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23 : Art Features + Giveaway

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 6:31 PM
Hey everyone~! :la:

First of all, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! You've no idea how it made me happy!! :blush:
Yep, I turned 23 yesterday. I feel so old already. :dummy:
Secondly, because it's my birthday, I decided to hold a giveaway and an art feature!

For the giveaway, I will choose 23 people and each of them will receive 50 :points:.

Simply :+fav: this journal so you can get a number, and the winners will be chosen via
I really love doing art features, and I hope you could check out these amazing pieces and artists, and give them some love! :love:



Gosick by Crystal-Co  [haikyuu] tsukishima by ryusin  Wonderland by kururuno
dear little red riding hood by nilampwns  Garry by Tabachichi

* * *

Precious Gift by Akihi  judgement by akaniwa
  untitled by VelioJosto
Russian soldier by AlexndraMirica  White bird by SophiaViolette
expression by AnnaShtorm I HATE drawing by Ceresta the life circle 2 by alinamilitaru Tupac Shakur by MarinaSotiriou

* * *

Double shield warrior by ldimonl 
868 Max by Mischeviouslittleelf
Zone 6 by Ullbors 
SpitPaint by Reza-Afshar-Art  My home by kinixuki
Completion by Daitrini  There is no run. by Ainaothar
Victory by Huyen-n00b  Happy 2014!! by Sykugen



Autumn by NexxD Just Be Friends by KudamonoYasai .121. by dasTOK We love Eren by FansyL
leger comme une plume by Ni-nig Crows by MissStreelight study by curlyhair Saiunkoku Monogatari: Shurei Hong by general-kuroru
Path of Stars by Hanafae AT::shurei90 by chisachan2010 Attack on Titan by NatuoHarumura Con: Sweet Choco Mocca by moe-notice-me
One Piece - Perona and Mihawk by Calssara Give me love by revengerset Our hearts will fly by augenblickwinkel Haruka + Michiru : "private" by elsch
Alice+Alice by kururuno magic within his hands by nilampwns Alabastan War by AmbitionDFined Sho by littlebabyshoes
Lestat de Lioncourt by Rgveta Igirisu~ by rikurikuri .Airplanes. by Martina-G


Thank you very much for all the support! :thanks:

CSS by SimplySilent, edited by me

Stock and Resources PE Wrap Up 2014

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 6:00 PM by Elandria:iconelandria:

Art History: Introduction

Mon Sep 22, 2014, 12:00 AM by DistortedSmile:icondistortedsmile:

Art History Week

Art History Week 22nd - 28th September

Art History was a Project started by the Community Relations Team in 2011. It's aim was to engage the community by looking at the origins and beginnings of the art we all so passionately love today.

As a Team, it's easy for us to become insular and confined within the galleries we moderate and the genre-communities we support. When in reality our passion and knowledge stretch to other realms of the artistic universe, often from school days or independent education we've searched for. The same is, I'm sure, for the wider community.

Frequent authors of articles include: KovoWolf  Peter-The-Knotter Talty lintu47 Kaz-D STelari

This meant we wanted to open it to everyone: all members of dA and irrelevant of your current profession or specialisation. If you're knowledgeable and confident on a topic then the stage is yours :)

In 2012 we opened the ArtHistoryProject group, to create a dedicated space for the articles that were coming in from the community.

From the group, the first phase we completed dedicated a month to each major Gallery; Traditional, Photography, Digital, Lit etc. Over the next 12months, over 250 articles were submitted through ArtHistoryProject, by hundreds of deviants.

At the end of 2013 we started the second phase of the Project, which would display all articles in chronological order, inviting even more talented deviants to participate and explore art together.

Since the start of the Project, over 400 articles have been created by members of deviantART

In the summer of 2013, the Community Relations Team made the decision to merge the ArtHistoryProject group with projecteducate, to continue the momentum and energy needed to sustain projects of this size. We combined the CV Admin team of both projects and have enjoyed even more participation and interaction from the community for both ventures.

The Art History featured weeks will be regular and can include features, contests, education pieces, interviews, chat events and much more. The frequency, of course, depends on YOU! ;)

I hope you enjoy the week as an artist, a contributor or simply as someone with a hunger to learn more and revel in the knowledge and skills of others.


Light Hunters Feature #88

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 7:38 AM

Enjoy some of the recent additions to our gallery

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Welcome to JULY & AUGUST 2014’s Top Submissions of Unframed-Nature.

Thank you for being here whether you are a Member yet or not!
We welcome you and your support! :thanks:

A GRAND Welcome to ALL of Our NEW MEMBERS, & NEW ADMINISTRATORS, too! :love:

:squee:  :clap: :clap: :clap:  :squee:

And a HUGE thank you to our loyal Members who have been submitting your fantastic
Nature Work to our Group for a long time now.
Without you, we just simply wouldn’t be here. :aww:


Thank you so much to ALL the amazing MEMBERS (and Admins.) who returned to vote on our main folders for these months! :love:


Let’s continue to submit our own BEST QUALITY work, enjoy it, improve upon it, enjoy the work of others, and Nature in general. It’s what it’s all about-
combining our love of Art with our love of Nature, and coming together under that commonality!

Without further ado...

Please Enjoy The Voted Top Submissions of JULY & AUGUST.

[:note: Each section/folder has a small group, at the VERY TOP, where those had received slightly more votes. These will be copied to the Featured Folder, AND eventually :+fav:'d by our :points: account at Unframed-Nature-PTS
The others are in no particular order.]


