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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:49 AM

disappearing V by Catliv

It's Nothing by CrazyGirL44 ..: Marie :.. by Mademoiselle-P flyyyy by minjos
.FL. by dasTOK Diaphonous 6 by Plage-Photo the twins by Enaston
The Invisible Force by CrazyGirL44 ... by apalkin My funeral wedding... by ZewarPhotography

Candlelight by nahojsennah

Silhouettes by eringraboski Maddie II by analogphoto Alina by apalkin
Dark Lace by Dapicture And then the silence surrounds you by monislawa salacia by alexandrea-j
Eriger des murs by Feebrile Shadow and Light by SheWalksInSilence Dark side by bubastis2

EON-4978_07 by alexandre-deschaumes

Elgol Beach...isle Of Skye 2 by denis2 Highlands-17 by Kaarmen Loch Cill Chriosd by denis2
Ternate III by Chaerul-Umam .LS. by dasTOK Highlands-19 by Kaarmen
Dalmatian Mountains, Study 6 by kapanaga Dance of the dead by freMDartet Highlands-16 by Kaarmen

powerhouse by NWunseen

Handfast Point by AntonioGouveia Baltic Sea, Study 9 by kapanaga Lands and Waters XIV by sleephead
Light Scene by AntonioGouveia Shipwreck by AntonioGouveia lighthouse II by lostknightkg
Black Pier by ucilito Yesterday is blowing back by invisigoth88 Taraje by Hengki24

Shrine by Metal-Bender

Enchanted Tree by AlexandruCrisan Pentre Ifan, Study #1 by Eukendei Where We Used To Meet by CrazyGirL44
Winter Tower by Metal-Bender one by Buntcone Back to the Roots by AndrewShoemaker
My Personal Autumn 06 by HorstSchmier Out Of Order by vamosver nawak 74 by virtualgadjo

The path is dark but we hold hands by OlivierAccart

Kula by slatkatajna _________ by windrides Chez Salah by roon1305
10 by freMDartet joy of life by BelcyrPiotr Vienna Staircase 13 by Nightline
Chongqing Bridge by xMEGALOPOLISx Lisbon 73 by JACAC New York by xMEGALOPOLISx

Brooklyn Bridge by xMEGALOPOLISx

black city VI by Fersy Main Tower by MatthiasHaltenhof black city by Fersy
Etisalat Tower 2 by MatthiasHaltenhof Hong Kong by xMEGALOPOLISx Etihad Towers by MatthiasHaltenhof
New York - Street Fog by Torsten-Hufsky Mono Square Series XLI by insolitus85 Study No VII by Chaerul-Umam

Big Ben says 5 to 1 by BrunoCHATARD

Organic Front by matze-end Cayan Tower by MatthiasHaltenhof Railroad by SplitEnsds
Mono Square Series XXXVI by insolitus85 DECO by Draken413o Heizkraftwerk Muenchen Sued VI by vamosver
Tetris II by lostknightkg The eye of the cooling tower by Dapicture Closedown by Fassod

Summertime by DinoKose

Can u luv me again? by kazarinakristina I'm not bad ..... I'm just drawn that way by fiathriel Paris je t'aime encore by SUDOR
8 by IPalis Lindsay by abclic Proportrait v.56 by Serrgeon
portrait de l'heroine en garcon by partiallyHere Wedding #1 by AnnaMazur Voodoo Fay by peterle28

LA crise4 by hubert61

Wicked game by JimP4nsen 1 by JennaKellen Laura by Hart-Worx
Unfulfilled tear by apalkin .TA. by dasTOK Ksyu by apalkin
silk beauty by Dean-Irvine Hit the road Jack by iNeedChemicalX pure by kusatta

So far away... by lomatic

Seafront by kapanaga An enticing moment of silencing by lomatic Lotim by adylee
gale by BelcyrPiotr If You Dare by piechot dark morning by indojo
Spring Reflections by justeline Givre by Al-Baum The snowy forest by Reiep

.gr. by dasTOK

Busan - South Korea by xMEGALOPOLISx Forsaken Prison by stengchen Burj Khalifa by xMEGALOPOLISx
Topography of Terror (Part 4) by Einsilbig XXV... by roblfc1892 Routes III. by Lissuin
1365 by birgan Radio City - New York by xMEGALOPOLISx Occam's Razor by Fassod

All the lonely. by lomatic

Rain down by Menoevil Saviour by iNeedChemicalX I am who you think I am by Menoevil
pion by all17 Ancient Alien by lostknightkg Rootless Eyes by Cloud-Factory
o.T. by ra-gro THE DAY AFTER MY FUNERAL by NataliaDrepina Under Ground by KizukiTamura

so much of me is you by StefanBeutler

forgotten VI. by MaryaS Arina by photoport Mistress Kat by Admiralj
We cried, we suffered, we died by ZewarPhotography Evaluation by DmitryElizarov Ornately Collared by mickwag
*** by Anna-model Flour gone wild by Daniel-West Fredau VI by Gizmotb  

Deeper Ectoplasmatic Down by Aegis-Strife

Humeur noire XVIII by crossfading A ceux... by natdia When Shadows Walk The Streets by ParallelDeviant
ob ich damals war by kolorits  Memento-mori by kolorits A236255 by crossfading
Path by tothzoli001 Faux depart by natdia Wrecked by tothzoli001

The Autopsy by laura-makabresku

thank you for your beautiful works

have a nice easter weekend !

