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Daily Lit Recognition for April 23rd, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: ladyshadowrage

Human Traffic for ProfitYou wake up this fine morning
only to complain
of your 'sore' back,
   your 'cold' feet,
   your 'tired' thoughts
no milk for your corn flakes
no free token for the bus ride to work.
You hear about me in the headlines..
and cluck your teeth in disgust,
a hand drawn quickly to your face
'What a terrible thing', you tell your friends,
and ask what news they've heard.
Much later,
in your warm bed,
you give thanks to the day's end
Yet I get no second thought
from one otherwise occupied,
and way too busy to recall my missing face..
how young I looked then -
when I was but a mere lamb,
snatched from your busy street.
The street where you live,
             where you breathe,
             where you sleep
              eat and shit.
I am no longe

Human Traffic for Profit by eqlrytes

This piece calls attention to a 
growing problem we have in the world 
that doesn't get enough awareness.

Featured by: TwilightPoetess

She Was With the StarsThe amber girl
was preserved perfectly
and her silky hair and porcelain skin
gleamed like a doll's
But the scientists weren't able to keep
her soul burning
because though she was in the
glass case filled with chemicals and fluids
and they were desperately trying to pump
oxygen into her lungs,
her mind was still up in space
with the stars
So the sun was extinguished
despite the cries and mournful screams
because they had
broke her
and the many who looked up
at her light and glory
slowly began to rot away
And so not a single thing was solved

She Was With the Stars by WindFragments

WindFragments tackles a 
heavy-handed subject in this 
beautifully crafted poem.

Featured by: TheTerrorOfTheDeep

do not write about it.give up on sleep like a bad lover 
who despite constant instruction
just can’t get the job done. 
stay inside for days. 
tell the sun to shove it
where it can’t shine.
emerge pale, timid,
breathing - 
stop smiling.
that is no way to suffer.
think about writing; avoid
any instruments that allow it.
think about the way ink smells
like searching, how paper 
is a goddamn aphrodisiac.
imagine yourself as the first animal
mad scientists subjected to space flight;
as Beethoven, denied the marvel
of his own genius; as virgin daughters
sold by their fathers for cattle and sheep
to afford having more virgin daughters.
imagine yourself as Elie Wiesel
watching men submit to murder[ing].
cry about it. rage about it.
despair about it. do not
write about it.
give up on god, humanity, yourself.
don’t you dare get political.
wait for it:
the hand that is not yours to fill 
the one that is; a voice not your own 
to be the firs

do not write about it. by LiliWrites

The echoes of a writer's pain 
are aptly described in this piece.


Featured by: VertigoArt

Two InchesThe funny thing about this story is a lot of it probably isn't true. I mean, what's it that one asshole said? The one that writes about the Vietnam war and had a bestseller composed of shitty essays, the one who makes a lot of veterans sad-angry?  I can't remember his fucking name, but the quote is the "story truth" is the truth you felt rather than what happened, and sometimes, that's more honest than the factual truth. Well. Something like that, I'm paraphrasing. I still can't remember the bastard's name, but I'm gonna say now: I think that guy's an asshole. I mean, a real asshole—
Because that's an excuse right there if I've ever seen one. It's an excuse for a compulsive liar or for someone that can't face life or for someone really miserable or for someone that wants to seem more interesting to sell a book— and you know what, I kind of can't bring myself to give a fuck that I'm gonna do the same thing because I can't even comprehend some of the shit that'

Two Inches by glossolalias

An humorous narrative about a girl 
with a touch of exhibitionism. The paragraphs 
and each line made me smile. Throughout the piece 
you are holding your breath a bit, hoping the narrator 
is not caught, if for no other reason than you want 
to read to the end. This short story keeps you 
interested all the way through.

Featured: Naktarra

lessons learned from seven men...- I -
I hate that you issued instructions like Don't put on any weight, you're small so it would really show, at a time when food was already the enemy and starvation felt like feeding the parts of me that were anchorless.
But I love that you showed me that You're so different from anyone I've ever been with actually means We are way too different for this to work and saved me a lot of future heartache.
- II -
I hate that you misunderstood yourself so much that it made you suspicious of everyone around you.
But I love that certain places will always hold magic for me because of the journeys we took together.
- III -
I hate that you walked away from something potentially lovely, if only ever destined to be temporary, because the people who were actually important in your life wouldn't have approved.
But I love that you reminded me that strength of character is a tr

lessons learned from seven men... by RockstarVanity

A piece of literature that puts a 
refreshingly positive twist on ending 
relationships among friends and significant others.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Stock Radar #5

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 2:28 AM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