:iconflower-plz: From: Birds, Invertebrates, Aquatics, Amphibians, Reptiles

Through fire by MaaykeKlaverLadybird by alexgphotoPheasantPhun1 by Coigach
Colours of life by AngiWallaceLittle swallows 3 by Corvus-monedula93Darkling Beetle (?) by melvynyeo
Black and white wild by TaniaAVMatthew 10:31 by Keziamarasmall godzilla by Esoragotka
Let's have fun! by plumita1slippery slope by mkueglerBird Grasshopper by Andres-Cadena


Parer au decollage by YannickDellapina169.365 A Delicate Moment by PiecesOfAnsleyJuvenile bald eagle by Rajmund67First pic from Scotland 2014 by Kriloner
Female Red winged blackbird - ruffled by JestePhotographyProthonotary Warbler by Andres-CadenaBee by NitramXSoft by Esoragotka
09494 by IkarusthefirstZebra longwing caterpillars eating by LordMajestrosEurasian eagle-owl by Rajmund67Owl by leamarzio
Matthew 10:31 by KeziamaraChipe Dorado by Andres-CadenaFly by dorolainwho's the bigger fish? by mkuegler
Two in One - King vulture by BiBiARTsDive, Dive, Dive by Jamie-MacArthurstilting Grasshopper by albatros1Osprey and pastel pencils by riksons
Sunbird by kiew1Symphypleona of the Golden Jungle by The-Dude-L-BugFroggie by WolfieMeowsSnowy butterfly by Esoragotka
Nectar Time by TheFunnySpiderBlue by WindInTheCoffeeCupMorning Pleasure by chamatheRobin by KattPhotography
Duck Duck Jabiru by QuestaviaRiot 7 by EdgedFeather

:iconflower-plz: From: Land Mammals, Wild & Dommestic

*** by AnnaTyurinaForest-Shadow by Fuz-Caforio-ArtTable Manners by MorningIrbis
Horse by Laniidae7Jedi by Richard-CederfjardThe Adventurous Manx is Sweet Sixteen by TeaPhotography
Bon Apetit by mkueglerHappy World Cat Day by DeviantTeddineHappy Arctic Wolf by TVD-Photography
giant by DaSchuLitte cutie by Riderofthewind95Running White Horse by philippeL


Companion by Black-DressARTISTDressing Up The Place by sueznI see you by reymoBambi Rests by parallel-pam
Tribute to a King by akrasielLion by AdaykaMiss Majestic by Iluvbiscuit2African Lion by DPasschier
Days Of Summer by sueznLaziness is a virtue by FuturamaJSPlioness by zarielcharoititeHind by leamarzio
Photography me a sheep by KlaraDrielleExhausted by StephGablerJ. Irving BandW by coffeenoirTiger ballpen drawing by 22Zitty22
Annihilate by WishmasterAlchemistSquirrel Snacking by FallOut99Citadella by WordupCurious by Tayley
Mozart II. by thephotogrumblerBobcat by FredrikEriksson1Roe Doe by FreyaPhotosIt's on the tip of my tongue  - Dollar by CrystalMarine-Arts
Fox by IllegalHamster

:iconflower-plz: From: Nature Much Closer

Sonnenpusteblume by TobiasAckermannGolden drops - Strange world by AStoKopositivity.. by humannotdancer
Little Lanterns... by catch---22calluna by tsigane*** by Fatalv
Colors of Summer by DeviantTeddineAlien Plant by NitrokMake a Wish by alexgphoto
Dragon Fruit by SchwarzWieEbenholZSymphony by UnkopierbarSparkling Meadow by MirachRavaia


Yellow Rose of Friendship by TeaPhotographyShy by MYPeanutGalleryLeaf Story by PaintedFeatherz14dahlias in my garden by kosharik69
Drop colony by CottoonFalling to the Flames by John-PeterUntitled118 by JuliaHasAGunBow Your Heads by Blue-Koi
As beautiful as an Orchid by LewiARTsFallen by TheDewdropFairyBeautiful Fan II by larksgarLe bout du monde by Misgaeroten
Algae By The River by surrealistic-gloomruiskukka - pikkulahja by semperturdusmerulaSurvivor by Unkopierbaruniversal dream by semperturdusmerula
Hind by leamarzioA Touch of Red by Kurosu-kunBotanical garden by ZaratraIn the change ... by BiBiARTs
Xx by tikitakiOverheating by WishmasterAlchemistGlowing Spikes by LeonsFilmreviewsHappy Pansy Birthday by gigi50
Flower by yavuzselimturanEnergetic roses by stokrotas.: Nothing lasts for ever :. by Frank-BeerCosmos Bipinnatus by Skaldur
Eye-catching pink by MagicOfSnowLucky by LASKANWLFKunterbunter Sommer 2 by Martina-WWJourney into space by Anastasia-Ri
until the sunray hits me by IreneHorvath

:iconflower-plz: From: All ‘Scapes

Need Nothing Revisited by TexRamoneGuardian Of The Galaxy by PeterJCoskunCrazy Sunshine by almostacrayon
Messenger by TrenteLuray Caverns by xthumbtakxSun is going to sleep by ferrohanc
Days End by PeterJCoskunMorning in the Forest by ferrohancWhispers of autumn 2 by ilvahaust
Avalanche by jbrumThe feeling at the end of a perfect day by LordLJCornellPhotosCamargue Sunset by Oaken-shield


Touch of gold sun... by FatalvEyes Over Yosemite by PeterJCoskunThe garden on the wall by Stu7artThe Silence by Trichardsen
The Shire by UnkopierbarGreen Waves by AlecsPSSchwabacher Sunset 5884 by pesterleLast Autumn by Weissglut
Surreal Sky by FrancescaDelfinoUtah 12 by JCCJ756Blu-Rays by AnnMarieBoneSunflowers by TomazKlemensak
trees by giga92Iceland landscapes pt. VII by TheChosenPesssimistKaraugom by DeingeLMountain river by TomaszLange
Lavender Craze II by DeviantTeddineGalloway: mist in the forest by CoigachWhipped Topping by JuglarsSurrounded by Clouds by artbitNick
Melbeck Mirror by parallel-pamLeave Me Breathless by SharingMyDreamsbeginning of a journey by kosharik69The Seasons of My Life by TeaPhotography
Fall Ploughing by surrealistic-gloom

A Few Chosen Via Founder-Choice...

These FOUR folders were added a year ago, for the precise purpose to seek to broaden and deepen the meaning of our Group in a variety of ways, in general to cause us to think about Nature and its fragility and persistency and our human relationship to it.

:iconflower-plz: From: Animals for Adoption & Animal Welfare

Reasons to Foster (Sassy) by camelopardalisinblueEgg Drop Spook by tanikelGetting Better With Age by TeaPhotography
Tidings of Gratitude by TeaPhotographyFriendship Rings- Updated by TeaPhotographyHomeward Bound? by Geak-of-Nature
And That's Just How It's Done by TeaPhotographyReaching Out by TeaPhotographyHappy Endings- I Survived by TeaPhotography
One Dapper Charming Little Gent by TeaPhotographyWorld Class Beauty by TeaPhotographyKittens... in All Colours, Shapes, and Sizes by TeaPhotography
Ready to Pounce by Geak-of-Nature

:iconcatlaplz: I am VERY happy that there are a few more deviations of ADOPTION and WELFARE-THEMES, FINALLY submitted or requested to this folder! :iconcatlaplz:

:note: Admins.! Please find/request more, and dear Members, if you have any please SUBMIT them, or suggest them to us, BY NOTE, if you find them, so we can request them! :eager:
:thanks: This would be a HUGE HELP! :thanks:

:iconflower-plz: From: Endangered Species & Environmental Issues

The Tree's PrayerDear Lord,
Don't let the rain wash away the dirt from my roots,
For without it I would have no place to stand
Dear Lord,
Don't let the sun shrivel my roots
For without them I would have nothing with which to stand on.
Dear Lord,
Don't let the axe cleave my trunk
For without it I would not have the will to stand.
Dear Lord,
Don't let the knife sever my branches
For without them my will to stand would break.
But please Lord,
Don't let them burn my leaves
For without them I could not stand at all.
Curious by MisgaerotenWhiskers by Riphath
We are not Alone by ChocoHal Snow queen by Seb-Photos
Grumpy by MisgaerotenRed Panda by moondancer3Polar Bear by AmBr0
Making a Nest by spring-warmthGeria by MrAlito

:note: Admins.! Please find/request more, and dear Members, if you have any please SUBMIT them, or suggest them to us, BY NOTE, if you find them, so we can request them! :eager:
:thanks: This would be a HUGE HELP! :thanks:

:iconflower-plz: From: Humans, Architecture, & Transportation in NATURE

Supper by FuturamaJSPThe Rest by TullusionCatch-a-ride by WolfieDeviant
Rosengarten by designbunkerHay you! by friartuck40A Bird in the Hand by Keziamara
Agility - California - III by Deliquesce-FluxSailing In An Aruban Sunset by discoinferno84Wintry cover VIII by black-cat16
Sunset and a backhoe... by ZenrynimSecret place by dragan45

:iconflower-plz: From: Still Life, Concepts, Abstract, Crafts, Fantasy in NATURE

Love and Peace by creativemikeyWhite Flowers On Satin by coby01Moonlight Sonata. by Kondratij
Catabirds by DroganaidaTree of Life, Band Cover for Dreadnought by DymondStarrBlack and Silver Flower and Spike Earrings by lulabug
Butterfly Fly Away 84/365 by AnnissinaMoss garden by DeathMysteryChibi Birds by MissBajoCollection
Another rocks by KPEKEPHummingbird Watercolor Painting by Olechka01Sea Turtle Strength by TeaPhotography

:trophy: WINNERS FROM OUR THEME FOLDER... :trophy:

:iconflower-plz: From: DOUBLE OR NOTHING; CLOSE-UPS!

:trophy: FIRST: :iconart-fromthe-heart: with:
Crowned Victorians by ART-fromthe-HEART

150 :points: / +150 :points: to an ACTIVE Group of Choice,
WITH a Widget somewhere for collecting Points & FULL Credit
for Winning them the POINTS! :nod:

:trophy: SECOND: :iconjbrum: with:
Double Barrel by jbrum

100 :points: / +100 :points: to an ACTIVE Group of Choice,
WITH a Widget somewhere for collecting Points & FULL Credit
for Winning them the POINTS! :nod:

:trophy: THIRD: :iconmorkelerasmus:  with:
Two Young Kings by MorkelErasmus

50 :points: / +50 :points: to an ACTIVE Group of Choice,
WITH a Widget somewhere for collecting Points & FULL Credit
for Winning them the POINTS! :nod:

THREE Runners-Up:

:trophy: RUNNER-UP: :iconweissglut: with:
Unzertrennlich by Weissglut

20 :points: / +20 :points: to an ACTIVE Group of Choice,
WITH a Widget somewhere for collecting Points & FULL Credit
for Winning them the POINTS! :nod:

:trophy: RUNNER-UP: :iconposerfan: with:
Infinite Freedom by poserfan

20 :points: / +20 :points: to an ACTIVE Group of Choice,
WITH a Widget somewhere for collecting Points & FULL Credit
for Winning them the POINTS! :nod:

:trophy: RUNNER-UP: :iconplumita1: with:
Hurry up - we're being watched! by plumita1

20 :points: / +20 :points: to an ACTIVE Group of Choice,
WITH a Widget somewhere for collecting Points & FULL Credit
for Winning them the POINTS! :nod:

:rose: :star: FIVE HONOURABLE MENTIONS :star: :rose:
simplysuzu Duet by simplysuzu
frankbeer .: Moskitorasboras :. by Frank-Beer
DeviantTeddine Simba And Socksi - Purrfect Times by DeviantTeddine
BiBiARTs Two in One - King vulture by BiBiARTs
Geak-of-Nature Baby Feet by Geak-of-Nature

:star: Plus, EACH of the above, will be COPIED to our FEATURED Folder, and then LATER,
be :+fav:'d by our POINTS ACCOUNT at Unframed-Nature-PTS



:iconballoonsplz: Our Group’s NEWS & UPCOMING EVENTS! :iconballoonsplz:

:iconflower-plz: RE-Featured From: “The Group’s Donors’ Folder”
from Last Month's Donors, To be Copied to the Featured Folder, and THEN... eventually :+fav:'d by:

In the deep by jennystokesHeart that heals by jennystokesDaisy 1 by jennystokes
Double White in Black and White by DaveinwiltonSplaaaash by DaveinwiltonAn Oxbow at Sunset in HDR by Daveinwilton
Seaside Brawl by DaveinwiltonThat Is MR STUD MUFFIN To You by DaveinwiltonReflecting On Spring by Daveinwilton
Ambassador Hotah by InaWolfsimageFoxglove Flowers by surrealistic-gloomI found Nemo again.... by davincipoppalag
Beautiful Lily by davincipoppalagGlad tidings by davincipoppalagBeautiful Binney by davincipoppalag
Dafullmoooooon by davincipoppalagPretty Birdie by davincipoppalagSunset Cove 2 by davincipoppalag
Tennessee Warbler - Singing by JestePhotographyGiving Life a Chance by TeaPhotographyLife Uphill by TeaPhotography

:iconflowerthnxplz: Our Group’s MOST Recent Donors of :points: POINTS :iconflowerthnxplz:

Sun Ray On My Kitty by surrealistic-gloomDay Lilies by surrealistic-gloom

Orange Flower by CarolynYMMoon by CarolynYMDaisies by CarolynYM
Window to the Sea by CarolynYMGlass Pumpkin in Oil by CarolynYMOur Galaxy, The Milky Way by CarolynYM

Good morning Vancouver 2 by gigi50Birthday flowers by gigi50

Such a Lovely Kitty by philippeLPaddling Little Guy by philippeL
O Tree by philippeLPlough under the Sun by philippeL

Yellow Butterfly by JocelyneRYellow and Pink Gerberas by JocelyneR

Delicate by KlaraDrielle

Swan Family by MirachRavaiaMonster fir by MirachRavaiaReach for the sun by MirachRavaia
Cotton Candy by MirachRavaiaMountains by MirachRavaiaBack in time by MirachRavaia

Frozen Heart by Jewel-FireflyCobra Patterns by Jewel-Firefly
Watermelon Slice by Jewel-FireflyLion around by Jewel-Firefly

Believe in New Beginnings by TeaPhotographyMelting into Trails of Tears by TeaPhotography



:iconheart5plz: Our Group’s MEMBERS of THE MONTH :iconheart5plz:

Thank you to these fabulous Members who have been loyal to our Group in various ways, and for a while now! For example, doing things like:
Voting in THIS here- our Monthly Event, Supporting our Articles with Comments and/or Fav's, Supporting our Themes by Participating in them and Promoting them, Supporting our CONTESTS by participating and promoting and/or donating prizes/points, supporting the group through donating points, or helping out other members when they have a question and by faving each other's work, or simply submitting work regularly, and even other ways, too! :nod:

(Of course NO one MEMBER of the MONTH is doing ALL of these, that doesn't seem possible!... but there are some Members, WHO strive as much as they can... :nod: )

How kind and generous of them! :nod:
We are very grateful for all they do and for being such valuable Members of our Group here! :heart:

:pointr: JULY:

JestePhotography :iconjestephotography: :iconflowersplz:
Bubbles by JestePhotographyCanada-Goose-Elegance by JestePhotography
Plains-Bison-Summer Meadows by JestePhotographyCrow-The Look by JestePhotography


Jewel-Firefly :iconjewel-firefly: :iconflowersplz:
Pure of Heart by Jewel-FireflyOn the Loose by Jewel-Firefly
Let me think about it by Jewel-FireflyA Great View by Jewel-Firefly

:pointr: AUGUST:                                                                                           

Daveinwilton :icondaveinwilton: :iconflowersplz:
Cavanaugh Gulch Cove 01 by DaveinwiltonRed Panda 2150 by Daveinwilton
Cock Quail 004 by DaveinwiltonSummer Splash by Daveinwilton


davincipoppalag :icondavincipoppalag: :iconflowersplz:
Underwater by davincipoppalagPeaceful Beach by davincipoppalag
Autumn in the weeds by davincipoppalagDawn on the Nubble by davincipoppalag


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

:community: Becoming A Part of Unframed-Nature's Admin. TEAM :community:

:icongrouphugplz:Welcome to Our TWO New Admins.!:icongrouphugplz:

We Welcome Kezia and Julia to our ADMIN. TEAM!!!

Kezia Keziamara :iconkeziamara:
Summersweet by KeziamaraPrincess by KeziamaraIsaiah 42:10 by Keziamara

Julia KiwiCocktail :iconkiwicocktail:
Colors of Autumn by KiwiCocktailColor my World by KiwiCocktailSign of Summer by KiwiCocktail
Something she plans to do for us:
Endangered Animals Feature I: Snow LeopardThis is a new feature series for Unframed-Nature planned by myself and TeaPhotography, and it also serves as a subcategory of my Animals feature series.
Please enjoy reading about the snow leopard, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section! :heart:
Endangered Animal: Snow Leopard
These beautiful felines live in the highlands of Central Asia.
Their numbers have decreased at the hands of man through poaching and illegal market, prey base depletion as well as lack of awareness and conservation.

Snow Leopard info:
Panthera uncia
:megaphone: IUCN status: :target: Endangered :target:
IUCN red list
Wild Cat Conservation


We thank them for joining our TEAM, and we look forward to their time with us!

:note: If you would be interested in becoming a part of our Wonderful Admin. TEAM,
PLEASE :note:NOTE:note: ME, TeaPhotography.

:note: You may want to LOOK at our APPLICATION, first, and answer as many questions as you can or feel like answering.

