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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Softness-art: Weekly feature XXVII

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 4:02 AM

Into The Motion by Sigurd-Quast
The Beckoning by kkartDingalan Tidelands by raijinnathan
Joyeux 14 Juillet ! by ValentinOffner
C o m e Alive With Me by GrotesqueDarling13... by absentii
Fire and Water by IndigoSummerr
Removal by NataliaDrepinapilina by SvetaCosmos
Java by eulalievarenne
A simple detail by mirazuMarie by Angirias
The Wine Box by xBassxHarmingx
Isabella by Dapicturefrozen days - invisible world* by AlicjaRodzik
Bed Time Stories by ThePiggieWheek
Honorata by fineussMasha5 by piesong
sunshine hd wallpaper by ezorenier
...imotski I... by roblfc1892Yet still inside I felt alone by deadlychris
A Mirror of Infinity by borda
Keeper Of The Sun by mrxthanhD511 by miobi
Wonderful forest by lesyakikhLupins by Atinaj
225 / 365 by OliviaRosePhoto
Rejects by IvanAndreevich... by absentii
Golden Hour by Mr-Vin
Whispers of autumn 2 by ilvahaustManya by anaispopy
small visitors by CliffWFotografie
IMG 9718-web by warhammerphotoSound Souls: Ed Sheeran - I See Fire IV by JotVelZet
summer breeze by baravavrova
Hopes by SmashedintoyouAsylum by JeanFan
Desert Sage by M3LL0N-3MDiana by NataliaCiobanu
calluna by tsiganesummer time by all17
Ryo Love by Hart-Worx
Parapluie by JunnyPhotographyDreamer From Another World XII by Michela-Riva
Dancing survivors by EclipxPhotography
Silhouetted Dawn by QuestaviaDue by LorenzoDiFolco
Sweet Dreams by SpademmHeather Mix by Justine1985
Stand out from the rest by pqphotography
After the rain by RezzanATAKOLEduarda Mitra by ClaudiaFMiranda
Captive Heart by MyLifeThroughTheLens
Driftwood Future (photograph, double exposure) by AugenStudiosLife Wasted by werol
Everytime You Go by MartinStranka
Foggy Rocks by Disturbed666666232 / 365 by OliviaRosePhoto
Hanna by aufzehengehenTethys by MKAphotography
Decaying Forest I by KXZXW
In Love III by FlexDreamsUntil I Wake Up.. by Khomenko
Luminous Night by MikkoLagerstedtFacing The Waterfall by CalleHoglund
Claudia by MiseryArtwork
Catcher by IndigoSummerrSonnet for a rainy day by arefin03
Burj Khalifa at Sunset by IsacGoulart
Autumn Lament by Brad-Grove5D0A1056-web by warhammerphoto
BMO by IndigoSummerrInto the Blue.. by dragonfly-oli
Tree by AnitaAnti
Dreamer From Another World VII by Michela-RivaFrozen by naked-in-the-rain
Illumination by Wheels-Of-Joy
Ocean Memories by arefin03Summer Play by sternenfern
Lord Ladybird by all17Soulmates never die by kittycrime
Sarina by EmilySoto
Ladybird by alexgphoto191.365 Make A Wish by PiecesOfAnsley
Green Green Green by DenisaKc
Litte cutie by Riderofthewind95081414 by kristianna11
Parrot Nicki Minaj by all17
Afterwords by DariaPitakTHE SILENCE OF DEW DROPS by M0THart
-Forgotten treasure of the woods- by Janek-SedlarAnna by IlonaShevchishina
Einklang by RonnyEngelmann
Nature's Way by black-bear-2014short night tale by maybe-paper-hearts
Andrea by Norrington1Desolated Earth by PersephonaLight
The Long Road by caitlin-may
Tenderness by SkvitsIn Motion by machihuahua
Bohemian Garden V by -rainman
Ophelia has a dream.. by BloodyKissesLadyDeep in a Dream by ADotInTheUniverse
Tree by Leona-Snow
Night Sky by carlostheKaire by TriinErg
Urbanfobia by AlexandruCrisanSquare-123 by SblourgImperfection by AlexandruCrisan
silent for so long by StefanBeutler
Little planets. by dragonfly-oliHanna by aufzehengehen
A rainy day V by Alessia-Izzo
Far Out by IzwanshahBig Ben says 5 to 1 by BrunoCHATARD
Simplicity by Alyphoto
One among the others by baspunkIdentity by DariaPitak
Mirroring by AlexandruCrisanJean-Paul-91 by Sblourg
lost in her thoughts by malenka740715
Skogafoss 1 | Iceland by JacktheFlipper-deOla by 13noise

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Galleries month

Galleries Description month was full of epic articles and a lot of hard work went into each and every one of them courtesy of the Community Volunteers. This article is a roundup of everything published during the last month here at projecteducate and hopefully has helped a lot of you when it comes to understanding the descriptions of the galleries here and categorising your work. Huge thanks go to all involved who made this past month a success! We also held a A Contest of which the results will posted within the next week. Well done to all who entered - judging has commenced!


:bulletpink: Animals, Plants and Nature
:bulletpink: People & Portraits
:bulletpink: Pin Up & Glamour
:bulletpink: Artistic Nude
:bulletpink: Humorous and Other
:bulletpink: Commercial, Fireworks and Transportation
:bulletpink: Architecture
:bulletpink: Body Art and Modification
:bulletpink: Urban and Rural
:bulletpink: Street and Photojournalism
:bulletpink: Abstract and Surreal
:bulletpink: Darkroom
:bulletpink: Cosplay
:bulletpink: Conceptual
:bulletpink: Horror and Macabre
:bulletpink: Still Life

Digital Art

:bulletblue: What is a digital doll?
:bulletblue: Fractal Art
:bulletblue: Designs and Interfaces I Gallery Overview
:bulletblue: Designs and Interfaces II Game Dev Art
:bulletblue: Designs and Interfaces III Misconceptions
:bulletblue: Digital Art Drawings and Paintings
:bulletblue: Digital Art Drawings and Paintings Feature
:bulletblue: Anthro Dig/Trad
:bulletblue: Anthro Art Types
:bulletblue: Digital Art Mixed Media
:bulletblue: Digital Art Mixed Media Feature
:bulletblue: Photomanipulation Part One
:bulletblue: Photomanipulation Part Two
:bulletblue: Digital Art Animation
:bulletblue: A guide to the sub-categories of Fan Art
:bulletblue: Anime and Manga Digital Art
:bulletblue: Anime and Manga - Traditional and Digital Art miscats
:bulletblue: Fan Art and Anime/Manga Miscats

Film and Animation

:bulletorange: Film and Animation Part One
:bulletorange: Film and Animation Part Two

DeviantART Related

:bulletpurple: DeviantART Related Part One
:bulletpurple: DeviantART Related Part Two


:bulletyellow: Traditional Typography
:bulletyellow: Digital Typography

Artisan Crafts

:bulletred: Artisan Crafts Part One
:bulletred: Artisan Crafts Part Two

Traditional Art

:bulletblue: Traditional Art Part One
:bulletblue: Traditional Art Part Two
:bulletblue: Traditional Art Part Three
:bulletblue: Anime and Manga Traditional Art
:bulletblue: Misplaced Works - Abstract and Surreal
:bulletblue: Misplaced works Traditional Art and Fan Art

Cartoons and Comics

:bulletyellow: Cartoons and Comics


:bulletgreen: Non-Fiction
:bulletgreen: Demystifying the Poetry Gallery
:bulletgreen: Lit, Characters and Settings
:bulletgreen: Fan Fiction

Stock and Resources

:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part one
:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part two
:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part three
:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part four
:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part five
:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part six
:bulletblack: Stock and Resources Part seven

Hello, all you wonderful people! Thank you for helping me reach almost 10K watchers! I thought that in "celebration" of the new school year and your guys just being awesome in general, I'd feature your works for the entire month of September. They are in no particular order, but are separated by genre and similarity. Please check out each other's work and :+fav: and Added to my devWatch!. All of you guys are super talented/ deserve way more exposure _and I hope you are happy with what I choose to give exposure to. I love you all. See you next time :)

Traditional Art

 Katniss Everdeen by miki-chaan Charites by Arbitrary-Means Sebastian by Syrena956 Messy hair by Lemonthrower Sonder by MechanicalFiend9 Optimus Prime - Age of Extinction by Eternal--Art AOI (The GazettE) - Commission - by Samy-Consu Humming Bird by Jedzia
Ben 10-lizza-geddon by siborg626  Dhalia by Ciarii  'Maybe I'm not here' by UkitakesLoveSunset in Oils by 887pink
Yatogami by Naeleinn Jade Harley by MiraJordanCauseyDarling by SoraBulgar Purple Ribbons by Interesting-Concept(Art Trade) Musical Twins by bunnyb133  Marceline by Red-Flare117I LOVE YOU ALL by MangaArtSora Weiss Schnee by MaxLevel27Finn the 13 Year Old Bad Ass by Kenmdrt 

Digital Art

''A Birthday Wish Granted'' by ShahrezadSailor Messier 73 and Barnard 73 by Snowlyn Sailor Seasons Contest Entry by serkunet  Frozen in the Style of Alfons Mucha by YarTzana-SerenadeSkyrim Leonora by Lenora-chan Deflower by TwoStepCatFreak On A Leash by Little51 I aint never had a friend like you by HappyUzumakiGirl Samezuka Swim Team by illuminatedflowerSakura over the skies by EmyKitteh Rainbow notes by orochibiEyeless Jack by meerkatlover1210Graffiti by toonicey14 Down The Rabbit-Hole by elliemorris Light and Hope Color by ZeroR102Younger Naruto And Older Naruto by Rubychan98 Changelings by VegemiteGuzzlerPeaceful Afternoon by StarryKnightStudioMiku Hatsune by MegoMyLego Never let go of Spring by by-MK KakaxObi-Through the same eyes by topcat-samafeather + pebble by stormcloud0530Applebloom's Nightmare by Cat-Thighs

Heart Rapier by sakuraxls2  Looking to the Sky by TheBirthdayMuffin Utaite Persona - Kyzian by X-Kazumi-X
Andra Mian in the EnderForest by BeadGCF17
Grenda by BrownSugarCookiesThe Enchanted Forest by Sapphires-GraphicsMerlin by SaatciSpider 
Hello Kitty human for bff Animatrixgirl by ThaliaxxxRamos Princess Bubblegum by maRchxhaRe.:Sitting by the ocean side:. by ColorCoyotelets go kick some ghost children's butts by SkittleS0up
Windmill by ImpureElegance Up on a spring hill by dvx69 Teams by Kenwhei Eyes Study by Mel-Design Feferi Peixes by ImPeanutHave Courage, Link. by BittyTheBat  Happy Thanksgiving by Izabella2016OITNB - Morello by akaleidoll anime OC by AshSaeki
  Outfit Switch by MEW-RYENorway Redo by YellowLuigi Asuna (SAO Headshots #2) by Alph4w0lf455 Contest Entry. by TheKatherynn [Doodle] Mai 2 by Skylar-GirlD-Do you like my newest outfit? by CherryPonyArtist Limbo by IVEart 

Under the Medusa by LinaLavirint  Flying Becky by beemario64 Stitch by SmearingSin


Sculpture, Photography and Crafts

Captain Caspian front by ColonelYeo Paperchild Pokemon by Envy1313 Loli Titan Hunter by StrawberryParall Halloween Death Eater Mask by ThePirateBunny7 Palette by crshh Rain Drops by SkyChamber Before The Storm by ShyGirlAlly Sunset by FlightySpirit A pony named Annie by so-bear Those Dog Days by TheRisingPhoenixW Animenext 2014 Day 1 #33 by OrionisZeta Ouran High School Host Club cosplay by Darkoneofthehunters Misty Yawa cosplay by Kakeinmadness Mikasa Cosplay by elma22HS: Strike a pose. by Chibilice gardenGnostic by VelvetPsychoKiller




God's beautiful creatures part 1

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 1:44 AM

Beauty exists, even in unlikely places. The key isn't to open your eyes but to open your heart.

Hearts In Colour by isider
Hearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isider

It's impossible to live a life totally free of feelings. God created all of us to be emotional creatures, and feelings are a big part of our lives.

EMOTIONS by Dogsfather

fly away by kyokosphotos   Yellow Ladybird by s-kmp   merry month of May by Ingelore   Only know you love her when you let her go by borda   wanna play? by clochartist-photo

Fairy (version # 2) by Vladlena111

Admiral by BiBiARTs   Paper kite butterfly by SarahharaS1   Yellow patience by funkichkn   living painting by ShamliRotem   One of my Five a Day 02 by s-kmp

Freedom by tatsu-subaru

Jonas, the Barn Owl by LewiARTs   It Must Be Love by cycoze   What goes there by gigi50   Sweet face of great grey owl by Momotte2   Waiting Patiently by CanadianRy

Ink Nightowl by huatunan

Hey Dude..... by thrumyeye   Snowy Starling by MYPeanutGallery   frozen in time by slatkatajna   SHY by sharkbaits   Jeckle by Applemac12

Guira cuckoos by WendyMitchell

Oh Good! They're Finally Up! by MYPeanutGallery   I did not touch the speed dial by MichelLalonde   Cutiepie by JocelyneR   Watchin' You by Daveinwilton

Is it springtime? by brijome   lunch by ignosc   Otter Portrait V by TVD-Photography   Apodemus agrarius by Dark-Raptor

Mayflowers and Chipmunk DT6 7600-1-2 by detphoto

Hedgehog by CaryAndFrankArts   Tiny Explorer by Unkopierbar   Journey to somewhere... by Thunderi   

Green Ratsnake by BiBiARTs

Happy Birthday Bev by Earleywine   Le Lac des cygnes by iskarlata   Happy ending by DumitruMihai   Black Swan Itch by MayEbony

Untitled by kriakao


 DQD3979a by duongquocdinh

Resident of Balkonia by RoyallyCrimson  Carpenter Bee by Blueeyes0001 Breakfast Is Served by Samplle Bumbling by parallel-pam

dolphins by alfred-georg   Little Bittern by RichardConstantinoff   You're sure this is where you dropped it dear? by cricketumpire

White Peacock by Arkus83

Box Turtle by Andres-Cadena   I salute you by FrankAndCarySTOCK   Dragging My Feet by HarLeezPix

Visual contact by plumita1

Hearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isider

:heart: Hope to enjoy, until next time , love you all :heart:

Blue dragonfly by VasiDgallery

I-love-ART by NaViGa7or

Macro Spotlight Vol.131

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 5:36 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:

We proudly present a glorious selection from the July and August Gallery submissions Ode-to-simplicity.

Open your eyes.
Open your soul.
Feel the beauty flow within.
Don't forget to :+fav: this journal if you like it.

Down The Hill by WTek79

The whole is more than the sum of its parts by Einsilbig metal waves by anaumceski Visual Stimulation by Einsilbig
double stitched by EintoeRn Canelle by Pierre-Lagarde the benign triviality of angles by dajono

there was a time i was dreaming to be a Peter Pan by ateist-kleranty

M- 01 by atelier-de-figueline Les BaT/O by atelier-de-figueline Tout baigne by JakezDaniel
leaf of grass II by VisitingFahrrad Dune by Fassod M- 04 by atelier-de-figueline

Sea mist by lomatic

In a land far, far away... by mj-magic Unveiled by SplitEnsds wings by indojo
Love and Loss by WishmasterAlchemist Six weeks by deerArylide Into the Blue.. by dragonfly-oli

Fisherman by Hengki24

Untitled by mldzz space by korrox Throne for the titans by matze-end
The Flats 04 by Niophe Red Band by insolitus85 Electric Way by CarlosBecerra

Left by 9dZign


Collected and arranged by augenweide

Kind regards,
Ode-to-simplicity team

i love things simple by simplicity-fan keep it simple by simplicity-fan


free e-magazine about fine art photography

Manga/Anime DD Roundup - August 2014

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 8:00 AM

Fan Art + Fan-Fiction DD Roundup

Sun Aug 31, 2014, 6:59 AM
Features by SingingFlames

Transformers: We Came in WarTransformers: We Came in War
For Tyra
Setting: Sometime during the Bay films
Characters: Optimus Prime
We came to this planet because ours was gone.
The quest for power consumed our home.  The need for domination destroyed us.  Still we live, and yet there is a piece in each of us that has been decimated forever.  We will never recover what we have lost.
I look down upon this planet, and I wonder why we try.
It is evident by now that we have lost the capacity for peace.  War follows in our wake.  We came to retrieve the AllSpark, which has long since been lost, and we are still here.  All that came of attempting to revive our planet was the relocation of the war from our planet of death to this planet of life.  There is so much life on this planet.  All of it we have sworn to protect.  This is the promise we have made to them.  But the promise would not need to have been made if we had never co

Features by Lyricanna

Sun and moon: Aurora and Maleficent by sparrow-chan  Through the Storm by Toradh  Supportive Samurai by Nami--chan
Batman the eternal guardian by DreadJim  Grima by jayyl
Teresa Awakening? by gooloo0-oBat by ElectraStanleyHANNIBAL - Banquet by Sayael  Assassin's Creed III by ert0412 Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL -Go home by JMXD  Loki - King of Asgard by Quelchii  library tea party by Sivcova
Eowyn by kimberly80  Digital ink by Za-Akranoia  -The Red Queen- by RotoDiskOne Last Pai Sho Match by Alamus  Haruka from Free because he is worth it by kaoleanite

Features by Ry-Spirit

Winter Soldier by ChaoyuanXu Ariel by evaYabai Bravely Default by JohnDevlin
The Light and the Night by The-SixthLeafClover Pippi Longstocking by Monanu
Ff14 fanart by narrator366 Father son Kamehameha by longai Atom by NEIGHBORSTUDIOS TOUGH CLAWS MEGA CHARIZARD!!! by CHOBI-PHO Pokemon of the Sea by Wasil Kaneki Ken by j-witless Shinsekai Yori: Situs Inversus by sakonma
League of Legends Yasuo fanart by kumagzter Yuna--FINAL FANTASY  X by qianshuhao Pinkie Pie by fleebitesBangarang by samanthadoodles[Blade And Soul Art Competition] Pohwaran by iorlvm Lost by LegendofWhitney Howl by FeliceMelancholie Ofrenda Banjo Kazooie by SaiyaGina Admiral Westergard by hollyoakhill :commission: Will you be my mate? by kori7hatsumine New Crows by Lightning--Strikes Kingdom Hearts - Sora by Fishiebug Wave Rider by Susiron Digimon: Greymon by TwoDD :Steam Punk: by lehuss +Gaius+ by Orenji-kun Moon by Enkaaay

Features by TheCreativeJenn

Gandalf by Olga-Tereshenko Paper Boats by chinara
Inazuma11! by U35 Future Sonic by SuperMoonImagination [Fanart] Maleficent's Toy by LauraBevon TFAOE: Ratchet's Revenge by ERA-7
Draw this again (we still drawing Vega here...) by TixieLix +Sakura and the Fairy Tower+ by larienne
Peace in the Woods by SaraCuervo HALLOWEEN BOUND by MaximoVLorenzo
Vegeta and Goku by chevsy Arcade Hecarim by Grimsever
Venom and Spiderman by rafater Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead by Chrisbakerart
Portal - GLaDos reactivated by Feivelyn MLP: Discord vs Celestia by ItsOver900O Starters by Zyephens-Insanity
Cheshire Cat by Zeeksie HTTYD2 by 77chen
League of Legends: TOWARDS SEASON 3! by Fiveonthe Shy Pony by fralininin
Ursula by Jgass The Lich by anokazue Princess Serenity by giselleukardi
+WoW+Purify the Blood by Nephyla Scorpion by StanislavNovarenko Captain America #1 by crymeouts
Tonari no Totoro by X-Chan- Fan Art of IB by edenfox Mecha-Bison and Decapre-Jaeger by tommasorenieri

Features by the CR Team

Anthro Shan Yu and Elite Huns by MariposaBullet Finding Silence by kivi1230
Demons close by Deniszizen Nights in Skyrim by Pixx-73
Beyond Two Souls (1920x1200) by DrRiptide This is the greatest, most amazingiest party ever by skimlines Nathyrra - Commission by ethanrevolution Those strange creatures. by KinokoKoneko Wardens of Nordrassil by 6kart MY SONG by hecoheio Starship Troopers by ProgV
UP: Carl and Ellie by astrofawn

Once again, the Community Relations team is here to feature the artworks of deviantART's beloved forumers! :la:

Once a month, we select one active member from the forums and we feature his or her gallery. This is someone we believe represents the forums well with both good forum-abilities and art.

As we're kind (and awesome), we also decided to give an opportunity for everybody to get featured! Every month, we create a thread in the Deviation Thumbshare Forum with a particular theme. This thread is made into a sticky for easy access. All you have to do is post thumbs of your artwork that match the theme and, at the end of the month, we select our favorite thumbs from that thread and feature them in the next news article. :)

The best thing is that being an active member of the forums is the only requirement!

Featured Forumer of the Month: Lady-Xythis.

Gondole e San Giorgio by Lady-Xythis selected by DistortedSmile
"Such rich colours! A beautiful portrait of Venice."

+1 Chainmail Dice Bag by Lady-Xythis selected by 3wyl
"An awesome bag made out of chainmail! The design is brilliant and creatively woven in!"

Chainmail Creations 5 by Lady-Xythis selected by KovoWolf
"Is a lovely array of chainmail that truly is a lost art! Beautiful! "

Bologna 2 by Lady-Xythis selected by kingmancheng
"Simply stunning, a beautiful shot of a beautiful city. You can tell there's thousands of years of history rooted there!"

The Window Washer by Lady-Xythis selected by Anoya
"Right place, right time! I really like the framing. I wouldn't dare to clean those windows myself!"

Theme of the Month: Sports!

Here's a selection of thumbs picked from the thumbshare thread: Sports!

Roller Derby by Exael-X A Game of Coboldi by Ciullo-Corporation Dance this mess around by ARTificialphanTOM Nadia Comaneci by PMucks Tipoff by Hawksfan4848 NBA Logos 3 by Hawksfan4848 Basketgirl... by Dark-Indigo Friday Night Lights by Gingersanps DB1 by AleckJo Surf's Up at Sunset by PinchOfPixelDust Motocross by roxmohr Lausitzer Fuchse-EHC Wolfsburg by roxmohr Did Ya Catch That? by JenFruzz Zulu The Color Run Copenhagen - Running by RasmusWAndersen Pitlane stop by MichaelDphotographer Stretched by Kamal-Q Swing! by PinchOfPixelDust Gulf by PinchOfPixelDust Sarko2 by AleckJo Foul Play by ragnaice

Thank you to everyone who took part! We will see you next month with a new forumer and a new theme! :love: