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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Let's start that DA's helpdesk is actually... not so helpful at all. 
My ticket more or less came back with a generic response. The so called bug is apparently already known for a for a full month and with that message my helpdesk ticket was closed :') 

As for now I've got some good stuff coming. Both articles (journals) and art. But it seems to make little sense to post them if half of the watchers doesn't even get notified (it basically feels like they fell off the face of earth), and the other half gets the notification with a 3 hour to 2 days delay. Not to mention that I stare at a blank page half of the time, because of the bugs. So I guess I have to postpone posting the really cool and awesome stuff until DA gets their shit back on track. Sorry guys T__T 

For now, a few small updates

First of all, I want to say that, among many other amazing artists, my work has been featured in the artbook of my dear friend Yuuza 
For more information on this artbook, its content, and how to obtain it.
Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza
:star::star::star: Please check it here! :star::star::star:

Futhermore... random meme's :la:
50 random facts about me

01. I prefer writing over art, mostly for the reason because I think it's easier.
02. I've saved my drawings/writings from ever since the time that I was 6 years old.
03. As a kid, I've always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. It wasn't until I became older that I realized it was a near impossible career for a non native English person.
04. The sole reason why I started drawing, was because I wanted people to show what my characters looked like.
05. My desk is always somewhat messy. I can't be creative on a clean desk (Most bosses hate this aspect of me XD)
06. I own over 50 art related-related books. Most of them are how-to books on various subjects, like anatomy, color and environments.
07. Watching art related Youtube tutorials is one of my favorite ways to spend idle time. I don't really mind how good the artist is. There's always something to learn.
08. I started writing motivational texts in an attempt to motivate myself.
09. I have Google translate open in another tab whenever I write an English message or journal. English is not my native language and I don't fully master it yet.
10. I've made video tutorials. But I decided pretty soon it's not my thing, since I'm too shy to actually talk in English (The accent. The horrible accent. Arrrghhh!!)

11. I learned to know Yuki Kajiura's music through the anime hack//sign. And although I could never finish the anime (didn't like it that much), I've been a Yuki Kajiura fan ever since.
12. I've been playing Pokemon since the early Red/Blue games came out, and am in fact still a fan.
13. I watch a fair amount of anime, even though I never feel like making fanart for any of them.
14. I rarely make fanart, since I'm never an avid fan of anything for a long time. My liking's switch a lot of time and they usually switch fast. 
15. I see my creativity as a rather fluid thing that stems from raw emotion. No matter if I draw, design, write or code, it all comes from the same place. And in my mind it all blends together.
16. I wasn't any serious with visual art until 2010. It pretty much shows in my improvement meme. Everything prior to 2010 is the same shit all over again.
17. Most of my drawings are from a novel called Emion. It's a book I'm still writing and that's already 1000+ pages.
18. Most of my drawings take hours. I'm a terribly slow worker.
19. I actually enjoy drawing together with other people in real life. Unfortunately I don't know many people living close by that actually draw.
20. I want to be more active on Tumblr but I have a hard time figuring out how the thing actually works (and I'm usually too busy answering messages at DA. That too XD)

21. On contrary to popular belief, I was never actually awarded a Daily Deviation. Look! My DD gallery! It's completely empty! XD
22. This artwork was the one piece that got me seriously interested in digital art, and therefore holds a lot of memories for me. I still want to buy a print of it one day, if shipping costs weren't that expensive T__T
23. I never used HTML for my DeviantArt profile. Not because I don't know how to use it. But because I'm too lazy to sort everything out
24. I prefer the default DeviantArt journal skin as it's clean, and loads great in both the journal portal and on mobile. Many other skins lack that aspect (Again; too damn lazy to html one myself)
25. I have this odd fascination with statistics, that has led me to build a tool to analyse my watchers for no other reason than pure curiosity (I might publish results, if anyone is interested)
26. I've never actually done art commissions. I didn't want to do any extra work beside my full time office job. 
27. I'd like to do art commissions just once, out of pure curiosity just to see how they'd sell. I know, however, the obligations would totally kill me.
28. I think my character Sato is a horrible person, and I wouldn't want to meet him in real life.
29. I like writing about him in the novel because he is horrible
30. I created Sergei Kazimir and his love for fire, just because I wanted to experiment with a character that loved everything that I hated.

