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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (58,582 votes) 743 comments
69,747 Deviants Online

You’re probably well acquainted with the old proverb “practice makes perfect.” And while I don’t fully believe that perfection is attainable, because the very notion of perfection is somewhat subjective, getting better at anything requires both time and effort. I’m going be very blunt here; if you want to improve your artistic skill you need to actually practice.

My heart goes out to everyone here who is struggling to improve so don’t feel that I’m purposely singling you out here. However throughout my time on dA (and in real life) I’ve met artists begging for advice on how to quickly improve and sadly when I tell them to begin practicing the excuse is always ‘well, I don’t really have the time for that.’


And I ain’t got time for yo attitude.

:bulletred: You do have the time

Inb4 “you don’t know my life!!!1one1!!” Listen here young padawon, everyone is busy, everyone has responsibilities, everyone has non art related stuff to deal with everyday. You’re not special because you’re swamped with different things than I. Here’s a little secret: if something is important you will make time for it. 

Referencing Star Wars and Star Trek in the same paragraph ftw.

:bulletred: You are in charge of your success

There comes a certain point where you can no longer blame lack of time, lack of inspiration, other people, etc. for why you aren’t getting where you want to with your artwork. This advice applies for any goal; it’s not unique to artists.

High fives for everyone!

:bulletred: Art block, art schmlock

We’ve all been there. A stifling of inspiration, creative juices, this that and the other. An art block is not a sufficient excuse to stop making art if you’re trying to improve. If I am in the block mode, rather than try to sit there and ‘come up’ with something to draw, I’ll do a still life. I’ll practice mixing colors. I’ll do thumbnail sketches from people watching. Sitting there glowering because I can’t think of anything to draw on my own is not only unproductive, but also depressing.

Kick that art block right in the fayse.

:bulletred: You don’t need fancy materials

That’s one of the oldest excuses in the book. You want to paint but don’t have top grade oils? Train yourself on the $1 pan of kiddie watercolors from the drug store. Want to sculpt but have no clay? Make homemade playdough from water, flour, and salt. Want to draw, but you have no paper? Doodle on junk mail, envelopes, and napkins. Want to do digital art, but alas Photoshop is too expensive? GIMP,, hell even MS Paint are there for a reason dude!  Before I got a graphics tablet I did digital painting with my laptop track pad and fingers. You’re apt to be even more creative with a lesser amount of materials.

There are no limits to your creativity!



Spotlight Vol. 78

Animals, Plants and Nature

JULY Challenge WATER vote and win points

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 6:35 AM



All works here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar…

Hello deviants :wave:

This is the new way to find our winner of our monthly challenge: instead using a Poll with the ten most voted of the period, we'll be using a blog to showcase the 20 MOST VOTED on this theme!

This means, or so I hope, more exposure for your pieces and galleries.

The idea is simple: each work has a number and all deviants have the opportunity to vote like if it was a poll...with the difference that you will choose not one but 3 favourites! 

All deviants may vote, INCLUSIVE who is participating; the participants may vote for themselves and ask friends and watchers to vote; this blog may have publicity by all means and be submitted in groups. 

The work with most votes wins 130 points;
the second place wins 80, the 3rd place wins 50 and the 4th wins 25 :points:.

These prizes can be updated for the next themes with the help of our friends:

:iconthe-average-alex: is giving 100 points for every theme during this year, on a total of 1200 :points:.
Thank you so much Alex!

You may also help by clicking on our stamp :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and making a donation.

Follow the RULES to VOTE...

EVERYONE VOTING and :+fav:ING THIS BLOG will enter a draw to win 10 :points:.
The participants may and should click the Favourite Button too - this will give you another chance to win more points!
And so you can have more possibilities to win I'll give 5 prizes of 10 points!

Vote and let your friends know about this voting!

NOTE: The participants who don't vote aren't eligible to win.

Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet (Rainbow) - F2U! RULES to VOTE Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! Arrow Bullet Left (Rainbow) - F2U! 

(read careful, it's very simple)
*everyone can participate, you don't have to be a member of TheFavouriteShowcase.

1. Choose your favourite 3 works from below;

2. See the correspondent number before the thumb? Comment on this blog by writing the numbers of your favourite works, like this:

29, 45, 67

You have 3 votes to give and you must give all the 3 votes, not 1, not 2, not 5 - it's 3 votes!
Comments with fewer or more than 3 votes will be ignored.

3. To have the possibility to win 10 :points: entering a draw, FAVE THIS BLOG!

4. You don't have to do anything else :thumbsup: 
This voting will be open until the 30th May and the winners will be announced on the 31st May.

