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Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 3:31 AM
Hello beasties, 

A selection of works that deserve your attention.

Teleidoscope 2014 - Tempest by DesireeDelgado Above The Clouds by EnchantedWhispersArt Lady portrait by JiaJenn31 Untitled by VICTORSKELET The Night Stylist by vacuumslayer Octopus woman by SoulcolorsArt 

The Governess by vampirekingdom Time Portal by Notvitruvian Stories of a hero by Altair-E the veil by magicsart 

. by OlAleksandra Rail road by JiaJenn31 Incubi by LenteScura Dream watcher by tamaraR Pandora's box by Manink 

Greenpy by wiksa Sick Media by MademoiselleKati Odile by IrKos Black Beauty by Katarina-Zirine GOLDEN LADY by Bojan1558 

Ici et Ailleurs by Marjie79 Energy by Lhianne Stille Kom Doden by LadyxBoleyn Forest Queen by Black-B-o-x Wanderer by FictionChick 

Awaken the soul by dangerous-glow The Magic of Nature by AndyGarcia666 Tarot by Manink Papillon by JacquelineLecocq Celestial Warrior Gabriel by Carlos-Quevedo 

Red Queen by MirellaSantana Blood Lust by mavigozlum Tenebris by octobre-rouge discoverer by beyzayildirim77 Weather ........ by Notvitruvian Dream Maker by Black-B-o-x 

The Executioner by Sandra-Cristhina Whatever She Wants by Flobelebelebobele Circus came by IrKos Bring Me to Life by Emerald-Depths Home by Neighya Lass Mich Fallen by ChristabelleLAmort 

My little Paradise 4 by IgnisFatuusII Walk in the Fog by Sisterslaughter165 Jellyfish by PerlaMarina Free by OlAleksandra In Tears by babsartcreations Parched by Poplavskaya 

In-the-forest by AnitaCreation ... by absumaniac Heart of Stone by pjenz Next stop: Earth by ErikShoemaker In the forest by Bathoriya 

Morena by Flobelebelebobele Structures From Silence by MoodyBlue Luna de Agosto by maiarcita Precognition by SpokeninRed 

Nike Factory by KellyNGin work in process by Alizadeh-Art The final journey by megan7 Light Beam 02 by transe 

The Forgotten by alexnoreaga Sounds Of The Past by j3ff3rson Volad by MariaJoseHidalgo dronning af knoglen by Celairen 

Silent Running by crilleb50 Dreamers by robhas1left Mermaid's cave by ElenaDudina Always on my mind by CrisestepArt ...Time To Go  Darling... by SweediesArt 

Remembering You... by Corvinerium Fly High Nick by Teddy-Cube Agnes Medusa Lisse 2014 by babsartcreations What`s Yours Is Mine by Nikulina-Helena 

Spring by Enamorte cat and goldfish by xuanlocxuan Comission. by Valkiria19 Womb by Alcove New York, New York by LauraHolArt 

Harley Quinn by Blossom-of-Faelivrin Ballet Tale by Abanna Night Creatures VIII: Frankenstein Bride by Chuchy5 Tudor court dress by DanielleFioreModel The Clown II by MADmoiselleMeli Pittura IV by MarinaCoric 

dark mind by rt13rosca Tired by MarinaCoric ... by Arwenlindorie Denial by DustOfReason The Makings Of A Good Day by EvaPolly 

Thanks for looking, have a great week!

Judas out.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

We proudly present a glorious selection from the July and August Gallery submissions Ode-to-simplicity.

Open your eyes.
Open your soul.
Feel the beauty flow within.
Don't forget to :+fav: this journal if you like it.

Down The Hill by WTek79

The whole is more than the sum of its parts by Einsilbig metal waves by anaumceski Visual Stimulation by Einsilbig
double stitched by EintoeRn Canelle by Pierre-Lagarde the benign triviality of angles by dajono

there was a time i was dreaming to be a Peter Pan by ateist-kleranty

M- 01 by atelier-de-figueline Les BaT/O by atelier-de-figueline Tout baigne by JakezDaniel
leaf of grass II by VisitingFahrrad Dune by Fassod M- 04 by atelier-de-figueline