It is just SO much more INFORMAL than it looks- really! :nod: :aww:
It just gives us, the Admins., a little idea, as well as YOU, our newest Admin., a general idea of things. :aww:
Administrator Application for Unframed-NatureUnframed-Nature's Application for Administrative Position
Accepting Applications for Administrator Positions at Unframed-Nature is now: OPEN!
Before you apply, please know that volunteering for a large and active group here on dA, such as Unframed-Nature is a real and true commitment, which will take up some of your time on at least a weekly basis, maybe more.
Unframed-Nature is special in many ways, but from an Administrative view point, it is very special because we have always had good luck with our current Administrators, most of which have been with the Group, as Administrators, for a very long time.
We are a very friendly Team, both with each other, and with the Members, as well. This means when we do have to decline works, we do give a reason, and we are friendly about it.  It means, that upon occasion if there is something that we disagree about within the Admin. Team, we disagree nic

:note: And you do NOT have to be qualified in every area, AT ALL, to become a part of the team!
I'm definitely not! :giggle:

So think about it, and if you are a Member of our group, and would like to be involved a bit more,
WE just might be the GROUP for YOU! :la:

:thanks: :heart: :thanks:

:pencil:Unframed-Nature's UpComing News Articles :pencil:
:bulletorange: After this article here, we have another Article out, SOON-ish, in regard to our Autumn-themed contest.  :aww:

:trophy: UPCOMING CONTESTS :trophy:

:pointr: Unframed-Nature's NEXT BIG CONTEST!
THEME: Autumn- The Specific Theme is still to be Announced.
DATES: Tentatively, set for Sun. Oct. 11th - Sat. Nov. 9th.
(Yes these dates could change- in fact, they already have from the last article, about this.)

:iconhappysunplz:UPCOMING THEMES:iconhappysunplz:

:pointr: A last THEME of the YEAR in DECEMBER!
THEME: To Be Announced.

:icondonatepointsgreenplz: POINTS for Our Group! :icondonatepointsgreenplz:

From the bottom of our HEARTS, :heart: we thank you, as your generous acts do not go unnoticed!


:bulletblack: The NEXT BIG CONTEST of the Year takes place around this OCTOBER!
(We have TWO HUGE CONTESTS per Year!)

:bulletblack: We will continue with our Monthly Themes, which are much smaller point prizes.

:bulletblack: The NEXT/Last Theme of 2014 will be in December!!

:bulletblack: We sometimes use points for other special occasions or circumstances, on a smaller scales.

:bulletblack: At this point, we DO plan to renew our SUPERGROUP Status THIS DECEMBER.

These are some of the things that your generous points help us to be able to accomplish. Thank you again for your fabulous help!

To help us to achieve these plans and goals, if you do have a few points to spare, feel free to donate to our group, HERE:
:points: Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts: :points:

:star: Any point helps, and you will read there, how our donors are rewarded! :star:

:iconlookoutplz: REMINDERS of a Couple of Changes... :iconlookoutplz:

:bulletred: We are going to take the MAIN Nature folders and have them run BI-MONTHLY. That means voting every OTHER month, and "TOP SUBS of TWO MONTHS AT A TIME" News Articles, etc.

WHY? The main reason this is coming about is because, since last Summer, I have been forced to delete folders at our group, which has really broken my heart, since the first time and each time since.

Periodically, I am NOT allowed to create NEW folders until I delete OTHER folders. It's a pain in the neck, it's very sad, and it also makes the job extra difficult. :hmm:
Apparently there IS a limit, and we are definitely at our capacity.

By doing this, it will at least slow things down and I won't have to worry about it, quite as often. :aww:

But then as a small side bonus, I have realized it will help with less work for me, for a couple of reasons... less time opening and closing folders, and less time working on spreadsheets and creating news articles-

In general, in life, I am burning the candle at both ends, AND the middle, so this might help a bit. ;)

:bulletred:  Every OTHER month, when we are transitioning to new folders, and we are temporarily closed, instead of being closed for a few hours, I am going to have us be TEMPORARILY CLOSED for the first week- which means will will re-open on July 8th, then Sept. 8th, then November 8th...

This gives us a lot more breathing room, both for group purposes- time for work on the group itself, and for any personal breathing room, too. :aww:

:iconteamoplz: Affiliate Groups to NOTE :iconteamoplz:

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Tea :iconteaphotography:
Your Founder, aka Senior Team Leader...

ProjectPorkchop Vol369

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 2:42 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Mateusz is an artisan crafter from the UK. He specializes in creating wire bonsai trees and handmade mushroom lamps! He uses materials like driftwood and recycled copper wire to create his trees and they look very close to natural. His mushroom lamps are even ore fascinating in that they are made from silicone mixed with a glow in the dark substance so they light up at night! Check out his outstanding gallery today!

IMG 0099x by NoriAnummagic mushrooms by NoriAnum
Wire tree by NoriAnumSakura Bonsai Tree by NoriAnum

see more..


A-R-Z-H is a digital artist from France. His style is driven by horror and the macabre and his works are very chilling. He creates amazing and terrifying creatures, the likes of which you have never seen before! He uses a limited color pallette of predominantly black and white with touches of color which gives an eerie appearance. You will definitely want to take a look at his amazing work...just not before bed!

Born Dead by A-R-Z-HFaceless 2014 by A-R-Z-H
Cerberus Ii by A-R-Z-HAel by A-R-Z-H

see more..


Owl-Glass is a traditional artist from Russia. She is known for her black and white ink drawings and finds her influence in mythology, fairy tales and novels. She uses textures and patterns beautifully and shades her figures by crosshatching her pen strokes, which gives an old storybook feeling. She is truly talanted and you will most certainly want to add her to your watch list!

Fire bird by owl-glassRamiro Alva and Octavia by owl-glass
Li and lily by owl-glassMy lords by owl-glass

Suggested by Brunild 
see more..


Irene is a digital artist from Spain. She loves to create fan art, espescially for video games and has a very cute and colorful cartoon style! Her designs are very whimsical and fun and she really knows how to give personality to her characters. She loves comments and welcomes anyone who wants to ask questions, so feel free...She even takes requests!

Timeless Melody by TharenePrincess of Hyrule by Tharene
Kitana - Deadly Alliance by ThareneLaruto and Medli Art Collab by Tharene

see more..


Omar is a professional design and interfaces artist from Puerto Rico. He decided to venture into creating designer t-shirts as a creative outlet outside of his work. His shirts a truly one of a kind and are quite humerous! Some designs are inspired by nostalgia such as classic video games whereas others are meant to make a statement or just make you smile! I guarantee you will want to own every single one!

Death Leopard by OmarFeliciano15 Feet of Rain by OmarFeliciano
Hola Clan by OmarFelicianoWhat Could Possibly Go Wrong? by OmarFeliciano

see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


Previous issues of PPc

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Coding by SimplySilent

Dark Side of the Moon

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 2:02 AM

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Interview 58. 22.09.2014.

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 12:28 AM

Hello !

Today interview with BlueIvyViolet from Canada, at dA: 5 years.

dedicated to...part 8 by BlueIvyVioletdedicated to...part 7 by BlueIvyVioletdedicated to..part 10 by BlueIvyViolet

:bulletblue: 1 Which type of art are You creating ?
Marilyn - I do photography.

Happy Birthday Jim by BlueIvyVioletHappy Birthday Cary by BlueIvyVioletHappy birthday to... by BlueIvyViolet

:bulletblue: 2 Why this kind of art ?
Marilyn - I love taking pictures of flowers, sunsets/sunrises and of course my 3 dogs

Rocky 1 by BlueIvyVioletBear by BlueIvyVioletJake by BlueIvyViolet

:bulletblue: 3 When did You started create Your art?
Marilyn - I have always loved taking pictures, especially of my kids when they were little, but since joining DA 5 years ago and seeing all the beautiful pictures of flowers and sky pictures..I thought, maybe i will try that!!

Happy Birthday Marta!!!! by BlueIvyVioletHappy Birthday Amy!! by BlueIvyVioletIn My Thoughts by BlueIvyViolet

:bulletblue: 4 What kind of art do You like to watch the most?
Marilyn - I love watching different types of, fractals, paintings and drawings..I guess a little of everything!!!!

nov 15th sunset by BlueIvyVioletmy morning..april 16th by BlueIvyVioletfeb 23rd sunset by BlueIvyViolet

:bulletblue: 5 What is Your inspiration?
Marilyn - My inspiration is all my dearest friends I have come to admire here on DA, my hubby and kids and mother nature!!

dedicated to...part 9 by BlueIvyVioletget well soon Amanda!! by BlueIvyVioletdedicated to...part 6 by BlueIvyViolet


DD from my suggestions :

Air Mail by Fiend-V

Have a good week !

I want to make this a new monthly feature. I really enjoy it when people share what inspires them. So, without further ado, here are 10 artists that continually inspire me with their genuis, and hopefully they'll inspire you, too. c:

Pascal sets out to paint moments in time, to crystallize experiences, to capture the essence of an instant (his new Kickstarter is even called "3000 moments", which is a collection of sketches and other fun things). While most artists strive to do this in one way or another, I really think Pascal's artworks speak to the viewer's core. I can't quite place my finger on what exactly it is, but something about his works is incredibly atmospheric- they really do exactly what they set out to do, and I always get an immense sense of satisfaction and happiness looking at his little slice-of-life paintings. They feel...nostalgic, and I somehow feel connected to each and every one. It's a sort of Norman Rockwell-ish thing, I suppose.

Dreams. by PascalCampion Good morning to you too Mister Snuffles. by PascalCampion It's just Hey Monday by PascalCampion Sand Castles and you. by PascalCampion When  the air feels like fresh water. by PascalCampion Kitchen stories by PascalCampion

All art exhibits a piece of the artist's soul. It's another thing entirely when a piece manages to convince you that it has a soul of its own. I think Reykat's works are incredibly, incredibly deep and soulful. One gets the sense that the works exist for no one and expect nothing of anyone- they feel as if they exist somewhere on some higher plane, oblivious and uncaring of what mere humans think of them. Each of Reykat's works feels powerful, personal, expressive, mysterious, and incredibly atmospheric. She continues to be one of my biggest inspirations, and I can never quite get enough of her work.

Dynasty by REYKAT El'Moro and Cryke by REYKAT Shesterrni and Ever by REYKAT Don't Go by REYKAT Larra by REYKAT  Mirror by REYKAT

Tuliplou's style is mouth-wateringly gorgeous. Their composition and color palettes are awesome. And their concepts are unique, individual, and incredibly distinct. I would be lying if I said I didn't vomit rainbows every time they upload something- their pieces are real gems. This is one of those artists that literally leaves me breathless, so I'll shut up and let you enjoy their marvelous artwork.

Wide Eyes by tuliplou The Shrine by tuliplou Immerse by tuliplou Singularity by tuliplou Satellite by tuliplou   False Knight on the Road by tuliplou

They don't have much uploaded as of yet, but Zeraan's continual progress in both style and technique is inspiring to me. Their pieces are full of emotion, sincerity, and a quiet strength that leaves me awestruck. I especially enjoy their color palettes, which always feel incredibly well put-together. Their style is something that makes me drool, too- I can't imagine how they pull off that lovely lineless look of theirs, but it makes me jealous.

'silent pain. by zeraan   Fox Designs Auction [Closed] by zeraanContest Entry II - Kawiko by zeraan Design Pekan-Pie by zeraan  Abyss by zeraan Design Contest Lheevi by zeraan

Crowstorm's pieces are the type you look at and just sit there thinking " Wow. Woooooow." Your brain can't even think of any other words because it's so amazed by what's sitting in front of it. While her earlier pieces are nice, I feel like she's really had an incredible breakthrough in her latest works, which feel personal, deep (those titles man), and unique. Her style is really graphic and geometric as well, which is something I'm really drawn to. I really want prints of her work so I can plaster them all over my wall. I mean it.

Aristocracy by Crowstorm Perfectionist by Crowstorm Transient by Crowstorm Fitting the Mold by Crowstorm Deceit by Crowstorm Taint by Crowstorm

If I had to narrow down my list of favorite artists to just a few, Klaufir would most certainly make the cut. Their work has inspired me no end, and I am continually amazed at their seemingly endless flow of ideas. Every single piece feels powerful in a way I can't even really's like there's some amazingly powerful force behind each of their carefully painted exteriors. I just....dang. I could get lost in this artist's work for days. No one has had quite the direct influence on the direction of my own art than Klaufir. They are truly mesmerizing in their depth and originality, and their style is something I haven't found a match for in any other artist.

Isjaki by Klaufir aero by Klaufir The Escape by Klaufir A Current To Purify by Klaufir Winterize by Klaufir Replica by Klaufir = by Klaufir

Kipine's style is ethereal. Her work feels fresh, and at only 17 I can't imagine how such awesomeness is even allowed to reside in one person that's not even 20 (as if you can only be awesome once you hit 20...haha). I get a little jolt of happiness and wonder every time I see one of her deviations in my inbox- her subject matter is broad and her ideas seem inexhaustable. And somehow she's amazing at creatures, environments, and basically anything else she decides to draw (Come on, man, it's not fair-share some of that amazing talent with the rest of us poor souls, eh? c; ).

Two Lonely Souls by Kipine Destiny by Kipine Golden Clouds by Kipine  A Run by Kipine Burning Jealousy by Kipine Mistress Of The Grove by Kipine

Though some of my favorites of her work seem to have been taken down (or so it seems), Nil is one of my favorite canine artists. The way she draws them is incredibly fluid and graceful, and I was partially influenced by her style when designing Hier (long ears and slender anatomy for the win). Her more personal artworks strike a chord with me, and it's this resonance that keeps me sticking around. I really love how much emotion and thought she's able to display in her pieces. Run-of-the-mill canine artist, she is not.

we're one by nil it's around you by nil the graveyard near the house by nil will i ever be enough by nil you're my first love. by nil painless by nil

Yoruko's work is fantastic. Period. Their creature designs are unique and intriguing, and their color palettes are something I constantly find myself drooling over. Not to mention their amazingly epic mechanical creatures (which feature in most of her work), which are executed amazingly well. When it comes to stuff like that, no one inspires me more. Their sketchdumps are nothing to shake a stick at either, and I'm always really excited to see what they've been doodling/working on.

Thunder Fiend by Yoruko Make or Break by Yoruko Rabid by Yoruko Ikuinen by Yoruko Rise by Yoruko Illusion of Control by Yoruko

Another one of my favorite artists. There's something I like about their canines especially. They're continually getting better and better, and with each new piece I fall more in love with their style. Their pieces have a wonderful sense of flow and atmosphere, and I really like the darker undertones that seem to permeate through most of them. There's something almost other-worldly about them. As I said before, it's really exciting to see their style crystallize and grow through each new piece they do.

Everfox by ArsFatalis Nach dem Tod by ArsFatalis The ancient creature by ArsFatalis Carlyle by ArsFatalis  Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by ArsFatalis  Gaze by ArsFatalis Ich brauch' die Ruhe by ArsFatalis
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The Wishing Jar 9:3

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 11:19 PM

Featuring Memberships and Point Wishes. :iconlainloveplz:

Hello everyone! This is DeviBrigard and I will be watching over Eve's big jar of Nutella while she is on a temporary break! :D


Take a look at the new wishes!



:star: HigherSeeking wishes for a 12-month premium membership. :star:

My Ophelia by HigherSeeking Escape by HigherSeeking Peaceful by HigherSeeking


:heart: lili-luu wishes for a 1 or 3-month premium membership. :heart:

Cheep Cheep: Super Mario Collab by lili-luu kyle kat by lili-luu Showtime Fanart! by lili-luu


:heart: PumpkinQueen13 wishes for a 3-month premium membership extension. :heart:

Dorkus Aurelius Origins - The Beginning IntroPrologue | Planet Sheen Gallery
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dorkus Aurelius, Royal Adviser to the Zeenuian Emperor; my current goal is to rid Zeenu of the meddlesome and impetuous alien, Sheen, who has stolen everything I’ve worked for.  I am deemed an idiot, a coward, and an evil monster by those who don’t know me or my story.
Before Sheen arrived, I was at the top of my game and was deemed a hero in the Emperor’s and the Zeenuians’ eyes.  I’ve never intended to harm anyone or anything unless they are deserving of their punishment; by my Emperor’s command, I carried out the punishment, even if they are sentenced to death.  I carried the title of “Warrior-Executi
  The Monster called Depression“It’s going to be all right…”
Most to all of you can relate these words and similar sayings.  However, what good are those words going to do if we can’t live by them?  Our actions will speak louder, when we finally realize the words’ meaning.
I’ve been hearing these words for too long, and yet I’ve done nothing that would make me feel that it will be all right in the end.  Especially when I have little to nothing to look back on.
I have lost my way years before, and I’m afraid to get back on the track because I’m worried I will make and do the same mistakes that caused me to lose my way.  Do this or that?  You attempt to be in my shoes and understand why I won’t or I’m not doing this or that. 
Two years ago I fought a monster called Depression, and for some reason it keeps calling to me, reawakening old bad memories and bad feelings that I had and still have.  Reawakening my demon
  I Won't Let Them Deify You (Planet Sheen Songfic)All my devotion betrayed
I am no longer afraid
I was too blinded to see
How much you’ve stolen from me.

