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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:21 AM
AB14  Fantasy ... 3 by Xantipa2 Perfection On The Brick Wall by skarzynscy AB14  Fantasy ... 3 by Xantipa2
Ablaze by Anguis-IX Queen of my silent suffocation... by ansdesign Ablaze by Anguis-IX 
Dupa ploi by AlexandrinaAna With a little bit of love by Barnum60 Dupa ploi by AlexandrinaAna 
The Other SideBehind every light,
                        there is a terrible darkness.
Behind every person,
                        their shadow looms,
                                                   twice as tall.
Behind every door,
                        there is an unknown emptiness.
Behind every smile,
                        there are heavy tears,
                                                   just waiting to be shed.

Behind every light,
                        there is a terrible darkness.

Behind every person,
                        their shadow looms,
                                                   twice as tall.

Behind every door,
                        there is an unknown emptiness.

Behind every smile,
                        there are heavy tears,
                                                   just waiting to be shed.
New Dawn in Giza by Fassod The Lives of Others by Fassod New Dawn in Giza by Fassod
St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod The Lives of Others by Fassod St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod 
Trees And Sea by Twitchtic Walking On Water by Twitchtic Trees And Sea by Twitchtic  
Hydrangea ::: by katworks
Happy B.Christiane by MeralSariogluRenaissance by Canankk
Tail Flip by Metal-Bender
Nawakomobile by fredScalliet Night Feather... by ansdesign Nawakomobile by fredScalliet 
tongues by virtualgadjo cranes in fog by sandpiper764 tongues by virtualgadjo
rowanberry winter by maybe-paper-hearts A perfect day II by lostknightkg rowanberry winter by maybe-paper-hearts
Here to Stay by BlindEyeTwist
L'eminence grise by VersatisTreasure Map by Izaaaaa
Room 27 by steve2727
Columbus Self Portrait by jonniedee escape the planet by nex Columbus Self Portrait by jonniedee
Hybrid by Senecal Aqua haeret by martaraff Hybrid by Senecal
infinite by el-karamelo OXOX by freMDartet infinite by el-karamelo
We Need To Find Another Way Out by steve2727
slow decay by R9Adreaming face by joeyv7
arsenal by steve2727
Washing Off the Muddy Bits by jonniedee MB14  3D Abstract ... 102 by Xantipa2 Washing Off the Muddy Bits by jonniedee  
All Work No Play by Poromaa Return to the Sea by mj-magic All Work No Play by Poromaa 
in threes by Nilanja 07 AVRIL 2014 - HAIR by JFBAYLE in threes by Nilanja 
The Window 1 by Bibire
Summer Day by Ralu77.ZZ. by dasTOK
April morning magic by jchanders
Self, April 2014 by wchild We are the hollow men by AiniTolonen Self, April 2014 by wchild 
Bright12 by ltiana355 Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag Christiane... by ansdesign Bright12 by ltiana355 
red letter day by davespertine Trapped by Tooga red letter day by davespertine 
Ping Pong by DasGhul
THE DAY AFTER MY FUNERAL by NataliaDrepinaf.obia by numanalkan
G-Motor by KPEKEP
Wild by youreyestellies Concentration Towards the Void 02 by HorstSchmier Wild by youreyestellies 
By The Sea by Ragnar949 step into a dream II by ra-gro By The Sea by Ragnar949 
Orange by djailledie Mg 2708 by AlexvsWorld Orange by djailledie 
Daybreak Dreamer by veeegeee
Ecliptical Orbitation 19.7 by Senecalfaithful by baspunk
Goose and I by MushroomBrain 
Roots and wings by martaraff Trinity by lostknightkg Roots and wings by martaraff 
The First Roundup by Tordo Charcoal study, detail by jane-beata The First Roundup by Tordo 
