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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (57,748 votes) 737 comments
67,504 Deviants Online

You’re probably well acquainted with the old proverb “practice makes perfect.” And while I don’t fully believe that perfection is attainable, because the very notion of perfection is somewhat subjective, getting better at anything requires both time and effort. I’m going be very blunt here; if you want to improve your artistic skill you need to actually practice.

My heart goes out to everyone here who is struggling to improve so don’t feel that I’m purposely singling you out here. However throughout my time on dA (and in real life) I’ve met artists begging for advice on how to quickly improve and sadly when I tell them to begin practicing the excuse is always ‘well, I don’t really have the time for that.’


And I ain’t got time for yo attitude.

:bulletred: You do have the time

Inb4 “you don’t know my life!!!1one1!!” Listen here young padawon, everyone is busy, everyone has responsibilities, everyone has non art related stuff to deal with everyday. You’re not special because you’re swamped with different things than I. Here’s a little secret: if something is important you will make time for it. 

Referencing Star Wars and Star Trek in the same paragraph ftw.

:bulletred: You are in charge of your success

There comes a certain point where you can no longer blame lack of time, lack of inspiration, other people, etc. for why you aren’t getting where you want to with your artwork. This advice applies for any goal; it’s not unique to artists.

High fives for everyone!

:bulletred: Art block, art schmlock

We’ve all been there. A stifling of inspiration, creative juices, this that and the other. An art block is not a sufficient excuse to stop making art if you’re trying to improve. If I am in the block mode, rather than try to sit there and ‘come up’ with something to draw, I’ll do a still life. I’ll practice mixing colors. I’ll do thumbnail sketches from people watching. Sitting there glowering because I can’t think of anything to draw on my own is not only unproductive, but also depressing.

Kick that art block right in the fayse.

:bulletred: You don’t need fancy materials

That’s one of the oldest excuses in the book. You want to paint but don’t have top grade oils? Train yourself on the $1 pan of kiddie watercolors from the drug store. Want to sculpt but have no clay? Make homemade playdough from water, flour, and salt. Want to draw, but you have no paper? Doodle on junk mail, envelopes, and napkins. Want to do digital art, but alas Photoshop is too expensive? GIMP,, hell even MS Paint are there for a reason dude!  Before I got a graphics tablet I did digital painting with my laptop track pad and fingers. You’re apt to be even more creative with a lesser amount of materials.

There are no limits to your creativity!



Spotlight Vol. 78

Animals, Plants and Nature

Notable Newcomers

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 10:26 PM by Aeirmid:iconaeirmid:


Hello, all!

I wanted to feature some new photomanipulators. Each of these talented artists has been on DA for less than a year, yet they have taken concepts to a whole new level. Please welcome them and offer your support!

Underwater scenes have been done before, but I really like the way this artist added interesting elements in the background and created a wistful, reflective feeling. Also, his lighting is really nice.
Underwater by ElementOfOne1

This artist has a wonderful mastery of colors and light. The idea of staring down over a city is not new, but the interesting, creative way she presents the concept is very original.
Sea of Angels over my city by obereg

This quite emotional conceptual piece stands out from the crowd because of the artist's powerful interpretation of the stock model. The artist also uses color and light effectively.
Way to Heaven by JennyLe88

The artist has a super cool concept here, and he blends a lot of stock images together quite nicely. There is so much symbolism in this piece, and the composition is powerful as well.
Sasha by Gedogfx

This really cool deviation also puts a new and different spin on a concept (the hole in the wall) that has been done before. Great composition and atmosphere make this image work well.
Bertahan by azisahrul1

That's all for now. If you have a photomanipulation newbie you think deserves some love and attention, please drop me a note!


Jade / Aeirmid




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Light Hunters Feature #81

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 3:10 AM

Enjoy some of the recent additions to our gallery




This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Recent Faves

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 10:00 AM
*Scheduled. I'm away on a trip!*
Enjoy some of my recent faves!
Home to be Free by TamarViewStudioStaffy Portait by Hidden-TreasuryMy Fenix by kanekamiOh Hi There! by x-xSpitFirex-xNuna #2 by all17
P.S. I Love You... by BluyStardustAxolotl by boro-officialcute  bracelet by Miyaka89Stay Home by werolOh Life by Oer-Wout Out of reach by NaBHaN. by TjasaVanDortShadow by painted-flamingoWhen it rains..dear by NaBHaNpuppy by dorkauskythoroughbred by Hidden-TreasuryAnd they lived happily ever after ... by justcallmemike Maia by A-MotiveT e a ? by LimpidDUnder the bright moon by AurorieLaila II - to the rescue! by BlackPepperPhotosbeautiful Chaos by glowinthedarkpainWhere shall we go next, bud? by Ariyx <da:thumb id="467359325"/>   Nature's Crowning Moment by BridalWreathRasselbande 2 by hoschieTwizzler - 01 by ArtByCRileyjust love you by Keila-ravena thousand voices howling in my head by Poisons-KissEternal sigh by nadril83The Three Sisters. by penwiper Auction - closed. by SafiruYenaYena pixel by pandapootsSilver Fox by Hymnsie Brindle Grizzly by PastYourPorchlight Nikki by AndersStangl P.Pictus by BulinkoDiscovered in the garden by LewiARTs

Thursday Greets

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 5:17 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

:spotlight-left: Welcome to Thursday Greets! :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:iconjolynn1012: jolynn1012

  Cat and Dog vs. Killer Croc    Cat looked over at Dog. "Are you ready?" she shouted at her sister.
    "Always ready for a battle!" Dog responded.Cat pulled out her sword and ran at Killer Croc.Dog grabbed her knife and ran at him from behind.Cat jumped up and lunged at him as he swung his arm and hit her stomach.She flung backwards, hit a tree, and got stuck.Dog jumped onto his back and tried to stab him but he grabbed her arm and flung her to the  ground.He went to stomp on her but she rolled out of the way just in time.Cat used her sword to cut the part of her sleeve that got caught on the branch then ran towards the fight.Dog jumped up and threw a knife at him that got lodged in his arm.He let out a roar then grabbed Dog and threw her down.While he was distracted, Cat ran up to him and jumped on him.She held out her hand.
    "Dog, now!" she yelled to her sister.Dog reached into her pouch an pulled out a heavy piece of metal and threw it to Cat.Cat caught it and used it to
  Melody    "Melody,I need to talk to you,"the woman grabbed Melody's hand and sat her down at the kitchen chair."Mel, your father,he's gone." Melody couldn't even react.First, her sister, then her mother, now her father.She thought for a minute her heart stopped but then the tears spilled out.She jumped forward and hugged the woman who then patted her back."It's okay,I'll take care of you now."Melody nodded.She didn't want to be alone.
    "Mel, it's been two weeks now.Cheer up,"Cat looked her in the eyes as they stood in the middle of the forest.
    "I can't, dad was all I had left, now I have no one." Mel said with a sad voice and a face so depressing even the devil would feel bad.
    "Mel, you'll always have me.If you left, I'd leave,too.You're all I have.If you aren't happy,I'm not gonna be happy."Cat had her hand resting on her shoulder.She still didn't s
  Tune and Prowler's Kindness    "Slip into a deep sleep, forget all of your problems.Don't worry about anything, for now just lay down and sleep," Tune sung to the half asleep little boy with his head on her lap.Prowler slowly walked towards them with a knife.The little boy cringed up as a creak sounded.
    "Brother, I can't sleep," a little girl about four years old walked in holding a teddy bear by the ear.Prowler and Tune looked at each other.After a minute,Tune slid the kid's head off her lap."Who are you?"the little girl looked up at them with cute eyes.
    "We're here to help you sleep.Why can't you sleep?"Prowler bent down to look the girl in her eyes as she asked her what was wrong.
    "I had a nightmare,"the girl looked on the verge of tears.
    "What if me and my sister sat with you while you slept?"Tune asked as she got to the child's level.Immediately,the girl's face lit up.
    "Yes!Brother usually tells me I'll be okay and puts me back

