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BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 106

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:33 PM

:iconarrheartplz:BEST OF: dA-Supporters group - 106:iconarrheartplz:


Hello everyone! :aww:
Here's the feature of deviantARTSupporters group. :la:
You will see here BEST works created by the members.

:iconlittleheartsplz: If you love it fave it by Ravenswd :iconlittleheartsplz:


:iconlovesplz: FEATURES :iconlovesplz:

 Morning Fairy by SilverChaimSilver, blue and gold by SoturisiCOMMISSION 129 by metal-sanAlien Lizard by FGStnr
I'm blind, not deaf (Illidan Stormrage, Warcraft 3 by zhenyueHidden 2 by umsulStars n' stripes by KaKazouFree! - Reaching for you by biobio1993
Katy Perry by kgpaneloA little rest in the shade ~ by ChierueZachzrie - Adoptable - Close by KLMoon1with my sneakers. by PanDaJang
Earth's Nature by Miss-TaDaFairy Queen by EstherPuche-ArtThe suffering of the fish caught in the net by moppaaAksinja by IrKos
You wanna piece of me, boy? by vagabond-mmCatwoman by RazielMBSandy by ShehaDesignsAquAriuM by Doucesse
Exodus by TomWoodwardLost by stichesBodyBagTtagsFireworks by bonbonka
Dinnertime by pyro-helfierSky Heart Of Zistersdorf by datvimozMake a wish by Ideasplayer
Nature Ponies Pendants by Elleyferranisteddy bear cookies by Miyaka89Blue Fairy Wings Earrings by ACrowsCollection
The World Is YoursThe world is yours,
You know it
and I know it,
no matter what I'm saying.
But don't ask me
what I would do without you.
This world,
without you,
simply it wouldn't exist.
But it would exist another world,
better or not, I don't know.
But you exist
and this world exists
The world is yours.
Woodland Drama by luthien27 Love at First SightNo one saw her. Well, no one was bothering to even look in her direction, so it was to be expected. She had been coming night after night, watching them as they prepared, hiding as they passed by, and coming out at night to see their progress. It was to be the party of the century, so how could she resist?
They walked along the shore, laughing, completely unaware of eyes peering out at them from the water, her black hair floating around her face as she lingered longer than she probably should. If they saw her, or worse, if they caught her, she knew what their kind would do. They had stopped believing in magic so long ago, they wouldn't know what to do with a creature like her. 
Her hair stayed matted to her head as she poked her dark eyes out of the water to get a closer look, taking in an almost painful breath of air to get a real feel for things.
The cherry blossoms that hung over the water smelled sweet as paper lanterns blew in the wind.  It was the most beautiful thing s

Octopus' Garden by YtrilThis amazing starry heaven by KPEKEPFantasy Pond by GrimDreamArt
Aisza by ArunaWolfCaterina da Siena by WaffleStarOLD TOWN PLOVDIV. A TURKISH STREET by BadusevDaenerys by arvines
48. ACEO - Norchen by Michaela9Leda-Valentyne O. Shields - Portrait by Calicot-ZCforest tale by zarielcharoititeElsa&Jack by RoRi93
Surrounded by light by KirinoruSmile by JankellsChibi me by DahliaDinovaOriginal Character - Kazuhiko by Reikeo
Howl by Busbicute Seamonster by Bulldoggenliebchen: Commission for SoulBeater : by tabithia
High-functioning Sociopath by MeryHeartlessVoid by JamesLedgerConceptsNoxious by Esthiell
Crimson by HeyLee201A Cat That I Once Knew by LilyT-ArtLoL - Dragonblade Riven by LynjaeHand woven belt Horses and World Tree by WonderfulSun
Wishing by Cosmic-Cherry-TreeUntitled 17 by R-SindenGoing to hell by GregoryNicolas++ Green lagoon ++ by CathM
RavenStag by Dark-Lioncourtmini kabob bbq by BadgersBakeryi see you by kodapops
Snake Dragon- Adoptable OPEN by KLMoon1Bouganville by beads-poetChakra -B.O.T. Page 155 by ARVEN92Sad Angel by IgnisFatuusII
Alyssa's JourneyAlyssa's Journey
Riding on my bike on a Sunday night,
Nowhere  'am standing, there's no worthy fight,
I am only fighting with the beast inside,
I must find a place, to get in, to hide,
There, I see a Tunnel, calling me to dive,
Maybe, If  'am lucky, I will feel alive.
There's no way out, just another fall,
STaring to the mirror, just another Wall
Witches, no magic, I 've not seen before,
Fucking trend of mine, rotten to the core!!!
Suddenly, I'm lost inside a foggy light,
No, I'm not crying, it's your fairy sight,
Maybe I am dreaming...of another Life.
Y' Arrived a moment out of Time,
I saw you STanding
On the Wall,
Come surprise me,
Come and Love,
Life is stolen
And I fall,
Please, Don't Trick Me, I'm Alone!
Don't deny me, Kill this trend,
Tears and dance, A weird blend,
A strange journey inside...
It's not my chance; We're back in T
Unstopable gif by Kristallschweif Prelude to War (APH PruAus Oneshot)Author's Note: Just for some very necessary background: This is set right before WWI when Germany encouraged Austria to start the war
Austria walked down the hallway fiddling with one of the buttons on his jacket, which was one of his many nervous twitches. He had not expected to be so nervous about this, it was simply asking for a contract to be honored. He was only talking to Prussia, which shouldn't have been a problem, but there was something about it that was causing him to wish he could have just talked to Germany. But, alas, he had no choice in the matter. He turned the final corner, feeling a kind of rising anxiety that he certainly shouldn't be feeling within his own house. He stopped fidgeting with the button and instead used the same hand to push his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.
He took a deep breath to steady himself and then he pushed open the door. The room t