Beneath the Surface 04 by HorstSchmier Beneath the Surface 02 by HorstSchmier Beneath the Surface 04 by HorstSchmier
Warkworth Castle by newcastlemale
Not Afraid Of The Storm by KizukiTamuraDeodata by AlexandrinaAna
our homes disappeared overnight. by Hamish-Frost
Beneath the Surface 03 by HorstSchmier SALT.Y by EintoeRn Beneath the Surface 03 by HorstSchmier 
Vanishing Point by KizukiTamura Leading by SevimDalan Vanishing Point by KizukiTamura 
Black Star by martaraff a hell of my own making... by kvnvk Black Star by martaraff 
.labyrinth lost. by naikki
contract by RichardLeachMirror by IsisMarinho
Water by SignHermitCrab
ascent descent by rioMenor An Empty Thought by OrdinaryFella ascent descent by rioMenor
Deep Water by KizukiTamura Two Girls In Dreams by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Deep Water by KizukiTamura
red wall... by m-lucia picking by crazyruthie red wall... by m-lucia 
a r o m a t i c by creativemikey
Cropland... by ansdesignb r i g h t l y by creativemikey
The Century of The Emotions by AlexandrinaAna
melancholy by augenweide MUSTCATCHES SERIE - 3 by JFBAYLE melancholy by augenweide
a regular apocalypse by partiallyHere Rise Above by BeautifulDisasterIam a regular apocalypse by partiallyHere 
dusk by FabioKeiner L'utopia di sempre by Barnum60 dusk by FabioKeiner
1 by cananunal
Magic Lamp by MadGardensBrightest Dark by RaVeNuS9
Aspiring by MatsHolmberg
waiting 2 by virtualgadjo f u n d a m e n t by KizukiTamura waiting 2 by virtualgadjo
golf player with friend in stormy weather by morgondotter Sleep Inside - Far finta di essere sani by Barnum60 golf player with friend in stormy weather by morgondotter
Der Gang by feigenfrucht Ab2573 by kitamba Der Gang by feigenfrucht 
Ironwheel by FlorianHebel
End It by ebbing-galeJust Pure Natural Beauty by MushroomBrain
Not-Banksy rld 03 dasm by richardldixon
Fragile by MiSt-Stavi *** by oprisco Fragile by MiSt-Stavi 
I can't forgive by VesnaSvesna engulf by davespertine I can't forgive by VesnaSvesna 
Reversible Sphere by Bibire Under the bubbles by Hengki24 Reversible Sphere by Bibire 
nightimpressions1 by kvnvk
Salida del pueblo3 by TeresaClark Anonymous son by djailledie 
Lonely Way by MissGribouille
Fractal Zoom by Barnum60 31 MARS 2014 - BLUE PAIN by JFBAYLE Fractal Zoom by Barnum60
siesta by aerendial B-Minor by Poromaa siesta by aerendial 
Reflections In Blue by Barnum60 Between the essence and the descent by AiniTolonen Reflections In Blue by Barnum60
The Colors of Winter by ChiFeng-dA
Neon Gods by Z-GrimV Camdan Ote Bir Hayal by manyakkuzu 
Small-polyp-hardcoral by FlorianHebel
Pupilla by Einsilbig The softness of a Blue Dream by WhiteBook Pupilla by Einsilbig
Funky Blue Stew by OrdinaryFella Birdcage by MalKnox Funky Blue Stew by OrdinaryFella
Clouds on a leaf by freMDartet la sirene et la nuit by partiallyHere Clouds on a leaf by freMDartet 
n o c t u r n e s by creativemikey
Me voici by mimomon Abstract by AlexandrinaAna 
la vie en rose by aerendial
31.3.2014 by Acrymat Eterea: alla ricerca di nuovi passati by Barnum60 31.3.2014 by Acrymat
A Taste of Salt by merkero are you there? by ra-gro A Taste of Salt by merkero
Blurred Lines by insolitus85 Ghoul and the Mechanics by DasGhul Blurred Lines by insolitus85
Until eternity... by ansdesign
Isolate by SheerHeart claustrophobia by JoanLlado 
Autobahn 2 by feigenfrucht
A rustling in the mist by OlivierAccart Sa cauti by AlexandrinaAna A rustling in the mist by OlivierAccart
lost in fog by augenweide the rainbows you gave me by akthuro lost in fog by augenweide 
Eutropia by Barnum60 House of Ash by Poromaa Eutropia by Barnum60
Getrimmte Natur by feigenfrucht
Tom by TomWasilewski caught by virtualgadjo Tom by TomWasilewski
Yellow Construct by Poromaa Yellow Construct by Poromaa Yellow Construct by Poromaa

