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Manip Academy

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:08 AM by Aeirmid:iconaeirmid:


Introducing a new project!

Manip Academy (thanks, cristii, for inspiration for the name) is a new photomanipulation project inspired by projecteducate. We all love to learn, and we learn best from one another. Here's our chance to share what we know.

Manip Academy is an education initiative designed to spread the knowledge and the love. It is a collaboration between CRPhotomanipulation and we-HEART-photomanip. We will share tips and tricks for photomanipulation success. It is difficult to write tutorials, but anyone can write a simple tip or describe how they achieved a specific effect.

This project will feature two weekly articles written by the community every week, on Mondays and Thursdays. This will be an ongoing project within our community, and we hope that many people will take advantage of the chance to sign up to submit one blog or even just a few sentences to help the community.

How you can help

Everyone is encouraged to get involved with sharing knowledge. It would be great if you could write a journal over at CRPhotomanipulation and/or at we-HEART-photomanip, but it's fine just to send us a tip; we'll write it up for you. The idea is not to have people writing tutorials all the time, but rather to share different little tips and tricks that help along the way. It can be something as simple as showing how a candle would reflect light on the wall, or it can be something more difficult like using a scatter brush or creating a glow effect. You could tell a big secret, or you could just tell a little tip. You can even just say how you did one particular effect in one of your photomanipulations.

Current calendar

Here are the currently reserved spaces. To reserve a space, you can just leave a comment with the date and topic of your choice. We'll be happy to add you.

August 2014

4th - Carlos-Quevedo - Parallelism
7th - Cinnamoncandy - Creating softness in photomanipulation
11th - Iskander1989 - Using shadows to highlight reliefs
14th - LiliaOsipova - Perspective and blending
18th - LadyEvilArts - Blending modes
21st - peroline - How to change a fire's color so it fits the background
25th - Holding for Aegis-Strife 
28th - vacuumslayer - TBD

September 2014

1st - Aeirmid - Lighting with curves adjustments
4th - StarsColdNight - TBD
8th - Wesley-Souza - TBD
11th - Emerald-Depths - TBD
15th - nikkidoodlesx3 - TBD
18th - Lhianne - TBD
22nd - MarcelaBolivar - How to create a pale, foggy atmosphere
25th - OPEN
29th - OPEN

Also, if you have something that you want to know that isn't listed here, please note CRPhotomanipulation and tell us what it is and who you think can explain it, and we'll do our best to get it for you. :heart:

Make sure you are watching :iconcrphotomanipulation: and :iconwe-heart-photomanip:!! That's where the magic will be happening.

We are excited about this project and hope that you will be, too. :heart:


AbbeyMarie | Aeirmid | Emerald-Depths

Here, have some cute:

image from powerbottcm on tumblr




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Photomanipulation galleries on dA. Join us for Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconwe-heart-photomanip: :iconprojecteducate:

Eating Disorder Awareness

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 2:45 PM
Welcome to an article about eating disorders, aimed at spreading awareness, advice, knowledge, and support into the community.

What is an eating disorder?

There are many known eating disorders in today's world; anorexia and bulimia are the most notorious ones. An eating disorder has to do with mental, emotional, and physical issues in regards to food and ones own body. There is no perfect description of what an eating disorder is, however, because every individual lives it in a different way. The only important distinction I can make is that an eating disorder in many ways cannot be controlled, it is an illness, and not a choice.

"Eating disorders are serious, potentially life-threatening conditions that affect a person’s emotional and physical health. They are not just a “fad” or a “phase.” People do not just “catch” an eating disorder for a period of time.  They are real, complex, and devastating conditions that can have serious consequences for health, productivity, and relationships. 
People struggling with an eating disorder need to seek professional help. The earlier a person with an eating disorder seeks treatment, the greater the likelihood of physical and emotional recovery." 

Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, and EDNOS are the main categories for separate instances of eating disorders. EDNOS is a particularly important category, because it covers many overlooked disorders such as:
  • Atypical anorexia nervosa (weight is not below normal)
  • Bulimia nervosa (with less frequent behaviors)
  • Binge-eating disorder (with less frequent occurrences)
  • Purging disorder (purging without binge eating)
  • Night eating syndrome (excessive nighttime food consumption)

How is an eating disorder diagnosed? And how do you treat or cure it?