31. I'm currently a webdeveloper in real life. But I've done all kinds of jobs in IT, webdesign, graphic design, social media marketing, and alike.
32. I started programming because high school bored me to death.
33. I used to be a moderator on various Dutch internet forums, going back as far as 2002. That is where I got my first internet experience. 
34. Some of my earliest friends on the internet were hackers. I've been fascinated by hacking techniques and web technology ever since.
35. I've hacked. Though I've never destroyed something. Being in the web-building business it always made me sad to see something getting destroyed.
36. I know how to build a computer. I learned how to do so because I needed a new (faster) computer for school and wasn't able to afford a pre-build one.
37. I hate people that declare their selves "nerd" just by taking a selfie with over-sized glasses. Imo you aren't a real (computer)nerd unless you know how to either hack, code, or build a PC.
38. I've been severely internet addicted.
39. I still am. But my job provides me with a solid excuse now.
40. The worst thing about being without internet is being without Google. I use the website all day to basically look up anything and everything (Oh? Did I already mention I'm a curious person?)

41. I rarely watch movies because I have a hard time recognizing faces, and thus telling the characters apart.
42. I was called 'manga girl' at the first office where I worked. Not because I drew manga. But because I have a roundish face with big eyes.
43. I have a terrible fear of speaking in public.
44. I dress myself very mainstream. Part of that is because of the budget (I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes). Part of it because I hate to stand out too much.
45. I'm afraid of fire, and I have been so ever since I was a kid. I don't even want to lit a candle.
46. I'm physically weak because of a wrist injury. I can only lift a few kilo's. Heavy shopping bags give me a hard time.
47. Despite my apparent outgoing nature, I'm a real introvert. I need alone time. And if I don't get it, I'll get very grumpy.
48. I love cooking, but only when I have plenty of time for it.
49. I own a cat.
50. My favorite emoticon here is :la:

That's it for today.
Expect more awesomeness as soon as DeviantArt fixes their bugs :happybounce: 

Daily Lit Recognition for August 20th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: chromeantennae

she has rainy brown eyes and a muddy smilesummer sighs satisfied and gathers her scattered
self in a worn leather suitcase,
her constant cloudless mood
lets her be ready
for next year
and the year after that
they all lament at her leave
and openly wail at
 autumn's peevish arrival
(she was too shy to storm in as winter always did)
but she tries so hard to redress for
the chill of her heart,
painting avidly to give them the colors
she never understood.

she has rainy brown eyes and a muddy smile by wickedcurly

The imagery of this piece is so beautiful 
and honest. It's a very subtle, 
yet striking piece of poetry.

Featured By: AyeAye12

SLEEX MCKLEEXall leather aside
we're talking  plates of meat
factored in from  unfunny farm
the funeral sleekness of the surgical boot
has build widget to sink any u-boat of romantic light
2 images
with news flashes attached
Image one-
sound of coin drop in hollow plastic
in 1 of em callipered kid  piggy banks by
the sick joke shop door
ventril(can't spell ventriloquistt) dummy sneering out 
of the window
Newsflash-every 8th person in Middlesbrough town is differently abled
image two
poster on window reads
a brown bee
is a scotch scorpion
is an earwig town
called Dumbarton
with a  lullaby
that's a thundering
on the eardrum
They looks like the means business so the earwigs do in the aural garden of rosy sound
the poisonous vision has turned the black bits of my eyes rectangular- natures wide screen  like in sheep or in em toads

SLEEX MCKLEEX by TheAnimalsRight

Experimental spelling makes for an 
abstract poem that terrifically 
conveys an anti-meat message.

