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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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What is a Digital Doll?

Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:00 AM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:

Galleries Month

As part of the gallery description month, I'm going to be introducing the Digital Dolls subcategory (and it's subcats) to all of you.  This will include a brief description and a few examples from each category.

Digital Dolls is located in the Customization category.  Customization is the gallery that is dedicated to forms of art that let you modify or individualize things; wallpapers to change up your desktop, avatars and icons to change your dA presence, emoticons to enhance the chat experience and digital dolls.  Digital Dolls are created by customizing a base body, created by yourself or someone else, hence it's home in the Customization category.  

Digital dolls traditionally had a hard pixel edge and a transparent background but dolling has deviated away from that in recent years.  The transparent background used to be important for people that would adopt dolls (display them on personal web pages with a link back to the creator) so that a doll could look at home on any website background.

Digital Dolls has several sub categories with sub categories.  For simplicity's sake, let's call them level two and level three subcats.  The level two sub categories are:
Pixel art: These are dolls or bases that have been created one pixel at a time. Any anti-aliasing is done by hand.
Tooled: These are dolls or bases that have been created using brushes, gradients, effects, layer transparency or any other tools that cause anti-aliasing automatically.
Other: These are dolls or bases that have been created using a mixture of the two above definitions, or by incorporating traditional or other unspecified media that does not fit either of those definitions.  Cell shading has traditionally ended up here, although it is not required.

The level three subcategories are:
Adopted base: A doll made using a base made by someone else.  You have adopted the base (and followed the base maker's rules!) to create your own doll.
Base: A body, humanoid or otherwise, used to create digital dolls.  Note: Line arts that include hair and clothes belong in Resources and Stock Images > Lineart & Character Templates.
Original base: A doll created on a base created by you or a doll created without the aid of a base.  Also called baseless dolls.  This category has the most miscats because the name is ambiguous outside of dolling and implies a base not made by tracing instead of what it actually is.
Traced base: A doll created on a base (or a base) that was created by using tracing, which is creating an image by drawing on top of an existing image.  This category was created to house both traced dolls and traced bases but seems to only be inhabited by bases at the moment, which means that a lot of traced dolls have ended up in the adopted base category as it is also technically correct.

Here are some examples of each type of doll and base so you know what belongs where =)
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Adopted Base
Crystaline Heart by porcelian-doll Something Wicked by TheThirdAct Pixel Daenerys by Blumina
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Base
Day Zps6e45cafe by Yzah Farewell Base 3/4 View by Ichitoko Lumnia - Base by SandraCharlet
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Original Base
MDF Round 2 by naminote Blue dress 01 by mariiiis-dolls Insidious Bisque by Phansmatic
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Traced Base
smoooch - base frames by kishi-san Contest: Fix base by TheULTImateAngel Sad Catgirl Base by thecity2011
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Adopted Base
Steampunk Tomb Raider by GPhoenix CID - Round 2 by caitlincaitiecait Grey hair by SmiteTheeWithApples
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Base
Enchantix - Paid Base Pack by EnchantingRainbow Hippy Base One by Imaginary--Thoughts Rock and Roll Queen Base by Imaginary--Thoughts
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Original Base
Through the Ages - Round 1 by zapatones Lady Macbeth by FionaCreates TCP Odyrah Round 2 by Odyrah
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Traced Base
The shocking truth base by Aqua999 base 29 by black-cat-lover-mew
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other > Adopted Base
The Mistress... in pixels by ValkAngie Stocking by codelauren You can thank your lucky star. by beri-cram
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other > Base
- 2 free bases - by SoukiAdopts - Mandarin 3 - by base-o-holic Female Base 2 by ZellaRoss
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other > Original Base
Masquerade by FallenSunrise She Smiles Like the Sunrise by LadyHazy Twirl by IridescentStardust
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other> Traced Base
'Stop that' - couple base 2 by MetroBase MLP : FIM base by Kitty-Kitty-Koneko Couple Portrait 002 by CuriouserBases

I hope this has eased some of the confusion =)  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

All stunning photos :-D and enjoy!

