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Artwork by agnes-cecile 

I figured it out from black and white.

lines hold the memories by agnes-cecile
Seconds and hours.
just one hour - memory III by agnes-cecile
Maybe they had to take some time.

two different lights by agnes-cecile
I know how it goes from wrong and right.
Silence and sound.

Others' voices by agnes-cecile

Did they ever hold each other tight
Like us?
intimacy on display by agnes-cecile

Did they ever fight
Like us?

our lines, our story, it isn't a linear path by agnes-cecile

We can make it 'til the end.
Nothing can come between
our great love story by agnes-cecile
Not even the Gods above
Can separate the two of us.

I don't want you to forgive me by agnes-cecile
I figured it out.
Saw the mistakes of up and down.

within the bounds of this single road by agnes-cecile
Meet in the middle.
There's always room for common ground.

wakeful by agnes-cecile
I see what it's like for day and night.
Never together

this thing called art is really dangerous by agnes-cecile

'Cause they see things in a different light
Like us.
But they never tried
Like us.

Forever yours, Freckles - detail - by agnes-cecile

We don't wanna be like them.
We can make it 'til the end.
Nothing can come between
You and I.

intimacy on display by agnes-cecile
No, nothing can come between
You and I.

xx love by agnes-cecile
Suggested Soundtrack: "You and I" by One Direction


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:49 AM

disappearing V by Catliv

It's Nothing by CrazyGirL44 ..: Marie :.. by Mademoiselle-P flyyyy by minjos
.FL. by dasTOK Diaphonous 6 by Plage-Photo the twins by Enaston
The Invisible Force by CrazyGirL44 ... by apalkin My funeral wedding... by ZewarPhotography

Candlelight by nahojsennah

Silhouettes by eringraboski Maddie II by analogphoto Alina by apalkin
Dark Lace by Dapicture And then the silence surrounds you by monislawa salacia by alexandrea-j
Eriger des murs by Feebrile Shadow and Light by SheWalksInSilence Dark side by bubastis2

EON-4978_07 by alexandre-deschaumes

Elgol Beach...isle Of Skye 2 by denis2 Highlands-17 by Kaarmen Loch Cill Chriosd by denis2
Ternate III by Chaerul-Umam .LS. by dasTOK Highlands-19 by Kaarmen
Dalmatian Mountains, Study 6 by kapanaga Dance of the dead by freMDartet Highlands-16 by Kaarmen

powerhouse by NWunseen

Handfast Point by AntonioGouveia Baltic Sea, Study 9 by kapanaga Lands and Waters XIV by sleephead
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My Personal Autumn 06 by HorstSchmier Out Of Order by vamosver nawak 74 by virtualgadjo

The path is dark but we hold hands by OlivierAccart

Kula by slatkatajna _________ by windrides Chez Salah by roon1305
10 by freMDartet joy of life by BelcyrPiotr Vienna Staircase 13 by Nightline
Chongqing Bridge by xMEGALOPOLISx Lisbon 73 by JACAC New York by xMEGALOPOLISx

Brooklyn Bridge by xMEGALOPOLISx

black city VI by Fersy Main Tower by MatthiasHaltenhof black city by Fersy
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.gr. by dasTOK

Busan - South Korea by xMEGALOPOLISx Forsaken Prison by stengchen Burj Khalifa by xMEGALOPOLISx
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1365 by birgan Radio City - New York by xMEGALOPOLISx Occam's Razor by Fassod

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so much of me is you by StefanBeutler

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Path by tothzoli001 Faux depart by natdia Wrecked by tothzoli001

The Autopsy by laura-makabresku

thank you for your beautiful works

have a nice easter weekend !

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Mario and Yoshi Mech by kodykoaal
Donald Kennedy of Kody Koala is an artist based in El Paso, Texas. He has been creating custom toys and figures for almost 7 years. Below are some of his creations.

Mario and Yoshi Mech by kodykoaal
Luigi Mech Figure by kodykoaalCustom Sonic Mech by kodykoaalKodykoala's Toad Mech by kodykoaalKodykoala's Pacman Monster Truck by kodykoaal
Link 20X6 by kodykoaal

"I came in like a chain chomp!"

Princess Peach Wrecking Ball by kodykoaal

Hungry Hungry Koopas II by kodykoaal
Koopa Kids Airship Bookends by kodykoaal

Zombified Mario

Zombie Luigi vs Mario by kodykoaalPrincess Peach Zombie by kodykoaal
Princess Peach's Lair by kodykoaalZombie Hunter Toadette Figure by kodykoaal
Zombie Gameboy Color by kodykoaal
Kodykoala's Kirby Eats Mario by kodykoaal
Mario Christmas Tree Figure by kodykoaalToad House Christmas Figure by kodykoaal
Bowser's Battle Suit by kodykoaal
Super Mario's Gun by kodykoaal
Cyborg Donkey Kong by kodykoaal


Rockem Sockem Robots Megaman Edition by kodykoaal
Damaged Megaman Figure by kodykoaalKodykoala's Megaman Mario by kodykoaal
Megaman Riding on Rushjet Figure by kodykoaal

Pikachu + Chewbacca = Pikachewie

Pikachewie Figure by kodykoaal

Yoshi meets Transformers:

Voltron Yoshi Force by kodykoaal
Bowser Cosplay Figure by kodykoaalKodykoala's Jedi Toad by kodykoaal
Mario Stuck in the Iron Claw by kodykoaal Wario the Great Custom by kodykoaal

Skin by Dan Leveille


Fri Apr 18, 2014, 11:41 AM

because that's what the weather is doing.
it's on shuffle. all four seasons in one day :B

on another note: 

Congratulations :iconstevengilby: on the DD :D 
Wild Vampire Chase   I was twenty-two when I started chasing her. I'm thirty-two now, but still a few days shy of the ten year anniversary. She was my friend, the only one I had. She begged, pleaded to become one of them only to turn on the one who made her, killing him with one swift blow that tore his head from his neck. I, by her, was offered the gift of immortality, but saw that it might corrupt the mind, and tried to kill her, much as I didn't want to. She gave me something to remember her by before escaping. A small, curved scar on the side of my neck that was not intended to kill. A souvenir to always have with me. In the back of my mind, I'm glad she got away. I'm glad I didn't have to kill my friend.
   Throughout the years, I followed her narrow path of blood. She was careful, but left me clues. On purpose, it turns out. She left me some friends to play with sometimes. They weren't nearly as strong as her, so my playmates easily became fertilizer. At least they decay fast e

me wise, more fractal art :B because i got my hand on a set of parameters i want to test out as well as make more blooms. everyone loves roses, i know i love roses. 
My pc is acting up, badly, getting blue screen of death more often than i'd like for no reason at all. i am simply hoping my cpu isn't getting busted, else i  am screwed. 

Ahh yes, exams nearing -someone please kill me- :| so less activity from me for the next few months.

Special Mentions:

first shout goes to the lovely :iconshadowmayne96: a lovely young lady and a good friend with great talent :)

Dreamweaver by shadowmayne96Shadowmayne, Child of the Moon by shadowmayne96

second mention goes to :iconsmidow: a talented photographer and traditional artist whom i met recently. 
Paws by Smidow

Winter From Above by Smidow

Good Morning, Snow. by Smidow


as always, feature once every 2 weeks or so. if you have something you'd like featured, or if you'd like to suggest a friend, please, send a note my way.
next feature around may 2nd-4th

151 by Placi1
Only Earth got the power by thefrenchberet
Cybercity Knights - Skyline by BadLuckArt

AlbertThe moon was flying at half-mast that night.
The sight of it stopped Albert in his tracks. Not so much the moon itself; he had seen it sleepily trudge its way across the night sky many times before. What surprised him was the sharpness of it, the way its intense curves cut into the darkness. A blade of execution swooping down on him.
He threw his hands up to avoid the white gleaming from above and realised they were entirely crimson; turning around, the droplets of blood that trailed his sprint to the door each rang out in his ears like explosions on a battlefield. Their sharp taste made his tongue grind into his teeth. Following the path of destruction led to the source of the flames, a ravaging jungle with rivers drooling out of it...
A girl's body with a knife plunged into her face lay against the wall.
Though he had just ran some 20 feet away from it Albert felt himself being pushed out further into the car park. He threw his back to the wall of the dark court and looked back into
Rebirth-ingShe was just out of school, and though she knew she was not desperate, it seemed like what every other popular girl in school did that year. They found a guy, went out, had their first, second and third kisses and finally got on with the transition to womanhood. Yet it was scary to her... she'd always thought of the 'first time' as something romantically sacred and even profound.
So when her old school sweetheart called her up after two years, and pronounced his love for her over a long distance call she said 'yes'. She'd almost forgotten what she felt about him, but she thought she might as well give it a try... he sounded sincere.
So she made the biggest change that she possibly could in her life at the time and went away to another state to study, and also be with him. Away from her parents and friends, to live with an old and ailing grandmother who complained that
The Magic's In The FabricThey were teenagers when first they met in the forest glade.  Just off the beaten track, this largely untampered clearing possessed a certain magical charm.
The trees bent in mystical, kindly ways.  The roots suggested themselves into chairs and tables.  A natural selection of berry and nut trees lined the area as if in perfect deference to the sacred surround.
The canopy altered so as to allow both places for basking in sunshine and shelter from the elements.  Wind was seldom felt beyond a gentle breeze, no matter the conditions elsewhere.  Branches hung at just the right height upon which to peg one's coat or basket.
He had discovered it only a short while before her.  His father had brought him here to collect berries, and he had continued to come after...well, he had continued to come.  
The forest animals seemed to be more friendly here too, as if they knew it was a sacred space for all to share, to be equal and at peace.  He never hunted he

The Hunted-FINALGavin
    It was like any other Hunt, except for this one was taken voluntarily rather than assigned. This one would guarantee my life rather than a paycheck. Regardless of how difficult it would be for me to follow through with it, it was the most important Hunt I had done thus far. It had to be perfect.
            I went through the motions. My past with her hadn’t fazed me at all during the days leading up to the Hunt. I never once thought of her as a person as I was scoping out the surrounding area, gathering information concerning her whereabouts and choosing the best location to set up at so that I could easily intercept her.  She wasn’t a person anymore; she was a target, a Hit. That was the part I was most worried about. I was afraid that I would conceive her as she was, as the esoteric, exciting individual I had grew fond of and fell in love with. Her betrayal of me caused an uprising
Animalistic DemonArchers let loose, their arrows to the
Mass that lies in the bear emptiness.
Imagining a life of... freedom
Each night is simply a painful wonder, if I
Ventured through the evening's fall to let
Eternity take a chance to keep me if I broke,
Never turning back to the peace in normality.
Hearts have shattered, and more will break
Under the pressure of non-existing existence
Mutating its way through a snaked edge of
An impossible route that still deems to be
Naturally followed by this longing want.
Over the spines and vines that wish my body
Rendered dead, yet still I continue through.
Another day full of knowledge I wish I never
Met so that freedom could win both sides.
Inside a body lies the two both, one near the break.
Searching for an option that could lease me in an
Imitation that maybe society could understand, yet
Meaningless in everyon
The Wrong Lap Sugar: Part 1Boredom finally took hold of Bosco, the bipedal tiger detesting the staleness of his home. His woolen couch had started to scratch, the drone from his television making him want to plow his fist through the screen in the hopes of deconstructing the face of some cowlicked reporter with a saccharine grin. He sprawled upon the furniture and started to count the craters in the plaster ceiling. His clawed hands clenched his spiky black mane and drooped to his jade eyes. “Fuck you, ceiling.”
His hand smacked down upon the handset of his telephone. He dialed a number, his smoking cigar hanging from his mouth. After a moment a rumbling voice answered. “The hell do you want?”
“Your mom in a fold-out,” Bosco replied in a lackluster tone. “What are you doing?'
The recipient of Bosco's call, Krill, grumbled something under his breath. “Why don't you bother that dog-buddy of yours?”
“Tommy,” Bosco corrected. “He's a wolf, but '

Happy old Boozer... by Indigo-ri
There You Are by Gem-3d
Azrael by WorldOfGabriel

Now I Know What Pride IsShe was twitching; that much she knew. And not just physically, either... her thoughts were rippling through her mind, again and again, over and over...
They all carried the same message; pain, hurt, sore... pain... hurt... sore...
Suddenly, all thoughts stopped when her eyes flew open. Gasping for air, Hawkfeather looked around, vaguely recognising her surroundings.
"Hawkfeather, you okay?"
A young, petite tom padded over to the tortoiseshell she-cat, looking at her with worry and concern.
It took the she-cat quite a while to register who he was.
With yet another twitch, she asked, "Hollow... Hollowgaze? W-what... what's happened?"
Internally, she cursed herself for her lack of independence. Normally, she relied on herself, and herself only. Anycat else was just a stone on the road. She shuddered as she was hit by another wave of twitching.
"You injured yourself during the Sharptooth’s attack."
Hawk's body was throbbing, pulsating; she could feel that. The numbness of being unco
I'm (Not) FineDaggers
Rip the flesh
And tear out the heart
"I'm fine," I whisper, cold and mechanically, "just a little tired."
You did this to me
Without batting an eye
You slashed my throat
And bled me dry
"Just give me some time, I'll be fine soon"
Inside collapsed all of me
Into a singularity
And I buried
It all deep inside
Where no one could find me
"Just give it some time"
A bird cagedHe owned a small bird. A small red, trembling bird that could not stop fluttering and worriedly shake at every moment of the day.
He took care of it like it was his own life; the bird’s food was carefully prepared, its water clean and pure, its cage strong and protective.
He swore he would never let anything hurt it. If he had to live alone for the rest of his life, so be it; that bird handed to him was everything he needed. He knew many people wouldn’t understand, would try to pet it, and pet it too hard, and it would be crushed and maybe, dead.
He never thought the bird could feel lonely, because they were together. He never thought he could feel lonely, either.
All he asked for was to hear it beat against the cage bars with excitement and joy. He believed that with his caring, it would always be healthy and happy. Nothing could ever hurt it.
He took his bird on long walks and showed it beautiful sceneries, long mountains slopes, crystalline ocean waters. He always went a

Crumbling WorldFriend would you listen? 
Friend would you care?
Would you be my wings to anywhere?
Through a path so thorny
A forest so dark
A road going round and round
Stranger would you spare a glance?
Stranger would you give me hope?
Would you even see a child in need?
Through my fall in a hopeless state
In the pavement dark and gray
The world moves on and on
The world is lonely
The world is selfish
The world is judgmental
People are builders
People are gamblers
People are judges
Wear a mask, no one will know
All your battle scars, will go unnoticed
Helplessness, no one spares a care
Go build walls and burn those bridges
Put on a poker face, treat life like a game
Be a judge rather that be judged
Why should you care when they don't?
A visit of the devilI want to die, I want to fade away
My hands cling to the knife I hold so dear, the treasure I have kept hidden all these months. My friend who scrapped my skin, sending chills down my spine, proving to me that I am alive.
I want to be normal, but I will never be…
I lean back against the pillows  on my bed, staring at the ceiling as my tears pearl in my eyes, why can’t they ever understand me, why can’t I understand them.
Save me, the angels have abandoned me
I feel agony a lot of agony and torment while my room seems to fade from my vision, I am getting a lot of this lately my vision fades slowly and I need to lay down for an half hour. I don't tell a soul about it, it would only bother them in this bad times.
"Why is there so much evil and pain oh God why does this world torment some of the creatures so?"
A chill crawls down my back and my neck hair stands straight. "Because humans need evil to see good" a soft sad voice whispers fr
Put the phone down and talk to meI suppose it’s easier to speak-
say the things you’re really feeling-
when you’re not looking
at him.
It’s probably safer to type
those three letters-
instead of having to tell her
those three words-
I love you.
I guess it’s easier to scream
in caps lock-
no broken voices-
than to cry in front of
Because maybe a simple
is more appropriate
than the awkward tension
hanging in the air.
The thing is-
it is easier
and safer
than all the things you
could never say-
but at this point
would anything even be real?

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing! by Imirr
Sinagoga Remu, Krakow by sakurain93
My Own Space by LilNekoKatz

SurrealOdorous fingernails
drown within
candied perfumes.
As cancerous lakes
liquified anxiety.
Twice upon licorice
soaps examines
a numbered doll.
Of chalky prestige,
thinned buttons
climb with ease.
SeeingI look in a mirror
Is what I see really me?
My life a rapidly growing river
Unsure of where it is to be
Drawn in by the depths of my eyes
Years of emotions raging just beyond detection
Secrets accompanying too many lies
Created in my need for protection
White water splashes over the edges
Some things cannot be held inside
And into the ground it meshes
A powerful and grieving tide
Seeping in through the roots
Travelling to the tunnels deep below
Passing all disguises hidden in soot
To a place where only truth may flow
There it follows a tiny path
Until it reaches the main river again
Joining the intense water rushing past
Twisting into the next bend
Streams appear, all pulsing in different ways
Choices stretching out forever
Somewhere here my soul stays
And I know eventually these streams will bind together
From here I am to go on
Till I reach my destined waterfall
Listening to the ripples breathing song
Soon I know, I will heal and hear my call
Looking into the mirror
I know this perso
Forbidden BibleWhy must we
Deserve this
Punishment when
We just wanted
To hear
God's words?

The of the Field are DecievingThe flowers of the field are deceiving, 
Often they will appear resplendent, opulent
Their sweet smelling stench envied, though
Masking self-indulgence and greed 
'The bloom of youth,' They said
'It will distort your judgement, 
Cunningly allure, 
Like the Pied Piper it will mislead and attract
You with it's tranquilising song
And by the gun you will fall
The flowers of the field are volatile
She watched the garden beauties 
Flourish radiantly only to 
Become contorted and weakened
By the weeds
Some trampled too
Yes, the Bloom of Youth's smell was 
       hypnotizing and obsessive 
She had seen and therefore lost all hope
Until a prominent yet discreetly hidden flower 
Caught her eye
Its aura displaying lemon and ochre yellows;
Optimism, thought, intuition
Orange; charisma, radiating motivation, an 
Invitation into temptation...
The flower had taken her breath away, 
And she was breathing in i
UnfetteredGive me a sunset
and burbling streams,
the lowing of cattle
and a midsummer's dream.
With acres of clover
a sky full of stars,
the twitter of birds
and an evening that's ours.
A walk in the country,
a breath of fresh air,
A morning of dewdrops --
Yes, please send me there.
I want to go back
to the fields of my youth,
when all the world spoke
in unfettered truth.
Dragonfly DreamsTiger cub, dozy and playful, adventured to the water's edge, chasing a dragonfly's laughter.  
But dragonfly danced a little too far, spiralling up and over the blue of the water to the blue of the sky, away through the canopy beyond.
Tiger cub stopped, a little forlorn, and sat at the bank, jostled by the reeds to wait for the dragonfly there.
Because, for all of his stripes, cub couldn't cross the river.
So he sat, and he waited, and he watched the sunlight scatter across his dreams.
And he sat, and he waited, but the water kept on flowing.  The sun set.  And rose.  And set again.  And the aching of his stomach matched the aching of his heart.
Whispering river, dancing skies; blurring and grey at the edges.  Too tired to stand, too hopeless to mewl, tiger cub curls into a ball and fades away.
Because no-one ever showed him.  No-one thought to say.  And for all of his need to chase happiness, cub didn't know tigers could swim.

A raven in bouquet of fire by jackodeco
Vegetable Woman by elizom
Belize 29 by NSolanki

Spinning and WeavingIt was cold outside and the sky was gray. A mutual friend had set them up on a blind date. He was waiting outside the coffee shop when she rounded the corner. She was wearing the scarf that the friend said she always wore- it was a gray color- although upon closer inspection it wasn't really.
"Hi, are you Kyle's friend?" She smiled and extended her hand. They exchanged names and quickly retreated inside from the biting wind.
They ordered coffees from the counter and found a cozy table by the window. They chatted casually for a moment about Kyle and his idea to introduce them, before talk turned to hobbies, interests, and careers.
She could see the life in his eyes. He was young, much like her, in fact she suspected he was at least two years her senior, but his eyes made him look younger than his years. They were bright and clear, taking in the life that was happening around him, and she decided that carefree was a good word for him.
He told her about his job working with children in th
The Night He Disappeared"You know, sometimes I wonder which one of us is going to follow Master Lumina's footsteps and teach some brats what it takes to be a Master," Eraqus mused, as he laid back into the soft grass.
"Tch. That's definitely going to be you. I've got better things to do."
The dark-haired teen turned his head to look at his best friend. "Like what?"
Xehanort didn't reply immediately, as if he wanted to choose his words carefully and weigh them, before voicing them. "I don't know. Don't you want to see more of the worlds's mysteries once you've become a Master?"
Eraqus frowned. "What do you mean?"
"...Nothing. Forget what I said."
Eraqus said nothing, trying to hide his disappointment It was weird, really, how Xehanort had become so...mysterious lately. Sometimes Eraqus wasn't sure when he was being serious and when not. Could it be that he was hiding something from him?
The first thing Eraqus saw when he woke up in the middle of th
Losing ControlThe demon stares at me,
messy, dark hair and red-rimmed
black eyes reflecting a million images of myself
in the mirror, back at me
It sits there on my shoulder
and I wonder how long I have been living half-alive
and my eyes sting with unspilled tears
as I struggle to remember who I was even a week ago
It's myself I can't recall, and other memories disappear
and the mirror doesn't reflect me anymore
all I can see is the
demon in my own eyes, its black eyes
watching me watch myself
I try to pretend but the happy-face-grin doesn't feel right
and I can barely sustain it, and I
am forgetting how to be human, how to
interact with others and how to feel anything
besides an empty, aching hunger
I forget how happiness had felt
in the days before this found me
and I can't recall the flavor
of the joy that friends once brought
Now, I'm just a burden-
a ticking time-bomb in their lives
until the day the demon makes me
tear myself apart
and paint my darkest, ugly secrets
with my blood upon their wa

Le FayThe north wind blows
'Cross a wrathful sea
To a place none knows
Where elf knots fly free
A child estranged from knowing love
Grown into a woman of spite and scorn
Her frozen heart a treasure trove
Kept even from the sons she'd borne
None knew her tale of sorrow and pain
What caused the blackest ice to creep
On distant Avalon traveled a refrain
Through space and time to her vigil keep
"I too was born a stranger child
My ways well-meant, my manner kind
But fear of difference made them wild
And I left love so far behind"
Somewhere on that mystic shore
The lonely song would reach her ear
A warmth she had not known before
To sidle beside her and stay near
Breathless she would take it in
Her heart would thaw within a trice
Her dark hair waving in the wind
Her eyes no longer mist with ice
GoneThe sky was once
A soft feathery blue
With fluffy white clouds scudding by.
But one day,
The sun died out.
And the sky turned dark and angry.
The clouds hung low
Threatening to fall.
I can run
I know I could
But where to run
Nowhere to go
No place to find solace
No place to call home.
Could the sky be blue again?
Now that the sun is gone
Would the stars
And the moon
Be enough to soothe
The sky's broken heart?
Bloody broken hearts.
Teardrops of joy.
Memories of the past.
Hopes for the future.
Music of the soul.
Bones of a city.
Skin of an artist.
My mind in a mirror.
And a broken feather.

Level 1 by AliDraw
Hic et nunc by houk
backstage by thomasbossert
Gentle Giant by TheRavingRabbit

To Reach a PromiseMy dream was to achieve this small ambition. It was to reach a higher goal, the goal of life, one might say. Time was crucial, and I had learned that the hard way. So, I was pursuing this dream, as the sand in the breaking hourglass was slowly coming to an end.
As I climbed the mountain, I felt the cold breeze of air hit my entire being. It was getting cold, and snow was beginning to be visible. I paid it no mind as my freezing hands grabbed the hard earth, holding on to dear life. This whole ideal might have seemed pointless, yet I did not give up. This was not only my dream; it was the dream of my dear brother. He loved to climb and would always explore new places.
I was very proud of him. He was a fighter, and his life was filled with excitement. I sometimes envied him, wanting to go with him, yet my fragile body wouldn’t let me. It was ironic, really. As he was out, I was in. It wasn’t as if I regretted anything. My life was as good as it could get. I had loving parents
Awakeundulant the many a flower and fern
where sinuosity meanders its way
from moonlit river
into my veins
it is here where my
conscience declares
sanity and salvation
here where i am lucid
though still wondering
through the breeze
if only
upon awakening
was my roam so balanced
uniform as the flower and fern
Wind GrownQuiet grown
With green and ground
Silent blown
The ash and sound
Away, away
Until the green has 'nother play
Softly drive
A wat'ry stream
Down with a tide
Across the beam
Become, become
The first to know the last of one
Breath of space
Carved by your arm
A heady place
Awaits no harm
Foreseen, foreseen
Because no eyes will watch or plea
Wind is wrapt
Around you braced
By time that kept
You wings misplaced
Unbent, unbent
One cannot fly where wearies went
Height and breadth
Come with the stars
While nourished wealth
From flanks and far
Sustained, sustained
The form is kept but not the brain
Stones will crack
Under your weight
Streams run black
The light you take
Fulfilled, fulfilled
Unknown on high there's but your will
The path you made
Will flood and break
No more remained
Your flanks are slaked
Returned, returned
Come back when you are broke and burned
Now hole refilled
Waters engorged
Where life was held
The ash was forged
Replaced, replaced
Until the wind the self will stay
Until the

Let This Heaven Burn You"where is your heaven?"the man spat coldly."Where is it if we can't touch it?" he snickered and coughed out those many years of cigarettes. He started puffing another pack. I hoped he choked on those embers. My eyes rested at my feet, searching for an answer to grab me, but none did. He was growing restless yet satisfied with the entangling silence, "I was right, kids so caught up in questions they give no answers." my eyes rose to see a smug expression radiating off of him like poison; he was the lost that still won. "You going to say something?" he licked his reptile lips in amusement. "Whatever." he scoffed in a tired tone. He started walking away into the darker depths of the ally.
"It is where the sunflowers lie." I spoke barely above a whisper, my eyes followed him, he stopped.
"What did you say?" his shoulders hunched up as if pulled by a puppeteer, still facing away from me.
Just for you.Once an army
rose against us...
I will stand by your side..
Just for you.
Once we face trouble...
I will be there to untangle
you...Just for you.
If there is a tall
mountain in the 
way... I will climb
it with you... Just
for you.
I'm not doing these
things with you cause 
i'm bored. I'm doing it,
Just for you.
                                                                                                                                                                            {The Silver Spirit~
Let Me Absorb Your RageWho but I will feel your wrath?
I'm all you've got, its simple math.
Who but I can absorb your rage,
when gesture and tone belie your age?
With piercing scream and woeful wail,
true old classics when young words fail.
Frustration waiting to be freed and spent,
my gorgeous volcano, trying to vent.
Pink and purple anger now run its course.
No my darling, you can not have a horse.
Let me dry your tears, do you need to wee?
Would you like a juice box with morning tea?

Drop Drop Drop by iriscup
Heat Exposure Test by eMBeeL
take me home by fotomademoiselle

The History of UsPink tulips,
Blushing in a cup
Where windows weep,
Colloquial hello's and
are always given.
Behind foggy glass,
the tulips
What I wantI want to lay myself down
and cry in melancholy
until no more tears
can come
I want to curl up in my bed
and wallow in self-pity
until there's nothing left
to be sad about
I want to stop thinking
stop worrying, just sleep
and dream of fairy-tales
not waking up for a long time
And oh I want to wake up
and look: really look
and more than anything
I want to look hard and see
the people who care about me
Slow and Gentle Morning- Prose Version.The soft sound of light footsteps drifted down the hallway, a woman walking back to her room. For a moment she appeared more awake, and the steps became more solid and heavier, but then the moment had passed, and with eyes once again half lidded, she continued to step gently towards her room.
It was early morning, the house was bathed in soft sunlight. A few morningbirds sang, but the movement of anyone awake was still softened by sleep, and made gentler by the easy light. She glowed in that light, looking more angelic than human.
She was a small woman, wearing a shirt way too large- it was her boyfriends. She padded into the bedroom, and kissed the man awake, smiling into his eyes when he groggily opened them and sweetly saying, "Good morning, love."
The man chuckled deeply, and reached out from under the sheet to snake a strong, heavy arm around her and pull her closer. They kissed as he pulled her into the bed, and she giggled, "Am I just a teddy bear now?"
He grunted, and then sigh

AwakeDon't go,
I still need you,
It's cold when I'm alone,
without your Light to guide my way,
the Darkness rolls and laughs,
hold on longer,
don't go.
your footsteps fade,
nothing is for certain,
and I'm scared I'll never grow,
I'm yet but a child,
lost and naive,
I've run away,
cry out in my despair,
the mirror does not show me now,
that is not who I am,
I'm so tired,
this path is long,
but now I see the way,
the shadows creep up behind me,
but I can fight them off,
no longer weak,
Temporary flight
Eve peered past her toes, looking at the ground far below. The concrete roof of the decrepit apartment building, was soothingly cool against her bare feet. Below her was an abandoned block in the suburbs, everything crumbling to the ground, ignored by the very creatures that created them. Weeds peeked out from between the many fractures in the sidewalk, vines snaked up the walls, vegetation reclaiming the land. It was as if the gray, lifeless buildings had contracted a disease, slowly turning green with time. Wind wipped around her, playing with her hair and tugging at her clothes. She reached behind her with her long pale arm and touched her shoulder blades, where her skin was covered in gracefully inked lines. The tattoo on her back formed a pair of small wings, showing all who saw it her greatest desire. Eve wanted to fly, to tumble and roll through the gusts of wind, completely unconnected to the ground. She blinked anxiously, of course, without real wings she wouldn't be able to d
LegacyIt is always the damn same song.
Always are the wrong people strong.
Why do they think that your way is wrong?
You’re asking yourself what is left when you’re gone.
Your whole world starts to spin.
Their skin and nerves are very thin.
Want to use you like a soldier made of tin.
When you know the only thing you can do is win.
Want to sort out because you differ.
If you don’t do as they say, they’ll get stricter.
They don’t want to see you as the victor.
The only thing left will be a picture.
When everything you see and hear is a conspiracy.
And everyone thinks that you are crazy.
You are unique, only once in this galaxy.
The words you say and things you do are your legacy.

Le Jardin Rouge JWildfire Series #7 by Tate27kh
it's a long way down by fotomademoiselle
We Are Gods by dragonscreative
Deepwater Horizon by darcydoll
Silent Water by Torkhelle
Crysis - Game Environment - 14 by MadMaximus83
On little broken pieces..regeneration by NovaYatsen
Lux, Lady of Luminosity - LoL by martaino
Skyrim - The Ranger (FanArt) by PaschalisLP
Waterfall by duncanli
China Town 2nd by duncanli
Get Alive by Fayerin
Mushroomstag reinvented By Knavesandknots by AstralMimi
Marilyn II by Cobler

Fragile by Yumi-Nii
Help by francordoba
In Love by sara-satellite

MMD Galaco - No Edit by Trackdancer

Someone (Ryukrieger) sent me a note about the ongoing controversy within the MMD community about the 'DO NOT EDIT' topic. The correspondent wanted to know what my views were and I thought about it and since it's been awhile since I've written an editorial article for MMD, I felt this was a subject matter worth discussing in more detail.

First off, I need to make it perfectly clear that I am usually a proponent of the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule. Most of my own work prohibits editing except for where special exceptions are made. My reasoning here is mainly because most of my work is original, are stages and in the final analysis, my thinking is that stages work like costume. Just find one that's suitable for your project and get on with it, don't be changing what I have put on offer. Still, I've seen bits and pieces of my stage components used in conjunction with other peoples' bits and pieces and in principle, I'm fine with this practice.

But the main 'hot area' with regards to the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule evolves around edits of existing character models. The main contention here falls into primarily two points of view:

1/. There are those that argue that model editors should not impose 'DO NOT EDIT' rules on work/models that are permissible to edit per the outlines of the original modeler.

2/. The other side of the argument is that an edit is a 'unique' work or interpretation and should be left alone 'as is'. If you don't like it or prefer some other change, then go do your own version.

My personal inclination is solidly inline with argument '2' above. The reason for this is that if I am going to download and use a model in the first place, the number one consideration is how the model (original or edit) looks in the first place. In other words, it is the ascetics of the work which is the prime consideration.

However, like probably everyone involved with MMD, I do have a certain number of models that I've purely collected because of the way they look, but I will never use for a variety of reasons. Some of these models are design-wise way out in left field or are too complex for ease of use, but they do make excellent collector's items and are just wonderful additions to a MMD model collection.

I'll like to add also that as regards the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule, if I am going to use a model on a regular basis, I will most likely edit the model's function but will respect the restriction in terms of not changing the way the model looks. And this makes sense. People do want to see their models used and no two (serious) users of models will do things the same way.

My contention is that the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule primarily governs the ascetics of the model rather than its functionality. People apply the rule, as I understand it, for three primary reasons:

1/. They really do not want people to modify the edit's ascetics.

2/. They really do not want people to make some minor modifications to the edit and then turn around and offer that version up as a model download.

3/. They really don't want people cribbing parts off the model. Most of these parts can usually be found in one of the library of parts that floats around the MMD group galleries or elsewhere in some repository somewhere on the Internet. Therefore, if you want the parts, go get it from the source. Also, some parts are original works which the editor wants to retain for exclusive use with the edited version. Even with original models, there are restrictions on parts similar to this. A good example is the hi-tech belt gear on Tda Append Miku which he does not allow to be used as a part on other models.

I feel that these are all valid reasons for imposing a 'DO NOT EDIT' restriction and legally they are within their right to do so where this does not conflict with the rights of the original modeler. And this is a tricky one which some people may have a hard time wrapping their heads around so let me explain it in a little more detail.

Let us start with an original model which permits editing. The default Animasa Miku model is a clear cut example as it has no restrictions on editing. So someone uses that model as the basis to create another model. In MMD terms that is an 'Edit'. So this person then offers their edit as a download to share with the community and then slaps a 'DO NOT EDIT' rule on the model.

Can they do this even though the original model was free to edit? The short answer is 'YES'. What the editor is saying is that you cannot edit the edit and this is perfectly legal.

The counter argument which is made by some is that since the original model was editable then the edit, at least in the spirit of sharing, should be editable too.

Nope, sorry I don't subscribe to this view at all. Just because the original is editable it doesn't automatically follow that a derivative should also be editable. The derivative work is an 'original interpretation' and if the editor wishes that the edit not be edited, they have every right morally and legally to impose the restriction. And if you follow the logic through it actually makes sense. Apart from anything else, why edit an edit, (except for functionality which doesn't change the ascetics at all)?

Most edits are made from existing parts. If someone wants a different version they can go through the same steps to recreate something similar. And this is perfectly permissible. Take my version of Chibi Gumi for example ( It is based off Mamama's original model of Gumi Megpoid. YamiSweet  made a version based off the same original as has at least two other people including Mamama himself if my memory serves me correctly. Each chibi model used as its basis, the same base model, but each one is slightly different from the other edits.

But you know what? On my version there is essentially a 'DO NOT EDIT' restriction (although I didn't actually use that term). The reason is simple enough. If you don't like my version, go ahead and make your own 'dang' version as seriously, it is not hard with a conversion of this type.

But I don't really do much in terms of editing models. Like I've said many times, it's not really my thing and besides which there are many excellent edits made by others who do superb work with this type of modeling. A prime example of one of these models that I've essentially adopted into my stable of regular characters is the Tda-style edit of Galaco by nomiiie. But guess what? That model (shown in the illustration heading this article) is covered by a 'DO NOT EDIT' rule which essentially I have fully respected. The only alterations I've made to my copy are purely functional but the edit's design and ascetics have remained unchanged. After all, I use the model because I like the way it looks, so why would I want to change its appearance?

In actual fact, there are three versions of that Galaco edit on my hard drive. The original release version that I have preserved for my records. The version I regularly use which has customized functionality (minor changes to the bone system) and a version which has had all of the skirt physics removed as in some applications the dress physics puts too much of a drain on my system resources. But all three versions look identical. Like I stated above, why would I change the way the model looks? After all, I use it because I like the way the model looks. If nomiiie  has had issue with me changing the edit's functional aspects, she has yet to make her thoughts known to me. But herein, it is a fairly standard practice for modelers and editors to permit functional edits by users for private use.

Yes sometimes you will see this version of Galaco as used by me with a shiny dress material. That's done using MME effects and not through any editing. But the basic principle here is I have adhered in good faith to nomiiie's restriction on not editing the model's ascetics. Regardless of the effects that I may apply to the model, it is recognizable instantly as her interpretation of Galaco which I kept faithfully to. But what if I wanted her to have a pink dress for example? Well, first off, I would not edit the model in this manner without asking nomiiie first. And if she was agreeable fine, but if she is not, I would fully respect that too.

Does that make sense?

But revisiting the last point again, if she did state 'NO', I would have absolutely no issues with that because I respect the amount of work that she put into make her interpretation and if for some reason she was against the idea of creating a variation of this edit in a pink dress, I would fully respect that. But note especially that in the instance where I would want to edit a "DO NOT EDIT' model in a manner that changes the edit's appearance, I would at least have taken the step to ask for permission first and to accept and abide by whatever decision the modeler or editor decides.

Now the other side of the argument is that the original base for the Galaco model is by Tda and he permits editing of his original work within the guidelines as outlined in his readme.txt. Doesn't he need to be consulted in this equation? After all, if he permits editing, should this not pass on to subsequent edits of his original?

This is worth looking into to clarify the discussion going on here but to fully understand the process here let's look at Tda's original stipulations which I am replicating verbatim below:

Reminder: This summary English translation is for reference. Should any conflicts arise, the original Japanese Terms of Service shall take precedence over English Terms of Service.

For more details, refer to the original Japanese text.

Terms of Service and Disclaimer
The overall design of this 3DCG model is based on the character Hatsune Miku Append of Crypton Future Media Inc. This model is created under Piapro Character License.

Here is Piapro Character License.
  • Use this model within the limit of Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.
  • You may not use this model if you don't agree to Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.
  • Tda shall not be responsible for any damage and loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with using this model.
  • The latest version shall take precedence if this Terms of Service is revised.
  • When using this model for commercial purposes, you shall obtain prior permission from Crypton Future Media Inc., the copyright holder of Hatsune Miku, and then contact Tda.
  • Editing this model for your videos and pictures is allowed within the limit of the conditions below. You don't have to obtain prior permission from Tda.

1. Do not ruin the feature and image of Tda style. The edited model(s) shall be clearly recognized as Tda-styled model(s).
2. Remove the logo CRYPTON on the anklet, or replace it with the body00_MikuAp.tga file in the (Japanese Text) folder.
3. When distributing edited model(s), attach both the original Japanese Terms of Service and this English Terms of Service, credit the original name of this model Type Tda Hatsune Miku Append, the original creator Tda and editor(s).

1. Redistributing the unprocessed original model. Trading the original model is also forbidden.
2. Editing this model into naked or base model(s).
3. Removing any part(s) of this model, regardless of in the original form or edited form, and attaching it/them to other model(s) to create and/or edit the model(s) that is/are not Tda-styled. (e.g. attaching Tda Mikufs pigtail(s) and/or waist gear to other model(s).)
The only exception is the minimum edit for a video or a picture in which Tda Append Miku plays the main role, but distributing the edited model(s) under this exception is forbidden.
4. Removing any part(s) from non-editable model(s) and attaching it/them to this model.

Revised on May 30, 2013. 



Please note especially the term below and keep this in mind:

  • Editing this model for your videos and pictures is allowed within the limit of the conditions below. You don't have to obtain prior permission from Tda.

Also note that nomiiie's Tda style edit of Galaco is inline with the conditions outlined above (as I understand how it is written).

Now here are nomiiie's rules from her readme.txt also reproduced verbatim:

Galaco Ver. 1.2 by xNomChu (6/8/13)

Do not edit
Do not redistribute
Credit xNomChu
Do not claim as your own

TDA, ChieTheBekon,
Sowlow, MMDFakewings18,
Artemis129, Jin, Amiamy111,
xNomChu, Creinie

All parts are fully legal

Galaco belongs to Internet Co.
Model belongs to me

Note the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule especially. Note also that because she is not the original modeler, her rules cannot supersede some of the rules of the original copyright owner. In other words, wherein she can enforce her will with regards to changing her edit's appearance/ascetics, she cannot stop someone (like me) from editing the model's functionality as this was permissible under the original modeler's rules. Does this make sense? If not, please allow me to clarify:

1/. I cannot alter Galaco's appearance because this is nomiiie's work over which as applicable to this particular model she has full jurisdiction.
2/. I can alter Galaco's functionality as the basic foundation for those are inherently a characteristic of the base of the model which is still firmly within Tda's jurisdiction. Unless nomiiie completely re-rigged or re-did the model's core foundation (ie. weighting and bone system), Tda's original permissions still apply.

When you think about this whole 'DO NOT EDIT' argument, my opinion is that a lot of people have the view that the work of model editors are of less worth that the work of original modelers. This kind of thinking leads to the silly argument that since the original modeler permits editing, 'who the heck are you to restrict the editing of an edit'?

People really need to stop thinking like this.

Sure there are a lot of crappy edits to be found in the DA galleries, but by the same token, there are many REALLY GOOD ones. A small handful of these have found a niche in my own staple of characters and others are key components in my own collection or have been put on my 'to do something meaningful with at some point' list. Regardless of the quality of these works, they do represent considerable effort and creative energy expenditure by the editors responsible for their creation.

How is that the activities of dedicated model editors less than the efforts of the original modeler?

Good quality edits are as hard to come by as good quality original models, perhaps more so as there are some real technical hurdles involved in the process of adapting one model design into something else successfully. Model editors should not be regarded as merely the 'poorer cousin' in the overall equation. Without their active contributions, we would not have the wide range of models available and God only knows that we need more model choices for MMD, not less.

So if a model editor puts a simple 'DO NOT EDIT' rule on their work, why is it so difficult for some people to respect this? By what measure is their contribution less than that of the original modeler? Just look at the wide range of Tda-style or Lat-style models available. Tda made one model - Miku Append. Others, specifically model editors, have taken that single model as a basis to create a virtual universe of Miku variants and other character models based on the style. No matter how talented Tda is, he has got a life outside of MMD. If it was not for the contributions of model editors, both from Japan and elsewhere, there would not be the wide range of excellent Tda-style character and model choices that we all enjoy today.

My nomiiie Tda-style version of Galaco would not have been made possible except for the fact that a 'model editor' took the time out of her life to create her. Does this make her work any less important than the contribution made by Tda? I think not.

This is the whole key to this argument. People really need to think more about what model editors really bring to the MMD table. Honestly, I am sick to my teeth of arguments that models shouldn't be edited because they are 'frankensteining' something else or that edits are "second rate efforts by modeler wannabes". It takes a certain level of training, knowledge and skill (as well as, in general, some rather expensive software) to create original character models. At the same time it also takes a certain level of skill, knowledge and dedication to transform an original character model into something else.

The whole thing about MMD is that it is made possible by the contribution in terms of time, talent and effort by many different people. No one, not even the likes of Tda, is an island within this community. Yes, it can be argued that Tda (purely by way of example) is an 'important' contributor to the community. After all if it was not for his original work and the permissions that he has given to others to adapt his work that we have an entire range of Tda-style models to choose from and most are of excellent quality.

Now look at the other side of the argument. What happened to those original modelers who do not allow their work to be edited? I will not name any names here, but suffice to say, the modelers with the most restrictions on their work (or who have thrown the most 'sissy' fits when their work is edited) have essentially fallen off the mainstream of the MMD current.

By no means am I arguing for a free-for-all attitude when it comes to editing models. Original modelers and editors do have their rules. There isn't necessarily a common consensus either nor does there need to be. We just have to understand what each individual modeler's or editor's restrictions are with regards to their work, and if we value their work at all, the least we can do is to respect their restrictions. After all, they really are not asking for a lot are they?

On the other side of the coin, there are model editors who do allow their edits to be edited. Some like Xoriu  openly encourages the practice with her works which is fine because she's coming from this argument from another angle. So by no means is the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule universal even amongst model editors themselves.

Personally, I am a little leary of this policy from a legal standpoint as this open ended editing policy can lead to legal mischief and misunderstanding of permissions. We do need to bear in mind that editing of original models is done by consent of the original modelers but also that there may be restrictions stated openly or merely implied that could lead to nasty situations between various parts of the MMD community. All you have to do is to look at Tda's readme.txt as shown above and the more astute reader would have noticed the addition of this line under prohibitions:

    2. Editing this model into naked or base model(s).

Some people did take it upon themselves to create Tda-style bases which was against the original modeler's intent and expressed permissions. All you have to do is read point 3 more carefully to see that this is already implicit in his restrictions, but unfortunately some people do not seem to be able to understand the English version of the restrictions, nevermind about the Japanese. So Tda ended up having to amend his readme.txt and clarify his intent specifically for the less astute.

In any case, please let me spell it out in case anyone still doesn't understand the nature of Tda's permissions:

Specifically, he permits variations/edits of Tda Miku Append, including altering the model to represent other characters so long as the editor adheres to his conditions. He does not allow, and never did allow for the model to be used for parts. Creating a base model using the Tda Miku Append model as the foundation of the base model is in direct contravention of his permissions. So subsequently the base and any model edit using these bases are against his permissions and can be regarded legally as a breach of his copyrights.

Does that make sense?

This fundamental misunderstanding of his permission has lead to a series of conflicts between some segments of the Japanese MMDC and their Overseas compatriots. A rather unfortunate state of affairs which could have been avoided if people did fully understand how far they could go when editing his model. Clearly (or perhaps not so clearly) his original intent was to allow for variants to be made from the original, not for the model to be converted into what essentially was a general purpose part for other builds.

Now some people have actually used the original Tda Miku Append and re-edited it in a manner to make it possible to create other characters in a manner that would seem to be in direct contravention of what I just stated above. Classic examples being the Tda-styled Teto and Neru models. So how did they get away with it? Simple - they contacted Tda and got his special permission and active support for their projects. This goes back to something I keep harping on with regards to permissions. If in doubt, contact the original modeler and seek their expressed permissions. Honestly, MMD modelers are in general nice people. The worse that could happen is that they say "NO". More often, you may find that they will at the very least, listen to your reasonable requests or proposals.

It does sadden me to see the conflict between segments of the Japanese MMDC and the DA MMDC over the editing of the Tda Miku Append model. It is something that has hit negatively at least two well known members of the DA MMDC both of whom are amongst those few people who are on my DA friends list. However, I am not going to take sides in that controversy. Suffice to say, a lot of the misunderstanding could have been avoided if people took the time to fully understand the implicit intent and permissions as outlined in Tda's readme.txt. Granted, that it is not the easiest document to read and fully understand but one doesn't need to be a lawyer or even need to have a "full understanding of the Japanese language" to comprehend the exact nature of what is and is not permitted with the Tda Miku Append model.

There's nothing unusual here. Those of you who have been reading the detailed journals by Digitrevx on the process of creating his latest BRS model should have a clear understanding about the amount of real work that goes into the creation of an entirely original character model for MMD. I build stages and honestly, I can knock one out in about a day or two without breaking a sweat. But the effort he puts into creating his work requires real effort. This is no different for him or Tda or any of the other modelers who create original character models from scratch. So they have every right to impose restrictions on what they allow to be done in terms of editing of their work and we have the responsibility to understand and respect those restrictions.

By the same token, responsible model editors, both within the Japanese MMDC as well as here on DA, expend a lot of effort on their work. I've followed several of them through the progress of their projects and know how much real effort they actually needed to put into their work. Yes, in a sense their projects were easier but that does not diminish the amount of time, effort and dedication that they put in to creating something wonderful at the end of their efforts. Honestly, I don't have the time, patience or know-how to create character models from scratch. I also don't have the patience to mess with the PMD editor for hours creating edits, but I fully understand the amount of time and effort which both original modelers and model editors need to put in to their work. Yes, there are difference, but they do bring different but equally important skills to the MMD table and both parties, in my book, have their role in the MMD community as a whole.

So if an original modeler or model editor states in their documentation 'DO NOT EDIT', before you shoot off your mouth at them, just think for one moment about the amount of work and effort that they put into their work, original or variant, in order to add yet another resource into the common MMD pool. Honestly, they really are not asking for a lot. All they really want is just a little bit of respect for their efforts, and if you cannot respect that, well then may be you have a problem and not them?

Anyway, thanks for reading and as always the opinions expressed herein are purely mine and are worth exactly 2 cents.


Afterwords: Please do not post comments asking me to interpret the permissions as outlined by other modelers and editors. I am a spokesman for nobody. If you need clarifications on permissions, please contact directly the parties concerned. In this day and age, with easy access to applications like Google Translate, even the language barrier should be no hurdle. And if in doubt, don't guess - seek clarification.

The End Is the Beginning by NovaHeroi

Love under stars by RazielMB

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star... by Shirley-Agnew-ArtJinx Cosplay [Look at this trash!] by ShiSha-Rainbow

Brilliance by InaWolfsimageHardiness by xmilek

Officiousness by xmilekTiredness by xmilek

Moonlight Dance by galia-and-kittyEvening Stroll by SaekiSekai

Mystic Emerald by ShiemiRisekaLove Pink by Luxiella

Contest entry ^__^ by CrystinaGag

Waves by orochibiHappy b-day, my dear friend! by Shou-ryu

C: Tarri by Bubachan333Nearly bedtime by Miyuberry

Neo Queen Serenity by galia-and-kittyRedraw Screenshot: Dreaming about... by galia-and-kitty

Bleh by Mar-CeeJuin by Luxiella

Adopt Batch by Haruka28Pikachu and Mudkip Gijinka (Remake) by lorenavldz09
Request: Haruka by NanaleeSadira26Contest Entry :3 by ChuChu-kinsRaichu and Pikachu by SeviYummy
[AT] It's a Boy! by XrossAngelAT: Chibii-chii by HungerGamesOtaku

Persian Cat by Clovis-cutestkittenTraditional postcards by Darkylucifer

Sea dragon-chalk art by CrystalCircleBig blue dragon-Chalk Art by CrystalCircle

Rainy Day - sketch by lenaS2animeHBK: Elements of Revolution: Sparkster by TheLastGunstarSeveral oc sketch by Kuromausu

6 Months and a Day (Cover) by AkasukiTheCat6 Months and a Day- 001 by AkasukiTheCat6 Months and a Day- 002 by AkasukiTheCat
Fox Journal Doll by iAzarashiPC:Alfeddy by LuxiellaHora Reboot : Salasmack by RavenideHora Reboot : Igniphon by Ravenide

Devious Journal EntryI sat in an IHop before noon. The bustle and clatter and murmur of a large city coming in for breakfast was a relaxing backtrack to a long, difficult conversation. Not difficult as in uncomfortable, as there was great ease in the flow of words, simply that the subject matter was particularly grim. A woman with honey brown skin served coffee, a boy with a heart tattooed on his thumb gave condiments.
We talked easily over the hushed roar of a full restaurant.
It was the same conversation we had had before when I first arrived, and once a week back before my upcoming departure, a heavy, black fog of a problem that seemed to be constantly carrying itself over and through my companion's head. The words I said were the same in essence I had said the other times, only now more confident, more broad in assurance as if from a play I had done in the past. Improved philosophies flooded between us, a kind of silvery white, ageless flow of spoken thoughts tangling with the golden air of the restaur
  She Thoughtfully EvadesMore than I’ll ever need
Far more than I can sustain
She’s evaded the iron clasp of my youth
The trove of sweet-nothings
I’ve toiled over in secret
Each moment I delve
That trails on endlessly
Far out of reach
In an ominous refrain
Of how, where and when
I empty the troves
Hastily, bereft of thought
As romance clouds
My mind in its frenzy of promise
The soothing sweetness
Of a caring and generous morrow
Magnified solace
Even dreams cannot retain
More than I’ll ever need
Much more I’ll never know  
She spares me
For the refuge of another time
An opportune haven
When growth
Has paved my jagged state of mind  
With all I can
With every patient fiber within
I strain and strive
In mending the chasm of time
  Updated Commission InformationCommissions are : OPEN

commissions are open once again!
they will be "chibi style"
and only humans. I am still working on drawing animals
humans with animal features (ears, tails) are okay!
they will be 50 :points: a piece
add 20 :points: for each additional character in a single image
 Please pay after I accept the commission.
 Please pay through the donation pool.
please comment or send a note with the following:
Name of Character: the name of the character you want me to draw 
Fandom: if the character comes from a fandom, or is an oc of a fandom. If your characters is just your own creation, skip this part.
Reference: any reference you have of the character you want me to draw, preferably drawn. it is easier to work with than just a simple description.
Others: anything with the character? (ie. simple text or "snow" effect, if the character is holding something)
  Open for Cash and Points Commission
ello everyone! I'm open for commission. Please send me a note if you are interested. Thank you very much.
:bulletyellow:Pencil Sketch*

Head Shot: $5-10 (+$5 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
Half Body: $10-20 (+$10 for additional character) or corresponding :points:

Full Body:
$15-40 (+$15 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
*maximum of 2 characters
:bulletyellow:Line Art*

Head Shot: $10-20 (+$10 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
Half Body: $15-35 (+$15 for additional character) or corresponding :points:

Full Body:
$30-50 (+$20 for additional character) or corresponding :points:
*maximum of 2 characters

fully colored for $10 or corresponding :points:

Heart of the WomanHeart of the Woman      
         For Puabi
     "You may have many things in life,
      But you must have love. When you lose the others,
      But you have love, you can still be happy. So I learned,
      Beside my beloved."-Puabi
    I never cared much for money
    Or what it can buy.
    Like many things in our world,
    It comes and goes.
    I never thought I was the "gods' gift
    To women";
    But something in me warranted
    A gift to me: a special woman
    Whatever is given is a blessing.
    She came and does not want to go.
    Her heart is in my care and custody
    As I would handle a precious stone.
    True love requires that we care.
    I have cared for none other so much.
  Heart of the Woman IIHeart of the Woman
For Puabi
What will glow like fire every night?
What will shine like the stars?
What will glimmer so brightly
That one will see it from afar?
What will have value more than precious stones,
More than silver and gold?
What has a price so dear when bought 
But never should be sold?
Men, if you don't know, then ask your wives; if they don't know, then  ask Puabi.
  SmileI'm trying to learn to send good messages to my friends as much as possible so there is something I have been thinking to tell you guys all week. Appreciate what you do have if it's something that makes you happy. Honestly, I have been doing that a lot lately and it makes me feel good inside. Friends, family, even fandoms. When I think of what I have/like, it makes me happy. I focus on what puts a smile on my face.
I just wanted to say is you guys doing the same would be very beneficial. Appreciate what you do have in life that makes you happy, find the things that makes you happy. Something that makes you smile. It's been helping me and I think this is a useful tip for others. :) I'm doing my best to be as kind as I am and send good messages to others so here's one that I know is true with all my heart.
FREE to use & 
Free Custom Box Backgrounds &
 FREE to use - FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club
I uploaded everything there, in my basement !
Sukihi ( sorry for disturbing, I think you were using them the most  )

Woman's SilenceWoman's Silence
Woman is silent with a man
For sundry reasons
She may be anxious
About his health and their future
She may be sad
But afraid to tell
She may be happy in love
And simply enjoying it all
How do I know?
I am lying beside my woman
A soul suppressed for centuries
Duties of nobility
Affairs of state
Until she stopped living
My woman is silent too
About my health and our future
But she enjoys with me
Happy in our love
  Updated commission info!I have 5 days off school and I need something to do so *puts this here* :3
Commissions! Note me or comment below if you want one :D (Big Grin)
Prices may change if the character is more complex.
Pixel headshot 70-300 :points: 
Pixel fullbody 100-450 :points: 
Non pixel 50- 200 :points:
(no example, but it would look like a smaller version of my regular drawings :))
 -Headshot- 60 :points:
 -Waist Up- 70 :points:
 -Full body simple background- 100 :points:-
 -Full Body with complex background- 150 :points:
-Realistic portrait- 300 :points:
-Full body painting- 400 :points:
  Colored Headshot Commissions + 5 slots!
Hi, guys, now you can order colored headshot commissions for $10.
Feel free to send a note.

Click for more info:

Commission slots:
1. :iconCheddar99043: - done

2. :iconSailorLunarAngel:
3. :iconHatterRose:
4. :icongabistar:
6. :iconJyinxe:

7. :iconMarushi-Dracul:
9. :iconYuniNaoki:

Moonlight Dance by galia-and-kittyKibo no Hikari by galia-and-kitty Commission: Goddess by galia-and-kitty
Commission: Little Red Riding Hood by galia-and-kittyStorming of the Bastille by galia-and-kittyCommission: Just magic by galia-and-kittySultry Noon by galia-and-kitty Timariel and Tranduil by galia-and-kitty
  Art feature                                                                                Art by :iconNinchiru:

Commissions OPEN!wHHHE I decided to take couple of commissions for now.
Prices are new again, please spend some time with reading rules thanks! ^w^
• I need good ref sheet before I can start with your picture
• I'll draw only humans this time. ( Preferably female characters but I can do some males too )
• I won't draw bald and old people. 
• I won't draw manly looking male characters also :--D ( sorry I am so bad at those )
• I want you to pay before I start with pic ( please use the donate widget on my page )
• No furries ( human character with some animal parts are okay )
I am usually drawing pictures at weekends. It really depends of how much I have work to do/ how spry I am.
:bulletgreen: Open
:bulletred: Closed
:bulletgreen: Black and white chibi SKETCH
:bulletblack: one character: 10 :points:
:bulletblack: one extra chacter: + 5 :points:
  129th Day on DA (How do you treat your lady ?)Again , sorry for MIA-ing on you guys this weekend , i was away on a trip . So I have been really wanting to post this topic for sometime and finally get the chance to . So dudes , how do you treat your lady  ? A man can say that they can do this and that for the lady but as a lady , I would personally feel that words are only effective if its supported by actions . 
Its good to treat you lady like a queen , which lady doesn't want to be treated like one ? The feeling of being special , that is something that will ease and remove almost all negative effects that they have been carrying . I mean , it takes 2 hands to clap isn't it  ?  I have been hearing things like , my girlfriend has been a pain to me etc , she has been pressing my buttons and keep bothering me all the time etc etc just because your warcraft DOTA or xbox is more important etc. ( I don't understand how someone can be on the PC or their game consoles more then 10 hours a day)  . And honestly , a
  Dust BowlHumbled in stature
Bare and bereft
As the morrow lurks
A towering menace
Barren thoughts
Are an easy conquest  
Among the uprooted
Once firmly planted hopes
They sprawl no more
With color or flare
Far from reverence
As dried bundles of grey
Lush soil
Is an eroding secret
Swiftly taken
From the tamest voice
  It's Been a WhileDestined to evade
Each troubling glance
I’ll weave through this earth
Unhinged for all time
I'll plot every word
Each wavering step i take
As the cries of fellowship
Smother me with remorse
They call out sternly
To a silent unknown
Where I tussle with fear
Overrun by searing regret  
For the misty struggle
They faithfully bellow
To pry out my form  
My minced and butchered conscience
Tried and true friends
Dare to heave
Implore and reach
My frail and faulty mind
Yet a wall of treachery
Of frightened deceit
Hastily ascends
To bar my impassioned escape

church streetmaybe it was the smoke or the rain or the way our skeletons intertwined to keep out the cold
but it was then that i realized no matter where we go or what we do i will always have some sort of nebulous, ever-expanding love for you and the way the rain hit your glasses and your calloused hands in mine and the way your laughter echoed through the empty park in the dead of night (who cares if we wake up the lady across the street?)
and we look at each other like we're about to kiss but we (somehow) never do, always just teetering on the edge of "almost" and every whispered declaration of affection hanging from our lips in the form of "be careful" and "see you later" and "you'll catch a cold"
we are just waiting to happen, two tiny, finite little plants with such an infinitesimal existence too short to see the world but
will we try
  Little Remains Part IILittle Remains part II
For Puabi
These eyes, this mind, this soul,
All see my thoughts pass by like clouds
One after another, they drift
Leaving the terrain of my heart clear
If they rain, it will be
Female tears of joy and gratitude
Little is left except love
I sit at my desk for a while
Look over a shoulder and smile
Moist eyes fill like clouds of rain
But instead of thunder
A breezy voice
"Aww, beloved!"
When work and ambition are fulfilled
Little remains, except love
  Artist Feature -Astarayel:iconastarayel:
 Bones - Art Trade by astarayel  'Love is for children.' by astarayel
astarayel was suggested for a feature by Riemea
Coming Back Down by Riemea  Beaded Daisy for Tea by Riemea  How lovely you are by Riemea
Portrait by Riemea  Traditional Portrait by Riemea  Simone by Riemea
Loki by Riemea  Les Miserables: Enjolras by Riemea  Teddy by Riemea
Rose by Riemea  Ginko Necklace by Riemea  Beaded Rat by Riemea
For your chance to get featured  by  The-Feature-Showcase, simply  make a feature journal
 for today's  artist(s) and post the link  in the group comment section!
  One Day in PompeiiI normally do not enjoy going to a lot of museums, but there are a few that will stand out. One of these being One Day in Pompeii, the current exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
If you do not know the story of Pompeii, it was an ancient Roman city located close to Mount Vesuvius. In August of 79 AD. the volcano erupted, covering the city in about twelve feet of hot ash and other debris. Historians say that the heat, nearly 500˚ fahrenheit, stopped all life in mere seconds. Within a few years, Pompeii was completely forgotten. The ash, however, managed to preserve that day. In the mid to late 1700's, the city was finally discovered again, along with the story of what had happened that day.
The exhibit had a lot pieces, from marble tables that were in the houses of those who had higher ranks, from gladiator helmets and fine jewelry. There were utensils for preparing food, and even medical tools, which are almost identical to some of the ones we use toda

Cyber BULLYINGCyber Bullying, this does not just affect DA but everywhere else. You guys have NO idea what you say and how it could affect others. I dont know maybe it is just me but i would rather laugh at someone else's enjoyment than someone elses pain. 
Now i know that there has been a large amount of journals about rovdjuur 's death. And a LOT of you have been ranting up and down asking for proof. and that fb/da comments aren't enough. well sorry that you need to be that way. how you need to be able to see the body to believe. i hope you become a great detective one day <3
But honestly, i'm not here to raise a fuss or anything. The thing i wanted to point out is how one action causes a reaction. 
You people keep forgetting that behind every account is  LIVING BREATHING PERSON. Who THINKS and FEELS just the same as you do. They ACT and REACT they why YOU would. When someone attacks on friend of cause THEIR friend will ATTACK BACK! this is the way humans have been since forever
  Check out what's new at The Feature Showcase!At The-Feature-Showcase we want to feature those who would like more exposure whether it is for art, literature, news or special projects  deserving of more attention. Those seeking exposure will be given an entire week on the group's front page and if another person suggests we feature someone, then their work will be included in the feature as well. In addition, if you give exposure to any of our featured artists and leave a link to your journal in the group's comment section, then you yourself will be given a feature. Our group is all about paying it forward and rewarding those who help others.
Everyone is welcome to join and may share work in the group's gallery as long as it is appropriate and doesn't violate the rules. We don't discriminate against skill level.
 Switcharoo Meme by Miyuberry ~Happy Birthday Fally-chan~ by ShiemiRiseka

Hey Guys!

Well it has been a while, I've been mostly busy with school,work, social life,etc etc : P...
First I'd like to tell you that I'm still around and alive X,D, I've just like I said, been busy, a lot....

I also had in mind of making a future contest, but I havent really thought of any theme or how the contest should be like,so suggestions from you guys would be appreciative = ). Also if I ever want to make this contest into reality, I could use some points or subscriptions to give or from those who'd like to volunteer in giving prizes away. For now I'm just going to leave this option open, until I come to a desicion, so we'll see ; )

And also, I'd like you guys to check this project…, you'll find the info on the description box.
I personally am not very much into sci fi anime, but this particular anime caught my attention, and left me with much positive feelings. I just admire how :iconmayshing: have been so faithful and hard working with this project since 2010(or was it 2004 I don't remember XD), alongside with her crew. I can see how so much time is spent on this, everything seems to be made in scratch, and as far as I can understand, there are no big company doing this, but just ordinary people who spend their time to make this anime happen. For that it cannot be ignored, but praised. However to make this overwhelming project, it requires some financial support, which I totally understand, so I hope for you guys to go to her site and read all the information and support her project, if it is possible for you.
 I personally believe this anime will have a great future as many successful anime shows out there, and I will be among those people who will enjoy this show very very much...

Edepth anime Kickstarter Live! by mayshing

Softness-art: Weekly feature XIV

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 8:13 AM

Toco Toucan II by Oniendrarainbow under water_2 by KaterinaRaed
All is Colourful by FlabnBoneTrapped Creativity by musicismylife10027Colors 3 by SheilaBrinson
#37 letting go by claire-norien
Mended Pieces of Maybes and Memories by goRillA-iNKspace gate by globalunion
Phoebe XI ( in Flowerland ) by justJAZZThe world was built for two by BonbonsAmers
Pastels by LashelleValentine
Lovely by cmickle52 weeks #2 Lovely breakfast by Pambawhite by KawaPhotography
student by bronzevineBella II by Amanda-Diaz
Sea Sound II by EmiNguyenSabine by EmilySoto
Time by MichaelMaginID 868 by cilveki
Sunday mornings by tryn1
Need help? by Missorys
Not so wild-95 by SblourgBlue eyed by JuddyWolf
polli by MartaSyrko
Dreamy Afternoon II by SilverWolfieShizumafeel the nature by Zi0oToWaiting For Him by nairafee
Between the trees. by LukreszjaExtralight by Venomer
Johanna by JasminschaJardin by elle-cannelle*** by StanislavMironov
sunlight by maaaxxxiElectric Girl by Zhivago86
Springscape by Oer-Wout
a gift for u by mk-wuplift by beyondimpressionSusan by FrancizzBm
Sunlight by Freyja90
*** by afamjaowySelfportrait... by AnneKath
I miss your voice by AphroditesParadiseLove to give by Liancary-Stock
Vivid evening by hhh13
.:Fading Autumn:. by RHChengUkhanova by Innushka-D
Sunflower by shadddow
Autumn ! by WillNixonPhotographyNorth Coyote Buttes by coulombic
nevermore by LisaDeniseRoses with milk by YuzurihaInuA World Alone I by Michela-Riva
Red land by Fra-Emer
Nature 021 by DidoQueenSpring colors by Dahlia-Aubrey*** by Yanagl
Natalis Domini. Spring Garden by RavenaJuliart
Magic tree 2 by mjagielliczJust a Dream II by CarolinLauerFalling Crown by florjacobs
mandarashee.. by humannotdancerNejlika by Snovi
Fruit Cocktail I by pietruszka4 by mechtaniya
Blending by rahmanioSweet heart by Sweet-Nature
S rose I by blooding
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Escape. by dzika-koalaBlue by Silk-shadowWide Blue Line by MMortAH
Modern Gothic by KatomanQuestion by solefield
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twins by tasiyG r e e n by NayeliNeria
Jumping spider by ssabbathA little bit of bokeh by Kriloner
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Sensitive kind by esmahanozkan
her deer heart by kittysyellowjacketAnia Hania by Dororo4
black widow. by Senju-HiMe

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
there by bluedogelf
vertrauen by scheinbar Valentine's by g-a-m
Silent Scream by nurtanrioven
Convergence by jaymz-86Like a bird by Nile-Paparazzi
The shape you're in by iNeedChemicalX
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BAD and Breakfast by Josslen
Last dream (you inspired) by YourForgiveness Early Afternoon by MarinaCoric
Impala in Istanbul 1961 by ugurerbas

This is my first art feature journal, and I wanted to dedicate my first one to all of my watchers! Thank you all so much for watching me. I appreciate it very much, and to show you my thanks, I've gathered my favorite pieces of art from all of you! All of you keep up the good work! You are all amazing and don't stop creating art! :D

If you watch me and don't see something of yours on here, it is either because the were no deviations to post, or I missed you while I was going down the list, and if that's the case, I'm so, very sorry!

Anyway, here are my favorite deviations from each of you:

Bubble Bath by MushyGore Me in Pokemon form with my vulpix, Violet by DisneyandZimFangirl Ritha Chibi by SephycalA7X Frylina sketches/ Draws by TVPaw3366

Squidgirl, with big eyes by Fgpinky123 flame prince inspired mask by crazykazy Gacha Adopt- Taliume! by Spinachpie

The Galaxy by UltraViolatte robot Design by reaper222ofdarkness Fall for you. by simpspin Block in 2 by Skeffication

Magical Girl Savior - Art Trade by Spaintomatoe You could be happy by Kayuunekochan Nami by Allora1313 Where I Live by Weakner

.:Little Kid`s- Sketch Voc.:. by meri-phinbella Tablet Practice Eye by YourHumbleHost  No One Ever Said Enderman Can't Be Pretty! by 01pheonix

You Treat Me... by ObakeDreams Cinderelly, Cinderelly - Three Mice by thebizzeebee Patience by Varga-girl [Bravest warriors] Plum by Ven-mzr

AT: Marceline by RenFenRen Flame Finn by Angielinko Artist's Block by i3na

Lastly, a shout out to TrinitySage: For some reason I can't post any pictures from you, so I am very sorry :(
BUT! You have inspired me to start doing these art feature journals, so I thank you for the inspiration and giving me some advice on how to!

Thanks again everyone!
Hope you all have an amazing weekend! :)

- Jessica