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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Part 2 Tribute to Nick

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 11:52 AM

Whether you knew him well, or were just an acquaintance, it did not matter, at least to him it didn't, as he treated everyone with the same love and respect.  There is no doubt, that he touched the lives of many, a fact he was always surprised about.  It humbled him, and he was truly grateful for the friends he has met here.

It is that rarest of people, who could reach over mountains and oceans and touch all of our hearts.  From every corner of the globe, to every walk of life, no matter your ethnic background, your political or religious views, no matter the color of your skin, or even if you spoke English, it did not matter to him, as he considered you all friends, and many, a part of his family.

He was your confidant, your mentor, your biggest supporter, your shoulder to cry on, your voice of reason and logic, and your cherished friend. He was all of those, to all of you, a person you could always count on, to always be there.  He would listen to all of you, with every concern or problem you had, he would listen, giving 100% of himself to making you feel better.  It did not matter if it was art related or personal, you could always count on him to be there.

Here is a collection of beautiful works dedicated to Nick :iconshedboy68:
He was a great friend to us all and he will be surely missed :heart:
He inspired us, encouraged us and supported us to be great.
RIP Nick xoxo

NEW ID by Shedboy68

Beholden by Shedboy68

Part 2 of our Tribute to Nick

Au revoir ami by Bohemiart

The Last Tear by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art

The Last Tear by BeccaB-Stock-N-Art

Stay by xmilek

For Nick by Sisterslaughter165

White Rose by itznikki530

White Angels  by YBsilon-Stock

Remember_animation by ladyjudina

For Nick... by LadyAquariusStock

Road to eternity by lucium55

Crying For You by SeventhFairy

The Angel Above {R.I.P Nick Stone} by xSilverSpiritWolfx

Time does not stop. by ConceptDezines

Illusion by Brumae-Art

For Nick - Bluebell by BloomingRoseXeniia

Loved by magicsart

Azrael by WorldOfGabriel

Angel Charmer by ChimeraArtz

Stars have birthdays.Hey people. I hope you're enjoying your weekend, as much as you can. Today is a special day,and I am not talking about the weather(damn it's so hot outside,I can fry eggs on my car,if I had a car) I am talking about the people who are born today. Happy Birthday for everyone , but I feel like this is not everything I want to say.  Because today, It's Nick birthday :heart: :heart: :iconshedboy68:
... And I heard so many things about my dead grandma,when it was her birthday, people keep telling me  that is a waste of time to celebrate for her.
No,this is not a waste of time. This will never be. Everybody deserves a  little birthday party,a little birthday gift, no matter where s/he is,no matter what s/he is doing.
And today,more than never,our Nick deserves everything, no matter if we can't see him,because he can see us. And this is so important.He died before his birthday to come,and this is heartbreaking, but our relationship with him is still the same. He still loves us,
  Nick Stone- dedication poemA gentlemen cannot explain your kindness,
A smile as bright as yours cannot hide,
Hide behind the darkest clouds,
Like a star you glow in darkness,
Digital art was your golden star,
Excellent at it, it was your hearts desire,
Nothing could stop you from,
Making a masterpiece,
Your honestly could bring out,
The true colours in people,
Showing who was worth,
Your precious time,
While you may be gone,
You will be remembered,
For your charming skills,
And breath taking art,
We will keep your,
Legacy of art alive,
Keeping you alive in,
Our memories will make,
You stay in our hearts,
A little while longer,
Goodbye and let your soul,
Protect those who need,
Your comforting presence.

Part 1

Nick's Birthday Tribute!Whether you knew him well, or were just an acquaintance, it did not matter, at least to him it didn't, as he treated everyone with the same love and respect.  There is no doubt, that he touched the lives of many, a fact he was always surprised about.  It humbled him, and he was truly grateful for the friends he has met here.
It is that rarest of people, who could reach over mountains and oceans and touch all of our hearts.  From every corner of the globe, to every walk of life, no matter your ethnic background, your political or religious views, no matter the color of your skin, or even if you spoke English, it did not matter to him, as he considered you all friends, and many, a part of his family.
He was your confidant, your mentor, your biggest supporter, your shoulder to cry on, your voice of reason and logic, and your cherished friend. He was all of those, to all of you, a person you could always count on, to always be there.  He would listen to all of you, with

