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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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sept3 by Elerko too much by arslanalp
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Mom and Daughter by sandas04
Never Too Old by Vermontster Untitled (35) by gerdschneider
Oh! Grandpa by ZiaulKareem 01052013-01052013-dscf2007-4-1 by maurocapelli

car boot sale by lightdrafter
Untitled 484 by thelizardking25 dance with me.. by lightdrafter
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Instant by ZiaulKareem
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A Syrian In Istanbul by Canankk Postcard from China 01 by JACAC Drunk American Man by PatrickMonnier
00782 by NunoFigueira Carrapateira by vamosver            :iconthestreetjournal:

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Welcome To The Today Page

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 4:32 PM

The wonderful thing about the shared global art narrative is that it’s constantly evolving.

A new chapter in the deviantART story has begun, with a new Today Page focused on outreach and engagement, telling our stories and bringing a devious lens to the world around us. We seek to monitor, analyze, report on, and most importantly, be a part of encouraging the bond between art, life and the human spirit using the pulse of the first digitally-oriented art collective and in ways older, established media cannot.


It is intended to be the first stimulus you seek every morning to complement your cup of coffee and a rich brew made of artists, writers, news, pop culture, communication, education, and fearless peer-to-peer connection.

We encourage deviants to send feedback on how you want The Today Page to evolve and we welcome suggestions on just what stories we should be covering. We need your help to build something truly amazing. Let’s go down this road together.

Here is the email address that the Today Page team will be monitoring for any suggestions or ideas that you may have.

Gradient Effect in Chaotica

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:36 AM
In this tutorial, i will explain how to make a fading gradient background effect in Chaotica, as it was done in this work, for example:

Monument Valley by tatasz

The technique can be easily adapted to Apophysis (using either custom plugins or linked transforms).

Also, if you have any trouble with the World Editor, please check my Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.

Gradient Background Effect

You can use this technique on almost any parameters. The only requirement is to have at least one iterator with blur. For the tutorial example, i will use a random world below:

1 by tatasz

The first step is to switch to World Editor and add a new iterator (use the "new iterator" button on top of the editor window). Here, it is the iterator 6:

2 Iter by tatasz

Select the transforms node, and click on the "new transform" button to add a new transform:

3 Transf by tatasz

Now replace the default linear transform type with sineblur as below:

4 Sineblur by tatasz

Now, we need to edit the post transforms. Select the flam3 transform node, and click on the "Show post transforms" button in the node editor:

5 Show Post by tatasz

Add a new transform to the post transform node (use the "new transform" button") and replace the default linear with log

6 Log by tatasz

Now, select weights node. Set weights to all iterators to 0, except the ones that have blur (iterator 4 here):

7 Weights by tatasz

Now you should have something like this:

Mean by tatasz

Time to move the gradient around. Select flam3 transform node, and click on the "add post affine" button.

9 Add Post Affine by tatasz

Select the added post affine, and move, rotate and scale it in the editor until the gradient is positioned in a way you like it. This is the default position:

10 Postaff by tatasz

And this is where i moved it:

11 Post Aff by tatasz

To get this:

Final by tatasz

Some editing tips and observations

Keep in mind this is not an actual background. The gradient will "overlap" with your fractal.

Also, this technique will work better for low gamma values.

A few things that you definitely should try:
  • instead of sineblur, try using other blurs (for example radial or gaussian)
  • replace log with polar or polar2
  • move and skew and rotate the gradient post transform
  • edit the gradient´s shaders
Explore and have fun :la:

The Unseen Stock - September

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 11:57 AM
If you like this feature, please add it to your favourites
and support the wonderful stock artists ! :heart:


    Captain Everette Shading Eyes 2 by PirateLotus-Stock Unknown Soldier (Step) Sheet by Null-Entity
    STOCK - Gothic Aristocratic Couple 02 by LienSkullova DSC 0163 WW1 Soldier by wintersmagicstock Wounded Female Hero Stock 24: Crouching by SteBra
 Sally Finkelstein Nightmare before christmas by Fran-photo STOCK - Gothic Aristocratic Man 02 (Running) by LienSkullova Lady Autumn 7 by Panopticon-Stock Emma 02 by HayleyGuinevereStock Untitled by Alexlexs
Vampire by hyuugahinata-stock
Autumn 9 by MajesticStock Untitled by ElectricSorceress Little Pirate Keira 4 by Elsapret Child Stock - Miss L 75 by shelldevil
S 158 by Alexlexs DSC 0155 WW1 Nurse by wintersmagicstock Blowing kisses by hyuugahinata-stock
Morgan 06 by gilraen-stock The Secret forest_4 by anastasiya-landa Child Stock - Miss L 030 by shelldevil Mad Hatter by Fran-photo
Marelune, Romane et le chien by stock-foto-graf-hi
I hear you by QueenWerandra Fairy by Fran-photo Pink Curly Stripes by arty-monster Cleopatra Stock 2 by ClaimYourself
STOCK - Bat Girl by Apsara-Art Reading in the Park 5 by Ceridwynne Resting traveler by QueenWerandra
Stock - Faun Shaman Portrait Fantasy Female 19 by S-T-A-R-gazer The White Stock 4 by ClaimYourself Lormet-People-0135sml by Lormet-Images Winter 5 by MajesticStock


Underwater XI by YBsilon-Stock Baltic Sea Schoenberger Strand 34 by BVFoto
Triberger Waterfalls #3 by 1Daydeviantart Forest Stock VIII. by ChristinaIsabella
Iceland 23 by LeikyaStock No Sun Today by StockbyStrawberry River 10 by Temansha Natrue 277 by Dreamcatcher-stock
Waterfall No3 by LaurensStock
 Arboritum 5 by PirateLotus-Stock Pacific Northwest Stock 51 by new-horizon-stock Wasserfall 01 by NellyGrace3103 Waterfall No16 by LaurensStock Waterfall No15 by LaurensStock
       Waterscape 21 by SweediesArt Waterfall 02 by CD-STOCK Stock 320 by lokinststock Crashing Waves Stock Photo DSC 0110 by annamae22       

Other nature

Forest-stock-prem26 by At-StockUntitled 98 by DBRossi
 Nature Fog 03 by Flare-Star forest 3 by yellowicous-stock                
Rocky Hills 02 by kuschelirmel-stock 246 by MASYON Geothermal Zone 07 by kuschelirmel-stock
Desert Pathway by dollieflesh-stock Pacific Northwest Stock 103 by new-horizon-stockRocky Stocky 01.. by Alz-Stock-and-ArtPacific Northwest Stock 988 by new-horizon-stock
The Watzmann by JenThams
little world 08 by Pagan-Stock Contrails with sun by JenThams Iceland 24 by LeikyaStock43 - What you see with your inner eye by postern
Misty Paths and Shadows by decorsPacific Northwest Stock 966 by new-horizon-stockWintriness by JenThamswinter mountains 16 by yellowicous-stock
Mountains lake by SimboresSunset 8 by HiddenYume-stockDirty road on mountains by SimboresSalt Marsh 01 by fuguestock
Catalpa centenaire III by fairling-stock
Untitled 33 by DBRossi February forest 3 by Mirk-stock Mitan River to Saint Pierre by A1Z2E3R Lightning 01 by blonboy
Scotland 5 by GothicBohemianStock River stone and mountains by blonboy Autumn02 by arxzero  Dsc0288 by KittyFelone
Untitled 100 by DBRossi Mossy Bank Stock2 by DaraGallery Misty Path by CD-STOCK


Scotland 29 GothicBohemianStock by GothicBohemianStock IMG_0497 by nudagimo
 Amboise by fairling-stock Inside the castle - One by Altair-E-Stock Abandoned house by MAKY-OREL Room castle 02 by Simbores
DSC 0010 Hastings Cemetery 8 by wintersmagicstock 055 by JustmeTD Castle ruins stock 1 by NickiStock Photo Reference of World Peru by environment-textures Scotland 37 GothicBohemianStock by GothicBohemianStock
Creepy Background 06 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK
Burnt house 10 by MASYON Old Building Stock 3 by CoutureEquineDesigns Gristmill Stock 1 by Cinnamoncandy-Stock Abandoned Church by ThruCarolsEyes-Stock
Houses by LaurensStock log cabin 1 by yellowicous-stock Ruins 6 by LaurensStock Barn 1 by LaurensStock
Viking Church by LaurensStock Fat Tower Stock by MoonshinesWorld dungeon 01 by Pagan-Stock Castle ruins stock 2 by NickiStock Southampton Old Cemetery 2014 12 by LadyxBoleyn
peggy's cove 1 by DaraGallery
Pixxel Worx Stock#80 by SFC-Auratus Overgrown 10 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Dungeon Stock by NickiStock wooden benches pathway by blonboy
 Overgrown 24 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Pixxel Worx Stock#98 by SFC-Auratus Wrecking 01 by CD-STOCK Old Church 15 by Love-To-Share-Stock
Haunted House 5 by FairieGoodMother
Gravensteen Castle Gent by petronellavanree Stowe Gardens 123 by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 Pixxel Worx Stock#99 by SFC-Auratus Pacific Northwest Stock 267 by new-horizon-stock
  Dsc0092 by KittyFelone Untitled by RWTA Architecture 11 A by Love-To-Share-Stock 088 by nudagimo
Mysterious fog in the country by QueenWerandra Asiatic House by CD-STOCK Overpass by januarystock  Gatehouse by cemacStock

Other background

27 - Castle on the edge of the world by postern Bridge- Stock Photo- 0125 by annamae22 Garden Stock 11 by FairieGoodMother
  well 1 by yellowicous-stock Stock Image by Meereen 241 by MASYON  
the road to the swamp by ajoj 
´The Maze 02 by kuschelirmel-stock Sand Sculpture (Stock Photo) by jeffkingston


Griffon vulture 1 by LittleOph Big Cat - 1 by AivisV steel Grey Arabian stock 4 by xxMysteryStockxx
Mexican Wolf Stock 12 by HOTNStock Lionfish XV by Esmeralda-stock Bull Roosevelt elk by JustmeTD
  Toco Toucan Stock by Oniendra
  Deer. by FerodoCat Frog by Temansha WDC 19 by CastleGraphics Butterfly 2 by LaurensStock
 Stock 328 by lokinststock messenger owl 2 by Topaz172 DSC 0007 01 Mr Toad 1 by wintersmagicstock Stock 318 by lokinststock
 Preparing to jump [Stock] by IvaxXx
 Racoon 1 by Quiet-bliss Fallow Deer 2 by landkeks-stock DSC 0020 Young Dunnock 2 by wintersmagicstock Sleeping dog [Stock] by IvaxXx
Butterfly Stock 27 by NellyGrace3103 Cornu aspersum snail 1 by FuriarossaAndMimma Wolf 14 by Black-Diamond-Stock Lion 11 by Black-Diamond-Stock
Red Deer 2 by landkeks-stock
Cat 34 [Stock] by IvaxXx Common Green Birdwing by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art 3912 - Hyles Gallii Hawkmoth 1 by HelenaRothStock Coati by Quiet-bliss
   WDC 12 by CastleGraphics Animals 127 flying fox by Dreamcatcher-stock Black Kitty [Stock] by IvaxXx Squirrel Stock 1 by NickiStock


Pumpkins 5 by ceeek-stockFirst Spring Rose by WhizzieWhizzerPumpkins 7 - Overripe by ceeek-stock
  tin house 1 by yellowicous-stock freestock - link back by carolinesphotos Chair and Violin by fuguestock DSC 0171 Wicker Baskets by wintersmagicstock
  Merry go round background stock by Mom-EsPeace old schoolbag by Susannehs Electric generator of Theater of St-Pierre by A1Z2E3R 046 by JustmeTD DSC 0053 Hastings Cemetery 31 by wintersmagicstock
old suitcase by Susannehs
 Toy horse by ArtbyValerie Mushroom 30 by mrscats Jars 2 by darknessofanubis Plane by ArtbyValerie
Daisy [Stock] by IvaxXx Fliegenpilz by Stille-Wasser 115 by ZeBracArdeaTH DSC 0004 01 Violin by wintersmagicstock
  DSC 0034 Borlotti Bean Pod 3 by wintersmagicstock Crystal - Apophylite and Stilbite by Tasastock Plum 02 by NellyGrace3103 Gypsy Vardo/Caravan by GothicBohemianStock  
Leni by CD-STOCK
Mushroom 02 by NellyGrace3103 Hibiscus4 by cazcastalla Camellia 01 by cemacStock Typewriter 2 by ArtbyValerie
Leather Bottle 02 by fuguestock sattelite dish and aerial by joelshine-stock Lormet-Statue-0596sml by Lormet-Images Oregon 3 by PirateLotus-Stock DSC 0158 WW1 Trench by wintersmagicstock



Rust 40 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Sick September 3 (Texture) by rskrakau  Rust Texture by IvaxXx
 Walking Man by IdunaHaya-Stock texture 01 by SenhArt Grave Stone Texture by timyouster Grave Stone Texture by timyouster
Sick September 4 (Texture) by rskrakau
The Forgotten 5 by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK  Grave Stone Texture by timyouster texture 16 by SenhArt Bacon83 by jojo22
 01006 by glassthroughskin Dirt Particles by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Water texture 7 by ceeek-stock Texture 46 by cemacStock 

My own latest stocks

Borghetto Stock 29 by Malleni-Stock Water lily Stock 24 by Malleni-Stock
Premade 04 by Malleni-Stock
Verona  Stock 14 by Malleni-Stock Sigurta Garden Stock 39 by Malleni-Stock Sirmione Stock 03 by Malleni-Stock Sigurta Garden Stock 43 by Malleni-Stock
Water lily Stock 27 by Malleni-Stock Sirmione Stock 21 by Malleni-Stock

'Unseen Stock to art' - All entries and winners !The contest and votings are over and we have found the winners! One was chosen by you in the polls, and the other by myself.
For my winner I decided to have a first and second place, but it was still extremely hard to choose from all these wonderful
entries. You had amazing concepts and created some good looking stuff ! Thanks for taking part and for voting, it was
my first contest and I think it was really successfull (:
x x x

Winner chosen by the community:

"This is where heroes and cowards part ways"

by JaiMcFerran

More of his work:

x x x
Winners chosen by me:
(Please respect my personal decision - I know that not all of
you will understand it, but everyone has a different taste ^.^)
1st place
"The search"
by idelirie
  One photo - 10 uses +week 41 Photo - 10 uses + Week 4
This is a new feature to celebrate and showcase some of the brilliant  Artists who use stock all around DeviantArt.
This weeks photo is:

1 - 2 -
3 - 4 -
5 - 6-
7 - 8 -
9 - 10 - Time never stops for anyone by jspanda
Win :huggle:
  Halloween Contest 2014This year...I want to see the terrifyingly haunted corners of your mind!
Take me, where you would normally NEVER go!
2 categories:
Stock and Photo Manipulation
:bulletblack: YOU MUST BE CREATIVE!
:bulletblack: You MUST link back to this journal so others can join in on the fun too!
:bulletblack: You may only use stocks from DeviantART.
:bulletblack: You must follow all providers TOU's
:bulletblack: You are allowed 5 entries, but only one may win.
:bulletblack: Contest begins on 09/01/2014 and 
ends on: 10/30/2014.
:bulletblack: All winners will be announced on Halloween :D
:bulletblack: All entries must have something to do with Halloween.
I do not want to see pretty fantasy pictures. :no:
:bulletblack: If entering with a stock entry, show me something rela

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Collection - MANAVATA

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 2:07 PM


Manavata means “humanity.” A social movement was born in India bearing that name, with “Humanity is our identity” as their guiding mantra. Like the many facets making up a sparkling diamond, here is a collection of photographs to remind us we are, together, one beautiful humanity.



I'm a Dubai based Pakistani Street photographer who is madly in love with the genre. Even though I try my best to convey the spirit of this wonderful city of my birth visually through my photography, the sounds and smells of the streets of downtown Dubai is something you'll have experience for yourself. In addition to Street photography, I'm trying to further hone my pictorial skills enough to break into freelance photojournalism and fine art photography. I also enjoy taking photographs of stray cats - a personal project that is very close to my heart.

Horrorscope Challenges

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 4:01 PM

Horrorscope Challenges

Do you like messing with the divine designs of the heavens that guide the fates of those of us here on Earth… just for giggles?

Do We have a challenge for you!

What if the symbols of the Zodiac were born of Dante’s Inferno, forged in the fires of hell, crafted by the most evil of the eldritch gods or conjured by damnable Demonic agency?

Just how scary could these transformed symbols be?

We need demented deviants to draw:The 2014 deviant Horrorscope

You have until October 20 to create your own most twisted astrological abomination of the Zodiac.


Choose just one symbol or take on all 12. On October 25th
we will showcase The Best of The Outrageous Best as a Stock Market feature on Today Page!

  • Perhaps the Aquarian water–bearer is now a witch toting a bubbling cauldron of evil potion…

  • Maybe Leo the lion has sprouted wings, eagle’s talons and metallic scales and is now a fire–breathing sci–fi griffin–dragon…

  • You get the picture—er, actually, we here at DeviantArt get the picture—the one that you create for us so we can publish and share it with all the other sinister connoisseurs of Halloween frights and delights.

Feature #5 - Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Sketches

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 7:58 AM
Profile l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Loki (markers - first attempt) by Quelchii
Another Loki feature! :) This time I want to feature some of the best (my favorite) Loki & Tom Hiddleston sketches (traditional drawings) and some other amazing Loki art. The collection of Loki Daily Deviations is also in the making and I think that I'll submit this journal soon. I'm still not sure if I've found all the Loki DDs, so this is the last chance to get some points (for details take a look at "Feature 3"). ;)

The upcoming feature will be "Nature (Traditional)". I'm looking for beautiful traditional drawings and paintings of animals, plants and other nature related themes. Landscapes will be featured in another seperate journal.

Featured deviations

Loki by alicexzIt's too late... It's too late to stop it... by DafnaWinchesterI'm the one mistake that you love to hate by LindaMarieAnsonSay my name by AlessiaPelonziCaptain Nicholls by icagicLoki Liesmith by MortishaNightmareLoki.The Dark World by maya-NotliketheotherLoki by JustBro67Just got Loki'd - Workspace full of Loki inks by AuroraWienholdLoki Staring Up... by MyWorld1duo by tuxedosTom Hiddleston by LPSoulXTom Hiddleston page WIP by GeeFreakLoki in Scratchboard by LKBurke29Thoughtful Hiddles, finished. by AlexSpookyTom hiddleston by evankartLoki of Asgard by TheDoThatGirlAlone by Elflover21Tom's Body 2 'You drank Ian' by Andromaque78Hiddles by huntinghounds

cross stitch stuttgart loki (now selling) by FreakzterBanana Loki by tripperfunsterLoki cross stitch avatar complete by TiNkErKaTLoki by surlycephalopodLoki Pillow by CynicalSniperLoki by Almybee

For more traditional Loki art like this please take a look at my arranged fav folders and my gallery:
Traditional Loki drawings
Traditional Loki paintings
Traditional Loki sketches and other stuff
My Loki gallery folder (Quelchii)

Da Vinci's Dangerous Game

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 2:57 PM

This story had us wondering; would Leonardo Da Vinci have kept his deviations in storage, or just deleted them?

The painting is The Lady with an Ermine. Da Vinci’s model is Cecilia Gallerani, a mistress of Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan. The Duke is Da Vinci’s patron of the last 18 years. Lumiere Technology in Paris has created a new technique for “x-raying” paintings called the Layer Amplification Method (LAM). A series of intense lights are projected on to a painting. Measurements are made of the lights' reflections and from these analysts are able to reconstruct images between the layers of the paint.

Lumiere’s LAM has revealed two earlier versions of “The Lady” underneath the final, third, version.  There is no pet weasel in the first portrait.  The Lady cradles a typical pet stoat in the second version.  The final version emphasizes a more prominently emphasized “in your face” stoat, now unmistakably an “ermine” since his fur has turned white for winter.  The Lady’s lover, the Duke, was known as “The White Ermine.”

News reports about this new technology and the discovery of the two altered versions of the painting have emphasized the wonder of this new high tech. But what of the politics of these two revisions?  Da Vinci’s idea?  To hint at the Lady’s connection with the Duke by inserting a stoat into her embrace?  Then deciding to go bolder by adding an actual white ermine in a pose almost suggesting a couple’s portrait?  Could Da Vinci be so bold?  Remember, an artist’s patron is pretty much his boss.  Perhaps the Duke demanded the revisions, wanting to signal his conquest of Lady Cecilia to all those at court.  Or maybe it was the Lady’s idea herself, wanting those who needed to know just how close she was with the Duke.  So what we might have here is not so much a new tech story but the very old story of an artist, even of Leonardo’s standing, being dangerously sandbagged into revealing court secrets, either as a means of securing his source of income, or at the risk of compromising his source of income.  Even Da Vinci may have been forced to dance to the paymaster’s tune.

Your Thoughts

  1. With the distance of time maybe art historians feel "justified" in revealing Da Vinci's process, but what are the ethics of revealing early drafts by an artist who decided to "erase" them in a way the artist thought would be permanent?