Suggested by: MagicalJoey

Featured by: TwilightPoetess

love letters to introvertsi.
To the boy who prefers spending Friday nights at home:
the world does not understand how beautiful silence sounds
As you crack open that book you've been waiting to read,
  or plug in your computer,
    or listen to music,
or just maybe stare that the night sky from your bedroom window-
(please) remember what everyone else seems to forget;
that being alone does not always equal lonely--
and that sometimes no company is the best company there is. 
To the girl who does not speak up in class: 
I was once you. 
You are not deficient, I promise, despite everyone telling you otherwise. 
You might be the only one who will ever know the universes 
tucked inside your head, 
because they are beautiful secrets you cannot bring yourself to share,
for fear that they might be vandalized. 
When you spea

love letters to introverts by sylveda

Please remember: You ARE worth it.


Featured by BlakeCurran

Sticks and StonesThey say words can never hurt you.
Silence does a better job.

Sticks and Stones by nightshade-keyblade

An intensely short, very impacting sentiment. 
Well executed.

Suggested by: SilverInkblot

Featured by: Naktarra

What's eating you?"Hey man, what's eating you?" I asked.
"Nothing," Barry replied solemnly with a shrug of his shoulders. I didn't believe him for a second; there was obviously something bothering him, could no one else see it?
"Are you sure, man? I mean... You don't really... Look yourself."
"I'm fine." It started to leap and snap at his fingers. I watched it for a moment until it latched on, clamping down on his hand.
I winced. "I know there's something eating you, just tell me bro- it'll be alright."
Barry looked at me like I had offended him; could he not feel the thing working its way up his arm, swallowing him whole? "Kyle, I'm fine, there's nothing wrong with me."
He was entirely oblivious. How could this be happening? The thing was up to his shoulder now, still going. Was its belly endless? I couldn't find it in myself to swat it off, I was honestly scared stiff. What if his arm was nothing but a bloody stump at the elbow now? I didn't want to see that.
"Barry I'm serious, stop playing around, w

What's eating you? by classywalrus

A silly bit of literalism, 
with a side of the surreal.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Skin by SimplySilent

Traditional Tuesdays # 77

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 6:39 PM
**WARNING: Viewing these works of art may cause giddiness, elevated heart rates, and happiness in the pants(which could lead to blindness)! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!**

I'd like to welcome you to the seventy seventh edition of this article. The first Traditional Tuesdays feature came out on Nov. 15 2011, and I can honestly say that I didn't think it would last this long. The night I started this feature, I was bored and just browsing around the Traditional Gallery. I was finding all kinds great artwork, that for one reason or another I couldn't/wouldn't give a DD. It could be because they had a DD recently, but mainly it was for a link to go back and see what they created next, and if they took it to the next level. Now it's more for artwork that I no longer have time to DD, I can't DD everything! I still find the article fun to do, and I'll keep doing it until it no longer is. So.... here is eighteen works of art that I thought you should see. I can't trust all of you all with anymore awesomeness, you might hurt yourself! I hope you enjoy and find new things to love! Anyway, on with the show!

mermaid tattoo by NikaSamarina A Private Party by yantotzkie
Self Portrait - Finished by kemiking
Painting Peonies with Beetroot and Tea by Heliocyan Rising by evincent
Rain by David681
She is not me by Julliane ALLEGORY OF DRAWING by jairolago
Origins by paulypants
River...night... by StudioUndertheMoon Barthelemy, still working at 69. by Stelf-2014
star rain by kosharik69
Acidrain2 by jenthestrawberry Cyber by rainbowtse
Mad Seed - Garden Fauna by MadGardens
Girl in gold by kovacsannabrigitta If They Could Talk 2 by jacintojc
Blinded by 13Enemies

Stay crazy

The Muses Love Alternatives, CXII

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 8:25 AM

Tin And Moon by x-pyre12   Heron On The Inlet by jojo22

melancolia by gepardsim

On the Beach by Kleemass   Walk around 3 by ebbing-gale

fade... by bindii

Thanks for stopping by.

Adobe by hummbuzz

PE: Traditional Typography

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 3:00 AM by pica-ae:iconpica-ae:

Gallery Descriptions

Welcome to the Typography part of projecteducate's DeviantART Gallery Descriptions Month!

Today I will explain both the traditional and digital typography galleries on DA and I start off with Digital Typography. And I start off with the Traditional Gallery!
If you are interested into the background of typography, I recomment you read A Brief History of Typography, an article I wrote for a previous week at projecteducate.