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Feature and gifts...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 12:00 PM

This journal/feature is featured in
More exposure of your art:D

Thank you for 
features, comment and favs and thank you for watching me.
Thank you for support and love.

Still needs points to my donation pool for others.
Thank you very much!

Stunning gifts I have had the honor of being part of.
Thank you very much :love:

Angel of the Morning II - Animation by Guihena
Paper Cranes by Celairen
Tsurus and the Japanese Legend by Tigles1Artistry


A small collection of beautiful art from my gallery :love:

Macaw by zephyrxavier
1941 Willys coupe drawing by WhizzieWhizzer
Prepare For War by neverdying 
Cleopatra by stellartcorsica
 Queen Elsa by SeventhFairy
Wonderland VI by Tigles1Artistry
You can't touch me by Katarina-Zirine
 Follow Your Heart by Teddy-Cube
 Lirazel by kimsol
 Day At Sea by A-Wakefield
 The money make the world by CharllieeArts
 Queen of the Fallen by TaniaART
 Fear by Flobelebelebobele 
Heron! by Delice1941
I Won't Give Up by Sandra-Cristhina 
Dreaming of another reality by RazielMB 
Happy Easter by CindysArt
 Daughter Of Tears by ralfw666
 Relaxed Little Squirrel by JocelyneR
Treasure map by Fae-Melie-Melusine 
Subject 001 by Celairen 
 Calling Spring ....... by Tigles1Artistry 
Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza
 Waltzing At Midnight by Shedboy68
Close To Me by Cinnamoncandy 
 Execution by Ferrypras666
 R Simply Portrait by JiaJenn31 
 Spring buds by gigi50 
white by Dieffi
Grebe by FrankAndCarySTOCK
 A look into the Future by CaryAndFrankArts
 Daemonia by NebelelfeNaemy
 Suspicious by philippeL
 Mr. Woodward got Framed by M10tje
I swear...I will be there.. by elenimeliou
 What's For Dinner Baby ? by annakoutsidou
 And You Let Her Go by LUCILALEYLA
 Flying Tigers A-10 Thunderbolt by Willie51  
Rapture by MrEyeCandy66
Color pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS
 The red in black by rollarius55
 The-Rose by KimmieKrazy 
Pink Spring by Sisterslaughter165 
Drawing pencil - Woman Nude Body Act by byMichaelX

Commission - Springer Spaniel by Captured-In-Pencil
 Sen070 z50x70cm by duongquocdinh

Self promotion

Friendship by SweediesArt

Genius Da Vinci by SweediesArt


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
A big thank you to you all :heart:
Piano at cosmos by JiaJenn31

