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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (68,436 votes) 871 comments
42,927 Deviants Online
Anyone who has been an internet user for a period of time should know that drama is one of the hallmarks of the absolutely wonderful technology that allows us to be connected 24/7. It's like glitter, one moment all you see is just a fleck of it then suddenly, it's everywhere. DeviantArt is chock full of massive amounts of it (drama, not glitter!) at any given time, so let's talk about what you need to know to avoid it (aaaand what to do if you find yourself in it)!

:bulletred: I just caused the argument because... I wanted to get more pageviews, I wanted to be popular, for the lulz, I was bored


Girl, bye.

:bulletred: I ALWAYS have to reply

If you think the interwebs is the only place you'll find people you don't agree with, I think it's time you spent a little more time away from your computer. First off, let me say that there's nothing inherently wrong about disagreeing with someone. Nothing at all. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even if that opinion is not popular or similar to yours. So for the purposes of example (since we are visual people) here's a hypothetical comment thread:
  • Commenter: No offense, but I think this artwork sucks.
Now, let's assume that you like the artwork, or even worse, it's yours. What would be the proper response?
  • #1. I've looked at your gallery, and you can't do any better so ha! Your artwork sucks!one111!!!
  • #2. Why don't you like it?
  • #3. Nothing. You hit the red 'x' and ignored the comment entirely. 
It will be extremely tempting, but responding with #1 is not the way to go. Mainly because you would be inciting a fight, and starting dArama. If you select #2, proceed cautiously. Though initially harmless, it could lead to issues you weren't prepared to deal with, especially if the artwork was not yours. Let me quickly segue into the subject of white-knights for a moment. I've seen some things written recently about white-knights, and why they are harmful, and I think it's worth clearing up the apparent confusion as to exactly what they even are. 

A white-knight is not someone who defends another person regardless of what the argument or issue is. If you even knew your internet history at all you'd know a white-knight is a (scummy) boy standing up for a girl online he has feelings for with the hopes of "favors" in return. How it has mutated to what people now think of it as an annoying 13 year old Belieber (or that 'leave Britney alone' guy) is far beyond me. A white-knight is not a troll, or any of the above. In fact this person can actually bring a little bit of clarity and common sense to a troll off. It's not pointing out facts or even blind defense. Anyone who blindly defends something (or someone) is an idiot, not a white-knight. Please stop confusing them :XD:
Let's review. THIS...
NOT THIS. Got it?
Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's discuss option #3, non-engagement. Option #3 is your honest to goodness, foolproof way to avoid getting into what might become a mucky situation. Some comments truly aren't worth you replying to, so don't give them your time or effort honey!
You are not required to reply to any comment that you do not want to. Plain and simple. 

:bulletred: This person is WRONG and I can PROVE it!

Congratulations, you have logically indisputable, irrefutable facts about a subject either from personal knowledge, actual study, or a quick Google search. Is it truly necessary to go out of your way to prove it to others? I'll save you some time: no. The reason why? It's quite simple, changing what people believe is harder than trying to wash a cat. I'm not saying bringing a little knowledge into a conversation isn't important, of course it is! But this is about who to even bother imparting that knowledge onto. Let's go back to the previous hypothetical comment thread and let's say you decided to go with #2 as an initial response:

Commenter: It sucks because anime sucks! The anatomy is all wrong, just look at how huge that head is! Weeaboos are lame! You're one of them aren't you?

Well that wasn't very nice! Let's see what your response options are: 
  • #1. Is that so? Your artwork looks like trash! How dare you assume things about me?!
  • #2. Actually, it's called stylization. Western cartoons are stylized too, just in different ways.
  • #3. Nothing. You hit the red 'x' and ignored the comment entirely. 
Soooo, #1 is a definite no-no. You've just come down to their level and lost a little dignity while you were at it :no:
#2 is good, you presented fact. If you go with #2, don't leave it open ended. A statement of fact (in a condescending manner) can often shut down an unkind commenter. Never use insults of intelligence or name calling, it totally cancels out whatever you said beforehand. 
#3 Once again, will free you from any further issues with that person in that comment thread. 
Don't feed the trolls guys, really.

:bulletred:What if I'm being harassed?