DSC09761 Scotney Castle by wintersmagicstock
Stefanie Stock by VXLPhotography Castlerigg stone circle by popicok
Maine Sail 2 by archistock
Jungle Falls 6 by fuguestock
Kreuzgang Liebfrauenkirche Halberstadt by Capricornus60
Fennec Stock 02 by Malleni-Stock
Mountain9 by faestock
Flower Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock Dragster 129 by Colourize-Stock
Fractalayicious II by laurentiusmark93 Ranunculus by SarahharaS1
Owl Stock 04 by NellyGrace3103
Monument 4 by MASYON
Cherry Pin Up - Back by KaylaDavion
Digital Art Texture 121 by mercurycode Steampunk 2 by Fluffybunny29stock
Rusty Chain Transparent PNG by Bloody-Goodbyes Shiny Things by mldoxy
places562 stock by pranile
Paris Opera House28 by faestock Tecnologic! Stock by EmeraldVenom-Stock
Mermaid Moo by shelldevil
STOCK - Gothic Steampunk Guy by LienSkullova

The Muses Love Alternatives, CIV

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 8:39 AM

BLOODY MARY by TAOTYAM    Venezia 8 by Douce-Amertume

etude by hclay    Nesting Bird by SethFitts    Play Responsibly by dick-allowatt

The workshop by du-la    o.o.o. by katpi

   Ioana2 by derekjones

The Process of Anguish by theflickerees    ACheerfulCompanion600 by PinkParasol    the forest at night by marcusgravus

Frankly My Dear . . . 2 by DouglasHumphries    Come A Little Closer by catch---22

Quetzalcoatl by RobertDampier    Ausgedient by r-lilie

Thanks for stopping by.

An Old Friend by hummbuzz

Thank you!

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 11:29 PM
This is a thank you feature for everyone that helped me spread the word about my gofundme and commissions. I'm still in a really bad financial spot because of my medical bills, and would appreciate any further promotion of my commissions or gofundme. I feel really desperate here. If there is anything I can do in return for you, please let me know.
Relevant links
Gofundme page:
More info about what's happening:  #1 #2

On to the feature!

Six Words Story: LoveMy heart aches for the emotion. AgingThor looked to the sky.
Midgard was beautiful this time of year, but it was nothing compared to home...
To Asgard.
There were few clouds covering the sun, in a gorgeous, pink fashion.
Still, nothing compared to the realm of the gods.
Coming to know humans, Thor found them so much like himself.
He didn't understand why he deserved more.
He was just a strong version of them all.
Why was he stronger?
Perhaps, some people couldn't be trusted with strength.
They couldn't all be like the Man of Iron, though.
Much like people on Asgard, everyone was an individual.
And, as the Man of Iron had proved, they were smart enough to find strengths.
They had worked their bodies, worked their minds and even made protective suits.
Thor couldn't understand why they were undeserving of being gods.
Though, he was sure there was some good reason.
Perhaps, at one time, they were more like the frost giants.
Who could assume anything at this point.
He did know that there was no point in making friends.
He sat
An Ode to My HusbandYou say you don't fall easily,
But I quickly fell for you.
You housed me and slept with me,
And then turned back to her.
I want your love,
You know that.
   You use that against me...
        To hurt me and make me turn away.
I don't care what you do to me,
Or even what you've tried.
I want your love more than anything,
And I'd force it if I could.
But of all the boys swooning over me,
You aren't one of them.
I can't force you to love me,
But I really wish you did.
Fade Journal Skin by SimplySilentMiracle destroyer? by Damaged927Goose by coffeenoirnobody believes in me by iDJPandathey be looking into your souls by confetticandieBlue Grass Horse by ValcyContest Entry [Kohei] by SpoCk-emonKamui (Contest Entry) by iluvmanga2000Sire Kaboom Pony [Full Color + Profile] by ElectricPoodleMedical Properties (19.10.13) by LacedShadowDiamondHuangdi the fenrir by nyanyancat207Angel Adopt - Open- by MyuOneeChanWith All My Heart by rayoungJellyfish. by LaPetiteBallerineTako Luka Papermodel 2 by MarcGo26Puppy yukio? by PersingaleMavis Vermillion by NanaleeSadira26Mystery box adopt [HATCHED] by 44martina44Contest Entry by fluffycupcakes21First Base... (Contest entry) by TuquoriseGlitched Aqua Allure OC by Kirby-TreeDragonsThree by safyia110Cliff on the seaside by naseem-art12Braeburn x Wildfire Shipping Adopt (OPEN) by IRL-SnowQueenRarityIt's spring! by BaySiouxJoker Inks by idrilcarnesirvikTORIa - NEW OC! by superfishieHeaven's Teardrops by UnkopierbarStarsun on Earth as a fairy by liliCartManAnimated Houdi-Octopus-Dini by destinyrose097 by Sam-Lazaruslittle Rose by syintheticThe Easter Bunny by Clovis-cutestkittenChispa: Fire Sparks by RoamingShadowWhitetail (Warriors OC) Chibi by Icyfrost100LMX Easter 2014 by NeoWOLF7777ChibiMaker Gumi by NatureisnaturalMarjorie (2) by FundelsteinCE: Nostale: Wait for 2014 by TearsDissolvedScarlet [PRIZE] by AquaNinja13123Kalani by FileeraHello Ladies -art trade- by TixehxGigasI am not a robot by TheFutterwackenJust Normal Paranoia [Re-done] by TFAlover89CATSNAIL by FoxShifterAdoptsSorry Nadia by TeknoWolf13

