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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Daily Lit Recognition for July 22nd, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Suggested by: Rhevenge69

Featured by: chromeantennae

You Never Buy Me FlowersWhen you come home after a hard day's work,
there's a plate on the counter and food on the stove.
Your favorite bottle is chilling in a bucket of ice;
as you relax in your Lazy Boy, I think, "isn't that nice?"
You never buy me flowers
While you watch a movie or go to play Xbox
I'm standing in the kitchen, elbows deep in dishes.
When you say you're tired and you're taking a nap,
my arms are overflowing with the laundry stack.
You never buy me flowers
After you awaken you want a shoulder rub;
I put down the broom and attend to you at once.
Then you go to shower and find a shirt needs sewn;
once the tear is mended tomorrow's lunch must be tended.
You never buy me flowers
When midnight comes and goes we lay in bed together;
I'm almost asleep when you whisper naughty things into my ear.
You roll me over and I sigh as I look right into your eyes
and shout 'You never buy me flowers' and then I roll back over.

You Never Buy Me Flowers by ladyshadowrage

This exhibits how a woman will feel in her relationship 
at least once. It is a poem that men and women alike can 
emotionally connect with, for women are not the only ones 
who feel unappreciated in a relationship.

Featured by: TwilightPoetess

Bugging out against the new regime, stopping, 
dropping, and rolling the whole way. Greedy eyes, 
bloodlust, friendliness astray;  natural selection 
at its finest.
A stench in the air, dirty tears roll, corpses line 
their minds. Leadership takes hold of some, while 
others are given sweet extermination. 
A group gathers around tents, haphazardly 
ignoring wheezing and rasping from the girl 
with choked smiles. 
Painted with ash and shrapnel, sickness 
infiltrate her veins, leaving life weaving through 
the fire. 
Her heart wallops as an attack nears, she whispers 
a silent plea for the group not to  leave. A race 
to evade their ultimate fate, discounts her own meeting. 

Survival by WistfulNebulae

This post-apocalyptic poem from WistfulNebulae 
ponders the question "what if"
--and will leave you wondering.


Featured by doodlerTM

The Museum of the MindIn reality, the past holds little significance. We can romanticize and exaggerate those moments all we want, but they will remain ghosts.. Nothing more than images inside our heads, and the way we feel about them is a choice.
We are, in part, the sum of everything that has ever happened to us... But more than that, more powerful than that, is the blinding strength of our present consciousness. To believe that any of the hardships, joys, failures, or triumphs we experience in youth are truly relevant to the present moment is a conscious choice one makes. It is not an absolute reality that these instances hold sway over the present. The most common argument for that is, "Those moments make me who I am today." No, they don't. You make you who you are today. You are a separate entity entirely from your memories. Your present mind creates the image of self you currently have, and at any moment you can change that image. All of those memories are just events that

The Museum of the Mind by FaintSketches

A well-written reflection 
on memories and the past.

Suggested by: RayneHaos

Featured by: SpriteBlayde

Her Name Was AliceI knew I'd never forget those days as they unfolded while the sun slowly fell over the horizon. We sat together in every class, laughing at whatever jokes were told, no matter how distasteful they were. We didn't really have anyone but each other. I'd tell her of my worries of becoming someone man enough to replace my late father, and she'd tell me about her hardships. The trouble she had covering her bruises, or her constant fear of displeasing her mother. 
In the evening, we'd watch the sun fall over the river. Though as soon as those streetlights came on, we had to rush home to avoid the wrath of our parents. I often would stay up wondering how she was. I'd wonder about all the pain--emotionally and physically--she would constantly be in. I often found myself craving the sunlight, signalling the start of my daily cycle with her. 
It wasn't until I turned fifteen that I realized I had fallen for her. She was perfect in beauty and in grace. A beauty that the rest of the worl

Her Name Was Alice by LuminescentRayne

From the suggester: "'s fueled with emotion 
and is just simply beautiful despite it's dark theme."

Foreign Language

Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon

LA GARDIENNE DU VIDE (+audio horror style)
Frantz, août 2012.

La Gardienne du vide by lombregrise

A traditional poetry piece in an ancient 
French classical style with a horror touch 
about the void of the graves and their guardian. 
All around encountering death 
in beautiful descriptive passages.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Skin by SimplySilent

Keep Calm and Stay with Me

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 21, 2014, 2:01 PM
note me

Captured Fairy by ladyphantomofmusicMe as an Air or Wind Goddess. by ladyphantomofmusic

BlueButterflies by KmyGraphicYou Inspire Me by KmyGraphicRoses-and-Butterfly by KmyGraphic

Arising by Spiritofdarkness

Needs of the Many by Colin-Bentham

Duke Street Surgery by Colin-Bentham

STAY WITH ME__DOODLE by anyazalia

BRAIN CENTER by atomicrick

Wolves by bird150How life is. by bird150

Wake up! - Draco's RQ by Bahogar

Black & White Theme  Windows 8 by Adyss88 by adyss88

Lake Theme Windows 8 by Adyss88 by adyss88Beach Theme Windows 8 by Adyss88 by adyss88

Blue Grass Horse by Valcy

agustos 2008 by MeralSarioglu

Austria Stock 086 by Malleni-Stock

Waterfalls by Marybriannemckay

A World not my Own by PhotographsByBri

Summoning The Void by MoodyBlueInternal Landscape by MoodyBlue

Nature Colors by salman-khanTulip - I by salman-khan

req:Hikari the power of light from your heart by afifmizuCOM:kazu-0 by afifmizu

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  • Reading: the space in the silence
  • Watching: time play snail over salty ground
  • Playing: temptress
  • Eating: lyrics like dessert
  • Drinking: in the moment
This next feature is of some artworks that I have found to be truly amazing. Once again, if you don't want yours here, tell me and I will remove it.

So go ahead, add some (or all) to your favourites and give them some nice comments. :)

Gone Fishing by arisuonpaa Snowy Forest [WP] by Aenea-Jones
Forest Swing Background by frozenstocks
+Evening+ by Tankero
Black and Red by AlitaBird
+Placid+ by Tankero
fire walk by Apofiss
The Ambush by josephinekazuki
Drawing of a Wolf by jennasartwork
Vicky by Shearkin
Blue Dragon by sandara
Last Light by MountainInspirations
Road under the trees. Autumn by turkill
dark lake by Light-Angel-Vera
Rise of Guardians - the Moon by christon-clivef
He Lives in You by Wyethcat
Break in the clouds - Watercolor by nicolasjolly
Sherlock by AmandaTolleson
Shipwreck by arisuonpaa
sherlock holmes by Angela-T
Justice//Mercy by MagaSushi
Ashfur by Vialir
+Sniff+ by Tankero
Blue Bird by Sardiini
Elsa by clc1997
One for Sorrow by ReneAigner
Doctor Who by Joe-Roberts
Merlin and Arthur by SophieGraceArt
Arthur and Merlin by TatharielCreations
Snowy Winter Dream by kittykatwolf
Silverstream, Graystripe and Fireheart by Vialir
..High.. by Spottedfire94
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  • Eating: Potatoe Salad
  • Drinking: Water

(-404) Deviant Found, vol. 47

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 1:16 AM
61 watchers
Ghost in the Shell-Illusionary Birds by WilliWeissfuss
Sterntaler by WilliWeissfussUngolianth by WilliWeissfussTom Bombadil by WilliWeissfuss

9 watchers
Tourisme medieval by Drakarmine
Cirque Amer by DrakarmineBivouac by DrakarmineExtra Lucide by Drakarmine

305 watchers
Howl's Moving Castle by eamanee
I've seen your soul by eamaneeI will take what is mine with fire and blood. by eamaneeDoes it almost feel like nothing changed at all? by eamanee

1 watcher
Romanian Mouse by krutsche
Meg by krutscheLana Del Rey by krutscheDan With Violin by krutsche

40 watchers
Self Portrait by YetiSalad
O Valentine by YetiSaladOwl2 by YetiSaladJosef by YetiSalad

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean these artists are underappreciated?
It means that for what they have in their galleries, they deserve much more attention. This doesn't mean they are generally underappreciated, but on dA - yes.

Where do you find all these people?
Often they're my watchers - I check out every user who adds me. Also, I'm a creepy stalker and look through other people's favourites. And group galleries.

Can I suggest a gallery for your feature?
Of course. Please send me a note with a link (not in a comment!). It may take a couple of posts before your suggestion is shown, though, I always have some (-404)'s drafted and waiting in

More exposure 52

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 9:12 AM


DA character by Stefana-Tserk

   Helloooo Time to featured you guys Hope everybody had a nice day  Welcome new members and watchers! Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.So today, as each week i will open a space for all the members to get one work featured. In this space quality does not matter, is to help you out to get more exposure. 


Esther's Courage by PhoenixdreamangelMSB Sabertooth dragon by Sa-chan1603 Daenerys Targaryen by Casirra Gon by nixuboy Sochi Danced by theory6-brian Miki print for Comic-Con by AxelMedellin :Contest Entry: Phaedia by DracoPhobos Raven Dance by TinaLouiseUk listen the song of the nature by Lolita-Artz Dimitri: Fight till I die! by Subtle-War Sounds of Silence by StarfireArizona Sara Strife Commission by dartbaston Titania by AlyFell Decker by HunDrenus 'Nord' (working title) by LostKeep Once by Otherra The Shadow Glass Teaser Image by AlyFell NewBorn by coby01 Trey by milyKnight La Regina dei Miei Sogni Morti by LenteScura WoW: Queen Azshara by Narga-Lifestream Gantz H-Suit Prototype (F) by Raelsatu SEA FLOWERS by RSConnett DotP 2105 persona by IgorKieryluk of Moth and Butterfly by Unodu DQD nude2014 073 by duongquocdinh Murkey:monsterclown by Sleetwealth Not alone by kirpichman Set me free by Anna-Marine Wonderland by Antonio-Figueiredo Deralik Brute by ChunLo Just Red by theheek Syariel and Ashriel by ScorchedPoet pamanah by styvop Red Hot Summer by annewipf Contritum: Silver and Red (Full Chapter 1) by Akara-Legend Wayfarer by Vilenchik

I support

:icondigital-art-club: :iconfeedbackfrenzy: :iconall-artists: :iconpsychoartistunited: :iconhighqualityart: :iconmanipulationdigital:  :iconombre-de-nuit: :iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconrealm-of-fantasy:

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Animal ABCs: N is for Newt

Mon Jul 21, 2014, 9:00 AM
*This is scheduled. I'm away on a trip!*

A new series I'm starting 
La la la la I will be going through the alphabet with different animals and making features. I've got my list all figured out and I'm super excited to start this. Check out the "Upcoming Animal" section to potentially get featured!  More information can be found on the bottom. If you like this article, please give it a +fav so the artists may get more exposure.

Without further ado...


Common newt by Dark-Raptor
Random newt by Rrkra
Newt by Amaranthine-immortalNewt by SantaniNewt Larvae by Alannah-HawkerBlue Newt on a popsicle by JillJacklessNewt by OneCrazyClericWoody the Newt by Soggy-WolfieNewt-on by CID228smooth newt by AeylanCartoon Newt by IthliniGinger Newts by f-uhuraNewt Surprise in Color by LeahJayNewt by Ali-zarinaNewt Portrait- Red Eft stage by DragonosX



If you have a deviation you would like to suggest that has a OKAPI in it, please feel free to comment below with the thumb or link to the deviation. Self suggestions are welcomed! All artistic mediums are welcome.


Questions? Concerns? Comments on how to improve? Feel free to note Note me about it.

-Kathy Heart ( rainylake )

Nyomás alatt készül a gyémánt.

Erica világa c. film

Chasing the Knowledge by ShayolaOre To Watashi - Cover by ShayolaApple Black: Awakening by Shayola
Crack by MatevadasMischievous fairy girl by zomgmeisinsane
Piiink by BjsXBirthday dragon for Azz by Paty-wolf
I love lamp. by zomgmeisinsane

22 by zomgmeisinsaneBoo. by zomgmeisinsaneThe cannibals by bohemiannihil
Fashion illustrations by bohemiannihil
impulse by bohemiannihil
Bleeding Out by SheyenneARTSketch of the Monk by SheyenneARTMonk by SheyenneART
Chinese Warrior 2.0 by SheyenneART
Hellboy hoodie girl by bohemiannihilSilverflag by bohemiannihil
Red by CyclopBunny
Shoe box (close-up) by CyclopBunnyGet the fuck off my property! by Zerda-FoxIf you go down in the woods today, by Zerda-Fox
::the green of the forest:: by magierThe Witch of Halloween by magierNomad 2 by Xiiau
Green Light by Xiiau
Nomad 6 by XiiauFighter - Character sheet by Xiiau
14619Col by maxyvertMicro Sticker chibies by bejjaRoller Derby Masha by bejja
WoE: round 1 by AzarahelLirea by Ryltha
Amseth / Sketch by RylthaLirea's Mount / Skect by Ryltha
[Too alone] - Carry Me Servant by Ame-yWe should move on by TridentFreak
OPEN! Catsday Catfist Catploited by Kamikatamarigentle boy by kresbickyNip and tuck steps by kresbicky
Beef cattle goes to heaven by kresbicky
Determination by HunDrenusBlue Delirium by HunDrenus
WOE round 1 - Garek vs. Eilis by El-NiphrendilTeam Charger by El-NiphrendilCM - Alyx Riari by El-NiphrendilMain character sketches by El-NiphrendilArtTradeYuminari by MonaOkami
Savita concept by RayamiraGreetings by EeNii
Sdc16461 by pannka144Img 20140710 212749 by kardosniki
teriyakilazac001 page by kardosnikiVirageso 001 borito by kardosnikicomics page 003 by kardosniki
Green Night by Arveriaturacerun to the hills by marklaszlo666
bugman by marklaszlo666FUNGUSNAZIS (version 1) by marklaszlo666
Spider King fanart by marklaszlo666variant cover for Dark Age #5 by marklaszlo666
[Nata]Reflection by nata-bettiPCom:Orangenbluete by nata-bettiSunflower by sakura-chan6Somebody,find us by sakura-chan6Germany by sakura-chan6Roman Empire by sakura-chan6How to train your dragon by sakura-chan6
Wonderland by SilverGhostPhotowors
Endergirl versus Steve (part 2) by SilverGhostPhotoworsforest practice by KisTithenfor the dancing and the dreaming by KisTithenCome Fly With Me by KisTithen
The New Chief by KisTithentwice the tooth by KisTithen
A Million Mile From Home by KisTithenSomething Strong For Heart And Soul by KisTithenThe World Is A Dangerous Place Sir by KisTithen
I am no fool anymore by Ad1erNobody escapes by Ad1er
Chris Cornell by floratothartJacoby Shaddix by floratothart
Marilyn Manson by floratothart
Untitled by floratothartKurt Cobain by floratothartPhil Anselmo by floratothartVille Valo by floratothart
Hea by milky-senseiValentine message for Zenith by milky-senseiWIP Saman lady by milky-sensei
SA - DorothyBomeraang by I--Zoldalma--I
Contest entry - Calendar Man by I--Zoldalma--I
Contest entry - Silver Banshee by I--Zoldalma--I
'Amulet of the nigth elves' (for sale) by seralune'Sweet dreams' sterling silver pendant (for sale) by seralune
Little prince and the bunny by Szonja-kunAnimal planet by Szonja-kun
some ppl dont stay the same by spaceCreepersCommission Madelyn by spaceCreepers
Corona Borealis by rhaeyracommission: Silda by rhaeyraSA - winter love by rhaeyraPoint Commission for I-see-ghosts by BansheeDiTrieste
Art Trade with Solestrat by BansheeDiTriesteKitsune and shinto Inari by AleudeSoren Sheet by Aleude
Kitsune character sheet by AleudeLeague of Legends: Nami by Kytru
League of Legends: Sona by Kytru
League of Legends: Karma by Kytru
Fall Asleep by KytruGalanthus nivalis by AurorieJungle Fire by Aurorie
Under the bright moon by AurorieAustralian sunshine by AurorieRainy Days by Aurorie
Entchanted Pumpkins by Aurorie
Bouquet by AurorieNiawey and Shadak by EstfahanNkruma, the Amber guardian by EstfahanAndrogyne by Estfahan
The Silver Mage by Estfahan
Day2: Princess Mononoke by Azravaszswiggity swag by Azravaszthe cowardly lion by Azravasz
drift-colored ver.part1 by Azravaszskull with hydrangea by AzravaszAries skull by Dans-littleBrook
deer dance by Dans-littleBrookSociety by Dans-littleBrookfairy tale by Dans-littleBrook
kicsi betya'r by Dans-littleBrookladies by Dans-littleBrookhusza'rok by Dans-littleBrook
A. V. D. by srGittaUntitled by rembo78Untitled by rembo78
Morning by BoncALimited Edition by BoncAno parking by eperlekvartell me old tales by eperlekvar
tavimajom by cillermilleroh boy by cillermillerCOM: Oli Farkas by cillermiller
beach by cillermillerIm cool by cillermiller053 by cillermiller
I'M NOT CUTE by ReniTheDoggieGirlAlley by ReniTheDoggieGirlArale~ fan art by ReniTheDoggieGirlKuro kun with nekomimi by ReniTheDoggieGirl
Ginger and the flying umbrella - art trade by Ikine-chan

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News + Weekly Gallery Highlight

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 12:40 AM


community related news

:bulletgreen: The theme for July monthly challenge organized by Artisan Crafts galleries' volunteers is: animals. You can learn more about monthly challenge here… You can see who the winners of the June monthly challenge are here…

:bulletgreen: You can see the monthly DDs roundup here… and here… and for sculpture here…

contests and giveaways

:bulletgreen: You have until July 24th to enter Amaze-ingHats' giveaway…

:bulletgreen: ChibiSilverWings is having a sculpture raffle. It ends on August 9th…

:bulletgreen: rosepeonie is giving away a handmade dragon sculpture and some points. Giveaway ends July 31st. You can see tha rules in this journal…

:bulletgreen: our affiliate :iconbracelets-and-knots: is having a contest. The theme is flowers and there are three categories you can enter. Contest ends September 15th. Learn more about it here bracelets-and-knots.deviantart…

:bulletgreen: You can find a list of Artisan Crafts contests and events here…

interviews and features

:bulletgreen: Backsackandjack gives some advice on sculpting femme fatales…

:bulletgreen: Brookette showcased her choice of recent additions to the Cullinary Arts gallery…

:bulletgreen: cakecrumbs highlighted another artist, this time Fableblades…

:bulletgreen: PhoenixDestruction did an interview with MorgansMutations phoenixdestruction.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: The latest beadwork feature covers pieces made with dagger beads…

:bulletgreen: Feature-The-Artists did a little sculpture feature feature-the-artists.deviantart…

:bulletgreen: Brookette posted latest instalment of Artisan Crafts feature…

:bulletgreen: Bansini highlighted Indian art of kalamkari. Learn more about it in the journal…

:bulletgreen: Play a little game and try to guess which artisan crafts Talty chose to highlight in this journal… You may be surprised.

:bulletgreen: Erozja did another feature of creative artisan crafts…

sales and special offers

:bulletgreen: Laurelis is having 50% discount in her Etsy store during July…

:bulletgreen: CatsWire has given a coupon code for 10% discount at her DaWanda and Zibbet stores. 10% of each sale will go to TiNO, an animal shelter whose cat house had burned down and needs to be rebuilt.…

:bulletgreen: Peter-The-Knotter is having a modest sale of some of his necklaces to raise funds for a sorely-needed camera for exhibition photo's and for making pix for his book on knotting and macramé. For more info, please see here: peter-the-knotter.deviantart.c…

Weekly Gallery Highlight

We decided to highlight some of the best submissions to the group gallery every week. I'll go with 25 featured submissions per week. This selection is purely subjective and represents my favorite submissions to our galleries. If you disagree with my selection, please feel free to go to our galleries and :+fav: any deviation you enjoy, artists also appreciate comments on their works! Spread the love! :dalove:

Angel Wings Tutorial by Kurosu-kun Stucco and Flagstone by Devine-Escapes Jupiter Headphones by Iheartnella Mjolnir The Nine Noble Virtues II by morgenland The Dragon by Albegoyec Maleficent Dagger Preview by Logan-Pearce Horned Plight of Delirium by Epic-Leather .:Zen II:. by Knuxtiger4 Stained-Glass Butterfly Shadowbox by RazgrizInferno Demon Goth Girl by LEXLOTHOR Cheese Bargas by Denial-of-a-Failure Gary Oak cookies by PlushMayhem Clay peonies by dallia-art Wallart *Neonfish* by SensiArts Alice: Madness Returns  - Card Guard by MaryDec Miniature picnic by EmisBakery Temari 16 - Winter Peacock details by Revenia Headband(kanzashi) for a dress by haru-mai Romantic Wedding by AFahrbach Self Portrait  in 3D Cross Stitch by rhaben Incredible Random Stuff 0136 by m3ow Chibi Transformers Bumblebee plush by Rainbowbubbles Gates of the Sacred Forest by DeathMystery Bridged by edhelien Kingfisher by Mineima

Again, this was a selection of my favorite submissions and does not represent a qualitative or artistic evaluation!

If you would like to help the group by writing features such as this or anything else, please get in touch with me via note to the group and let me know what you would like to contribute and how often (for example a weekly feature of 20 deviations from the group galleries or a monthly article written about something craft related). We are always looking for fresh blood. :D

- Artist Features -

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 12:27 AM

So I'm doing artist features now! This journal will be constantly updated for your viewing of cuteness, whether it be people who were lovely enough to donate and get a feature or people who are just that awesome, or deserve some dA love! I hope you guys enjoy the features to come!

22 / 7 / 14 - 15 / 8 / 14
Wolfy is an absolute sweetheart who makes some seriously adorable adoptables. If you like cute art, or are looking for a new character design you should definitely go check her out! She also donated to the super group fundraiser for Their-Dark-Eden and Distorted-Town so you should all give her some love!
Adopt auction #1 OPEN by wolfyLRiina