The Rains of Castamere. by Hamish-Frost Angels and Demons by asfolk Sarina by EmilySoto Walking together by mariomencacci After Rain Comes Sunshine by thedaydreaminggirl Under Pink Skies by kkart The Unconscious Mind by Fassod Launch by StevenDavisPhoto :) by lisans Reflections In Blue by Barnum60 Morning in the Forest by ferrohanc Peaceful Dove by EOS-Husky Budapest - IR XLIX (Budapest Noir) by DimensionSeven Draped in heavenly dreams by LordLJCornellPhotos 1960 by donmezerm La Catrina VI by NickChao The Cabaret Dancer by ShaeUnderscore Untitled by kriakao Belle ile 4 by HekaAM Captain Cold - Flash - New 52 by WhiteLemon Lucia in the subway by M0THart write me a poem. by popoks DSC 2729ffff by metindemiralay Lil Muncher by mj-magic en el  silencio del tunel by existencia5 Playing with the sunshine by mitazu08 Postcard from London 13 by JACAC Blue by m-eralp silent for so long by StefanBeutler Iceland landscapes pt. VII by TheChosenPesssimist Real Life Elsa by naked-in-the-rain The Valley of the Five Lakes - The Great Lake III by Beezqp Untitled by nairafee Sarina by EmilySoto  -Forest cathedral- by Janek-Sedlar Here Comes the Sun by WillTC Ocean by Vitaly-Sokol The Love Is Gone by Bas-Foto August 20th by FramedByNature Explosion by runyouknow1 August 19th by FramedByNature Variable weather by immoraldream CXXV. by arianeka Heather Mix by Justine1985 Homie by A2Matos Eye 44 by BaselMahmoud JimaGination Photography by JimaGinationPhotogra # 5 by uberfischer Wedding in Paris by Slava-Grebenkin Florence Sunset by amaliabastos smoky light by isischneider Identity by DariaPitak [ J. O. A. ]01 by FlorianWeiler Ducks in the sea by fly10 The return of the jedi 02 by Bojkovski Fall by SoundOfRaindrops tranquil forests by LindaMarieAnson Cat Potrait by MuratGezer Portrait de rue by hubert61 Img 2753-001 by varga-thamas cardinal by paws720 La De Bugambilias by EMOCIONARTE Autoportrait II by czoky Mountain meadow by Phototubby fungus by artmobe Mushrooms on a Tree Stump by Danimatie Abduction by tntrekabulator Fall In Love by BautistaNY Tea by Leona-Snow Taxi! by BautistaNY Liquid Gold by MarinaCoric
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                        girl by MartaSyrko

                          Car by Azram

                        Fox Eyes by nathanperry

                                 Voiture avec chauffeur by Azram


                      aleksandr yurievich by KseniaMaytama


                                Shrine by Ragnar949

                     duru2 by cllozdemir

:love: Welcome to the 24th edition of Fractaling! :love:
Please, be sure to go to the deviations, leave a comment and +favlove !
Other worlds exist by BoxTail
Wet Dreams by SallySlips #532 [tweak] by bezo97
Extant by eralex61
the calm outskirts of atlantis by taurus66 Shiny flowers by jagerion Never Forget by ThoughtWeaver

Fractal and Fractal related Daily Deviations for the past week:

Glynnian Ashes by AkuraPare Evanescent Architecture by b33rheart Shining Connections by Topas2012 Spiral by Steelsoldat Silky by SuicideBySafetyPin ...Dream by Aqualoop31

Go and show these deviants some love! Love in the Air

See you next week! :noes: - C-91

Galleries Month

Hello and welcome to the Fan Art section of the galleries description month :wave:  Basically, I'm here to give you a play by play of how the Fan Art sub categories are structured and what belongs in them.  On August 30th, STelari will be giving you a guide to Traditional Art and Fan Art miscategorizations and Gwendolyn12 will be giving you a guide to Anime/Manga and Fan Art miscategorizations, so I will not delve too deeply into those here.  So let's delve into the wonderful world of Fan Art!

What is Fan Art?
Fan Art is the Level 1 category found on the category tree.  Fan Art is currently defined as art containing copyrighted characters or concepts.  This basically means art of characters, creatures, locations, items, etc that are under copyright and were NOT originally created by you.  But the word concepts is also important here; characters created for a specific fandom also have a home in Fan Art, since they build on the existing copyrighted world, concepts and ideas.  Fan Art has also recently begun allowing art of bands and celebrities as it is art done by their fans, so it does make sense to house them in this category :nod:

What are the main subcategories and why are they set up this way?
I will be the first to say it: Fan Art's layout is not intuitive.  But I'll do my best to explain.  After selecting Fan Art as a submission category, you are brought to the following menu, which I call the level 2 categories:
:bulletblue:Cartoons and Comics
:bulletblue:Digital Art
:bulletblue:Manga and Anime
:bulletblue:Traditional Art

These subcategories are the media/genre in which the piece was created. So to go into a more detailed break down:

:bulletblue:Anthro: Fan Art created in the style of anthropomorphic art (animals/objects having human qualities).  All Sonic Fan Art belongs here, for example, or Fan Art of your favourite character as a werewolf or what have you.