Thank you for participating!

(I'm sorry for the full size but dA don't let me edit the blog - and full size is better than little thumbs :D)

:icontransparentplz: Traditional Art1...
 Living Water by AmBr0  by AmBr0

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: Traditional Art
2... Splash by Paul-Shanghai  by Paul-Shanghai

3... Nature's tears. by mylittlebluesky by mylittlebluesky

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
4... Summer Rainfall by lemgras330  by lemgras330

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
5... Color Wave by AmBr0  by AmBr0

6... Freudentraenen by SchwarzWieEbenholZ  by SchwarzWieEbenholZ

7... Summer Night in Vancouver by dashakern  by dashakern

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz: Photography
8... Snoqualmie Falls 2 by jxsnyder  by jxsnyder

:icontransparentplz: Digital Art
9... sleepy mermaid by Lolita-Artz   by Lolita-Artz

:icontransparentplz: Photography
10... Heart of the Whitsundays by Questavia  by Questavia

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
11... Splash! by lemgras330  by lemgras330


12...Golden drops - Strange world by AStoKo  by AStoKo

:icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
13... Winter weather by doma22  by doma22

14... Listening to the Sea by Brightsmile-didi  by Brightsmile-didi

15... Lake Tahoe 140527-72 by MartinGollery  by MartinGollery

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
16... Water dream by marcobusoni  by marcobusoni

17... She holds her pose by gigi50  by  gigi50

:icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
18... Waterfall by diana-0421  by diana-0421

:icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
19... Ichthyosaurs by EsthervanHulsen  by EsthervanHulsen

:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:Traditional Art
20... Wet 3 by Paul-Shanghai  by Paul-Shanghai


Submissions open here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… on the 1st AUGUST

Elsa, Egil21 :iconpinklilyplz: on behalf of  :iconthefavouriteshowcase:


ART Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2014, 4:09 AM

Feature Time

My latest works

Between good and evil by RazielMB

Enchanted night by RazielMB

Meaning of life by RazielMB

:heart: :heart: :heart:


Give some love to these amazing artworks!!!

after the disintegration by KPEKEP

Mobius - White light by KPEKEP

Visitors by Whendell

Alien Plant by Nitrok

Good Morning My Little Fairy by Lilac90

Transylvania by vampirekingdom

Missing You by TaniaART

Thorned Rose by Corvinerium

Stay Home by werol

Joan by megan7

Feel Me by Bojan1558

Insomnia by stellartcorsica

Agony by maiarcita

Enigma-primer plano by Marazul45


Two Worlds. by CaoChiNhan

Leap of Faith by neverdying

EDEN by Carlos-Quevedo

Manga Concert Portrait by rsiphotography

The Ghost in the Machine by Andaelentari

Hurt by Ideasplayer

Incubus by J-u-d-a-s

Fallen by Katarina-Zirine

A last drink before going... by La--Boheme

Friendship II by SweediesArt

You are back to Neverland without me by Marjie79

Feel the Magic by EstherPuche-Art

Time by Aelvalein

rapids rapidfiring water by Marl1nde

Bayern, Neuschwanstein region sunset by alierturk

Welcome to wherever you are by Teddy-Cube

First Something :) by RobinHalioua

THE FALLEN by Deharme

Petal by escume

Foreboding by EnchantedWhispersArt

M y s t i c a l by Aeternum-Art

Eclipse by ChrisCold

Calm After the Storm by k-i-mm-i-e

Thor-commission by derylbraun

White knightsI haven't spend much time on my computer last weekend, but enough to see that DeviantArt was kept busy by a troll that apparently did really well for as much as trolls can 'do well' on the internet. A little over 4000 pageviews in just 4 days the account is online proved not only the artists involved in the matter took offense... but apparently a lot of other DeviantArt members as well. Even those that seemed (to me at least) totally uninvolved with the troll or the particular type of art.
For those that wonder about the issue; It's about Foxbun's rather cynical joke about the 'closed species' matter. (I'm usually against name calling here. But this account has intentionally created for its goal. It has been all over the site already and would've been in the comments within 10 minutes, even without me mentioning here. I don't provide a link, though. Use your search engine if you want to research it.)
The term white knight is to most older members of DeviantArt (or the interne

Gift: The voice of the silenceWithin the oblivion and the neglect
The world declines in isolation
The fire and the water in a perpetual battle
As the smoke, the eyesight, drowns
Onto the land where the sun illuminates
In the first rays which touch the burnt soil
And lost souls, the whispers, are collecting
At the rough play, for the prevalence
And in the end the will still exists and stands
Garnering the sounds and the echoes
  Gift: Behind the NightDeep into the darkness, the night seems endless
Shadows wandering aimlessly, are hunting lost souls
Sparkling eyes haunt the sunrise, pinning the light in red rivers.
In places dreadful and fearsome, even the moon is reluctant to rise
The darkest moments, hide the deepest secrets
And the mysteries of the world disappear with the wind
As the tremor is ruling the world’s madness
And the nature, remain silent, hidden in the shadows

Across the Room by SharonLeggDigitalArt

Passione by FrancescaDelfino

:heart: :heart: :heart:

Have you all a great day!!

big hugs

Gene Raz


This Journal Skin was designed by Zaporozhenko Vitaly (Vint26)

Through-a-Lens Feature Friday #62

Fri Jul 25, 2014, 12:00 AM
Click link to see: (Says you need to open another tab to watch this ^^;

Everyone I could get :meow:

:iconexlaa:  :icondenovember: :iconcubur: :iconradvumtal: :icongreenyswolf: :iconk--chou: :iconmagancito: :iconkaizoku-no-yume: :iconsouortiz: :iconzenithomocha: :iconkonenui: :iconrengris: :iconcutiestyle: :iconsilwerf: :icondopezebra101: :icondarkvioletcloud: :iconipandacakes: :icontoastiebuns: :iconshinta-girl: :iconboastudio: :iconrevontulimyrsky: :iconinukii:  :iconaacrell::iconacryilclace::iconcutiestyle::icongrdns::iconfreakyy-dragon: :icondarkvioletcloud: :iconcazicomi: :iconchibi-okinu: :iconchibimieze::iconauraghost::iconsilwerf: :iconk--chou: :iconk4-r0: :iconnutmegfluff::iconskyrafire: :iconspankymonsterr: :iconssacf: :iconswayswag: :iconshinta-girl::iconsleepies: :iconteenybeasts::iconzen-violetbone: :iconzenithomocha: :iconzigzagooners:  :iconxwolfyartx:  :iconyenok: :iconyorialu::iconxxakilaxx::iconxxakilaxx: :iconxxgunderxx: :iconxxqueenpsychoxx: :iconxxquezethxx: :iconyamicool::iconxwolfyartx: :iconxqueen::iconx-black-raven-x: :iconwafflerp: :iconweapons-master: :iconwild-lovell: :iconvendus: :iconviivere: :iconvoltaradragoness: :iconw0lfix::icontwin-sparrow::iconthesilverdragoness: :iconteranymphicus: :icontess-z: :iconthalassa-star::icontoastiebuns: :iconthewritingdragon: :iconsilver-storm-dragon: :iconserafinafromit: :iconserpenna::iconjypg::iconicelectricspyro: :iconicey1456: :iconiidragonfantasyart: :iconimako-chan: :iconinukii: :iconipandacakes::iconkaratecat211::iconkaizoku-no-yume: :iconlastkrystaldragon: :iconlightningdraco:  :iconpuddathere: :iconpuppysmooch: :iconradvumtal: :iconrain-strom-dancer::iconrevontulimyrsky:  :iconred-dragon-blaze: :iconrengris:  :iconsilwerf: :iconskyrafire: :iconspankymonsterr: :iconssacf: :iconswayswag:  :iconblackyspyro::iconchibimieze: :iconchroniswolf: :iconcilote134: :iconcioccolato-mousse: :iconclaire-max::iconalyak1: :iconggirtc: :icongrdns::iconcubur: :iconradvumtal: :icongreenyswolf: :iconk--chou: :iconmagancito: :iconkaizoku-no-yume: :iconsouortiz: :iconzenithomocha: :iconkonenui: :iconrengris: :iconcutiestyle: :iconsilwerf: :icondopezebra101: :icondarkvioletcloud: :iconipandacakes: :icontoastiebuns: :iconshinta-girl: :iconboastudio: :iconrevontulimyrsky: :iconinukii: :iconbrokenbrookiecookie::icongreenyswolf::iconrandom-puppy::iconcioccolato-mousse:

If you know someone I didn't tag, help me lol, or if I ACCIDENTLY tagged you..... Enjoy anyway XD

I Love, You Love Feature

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 1:22 PM

The feature for the last I Love, You Love, which is a bi-weekly activity that hopefully encourages you all to share work you love and discover new deviations you might fall in love with as well! Heart

I Love... Twilight


'Frostfall' by Nitrok

Frostfall by Nitrok

You Love...



