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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Weekly Feature #10

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 11:43 PM
I'll Cut Your Hair by Wesley-Souza
Warrior of light by MirellaSantana Odile by IrKos
The Red Somnium by Alkaziner
Tenebris by octobre-rouge Hell stygian by Ahmed-R-Shalaby
On Fire by GregoryNicolasdarkness take me by emptywinter The Mask by Visevea
Follow Us little sister(wallpaper) by Lolita-ArtzDragon's soul by msriotte Samhain by Fae-Melie-Melusine
Land of Fairytales by La--BohemeLife's A Bouquet by nova63 Envy by Kryseis-Art
Forest Queen by Black-B-o-x.:Forsaken Love:. by SummerDreams89The Magic of Nature by AndyGarcia666 Path of Fallen Leaves by davidperesbr
lemuria by zeiruchTaurus by CaoChiNhan Light mermaid by RazielMB
Sleeping Beauty by Gwendolyn1 Screw the Light, Give me Darkness by pjenz
Birth Of A Dragon 2 by MasoumehTavakoli-ArtMy Curse by shiny-shadows-Art Magical moment by dema-dodiyou are not alone , buddy by eroolMarmariela by Ksenos-ks Above The Clouds by EnchantedWhispersArt
If no one Ever Hears by FearTheLiving27

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  • Watching: Babylon 5

Deviousness for September 2014

 is a much-loved and well-known deviant. Just one look at her gallery, filled with enchanting photography, will have you mesmerized. A deviant for over 7 years, Christiane can always be found posting inspirational features as well as regularly commenting on other deviations and encouraging and empowering her fellow deviants. We are inspired and insist that you too stop by and congratulate scheinbar on receiving the Deviousness Award for September 2014!

Celebrating Deviousness September 2014Deviousness Award
Congratulations to


Old Devices at an Exhibition


What is this Awesome Achievement?
The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

Hard Cut

Featured Groups

:iconprojecteducate: ~ watch the group and learn a lot about all things :devart:
:icondepthradius: ~ Group Info:
depthRADIUS is named after the deviantART community that it reflects and represents. This on-line journal explores the depths of the arts world from fine art to the most eminently accessible community arts projects. depthRADIUS endeavors to connect artists and art enthusiasts with other artists and arts-related individuals from all levels of the arts community, from its most successful stars and innovators to beginners just learning their crafts. The “radius” of this journalistic conversation will extend in its boundaries into arts advocacy, education and appreciation.

Community Relations and CR Projects/Challenges and devMEETS

The Community Relations TeamThe Community Relations Team is made up of Community Volunteers who liaise with Director of Community Relations Moonbeam13
Community Volunteers help the community out by providing you – the community – with a specific contact point in relation to galleries, chat and forums. You’ll find them doing the following:
Helping run community challenges and educational projectsSupporting community eventsHelping moderate forumsBeing part of the #help teamBeing part of the team that moderate #devart and other official chatroomsLiaising with Moonbeam13 and fourteenthstar on community mattersBringing rockstar deviants to your attention via features, articles and Daily Deviations
Please read :faq85: before applying for a Community Volunteer positionNote that you must be 18 years of age or older to qualifyPlease do NOT send notes
Apply Now
This is a listing of our current open Community Volunteer positi
  Welcome, Waluigi-prower and justanothersomeone!Please join Community Relations in welcoming two new team members:
Waluigi-Prower for Emoticons

justanothersomeone for Abstract and Surreal Photography

:w00t!: Welcome to the team!
  My DeviantART StoryWhen I first heard about DeviantART, 11 years ago,  the Internet was a very different place and I still had to use a dial up modem to get online. I was working in social work and staying up way too late on IRC chatting with all sorts of nerds and geeks. I had been trying to learn how to use Photoshop and someone suggested I checked out DeviantART. So I did, and I was very much hooked from the start. I was blown away by the artwork from people like AlexandraVBach, judith , zilla774  and insaneone -- so I brazenly left comments on their work asking for tips on how get better at using photoshop to create photomanipulations. Luckily for me, they were very helpful and thus the start of some very special friendships began. 

Fast forward a few years and communicating with other deviants got even easier. Our chat network (dAmn) was born and a featured chat with the legendary suzi9mm took place. I was a bit
  My DeviantArt StorySo, I know the "My DeviantArt Story" thing was supposed to be done on our actual birthday but on that particular day when I sat down at my computer I had a ton of stuff which needed my attention and my personal journal CSS happened to be broken and I had no time to fix it up to display properly (It serves me right for letting months pass by between journal entries) but I wanted to participate and I decided I would just do it "later" and then somehow it's now August 21st and it's finally "later".
My Story actually starts way back in 1999. I came home from a long day at work at my retail job to discover that some of my friends had upgraded their personal home computers and had collaborated among themselves to put together a desktop set for me from the equipment which they were replacing so suddenly I had my very first computer.
Being an artist one of them gave me their old copy of Adobe Photoshop 5 which they weren't using any more and gave me a quick rundown of how to
  Pimps and Whoas - August 27, 2014
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Bug Fixes, Inspiration Discussion
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Staff Retreat
:bulletpurple: Tags are the new Keywords
:bulletorange: A Tribute to Robin Williams
:bulletorange: Watercolor
:bulletorange: Beauty as a Force of Energy
  My deviantART Story
DeviantART is where I came initially to explore my creativity and learn new ways to express myself.

DeviantART enabled me to collaborate with other deviants from all around the world, in ways that were simply unimaginable to me before. Through these relationships, I have developed skills and friendships that will last a lifetime. I also collaborate on a daily basis with the Community Volunteers to enhance the deviantART experience for the community :)

DeviantART is my life.  While I've lived longer than a decade, what I have experienced during the last 10 years, has been monumental and deviantART has been a large part of that.  

DeviantART is where I go to be inspired and amazed. Whether I'm working on a project and need to get through a block, or needing someone to collaborate with, deviantART has never let me down. 

  My deviantART StoryI joined deviantART in April 2003, which in the UK is usually something like this. I was 18 and naive at the time, but over the years deviantART has helped me grow in to the adult I am today.

I very quickly met a lot of cool people and became close friends with them, in March 2005 I became a volunteer for the first time. Being a volunteer throughout the years was one of the most positive experiences in my life and it helped me learn a lot about myself.

In July 2011 I became a staff member for deviantART, I work in the Copyright and Etiquette Administration (CEA), we're the guys that get to look at all the stuff you report. As part of the CEA team I've had the pleasure to help educate people on our policies. It's not all images like this though, we work together and with you guys to keep dA looking great and encouraging fantastic artists to thrive.

In November 2013 I met my girlfriend through devian
  Thank you!
Join us in thanking neurotype for her time with the Literature community and being part of our illustrious mentor team :heart:
and AshleyxBrooke for her time helping to moderate the chatrooms and forums
and vanmall for his help with the pixel community!
We appreciate you!!!
:love: :heart:
  How Tough?
This weekend I tested my mental grit and my physical strength by participating in Tough Mudder (emphasis on the mental grit).  Staged across a series of ski mountains, Tough Mudder Toronto presented a gruelling set of obstacles over a 16.5km course, check out the map below:

What this map failed to mention was the obstacle "Hold your Wood" which I'll get to and the general treachery of the course due to torrential downpour and thunder storms :) As a result, we had a bonus mud slide obstacle :D
Meet my excellent team! My husband Rob aka gimp, my cousin Jason and my friend Jason (because why get confused with names? ;))

Look at how clean and cute we were and how dry it was :D We were delayed at registration due to technical difficulties but despite it being cold and sprinkling on and off, we were in good spirits and ready to get started! Our wave start time was delayed
  My deviantART StoryWhen I first joined dA, it was to have a bit of fun, maybe share some original stories and possibly make a couple friends online.

I wasn't here long before I got completely sucked into the Community and was being passed around as free slave labor to the highest bidders. 

Even when things got overwhelming and I didn't think I'd be able to keep up, there were awesome deviants that told me I could do it.  I believed them.

I made friends that without dA wouldn't have happened.  Friends that I talk to every day and share things I don't even share with my real life friends.

I plan on staying forever because my life wouldn't be the same without dA.
  My DeviantArt StoryFor 10 years DeviantArt has been more than a gallery, more than a home page, more than a place to share art.  Ultimately, I found DA whilst I was looking for something else, and I didn't realize at the time how pivotal that moment was, how important it would be for my future.

Discovery So Clear by parablev
DA appeared when I was looking for a way out and it gave me a chance to escape, a reason to see things afresh.

The Gateway by neverdying
I hadn't even considered that what I was actually looking for, was somewhere to belong, a feeling of inclusiveness and support.

SPN - Free Hugs by Sadyna
A way to explore all of the pictures and stories in my head that I was too unskilled to be able to put down on paper.

Learn to Fly by Ben-Kelevra
DA surrounded me with people who already knew how to fly, who could see fairy dust and paint the s
  My deviantART StoryReturning from summer vacations and joining the last wagon of the dA train. :XD:
4 years in few words
I found deviantART randomly, while searching on Google Images for "Naruto" pictures. I wondered what was "this green page", so I randomly signed up, without knowing it was the largest art community!
Considering it was just a blog, I chose without much thought the name of two of my favorite "Naruto" characters: Minato and Kushina! :D (Big Grin) And that's the story of this famous username!
Following some inactive months, I gradually loved this place. Heart 4 years later, I still like to promote art and make people happy! Giggle
Thank you for everything, deviantART! :love:
5 features
5 of my recent faves.  Give them a lot of love! :heart:

  My deviantART StoryWell, dekorAdum is my second account on deviantART, and I joined as YukiiKun, in 2010.
Ever since then I was pretty much involved in the dA Community, doing various things.

Two deviantaART Tees which I really love, but unfortunately they are too big for me :lol: but I wear them from time to time! And some stuff which came in an envelope sent by kozispoon! I still have that me gusta face! Haha! :heart:
I put most of my photos and other works into storage, but here are a few 'first ones'

Look, my old and 'very creative' watermark! Haha, well people improve in time, don't they?