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
there by bluedogelf
vertrauen by scheinbar Valentine's by g-a-m
Silent Scream by nurtanrioven
Convergence by jaymz-86Like a bird by Nile-Paparazzi
The shape you're in by iNeedChemicalX
Ensiferum II by KennethLehtinen 7sec. by TiaDanko
Downloading Girls by sandas04
What You Looking At? by PatrickMonnier Where Babies Come From by Trippy4U
3+1 by cahilus
Loneliness by endegor Elena by AnnShakti
*** by stringoiu
Paris un tango by endegor C My Friends by vodj
Little rain by Vitaloverdose
Krakow by adamus-hubert Dark Waters by CrinaPrida
Battle by xbastex
It's A Long Walk To Freedom by DpressedSoul Bad News by jonniedee
Observer by DouglasHumphries
Ninka by MaryaS Anonymous 60's Hotness from below by Londonglamourtog
Panic at the Disco XVII by Andaelentari Milano street musician by Lastavica13
BAD and Breakfast by Josslen
Last dream (you inspired) by YourForgiveness Early Afternoon by MarinaCoric
Impala in Istanbul 1961 by ugurerbas

Welcome! :la:

This is another collection of some of my favorite works from my two favorite Photography categories: Photojournalism and Darkroom! 

If you like these, you might want to consider joining Darkroom-Photos, concert-endeavours, and/or CRPhotography!

A Modern Tree by Schnitzelyne

Perspectives #2 by SylveryFox Hot Ply by SylveryFox

Release by jbrum

Sa cauti by AlexandrinaAna Following the White Lines by Kaz-D

Monkographer by DrewHopper

Icarus The Owl by saratheresee time must have a stop by LostOneself A Blue Arrangement by Einsilbig

A Dying Wish by jpgmn

RABUKA by xACook Darker Than You Think by JillAuville Visceral by LeslieAnnODell

Fortune Teller by BenoitAubry

.Seasoned Dye. by Azenoire BMX by hayleyonfire 183 times by ra-gro

Erfurt Dom 34 by Jan-Markus

#104|365 by Valentin-e-Winter

Frida Kahlo by TiiMari Out of Mind Experience by TheGhostVirus Leica by Yashica by cameraflou

Rudimental 4 by Uchoose

Secret of Darkness by vlkovab Airship by birgzett

235 by celilsezer

Icemove by birgzett

School Children by PatrickMonnier

glass eye moth ::: by katworks It Sees by JillAuville A Lot by Poromaa How Can We Say Goodbye? by jazzylemonade

Strip by Poromaa

i just saw a deer by maria-nik a walk with Burtynsky by cameraflou Lunar morning by cameraflou

Warm Emotions by Miguel-Santos

Burlesque Follies DeLuxe 11 by Uchoose taman by Migrena 200 by stephaniee1219 I have got you stuck on mind by AngelaNorthen

wreckage by Migrena

Rose, ambrotype by Edward-Jekyll Henriksdals SpringTour -12.16 by AndersStangl there is something wrong with your heart by LostOneself Harpier than the morning sun by cameraflou

Contradiction... by ansdesign

Z by kakaoconad Dr Fu Manchu by InayatShah Mindset by Slushy-Pye

Thumbs Up by TomKilbane

Muse by GIVEthemHORNS Coal Chamber by vlkovab

Moto Trial Indoor International by Alheimia

The Sooner by JillAuville

Katana @ Biebob by Velvet-Lies

It Is So Easy... by catch---22 first test print by analogphoto Holga 70 by Valimar International Workers Day by chilouX

warsaw II by Zethrix

Hatshepsut by TiiMari Winter by Amalus A dream within a dream by Linlith She felt entitled to have the crown by Lilimeitys

Athens Riots by Katja-Spectraliquid

Eco Brides by EmilySoto Tea Time with the Bearded Lady by Cyril-Helnwein The Queens Demise by EmilySoto miukhyt by hornykitty

Wonder by 3wyl

114211 by laflaneuse When we were on fire by candiesandchocolate Untitledaqwertyb by hornykitty

Under the bridge by freMDartet

The Nibble by andrew-dobkin

flottement by InoaLa two minutes to disappointment by cPaos ... by Silecia

Harry's On His Way Home by EarthHart

The End Is the Beginning by NovaHeroi

Love under stars by RazielMB

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star... by Shirley-Agnew-ArtJinx Cosplay [Look at this trash!] by ShiSha-Rainbow

Brilliance by InaWolfsimageHardiness by xmilek

Officiousness by xmilekTiredness by xmilek

Moonlight Dance by galia-and-kittyEvening Stroll by SaekiSekai

Mystic Emerald by ShiemiRisekaLove Pink by Luxiella

Contest entry ^__^ by CrystinaGag

Waves by orochibiHappy b-day, my dear friend! by Shou-ryu

C: Tarri by Bubachan333Nearly bedtime by Miyuberry

Neo Queen Serenity by galia-and-kittyRedraw Screenshot: Dreaming about... by galia-and-kitty

Bleh by Mar-CeeJuin by Luxiella

Adopt Batch by Haruka28Pikachu and Mudkip Gijinka (Remake) by lorenavldz09
Request: Haruka by NanaleeSadira26Contest Entry :3 by ChuChu-kinsRaichu and Pikachu by SeviYummy
[AT] It's a Boy! by XrossAngelAT: Chibii-chii by HungerGamesOtaku

Persian Cat by Clovis-cutestkittenTraditional postcards by Darkylucifer

Sea dragon-chalk art by CrystalCircleBig blue dragon-Chalk Art by CrystalCircle

Rainy Day - sketch by lenaS2animeHBK: Elements of Revolution: Sparkster by TheLastGunstarSeveral oc sketch by Kuromausu

6 Months and a Day (Cover) by AkasukiTheCat6 Months and a Day- 001 by AkasukiTheCat6 Months and a Day- 002 by AkasukiTheCat
Fox Journal Doll by iAzarashiPC:Alfeddy by LuxiellaHora Reboot : Salasmack by RavenideHora Reboot : Igniphon by Ravenide

Devious Journal EntryI sat in an IHop before noon. The bustle and clatter and murmur of a large city coming in for breakfast was a relaxing backtrack to a long, difficult conversation. Not difficult as in uncomfortable, as there was great ease in the flow of words, simply that the subject matter was particularly grim. A woman with honey brown skin served coffee, a boy with a heart tattooed on his thumb gave condiments.
We talked easily over the hushed roar of a full restaurant.
It was the same conversation we had had before when I first arrived, and once a week back before my upcoming departure, a heavy, black fog of a problem that seemed to be constantly carrying itself over and through my companion's head. The words I said were the same in essence I had said the other times, only now more confident, more broad in assurance as if from a play I had done in the past. Improved philosophies flooded between us, a kind of silvery white, ageless flow of spoken thoughts tangling with the golden air of the restaur
  She Thoughtfully EvadesMore than I’ll ever need
Far more than I can sustain
She’s evaded the iron clasp of my youth
The trove of sweet-nothings
I’ve toiled over in secret
Each moment I delve
That trails on endlessly
Far out of reach
In an ominous refrain
Of how, where and when
I empty the troves
Hastily, bereft of thought
As romance clouds
My mind in its frenzy of promise
The soothing sweetness
Of a caring and generous morrow
Magnified solace
Even dreams cannot retain
More than I’ll ever need
Much more I’ll never know  
She spares me
For the refuge of another time
An opportune haven
When growth
Has paved my jagged state of mind  
With all I can
With every patient fiber within
I strain and strive
In mending the chasm of time
  Updated Commission InformationCommissions are : OPEN

commissions are open once again!
they will be "chibi style"
and only humans. I am still working on drawing animals
humans with animal features (ears, tails) are okay!
they will be 50 :points: a piece
add 20 :points: for each additional character in a single image
 Please pay after I accept the commission.
 Please pay through the donation pool.
please comment or send a note with the following:
Name of Character: the name of the character you want me to draw 
Fandom: if the character comes from a fandom, or is an oc of a fandom. If your characters is just your own creation, skip this part.
Reference: any reference you have of the character you want me to draw, preferably drawn. it is easier to work with than just a simple description.
Others: anything with the character? (ie. simple text or "snow" effect, if the character is holding something)
  Open for Cash and Points Commission
ello everyone! I'm open for commission. Please send me a note if you are interested. Thank you very much.
:bulletyellow:Pencil Sketch*

Head Shot: $5-10 (+$5 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
Half Body: $10-20 (+$10 for additional character) or corresponding :points:

Full Body:
$15-40 (+$15 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
*maximum of 2 characters
:bulletyellow:Line Art*

Head Shot: $10-20 (+$10 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
Half Body: $15-35 (+$15 for additional character) or corresponding :points:

Full Body:
$30-50 (+$20 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
*maximum of 2 characters

fully colored for $10 or corresponding :points:

Heart of the WomanHeart of the Woman      
         For Puabi
     "You may have many things in life,
      But you must have love. When you lose the others,
      But you have love, you can still be happy. So I learned,
      Beside my beloved."-Puabi
    I never cared much for money
    Or what it can buy.
    Like many things in our world,
    It comes and goes.
    I never thought I was the "gods' gift
    To women";
    But something in me warranted
    A gift to me: a special woman
    Whatever is given is a blessing.
    She came and does not want to go.
    Her heart is in my care and custody
    As I would handle a precious stone.
    True love requires that we care.
    I have cared for none other so much.
  Heart of the Woman IIHeart of the Woman
For Puabi
What will glow like fire every night?
What will shine like the stars?
What will glimmer so brightly
That one will see it from afar?
What will have value more than precious stones,
More than silver and gold?
What has a price so dear when bought 
But never should be sold?
Men, if you don't know, then ask your wives; if they don't know, then  ask Puabi.
  SmileI'm trying to learn to send good messages to my friends as much as possible so there is something I have been thinking to tell you guys all week. Appreciate what you do have if it's something that makes you happy. Honestly, I have been doing that a lot lately and it makes me feel good inside. Friends, family, even fandoms. When I think of what I have/like, it makes me happy. I focus on what puts a smile on my face.
I just wanted to say is you guys doing the same would be very beneficial. Appreciate what you do have in life that makes you happy, find the things that makes you happy. Something that makes you smile. It's been helping me and I think this is a useful tip for others. :) I'm doing my best to be as kind as I am and send good messages to others so here's one that I know is true with all my heart.
FREE to use & 
Free Custom Box Backgrounds &
 FREE to use - FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club
I uploaded everything there, in my basement !
Sukihi ( sorry for disturbing, I think you were using them the most  )

Woman's SilenceWoman's Silence
Woman is silent with a man
For sundry reasons
She may be anxious
About his health and their future
She may be sad
But afraid to tell
She may be happy in love
And simply enjoying it all
How do I know?
I am lying beside my woman
A soul suppressed for centuries
Duties of nobility
Affairs of state
Until she stopped living
My woman is silent too
About my health and our future
But she enjoys with me
Happy in our love
  Updated commission info!I have 5 days off school and I need something to do so *puts this here* :3
Commissions! Note me or comment below if you want one :D (Big Grin)
Prices may change if the character is more complex.
Pixel headshot 70-300 :points: 
Pixel fullbody 100-450 :points: 
Non pixel 50- 200 :points:
(no example, but it would look like a smaller version of my regular drawings :))
 -Headshot- 60 :points:
 -Waist Up- 70 :points:
 -Full body simple background- 100 :points:-
 -Full Body with complex background- 150 :points:
-Realistic portrait- 300 :points:
-Full body painting- 400 :points:
  Colored Headshot Commissions + 5 slots!
Hi, guys, now you can order colored headshot commissions for $10.
Feel free to send a note.

Click for more info:

Commission slots:
1. :iconCheddar99043: - done

2. :iconSailorLunarAngel:
3. :iconHatterRose:
4. :icongabistar:
6. :iconJyinxe:

7. :iconMarushi-Dracul:
9. :iconYuniNaoki:

Moonlight Dance by galia-and-kittyKibo no Hikari by galia-and-kitty Commission: Goddess by galia-and-kitty
Commission: Little Red Riding Hood by galia-and-kittyStorming of the Bastille by galia-and-kittyCommission: Just magic by galia-and-kittySultry Noon by galia-and-kitty Timariel and Tranduil by galia-and-kitty
  Art feature                                                                                Art by :iconNinchiru:

Commissions OPEN!wHHHE I decided to take couple of commissions for now.
Prices are new again, please spend some time with reading rules thanks! ^w^
• I need good ref sheet before I can start with your picture
• I'll draw only humans this time. ( Preferably female characters but I can do some males too )
• I won't draw bald and old people. 
• I won't draw manly looking male characters also :--D ( sorry I am so bad at those )
• I want you to pay before I start with pic ( please use the donate widget on my page )
• No furries ( human character with some animal parts are okay )
I am usually drawing pictures at weekends. It really depends of how much I have work to do/ how spry I am.
:bulletgreen: Open
:bulletred: Closed
:bulletgreen: Black and white chibi SKETCH
:bulletblack: one character: 10 :points:
:bulletblack: one extra chacter: + 5 :points:
  129th Day on DA (How do you treat your lady ?)Again , sorry for MIA-ing on you guys this weekend , i was away on a trip . So I have been really wanting to post this topic for sometime and finally get the chance to . So dudes , how do you treat your lady  ? A man can say that they can do this and that for the lady but as a lady , I would personally feel that words are only effective if its supported by actions . 
Its good to treat you lady like a queen , which lady doesn't want to be treated like one ? The feeling of being special , that is something that will ease and remove almost all negative effects that they have been carrying . I mean , it takes 2 hands to clap isn't it  ?  I have been hearing things like , my girlfriend has been a pain to me etc , she has been pressing my buttons and keep bothering me all the time etc etc just because your warcraft DOTA or xbox is more important etc. ( I don't understand how someone can be on the PC or their game consoles more then 10 hours a day)  . And honestly , a
  Dust BowlHumbled in stature
Bare and bereft
As the morrow lurks
A towering menace
Barren thoughts
Are an easy conquest  
Among the uprooted
Once firmly planted hopes
They sprawl no more
With color or flare
Far from reverence
As dried bundles of grey
Lush soil
Is an eroding secret
Swiftly taken
From the tamest voice
  It's Been a WhileDestined to evade
Each troubling glance
I’ll weave through this earth
Unhinged for all time
I'll plot every word
Each wavering step i take
As the cries of fellowship
Smother me with remorse
They call out sternly
To a silent unknown
Where I tussle with fear
Overrun by searing regret  
For the misty struggle
They faithfully bellow
To pry out my form  
My minced and butchered conscience
Tried and true friends
Dare to heave
Implore and reach
My frail and faulty mind
Yet a wall of treachery
Of frightened deceit
Hastily ascends
To bar my impassioned escape

church streetmaybe it was the smoke or the rain or the way our skeletons intertwined to keep out the cold
but it was then that i realized no matter where we go or what we do i will always have some sort of nebulous, ever-expanding love for you and the way the rain hit your glasses and your calloused hands in mine and the way your laughter echoed through the empty park in the dead of night (who cares if we wake up the lady across the street?)
and we look at each other like we're about to kiss but we (somehow) never do, always just teetering on the edge of "almost" and every whispered declaration of affection hanging from our lips in the form of "be careful" and "see you later" and "you'll catch a cold"
we are just waiting to happen, two tiny, finite little plants with such an infinitesimal existence too short to see the world but
will we try
  Little Remains Part IILittle Remains part II
For Puabi
These eyes, this mind, this soul,
All see my thoughts pass by like clouds
One after another, they drift
Leaving the terrain of my heart clear
If they rain, it will be
Female tears of joy and gratitude
Little is left except love
I sit at my desk for a while
Look over a shoulder and smile
Moist eyes fill like clouds of rain
But instead of thunder
A breezy voice
"Aww, beloved!"
When work and ambition are fulfilled
Little remains, except love
  Artist Feature -Astarayel:iconastarayel:
 Bones - Art Trade by astarayel  'Love is for children.' by astarayel
astarayel was suggested for a feature by Riemea
Coming Back Down by Riemea  Beaded Daisy for Tea by Riemea  How lovely you are by Riemea
Portrait by Riemea  Traditional Portrait by Riemea  Simone by Riemea
Loki by Riemea  Les Miserables: Enjolras by Riemea  Teddy by Riemea
Rose by Riemea  Ginko Necklace by Riemea  Beaded Rat by Riemea
For your chance to get featured  by  The-Feature-Showcase, simply  make a feature journal
 for today's  artist(s) and post the link  in the group comment section!
  One Day in PompeiiI normally do not enjoy going to a lot of museums, but there are a few that will stand out. One of these being One Day in Pompeii, the current exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
If you do not know the story of Pompeii, it was an ancient Roman city located close to Mount Vesuvius. In August of 79 AD. the volcano erupted, covering the city in about twelve feet of hot ash and other debris. Historians say that the heat, nearly 500˚ fahrenheit, stopped all life in mere seconds. Within a few years, Pompeii was completely forgotten. The ash, however, managed to preserve that day. In the mid to late 1700's, the city was finally discovered again, along with the story of what had happened that day.
The exhibit had a lot pieces, from marble tables that were in the houses of those who had higher ranks, from gladiator helmets and fine jewelry. There were utensils for preparing food, and even medical tools, which are almost identical to some of the ones we use toda

Cyber BULLYINGCyber Bullying, this does not just affect DA but everywhere else. You guys have NO idea what you say and how it could affect others. I dont know maybe it is just me but i would rather laugh at someone else's enjoyment than someone elses pain. 
Now i know that there has been a large amount of journals about rovdjuur 's death. And a LOT of you have been ranting up and down asking for proof. and that fb/da comments aren't enough. well sorry that you need to be that way. how you need to be able to see the body to believe. i hope you become a great detective one day <3
But honestly, i'm not here to raise a fuss or anything. The thing i wanted to point out is how one action causes a reaction. 
You people keep forgetting that behind every account is  LIVING BREATHING PERSON. Who THINKS and FEELS just the same as you do. They ACT and REACT they why YOU would. When someone attacks on friend of cause THEIR friend will ATTACK BACK! this is the way humans have been since forever
  Check out what's new at The Feature Showcase!At The-Feature-Showcase we want to feature those who would like more exposure whether it is for art, literature, news or special projects  deserving of more attention. Those seeking exposure will be given an entire week on the group's front page and if another person suggests we feature someone, then their work will be included in the feature as well. In addition, if you give exposure to any of our featured artists and leave a link to your journal in the group's comment section, then you yourself will be given a feature. Our group is all about paying it forward and rewarding those who help others.
Everyone is welcome to join and may share work in the group's gallery as long as it is appropriate and doesn't violate the rules. We don't discriminate against skill level.
 Switcharoo Meme by Miyuberry ~Happy Birthday Fally-chan~ by ShiemiRiseka

BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 106

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:33 PM

:iconarrheartplz:BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 106:iconarrheartplz:


Hello everyone! :aww:
Here's the feature of deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
You will see here BEST works created by the members.

:iconlittleheartsplz: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconlittleheartsplz:


:iconlovesplz: FEATURES :iconlovesplz:

 Morning Fairy by SilverChaimSilver, blue and gold by SoturisiCOMMISSION 129 by metal-sanAlien Lizard by FGStnr
I'm blind, not deaf (Illidan Stormrage, Warcraft 3 by zhenyueHidden 2 by umsulStars n' stripes by KaKazouFree! - Reaching for you by biobio1993
Katy Perry by kgpaneloA little rest in the shade ~ by ChierueZachzrie - Adoptable - Close by KLMoon1with my sneakers. by PanDaJang
Earth's Nature by Miss-TaDaFairy Queen by EstherPuche-ArtThe suffering of the fish caught in the net by moppaaAksinja by IrKos
You wanna piece of me, boy? by vagabond-mmCatwoman by RazielMBSandy by ShehaDesignsAquAriuM by Doucesse
Exodus by TomWoodwardLost by stichesBodyBagTtagsFireworks by bonbonka
Dinnertime by pyro-helfierSky Heart Of Zistersdorf by datvimozMake a wish by Ideasplayer
Nature Ponies Pendants by Elleyferranisteddy bear cookies by Miyaka89Blue Fairy Wings Earrings by ACrowsCollection
The World Is YoursThe world is yours,
You know it
and I know it,
no matter what I'm saying.
But don't ask me
what I would do without you.
This world,
without you,
simply it wouldn't exist.
But it would exist another world,
better or not, I don't know.
But you exist
and this world exists
The world is yours.
Woodland Drama by luthien27 Love at First SightNo one saw her. Well, no one was bothering to even look in her direction, so it was to be expected. She had been coming night after night, watching them as they prepared, hiding as they passed by, and coming out at night to see their progress. It was to be the party of the century, so how could she resist?
They walked along the shore, laughing, completely unaware of eyes peering out at them from the water, her black hair floating around her face as she lingered longer than she probably should. If they saw her, or worse, if they caught her, she knew what their kind would do. They had stopped believing in magic so long ago, they wouldn't know what to do with a creature like her. 
Her hair stayed matted to her head as she poked her dark eyes out of the water to get a closer look, taking in an almost painful breath of air to get a real feel for things.
The cherry blossoms that hung over the water smelled sweet as paper lanterns blew in the wind.  It was the most beautiful thing s

Octopus' Garden by YtrilThis amazing starry heaven by KPEKEPFantasy Pond by GrimDreamArt
Aisza by ArunaWolfCaterina da Siena by WaffleStarOLD TOWN PLOVDIV. A TURKISH STREET by BadusevDaenerys by arvines
48. ACEO - Norchen by Michaela9Leda-Valentyne O. Shields - Portrait by Calicot-ZCforest tale by zarielcharoititeElsa&Jack by RoRi93
Surrounded by light by KirinoruSmile by JankellsChibi me by DahliaDinovaOriginal Character - Kazuhiko by Reikeo
Howl by Busbicute Seamonster by Bulldoggenliebchen: Commission for SoulBeater : by tabithia
High-functioning Sociopath by MeryHeartlessVoid by JamesLedgerConceptsNoxious by Esthiell
Crimson by HeyLee201A Cat That I Once Knew by LilyT-ArtLoL - Dragonblade Riven by LynjaeHand woven belt Horses and World Tree by WonderfulSun
Wishing by Cosmic-Cherry-TreeUntitled 17 by R-SindenGoing to hell by GregoryNicolas++ Green lagoon ++ by CathM
RavenStag by Dark-Lioncourtmini kabob bbq by BadgersBakeryi see you by kodapops
Snake Dragon- Adoptable OPEN by KLMoon1Bouganville by beads-poetChakra -B.O.T. Page 155 by ARVEN92Sad Angel by IgnisFatuusII
Alyssa's JourneyAlyssa's Journey
Riding on my bike on a Sunday night,
Nowhere  'am standing, there's no worthy fight,
I am only fighting with the beast inside,
I must find a place, to get in, to hide,
There, I see a Tunnel, calling me to dive,
Maybe, If  'am lucky, I will feel alive.
There's no way out, just another fall,
STaring to the mirror, just another Wall
Witches, no magic, I 've not seen before,
Fucking trend of mine, rotten to the core!!!
Suddenly, I'm lost inside a foggy light,
No, I'm not crying, it's your fairy sight,
Maybe I am dreaming...of another Life.
Y' Arrived a moment out of Time,
I saw you STanding
On the Wall,
Come surprise me,
Come and Love,
Life is stolen
And I fall,
Please, Don't Trick Me, I'm Alone!
Don't deny me, Kill this trend,
Tears and dance, A weird blend,
A strange journey inside...
It's not my chance; We're back in T
Unstopable gif by Kristallschweif Prelude to War (APH PruAus Oneshot)Author's Note: Just for some very necessary background: This is set right before WWI when Germany encouraged Austria to start the war
Austria walked down the hallway fiddling with one of the buttons on his jacket, which was one of his many nervous twitches. He had not expected to be so nervous about this, it was simply asking for a contract to be honored. He was only talking to Prussia, which shouldn't have been a problem, but there was something about it that was causing him to wish he could have just talked to Germany. But, alas, he had no choice in the matter. He turned the final corner, feeling a kind of rising anxiety that he certainly shouldn't be feeling within his own house. He stopped fidgeting with the button and instead used the same hand to push his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.
He took a deep breath to steady himself and then he pushed open the door. The room t

The Wisdom ToothThe Wisdom Tooth
Your won't feel your wisdom tooth.
Only after years you'll know.
If you think you feel it, you are wrong.
If you are old and you think "I was right!",
then you must see that it was only by luck
or something over you
and over me,
I'm just an owl.
If not, then I should inform you
that not eveybody is ment to form one.
This can be good and this can be bad.

Balloons at Charles Bridge, Prague by jane-beataDreamy by TifarethNightshade Eclipse by Life-takers-crayons
Clown Monkey by MichelLalondeOne, two, she's coming for you! by PakinamElBannaMagical night by Th3EmOo
elsa merida by meshyaGreen Man Journals by AnnEnchantedWarrior Cats: The Power of Three by ForestGirl
Scoiattolina ooak monste high doll by kikicri88 Legacy
I dreamt of shallow space...within time
And deep darkness...within light
A wordless prayer that seeps into the sky
And all that can be heard is a faint...cry
I dreamt of relentless winters on the Sun
And scorching summers on the Moon
A universe that is waiting for another dawn
Yet...I'm the only one that is waiting
Re-sacrifice my dependence
Clothe me with confidence
An indestructible vortex
Reinforce my flawed differences
Reverse the hopelessness
Amplify the celestial silence
Defy the faithless
Construct a harsh tolerance
Obliterate my ignorance
Create an immortal balance
Revitalize my endurance
Strength can't be painless
Make me courageous
These tears aren't evidence
Dear guilty conscience
You aren't the weakest
Redemption is shameless
Scars can be gracious
Healing forces changes
Un-crucify my innocence
I dreamt of a beautifu
Jellyfish of Hearts by chocoanillaberry
Alfi doll by Daffy-chanCommission animation: Mana - Dark Magician Girl by starcaShiba Inu by JonnoGerritsen
The Storm    ~   Draw Along by lemgras330Moments - revived by Chris-Karbacheye by lihnida
The Who T-Shirt Design - Liner Weaving #3 by KyleWilcoxVisualArtDasha  ~Colored Pencil by lemgras330...where Bunnies Go... by BUDDYFORME
Bubo scandiacus - Painting by TaniaAVI Lady geometric shapes by MarieKalevaMortal Works by 4steex
bluebrown forms with black holes by Andrea1981GNear Lake Okeechobee by Sillybilly60Pensive by NexxD
We love You by MariLuciapeaceful shelter by Chris-Karbachdoodle HUNTU by horoharo
D-bot Female concept by doppingqnkBallpen Puppy by Cindy-RTiara by tatasz
Tond Nigru Redux Chapter 1 Page 12 by lyoth737Fimo Biscuit Pendants by strictlyhandmadeShort Animation - Ship by UraHameshi


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Fantasy Feature Vol. 9

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:05 PM by alltheoriginalnames:iconalltheoriginalnames:

Softness-art: Weekly feature XIV

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 8:13 AM

Toco Toucan II by Oniendrarainbow under water_2 by KaterinaRaed
All is Colourful by FlabnBoneTrapped Creativity by musicismylife10027Colors 3 by SheilaBrinson
#37 letting go by claire-norien
Mended Pieces of Maybes and Memories by goRillA-iNKspace gate by globalunion
Phoebe XI ( in Flowerland ) by justJAZZThe world was built for two by BonbonsAmers
Pastels by LashelleValentine
Lovely by cmickle52 weeks #2 Lovely breakfast by Pambawhite by KawaPhotography
student by bronzevineBella II by Amanda-Diaz
Sea Sound II by EmiNguyenSabine by EmilySoto
Time by MichaelMaginID 868 by cilveki
Sunday mornings by tryn1
Need help? by Missorys
Not so wild-95 by SblourgBlue eyed by JuddyWolf
polli by MartaSyrko
Dreamy Afternoon II by SilverWolfieShizumafeel the nature by Zi0oToWaiting For Him by nairafee
Between the trees. by LukreszjaExtralight by Venomer
Johanna by JasminschaJardin by elle-cannelle*** by StanislavMironov
sunlight by maaaxxxiElectric Girl by Zhivago86
Springscape by Oer-Wout
a gift for u by mk-wuplift by beyondimpressionSusan by FrancizzBm
Sunlight by Freyja90
*** by afamjaowySelfportrait... by AnneKath
I miss your voice by AphroditesParadiseLove to give by Liancary-Stock
Vivid evening by hhh13
.:Fading Autumn:. by RHChengUkhanova by Innushka-D
Sunflower by shadddow
Autumn ! by WillNixonPhotographyNorth Coyote Buttes by coulombic
nevermore by LisaDeniseRoses with milk by YuzurihaInuA World Alone I by Michela-Riva
Red land by Fra-Emer
Nature 021 by DidoQueenSpring colors by Dahlia-Aubrey*** by Yanagl
Natalis Domini. Spring Garden by RavenaJuliart
Magic tree 2 by mjagielliczJust a Dream II by CarolinLauerFalling Crown by florjacobs
mandarashee.. by humannotdancerNejlika by Snovi
Fruit Cocktail I by pietruszka4 by mechtaniya
Blending by rahmanioSweet heart by Sweet-Nature
S rose I by blooding
?? WHY WORRY by wiwionartMary, part II by StanislavMironovPurple Passion by NayeliNeria
Purple spring by byq88Quietly Beauty by diensilver
listen to the rain by michellis13
Daybreak by TrichardsenMorticia Close-Up by ShakilovNeel
Restful by cloudlet-photography
The storm catcher by iNeedChemicalXCharlotte by aufzehengehen. . . by sandrawiklander
I'll Help You Fly Away by LashelleValentineBreathe IX. by DianaNohelova
Les combles by Marion-Volant
#31 deep blue sea by claire-norienHepatica by TriinErg
windows by michellis13
Serenity by cwaddellJokulsarlon Beach by porbitalThe Boat. by andokadesbois
matricaria chamomilla by AlicjaRodzik
Escape. by dzika-koalaBlue by Silk-shadowWide Blue Line by MMortAH
Modern Gothic by KatomanQuestion by solefield
Into the Blue by Seraphina-Songmysterious water by Pushistay
twins by tasiyG r e e n by NayeliNeria
Jumping spider by ssabbathA little bit of bokeh by Kriloner
Zuki by KatomanBelle-6829 by effjotThat sense of freedom by CarolineMadison
. by Lumpy2
Patrycja by esireWild rose II by IntoxictedPreciosity
Sunbathing by Morgan-LouFind Me by Sweet-NatureRabbit baby - 5 by Pebels
Fairy pools by Nichofsky
.                  ....         . by Frozen-photoWeek Fifteen by uglybug
Olesya by JRK17year of silence by maaaxxxi
Into Fragments by Anastasia-Aleks
Connection between the sky and earth by thefirebomb
The Autopsy by laura-makabreskuDUST ON THE WINDOW by M0THart
fchh by cilvekiNela by LostCaradelNeil
Portfolio by aufzehengehen
J. by shadddowmissing pages by AlicjaRodzik
Dark soul by hhh13
Who are you? by leenikTernate III by Chaerul-Umamwhen autumn comes VIII by pietruszka
101 / 365 by OliviaRosePhotoRaven by Tazpire
blurred dreams by mk-wsummertime by kkarll
Hide and Seek by Raining-Insanity
Jesse by aufzehengehen*** by apalkinrain in the city... by elle-cannelle
Sensitive kind by esmahanozkan
her deer heart by kittysyellowjacketAnia Hania by Dororo4
black widow. by Senju-HiMe

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Daily Fractal Feature for April 19th 2014

An Interview with the creator of the JWildfire Fractal Program
Andreas Maschke, Conducted by Tate27kh:

D.F.F: First could you tell us a bit about yourself and when you first became interested in Fractal art?