The Wisdom ToothThe Wisdom Tooth
Your won't feel your wisdom tooth.
Only after years you'll know.
If you think you feel it, you are wrong.
If you are old and you think "I was right!",
then you must see that it was only by luck
or something over you
and over me,
I'm just an owl.
If not, then I should inform you
that not eveybody is ment to form one.
This can be good and this can be bad.

Balloons at Charles Bridge, Prague by jane-beataDreamy by TifarethNightshade Eclipse by Life-takers-crayons
Clown Monkey by MichelLalondeOne, two, she's coming for you! by PakinamElBannaMagical night by Th3EmOo
elsa merida by meshyaGreen Man Journals by AnnEnchantedWarrior Cats: The Power of Three by ForestGirl
Scoiattolina ooak monste high doll by kikicri88 Legacy
I dreamt of shallow space...within time
And deep darkness...within light
A wordless prayer that seeps into the sky
And all that can be heard is a faint...cry
I dreamt of relentless winters on the Sun
And scorching summers on the Moon
A universe that is waiting for another dawn
Yet...I'm the only one that is waiting
Re-sacrifice my dependence
Clothe me with confidence
An indestructible vortex
Reinforce my flawed differences
Reverse the hopelessness
Amplify the celestial silence
Defy the faithless
Construct a harsh tolerance
Obliterate my ignorance
Create an immortal balance
Revitalize my endurance
Strength can't be painless
Make me courageous
These tears aren't evidence
Dear guilty conscience
You aren't the weakest
Redemption is shameless
Scars can be gracious
Healing forces changes
Un-crucify my innocence
I dreamt of a beautifu
Jellyfish of Hearts by chocoanillaberry
Alfi doll by Daffy-chanCommission animation: Mana - Dark Magician Girl by starcaShiba Inu by JonnoGerritsen
The Storm    ~   Draw Along by lemgras330Moments - revived by Chris-Karbacheye by lihnida
The Who T-Shirt Design - Liner Weaving #3 by KyleWilcoxVisualArtDasha  ~Colored Pencil by lemgras330...where Bunnies Go... by BUDDYFORME
Bubo scandiacus - Painting by TaniaAVI Lady geometric shapes by MarieKalevaMortal Works by 4steex
bluebrown forms with black holes by Andrea1981GNear Lake Okeechobee by Sillybilly60Pensive by NexxD
We love You by MariLuciapeaceful shelter by Chris-Karbachdoodle HUNTU by horoharo
D-bot Female concept by doppingqnkBallpen Puppy by Cindy-RTiara by tatasz
Tond Nigru Redux Chapter 1 Page 12 by lyoth737Fimo Biscuit Pendants by strictlyhandmadeShort Animation - Ship by UraHameshi


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Welcome! :la:

This is another collection of some of my favorite works from my two favorite Photography categories: Photojournalism and Darkroom! 

If you like these, you might want to consider joining Darkroom-Photos, concert-endeavours, and/or CRPhotography!

