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Come out, come out, where ever you are!

Totoro by Qinni
Tonari no Totoro by alchemaniac
totoro no rain by Apofiss
ToToRo by starryjohnTotoro by Vermeilbird
Totoros and Ocarinas by Omega-Sigh
Totoro by Flying-Fox
My Neighbor Jake by rismo
Dysfunctional Neighbour Totoro by spacecoyote
Totoro with Full Moon by Twinky-Dink
Cat Bus stop by AndyPritchard
Totoro by lires
Totoro by sxan
Totoro by nakuruaki
Totoro Transportation: Catbus by KrisCynical
Totoro and Friends by DanielaUhlig

Mei chan is with mushrooms by cuongdao
Ride with Hayao Miyazaki - not finished yet by Duhokama
Totoro by jorgecarrero
Totoro by Helbetico

Celebrating Diversity - #51

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 4:31 AM
for you. by munuh490 Green positive with vials by Anti-Pati-ya .. ATLANTIDA ... by onixa  Elixir Of Hope. by andokadesbois Ninety Nine. by Annarigby  Light, color and glass by Anti-Pati-ya

Lady Luna Altar Bottle by phenyxangel The Magical Vials by ChocoAng3l Deco Jar by Nekoknight Rainbow Cake in a Jar by tracylopez

Angel Vials by Rotting-Soul

 Magic Bottle by fudexdesign Salvation of the bottle by AmandineVanRay Potions (set 3) by Rittik-Designs

 Ghost Bottle by Rav3nway Consus - PressAdd II by pho3nix-bf Dungeon Hunter 3 Shop Icons by Panperkin

"Make your art a gift of inspiration to others to work towards better things."
Richard Schmid (Painter)

 These are some of my recent favourites over the last few months. Enjoy! Feel free to give these works some faves and comments!
I haven't done a feature in a while. I know this one isn't as well organized as my last one was, and my membership expired so I can't use a pretty journal skin, but that shouldn't have any effect on how beautiful these works are!

Landscapes and Waterscapes
cause we need someone to go through this world by ateist-klerantySupport by Varjoainerevitalize by NWunseenShip Wreck by ExplicitStudios
Morning Dreamer by almostacrayonTop of Kirkjufellfoss by porbitalButtermere Dawn by Capturing-the-LightJokulsarlon Beach by porbital
Entrancing Dawn by DMMDesignPalokkajarvi by m-eralpThe single tree by m-eralpCloudy II by m-eralp
Godafoss by porbitalmassif morning by NWunseenFairy pools by NichofskyWelcome sunrise by dashakern
Thy Devourer by almostacrayonLight Leak by Draken413oSummer night by m-eralphexagonals can turn by Buntcone

D448 by miobiSpring Romance (me modeling) by gestiefeltekatzeBella by EmilySoto... by Nelleke
Reflections of an unknown Truth by Spiegellichtall the wrong places by SabrinaCichyCat0443m1 by catman-suhaJimaGination Photography by JimaGinationPhotogra
In Awe. by AmelieyQMM0552a by metindemiralayi love you by Lover-and-the-WildSpring in white by Anette89
Red Rubber Spider by KodoqKatieTangled by GingershotsEmmanouela by xeneras13/52 night by baravavrova

Did I Take a Wrong Turn? by MLynnKRepetitions by thrumyeyeGlide 7901 by Sooper-DeviantSwandance by thrumyeye
Tender Is A Mothers Love by MikeShawPhotographySpringtime by Kaasik91The Catcher in the Rye by thrumyeyeSpring! by Rozowynos
Climb a tree they said... by alexgphotoPatrolling Youngsters by LinRuPhotography.:Acrobatic Dive:. by RHChengLuna II by Wordup
Running up that hill by CumbriaCamGreat Day by SilvermoonswanSnugglebug by robbobertSnake Eyes by rockismith21

Architecture and Cityscapes
Silent Encore by szydlakVienna Staircase 13 by NightlineVertical Contorted by hessbeck-fotografixLondon Tower Bridge Sunset by alierturk
Round and Round by Matthias-HakerMirror, Mirror on the Floor by Matthias-HakerOn a foggy day by torobalaNatural History Museum HDR by kakobrutus
Alter Elbtunnel II by DanielHeydeckeHamburg, Warehouse 2 by alierturkDencity by Draken413oDiamonds Are Forever by Chopen
Pink Sweep by Draken413oDark Roma by klapouchSilver Linings by JanPusdrowskiBarcelona! by DAREKSIG