Thank you all once again!

Hello! Thank you so much for choosing me to Role play with you, I really appreciate it and I look forward to every second of it! However before we get down to some awesome fun I just need you to read the Rules, yeah I know, no one likes rules but they are very simple and you only ever have to read them once before you can spam to your heart’s content!

1. First things first you know who I am TFP-Starscream who else? But who are you? What is your characters name? Alliance? Age ect? I need a bibliography on what your character looks like! I use my imagination when I role play but how can I when I don’t know what you look like?

All I need to know is....

Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre Your characters name? You are more than welcome to use yourself as a human if you would like.

Rose Red Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre What is your characters Alliance? Are you Autobot or Decepticon? If you are unsure you are allowed to be natural. You are also More than welcome to be from other alliances too like Preadacon or Maximal.

Turquoise Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre What is your characters age? You are allowed to use your own age if you would like. If you are a Transformer your age is not required however if you have one you welcome to include it.

Royal Purple Bullet by AngelicHellraiser What is your characters Sex? Boy or girl is used for humans and Mech and femme is used for transformers.

My Purple Bullet - F2U! by Drache-Lehre What is your Alt mode? What do you transform into? A jet? A dragon? An animal? Obviously not important if you are a human.

(If you have a link to your character on DeviantArt please send it to me)

2. During the Role play you must state when you are Out of character. I don’t mind what form you use but please let me know. You are more than welcome to talk to during the role play and show me funny videos and stuff. Don’t be shy!

3. Would you like the Role play to have lots of detail? Some people would prefer it to be simple but if you would like to go head on I can add lots of detail. In all fairness if I do detailed work you must do the same amount back.

4.   How would you like Starscream to act? I know it seems like a silly question but a lot of people would prefer Starscream to be a little bit gentler than he usually is, I can make him act whichever way you like.

Thank you so much for taking your time to reads this! I really appreciate it! It makes my job so much easier knowing that you know what to do. All you need to do is send me the information to me by notes! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask me!

SLS.02 w/ FlabnBone + Easter Feature

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 7:58 AM
Still-Life-Stills is a group for still life photographers to gather and find inspiration, events & resources. Whether you want to expose your work or just gaze at wonderful images; consider joining us!

:wave: Welcome to the second edition of SLS:
a bi-weekly article from Still-Life-Stills which includes an interviewed photographer and feature with a smattering of group and community news! Now; onto our second interview!

Interview with FlabnBone

Hello, thanks for joining us! Let's start off by telling us a bit about yourself & your photography?
    I am currently in my final year of university, hoping to continue on to become a Clinical Neuropsychologist and published author. I did have dreams of becoming a Forensic Scientist or Police officer once (probably still do ha-ha!)
    I got started into photography about 5 years ago. I can’t exactly remember what the trigger was, but I just remember waking up one day, wanting to write a novel, wanting to be a professional photographer, wanting to do all these amazing things, and now, I am gradually ticking all of those boxes. I use a Canon EOS60D, 18-55mm kit lens, 100mm f2.8 Macro lens, and 50mm 1.8 prime lens.

What is your favorite thing about still life photography?

    What I absolutely love about Still Life Photography is that you can take simple things around you, place them out of context, and take lots of fun and fantastic shots with these objects. Another thing I love about Still Life is that it is very convenient. For genres such as Landscape, you need to travel to places, for portraiture, you need to make effort to find good models. But for Still Life, you could dig up anything wacky and cool from your own house and go crazy with taking photos. It’s that easy and that convenient!  As long as you have creativity fueling your imagination, you could make even the most boring object outstanding.
Bokeh in a Cup by FlabnBoneRainbow Cake by FlabnBoneAll the Small Things by FlabnBone
Are there any photographers/other artists on dA or off that inspire you?
    Oh yes! I have so many photographers I like. I don’t want to list some and not be able to list others because there are just so many talented photographers here on DA. However, if you look through my +favorites, you will see just the amount of gigantic talent there is.

What are some of the challenges you've face with still life photography and photography in general?
    Relating this to photography in general, the greatest challenge I have faced would be poor weather conditions and poor lighting. I like to shoot Macro, but the lens I use does not have an Image Stabilizer. Even on days where there is only a little bit of wind, it is still a great challenge trying to get a good sharp and crisp shot of you macro object.
    Another challenge I faced (and many others probably faced too) was getting to know your camera, the manual settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture) exposure, temperature, RAW data etc… These things are a bit technical and a bit hard at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite fun altering the settings.

What advice would you give someone just starting out with photography?
    The best advice I could give a beginner starting out in photography would be to keep shooting. Try taking photos of different genres (ie. Macro, Still Life, Wildlife etc…) and see which area holds you interest the most. Once you know, begin to focus in that area and build yourself a reputation for that genre of photography. I would also recommend starting you own portfolio. I mainly use deviantArt, but there are numerous other sites. The reason for this is it helps the photographer expose their artwork to a wider community who can provide them with feedback and support. Overall, keep shooting, and create your own style, and your own personal brand.
Lost in Time by FlabnBoneC o l o u r by FlabnBoneGolden Times by FlabnBone
What groups on dA would you recommend to other photographers?
    I would definitely recommend Still-Life-Stills  for those who are into taking photos of food, objects, jewellery, anything to do with Still Life basically. However, there are many other good groups to join too such as young-photo-club  who offer extensive critique for your photos. Softness-art are heavy on their features, so if you really want to get your photography out there, that would be a good group to join. Also, Naturally-Amazing is a relatively small group, but are always looking for good photos to add to their gallery.

Is there anything on dA that you've found helpful or inspiring?
    There are so many things I have found useful on DA, where should I begin? I think I want to begin with the dA forums. Not many people know about them but you can find the Forum via the drop down menu to your left. On the forum, you can get people to give feedback, rate your gallery etc… In a way, it really helps to let you know where you need to improve and what you are good at.     dA Groups are also a great place to get your photos featured as well as to enter competitions and win prizes. Searching for tutorials will bring up heaps and heaps of good information where you can learn how to use photoshop and go crazy with the post-editing.
Blueberries by FlabnBoneW a t e r m e l o n by FlabnBone
What is your favorite still life related object to photograph?
    Another hard question. I like to shoot a lot of different Still-Life objects. I can’t really pin it down to one.  I love food photography, and taking photos of cups, jewellery and accessory pieces like chains, rings, necklaces (those Eiffel tower necklaces are really hit right now!). I love Danbo but I haven’t been able to buy one. But he’s a fun and cute still-life object to photograph.

Are there any last words you'd like to leave us with?
    Follow your dreams, seek to improve, and become the photographer you want to be!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to sit and talk with us!

Be sure to check out more of FlabnBones work below and in their gallery, which includes tons of other fun stuff photography related & otherwise!

Waffle by FlabnBoneKeep Smiling by FlabnBone

Feature: Easter

I know, I know, we're a few days late on this one... but it is it ever really too late for bunnies , chicks and brightly colored eggs!? We think not!
Easter Treats by dabbischEaster Critters by Kaz-DEaster Egg Macarons by cakecrumbsBunny Macaron Pops by SkuttyWanEaster Eggs by lilaknoedel
Happy Easter by SpademmHoly beeping bleep its a dinosaur by murknl
Easter Nest Cupcakes by CakeUpStudioMarbled Easter Eggs II by poserfan-pholio
Happy Easter! by Obsessed-byHello There by Bluejay97

Group & Community News

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Especial: The Power of Photomanipulation

Change the World, make a World. Don't be afraid, be creative, imagination is your limit!
All of you are diamonds shining in the sky.
Today: 19 arts!

Guardians by MachiavelliCro  Rest Your Soul by ReyeD33 Funny Little Bird by fensterer the test of time by Lhianne Patterns by alsarab A New Way to Live by EltonFernandes Hurt by Ideasplayer memorial by Wolves-PSD Exploding Apple by B-O-K-E Summoned by igreeny Beautiful Mourn by Saphica8 In flames by ElenaDudina fairy kitty by MariLucia sweet pain by peroni68 Just One Last Chance . . . by shiny-shadows-Art Shoot the dentist by Flobelebelebobele Silences by CrisestepArt Hand Of Gaia by 3mmI Monster-Stomp by conzpiracy

- Hey, if you like the features, please, share this journal with your friends!
- Sorry my bad English. :giggle:

watchers feature #55

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 2:00 PM

Five Upcoming Photomanipulators

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 12:28 PM
This feature is to spotlight manipulators who have been at deviantART less then three years. Even tough I personally love conceptual and surrealism, I tried to find three deviants.  who work different from hear other. I love these deviant, it was lots of fun searching for them, and I hope you enjoy them as well.