Sea mist by lomatic

In a land far, far away... by mj-magic Unveiled by SplitEnsds wings by indojo
Love and Loss by WishmasterAlchemist Six weeks by deerArylide Into the Blue.. by dragonfly-oli

Fisherman by Hengki24

Untitled by mldzz space by korrox Throne for the titans by matze-end
The Flats 04 by Niophe Red Band by insolitus85 Electric Way by CarlosBecerra

Left by 9dZign


Collected and arranged by augenweide

Kind regards,
Ode-to-simplicity team

i love things simple by simplicity-fan keep it simple by simplicity-fan


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Interview with Grypwolf

Mon Sep 1, 2014, 7:27 AM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

Today we have an interview with the amazing Grypwolf, a twenty-three-year-old digital artist from Finland! :la: Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

Tell us a bit about your art and yourself as an artist. How long have you been doing art? What kind of art do you do?

Defy me by Grypwolf
Hi! My name is Jonna and I am a 23 years old digital artist from northern Finland. My mom says that I was born with the urge to draw and create stuff with my hands. As soon as I first time grabbed the pen in my hand, she had to cover our house with old newspapers - every single day, before I learned how to stay on paper and not to draw on everything I saw. But I indeed loved drawing and I still do. Of course when I still was a young, there was no computers and "digital art", so I started with traditional. My favorite medium had to be just a regular pencil or cheap markers. Oh that joy when every single Christmas someone bought me some paper and new markers to ruin because they just had no other gift ideas. and so I have been drawing all my life, without any breaks. When we got our first proper computer in the year 1999 - and of course access to internet - I got myself inspired to start with Digital art. Mouse and MS Paint it was back then.

But so, nowadays I do mostly digital art - as a poor student I hardly have money for expensive paper and traditional equipment.

I am a soldier on my own by Grypwolf2000 by Grypwolf

You state on your profile that you are self-taught. How do you think that affected your growth as an artist? Do you think it made learning more difficult, or is official schooling not as important as many artists believe?

My universe is foul by Grypwolf
Yes I am self-taught digital artist. And why do I claim to be like that? I don't think it is more difficult to learn things by yourself - not really. In this day and age at least when everything can be found in books and internet.

You CAN also learn to draw by taking lessons in schools. The thing is that you can't learn to draw there if you don't have the will and heart for learning within someone else's guidelines. Well, frankly you can't learn anything if you're not curious enough. Now don't get me wrong! I don't say schools aren't important for artists. Basics are important to learn and some may need schools to get introduced with them. It is just that, in my own experience all the art lessons for me have been some what - limited. You can't really express yourself there. In schools we are also educated to fear failure. There is no right or wrong in art and that is the thing that bushed me to learn some things all by myself - without limits and without someone telling me that the way I hold my brush is "wrong".

One last chance for remorse by Grypwolf
When I studied in Kainuu vocational college to be media-assistant, I already knew how to use Photoshop - for example, but of course I learned some new things there too. Obviously self taught people still have to learn from someone and online tutorials are written by someone but the idea is you are learning of your own free will through a non educational line. It consumes time. Some are not cut out for that.

Lead me astray to dreamer's hideaway by GrypwolfThey believed words of a wolf by Grypwolf

You also state that you use Photoshop CS3, Photoshop Elements 8, and Paint Tool SAI for your digital works. What do you use each one for?

I use mainly Paint Tool SAI for drawing. And I mean I create mostly everything in that program. Sketch, line art, colors, background, stuff like that. Then when I need to do finishing touches, I open Photoshop, which is excellent editing program also as it is great for painting. I don't use it for drawing anymore though.

Anticyclone by GrypwolfOkami - Amaterasu's Revival by Grypwolf

Do you use any special techniques in your work? (Using many layers, brush packs, overlays, etc.)

On top of the chain and safe from the rain by Grypwolf
It depends on the way I want to finish my art. For example, if I want to create highly detailed art with cartoon cel shading, I may end up using over 200 layers. And it includes own layers for each one, sketch, line art, coloring. multiply layer for shadings, overlay and luminosity layers for Light work, BG, etc.

I think the most crazy thing is when I start to add finishing touches in Photoshop or paint tool SAI. I usually end up merging all the layers together. This is a habit that usually will raise some eyebrows, since I may add more shadows or detail in BG with only one layer remaining. If I remember, I may save up a version with all the working layers but usually I don't do that.

This habit formed when I still had so slow computer that it didn't cope with the big file sizes of my works.

Your death wish by GrypwolfI accept no lies, no falsehood or deception by Grypwolf

What inspires you? Where do you get the concepts and ideas for your artworks?

Dreams, cup of coffee, Nature, Animations, movies, books, Deviantart and it's great collection of fellow artists and finally there is Tumblr. When I want to get ideas for drawings, or just raise my will to draw, I end up browsing trough DA or tumblr. All I usually need is shape of a body, single brush stroke or color combinations, or the pure feeling of the image to get an idea and inspiration.

I also have many artistic inspirations. All of them deserves to be featured some way or another but maybe I don't start listing names here.

Radical Dreamer by GrypwolfOn the run, caught up in this madness by Grypwolf

What are some tips for beginners looking to get started in digital art? Another way to look at this is: what were some of the struggles that you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Eternity set in her eyes + VIDEO by Grypwolf
Ah. Now lets see. As a kid I was so scared of the thought that someone will have their own (maybe negative) opinion on my art that I ended up bad mouthing my own art and myself before anyone could say anything about it. Now that is not the way to get people to like you and your art.

Just be proud of your work, even if someone tells you that you have done wrong - be proud of it still. What about it if one or two people did not like it? there will always be someone who will.

Also, if you are stricken by this so called "art block", don't fret. Human brain needs time to internalize learned things. They need rest. Actually the time when you are having art block, maybe the time when you are secretly improving and refreshing yourself. Just give yourself some time. Draw only things that make you feel good, don't push yourself. I know it may feel bad, but it is not the end.

Then again there is my favorite tip for everyone; There is no easy way around to get better at art. You need to work for it, Draw, Draw and draw and don't be afraid of failures! You will get there!

Not the right way, but it is my way - Timelapse by Grypwolf

Do you have any tutorials/walk-throughs of your own, or any recommendations you'd like to share? I saw your gallery of tutorials, so are there particular ones in there that you think would be the most helpful for beginners?

Shading tutorial by Grypwolf
Hmm. I don't have the most recent tutorial for shading in DA, but I think the one I have there, is not really out dated. I would like to make more tutorials on art but they are so time consuming that I hardly have time for them. I need to try harder!

Even so I have coloring / Paint tool Sai / shading tutorial in making where I will show fast and (hopefully) good methods for coloring and shading and I am sure it will be of help for beginner digital artists.

In Tumblr I also have some kind of tutorial for painting fur and for cel shading. I can link them here:……

Puny, pale jailer of mine by Grypwolf

Any additional comments you'd like to make?

Eee. Well. All in all this was a nice interview and I hope I can be helpful for fellow beginner artists in future. I am only human so I can do only so much for them, but if any of your group members have something they need help with, they are free to come and ask for help. I will see if I can do anything about it.

Because of the reason X by Grypwolf

Previous Issues:
Interview #1: Inma

Skin by SimplySilent

Journal Feature #2

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 6:46 PM

Install This Skin:
Voyage Journal Skin by MelikeBAt
Stock Credits:
Japanese style pattern by gimei
Patterns Sky by iemai
Patterns Indie' by FeerChyys
Please do not remove this box!

In this feature I will be showing off everything I have found in the last few weeks concerning anatomy. 
Be warned there is mature content. 

I wanted to make this feature because I have seen a lot of hate and discrimination against these kinds of works. 
I believe the human body is a beautiful thing that we should all appreciate it not hate or hide from it. 
There is also a huge misconception of what is pornographic and what isn't as well. 
I read many times on the front page such as,

 "This is porn!", "Porn doesn't belong on DA!", "Sigh.. more porn on DA", "Whore!", "This isn't art!", etc.

Many people fail to realize that the body is art, it has been for centuries.

I am going to leave a couple links that will hopefully help clear things up for you if you are still
confused or believe any of these works below are pornographic.
And yes, even if these links are covering photography I believe any art concerning anatomy applies to it as well. 

