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Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others?

Vote! (37,047 votes) 269 comments
74,290 Deviants Online
And here you have the number one question that people ask me:
"How the hell did you get so many people to view your art? You're not even that good!"

I can't do anything other than honestly admitting that I'm not that good at art. I'm not some awesomely skilled concept artist, at least. I've seen many people do a better job while receiving a lot less of attention.
Why a medium like DeviantArt works for me? Probably because I've been around on the internet for so long, and I've spend so much time working for internet-marketing company's, that things like advertising and web usability have become a second nature to me. A lot of the things that I've come to regard as common sense in internet communication, are things that are nowadays proven successful by research.

It's important to know that websites like DeviantArt are listed in the category social media. That probably didn't occur to most people, since DeviantArt seems to be so heavily focused towards art (and traditional social media like Facebook and Twitter lack this focus). Yet DeviantArt plays by the same rules. You can befriend and follow people here, just like you can in any other social media website. Has it never occurred to you that the most popular people aren't always the ones that have the best art? This might seem highly unfair, but this is because it's not only about art. It's about having a community sense as well! 
Even though you might not be the best at art... having a great community sense will certainly help you on your way.


Make sure your artwork looks interesting as a thumbnail. The thumbnail is the first people see from your art, and will decide if people click further. How to do this? Basically it's a matter of good composition and good use of color. You can learn all these things in your regular art workshop. You can test this while working on your artwork by zooming out so far that the image becomes small. Or with traditional work; either take a picture and zoom out, or look at the work from a distance.

Make sure your artwork is of decent quality. Scan a picture, rather than photographic it. Edit your photo's to bring the best in the colors out. Make sure your digital artwork is of a decent resolution.

Despite what many people will say; DeviantArt is heavily aimed towards (anime) fanart. This doesn't mean you have to start making fanart. Just know that if you happen to make those, it'll be in your advantage. If you don't; don't be discouraged. I got this far without making fanart as well XD
Also; sex sells on DeviantArt as well. Especially on DeviantArt, you might say, since it's a community so heavily aimed towards "pretty"' characters from series/anime.

Might seem like a non-issue to an artwork... yet a good title helps you to be found in the site's search. The same goes for goes for Google and other external search engines, as the title of your work is passed to search engines. What might be a handy trick, is that if you make artwork of a certain character (fanart) or for a certain person on DeviantArt (either fanart or gifts), you include the name of the respective character or person in the title of your artwork. Characters names are a popular thing to search for so they will generate you more pageviews. Doing a gift-art for a popular artist, and including his/her name in the title too, will help you as well since you can assume many people look for this artist.
Note: only do this when your artwork really depicts this character, or this this artists character, and keep the title believable. Creating false content (a.k.a. cheating) is heavily penalized by search engines and will -in the worst case scenario- lead you to be banned from them.

Don't forget them. Keywords might not be as important off-site as a title, yet they give you a fair chance to higher your rank on DeviantArt. Important things to list here; the name of characters (mainly if fanart), the emotion the picture depicts or the scene in which the artwork takes place.
Note: Don't use too many keywords. Using too many or too irrelevant keywords will work against you, as you won't gain people that are actually interested in your work.

If you submit artwork more often, have a consistent gallery. People won't start following you until they know what to expect from you. So have a gallery that's consistent with each other. Don't mix art with personal pictures. If you do 2 completely different types of art, it might be better to create 2 accounts to keep them separate. Because in the end, too much of everything, is nothing at all.


Keep it positive!
Because our life is bad enough already when we don't see other people complain about their first world problems. 
On a more serious note; we like the positive. Journals that encourage us to do something. Journals that make us think. Journals that are helpful for us, or provide us with helpful resources. Journals that provide us with insight. We don't like reading about negativity. There's nothing wrong with a good rant from time to time, but don't do it too often. 
Note: The way you phrase things can make a huge difference. I could've named this journal "How not to disappear into oblivion in DeviantArt". But that would make it a whole lot less encouraging to read.

Give your journal a clear and engaging title. Something that would actually make people want to read it.

First paragraph
Start out with something interesting. Something that will make people stay interested. Internet is a quick medium. If you want to keep people's interest, you better catch it at the first paragraph of your journal.

Research showed that blog posts with 500 - 800 words are most likely to be read. That's enough words to actually tell people something, but also limited to prevent people from being bored (for those paying attention; I failed miserably here XD)

Don't just talk about something. Link to it as well. If you talk about a movie, phenomenon, something that happened on the internet... or whatever: link it, rather than explain it. I do this a lot when it comes to movies/researches/DA functionality that I discuss. Doing so will prevent you getting questions about things that don't really matter to you. And it'll give the reader the idea that you thought about what you wanted to tell. 
If you talk about people on DeviantArt, make sure to use the dev- and icon links. These will transform into links and icons that will link to the respective user.

Use images when needed (or even when not needed). DeviantArt has no options for real text formatting in journals (or at least; not like graphic design has)... which will leave most journals look the same boring way. Images are a great way to break this and remind people where they were reading.

Where to submit
DeviantArt comes with 2 options for submitting journals; personal and journal portal. Use them wisely.
The personal option will post the journal on your profile and update your friends with it. It's best used for personal journals.
The other option will submit your journal to the journal portal where it'll be exposed for all of DeviantArt to read. This might seem as a great way to promote your work, but can also lead to a major backleash if you post something too personal and/or controversial

Journal skins
While a custom journal skin might look great on your homepage, be careful with this and use a skin that works in both the journal portal and on mobile. Far too often I've come across journals that failed to display in the journal portal or didn't load on my phone... with as a result that I didn't read the article at all. Also; because many people that design journal skins have rather little knowledge about how to actually make a text readable (font use and such).
When it comes to journals, it's good to prefer actual content over visuals. Neither of my journals have a customized journal skin. I stopped using them years ago, when DeviantArt released their first mobile platform. But since the default journal skin works well with the site, it's not like my articles aren't read anymore.


Keep people involved
People want to have the idea you're talking with them, rather than just to them. 
If there's one thing that all people popular on social media have in common, it's the interaction with their userbase. Even asking people simple things can lead them into a friendly chat and give them the idea they're being listened to. There's that stigma on DeviantArt that all popular artists are arrogant assholes. Be sure not to validate it.

Interact, but don't spam
There's a fine line between interaction and spam. Interaction is involving people in the things you're doing or the things on your mind. Spam is when you do that too often or with subjects people couldn't care less about (like complaints about your first world problems). Be sure to be on the good side of the line.

Talk to people personally
Many artists out here are either too shy, or say they don't feel the need to reply to the messages of their fans. I beg to differ. I've send messages to the people I looked up to and I loved it when I got a reply back. It gave me the feeling that that person noticed me, even despite my art not being that good. And encounters like that could keep me inspired for days, or even weeks.
Know that whatever you do can have a great impact on people, either positive or negative. Keep this in mind and use it wisely. Even simple things like replying to a profile page message, or thanking someone for watching you, may help people to see you in a more positive daylight. And even better; it may lead them to tell their friends about you!

Stay friendly
No matter what happens, stay friendly. Don't make nasty comments to other people. If people say hurtful things to you, have the maturity to remove their messages and ignore them (or report it to the staff, if it's really bad). Reputation is everything on the internet. Even a small reply send in a bad mood can spread around like a virus and harm your status badly.

Tag people
Deviantart recently implemented the mentions system. This basically comes down to the fact that every person that tags you in a comment, journal or whatever, will get you a notification in their inbox about it... and this option is ON by default. The mentions system is a great way to keep certain people involved with whatever you're doing, by tagging them. For example if they've won something, you wanted to feature them, you've made art for them, or just wanted to say something nice about them.
Note: Tag people only for a reason. Provide content relative to their interests. Otherwise it'll be just spam.

Submission time
Generating a lot of views in a short time will cause your artwork to go up in the charts. This is most likely to happen if a lot of people are online. While target groups can differ per person, most people on DeviantArt are from America. And most of them will be online during lunch-break and as soon as they get home from school/work. No matter in which timezone you are in; keep this in mind while submitting.
Note: Premium membership will make you able to schedule submissions. So you don't have to worry about living in a different timezone.

It might be a good idea to analyze the traffic that's coming to your page. Traditionally the only way to do this on DeviantArt was to keep a track of your number of pageviews/replies/watchers. Recently, however, DeviantArt included a possibility for premium members to install Google analytics. Google analytics is a great tool with countless of more options that'll help you to keep track of people's actions on your page. It might come in handy to see if your new approach is working.

Stock Community by DamaiMikaz

Last but not least;

Let me tell you that there's no magical trick to get pageviews or exposure. There's no such thing as "Do this and you'll get instant success".
Things like these are a matter of trial and error. You'll need time to find out what works and what not. And even more important: to find the way that works for you. You'll need even more time to adjust yourself to this kind of "pattern". Expecting a tremendous rise of pageviews within a matter of days is unrealistic and will only leave you disappointed if it doesn't work out. So don't get discouraged if this doesn't work in the first few days. It will work on the long run.
Just be patient and be persistent.
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Daily Lit Recognition for April 23rd, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: ladyshadowrage

Human Traffic for ProfitYou wake up this fine morning
only to complain
of your 'sore' back,
   your 'cold' feet,
   your 'tired' thoughts
no milk for your corn flakes
no free token for the bus ride to work.
You hear about me in the headlines..
and cluck your teeth in disgust,
a hand drawn quickly to your face
'What a terrible thing', you tell your friends,
and ask what news they've heard.
Much later,
in your warm bed,
you give thanks to the day's end
Yet I get no second thought
from one otherwise occupied,
and way too busy to recall my missing face..
how young I looked then -
when I was but a mere lamb,
snatched from your busy street.
The street where you live,
             where you breathe,
             where you sleep
              eat and shit.
I am no longe

Human Traffic for Profit by eqlrytes

This piece calls attention to a 
growing problem we have in the world 
that doesn't get enough awareness.

Featured by: TwilightPoetess

She Was With the StarsThe amber girl
was preserved perfectly
and her silky hair and porcelain skin
gleamed like a doll's
But the scientists weren't able to keep
her soul burning
because though she was in the
glass case filled with chemicals and fluids
and they were desperately trying to pump
oxygen into her lungs,
her mind was still up in space
with the stars
So the sun was extinguished
despite the cries and mournful screams
because they had
broke her
and the many who looked up
at her light and glory
slowly began to rot away
And so not a single thing was solved

She Was With the Stars by WindFragments

WindFragments tackles a 
heavy-handed subject in this 
beautifully crafted poem.

Featured by: TheTerrorOfTheDeep

do not write about it.give up on sleep like a bad lover 
who despite constant instruction
just can’t get the job done. 
stay inside for days. 
tell the sun to shove it
where it can’t shine.
emerge pale, timid,
breathing - 
stop smiling.
that is no way to suffer.
think about writing; avoid
any instruments that allow it.
think about the way ink smells
like searching, how paper 
is a goddamn aphrodisiac.
imagine yourself as the first animal
mad scientists subjected to space flight;
as Beethoven, denied the marvel
of his own genius; as virgin daughters
sold by their fathers for cattle and sheep
to afford having more virgin daughters.
imagine yourself as Elie Wiesel
watching men submit to murder[ing].
cry about it. rage about it.
despair about it. do not
write about it.
give up on god, humanity, yourself.
don’t you dare get political.
wait for it:
the hand that is not yours to fill 
the one that is; a voice not your own 
to be the firs

do not write about it. by LiliWrites

The echoes of a writer's pain 
are aptly described in this piece.


