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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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MMD Smile Mikasa by Trackdancer

The DeviantArt MMD community is notorious for its drama and mini-conflicts. It has also been the one in which I've encountered some of the rudest people on the Internet. However, I have also been rather fortunate in being able to become acquainted with some of the nicest, talented and knowledgeable people I've ever encountered anywhere. Many of these have graced my gallery with their visits, comments, encouragement and attentions. And a few, perhaps some of the most talented, have graciously given me access to hard to get models, exclusive previews of their MMD work and even insights into their methods of doing things.

Occasionally, I am gifted with real gems and this was the case when garmus1 dropped a note in my inbox the other night. Apart from the depth of knowledge that he gives into his methods, he's also given me permission to share that knowledge with the rest of the community.

Now, I know that some of you will have, after reading only a single paragraph, a glazed look over your eyes - in which case, this is a good point for you to go elsewhere as there is a lot of text and some of it almost reads like a technical manual. But for those of you who really want to learn more about MMD and at least one approach to achieving stunning, profession quality video making results that was written by someone who really knows what they are talking about, please read on.

In the final analysis, MMD is not about editing models or making pictures - it is about making videos and there is really very little information into this aspect of MMD in the MMD Community outside of Japan. And definitely, few that are so detailed and written with this degree of technical competence. Many people may not be familiar with garmus1 's work simply because he doesn't really market his work much. But some of you may have seen his work in the past when I hosted them on my DA front page or when he kindly created a demo for one of my more popular MMD stages. Like most MMDers, he is a hobbyist and just enjoys what he does. BUT, in my books, he is simply one of the most skilled MMD video makers in the world - especially from a technical aspect. His video work is 'world class' and if you haven't checked out his YouTube Channel yet, I highly recommend that you do. You will not be disappointed.

As for the 'tutorial', rather than rehashing what he wrote me, I am simply going to replicate the entire note he sent me for two reasons:

(1) It's already well written and in simply rehashing it I would be doing nothing to add to it. Besides, he's the expert on these things, not me.
(2) The computer system he uses for MMD is light years ahead of mine. It has some serious computing power. A lot of the effects he uses simply does not work on my 2006 vintage SONY VAIO, so I cannot replicate some of his techniques for the purposes of making screenshots.

So here is his information reproduced virtually verbatim. I have reformatted it (and corrected some typos and grammar) so that it's easier to read. There is also a small selection of his video work embedded at the end of this journal to showcase some of his work. These are not necessarily his best works; I simply chose several that used my stages (because I'm totally unbiased). So be sure to check out his YouTube Channel or better still, subscribe to it. He also has a presence on NicoNico, where perhaps his work is better known.

Note: Anywhere he's written "If you need more help with ..." - that's directed at "me" not "you". So please don't hassle him as he's got a life. Just use GOOGLE to fill in any knowledge gaps that you may have.

GARMUS' MMD Video Making Techniques:

Someone just asked me on how I make my videos and model renders to create that 3D effect. I'll copy and paste that msg here for you also for your info and if you want to make a tutorial that's up to you!

This might be a looong msg though!

O.K. First thing is you're probably a lot closer than you think you are! I had to find out on my own how to do this level of detail as all the other MMD video makers were A*** and wouldn't help or ignored me! I hated that they wanted to keep what they knew to themselves!

First of all go here and download this codex:…

This will allow you to now change your settings in MMD to render directly from MMD at 1080 and 60 FPS! It's what the Japanese MMDers use and it took me a while to find out what it is!

Now that you have installed it go and adjust your screen size to whatever your computer can handle and your monitor can render.

Next load up a model. It can be any model that you want to use. Now load a shader; I'll use g-shader_neutral (greenershader). This is where most people lose out on the models. They just load the shader and leave the lighting adjustment alone. You can really bring out your model's features by adjusting the light settings. Each shader has a different intensity that it's good at but the positioning of the light makes a big difference!