Brecon by pixielovesyouThe snake by The-Caped-MadmanSexy Girl - Ballpoint Pen by VianaArtsMirror Assistant by Who-Is-ChillEmilia Tub 1 by BareLightUnrest by NicoleNudesdream at sunset by karen-abramyanEmmy by BrianMPhotographyAriel by abraaolucasDaenerys Stormborn by TophWeiBurlesque Style by RainbowMissyEquestrienne by elvirazakharovaGinger and Water Lily by gestiefeltekatzeKupala Evening by ShakilovNeelDanielle by eileenvanuitertAlla by photoportHeytheresharp by dfieldsRoom Privates II by EmreKaanSezer*** by vakialDreaming by stefangrosjean43 locks by enmiNaturally Beautiful (Painting) by DouxpixartOrange cocktail by joslindark clouds by loishMarvel by Stephanie-van-Rijn

I do know that these are all women, I try to feature work that has no current DD tag on them. So far all the male ones I enjoy the most all have DDs ^^; But I promise when I come across some I will add them here. :)

To keep updated on future journal features just fave this journal or even watch me. 
Thank you for viewing. 

Hello members of :iconcloseup-photography:Closeup-Photography!!!
Welcome to our "Best of" submissions from the month of August!!
Hope you enjoy!!

Glowing Spikes by LeonsFilmreviews
Bumble-bee 3 by MBSnapshotsYellow Swallowtail Butterfly II by suphafly
Untitledquick steps by Darkcina
Looking Right at You! by MamzelleZephyrIcarus. by dragonfly-oliRose Bubbles BW by FauxHead
Cyclommatus metallifer by mib4art
Singing in the Rain by MamzelleZephyrA new life by JustACapharnaum
Red Dragon (190) by TomGarot
Rain Rain Go Away by tomislavkljucaricHomie by A2Matos
Ladybird by alexgphoto
Reverse lens: Misumena vatia by tom00-85Orange lynx spider by karz09
Img 6485-1 by snomanda
Sunflower  4 by SeawindwindkissAfternoon Beauty by dmgutheryWaiting by Roses-to-Ashes
Beauty of the pond by StyxCornix
Dragonfly-illusion by MBSnapshotsBee 3 by MBSnapshots
Jumping spider by dzika-koala
Pollen Sacs by SatriverHoverfly by zearry
Dahlia by mib4art
Sunshine by feileacanathairStarburst by DMMDesign
Sweet Memories by dashakern
Tiny Bubbles by FauxHeadInto the Blue.. by dragonfly-oli
Chaos in the Jungle. by dragonfly-oli
216.365 by PiecesOfAnsleygreen by tsigane
Glittery by dandelion-field
Reversed Reflections by Roses-to-AshesDandelion  by Sketchylious
the Looking glass by B-Skipper
Untitled by IndigoSummerrFire and Water by IndigoSummerrCatcher by IndigoSummerr
BMO by IndigoSummerr

Want to get featured in next months issue?

Keep submitting art!! We now accept 1 submissions per folder per user every Day!
Come share you art with us!!

Also if you would be so kind as to help us regain our super group status we will feature you that way as well!! Come read the official blog on how to donate!…

The Closeup-Photography Staff

Through-a-Lens: August

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 3:00 AM


Sun Aug 31, 2014, 5:28 PM by adrrar:iconadrrar:
Summer Fruit Salad Scalemaille Bracelet by Rosie-PeriannathDaragh: Oak Amber Sterling Silver necklace by Eire-handmadeLittle White Sea Horse by carmendee
Tatted gothic pendant ELEGY by LacyLoveHandmadeNECKLACE WITH DROP SHAPED PENDANT by MassoGeppettoWinter Snow Bike Chain Bracelet by electronicgirlgifts
Dragon Pendant Gemstone Necklace by pershingkittyForest Glade by SahasaTentacle Bracelet by White-Iris-Fine-Art
Storm in a Teacup 'Geode' Necklaces by ArchandSoulFimo clay pendant Pink heart by petia84Double Frill Galaxy Jellyfish Pendant by carmendee
Limonium Resin Pendant by ChristinaHutchGrassy Path by BlackBlossomJewelryPressed Queen Anne's Lace Resin Pendant by ChristinaHutch
Northen Lights necklace by Dark-Lioncourt***GIVEAWAY*** by LenaHandmadeJewelryGrey and Silver Handmade Necklace by FragmentsOfMyrh
Handmade Customizable Tree Carving Initials by KaaayleiCustom M16 Key by Starl33naPoppy necklace by DeathMystery
Dog Design Pendants by wolfysilverHindu Elephant with rubi in fuschite by BichoBolitaGame of thrones inspired jewelry by BichoBolita

Curated by :iconadrrar:

ProjectPorkchop Vol363

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 3:48 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Tommy is a varied professional artist from Canada. For the past 12 years, he has been working as an animator for the video game industry and does illustration in his spare time. He predominantly draws fantasy characters and if you like dragons, you are sure to enjoy his work! His gallery is also filled with wonderful concept drawings that really showcase his traditional skills!