Andreas: I'm a 41 years old, married, and we have a son which is 11 years old. We live in Northern Germany. I have a degree in physics and work as senior software developer for a company creating software for our government. 
I had always an interest in (computer) graphics, not only fractals. My first "real" computer was an Amiga which had powerful graphics-capabilities (those days). I created a graphics-software called Wildfire for this platform. Some of those old ideas from the Wildfire-software, for example motion curves, you may find even in JWildfire today :-) (Smile)

D.F.F: What was your inspiration for creating JWildfire?

Andreas: Initially, I just wanted to do some stuff related to computer graphics and started to play around with some development tools. Nothing serious, I just often did it to relax. But it started to grow, and finally I came "by accident" to flame-fractals. I was hooked immediately and wanted to play with them by myself, for convenience I used the existing JWildfire-platform (which could load/save/display images easily).

D.F.F: Did anyone else have any input or assist in the making of JWildfire?

Andreas: No, I remember, initially, I even sent notes to some people, but nobody seemed interested in what I did, and most people did not even reply. So, I looked at the paper of Scott Draves, and the source-code of both flam3 and Apophysis to understand the algorithm, and created my own implementation. The only guy who sometimes stopped to drop a comment, was lyc, the author of Chaotica. 

D.F.F: How did you arrive at and choose the name JWildfire for your program?

Andreas: It is derived from Wildfire-software for the Amiga-plattform I created many years ago, the "J" stands for Java. And "Wildfire" corresponds to my own temperament ;-) (Wink)

D.F.F: When did you release the very first version for public use?

Andreas: One of the earliest versions was 0.16 from November 2011, which could generate visually appealing random flames (basically the same algorithm is used until today). This was much fun, here is an example from those days:…

D.F.F : The program has gone through many revisions and updates since it began did you ever imagine it would go this far when you started?

Andreas: No, simply, never :-) (Smile) And I would never have expected such a positive resonance from users from all over the world. 

D.F.F: What do you see in the future for JWildfire?

Andreas: I think a major drawback is the performance of my implementation of the flame-algorithm. Performance was always a side-topic, but in the main focus there were always three other things: 
1. an intuitive user-interface
2. cool features which allow to create "different" stuff
3. to be able to render flames generated by the de-facto-standard-software (Apophysis)
So I want to create an alternative renderer using OpenCL which is able to render (at least most of the flames) at significantly higher speed.
But this is a goal for version 3.0, this year I want to finish version 2.0. It is still a secret which new major feature will be included ;-) (Wink)

D.F.F: What are your thoughts on the critics that say Fractal art is not "True Art" 
because it is done by random equations with much of the "work" being done by the computer and not the "Artist"

Andreas: I once read the simple statement "Art is what humans do" and share this opinion. Of course, in fractal art, a major part is done by the computer. But this is also true for more conventional art. Here the major part is "done" by nature/natural laws. The artist only influences/triggers things. This is true for both fractal art and more conventional art. For me, fractals, especially flames-fractals, are just another media. 

D.F.F:  Andreas if you would, I would like you to provide the link/thumbnail to some of your favorite JWildfire works, your own or any others.

Andreas: It is very difficult to choose favorites because I both see and create so much stuff. I provide three recent works from my own which I like much:………

D.F.F: Well thank you so much for sharing with Daily Fractal Features today Andreas, and also for providing the Fractal community with such a fine resource as JWildfire.
Best wishes to you from all of us at Daily Fractal Features.

Andreas: Best regards

Nature's Babies Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 6:08 PM

The babies of nature are simply irresistible to me.   I want to hug each one.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  <3 

At the start of our lives by LisadbMuRRRcis 5 by KasparsBroksthe first days of the Canadian wild geese No.7 by MT-PhotografienLittle Angel V by serhatdemirogluGerenuk Stitch by DeeOtterPlumita the Dove by DiamonEyesSpring Lamb 2 by mosherteyummy by smile-cheshireBaby Apollo by charliesmyangelOne of them is camera shy...guess which one? by ibjennyjennySocorro by NB-PhotoArtPolar Bear Cub by lensladyWhat's going on? by flofloRelaxed Little Squirrel by JocelyneRBarao by LyraWhitestarting my life by irenvBaby Leopard by DGPhotographyjaxA Portrait of Cuteness by wonderflexDon't look at me! by aoao2Boba portrait by miroslav-petrinecUp Periscope by charliesmyangel25 by hoboinaschoolbusKitten And Flower 1.1 by adrianhefniarrow by msnessixFunny Squirrel by AngelaLouwelittle geese I by MookieKidSing for a new Start by xmittersgolbezkardesler by MistyTableau


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Light Hunters Feature #77

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 9:14 AM

Enjoy some of the recent additions to our gallery


Canyet by Durdenyr
be true by prismes
The Lady in Red. by dragonfly-oli
The first green by freMDartet
Cloudy II by m-eralp
Roses and raindrops by bwaworga
HellFire by DMMDesign
Gentle by yvART
Invasion by apalkin
Echo by ucilito
Medrese by INVIV0
Tribot by experiment-iv
Melancholie by romanova



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