:
Smaller as their distance from the observer increasesForeshortened: the size of an object's dimensions along the line of
sight are relatively shorter than dimensions acro
Planning the Evil Plot
A half-guide, half-narrative on writing a story
brought to you by Super Editor

Before I start writing, I like to have some idea of where I'm starting, where I'm going, and how I'm going to end up there. Let's say that I want to write a comedy about an author who suddenly changes places with her Mary Sue. I usually jot down some basic ideas:
Sarah, the author: ~13 years old, average-looking, glasses, rather tall and gangly
Ellemere, the Mary Sue: ~16 years old, long flowing hair, violet eyes, etc.
Forrest (Ellemere's love interest) : ~18, stereotypical pretty boy who is too dark and broody to make a good love interest
Leon: ~17, Ellemere's somewhat dorky friend who falls in love with her but is cast off to side in favor of Forrest
Tangent: For those of you who are confused, the ~ symbol means "about." I think it comes from math.
I like to draw, so I'd probably make doodles of these characters too. Drawing characters is a great way to develop th
Your Character TOO Special?
Is your Special Character

Are you indulging in a few too many "special traits"? Is your story really an excuse to show off your Super Special Character? Are you committing a MARY-SUE/GARY STUE?
--> Dead give-away: Your favorite character is YOU only BETTER!
Who is Mary Sue/Gary Stue?
According to
"Mary Sue / Gary Stue is any original or deeply altered character who represents a slice of their creator's own ego; they are treasured by their creator but only rarely by anyone else. A Mary Sue/Gary Stue is a primadonna (usually, but not always badly-written,) who saps life and realism out of every other character around, taking over the plot and bending canon to serve their selfish purposes."
-- For more details:
The Mary Sue/Gary Stue "Self-Insertion" in Manga Fan-fiction:
According to A

Your tutorials don't have to be boring!
Be creative, but don't forget the design essentials we've talked about above!

Through-a-Lens Feature Friday #70

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 12:00 AM

Digitalism v.10

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 10:58 PM

Freebie Friday #08

Fri Sep 19, 2014, 9:11 AM
Howdy! Welcome once again to Freebie Friday!

Sometimes you need to declare something. Sometimes you need to show a little support for the people you love. Sometimes you need to let the world know just how much you love toast.

Of course, you could do this with text but it's often so much better with a stamp.

Stamps have visual impact not only with their content but also with their borders. Use the traditional stamp edging for a classic look or wrap your message in lace for an elegant touch. Or, y'know, just go wild and use something unique like a graphic of an open book or computer screen. There's so many wonderful and creative borders on dA that you'll always be able to find something to suit your message.

Especially because toast goes with almost everything!

Enjoy, m'dears!

New Freebie

Folder Stamp Base by Gasara

Laptop Stamp Base by Gasara


Stamp - Template by firstfear

Stamp Template by zilla774

Stamp Border #13 by OtomeNishiki

Stamp Border #17 by OtomeNishiki

Mass Effect Paragon Computer Stamp Base by Gasara

Mass Effect Renegade Computer Stamp Base by Gasara

Star Stamp Border by Mirz123

Stamp Border ~ hearts by OtomeNishiki

Pixel Template by stuck-in-suburbia

Ribbon Stamp Template by Sophibelle

Traditional Stamp Border by Gasara

Pixel Stamp Base Updated by Mirz123

Guides & FAQ

01 - deviantART Customisation FAQ
02 - Basic HTML Formatting Guide
03 - Basic CSS Style Guide
04 - Custom Box Troublehsooting

Freebie Friday Archive

Stock & Resources

What you need to know about Pre-Cut Images:

Pre-cut images can be a very handy resource for artists looking to save some time on the extraction process of stock.  These images are isolated from their primary background in a .png or .psd format. These resources should be well extracted with a clear attention to detailed removal, and a lack of stray particle pixels.

What these should contain:

- They should come from resources that allow for redistribution, typically your own images.

- The pre-cut image should have its original source cited in the artist’s comments, including your own images.

- They should meet the minimum size requirements of 1000 x 1000 pixels.

What these should not contain:

- They should never contain Google, celebrity, anime, movie screen shots, or retail website images. These so-called “renders” are not permitted in the Stock & Resources gallery.