Still Life/Macro/Conceptual/Others
I am Real, Are You? by MRFartsShyness by head-in-the-cloudTake Me Away by Sarah-BKHappy Valentines Day! by suezn
rainbow under water_2 by KaterinaRaedLittle Iron man by MRFartsFor You.. by Lady-ToriOpen wide by relhom
Immemorial by AljoschaThielenim sorry by bwaworgaSunny by xOronarred and yellow by PhotographerSloan
Red droplet. by RavenithWithout any question by Oer-WoutPsychadelic by DanielHeydeckeThe Forest Guardians by alexgphoto
Little Wonders. by dragonfly-oliUp. Down. by SheilaBrinsonFire and Ice. by DafoeofLeninHalf Truths by Geekisthecolour
Sparkling Wine by aherminJust For Fun by CapturingTheNightNirvana by chabruphotographyA Very Long Winter by MyLifeThroughTheLens
Hi everybody :wave: I hope you are all doing well!
as always I go search for undiscovered work from
DeviantArt's Traditional - Newest search box
In the hope of bringing them forward to attention.
If you like what you see, please comment, fave or 
watch the featured artist's work.
so until next time... see ya!



Regions Depression by mangabubbleteaAphrodite by Tenfuuindemonte de unicorinio by otakumizu4502Rose by Wendy Pan by samxinzhang
One day I would be found, and rescued by KathrynBriggsBella Senorita by Lauren-GowlerLast chance by Lukas1212


Img 1138 (2) by jappathekingWIP Ram Dragon 4 by drakoncastThinker by SweetSign

WALL OF GODS by ANTHONYJEGUPortrait Sculpting Shot! by crazyace7

I'm sure they will love the suggestions :giggle: again....
= Or if all fails, send a suggestion to =
Moonbeam13 Ikue fourteenthstar Thunderstatement Shyree

Don't know what DD's are? Click here -->

Seriously? DeviantART?

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 5:26 PM


Okay I don't think I'm going to make some friends with this, but I'm kind of sick and tired of what's going on here.

DeviantART is a creative website where one can put one's art. No matter how skilled one might be. You can be whether a professional or an occasional drawer, it doesn't matter as long as you have this love for Art.


Seriously, do you believe this is art? I don't. This is just not showable. It certainly has some skills, but what's with people's minds these days?!

  Sexy no Jutsu 2 by 0pik-0ort  You'll be safe... by muhboobz  Commission - Mii Kouryuuji by Axel-Rosered

Nano by 0pik-0ort  Inflation these days by Satsurou

AND THIS THING I CAN'T EVEN QUALIFY...Furry can be acceptable, but not sexy-furry, these things have animal heads, how can you find this "yummy" or even make drawings about "cutie" nude fox girls?!

Now let's talk about morphs and manips. How is this arousal or even likeable? Most of the time people just take random pictures on the internet without knowing where the pictures come from...

Dangerous Curves 4 by bootycheekpete  DRUMSTICKS 5 by bootycheekpete

This is not even a DAT ASS-game. This is totally absurd and useless. What's the point of making such big butts and show it on an unrelated website?

Now the Nude Art part.

THIS is nothing but cheap/free porn. I'm not going to show the miniatures, just the links:


And I just find pathetic how people worship the "power" or the "strenght" of the photo only because it shows some intimate parts. A model? Seriously? This is just a random woman who doesn't respect herself. A pussy isn't "oustanding" nor "awesome", but you know, guys (and girls I guess), there are all kinds of porn sites if you want to spend some time playing with your stuff.

And I'm not talking about the Hentai part: Look at THIS and THIS. There are thousand of others (of course).

I don't have anything against provocative drawings, Robaato is doing an awesome job on his women curves:

SWORDS ILLUSTRATED May Ideas by Robaato  Golden Globes by Robaato  PAM by Robaato

THIS, on the other hand, is Nude Art (even though it's not always full-nude):

Angie #2 by AnnaMazur  Diptych by armene  thin red lines by athrawn 

The Art Of Light (Version IV) by stefangrosjean

Now Fanarts. Fanarts can be great, and I don't understand why some people complain about it. It's just a medium, whoever says "I unwatch you because you do fanart omg burn lol I am so cool" doesn't really get the full meaning of it. These reactions are so hilarious they can be sometimes barely adorable...

THIS, is pure awesomeness, and it doesn't alterate the artists' styles:

Maleficent by sakimichan  -Tyrantrum- by arvalis  Elsa (frozen) by Jiyu-Kaze 

Skulltula Ambush by NateHallinanArt  Poison Ivy Sideshow Art by Artgerm

THIS, and I'm so sorry for you guys, is... just NO:


And some Samus:

Pear Samus by Metalforever  Samus Caught a Misty 7 by Ragnarahk 

It's not just about making sluts out of pixelated famous digital girls, it's also about highlighting the fact you're digging non-existing-forever on screen characters...

Again, I AM SO SORRY for all the drawings I've mentioned as "black sheeps". People can have their own dreams or fantasize about whatever or whoever they want, but please, this is not the appropriated website to show your inner lust.

DeviantART is a website for creative people, and shouldn't be involved into such explicite content.


As the song says:
"To create or come up with something that is to thrill, one must place one's soul between the hammer and the anvil".

So please, I know this is an utopy but redetermine conditions that would make a What's Hot page worthy of the name!



Dazzled just for a moment by elsevilla  Two-faced angel by LouieLorry  Guilty by yuumei 

Peacock Queen by Artgerm  When the Leaves Whisper by AlectorFencer  No Title by Bo-Po-Mo-Fo

Ninae in town by Suzanne-Helmigh   
Azrael by PeteMohrbacher  At the Mountains of Madness_3_Howard  Lovecraft by ivany86


(YouTube Video by the awesome Suzanne Helmigh)

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  • Listening to: Blind Guardian
  • Reading: The Art Of Castlevania
  • Watching: Supernatural
  • Playing: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Eating: Lagiacrus Sushi
  • Drinking: Coffee

Monthly theme: Monochrome

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 7:54 AM

Soft by SpademmI loved a flower by Al-Baum
In the moss by Dark-RaptorWater Drops 59 by ovidiupopFlourishing Yellow by oO-Rein-Oo
Warm Shadow by deerArylideLAST SIGH by wiwionart
gambecchio by FrancoBorsiWildLifeBagan by AndyMumfordMagic light by mjagiellicz
Nymph by EmmatyanLera by Zhivago86
Hot ice by pqphotographyThe Fire of Love. by dragonfly-oliautumn impressions4 by agatafotografia
Dancing in the Rain by alexgphotoReady to attack by Reasondinn
I want orange leaves by TwiggyTeeluckVolcano by Thinking-SilenceDancing Over The Turnips by Nitrok
Natural Gold by SetsiAngelSailorMarigold Days by arefin03
Tangerine candied fruit 1 by MorgaerFire by EliseEnchanted
Just close your eyes, the sun is going down by EleonoreCSummer Moon by MartaSyrko
days come and go. by dzika-koalaRed Tryptic - part III by OlivierAccartasylum. by Senju-HiMe
red by GeoArcus
delicate by hayzydakishimete by illusionalityPetal by Petal by BenHeine
back to life by BlaumohnHigh Contrast Ideas by onixaSolitude by Alessia-Izzo
enchanting by Blanchii
still life by malenka740715Purpura by Purple20e k p h r a s i s by poppy412
winter wonderland. by simoendli2 by natur-mystik
The Birth Of The Elder Part I by DmajicPhotography
The Water Ghost. by dragonfly-oliTiny World by nairafee
Hpider by MarcosRodriguez
They will light my lonely way tonight by iNeedChemicalXWhite desert by tihomirmladenov
Delicate by GinAngieLa
church of the good shepherd by KatomanBubbles.... by BabushkaII
A blue dream captured by arefin03Winter air by popoksXVI by eulalievarenne
Untitled by bougainvillea
Falling stars. by andokadesboisLost Message by SortvindDon't forget me by EliseEnchanted
Precious illusions by LuizaLazarFear by Schnitzelyne
Misty Mountains by Elei-Ruari.:: Tiny treasures ::. by Whimsical-Dreams
Edelweich by hoschie
Mr Green Frog by RainaAstaldoForever free by diensilver
Liquid Luck by Sarah-BKAs long as you've got a camera by a2star| drop | 5 by Somebody--else
Fluegel by feigenfruchtGreen-crowned brilliant 4 by CBasco
Brin d'herbes by Somebody--elsePerfect by MarcosRodriguez
Pag Bridge by WojciechDziadosz
Spiral Galaxy by DpressedSoulLena by 13noiseJean-Paul-86 by Sblourg
pion by all17Opernturm by MatthiasHaltenhof
formalin by isidasontzAnne-Lise + Hugo 2.0 by yup12
. . .    .. by Frozen-photo
Peaks and Rails by da-philjesen by tjasa
49. by niewidziane

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Big-Big Thumbs #14

Fri Apr 18, 2014, 4:42 AM
Welcome to yet another round of awesome Big Thumbs!  If you are interested you can always check out the previous features in this collection :D

:star: Big Thumbs? :star:

To make a big thumb all you do is append the word big in the thumbnail.  This is a very handy feature when doing features.  Here is how it is done:


:star: Feature Time! :star:

On to the part that actually matters! The feature! :love:

Devils by observerzTobiichi Origami - Spirit Mode by Kazenokaze
Mako Mankanshoku by CurryukuTechnosmith Arthur by alchemaniac
6TH GATE by Number-toiHaqua Megami-hen by mysticswordsman21

:star: Till Next Time? :star:

I hope that you've enjoyed today's features ^_^  I refuse to make a schedule for these as, frankly, no one would notice if it was off schedule anyways :XD:  That, and it adds unnecessary stress to an otherwise fun feature :nod:

Friday night Specials v4.3

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 8:25 AM
what is STREET photography - Streets of Athens

40f86c63b83eb56c5a8f048918e9518f-d77aenq by StamatisGR
image by wchild

If you like what you see, +favlove this article 
so it can reach as many deviants as possible.

A weekly selection amongst the images I liked, 
while browsing the Street Gallery
and I think they deserve more attention. 
Enjoy them, comment on them and remember 
to visit the photographers' galleries as well.

Friday Night Specials stamp by wchild

Street Photography BW 258 by sagi-k

april17 by Elerko

*** by stringoiu

Rearview mirrors by mariomencacci

Words by xbastex

Rainy Day Fun by IFedorovskaya

About girls by EricForFriends

Have a nice weekend

...and remember to participate
in the Monthly Street Challenge - April by The-Yard-Collective
with your most surreal street pictures.

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News and Super Wonderful Works Feature

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 17, 2014, 11:28 PM


My new work, I hope you liked it :)
it was amazing to do this work because I love fantasy concepts and I just loved the result.


Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza

and do not forget to check out this journal that has very useful information.

super wonderful works

just loved these works. and want to share these wonderful works with everyone.

Heart Love Heart

The Dangerous Ruins by matrix124
Fairy Flowering by Vladlena111 Sea by JiaJenn31
Judgment Day by MirellaSantana
In my bubble (autism) by tryskell The Night Mother by artorifreedom
den of dragons by uillsam
Sweet Vampire by Sandra-Cristhina Burn On my Own Fire by DeniseWorisch
The last Warrior by SoulcolorsArt
Celestial Warrior Liliel by Carlos-Quevedo Wila vila - slavic mythology by msriotte
Friendship by SweediesArt
Searching for the treasure by Scandalize Space Katarina by Gwendolyn1

and thanks for the beautiful gifts

Lady of the desert by CharllieeArts Reality or just an imagination? by GregoryNicolas

see all the information here and please donate prizes

New Contest - donate prizesTwo Themes Contest

new contest and this contest we will do differently because it was very difficult to choose 1 theme among the 20 suggestions made​​, then will have two themes, and you can choose which theme to make your entry.
and the themes chosen are :

Baby Blue Bullet Secret Garden(s) Baby Blue Bullet 
Baby Blue Bullet My friend is a monster (can be a fantasy creatures) Baby Blue Bullet 

choose your favorite theme for you to make your entry. and do something creative, because jurors will judge creativity.

Hello Hi!

This is the fifth edition of photo-lovers-club weekly feature that will showcase every week some of the amazing works that have been recently submitted to the group. Sorry for the delay, the features will continue happening regularly from now on!

Hope you like it & be sure to check out these amazing photographers!

Tom by DUSTandLIGHT Metal Perch by MLynnK
House Finch by SheWalksInSilence the rainbows you gave me by akthuro
gale by BelcyrPiotr jessy. by sollenafotografie
The Queen of My Garden Sings to Her Mate by clippercarrillo she will rise by emznocedo
(role) reversal by RonnyEngelmann left behind. by sollenafotografie
Swift Snowdrop by Rozul Hello darkness, my old friend by deadlychris
a day without rain by emznocedo In the Forest by Nuzvael
Submerge by John-Peter Wandering Princess by januarain
fly away by Juulii12 ******* by Mishkina
pink in the dark by ColorfulLadybug Crow by Mishkina
Bloom Of Youth by ksushiks With soft sunlight by JunJun510
Thy Devourer by almostacrayon soft voices by akthuro
Fell from Heaven by arefin03 blossoms. by sollenafotografie
the fire that burns by DianaNohelova Into Wonderland by IndigoSummerr