Much like most illnesses, a diagnosis can be made by a doctor, however many are self-diagnosed. It's a misconception to think that if you're aware that you have a problem, you don't really have one. Someone suffering from anorexia does not have to be in denial about their eating habits and mental state, in order for them to "fit in" to the diagnosis. However, diagnosis has always been a controversial topic in regard to mental illnesses, because it's difficult sometimes to put a specific name to someone's burden, to try and fit people into cookie cutter molds, because that's not the way things should be, which is why there's been an increasing amount of different names for different types of eating disorders.

There is no "cure" for an eating disorder. Treatment involves psychotherapy and medication among other things. Treatment is most successful when it is started early, and when it is ongoing. Relapse is extremely high in cases of eating disorders because most of the time ongoing care and therapy is the only way to control the illness. Oftentimes eating disorders are overlooked and patients are simply treated with anti-depressants or other similar medications, however individuals suffering from an eating disorder should not simply be given drugs and expected to be cured, that's not how it works. It's no secret that eating disorders can have deadly consequences, the trauma your body is put through is lethal. In all honesty, the treatment for an eating disorder involves an extreme amount of will-power, self-actualization, and fight, from the person suffering from one. You need support, doctors, nutritionists, family, friends, but you also need to want to be better, which is sometimes the most challenging part, because your illness can become comforting, and being "treated" can become a nightmare.

A few statistics for you:

In the United States, 20 million women and 10 million men suffer from a clinically significant eating disorder at some time in their life, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, or an eating disorder not otherwise specified (EDNOS).

Over one-half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, fasting, smoking cigarettes, vomiting, and taking laxatives.

The average American woman is 5’4” tall and weighs 165 pounds. The average Miss America winner is 5’7” and weighs 121 pounds.

Of American, elementary school girls who read magazines, 69% say that the pictures influence their concept of the ideal body shape. 47% say the pictures make them want to lose weight. (NED)

Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents.

40 – 60% of high school girls diet.

50% of girls between the ages of 13 and 15 believe they are overweight.

40% of 9 year old girls dieted.

Eating disorders research is very under-funded. The National Institute of Health allocates only 93 cents towards research funding for every person diagnosed with an eating disorder. In comparison, they give $88 for every person diagnosed with autism. This is painfully low. (Mirror Mirror)

Myths vs Reality

Myth: Only girls are affected by eating disorders.
Reality: Boys and men also suffer eating disorders, an estimated 10- 15% of sufferers are male. Gender is seen as one of the many causes for eating disorders, however it is not restrictive.

Myth: Eating Disorders are about wanting to be thin.
Reality: Eating disorders have a biological base and can occur in individuals that do not wish to be thinner than they are. Due to the fear of gaining weight that many eating disorder sufferers have, it is common for eating disorders to be mistaken for extreme dieting behavior.

Myth: People with bulimia always purge by vomiting.
Reality: Not all bulimics try to rid themselves of the calories they have consumed by vomiting. Purging can take the form of laxatives, diuretics, exercising, or fasting. Learn about dangerous methods of weight control. -

Myth: People cannot have more than one eating disorder.
Reality: Many people have more than one eating disorder. It is very common for someone to suffer with more than one eating disorder. That just proves that the eating behaviors are only the symptoms, not the problem. - (Mirror Mirror)

Picture above from NED.
Picture above from CNN.
I cannot go into much more detail without this article become too long to keep everyone's interest, however if you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you!

Stay tuned as I'll be posting interviews as a follow up to this journal!


NED: www.nationaleatingdisorders.or…
Mirror Mirror:…

(-404) Deviant Found, vol. 47

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 1:16 AM
61 watchers
Ghost in the Shell-Illusionary Birds by WilliWeissfuss
Sterntaler by WilliWeissfussUngolianth by WilliWeissfussTom Bombadil by WilliWeissfuss

9 watchers
Tourisme medieval by Drakarmine
Cirque Amer by DrakarmineBivouac by DrakarmineExtra Lucide by Drakarmine

305 watchers
Howl's Moving Castle by eamanee
I've seen your soul by eamaneeI will take what is mine with fire and blood. by eamaneeDoes it almost feel like nothing changed at all? by eamanee

1 watcher
Romanian Mouse by krutsche
Meg by krutscheLana Del Rey by krutscheDan With Violin by krutsche

40 watchers
Self Portrait by YetiSalad
O Valentine by YetiSaladOwl2 by YetiSaladJosef by YetiSalad

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean these artists are underappreciated?
It means that for what they have in their galleries, they deserve much more attention. This doesn't mean they are generally underappreciated, but on dA - yes.

Where do you find all these people?
Often they're my watchers - I check out every user who adds me. Also, I'm a creepy stalker and look through other people's favourites. And group galleries.

Can I suggest a gallery for your feature?
Of course. Please send me a note with a link (not in a comment!). It may take a couple of posts before your suggestion is shown, though, I always have some (-404)'s drafted and waiting in


:pointr: promentory by Trevor Jones :pointl:

time to go adventuring by Turqmoose

they never said to grieve for dying starsi don't want to write about stars, but
that's all there seems to be:
nebulae drawn up like harp strings itching
to be plucked; echoes of light like calls for
encore; the kicked-off blankets at the
edges of the universe unraveling
at the seams like the nightmares are
finally winning
tell me a story about time, the way the
sunlight hits its mark and how the world
turns away -
how the distance deepens, deepens, the 
dark a gnawing glimpse, the taste of
tell me - weren't we seedlings,
star-built and scattered? weren't
the echoes more than dredges, less than
tidal waves, infantile monsoons
to be grasped and dragged behind
weren't we taught where we came from?
runaway irony (FFM 22)Twenty minutes after finishing the documentary on New Zealand, Nicole had a plan worked out. She wrote it all down in gel pen, an itemised list of all the things she needed; then she got to work.
It wasn’t easy to convince the man in Bunnings to sell her nails, but she put on her best innocent face, and told him it was for her father’s garden shed. It wasn’t easy to convince the neighbour to let her have the old fence palings, either; nor the logs that had been earmarked for a bonfire, but a few hearty fibs and her best “I just want to help my daddy” smile went a long way to convincing them.
Two weeks later, she had bruised hands, a lot of knowledge about how not to use a hammer, and what she hoped would pass for a half-decent raft. She packed herself a bag with some clothes and spare underwear, then packed another bag, this one larger and wheeled, with as much canned food as she could carry. Before she left, she remembered to grab the can op
Ophelia unrelentingI keep all the
even-numbered petals
underneath my tongue :
they're the ones
that say you
love me -
- love me not
in this madness,
in this suspended
state of grace :
I will soldier on,
my darling.
I will not allow
this willow branch
to surrender.

Bieszczady V by BloodyKissesLady

"You've done everything you can do. Save yourself! ...

Asabikeshiinh (Filter)Asabikeshiinh (Filter)
I wear the dream snare like a chain.
The willow hoop filled with spider thread,
sway loose as the aves feathers 
catch beneficence
and the spun yarn traps the fallen.
I tread subconsciousness 
like salmon swim
in the falls of Williamette.
And watch the net
take hold of chimera,
a phantasm of phenomena
as I greet the cousin of death
with a firm shake of the hand
and respectful grin.
But wisps of spirits tempestuous 
reverberate throughout the lace,
as the new day slowly begins to take shape.
Light returns to Earth as my eyes open.
Conceptions' theories last so long
before absoluteness' presence grabs hold.
I'd rather immerse myself in abstractions.
FFM 2014: The Selkie    He watched the waves and waited, every night, bringing only a blanket and the shuttered lantern with one side left open to light the way. And every night she came, stepping onto the shore and slipping out of her second skin, shivering and wet, her dark hair in dripping tangles about her shoulders. Still as lithe and moon-pale as the first day he’d seen her so many years before. Still as remote and unfathomable as the sea.
    He never asked questions, never tried to speak at first, just handed her the blanket and wrapped one arm around her as they made their way up the shore to the Lighthouse. Still dripping she would visit the children’s room, and watch them sleeping as the first blush of dawn touched the horizon. 
    He’d make her breakfast; pancakes were the favourite, and by the time the kids were ready to get up she would be herself again, loud and smiling and present, and the wildness o
It's NotIt's not the lipstick gloss
that makes a kiss
the warm pulse beating through
her lips.
It's not their size
nor shape
but the words they whisper,
It's not the color
nor the length
nor the glint
of her hair
that makes her special
it is her smile
in the falling rain
reflecting the joy
of yet another Spring,
It's not the time
she spent getting beautiful
that makes her so
but in fact
it is the hours
she was besides my bed
when I was sick
and in fact
it is the minutes
I could hear her breathe
in my embrace
AND in fact
it is the seconds
I saw her cry
(out of happiness)
Because she's beautiful.
It's not the clothes,
nor the jewellery,
nor the colored nails,
nor the drawn-in brows,
nor the words she says
to other people,
and neither it is
her past.
It is her mind
that entertains my poems,
it is her charm
that paints my cheeks
and averts my shy eyes from her
most briefly.
It is her soul,
that I love.