:bulletblue:Cartoons and Comics: Fan Art drawn in the style of Western comics and cartoons.  So Fan Art emulating the style of Marvel Comics or Disney belongs here.

:bulletblue:Digital Art: Fan Art created using digital software that does not fit into Anthro, Comics/Cartoons, Anime/Manga, Skins, or Wallpapers.  Digital software being programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, MS Paint, Paint Tool Sai, etc.  Realistic Fan Art created digitally would most likely end up here.

:bulletblue:Manga and Anime: Fan Art drawn in the style of Eastern comics/manga and cartoons/anime.  Art emulating the styles of Studio Ghibli or Sailor Moon, for example belongs here.

:bulletblue:Traditional Art: Fan Art created using traditional media such as paints, pencils, pens, ink, markers, pastels, crayons, chalks etc.  Computer programs are used to create minor adjustments only or not at all!

:bulletblue:Wallpaper: Fan Art created to be used as desktop backgrounds for your computer.  These tend to come in a variety of standard desktop sizes for easy use.

Level 2 Examples:
League of Legends - beware the tall grass by vesner The Master Ball by Gabasonian Protect Our Master!!! by poibuts The untouchable hunter by polarityplus King's Armour by Kinko-White KILLA MOVES RYUKO - Kill La Kill by Eddy-Shinjuku

Level 2A categories
:star:Anthro, Comics and Cartoons and Anime and Manga have level 2 bonus categories after their selection: traditional or digital.  Since these three are stylistic, the choice for digital or traditional denotes the media used.:star:

:star:Likewise, Digital and Traditional have further breakdowns by media to choose from.  For Traditional Art these choices are: Drawings (work done in pencils, chalks, pens, etc) and Paintings (work done in water colours, oils, acrylics, etc).  
For digital the list is a bit more hefty: 3-Dimensional art (art sculpted in 3D programs like zbrush), Drawings (digital work simulating traditional drawing methods (cell shaded work and sketches typically end up here), Other (work containing both traditional and digital media OR digital work that fits no other level 2A category), Painting and Airbrushing (digital work simulating traditional painting techniques), Vector (digital art created in vector programs containing only vector (infinitely scalable) elements), and Vexel (digital art containing a mix of vector and other digital techniques).:star:

Final Level Categories
These are the last categories that you will have to choose from when submitting Fan Art to dA.  Did the character you drew come from a movie, a book, a game, etc?  These sub-categories tell your audience what your Fan Art is of.

:bulletgreen:Books & Novels: Fan Art of characters, concepts, places, creatures from books, novels, short stories, comics, web comics, manga, or fan fiction belongs here.  Fan Art of Terry Pratchett's Discworld, or Marvel's Dr. Strange or Tolkien's Silmarillion or the comic Lumberjanes for example, go here.

:bulletgreen:Games: Fan Art of characters, concepts, places, creatures, from games; this ranges from table top games to card games to video games and everything in between.  Fan Art of Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of Zelda, Magic the Gathering, Angry Birds for example, belong here.

:bulletgreen:Other: Fan Art that does not fit the other categories belongs here.  Fan Art of celebrities not in a character role, or of a song or any other fan art that does not fit would go here.

:bulletgreen:TV & Movies: Fan Art of characters, concepts, places, creatures from television series, anime series, movies, docudramas, etc goes here.  So Fan Art of Disney Movies, BBC's Sherlock, Spirited Away, the Simpsons, for example, go here.

I hope this makes the Fan Art category make more sense for everyone :nod:  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Birthday + Watchers and my Resources features 40

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 3:32 PM

            Love in the Air     Hi there

 Thank you very much for the birthday wishes, llamas and faves! You guys rock :headbang: I had a normal day but you made it amazing, thank you specially to :devjust-a-little-knotty: for the exclusive stock gift and for the dedications below made this year by awesome people! :love: :w00t: I´m honored to be in your mind and to be a reason of inspirations to some and a path to learning to others. I hope I can continue to grow both as artist and human, to keep seeing your works and YOU forever. :heart:

                                Like every week here my watchers features that leave their THUMB in the pool, remember all thumbs are featured, i don't reject any type of art in this area :) (Smile) And also Like every week here a small feature to the one who use my resources!
                                Thank you so much to all the active watchers, the ones that always leave lovely comments, favs and llamas Happy cry (Tears of joy) As i always say, you are the reason why i keep coming back I love deviantART!
I love you all! :hug: :love: Be safe and healthy, wish you all the best! Heart Love

Red Rose Left : Bullets by AngelicHellraiserDEDICATIONS:Red Rose Left : Bullets by AngelicHellraiser

Your Plan by creativemikey Spoiled Kitty  by LavitaDistress Sadness Angel by tinca2 Sacrifice by magicsart In a castle park by Nexu4 Roses Of Red by burningrage8-13 Walk in the Fog by Sisterslaughter165

Wing divider (left) by GewalgonWATCHERS! Wing divider (right) by Gewalgon

Melusine: Cold Hearted by BlackAddiction Feels like fire by Altair-E Leap of Light by LeenaHill Cosmic baptism by RazielMB Newyork (1 Of 1) by MarinaMitchell Princess and her Wolf by VeilaKs When God Forget Us by Lolita-Artz Delicate by TinaLouiseUk My Kingdom Come by TheDreamBelow 

         Wing divider (left) by GewalgonMY RESOURCES!Wing divider (right) by Gewalgon

Warlock by RunRockRise Proud Mother by FairieGoodMother Tenebris by octobre-rouge Surprised to see me? by TomasLepka Tower by flankerus Rose Red by IAmInsaneNoImNot Hellawes by CRaght Green Mist Horse Manip by saphirestar5 The Philosopher [Updated] by A-Wakefield Forevermore by VeilaKs The Forgotten Bride by needcaffine frozen angel by ViktoriyaDr

       Wing divider (left) by GewalgonAMAZING WORK BY akramkamil Wing divider (right) by Gewalgon

M E R M A I D by akramkamil

       Wing divider (left) by GewalgonNEW:Wing divider (right) by Gewalgon

Break the spell my Love by StarsColdNight Guardian Angel by StarsColdNight
Random fractals 25 by Starscoldnight by StarsColdNight Random fractals 44 by Starscoldnight by StarsColdNight

                Wing divider BLACK (left) by GewalgonFAQS: Wing divider BLACK (right) by Gewalgon
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions? 
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want? 
FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
FAQ #155: How do I report a deviation which I think breaks the rules?

Thanks for the Favs :Button: by Circe-Baka                     Fun not fame... by prosaix                     [Stamp] I support my watchers! by moiraeanoir                     Stamp: Magical Powers by TheSaltyMonster                     I Draw Because I Dream by RomanticParody                     fav-ninja by CookiemagiK                     Read Before You Comment by LeoLeonardo                     I :heart: my watchers Stamp. by jugga-lizzle                     Stamp | Wishes by CuteSight                     Dark With A Heart by xTabbyCakes                     im serious. by rawings                     Stamp Yogi_24 by JEricaM                     Never Rush Deviations Stamp by SparkLum                     Meaningful Usernames by DragonLordKris                     Stamp 003 by nvs911                     


Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 8:19 PM

Tagged By: TheBakerandWriter
Tagging rules: 

1. Complete all the questions or alter them to make it your own!
2. Please link back to the S.M.I.L.E. event or at least mention it in your journal's title. 
3. Tag as many people as you'd like to fill out these questions! (The more the merrier)
4. Have fun or else! Or else! :D (Big Grin)
5. Repost these rules in your journal. Or else! Heart


1.) How do you feel about your DeviantART community?
The Lit community is close-knit, kind, and ALWAYS willing to lend other artists a listening ear and whatever help they can.  There are so many important, influential, wonderful deviants in the Lit community who keep me inspired and challenge me to always be better. I honestly think that the literature community strives, every single day, to show up with their pants on and make a difference--even small ones, like features or comments or just showing someone support through suggesting a piece for DD or DLR means a great deal.  