The settings I use for light intensity for greenershader are R: 60 G: 60 B: 60 and for light position is X= +0.3 Y= -0.1 Z= +0.5

This should really bring out the effect now, but wait we're not done yet! Now you need to use o_SelfOverlay. You can use normal, blur or soft. I prefer using soft. If you don't have it grab it from here:

While you are getting that grab also o_Tonemap and o_Surplusfilter. Play around with these and use as needed! o_Surplus filter has o_Bleach-bypass in it. If you use it set it no higher than 0.5 in si and tr in the accessory panel. You can go higher if you are trying to do different camera effects. I set mine at 0.4 or 0.5 depending on what I want to accomplish.

o_Bleach-bypass will tone down the bright colors, and you will know this when you upload to Youtube. Colors like the reds becomes brighter. This will compensate for it but you will have to play around with it to see what works for you! Remember for all these filters and any others I might mention you can adjust the intensity of them in the accessory panel using the tr and si values! I usually just leave the o_SelfOverlay alone though.

Now load up excellentshadow and set the si to 10 in the accessory panel! The reason why you set it to 10 is that annoying shadow in the hairline that won't go away, this will get rid of it! If you don't have excellent shadow go here:…

Now you can load up SvSSAO, XDOF, but I recommend TrueCameraLX. It has some slight autoluminous, motionblur, diffusion, SvSSAO all combined in it! I usually also add SvSSAO full version. SvSSAO is another thing most people don't adjust! You should never need to go higher than 0.4 in si and tr in the accessory panel for it. You ever notice that black outline around your model in your video or others? That's because they didn't adjust this!

Now after you have loaded all your effects and background you have an option to use diffusion. You might not need it depending on how you want your video to look! If you want more of a 3D look leave it off. If you want more of a movie look load it up and adjust the tr and si levels as needed! It should be looking pretty good now but it still not quite there yet.

Load the wave and motion files you need and of course set the ending frame for you video!

Now we want to render the video! Goto 'Render to AVI' and when you get the adjustment panel follow these steps:

1). Set your frame rate to 60
2). Goto the video compressor drop down menu and click it. You should now have additional option to choose from! I usually use the UtVideo YUV422 BT.709 DMO option.
3). Now once you have chosen that, the settings button under the drop down menu should be available. Click that! You now need to click on two boxes. They are (Same as # of logical processors) and (Optimize for compression ratio (Predict Median)) and then click on the OK button.
4). Now you can finally click on the OK button to render.

If you did everything right up to this point your video will be very sharp and even clearer than the original in MMD! The file WILL BE LARGE! Not as big as an AVI but close! We are talking GIGs, so make sure you have enough space where you put it! Next you need to compress it to a more manageable size. I use the Prism video converter but use whatever is available to you.

But for whichever one you use, you want to make sure in the converter that you set the render to 1080 and 60 fps along with quality over speed in render. If you need more help with the converter or the use of Prism just let me know and I'll give you another example!

Hopefully I didn't confuse you too much!

I know it's a lot of info but if you need anything else just let me know! Now you see why I always complain about my video quality on Youtube! Now that you know how my videos are supposed to look, look at my old videos and see how much quality they lost! Some videos do make it through ALMOST intact (still suffers some quality loss) but not much and you can tell which ones they are. I would still like to know how some of these MMD uploaders get their videos through so clear (I've got an idea but I'm not willing to pay for it and I don't have over a 10,000 subscriber base ). Well you should be putting out high definition videos from here on out!

Well there it is and hopefully it was clear enough for you! Try it out and let me know what you think!

A small selection of garmus1 's videos:

If you have methods that you use that you want to share with other video makers in the community, do feel free to add these in the comments below. The ones that are, in my opinion, of special merit will be tagged as "featured" comments so that they will be highlighted for others who visit this journal.

Anyway. thanks for reading this. Hopefully, you've found some useful information here. I most certainly have. And many, many thanks to garmus1 for allowing me to share his knowledge with the community.