A Modern Tree by Schnitzelyne

Perspectives #2 by SylveryFox Hot Ply by SylveryFox

Release by jbrum

Sa cauti by AlexandrinaAna Following the White Lines by Kaz-D

Monkographer by DrewHopper

Icarus The Owl by saratheresee time must have a stop by LostOneself A Blue Arrangement by Einsilbig

A Dying Wish by jpgmn

RABUKA by xACook Darker Than You Think by JillAuville Visceral by LeslieAnnODell

Fortune Teller by BenoitAubry

.Seasoned Dye. by Azenoire BMX by hayleyonfire 183 times by ra-gro

Erfurt Dom 34 by Jan-Markus

#104|365 by Valentin-e-Winter

Frida Kahlo by TiiMari Out of Mind Experience by TheGhostVirus Leica by Yashica by cameraflou

Rudimental 4 by Uchoose

Secret of Darkness by vlkovab Airship by birgzett

235 by celilsezer

Icemove by birgzett

School Children by PatrickMonnier

glass eye moth ::: by katworks It Sees by JillAuville A Lot by Poromaa How Can We Say Goodbye? by jazzylemonade

Strip by Poromaa

i just saw a deer by maria-nik a walk with Burtynsky by cameraflou Lunar morning by cameraflou

Warm Emotions by Miguel-Santos

Burlesque Follies DeLuxe 11 by Uchoose taman by Migrena 200 by stephaniee1219 I have got you stuck on mind by AngelaNorthen

wreckage by Migrena

Rose, ambrotype by Edward-Jekyll Henriksdals SpringTour -12.16 by AndersStangl there is something wrong with your heart by LostOneself Harpier than the morning sun by cameraflou

Contradiction... by ansdesign

Z by kakaoconad Dr Fu Manchu by InayatShah Mindset by Slushy-Pye

Thumbs Up by TomKilbane

Muse by GIVEthemHORNS Coal Chamber by vlkovab

Moto Trial Indoor International by Alheimia

The Sooner by JillAuville

Katana @ Biebob by Velvet-Lies

It Is So Easy... by catch---22 first test print by analogphoto Holga 70 by Valimar International Workers Day by chilouX

warsaw II by Zethrix

Hatshepsut by TiiMari Winter by Amalus A dream within a dream by Linlith She felt entitled to have the crown by Lilimeitys

Athens Riots by Katja-Spectraliquid

Eco Brides by EmilySoto Tea Time with the Bearded Lady by Cyril-Helnwein The Queens Demise by EmilySoto miukhyt by hornykitty

Wonder by 3wyl

114211 by laflaneuse When we were on fire by candiesandchocolate Untitledaqwertyb by hornykitty

Under the bridge by freMDartet

The Nibble by andrew-dobkin

flottement by InoaLa two minutes to disappointment by cPaos ... by Silecia

Harry's On His Way Home by EarthHart

Nature's Babies Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 6:08 PM

The babies of nature are simply irresistible to me.   I want to hug each one.  Here are just a few of my favorites.  <3 

At the start of our lives by LisadbMuRRRcis 5 by KasparsBroksthe first days of the Canadian wild geese No.7 by MT-PhotografienLittle Angel V by serhatdemirogluGerenuk Stitch by DeeOtterPlumita the Dove by DiamonEyesSpring Lamb 2 by mosherteyummy by smile-cheshireBaby Apollo by charliesmyangelOne of them is camera shy...guess which one? by ibjennyjennySocorro by NB-PhotoArtPolar Bear Cub by lensladyWhat's going on? by flofloRelaxed Little Squirrel by JocelyneRBarao by LyraWhitestarting my life by irenvBaby Leopard by DGPhotographyjaxA Portrait of Cuteness by wonderflexDon't look at me! by aoao2Boba portrait by miroslav-petrinecUp Periscope by charliesmyangel25 by hoboinaschoolbusKitten And Flower 1.1 by adrianhefniarrow by msnessixFunny Squirrel by AngelaLouwelittle geese I by MookieKidSing for a new Start by xmittersgolbezkardesler by MistyTableau


  • Mood: Love

Exposure of the Members

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 10:09 PM by Wesley-Souza:iconwesley-souza:

Exposure of the Members

Member Feature
works of members from the poll
Sky House by matrix124
Adventure by saritaangel07 Snow White by theheek
Sympathy by pinkishlabb
Reflection by CathleenTarawhiti Angel's Cry by SeventhFairy
Red by RankaStevic
Achaiah by Sisterslaughter165 A p r i l by cristii
Alpine Spring Premade Background by Nolamom3507
STOCK - Forlorn by TheGhostSiren Pandemonium by CharllieeArts
The crystal ship by KangTengri
Tianshi by msfowle Spring Pink Sunset by SignHermitCrab
Tulips Island ~ Daily Feature Award by RazielMB
Wake up call by playart-PSD
Monument in the Melbourne Botanic Garden by Charmed-Ravenclaw Abandoned Room by StarfireArizona
Once Upon A Dream - Maleficent by GabeehSilva

Beautiful Works from our Gallery

A Brave New World by ElementOfOne1
Sea by JiaJenn31 Searching for the treasure by Scandalize
Express by israelcs
Deep Burning ! by DARSHSASALOVE The Night Mother by artorifreedom
Goddess of the Skies by matrix124
In my bubble (autism) by tryskell Alone in Depth by PlaviDemon
The last Warrior by SoulcolorsArt
The Easter Hare by kimsol By your side by Scandalize
Gothic Angel by SweediesArt
Game of Spell by CaoChiNhan Maleficent by thornevald
Missing Those Times by Shirokibo

New Contest

Two Themes Contest - donate prizesTwo Themes Contest

new contest and this contest we will do differently because it was very difficult to choose 1 theme among the 20 suggestions made​​, then will have two themes, and you can choose which theme to make your entry.
and the themes chosen are :

Baby Blue Bullet Secret Garden(s) Baby Blue Bullet 
Baby Blue Bullet My friend is a monster (can be a fantasy creatures) Baby Blue Bullet 

choose your favorite theme for you to make your entry. and do something creative, because jurors will judge creativity.

Fantasy Feature Vol. 9

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 1:05 PM by alltheoriginalnames:iconalltheoriginalnames:

Macro Spotlight Vol.112

Sun Apr 20, 2014, 12:53 AM by MarcosRodriguez:iconmarcosrodriguez:

Animal ABC's: G is for Giraffe

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 9:32 PM
A new series I'm starting La la la la I will be going through the alphabet with different animals and making features. I've got my list all figured out and I'm super excited to start this. Check out the "Upcoming Animal" section to potentially get featured!  More information can be found on the bottom. If you like this article, please give it a +fav so the artists may get more exposure.

Without further ado...


Tall Horizons by Rozul
Baby Giraffe by rbwissner
Happy Mother's Day by Allerlei
Giraffes at Dawn by MrStickman
WDW 10 C by LDFranklin
Nature by solefield
Running up that hill by CumbriaCam
I'm still taller by MichelLalonde
Giraffe Photo study by ianparra
NATURE - Giraffe by emilierosson
The Giant's Tongue by grettawallace
Trilogy by catman-suha
giraffes by monsieur-arlequin
Day 104 - Brought to you by the letter C by MonsterBrand
Giraffe by Orlien
Needle felted Giraffe by thai-binturongGiraffe Fashion Parade by Hippopottermiss
Eating Giraffe by TVD-PhotographyCoffee Giraffe by MaryDoodlesGnostic Giraffes by PaintMyWorldRainbowSleeping giraffe by Nafania-NixGiraffe and by catman-suhaOrigami Giraffe by FoldedWildernesslong necks and empty bellies by bloodawniGiraffe by LauraMelDawni Giraffe by missimoinsanelarge amigurumi giraffe by TheArtisansNookGigi the Giraffe by Tx-moeyou GIRAFFE me crazy. by jennybeartmGiraffe Plush by tofuskin21Giraffe First Birthday Cake by CustomCakeDesignsGiraffe Tangle by MayhemHereJirafa- Giraffe by aurangelicaFireflies Of The Night by angrymikko



If you have a deviation you would like to suggest that has a HIPPO in it, please feel free to comment below with the thumb or link to the deviation. Self suggestions are welcomed! All artistic mediums are welcome.


Questions? Concerns? Comments on how to improve? Feel free to note Note me about it.

-Kathy Heart ( rainylake )

watchers feature #54

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:30 PM
... is a phrase that blooms in my mind so often these days. I'm not at all attracted to horror, gore makes me cringe, zombie girls and bloody clowns make me sleep with the lights on. And yet this dark nuance that paints the shadows of beauty and perfection attracts me with incredible force. Try to suppress a shudder and don't turn off the lamps just yet as you go through this creepy goodness! :drool:

Ghosts in the Snow by Saliwanchik
Void by aleksandracupcake

Obedient Wife by alifann A Real Boy by EranFolio

Decomposition by zsofiadome
Sanctuary III by ken-wong

nymph by space-anney

:::A Journey to the Tale::: by designtu

The Dodo's Widow by CaitlinHackett Ethereal Graze by kikyz1313
Silent lake by zsofiadome
Seraphima riding on fuckingunknown thing by SkoLzki
The Owl Princess And Her Night Terrors by AngelaRizza Motherland Small by jeffsimpsonkh

Fed by davepalumbo

The Disasters of War 4 by gottfriedhelnwein

Dans les Swimming Pool Parties by cornacchia-art

Escape by atillagalip
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  • Reading: Memoirs of a Geisha

Digitaly Featured Vol. 6

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 3:00 PM by alltheoriginalnames:iconalltheoriginalnames: