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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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together part three

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 11:36 PM

Less than Parallel by chaos-echo Intersection by bliXX-a park by FuriousLee


 Ghost by Dreena she seen me by Demonoftheheavens the end by greg-sowa


 SIGMA KAI MU by menervaTau Dancing Waters by tholang ... by MWeissArt


 Primary Colour Palette by tholang yellow by incolorwetrust   door... by beans6677


 Vision VI by siby Yesterday Morning by KizukiTamura Conversation by KizukiTamura


 . by doyo Sine Wave by CarlosBecerra Zephyr by FalseMaria


 PERSEPHONE by MWeissArt memories by PAtScHWOrK Life and Death... by Alcove


 The Artist And His Muse by AnjaMillen und alles ist ein schweben by kolorits New Toy by MargotMi


 Sherwood Forest by sternenfern .MDN. by dasTOK Humeur-Noire-XXIV by crossfading


 Undertone X by greQ111 Ba84 by kitamba CAECUS by menervaTau


 --- by WilfredSagen Light by multigrade 143LES VALKYRIES by jhsavoldelli


 koraal by hyssteria Tree by AnitaAnti summer fades away by MWeissArt


 synthetic beauty by LauraZalenga your soul is a fire. by CarolineZenker Liza by sollenafotografie


 Mermaid. by fly10 and in the darkest place I found my name by Sturmideenkind Trash The Dress by Laura-Ferreira


 Waking Dream by Sturmideenkind 6/52 by Sturmideenkind You Heard My Voice by Sturmideenkind


 By A Thread by CrazyGirL44 Reverberate by sophiaazhou Strings Of Life by CrazyGirL44


 DSC 1716-web by warhammerphoto sensual by zieniu by zieniu Paula by kaunau


 *** by Tarasov An old fashioned garden by Muse1908 Melancholy by artofdan70


 ...- by MichaelMagin Victoria in the forest by psychiatrique arachnophobia by ezorenier


 Open your heart by FrancescaDelfino Elegance of the Lupins by SharonLeggDigitalArt Calm by jussta

thank you for your wonderful works

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Fan Art DD Roundup

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 8:00 AM
Features by Ry-Spirit

Nesting Chocobo by gavi-gavi Ghirahim by Promsie For Science ! by Pikila
princess time by mayakern

Features by Lyricanna

Devil Jin by ultramarineandwhite Malefic Time by obscureBT
Ratchet 2013 by charco Doctor Who Christmas Carol by danidraws
Aquatic Allure by Ryuuka-Nagare Optimus Ready by caesar120 Parasite by ellaine
OFF wallpaper by SUCHanARTIST13 Aion Nostalgia by EvaGataArtist
Hyrule Warriors by AbyssWolf  Ancient Harbor by Arktoss Protect Connor by thefreshdoodle
From hell's heart I stab at thee by scumbugg
Gaston by Lelpel Fail Adventures (Morrowind) by ThornSpine Link - Pixel Art by NeoZ7
Fire Emblem - Moonlight Siren by Nijuuni Wormworld Saga by MihaiRadu
ArtTrade_DmC by ebonykkk

Features by TheCreativeJenn

Was It The Last Bus Already? by noke89 Yoda by christopherburdett
BATMAN COMICON SHIRT by RM73 The last greenseer by kittrose HellBoy Tentacle Time! by lawvalamp
Le Roi et l'Oiseau by Trefle-Rouge Big Macintosh and  Miss Cheerilee by Taski-Guru
Yep, that tasted purple! by Skyzocat DEEP SEA RESEARCH CENTRE: CORE by shimamori
Kingdom Hearts Graphite Tribute by david-ng Spock In A Pile Of Tribbles by CameronKobe
Infinite Dream by Byakurin Welcome to Memory Forest Library by imagni
favorite Inazuma characters by furupati Mekaku City Actors by Incross Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Ripplen Autobots transform and rollout! by Chaos-Draco Once Upon A Time - Captain Hook by MelissaFindley
MK Legacy Breaking The Ice by Esau13 The picture scroll of Mushishi by oro-p
:Captor_Jafar: by RezwanaDimech New POPEYE The Sailorman !! by LeeroyVanilla
The legend of Zelda: Minish Cap by Enigmasystem SNK by tsulala The Last of Us - Clicker by Kirinov
Get out and survive or you're grounded! by CakeNoodlePaddy Kakashi by LAS-T
DBZ by angel5art A monkey's uncle by TheTundraGhost

Features by the CR Team

Mario Brothers On the Run by Themrock Dota 1 by su-ke True Detective art by shwedoff AoT: Captain Levi (Wallpaper) by K-Koji Howls Moving Castle at Staubbach Falls Switzerland by fantasio It's Dangerous to Go Alone by Barnett Cloud by sakimichan

In this tutorial, i will explain how i created some of my recent "isometric" works. For example:

Staircase to Heaven by tatasz Surface by tatasz

Softwares needed: Apophysis and Chaotica.
Prerequisites: you will need some previous knowledge on how to use Apo and Chaotica. If you have any doubts, please check those out:

Plugins used: square.