Stock & Resources
How stunning were all the texture uploads in 2014 so far? For this feature Sirius-sdz and I mercurycode each picked 20 texture treasures among our favorites this year. It was a tough choice and we could have easily made it a hundred each, but we wanted to spare you a texture shock. You know, like when you eat too much candy. Only minus the candy. You get my drift!

So here's mercurycode's 20 favorites, presented by category:


smooth natural structures on organic ground
Tree structure by PhoenixARTproduktionRock Print by kayaksailorStock - 02 by OtravitusBiancaStock


to add fine paper structures into your background
Purple Paint texture by So-ghislaineBlack May 3 by rskrakauStock_Old Pergament by aszantu


gives your images that certain spark or soft gradient
nature bokeh stock by koko-stock1767 by ooc-sdzGlitter texture by EliseEnchanted


if you want to go all in
Metal Texture by akrasiel-stockHeavy Rust 3 by rskrakauTexture 570 by Sirius-sdz


gives an edgy feel to your work
Walls of Cinzzetis by 1001GWounded texture by kerastTexture 470 by Sirius-sdz


digitally created patterns
Alex's Mountain Pass to the Stars by PaulineMossUnder Water by PaulineMoss


a little goes a long way
Stash 13 by jojo22Watercolors on Pavement I by Stock-Wulf


because everything is better in packs. except mosquitos.
Bath Bomb Textures by RussellAuld

Now it's time for Sirius-sdz's 20 texture favorites, sorted by creator:

What are your favorite textures of 2014?

We'd love to see your picks in the comments!

Spread the texture love! And share the chocolate.
mercurycode & Sirius-sdz 

Metu by analogphoto

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 10:55 PM

Toralf Sümmchen

More wet plates works in his gallery:…

Natsuki by analogphoto LQ by analogphoto
Michelle by analogphotoLily am Fenster by analogphoto



  • Drinking: Green tea

AmazingPhotos #3

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 17, 2014, 11:38 AM

For see the other features click here

AmazingPhotos #1 & AmazingPhotos #2

Immature Little Owl by WNPhotography
There Is Life by WishmasterAlchemistTaking a stroll by Healzo
Romantic spot by XanaduPhotography
Table for two by jusstaoil and water abstract by lindahabiba
Pelotas Horseshoe by Miguel-Santos
.:Great Egret:. by RHChengCupcake au trefle by AmandineRopars
fragile. by Cocooue
Now is the Time by lindahabibaS t a y by mitazu08
Morning Forest by Dybcio
*** by FatalvJewel by DaisyDinkle
Hello, Kitty by alexgphoto
Amongst the Waves. by MauiMelleAgave Abstract 7 by joannakossak
A Piece of Heaven by alexgphoto
proud by DieffiBLUE MOOD by wiwionart
A Great Salt Lake Conclusion by tourofnature
Pondering On Life by Healzoblue paradise by all17
Blue stars. by MauiMelle
Try harder (Workaholic) by dinabelenkoGlow II by ninazdesign
Landscapes Wallpaper-Pack by Miguel-Santos
ethereal being by Miguel-SantosDivided by MikkoLagerstedt
Azzurro by ValentinaWhite
...sibenik XI... by roblfc1892Melbourne Workshop by EmilySoto
Blue Moment by the Lake by Pajunen
Sarina by EmilySotoMention by JaimeIbarra
A happy summer by FrancescaDelfino


Skin by SimplySilent

TheGiant of Lannister by zippo514

There may still be a few months to go before Game of Thrones returns. To help tide you over until the show returns, here's a collection featuring 40 of the best pieces of fan art, sorted by house!

House Stark

Ned Stark by ThreshTheSky
Eddard Stark by elleneth Eddard Stark by Douglasbot
Arya by beanclam
Arya by AniaMitura Game of Thrones - The Kill List by Kyendo
Sansa Stark by YellowtwistThe North Remembers by Westling Sansa by sab-m
Sansa - Game of Thrones by AaronGriffinArt
The last greenseer by kittroseGame of Thrones - book cover by jamga
Jon Snow by Vogelspinne
under the heart-tree by bubug  A song of fire and ice, wall by MarcSimonetti

House Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell by ignacio197
Margary Tyrell by frostdusk Margaery Tyrell and Joffrey Baratheon - Newlyweds by iamacoyfish
Loras Tyrell by Vesea

House Baratheon

King Robert Baratheon by ReneAigner

Game of Thrones Prince and the Hound by PhobsJoffrey Baratheon by VarshaVijayan GOT Artjam - Stannis Baratheon by omarito
Stannis Baratheon by Ming1918

House Lannister

Lannister - by Cova by artcovaGiant of Lannister by zippo514
Jaime Lannister by AniaMitura Cersei by AniaMitura
Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) by Ilojleen
TYWIN LANNISTER by nachomolina
You were slower than I expected. by apfelgriebs
Game of Thrones: House Lannister by mortinfamiART

House Targaryen

A Song Of Ice And Fire - Mother of Dragons -fanart by alexnegrea
Game of Thrones: Khaleesi by charychu
Mother of Dragons by escume
I will rule by fdasuarez Daenerys Targaryen by Michael-C-Hayes
Danaerys and the Dragons by Wiligothic
so it turns out it was daenerys... who knew ? XD by nebezial
Game Of Thrones - Daenerys Targaryen by DaniNaimare

Skin by Dan Leveille

Stock and Resources

Stock & Resources Gallery Descriptions Recap

Welcome to the recap and review of the Stock & Resources gallery descriptions. Each journal linked below is an excellent reference source to refer to when you are unsure what S&R sub-gallery to submit to.

Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 1Galleries Month

3D Models

3D Model resources can be imported into a 3D modeling program like 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc.


Pictures, buttons and other useful "precut" image files submitted by deviants for others to use in their own works

Vector Resources

Vector source files that have all of the vector data included in the submission.

Video Resources & Tutorials

Film resources for other deviants to use in their films and/or learn from.

Which includes:
<a href="">
Stock and Resource Galleries Pt.2Galleries Month
Application Resources
Application resources are specifically developed for either one particular piece of software, or a series or group of similar software processes. These resources include brushes, patterns, parameter packs, scripts and actions.
It is worth noting that previews for actions, packs and other application resources should NEVER contain copyrighted celebrity photos, screenshots from TV series, movies or games or any other copyrighted artwork.
Further, packs and other application resources should never contain copyrighted content such as PDF books, music or content that you did not create yourself!  Please be copyright aware!
Cinema 4D
Resources for use in the 3D package, Cinema 4D
Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 3Galleries Month

Designs & Patterns

Designs & Patterns for a number of different projects - knitting, paper craft, sewing, crochet, wood-working and others. All patterns and designs in this gallery should be complete and usable by any deviant wishing to download them to create a final product.

Which includes:

Beading & Jewelry Patterns

Downloadable beading and wire jewelry plans.


Printable blueprint schematics for assembling woodcraft, floor plans, or other things which have blueprints.
Stock and Resources Galleries: Pt. 4Stock and Resources

Stock Images

Stock Photography which the provider has granted a licence for incorporation into other Deviant artists work.
Which includes:

3D & Renders

Stock images rendered with a 3D program with the aid of a 3D render engine E.G. Daz Studio


Stock images rendered with a 3D program of animals, including both real and mythical creatures, insects and animal parts such as wings and tails.

Human & Humanoid

Stock images rendered with a 3D program of human and humanoid characters.

Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 5Galleries Month
Specifically for the Resources/ Stock Images sub category of the resources tree, DeviantArt has provided guidelines for submissions relating to size, quality and usefulness as explained in our favorite FAQ 809 -
Images submitted to the Stock Gallery should be larger than 1000px on the smallest size - to promote good quality submissions and a basic standard across all types of stock image.
The Stock Gallery is split into many sub sub categories, not only to create a logical submission process, but also to aid artists searching for stock images.
Model stock photography contains 4 main areas, which are further broken down into full body, portrait, anatomy and nude in the adult sections.  
It is worth noting at this point that all model stock photography should not contain sexually explicit poses as per DeviantArts submission policy and the following FAQ infor
Stock and Resources Galleries Pt. 6Galleries Month


Photographic or computer generated images of textures.

Which includes:


Textures that are abstract and do not conform to traditional methods.


Textures that are out of focus with blurred points of light.


Textures that are textiles, fur, leather etc.


Textures that are of flat surfaces, including tiled floors and walls.
Stock and Resources Galleries: Pt. 7Stock and Resources


Tutorials are step by step guides that teach you different skills and techniques.
Which includes:

Application Resources

Tutorials which explain different application functions i.e. Adobe Photoshop brush tutorials, also included are 'How To' guides.

Artisan Crafts

Tutorials explaining different craft techniques. A few examples include textiles, origami, jewelery making and woodworking.

Digital Art

Tutorials explaining different techniques in creating digital art.

Stock & Resources Community Volunteers

Elandria  PirateLotus-Stock  CelticStrm-Stock

Who are Angel without Wings?

They are those fellow deviants:
:bulletpink: who more or less regularly feature other deviants :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who always willingly give tips, hints, helpful comments :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who answer at least a fair amount of the comments they get :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who give kind and or uplifting words where they see its needed :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who feature and pimp projects and deviants who need support/help :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who take the time to suggest DD's on a more or less regular basis :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who take the time to suggest seniority every now and than :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: who give fair and helpful critiques (whether official or not) :bulletpink:
:bulletpink: or whatever else helpful, kind, supporting they might do :bulletpink:
You can read all about it HERE

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

Every first weekend of the month 4 deviants will be awarded with a pair of wings and get
featured by me and my fellow Gangstas of Love (in alphabetical order):

:iconangelica-lily: :iconangelles-laveau: :iconannissina: :iconbushaqua: :iconcelestialmemories: :icondannscreations: :icondavincipoppalag: :icondieffi: :icondigithalie: :icontales-of-tao: :iconegil21: :iconetsuko-hime: :iconevelivesey: :icongigi50: :iconidjpanda: :iconkvdolan: :iconmayebony: :iconmsfowle: :iconphotographsbybri: :iconpurpleink777: :iconrosecs: :iconsserenita: :iconsignmeupscotty: :iconstygma: :iconsuezn: :iconthegalleryofeve: :icontigles1artistry: :icontricia-danby: :iconwishmasteralchemist:



:iconlovesqueeplz: New Gangstas of Love! :iconlovesqueeplz:

If you'd like to spread the joy of featuring new Angels Without Wings apply now! It’s a simple task that you need to do once once a month. Journal content is given to you, complete. Just choose 3 deviations from each of the new Angels galleries to add to the journal, upload it to your own account and notify the new Angels of their feature.
Simply note :iconnameda: to apply.

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

So without further delay - on to the 4 brand new angels!

:iconsomeconfettiplz: Congrats to Everyone! :iconsomeconfettiplz:
:iconwingsplz: It's a delight to award you with the wings you so deserve :iconwingsplz:
Remember - you now can display the AWW stamp on your frontpage, in your journal or ID

Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda


Nominated by Dieffi

Richard is a sweet, dedicated friend who goes out of his way to promote others on his beautiful journal features! He makes sure that all his friends are remembered on their birthdays, making the sweetest polls, which feel like an invitation to celebrate! His funny interactions with his watchers and friends make him unique, insightful, and a real breath of fresh air for those of us who are fortunate enough to have the privilege of calling him a friend! No one goes unnoticed with Richard, his selfless actions help bring out the very best in his fellow artists! He is indeed an inspiration through his own work as well, his gallery is full of beautiful photos, that follow a brilliant technique! He truly is a wonderful person and a very special, beloved friend!

Russian Blue by Trippy4U Mom...You Don't Wanna Bang Heads With Me! by Trippy4U

Love Don't Come Knocking Here No More by Trippy4U

Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda


Nominated by MoonyMina and MayEbony

Dear Katie truly is one of the world's beautiful souls. She is so kind and loving and always really helpful... She creates free tutorials, journal skins, PS brushes, wallpaper and gallery CSS and, when you have trouble installing them, or adjusting them to your screen, she doesn't mind spending 2 hours helping you, even if you are really slow to understand. Katie is always so generous with everyone and her heart is constantly considering the needs of others first. She gives PMs, suggests other deviants for rewards, gives llamas, and so many other things above and beyond just normal dA friendship. She is also an amazing handicrafter and artist - her many and varied talents will blow you away if you check her gallery. Katie is so positive and caring in her attitude - a total sunshine to brighten anyone's day!

Gideon Plush by JeffrettaLyn

Color by JeffrettaLyn Winter at Lake Bedford by JeffrettaLyn

Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda


Nominated by Etsuko-Hime

Lady is a friend who is truly an Angel Without Wings! She answers all her comments, she is friendly (and very cute), and works really hard to assist everyone to improve their own art. Lady regularly produces beautiful art features to showcase other artists work, and creates really inspiring art of her own. LadyMidnightSolace is a very kind and helpful person, she is that kind of person, when you meet her you'll say "what a nice girl!" She has this gentle and generous aura that makes it difficult not to like her, and she goes out of her way to help others feel good about themselve. She is positive in nature, and cheers people on. Lady also helps with running several groups that are designed to help other artists get better at making art, stories and characters! Anyone who devotes so much time and energy into helping others surely deserves a pair of wings!

Panda by LadyMidnightSolace Elora (Update) by LadyMidnightSolace

Petra (Update) by LadyMidnightSolace

Divider sample 01 a4 by SirInkman

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda


Nominated by sesam-is-open jennystokes & MYPeanutGallery

Shi is a wonderful artist and friend, not to mention an admirable and supportive member of the community. Always willing and ready to help, she consistently promotes and encourages other artists with beautiful features and encouraging critiques. She also keeps a habit of posting well-thought out articles, and offers constant featuring opportunities for club work. To top it off, Shi is incredibly talented herself; her digital and traditional art alike breathe life and subtle emotion, you can find deviants all around making use of her wonderful journal skins, and her photography holds a sweet sort of glow around it that mirrors her personality. Despite her popularity, she maintains an approachable demeanor, and is a joy to interact with. Thoughtful and earnest, it cannot be denied that she is genuinely enjoyable to speak with. For those of you who don't know her yet, Shi will be an enlightening and lovely revelation.

Norman Reedus by SabakuNoShi

Dust 3 by SabakuNoShi Alone at cliff by SabakuNoShi

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:iconwingsplz: Wanted – Nominations for new Angels Without Wings :iconwingsplz:

If you know any deserving deviants who meet the criteria at the top of this journal, please tell us! We are always looking for new Angels to award.

Simply Note Nameda, Dieffi, MayEbony or TheGalleryOfEve with ‘AWW Suggestion’ as the subject, along with at least 5 sentences telling us why the deviant deserves to earn their Wings. Please, one suggestion per Note only!

If you do suggest, please have a look to make sure the nominees good deeds are visible for everyone visiting their pages!! Everyone needs to clearly see why the person deserves their Award.




Stock & Resources

Thank you to Aeirmid for being my interviewee!

You've been on DeviantArt for several years now and have been photomanipulating for many of those, in terms of the yearly increase in availability of stock and resources on the site do you feel that it has it helped or hindered your personal creativity?

:iconaeirmid: Yes! In fact, I came to dA as a photomanipulator, LOL! It has been a lot of fun to watch the stock community develop over the years. It has especially been inspiring to watch the stock providers who have been here for a long time grow and change, while maintaining the high quality of their galleries. It has also been inspiring to see newer stock providers who are coming up these days, with their exciting ideas and vision. So, really, I feel like over the 9 years since I joined, the dA stock galleries have inspired me greatly.

One thing that has hindered my personal creativity, though, is the fact that there are a few stock providers who, while incredible providers of stock, tend to be overused. So, it is not the stock itself that hinders my creativity, and it is certainly not the lack of stock, but rather the fact that some stock is so overused that it makes me want to turn to sources outside dA to find something that is fresh.

The Pearl of the Soul of the World by Aeirmid All that I'm Living For by Aeirmid Serenity by Aeirmid

Have you ever been completely wowed by a new stock or resource submission that you've had to simply stop everything else and create art with it? If so, what was the stock or resource?

:iconaeirmid: Yes, but it's been a while. (That's largely due to lack of time on my part, though, rather than to the stock available on dA.) I'm pretty sure that stock was from Elandria or faestock, but I honestly don't remember which one it was. Maybe this one:

Pack 166 Argentum Caeli by Elandria

Many artists complain about frequent similarities in theme/style and "fads" and worse outright copying using the same pieces of stock. Do you think that its more to do with many artists having "wow" moments with newly posted stock or resources (jumping on the new stock bandwagon) or do you feel its more to do with a lack of variety in the stock and resource galleries that simply don't give artists the spark of creativity or variety they may be searching for? (OR even something completely different? )

:iconaeirmid: I think it's just an issue of some stock providers' work being extremely popular. I think that some poses, expressions, etc. inspire similar ideas in photomanipulators. I don't know whether we all just think alike or what, but I don't believe necessarily that just because Deviant1 and Deviant2 do similar deviations that one person necessarily copied the other.

A lot of times it's just an issue of a really great piece of stock provoking similar ideas in a group of people. I don't think that anyone who does something cliche with a particular pose has any right to say someone is copying them if someone else has a similar idea. That being said, clear copying arises when someone does something unique and different with a "cliche" stock image and there turns out to be 10 other deviations just like it with clear influence from the more original piece.

I've had the pleasure of seeing you create several pieces of artwork using stock that I've taken, when you look for images do you have a very specific brief in your head or do you create more organically, looking for images as you need them when your work in progress evolves?

:iconaeirmid: Both. It really just depends. Usually I have a concept and know where to go to get the images that would suit it. Honestly, your stock is amazing. You have great poses and costumery, and I have never had issues with quality problems or anything like that. I can rely on your stock, and I'm really grateful for that.

But yes, usually the process is much more organic than not. I do have a stock stash where I store stock that I find interesting, but the stock I actually use is usually collected at the time of use rather than months beforehand. I do like to hang on to stock that is really clear or that features a unique pose, though.

Lanny by Aeirmid Time is Precious by Aeirmid Ice Meets Fire by Aeirmid

As one of the community volunteers for the Photomanipulation gallery you have had the opportunity to watch styles and themes evolve across the whole gallery. Do you have favorite styles of photomanipulation and do you have any favorite stock that encompasses that theme or style?

:iconaeirmid: Photomanipulation has really evolved over the years, and not always for the better. We tend to become too comfortable with a particular style rather than seeking to redefine the parameters of our art. My favorite style is anything with really great lighting, with a touch of ethereal "glow" perhaps. For this look, a great, perfectly-focused portrait image is super helpful.

A lot of people think that the image does not need to be well-lit if you're going to darken it and make it glow, but honestly lighting in the base stock image makes all the difference in the world.

Sticking with styles, themes and fads, this is a bit of a chicken and egg question. Does stock influence and to some degree dictate the styles/themes/fads of the resulting artwork, or does artwork created with stock influence and to some degree dictate what stock providers post?

:iconaeirmid: I've seen it go both ways. Really unique stock can drive the themes seen in art in a new direction, and I've also seen a lot of stock pop up in response to a couple of really popular pieces of art in a particular style. For example, the "princess" / "lady in long gown" stock images seemed to increase in popularity and frequency following the upsweep in photomanipulations with fantasy themes.

Now, most of the art in the photomanipulation gallery is fantasy-themed, and I think that reflects the themes of the stock images that are really popular. I think it's a vicious cycle. :) (Smile)

You have a great favorites collection called "stock I wanna use" do you get frustrated or inspired when you look through the collection or see new stock being posted?

:iconaeirmid: No, I absolutely get inspired. I just wish I had more time to use it! :D (Big Grin)

As an artist who creates with stock and resources, do you think there are any areas that the S&R community could improve/change/evolve to help artists, do you think we need to become more like the pro stock collections in terms of quality?

:iconaeirmid: I think one of the issues for both of our communities to consider is this: TELL A STORY. Stock is not about taking 10,000 photos of different expressions or poses that don't mean anything. I would challenge stock artists to think about the story they are telling through their work. Yes, photomanipulators can write their own story, but it is a lot more fun to create with stock that is meaningful and created with purpose than a picture of some random person standing there smiling. I hope that makes sense. Heart

As far as quality . . . Yes, I am pretty bad about going off of dA for my stock images. A lot of others do, too, and I think this is because of (1) better quality, e.g. better studio shots, etc., (2) more diversity in themes, and (3) more lenient (in many cases, not all) terms of use. That's why photomanipulators go to outside stock. I am excited about Stock Week on Project Educate, and I can't wait to learn more about the community.

Requiem for a Broken Heart by Aeirmid Losing My Religion by Aeirmid Your Fool by Aeirmid


Another DD wish granted!

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 7:00 PM

Congratulations to signed-silence for the Daily Deviation! :la:

Sweet Affliction by signed-silence

Suggested by Wildphoenix22


ProjectPorkchop Vol368

Wed Sep 17, 2014, 4:14 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Umi is a varied artist from Russia. There is a great deal of Asian influence in her designs and her paintings are vibrant and full of emotion. Her portraits are especially wonderful and her brushstrokes look similar to that of a traditional painting which is a technique few can pull off. You are sure to be inspired by her work!

Our sky (RinHaru) by uminohotaruRed Fall by uminohotaru
The future is bright by uminohotaruStar path by uminohotaru

see more..


Grant is a self-taught photographer and website designer from Australia. He favors macro and nature photography but also experiments with conceptual pieces when he can. He says that he finds inspiration in music which is especially true for his nature shots. His gallery is stunning and each shot is just breathtaking! This artist is definitely worth watching!

Beyond the Darkness by Morticus13Quiet Shores by Morticus13
Purakaunui Falls by Morticus13Princess by Morticus13

Suggested by LiinaPhotography 
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Rachael is a digital art student from Canada. She has a most unique and wonderful painting style characterized by bold, bright colors and intricate textures. Her fantasy creatures are amazing and very imaginative and she applies her style to fan art as well. Her dream series is also quite fascinating, so make sure you visit her gallery and see all that she has to offer!

Coffee Imp by LastDragonMountains, Mountains, Mountains, Mountains... by LastDragon
Berry Imp by LastDragonEnvironment Study: Scribble River by LastDragon

see more..


Victor is a digital artist from Brazil. He has a talent for drawing fan art, especially Disney characters. His pencil drawings definitely stand out as the highlight of his gallery. His shading is beautiful and soft and he captures the expressions of the characters so well. You can tell that this artist draws with passion and loves his work. Be sure to check out his lovely gallery today and leave some feedback!

Jasmine by Forestman-Cold-HeartMerida Colored by Forestman-Cold-Heart
Belle by Forestman-Cold-HeartAnna by Forestman-Cold-Heart

see more..


Yuri is a professional digital artist from Brazil. His animations are clean and well executed and his humorous fan art is certain to put a smile on your face! If you look closely, you can detect all sorts of hidden elements in his work that are a nod to the movie, cartoon or video game being featured. Yuri has been a member of DA for five years and definitely deserves more exposure! 

Badass Mordecai YOLO by NicolaikoFragments Game by Nicolaiko
Badass Mario by NicolaikoStormTrooper Badass by Nicolaiko

see more..

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