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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Giveawaybig2 by Mewitti

Hi all! I'd like to celebrate the Pokemon Gen 3 remakes by going all-out with an art contest AND a giveaway. Both of these events will have 15 winners each! Prizes include plushies, free art, and multiple chances to win a copy of the upcoming Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games. Keep reading to learn how to enter!


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (1 available)
  • Adorable Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic plushie (1 of each available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

How to enter:

To enter, favorite this journal! That's it! You can also reblog the giveaway's Tumblr post to enter yourself a second time. (No giveaway blogs, please.) If you enter the art contest, your name will be entered in the giveaway an extra three times, for a max of five entries per person.


I will randomly pick 15 unique winners. You can't win multiple times in the giveaway, but it is possible to win in the art contest and also win in the giveaway. I will contact you based on the site you won on--so if I picked your username from the Tumblr reblogs, I will send you a Tumblr ask, if I picked your username from the dA post favorites, I will send you a dA note, etc.

The first winner can choose any prize they want (only one game/plushie/keychain per winner), the second winner can pick anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until all 15 have prizes.

The giveaway ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. Winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick someone else. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (2 available!)
  • Giant, fuzzy Kyogre plushie (1 available)
  • Huggable, fierce Groudon plushie (1 available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

What to draw:

Your entry should be something that a Hoenn resident or company might make to show off the unique things that Hoenn has to offer to a prospective tourist. For example: a 'postcard' of a famous Hoenn landmark, 'pamphlets' for tours that showcase the native Pokemon, posters advertising Hoenn events, travel photographs of you and your team visiting the region, or anything else you can think of! This is deliberately open-ended, so get creative.


  • If you enter the art contest, your name will be automatically entered in the giveaway three times! You will not get extra entries in the giveaway if you submit multiple entries for the art contest.
  • All visual artistic mediums are allowed (drawings, sculpture, graphic/web design, etc)
  • You may submit multiple entries, but only one can win per artist.
  • You may collaborate with others, just remember there will be only one prize per winning entry.
  • Send your entries to me via deviantART note or email them to me at, with the subject "ORAS Contest". Include your entry, your username, and the fastest method to get in contact with you if you win.

Winning Categories, in order:

  • First Place Overall
  • Second Place Overall
  • Third Place Overall
  • Most Creative
  • Funniest
  • 10 runner-ups

Winners can pick any prize from the available prizes as long as it isn't already taken. First-place winner gets first dibs, second-place can choose anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until everyone's chosen a prize.

The contest ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. There will be NO extensions, and winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick a different winner. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


If you win, you must be willing to share your name and address and soul so I can mail you your prize! Please don't enter this contest/giveaway if you are not willing to give out your address. I can ship to regions outside the US, and you do NOT have to pay any shipping fees no matter where you live.

Prize specifics: 

  • OR/AS preorders will be ordered via with release-day delivery, so they should arrive on November 21st for US addresses. You get to choose which game you want. These will be physical cartridges, not digital downloads. If you live outside the US or have a non-US-region 3DS: Please check your 3DS's region and let me know! I should be able to get you the appropriate region game, but I can't guarantee release-day delivery. If you can find the appropriate region game on Amazon or another site that allows online preorders, that would be a huge help. From what I've seen, all OR/AS games will be playable in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. You just need to have the correct region for your 3DS.
  • The plushies are official Pokemon Center merchandise that were released this September. This is how big they are!
  • The keychains are handmade and will never be available anywhere else! The Kyogre/Groudon keychains are double-sided glass pendants, and the Rayquaza keychains are made from sturdy, sealed shrink-plastic.
  • Drawings from me will be delivered digitally in high-resolution PNG format. If you choose to get a drawing from me as a prize, I will draw pretty much anything you want--except for sexual situations, excessive gore, or hateful images. It needs to be PG-ish.

If you are wondering why exactly I am giving away all this expensive stuff, see this post.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. Have fun, everyone!

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Tue Sep 30, 2014, 2:00 PM
Pumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehreI love Autumn by converse-kidd-stampsPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Hi Everyone! Since Fall's coming around,

I figure now would be a good time to host a quick giveaway!


I made it onto dA's front page! ;v;

Thanks everyone!

I'm doing a giveaway to help draw some traffic to my page as well! It's very VERY hard to get ahead on dA, and I really have no other options ;x;'
I'm a good artist, so please check out my gallery! ; ;

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoRULES:Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Favorite this Journal entry! ( +1 Number )
Once you favorite, leave a comment saying you did, and I'll assign you a number!
Please DO NOT  remove your favorite until after the giveaway ends, or you will be disqualified!

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoOPTIONAL BONUS ENTRIES:Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Make a journal advertising the giveaway and link it back here! ( +2 Numbers )

Watch me and favorite some artwork! ( +1 Number )

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Divider Small - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoTHE GIVEAWAY ENDS OCTOBER 13thPumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Divider Small - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko**Optional Entries Notice**Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoPumpkin Solo Divider - F2U! by Drache-LehrePumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-nekoOnly NEW watchers may receive another number for WATCHING me.Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko
I want to encourage new users to take a look at my artwork, and I've been struggling to do that, so the second option will only apply to those who have not watched me before. Do not try to cheat this rule, I have a tallied list.

Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko
Failure to do this may end up in skipped entry numbers, and I will not be responsible for that!
Pumpkin LA Icon by lover-of-yaoi-neko
Winner will be decided through a random number generator!

I hope this all goes well!
In the meantime, checkout some of my artwork! ;v;

Lord Hyacinth [open] by Solar-ParagonCrimson Dreamer [open] by Solar-ParagonTundra Drake [open] by Solar-Paragon
Prince Of September [open] by Solar-ParagonNocturnal Acrobat [open] by Solar-ParagonGodina Of Embers [open] by Solar-Paragon

Starglider [OPEN] by Solar-ParagonQuasar Killer [open] by Solar-ParagonSunset Spirit [For Sale] by Solar-Paragon
Divine Healer [SOLD] by Solar-ParagonCOM: Drakequine Design Custom by Solar-ParagonFeather Mage [SOLD] by Solar-Paragon

Paypal Customs List: OPENGeneral rules:
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue]
1. Payment can be either half-half, or up-front. Upfront payments will be taken if the custom needs to be done quickly, or if I am working on a time-based schedule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific custom. Your custom may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image of their custom, for their private use. Only the watermarked images may be used by the commissioner..
5. If you

Paypal Commissions List : OPENGeneral rules:
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:[Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Blue]
1. Payment can be either half-half, or up-front. Upfront payments will be taken if the commission needs to be done quickly, or if I am working on a time-based schedule.
2. The prices listed are general. They may not apply to your specific commission. Your commission may be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what you want drawn. If you want a true quote, please just note me. I don't bite. uvu
3. All commissioners will receive the full, unwatermarked image of their commission, for their private use, which may not be used publicly.
5. If you have any questions at all, pl

Specialty Point/USD Discount Commissions OPENPoint commissions are only applicable to certain art types, as follows. Paypal is a buying option for all commission types throughout this specialty journal, and my regular commission journal.
These are Specialty commissions which don't fit in my regular journal. They're discount buying types not readily available from me, and are a bit cheaper than my full-scale artwork.
My main commissions journal is here:
All rules are still applicable for these.
Just ask if you have a question! ouo
Prices slightly lower for less-detailed characters, just ask if your character applies for a discount!
I have a very fast turn-out time .u.
Once this journal closes, all prices will go up and will not be available at this tier anymore.
USD Buyers will receive a slightly higher-quality image than Points buyers.
Sorry but, I have bills. ono;


1. Simple 600px Icon

110:points: OR $1.20 USD


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In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.

Introducing ginkgografix

Hey there, my name is Anne—some people also call me CSS fairy - and I'm just a glitter spreading, CSS loving random person from Germany. DeviantART is part of my life since 9 years already. While I started with traditional and digital art, I am now doing kind of everything. I love baking, crafting (with plywood for example), designing and just giving new things a try in general. I am a communication designer, who just enjoys being creative in all ways possible.

October 2014

Deviousness Award Winner

A two-time Community Volunteer for the DeviantArt Related category, Anne is well-known as a positive, helpful force. She is the community's resident expert when it comes to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and her personal gallery offers a wide variety of tutorials for new and experienced coders alike. In addition, each winter she hosts a calendar project encouraging members to create Journal designs for all to use, bringing more creativity to the community.

It is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge Anne as the recipient of the Deviousness Award for October 2014.

Featured Work & Community Quotes

Glitter and cake aside, ginkgografix is one of those awesome deviants that inspires others. Her energy and dedication are seen in everything she does. She's a positive force in the DeviantArt Community and an absolutely splendid person to chat with. I'm honored to have been able to serve as a Community Volunteer next to her.”

I first discovered Ginkgografix when I just started with CSS on DeviantArt. She was a Volunteer and she was always so busy, but she always took the time to answer my many comments and really made me feel a part of DeviantArt. She's constantly organizing activities, events and groups. I feel she has been the backbone for the CSS community. Thank you, Anne, you were like a mentor to me!”

Anne is so much. She is not only an awesome deviant with a passion for the community and an always willing hand, she is also a great artist with a lot of talents! And I am glad to live in the same country with her, because so we managed to meet a couple of times and I can tell you, she is just as awesome in person as on DeviantArt!”

Anne is one of the most genuine, caring people on DeviantArt. She's always available to help people out and has gone out of her way to produce incredible learning resources for the community.”

Anne is one of the most helpful, patient and giving people I have met on this site. She's always involved in the community and has taught a lot of us about CSS over the years. She has a great, sparkly personality and I'm glad to have volunteered alongside her.”

Anne is an amazing person to work with and a wonderful friend. Not only is she multitalented, but she willingly shares her talents with others both to help them learn and to support their efforts. As a volunteer, she was always the first person to say, "I'll help!" and was always a trusted, reliable counterpart or colleague. I will always be grateful to her commitment to helping her fellow deviants, including me!”

ginkgografix goes the extra mile with everything she does. Creative, supportive and energetic, she is an incredible inspiration to all.”

ginkgografix is a wonderfully talented, kind hearted soul who goes above and beyond for the community. She's a wonderful deviant and a beautiful person! She's an inspiration to us all, especially the CSS/HTML community!”

Anne befriended me long before I was a volunteer through a mutual love for CSS and bats. Instantly, I was drawn to her charisma, positive attitude, and her exceptional knowledge on everything DeviantArt related. When I became a volunteer I had the amazing privilege of working alongside Anne and seeing firsthand how her community spirit touched the lives of so many others. I knew right then she was someone I could look up to both on DeviantArt and in my personal life. I hope one day to be even half the volunteer she was.”

Congratulations to ginkgografix!

Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award!
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CI Monthly Feature #26

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 3:00 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our CI members! This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to our +40k watchers and the whole community!


Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

:bulletwhite: This feature is free. You don't have to pay to get featured!

Deep blue Ocean by Yenni-Vu Solveig (Ballpoint Sketch) by Seminon f a l l i n g by xRadioactivePixie Down the Rabbit Hole by MafaRioch Rain Petals by Thelovelydaedra
New Years Eve by IShot-U CuT by EhX-KoR Silent Lullaby by StarfireArizona Watching you by Hintial .:Let's Finish this:. by MacaHeroes
Octopus's Garden by CrochetQueen 'Ha. I didn't think so.' by KatNap8181 Love Me, Love Me Not by MyrtoGkl Shaman by Wyverra Dragon Fire by Noguy
Carter by Asheydoo Sweets by Rooboid KissuKissu by ConnieConnConn Danbos Wish by Marloeshi Guardian Of The Promise Land by BloomingRoseXeniia

Talon X Zil by HalfInane-HalfMental Robin by Sasa-Van-Goth Like a bunch of wildflowers by theMaianebula The Voyage 2: Light up the Night Sky by fantreasureplanetljs World of Warcraft: Lifebinder's Rage by ToxicCreed
Oi oi by Kallian91 Enki by RinoTheBouncer Pirotess (gender-swap) by oga-chan Tiger by OdracirO Mother's care by theNightwishmaster
Punk Jax by FigBeater pikachu evolution by valeriarin The Coordinator by TheBlackBullets In my restless dreams, I see that town... by Dark-Indigo Fully functional Mini Crossbows by ShadyDarkGirl
Summer is Over by Erisiar The True and the Other Forms by Everlasting90 Of stained glass by frostyshadows When Daybreak Arrives by FeatheryFlight Cat embrace by pinkoliphant

Chronicles of Reflection: Chapter 1 by Samuraiflame epic standoff between nobody and the flame by WasOriginal The Turn of August by SepticSkeptik Taste the Rainbow... by Pdubbsquared Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design by Neffo
Guardian by TOYDREAMER Wadanohara by Rinrin-chin Almond from Cucumber Quest by ForeverSoaring Despite being Monochrome, everyone's unique by tashaj4de :.:Sail Away:.: by CrowningRoses
Diana and Luna by Stacy-L-Gage Don't-Run by wdnest rock shop enthusiast by faelliex Sakura by Andreanable The Satanic Black Feline by Raiden-Silverfox
Pumpkin Spice Scalemaille Bracelet by Rosie-Periannath Burrd by RustyCroutons Pin Up Puerto Rico by artisticallystrange Traditional Prize for Amaranthadopts by LunardreamerEmy its so cold by Lolita-Artz

Reflect by scoobiesnax Labels by BadApple-Art Life of a Sea Sheppard by BlackThornRose  For YouI made a mess of myself just for you.
I did the one thing I said I wouldn't, for you.
I'm letting this blade be a guest in my chest for you.
I'm willing to wait for you, when I had the intention before of waiting for no one.
 The Last Butterfly by theheek
Free To Fly by dizzyflower28 WIP by A-FACE .::Take Acid, Become God::. by LushLovesYou Jump Through Hoops by hiddenpowerice Sunflowers by Ayelk
Salutations by AyanoHoshi Last Breath by DeathGoddess231 Be Creative (commision) by StarWarsJediAmy Guardians of the Galaxy  morphing faces by rbl3d KU: Smile! by Keeyel
Cyber- Eve by MariaSemelevich Late Again, Dear Alice? by Akara-Legend Sol by Tiffany-Tees Tragic by Pro-kun K.K. Condor by NeonNekoHime

A place to lay my head by GlyphBellchimeDay 228 - Hair Clip and Knitted Scarf by Chame Darkness by Fenrir95 .: Hinami Fueguchi :. by Hachi-Inui Kriss by Inlinverst
 Death by Xarime Water Frog by wuestenbrand Dance by DonguriArt I WENT TOO FAR BUT HELLA by Aeveternal Madonna Ciccone by RED-ADAM
Zer0 - Borderlands 2 by SatoshiD Travelling Spaces by reblog Arms Of The Alien by KidiMaster Young Directors by Art-in-heart4va Heart Of Gold by Hiyomi-chan
Mikaze Ai - Coloured by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks Free Icon: Team Magma girl by SinfullyCute Would ya? by MagicalMerlinGirl nurse? by keilelsun Happiness by A-Motive

Misery by jeckald Broken Heart by duzetdaram Intimacy by MariyaIgnatova Dude in bow tie by Matna-chan Witch 2 by CathleenTarawhiti
Glory by eugenemulberry House by EnniArt Berlin II by Irrblossen Life is like a candle by MidnightArtDragon Anak'Thal - The White Witch by Jonboy8520
C.a.s.t.l.e by LadyCarnal Detective smile by Vilenchik Nah, I'll Show You How To Play! by Harumikoto Pudding Invasion (info in description) by StuffedPolarFox Dreamland by Karita94
Threat by CamaroLp House in the Ramparts by BlessedIgnorance Five Nights at Freddy's by Ashlmet Spellbound by JPMNeg Game Class : Elven Priestess by IAlice-chan

Ariel by FollowsChalk Element by katsuroyasu Silver Cape by Princess-CoCo-154 Jade by Gee-94 A Winter Angel's Warmth by HanaBlueSnowHoshiko
AJ the Scavanging Doctor [all shades] by KhaoShar Practice 13 by willymar ''Go on, Torvin!'' by EDMeadArt The Center of the Universe by purple-kyuuna Hinata Hyuuga - Naruto Shipuudden  Cosplay by Piuna
May Festival Pony - Rarity by selinmarsou Flutter by areemus Ninja Lhama vs the hater's dragon by PedroHenrique-2 by XXxMISANTHROPExXX Fate- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no kyojin by To-Ka-Ro
P :: The Guitarist by UnderworldPP Stupid Demon Triangle by TankerFishyGal Aiden by Raekia12 Nea and Nikolas: C'mere. by kuraikitsune13 Forestgirl 05 by Sugis

Shotta Adoptable -SBd [ OPEN] by Satsuki98  The Devil by XxFTIxX  Missing PagesHow many passionate speeches brought tears to how many eyes,
Then died away into silence?  How many desperate cries?
How many fields were trampled for how many legions to pass?
How many battles hidden by how many miles of grass?
How many life-changing moments broke how many wills?
How many world-changing leaders rot under how many hills?
How many amazing discoveries were lost and discovered anew?
How many heart-felt wishes were granted to just how few?
And how do we go on living knowing all that is lost?
How are there still rules when all of the lines have been crossed?
 Psychedelic furs by ivankorsario Haven by Egil21
Neon Microbes by Brainstorm-bw-style Mother by NorskSkog the veil by magicsart Sunset by Potato-K Gods - Chapter 2: Nii-Oh by AkiraHikawa
A Beauty by jad96art Arix Pixel by Shironaii Tomato Transfusion by tupilak Shingeki No..Shippuden!? by strawberrykurimuchan OC design contest entry part 2 by JunoRainier
Stargazing - Natsu and Lisanna by merunicorn `Mad Wrestler Contest` Entry by Zoltan86 Autumn Leafs by sunnybunny1199  

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October Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:28 PM

Just One Wish by Sisterslaughter165 

Dan Dos Santos Shifting Shadows by DSillustration Hand-kissing by cornacchia-art Ill Will by BigBad-Red Mary-Faith by Eman333 

W o m e n by LadyNight93 River of Blood and Bones by Trisste Seras tu a l heure by Marjie79 Poison by Lhianne 

Wolf in sheep's clothing by tamaraR Do you have news? by ChiantyVex Left On The Outside by BrennaWintjens Need a Dentist II by Flobelebelebobele 

Nefertiti Eternal by J-u-d-a-s Rose Red by BrennaWintjens trail to the wicked by Najeeb-Alnajjar Sagittarius by EnchantedWhispersArt 

Sound of Knell by phoenixlu 

be offended.. by IMertTmyksl what the warm sun feels like by umbatman Anya stock II by Dxlogic by emanrabiah Melancholy by KarahRobinson-Art 

You can run, but you can't hide by pjenz Sin City Under Her Spell by rsiphotography An Apple a Day by Andaelentari Multiplicity - Underwater by Hoangvanvan 

RA by RazielMB Runaway Beauty by LouVart I will fly to you by EstherPuche-Art Enchanted Keys by La--Boheme Not my crime + Tutorial by mippieArt 

White Angel by thelemadreams Enter Here by Wesley-Souza Moonlight 2014 by nudagimo rain... by mirandaarts 

warning by beyzayildirim77 Dream Within A Dream by ElementOfOne1 Merah by birubadut ARIEL by Doucesse 

A strange friendship by megan7 

Untitled September 2014 by slight-art-obsession Aqua Zombie by Walking-Tall Welcome by FictionChick Mirror of Dreams by thelemadreams 

Vanessa by katmary Winter in Me by mysolitaryground Deep blue by scared-princess Multiplicity sea by Hoangvanvan 

Naked Tree by deskridge Going Up by FictionChick Autumn Is Here by Bojan1558 Spirits of the forest by Dark-Angel669 

DRACULA by L-A-Addams-Art Untitled by FUROR ART by FurorArt autumn's joy by naradjou14 Disarming by revande 

Another War by TaniaART J u s t i c e by BloomingRoseXeniia La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt I'm not much on Forgiveness by pjenz 

 Mmm0473 by metindemiralay 

The Dark Wizard by ralfw666 Leave or Die by Doucesse Let there be life by Iskander1989 Vapin' by Notvitruvian Futureman by itznikki530 

Mahogany rush by Altair-E Pisces by CaoChiNhan Letting Go by MonaParvin 

Red-apple by ArtbyValerie Craved by moonchild-ljilja Celestial kingdom by silentfuneral Halloween--welcome-home by DarkVisionsDreams 

R.E.S.U.R.R.E.C.T.I.O.N by Creamydigital Astronaut Girl [ Commission ] by cennie Butterfly soul by katmary El silencio by NebelelfeNaemy Stay by SpokeninRed 

Lass Mich Fallen by ChristabelleLAmort Gemini Sisters by kimoz To Your Own Self Be True by rsiphotography Into the Void by KarahRobinson-Art 

Goodbye Summer by shiny-shadows-Art Syndra - cosplay edit by msriotte Disa by brietolga Orgollyn by Irrisor-Immortalis 

When I Touch You by Canankk 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Hello everybody! I’m so thrilled to see you could make it to the 14th installment of ‘Adjusting The Antennae’ in this beautiful month of September. Yes, yes, I know it is the final day of September and I'm really cutting it close but I got it out in time and that's all that matters, right? Right. I hope you are all well, lovely people. And I hope you're enjoying the weather too as those in certain parts of the world are enjoying the beginning of fall whereas our friends on the other side of the world are enjoying the spring. I hope we're doing well in school, eating well, and living right.

Today's guest is extremely special to me and really, everyone should have a person like this in their corner but before I tell you all who this absolutely beautiful deviant is though, I am your host, chromeantennae
 and I'm glad to have you all here for the 14th episode of ATA. It is an absolute honor to be a part of your day on deviantART. 

And my guest for today’s show is the one-of-a-kind person and artist, Lissomer. Sophia here, for those that don't know, has become one of my closest friends here on deviantART (and simply in general). She's an absolutely beautiful person; incredible, incredible writer; and I love her so much. She is a deviant that I recommend everyone get to know and watch because she is that skilled with poetry and she is so sweet.

So I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me for the series, Sophia. It would've been practically ridiculous not to have a person as wonderful you as a part of 'Adjusting The Antennae.' You add so much greatness to this series!

Before we start this interview is there anything you’d like to share with our audience on this day? How have you been, any projects you’re currently working on, any interesting facts about you we may not know about you? Anything your mind can think of! From a book you’re currently reading to a few of your favorite deviants or a huge declaration. Ha! Anything that you want to let be known before we start this interview.

Well, hello everyone! And hi to Ricky! It's such an honour that you asked me to participate in this interview. So, thank you, lovely. At the moment I'm just focusing on getting through to the end of the school year - I'll be finished on November 7th, so I'm nearly done! So there's not a huge amount in the works, but I certainly have a lot of ideas for events to hold or introduce over the southern hemisphere's summer. Keep one eye out for some more community-related stuff from me over the next few months, I suppose. Also, while I have the attention of whoever is reading this interview, I'm always looking for more people to collaborate with! Blatant self-promotion, woohoo! Flick me a note if you're keen, I'd love to work with more of the wonderful talent here!
Now onto my first question, Sophia. This is on your previous account known as susurrousity. We’ve discussed at length how you were different then on that account but can you tell our audience a bit about your old account?

There's a pretty good summary of susurrousity in the "my deviantART story" journal I wrote! I'll give a quick summary here, too. I started out on deviantART back in mid-2009 with the username singtosavetheworld, when I was fourteen years old; prompted to join by a dear friend (Pinkipuff).

I wrote lots and lots and lots, making a few very close friends along the way, one of whom I've been fortunate enough to meet (DivinitusRenes
, I'm looking at you!). More than a poetry account, my previous account could almost be considered a diary or an outlet. I wrote my every thought and feeling into poetry, especially when things got bad. Somewhere along the line my name became sophiakay, and finally susurrousity in 2012. In a very real way, I've grown up on deviantART; I've spent the greater part of my adolescence writing and sharing and existing on the site. And in another, very important way, the people I met and the connections I made on my previous account shaped me, helped me grow, and quite possibly saved me. 
Secondly, in relation to your old account, how are things different now as Lissomer? With you being on this particular account for 7 months (but really only being active for about a half a year as you’ve mentioned to me before), what has changed? How has the community affected you differently compared to when you were susurrousity? Has the community itself changed?

I wasn't really aware of the community on my previous account, at least not on the level that I am today. I read every day's DLDs for a while, I looked up to people, and I dreamed of one day getting a Daily Deviation, but I wasn't involved so much. So I can't really make comments on the community itself. However, now that I'm getting involved much more than I was them, I can really say that the community is an amazing thing. There are so many amazing, supportive people here who do so much good. They inspire me to be more like them, and I am certainly doing my best to give as much as I'm receiving. 
Staying on the community for the time being, you’re really making your mark here on deviantART at an extremely fast rate. It’s incredible impressive but how do you feel about it? Do you have any idea how that really happened and seeing as how you’re still “new” (to this account) or has this all really just caught you off guard?

I am still completely taken aback by the way I've been welcomed and received this time around. I'm not entirely sure how it happened! I do know that it's magical, and that I'm honoured and overwhelmed by the love and support I'm shown and that I witness every day here. I do think that in this community, standing up and throwing yourself into the thick of it will reap great rewards, which is something I've tried to do. 
Asides from simply incredible poetry (And I mean, incredible.), you also impact the community by being involved with a lot of different groups. These include groups like BurdenedHearts (Big ups to those guys) as well as the TheWritersMeow. Can you tell our audience about each of these awesome groups you help run and maintain?

DeviantLITERATURE: This was the first group I joined, and it's run by the lovely 91816119. It's a great literature group which I believe is planning a big revamp in the near future!

HundredMemories: A group for an idea Nichrysalis had, to share 100 memories each in at least 100 words. I love the idea, you should definitely give it a go!

dA-Literature: A very active lit-sharing group where every writer can find their niche! I'm a gallery admin here, voting on correctly categorised literature submissions.

SixWordStories: This is a fantastic and very active group that constantly shares prompts and competitions. I'm a gallery admin here also, helping to discuss submissions. Definitely give this group a watch, six word stories can be so powerful!

TheWritersMeow: A brilliant active group administrated by the lovely Medoriko! There's always great prompts and great writing to be found over at TWM. Also, keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming lit contest run by the group!

BurdenedHearts: A wonderful group with an important purpose, BH promotes mental health awareness and support for people in need of some love and kindness.

TheIllustrious: This is my special baby. Founded by scarletwave, reveur-artiste, samjo989, and myself, this group aims to share moving, inspirational traditional art, literature and photography of the highest standard. We're looking for new members and submissions at the moment, I'd love it if you went over and took a look or joined the group! 
Now onto poetry-centric questions. Your poetry is metaphor-heavy, vivid, and extremely distinct. Your voice is so strong and continues to get even stronger so I wonder how you’ve developed your style to this degree over the years. Was it something as simple as writing all of the time or was it other things that affected the way you wrote (and currently write)? Perhaps other literature or music (as you’ve mentioned to me in the past)?

I've always been an avid reader. I'll read almost anything, and I read all the time. This helped expand my vocabulary and my understanding of words. Especially when I was younger, everything from music to television, books, and films would inspire me to write. I remember days where I would sit down at the kitchen table, headphones in, and just write and write whatever came into my head. Nowadays, I try to learn from the incredible people around me, and gosh there are so many of them! I try and make my poems really worth the time it takes to create them. And of course, I'm a very different person to the eleven-year-old who wrote her first poem after reading 1984 for the first time, and to the fourteen-year-old who started out on this website, and to even the eighteen-year-old who deleted her dA account. I write less now, but I think more. I think it's a good trade-off.
And these fantastic writings of yours have gotten you a number of different awards as well as recognition spots. From a number of features from DailyLitRecognition to the 1 Daily Deviation under your belt, I wonder, after receiving both for the first time, how did those moments feel? And what you have in your gallery now, what would you personally choose to possibly be your second Daily Deviation?

The first time I was featured by DLD, I couldn't quite believe it - I didn't even know what it was, let alone how someone had spotted my work; I was barely known in those days. It was such a surprise, it really made my day. But my Daily Deviation... gosh, that honour completely floored me. I was giddy for days. "symphony stellata" is so close to my heart, and I am still infinitely grateful both to yourself, Ricky, and Stephany (@IrrevocableFate) for believing in my work. As for what I would choose for a Daily Deviation now, that's a horribly difficult question! I think I'd have to say "seastorm", because I'm so proud of it, and I worked so hard on it. I talk a little more about "seastorm" further down!

symphony stellataone of my earliest memories -
my mother, steadfast mentality
slowly driving her forward, repeating
repeating re-pea-ting bar by bar
nocturne number eight in d flat major;
never anything less than perfection,
even when fingertips wear thin,
when patience wears thinner,
and chopin fades into dusti am a child born of icy constellations,
cigarette smoke, and canorous chords,
composers whispering at the edge of my sensesblack-garbed, it's grandmother's funeral -
my violin cries massenet's méditation.
my thirteen year-old heart has never
felt so incapable of expression,
so goddamn inadequate, and d major
has never sounded so heartbroken.
we return to a phone call from father,
his composure cracking as he tells us
we'll be doing this all over again;
96 hours, two grandmothers gone,
now all i have is massenet and
it isn't fairwe'd never know it by looking at the sky,
but countless stars waxed requiem to
create us; cenotaphs in the empyrean blacksixteen years old and i can breathe -

And with you being a person who consistently and constantly puts out such phenomenal literature for the masses of dA (Sophia’s works are absolutely amazing.), what is your writing process? What really gets you to take time out of your day and write? What’s your muse on a day-to-day basis?

Oh my goodness, you flatter me too much! My writing process isn't overly routine or steady. I don't write every day, although I try to. I do make sure that whenever I have a thought that's even vaguely poetic, I write it down somewhere where I can find it again. My cellphone is full of small words and snippets I've recorded and then abandoned, ready for me to stumble upon them in the future. It's the same with my locker at work - there are probably a hundred or more small pieces of paper with a word or phrase recorded. 
I am often inspired by things that happen around me. I am especially driven to write by things I experience, self-reflection (although this isn't always a good thing!) conversations I have, and people that I am close to. Lately there has been a lot of my work focused on past experience and self-reflection, but I'm hoping to move away from that in the near future. I'd love to write more nature-based poetry, and experiment more with prose.
With you being someone who is getting deeper into the literature community here on deviantART as more time passes, are there any goals you still wish to achieve? Perhaps seniority or became a CV? Is there really anything you want to achieve here still?

Oh, gosh. To be honest, it's not something I've really thought a lot about until this moment. While both seniority and being a CV are incredible honours, right now I'm just enjoying being able to be a part of the incredible community here. I still feel very much a novice both with my writing and within the community, and I'm taking one day at a time, learning so much along the way. I would love to collaborate more, run more competitions, get more involved, etcetera.
And despite the amount of time you’ve been known as Lissomer, I still consider you a veteran of your site with your last account, so I’d love it if you could show our audience a few deviants that you feel deserve more attention or simply writers that you look up to here on this site.

Ooh, there's so many of both, we'd be here all day if I were to really go through that list! Everyone I watch, everyone in my favourites, they're all fab and lovely and incredible writers that I look up to immensely. I'll focus instead on deviants that I think should be wider known. I also look up to all these brilliant people! LadyBitterblueLadyMurosakiwildfirepenTryToDefineMe, peaseblossomsapoemhowsweetSeamlessMaidenautisticatxXI-Feel-InfiniteXxellesead-e-l-e-t-e-dilyilaice, WindFragments, and so many more! Definitely go and take a look at their galleries, they're all wonderful people with so much talent!
Now that we’ve gotten around to some of your favorite deviants, what are some of your personal favorites in your gallery? What are a few of the pieces you’re most proud of and why?

All of my pieces are pretty close to my heart, so this is a difficult question. The first piece, however, is undoubtedly the piece I'm most proud of in the last few months, perhaps even ever. "seastorm" was an exploration into new technical territory for me, in wordplay, in layout, in the amount of time I spent searching for the best way to express myself. I am so, so, so proud of "seastorm". The second piece, "memory: marcel", evokes nostalgic feelings in me. I'm really glad I was able to put the memory into writing, as it is very close to my heart. And thirdly, "practise (FFM 6)" is from my collection of Flash-Fic-Month prose. I really enjoyed participating in FFM, as it gave me an opportunity to experiment in prose, an avenue I'd barely explored in years. "practise (FFM 6)" is one of the pieces I'm most proud of from the month's writing.

a wreck-
age wearing
at the sea(m)s
of tidal vacancy;
I am the ocean, and
the moon has
forsaken me.
cling to reason,
I stumbled on
absence stagnant,
abrupt. bedridden yet
ever chas(m)ing, I  
fell to salt-soaked
ground from a
words were all it took
but all you do is take.
I am waking
and I am shaken
tsunami waves that break
in empty frantic fury;
you are
the briefest repose
or instant of stillness,
I yearn; instead
I am abandoned by language,
I am bound to languish beneath
mountainous (n)ever-rest
tempests that swell,
that quell
even the most desperate of breaks
for the shore.
memory: marcel"Can I tell you a secret?"
I barely manage
to catch your
flimsy whisper
out of the air
before it flutters
You are a child with
late-afternoon sunshine
brimming in your eyes;
transforming you into
a gold-lit silhouette
and I am lost,
I inhale,
somehow managing
a nod (of sorts).
The rustling leaves around us
seem to hush, to coalesce with
the suspension of my breath,
it is almost as if the world
is as wondering and eager as I;
what will come next?
You lean in, and your lips
graze my cheek just once,
oh-so-softly, before
you murmur--
"I love you."
practise (FFM 6)G flat arpeggios. Modulation. E flat descending motif. Mistake; start over.
The piano was old and out of tune, but he'd saved up for three years, he'd paid for it; this knowledge made his battered old Collard & Collard the most beautiful darn piano this side of the country. He knew her every mood, the G, E, and F# keys that stuck in cold weather, the low C that twanged before it rained, the aggressive clash of the A's that didn't quite make a perfect octave.  They worked together, a strangely lovely synergy of tired piano and determined boy.
Etude. Half-speed, quarter-speed, double-speed. Again. Get bored, play pop songs and add an alberti bass. Segue into Mozart. Accidental accidentals; make it sound intentional. Another etude.
At six on a chilly April morning, the cold air made his fingers feel stiff and unwieldy; they stubbornly refused to respond in a timely fashion to the commands his mind was sending. The heat pump was too expensive to run, so he had to make do

Finally, I’d love to know what works (recent or later) that you have read here that still stick with you? What poems or prose pieces still linger on with you despite the amount of time has passed? Can you share with us a few of those special pieces?

Three pieces that have stayed with me, nestled in my memory even after deleting my previous account:

The radio told us:i couldn't sleep last night.
i didn't know why, but i kept waking up - i was too hot; there were odd noises outside; someone in the apartment was moving around.
i finally went to sleep at dawn, and between the clouds and the sun, the sky was orange.
i updated my facebook status from my phone to,
the sky is orange: why is the sky orange?
a friend responded:
red sky in the morning (or orange) - shepherd's warning!
she didn't know how horribly right she was about to be.
when my alarm went off, i had a coffee and got dressed before going to class. my pen ran out, and i started talking to the girl next to me after asking to borrow one, to which she happily obliged. a single serving friend, i thought, in a class of hundreds. i'll never see her again, i thought, and more's the pity, she's nice.
i went home. had breakfast. found my friend and we went to run errands in central city.
it had been a normal day.
we were stopped at the lights in the centre of town
FlutteringsIt hurted.
My stomach was hurting for days. Mama said it was probably ulcer or maybe my drinking of so much Coke. But I ate and I ate and never drank Coke, and still my stomach hurted. Even if Mama went to the place where herbal plants grow to get a bunch of leaves so that she could squish them and put them in my drink, my stomach didn't stop hurting.
Papa said it was time to call the doctor, so he put on his funny straw hat and went to call the doctor. And when he came back, there was a funny-looking man that followed him into our little house. He had long kinky hair with white stuff in it and when he smiled he had very few teeth. His skin was brown, and his clothes was brown, and his hair was brown. He looked like mud.
Papa said, This is Pachiko.
And I said, Hello Pachiko.
And Pachiko smiled with the very few teeth that he had. Then he touched my stomach. He touched it for a long time, long enough for me to ask why he was touching it.
Then he took his hand off my stomach and looked a
Anthropomorphism for BeginnersI found Grandma on the street today
reborn as a rock.
I didn't recognize her at first
without her turquoise-rim glasses
or her always-falling-out-in-public teeth;
she was standing in the gutter on her bald,
lopsided head.
Mom tells me Grandma's gone to nag God into slaughtering spiders
and taking the farts out of vegetables,
but if you squint your eyes and tilt your head,
you can see Grandma's crooked nose--
the one that she broke
playing badminton last year--
and the way her eyes crinkle at the corners
when she talks about cheating
to beat me at checkers.
And it's just like Grandma to come back as a rock;
Mom's always called her a stubborn old crook,
and it looks like Grandma's holding a bag of stolen money
under her billowing Hippie-Days shirt sleeves
if you turn her just slightly to the right.
I think I'm gonna keep her in my bedroom.
Just in case.

Some of my favourite favourite favourites from my time as @Lissomer, and one very special poem written for me by one of my closest friends.

Ghost in the MachineThere were days
Melissa measured
her happiness in brightness,
when she would hold
her hands over her eyes
and the cracks of sunlight,
like old paint on drywall,
would shine through
to let her know exactly
who it was that held her.
Who is it?
And at that moment of recognition
Melissa felt…
...she felt okay.
More than photons
reflecting off of totem shells,
humanity is conch-cradled
in her dusk where light perception
is limited to the moon, where blind
is a swear word and an oath
dependent on a circadian
arcade: she is blind
and going blinder.
she allows herself a curfew
to blow out the lantern
and sing without color
for the first time.
you rely on a perfect balance—
trusting the sunshine to smile
on your bare arms at eight a.m.,
two p.m., half-past six and ticking on,
letting the moon comfort you
as patchwork clouds shawl over
midnight's studded shoulders,
leaving behind aspects of life:
natural, mundane, mechanical,
and self-made doubts.
Don't fo
Irreversible Pauses for Punctuation     
i. We’re finding the subtitles of our truths
in the synergisms of our loneliness.
Dead languages have never been happier;
magnified in bold and double quotations
                as we slant with the backs of our hands
                only daring to brush the proclivity
                of our wants.
                            ii. How I have found your abundance in extinction;
                            my puissance condensed then liquefied
eugenics in bulkBy the time she was twelve they had already decided she would marry a man who could run a five minute mile and speak seven languages.  They chose her a husband the same way they had chosen her eyes and her legs and the pale freckles that interrupted her nose - the same way their parents had designed their children and arranged their marriages, strategic.
Her father called her petite reine. He owned an antique chess board carved from ebony wood and maple.  Some days she'd sneak into the library, pry open the old chequered box and pick out one of the queens, and she'd turn it round and round, searching for imperfections. It was a plain, ugly thing, huge and fat in her tiny grasp.  She had wondered if he thought of her this way.  
She wondered the same now.  
Her hands were not her own.  A businessman in a white coat had grown them slender and strong, built her carbon fiber bones and nails like arrowheads.  Her mother reminded her of this when the
fingernail in the cartouche graven
scrawling ancestors' old hopes
and invocations
o, maybe
this dirt
is worth relaying
phasing out
and never tasting in-
timate moments, only
dust in a mouth named
these evenings feebly creep
breathing uneasy, wheezing
in uneven thieving
screaming seeming the least redeeming thing
but each of these teeth keep scheming
pluck a glitch from
unlucky stitch and
suffer with the
what good am i,
a quick full
of static?
Good (Great, Greater, Greatest, You)Good (Great, Greater, Greatest, You)
I hope the title caught your eye,
because this is about you.
Many of us speak in superlatives
and ambiguous language.
In imagery-laden text masquerading
underneath double entendres
keeping us from a part of the truth.
But purple streaks and red bands,
harp strings and soft hands
don't begin to explain
the love I have for you.
So I lay these words down 
simple in its vulnerability,
blemished and raw in its purity.
The term lissome fits you in many ways,
but not necessarily it its textbook form.
I speak on the part that is not readily seen
but what is easily most cogent.
Your consciousness' cognizance
is graceful in the way
you fold one syllable over
another, supple in its meaning
that can take many forms
going from idle lies
to how we idolize hollow eyes
and uncovered hip bones.
Elegance is an understatement,
but I refuse to speak in cliche superlatives.
I speak honestly
but not with exaggerated grandeur.
Because your immediate app

And to everyone who tuned in on this day of thanks, I want to thank you all for joining us for the fourteenth episode of “Adjusting The Antennae,” where we try to shift the focus of dA to the greatness of poetry and prose. It is such an honor to have gotten this far with you all and I hope you all know how much I love and appreciate everyone’s support. I also hope that you all enjoyed this fourteenth installment of “Adjusting The Antennae.” Also, also! I hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous day, week, month, and year. And of course, I want to thank the amazing Lissomer for taking time out of her busy schedule to tell us a little bit more about herself and her gorgeous artwork. 

On one last point, if you know of a writer who deserves more attention or a writer you believe would make for a good interviewee, please comment below or note me with your suggestion(s)! You're also more than welcomed to add questions along with your suggestions, too. Also, if you enjoyed this interview, please show Sophia some love, spread the word on this series, or just let your thoughts be known on this with a comment!

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Gradient Effect in Chaotica

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:36 AM
In this tutorial, i will explain how to make a fading gradient background effect in Chaotica, as it was done in this work, for example:

Monument Valley by tatasz

The technique can be easily adapted to Apophysis (using either custom plugins or linked transforms).

Also, if you have any trouble with the World Editor, please check my Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.

Gradient Background Effect

You can use this technique on almost any parameters. The only requirement is to have at least one iterator with blur. For the tutorial example, i will use a random world below:

1 by tatasz

The first step is to switch to World Editor and add a new iterator (use the "new iterator" button on top of the editor window). Here, it is the iterator 6:

2 Iter by tatasz

Select the transforms node, and click on the "new transform" button to add a new transform:

3 Transf by tatasz

Now replace the default linear transform type with sineblur as below:

4 Sineblur by tatasz

Now, we need to edit the post transforms. Select the flam3 transform node, and click on the "Show post transforms" button in the node editor:

5 Show Post by tatasz

Add a new transform to the post transform node (use the "new transform" button") and replace the default linear with log

6 Log by tatasz

Now, select weights node. Set weights to all iterators to 0, except the ones that have blur (iterator 4 here):

7 Weights by tatasz

Now you should have something like this:

Mean by tatasz

Time to move the gradient around. Select flam3 transform node, and click on the "add post affine" button.

9 Add Post Affine by tatasz

Select the added post affine, and move, rotate and scale it in the editor until the gradient is positioned in a way you like it. This is the default position:

10 Postaff by tatasz

And this is where i moved it:

11 Post Aff by tatasz

To get this:

Final by tatasz

Some editing tips and observations

Keep in mind this is not an actual background. The gradient will "overlap" with your fractal.

Also, this technique will work better for low gamma values.

A few things that you definitely should try:
  • instead of sineblur, try using other blurs (for example radial or gaussian)
  • replace log with polar or polar2
  • move and skew and rotate the gradient post transform
  • edit the gradient´s shaders
Explore and have fun :la:

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Giveaway !! Official - Changes

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 1:43 PM
I can't wait until 1000 watchers, I wanna do the giveaway now !!

Alright, here's the rules :

:star: You must be a watcher ! This is for my watchers, after all !

:star: But if you do not like my art, don't enter. I don't want any more meaningless watchers. :c

:star: If you unwatch me after this is over, and especially if you win something, you will not be allowed to participate in any more giveaways I do. Sorry, but that's the rules.

:star: No double, plz, or point accounts please !

:star: You must spread the word through a journal ! No polls please ! And you must also fav the journal !!

:star: This is not required, but highly appreciated - Please watch :iconforestpaw23: , :iconheatherbacon: , :iconpasteicrayons: , and :iconwildwolvess: .

END DATE : October 20, 2014 (May change)

Alright, now to the prizes. They're going to be less, but there's more stuff like art. c:

Prizes :

More may be added !!

1st - 450 :points: + 20 Free commissions from me, Zashastorms (worth 100 :points: + in value added up)

- Choice of either 1 : Headshot w/ background 2 : Journal skin fully coded, drawn, and designed by her, or 3 : three flat colored sketches from WildWolvess (worth $25 in added value)

2nd - 225 :points: + 10 Free commissions from me, Zashastorms (worth 50 :points: + in value added up)

- Full drawings from XxHawktailxX 

- One fanfiction of any characters of your choice from heatherbacon / Crushberry

3rd - 100 :points: + 5 Free commissions from me, Zashastorms (Worth 25 :points: + in value added up)

- animated/non-animated journal doll from XxHawktailxX 

- animated/non-animated icon from XxHawktailxX 

- One headshot from heatherbacon

- Chibi(s) from XxFlameFrost101xX 


20 People will be chosen for Long Smoketail MYO slots to get the species up and running !!

You can offer prizes if you'd like, any offer is automatically accepted c:

Sound good?

  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Don't - Ed Sheeran
  • Reading: Warriors : Dawn of the Clans #2
  • Watching: The Big Bang Theory
  • Playing: Chicken Smoothie
  • Eating: Candy Corn
  • Drinking: Juice
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Movie Poster


It's October and the sacred 31 days of Halloween are upon us-time to get your gore on! The chill is in the air, the leaves are on the ground, and Halloween candy has been out since Labor Day. So while you’re waiting in the Starbucks line for an overpriced double pumpkin spice whatever, pass the time with this year’s scary movies reviews!

30 Days of Night (2007)

Review by Gypsycurse71

Overall Grade: A

Vampire tribe descends to feast on Alaskan town where the sun doesn't rise for 30 days. Gore abounds but what I liked most was the writers rescued vampirism from modern explanations of genetic defect and viruses and returned it to its feral roots. This clan is all menace, all the time—no opera capes, no romance, and nobody sparkles. The only thing I fault these vampires for is not getting Sarah Palin while they were out there.

Steve Niles's Comments About The Project

”30 Days didn't come out of a love of vampires. I had burned out on how accepted they had become. When (Ben) Templesmith and I created these vampires we agreed they had to be land sharks, merciless monsters that didn't give a shit about you except for what flowed in your veins.”

Steve Niles

”I love monsters. They are the ultimate outsider.”

Steve Niles

It's October and the sacred 31 days of Halloween are upon us-time to get your gore on! The chill is in the air, the leaves are on the ground, and Halloween candy has been out since Labor Day. So while you’re waiting in the Starbucks line for an overpriced double pumpkin spice whatever, pass the time with this year’s scary movies reviews!

Writers: Gypsycurse71
Designers: marioluevanos

For more articles like this, please visit depthRADIUS
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Bird-Photography and Birds-Club proudly presents some of the best submissions from the month of September, chosen by me, mydigitalmind. At the end of every month, I will go through submissions from both groups and choose the ones that stand to feature them in a News Article. I will also choose features from some of our special events that run during the month.

:iconbird-photography: and :iconbirds-club:

Special Features

Bird-Photography's Featured Photos
Every week, the admins from Bird-Photography pick a photo out of the current submissions that will be featured on our front page for the entire week. The following photos were featured in September.
Fairywren by amaliabastos Common kestrel I by JWeber2112 Southern Double-collared Sunbird by PhilippeduPreez Viewpoints by AlejandroCastillo

Top Quality Photography

Flamingo in the Sun by papatheo Shoebill by MichaelPuschinski Three of a Kind by papatheo
Ruby Throated Hummingbird by Andres-Cadena Osprey-Deadly Intent by JestePhotography Woodpecker Near The Water by Sergey-Ryzhkov Shredder by mydigitalmind
Dragon by BogdanBoev Shaymus by FeatheredSamurai Osprey-Talons by JestePhotography
Razorbills by Dellboyy Ruffs by Sergey-Ryzhkov Puffins discussing by OldEric
Vulture by ha-rat-kiri Say What? by hull612 There and Back to see how far it is by parallel-pam
Riot 15 by EdgedFeather Burrowing Owl / Lechucita Vizcachera by Zenet2527 Falcon Lover by Hishino
Isn't it a lovely day by VJD-Communication First Sign Of Fall by wolfwings1 Talk To The Claw! by daneyephotography
Blue-and-Gold Macaw ( 6 ) by Olympus-Nyx Black Crowned Crane by MichaelPuschinski Oh Hello! by x-xSpitFirex-x
an ultra detailed young pigeon head by ssabbath Lady Violet by SchwarzWieEbenholZAfternoon Snack by natureguy
Archilochus colubris by Andres-Cadena Reaching over by kiew1

Traditional and Digital Art from Birds-Club

Colours by scatbadh Atlantic Puffin (pixel) by Glitter-Pie Fall Feathers by GarrettPack Pigeon lullaby by AnkaS
Ember Crow by SageKorppi Ashes by Alai-Corvus-Aorax Soul of Tree by Aeternum-Art
Wild glance by Bisanti Dance by RandyAinsworth Lovebirds by shanskala
Barn Owl by kDdabous Flying bird by lyyy971 Jackdaws by Checanty
Owl by Coconut-CocaCola Cut All Ties by Bonniemarie Sparrow on Pumpkin by Dusty-Feather

And a HUGE congratulations to Nambroth for winning this year's Federal Duck Stamp contest!
2015-2016 Federal Duck Stamp by Nambroth

Thank you for reading! Please favorite this article if you enjoyed it. If you are not a member of either group and would like to become one, visit us and join - we look forward to seeing your submissions!

Co-founder of Bird-Photography, Moderator of Birds-Club