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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Macro Spotlight Vol. 133

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 3:24 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:

StoryBoard V31 la vie des formes

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 11:10 AM

K by KizukiTamura K by KizukiTamura K by KizukiTamura



Spiraling by tholangA Day In The Life by JordanRobinSpiraling by tholang

A Day In The Life by JordanRobinover and over again by BelcyrPiotrA Day In The Life by JordanRobin

Spiraling by tholangA Day In The Life by JordanRobinSpiraling by tholang



Colossus by AlexandruCrisanmy secret place by VesnaSvesnaColossus by AlexandruCrisan

my secret place by VesnaSvesnaHamburg Neustadt 140316-140718 by pasiastymy secret place by VesnaSvesna

Colossus by AlexandruCrisanmy secret place by VesnaSvesnaColossus by AlexandruCrisan



Hipstamatic Series by insolitus85M- 05 by atelier-de-figuelineHipstamatic Series by insolitus85

M- 05 by atelier-de-figuelineMercurial II by dynax700siM- 05 by atelier-de-figueline

Hipstamatic Series by insolitus85M- 05 by atelier-de-figuelineHipstamatic Series by insolitus85



Nawakonflexe by fredScallietMgh XIV - Composition of Light and Shadow by DpressedSoulNawakonflexe by fredScalliet

Mgh XIV - Composition of Light and Shadow by DpressedSoulGuide-lines by Igor-DemidovMgh XIV - Composition of Light and Shadow by DpressedSoul

Nawakonflexe by fredScallietMgh XIV - Composition of Light and Shadow by DpressedSoulNawakonflexe by fredScalliet



Reves d'urbanisme #23 by LeMatosDistortion by EinsilbigReves d'urbanisme #23 by LeMatos

Distortion by Einsilbig17 by freMDartetDistortion by Einsilbig

Reves d'urbanisme #23 by LeMatosDistortion by EinsilbigReves d'urbanisme #23 by LeMatos



Imperfection by AlexandruCrisanEquitably shared by T1supImperfection by AlexandruCrisan

Equitably shared by T1supGotterdammerung by FassodEquitably shared by T1sup

Imperfection by AlexandruCrisanEquitably shared by T1supImperfection by AlexandruCrisan



28614N by JFBAYLEThe Feather by IndigoSummerr28614N by JFBAYLE

The Feather by IndigoSummerrdead city II by disiesThe Feather by IndigoSummerr

28614N by JFBAYLEThe Feather by IndigoSummerr28614N by JFBAYLE

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APN Suggestion Saturday #26

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 5:38 AM


In this article you can find some of the DD suggestions I've received in the last 14 days! I might not be able to DD every suggestion I receive, but I can help giving them some exposure one way or the other!

Playful by Nikonfinest In garden by Esoragotka S P L A S H by Durdenyr
Flowering Ruby by B-Skipper Sentinel of the Sea by jadersol Oscar by ClaudiaFMiranda
When the day is over by SandyKaragainni Summer time :) by Hooligan212 What a cute little fella I am by Allerlei
On to the next... by cheoriginal Ciuciu by SifrAmal Sleep Well by Helkathon
Icelandic mushrooms. by thekittygoesMEEP Peacock by Skrillexia-TF Butterfly by iLantiis
Favorite pile. by thekittygoesMEEP The shore of a little paradise by T-20-A-20 The Enchanted Path by FlabnBone maklakova 2 by baradishka
Watching you by Hintial The Lily and the Pad, Part III by Once-Around-the-Sun Munching on leaves by Skrillexia-TF
Broken by Junk-Heart MOMMY! by Richard-Cederfjard Stunning Model by InaWolfsimage
Sunlit trees by krazykel Tree a tree by duggiehoo time for us by VesnaSvesna
Rejected by Dealey1o Hartside Pass by Nelleke Dancing in the sunset by KristynaKvapilova
Sol by TheCameraGirl the white stag by riskonelook Sakura by frantices
Glazed and Confused by rawimage Champignons32 by hubert61 His Majesty the lion by KlaraDrielle
Blue Butterfly by DinofelizC Gimme some by Oussika Austrian lake and mountains by ladygenevra

My DD guidelines are written on my profile page! :heart:

FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

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:bulletpink: rainylake ABC's of Animals's newest edition!
:bulletpink: A-Foggy-Day is having a Fog Fairy Tale contest (ends September 17th)
:bulletpink: CanonAdventures and thedaydreaminggirl are holding "The Big Gender Photo Challenge" (ends October 4th)

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Senior Selections #16

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 4:52 AM

Senior Selections #16

Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its sixteenth week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by :+favlove:'ing this news article. Please also comment and :+fav:  on our wonderful features!

Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the community just send us or a team admin a note!

Thank you for supporting this group and project from the SeniorSelections team! 


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coding by SimplySilent

HappyBDay by KmyGraphic

Lets take a time to celebrate those who were born in September!

:iconbickhamsarah: Bickhamsarah on the 1st

Colorful Food by Bickhamsarah You Are the Sun by Bickhamsarah Through the Windowsill by Bickhamsarah

:iconhuina: huina on the 1st

Palette Challenge 1 - Since then.... by huina Princess Jadina by huina Pluto the reindeer Icemage by huina

:iconkjames: kjames on the 1st

kjames has no art.

:iconsadness40: Sadness40 on the 1st

Leonardo DiCaprio by Sadness40 Cheval/Horse by Sadness40 Venetian Mask by Sadness40

:iconthepurplesorcerer: ThePurpleSorcerer on the 1st

A Gathering by ThePurpleSorcerer Maleficent II by ThePurpleSorcerer Mountain Dragon by ThePurpleSorcerer

:iconvw1956: vw1956 on the 1st

Corvette Sunday III by vw1956 horses by vw1956 Rubber Duck by vw1956

:icondrybowzillajp: DryBowzillaJP on the 2nd

DryBowzillaJP has no art of his own.

:icongaberielrichardson: GaberielRichardson on the 2nd

[Gift] Birthday PoemA pitter patter of paws
Fur as soft as snow
Bright blue eyes
Such bright blue eyes
That seem to sparkle
Bunny nose
And bubbly chitters
Make this adorable being so
Such an idiot
Yet such a sweetie
So protective
Of her brother
Special eyes aglow.
Best friend to all
Sister to some
Fiancee to one
Meepie Meepie
Happy Birthday
Enjoy your day of Bliss
Eat some cake
And Ice cream too!
Don't forget to smile!
Use this special day for you
And have fun once in a while.
Meepie Meepie
Your sister loves you
Even if we're far
Take a candle
Blow a wish
I'll see you someday soon
Happy Happy Birthday Meep
And Clayton too!
May your day be smiles of joy
I love you.
  [Gift] The start of the heros of SemoliMorning broke, and as Raiko walked down the path, he gave a heaving sigh. He hadn't made it there by nightfall, and ended up running into bandits who made off with his pack. He couldn't believe he had been foolish to try and take them on.
He could see the temple coming up in the distance, and he knew he'd make it, even if his aching feet said otherwise. He was tired, starving, and hoped and prayed someone would be willing to give him food, and as such, perhaps he could ditch this madallion, and move on with his life. Be a hunter or something...
Reaching the steps of the temple, he peeked his head in, spotting four other people waiting. A female glanced up at him, sharpening wicked blades in her hands, while another slept still, on the floor. Each wore a warrior outfit, and seemed to know each other, so he assumed they came from the same village.
"Hello!" He greeted, and stepped inside, looking around.
"You're late. By like...four years." The female spoke, getting up, and glaring at him
  [CO-001] What a way to step into adulthood!It was time. Time for him to go through what every male his species went through. The rite of passage, granting him the ability to leave his village, and go to do whatever he chose to do. Some Semolians chose to work for the king, others for crime, and sometimes, not as rare as people would like to think, they became bandits.
Of course, this was a big day for Raiko, a black, green, and tanned semoli, from a villiage near the castle. Or, it would be if he didn't sleep in.... and now was rushing to get to the passage before people became impatiant and tell him he had to wait Again!
His feet rushed against the autumn ground, and leaves crackled against his feet. He was an odd one, yes, he was. With a marking of a dragon on his back, he was an oddball. Always late to class, always the one whose second to none. But he'd prove to them he wasn't!
He raced to the scene, and smiled. It wasn't over yet!
A murmur of dissent came from the crowd, and he sighed. Of course people would be up

:iconvangellj: VAngelLJ on the 2nd

9693 Rogue by VAngelLJ Life Before the Fall [Animated] by VAngelLJ Days Gone By [Animated] by VAngelLJ

:iconpixacious: Pixacious on the 2nd

Welcome by Pixacious Trees by Pixacious Biplane by Pixacious

:iconrydi1689: rydi1689 on the 3rd

. Under the Sun . by rydi1689 . In this life . by rydi1689 Adoptable Auction #10 {Gryphon Rider} CLOSED by rydi1689

:iconkrina531: Krina531 on the 4th

Kagamine Rin by Krina531 Krina Kiryu: Art Update by Krina531 Hirari Ayaka by Krina531

:iconlucid: lucid on the 5th

Lambtron by lucid Doe by lucid Tatze by lucid

:iconneccers: Neccers on the 5th

Sassy by Neccers Sick by Neccers Gear Bracelets by Neccers

:iconnekonay: NekoNay on the 7th

Midnight Travelers: Family Matters Part 1            “Excuse me!” a feminine voice called. She was staring at a Weavile, lounging in a tree inside a makeshift hammock made out of leaves. 
            Ven glanced down with a lazy eye at the voice who called for him. Again they believe can talk to me anytime… This time it was a Miltank, someone he never saw in the city. In her grasp, she held a basket full of bread, apples with a golden cow bell around her neck, jingling at times. It piqued his interest to an extent but not enough. He closed his eyes, waving her away. He was still tired and it was daytime.
            The Miltank gave a huff as the Weavile told her off. The nerve! She placed her hooves on her hips as she devised a way to get him down. All she wanted was a little guidance. “Hey! You have seen a Bouffalant around here!?” She shou
  A Twinsanity Short: A Haywire Experiment            Time was dwindling down for all those in the Researchers ‘Guild. Some were heading toward their dorms to drift into a peaceful slumber. Others went outside to observe the skies or to have a nice stroll in the town to observe the stars. A rush of movement from the dimly lit hallways. The soft padding of paws against the wooden flooring could be heard as they lead to a lab which was lit quite brightly, contrary to the darkness. Several beakers were scattered across the floor covered with a strange luminous teal-like substance. The substance also coated the cabinets, important tools, the chalkboard… The goo even seemed to move slightly in effort to touch one another.
            Two Rattata observed the lab with intrigued yet disturbed expressions. One was coated with the substance twitching as he inched to wipe away the disgusting failure he felt. He felt quite filthy, the sl
  MT | TT | FD Errand #10 Placeholder            Now how the hell did I get in this situation? Ven shielded his eyes from the sun beaming down on from the sky. The several murmurs from the crowd were slowly begun to irritate him as he tugged with contempt on the rope that bounded him the cart. His eyes drifted, scouting out the competitors for this so called race. It matter not. He gave a smirk brimming with confidence. He was going to beat them all. To his relief, he didn’t have to drag Brutus in the cart. He shuddered to think if he had to strain his back to haul that hulky bulk. His passengers, however, wished to exchange with others.
            Rowen appeared antsy as he tapped his bone impatiently on the cart with a new comer, a skittish shiny Flaaffy, by the name of Theo, ducking his head nervously. Ven rolled his eyes at his ridiculous luck. Would have thought I would have been out of this but here I am…

:iconreldia: Reldia on the 7th

The Perfect Jump by Reldia Over the Poles! by Reldia Trade: Kaylied-Estal by Reldia

:iconthearmouredbear: TheArmouredBear on the 7th

Sparkly Snow-Covered Bushes by TheArmouredBear Three Kitties in a Basket? by TheArmouredBear Bears at the Zoo by TheArmouredBear

:iconwingfril: wingfril on the 7th

Stars by wingfril Mystic forest by wingfril hope by wingfril

:iconnavybluepanda: NavyBluePanda on the 10th

Couple WIP by NavyBluePanda deviantID 002 (001 Revamp) by NavyBluePanda [OPEN] Chibi Adoptable #2 - Nick by NavyBluePanda

:icononi-onna: oni-onna on the 10th

    Art trade - Chibi!Akashi by oni-onna Rella by oni-onna Kissu Kissu!! by oni-onna

:iconheltinde: Heltinde on the 11th

Commission: theultimateasian by Heltinde Quickring by Heltinde SecretSanta: xXCandyAngelXx by Heltinde

:iconpsto1464: psto1464 on the 11th

Harry Potter Mandrake (Earmuffs Not Included) by psto1464 Harry Potter Monster Book by psto1464 Chocolate Cake Keepsake Box by psto1464

:icondrawitout: drawitout on the 12th

Evening Swim by drawitout Storm on the Sea by drawitout Starlit by drawitout

:iconkatzrollz: katzrollz on the 13th

Lazy Studying by katzrollz Happy Easter! by katzrollz Reach Out by katzrollz

:iconhimekanoda: himekanoda on the 14th

Kane Naddy - SunfiLia by himekanoda EinzeL Einz - (Sunfilia the Visual Novel Game) by himekanoda LEON GUNNAR - (Sunfilia the Visual Novel Game) by himekanoda

:iconkaitehfox: KaiTehFox on the 15th

Her dog by KaiTehFox Love by KaiTehFox chibi by KaiTehFox

:iconmrs0strawberry: Mrs0Strawberry on the 15th

Kitty by Mrs0Strawberry Rose by Mrs0Strawberry hair O.O by Mrs0Strawberry

:icony-limes: Y-Limes on the 15th

Cover by Y-Limes You're gonna go far kid PMV (.5) by Y-Limes Adivai Mautta by Y-Limes

:iconjessoue: Jessoue on the 16th

Halloween Jess by Jessoue Sika's Design by Jessoue Gabugabu by Jessoue

:iconlorenavldz09: lorenavldz09 on the 16th

Tough Vaporeon Gijinka by lorenavldz09 Pissed Off by lorenavldz09 Seductive Francis~ by lorenavldz09

:iconnoctissparrow: Noctissparrow on the 16th

The Day That Never Ends by Noctissparrow When The Dark Rain Falls by Noctissparrow When The Dark Angels Rise by Noctissparrow

:icondarkskiesangel: darkskiesangel on the 18th

TeardropsOne shouldn't take tears lightly
Dripping drops of
I don't want to see again
Each drop
Utter sorrow
And nothing in the world is the same
  Let GoOne day
I dream to be the girl who doesn’t
Cry herself to sleep at night
Only to be whipped awake
By whatever comes my way
To be the girl
Who doesn’t wish to run
Away for a second chance
To be that girl
Who can do what her dreams
Decide to tell her
And the one
Who can love
But I am the girl who
Cries at night
To sleep for a few sweet
Moments after saving a life
But before waking to the
Sound of yelling and more
And I am the girl who
Wants to start fresh
Somewhere new and away
From this scary place
But no, I can’t be
A dreamer
Dreams, bombed, just a few feet from home
And I can’t love you
And I want to
But you hurt me
So bad
But i still
Refuse to
Ever let go
  127: It Don't Care, I DoThe road don't care where you run off to
As long as shaking feet fall upon
It's crumbling pavement
And the steady ba-thump ba-thump
Beats like a drum
The road don't care if you're crying
Your broken heart out
And it don't care if you're long gone
It don't matter where you go
As long as you're gone
But I do
I can't live without your beautiful smile
I don't think you know
But tears don't mean a better tomorrow
They just mean you're crying for a better yesterday

:iconlaskanwlf: LASKANWLF on the 19th

Sea of Love by LASKANWLF Sweet Surrender by LASKANWLF Lucky by LASKANWLF

:iconpumpkinqueen13: PumpkinQueen13 on the 19th


:iconliagon: Liagon on the 21st

PC Dog headshot by Liagon Sunbathing Shells by Liagon Ares by Liagon 

:icondwarf4r: Dwarf4r on the 22nd

Fizz by Dwarf4r Mooseagle by Dwarf4r Rabguin by Dwarf4r

:iconlemmykoopa794: lemmykoopa794 on the 23rd

Rainbow cat by lemmykoopa794 Iggy Koopa by lemmykoopa794 Wendy O Koopa as Mulan by lemmykoopa794

:iconmomotte2: Momotte2 on the 24th

Freedom in the sky for the griffon vulture by Momotte2 Charming baby tapir by Momotte2 Relaxing baby giraffe by Momotte2

:iconomegacrafter17: OmegaCrafter17 on the 25th

Helion by OmegaCrafter17 Mega Charizard X+Y by OmegaCrafter17 Vipera by OmegaCrafter17

:iconthelastgunstar: TheLastGunstar on the 25th

War Machine by TheLastGunstar Haruka Blue-Summer by TheLastGunstar Sparkster by TheLastGunstar

:iconrezzanatakol: RezzanATAKOL on the 27th

Mirage by RezzanATAKOL Clouds stock by RezzanATAKOL Sleep in the stars by RezzanATAKOL

:iconharuka28: Haruka28 on the 28th

AT-Miitsune by Haruka28 F2U-Princess of the Elves by Haruka28 AT-Khay Rin by Haruka28

:icon14amychan: 14AmyChan on the 29th

You are beautiful
And out
I will not stand
Telling you
That you are not
And you,
My friend
Are no exception
  Decorative KeyI held him in my arms
My cousin so small
He looked around me
He wanted to see it all
And of all the things in the world
That he could have wanted to see
The one thing that caught his notice
Was a small decorative key
Around my neck
It told of my faith, my rock
And he asked me curiously
“Where’s the lock?”
With a smile in my eye
And a joke in my tone
I answered him, “I am the lock
And I alone.”
He thought about that
He pondered it, true
Then, as if having an epiphany
He pointed and declared, “I open you?”
I laughed at that
His logic, thought simply
That he could open me up
With a decorative key
He tried it once
And then tried it again
Despite it failing
He did it over and over again
That night the ‘lock’ did not open
Not the way that he wanted it to be
Now whenever I come into view
He tries again to open this ‘lock’ with that decorative key
Every time I smile
At his logic, thought simply
That he could open me up
With my d
  QuietIt's quiet as the grave in here.
I say it without truly thinking.  Another rare classroom door screeches shut, it's sole sound deafening.  A student strolls past, the wheels on their backpack making a dull sound against the tile.  The door to the outside opens, and when it shuts it is obvious the hinges have not been oiled in some time.  A teacher hurries to his next lecture, keys jangling against his pocket.
It's quiet as the grave in here.
A plank of wood groans heavily under the weight.  Dirt shifts and settles, allowing that small and rustling sound.  Stale air somehow allows proper clothes to shift, rustling slightly as it compresses itself in accordance with gravity.  Everything is silent.  It's years since I used that expression in the school hall...
Where am I?  It's quiet as the grave in here!

:icononiartistnee-san: OniArtistNee-San on the 29th

Art Trade: No Name(?) by OniArtistNee-San Alice Chwannn by OniArtistNee-San Enus Request :3 by OniArtistNee-San

:iconscythian7: Scythian7 on the 29th

Katie by Scythian7 I still play with dolls by Scythian7 There was a spider by Scythian7

:iconulario: Ulario on the 29th

    [Beastly Zodiac Calender 2015]  Taurus by Ulario [Character Design]  Avita the Lightning Dragon by Ulario [Fantasy Xchange]  Around the Campfire by Ulario

:iconessieh: Essieh on the 30th

I dont want to be on the picture! by Essieh Watch out, smartie! by Essieh Today I dont feel like doing anything~ by Essieh

Happy birthday all!

Please go give them some dA love Party


ProjectPorkchop Vol367

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 10:40 AM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Michelle is an artisan crafter from the United States. Her area of expertise is doll-making and her whimsical and fun figures are sure to melt your heart! Each on is expertly hand crafted and painted and there are so many little details on the costumes! Michelle's gallery will make you feel like a kid again, so be sure to check it will be glad you did!

T N Honey Doll 7 by PlumsPlaceAnnieOatmealCustombest-23 by PlumsPlace
Custom-Blueberry-Muffin-Berrykin-Style-9 by PlumsPlaceLime Chiffon Berrykin Style Doll by PlumsPlace

see more..


Jacek is a traditional artist from Poland. He is a wood sculptor who creates amazing abstract works that are truly a sight to behold! He expertly utilizes negative space to make his pieces more dynamic and he adds a variety of textures to the wood for a wonderful finishing touch. He will certainly enjoy browsing his unique gallery of work!

Flow by JacekGlejzerMoons - woodsculpture by JacekGlejzer
mr Mantle 2 by JacekGlejzerStatue  (update foto a) by JacekGlejzer

Suggested by Clamdiggy 
see more..


Jagstang85 is a varied artist from Chile. His gallery is very music driven and includes concert photography as well as drawings and CD fan art covers. His photography is bold and dramatic, especially his black and white images and his angles are amazing and very interesting. He has exceptional typesetting skills and his CD covers are reminiscent of rock albums from the sixties. If you are a music lover, this artist is for you!

The Hives .13 by Jagstang85The Hives .11 by Jagstang85
Jiminelson by Jagstang85The Horrors .05 by Jagstang85

see more..


Christina is a traditional artist from Canada. She describes herself as an abstract expressionist and fantasy artist and draws influence from old masters such as Hans Hoffman, Mark Rothko, and especially Jackson Pollock. Her Alien series was created to illustrate her personal struggles with anxiety and stress. She states "I have tried to reveal a silent inner dialogue, a moment in time when we drop our masks and simply exist in a state that lies between society and the individual." Be sure to visit her page to learn more about her excellent series!

Cityscape by Christina2202Maleficent by Christina2202
Vulpes I by Christina2202Sleep Mode by Christina2202

see more..


Zachary is a digital art student from Malaysia. His primary style is anime and he hopes to become a professional illustrator in the future. 

Onii-chan's Favourite Pantsu by ProjectXeniXCommission: A rabbit stole my carrot!!! by ProjectXeniX
Hatsune Miku - Love is Digital War v2.0 by ProjectXeniXHatsune Miku-01 by ProjectXeniX

see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

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Interview 53. 14.09.2014.

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 12:58 AM


Today interview with xmilek from Czech Republic, at dA : 1 year.

Efforts by xmilekTerritory by xmilek

:bulletblue: 1 Which type of art are You creating ?
xmilek - The main work for me is the creation of digital "art". I specialize in animals because they're beautiful creatures :).

Straying by xmilekRevelation by xmilek

:bulletblue: 2 Why this kind of art ?
xmilek - I work partly as a graphic designer ... work is my hobby. I like discover new types and styles of graphic art.

Prediction by xmilekGifting by xmilek

:bulletblue: 3 When did You started create Your art?
xmilek - I can't remember exactly, but with the graphics I started sometime in 1994. Previously I photographed a lot, but I'm too lazy to wait for appropriate shots :D

Painted by xmilekLeave by xmilek

:bulletblue: 4 What kind of art do You like to watch the most?
xmilek - Oddly enough, I'm interested in photography. I see pictures from all over the world, and I'm amazed at what other artists so brilliantly captures.

Really by xmilekConspicuous by xmilek

:bulletblue: 5 What is Your inspiration?
xmilek - Everything around me is my inspiration!

Endangered by xmilekFitness by xmilek


DD from my suggestions :

A new life by JustACapharnaum

Contest Time~~

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 1:48 PM

the low-down:
I have adopted an awesome character going by the name of Lock - he is a living doll who is somewhat shy, but is an excellent illusionist. My problem, I can't think of an outfit, the task is to create one for him - either using the template provided ( ) or by drawing him independently - however, his hat must stay. 

-no stealing ideas off others
-be creative
-put effort into it
-entries can be digital or traditional
-no being rude/mean to other contestants
-up to five entries per person
-have fun-!
(I will use 1st place's entry as his main outfit, but may use 2nd and third also. Credit will be given upon first drawing)

first place:
Two custom adopts
Three free commissions from me
100point discount off a preset adopt
A llama badge

Second place:
a custom adopt
Two free commissions from me
50point discount off a preset adopt
A llama badge

Third place:
a free commission from me
25point discount off a preset adopt
A llama badge

Contest Ends Saturday, 20th September 2014. Any entries after this date will be ignored. Judging: 21st - 22nd September. 

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Endangered Animals Feature I: Snow Leopard

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 14, 2014, 11:26 AM

This is a new feature series for Unframed-Nature planned by myself and TeaPhotography, and it also serves as a subcategory of my Animals feature series.
Please enjoy reading about the snow leopard, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section! :heart:

Endangered Animal: Snow Leopard

These beautiful felines live in the highlands of Central Asia.
Their numbers have decreased at the hands of man through poaching and illegal market, prey base depletion as well as lack of awareness and conservation.

Snow Leopard Emote by FloralFlower

Snow Leopard info:

Panthera uncia

:megaphone: IUCN status: :target: Endangered :target:


IUCN red list

Wild Cat Conservation
Earth's Endangered Creatures

Support the Snow Leopard:

Snow Leopard Trust
Adopt a Snow Leopard through WWF


Please support the artists by giving +fav's and comments if you like the works!

Snow Leopard - Moar Snow ver. by lapis-lazuri 

Snow Leopard - Up by Shadow-and-Flame-86 Ghost of the Himalaya by Bovec Snow Leopard 11 by catman-suha

Snow Leopard by Nicole-Marie-Walker  Snow Leopard by chibi-chubear
Snow Leopard by 7-Year-Bytch

Snow Leopard by KrisVlad Winter by tamaraR Snow Leopard by ManiaAdun

snow leopard cub by makebelief   The Leopard Within by majikalrubberducky

Snow Leopard Nail Art by KayleighOC  snow leopard by kurka-designs  Snow Leopard Mask! by OakMyth 

Luna by Roxo89
Snow Leopard by OdysseusUT Snow leopard by santiago-simple

Aro the Snow Leopard by Naragon Chibi: Snow Leopard Commission by Lady-Owl

IceMaiden by Notvitruvian

Ice Rose by sasha-fantom Snowfall by Notvitruvian

Northern Gryphon by VolatileFortune Endless Realms bestiary - Owlion by jocarra Owleopard by mistysteel

Snow Leopard by Catherine-PL Snow Leopard by Lalita17 Fracted Snow Leopard 3 by Byrek

Moonlight dream - close up by Bisanti

Thanks for reading!


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