Savage City by Draken413o

catching the last light by Lain-AwakeAtNight

If Only I Could by photoflake


"Colrado is so beautiful in any light.  I love the way the sunset sparkles off the water."

Colorado Sunset by Not-Courtney

"It reminds me of Twilight, The Quality of light, the last golden rays that slip away. This one is so pretty like an old world fantasy forest full of gnomes and elves."

Forest Rays by Liudochka

"Not really twilight it is actually a white night phemon but I love the contrast of this photo"

23:43pm by VoliaDionysia


I really love how the last sunbeams are playing on the sky at twilight, making fiery sculptures of clouds or beautiful pure gradients on clear sky, sometimes speckled with stars. I always try to find the art in everyday life and this looks like nature's art. :) (Smile)"

City is silently asleep by PicsByI

Urban dawn by viteaz

Milky Way over the Apennines by attackment


When I look at these photos I am filled with amazement and wonder. Some days I feel like I just want to give up, to end my time in this life.  But just taking some time to experience nature always makes me see that this life isn't worth missing. Nature's a reminder that there is beauty in everything, you just have to take the time to look. Twilight is the greatest example of this. Every night the sun goes down so passionately, and every morning and the sun rises, promising another day, a new day, never ceasing to fill those who witness it with a raw, beautiful kind of hope - and for me, the message that everything's going to be okay."

Zlote popoludnie. by Fiedka

Torquay Sunrise 2 by DanielleMiner

Silhouette at Sunset by Phantom303


"I really adore twilight also as one of my favourite day-times. It gives the scenery some touch of solemn peace and sort of calmness :) (Smile)"

Twilight by Nelleke

Twilight 2 by olejny

Twilight by skamyx


It's an absolutely breathtaking landscape, and the small amount of sunlight really bring the piece to life Heart"

Val d'Orcia/Tuscany by JPawlak

"In it's simplicity this is just so beautiful and peaceful :) (Smile)"

Blue Ridge by armortheairlock


Celebrating Diversity - #57

Fri Jul 25, 2014, 3:00 AM

Seclusion by Shadow-Wolfancient by Wildering
Hidden Emerald by Isvoc
Blue Healing by MaquendaArt trade with Kirppuliini123 by MrChibbeMarcy's Caribbean Holiday - Commission by GoldenDruid
Black's Hill by BubbleWolfMidnight Sun by rajewel
Alley cats by Blackpassion777Frrreeedooom!! by Vvlad-vVolfen
Igon by SpikieNowhere and Everywhere by Jetera

"If man is to survive, he will have learned to take a delight in the essential differences between men and between cultures. He will learn that differences in ideas and attitudes are a delight, part of life's exciting variety, not something to fear."
- Gene Roddenberry

Distinct Styles Feature Volume #1

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 2:14 PM

Profile | Gallery | Inbox

Yes, I know this isn't the feature I promised would be next, but I feel this one is necessary. This site seems fixed on praising only a limited number of styles out of what I'm sure is an endless diversity of them from thousands of artists. That bugs me to no end especially where Daily Deviants are concerned. Here are a few distinct different styles from around the site. Some came from wandering around the galleries of "catch all" groups, while others are ones I've been aware of for some time because I watch the artists who made the artwork. This is not a full show of all of the styles available for show on the site. Not every artist I've encountered with a show of talent outside the norm. But for this type of feature I think it's a nice start. Please when you view this, I know it's common for artists to only notice their own art. But please with this check out in better view what other artists featured here have done.

Also to an unrelated note. Why I haven't spoken up on the over due ending of the DA Muro contest in #Non-Photoshop is because my opinion which I think holds pretty true. I've noticed people don't care about the contests I put up. If that's not true, please speak up. Then I'll finally pick a winner out of the two people who entered it :(.

Xing 2 by JonnyPenn A Contra Luz by ivankorsario FLOWER_LADY by aD-chol They're not really there... by arelti
Crazy Straws Sipping Molotov Cocktails by Alloyius by AlloyiusMcilwaine Brush Stroke Idea by Caen-N Yarnbombed tree by veracauwenberghs Babele of the future by AlessioCaruso
Space Cats by UberNalani Monster Apple 2 COLORS by JeremiahLambertArt Wood Spirit by Shiva-Diavilla drum kit by Timdockrill
Mario JLA by Toadman005 Peace, Love and Darth Vayder by GeorgeZamza Drake as horse by Fonora For the greater good by whosname
Robot3 by Kravenous JEM Stingers Flintstone style by E-Ocasio Gaara x Matsuri by trifle-confusion Unstealthiest Ninja by Sanaril

  • Mood: Artistic