- They should not be smaller than the required minimum size guidelines.

- They should not contain excessive amounts of stray pixels or missing significant portions of the image being extracted.

- They should not come from resources that do not allow for adaptation and redistribution. This includes other stock websites and pay sites that have non-redistribution clauses in their EULA.

Relevant FAQ Regarding Pre-Cut Images:

FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?

FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?

FAQ #792: As a stock art resource provider, how can I be of help in regards of stock art resource usage in prints?

FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?

In closing:

Your obligation as a stock provider is to provide safe and legitimate resources for artists to use. By using your stock, they trust that you are adhering to DeviantArt Guidelines with the stock that you provide. Failure to abide by the guidelines that dA provides not only impacts you, but our community, and the artists that use your stock.

But what if we see someone sharing celebrity, etc. pre-cut images? Be a pillar of the community and show them how wonderful our stock world can be. Do not go on the offensive with attacks and shaming journals. Work with them, and try to teach them. It may be possible that they are new and are unaware of the guidelines regarding pre-cuts. If all else fails, use the proper reporting channels located on the right hand side of the deviation page.

The Stock & Resources Community is a unique and wonderful place. We support each other, and accept new providers with open arms.

Birken by UniHydra
:heart:The dark, the wonderful, the mysterious, the enchanted, the abandoned:heart: III... by roblfc1892
School is Out by 5isalive Storeroom by stengchen
Le Fauteuil by ZerberuZ Melody of Solitude by phoelixde
interior, Chimney hall by ElaynaTeos
Lost in the time by PatiMakowska What Else ... by PatiMakowska
juntos.. by kriakao A Maze In The Haze by photofreak385
Bako 5 by juhku
switzerland14 by Gehoersturz Next Up by IvanAndreevich
Sparklesand by IvanAndreevich Towards the dying Sun by Ondskapens
Balcony Sunset Panorama 4 by comsic
Hungarian skies pt.XLII. by realityDream End of Days by IvanAndreevich
Misty Morning by FreeForms Purple and orange skies by DeanAndSamsGirl
The gully by RezzanATAKOL
Driving this road down to Paradise by Miguel-Santos She comes in colors by thrumyeye
The Rebirth of Light by John-Peter Morning Lights by DeingeL
Autumn serenity by m-eralp
Beneath The Storm by Nelleke After The Storm by jkrab
The Journey Continues by Oer-Wout Shadowlands by nina-Y
in memory of by rahmanio
Transformation by KR-2Y-51-3K A World Alone by tvurk
Amethyst by Nelleke Strange Formula by tvurk
Thirty Minutes to Spare by Kaz-D
Goji: The Temple by A2Matos Podzimni balada by tomsumartin
To the unknown by erynlasgalenphotoart The Sun In The Stream by Nelleke
Diurnal by georgewjohnson
-Autumn melodies- by Janek-Sedlar Bluebell Sunset by danUK86
Listen and Wait by jadden Beech Woods by bongaloid
Stone by MattDennie
Where the wild things are by erynlasgalenphotoart down to the riverside by indojo
Those Foggy Days by LG77 a new morning by indojo
donde empiezan los suenos by kriakao
springtime ... by indojo a bit springtime by indojo
La Magie d'Ayguebonne by FlorentCourty forest by KR-2Y-51-3K
Trails by Nelleke
Morning Rays by DemonsWrathPhotos Autumn forest by Gatsch111
Walk in the forest before the sun goes up by DeingeL Into the wild. by mylittlebluesky
Sulky Saturday by tvurk
I just wonder... by firepaved Rain by Kentucky-Nightmare
.:Into The Fog:. by bogdanici Franconian jungle by Aphantopus
The Lonesome Tree by Unkopierbar
Heaven by runwhat Alone by sarpeco
Bright Light by MaximeCourty Underwood Illumination by MaximeCourty
Shades of green by Addran

#FF - FeatureFriday - Week 38

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 7:50 AM

 Hello there!
This is nº 38 of my photography feature project called FeatureFriday (or FF). 
Each week I will be faving photos that I see and show them to you every friday.
I hope you enjoy this feature as much as I enjoyed discovering these works! :aww:

968 by Nigrita The Crystal Web by Questavia
secret garden by esmahanozkan
Blue drop by dini25 Untitled by Azozinho
a morning in reeds by StargazerLZ 
Agave Abstract 8 by joannakossak Taking a stroll by Healzo
Try harder (Workaholic) by dinabelenko
Wedding 5 by OkTaYBiNGoL New era by ashevaan
D511 by miobi
W Cookies by claudia-alexandra LILY LIKE Mia by LILYLIKE
Selfportrait by anaispopy
Golden Hays by Nitrok counting stars II by Ceecore
Underneath the Glacier by porbital
Flowering Ruby by B-Skipper i believed all your lies. by megfinyte
the white stag by riskonelook
hope by laeksa-red summer colors by CliffWFotografie
Ophelia by LenoreScarecrow
Light Catchers by PeterJCoskun Where am I?! :-) by RadekDemjan
Fallen Rest by CherishKay
Arctic Symphony by MikkoLagerstedt ...savudrija XV... by roblfc1892

heart bullet by Reverrii Feel free to comment below or send me a note 
with photos you'd like me to see and feature.

 :+fav: Also consider adding the feature to your favourites!

Follow me on facebook & twitter !

Skin by SimplySilent
Hello Everyone,
It's Week 40# of my Features. Hope you are enjoying them thus far - there will be plenty more in coming weeks : D

I have been having long car trips driving to uni each day, and was wondering whether you guys had any good music to fill up my ipod. I like pop, punk, hiphop, dance genres (not so much hard rock and rap). So if you have any, please comment and suggest.

Otherwise, hope you all had a good week and without further ado, I present this week's beautiful art : D

I LOVE U (iv) by Brightsmile-didiSexy by Dybcio
strawberry cake by TheAutumnLeaveswarm promenade by piesong
The Flower Hears Everything by athenapallas87Golden hour by Raining-Insanity
Schuwacht, Lekkerkerk, In the morning by lutfiuzun
All the Small Things by FlabnBoneAfternoon Tea by FlabnBone
Festival of Lights by ArlequinneJump by Norrington1
White Tea by Tamerlana
lilac beauty2 by TheAutumnLeavesingenue4 by piesong
Sisters by Norrington1
Promises to see the.. by A2Matosweek22: daydreaming by cloe-patra
Backlights by Evenio
Untitled by TheAutumnLeavesI woke up in a dream by astridle
Rainbow by JuReam
To say by migdalekL'armoire de Lana by astridle
Dubai At Night (Burj Khalifa) Wallpaper Edition by skywalkerdesign
Inseparable - Hiccup and Toothless by ArlequinneThe Apple II by JuliaTosi
Hello morning by biszkopciikTo the Horizon by Evenio

My Other Features:

Themed Category:

1. Colors of the Rainbow, 2. Fragrant Flower Collection, 3.People and Portraits

4. Fabulous Fantastic Food , 5. Wildlife + Animals , 6. Merry Christmas

7. Marvelous Macro , 8. Lovely Landscape, 9. City Scape and Urban

10. Conceptual, 11. Still Life, 12. Love

13. Tea Cups 14. All things Cute, 15. Spring Photo

16. Water Droplets  17. Autumn 18, Macarons 19. Butterflies 20. Hands+ Notes

21. Danbo, 22. Photography Freestyle, 23. Desserts

24. Couples 25. Cars 26. Medieval and Fantasy

Open Category:

Week 27. Week 28. Week 29. Week 30. Week 31. Week 32. Week 33. Week 34.

Week 35.Week 36. Week 37. Week 38. Week 39.

Next Weeks Feature:Open!

Send me a note with the photos/ digital art/ paintings/ stories etc.. you want feature

(3 thumbs Max for your own photos, unlimited for your Faves)

Follow me at: 


Word Press Blog


Friday night Specials v9.3

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 5:46 AM
what is STREET photography - Streets of Athens

FNS promo 2014.27 Parking space by wchild
image by wchild

If you like what you see, +favlove this article 
so it can reach as many deviants as possible.

A weekly selection amongst the images I liked, 
while browsing the Street Gallery
and I think they deserve more attention. 
Enjoy them, comment on them and remember 
to visit the photographers' galleries as well.

Friday Night Specials stamp by wchild

The hugger and the looker! by karadi83

Untitled by jeanEmarre

selfies by arslanalp

Have a nice weekend

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