TIP 8 - lazy skewing

Sometimes, you can first tile and then skew, since unskewed squares are easier to tile. Can be handy when you need to tile a reasonably huge surface with skewed squares.

For example, lets make a pattern like one below. You can tile directly the skewed squares, but you can also tile "default" squares, add a common linked transform (as described in Part 2) and skew the whole block at once.

Unskewed block                                                    Skewed block
Sk1 by tatasz Sk2 by tatasz

In the parameters below, check transform 2: it is the block`s container, and it is the only skewed one.

<flame name="sq" version="Apophysis 7x Version 15C.9" size="777 510" center="0.978061373034762 0.826019851119642" scale="98.690655" oversample="1" filter="0.2" quality="1" background="0 0 0" brightness="4" gamma="4" gamma_threshold="0.01" estimator_radius="9" estimator_minimum="0" estimator_curve="0.4" enable_de="0" plugins="" new_linear="1" curves="0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1" >
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="0.5" color="0" symmetry="1" linear="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="0.866025403784439 -0.5 -6.12303176911189E-017 1 0 0" chaos="1 0 " opacity="1" name="container"/>
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 1 0" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 2 1" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 2 2" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <xform weight="1" color="0.52" symmetry="-1" square="1" coefs="1 0 0 1 0 0" post="1 0 0 1 0 2" chaos="0 1 0 0 0 0 " opacity="0" />
   <palette count="256" format="RGB">

TIP 9 - Triangles

In some situations, using just squares could lead to overlaps. When this happens and you need some triangles to complete the pattern, you can use, for example, starblur by zy0rg.

Some Usage ideas

You can use your isometric tile as a standalone piece:

Mv25n by tatasz

Or tile it using linears:

Surface by tatasz

Or use a foci final transform:

Builder by tatasz

Those are not the only options: you may try putting your isometric patterns into hypertile, grand julian, splits elliptic, spherical... The possibilities are endless.

Masters of Capturing Light #9 + Feel Alive

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 10:42 AM

Take a look at some magnificent works of people who are able to align eye, head and feelings, observing the world rather than only seeing it. Enjoy and support them!
...imotski II... by roblfc1892Stay Home by werolFlame by Oer-Wout
Like a stone by werolAwakening by markborbelyTalking To The Gods by Nelleke
Sawtooths in Summer by tourofnatureMake Way by TrichardsenFirst Rays Of Sunlight by kkart
Lake leman by ricchyKallo by m-eralpEdge of Darkness by werol
Alone by TrichardsenRoyal Skies by PeterJCoskunThe Other Side by matthieu-parmentierDreaming in Color by DMMDesign
Where The Spirits Dwell by kkartBathed In Light by aFeinPhoto-comLook Up - Look Down by Trichardsen
Giant in the light by erynlasgalenphotoartThe First Snow by borda Echoes of Light by borda
Iceland 69 by lonelywolf2.:Misty Mountains:. by RHCheng.:Ruby Beach Sunset:. by RHCheng
Bleeding Mountain by TrichardsenTombstone Winter by porbitalHungarian skies pt.CLXXV. by realityDream
 Smoky Mountains by matthieu-parmentierHigh Voltage by aFeinPhoto-comIceland landscapes pt. XI by TheChosenPesssimist
Winter Fire by porbitalSun Kissed Sinopah by Jacob-RoutzahnQuirlies Lake by ZeSlyDyar Falls by Jacob-Routzahn
Breaking the Dawn by porbitalPhilosophical Sheperd by ShakilovNeelChasing the sun by tassanee
Portland, slip by alierturkLightly by Oer-WoutIceland 65 by lonelywolf2
Waltz of the Polar Lights by TrichardsenLa Palma, only water for miles by alierturkWharariki Beach by SvenMueller
# 5 by uberfischerIcelandic Highlands Sunset by Bakistowhy do I sear by werol
The Summer Winds by kkartHooker Lake by SvenMuellerDouble Barrel by jbrum
When the sun goes down by dashakernTo the Stars by NicolasAlexanderOtto-The new reborn- by Janek-Sedlar
Crazy Sunshine by almostacrayonDyrafjordur by AndyMumfordPori II by m-eralp
Piercing by IvanAndreevichAugust 4th by FramedByNatureFuerteventura, the night rules by alierturk
Serra do Quiriri by sahtanojCassis by NichofskyWalchensee by taenaron
Wave in Focus by qwstarplayerWhen The Sky Is Burning by DeingeLTrinidad by StevenDavisPhotoApproach by juhku
The Silver River by CapturingTheNight-Morning veil and deer- by Janek-SedlarTenerife, maddness by alierturk
Kannonkoski VII by m-eralpWindy Colors by TomazKlemensakKannonkoski VI by m-eralp
Bliss by DMMDesignDream of Flying by catch---22Wave After Wave by Nelleke
Langisjor by Alex37Another day in paradise by louveskaThe Fjord by Trichardsen
Swampworld by DanielHeydeckeDays End by PeterJCoskunShaped by elements by Dapicture
Sunset at Sand Harbor beach Lake Tahoe by sergey1984Enchantria by Questavia...ondic IV... by roblfc1892
Shadow line by Dee-TOceanic Nebula by jbrumEyes Over Yosemite by PeterJCoskun
The Dawning Day by QuestaviaReturn to Wyadup II by Glenn-CrouchJuly by janip
Palsankoski by m-eralpEvening in Pastel by invisiblelifeBurning Sunrise - Kreta by LinsenSchuss
The color by MarshallLippWater catches the last rays of sun ~ StockHeaven by StockHeavenIce Room by porbitalCalm before the storm by eaross
Where the Mountain Meets the Sky by NicolasAlexanderOttoAlmost got shocked by MarshallLippIsola Di Capri by Piroshki-Photography
Geyser on Fire by porbitalGuardian Of The Galaxy by PeterJCoskunBreaking waves by m-eralp
Mt Kanisfluh sunrise by acoresjo88Translucence by DMMDesignThe View by tassanee
Slovakia 7 by lonelywolf2Double Burning Dose by StevenDavisPhotoJuly morning by ibasimaikataimeto
Spring Sunset from the Puy de la Coquille by MaximeCourtyThere is No by werolTemperate Glass by DMMDesign
The Cathedral Coast by AndrewShoemakerStealing the light by Dee-TReflections of a church by Dee-T
The Nusfjord Exposure by Trichardsen28.6.2014: Early Summer Morning by SuensyanNew Beginning by TobiasRichter
Blue Chamber by porbitalConfectionary by DMMDesignFranconian Summer Sunset by mescamesh
the Beams by MarshallLippBadwater Bow by PeterJCoskunColor by MarshallLipp
In flames by matthieu-parmentierInferno by AndrewShoemakerA Study in Humility by tourofnature
Rainbow Over Bern by LeWelschHeart CLoud by MarshallLippExhale by ExplicitStudiosBetween Two Worlds by ExplicitStudios
Angelus Falling by Dee-TKissed by Light by Oer-Woutdiplopia, Munich Nymphenburger Schloss Garden by alierturk 
Winnats Pass by SvenMuellerRocheuses by Annabelle-ChabertThe Colour of Iceland by Michaelthien
River by AlHabshiArrival by DMMDesignGiant awakening by matthieu-parmentierTemple of the Moon by tourofnature
The Ruins of Paradise by bordaGibson's Glow by Dee-TCathedral Valley by tourofnature
Golden Mountain by StuzalAbraham lake sunset panorama by CNaeneTide Swept by ColinHSillerud
Stargate by CapturingTheNight Greeting the sun by jup3nepMilky Way by newcastlemale 
Also, take a look at the following video:

Finally, Timelapses:
Chimp by AmBr0

Horses in the dark
Horse in the Dark by AmBr0Monochrome Horse by AmBr0

Polar Bear:
Polar Bear by AmBr0

More Videos:

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Once again, the Community Relations team is here to feature the artworks of deviantART's beloved forumers! :la:

Once a month, we select one active member from the forums and we feature his or her gallery. This is someone we believe represents the forums well with both good forum-abilities and art.

As we're kind (and awesome), we also decided to give an opportunity for everybody to get featured! Every month, we create a thread in the Deviation Thumbshare Forum with a particular theme. This thread is made into a sticky for easy access. All you have to do is post thumbs of your artwork that match the theme and, at the end of the month, we select our favorite thumbs from that thread and feature them in the next news article. :)

The best thing is that being an active member of the forums is the only requirement!

Featured Forumer of the Month: AtomicLEGO

Woods by AtomicLEGO selected by Anoya 
"Overall cuteness! I really like the style! "

Desolation by AtomicLEGO  selected by 3wyl
"The atmosphere is conveyed so effectively here! Brilliant use of shading."

Watching the Sunset. by AtomicLEGO  selected by kingmancheng 
"I like an illustration with a message, very powerful piece!"

Skyrim Logic by AtomicLEGO  selected by KovoWolf 
"Because who doesn't love some skyrim humor? Lovely panels and a great comedic relief to an otherwise unusual mechanic of the game!"

Night Elf (Ballpoint Sketch) by AtomicLEGO selected by DistortedSmile 
"How do you achieve that level of detail and texture with a ballpoint pen?? Amazing!"

Theme of the Month: Beaches!

Here's a selection of thumbs picked from the thumbshare thread: Beaches!

OFF_TO_THE_BEACH by donmalo Vroom Vrooom ! by Raphael-Lacoste Rocks by MittMac Tranquil Waters by Peterix Do mermaids smoke seaweed? by Peterix the calm silence. by CherishKay Beach by JenFruzz Perranporth Beach by meteomarissa Baltic Sunset by kapala01 Sand and Waves on a Sunny Day by SavageFrog washed up from the sea by pijnapple RR Team Treasure Hunt by ScottaHemi Cyberdog by delic star tower alpha by GoblinHood Hazy sights. by sillypots Wharariki Beach by SvenMueller Ghosties Beach III by Glenn-Crouch Flame by Oer-Wout between land and ocean by a-b-n Sielpia 2 by SabakuNoShi Cloudy Day at the Beach by Mayanwin rocky by RowdyRocks909 28.52 - L'alba. by mylittlebluesky Closer. by mylittlebluesky Pastel world. by mylittlebluesky Waves Crashing By Seal 1/3 by NodokaVisualArts Virginia Beach 2 by PridesCrossing A Stormy Summers Day IV by Arte-de-Junqueiro Slow sunrise by gigi50 Antalya TURKEY by MustafaSEZER The other side by gigi50 Sardines In Sardinia by DamaInNero Daddy's Girl -promo 7- by Bethany-sensei Adraga on the rocks by Miguel-Santos Praia da Adraga by SvenMueller Adraga by A2Matos drain waters by arqhugo Seaside Dream by Bryd013 St. Malo1 beach Ille-et-Vilaine  France by hubert61 D'ECUME ET DE PIERRE by lombregrise Gruissan 2014 MER (7) by Hubert11 Far Horizon by Malintra-Shadowmoon Day Night by Alex-Redfield Revere Beach by ashamandour .End of summer. by BubbleCloud Connected by Oer-Wout Neptune by Fuee star on shore by WednesdayM0rning Lost Shell by Rea-the-squirrel Puttiki - Summer by Shannanigan SPF Will Vary by Sephiramy Something Fishy's Going On... by JeffVictor A Day At The Beach by Manomatul Footprints in the Sand by Elfedward Bad seagull! by SunflowerInTheRain Brighton Pier by ameliemj Shells by Giuliettadolce Colors of Bali by Sanctus87 Fading away by gilad D E D I C A T I O N by BrianWolfe Shades by poipu The Octopus in the Teacup by AGlimpseOfMe watching by ramblepaw Lost World by DPasschier Stonemen's Sun-Downer by leeqid Create Your World! by rainbownote
Thank you to everyone who took part! We will see you next month with a new forumer and a new theme! :love:

Wish Fondue

Mon Sep 29, 2014, 8:49 PM

Featuring critiques/comments, prints, badges, contests/events, commissions/adoptables and miscellaneous wishes.


Take a look at the new wishes!


No new wish.



:star: SilverInkblot wishes for photo prints from her wishlist. :star:

The Last GiftGod traces the letters on tombstones, fondly
remembering the deceased’s first steps
into His house. When He closed
the gates of Eden, the whole world
became a cemetery: the untouched garden
a hospital waiting room, overflowing
with flowers to be arranged
upon funeral wreaths, waiting for Him
to bestow His last gift.
  The Carpenter's BrideYour dreaming face betrays no conniving
lies; do you dream of sheep or kangaroo
courts handing down guilty verdicts, diving
into pools of laundered money accrued
by men with caterpillar mustaches?
Can your lurking Cheshire grin meet my eyes,
or is our great depression succotash
made with shelled oysters lead astray by wise
men gone to the dark? Keep your looking glass
spotless, and keep me on the other side
of reason, of justice. This last impasse
leaves no way out for the besotted bride
who saw too late; your guilty, bloody hands
have ripped apart our only Wonderland.
  Butterfly SundaeMr. Dipple runs the ice cream shop a few blocks from the school. I like going there because the words and flavors mash up in weird ways. The word strawberry tastes like peaches; chocolate is cashews; pistachio is vanilla, and vanilla is oddly floral. It’s like getting a double scoop for the price of a single.
Mr. Dipple tastes like butterscotch. I like that, because butterscotch is the same color as his mustache and the stripes underneath his apron. He’s Oliver’s grandfather, so that’s where he took me. Out, I mean. Like, not really a date, but kind of a date, you know? No hand holding or anything, but he did open the door for me and that’s kinda embarrassing but kinda really sweet too.
He asked his grandfather to whip us up a sundae; I didn’t realize until it got to the table that it was one to share and that’s also kinda embarrassing but really sweet in every way possible. Vanilla ice cream, chunks of brownie, whipped cream, and what I knew t


:heart: Nala15 wishes for a mouse pad of this. :heart:

By the Sea - Gift by Nala15 Twin Kings - Commission by Nala15 Pouncing Lessons - Father's Day Contest by Nala15



:heart: MeoAgcat wishes for llamas. :heart:

Mint chocolate by MeoAgcat Spring goats by MeoAgcat AT - Ska by MeoAgcat



:heart: OfOneSoul wishes for prize donations of any kind for their upcoming lit contests. :heart:

Ghosts of a Belle Dame"Those that go do not return,"
tales tell of the woods, be wary;
no good can come of entering.
Not that anyone lives to speak.
This path was his quickest means
with dead branches and peeling bark.
Everything falling away
like a corpse shedding its skin.
He knew the cost of his road
and soon grew fearful of it.
Gusts of wind forced his step
and the copse invited him in.
There were whispers in the trees
and eyes in every shadow.
His mind was not a trickster
and the forest possessed no life.
A faint hand fumbled out,
and he felt it against his skin.
Alas, his eyes could not perceive
what he knew to be there.
"Hide not in the gloom,"
he spoke into nothing,
"- the winds and moon betray you."
He choked through ash and dread,
"And you are revealed."
An apparition of light and pain
flew from the dark in earnest.
A knight of old armor and crest
whose face was stricken with woe.
A word could not escape him
and he motioned to the Earth.
Scattered in piles around them
were the bones of visi
  It's the ApocalypseRed sensors rotated and his gears resonated within him.
He could hear the mass silence that echoed endlessly;
no wind wafting through trees or horns blaring…
- only ghosts.
He sensed the crunch of metal and rust grinding
and the clank of disused limbs popping into place.
The mechanics of his body had forgotten basic processes…
- and he felt ancient.
Saved recordings worked through his hard-drive like memories
reminding him of times with oceans of cities, flocks of humans,
and towers so tall he could stand next to them and be called…
- brother.
The lenses of his eyes fluttered and a new world was upon him;
the sun shone so brightly, alloy sweated from his torso
and the sharp sand beneath his feet grated
- and he began to erode.
The Earth was not as he had left it…
- with farms of humans and armies of titans like himself
who worked to save their creators from their own destruction.
He paced the wasteland they had sought to prevent
and wondered..
  I Love You In DisguiseJeremy Crenshaw was sitting in the same place he sat every day in fourth period English; far away enough not to be noticed, and close enough to admire from afar. For the last three years their schedules had been almost identical; but somehow English was the only class he had with him their junior year.
Braden Morgan was charming and sweet. He had an air about him that drew people in, even those who were unwanted. Because of this, he was constantly surrounded by his jock buddies and busty groupies. Jeremy could never find a moment to speak; to remind him of when they were younger and when he once admitted that they were best friends.
Braden's body had firmed and his stature had grown those last few years. He kept his head clean with an attractive buzz-cut and enough dirty blonde stubble to remind others of his maturity. He didn't play any sports, so most attentive teachers and coaches ignored his facial hair. Instead he made his mark in art class and drama, neither



:star: FlightPixel wishes to sell more commissions. :star:

Claire by FlightPixel Charnutoise by FlightPixel Arthur and Coralie by FlightPixel


:star: PatyKida wishes for people to commission her pixel icons. :star:

Follow the master by LittleFlorzita Number 1 thief by LittleFlorzita Frost Pagedoll by LittleFlorzita


:star: Viokcha wishes to sell more commissions. :star:

Chibi comm for The-Lantiis 2 by Viokcha Chibi comm for The-Lantiis by Viokcha ::Chibi Comm for McMuffin:: by Viokcha


:heart: Mittsu-chan wishes to sell adoptables to help fund a new laptop. :heart:

Hop adopt (OPEN) by Mittsu-chanAdopts Batch yay (OPEN) by Mittsu-chan Mini Adopts (OPEN) //Reduced prices by Mittsu-chan


:heart: Ninelyn wishes for people to commission her. :heart:

Loli Marcy by Ninelyn Fairy Kei Kitties - Adoptables (2/2 Avaliable) by Ninelyn Visual Kei Boy by Ninelyn

Other wishes


:groups: DeviBrigard wishes for rocks. :groups:

Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog by DeviBrigard Monochrome Scramble by DeviBrigard Green-Eyed Gaze set by DeviBrigard


:groups: iLantiis wishes for fanart of Huya (her evil queen mwahahaha) :groups:

MSP 2014 R1 Enter the Queen by iLantiis


:star: Arcane-Panda wishes for more active watchers. :star:

TMNT2012 brotherly love by Arcane-Panda Bubbly trainer by Arcane-Panda Luffy and Panda: Dragon Adventures sketch by Arcane-Panda


:star: Felizias wishes for new members to take part in All-about-features Project dA Starters. :star:

DA starters - Info, rules + FAQHello, fellow deviant. :heart:
"DA Starters" is an unofficial project (not administrated by DA staff) running on All-about-features.
The projects objective is to promote new deviants who joined less than 1 year ago with an interview and art feature.
Interviews are usual displayed every Saturday.
There are two interview versions:
:bulletwhite: Windklang runs individual interviews via notes.
:bulletwhite: Or you can simply anwser the same questions on our offical DA starters form here.
Feedback of any sort is always appreciated! :heart:

:star: FAQ :star:

I've had an account before but my new one is less than 1 year old. Can I get an interview?
  DA Starters 51 | Thelovelydaedra:fellalovesgroups: Let's welcome another DA starter! I love deviantART!
Hi! Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
Well let's see, some of my interests would have to be drawing, video games, music and many others. Those are just my basic interests.

How did you find Deviantart and how did you decide on your username?
I found DeviantArt just through searching though the internet one day and clicked on a website name DeviantArt and look around on it for a while then said "hey, I want to do that too." And here I am.
I came up with my username through my love for Skyrim. I wanted something to do with magic and power in the game, and I've always worshipped the daedra in Skyrim. So it just popped in my head "You are going to be the loveliest of all daedra!"
  DA Starters 50 | AlexandreMasquio:fellalovesgroups: Let's welcome another DA starter! I love deviantART!
Hi! Please introduce yourself. What are your interests?
I am at the moment practicing portraits, which is what I mainly post on my account. Some are made from reference, others from my mind.

How did you find Deviantart and how did you decide on your username?
I found deviantart because when I looked for art on the internet, it frequently redirected me to this site, so I got interested in joining, and my username is my real life name.
How would you describe your art style?
I have had many styles over the years, but my current style on DA is portraits that are meant to be as beautiful as possible. I am practicing faces at the moment, because I b


:star: Nyaasu wishes for SillydogTheGreat to get more exposure. :star:

Shanti Blossem -Commission- by SillydogTheGreat Quill -Commission- by SillydogTheGreat K2 -AT- by SillydogTheGreat


:heart: berryrue wishes for 50 new, loyal watchers. :heart:

Water wonderland: Indoor swamp by berryrue Diamond in the rough by berryrue Love Nectar by berryrue


:heart: orange-pirates wishes for new watchers. :heart:

Deathbringer - The Gatekeeper by orange-pirates Realis - Harimau by orange-pirates Adventure! by orange-pirates


:heart: RaptorArts wishes he had a lot more watchers. :heart:

Monarch Butterfly on flower by RaptorArts Doe Sculpture Painting WIP by RaptorArts Somethings in The Air... by RaptorArts

That's all for this week folks! Wish Fondue will return next week with new wishes.