Just imagine this is on the other side of the screen
Regardless of your views on 'cyber-bullying's' legitimacy, harassment via the internet is 100% real. Because of the anonymity of the internet crowd mentality can come into effect swiftly and with little warning. There are several actions that you should take, and the first one is blocking.Don't know how you say? How to Block Someone on DA by wondermanrules
There's a false notion going around that blocking someone means that you are somehow inferior at arguing, 'butthurt,' or you want to get the last word in. No, no, and no. There's also an incorrect notion that blocking is the Help Desk's lazy way of avoiding doing their jobs. Again, no. Blocking someone from interacting with you is a prime way to avoid dArama, never be too intimidated to use the feature. How do I know it works? Well, at one point I was being harassed by not just one person, but a group of people plus whoever decided to jump on their demented bandwagon. I had to block nearly one hundred deviants at one point. Very time consuming, but entirely worth it. 

The second thing you can do if you are being harassed is to hide comments. Again, this is not some snarky method of communication, rather a way to stop the spinning wheel that is dArama. Don't know how to hide comments you say?
How To Hide Comments by Sparky-the-Scraggy
Both methods of blocking can easily end any amount of harassment you are receiving. Most unfavorable interactions can be remedied with those steps, however things can get spectacularly nasty at times and that is when you need to contact the Help Desk. 

Before I walk you through that step, let's go over what you can and cannot submit to the Help Desk as an Abuse Report:
  • Do: Report excessive amounts of racial, ethnic, homophobic, bigoted slurs, personal threats, & extreme language.
  • Do: Report someone who has made alternate accounts, or is having a friend continue harassment on their behalf. 
  • Do: Report account hacking or evidenced spying.
  • Do: Report forum threads that are not following the rules.
  • Do Not: Report someone after a simple disagreement.
  • Do Not: Report someone for stealing someone else's artwork (there is a separate method for that).
  • Do not: Report someone for calling you stupid, or any other childish name that could be remedied by blocking. 
  • Do not: Submit screenshots as evidence, they cannot and will not be considered in your case. 
Consult the following FAQs for info on what is considered 'abusive' language and behavior:   
So, let's say things are very bad. The person harassing you is using extreme language, has threatened you and has sent other people after you (or is making alternate accounts to continue harassment). This is a case to submit as an Abuse Report. When you submit your report you need to have the following things:
  1. The username of person you are reporting.
  2. Links to comments that support your allegations. No need to 'unhide' them, moderators will still be able to see the conversation. 
  3. A concise outline of the complaint.
  4. Block all parties involved.
  5. Be patient. It may take the Help Desk time to get to your complaint depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Digitally Delicious: July 30th

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 8:00 AM
Features from the Digital Art galleries.

Infinity Mei by dCTb
Infinity Mei by dCTb

DEATH of GAIA-copyright Orlando AROCENA 2013 by olo409
DEATH of GAIA-copyright Orlando AROCENA 2013 by olo409

Forest Spirit by NezuPanda
Forest Spirit by NezuPanda

Red Plum - Cover by saltytowel
Red Plum - Cover by saltytowel

critic concept work by thatnickid
critic concept work by thatnickid

Apprentice Bone Summoner by sarahfinnigan
Apprentice Bone Summoner by sarahfinnigan

Forest Sentinel by JoseArias
Forest Sentinel by JoseArias

Bg01 by TuArtist
Bg01 by TuArtist

Last of the Turstakuri by kunkka
Last of the Turstakuri by kunkka

Dragon Knight of Darkness 1 by Blackfoxst
Dragon Knight of Darkness 1 by Blackfoxst

Elysium Field by Zicuta
Elysium Field by Zicuta

Rainbow Sea by dawnpu
Rainbow Sea by dawnpu

Weekly Members Feature

Wed Jul 30, 2014, 10:54 PM by Wesley-Souza:iconwesley-souza:
Now our weekly features are made ​​every two weeks,
 then the next feature will be day 14 August.

Weekly Members Feature

Exposure of the Members


Castle Grounds by Charmed-RavenclawOmega(color) by MariaSemelevich
Bella by GabeehSilvaCity of Roses by SmoothHipster
Feel the storm by Altair-EThe Galaxies Catcher by VeilaKs
Night Fairytales by sachiko2189See Emily play by KangTengri
Between good and evil by RazielMBCredence by TheDreamBelow
The Orphan-book sample by theheekThe Robber by UnKnown-Designer092
Lady Mad Hatter Doll Face II by JiaJenn31Goddess by KiyaSama
Depression by A-WakefieldI Will Wait Your Message by Lolita-Artz

Photomanipulation of the Week

four manipulations that are exposed on the front page of the group.