...if the worst happens, and only one of us survives, something of the other does, too."

misty forest by Itapao

alonestill the olympic lights.
a bitter almond breeze,
       soul-numbing & grounding.
and a band of thugs, and a woman waiting
in vain to catch a ride.
         further and further away.
none of this will ever be captured on film.
  you can erase the place but you can't
stamp out the stink
  and how it accretes and why do you remain
so sharply eagle-eyed uncomfortable sober. pushing for a space
between molecules where you feel you are not
into the sanitizing chill of an empty bridge and highway.
a fascinated child,
   your icy mittenprint on the kiosk window
now shattered but you know
                 there will be dahlias again
but by then
        you will have crossed the street and
dry heaved grotesque self
SplitI didn’t know what to do for her. Or to her. Or with her. She cried, a lot.  She thought I didn’t know, didn’t notice, or maybe just didn’t care.
I saw her dancing in the rain one Saturday afternoon, nude. Not a stitch on her, and dancing by the creek, red welts rising on her skin from the biting mosquitoes.  She never danced. I watched, and marveled that she could dance and still look sad.
When the rain let up, she stopped and stared at the creek flowing and bubbling over big flat mossy rocks. I called her name without using my voice, and she turned, but then looked away again. I wondered where she was in her head, that she could stand there and ignore the itchy bites and not worry that she was naked.
I envied her lack of self-consciousness. I pulled my heavy cardigan around my shoulders, even though it was hot and muggy out. I hid in its folds like a turtle hides inside its mobile home.
Sometimes I could feel her tugging at me, begging. I was stubbor
creature sunthrough polymer tongue, you creature sun
               teeth tapped wide on empty hollows
you’re leasing the crowd for white feather streaked
      keeping them in jars,
              razing the mantle
and asking us to stay
                           down the burning phantom
                    (down the dying star)
                           into your dark tomorrow;
                into endle

Dolina Malej Laki by paczek

music and quote from michael mann's the last of the mohicans [1992]

Please be kind enough to :+fav: this, so that more people will see it!


Nyomás alatt készül a gyémánt.

Erica világa c. film

Chasing the Knowledge by ShayolaOre To Watashi - Cover by ShayolaApple Black: Awakening by Shayola
Crack by MatevadasMischievous fairy girl by zomgmeisinsane
Piiink by BjsXBirthday dragon for Azz by Paty-wolf
I love lamp. by zomgmeisinsane

22 by zomgmeisinsaneBoo. by zomgmeisinsaneThe cannibals by bohemiannihil
Fashion illustrations by bohemiannihil
impulse by bohemiannihil
Bleeding Out by SheyenneARTSketch of the Monk by SheyenneARTMonk by SheyenneART
Chinese Warrior 2.0 by SheyenneART
Hellboy hoodie girl by bohemiannihilSilverflag by bohemiannihil
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Shoe box (close-up) by CyclopBunnyGet the fuck off my property! by Zerda-FoxIf you go down in the woods today, by Zerda-Fox
::the green of the forest:: by magierThe Witch of Halloween by magierNomad 2 by Xiiau
Green Light by Xiiau
Nomad 6 by XiiauFighter - Character sheet by Xiiau
14619Col by maxyvertMicro Sticker chibies by bejjaRoller Derby Masha by bejja
WoE: round 1 by AzarahelLirea by Ryltha
Amseth / Sketch by RylthaLirea's Mount / Skect by Ryltha
[Too alone] - Carry Me Servant by Ame-yWe should move on by TridentFreak
OPEN! Catsday Catfist Catploited by Kamikatamarigentle boy by kresbickyNip and tuck steps by kresbicky
Beef cattle goes to heaven by kresbicky
Determination by HunDrenusBlue Delirium by HunDrenus
WOE round 1 - Garek vs. Eilis by El-NiphrendilTeam Charger by El-NiphrendilCM - Alyx Riari by El-NiphrendilMain character sketches by El-NiphrendilArtTradeYuminari by MonaOkami
Savita concept by RayamiraGreetings by EeNii
Sdc16461 by pannka144Img 20140710 212749 by kardosniki
teriyakilazac001 page by kardosnikiVirageso 001 borito by kardosnikicomics page 003 by kardosniki
Green Night by Arveriaturacerun to the hills by marklaszlo666
bugman by marklaszlo666FUNGUSNAZIS (version 1) by marklaszlo666
Spider King fanart by marklaszlo666variant cover for Dark Age #5 by marklaszlo666
[Nata]Reflection by nata-bettiPCom:Orangenbluete by nata-bettiSunflower by sakura-chan6Somebody,find us by sakura-chan6Germany by sakura-chan6Roman Empire by sakura-chan6How to train your dragon by sakura-chan6
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'Amulet of the nigth elves' (for sale) by seralune'Sweet dreams' sterling silver pendant (for sale) by seralune
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Ginger and the flying umbrella - art trade by Ikine-chan

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News + Weekly Gallery Highlight

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 12:40 AM


community related news

:bulletgreen: The theme for July monthly challenge organized by Artisan Crafts galleries' volunteers is: animals. You can learn more about monthly challenge here… You can see who the winners of the June monthly challenge are here…

:bulletgreen: You can see the monthly DDs roundup here… and here… and for sculpture here…

contests and giveaways

:bulletgreen: You have until July 24th to enter Amaze-ingHats' giveaway…

:bulletgreen: ChibiSilverWings is having a sculpture raffle. It ends on August 9th…

:bulletgreen: rosepeonie is giving away a handmade dragon sculpture and some points. Giveaway ends July 31st. You can see tha rules in this journal…

:bulletgreen: our affiliate :iconbracelets-and-knots: is having a contest. The theme is flowers and there are three categories you can enter. Contest ends September 15th. Learn more about it here bracelets-and-knots.deviantart…

:bulletgreen: You can find a list of Artisan Crafts contests and events here…

interviews and features

:bulletgreen: Backsackandjack gives some advice on sculpting femme fatales…

:bulletgreen: Brookette showcased her choice of recent additions to the Cullinary Arts gallery…

:bulletgreen: cakecrumbs highlighted another artist, this time Fableblades…

:bulletgreen: PhoenixDestruction did an interview with MorgansMutations phoenixdestruction.deviantart.…

:bulletgreen: The latest beadwork feature covers pieces made with dagger beads…

:bulletgreen: Feature-The-Artists did a little sculpture feature feature-the-artists.deviantart…

:bulletgreen: Brookette posted latest instalment of Artisan Crafts feature…

:bulletgreen: Bansini highlighted Indian art of kalamkari. Learn more about it in the journal…

:bulletgreen: Play a little game and try to guess which artisan crafts Talty chose to highlight in this journal… You may be surprised.

:bulletgreen: Erozja did another feature of creative artisan crafts…

sales and special offers

:bulletgreen: Laurelis is having 50% discount in her Etsy store during July…

:bulletgreen: CatsWire has given a coupon code for 10% discount at her DaWanda and Zibbet stores. 10% of each sale will go to TiNO, an animal shelter whose cat house had burned down and needs to be rebuilt.…

:bulletgreen: Peter-The-Knotter is having a modest sale of some of his necklaces to raise funds for a sorely-needed camera for exhibition photo's and for making pix for his book on knotting and macramé. For more info, please see here: peter-the-knotter.deviantart.c…

Weekly Gallery Highlight

We decided to highlight some of the best submissions to the group gallery every week. I'll go with 25 featured submissions per week. This selection is purely subjective and represents my favorite submissions to our galleries. If you disagree with my selection, please feel free to go to our galleries and :+fav: any deviation you enjoy, artists also appreciate comments on their works! Spread the love! :dalove:

Angel Wings Tutorial by Kurosu-kun Stucco and Flagstone by Devine-Escapes Jupiter Headphones by Iheartnella Mjolnir The Nine Noble Virtues II by morgenland The Dragon by Albegoyec Maleficent Dagger Preview by Logan-Pearce Horned Plight of Delirium by Epic-Leather .:Zen II:. by Knuxtiger4 Stained-Glass Butterfly Shadowbox by RazgrizInferno Demon Goth Girl by LEXLOTHOR Cheese Bargas by Denial-of-a-Failure Gary Oak cookies by PlushMayhem Clay peonies by dallia-art Wallart *Neonfish* by SensiArts Alice: Madness Returns  - Card Guard by MaryDec Miniature picnic by EmisBakery Temari 16 - Winter Peacock details by Revenia Headband(kanzashi) for a dress by haru-mai Romantic Wedding by AFahrbach Self Portrait  in 3D Cross Stitch by rhaben Incredible Random Stuff 0136 by m3ow Chibi Transformers Bumblebee plush by Rainbowbubbles Gates of the Sacred Forest by DeathMystery Bridged by edhelien Kingfisher by Mineima

Again, this was a selection of my favorite submissions and does not represent a qualitative or artistic evaluation!

If you would like to help the group by writing features such as this or anything else, please get in touch with me via note to the group and let me know what you would like to contribute and how often (for example a weekly feature of 20 deviations from the group galleries or a monthly article written about something craft related). We are always looking for fresh blood. :D

Our first contest from Darkroom-Photos has ended!
Here are the winners :)
(and again, sorry for the messed-up layout, must be some kind of bug. :()

The winner on the third place: mando-damon :clap:
Capital blueORANGE by mando-damon
COPPERcanvas by mando-damon sunriseBLUR by mando-damon CMYKsunset by mando-damon

Second place: Mishkin-Rayman :clap:
Northern Flour by Mishkin-Rayman
Thor-eek-Oww 2 by Mishkin-Rayman Dusk by Mishkin-Rayman T-Centralen by Mishkin-Rayman
Night Tree by Mishkin-Rayman Keep it easy by Mishkin-Rayman Winter Night in Ornsberg HDR 2 by Mishkin-Rayman

First place: Fassod :clap:
Lamentate by Fassod
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Leaving Dystopia by Fassod Involuntary Thought by Fassod Fostercare by Fassod
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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 12:27 AM

So I'm doing artist features now! This journal will be constantly updated for your viewing of cuteness, whether it be people who were lovely enough to donate and get a feature or people who are just that awesome, or deserve some dA love! I hope you guys enjoy the features to come!

22 / 7 / 14 - 15 / 8 / 14
Wolfy is an absolute sweetheart who makes some seriously adorable adoptables. If you like cute art, or are looking for a new character design you should definitely go check her out! She also donated to the super group fundraiser for Their-Dark-Eden and Distorted-Town so you should all give her some love!
Adopt auction #1 OPEN by wolfyLRiina

23 / 7 / 14
Impy is a hilarious person with really cute art style, not to mention she's a great rp buddy and draws some pretty cute stuff. Also look at that colouring! Don't you wanna just squish some of those characters of hers?

LC 2nd Neutral: Arik App by Imp-y Kid Izaiya by Imp-y

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:star: :star: :star: CLOSED SPECIES :star: :star: :star:
Jubokko Ponies
:star: Basic Info :star:
Binomial Name: Acer palmatum Artiodactyla
Common Name: Jubokko Pony
Lifespan: 100-300 (depending on food supply)
Diet: Blood
Habitat: Rural areas, war torn forests, river sides.
Activity: Diurnal (day)
--Jubokko Ponies are a species of ponies that derive from the battlefields of fallen ponies during times of war. The fallen ponies essence creates these creatures which take the form of a creature similar to ponies in appearance; Aside from the obvious plumage of plant life.
Their liefestyle in based on the hunting and gathering variety, having little use for technology in their ways of living.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf They are exclusively Earth Pony.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf There is more males than females.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf They have no mouth upon their face; It is hidden in the leaves about their neck.
:star: Physical Features :star:
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Jubokko Ponies are slender framed and long legged, being a bit taller than the average pony.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Their coats come in all sorts of colors/patterns.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Their manes come in an assortment of color combinations as well.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Grows plant life around neck, spine and tail.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Lacking the typical pony tail.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf No cutie mark.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Face and spinal markings.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Bone structure is different, lighter in weight, and having a tube like bone structure within the spinal column at the base of the hips.

:star: Life Cycle :star:
At time of conception, original Jubokko ponies start out as actual trees; having no actual mystic ability to be mobil. After years of being near battlefields, the essence of the very ponies that had fallen become apart of the tree and give it new life as what it is now.
In this state, it takes a few weeks for it to gain enough strength to explore the world, having to feed until its strength is full.
:heart: Egg
When born from a pair of original Jubokko Ponies, the resulting offspring resembles an encased foal, the casing being of a red or purple substance that is thick and hard to tear.
:heart: Baby
After being able to break free, the baby is wobbly at best and seeks food for nurishment which is supplied by living prey caught by the parents. At this stage, their mouths are easily seen with tuff of leaves sprouting loose.  
:heart: Foal
Having enough strength and nurishment to go about and wander, this is the stage in which they begin to find themselves. The leaves about their body have begun to come in fully now; Concealing their mouth from sight.
:heart: Adult
The Jubokko will reach its full size which is often determined by other factors such as food supply and environment. The leaves and flowers have fully emerged, and the apparent differences are now concealed. When matured to this stage, the flowers determine what region they thrive in and their rarity.
:star: Behavior :star:
Usually keep to their own race, having only one need for others; A food source.
If a bond is formed with another species, the behavior of the Jubokko becomes posessive over said companion and almost is deemed as a Master Servant basis.
Other odd companionship is rare but not impossible.

:star: Diet :star:
The Jubokko Pony's diet consists of only blood; That being said they can be classified as 'Fluid Feeding' or another word for the term is 'Hematophagy', blood sucker.
This usually consists of sucking the blood out of nearby prey via the very leaves and vines that cover their body. These 'vines' have inner tube like structures and can easily pierce and suck the blood right out of their prey.

:star: Mating/Breeding :star:
Breeding is very precise, almost violent in a way as the male tries to dominate the female counterpart in a dance for coitus. Biting, slashing and snarling is often displayed and though blood may be shed; It does not lead to death normally. Jubokko Ponies mate for life; Rarely do they seek others once they find their mate.
When involved with another species, the lack of fight from the other usually makes the experience short lived and merely for reproductive purposes and nothing more.
jubokko x jubokko= jubokko.
jubokko x earth pony = jubokko.

Jubboko x Griffin= Feathered jubokko or leafy griffin.
jubokko x unicorn= Rare jubokko with unicorn ability or unicorn that is plant like. jubokko x bat pony= more blood driven jubokko with wings Rare or leaf winged bat pony. 

:star: Uncommon Traits :star:
:icondragonmadplz: PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR COMMON JUBOKKO PONY THESE TRAITS :icondragonmadplz:
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Poisonous Flowers
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Spiked Tail
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Back Flowers/buds
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Berries
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Two tails
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf leaves that change with the season

:star: Rare Traits :star:
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Wings (whether pegasi, bat pony, or other)
are an extremely rare trait and will hardly ever be seen. This is due to the lack of need for them. Their hunting tactics derive from surprise and capture rather than the actual hunt.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Two Tails, this would split the spinal column and such rare abnormalities are not seen often enough.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Correct Mouth placement:
This is the instance where there usual mounted mouth within their neck has been placed like a normal ponies, which would result in lack of eyes to make space for such jaw structure.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Poisonous Flowers and leaves:
This is reserved for the original Jubokko ponies in which case adapted with said posions and became accustomed to them. Newer generations have a very low chance of having them.

:star: Rankings :star:
Older, more experienced Jubokko ponies are ranked as the leaders of their residence, having much more intelligence and wisdom on their belt of the world.
Younger Jubokko Ponies are usually ranked about on their skill such as:
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Gatherers
Those who gather the live food supply into the trap
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Nurturers:
Those who care for the young and elderly and tend to wounds
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Hunters:
Those who drain the food from their prey and supply it to the tribe.
Bulletmint by Wooded-Wolf Younglings:
Those unfit to be in any category

I will make proper examples soon!!!
<--- Egg stage
<--- Traditional sketching of the adopt base and example of a Common Jubokko Pony

1. Myself
2. :iconbritishmindslave:
3. :iconcptconfusion:

:star: Last Noting :star:
Jubokko Ponies are created by me and only I can create them.
This is a closed species; You may order a custom once prices are set.
I will do a poll for the pricing once I get premium again ^^;

Darkness Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 1:14 PM

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