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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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All Things Sweet - Vol. 11

Tue Aug 26, 2014, 2:48 AM

Forest spirit Furrykami Art doll by Furrykami-creatures

Introducing a new feature series featuring sweet things every two weeks! 


Original Artist Dolls!

SOLD HAND MADE Poseable Baby Panda! by Wood-Splitter-Lee owl - Siberian shaman by SoniaMarmeladova Baby Springtime Jackalope - Posable Creature by Heiditruth Limited Edition: Baby Scugog by WormsandBones Trygo the Gryphon Room Guardian by AnyaBoz  Cloud Antelope - for sale! by CMWyvern Trevor the Troll Art Doll by The-GoblinQueen Sleeping faeries by yenefer Posable Oriental Ice Dragon Art Doll by DLChart Deodar - Little Fox Deity - FOR SALE by AliaBierwag Zygo the baby chameleon dragon poseable art doll! by CreaturesofNat Raccoon Forrest Spirit by little-miss-woolfOwl The Keeper by Irentoys White-faced owl by Irentoys Furfushi by JulyGass Bonny Monster 7 by kkkiiikkk WoodLand Dragon by darkangellord69 Fantasy Baby Howler fox posable art doll by Wood-Gypsy-Unicorn Baby dragon posable art doll by curious-form SELL!!!! Northen foxdragon by JulyGass Fawn and monkey  art doll by iasio Handmade Poseable Arctic Dragon by KaypeaCreations HAND MADE Poseable Baby Duckling! by Wood-Splitter-Lee Baby Articuno - handmade Artdoll by Ganjamira for sale-wolf pup by little-miss-woolfMeeting friends by Flicker-Dolls SOLD Nadir the celestial fox poseable art doll! by CreaturesofNat Quetzalcoatl Handmade Art doll by Butterfly-Kitsune for sale: Elder Moondust Drake by Hakkatu Monkey Fiki art doll by iasio Forest spirit Furrykami Art doll by Furrykami-creatures Forest spirit Furrykami Art doll by Furrykami-creatures Fall Dragon -beastie- 2 by MothSicles HAND MADE Poseable Baby Wolf Pup! by Wood-Splitter-Lee Baby Moss-Sloth - Handmade Fantasy Creature by Heiditruth Bantu Bear Original Art Doll by Kat-Nicholson Shaee_the_doro by Remjie-Malham Apollyon tiger doll by missmonster Tarald_the_lucky_dragon by Remjie-Malham Cock-O-Dile by WormsandBones werewolfbear_doll_on_my_hand by Remjie-Malham

Previous Issues:

Skin by Dan Leveille

RFF #25 (Extra Large)

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 7:29 PM
Super extra-large Recent Favorites Feature this time! Enjoy! :)

The Firebird by fatal-kitty
Structures From Silence by MoodyBlue
just the two of us by Mysterykids
Leaving for a Wonderland by brietolga
Day of Ghosts by LunaVelobeth
Queen of Autumn by JennyLe88
Martyrium by Iskander1989
Hell Entrance by MelodyPictures
illuminati by MazenDesignes
The Bone Witch by ColourRiot
Son of the Moon and Earth by TaniaART
Innocence by yellowicous
Welcome To Hell by Lolita-Artz
Warrior by IrKos
Purgatory by a-pretty-white-lie
Whatever She Wants by Flobelebelebobele
Sleeping Beauty by Gwendolyn1
City of Music by MirellaSantana
Illusion by Brumae-Art
Serenade of Self-Destruction by Celtica-Harmony
Celestial Warrior II by Jaffar-ps
W(ar)ning by whyou
You can come now Mr. Wolf by LordVenomTLD
Cold Rage by shiny-shadows-Art
Thinking Fae by JiaJenn31
Lotus by digitalessandra
Oblivion by ElementOfOne1
Hunting by lombrascura
The Forgotten by alexnoreaga
Vodyanitsa by IvannaDark
No Angel by nina-Y
Mother Of Dragons by Whendell
Soul on fire by MirellaSantana
October by xhanthi
Fhg453zvc378gj6 by Softyrider62
wanderer by KarinaMarks
The Crows Nest by gill2013
Follow me to my castle by Quantmn
Underwater city by inSOLense
Omega(color) by MariaSemelevich
Ninth rebirth by DeeDeezz
Ignis Returns by KassidyBeth123
A Beautiful Tragedy by PakinamElBanna
Fallen Angel by Anarielhime
Great Enchantress. by MariaSemelevich

Daily Lit Recognition for August 27th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Suggested by: saevuswinds

Featured by: TwilightPoetess

Map to Creativity's CoveStart in a life raft
to escape self-doubt’s screeching sirens.
Glide through your mind’s current.
Lift and sink oars into waves
until you dip deep enough.
You will bob up
and down,
the brackish scent of brine
filling your nostrils.
Dehydration will force you to drink it in.
Sip sea water until
salt stings each taste bud
saliva dribbling with saline as you try
to survive.
Spew out what’s left in a shower of spit
and keep going.
Waves will lick your boat
until it’s soaked enough to swallow
and as your lifeline succumbs to the slam of the sea
you will be alone.
You’re scared
to tread the water of your mind
because you know the hours lurk like piranha,
snapping at bare ankles.
Kick your legs.
Stay afloat.
Paddle until your muscles ache.
Bits of shells will stab your skin.
Sopping soil will clump on your knees.
But know that the pain of sand grains under nails
just means you’ve finally reached the shore.

Map to Creativity's Cove by sheep1215

From the suggester: Expertly crafted, this deviation 
has lovely imagery that I 
enjoyed reading over and over again.

Suggested by: Naktarra

Featured by: chromeantennae

Sexone time at school
I was dancing down the hall,
and I was telling a friend of mine
about how virginity is not a flower,
but rather it is an orchard, bearing fruit
ripe enough to entice Eve
and as our mouths began to water a teacher stopped me
and told me that the words I spoke
were a sin to school halls,
and I told her that the true sin
was a teaching about how Christopher Columbus
a rapist and a murderer
was depicted as some sort of savior of
And of course that could not be so
what with moral absolutism
a rapist could not be a Messiah
a rapist could not be a hero and the teacher just looked at me,
asking me
"isn't it just sex?
isn't it?"

Sex by TheStoyTeller

Suggester says: A really sweet poem 
that challenges the common views that are 
taught in the school system. It's just sex, right?


Featured by:SpriteBlayde

The Red RoomIt was the custom to hold seances in the parlour – a delightfully old-fashioned room full of blood-red, velvet antimacassars, cushion covers and curtains, as could usually be viewed in some sort of Victorian museum. The red contrasted with the pale faces of six people clustered round the largish square table (its legs draped with the same red velvet, to preserve its modesty, as was the custom of the aforementioned era). Yet this was 2014.  
    Perhaps the ambience was important; the darkened room and candles added to it, as did the fear on the faces of those present waiting to contact someone from ‘beyond’. Expectation added to it even more, for six of those present had sat in similar seances. Yet there was a seventh, one who was a disbeliever. Why was she here then? Lottie thought it a huge joke and basically was curious as to how these things were conducted – she was just fifteen and had begged her aunt to be allowed to join in the ‘fun

The Red Room by shelleypalmer

Haunting and a great lesson.

Featured by: Naktarra

RomanticizingShe approached him as he sat on the bed. Her knee pushed into the plush foam, sagged due to the abuse of over use. Her digits entwined as her elbows rested on his shoulders. The pressure sunk him into the doughy mattress.
“Romanticizing are we?”
His lips were parted; his eyes stared blankly at the cold wall. It was a cold blank wall, no paint ever applied to peel away, no picture ever hung to be taken off. It took a moment for his lips to connect, for him to clear his throat and mind, and reply.
“Not really… just wondering about the possibilities of where we could be…”
Her arms slid forward as her hands pressed gently into his chest, feeling each heave, each tingle that his body had to offer. However there wasn’t much to offer. He was calm, composed; his breaths left her hands to satisfy themselves with the bare minimum. But bare minimum was what they had always had.
“Isn’t that what we call romanticizing?” She chuckled as now

Romanticizing by NotenSMSK

A wickedly written story that 
leaves you thinking about the true 
meaning behind, “Romanticizing, are we?”

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Skin by SimplySilent

Tuesday Treats: What is in the box?

Tue Aug 26, 2014, 5:46 PM

Monday Muses | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

What is in the box?

Crate by Argan-Gwengar

Select a deviation (even from your own gallery) to show what you think is in the box and link it in a comment on this blog. Limit of 1 deviation per member please! Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day! 

:bulletblue: Suggestions must be sent before Tuesday September 2nd.

What a Wonderful World!

:. Carefree .: by Favetoni and Beyond by IsacGoulart
The Sky Wears Orange Today by cuddleturtle Little red flowers by V-IMAgine-L
Heartsease by WintersRead A Border Collie Puppy and his Pillows by AdmiralAngela
Welcome to Madeira by Egil21Calendula officinalis by PicsByI
Twilight of the Thunder God by Moohoodles Ferrara, Street Musician by attackment
Photo by @fanored.jpg by FanoRED Very old meets very small by sandas04
Beauty by Felizias Texture: Sky by LDFranklin

Thank you for participating! Heart


A little bit of Everything

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 3:41 AM

Hello there (:

Yesterday/Today I scrolled through DeviantART searching for inspiration, and I wanted to share a few pieces with you. 
I don't really care if these deviants are still active or not, I do this just for the sake of it!
So just enjoy these beautiful pieces ♥

 Broken Pieces 4 by youarelightinthedark
grapefruit by P0RGskies cry by Chibasenka
sad but true by AlexKPhoto
anonymous by chpsauceThe kill. by HQheart
Walking in the mist. by MateuszPisarski
Enjoy your fall by iTaylieThe key to the past. by me3009
Children story by MikkoLagerstedt
clover in a shell. by Proseucheweek twenty three by Rona-Keller
awakening by bittertaste
t h e g i r l I k n o w by silvia-giuliBelieve in Your Destiny by BenHeine
the muse. by Senju-HiMe
Feeling Blue by CalleHoglundZig zag... by MartaC
Path #1 by Niccoooo
.F I N D I N G  I N S P I R A T I O N. by ShutterBug97without us by konstantingl
Tatry XIV by JoannaRzeznikowska


Skin by SimplySilent
  • Listening to: Hollywood Undead
  • Drinking: Monster Rehab q.q SO GOOD

Hall Of Fame ( 49 - May 2014 )

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 3:54 PM

:bulletblue: Those who have been members of our Group for quite a while are aware of the fact that many of the Group's Submissions end up in my, Alligatorr's, gppr’s, Mathness',  Rockinfroggi's and pbird12's Favourites, being featured wherever it is possible to do that and being suggested as DDs. So, keep submitting, people, because there are only advantages in it for you.

:bulletblue: This is the Hall Of Fame of our :iconforeverartgroup: . Here you can find the best monthly submissions, carefully chosen by us.

Tremendous Convoy by LordDoomhammer White Swan Symphony by MysticSerenity ... by jullie-jullie Ragnar Lothbrok by ronmonroe Pink Floyd by SimoneFiani Through fire by MaaykeKlaver Dragon Warrior by kernooi Lost by CarolinLauer Myranor - Kraken vs. Demergator by Lothrean FFXV - Noctis by tincek-marincek Emptiness by lunzh I Am A Warrior by KEKSE0719 The Wonder Place by brietolga Sentience by TylerReitan Frozen Mine by vimark I thought I lost you by j-witless Earth Element by Liancary-Stock Blea Tarn by newcastlemale Dragon Sunset by MaaykeKlaver Maleficent by Carlo-Marcelo Violence by Cyrille-Dethan Screaming agony by arthawk87 Line 'Em Up by ElephantAndSpyroFan Fawn by Inna-Vjuzhanina 104 by weelx Pelican by RichardConstantinoff Touches of Gold by John-Peter Rays by MarvinDiehl but the silence cuts you twice by Dragos-Sulgheru Log Cabin in the woods. by AnnaArmona Taste of Conquest by DavidDeb

:bulletblue: Don't forget to show this Blog some love by adding it to your Favourites. More :+fav:s, more exposure for you.

mantibab for trade!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 26, 2014, 12:09 PM

here he is:

and phloxebutt gave me permission to brighten his colours but i still can't gel with him >: so you could use either version:

i am ideally looking to trade him for another mantibab but i might consider other well known species ~