After hearing that Sheen had been promoted to be the Emperor’s Top Royal Adviser, Dorkus couldn’t believe his ears. 
He had been serving the Emperor for much longer than this alien could possibly comprehend.  And the Emperor does this to him.
Exactly what did the boy know about advising?
Now, Dorkus’ mind was set, he would try to take back his place by any means necessary.
You wanna know why
I feel so horrified
I’ve let my innocence die

The thought of having to answer to a child gave Dorkus an unsettling feeling in his gut.
By what means could he do that would enable him to regain his place beside the Emperor?
He knew what he had to do…
He had to become something that he wasn’t:  a monster.
You wanna know why


:heart: VergilTheVampire wishes for a 12-month premium membership extension. :heart:

This deviant does not currently have any deviations, so here are some of their journals :la:
G4D:Random Member Feature Vol 8Welcome to Unknown Artists Project/A Random Feature
Every couple of weeks/next day we will feature a talented member of our Group who deserves more attention and exposure.
He/She will get feature with some of his/her few Works
They can be a member of dA for more than a year or Less.
Note: Every member of our Group will get Featured In our Journals with Their Deviations selected by our Admin team
Please take some time to read this journal and show your support to this wonderful Artist by checking out their page, faving thr Deviations & giving her a llama or adding her to your friends i.e watching the following Deviant.
Without A further Ado Artist Is :iconxcitizenxerasedx: :aww:
Have been deviant for 7 years & is a Traditional Artist, Hobbyist
With 80+deviations in her gallery

Featurig Some of her awesome works from her dA :gallery:
  G4D:Icon Contest:bulletgreen:Contest
Yep,Its time for a contest :la:
Draw a Group Icon/Avatar
:bulletred: Rules
You've to keep in mind the following things before you start working on our Group avatar Contest
:bulletblue: SHINING LIKE A STAR
:bulletblue: TRUE DEVIANTS
:bulletblue: A Group 4 deviantart
You've to mention any of the above three things in your Group Avatar
:bulletgreen:You've to fave this Journal in order to participate or your submission will not be accepted and if accepted by any reson will be removed immidiately
:bulletgreen:In your description box you've to mention that This Avatar or icon is made for Our Group i.e A-Group-4-deviantart
:bulletgreen:Submit your work in the Avatar Contest Folder
:bulletgreen:Entry accepted 1
[Bullet; Green]Our Group Admins cannot participate in this event or contest
[Bullet; Green]Your Entries will be judged by our Admin Team.
On the basis of "Creativity"
[Bullet; Pink]1st Place 50 [Points]
[Bullet; Pink]2nd & 3
  Project 10 O 5 Vol 10\5\3Hello. to all my watchers Hope that you all are having a Good day :hug:
My llama badge updated to Ninja llama thanks to all who've Given me the llama badge :huggle:

I've worked for hours on my profile page to make it look good
Hope you'll like it
Now,Coming to the Project 10 O 5
I hope that all my watchers will fave the featured deviant(s) artworks & Give him/her a llama or even a deviantwatch
Without a Futher Ado The Artist is :icon4miyuki5: 
Artist words "I'm by no means a photographer, I just love taking pictures for the sake of memories"with 70+  Deviations in her dA Gallery
Her works will be added to A-Group-4-deviantart  & Pass-It-Forward Gallery Folders :la:

Featuring some of her works that i really liked :heart:



:groups: Arichy wishes her donation pool bar would be filled. All points will go for the next projecteducate Community Week. :groups:

ashberry [2] by Arichy Green Life by Arichy Roses love by Arichy


:groups: rainylake wishes for points for her next contest. :groups:

On Love and Strength by rainylake Run by rainylake Kiwi by rainylake


:groups: Sserenita wishes for points for group contests. :groups:

WINGS OF FIRE - STARFLIGHT by Sserenita Wings of Fire - Glory and Kinkajou by Sserenita Wings of Fire - TSUNAMI by Sserenita


:star: DrippingWords wishes for points to commission art for her novel. :star:

The Beginning of the Endit started with Greed.
She wrapped Her tentacles around their minds,
digging deep into their psyche and corrupting them.
it started with Lust.
He slipped unnoticed into their corrupt brains,
reaching down into their hearts and twisting them.
it started with Pride.
He appeared inside their twisted cores,
pumping His poison through their bodies.
it ended with Wrath.
She took control of their very beings,
forcing the gun to their head and pulling the trigger.
  blizzardexpanses of snow
slipping, sliding, sledding down
the slopes of sheer ice.
clouds conquer the mountain of
clear crystals and cold cascades.
  breakingtime ticks on and you change
to survive, but survival of the fittest
always seemed a bit skewed
in the history books
of whoever won this war.
you're a chance to show them
they were wrong;
pull the trigger one last time
and let them know
who you're going to be.
if they smother you, shine
brighter than the fragments
they're made of -- don't
let them make you a ghost
in the machine that spins away
in forgotten dimensions
until it rusts. the craters of the moon
will always call for you,
changing the tides endlessly
until your voice crackles through
the radio and shouts back,
"no one can break me!"


:star: LadyWolfcat wishes for her donation widget to be filled. :star:

Big Siamese by LadyWolfcat Brittany owl by LadyWolfcat Djinn angry by LadyWolfcat


:star: Marianne-Pet wishes for her donation pool to be filled. :star:

Deja Vu by Marianne-Pet Flowers by Marianne-Pet Kiss The Cook by Marianne-Pet


:star: wingfril wishes for her donation widget to be filled. :star:

Night by wingfril Mystic forest by wingfril Serenity by wingfril


:star: WorldWar-Tori wishes for points for contests, projects, and other community events. :star:

::l o v e b i r d s:: by WorldWar-Tori Life is like photography... by WorldWar-Tori Baked Grapefruit by WorldWar-Tori


:heart: ATdragon wishes for GothicPegasister23's donation pool to get filled. :heart:

devatdragon:'s art
Self Portrait by ATdragon Muffins by ATdragon Practice by ATdragon

GothicPegasister23's art
Spray Paint Space by GothicPegasister23 Space In A Bottle by GothicPegasister23 Blurred Lines by GothicPegasister23


:heart: sharkkpaws wishes for 700 points. :heart:

for overdose by sharkkpaws memories by sharkkpaws ych -- sb 20 points by sharkkpaws


:heart: Toshki wishes for points towards premium membership for themself and their friends. :heart:

Smaug the Great by Toshki Zora the Zorua by Toshki Spot by Toshki


:heart: WingedAfricanWildDog wishes for any amount of points. :heart:

My new Fursona: Bazealo by WingedAfricanWildDog Hylexianth Species guide (CLOSED SPECIES) by WingedAfricanWildDog Mae my new OC/Fursona by WingedAfricanWildDog

That's all for this week folks! The Wishing Jar will return next week with new wishes.