When it comes to typography, you should be aware that it is everywhere around you all the time. There is bad Typography and there is good Typography. Unfortunately less of the latter and more of random thoughtless Typography around these days.

Typography is more relevant to Design than it is to Art, but that does not mean it cannot be Art!

I want to bring Typography to people's attention, make them aware of how important it is. We all want people to hear us, we want to be understood. And no matter how important your message, bad Typography can ruin it!

And Typography is ooooold. Like… Ancient. Literally. Ancient Rome has left us with some amazing remains of culture, including Typography. There is a lot of history in Typography, from Calligraphy and Scripts, over the Letterpress up to the Digital Age. But just because we are living in the Digital Age, it does not mean Traditional Typography is dead. Oh it's quite the opposite! It is more alive than not in a long time and the DeviantART galleries are living proof of it!

So, let's dive in :eager:

Traditional Art > Typography

Traditional Art

Work that is primarily created with traditional media and physical materials.
Editing colors and contrast and removing dust or noise, any general light retouching, and cropping photographs or scans of traditional art does not turn it into digital art!
Only if you massively alter the appearance of your traditional work or add more materials* to the mix, does it stop being traditional art.

* Photographs, textures, digital painting, vector elements, 3D etc.


Images created using traditional means where the subject matter is text using a variety of typeface styles.
If the main focus of your work is words and letters, you should probably submit it to typography.
Of course if there is 80% drawing and 20% typography in your work, it would be fine not to post there. "There is a letter, that's typography" is bullshit ;).


Calligraphic characters or signs depicted in an artistic and skilful manner.

This is a millenia old artform, refined through the years and still as relevant nowadays as in the Middle Ages. There are many many forms to it, the common remainder is probably that is is a form of writing that requires a certain flow to your brush or nib.
It is not hand-writing, but it is also not the fine craft of lettering. It is somewhere in between. Even though the lines are often very thing and blurry between these three.

The two biggest fractions of Calligraphy are Western and Eastern, or Latin and Non-Latin. In Europe Calligraphy is traditionally created with a nib, in Asia it is more likely to be applied with a brush. Nibs and brushes can vary immensely in shape and size and thus can create an amazing number of different styles in Calligraphy.

Arabic Calligraphy 'Raqs' by khawarbilalSeul le turban... by KaalamRaveN VorteX by Ace0fredspades
Yesterday by TypomongerSpades Calligraphy Calligram (1/4) by Ciillkquote by jdotjam

Typographic Stencil Art

Typography created with the use of a stencil.

This is a very clear and strict gallery, that requires you to have used a stencil to create your work. It does not have to be graffiti, you can also use brushes or sponges to apply through a stencil, but you might as well use loose materials such as sand, and apply them with a stencil.

We Really text by object000Love - Spraypaint Stencil Tile by RAMART79Public space poster 2 by patswerk
Know Your Rights by CMSmithTALK by TeamDeltaForceExperimenting with E by mumblebee


This category does not really have a description, essentially anything that does not fit into the other two should go here. This can sculptural works of typography as well as ones created with uncommon traditional materials. Typographic collages, typewriter works, drawn and painted typography, letterings, etchings, stamps and so on and on. The list is really endless, any traditional medium can be used to create typography.

Stickbet by HellanimARTIST. by Espadortype - illustrated text wip by iforgotmypassword
life is a flower by brian9267spring by UsoKeiMaria Scan by suqer

In doubt … submit to Other!
It may not be a shiny fancy gallery name, but it would be a shame for the other two galleries if they were spammed with works that don't belong there. Thank you :heart:

Naturally this small gallery tree leaves room for improvements :)
This is not forgotten and it is being worked on. Times change, art changes, galleries can change!

Questions for the reader

  • Have you ever traditionally created Typography?
  • Would you want to learn Traditional Typography?
  • What are challenges for Traditional Typography?

Digitally Delicious: August 20th

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 10:37 AM
Features from the Digital Art galleries.

Figure 2 by daGohs
Figure 2 by daGohs

MtG: Restoration Angel by algenpfleger
MtG: Restoration Angel by algenpfleger

Pharika, God of Affliction by PeteMohrbacher
Pharika, God of Affliction by PeteMohrbacher

Space Lion by Tohad
Space Lion by Tohad

t3wt by AppleSeries
t3wt by AppleSeries

A very small man can cast a very large shadow by RobotDelEspacio
A very small man can cast a very large shadow by RobotDelEspacio

Storm Dragon by VargasNi
Storm Dragon by VargasNi

D by eLfanka
D by eLfanka

ShadowOfTheSun by Sadmonster
ShadowOfTheSun by Sadmonster

Free us by monikapalosz
Free us by monikapalosz

20120222 by ArdenRey
20120222 by ArdenRey

A Message From DragonBlitzStudios

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 1:11 AM

Of Moon Light and Cherry Blossoms by Kanokawa by DragonBlitzStudios

Hello All,

This is Adam “Blitz” Hasty, CEO of Dragon Blitz Studios (DragonBlitzStudios).  I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself. In one word I am a “GEEK” and proud of it. I love super heroes, comics, manga, anime, mythology, video games, books, martial arts and Kaijus (GODZILLA!!!) I love Japan-- I'm crazy about that place. I've never been, but I dream of going there one day.

Besides being a “Geek,” I also have Bipolar Disorder. I received this diagnosis at age 19 to go along with my already co-occurring disorders of Asberger’s Syndrome and Anxiety Disorder. No, I'm not crazy; just “slightly” challenged. You may not see it on the outside, but I'm no different than the physically disabled person you may pass by in a wheelchair.

My old dream was to become a comic/manga artist and make comics of my own, but my illness has continued to get in my way. So, I came up with another solution to live out my dream of making comics by founding Dragon Blitz Studios, a Limited Liability Company. I will live my dream through others, and I will direct the projects that you will see in the future. My favorite quote, “Dare to Keep All Your Dreams Alive,” comes from the song “DARE” from the first Transformers movie of 1986. I am all about dreams and I will fight for mine, because what is life without a dream? Nothing but a big waste of time.

Now, my dream is to become a great story teller like my idols Stan Lee, Hayao Miyazaki, Robert Kirkman, Rick Riordan, Steven Butler, Dennis O'neil, Neil Gaiman, and Nobuhiro Watsuki. I want to tell stories that move people; stories that will help people understand one another; and stories that make people see past things like hating someone because they are different. Bruce Lee said it best, “Under the sky, under the heavens, there is but one family.”

Son of the Thunder God poster colored by DragonBlitzStudios

Dragon Blitz Studios first comic, Son of the Thunder God, is being created to open people’s eyes about mental disorder and to help others understand what it’s like to have it. To say I'm no different than you. To say I'm not a monster; I'm a person and should be treated as such. My second comic, East and West, will be created to demonstrate the brutality of racism. I have many more Stories to tell and I hope you enjoy the ride with us. If you would like to see more of our work check out the links below.


Son Of The Thunder God Poster 2 Colored by DragonBlitzStudios Of Moon Light and Cherry Blossoms by Kanokawa by DragonBlitzStudios 

East and West Gallery
Son of the Thunder God Gallery
Dragon Blitz Studios on Facebook

Skin by Dan Leveille

devNEWS Article Series ~ LucyRanelle

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 6:29 AM

As part of an ongoing series, here is an interview with LucyRanelle :iconlucyranelle:, who has founded Artists-Birthday, who talks about coming up with wonderful features of deviants celebrating their name day, as well as other thoughts and activities!

Divider 2 by Canzeda

:bulletblue: What brought you to deviantART to begin with? How long have you been on dA?

Actually I´ve found deviantart while searching for Pokemon fanart, and about two years later I´ve decided to sign up, because I love drawing and wanted to share my art here. Since then it´s been almost three years on this wonderful website, and I´ve learned very much, and met a lot of amazing people here.

Request: The Pichu Brothers by LucyRanelle  ~~Ghost Kirlia~~ by LucyRanelle

:bulletblue: You are known for your wonderful "Artist Birthday" journals featuring deviants who are celebrating a birthday, featuring some of their deviations. What started the series and how are you able to keep up with so many birthdays and such wonderful features?

It started with one wish, I wanted to make the artists, who put so much effort and love in their art, happy, and their birthday is like a perfect time to do this. My first feature I´ve uploaded here in October 2012, and since then have posted almost every day, except a long break because of exams. I´m watching more than 3000 artists here on Deviantart, which I think is one of the reasons why I am able to feature so many wonderful artists. I truly love to do these journals, it's one of my inspirations~!

:bulletblue: How does the group Artists-Birthday work? How long has it been a group?

Well, the group is unofficial, since it is still under construction. I´ve founded it about 2-years ago. When I´m finished with editing and correcting, the group should share the birthday features and other gifts by deviants, and maybe have a special monthly challenge I´m thinking about.

:bulletblue: What are the other groups you Admin? What are they about?

I´m one of the contributors of All-about-features, which is about, like the name says, features, since this group shares a lot of feature articles by other deviants, and supports new artists by a special feature called "DA-Starters". Also I´m a contributor of PichuFans-ForevUnite, which is about the cute Pokemon Pichu.

:bulletblue: Do you have a favorite art genre?

I would say I have a few ones, I love Anime/Mange, as well as nature and landscape photography, and traditional arts, but also digitally painted landscapes catch my eyes.

:bulletblue: What are your interests outside of dA?

I really love to paint and draw, traditional and digital as well, and I love to write. When I not working on a drawing or my story I play video games, or go outside and walk through the nature. I love to photograph or draw there too.

Ein Band bindet - PrologEin uraltes Märchen würde Geschichten erzählen, und in jeder Sage, so versicherte man uns, würde ein Funken Wahrheit leuchten. Jede Fabel vermag uns eine Lehre zu sen und selbst das kleinste und leiseste Wort würde etwas bedeuten.
Aber warum sollte es dann bei dieser einen bestimmten Geschichte nicht zutreffen?
Weshalb sollte es dann also falsch sein, daran zu glauben, an die Existenz einer zweiten Welt?
Allein schon die kleinste Erwähnung glich einem Vergehen, also wagte es niemand. Bloß ich habe mir vorgenommen, euch genau jene Geschichte zu erzählen und von den Ereignissen,m die eng mit ihrer Zukunft verstrikckt sind.
Diese Legende reicht ein paar tausend Jahre zurück, in eine Zeit, als noch Freiheit herrschte in dem, was man laut aussprach. Der Beginn einer neuen, vielversprechenden Welt. Die Ankündigung von etwas unglaublichem, einem sehr großem, sich herumsprechendem Geschehnis.
Und viele ließen sich von dieser Idee b

:bulletblue: What do you like the most about dA?

Hm... that´s a difficult question. I guess it´s the art and the kindness what makes me stay here. Deviantart is a great way for people around the world to share their art with others, getting critique and feedback, and to find inspiration and help, which makes them improve and become artists who love what they do.

:bulletblue: Last thoughts?

That is the time for me to say thank you, for interviewing me and for supporting my articles in that way. I feel very special, and it makes me think that it was actually a good idea to continue this project.

Bamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-Slay

049 by LucyRanelle  048 by LucyRanelle 038 by LucyRanelle
 Found a little treasure by LucyRanelle Commission - A Lily of fire for you by LucyRanelle Raven Sketch~ by LucyRanelle 

Bamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-Slay

NEWS 'til Hell freezes over
Estd: Sep 5th, 2010

Skin design & coding Copyright CypherVisor

Monday Muses | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you.

I hear babies crying, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Select a deviation (even from your own gallery) inspired by "What A Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong and link it in a comment on this blog. Limit of 1 deviation per member please! Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day! 

:bulletblue: Suggestions must be sent before Tuesday August 26th.

Double Rainbow by hackdaddy

Age of the Machine! 

Weapon Systems Ready by machinedeer View to Your Childhood... by TeaPhotography
Mecha Red Panda - button by cursed-sight This Complete Isolation by Hazard-Girl DeLorean XIII by LDFranklin
Classical Music Flute by AdmiralAngela Robotic Wolf Concept by Zatransis
The Terminator by RYaNrYe040x

Thank you for participating! Heart