Featured by: VertigoArt

Two InchesThe funny thing about this story is a lot of it probably isn't true. I mean, what's it that one asshole said? The one that writes about the Vietnam war and had a bestseller composed of shitty essays, the one who makes a lot of veterans sad-angry?  I can't remember his fucking name, but the quote is the "story truth" is the truth you felt rather than what happened, and sometimes, that's more honest than the factual truth. Well. Something like that, I'm paraphrasing. I still can't remember the bastard's name, but I'm gonna say now: I think that guy's an asshole. I mean, a real asshole—
Because that's an excuse right there if I've ever seen one. It's an excuse for a compulsive liar or for someone that can't face life or for someone really miserable or for someone that wants to seem more interesting to sell a book— and you know what, I kind of can't bring myself to give a fuck that I'm gonna do the same thing because I can't even comprehend some of the shit that'

Two Inches by glossolalias

An humorous narrative about a girl 
with a touch of exhibitionism. The paragraphs 
and each line made me smile. Throughout the piece 
you are holding your breath a bit, hoping the narrator 
is not caught, if for no other reason than you want 
to read to the end. This short story keeps you 
interested all the way through.

Featured: Naktarra

lessons learned from seven men...- I -
I hate that you issued instructions like Don't put on any weight, you're small so it would really show, at a time when food was already the enemy and starvation felt like feeding the parts of me that were anchorless.
But I love that you showed me that You're so different from anyone I've ever been with actually means We are way too different for this to work and saved me a lot of future heartache.
- II -
I hate that you misunderstood yourself so much that it made you suspicious of everyone around you.
But I love that certain places will always hold magic for me because of the journeys we took together.
- III -
I hate that you walked away from something potentially lovely, if only ever destined to be temporary, because the people who were actually important in your life wouldn't have approved.
But I love that you reminded me that strength of character is a tr

lessons learned from seven men... by RockstarVanity

A piece of literature that puts a 
refreshingly positive twist on ending 
relationships among friends and significant others.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Daily Literature Deviations is a group that is dedicated to bringing literature to the forefront of the deviantART community. We attempt to accomplish this by daily featuring Literature artists from around the community that deserve the recognition, but are not getting it.

Each day we will feature 5 deviations from the Literature categories in a News Article. In order to support the artists that we feature, we ask that you :+fav: the news article as well as check out the individual pieces. We understand that each day you may not be able to check out each and every one of the pieces. we just ask that you make an attempt to help support the growing Literature community and these artists.

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Stock Radar #5

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 2:28 AM

The Stock and Resources gallery on DeviantART is a digital treasure trove, filled from top to bottom with creative, imaginative, beautiful, unique and inspirational images - all waiting for you to turn them into masterpieces. Heres just some that caught my eye and my imagination over the past few days.

Stock and Resource providers are incredibly generous with their skills and time providing all these wonderful things for you to use, please don't forget to read their terms of use and to credit them correctly when you use their work!!

DSC09761 Scotney Castle by wintersmagicstock
Stefanie Stock by VXLPhotography Castlerigg stone circle by popicok
Maine Sail 2 by archistock
Jungle Falls 6 by fuguestock
Kreuzgang Liebfrauenkirche Halberstadt by Capricornus60
Fennec Stock 02 by Malleni-Stock
Mountain9 by faestock
Flower Stock 01 by Malleni-Stock Dragster 129 by Colourize-Stock
Fractalayicious II by laurentiusmark93 Ranunculus by SarahharaS1
Owl Stock 04 by NellyGrace3103
Monument 4 by MASYON
Cherry Pin Up - Back by KaylaDavion
Digital Art Texture 121 by mercurycode Steampunk 2 by Fluffybunny29stock
Rusty Chain Transparent PNG by Bloody-Goodbyes Shiny Things by mldoxy
places562 stock by pranile
Paris Opera House28 by faestock Tecnologic! Stock by EmeraldVenom-Stock
Mermaid Moo by shelldevil
STOCK - Gothic Steampunk Guy by LienSkullova

Stock and resources features
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The Muses Love Alternatives, CIV

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 8:39 AM

BLOODY MARY by TAOTYAM    Venezia 8 by Douce-Amertume

etude by hclay    Nesting Bird by SethFitts    Play Responsibly by dick-allowatt

The workshop by du-la    o.o.o. by katpi

   Ioana2 by derekjones

The Process of Anguish by theflickerees    ACheerfulCompanion600 by PinkParasol    the forest at night by marcusgravus

Frankly My Dear . . . 2 by DouglasHumphries    Come A Little Closer by catch---22

Quetzalcoatl by RobertDampier    Ausgedient by r-lilie

Thanks for stopping by.

An Old Friend by hummbuzz

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Thank you!

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 11:29 PM
This is a thank you feature for everyone that helped me spread the word about my gofundme and commissions. I'm still in a really bad financial spot because of my medical bills, and would appreciate any further promotion of my commissions or gofundme. I feel really desperate here. If there is anything I can do in return for you, please let me know.
Relevant links
Gofundme page:
More info about what's happening:  #1 #2

On to the feature!

Six Words Story: LoveMy heart aches for the emotion. AgingThor looked to the sky.
Midgard was beautiful this time of year, but it was nothing compared to home...
To Asgard.
There were few clouds covering the sun, in a gorgeous, pink fashion.
Still, nothing compared to the realm of the gods.
Coming to know humans, Thor found them so much like himself.
He didn't understand why he deserved more.
He was just a strong version of them all.
Why was he stronger?
Perhaps, some people couldn't be trusted with strength.
They couldn't all be like the Man of Iron, though.
Much like people on Asgard, everyone was an individual.
And, as the Man of Iron had proved, they were smart enough to find strengths.
They had worked their bodies, worked their minds and even made protective suits.
Thor couldn't understand why they were undeserving of being gods.
Though, he was sure there was some good reason.
Perhaps, at one time, they were more like the frost giants.
Who could assume anything at this point.
He did know that there was no point in making friends.
He sat
An Ode to My HusbandYou say you don't fall easily,
But I quickly fell for you.
You housed me and slept with me,
And then turned back to her.
I want your love,
You know that.
   You use that against me...
        To hurt me and make me turn away.
I don't care what you do to me,
Or even what you've tried.
I want your love more than anything,
And I'd force it if I could.
But of all the boys swooning over me,
You aren't one of them.
I can't force you to love me,
But I really wish you did.
Fade Journal Skin by SimplySilentMiracle destroyer? by Damaged927Goose by coffeenoirnobody believes in me by iDJPandathey be looking into your souls by confetticandieBlue Grass Horse by ValcyContest Entry [Kohei] by SpoCk-emonKamui (Contest Entry) by iluvmanga2000Sire Kaboom Pony [Full Color + Profile] by ElectricPoodleMedical Properties (19.10.13) by LacedShadowDiamondHuangdi the fenrir by nyanyancat207Angel Adopt - Open- by MyuOneeChanWith All My Heart by rayoungJellyfish. by LaPetiteBallerineTako Luka Papermodel 2 by MarcGo26Puppy yukio? by PersingaleMavis Vermillion by NanaleeSadira26Mystery box adopt [HATCHED] by 44martina44Contest Entry by fluffycupcakes21First Base... (Contest entry) by TuquoriseGlitched Aqua Allure OC by Kirby-TreeDragonsThree by safyia110Cliff on the seaside by naseem-art12Braeburn x Wildfire Shipping Adopt (OPEN) by IRL-SnowQueenRarityIt's spring! by BaySiouxJoker Inks by idrilcarnesirvikTORIa - NEW OC! by superfishieHeaven's Teardrops by UnkopierbarStarsun on Earth as a fairy by liliCartManAnimated Houdi-Octopus-Dini by destinyrose097 by Sam-Lazaruslittle Rose by syintheticThe Easter Bunny by Clovis-cutestkittenChispa: Fire Sparks by RoamingShadowWhitetail (Warriors OC) Chibi by Icyfrost100LMX Easter 2014 by NeoWOLF7777ChibiMaker Gumi by NatureisnaturalMarjorie (2) by FundelsteinCE: Nostale: Wait for 2014 by TearsDissolvedScarlet [PRIZE] by AquaNinja13123Kalani by FileeraHello Ladies -art trade- by TixehxGigasI am not a robot by TheFutterwackenJust Normal Paranoia [Re-done] by TFAlover89CATSNAIL by FoxShifterAdoptsSorry Nadia by TeknoWolf13

Thank you all once again!

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Discord maid by grievousfan
:iconemptyspaceplz::iconemptyspaceplz:Twilight, 'WTF Was That' face. by TheShadowStone

ME GUSTA by Felix-KoT - cropped by grievousfan

sleep is for the weak!
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Daily Lit Recognition for April 24th, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: VertigoArt

parasthesiaand i guess i should have said i drilled this
cavity through my chest for you; you hid
in my mouth instead. there will always be you
holding my hand protecting me from
monsters in the dark worse than the ones
inside of us. goodbye
is not a word. it is the way
you will not meet my eyes when i
tiptoe back through eggshells and phantom
heartbeats. i guess i should have said
i don’t know the labyrinth of myself. i
should have mentioned the pinpricks
on my skin where you injected
yourself like a vaccination.  i should
have told you that your eyes remind me
of a watercolor sunset and your hands
are anchors and you are always warm
and i am tired of shivering. i should have
warned you that i’ve never loved anyone
as much as a prescription. i should
have held you closer to me, i should
have held your pieces tighter, i should
have carved a bigger hole.

The use of line breaks and punctuation allows this piece
to flow masterfully. The writer strings you along through the piece,
forcing you to read again and again to fill in the
blanks that are left from the first time through.

Featured by: Medoriko

Nightmare PaintWords swirl off tongues
A voice; suspended, stranded
Parachutes float down
Waves wash over shores,
Like paint against a burnt horizon.
Watch the footsteps fade
Lights sink low,
as stars appear
Dancing on the canvas.
Silhouettes waltz.
Slim figures outlined
Against a brick and mortar cage
Shadows fade into blackness
Silence slinks in,
A blanket
Nightmares grasp in darkness.

Nightmare Paint is seamless from beginning to end.
It sends a chill up your spine and leaves you gripped with fear.


Featured by: TwilightPoetess

Message in the MirrorUpon exiting the shower, I looked into my bathroom mirror. There was a foggy message waiting for me:  
"You left the door unlocked again."

This two-sentence horror story will put chills
down your spine--and make you double check
that your door is locked!

Featured by: AyeAye12

the devil's walk
“Every night the Devil comes here and makes his plans against humanity,” said Max, pointing to a barren circle of earth.
The man he had guided there looked skeptical.
“From here?” said the man. “You can’t see anything from here. How can you plot in the middle of nowhere?”
Max frowned at the man.
“I think a better place to make plans,” said the man, “is on the moon!”
The man snapped his fingers and they were both on the surface of the moon, looking back at Earth.
“See? From here, I can see everything. Here is where I make my plans.”
The Devil laughed while Max asphyxiated behind him.

the devil's walk by herebewonder

A terrific piece of micro-fiction, which manages to add in
sudden plot twists and dark humour in 110 words.
The writer has many more great pieces like this,
all painfully unappreciated.

Featured by: Kaz-D

Kettling‘All I wanted was a kettle. Mam taught me at a young age that a cup of tea solves all of life’s problems. So, being the proud owner of my very first shared apartment, all I wanted was a kettle. That’s why I was at Walmart that day. I’d been hanging around trying to work out the difference between a load of kettles that had vastly different prices. One of them purified the water before boiling it but I thought that boiling did that anyway, so I wasn’t sure. I scratched the back of my neck and felt the tension in my forehead of an oncoming headache. I needed to stop frowning, it was just a kettle for gods sake. I bought the cheapest (shiny aluminium) one that I could find. I didn’t buy the £12 white plastic job – even I had some standards.
As I left I saw a man in a red Walmart shirt and a dainty little woman trying to shove a huge washing machine box into the back of a little white van. I ran to help when the box shifted suddenly with a da

Kettling is a beautiful piece of prose that
pulls the reader in from the very first line.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: Aerode

World of Water Contest!

Wed Apr 23, 2014, 12:30 PM
The Theme

Welcome to the World of Water contest. I've tried to make it interesting for every (APN) Photographer by creating two subcategories;

:bulletblack: Waterscapes
:bulletblack: Close-ups (this includes Macro photography).

The main subject in the photograph has to be water. It can be drops, it can be waterfalls, lakes, oceans, seas, canals.. everything with water!

The Rules

:bulletgreen: Animals, Plants & Nature Photography only
:bulletgreen: Photographs taken with a film or a digital camera featuring a minimal amount of color and exposure adjustment
:bulletgreen: Deviations do have to be new, added after this contest is announced
One (1) entry per person per subcategory, you can win only once

:bulletred: No photomanipulations or selective desaturation

The Dates

:bulletblack: Start date: NOW!
:bulletblack: Ends June 30th, 23:59 CEST.

The Prizes

Each subcategory has a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner;

1st place:

1 year PM
2500 Points
Feature by Anoya, rainylake

2nd place:

6 months PM
1500 points
Feature by Anoya, rainylake

3rd place:

3 months PM
1000 points
Feature by Anoya, rainylake

If you'd like to donate a prize or feature the winner(s), send me a note!

The judges

Kaz-D, 3wyl, ginkgografix, AshleyxBrooke and Anoya

How to join?

You can submit your new entry either in one of these folders;

:bulletgreen: Contests > 2014 > World of Water > Waterscapes, or
:bulletgreen: Contests > 2014 > World of Water > Close-ups

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Free Request (Pixel ART)

Tue Apr 22, 2014, 8:15 PM

i will review all the oc and open for public to 29/4/2014 hk time,

and i will only select 2 oc..:)..

i did not decide any yet but thanks for shared:)

I am happy to have 465 watchers now^^
I would like to make some simple pixel art paper doll

it is free as i am learning pixel recently, not really not at animation,

i am still ok to draw  digital chibi:)

this is free request for drawing a pixel art paper doll

my oc:
Ali - Gif - First Try by angiewaiwaiOnion-pixel-gif by angiewaiwaiRed bean-pixel art-gif by angiewaiwaiAtsuko gif pixel art by angiewaiwaiOcean - pixel - icon by angiewaiwai

gift to my friends :

Tiratos oc  - lily + Lilium - gift :D by angiewaiwaiTodd-pixel-gif by angiewaiwai

2 free paper doll is available now,

but the time may not sure now,
i may not able to finish recently,
but i do want to see your oc details:3

if you miss the request last time,
feel free to send a request again..

this is not first come first serve..

i may select 2 slot , favor oc to draw... :3..

to get free request, you at least :

  • favor this journal.
  • watch me ( i dont mind is new watcher^^)
  • post a promotion journal and title is (angiewaiwai free request and please mention me, with link)
  • and comment back here ( post your journal and the oc you want)
  • this is not first come first serve,

  • but i m happy to know more about your oc.^^
  • 2 slot only , but i do enjoy know more about your oc^^

people did not read the rule and did not watch me..only give me the link and i did not know before,
just paste some message will make me disappointed..T.T

i will decide what character i draw after a week

this blog open from 23/4/2014 hk time 12:23pm

to 29/4/2014 9:00pm

Skin by SimplySilent
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Sister: :iconhappyguyplz: Alright, gonna get stuff from downstairs for my mom since it's her birthday.

*Goes downstairs*

Sister: :iconwatmemeplz: Wat. I hear a buzzing.



Me: :iconohgodwhy-plz: SISTER WE MUST DO SOMETHING. *PANICS*

Sister: :iconomgrun-plz: *PANICS*


Supah: :iconbiggrinfaceplz: *LAUGHING HIS BUTT OFF.*

Sister: :iconmotherofplz: HERE TAKE THE HAIRSPRAY

Me: :iconoh-god-why-plz: ALRIGHT I'LL GO DOWNSTAIRS.


Me: :iconnumbfaceplz: *WALKS AROUND- HEARS IT.*



Supah: :icontearsofgleeplz: *STILL LAUGHING BUTT OFF*

Me and my sister: :iconragegirlbegplz: BUT WE HEAR IT. HELP US.




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