2.) What was/is your favorite experience here on DA?
Collaborating with others, definitely!  I LOVE the different voices, styles, and imagery you can find in other people's work, and trying to mesh your own writing with theirs--it's a challenge, but if you work together and are open to trying new things, you can make beautiful things that speak to and enthrall others.  

3.) Is there anyone you admire in the community?
Oh, for sure!  Let's see...
chromeantennae is absolutely wonderful; Ricky is always going out there with his big heart and kind words, lending a hand and supporting the rest of the Lit community as best he can.  Also, he's just a great guy to talk to.

SilverInkblot is ALWAYS coming up with fresh, new spins on poetry and poetry forms.  Her color poems took dA by storm a few years ago, and recently she founded TheTitlePage for another of her forms, using only the titles of other deviant's works to create new and interesting poetry.

BloodshotInk, though focusing on college and school work (GOOD FOR YOU, HON!), was one of the FIRST deviants who made me want to give back.  She is SO supportive, SO wonderful to others--she really makes you feel important (which you ARE!).

IrrevocableFate, LiliWrites, GrimFace242, Beccalicious, PinkyMcCoversong, neurotype, thorns and LadyLincoln also get a shout-out here--they're all wonderful artists and AMAZING people, so if you don't know of them or their contributions to the lit community (which are honestly too numerous to name out one by one!) you should definitely head over to their pages and take a look around.

Also, I HAVE to mention ALL of the staff over at the following wonderful groups: dACompliments, dAWishingWell, RecommendAFriend, ProjectComment, dAy-Brighteners, BurdenedHearts, and LitRecognition --you all put your hearts and souls into helping keep positive outlooks alive and bringing people together.  THANK YOU ALL!

4.) What do you admire in your own work on this website?
I think... How much being in this community, and interacting with/reading the words of others, has shaped me in my own work.  Without the lit community, I don't think I'd have come as far in recent years as I have.  You're all so wonderful and inspiring, and you've done a LOT to help push me out of my comfort zone and stretch my writing boundaries.  I thank every one of you for it--keep being wonderful. :heart:

5.) Quick! If you could give anyone here on DeviantART a big squishy hug, who would it be?
EVERYONE ON MY :+devwatch: list!  No really, I'm not kidding--there are a lot of you, but you are all beautiful and unique and I just want to :iconpirateglompplz: you!

6.)  What are five of your favorite pieces of work form different artists and why do you like them?
a wreck-
age wearing
at the sea(m)s
of tidal vacancy;
I am the ocean, and
the moon has
forsaken me.
cling to reason,
I stumbled on
absence stagnant,
abrupt. bedridden yet
ever chas(m)ing, I  
fell to salt-soaked
ground from a
words were all it took
but all you do is take.
I am waking
and I am shaken
tsunami waves that break
in empty frantic fury;
you are
the briefest repose
or instant of stillness,
I yearn; instead
I am abandoned by language,
I am bound to languish beneath
mountainous (n)ever-rest
tempests that swell,
that quell
even the most desperate of breaks
for the shore.
--The word play, the imagery, the pacing and format all come together to breathe life into this beautiful piece.
Plus SizeI.
I don't worry so much
about what size dresses I wear,
how many chins I have
or how many pounds I weigh.
I'm not all that bothered
if I don't really match
the airbrushed and edited standard of beauty
the media sells as the modern ideal.
I don't beat myself up
for eating the odd slice of cake,
tucking into a cookie
or savouring my favourite snacks.
Life's too short for all of that.
What scares me is the size of my heart.
Sometimes, my heart feels so big
I don't know if I'll ever fill it -
if there'll ever be a love
or a desire
or a dream big enough
to stop the pangs,
the cravings
and the feelings of emptiness.
Then again, at other times,
my heart feels so heavy
it almost weighs me down:
it stores sad thoughts
and negative reflections
of all the horrors in the world
and feels solid, like a stone
sinking within my chest.
Maybe my heart is a little too big.
Perhaps I could try a special diet -
like the “I Don't Give a Damn” Plan,
“Care Less
--Take a moment to think--REALLY THINK--about the message here. You're beautiful. You're unique. You're you, and that's ALL that matters.
as you teach her to say yesthe demons of your daughter
are of your own creation.
as your face stretches
into a grin of grotesque
conditioning and you say,
absolutely unthinking,
to her five-year-old
tear-stained face,
"he only hits you
because he likes you."
as too quickly for you
she sprouts breasts
and when her tender torso
twists in sunlight
you tell her that she
cannot go outside
wearing that, you teach
her through holding your
hand over your mouth,
knuckles underneath your nose,
the meaning of that empty
antiquated word ladylike.
she looks pasty and listless
five days of the month
but you do not teach her
how to properly insert
a tampon, she knows how
to suck guys off but she
doesn't know what the fuck
to do with her own clitoris.
her mind is captured by the
television as it tells her
that it is good to wear
skirts above mid-thigh
and make men happy by pulling
them onto a mattress but then
she says no when she's not allowed
and suddenly she is blamed by
that same force that shaped her
and an attorney
--This.  It doesn't even need words.
Life by Kyla-Nichole--Look CLOSELY; there's more to this art than meets the eye at first glance.
Night dreaming by areot--Because painting ALONE takes mad skills; doing it on a FEATHER?! Outrageously awesome.