The Overseer Today by Torchwooddi

Neighbors by joeff1

Photo de vacances by Wimmeke63

Spring Walk by cazcastalla

Alpine Spring Premade Background by Nolamom3507

La fin de l'hiver by Fant0me


Springtime in the Rockies by amethystmoonsong

Features Of Spring by TigerStriped4

Ocean Desire by TigerStriped4

Tirsa by ExquisArt

Kaiju by Bela-designs

It Only Takes One by TigerStriped4

Day 13 - Wildlife Concert by DevArtThom

Summer by Bela-designs

One Drop At A Time by AerialNavigation

Free by TheSecretIsMine

Tuxedo1JPG by Reijou

We are tired by ladyjudina

Spring Landscape by chevronguy

Bridge by StormOwlArt

Peace in the valley by robhas1left

AFR Layout by Reijou

Cinderella Broadway by Litavismindartist

Butterfly Fields by virgolinedancer


After the Storm by SignHermitCrab

Greetings from Austria by Wimmeke63

Road to  Castle Roogna by faryewing

Spring MIll by AnakMoon

Indigo Augustine by xxtgxxstock

Frozen Magic by pranile

Wherever the Road May Lead Premade Background by Nolamom3507

Earth 1 - Surreal Landscapes by ftproject

What I think About... Pirates! by laurentiusmark93

Conquest - PreMade Horse Pic by elegantegraphics

Come Follow Me by xxtgxxstock

Red by xxtgxxstock

StormHeart by FamousShamus109

Roa by Flighte

Spring Time by mastadeath

A New Season Begins.. by Alz-Stock

Far and Away by slaphappyturtle

Nikoleon by Dobi78

Ruby by JiaJenn31

The Mysterious Messenger by Black-B-o-x

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by adrianamusettidavila

Burgandy Drizzle by xxtgxxstock

Some Princes Need No Thrones by bonjourbunnie

Violet Path by JiaJenn31

The Birth by Paulodroid

Be The One by Spallyz

Vintage Bride Portrait by JiaJenn31

Aqua by JiaJenn31

apple seedling by beyzayildirim77

There, somewhere down the river... by dilarosa

Winter Princess by JiaJenn31

The Dreaded Red by msfowle

Migrating geese-Vonulo vadludak by ladyjudina

The Wave Lab Lake by CarlosAE

Patriotism - Horse Picture Premade by elegantegraphics

More Questions Than Answers... by MoodyBlue


Thu Apr 24, 2014, 6:50 AM

Digital Art Community Feature #16

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 8:27 AM
Digital Art Community Features only features artwork from Digitalists favorite feature folder. If you want your art featured, please just submit your artwork in this folder.

Inspirational Arts 5

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 5:04 AM

Its been a while now since I last posted one of these journals, but as I'm back, guess it's restarting!!

"Inspirational Arts" is a project in which I will be featuring 25 artists and 125 artwork. 
The arts featured are deviations that caught my attention or which inspire me and thus were added to my list of favorites/collection. 
"Inspirational Arts" is  broken into 5 different categories.
Without further ado, lets inspire and be inspired!! Enjoy the features and being featured Kiss

Bullet; Blue PHOTO MANIPULATIONS Bullet; Blue

Bullet; Blue :iconblavatskaya:  Looking for my Prince Charming by Blavatskaya Undines by Blavatskaya Little Red Riding Wolf by Blavatskaya Proserpina by Blavatskaya 
Nature's Child by Blavatskaya

Bullet; Blue :iconsangelus:  My Heaven by Sangelus Mistress Rose by Sangelus Unruhe by Sangelus Here She Comes by Sangelus
Those Nights by Sangelus

Bullet; Blue :iconmizzcarnage:  So Sweet by MizzCarnage The Devil's Garden by MizzCarnage La Petite Malediction by MizzCarnage Circus Diabolique by MizzCarnage
Webs Of Lies by MizzCarnage

Bullet; Blue :iconmissmalefic:  The Countess by MissMalefic Bleeding Heart by MissMalefic  Gothica by MissMaleficStained Glass Masquerade by MissMalefic 
Lost by MissMalefic

Bullet; Blue :iconcorvinerium:   Birth Of Storms by Corvinerium Blood Magic by Corvinerium Prison Of Dreams by Corvinerium Illusions Of Liberty by Corvinerium
Winter Rose by Corvinerium

Bullet; Yellow DIGITAL ART Bullet; Yellow

Bullet; Yellow :iconmartadewinter:    Snow Queen by MartaDeWinter Rihanna as Tiana by MartaDeWinter Afro-girl by MartaDeWinter Tinkerbell by MartaDeWinter
Katniss in Mockingjay dress by MartaDeWinter

Bullet; Yellow :iconblueasthesun:    Daenerys Stormborn by BlueAsTheSun Amy and the Tardis by BlueAsTheSun Armor by BlueAsTheSun The Girl Who Waited by BlueAsTheSun
Little Amy Pond by BlueAsTheSun

Bullet; Yellow :iconcandybg:   Mirror by candybg Lady Bear - LizzyMeow by candybg Summer in the soul by candybg Water Horses by candybg
Bulgarian Heart by candybg

Bullet; Yellow :iconka-ren:  Autumn November by Ka-ren  Green Tea by Ka-ren Autumn October Snow by Ka-ren  Autumn October by Ka-ren
Halloween by Ka-ren

Bullet; Yellow :iconjusetheblitz:    Nemeton by JuseTheBlitz Welcome to Red Riders! by JuseTheBlitz Blizzcon 2013 Original Art Contest by JuseTheBlitz The Bogeyman - Halloween! by JuseTheBlitz
Sword master by JuseTheBlitz

Bullet; Red TRADITIONAL ART Bullet; Red

Bullet; Red :iconannakoutsidou:  Falling In Love by annakoutsidou Baby, You're Only Mine ! by annakoutsidou Destiny by annakoutsidou Little Fluffy Bunnies by annakoutsidou
I'll Be Your Everything ! by annakoutsidou

Bullet; Red :iconrossanacastellino: XIII by RossanaCastellino Steam-Rehab by RossanaCastellino Druantia by RossanaCastellino Guardians by RossanaCastellino
Ghost from Past by RossanaCastellino

Bullet; Red :iconcuddliimuddlii: Blue Angel by cuddliimuddlii The Woman In His Head by cuddliimuddlii Blood And Tears Instead Of Milk And Honey by cuddliimuddlii Up Above Your Head by cuddliimuddlii
The Banshee And Her Fox by cuddliimuddlii

Bullet; Red :iconfanhir:  My Little Dolly by Fanhir Forbidden by Fanhir Take A Look Outside The Gaze by Fanhir Midnight Masquerade by Fanhir
Dia De Los Muertos by Fanhir

Bullet; Red :iconzawart: The Circle by ZawArt Dorothy by ZawArt Lena by ZawArt Old Lover by ZawArt
Marco by ZawArt

Bullet; White PHOTOGRAPHY Bullet; White 

Bullet; White :icondigitaladagio: Mt. Shasta by digitaladagio Gilded by digitaladagio Birds and Berries by digitaladagio Yosemite by digitaladagio
Dragonfly by digitaladagio

Bullet; White :iconeclipxphotography: R e d  C u r s e by EclipxPhotography R a p u n z e l by EclipxPhotography  Queen Of Roses by EclipxPhotography Queen Of The Elves by EclipxPhotography
Voice Of The Forest by EclipxPhotography

Bullet; White :iconildiko-neer: Forest Mood by ildiko-neer Waiting to Fall by ildiko-neerLast Ones by ildiko-neer Secret Life by ildiko-neer
Past Glory by ildiko-neer

Bullet; White :iconcorsuse: Bee eaters by corsuse Vik by corsuse Traffic lights by corsuse Bee eaters by corsuse
Fighting by corsuse

Bullet; White :iconchaoticmind75:  Neon by ChaoticMind75 Vega (widescreen snowflake wallpaper) by ChaoticMind75 Flying castle by ChaoticMind75  The core by ChaoticMind75
Spark by ChaoticMind75

Bullet; Green OTHERS Bullet; Green

Bullet; Green :iconbdsart:  Four Leaf Clover Pendant by BDSart Whale Tails 1 by BDSart Wood necklace 19 by BDSart Wood necklace 18 by BDSart

Wood necklace 3 by BDSart

Bullet; Green :iconharlequinromantique: Val Royeaux by harlequinromantique Finger Armor by harlequinromantique libellule by harlequinromantique egyptian collar by harlequinromantique
Mermaid No. 4 by harlequinromantique

Bullet; Green :iconswissada: The Victory by SwissAdA PanAm landing by SwissAdA One Tree by SwissAdA  The Bomb by SwissAdA
da island by SwissAdA