Took this one during the preparation of my first shop window exam. I just liked it, the teacher not so much, but hey, it's an art school, they should e

HQ, Hot Topics and Official dA News/Contests

Special Birthday Seniority Announcement
This article marks the latest additions to the dizzy height of Senior members in our community. With just over 1000 deviants holding the highly saught after Senior Member accolade -- it's clearly a moment that deserves recognition.
So what does it take to become a Senior? That's a question many have asked and have never really been able to get a straight answer on. Some have gained Seniority as a thank you for their time spent as a Volunteer, or to recognise their contribution to a particular project or collaborative action. Some have gained Seniority because of their community spirit, providing help and assistance to many other deviants and taking time out to promote the work of others in the community.
Some people have received Seniority because of their artistic endeavors, having a positive influence on their peers by sharing resources, providing constructive criticism and by being a voice that stands out above the

Site Update: Tags are the new KeywordsIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback.
Like last week's update, this week's Site Update is a little different from usual in that we don't have a publicly visible change log. However, it's for a good reason. Our Devious Technology team is currently at a staff retreat working on upcoming projects, such as...
Tags are the new Keywords
As deviantART grows and strives to create new ways to discover great content, we’ve found that keywords as we currently use them have become underutilized. We think we can do better -- and can make a better experience for the community -- by making some changes.
Read more »
  A Tribute to Robin WilliamsWatch depthRADIUS
|Previous Journal
A Tribute to Robin Williams
By techgnotic
Robin Williams Tributeby EmilyStepp
Editor’s Note:
Why did we delay for more than a week the publishing of this remembrance? Because to properly reflect the impact of this loss on the millions of Robin Williams fans worldwide, we wanted to be sure to capture a true sense of the torrent of love for Robin pouring in from the community in the form of heartfelt portraits and other tribute art.
We chose the “best”
  Site Update: Staff RetreatThis week's Site Update is a little different from usual in that we don't have any publicly visible changes. However, it's for a good reason. Our Devious Technology team is currently at a staff retreat! 
What's New
Devious Technology Staff Retreat
The members of our Devious Technology team are currently in Canada for a staff retreat! Because the team is remote-based, this is the first time some of our developers have met one another in person!
The team is currently hard at work on a variety of upcoming projects for the community, and being able to interact face to face makes for a new, creative environment for them to code in as a team. Stay tuned for updates about the projects they're working on! #ItsComing

Your Feedback
Thanks for the feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of w
  Site Update: Bug Fixes, Inspiration DiscussionIn our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
Change Log
Hiding comments on one's Profile Page would be delayed, when the Comments Widget was set to display comments in Flat View. Fixed by elhsmart 
Some error messages were not displaying correctly. Fixed by justgalym
When browsing one's Gallery by "All" or "Scraps", the "Copy To..." option was briefly missing from the pencil menu, when managing deviation locations. Fixed by randomduck
The Manage Chatroom page for already existing chatrooms was briefly unavailable. Fixed by DEVlANT
The image for the 14th Birthday Badge was too large. Fixed by elhsmart
An extra "Give" menu would appe
  Witches of East End Contest Winners 

In our Witches of East End Contest, we challenged you to illustrate a scene or element from one of Edgar Allan Poe's classic tales: "The Black Cat," "The Tell-Tale Heart," or "The Raven." The Creative team behind the Witches of East End have hand-picked three winners, with the top winner earning a spot for their artwork in the upcoming season finale of Witches of East End! Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations, winners!


Artisan Crafts, Foods and Body Art News and Groups

Gallery Descriptions: Artisan Crafts pt. 2Gallery Descriptions
Here's the second instalment of our gallery descriptions for the Artisan Crafts galleries.
This is the gallery for all those ornamental crafts. This gallery is one of our largest galleries and boasts and incredible variety or work, from paper jewely right through to metalsmithed. Jewelry may be anything from a single hand made bead to a complete set. There are 8 major sub-categories: Beads & Charms, Bracelets & Anklets, Earring & Piercings, Headpieces & Hair Accessories, Necklaces & Pendants, Pins & Brooches, Rings, and Sets,
Leatherwork encompasses both crafts made from real animal hide and faux leather. You will find a lot of armour pieces amongst these galleries, as well as jewellery and other accessories. Most of the leatherwork is intended to
  Gallery Descriptions: Artisan Crafts pt. 1Gallery Descriptions
The Artisan Crafts galleries boast an incredible array of diversity. You'll find everything from incredible sculptures to elegant jewellery, clay food that looks real enough to eat next to food art that looks so realistic you won't believe it's edible. There are a lot of hidden niches among the galleries, so lets explore them all. 
The anthro gallery is dedicated to crafts that depict animals with human-like features. You'll find lots of fursuits in this gallery, alongside anthro masks and props and accessories to match.
Architectural Models
The little gallery is home to all the physical architectural models and constructs. It's home to a lot of miniaturised versions of buildings, from the hyper-realistic to the whimsical and fantastical. Among them are often models for unique furniture designs as well. Less often, you'll come acros
  SHOW US YOUR COLORS CONTEST!Welcome to Stitching Pirates the Cross Stitching Juggernaut.
Aims & How to join + Submission Guidelines +
Advertisements & Links + Facebook Group

Note:  The above banner was made using the flags from Great Britain, United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, Portugal and Georgia.
August 10, 2014 Update:  One submission in and I've read some comments and journals that had little hints of work being done!
A little note to me (and all of you) from Magical525 "September issue of Cross stitch crazy has some patriotic animals on pages 34 and 35
  Body Art and ModificationGalleries month
(Before we begin, allow me to warn you: if you are gore sensitive or strongly affected by visual imagery or nudity, I suggest you approach this article with some caution.)
The Body Art galleries can be a bit confusing to the outsider because we have two sections on dA:
:bulletwhite: Traditional Art > Body Art
:bulletwhite: Photography > People and Portraits > Body Art
This article will explain the two a little bit more and will explain the categories within them.
Traditional Art > Body Art
When the Body Art galleries were first created on dA, this was the only main gallery. This was intended for body artists to upload images that showcase their work. Body art, broadly speaking, is art created on the human body or using the human body. Whether you are a tattoo artist, make-up artist, or body painter - what you are creating is body art. :eager: The following are categories within the Traditional Art > Body Art gallery where you

Art Features ~ Theme: “Autumn"

Autumn is near....Summer's End
One by one the petals drop
There's nothing that can make them stop.
You cannot beg a rose to stay.
Why does it have to be that way?
The butterflies I used to chase
Have gone off to some other place.
I don't know where. I only know
I wish they didn't have to go.
And all the shiny afternoons
So full of birds and big balloons
And ice cream melting in the sun Are done.
I do not want them done.

Autumn Feature

They're coming down in showers,
The leaves all gold and red;
They're covering the little flowers,
And tucking them in bed

Autumn is a second Spring
where every Leaf is a Flower!
 Autumn at last...tsumami kanzashi. by hanatsukuri Autumn magic by ralphdamiani Autumn Sunlight by AreteEirene Pumpkins on a Shelf by WDWParksGal-Stock A walk in the woods by nitchwarmer Seasons Autumn Journal Vol.1 - Easy.Install by poserfan Seasons Autumn Gallery CSS Vol.1 by poserfan

Commissions, Items for Sale and deviants in Need

NEW 2015 Zodiac Dragons Calendars and Posters now!Now available ans ready to ship!
:star::star::star:The new 2015 Zodiac Dragons Calendar  :star::star::star:
You've been waiting for it... steam punk edition zodiac dragons! 
Each month features a Zodiac dragon representing a zodiac sign of the month. Zodiac Dragons are based on the Tropical Zodiacs in Western Astrology where the twelve divisions are the signs of each Zodiac. Each dragon, being the celestial body of the sign, is carefully designed and detailed to represent its key features with fascinating characteristics.
Size: 8.5" X 11" Calendar
Paper: Premium semi-gloss stock
Includes: 16-Month Calendar
Holidays: USA and International Holidays included.
Color: 24 page full color on both sides
Binding: Saddle-stitch with 1 hole punch at the center of the bottom page for hanging.
Posters available here: http://www.sixthleafcl
  Commissions...I thought it was time I made a proper commission journal.  
Simple Headshots 300 :points:/ 3USD
will add examples later because stash is currently not working :|
Fullbody Sketch 400 :points: / 4USD

Detailed Headshot blinking Icons 800 :points: / 8USD

Line Art 800 :points: / 8USD

Circle Vectors 800 :points: / 8USD

Pony Plushie 3000 :points: / 30USD
  New commissions available!Have a favorite established character you want original art of, or maybe an original character you've created you want to see on paper? Or maybe I'm lucky enough that you're fan and want to see a character I've never drawn?  Or maybe you have someone to give a gift to but don't know what to get them? Why not give a commission for a gift?
I'm doing commissions before the holidays arrive. Original characters, established characters, whatever. Starting as low as $100 plus shipping.
General specs are:
Black and white, 9 x 12 on Bristol or 11x14" on Bristol in tight inks only - $100 (9x12) or $150 (11x14) USD per character and $25 each additional Character, Shipping and handling covered for USA only. If you live outside the USA, shipping charges are at your expense and rates do vary. Shipping is Priority mail, delivery confirmation is included.
Let me know if you want color.  I can get your piece digitally colored for an extra $25 to $50, depending on the amount of chara
  Open for Commissions again!I've run into a bit of an unexpected financial snag and could use a little extra change in my pockets! If you would like one please send me a note with "commission" in the title. The prices above are per headshot. Please include any reference for the character(s) you can provide. If you'd like something more than what I'm offering please don't be afraid to ask! We'll discuss details and payment there and I'll get straight to work! I'll update this journal with the waiting list and finished pieces as I go.
Thank you, guys!
:bulletgreen: aunjuli (1)
  Sketch Commissions!1- Commissions for a PERSONAL USE ONLY!! For Commercial work send me a note or e-mail!
2- No mature content 
4 - All work is DIGITAL
3- Payments in advance and only via PAYPAL. 
SKETCH RATES! (USD – American dollar)
Bust /Half Body............................ 30$  
Full Body..................................... 60$  
Full Body / COLOR......................... 90$  

Contests (site-wide), deviant Projects and Challenges

CONTESTS!Hey, contest-hungry deviants! :)
Sorry for the delay, guys! We'll resume usual sunday updates as we've been doing for the past few months. Thanks for the support!
Be sure to send us the winning entries in the contest, we will show them in the group.
Also, check the :new: tag, as it points you to the newly posted contests.
If you want to send us a contest, please Download Our Contest Format Here or check our main page where the format is provided without a download.
Thanks, and on with the contests!
:bulletred: Monstrous Alphabet
Visual Mediums Only.
Draw a picture of a monster that begins with whatever letter of the alphabet you choose!
1st Place: 3 month PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP + 100 :points: + Commission + Llama
2nd Place: 1 month PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP + 50 :points: + Commission + Llama
3rd Place: 30 :points: + Commission + Llama
Deadline: September 6th
More Info: http://feraliga
  Designn Magazine Cover Art Contest
The DesignnHQ challenges you to create the cover art for the next edition of Designn Magazine! The winning artwork would be used as the cover of the 6th edition with an inside cover feature.
Your entry can originate in any medium. Keep in mind that that this is a magazine cover which would go to print; hence keep the highlights of the artwork focused towards the center and right side of the cover, and avoid details towards the edges (1cm from each edge).
(Note that you only need to create the background image of the cover according to the size provided below.)
How to Enter
1. Create
Create your entry in any medium - anything from digital paintings to traditional drawing.
Make sure the final work is at least A4 size (2480px x 3508px) and 300dpi. Save it as a JPG or PNG file, and you're ready to submit.

2. Submit your work
Once you
  GREAT CONTEST RIGHT HEREPenny Dreadful Competition
Being held by :iconrockstocks:
Deadline: Friday 17th October 2014 before midnight GMT so plenty of time to get your gory mojo working!
Winner will be announced on Halloween 31st of October 2014

devBUG, Fella, LLama and Avatar Groups

Fella's Welcome WagonHop on board Fella's Welcome Wagon as we welcome some awesome new deviants into our community!
Welcome, National-Horse!
Deviant for 11 months

Welcome, jblevalenteen!
Deviant for 1 month

Welcome, fudearashi!
Deviant for 10 months

Welcome, Lovinne!
Deviant for 1 month.

Welcome, puqqie!
Deviant for 3 months.

Deviants featured here have been a part of our community for less than one (1) year and have at least one (1) deviation in his/her gallery. If you see any awesome new deviants you'd like to see featured here, please send a note to fella with your suggestion!

DD Articles

General Photography Daily Deviations August 2014

Free by visualsoup
Show by geonebieridze
Golden drops - Strange world by AStoKo
:+devwatch: by Menoevil
The Core by Sigurd-Quast
Pikachu's road trip by Bimmi1111
City color Kamil Sypien by niwet
Sangklaburi by palmbook
Little White Shadows by catch---22
Panorama: The Shore in Leith, Edinburgh by AnimalsBeforeHumans
Supra by Attila-Le-Ain
A1 by ivancoric
Dump Truck Sunset by steverankin
Gallagher Park by slickwilly182
Yozora and the Cat by kixkillradio
Pearls by EliseEnchanted
Love Lock by jxsnyder
Whitechocolat and raspberry cake by CJacobssonFoto
Dream with me by gestiefeltekatze
architecture of a pocketable universe. by Camiloo
Adventures by CanonAdventures
  Manga/Anime DD Roundup - August 2014:icongwendolyn12:
Features by Gwendolyn12
  2015 PREVIEW by KARNxJiro Lamp by Reikyourin
 Chibi Dragon by Skunkyfly Warsong by Toosan
 MY SONG by hecoheio Miku by Cymphonia Summer Time by Fhyen 
Thunderbird by Kyokimaru 
  Stock and Resources DD Roundup Aug 2014:iconelandria:
Stock and Resource DDs given by Elandria

Stock and Resource DDs given by PirateLotus-Stock

Stock and Resource DDs given by CelticStrm-Stock

Forest Door Stock by wyldraven15 Premium Textures: Pretty Blues by mercurycodeWounded texture by kerast
Enfield Market Cross stock image by NickiStockWolf_Stock by stock0naturegraphFirey ur by DivsM-stock

stock#35 by PrimineersPirate Lady Stock I by Jumeria-NoxDingen 072 by 10eke-stock
Watercolors on Pavement II by Stock-WulfBallerina Stock by WhizzieWhizzerTake me with thee! by QueenWerandra

Stock and Resource DDs given by GrimFace242

Stock and Resource DDs given by ginkgografix

Elandria, :devpiratelotus-
  dAr DDs August 2014      

  DeviantART: A Critical Community (Part 1) by LiliWrites  
    Wide Mouth Auction [CLOSED] by vanoty- Asian inspired adoptable 1 - (Closed!) by janirotluvx
Apple-san pixel by DD1992
Cake Badge by DAV-19 MEME: SPREAD THE LOVE by zillabean status buttons by sira16inu  
yaneura by skylite-compass Knight and his squires by Nivelis ID by YarTzana-Serenade

Digital Galleries

Photomanipulation Galleries, Part 1Galleries Month
What exactly is Photomanipulation?
To put it simply, it is the process of using two or more photographic elements and piecing them together to create a whole new work. It is a more extensive process than retouching (which only involves changes to a single photo).
Were you ever unsure of where to place your completed piece? Keep reading for a brief description of the Abstract through Humorous galleries.
Emphasizes less on the natural world and more on the use of lines, colors, shapes, and textures to provide imagery.
Animals & Plants
Animals or plant-life are the main focus.
  Gallery Descriptions: Photomanipulation Part 2Galleries Month
These are the second set of seven galleries in the Photomanipulation category. Here are the first seven!
Landscapes and Scenery
Photomanipulations of places or scenery, real or imaginary.

Macabre and Horror
Photomanipulations portray or evoke extreme fear, such as represented by blood and gore, or psychological terror.

Photomanipulations with human characters, emotions, or actions as the main focus.

Photomanipulations representing current or historical events in the political arena or depicting political figures.
  Digital Art - Drawings and PaintingsGalleries Month
The Digital Art - Drawings and Paintings gallery is one of the fastest growing galleries here on DeviantArt. Within the gallery, members of the community will discover a wide variety of styles as the possibilities for Digital Drawings and Paintings are endless. So what exactly are Digital Drawings and Paintings? Is there even a difference between the two? Well, in this article I will explain exactly what Digital Drawings and Paintings are as well as why they are indeed different.
Digital Drawings and Paintings Defined
Let's begin with something easy such as defining what is considered Digital art. Digital art is any artwork that is created using digital software and/or tools. In the simplest of terms, your art is considered to be digital if it was created using a device such as your computer, digital tablet (ie: iPad), a Nintendo 3DS, or even your cellular phone! Digital artists often will use tools to
  Gallery Descriptions: Fractal ArtGalleries month
A fractal is a never ending pattern, self similar on every scale. Or almost self similar. And, quite obviously, fractal art is art created with fractals :dummy:
Fractal art is not drawn or painted by hand, but created with fractal generating software (for example, Apophysis, Mandelbulb or Ultra Fractal). Basically, it is created by calculating fractal objects and rendering them as still images or animations. The rendered images can be further modified using other graphic programs, such as Photoshop or Gimp. Also, the artwork may incorporate some non-fractal images, mainly but not only in manipulations.
Raw Fractals
This gallery is for fractal artworks with minimal or no post-work other than title, frame and watermark. In a few words, only works that are either raw output from a fractal generating program or have some minimal post-work (for example, brightness and color adjustments).
  Undiscovered Weekly: PhotomanipulationHello!
Undiscovered Weekly is meant for deviants who have at deviantART for less than 3 years,  and who have very few watcher. Today, I have some really impressive photomanipulators.
Adr13n, EnchantedWhispersArt, and erool.
I was browsing the search, looking for deviations for this feature, when I quickly past
by "you are not alone, buddy", by this artist. Even quicker I said to myself,"what was that?", and I made a swift u-turn, and found this gym. Absolutely gorgeous. Just because you're no longer a child and you're now  some sort of red neck, or a couple in love, you should be able to  look at this image the way I do.  And, on top of that, look at how well everything blends well, keep  looking like a real, like it's believable! Excellent!



deviantART-Related, Emotes, Customization

Did You Know - Add MediaAdd Media
Add Media is a feature that allows you to quickly add deviations from or deviantART. It is available for various places, such as in general, when writing journals or when leaving comments (profile, deviations, forum...). 
To get the Add Media interface for comment and description areas you simply click that Add Media textlink at the bottom of those sections. 

(For descriptions on the submission page it looks similar,
but is without the "Add Drawing" link)
When you are using the Add Media interface will always show up whenever you edit a section where it is available. Same for when writing journals via the journal page. 

The interface allows you to differ between Conversations (only available for comments),, deviantART and Emoticons.
The default tab changes depending on what feature you are currently using. For exa
  Did You Know - Message CenterMessage Center
The message center(short MC) is your communication area for the deviantART world. Here you will be informed about the deviants and groups you watch, but also get notified about any interaction on your own account or deviations, such as new watchers, comments, critiques, faves and other things.
The navigation bar at the top already gives you an idea of how many and what kind of messages you can expect in your message center. It can be seen from all pages within deviantART (except
The way it is displayed depends on whether you have the "Splinter Menu" or the "Unsplinter Menu". In my example it is the last.

By clicking on View All Messages or the overall count you will be forwarded to the overview page of your MC. If you click on a specific sub-menu, it will direct you to that area within your MC.
Your MC looks like this and while the content will always be d
  Did You Know - NotesNotes
Within your Message Center you also have a section that is for notes only. Notes are something like deviantARTs internal mails.
Your Notes center can be easily reach by either clicking on the little note symbol in your menu or by selecting the Notes tab in your Message Center.

On the left side you have - similar to your regular Message Center - your notes menu. Beside 6 default folders (Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent Notes, Drafts and Spam) you also can add your own custom folders to organize notes.

The little number next to the folder indicates how many notes you currently have there.
When you hover over the name of a custom folder, a little arrow symbol will appear that will give you some more organizing options.

When deleting a custom folder your notes won't
  Did You Know - Manage DeviationsManage Deviations
Especially when you have quite a lot of artworks in your gallery, it can become tricky to manage your deviations and to sort through them.
That's why we have the manage deviations page. You can either access it via the direct link or by choosing "Manage Deviations" from the Submit Menu.

On that page you have listed your deviations & journals. The overview will give you the name, the category it was submitted to, the publishing date and it also lists your sharing options and if critiques and comments are enabled or disabled.

:note: When hovering over your deviation title, you will also get a little preview of that deviation. This helps to know what deviation you are going to edit, when you can't remember what title goes with what deviation.
  PE: deviantART related Gallery - Part 2[Galleries Month]
The deviantART related gallery is one that isn't limited to a certain style or medium. Any kind of art that can be found in a specific gallery, can also be found here. This explain the great diversity among this gallery, but also makes it difficult to explain what dAr is with one sentence. Beside that dAr comes with a few unique galleries that offer artworks to customize your experience within deviantART. It's a community based gallery.
These two articles Part 1 & Part 2 give you an overview of the single categories where you can find and submit deviantART related art to.
deviantART Skins & Scripts
Browser Scripts and Extensions [go to gallery]
:bulletblack: Browser Scripts that add new functions or modifies existing functions to change your deviantART e
  PE: deviantART related Gallery - Part 1[Galleries Month]
The deviantART related gallery is one that isn't limited to a certain style or medium. Any kind of art that can be found in a specific gallery, can also be found here. This explain the great diversity among this gallery, but also makes it difficult to explain what dAr is with one sentence. Beside that dAr comes with a few unique galleries that offer artworks to customize your experience within deviantART. It's a community based gallery.
These two articles Part 1 & Part 2 give you an overview of the single categories where you can find and submit deviantART related art to.
The following sub-categories have been left out, as these have been open either just for a limited time to promote a new feature, to accept submissions for a contest or have been 'staff only' galleries.
It's Coming
This gallery was created to promote the (back then) up

Group News and Features, Group Projects/Challenges; Groups Needing Admins

ProjectPorkchop is seeking new admins!Hello all,
ProjectPorkchop  is looking to add one or two dedicated individuals to our team.  
Ideal candidates will be available to: 
help answer and go through suggestion notes
help put together upcoming articles (data entry)
help browse the site for artists to be featured
In order to be considered, you must be able to read and write in English and be available at least once per week to help work on articles.  
Basic html knowledge is preferred but we can teach you the ropes if you are not familiar with html.  We'd also prefer someone with experience utilizing the admin area of groups, but again, we are willing to train the right individual(s).  
ProjectPorkchop  is a passion driven project and we'd like to add members to our team who are as passionate about featuring unseen artists as we are! That being said, we ask that you please only apply if this is something you are actually interested in.
If you wish to apply for the position, please note a
  ProjectPorkchop Vol363:icontomxaros:
Tommy is a varied professional artist from Canada. For the past 12 years, he has been working as an animator for the video game industry and does illustration in his spare time. He predominantly draws fantasy characters and if you like dragons, you are sure to enjoy his work! His gallery is also filled with wonderful concept drawings that really showcase his traditional skills!

see more..
Carol is a traditional artist from Brazil. She is only 19 years old and already shows great talent for portraiture! Her illustrations are beautifully detailed with minimal color elements which makes for a very nice, soft effect. She is very talented at drawing the human eye especially and her renderings are incredibly realistic. Her color blending is very
  ProjectPorkchop Vol362:iconkrzysztofheksel:
Krzysztof is a professional traditional artist from Poland. His technique is heavily influenced by the polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, who is his inspiration. He classifies his works as surrealism or "magic realism" and his works are simply awe-inspiring! He uses a glaze technique which is very difficult but the color and depth he achieves is well worth the effort! This artist is a must add to your watchlist!

see more..
Carol is a traditional artist from the United States. She enjoys painting in the style of surrealism while incorporating some influence of horror and the macabre. Her color palette is very soft and not overpowering and her brush strokes add wonderful texture to her paintings. She also has a
  ProjectPorkchop Vol361:iconlauramissaoki:
Laura is a professional traditional artist from Spain. She finds her inspiration in color, nature, children, fairy tales and Japanese culture. Her work is very whimsical and her use of watercolors adds a softness for a dreamlike quality. Her characters are very well developed and interact with each other very naturally. Laura is a very talented artist who definitely deserves more exposure and her gallery is sure to delight!

Suggested by CROvalentina 
see more..
DivingSculptor is a traditional sculptor who just joined DA this week! As his name suggests, his work is inspired by creatures found under the sea. He creates the most beautiful and

Interviews, Editorials and Instructional Information

Behind The Screens: Interview With TsaoShinHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is TsaoShin
Eric Proctor works full time as a conceptual illustrator for a research laboratory and he makes fun fandom and fantasy based digital paintings in his spare time. Eric has been painting digitally for over 10 years but he was originally taught traditional oil painting.

You create some of the most beautiful fan art around. What fandom do you find most inspiring and why?

Thank you! The fandoms I find most inspiring are from mediums that have an expansive universe because I like the things that are still unknown. When something has a g
  Behind The Screens: Interview With Steph-LaberisHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is Steph-Laberis
Steph Laberis is a freelance illustrator and character designer for animation. She has also done toy design, character design for casual games, greeting card design and DLC content for the Little Big Planet series. 


When did you first discover your passion for art? 

I don't think there was a moment of discovery for me, since I've been drawing and making crafts for as long as I can remember! I know that all kids love drawing at a young age but making art has been a very natural part of my life
  Behind The Screens: Interview With PatriartisHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is Patriartis
Patrik Björkström is an aspiring digital illustrator who likes to dabble in rich colors and story-driven images. He has been creating digital art for several years, but it is only in the past six months or so that He has taken the step into illustrating on a professional level. In that time He has done mostly commissions as well as game art for an indie studio.


Your popular series titled "The Journey" has earned you a lot of attention and praise on DeviantART. For those in the community who are not familiar with
  Behind The Screens: Interview With EscumeHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is escume
Anna Dittmann is a 21-year-old digital illustrator from San Francisco with a passion for enigmatic portraiture. She is currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia, and is working on her Illustration BFA.

 When did you first discover your passion for art?

As a child, my first canvases were the walls of my bedroom and it’s been a strange, fantastic ride ever since. I began taking painting more seriously when I discovered Photoshop around age 13. Working with unlimited colors and canvases helped me experiment more, allowin
  Behind The Screens: Interview With AquaSixioHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:

Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is AquaSixio
Cyril Rolando is a professional digital artist who lives in southern France. He works as a psychologist in his own office and has been drawing as a hobby since he was 10 years old. He has been pursuing digital art professionally since 2013.

 I read in your artist bio that you have never taken art courses, which is very impressive for someone with your skill level. Can you please give the community some insight on how you became the artist you are today?

Since the beginning it is (and was) hard to accept to be considered as an "artist" because I am
  Interview with Matt (Fractorium dev)
First of all , please introduce yourself to the community.

My name is Matt. I’m 35 and I live in San Diego, California, United States with my wife. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in computer science in 2001 and have been working ever since writing software. This project was done outside of my full-time job as a senior software developer.

And, of course, tell us about your software.

My project has several pieces and can be found here:
Before I give the details, I’d like to preface it by saying this is beta software, so you might find bugs or things that you don’t like. Rather than reject it, I would really appreciate feedback so I can incorporate good ideas into future releases.
With that out of the way, here it is:
Ember - A rewrite and redesign of the original flam3 code in C++. In addition to the rewrite, several bu

Film, Flash, Motion and Animation

Project Educate Gallery: Film + Animation [1]Galleries Month
Hi everyone! Welcome to the first of two articles about the film and animation gallery. 
Our gallery is the part of deviantART where everything comes to life! Our community is relatively small compared to some galleries but it is a thriving and exciting one. The range of talent we have includes super talented design students through to professional motion graphic wizards!
With independent film and animation works on the rise over the years, it’s a really exciting community and gallery to be a part of right now!
For gallery descriptions month TimberClipse and I will be talking about the gallery as a whole, the application process, how the gallery runs and even a little bit about ourselves!
Film & animation in deviantART in general 
Film & Animation is a gallery in itself on deviantART but it
  Project Educate Gallery: Film + Animation [2]Project Educate Gallery: Film + Animation [2]
Who Are The Film & Animation Volunteers?
The film and animation galleries, which we introduced earlier today, are currently run by two community volunteers. kingmancheng who started working with the community in late September of 2011, and TimberClipse who began in November of 2012. kingmancheng is now a mentor for the film & animation galleries and also works as a freelance illustrator and animator. TimberClipse works in the film industry mostly with the camera department and has directed a couple of films of his own.
Together, the two of us work side-by-side to bring activity, daily deviations, and features to the Film & Animation galleries. Every Daily Deviation that is selected, is agreed by both volunteers working in tandem.
What Do We Look For In Dail

In The KingdomAs you may or may not know, my husband has a YouTube show where he reviews and critiques video games.  He posts a new video every month, as well as a shorter mini-episode.  Here is this month's mini-episode:  Watch_DogsSo as you may or may not know, my husband has a YouTube show where he reviews and critiques video games.  He posts a new video every month.  This month he looks at the game Watch_Dogs:  Oculus RiftAs you may or may not know, my husband has a YouTube show where he reviews and critiques video games.  He posts a new video every month, as well as a shorter mini-episode.  This month's mini-episode is about the Oculus Rift and VR in games:  Valiant HeartsSo as you may or may not know, my husband has a YouTube show where he reviews and critiques video games.  He posts a new video every month.  This month he looks at the game Valiant Hearts:  Digital Art - AnimationGalleries Month
What is animation?
Animation is the illusion of movement created from the quick sucession of static images with minimal differences between them. Today there is a great variety of animation techniques that include traditional animation (a sucession of frames, drawn digitally or traditionally), stop motion (photographs of real life objects), 3D animation (created with computer software), rotoscoping (tracing a live action sequence, frame by frame) and a large etcetera.
The Digital Art > Animation gallery is intended for animations of all kinds, as long as they were made with digital mediums and they're NOT in Flash or video format (usually in GIF format).
If the animation was made with traditi

Literature Gallery, Information and Groups

Undiscovered Weekly: LiteratureWelcome to the Literature Edition of Undiscovered Weekly
In  case you're not familiar with it yet, Undiscovered  Weekly is a series of articles aimed at putting a spotlight on  some otherwise unknown talent across dA's various galleries.
Who's Featured in This Article?
:iconissapiie: :iconWrittenEdge: :iconAlphaManifest:
A Little Bit About issapiie
issapiie is still a young writer, but had the guidance of her mother reading to her to introduce her to the wonderful world of writing.  She also plays piano.  Her work ranges from simple poetry to abstract prose and everything in between.  When asked what inspires her, she replied, "I'm inspired a lot by the things happening around me. That angry woman on the bus? She can become a roaring dragon. The dripping tap? A mysterious cave beneath a waterfall. The wind outside my window? The icy breath of an ancient warlord. What I see can be changed an
  August Literature NewsletterJuly came and went so fast, I'm still trying to catch up with all the Flash Fiction Month deviations in my Message Centre.  Not only did we have Flash Fiction Month, but also a projecteducate Literature Basics week that produced some of the best articles we've seen in a PE week.  Go team!
News Articles
July Book Club: Thief Lord by Cornelia FunkeLit me explain u a thing: January - JuneLove dA Lit Issue 176Ladies of Lit Volume XLIVLove dA Lit Issue 177Love dA Lit Issue 178The Know Database Round Up 13Literature Community Experiment VI
projecteducate Week

Photography; Groups and Photography Galleries

UrbexUrbex is in the news again! There are some fantastic stories circulating within the media which are keeping Urban Exploration as a hot topic. Check out The Ugly beauty of Urban Exploration and Stories like this are why urban exploration photographers are secretive about where they shoot. Do you have a favourite urbex topic or location that you like to photograph at? No need for names if you don't want to divulge, but is it a building, a place or abandoned machinery that you prefer? Comment with more information! Here are some of the top urban exploration submissions to deviantART last month...

  Portraiture - Humans to Animals "A good quality camera will help you produce good results, but in the end it's you who will make a photograph, not the camera."
Portraiture is no exception to the above musings, it's less about the right lighting and expensive equipment and much more about the subject you are photographing and how you interact with them. People photography is becoming more and more popular with people booking photographers to expand on their modelling portfolio, capture a newborn in the family or preserve some precious memories of many generations. But what about animals? Pet Photography is also becoming widely popular and there are many hints and tips that apply to capturing humans that you can also use when capturing someone's beloved pet (even your own!)
If you've been asked to shoot outdoors, which is generally preferable for capturing pets, then find out where their favourite location is. It might be a favour
  Gallery Descriptions: DarkroomGalleries Month
:star: Take part in our Gallery Descriptions Month Contest!
On DeviantART, Darkroom is divided between Digital processing and Traditional processing. Digital Darkroom uses software on the computer to emulate traditional and alternative film darkroom techniques. Photoshop is a popular software for digital editing that is accessible, cheap and enjoyable for experimentation. On the other hand, Traditional Darkroom goes back to the roots of Photography using lights and chemicals in person. Below are further definitions of the sub-galleries in the Darkroom Photography Gallery.
Digital - Digital Overlays
Digital photographs created by layering two or more images (including but not limited to texture and colour layers) to create a final image, mimicking the effect of exposing photographic paper to two or more negatives and/or filters during printin
  Gallery Descriptions: Street + PhotojournalismGalleries Month
:star: Take part in our Gallery Descriptions Month Contest!
Taking a photograph of something in the street (or the street itself) does not automatically make it 'Street Photography'. Street Photography is about humanity, about people in context. People involved in candid, unposed and unstaged situations in public places, with no or minimum post-processing, is what defines Street Photography. This is not to say that people automatically make the piece a Street photograph. Photographing humanity (and its behaviour) in its natural habitat and surroundings, exploring the relationships between individuals and their surroundings, and emphasising the human presence separates Street Photography from other categories like People & Portraits or Urban & Rural. The fact that Street Photography is unstaged means that we focus on the 'every day life' of hu
  Commercial, Fireworks, TransportationGalleries Month
:star: Take part in our Gallery Descriptions Month Contest!
Commercial Photography
Photographs taken to sell or promote a product or service, such as in advertisements, merchandising and product placement. This also involves brochures, catalogues, leaflets and other items used to promote services, products or businesses.
Fashion Commercial Photography
Fashion is one of the most popular forms of Commercial Photography, used for a range of promotional things such as posters, billboards, catalogues, editorials and more. Fashion Commercial focuses on garments and accessories for promotional or advertisement use, rather than personal, portfolio or editorial use which belongs in People & Portraits -> Fashion.

Other Commercial Photography
Commercial Photography that does not fit into any of the other categories: Fashion, Pr
  The Artistic Nude Gallery - What is it really?Galleries Month
Welcome to a description of what the sub-category of People and Portraits Photography; the Artistic Nude gallery, is all about. This article should help you avoid miscats, and better understand a sub-category that you might not appreciate or be familiar with yet. (Warning: Mature Content within this journal)

As defined by DeviantART, Artistic Nude is "high quality fine art photography that makes use of a nude or partially nude human subject."

The artistic nude gallery is a beautiful category filled with many conceptual, emotive, and inspiring shots of human beings in their most natural element.

The artistic nude gallery is not what many people reduce it to (just a bunch of sex, boobs, mediocre porn). It is a gallery where people bare themselves, find ways to create moving captures using the human body in an artistic and tasteful manner.

Project Educate

Gallery Descriptions Month - The RoundupGalleries month
Galleries Description month was full of epic articles and a lot of hard work went into each and every one of them courtesy of the Community Volunteers. This article is a roundup of everything published during the last month here at projecteducate and hopefully has helped a lot of you when it comes to understanding the descriptions of the galleries here and categorising your work. Huge thanks go to all involved who made this past month a success! We also held a A Contest of which the results will posted within the next week. Well done to all who entered - judging has commenced!
:bulletpink: Animals, Plants and Nature
  Project Educate Continues! Project Educate Continues!!!
projecteducate is a group and all updates from individuals during their weeks listed below will be posted over there! So be sure to join or watch for the full updates! If you want to partake in Community Week by writing an article then just note the group with your ideas!
How it Works
projecteducate started with purely CV run weeks. Those were weeks focusing on a specific art form brought to you by your lovely Community Volunteers. As well as these epic seven days of awesome, we've now introduced two more themes which run on a bi-monthly basis. Those are Community Weeks, which include articles from members of the dA community - and Artist Toolbox Weeks which include a mixture of articles focusing purely on the 'tools' of the trade. If you're interested in either please note projecteducate!
Project Educate - The Schedule of Weeks!
September 1st - September 7th
  PE: Introduction to ChatsChat and Forums
The purpose of this article is to help others become familiar with what chat rooms are, the purpose they serve, and how to get involved with chats here on Let’s begin!
Chat Rooms: A Brief Overview
The term chat room or chatroom, is used to describe any area on the Internet, a computer network, or website where users can communicate with one another in real time. Think of it like web based group text messaging except you may or may not know the users communicating with you. Chat rooms are great in that provide us with a venue to socialize with others who share a common interest. For instance, here on there are numerous chat rooms available, which can easily be found by going to the chat page.
The Chat Network
The Chat Network here on consists of a large number of chat rooms, both official and unofficial. Official chat rooms are operated by deviantART staff and volunteers
  PE: Introduction to the ForumChat & Forum Week
Many people are not aware the forum exists on DeviantART, so this article aims to introduce those who are new and are not as familiar with the forum as others.
Within the forum, there are many forums that you can post in, either by creating your own threads for discussion or by posting in other people's threads. In this sense, one of the best things about the forum is the ease of communication between your fellow deviant comrades! The forum presents an opportunity for you to meet more people, get seen more and participate a variety of discussions that you find interesting. By creating a thread in the forum, you encourage other people to make posts in response to your original post. Likewise, other people who post threads encourage you to post your own thoughts, creating an awesome environment full of sharing opinions.
If you scroll down the forum page, there are many Forums that focus on a specific topic so that all
  PE: Chat and Forum ContestsWelcome to another Chat & Forum projecteducate week.
During this week we will aim to promote involvement and interest in both the chats and forums and this contest will hopefully help provide further incentive to not only get involved but stay involved through-out the week.
This contest will have three different elements and you are welcome to participate in all three, or just one.. just which ever you are most comfortable with.  While we encourage full participation, it is worth noting that these contests are about having fun so if anything makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, feel free to skip it in favor of other events that are more to your liking.
Who doesn't love scuzzles?  Over the past we have observed much success where scuzzles were involved so we felt it was a good way to help get everyone involved in what we have planned for you this week.  
During the week we have multiple events planned, you'll want to part
  PE: Fan Art and Anime/Manga - MiscatsA miscat (or miscategorization) is how we usually refer to an artwork that was categorized incorrectly when submitted to deviantART. On this article, I'll talk about what is likely the most common case of miscategorizing within the Manga&Anime galleries: Fan Art.  And to start with, let's start by clarifying what each gallery is for.
What to submit to the Manga & Anime category?
On Manga&Anime and each of its subcategories (that were explained in detail by myself and cinyu yesterday), you must submit only original art, made with either traditional or digital media, that contains the features of the japanese manga/anime art style.That means the art style used by you has to be recognizable as manga/anime, but the character drawn by you mustn't be copyrighted, so it has to be completely created and developed by you.
Misplaced works: Traditional Art and Fan ArtGalleries Month
Traditional Art category is for original works made with traditional media, or for traditional works commissioned (or requested) by the copyright holder.
Fan Art category is for works that contain copyrighted elements that don't belong to you and that were not commissioned or requested by the copyright holder, even if they were commissioned by a fan. If a work contains elements directly inspired by a copyrighted environment but not representing the original material, like a fan fiction illustration, it still belongs to Fan Art gallery, even if there are your original characters in it.
Some subcategories might seem speculative as to where put your work, but in reality it's very clearly specified:

Traditional Art > Paintings > Illustration and Traditional Art > Drawings > Illustration sub-galleries are for illustrations that wer
  A Guide to the Subcategories of Fan ArtGalleries Month
Hello and welcome to the Fan Art section of the galleries description month :wave:  Basically, I'm here to give you a play by play of how the Fan Art sub categories are structured and what belongs in them.  On August 30th, STelari will be giving you a guide to Traditional Art and Fan Art miscategorizations and Gwendolyn12 will be giving you a guide to Anime/Manga and Fan Art miscategorizations, so I will not delve too deeply into those here.  So let's delve into the wonderful world of Fan Art!
What is Fan Art?
Fan Art is the Level 1 category found on the category tree.  Fan Art is currently defined as art containing copyrighted characters or concepts.  This basically means art of characters, creatures, locations, items, etc that are under copyright and were NOT originally created by you.  But the word concepts is also important here; characters created for a specific fandom also have a home in Fan Art, since they build on t
  Gallery Descriptions: Cartoons and ComicsGalleries Month
Cartoons refers to art styles suited to representing abstractions of reality; that is, exaggerated or otherwise non-realistic visual aesthetic. This idea is most prominent as it's easily understood, but to exact "cartoons" further is to probe some more - especially in the context of comics. Cartoons and comics share a close and complimentary relationship in visual communication, being especially true to sequential art among other forms of narrative in illustration. This understanding is an area of scholary interest due to the increasing acceptance of analogies being established between written & visual communication - highlighting the way in which sequential images actually constitute a visual language.
On deviantART:
Commentary in abundance about comics and cartoons individually is justly avoidable in the context deviantART categories; the explanation is better
  Fan Fiction On deviantARTGalleries Month
What Is Fan Fiction?
Everyday, we are inspired by movies, television, novels, and other forms of media. They engage our minds with a variety of stories and characters, their plights and triumphs, their everyday minutiae. Fan fiction authors are so enamored with these other worlds and their inhabitants that they must partake in the stories which have brought them so much enjoyment. They expand on the current universe, explain gaps in the narrative and delve into characters' motivations.
A good fan fiction (or fanfic) is more than simple borrowing another writer's characters and universe. The fan fiction author must immerse his or her readers in the story, make them believe it is a natural extension of the source material. Characters have their own mannerisms and quirks; each universe has its own history and rules that need to be followed. The fan fiction author must master the nuances of those characters and the world they inhabit (unless purposely writi
  Lit: Characters and SettingsGallery Descriptions Month
Have you ever wandered through the Literature Gallery here on dA and wondered what the Characters & Settings sub category was for?  Then ask no more.  It should almost be obvious what goes in here, but let's play dumb for a minute. 
The Characters & Settings gallery is NOT for your prose, poetry or scripts.  Finished stories or poems don't belong here.  They belong in their own categories.  Here, we should find character information.  Well what is character information:
Characters Sheets.  Any character sheet that you've completed for your character(s) and would like to share.  Blank sheets should be submitted to the Resources & Stocks > Tutorials > Writing gallery.Character Profiles or Biographies.  You wrote a short description or history for your character but it won't be included in the final cut of your story.
  Demystifying the Poetry GalleryGalleries Month
Hi! ShadowedAcolyte here for projecteducate, and today we're going to talk about the categories and options in the Poetry Gallery. Well, mostly I'm going to be the one talking, but there will be discussion questions at the end!
Getting Started
So you're uploading a poem, and you've successfully navigated to Literature, and then to Poetry. What now? (I'm assuming your poem isn't in someone else's canon setting; if it is, it belongs under Literature > Fan Fiction instead.) Your first options are the "genre" categories (and yes, we're using the term loosely): Children's, Emotional, Family Life, General Poetry, Horror, Human Nature, Humor, Narrative, Nature, Romantic, Sociopolitical, Spiritual, and Transgressive.
Most of these are pretty self-explanatory, but it's easily possible that your poem could fit properly in multiple categories (a poem about romance could easily explore human nature or even spiritual themes). In these situations, pick t
  Gallery Descriptions: Traditional Art, part 3Galleries Month
This gallery is for animated pictures done with traditional methods. It contains two sub-categories:
Coloured animation
For finished animations.

Pencil tests
For hand drawn pencil tests of traditional animations in progress.

Mixed Media
This gallery is for works that were done using various media and don't fit into specified media categories. This includes mixes of drawing and painting, or printing with painting and other of this kind, but also mix of Traditional and Digital art. You can also submit a Traditional-Digital work into Mixed Media subcategory of Digital Art - the choice is up to you, depending on how much your picture was d
  Gallery Descriptions: Traditional Art, part 2Galleries Month
This sub-gallery is for three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions, made by putting together found objects not generally thought of as art materials.

Two-dimensional works made of a combination of other forms, often including photographs, newspaper clippings, or any other type of object which can easily be glued down.

Installation Art
An artistic genre of three-dimensional works, that branching from sculpture, are more about the concept than the form. They are usually designed for a specific site, but can be mobile, to transform how the space is viewed.
The sand of time by Mr-Goblin
  PE: Digital Typography ExplainedGallery Descriptions
Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Galleries Week!
After earliers Traditional Typography it's now time to talk about Digital Typography :la:
Digital Art > Typography
Digital Art
Digital artwork originally created via the use of digital programs on a computer with a pen & tablet or computer mouse.
This should be self-explanatory, but for completeness I will add it here. Anything that is (eventually) created on a computer should go here. As mentioned in the previous article slight corrections to photographs or scans do not turn your traditional work into digital. A digital camera also does not.
Typography is the art and technique of arranging type, designing a type face or modifying letters.
Simple rule: does it contain letters or words? Then it is Typography.
Whether you submit it to that gallery, depends
  PE: Traditional TypographyGallery Descriptions
Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!
Today I will explain both the traditional and digital typography galleries on DA and I start off with Digital Typography. And I start off with the Traditional Gallery!
If you are interested into the background of typography, I recomment you read A Brief History of Typography, an article I wrote for a previous week at projecteducate.
When it comes to typography, you should be aware that it is everywhere around you all the time. There is bad Typography and there is good Typography. Unfortunately less of the latter and more of random thoughtless Typography around these days.
Typography is more relevant to Design than it is to Art, but that does not mean it cannot be Art!
I want to bring Typography to people's attention, make them aware of how important it is. We all want people to hear us, we want to be understood. And n
  Gallery Descriptions: Anthro [ Digital / Trad. ] Gallery Descriptions
Digital anthropomorphic art in a three-dimensional form or appearance. Art that was created using 3D software. 

Animals: Digital Drawings featuring Anthropomorphic animals as the main focus. Comics: Digital comics that show a single page from a comic series or strip where the main focus is on Anthropomorphic characters, settings, themes, etc. Fantasy & Mythology: Digital Drawings that depict supernatural or magical themes often relating to legend, spirits, deities, and enchanted anthropomorphic creatures.Inanimate Objects: Digital drawings featuring inanimate anthropomorphic objects. An inanimate object has no life bearing parts. For example utensils, a teddy bear, snow globe etc. Macabre & Horr
  Digital Drawings and Paintings FeatureGalleries Month
  Final battle_2 by 88grzes Welcome to the Wormworld by daniellieske
rapsick - racisme rebellion by vastudio Strength to Strength by ardcor ::GRAFFITI:: by xaosone 1 by Debecas
Edge of the World by AndrewMcIntoshArt Turtle House seafood stall by sandara Servant of the Castle by ZERG118 Tree Dwellers by kevywk
Landscapes & Scenery
Follow Our Rules by AquaSixio River Speed Paint by Happy-Mutt A Morning Pilgrimage by Ninjatic Bridges Island by MartaNael
  PE: Designs and Interfaces III - MisconceptionsGallery Descriptions
Welcome to the Designs & Interfaces part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!
The previous two articles helped explain the categories of Designs & Interfaces and this one is more specific about Miscats in Designs & Interfaces and patterns to those. Some misconceptions developed over time and with no reasonable option to "clean" the gallery, have grown into a big mess.
However these articles are supposed to help you locate the best gallery for your artworks. So, if you are unsure about where to submit and two galleries sound good, try and read each gallery description (visible during the submission process) and choose wisely. If you are unsure, don't assume the right gallery. We are here to help :la:
All these "rules" depend on the current gallery descriptions as of the moment I am writing this. Possible future changes cannot be considered.
Should changes happen, there will be an announcement at communityrelations by the re
  PE: Designs and Interfaces II - Game Dev. ArtGallery Descriptions
Welcome to the Designs & Interfaces part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!
This article us all about Game Development Art*. It is the category with the most sub-categories and thus I thought I'd rather give it its own article.
I also want to give a(nother) huge 'Thank you' to PolyMune for taking care of the gallery before :love: :tighthug:
Game Development Art
So let's have a look at the gallery tree! :la:
Game Development Art
Artwork created as part of the process of developing a game. The types of games that this art contributes to includes but is not limited to: video games, board games and card games.
2D Game Art
2-dimensional art such as sprites and tiles designed primarily for 2D gameplay. 2D art within 3D games (such as icons representing inventory items) belong here, as well. A
  PE: Designs and Interfaces I - Gallery OverviewGallery Descriptions
Welcome to the Designs & Interfaces part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!
Since this is a gallery with 21 categories and several sub-categories provided for 2 categories, there will not be one article, but three. A Gallery Overview, a closer look at Game Development Art and something about Common Misconceptions regarding submissions to Designs & Interfaces.
What is Design anyway?
This is a bit of a toughie. It is closely related to art, but at the same time couldn't be further away from it. Both art and design are visual media, but that's sort of already where it stops. For myself I found the simple distinction of art creating an emotional response, and of design telling me how to do something.
Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it
  PE: Presentation mattersPresentation matters
It's not just the artwork that tells you something about it's creator - on the internet, the way you present it is at least equally as important. Your painting can be a masterpiece, hanged in a local gallery, but as long as you post a blurry, badly cropped picture named "1564873" along with "..." in an artist's description, nobody will ever bother visiting your gallery. Creating a nice, representative profile page and setting a certain visual quality standard takes extra time and effort, but if you really care for your work (even if it's just a hobby), you should treat it with some respect.
I've already written a related article called The power of context that tried to explain how to place your work in a context in order to better connect with your audience, this one is focused

Seniors, Premium Members, Senior Projects/Challenges and dA Grants

SA Interview - BranchewskiCongratulations to Branchewski for receiving seniority on July 7th, 2014! :squee:

What is it like to be a part of the senior hut? How do you feel about receiving the Medal? How did you receive the news?
Being a part of the senior hut makes me feel really motivated. I've always looked up to Senior members, evidence of their hard work and devotion to the community always being present around the site. I never expected to receive such an honour, so that now I'm spending most of the time thinking about how to give more to the community, get involved, and help out others whenever and however I can.
I received the news from my dear friend CROvalentina. She sent me a facebook message that basically said "Go to your dA profile. Now." I was at work and I didn't know what to expect, so I almost missed it the first time.
  SA Interview -AryieaCongratulations to Aryiea for receiving seniority on July 7th, 2014! :squee:

What is it like to be a part of the senior hut? How do you feel about receiving the Medal? How did you receive the news?
Alright I'll do one at a time :giggle:. What is it like? I don't really think it's any different than being a non-senior member, at least not for me. Sure, it's only been a day, but nothing is really different at all besides the fact that I got spammed with a lot of congratulatory comments (thanks guys! :la:). I think the only thing that feels different to me is that I feel like I might be quicker at finding people to give me a hand with my various community projects and stuff, but all of those people would have helped me before, it's just that I didn't know them yet! :giggle:
On to the other two questions! I received the
  dAta Mining 7.3 - Premium Memberships Update.
The number of subscribed users (133,000) I listed in my previous dAta Mining reports were overstated by about 25%.  That's rather odd since spyed confirmed an even higher number (150,000) of PMs.  So either spyed announced an incorrect number or a third of all premium members have vanished in the past year.  I have a conspiracy theory.
Nothing to report on the home front aside from a minor cold I can't seem to shake.
dAta Mining
I mentioned previously that I am running a script on dA to collect stats on users across the site.  I have about a third of all users on dA cataloged right now, but I have yet to formally process the data.
While collecting data I noticed that roughly half of the users who had a premium membership when I first collected the data last year don't have PMs anymore.  This struck me as a rather

Stock and Resources, Tutorials

Undiscovered Weekly: Resources And StockWelcome to  Undiscovered Weekly for Resources and Stock. Undiscovered Weekly is commited to spotlighing exceptional artists who have been at deviantArt less than three years, have low  page views, and/or few watchers.
This month I will feature Stock providers, Liancary-Stock,
:ladyofjustice:, and 13-Melissa-Salvatore. I will also include Resource, brushes and a tutorial by Outof4mmo, in this feature.
19-year-old Lia is from Germany. She has been adding photos for
stock for one year.  In that short time she has built up  a gallery containing 484 very creative fantasy theme photo stock. She says that she is self-taught digital artist and photographer, and she loves to wear costumes. And I must say that her art is worth looking at, and her stock is worth using. She is a contributor at 4 groups including FairytaleStock, and Stock-World.
  Stock and Resources Galleries: Pt. 7Stock and Resources


Tutorials are step by step guides that teach you different skills and techniques.
Which includes:

Application Resources

Tutorials which explain different application functions i.e. Adobe Photoshop brush tutorials, also included are 'How To' guides.

Artisan Crafts

Tutorials explaining different craft techniques. A few examples include textiles, origami, jewelery making and woodworking.

Digital Art

Tutorials explaining different techniques in creating digital art.
  Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 6Galleries Month


Photographic or computer generated images of textures.

Which includes:


Textures that are abstract and do not conform to traditional methods.


Textures that are out of focus with blurred points of light.


Textures that are textiles, fur, leather etc.


Textures that are of flat surfaces, including tiled floors and walls.
  Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 5Galleries Month
Specifically for the Resources/ Stock Images sub category of the resources tree, DeviantArt has provided guidelines for submissions relating to size, quality and usefulness as explained in our favorite FAQ 809 -
Images submitted to the Stock Gallery should be larger than 1000px on the smallest size - to promote good quality submissions and a basic standard across all types of stock image.
The Stock Gallery is split into many sub sub categories, not only to create a logical submission process, but also to aid artists searching for stock images.
Model stock photography contains 4 main areas, which are further broken down into full body, portrait, anatomy and nude in the adult sections.  
It is worth noting at this point that all model stock photography should not contain sexually explicit poses as per DeviantArts submission policy and the following FAQ infor
  Stock and Resources Galleries: Pt. 4Stock and Resources

Stock Images

Stock Photography which the provider has granted a licence for incorporation into other Deviant artists work.
Which includes:

3D & Renders

Stock images rendered with a 3D program with the aid of a 3D render engine E.G. Daz Studio


Stock images rendered with a 3D program of animals, including both real and mythical creatures, insects and animal parts such as wings and tails.

Human & Humanoid

Stock images rendered with a 3D program of human and humanoid characters.
  Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 3Galleries Month

Designs & Patterns

Designs & Patterns for a number of different projects - knitting, paper craft, sewing, crochet, wood-working and others. All patterns and designs in this gallery should be complete and usable by any deviant wishing to download them to create a final product.

Which includes:

Beading & Jewelry Patterns

Downloadable beading and wire jewelry plans.


Printable blueprint schematics for assembling woodcraft, floor plans, or other things which have blueprints.
  Stock and Resource Galleries Pt.2Galleries Month
Application Resources
Application resources are specifically developed for either one particular piece of software, or a series or group of similar software processes. These resources include brushes, patterns, parameter packs, scripts and actions.
It is worth noting that previews for actions, packs and other application resources should NEVER contain copyrighted celebrity photos, screenshots from TV series, movies or games or any other copyrighted artwork.
Further, packs and other application resources should never contain copyrighted content such as PDF books, music or content that you did not create yourself!  Please be copyright aware!
Cinema 4D
Resources for use in the 3D package, Cinema 4D
  Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 1Galleries Month

3D Models

3D Model resources can be imported into a 3D modeling program like 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc.


Pictures, buttons and other useful "precut" image files submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works

Vector Resources

Vector source files that have all of the vector data included in the submission.

Video Resources & Tutorials

Film resources for other deviants to use in their films and/or learn from.

Which includes:
<a href="">
  In the Stock-Light: cbidgie:spotlight-left: In The Stock-Light: Vol. 17 :spotlight-right:
Deviant For: 3 Years
Profile Stock GalleryStock Rules
Explore Their Gallery

Vol. 1: MonsterBrand-Stock, Vol. 2: Just-Stocks, Vol. 3: LeikyaStock, Vol. 4: Lor

Traditional Gallery and Groups

Undiscovered Weekly: TraditionalPlease go fav and comment it up for these inspirational artists!
Stephan is a professional artist from Canada, who specializes in a variety of mediums. He has studied graphic design, illustration, and photography and displays a wonderful passion for his work. He's offering a variety of commissions as well.
Take a look around Stephan's beautiful gallery and enjoy the details and highly imaginative and creative style he has.
Matteo is from Italy and is a self taught artist. He focuses on abstract art and loves the irreducibility that the medium offers.
His gallery is full of beautiful and expressive work, and is certainly worth admiring.
  Monthly ART Challenge: August SeptemberGroup Challenge: August & September is Hobbies
This is a "Challenge" -- a short, 2 month long, art prompt.
This month's challenge is -- Hobbies theme!

August 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014
The Rules
1. Deviation must be must be of a hobby. Your challenge is to create a beautiful piece of artwork showcasing a hobby or something used in a hobby.
Hobbies will be defined as:
:bulletwhite::bulletred: "A hobby is a regular activity that is done for pleasure, typically during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements." (from Wikipedia)
:bulletwhite::bulletred: For example, a painting of your sewing machine with quilt being sewn or a drawing of your favorite baseball card on a table with other cards ... these 2 are just an example of what we mean.
:bulletwhite::bulletred: No photographs of your hand or art tools making

Volunteer/$taff  News and Articles

Manip Academy 9: Lighting with Curves AdjustmentsWelcome to Manip Academy!
Achieving consistent lighting in photomanipulations can be really challenging. A lot of times, we have parts of our model image that need to be lighter while other parts need to be darker. Let's say you need to adjust your model image for a light source that is coming from the right. Rather than using the dodge and burn tools, I use curves adjustment layers. Click on the adjustment layer icon in the layers palette in Photoshop (it looks like a half-filled circle), or click Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves.
Put this above your model layer. In the curves box, dragging the curve up and to the left will make the image lighter, and dragging it down and to the right will make the image darker. Make it lighter, with the intensity as needed to make your model blend with your light source.
I realize that this makes your entire model image lighter rather than just the part of it you want to lighten, but I'm abou
  Continuing the conversation: Paralyzing anxietyHello, group!
in response to my various recent journals on mental illness, a lot of you commented that we need to present specific strategies for coping with mental illness and for helping others help us cope. That is the goal of this article, this time with specific attention on anxiety that is paralyzing or suffocating. Please consider joining the conversation, whether you suffer from anxiety or not.
About anxiety
First, let me say that the World Health Organization (WHO, ) has little to nothing on anxiety worldwide, which is a travesty. Thus, the statistics I am presenting below are for the United States through the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH, ). Know of a great, reliable site with mental health statistics for your country? Please drop me a link.
Anxiety, especially when severe, is considered a serious mental illness, just like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia are. M
  Manip Academy 5: Blending Modes and ManipsNote: This Manip Academy tutorial is from LadyEvilArts. It is not my work. Please direct any questions, comments, love, or gratitude her way. Thank you!
Blending modes and photomanipulations
Few words about most used blending modes (bm), how they affect the image (positive and negative moments).
First of all I want to remind about the option of creating layer filled with neutral colour for chosen blending mode. Holding Alt press icon "create a new layer", Photoshop will show you window like this:
Just select desired bm and check "fill with ... neutral color". Sometimes it's very helpful.
Second, when you use blending modes for toning for example, use option "new adjustment layer - solid colour" instead of filling new layer with bucket. Solid color doesn't increase size of your psd file as much as pixel layer does.
And third - brush, clone stamp, history brush, bucket/gradient, all these tools have option to select bm i
  Manip Academy 4: Perspective and BlendingPlease note: This lesson is the brainchild of LiliaOsipova. It is not my work. I am only sharing with permission. Please direct love, questions, and gratitude to Lilia.
Here is a little bit about finding the right size of characters in the perspective of the scene.
For example, one of the thousands of my unfinished work ;) (Wink) "Resurrection." The image below will guide you.
1. Select the background and characters of the scene
2. Hold the line of the horizon and set the first character, which is built according to the scene. Join in the triangle height of human growth and the point of intersection with the horizon (the green triangle). Now, according to this triangle, we can easily determine the size of the receding figure.
3-4. If the position of the new character should not be this triangle, then the point of the new position of A is enough perpendicular to AB to the triangle and find BC s
  It's time to raise our voicesOn the lethality of mental illness
We were saddened deeply today to hear that Robin Williams appears to have taken his own life. He was a brilliant, creative mind and a voice for humanity.
I've seen a lot of tributes to him over the past hour or so. Many people have posted clips of his work, quotes, and favorite memories. That's great; it's how we honor someone. But, somehow I feel like we're missing the point.
The point is . . . it's not fucking funny.
Reports have it that Mr. Williams suffered from depression and possible drug/alcohol abuse. I've also read that he had bipolar disorder. Regardless, what plagued him was lethal, and it plagues so many other human beings across the world.
So, mental illness has claimed another victim. One more powerful voice has been silenced. Can we raise our own in its stead?
Why must we be silent?
It's time our community had an open talk about mental illness and about the pre
  Manip Academy 2: Soft effects in PhotomanipulationToday's Manip Academy article was written by Cinnamoncandy. I am posting it for her, but the full credit for the tutorial should go to her. Please take a moment to share some love and gratitude on her page! :heart:
Softening Effects
In today’s Manip Academy blog I’m going to teach you how to achieve a softening effect with your photomanipulations.  This is a trick that I often use, especially for fantasy and emotional style pieces.  
NOTE: When I do this technique it is usually my finishing step, so my image is duplicated and my layers are already merged.
Step One:  Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.   I usually set the Radius at 3.0 pixels; however, you can adjust it to your liking.  Click okay.
Step Two:  Go to Edit>Fade Gaussian Blur.  Set the opacity.  Again, you can adjust it to your liking.  I often use 25 to 30%.  Set the mode to Soft Light. Click OK.
Step T
  Bests of AugustHi there,
It's dekorAdum, I've collected the top submissions from each Folder.
Here are the bests of August.
Abstract Photography
Surreal Photography

Abstract Traditional Art

Surreal Traditional Art<


Monday MusesTuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!
It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:
There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!
Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Pleas
  Fishing for Wishes 8:5Featuring DD, Group and Exposure Wishes.
Take a look at the new wishes!
:star: BloomingRoseXeniia wishes for DD. :star:
:star: C0MPASSION wishes for Samiraku to receive a DD. :star:
:star: Esthiell wishes for a DD. :star:
:star: frantices wishes for a DD. :star:
 The paths we walk by frantices Our Journal by frantices
:heart: LiinaPhotography wishes for a DD. :heart:
White cornflower by LiinaPhotography Marigold flower by LiinaPhotography 
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Friday Fun is a new weekly blog dedicated to our affiliates contests and events. If your group is affiliated to us, you can send a note to the group with a link to the journal describing your event. Note that a journal is required; we will not write a description for you! :) If your news is time sensitive, please consider that we will only feature it on the next Friday.
If you want to affiliate your group with us<
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:spotlight-left: Welcome to Selfless Saturday! :spotlight-right:
Selfless Saturday is a weekly feature to promote one of our active members.
 20Tourniquet02 joined dAWishingWell on January 2012 and have been an active member ever since, granting wishes and participating to activities. Thank you for staying around!


Please  Please send any articles you want to share either to WDWParksGal or directly to the group in a note :emailsend:
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NEWS 'til Hell freezes over
Estd: Sep 5th, 2010

Skin design & coding Copyright © CypherVisor

Stock and Resource DDs given by Elandria

texture 69 dirty wet plastic by i-see-faces

Akhal 8 by Colourize-StockKFCemployee's favorite brushes by KFCemployee
245 by La-Esmeralda-StockRock by DavidSequeira

Stock Background by Ivy15


Stock and Resource DDs given by PirateLotus-Stock

Baum 067 by Giulia-Blacas

Stock: Kaitlyn, Artistic Nude by ArtReferenceSource+ Color the white Lady + by Scarlett-AimpyhPose Reference TL stock 6 - Curious by charligal-stock

Bath Bomb Textures by RussellAuld

Sai watercolor tutorial + brushes, Sai file by bluekomadoriSpeed painting Tutorial by RattledMachineMountains by Simbores

Stock 279 by lokinststock


Stock and Resource DDs given by CelticStrm-Stock

Port Arthur 16 by cbidgie

Forest Door Stock by wyldraven15 Premium Textures: Pretty Blues by mercurycodeWounded texture by kerast
Enfield Market Cross stock image by NickiStockWolf_Stock by stock0naturegraphFirey ur by DivsM-stock

Toad 02 by KBJ-77

stock#35 by PrimineersPirate Lady Stock I by Jumeria-NoxDingen 072 by 10eke-stock
Watercolors on Pavement II by Stock-WulfBallerina Stock by WhizzieWhizzerTake me with thee! by QueenWerandra

310 - helmet pack by duesterheit


Stock and Resource DDs given by GrimFace242

A Guide to Writing DialogueWhat is dialogue, exactly? The definition from Merriam-Webster’s dictionary was several lines long, so I shall summarize it in a short sentence for the sake of the readers; it’s the writing that illustrates conversations between two or more characters in a story. We read and hear it all around us, but creating it in your own work can be a challenge. However, if you find dialogue an obstacle in your writing, then don’t push the panic button. In this tutorial, you’ll find by analyzing what dialogue can do and how to use it, you can turn your greatest fear into your greatest ally in your story.
What dialogue is
Like I’ve asserted before, dialogue is basically what the characters are saying to each other. It can be found in multiple mediums such as books, movies, comics, video games, etc.  We even engage in dialogue daily without even thinking. When you talk to your best friend, a co-worker, or even your dog, you create dialogue. It’s exchang


Stock and Resource DDs given by ginkgografix

DeviantART: A Critical Community (Part 1)You may have heard...
From the most novice to the most accomplished, dA is home to artists of all types and skills. This mish-mash of talent, experience, knowledge, and eagerness to learn creates a beautiful opportunity for mentorships between those who are learning and those who are willing to lend their time and patience to a burgeoning new artist or writer. But forming those relationships can be daunting for those looking for help and unfulfilling for those offering that help. 
This is the first of a two part article series that aims to address a few key points of miscommunication that seem to be common between those willing to offer critique and constructive commentary and those seeking feedback. You may have heard that the critique community on deviantART "sucks" or "doesn't exist", but I'll humbly beg to disagree. I've been an activ

A Foggy Feature - Best of August

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 3:00 PM

Another monthly selection of gorgeous foggy photographs of my group A-Foggy-Day. I hope you enjoy them and find some new favorites :)

And don't forget our current contest "Fog Fairy Tale". We need a lot more art for this contest so please submit if you can! Read the contest blog for all the information:

Forest of linden by LillianEvillWald #29 by HeikoGerlicher148 by Schnitzelynedusty evening by vulariaMorning in the Forest by ferrohancAwakening by markborbelyUntitled by kriakaoMorning Light by dragon-fly-to-meLast Autumn by WeissglutWithin the Depths of Solitude by thelandscapeSunny Pathway by third-onein memory of by rahmanioLightshower by erynlasgalenphotoartMorning Mist by Deanna64Golden Morning by mhmalaliKrakLove # 2 by TomaszPrzybyloBlue dream by erynlasgalenphotoartYarra Ranges by jkrabMisty Apparitions by spatarozliev*** by WeissglutShadows by Annabelle-ChabertMist-erious Castle by MirachRavaiaBastei 7 by MatthiasHaltenhofHope Valley by AlexiumzGodrays Over The Marshland by JestePhotographyDaybreak by CaveCanem42Mist on the lake by Rebekka85Addiction # 1 by TomaszPrzybylo

And remember, if you see a wonderful photograph or artwork on dA with fog in it: please click on.. "+ Add to a Group" and submit it to the "Member Submit Folder" on our group so we can all enjoy it and attract new members to join!

If you are a part of this feature but not a member of A-Foggy-Day, please join us!


Features by Thiefoworld

memory by Cestica Ritual Curing by Jill-Wan Fracture by mistermojo28 Lady Peacock by saravami
Reunion at the Gates of Heaven by NaomiVanDoren Cosmic Self Portrait by ChillyKuma-Kuma down to the clouds and collect sky from a well by Tiesei Here's your food. by CGlas
The Gray Mouser at the Bazaar of the Bizzare by MattRhodesArt Bowman by ghostbow Forgive Me by AyyaSap Phantom of the Opera by MikeMahle
Hren by Dozen13 Viper GTS by Laffonte Assassin by shenfeic Art-octopus by Kim-KD
tattooandkimono by friendhaircut Firebreath by Ericoscarj original machine and girl by olsdk The Extortion of Consumerism by SteelEmissary
Listen To Me And I'll Tell You A Story by Peppermint-Pinwheel Beliefs by Panchusfenix Neon by gamka SELF-EXPLORATION by tunglmyrkvi
NinjaSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS by Afrocream Flying whales by TiagoSilverio Liquid City 3 by Curryz Create by nondev
Monster Dude by TheOrckid

Features by diphylla

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BM port malia by IMustBeDead
As 66,000 people disband from Burning Man, I thought I'd take a look at a few enchanting burners through IMustBeDead's lens.
Believe by IMustBeDead

In Dust We Trust

Bm Port 10 by IMustBeDead

Bm Port 8 by IMustBeDead
"I fell in love with the dirt." 
Bm Port 7 by IMustBeDead
Bm Port 6 by IMustBeDead
BM-51-Eyes by IMustBeDead
BM port malia by IMustBeDead
Bm Port 4 by IMustBeDead
Bm Port 3 by IMustBeDead
Bm Port 1 by IMustBeDead
BM 10 by IMustBeDead
Bm 11 Couple by IMustBeDead
BM sail by IMustBeDead
Bm21 by IMustBeDead

Watch this stunning Burning Man time-lapse for seven minutes of wonder.

Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man! 

Have you ever experienced Burning Man? If so, what is your favorite part of that thing in the desert?

What do you think about Burning Man's ten principles

I will be keeping an eye out for Burning Man photos from this year, link me to yours!

Skin by Dan Leveille

Challenge Fun #18 Winner!

Tue Sep 2, 2014, 11:07 AM by 3wyl:icon3wyl:


We hosted our eighteenth weekly Challenge Fun in the Deviants Forum this past week for the chance to win a 3 Month Premium Membership or the equivalent in :points:!

The challenge was to convince everyone that they were the most drunken person in the thread. There were so many brilliant entries from so many people that I'd like to mention these people and their responses first. :clap:

In no particular order:

:drunk: hey you guy with the skin on his face. Can you hold my beer while I look for my beer. I can't find...hey what are you doing with my beer! Give me that! God I love you. I love you so much. Thanks for the free beer man.



yooosssshhhh got tit' rite. guessss vot? Me have SpogeBobs house in me hands. PINAPPLE-O. I ish ask nicely for him 2 come out. Bastardd noft listen. V vill c. wHERE ISH kNIVE? YOU DIE TONIHT YELLOW BITCH


:drunk: I'm noooooooooooot drunnnk! I'm drink beveragz, yo riight! But imma liiving verrrry well *hiccup*! I luuvin beeeeerr, n’ vodka fram MOTHA RUSSIA!!!!!!! N’ da RED RED WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE... Alcohol is reeeally crucial for Tanaka, that’s meee! But I can controool myself!!!!!! Look me imma... imma ... (Fainted)



Whersh evrone goin? We jus got 'ere to th party... Whaaddya mean "I'm drunk"? Tha ain't m'name an we ain't been here no hour. Ah, now yer real lyin, I didn't go'n kiss evrrbody! I ain't been up offa this spot since I fell ovr Bubba!



OncE I died for 12 minutes! I met God'n he asked me to play Jenga.  I was like WHATEVER dude and we played for 3 hourz  He had tacos but I was revived. I was pretty disappointed cuz I wanted thosssse tacos bad. But being alivez cool too I guess.


:drunk:I can defnitly drive.
:drunk: by xxfangirlkillerxx Lemme jus finish dis beer.

//walking to the car
drunk again ? :D by graytree Why dafuq dat tree movin?
Driving :drives: by MarieCrazyDove

And we never heard from spookai again..



Hi there
....why did you hang up on me



BaD IT DOesNT! yOURs DOES!  Guuuuuuurl dammmmmmjh :drunk:


After some epic responses, the winner is... OfOneSoul for their piece:

"Errrrrr body in da club gettin' tipssss..." :drunk: :sing:
:iconstaredanceplz: :icondiscoballplz: :iconstaredanceplz:

*sees super-hotty dancing on my junk....* :horny: :eyes:

*wakes up the next morning to a monster in my bed.*
:iconawkwardplz: :iconstinkeyeplz: :icondeathglareplz:

... no more drinkin' at da club. :iconfacepalmplz:

Congratulations OfOneSoul! :clap:

Participate in this week's challenge here! If you're more of a visual artist, then check out the Muro Challenge in the DrawPLZ Forum! :eager:

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