CLOVER by GabeehSilva

Guardian of Light by DeniseWorisch

The Alchemist by Kurtzan

Friendship II by SweediesArt

Beautiful Works from our Gallery

some of the best submissions

The Outpost by neverdyingA Waiting Game by kimsol
Let the knife do the talking by Iskander1989Karate Kid by digitalessandra
Oblivion by ElementOfOne1Restricted by nikkidoodlesx3
Chandelier by GregoryNicolasOn The Banks by Tracy-WilliamsArt
ENCHANTED by Dani-OwergoorCould someone peel me a grape please? by Kibblywibbly
Purple by JiaJenn31Just thinking of you by EstherPuche-Art

Kings and Queens - New Contest

New contest for members

Queen of the tards 

New contest, I hope everyone had fun making a beautiful manipulation
kings and Queens New Contest - need prizesEmote king - :emoteking: 
New contest for members
Queen of the tards 
New contest, I hope everyone had fun making a beautiful manipulation
What you have to do?
The theme will be interactive, you will choose the main details (the place and the characters) in the lists below.
Crown and Scepter I use 
Choose the place for your manipulation:
(choose only 1 place)

Throne RoomRoom of Magical Powers (such as a laboratory or library).Landscape of the kingdom.

Choose the character for your manipulation:
(choose only 1 character)
Medieval king Alien Queen King of the Underworld Queen of Egypt King of the Frozen world Fairy Queen
Note 1:
you have to make

need prizes, so feel free to donate.


CAC Interview

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 5:21 PM

News by TsaoShin

Interview with the Cutie Art Crusaders

I had a great interview with the CutieArtCrusaders!  We talked a lot about my artwork, process, and what inspires me to draw.  I had a lot of fun going over some of my pieces in depth with them.   

Be sure to check out the other videos by :iconcutieartcrusaders:.  These guys do a fantastic job reviewing artwork and providing lots of great tips and information to aspiring artists.  I love the amount of time they spend dissecting each piece and taking viewers on a journey through the artist's process.  It's a really great show that helps bring a lot more intimacy between artist and viewer.

Check out CutieArtCrusaders at:

Everfree Network:…


I'll be at BronyCon this weekend! If you're there, come check out my table at #410!

August 1-3 Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, Maryland

Features by TsaoShin

.:Gift Art:. TsaoShin - Rivers by Ollie-C
Super cute Rivers by Ollie-C

Grendel by iheartjapan789
Adorable Grendel by iheartjapan789

-Grendel- by LunarGoesRawr
Sneaky looking little Grendel by LunarGoesRawr

Flabnbone's Feature 34#

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 5:01 PM
500px l Gallery l Watch Me

Hello Peeps,

They say us Leo's will have good luck beginning July 27th, all the way until next year. Now,  lets pray that good luck will help me get good marks and get accepted into Masters!

University has officially started and hello final semester! I find it scary how quick the 4 years have gone by (compared to high school which seemed to nag on each day). If I could, I would want to relive those 4 years all over (well kinda haha~).

Caim by Becca-Bright
Buttons by BarryGreenlandOrnamental by ariadnese
Devices by hotamrwhen summer knocks on your door by kim-e-sens
Summertime II by VriethaelOur Ends Are Beginnings by ParadisiacPicture
Butterfly catcher by FairyLady19007The first dance by NorbertGal
we love this feeling by sahtanoj
wonderland by Katoman
wonderland by KatomanStrawberry and lime cake by CJacobssonFoto
Fragrance by FlabnBone4 by Padera
REQUEST by wiwionart
Rose 1 by FrancescaDelfino29.52 - Dreams by head-in-the-cloud
Podolyanochka by ShakilovNeel
springingI by afamjaowyWhitechocolat and raspberry cake by CJacobssonFoto
people by Teodora1302
Walk in the rain by Nature-And-BeyondFEEL THE EARTH by egardkristian
LEXUS IS by mpar1210
You are never fully broken by PeterixMagic by BeckieBurr
Brownie Ice Cream 2 by laurenjacobPerfection by behindtheblacks by behindtheblacks
Autumn Magic by ferrohanc
Peanut Butter Brownies - Marroncitos by FrancoPetriniFreedom by Sara-Morini
It's Coffee time 2 by aleexdee
In my hands by FlabnBone
Ink by AngieMystContrast II by Vriethael

Butt Dance Panda by AiKitsune

My Other Features:

Themed Category:

1. Colors of the Rainbow, 2. Fragrant Flower Collection, 3.People and Portraits

4. Fabulous Fantastic Food , 5. Wildlife + Animals , 6. Merry Christmas

7. Marvelous Macro , 8. Lovely Landscape, 9. City Scape and Urban

10. Conceptual, 11. Still Life, 12. Love

13. Tea Cups 14. All things Cute, 15. Spring Photo

16. Water Droplets  17. Autumn 18, Macarons 19. Butterflies 20. Hands+ Notes

21. Danbo, 22. Photography Freestyle, 23. Desserts

24. Couples 25. Cars 26. Medieval and Fantasy

Open Category:

Week 27. Week 28. Week 29. Week 30. Week 31. Week 32. Week 33.

Next Weeks Feature:Open!

Send me a note with the photos/ digital art/ paintings/ stories etc.. you want feature

(3 thumbs Max for your own photos, unlimited for your Faves)

Follow me at: 


Word Press Blog


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck

July 28.2014. Feaure - Inspiration 8.

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 12:49 PM

Hello !

It's been a while since I uploaded last inspiring feature
Today for the end of month, part 8 - this time about RAIN :

Rain [07.2014] by SabakuNoShi

Rain don't have to be symbol of sadness

Foto by Lucikaaa

Rain can wash away Your sorrow

- Diamonds - by S-Patriot

Rain gives life

... A little Rain must fall by DigitalDistress

Rain can give You time to stop
for a moment and think without rush

Rache I by EmmaSk

Rain can help You to keep memories alive

Little Droplets on the Hillside by jenthestrawberry

Rain can create a rainbow

Dandelion by Midwinters-twilight

Rain can be Your inspiration

Interesting - part 105

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2014, 12:24 PM
Sacred Waters 2 by deswitath
A Churchs Secrets by ravenangeldoger
Flourish Anywhere by icynova96
heima by esireDryad by HoverlandJar 2 by MathiasZamecki
Secrets in the woods by MargaretSeidlerSpaceship concept by fearnpSelfie with friends by esserawks
Mecto Amore by RaenyrasAusstellungsstueck by DragonfruityHomeward by cubehero
Lajana by Sieskja
last house by GZB
20.52  - Another world by head-in-the-cloudOnly ghosts remain by BoiledFrog
Siostri by Anhenswamp by StargazerLZ
+ Water Nymph + by MroczniaK
Haunt by DanceofWhiteStag
Still life 2013 01 by CarolinVogtgong by potworowChill II by FlexDreams
Blood clan girl2 by mos88Twilight by AnymoussPurple Day by IamMissOriginal
Take Me To Colorado by CocoruMy home by TurquoiseGrrrlI'll Make it to the Sky by Mandi7MM
Dreams And Shadows: Prelude by ThePixThe Girl and the Hare Lady by m-arukaUnused Cover of Breakshield by YanmoZhang
Female Druid by leomezaRed Valentine by thegameworldMirror into the Past by stengchen
Megyeri bridge by ChryslyerEffie by MagicharuMayflower #1 by LeviWasTaken
Penance by John35Photographydear wind, send my warm hugs to him by imwd.melody.pond. by delusive-dreams
One Summer Encounter  by momokamisama
She had eagle eyes by xRaika-chanx
Czeresnia//Cherry by Mala-HarpiaIdun and secret by hnedoockoCalendar - March by ArunaWolf
Sonntag morgen by feigenfruchtYou'll never hear me out by Blind-BirdyMolten Lava Cake 2 by laurenjacob
The Ember Priestess by vesssel.::.Winter Time.::. by ZirakAiDont Hug Me (paige notebook) by jazz-bell
Emma by MrsBrushwoodPurple by SightiYou`re my golden sunshine by fravenmort
Pieniny :: II by absentiaeautumn - ballet by acctiFirebird II by FlexDreams
Fairy Fossil by puimun
Halloween by doclicio
Luminagles adopts: Open 5/5 by Nesmaty.: the picture on the wall :. by zekizabeth
Wave study 1 by jkrabIndian Summer by Sillybilly60


1. :iconjocelyner:
Hiding On the Lilac by JocelyneR
White Lupines by JocelyneR
Purple Finch at Easter by JocelyneR
Fluffy Clouds Before Dusk by JocelyneR
White Royal Poppy by JocelyneR
Close Encounter by JocelyneR
Purple Aster by JocelyneR
Cutiepie by JocelyneR

2. :iconsurrealistic-gloom:
Algae By The River by surrealistic-gloom
A flower for Mia by surrealistic-gloom
Foxglove Flowers by surrealistic-gloom
Little Kitten  BW by surrealistic-gloom
Blooming Towards The Sun by surrealistic-gloom
Gloomy Easter - At Dawn by surrealistic-gloom

3. :iconjennystokes:
Take me home by jennystokes
P4 BP3 by jennystokes
P2SL by jennystokes
Daisy 1 by jennystokes
View from Beaucaire to Tarascon by jennystokes
The Bridge by jennystokes

4. :icon5ofnovember:
battle over desert by 5ofnovember
dome by 5ofnovember
AtDE2 by 5ofnovember
sea robot by 5ofnovember
Ice Cave by 5ofnovember
crossing the river by 5ofnovember

5. :iconsillybilly60:
Beyond The Road by Sillybilly60
Great Smoky Mountains by Sillybilly60
Window by Sillybilly60
St. John's River by Sillybilly60
Dusk by Sillybilly60
Solitude by Sillybilly60

6. :iconteaphotography:
And That's Just How It's Done by TeaPhotography
Special Times and Special Places by TeaPhotography
Yellow Rose of Friendship by TeaPhotography
Reaching Out by TeaPhotography
On A Good Day by TeaPhotography
Happy Endings- I Survived by TeaPhotography

Skin by SimplySilent
Well, that's all folks; the expo of images from all folders in the group Living-For-The-City is now done. I did this partly because I wanted to show the rest of the community, what an amazing collection of photography we have in our group, and it was also a way for me as new founder to get to know the group better.

Anyway, let's finish this with a quartet from the feature folder; that is, the admins choice, and I hope you have enjoyed these features as much as I have enjoyed getting to know the group by doing them. And keep up the good work my friends.


Such A Bright Day by alisinwonder
stairs by toothlessnightfury96Exit Stage Left by arctoa
u g by arslanalp


Just another day by Tryingtofly
Leon Tukker (@tryingtofly) is a talented 22-year-old concept artist from Utrecht, Netherlands.

Plains of another world by Tryingtofly
Ecological city by TryingtoflyThe Temple District by Tryingtofly
Cyberpunk city speedpaint by Tryingtofly
The Resort Colony pool area by Tryingtofly
The Fallen colloseum by Tryingtofly
Arctic research facility by Tryingtofly
Just another day by Tryingtofly
The desert Structure by Tryingtofly
City Route by Tryingtofly
Streets of Seklla II by Tryingtofly
City in the clouds speedpaint by Tryingtofly
The remote resort by Tryingtofly
Long forgotten by Tryingtofly
Alien Shoppping mall speedpaint by Tryingtofly
Floating cities of Belugan by Tryingtofly
The Poor District by TryingtoflyWaiting for confession by Tryingtofly
Korallian Afternoon by Tryingtofly
Castle blacksmith speedpaint by Tryingtofly
Science fiction city thumbnails by Tryingtofly
Naboo Speedpaint by Tryingtofly
Fishing village speedpaint by Tryingtofly
A cold morning on the high street by Tryingtofly
Factory Bookcover by Tryingtofly
Forgotten Library by Tryingtofly
Blue circle temple by Tryingtofly
Sunken temples by Tryingtofly
The Fallen mothership by Tryingtofly
The headquarters by Tryingtofly
The once great city of Caniton by Tryingtofly
Twin cities by Tryingtofly
The Resort Colony pool area by Tryingtofly
Polygon Metropolis Speedpaint by Tryingtofly
Remote Resort street by Tryingtofly
A good morning in the village by Tryingtofly
Returning home by Tryingtofly
There goes my job by Tryingtofly
Science fiction city by Tryingtofly
Towers in the mist by Tryingtofly
Returning home after so many years by Tryingtofly
The Great discovery by Tryingtofly
Jungle Sketch by Tryingtofly

Here's a video of Tukker's process:

Skin by Dan Leveille