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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Sac Anime and Axent Wear update!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 11:52 AM

I’ll be at Sac Anime this weekend from August 29th to 31st! Come hang out at my booth in the artist alley table 107! See ya :D

More info here  

And in other news, we've just finished filming the Axent Wear Kickstarter video. We're still waiting for some post production video editing but the kickstarter should launch within a few weeks! Thanks for all the support! :heart:

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What’s been going on this week?

Phil Fish was DOXXED (for standing up for Zoe Quinn) and all his personal information was leaked onto the internet, including SSI info, home address, bank records, etc. As a result, Phil decided to leave gaming forever and is now selling off the IP rights to FEZ and Polytron. Link:…

Meanwhile 4chan/Reddit have decided that Phil Fish WASN’T hacked and that he faked the whole thing because... ? 4chan also called the FBI on Phil because they believe fake hacking your own account is a “federal offense.” Gotta love how 4channers are more willing to make up and believe a conspiracy theory than admit they made a mistake... Link (warning: conspiracy theory level nonsense):…

Zoe Quinn, a female independent game developer who made a game called Depression Quest, got harassed by an ex-boyfriend who decided to post nasty things about her and accuse her of using her influences in the “sacred” world of games journalism to get positive reviews through sexual favors with reviewers. An accusation that was later proved false (shocks of shocks!) since the reviewer for Kotaku in question never actually reviewed her game. Link:…

She was also accused of actively trying to take down “The Fine Young Capitalists” despite the fact that she’s using proceeds from her games to be donated to struggling women indi and queer devs and is trying to patch up her mistake with TFYC (though they haven’t responded to her e-mails yet).…

Both Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian were forced to flee their homes because their home addresses are publicly known now and assholes on the internet were threatening to break into their homes to rape/murder them. So... yeah. If you honestly think “it’s just the internet, ignore the haters, they can’t possibly do anything to you in real life” is still true, you’re just deluding yourself. Anita Story Link:… Zoe Quinn Story Link:…

And finally actor Adam Baldwin (currently starring in the new TNT tv-series “The Last Ship”) has fallen on the “I-hate-Zoe-Quinn” bandwagon and is actively spreading the leaked nude photos of her around online and is harassing her on twitter. Link:…

Meanwhile Joss Whedon (director of The Avengers) and Tim Schafer both took the side of Anita Sarkeesian on twitter. Link:…
  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Watching: Atop The 4th Wall
  • Playing: Marvel Puzzle Quest
  • Drinking: Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
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Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:56 PM

I love you fun people

xD I have had so much fun today holycows. Just felt like I had to say that.

I'M MY FAVORITE BOO by c1icheStick Icon by Lukia26STICKSUPPRT!!!!1111 by NekoNeko1331Stick by Minupstick by ravencIawStick by Ayinai

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CONTEST (with prizes!!!) (ADDED BONUS PRIZE)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 4:23 PM

ok so i'm going to be holding a weekly contest while i'm making the type swap shiny's.

FIRST PLACE- 500 points, and a 1 month premium membership!!

second place - a flat coloured drawing. (BONUS!! STICKERS)

and whoever enters, i will promo you on a journal at the end of the month.

Shiny Type Swap (part one) by 0Shiny0
(only from these 9 though. next month will be different)

all you need to do to enter, is draw one of these designs here, and tag/link me to the drawing. the contest ends on the 4th of september, so good luck!! 

view the entries here

by meowords


Facebook ~ Tumblr ~ YouTube ~ Shop

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:41 PM

These are the featured submissions from the groups UnlimitedAnime-Manga, DrawAnimeArt and Manga-Anime-4ALL for the months of July and August! Check them out & give them love! :hug:
And please :+fav: this journal so that it can reach larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists. :heart:

Moonlight Cavern by Jowa  d r e a m s by Hoshi-Pan  +The Princess and her Guardian+ by larienne
Commission - Tia by Sekigan  Allison's Omniverse by Mhyon
origins of ocean by LZTanukichi
FaLLEN Chapter 7 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukku  Comm: Living Room by futarinokizuna  Sorrowful Friendship by EizenHower
D.N.Angel by alskat  20140822 by mist-dancer
Sweet Tooth by Deiyanoko  Another Kingdom by Joyfool  Kill la Kill : Maid Miko by Me-Ticha
You'll Come Back? by DolceCaramella
..Sinking.. by Saviroosje  room of curiosities by vendae  Under the Sea by sana37
Juvia Lockser by wennly  Erica by d-oppelganger
9 . 8 by milemiru  Ate by au7  KAGEPURO: ENE With Summer by BlackStar1925
The Bluest Memory by ZakkVanBurace  [aph USAandUK] Pirate ship by Fhyen
Flute by LeadApprentice  Haikyuu- Tobe! by Gin-Uzumaki  [NARUTO]NARUTO by ryusin
Shizuo by Tabachichi  Travis the Demon. Commission. by Taiss14
Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki by jacky5493  WTF!? by Shoutyy  Untitled by maxxxxine
Outlawed - Prototype by KidCurious
Starry Night by alskat  Tokyo Ghoul by luckydraws
Shota Flower by Altonaix  MafiosoOC : RodNett by neokirii  Commission: Pinlin (Ikuya and Ikuyo) by BombayPiko
DNW by Fransumaru  The Legend by ChalkTwins
Please don't bother running...... by freezeex
marika tachibana by gin-1994  Summer Time by Kitsune-Musume  Neptune Mirror by xunini
Sailor Moon Crystal by Princess--Ailish  MOON PRIDE by YukikaChan
RWBY by yuuike  Rosalina's Legacy by e-hima  KanColle - Sakon on Fire!!! by Sakon04
Motherland by Ikanu96
Flutter by raiinysummer  Give me your heart by aionlights  yugata sanae-tohou project by qianshuhao
The Elvish Poem of Love by AmandaBloom  Ilya by LegenSegerr
more Mikasa Ackerman by Fluffmoth  Within Eyesight by Chewsome  Good Afternoon by 00kaorin00
Chii by YukikaChan
Happy B-Day, Mariko-chan94 by Harumagai  doujin preview 172 by michelous
World is Mine by Jenmini  :.CONTEST WINNER. DeathBliss - Painful Truth.: by HokoriCupcake  +Melt into Black+ by Calur

:bulletgreen: Special thanks to Rigoberto60 for allowing me to post this art feature on his group Manga-Anime-4ALL. :bulletgreen:

These are the featured submissions from the groups UnlimitedAnime-Manga, DrawAnimeArt and Manga-Anime-4all for the months of July and August!
Check them out and give them love!
And please +fav this journal so that it can reach larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists. :hug:


Hi~! I had a hard time arranging the pieces again, I hope the arrangement doesn't look too weird. OwO
Anyway, I'm be posting this a little early because I probably won't have time next week. I'll be on hiatus again for some time but hopefully this won't be the last art feature for this year. I'll miss you all~ :thanks:
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Draw my OCs Contest (Premium Membership/Points)

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 8:24 AM

Willow Banner by Willowbranwen

To enter: 
    1Turquoise Bullet - F2U!  Fave this Journal Entry
    2Rose Red Bullet - F2U!  Draw one or more of my OCs*
    3Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U!  Comment back here, include a link of your entry 

*You can change clothes but please stay true to character Styles/Personality, Colors are not determined (1-3) as these characters are from a Book I've been working on. Feel free to play around but let's not go crazy and have, I dunno, rainbow colors XD.
**Journal or Poll about this contest not necessary but appreciated
***Yes you may include your own OCs but no Canon additions please. 

Neptune Wink Icon Neptune Wink Icon Neptune Wink Icon 

    1Light Purple Bullet - F2U! No traced, copied, or Stolen work (If I suspect it I will Check)*
    2Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! No Full on Nudity, Explicitly Sexual scenes, Gore (a little blood ok)
    3Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Please pay attention to character relationships IE: Don't make lovers out of them...

*Bases are ok if you link & get permission from the original owner
**Colabs are fine but please credit everyone involved. Prize will be divided between participants
***Multiple entries are fine but only one will win

:iconwillowbranwen: :iconredwaterheart:

-Entries will be judged heavily on originality, not necessarily on art "level". That said, please do not submit WIPs (unfinished) or messy work

-I will comment on every entry and share my thoughts AFTER the contest is over

-Contest will be canceled if less than 10 entries are submitted: (Why?: this is a test run, I plan to start a contest in November with a total cash prize of $300)

Original Characters to Choose From:

           Vivian:                      Sicylie:                    Elda:
Vivian by Willowbranwen   Vivian by WillowbranwenSicylie by WillowbranwenElda by Willowbranwen

Primary Witch Primela: 
Draw This Again Meme- Primary Witch Primela by Willowbranwen 

Nucifera (My first adoptable yay)
Nucifera Kung Fu Bunny by Willowbranwen

Prizes (or point Equivalent) 
    1. 6 month premium membership Star!  + cake badgeHave your cake and eat it too 
    2. 3 month premium membership Star!  + cake badgeHave your cake and eat it too 
    3. 1 month premium membership Star! + Cake BadgeHave your cake and eat it too 

*8 random winners will get 50 pts from those who fave this Journal

**Please feel free to donate prizes in comments! Donations will be truly appreciated and featured on this journal and on my page (Donators can still participate) & Will get a Llama & Watch From me (If I haven't already lol)


Deadline: Oct 24th, 2014

Finally... Homura Bowing Icon  Thank you so much for reading my Contest info Page~ Please feel free to ask me questions and have a fantabulous day! 

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Rant: Self-Harm Selfies?

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 5:57 PM
The opinions in this (short) rant are my own and you don't have to agree. If you do, thanks!

You know how some people tend to post pics of self-harm over the internet, like here on dA? I don't mean drawings of that type of thing; drawings don't physically hurt people and if you don't draw it and go 'lol look, cutting', you're good. I mean actual photos of their cuts or burn marks. Selfies where you're holding up your bloody arm, or photos where you say 'look what I did last night' in the description. What is that really proving? Most of the people I know who have a serious issue with self-harm are ashamed of it, and even if they can stand to talk about it, they don't want their suffering displayed all over the internet in cell phone pictures. It's not helping you get better, and it's not helping others who go through the same thing you do.

It kinda makes you look like you're proud of what you're doing to yourself, when most would like nothing more than to have their problem and addiction go away. Stop it. That doesn't belong on deviantART anyway. Those pictures aren't going to get you help. Talk to someone. Try to get real assistance and not just attention.

  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: Don't Laugh at Me -Mark Wills
  • Drinking: Diet Pepsi
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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback.

Like last week's update, this week's Site Update is a little different from usual in that we don't have a publicly visible change log. However, it's for a good reason. Our Devious Technology team is currently at a staff retreat working on upcoming projects, such as...

Tags are the new Keywords

As deviantART grows and strives to create new ways to discover great content, we’ve found that keywords as we currently use them have become underutilized. We think we can do better -- and can make a better experience for the community -- by making some changes.

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  • Some commenters noted that they would like to use deviantART to log in to other apps, similar to how one can access SketchBook Pro or the Madefire Motion Book Tool with a deviantART account.
  • CrypticGrin suggested that some deviants would like to be able to easily share their artwork to their other social pages from the Submit page as they submit it to deviantART.


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How do you typically find out about or try out new tools or items to create with? Do you hear about them through friends, artists you aspire to, blogs, review sites, etc.? Are there certain things you look for before trying a new tool out?

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What is a Digital Doll?

Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:00 AM by Lyricanna:iconlyricanna:

Galleries Month

As part of the gallery description month, I'm going to be introducing the Digital Dolls subcategory (and it's subcats) to all of you.  This will include a brief description and a few examples from each category.

Digital Dolls is located in the Customization category.  Customization is the gallery that is dedicated to forms of art that let you modify or individualize things; wallpapers to change up your desktop, avatars and icons to change your dA presence, emoticons to enhance the chat experience and digital dolls.  Digital Dolls are created by customizing a base body, created by yourself or someone else, hence it's home in the Customization category.  

Digital dolls traditionally had a hard pixel edge and a transparent background but dolling has deviated away from that in recent years.  The transparent background used to be important for people that would adopt dolls (display them on personal web pages with a link back to the creator) so that a doll could look at home on any website background.

Digital Dolls has several sub categories with sub categories.  For simplicity's sake, let's call them level two and level three subcats.  The level two sub categories are:
Pixel art: These are dolls or bases that have been created one pixel at a time. Any anti-aliasing is done by hand.
Tooled: These are dolls or bases that have been created using brushes, gradients, effects, layer transparency or any other tools that cause anti-aliasing automatically.
Other: These are dolls or bases that have been created using a mixture of the two above definitions, or by incorporating traditional or other unspecified media that does not fit either of those definitions.  Cell shading has traditionally ended up here, although it is not required.

The level three subcategories are:
Adopted base: A doll made using a base made by someone else.  You have adopted the base (and followed the base maker's rules!) to create your own doll.
Base: A body, humanoid or otherwise, used to create digital dolls.  Note: Line arts that include hair and clothes belong in Resources and Stock Images > Lineart & Character Templates.
Original base: A doll created on a base created by you or a doll created without the aid of a base.  Also called baseless dolls.  This category has the most miscats because the name is ambiguous outside of dolling and implies a base not made by tracing instead of what it actually is.
Traced base: A doll created on a base (or a base) that was created by using tracing, which is creating an image by drawing on top of an existing image.  This category was created to house both traced dolls and traced bases but seems to only be inhabited by bases at the moment, which means that a lot of traced dolls have ended up in the adopted base category as it is also technically correct.

Here are some examples of each type of doll and base so you know what belongs where =)
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Adopted Base
Crystaline Heart by porcelian-doll Something Wicked by TheThirdAct Pixel Daenerys by Blumina
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Base
Day Zps6e45cafe by Yzah Farewell Base 3/4 View by Ichitoko Lumnia - Base by SandraCharlet
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Original Base
MDF Round 2 by naminote Blue dress 01 by mariiiis-dolls Insidious Bisque by Phansmatic
Customization > Digital Dolls > Pixel Art > Traced Base
smoooch - base frames by kishi-san Contest: Fix base by TheULTImateAngel Sad Catgirl Base by thecity2011
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Adopted Base
Steampunk Tomb Raider by GPhoenix CID - Round 2 by caitlincaitiecait Grey hair by SmiteTheeWithApples
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Base
Enchantix - Paid Base Pack by EnchantingRainbow Hippy Base One by Imaginary--Thoughts Rock and Roll Queen Base by Imaginary--Thoughts
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Original Base
Through the Ages - Round 1 by zapatones Lady Macbeth by FionaCreates TCP Odyrah Round 2 by Odyrah
Customization > Digital Dolls > Tooled > Traced Base
The shocking truth base by Aqua999 base 29 by black-cat-lover-mew
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other > Adopted Base
The Mistress... in pixels by ValkAngie Stocking by codelauren You can thank your lucky star. by beri-cram
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other > Base
- 2 free bases - by SoukiAdopts - Mandarin 3 - by base-o-holic Female Base 2 by ZellaRoss
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other > Original Base
Masquerade by FallenSunrise She Smiles Like the Sunrise by LadyHazy Twirl by IridescentStardust
Customization > Digital Dolls > Other> Traced Base
'Stop that' - couple base 2 by MetroBase MLP : FIM base by Kitty-Kitty-Koneko Couple Portrait 002 by CuriouserBases

I hope this has eased some of the confusion =)  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments!

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