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:iconissapiie: issapiie

  [dying star alive]the night is alive
and you my dear are the universe
experiencing itself
through windows.
we are all born 
at the heart of a dying star
a dying star now alive
within our very souls
we are all just little creatures
laughing and dancing
and falling in love
{beneath the moon
beneath the sky
beneath ourselves}
  foreverthe pirates they sail on seas of love
and they tear across the skies above
strewn with summer and golden leaves
that have fallen from mystical magical trees
and deep in the forest the animals dance
from the hugest hawk to the tiniest ant
and their song will ring out so pure and so true
this song is their gift to you
and the world will act in harmony
come together in a chorus of destiny
and the creatures in the seas below
they too will dance and sing, i know
and we are one
you and i
and through midnight and daybreak
together we fly
  the stairs in the nightyou're going upstairs
and shafts of moonlight dapple the faded carpet
illuminating the kind of grime that only suburban life can bring
and, weary, you seek the solstice of a warm bed and hope for untroubled sleep
but, in your haste,  you think that there is one more stair than there really is
and your foot falls down into the abyss of darkness that is the night
and for a moment you are suspended, stumbling in the shadows,
heart in mouth, pen in hand
pulse quickening and head spinning
the odd, panicked confusion
of the stairs in the night

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:iconsarah-l-s: Sarah-L-S

Robin in cherry tree by Sarah-L-S I Love You - Wolves by Sarah-L-S Life of a bird. by Sarah-L-S
Sarah-L-S has no wish listed
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:icondancer741: Dancer741

Rainbow Dash by Dancer741 Danika for Cottonii by Dancer741 Happy 4th of July by Dancer741
Dancer741 wishes for more exposure for their art.
Dancer741 is offering commissions.

:iconmiaowkat: miaowkat

Foolish Love (Denmark x Reader)The (hair color) (nationality) sat on the bed with her knees huggled to her chest. She placed her head and started to think about...her future. It was currently cold and snowing outside, she was staying with inside the Nordic family house or how she calls it; for the roommates of the house were from the Nordic countries. She was actually friends with them but the Danish, Mathias Køhler was the closest. They would always hang out together up to now.
The reason why she was staying there because her house is under construction, redecorate and so on...
All of them went out for grocery shopping, except for Mathias and (Name). (Name) wanted to go too also but they told her that she was a guest. Mathias stayed behind for that he could spend a good time with her. With that line, he received a pull on his tie from Lukas, saying that if he does anything to her, he would(n't) be remembered. 
It was already night time and the three weren't home yet,
  My Love (South Korea x Reader)(Name) sat on her bed. Today, everyone was avoiding (Name), she didn't exactly know why. The moon and starless sky outside the window was all she could stare at. She breathed out tiredly, tired of getting hear that everyone is busy or no one remembers at all; the weight of the day was crushing her shoulders, she never had felt so dejected.
“Oh… Was that today?”
“Sorry (Name), but I’m really busy today.”

That seemed to be their only answer when (Name) asked her friends if they had remembered her birthday. She struggled to hold back tears all through the day and sometime, she would ask herself.
"What's going on? Everyone is avoiding me and why no one remembered?!" (Name) crossed her arms tightly on her chest, a glaring pout on her face.
This had gone long enough.
Until a vibration on her pocket...
“Finally!” (Name) exclaimed, pulling out her phone and pressed the button, “Someone who now remembers my—"
  Smooth Moves (Germany x Reader)Currently, (Name) and her boyfriend, Ludwig were stargazing outside the porch.
No talking nor interactions; just pure silence.
But (Name)'s peace of mind was interrupted by an idea that suddenly popped on her mind.
"Luddy~" She cooed. "Look at that!" She pointed to who-knows-where.
And of course, Ludwig listened to her and looked at where she was pointing at. He cocked slightly and even squinted his eyes just for a better view whilst oblivious to the person whose lips were slightly puckered up.
"Liebe, I couldn't find--" He turned his head to (Name) and of course...
Their lips met.
(Name) moved away immediately, leaving Ludwig blushing then he smirked. "Is that your smoothest move?"
Her eyes went wide at his words, "W-what?"
"I bet that I can do better than that."
"No way! I can do way better than what I did." (Name) boasted.
"Hm...okay, we'll make a bet who has the smoothest move." Ludwig stated, "But the loser will eat their most hated food." Ludwig huffed.
"DEAL!" (Name) cheered. "I

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:icona-shadow-rose: A-Shadow-Rose