7.) Do you have any aspirations from being here on DeviantART?
I just...I want to continue living my life in a positive, caring way. I want to continue giving back to others, because people are wonderful but can't always give themselves what they need most.

8.) Who was the last person or animal you hugged?
My husband, of course! 

9.) How often do you leave comments/critiques?
Not as often as I used to. I'm TRYING to get back into the swing of doing that--though critiques I usually only ever give when people ask me for them specifically, as you don't always know for sure who is looking for them or is receptive to criticism. 

10.)  What color shirt are you wearing right now?
Blue/green/yellow tye-dye type. :)

11.) How many people do you know on DA and in real everyday life?
Uhm. A total of....three. One the husband and I went and met when we were in college (here's looking at you, darkanddefiant!); the husband, obviously; and a guy who hardly ever logs in that I know from high school.

12.) What makes you happy?
Seeing other people happy. Honestly, that's the ONE sure thing to making me happy--is letting me make YOU happy. So tell me...what can I do for you today? :heart:

13.) What does a smile mean to you?
Hard work well-done.  Positive outlooks, courage, a sense of confidence and love of yourself.  Honestly, guys, I wasn't lying when I said you're all beautiful--you ARE.  Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.

Create your own questions! Maybe you want to tag a special someone and you want to ask them an embarrassing questions to make their cheeks go all red. (How long was it since you washed your underwear? LOL) Maybe you just want to ask someone about who they are, what they prefer or you just want to ask them another question for the sake of asking another question! Create what you like and there is no limit. As long as the journal produces a smile, it can be altered as you choose. 

My Questions:
1. There is almost a sense of disconnect between the WRITTEN world on dA and the VISUAL one--if you could employ ONE idea to bring those two worlds closer together, what would you do?
2. What is the last thing that made YOU smile? What is the last thing you did to send a smile to someone else?
3. What can we do, as a community/site, to bring MORE smiles/happiness to other users?
4. What is/are your favorite things about the dA community you're most connected to?  What is/are your favorite things about the people of that community?
5. Who are some of the most influential/inspiring people of your community?  Why?
6. Are there any community projects and/or groups that have helped you or given you a chance to help others?
7. What are your future dA aspirations/goals/dreams?
8. Have you suggested a piece of writing or artwork for a DD recently? What about a DLR?  If you haven't, are there any reasons for that?
9. Somebody's having a bad day and posts about it in a journal/poll; what do you do to cheer them up?
10. Share a joke with us? (pleasepleasePLEASE make it family friendly!)
11. What types of food/drink always bring you a smile? Why? What about scents or sounds?
12. Have you ever created a piece of art for another deviant (outside of commissions)?  If so, how did doing that make you feel?
13. A lot of deviants, particularly in the lit community, talk about how important it is to give INTO the community what you'd like to get OUT of it--do you agree? Why or why not?
14. Last question--what are some of your favorite and most-used emotes on dA?

I TAG ANY/EVERYONE who sees this and wants to do it.  This was a TON of fun! :iconheartglompplz:

Photo by zZToraZz

Guardians of the Galaxy

Thu Aug 28, 2014, 3:00 AM

Your Official dA Artisan Crafts Group

Star Lord angle by drummerkidd12
Gaurdians of the Galaxy Gamora Quote Necklace by Tsurera
Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Cosplay Costume by mch2020moehunt Rocket raccoon Cosplay by CyberBunnyCosplay
SALE: Chibi Groot inspired plush by MrsVolv
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