Bullet; Green :iconmagicnaanavi: Koi Nami - the Tidecaller by MagicnaAnavi Hdmg by MagicnaAnavi Morgana - Fallen Angel by MagicnaAnavi Cortana by MagicnaAnavi
Temporal Flux wallpaper version by MagicnaAnavi

Bullet; Green :iconganjamira: Fragment of the Seraphim - Featherquill by Ganjamira Heart of the Moonkin - handsculpted Pendant by Ganjamira Scepter of the Moonpriests - handsculpted Pendant by Ganjamira Spirit of the Spring - Hairdress by Ganjamira
Azure Spirit - handpainted Featherquill by Ganjamira

With love Salifa

Skin by SimplySilent
First i want to thank everyone for the wonderful Birthday messages!
I had originally wanted to thank everyone individually, but I think I had about 100 messages yesterday, lol.
So I'll just say a general BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! LOVE YOU GUYS!! <333

Also, Thanks So Much for the prezzys! ^_^!

Dreaming of another reality by RazielMB

Request: Diver by Crazygal93

Day At Sea by A-Wakefield

Birthday Surprise for Trinity ^^ by lorenavldz09Luvdisc Gijinka by lorenavldz09
HBD by Inachisa

T_T Again, thank you guys soo much! I had a wonderful Birthday thanks to all of you!! ^_^!!

Now on to Thursday's news, hehe

Holding another feature!!!Hello Everyone!!! :wave:
I have decided to hold another Feature!!! yeay :D 
With such a good turn out of the last feature I decided that I'm going to make another one!
I will be putting it together either this weekend (april 26/27) or next weekend (may 3/4) depending on how much free time i have so if you would like to be in it just leave me a comment on this journal. :) (Smile)
If you want to be really awesome also give me a link to friends/awesome artists that you think should also be included! ^_^
BTW if you have some time check out my group :iconsharefavwatchllama: everyone is welcome to join!  :) (Smile)
  Tuesday Treats: A ClassicMonday Muses | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

"This is a classic!" we often hear. What is a classic for you? A book? A movie? Your favorite brand of sweet? 

Show us one of your classics in a deviation (even from your own gallery) and link it in a comment on this blog. Limit of one deviation per member please! Each submitted deviation will be featured in the next TT! Enjoy and have a good day! 

:bulletblue: Suggestions must be sent before Tuesday April 29th.

Mary Poppins
  3 Prayer Requests"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us. And if we know that he hears us - whatever we ask - we know that we have what we asked of him" (1 John 5:14-15).
3 Prayer Requests
Prayer Request by: the-penmans-mind :iconthe-penmans-mind:
Today, my family found out a very close friend of our family, had suffered a huge stroke. We REALLY need prayer for her. She is a very good person. She now has no feeling of one of her sides, and
  Monday MusesTuesday Treats | Wandering Wednesday | Thursday Greets | Selfless Saturday | WishingWell Weekly

Welcome to our activity on Mondays - Monday Muses!
It's all about the artists and artworks that inspire you! :painter:
There are many ways someone can be an inspiration. By displaying inspiring community spirit, or providing helpful resources for example. Or maybe you just stumbled over an amazing artwork that simply knocked you off your feet and inspired you to make something of your own right away. No matter what it is, we want you to share it!
Simply pick an artist or deviation you find inspiring in some way, and post them in a comment on this journal. Pleas

