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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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CI Monthly Feature #26

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 3:00 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our CI members! This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to our +40k watchers and the whole community!


Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

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Deep blue Ocean by Yenni-Vu Solveig (Ballpoint Sketch) by Seminon f a l l i n g by xRadioactivePixie Down the Rabbit Hole by MafaRioch Rain Petals by Thelovelydaedra
New Years Eve by IShot-U CuT by EhX-KoR Silent Lullaby by StarfireArizona Watching you by Hintial .:Let's Finish this:. by MacaHeroes
Octopus's Garden by CrochetQueen 'Ha. I didn't think so.' by KatNap8181 Love Me, Love Me Not by MyrtoGkl Shaman by Wyverra Dragon Fire by Noguy
Carter by Asheydoo Sweets by Rooboid KissuKissu by ConnieConnConn Danbos Wish by Marloeshi Guardian Of The Promise Land by BloomingRoseXeniia

Talon X Zil by HalfInane-HalfMental Robin by Sasa-Van-Goth Like a bunch of wildflowers by theMaianebula The Voyage 2: Light up the Night Sky by fantreasureplanetljs World of Warcraft: Lifebinder's Rage by ToxicCreed
Oi oi by Kallian91 Enki by RinoTheBouncer Pirotess (gender-swap) by oga-chan Tiger by OdracirO Mother's care by theNightwishmaster
Punk Jax by FigBeater pikachu evolution by valeriarin The Coordinator by TheBlackBullets In my restless dreams, I see that town... by Dark-Indigo Fully functional Mini Crossbows by ShadyDarkGirl
Summer is Over by Erisiar The True and the Other Forms by Everlasting90 Of stained glass by frostyshadows When Daybreak Arrives by FeatheryFlight Cat embrace by pinkoliphant

Chronicles of Reflection: Chapter 1 by Samuraiflame epic standoff between nobody and the flame by WasOriginal The Turn of August by SepticSkeptik Taste the Rainbow... by Pdubbsquared Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design by Neffo
Guardian by TOYDREAMER Wadanohara by Rinrin-chin Almond from Cucumber Quest by ForeverSoaring Despite being Monochrome, everyone's unique by tashaj4de :.:Sail Away:.: by CrowningRoses
Diana and Luna by Stacy-L-Gage Don't-Run by wdnest rock shop enthusiast by faelliex Sakura by Andreanable The Satanic Black Feline by Raiden-Silverfox
Pumpkin Spice Scalemaille Bracelet by Rosie-Periannath Burrd by RustyCroutons Pin Up Puerto Rico by artisticallystrange Traditional Prize for Amaranthadopts by LunardreamerEmy its so cold by Lolita-Artz

Reflect by scoobiesnax Labels by BadApple-Art Life of a Sea Sheppard by BlackThornRose  For YouI made a mess of myself just for you.
I did the one thing I said I wouldn't, for you.
I'm letting this blade be a guest in my chest for you.
I'm willing to wait for you, when I had the intention before of waiting for no one.
 The Last Butterfly by theheek
Free To Fly by dizzyflower28 WIP by A-FACE .::Take Acid, Become God::. by LushLovesYou Jump Through Hoops by hiddenpowerice Sunflowers by Ayelk
Salutations by AyanoHoshi Last Breath by DeathGoddess231 Be Creative (commision) by StarWarsJediAmy Guardians of the Galaxy  morphing faces by rbl3d KU: Smile! by Keeyel
Cyber- Eve by MariaSemelevich Late Again, Dear Alice? by Akara-Legend Sol by Tiffany-Tees Tragic by Pro-kun K.K. Condor by NeonNekoHime

A place to lay my head by GlyphBellchimeDay 228 - Hair Clip and Knitted Scarf by Chame Darkness by Fenrir95 .: Hinami Fueguchi :. by Hachi-Inui Kriss by Inlinverst
 Death by Xarime Water Frog by wuestenbrand Dance by DonguriArt I WENT TOO FAR BUT HELLA by Aeveternal Madonna Ciccone by RED-ADAM
Zer0 - Borderlands 2 by SatoshiD Travelling Spaces by reblog Arms Of The Alien by KidiMaster Young Directors by Art-in-heart4va Heart Of Gold by Hiyomi-chan
Mikaze Ai - Coloured by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks Free Icon: Team Magma girl by SinfullyCute Would ya? by MagicalMerlinGirl nurse? by keilelsun Happiness by A-Motive

Misery by jeckald Broken Heart by duzetdaram Intimacy by MariyaIgnatova Dude in bow tie by Matna-chan Witch 2 by CathleenTarawhiti
Glory by eugenemulberry House by EnniArt Berlin II by Irrblossen Life is like a candle by MidnightArtDragon Anak'Thal - The White Witch by Jonboy8520
C.a.s.t.l.e by LadyCarnal Detective smile by Vilenchik Nah, I'll Show You How To Play! by Harumikoto Pudding Invasion (info in description) by StuffedPolarFox Dreamland by Karita94
Threat by CamaroLp House in the Ramparts by BlessedIgnorance Five Nights at Freddy's by Ashlmet Spellbound by JPMNeg Game Class : Elven Priestess by IAlice-chan

Ariel by FollowsChalk Element by katsuroyasu Silver Cape by Princess-CoCo-154 Jade by Gee-94 A Winter Angel's Warmth by HanaBlueSnowHoshiko
AJ the Scavanging Doctor [all shades] by KhaoShar Practice 13 by willymar ''Go on, Torvin!'' by EDMeadArt The Center of the Universe by purple-kyuuna Hinata Hyuuga - Naruto Shipuudden  Cosplay by Piuna
May Festival Pony - Rarity by selinmarsou Flutter by areemus Ninja Lhama vs the hater's dragon by PedroHenrique-2 by XXxMISANTHROPExXX Fate- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no kyojin by To-Ka-Ro
P :: The Guitarist by UnderworldPP Stupid Demon Triangle by TankerFishyGal Aiden by Raekia12 Nea and Nikolas: C'mere. by kuraikitsune13 Forestgirl 05 by Sugis

Shotta Adoptable -SBd [ OPEN] by Satsuki98  The Devil by XxFTIxX  Missing PagesHow many passionate speeches brought tears to how many eyes,
Then died away into silence?  How many desperate cries?
How many fields were trampled for how many legions to pass?
How many battles hidden by how many miles of grass?
How many life-changing moments broke how many wills?
How many world-changing leaders rot under how many hills?
How many amazing discoveries were lost and discovered anew?
How many heart-felt wishes were granted to just how few?
And how do we go on living knowing all that is lost?
How are there still rules when all of the lines have been crossed?
 Psychedelic furs by ivankorsario Haven by Egil21
Neon Microbes by Brainstorm-bw-style Mother by NorskSkog the veil by magicsart Sunset by Potato-K Gods - Chapter 2: Nii-Oh by AkiraHikawa
A Beauty by jad96art Arix Pixel by Shironaii Tomato Transfusion by tupilak Shingeki No..Shippuden!? by strawberrykurimuchan OC design contest entry part 2 by JunoRainier
Stargazing - Natsu and Lisanna by merunicorn `Mad Wrestler Contest` Entry by Zoltan86 Autumn Leafs by sunnybunny1199  

October Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:28 PM

Just One Wish by Sisterslaughter165 

Dan Dos Santos Shifting Shadows by DSillustration Hand-kissing by cornacchia-art Ill Will by BigBad-Red Mary-Faith by Eman333 

W o m e n by LadyNight93 River of Blood and Bones by Trisste Seras tu a l heure by Marjie79 Poison by Lhianne 

Wolf in sheep's clothing by tamaraR Do you have news? by ChiantyVex Left On The Outside by BrennaWintjens Need a Dentist II by Flobelebelebobele 

Nefertiti Eternal by J-u-d-a-s Rose Red by BrennaWintjens trail to the wicked by Najeeb-Alnajjar Sagittarius by EnchantedWhispersArt 

Sound of Knell by phoenixlu 

be offended.. by IMertTmyksl what the warm sun feels like by umbatman Anya stock II by Dxlogic by emanrabiah Melancholy by KarahRobinson-Art 

You can run, but you can't hide by pjenz Sin City Under Her Spell by rsiphotography An Apple a Day by Andaelentari Multiplicity - Underwater by Hoangvanvan 

RA by RazielMB Runaway Beauty by LouVart I will fly to you by EstherPuche-Art Enchanted Keys by La--Boheme Not my crime + Tutorial by mippieArt 

White Angel by thelemadreams Enter Here by Wesley-Souza Moonlight 2014 by nudagimo rain... by mirandaarts 

warning by beyzayildirim77 Dream Within A Dream by ElementOfOne1 Merah by birubadut ARIEL by Doucesse 

A strange friendship by megan7 

Untitled September 2014 by slight-art-obsession Aqua Zombie by Walking-Tall Welcome by FictionChick Mirror of Dreams by thelemadreams 

Vanessa by katmary Winter in Me by mysolitaryground Deep blue by scared-princess Multiplicity sea by Hoangvanvan 

Naked Tree by deskridge Going Up by FictionChick Autumn Is Here by Bojan1558 Spirits of the forest by Dark-Angel669 

DRACULA by L-A-Addams-Art Untitled by FUROR ART by FurorArt autumn's joy by naradjou14 Disarming by revande 

Another War by TaniaART J u s t i c e by BloomingRoseXeniia La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt I'm not much on Forgiveness by pjenz 

 Mmm0473 by metindemiralay 

The Dark Wizard by ralfw666 Leave or Die by Doucesse Let there be life by Iskander1989 Vapin' by Notvitruvian Futureman by itznikki530 

Mahogany rush by Altair-E Pisces by CaoChiNhan Letting Go by MonaParvin 

Red-apple by ArtbyValerie Craved by moonchild-ljilja Celestial kingdom by silentfuneral Halloween--welcome-home by DarkVisionsDreams 

R.E.S.U.R.R.E.C.T.I.O.N by Creamydigital Astronaut Girl [ Commission ] by cennie Butterfly soul by katmary El silencio by NebelelfeNaemy Stay by SpokeninRed 

Lass Mich Fallen by ChristabelleLAmort Gemini Sisters by kimoz To Your Own Self Be True by rsiphotography Into the Void by KarahRobinson-Art 

Goodbye Summer by shiny-shadows-Art Syndra - cosplay edit by msriotte Disa by brietolga Orgollyn by Irrisor-Immortalis 

When I Touch You by Canankk 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Gradient Effect in Chaotica

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:36 AM
In this tutorial, i will explain how to make a fading gradient background effect in Chaotica, as it was done in this work, for example:

Monument Valley by tatasz

The technique can be easily adapted to Apophysis (using either custom plugins or linked transforms).

Also, if you have any trouble with the World Editor, please check my Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.

Gradient Background Effect

You can use this technique on almost any parameters. The only requirement is to have at least one iterator with blur. For the tutorial example, i will use a random world below:

1 by tatasz

The first step is to switch to World Editor and add a new iterator (use the "new iterator" button on top of the editor window). Here, it is the iterator 6:

2 Iter by tatasz

Select the transforms node, and click on the "new transform" button to add a new transform:

3 Transf by tatasz

Now replace the default linear transform type with sineblur as below:

4 Sineblur by tatasz

Now, we need to edit the post transforms. Select the flam3 transform node, and click on the "Show post transforms" button in the node editor:

5 Show Post by tatasz

Add a new transform to the post transform node (use the "new transform" button") and replace the default linear with log

6 Log by tatasz

Now, select weights node. Set weights to all iterators to 0, except the ones that have blur (iterator 4 here):

7 Weights by tatasz

Now you should have something like this:

Mean by tatasz

Time to move the gradient around. Select flam3 transform node, and click on the "add post affine" button.

9 Add Post Affine by tatasz

Select the added post affine, and move, rotate and scale it in the editor until the gradient is positioned in a way you like it. This is the default position:

10 Postaff by tatasz

And this is where i moved it:

11 Post Aff by tatasz

To get this:

Final by tatasz

Some editing tips and observations

Keep in mind this is not an actual background. The gradient will "overlap" with your fractal.

Also, this technique will work better for low gamma values.

A few things that you definitely should try:
  • instead of sineblur, try using other blurs (for example radial or gaussian)
  • replace log with polar or polar2
  • move and skew and rotate the gradient post transform
  • edit the gradient´s shaders
Explore and have fun :la:

Bird-Photography and Birds-Club proudly presents some of the best submissions from the month of September, chosen by me, mydigitalmind. At the end of every month, I will go through submissions from both groups and choose the ones that stand to feature them in a News Article. I will also choose features from some of our special events that run during the month.

:iconbird-photography: and :iconbirds-club:

Special Features

Bird-Photography's Featured Photos
Every week, the admins from Bird-Photography pick a photo out of the current submissions that will be featured on our front page for the entire week. The following photos were featured in September.
Fairywren by amaliabastos Common kestrel I by JWeber2112 Southern Double-collared Sunbird by PhilippeduPreez Viewpoints by AlejandroCastillo

Top Quality Photography

Flamingo in the Sun by papatheo Shoebill by MichaelPuschinski Three of a Kind by papatheo
Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Andres-Cadena Osprey-Deadly Intent by JestePhotography Woodpecker Near The Water by Sergey-Ryzhkov Shredder by mydigitalmind
Dragon by BogdanBoev Shaymus by FeatheredSamurai Osprey-Talons by JestePhotography
Razorbills by Dellboyy Ruffs by Sergey-Ryzhkov Puffins discussing by OldEric
Vulture by ha-rat-kiri Say What? by hull612 There and Back to see how far it is by parallel-pam
Riot 15 by EdgedFeather Burrowing Owl / Lechucita Vizcachera by Zenet2527 Falcon Lover by Hishino
Isn't it a lovely day by VJD-Communication First Sign Of Fall by wolfwings1 Talk To The Claw! by daneyephotography
Blue-and-Gold Macaw ( 6 ) by Olympus-Nyx Black Crowned Crane by MichaelPuschinski Oh Hello! by x-xSpitFirex-x
an ultra detailed young pigeon head by ssabbath Lady Violet by SchwarzWieEbenholZAfternoon Snack by natureguy
Archilochus colubris by Andres-Cadena Reaching over by kiew1

Traditional and Digital Art from Birds-Club

Colours by scatbadh Atlantic Puffin (pixel) by Glitter-Pie Fall Feathers by GarrettPack Pigeon lullaby by AnkaS
Ember Crow by SageKorppi Ashes by Alai-Corvus-Aorax Soul of Tree by Aeternum-Art
Wild glance by Bisanti Dance by RandyAinsworth Lovebirds by shanskala
Barn Owl by kDdabous Flying bird by lyyy971 Jackdaws by Checanty
Owl by Coconut-CocaCola Cut All Ties by Bonniemarie Sparrow on Pumpkin by Dusty-Feather

And a HUGE congratulations to Nambroth for winning this year's Federal Duck Stamp contest!
2015-2016 Federal Duck Stamp by Nambroth

Thank you for reading! Please favorite this article if you enjoyed it. If you are not a member of either group and would like to become one, visit us and join - we look forward to seeing your submissions!

Co-founder of Bird-Photography, Moderator of Birds-Club

Movie Poster


It's October and the sacred 31 days of Halloween are upon us-time to get your gore on! The chill is in the air, the leaves are on the ground, and Halloween candy has been out since Labor Day. So while you’re waiting in the Starbucks line for an overpriced double pumpkin spice whatever, pass the time with this year’s scary movies reviews!

30 Days of Night (2007)

Review by Gypsycurse71

Overall Grade: A

Vampire tribe descends to feast on Alaskan town where the sun doesn't rise for 30 days. Gore abounds but what I liked most was the writers rescued vampirism from modern explanations of genetic defect and viruses and returned it to its feral roots. This clan is all menace, all the time—no opera capes, no romance, and nobody sparkles. The only thing I fault these vampires for is not getting Sarah Palin while they were out there.

Steve Niles's Comments About The Project

”30 Days didn't come out of a love of vampires. I had burned out on how accepted they had become. When (Ben) Templesmith and I created these vampires we agreed they had to be land sharks, merciless monsters that didn't give a shit about you except for what flowed in your veins.”

Steve Niles

”I love monsters. They are the ultimate outsider.”

Steve Niles

bug by arslanalp
sept3 by Elerko too much by arslanalp
Jurassic Park by pigarot Mandalay Monastery by little-spacey

Untitled by felixlu
Glance by MARX77 Unusual passangers by jadedPhotographer
chic by arslanalp 114 by tolgatacmahal

Mom and Daughter by sandas04
Never Too Old by Vermontster Untitled (35) by gerdschneider
Oh! Grandpa by ZiaulKareem 01052013-01052013-dscf2007-4-1 by maurocapelli

car boot sale by lightdrafter
Untitled 484 by thelizardking25 dance with me.. by lightdrafter
fake up by lightdrafter Sunny beach by Smokyq

Instant by ZiaulKareem
ag1 by Elerko Cigarette by valkeeja
:: hand over by noahsamuelmosko Waiting for  ... ?! by Blurredreflections

quad core driver by RaMiBru
your voice. by FelineCreature Pigeon Man by sandas04
Stable by Vermontster La feria,Moixent,Valencia,2014 by existencia5

A Syrian In Istanbul by Canankk Postcard from China 01 by JACAC Drunk American Man by PatrickMonnier
00782 by NunoFigueira Carrapateira by vamosver            :iconthestreetjournal:

See also previous month: The Street Journal: Best of August

Daily Lit Recognition for October 1st, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!

Suggester says: A tasteful poem 
that uses only a few words and 
awesome imagery to tell a story.

Suggested by: OfOneSoul
Featured by: TwilightPoetess
i don't have a dog1. i get up at ten.
this is an accomplishment.
by eleven, i’m awake enough to miss you.
to be honest, that part never goes away—
but eleven is when the typewriter grows fangs
and threatens to swallow everything i am
if i don’t put a name to the feeling. even the dog’s
tail does not wag. he keeps watching the door.
he will not even touch his food until the sun has
set as deep as possible. he is giving you every
chance to come back.
i try to tell him there’s no use,
that you will never come back.
but dogs don’t understand things like that,
don’t believe in the concept of ‘never come back’.
they believe in the sound of a key turning a lock
and the inevitable stomping of feet on the welcome mat
no matter how many times they’ve heard
the car engine start and the crunch of gravel as it pulls away.
2. this must be what missing you feels like.
i have lived lifetimes in the minutes i keep breathing.
i keep breathing. this is an accompl

i don't have a dog by MisfitableGrae

From the suggester: This piece 
blew me away heart and soul. 
The device the writer uses to express 
the narrator's emotional journey is 
genius. An amazing piece.


Featured by: Naktarra
I Dreamed a Dream of InfinityA faint piano could be heard playing above the groans of the ship as I fell coughing into a pile of cans and containers in the storage room. I didn’t know what happened. Did I want to? Checking my data visor just showed some error message I didn’t understand - I took it off and tossed it.
Trying to get up in my dazed state was futile at first, but not for long - I grappled the side of the rack beside me and hefted myself up. Trying to stand went terribly though and I nearly fell and made my situation worse - there was a gash in my left leg. A big one.
I looked around for anything to fix it up with - but unless I was made of metal I didn't think any of the stuff here would do me any good. Time to get out of here then - “You can do this Parker...” I heard her say in my head. I wondered if she was still here.
I couldn’t open the hatch at first - it was jammed. Luckily there was a pair of channel locks nearby. I hefted my injured leg onto the pile and

Dreamed a Dream of Infinity by FunkForTheFunky

A lovely romance piece from a writer 
with an ambition for feedback, and the 
strength and character to self-suggest 
to achieve that goal.

Suggested by: Bark
Featured by: SilverInkblot
Once a year, maybe twice,we called it the three month pledge.
Daddy would get drunk and do something mean or stupid. Last time he wrecked the car doing 100 on the highway with an open bottle in the cup holder and the time before he read all Mom's e-mail and took some dating website spam as a sign of her cheating. He paced the hallway, the dog came and hid under my bed, my brother slept in his bedroom. His door was locked, so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but I thought about Mom coming home from her sister's.
An abusive man knows what he's doing,
but I swear we lost him sometimes. I went downstairs to find him shirtless and red, glass in his left hand, empty bottle in the right until he dropped it. It shattered and I hesitated in my doorway while he tried to call my mom again. I said, "Daddy?"
There was no thought in his eyes.
He threw the phone at me but it broke on the wall. He growled and spit and ran downstairs, I don't remember where the glass went. He told me he'd bring my mom home because we all mi

Once a year, maybe twice by muscularteeth

Suggester: A terribly moving 
piece of non-fiction.

Foreign Language

Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon
Farbe bekennen1.
Grau zu sein, bin ich gewohnt,
an mutigen Tagen schwarz oder weiß.
Und leb ich so bereits seit Jahren
wie der weiße Bär am Polarkreis.
Doch seh ich raus durch schmutzig' Glas
und seh das Grau nun hier und dort,
wünsch ich mich aus meiner Hülle,
meilenweit und weiter fort.
Ich laufe, eile, renne schnell!
Suche eine bunte Stadt
mit Nächten heller als der Tag,
der Mond noch glänzend und nicht matt.
Ich tauche ein ins Farbenspiel,
treibe staunend über den Asphalt.
Zum Grau ergänzen sich die Lichter,
zwischen Gesichtern, jung und alt.
Seelen spazieren nackt die Wege,
kümmern sich nicht um Angst und Scheu.
Zeigen ihr bloßes Ich der Welt
und bleiben nur sich selber treu.
Sie ziehen mich aus, die blanken Seelen,
nehmen mir Kleider, fast Haut und Haar.
Ich stehe nun doch nackt im Leben,
und sehe die Farbe war immer da.
Ich seh die Spitzen meiner Zehen
vor Scham sich winden im heißen Sand,
bin kein zartes Pf&

Farbe bekennen by Wortakrobatin

Emotional free verse poem 
about being oneself, being open, 
seeing and finding oneself 
at a place where all souls wander free.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Skin by SimplySilent
Season by VeggieSexy
Summer Daze. by sillypots
Sylvie by Sydney-Smith
Backlit Beauty by flowerhippie22
Jasmine by AkubakaArts
Do you hear it? by Yukera
Trinity Forest by unerde
Love is... by kingryuuzaki
winter is coming (headpiece) by AgnieszkaOsipa
Tree by unerde
flowers by Ciharu
Summers End by SomniVision
Helianthus annuus by nighyee
hug the Spring by Angell-studio
Sunrise at the Pier by flowerhippie22
As it Falls by sillypots
Autumn Leaves by Vitaly-Sokol
Cascade of Lace by MamzelleZephyr
Autumn Tunel by hoffi-hoffi
Citrus Summer by LAS-T
Morning Mist over Bratley Wood by Neutron2K
Which one is your favourite? Please let us know!

A Foggy Feature - Best of September

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 5:00 PM

Please don't forget our current contest "Fog Fairy Tale". We need a lot more art for this contest so please submit if you can! Read the contest journal for all the information:

>>> Fog Fairy Tale Contest Journal <<<

On the road to Silent Hill by anssilepikkoTrestles over trestles by seeker-of-revelationThis is my Church II by PhotopathicaWald #32 by HeikoGerlicherThe Bond by LadyyLaRueGokotta by TheFoxAndTheRavenAutumn Poetry by MarcoHeislerInto the Light by Miguel-SantosElephant tree by erynlasgalenphotoartGolden Hour by MikrobePferdSwamp Realm by FlorentCourtybajo la magia de la niebla by kriakaoAm Scheideweg by indeepsilenceFoggy Sunset by LillianEvillThe Ensemble of Silence by SerjiaFire Labirynt by A2Matos150 by SchnitzelyneHomeward by dragon-fly-to-meNordland by Annabelle-ChabertIts looks like a Fairytale this morning in the fog by BetuwefotograafSeger by Chaerul-UmamMother by vamosverHallways Of Enchanted Trees by WeissglutSea of Clouds by BenHeineDreamy path... by TomaszPrzybyloSmoky Mountains by matthieu-parmentierA Foggy Morning In Fall by kkartWegelnburg by EmmmBeeeWald #31 by HeikoGerlicherThe Fog And Wind by Zoroo

And remember, if you see a wonderful photograph or artwork on dA with fog in it: please click on.. "+ Add to a Group" and submit it to the "Member Submit Folder" on our group so we can all enjoy it and attract new members to join!

If you are a part of this feature but not a member of A-Foggy-Day, please join us!


Robobees and The Future

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 6:51 PM

Should we create a new world with technology or preserve the life around us?

Greenpeace created a darkly satirical video about “NewBees,” exploring a dystopic future where we replace dying species with robotic creatures.

We love imagining what the future will look like and how we will tell stories in this new world. Greenpeace painted a gloomy picture in the video, linking these fictional “robobees” to corporate interests:

If we carry on with chemically intensive agriculture model, it is quite possible that we may affect our pollinating insects to such a degree that we reach a global "pollination crisis." This is the imaginary future we do not want. This future where bees and the biodiversity they help maintain, have finally fallen victim to chemically intensive industrial agriculture. So, here is the question: should we create a new world or save our own?

Are you scared of this kind of robotic future?

On Reddit, the video provoked a sprawling debate about how we should handle ecology and our future on the planet. One reader wrote: “Greenpeace asks, ‘Should we create a new world or save our own?,’ in stunning new video depicting robotic bees. I ask, why don't we do both?”

Another reader had this comment:

Maybe that speaks to how wide the gulf between ideologies can be sometimes. It literally provoked no negative emotions at all, like the creators and I have completely different value judgments. I had no clue this ad was supposed to scare me or make me feel unease. It's like showing an ad for genetically engineered crops... it makes me think we're making technical advances that can help us overcome the sometimes-irreversible damage we've done to our own ecosystem.”

The video was meant to encourage people to sign a petition to save the bees:

Bees and other pollinating insects play an essential role in ecosystems. A third of all our food depends on their pollination. A world without pollinators would be devastating for food production. Who would pollinate all the crops? Hand-pollination is extremely labour-intensive, slow and expensive. The economic value of bees’ pollination work has been estimated around € 265 billion annually, worldwide. So, also from a purely economic point of view, it pays to protect the bees. Insecticides in particular pose the most direct risk to pollinators. As their name indicates, these are chemicals designed to kill insects, and they are widely applied in the environment, mostly around cropland areas.”

What do you think?

I vote we focus on saving the bees before allowing quick-fix economic considerations become the ultimate arbiter. Just as a general rule, the preservation of the original, no matter the benefits of the artificial, is usually a wise, if blind, investment. We know precisely what’s in the imitation because we fabricated it from scratch. But the original continues to give up beneficial secrets undreamed of. Kind of like Rumsfeld’s “known unknowns and unknown unknowns,” (but with bees’ honey and no mass murder). The bark of ancient trees in the Amazon basin being clear-cut to make way for coffee fields, etc., is now thought to possess natural antibiotics to cure every malady on earth. Oops. So let’s preserve, even as we seek alternatives.

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  1. Should we create a new world with technology or preserve the life around us?