Articulationi. these words i use to convey my feelings
are mere words - lines connected or
abandoned because i was once lost and
was not yet found until His hands
picked me up, stood me on my fragile
two legs and gently pushed, saying
"walk." and i did because crawling became
boring and running was so tiring that
to curse outright would've meant i'd
given up already.
ii. this isn't a story of who i am, this
is not a narrative of a young girl who is
tired of all that the world has thrown at her,
all that she has overcome, and all that awaits
for her on the other side of the threshold.
this is a mere one-sixteenth of her mind
and what happens when 2:00am thoughts
become words - words she cannot use to
convey her feelings because the hunger within
her mutes what she wants to say but purely
expresses how she feels - empty.
  Executionwe gave ourselves up
not knowing that
the firing squad
already sent bullets
f    l    y    i    n    g    .    .    .
  Flirting with BouquetsFlirting with Bouquets
she pricks her fingers
on rose bud thorns and
explains why to the boy
who grabs her hands and
asks. all she can do is
shrug and say she likes
the coloring - how her
porcelain finger blushes
profusely from the sweet,
kiss until it can't contain
itself anymore, and reveals
the secrets it's kept hidden
for far too long.

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:iconfeatherquilly: FeatherQuilly

Curiousity by FeatherQuilly Huge Yawn by FeatherQuilly Day 18: Yellowmint by FeatherQuilly
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Welcome all!


My lovely contributors - a big thank you

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 4:37 AM

Hello, guys! This is a thank you for the contributors in my team of Breathtaking-photos. They submit so many images to the group and are the ones that are the heart of this group. They are the eye, and I am so thankful to have you. :heart:
Also, I hope I am also a good leader to you..

Because of that I will feature you all together, so that you can watch every deviant on your own! 
Thank you for being with me for such a long time :hug:

(somehow the thumbs do not work properly. So the feature is not the best-designed one, but hey, image is image!)

Schattenwelt by WeissglutTiny t o a d by GiuliaDepoliART
Fury the Tortoise by GiuliaDepoliARTShrouded Way by Weissglut
Where The Light Resides by WeissglutAdmiring S i e n a by GiuliaDepoliART
Pinecones by AdorisArtswhite in Black by syinthetic
sightseeing by syintheticSpring is coming. by AdorisArts
Berries by AdorisArtsblue Paradise by syinthetic
1:52 - Contraddiction by SimplyMint29.52 - Dreams by head-in-the-cloud
27.52 - Blueberry by head-in-the-cloudFreedom. by SimplyMint
Breakfast. by SimplyMint52.52 - The end by head-in-the-cloud
Falling to the Flames by John-PeterWrong Way 'Round by pengirl389265
Outside Looking In by pengirl389265Faraway Enchantment by John-Peter
Son of the Forest by John-PeterLate July by pengirl389265
Found you! by MilaseryLittle Stalker by Lunar-Tiger
Daisies IV by Lunar-TigerStay strong by Milasery
Wake up by MilaseryPurity by Lunar-Tiger

Do you want to be a part of this awesome team? Then write a comment here and join!

:love: Welcome to the 20th edition of Fractaling! :love:
Please, be sure to go to the deviations, leave a comment and +favlove !

Julia raised dragon by SidicusMaximus
Holy Flower by Stufferhelix Saturday's Regret by MeddlerInc Creep by 2Plus2Equals
Hydro Tubing Room by tiffrmc720
221 by Arkadius13
Bubbles Catcher by LMcentury21 Nuclear Decay by Len1

Fractal Daily Deviations for the past week:

Lia by Sya
Burning Bridges by jim373cosmic horizon by noneOfUs
AmSurf Animation by Schmiegel
Undone by Beesknees67Echo of Winter by pinkal09
Puppet Stage Ocean by miincdesign

(I "forgot" one because it's been already featured in the previous issue)

I have not finished yet! Seems like lately we've been spamming gradient packs, so I'm going to post them because they're fabulous! OMG - Watch that (these are the ones I know about)

Gradient Packs:

Xyrus Gradient Pack for Apophysis by Xyrus-02 Gradients by tatasz Gradient Pack #3 by tatasz colornation by rce-ordinary

Apophysis Gradient Pack #1 by C-91

Go and show these deviants some love! Love in the Air 

See you next week! :noes:

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