Vapoured Love by Shedboy68

:iconpjenz:  :iconkimmiekrazy:  :iconshedboy68:  :iconelyio: :iconbeccab-stock-n-art:  :iconchimeraartz:  :iconrandomact-0-kindness:

Skin Credits Vint26 Edited by

Galleries Month

3D Models

3D Model resources can be imported into a 3D modeling program like 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc.
Skeleton Key Earrings by inception8-ResourceFree Bushes by Nobiax


Pictures, buttons and other useful "precut" image files submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works
Water Drops by Aimee-Valentine-ArtChristmas - Pine Branch - Square Frame by Hermit-stock

Vector Resources

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oriental vectors by gtsatVector Grunge Floral Circle Frame Design by 123freevectors

Video Resources & Tutorials

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Which includes:

Line-art & Character Templates

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Free horse lineart, gallop by IesteCanine Reference- Free Lineart by Espherio

Don't miss the Miscat Superhero Contest!

Information here


Thu Aug 21, 2014, 2:31 AM by outstarwalker:iconoutstarwalker:

Get yourself featured!

Everyday, I stumble upon so many beautiful pieces on dA that it's obvious to me to give them some more attention. My feature journals will be theme-based, but if you want to put your artwork here, just write in a comment below!

I do features on my Facebook fanpage from time to time, so like it and send me a message, and I'll help you in promotion!



Cyberpunk Wrath by MEYERanekOrange Geisha by thienbaoMU_unit by YUK-buitarLOL - Zone by mrauuy2014Salsa Invertebraxa - Drop by m0zch0psChester cheetah vol 2 by OmegaLionessIsland by snaku6763Mononoke (color) by LASILFIDEOSCURA:.Kiriban Prize for GreenNoodleKitten.: by Vivi-Chuuwind runner by Ah-OEarthly Unicorn Boy by Kiwi-NiwiViridescent by KailyciousEthinyn King by LuridTheSpiritMist by AntharikaMeadow (3D) by kuraicofDark Forest by GerceTarget Down by NathanParkArtI hope they're gone.. by vaoraDaily Paint #639. Green Eggs and by Cryptid-Creations


Dame boucleline - Lady lovely locks by TialiEDI by Me4FanFaux screenshot: White Lies by Pyrosityw h i t e by JenekoMing-Hua by AcaciathornTRANSFORMERS TIMELINES #10 by TeyowisonteAdaar by PheberoniAre we... free? by WanderingLolaAeon Flux AU by FlibertyjibbethLoL: Jax by RattledMachinesketch win by livetuneAstronomy Lesson IV by FrodoKFalling by ThanhXinh[Personal]  Seyaki by UlarioCrystal Sahuagin and Shark-Advanced Bestiary by StudioSmugbugWater Girl Annie by BerkBudak


Blade And Soul  Fanart contest Pohwaran by BraionssAsuka - Cut-out by FacelessVixenShepherdess Caught Drawing On The Job by callupishMakara by PsshawGift: Haduriyui (Animated) by Artie-chiiRed Sonja by KateFinneganDuo by LittleDraeneiBlood Powered Orc Shaman by DreadJimWar Face by alridpathIDENTITY by ShVanFire in the Attic (originally by Porcelanita) by OtherhandR E S U R G I S by IsidemsFire Ruby Dragon by Chichanan Deadly Sins by GansOne89phoenix by mugoARTFleck by kep90Docks by Lo0bo0Blood of the Dragon by ZafNovaUnstoppable by Dezzoi


summoner by a76106558For Kerry (in Color) by ChrisVisionsBathtub by snowWwflakeReaper Centaur by KhempaveeLotus by VVernacatolaThe Pumkin King by scarypetUiuiui by Krissi001In the Reedy River by juliakrasepremade backrgound 12 by Creamydigitalin the spirit world by czochanskaVintage by LiddyCharmSpunk Arrow Varus by BerkBudakFiyye by Tales-of-TormentTwi by hymnsofvaleforViola Lindynn [Re Upload] by BlissCloudsVoid Chevalier Taric by BerkBudakDistant World by ClaraMunteanuAdoptable Auction ( Open) by SolchanNeonica Venus by BoarzxWitch process by RocioGarciaARTOr'ez and Choice by QuarvalVania-k [COMM] by Mimiushka

Coding by SimplySilent
:love: Welcome to the 23rd edition of Fractaling!:love:
Please, be sure to go to the deviations, leave a comment and +favlove !

Another Cathedral by KPEKEP
Germ of immortality by androceus Under Sinister Moons by Xyrus-02 Water Street by HalTenny
The happy Smurfs by M-i-t-c-h-e-l
Wonderful by Digithalie Emma by Antares2
Freezing in the night by SaTaNiA

Fractal DDs for the past weeks

Fiat Lux by mmastriani Subconcsious new growth by Snow-White-Qween

Go and show these deviants some love! Love in the Air 

See you next week! - C-91

Daily Bread Cafe | Issue 08

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 9:35 PM

Volume 01 | ART
Get your daily dose of goodness.

The Daily Bread Cafe is a small attempt at building a helping branch to the ever growing community on dA. Not only is this publication created for you, but also to help spread the love to everyone on dA.

A Special Announcement

Thank You Hearts Sign 

TheDailyBreadCafe has reached 1500+ :points: in donations and over 100+ watchers in just two weeks!
We hope to keep gaining such incredible support and decided to do something very, very special.
To help us decide on how to celebrate, please vote on our poll by visiting AlphaManifest's homepage!

Today's Featured Deviants

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Featured Art of Encouragement

Trachelas by duggiehoo

Created by

Featured Deviations
Sketchbook Saturday #4 by TheArtOfSilentShoutNarcissus by TotoCsierraThat's Me by IAmBobbolieVengeance by Art0fprincessmi'm calling the doctor by One-eyedFelineAT : KonakoChan by PEEREOA Kurd by mfu1986Girl in kimono by xXTheBlackSheepXxSwimming in Colors - Wallpaper by Black-B-o-xDeer Woman Ref by MintyButtArt Contest Submission! Sometimes Villains Win by LightehKiss by StePandyStitches by HauntedGlitchRena by MagnaStormeggHDR1151 by The-EggSEVEN by MA7RHolding the light by zingrubyNamine Ritsu - Streaming Heart by miyokioI'm The Batman by Blood-ContagionS.P: Crystallized soul1 by CelestialBirdBig Sister Quinnamon by makigaihimeSoul Gem and Ring by PorcelainbabieGirl Meets Boy by SedruceGreatest Power 'LOVE' by TakiboshiAfro Samurai by ProxishDesignsKLK: No Star by hatsuu-akiI Lost by MusictureAn Afternoon's Adventure by dot-DOLLInto the Forest by artistickittnChemical Lady by boringmuFire Hair. by elvirazakharovaHave you got fire please ? by Nicolas15CWe Could Have Been Beautiful, Darling. by TellTheWorldImAliveTentacle hair with rabbit flowers by Micha-vom-WaldBibesia by octobre-rougeNature Soundz! by dvnmylsCandle In The Darkness  by LoneWolf1600Revenge of the Scrimshaw Skull by rawjawboneMy heart by SIR13Orb 002 by LazyBonesStudios

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August 12.2014. Interview 35.

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 21, 2014, 5:21 AM

Hi guys!

Today interview with Sylvia from USA, at dA : 5 years.

First Light by Sillybilly60

:bulletblue: 1 Which type of art are You creating ?
Sillybilly60 - I like all kinds of art, not too much into abstract or too contemporary. I favor portraits, but since I'm not too good at it, I do landscape, waterscapes and skyscapes. I also love fantasy artwork, animals and still life.

A View of the Adirondack Mnts. by Sillybilly60Lake Loxahatchee by Sillybilly60

:bulletblue: 2 Why this kind of art ? /
:bulletblue: 3 When did You started create Your art?
Sillybilly60 - I started drawing when I was fairly young, mostly cartoons. My medium is pastels and oils, but have crossed over to digital. (Self-taught artwork)

Beyond The Road by Sillybilly60Dusk by Sillybilly60

:bulletblue: 4 What kind of art do You like to watch the most?
Sillybilly60 - I enjoy all kinds of creations, especially realistic work.

Flight Home by Sillybilly60Calm Waters by Sillybilly60

:bulletblue: 5 What is Your inspiration?
Sillybilly60 - My inspiration is all around me...nature and everyday "things'.

Early Morning by Sillybilly60Ice Fishing by Sillybilly60


Have a nice day everyone!


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Assassin Bracelet Pattern by Cherry-ChainScrapbooking - Dramatic Romant by shelldevil

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Pixel Caps Font by Mirz123Scaenarium Unus Font by MartinSilvertant

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Modern Gradients by CabinTomLearning Ultra Fractal by Velvet--Glove

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I have some unbought and unused charas who need homes, so I am giving hthem up for art TTvTT
For Art by ChibiChanDesu Extra:
For Art by ChibiChanDesu
For Art by ChibiChanDesu
Heart Joker CYOP OPEN by ChibiChanDesu
awesome dream selfy adopt OPEN by ChibiChanDesu closed
Kemonomimi Adopt Open Set Price by ChibiChanDesu
Dress Up OTA :OPEN: by ChibiChanDesu
Pig prince adoptable (ON HOLD) by Liz-Otaku (closed)
Adoptable 2 [CLOSED] by yukopurple #2
Shota Boys Adoptables (CLOSED) by AbbysAdoptables #3
1 point human adopts by handshakerm #2 & #7
Promotional Adopts (free) by SweetieSkull #1
Free Pony Adoptables 5 CLOSED by shalaineamulet #2
:adopt a shota: Pig Shounen ~~ by BambiTheDoll
For art by ChibiChanDesu on hold
for art by ChibiChanDesu
for art by ChibiChanDesu extra art on hold
Cutie Shota OTA OPEN by Chibi-TanAdoptables
Ribbon Girl OTA ~~O-P-E-N~~ by Chibi-TanAdoptables
Peach Star Bunny .:CLOSED NYP ADOPT:. by Boo-Ghosty

Thursday Greets

Thu Aug 21, 2014, 5:29 PM

Monday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Friday Fun | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:

Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.

Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:

:iconwildphoenix22: Wildphoenix22

Phlox on a Fence by Wildphoenix22Budding Lilac by Wildphoenix22Belly Dancer by Wildphoenix22
Wildphoenix22 wishes for a DD.
Wildphoenix22 has no news

:iconelementalized: elementalized

Zacharie Stamp by elementalized Dumped  The red-furred she-cat raced throught the trees, scowling. She finally caught a glimpse of the pair. Beartail and Stripedwhisker. The she-cat hated these two, she had fell in love with Stripedwhisker. Now, she just wondered if he was going to be her mate. Her paws lightly bounced off of the ground, barely making sound. She hurled herself in the air, and spreading her legs out like a parachute, she managed to jump on Stripedwhisker. He was pretty slow.
    "UNNNH! UGH! BEAR! HELP, HELP!" The gray tom screamed. He wriggled fiercely under the red-furred cat's weight.
    "Hey, sexy, I can HELP, but you have to actually cooperate with me, babe." The she-cat who pinned the tom said. she leaned down, sniffing his fur. Then she forced her mouth on his, grinning slightly. 
    "Mmmm, mmmFFFHHH! Redpelt... MMMMMMF! You'll never... get me as a mate." Stripedwhisker managed to say before Redpelt made out with him slowly. 
Chiku by elementalized
elementalized wishes for 50 points.
elementalized is offering commissions.

:iconmrs0strawberry: Mrs0Strawberry

Girl by Mrs0StrawberryKitty by Mrs0StrawberrySwarovski Strawberry by Mrs0Strawberry
Mrs0Strawberry wishes for her donation bar to be filled.
Mrs0Strawberry has no news

:iconwolficks: Wolficks

MYO CloudDog Contest Entry by WolficksDTA Mage by Wolficks
Wolficks wishes for more llamas.
Wolficks has no news

:icony-limes: Y-Limes

Runner up by Y-LimesEeeee by Y-LimesEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE by Y-Limes
Y-Limes wishes for watchers.
Y-Limes is offering commissions.

:iconorange-pirates: orange-pirates

Tamu Kecil by orange-piratesChibi Lavi - sketch by orange-piratesChibi Rogen by orange-pirates
orange-pirates has no wish listed
orange-pirates has no news

:iconcanthugegverycat: canthugegverycat

Mirrors: New Beginnings A few days later, April and Donnie's daughter Maggie found out that her mother died in front of her father's grave. It was devastating to hear but she knew her mother was happy again. She never made a huge fuss about it.
She went to April's funeral and sobbed a little, remembering everything she did with her. She made a few speeches and then left the funeral to the lair. A place where she hung out and lived with her family all her life.
Maggie swiftly went into the sewers, running as fast as she could to the lair. She has never been back to the lair since Splinter had died. Maggie regretted it deeply.
As Maggie walked in, the atmosphere felt weird...but strangely peaceful. Even though everyone was gone, didn't mean it wasn't a legend.  
She wandered through the lair, seeing the kitchen she ate at with her uncles and father, she also saw the living room where she played video games with her Uncle Mikey everyday after school.
But something in the lair caught her eye, a golden t
Mirrors Chapter 4April followed her younger self down with her younger husband to the sewers. She saw how scared but yet very excited that she was dating him. He always made her feel special.
Aren't you something 
an original
Cause it doesn't seem
To get sampled 

 She saw that Donnie and younger April went into his lab working on stuff. Then going to the nearest dark end of the sewers. Making out when they felt like it, it made everyone feel weird at first but they learned to handle with it. If Donnie and April were happy, they were happy.
And I can't help but stare
Cause I see truth
Somewhere in your eyes

Older April started feeling woozy at the touch of his love, she missed it deeply. The deep feeling stopped when the mirror stopped showing their love years ago. April gasped and knew she had to get out of the mirror. So it could rest until tomorrow, it frustrated her but it was going to happen sooner or later.
I can't ever change
without you, you 
reflect me
My cat Shadowninja by canthugegverycat
canthugegverycat wishes for a 3-month premium membership.
canthugegverycat has no news

:iconheltinde: Heltinde

Commission 2: mrgrinmore by HeltindeCommission: mrgrinmore by HeltindeSilverIttam : Dorsal by Heltinde
Heltinde wishes that her friend RikkiArosa can get more commissions in order to help pay off the hospital bills and her father's funeral payments.
Heltinde has no news

:iconsakumani: Sakumani

RQ: Lupin headshot by SakumaniLilli headshot by SakumaniThese wings by Sakumani
Sakumani wishes for a 'til Hell Freezes Over Premium Membership.
Sakumani has no news

:iconaliniel: Aliniel

Eli the snail and the purple flowers by AlinielEli the snail in the green land by AlinielEli the Snail by Aliniel
Aliniel has no wish listed
Aliniel has no news

:iconxxpinkish-rainbowxx: xXPinkish-RainbowXx

CGI: 'I am ready when you ready!' by xXPinkish-RainbowXxCE: Akane, Fairy Of Music by xXPinkish-RainbowXxWinx : Enji MW Wings by xXPinkish-RainbowXx
xXPinkish-RainbowXx wishes for at least 600 points.
xXPinkish-RainbowXx has no news

:iconkonan224: Konan224

Anime Oc by Konan224Witch of the West by Konan224Chibi Happy by Konan224
Konan224 wishes for 100 points to extend her premium membership. - GRANTED
Konan224 has no news

:iconbat123spider: bat123spider

DC AM:The New Batman Adventures Batman Family by bat123spiderARROW WALLPAPER glow by bat123spiderBatman Beyond Neo Gotham glow by bat123spider
bat123spider has no wish listed
bat123spider has no news

:iconfirestarandscourgexd: FirestarandScourgeXD

SkyDoesMinecraft riding a Squid - Minecraft Fanart by FirestarandScourgeXD**SPOILERS!!** Sevadus in UHC Season 17, Episode 4 by FirestarandScourgeXDSome Background I made in GIMP by FirestarandScourgeXD
FirestarandScourgeXD wishes that her donation pool bar would be filled.
FirestarandScourgeXD has no news

:iconhimekanoda: himekanoda

Post Card - GROA!! by himekanodaCooking - The fire hair. by himekanodaPOST CARD (do you miss me?) by himekanoda
himekanoda has no wish listed
himekanoda is offering commissions.

:iconprussianwolfe: PrussianWolfe

Levi x Reader | Wounded Soldier
"[Name]! [Name]! Open your goddamned eyes, [Name]!" Levi cried, holding the girl close to his chest. Her eyes fluttered opened for a second. "Go get a damn paramedic here!" The raven haired man demanded as turned his head to a nearby soldier. The soldier saluted and hastily left to look for a doctor.
[Name] coughed slightly, blood trickling down her mouth. "L-Levi...He'll never make it..." She spoke in a raspy tone.
"Shh, don't speak, you're injured." Levi inhaled sharply. He wished time would stop, at least, for a couple more minutes. "The paramedic will arrive soon and you'll be okay." He muttered reassuring words, though, he knew as much as the girl in his arms that she had not much time left. She was limp in his arms, her own blood stained her uniform as well as Levi's.
"Levi, I'm sorry I failed." Her voice was hoarse and it was painful to speak but she continued anyway. "I'm sorry I can't protected myself. I'm sorry for being useless, for being such a burden to you." Tears brimmed
Pirate!Spain x Reader | Mi Capitan [01]

Pirate!Spain x Crossdresser!Reader
Mi Capitán

Warning: Contains foul language 
You gasped as you were roughly thrown onto the wooden floor of a brightly lit room; wincing at the pain, your [s/tone] face stained with blood and sweat. You cursed yourself for your stupidity, you should have known it was pirate ship before deciding to steal some of their food. They won't notice if you took just a bit of food, right?
One of the crew member caught you and now, you were here on a pirate ship, in the captain's quarters staring down at the brown, leather boots of the pirate in front of you. The tip of one of the boots went under your chin and forced you to look up.
"Is this him?" You heard a low voiced asked. You could only see blurry outlines of two figures, your vision was still fogged. Him, they said. They think you're a guy like everyone else on the mainland.
You couldn't blame
Russia x Reader Warmth
Finally, you've arrived. You were visiting your friend, Russia. Russia lived in the coldest country you know. You hated the cold, you preferred being boiling hot rather than freezing. But the cold didn't stop you from visiting your Russian friend. 
Knock. Knock. 
You banged your fist down on the door loudly. "Russia! O-open the door!" You hollered, teeth chattering. You hoped Russia was able to hear you, otherwise you'd freeze. A snowflake landed on your red nose causing you to sneeze. 
"Bless you, [Name]." Russia said appeared behind you. You jumped, you didn't notice him approaching you due to the blizzard. 
"Russia?" You shivered, Russia smiled. He was wearing the same outfit you saw him in last; a tan coat, matching scarf and black winter boots. 
"What are you doing here, [Name]?" He asked. Russia knew that you didn't like the cold. He was quite surprise to find you in front of his door in a snowstorm. He took a step closer to you. You were glad that

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Art Challenge! Part 4: Levah by krpapadakisEye Practice/Coloring by krpapadakis Eyes of Peril - ProloguePrologue
There was quiet muffling coming from outside the white room. It grew louder as the ones making the noise came closer.
"Get in!"
"Should we get th-"
"No, we don't need that, just force her into the room."
"We're not allowed to hurt her! It's agains-"
"Shut up and just do it!"
The door leading into the white room slammed wide open. Two guards in white suits, carried a helpless and almost lifeless body. The girl being carried, stared down at the floor as she was being dragged by her arms. Her long dark brown hair had grown thin and still managed to hide her face. They slumped her against the chair and proceeded to chain her there. They tied her hands behind the chair and hooked her feet to the floor. With barely any energy left in the girl, she muttered a curse at the guards. The men ignored her and quickly left the room.
"Those… bastards…" The girl mumbled under her breath.
"When I get out of here… All of them… all of you… will pay…"

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goergie my oc by ziaxthewarriortiny icon of minecraft snow and iron golem by ziaxthewarriorthe hidden tunnel through the mountain by ziaxthewarrior
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