To BURN or NOT to BURN ?! (finished) by TomXarosIce dragon lady by TomXaros
Death and HER Champion by TomXarosUndead Design by TomXaros

see more..


Carol is a traditional artist from Brazil. She is only 19 years old and already shows great talent for portraiture! Her illustrations are beautifully detailed with minimal color elements which makes for a very nice, soft effect. She is very talented at drawing the human eye especially and her renderings are incredibly realistic. Her color blending is very smooth which is difficult to achieve with colored pencil. Be sure to stop by her gallery and show some support!

Jared Leto by ierofrankFrank Iero by ierofrank
Gerard Way by ierofrankGerard Way by ierofrank

see more..


Steve is a professional varied artist from the United States. He has a fascination for fractals and creates beautiful and complex designs that are rich in color and texture. He also enjoys taking wildlife photographs and applying the fractilus filter to them for a very unique effect! Each piece in his gallery is full of emotion and has a story to tell and you are sure to be inspired! Please take time to visit Steve's page today and be sure to leave some feedback!

Guardian of the Gloom by CMDRCHAOSDreams of Melancholy by CMDRCHAOS
Castles in the Sand by CMDRCHAOSMedusa's Throne by CMDRCHAOS

see more..


Benjamin is a professional designer from the United States. He has a real talent for portraiture and his figure drawings are very inspirational. He is very skilled at capturing light and shadow making his subjects look 3-Dimensional on the page. He also includes some step by step tutorials that illustrate his technique and how he achieves his finished product. If you are looking to sharpen your skills, you should check out his's worth a look!

Human Skull by Ben Drolet by jammimanPin Up Girl - Stiletto by jammiman
Pin Up - Kiss Me by jammimanWork in progress by jammiman

see more..


Kinga is a photographer from Poland. Her work has a lovely, romantic quality with soft colors and playful angles. She captures a lot of humans and animals but her gallery also includes some wildlife macro photography as well. Kinga's work has a very happy and upbeat vibe and it will make you smile just to look at it! I definitely recommend stopping by her page will be glad you did! 

rose II by kin890snow by kin890
small world by kin890sandra by kin890

see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


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Mon Sep 1, 2014, 5:37 AM

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the cold breath of the dead by blueimagination
Hope everybody had a nice day Party Welcome new members and watchers! Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.
So today, as each week i will open a space for all the members to get one work featured in exchange of the many times your works get declined. In this space quality does not matter, is to help you out to get more exposure. That´s the points of every group but cause this group is for high quality works only i can not always accept your works.  


Princess and her Wolf by VeilaKs Painting 101 by theheek Charlotte Burgon - Only the Brave by MiltenART  Summer wind by LadyCarnal Crane house by buschermoehle-photo Lieutenant Willem by DragonReine Sinborn Wings Isabelle Freedom by PhoenixdreamangelMSB Classic by TheKucing gimme back my by Miguel-Santos Itachi-san by solenoo Steal the Children by Sins0mnia The Forest Girl by coby01 call me never by nataszek Smaug the stupendous by IlseVerbeek Heaven and Earth by Bit-sinna FirePrower! by SuperMoonImagination Dark Time by StarfireArizona Basmachi Page 64 by charcoalfeather Lost Larque by Velvet--Glove Princess and her Wolf by VeilaKs KU: Smile! by Keeyel Wonderland (wallpaper 1920X1080 dowload for free!) by Lolita-Artz Burning Heart by Lilith-the-5th Release by MJWilliam My Little Butterfly - FINAL by ckatt01 Game of Thrones by annewipf Beauty by Felizias A Dream of Flight by qannekke Maid Of Dice by 2pified Gentle touch by TinaLouiseUk Sailor Moon - Lolita Moon by Tish-Marie

Skin by SimplySilent