Commissions -open- 9 slotsHello all!
My commissions are now open, but I will be offering only ten slots. I have raised the prices because I feel that I am underpaying my more detailed options, and, at this time, I need to raise money. Before you request a commission, PLEASE look at the widget prices on page or commission info. There is a link below for that.
Please read on.
.: Payment methods :.
I will not work until I am paid. If I am not paid within a reasonable amount of time, unless given notice as to when you will pay me, I may boot you from the slots so someone else can request a commission.
If you would like to pay via PayPal, please note me.
I am using the Commission Widgets from now on. Please use the corresponding options on my page to pay please. If you request more than one character, please use the "extra characters" it to also pay for each extra character you request.
Please look here for rules and other information. I strongly advise it.
  Sorta-Emergency Commission/AdoptablesEDIT: Some things here have changed
Eyyyy guys. I really hate to do this but I'm really in a pinch right now (mostly because I was stupid and stuff but help me out will ya?). So basically I'm sorta in need of money... and I need your help.
If you're asking why my parents are not paying for these... My family is a big mess. I really really really don't want to just put it out here on the web because it's personal and as much as I feel like it might help with my case, I am not a fan of putting my personal life in detail online where anyone can see it. But the bottom line is: My parents won't/can't pay for these stuff.
Also, if you're asking why I am not getting a job, I currently have an extracurricular activity that literally gives me no time and I can't drive/don't have a car. This is my schedule mon-Fri:
6:45am: Get up and go to school
7:20am: Class Starts
2:10pm: Class Ends (Home by 3:00pm)
4:30pm: Extracurricular (Leave at 4:00pm)
11:00pm or later(latest I've stayed wa
  Baby's First Contest is now OPEN!As per my last journal entry I am now accepting submissions for the contest! The contest closes Wednesday May 14 so you have exactly a month to submit your entry for consideration. Here is a refresher on the rules and and updated list based on questions asked as well as payouts and some other useful information.
The contest is a dual art and creative writing contest. Your job is to submit a drawing of your OC having been turned into an infant. It must be clear that they have been turned into an infant from a previous age and you are not simply drawing a baby. They must be a diapered infant, baby, or young toddler, no other ages will be accepted. You can express their transformation any way you chose, you may use props or clothing or facial expression, or emotion, be creative and have fun with it. You may submit a sketch, inked or lineart, or fully colored pic, all are acceptable you do not need to draw a background.
In addition to a drawing you must write a caption describing the scene
  Journal Skin Design Contest + Giveaway!EDIT3: fixed typo :facepalm:
EDIT2: giveaway now by random number
EDIT: extended deadline and bananas for lazy people
Here is a contest for all of you who have ideas for journal skins, but have no idea how to begin coding them. It also gives me a chance to practice my coding skills.
Giveaway is at the end of the journal.
Design a Journal Skin Contest
The premise is simple, draw up a design for a journal skin that you would like to be able to use. The winners will then have their design coded by me so they can use it.
Multiple entries allowedBoth digital and traditional media are welcomeEntries do not need to be new deviationsEntries must be received by May 30th, 2014have fun
 While you will not be disqualified for having CSS knowledge, please bear in mind that this contest is intended for people with no coding skills.
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  Animal ABC's: G is for GiraffeA new series I'm starting La la la la I will be going through the alphabet with different animals and making features. I've got my list all figured out and I'm super excited to start this. Check out the "Upcoming Animal" section to potentially get featured!  More information can be found on the bottom. If you like this article, please give it a +fav so the artists may get more exposure.
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The Giant's Tongue by grettawallace
Trilogy by catman-suha
giraffes by monsieur-arlequin
Day 104 - Brought to you by the letter C by MonsterBrand
Giraffe by Orlien
  SMILE mission: Please HELP:icon0-FireLeaf-0: is in need of some serious compassion and support:
She has unbelievable talent and her spirit is just as beautiful as her work.

Please help me let her know this and please let others know of her work and that she takes commissions!
  Digitally Delicious: April 16thUnrest Mountain by bayardwu

HANAGASUMI by ss-sakura

I am the ocean. I am the sea. by Pusteblumex3

King of Death by kyzylhum

Sharp dressed man by 4steex
Crow by Doomov
Welcome to Gravity Town by daniellefw
The Outskirts by bottleofgin
 Oz the Great and Powerful by daekazu
moon over red land by KalaNemi
Elf scout by Allnamesinuse
 Reunion by LAS-T
Set plantroom 03b small by KarenKong
 RPG Game Night by

ProjectPorkchop Vol324:iconmilhua:

Suggested by Sserenita 
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Octopus by cold-in-the-northHanging Figures, three piece by cold-in-the-north
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  Please Help with My Service DogEdited 15/04/14 - Added Some Extra Information
As you may or may not know, I am currently in the process of getting a service dog for multiple disabilities of mine. As time goes by, I am needing the dog more and more.
- The cost of the dog is between $4500 and $5000 -
500 people, donating $10 each, could help cover the costs.
Per parents' requests, I have to raise the money before I can sign the payment plan for the dog. I have enough money, but that money has been set aside for years as it's only to be used for university costs.
So I'm asking for the community's help. Any help.
- Linking to this journal on your page.
- Linking to this journal on social media.
- Ordering commissions.
- Buying products with my designs on it.
- Small donations of even 10 :points: or a dollar.
All of my earnings from art sales and donations go towards my dog. They are completely separate from the rest of the money that I have earned in the past and from the money I use on perso
  ProjectPorkchop Vol313:iconandeeluong:

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Sentosa at Night by derozio Kumartulli 2 by derozio
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Hippolais polyglotta by Rafa1Diez2Dominguez Prado Goyatos by Rafa1Diez2Dominguez
Pedraza by Rafa1Diez2Dominguez Living-Rainbow-1 by Rafa1Diez2Dominguez
  New Work + FeatureNews
My recent work that I loved it so much, I hope you all enjoy it too.

some beautiful works that use my stock

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In A Very Beautiful Place by fadlie666
super wonderful works that I saw this week


Emergency commissions! PRICES LOWEREDI really need help.
I have messed up royally and don't even have food money for the next 2-3 weeks. After hospital trips and having to buy a recliner because my back and tailbone hurt so much I couldn't even sit anymore.
and I'm on disability and disabled so I can't just work for some money.
So I really need help.
Okay, for this chibis will be $8
custom adopts will be $8
Mini chibis would be $3
And anime waist ups would be $10
Couples, just double..
NOTE: Eye styles are something I'm still messing with. So they may change.
EDIT: I'll try to draw anything... including animals, ponies, bloody/gorey, anything... I'm kinda desperate.
Mini Chibi


Anime (Available in headshots, waist-ups, thigh-up, and knee-up... fullbody must be mega bribe)

Even if you can't afford it, please share this with your friends.  I really need help.
Thank you all.
  My Birthday ProjectThank you so much to everyone who took part in my project and helped me celebrate my 21st birthday!! :iconloveyouplz: And a special thank you to the ones who contacted me after seeing my wish dAWishingWell!! I decided to go with the Ouran High School Host Club journal skin, as it's all about friendship here. :hug:
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Wings Of Grace by sesam-is-open PURITY by sesam-is-open
and their friend :iconfloriaiglenoir: floriaiglenoir
...once ten years... by floriaiglenoir ...magritte's man with apple" by floriaiglenoir ... Little Selina... by floriaiglenoir
Stars and Hearts Divider by lexypuppy228Stars and Hearts Divider by lexypuppy228Stars and Hearts Divider by lexypuppy228
:iconmayebony: MayEbony
Lupin for April Birthday Friends by MayEbony Defying Gravity by MayEbony Kangaroo Pose for Sara by MayEbony
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In the streets

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:06 AM
                  Hi everyone,
           Redrosedivider Sort Of by Sugaree33-Art
It's been a while since I posted an entry. I have been very busy and all these holidays occupied me too.
  Today entry is dedicated to one of my favorite subjects- street photos. I really want to take more photos of this kind, but I can rarely take them in my town-first because it's a small town- not much action in the few main streets, and most annoying many people are religious and refuse to be photographed.
Here are some interesting ones I collected.

No Title by djailledie
# 18 237 by RadioFreeDeath
Verona black and white by AmolaBea
Friendship. by minkunoe
Paris by photodan88
6708 by NunoCanha
Connection by MyPencilKills
Catch a falling star by iNeedChemicalX
Chess Stress by DrewHopper
Unknown by GlareUsy

have all beautiful peaceful days . :heart: