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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Giveawaybig2 by Mewitti

Hi all! I'd like to celebrate the Pokemon Gen 3 remakes by going all-out with an art contest AND a giveaway. Both of these events will have 15 winners each! Prizes include plushies, free art, and multiple chances to win a copy of the upcoming Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire games. Keep reading to learn how to enter!


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (1 available)
  • Adorable Treecko, Mudkip, or Torchic plushie (1 of each available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

How to enter:

To enter, favorite this journal! That's it! You can also reblog the giveaway's Tumblr post to enter yourself a second time. (No giveaway blogs, please.) If you enter the art contest, your name will be entered in the giveaway an extra three times, for a max of five entries per person.


I will randomly pick 15 unique winners. You can't win multiple times in the giveaway, but it is possible to win in the art contest and also win in the giveaway. I will contact you based on the site you won on--so if I picked your username from the Tumblr reblogs, I will send you a Tumblr ask, if I picked your username from the dA post favorites, I will send you a dA note, etc.

The first winner can choose any prize they want (only one game/plushie/keychain per winner), the second winner can pick anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until all 15 have prizes.

The giveaway ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. Winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick someone else. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


Available prizes:

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire game preorder (2 available!)
  • Giant, fuzzy Kyogre plushie (1 available)
  • Huggable, fierce Groudon plushie (1 available)
  • Super cool drawing by me (1 available - here are some examples of my work)
  • Fancypants Kyogre & Groudon pendant keychain (5 available)
  • Badass Rayquaza keychain (5 available)

What to draw:

Your entry should be something that a Hoenn resident or company might make to show off the unique things that Hoenn has to offer to a prospective tourist. For example: a 'postcard' of a famous Hoenn landmark, 'pamphlets' for tours that showcase the native Pokemon, posters advertising Hoenn events, travel photographs of you and your team visiting the region, or anything else you can think of! This is deliberately open-ended, so get creative.


  • If you enter the art contest, your name will be automatically entered in the giveaway three times! You will not get extra entries in the giveaway if you submit multiple entries for the art contest.
  • All visual artistic mediums are allowed (drawings, sculpture, graphic/web design, etc)
  • You may submit multiple entries, but only one can win per artist.
  • You may collaborate with others, just remember there will be only one prize per winning entry.
  • Send your entries to me via deviantART note or email them to me at, with the subject "ORAS Contest". Include your entry, your username, and the fastest method to get in contact with you if you win.

Winning Categories, in order:

  • First Place Overall
  • Second Place Overall
  • Third Place Overall
  • Most Creative
  • Funniest
  • 10 runner-ups

Winners can pick any prize from the available prizes as long as it isn't already taken. First-place winner gets first dibs, second-place can choose anything the first-place winner didn't claim, and so on until everyone's chosen a prize.

The contest ends on November 9 at 11:55pm EST. I will send notifications to the winners within one day. There will be NO extensions, and winners MUST respond with their address/prize preferences within 24 hours or I will pick a different winner. Sorry for the strictness here, but I need to wrap up the contest quickly so that people who choose OR/AS preorders can cancel any existing preorders and non-winners can get their own preorders on time.


If you win, you must be willing to share your name and address and soul so I can mail you your prize! Please don't enter this contest/giveaway if you are not willing to give out your address. I can ship to regions outside the US, and you do NOT have to pay any shipping fees no matter where you live.

Prize specifics: 

  • OR/AS preorders will be ordered via with release-day delivery, so they should arrive on November 21st for US addresses. You get to choose which game you want. These will be physical cartridges, not digital downloads. If you live outside the US or have a non-US-region 3DS: Please check your 3DS's region and let me know! I should be able to get you the appropriate region game, but I can't guarantee release-day delivery. If you can find the appropriate region game on Amazon or another site that allows online preorders, that would be a huge help. From what I've seen, all OR/AS games will be playable in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, or Italian. You just need to have the correct region for your 3DS.
  • The plushies are official Pokemon Center merchandise that were released this September. This is how big they are!
  • The keychains are handmade and will never be available anywhere else! The Kyogre/Groudon keychains are double-sided glass pendants, and the Rayquaza keychains are made from sturdy, sealed shrink-plastic.
  • Drawings from me will be delivered digitally in high-resolution PNG format. If you choose to get a drawing from me as a prize, I will draw pretty much anything you want--except for sexual situations, excessive gore, or hateful images. It needs to be PG-ish.

If you are wondering why exactly I am giving away all this expensive stuff, see this post.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch. Have fun, everyone!

As I promised, I'm making another 1000 :points: giveaway just for you guys!

The main prize of this giveaway is 1000 :points:

How can you get them? Here are the rules:

1. You need to be my watcher.
2. You need to fave this journal (You'll get a number, which I will use to determine the winner, via Random Numer Generator)
3. You need to link this giveaway in your journal
4. You need to comment here, and insert the link to your journal, containing info of this giveaway.

That's all :)

The deadline for this giveaway is

19th of October

Previous giveaway winner: :iconruiori:

Good luck :D

CI Monthly Feature #26

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 3:00 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our CI members! This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to our +40k watchers and the whole community!


Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

:bulletwhite: This feature is free. You don't have to pay to get featured!

Deep blue Ocean by Yenni-Vu Solveig (Ballpoint Sketch) by Seminon f a l l i n g by xRadioactivePixie Down the Rabbit Hole by MafaRioch Rain Petals by Thelovelydaedra
New Years Eve by IShot-U CuT by EhX-KoR Silent Lullaby by StarfireArizona Watching you by Hintial .:Let's Finish this:. by MacaHeroes
Octopus's Garden by CrochetQueen 'Ha. I didn't think so.' by KatNap8181 Love Me, Love Me Not by MyrtoGkl Shaman by Wyverra Dragon Fire by Noguy
Carter by Asheydoo Sweets by Rooboid KissuKissu by ConnieConnConn Danbos Wish by Marloeshi Guardian Of The Promise Land by BloomingRoseXeniia

Talon X Zil by HalfInane-HalfMental Robin by Sasa-Van-Goth Like a bunch of wildflowers by theMaianebula The Voyage 2: Light up the Night Sky by fantreasureplanetljs World of Warcraft: Lifebinder's Rage by ToxicCreed
Oi oi by Kallian91 Enki by RinoTheBouncer Pirotess (gender-swap) by oga-chan Tiger by OdracirO Mother's care by theNightwishmaster
Punk Jax by FigBeater pikachu evolution by valeriarin The Coordinator by TheBlackBullets In my restless dreams, I see that town... by Dark-Indigo Fully functional Mini Crossbows by ShadyDarkGirl
Summer is Over by Erisiar The True and the Other Forms by Everlasting90 Of stained glass by frostyshadows When Daybreak Arrives by FeatheryFlight Cat embrace by pinkoliphant

Chronicles of Reflection: Chapter 1 by Samuraiflame epic standoff between nobody and the flame by WasOriginal The Turn of August by SepticSkeptik Taste the Rainbow... by Pdubbsquared Chinese Dragon Tattoo Design by Neffo
Guardian by TOYDREAMER Wadanohara by Rinrin-chin Almond from Cucumber Quest by ForeverSoaring Despite being Monochrome, everyone's unique by tashaj4de :.:Sail Away:.: by CrowningRoses
Diana and Luna by Stacy-L-Gage Don't-Run by wdnest rock shop enthusiast by faelliex Sakura by Andreanable The Satanic Black Feline by Raiden-Silverfox
Pumpkin Spice Scalemaille Bracelet by Rosie-Periannath Burrd by RustyCroutons Pin Up Puerto Rico by artisticallystrange Traditional Prize for Amaranthadopts by LunardreamerEmy its so cold by Lolita-Artz

Reflect by scoobiesnax Labels by BadApple-Art Life of a Sea Sheppard by BlackThornRose  For YouI made a mess of myself just for you.
I did the one thing I said I wouldn't, for you.
I'm letting this blade be a guest in my chest for you.
I'm willing to wait for you, when I had the intention before of waiting for no one.
 The Last Butterfly by theheek
Free To Fly by dizzyflower28 WIP by A-FACE .::Take Acid, Become God::. by LushLovesYou Jump Through Hoops by hiddenpowerice Sunflowers by Ayelk
Salutations by AyanoHoshi Last Breath by DeathGoddess231 Be Creative (commision) by StarWarsJediAmy Guardians of the Galaxy  morphing faces by rbl3d KU: Smile! by Keeyel
Cyber- Eve by MariaSemelevich Late Again, Dear Alice? by Akara-Legend Sol by Tiffany-Tees Tragic by Pro-kun K.K. Condor by NeonNekoHime

A place to lay my head by GlyphBellchimeDay 228 - Hair Clip and Knitted Scarf by Chame Darkness by Fenrir95 .: Hinami Fueguchi :. by Hachi-Inui Kriss by Inlinverst
 Death by Xarime Water Frog by wuestenbrand Dance by DonguriArt I WENT TOO FAR BUT HELLA by Aeveternal Madonna Ciccone by RED-ADAM
Zer0 - Borderlands 2 by SatoshiD Travelling Spaces by reblog Arms Of The Alien by KidiMaster Young Directors by Art-in-heart4va Heart Of Gold by Hiyomi-chan
Mikaze Ai - Coloured by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks Free Icon: Team Magma girl by SinfullyCute Would ya? by MagicalMerlinGirl nurse? by keilelsun Happiness by A-Motive

Misery by jeckald Broken Heart by duzetdaram Intimacy by MariyaIgnatova Dude in bow tie by Matna-chan Witch 2 by CathleenTarawhiti
Glory by eugenemulberry House by EnniArt Berlin II by Irrblossen Life is like a candle by MidnightArtDragon Anak'Thal - The White Witch by Jonboy8520
C.a.s.t.l.e by LadyCarnal Detective smile by Vilenchik Nah, I'll Show You How To Play! by Harumikoto Pudding Invasion (info in description) by StuffedPolarFox Dreamland by Karita94
Threat by CamaroLp House in the Ramparts by BlessedIgnorance Five Nights at Freddy's by Ashlmet Spellbound by JPMNeg Game Class : Elven Priestess by IAlice-chan

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P :: The Guitarist by UnderworldPP Stupid Demon Triangle by TankerFishyGal Aiden by Raekia12 Nea and Nikolas: C'mere. by kuraikitsune13 Forestgirl 05 by Sugis

Shotta Adoptable -SBd [ OPEN] by Satsuki98  The Devil by XxFTIxX  Missing PagesHow many passionate speeches brought tears to how many eyes,
Then died away into silence?  How many desperate cries?
How many fields were trampled for how many legions to pass?
How many battles hidden by how many miles of grass?
How many life-changing moments broke how many wills?
How many world-changing leaders rot under how many hills?
How many amazing discoveries were lost and discovered anew?
How many heart-felt wishes were granted to just how few?
And how do we go on living knowing all that is lost?
How are there still rules when all of the lines have been crossed?
 Psychedelic furs by ivankorsario Haven by Egil21
Neon Microbes by Brainstorm-bw-style Mother by NorskSkog the veil by magicsart Sunset by Potato-K Gods - Chapter 2: Nii-Oh by AkiraHikawa
A Beauty by jad96art Arix Pixel by Shironaii Tomato Transfusion by tupilak Shingeki No..Shippuden!? by strawberrykurimuchan OC design contest entry part 2 by JunoRainier
Stargazing - Natsu and Lisanna by merunicorn `Mad Wrestler Contest` Entry by Zoltan86 Autumn Leafs by sunnybunny1199  

Leaving? thieves-copyright - originality

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 12:41 PM

"I'm thinkng about leaving"

These are the words I used in the latest description of a piece
I published,a phrase that a lot of artists have
kept on saying for months.

I'm one of them.

I've been talking about it with a lot of my friends, and 
even though the words i expected to hear as a comeback 
were more like "NO PLEASE STAY" , to my great 
surprise , all of them replied with exactly the same phrase : " too"

So why?Why is this happening? Why are people getting tired of dA
and simply loose their interest?At first I thought it was just boredom,but
no,there is much more to it.

So first things first:

You may loose your rights..

:bulletorange:Many many nice people often
visit dA looking for art.Often,they atcually get
that art reposted and sold in other sites without
the artist's permission.And the
funny thing is that taking down can be quite difficult if not impossible.That's also a pretty good reason 
why people simply move to other sites ,like Furrafinity or tumbl .You hardly
ever find active users who have been on dA for too long
and oooh yes,there is a reason behind it of course .

There are issues with the admins too, I remember NinjaKato going on strike
because of that short of problems. Admins who keep on ignoring notes sent to them
or who simply keep on refusing to take on their responsibilities
properly have been a pain in the ass for most people who have ever
tried dealing with art thefts or copyright issues.There is also

a strict judjement when it comes to mature content art,dA kept on removing artwork
 of that kind after judging it as "too extreme",even though that was not true,making
the community loose some really interesting and unique pieces allong with entire accounts
that got deactivated as a reaction to the whole matter.

Tracing,Art theft,styles etc

Ooookay, I need to get a few things off my system about this one 

I'm so godamn tired not only with art thieves that simply repost my ,and many many 
other poeple's artwork, without permission or credit of course on dA but in other sites too,but also with those artists
who simply steal ideas,characters and techiniques. I'm tired of seeing new cell shaders
popping out of no where
, trying to copy Grypwolf for example (there are of course
tons of artists that get copied too, I just thing that grypwolf is the one that has that problem
the most at the momment) allong with her style,her ideas,characters etc. I'm here to see original art and concepts
but I keep on seeing artists trying to copy one another and this really gets annoying.

And of course I'm talking about myself too.

Maybe some people are okay with it , but let me say that this is not what inspiration is.
Also, if people want to use other artists' art in order to practice and get better then they should
simply not publish their pictures, or at least credit the original one...maybe you know,they could ask for permission too?
Idk ever heard of the "ask first" thing????
Do these people thing that the artists are blind.
We know who you are.We know who copies and who doesn't.
And trust me,everyone HATES this kind of artists.

Of course you will get influenced from time to time, we all do.You may see something
you like in another artist's drawing/style/character and try to
apply it in your own pictures too,that's alright! But copying
everything on purpose is just awesful,stop it for doge's shake.
Some artists actually
loose a lot of commissioners because of that,since some clients prefer commissioning
the "copies" who are cheaper instead of the originals.And some of them
may really ,reaaaaaally need the money.
It stinks.
I hate it.
We all do.

:heart:And I need to say that it really puts a nice smile on my face
whenever I see artists mentioning in their description
that they got inspired by this or that person.:heart:

Autlaw Made a really nice piece about this so make sure
to check it out along with the description : RPG and Copyright - a statement by Autlaw

Unfaithful watchers,the same ideas again and again

What if there is not a show going on for this one.

Isn't it aweful.Somebody makes a successful deviation and similar stuff begin to pop
up all around dA out of no where.

Also,dA people have a thing with supporting artists. They go like
"oooo this is perfect" over and over, but when the artist decides to post something
else than what you usually post like
A GODAMN HUMAN you cann see all the faves dropping to zero.

Which means : nobody gives a shit.:stare:

We've all been through this haven't we? It's not even just
with humans! If you are a canine artist,maybe posting
a dragon or a feline will have the same result ~

Yes,I've been thinking about leaving.I'm tired of all this bullshit,I really am.
And if there is something that has kept me here all along, then 
that's the the amazing friends I made here and 
of course all those who supported me this much all this time.

I really want to thank you.I know who you are and you
are the reason I keep doing what I'm doing guys really.

I also want to say a little special thanks to you Alkasay
for that note you sent me.I honestly felt my heart jumping
a little after all the things you said, you honestly
have no idea how much they mean to me

:bulletorange::bulletblue:I may stay , or at least I'll try.
I'm really busy this year so I won't be able to be as active as
I used to be,but you have my word that i'll keep on
drawing with one way or another.dA is a different issue..
Like I said many times beforevSnow-Body left too and this really
made me loose my appetite for the entire online
thing but I won't give up~

I'm honestly grateful that you made it till the end of this journal.
You deserve an orange :orange:

Feel free to share and comment ~

Hope u all have a nice day and thanks once again ~ :aww:

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.

Introducing ginkgografix

Hey there, my name is Anne—some people also call me CSS fairy - and I'm just a glitter spreading, CSS loving random person from Germany. DeviantART is part of my life since 9 years already. While I started with traditional and digital art, I am now doing kind of everything. I love baking, crafting (with plywood for example), designing and just giving new things a try in general. I am a communication designer, who just enjoys being creative in all ways possible.

October 2014

Deviousness Award Winner

A two-time Community Volunteer for the DeviantArt Related category, Anne is well-known as a positive, helpful force. She is the community's resident expert when it comes to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and her personal gallery offers a wide variety of tutorials for new and experienced coders alike. In addition, each winter she hosts a calendar project encouraging members to create Journal designs for all to use, bringing more creativity to the community.

It is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge Anne as the recipient of the Deviousness Award for October 2014.

Featured Work & Community Quotes

Glitter and cake aside, ginkgografix is one of those awesome deviants that inspires others. Her energy and dedication are seen in everything she does. She's a positive force in the DeviantArt Community and an absolutely splendid person to chat with. I'm honored to have been able to serve as a Community Volunteer next to her.”

I first discovered Ginkgografix when I just started with CSS on DeviantArt. She was a Volunteer and she was always so busy, but she always took the time to answer my many comments and really made me feel a part of DeviantArt. She's constantly organizing activities, events and groups. I feel she has been the backbone for the CSS community. Thank you, Anne, you were like a mentor to me!”

Anne is so much. She is not only an awesome deviant with a passion for the community and an always willing hand, she is also a great artist with a lot of talents! And I am glad to live in the same country with her, because so we managed to meet a couple of times and I can tell you, she is just as awesome in person as on DeviantArt!”

Anne is one of the most genuine, caring people on DeviantArt. She's always available to help people out and has gone out of her way to produce incredible learning resources for the community.”

Anne is one of the most helpful, patient and giving people I have met on this site. She's always involved in the community and has taught a lot of us about CSS over the years. She has a great, sparkly personality and I'm glad to have volunteered alongside her.”

Anne is an amazing person to work with and a wonderful friend. Not only is she multitalented, but she willingly shares her talents with others both to help them learn and to support their efforts. As a volunteer, she was always the first person to say, "I'll help!" and was always a trusted, reliable counterpart or colleague. I will always be grateful to her commitment to helping her fellow deviants, including me!”

ginkgografix goes the extra mile with everything she does. Creative, supportive and energetic, she is an incredible inspiration to all.”

ginkgografix is a wonderfully talented, kind hearted soul who goes above and beyond for the community. She's a wonderful deviant and a beautiful person! She's an inspiration to us all, especially the CSS/HTML community!”

Anne befriended me long before I was a volunteer through a mutual love for CSS and bats. Instantly, I was drawn to her charisma, positive attitude, and her exceptional knowledge on everything DeviantArt related. When I became a volunteer I had the amazing privilege of working alongside Anne and seeing firsthand how her community spirit touched the lives of so many others. I knew right then she was someone I could look up to both on DeviantArt and in my personal life. I hope one day to be even half the volunteer she was.”

Congratulations to ginkgografix!

October Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:28 PM

Just One Wish by Sisterslaughter165 

Dan Dos Santos Shifting Shadows by DSillustration Hand-kissing by cornacchia-art Ill Will by BigBad-Red Mary-Faith by Eman333 

W o m e n by LadyNight93 River of Blood and Bones by Trisste Seras tu a l heure by Marjie79 Poison by Lhianne 

Wolf in sheep's clothing by tamaraR Do you have news? by ChiantyVex Left On The Outside by BrennaWintjens Need a Dentist II by Flobelebelebobele 

Nefertiti Eternal by J-u-d-a-s Rose Red by BrennaWintjens trail to the wicked by Najeeb-Alnajjar Sagittarius by EnchantedWhispersArt 

Sound of Knell by phoenixlu 

be offended.. by IMertTmyksl what the warm sun feels like by umbatman Anya stock II by Dxlogic by emanrabiah Melancholy by KarahRobinson-Art 

You can run, but you can't hide by pjenz Sin City Under Her Spell by rsiphotography An Apple a Day by Andaelentari Multiplicity - Underwater by Hoangvanvan 

RA by RazielMB Runaway Beauty by LouVart I will fly to you by EstherPuche-Art Enchanted Keys by La--Boheme Not my crime + Tutorial by mippieArt 

White Angel by thelemadreams Enter Here by Wesley-Souza Moonlight 2014 by nudagimo rain... by mirandaarts 

warning by beyzayildirim77 Dream Within A Dream by ElementOfOne1 Merah by birubadut ARIEL by Doucesse 

A strange friendship by megan7 

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Vanessa by katmary Winter in Me by mysolitaryground Deep blue by scared-princess Multiplicity sea by Hoangvanvan 

Naked Tree by deskridge Going Up by FictionChick Autumn Is Here by Bojan1558 Spirits of the forest by Dark-Angel669 

DRACULA by L-A-Addams-Art Untitled by FUROR ART by FurorArt autumn's joy by naradjou14 Disarming by revande 

Another War by TaniaART J u s t i c e by BloomingRoseXeniia La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt I'm not much on Forgiveness by pjenz 

 Mmm0473 by metindemiralay 

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Red-apple by ArtbyValerie Craved by moonchild-ljilja Celestial kingdom by silentfuneral Halloween--welcome-home by DarkVisionsDreams 

R.E.S.U.R.R.E.C.T.I.O.N by Creamydigital Astronaut Girl [ Commission ] by cennie Butterfly soul by katmary El silencio by NebelelfeNaemy Stay by SpokeninRed 

Lass Mich Fallen by ChristabelleLAmort Gemini Sisters by kimoz To Your Own Self Be True by rsiphotography Into the Void by KarahRobinson-Art 

Goodbye Summer by shiny-shadows-Art Syndra - cosplay edit by msriotte Disa by brietolga Orgollyn by Irrisor-Immortalis 

When I Touch You by Canankk 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
bug by arslanalp
sept3 by Elerko too much by arslanalp
Jurassic Park by pigarot Mandalay Monastery by little-spacey

Untitled by felixlu
Glance by MARX77 Unusual passangers by jadedPhotographer
chic by arslanalp 114 by tolgatacmahal

Mom and Daughter by sandas04
Never Too Old by Vermontster Untitled (35) by gerdschneider
Oh! Grandpa by ZiaulKareem 01052013-01052013-dscf2007-4-1 by maurocapelli

car boot sale by lightdrafter
Untitled 484 by thelizardking25 dance with me.. by lightdrafter
fake up by lightdrafter Sunny beach by Smokyq

Instant by ZiaulKareem
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:: hand over by noahsamuelmosko Waiting for  ... ?! by Blurredreflections

quad core driver by RaMiBru
your voice. by FelineCreature Pigeon Man by sandas04
Stable by Vermontster La feria,Moixent,Valencia,2014 by existencia5

A Syrian In Istanbul by Canankk Postcard from China 01 by JACAC Drunk American Man by PatrickMonnier
00782 by NunoFigueira Carrapateira by vamosver            :iconthestreetjournal:

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Gradient Effect in Chaotica

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:36 AM
In this tutorial, i will explain how to make a fading gradient background effect in Chaotica, as it was done in this work, for example:

Monument Valley by tatasz

The technique can be easily adapted to Apophysis (using either custom plugins or linked transforms).

Also, if you have any trouble with the World Editor, please check my Chaotica Editor Basics tutorial.

Gradient Background Effect

You can use this technique on almost any parameters. The only requirement is to have at least one iterator with blur. For the tutorial example, i will use a random world below:

1 by tatasz

The first step is to switch to World Editor and add a new iterator (use the "new iterator" button on top of the editor window). Here, it is the iterator 6:

2 Iter by tatasz

Select the transforms node, and click on the "new transform" button to add a new transform:

3 Transf by tatasz

Now replace the default linear transform type with sineblur as below:

4 Sineblur by tatasz

Now, we need to edit the post transforms. Select the flam3 transform node, and click on the "Show post transforms" button in the node editor:

5 Show Post by tatasz

Add a new transform to the post transform node (use the "new transform" button") and replace the default linear with log

6 Log by tatasz

Now, select weights node. Set weights to all iterators to 0, except the ones that have blur (iterator 4 here):

7 Weights by tatasz

Now you should have something like this:

Mean by tatasz

Time to move the gradient around. Select flam3 transform node, and click on the "add post affine" button.

9 Add Post Affine by tatasz

Select the added post affine, and move, rotate and scale it in the editor until the gradient is positioned in a way you like it. This is the default position:

10 Postaff by tatasz

And this is where i moved it:

11 Post Aff by tatasz

To get this:

Final by tatasz

Some editing tips and observations

Keep in mind this is not an actual background. The gradient will "overlap" with your fractal.

Also, this technique will work better for low gamma values.

A few things that you definitely should try:
  • instead of sineblur, try using other blurs (for example radial or gaussian)
  • replace log with polar or polar2
  • move and skew and rotate the gradient post transform
  • edit the gradient´s shaders
Explore and have fun :la:

Favourite Favourites Feature 4

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 5:20 PM
“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." Douglas Adams

Hey,this is late. Sorry. I've been busy. On with the feature.

Damaris II by Foufinha

static sprinklesyesterday
i got out of bed and coated my eyelashes in black paint
and took off the paint with a wet wipe
and went back to bed.
some other things happened in between.
every day
i wear a secret, in a locket
on a cold chain against my chest
except the locket is a sharp dagger
and your fingernails will bleed if you try to pry it open.
some day
the world will be full of distinctive shapes again
and I will love star flecked skies, and freckles,
and powder chocolate cappuccino dustings
once more.
that day
i won’t be scared of the sky swallowing me up
or scrub my freckles raw and curse them like pin pricks
or cry at the extra indulgence of chocolate dots
that i feel i don’t deserve.
(i need fairy dust)
another day
the locket will loosen, spilling out grey ashes
that dull and fade in the shadow
of such hopeful twinkles, warm sweetnesses,
and tiny skin kisses
of a body learning to love itself.
  bad habitsi chew up keratin claws
and spit out lead nails
like letters laced with
a twine of tawny truths
and the smack of gums
forming lewd lilac lies.
you bite your sodden
creased knuckles
to the stem of bone,
peeling layers of 
paint-stained skin with 
tea-flavored enamel.
i often wonder
how my fingertips
morph metaphors with
awry alliteration while
your palms paint
purpled pastels and
contoured lines
my fractured wrists creak
and porcelain ghost
lines stripe your
autumn brushed skin
yet somehow, together,
we still create beauty.
Beautiful Messdarling,
you are such
a beautiful mess
that my fingers
ache to entangle
all your sorrows
  and my lips
long to kiss away
  all the pain.
UntitledI covered my head with rosemary—breathed them so far in, I planted a seed and the seed did grow, and feast, in me. I held myself like trees and tried to grow fingers, and feelings, but the sky wouldn’t keep me safe—stone shoulders and calling names who would not hear, knees soul-stained and dripping with the phantom touch of you.
Be the lightning in me, and forgive the fire, for I thought I’d roast my ribs to black—a soul-eater, and a thief to such small sympathies… but it’s okay, love, it’s okay: be you here or there, your home is now inside me, and I will breathe you safely.

good morninggood morning i slept
on the windowsill again because
the springs of my bed
are going hope you don't
mind but i would rather hear the wind in my ears
and rest fitfully
good morning i woke
before dawn with the ghost of
paint in my throat
and the memory of choking
and mused about
birds and why the sun was not yet
past the horizon
good morning i drank
the cold tea i made past midnight before i
rose and made coffee beneath the rooms of
sleeping people
i dreamed about a girl again
i dreamed about a girl again

she was a girl the way that
new york is a city -- yes, but so much
with wooden ribs of a treasure chest, a guarded heart like every
and i have left her, but i haven't left her
i will leave her, but i haven't left her
good morning i drink
my coffee without sugar
pretend my neck is a tower like solomon's lover
pretend i am
the empire state building
the crutch, the crowning glory of
america where i am not sleeping
america where i do not choke
on paint
in my sleep
  he stalks with giants while i sleepi.
you expect me to slink away without
a fight, my hackles falling flat and my
tail between my legs and your breath
still burning the bristles on my back. don't you
understand that (maybe) i'm just as broken,
that sometimes there will be splinters
tucked away inbetween the grooves of my
palm, and instead of flinching away i
need you to run and get the tweezers?
i will always be the last resort, the
forgotten planet still twinkling brightly
and waiting for the galaxies to whisper
her name. (poor pluto - you were always
left for dead.) i have always wanted
secrets murmured into the strands of
my hair. last night you gave it to me.
twenty-three hours later you whisked it
just out of my reach - and my fingers
are still
outstretched, still
cold, still
numb -
i slipped him a magic bean and he let it
become a beanstalk, he let that plant curl
and blossom and bloom and break through
the atmosphere and touch the stars. he held
hands with the giant and taught it what gravity
means and h
gnashing.keep me on this ground;
ground me gently,
ground me harshly,
i am a flier.
no, i know,
i was built to sink,
but i am a damn
no, i know,
no i am not.
but i will be
a damn flier.
i will be.
touch down
on the ground
for just a moment,
dear, just a (moment,)
they shatter.
earth shatters.
i shatter.
but you are steel and
if i am paper,
you must certainly
be steel.
because i
am a flier.
i was built to tear,
but i will be
a damn flier.
open your arms,
ready, steady
for landing.
crash head first.
(we're gonna fucking
we weren't meant
to be okay.
dive into your arms,
choke, choke.
don't let me go.
don't let me go.
don't let me go.
oh god, please,
don't hurt me.
because i am a flier.
i was built to scar,
but i will be
a damn flier.
i will be.
i will be.
i will be not.
keep me on this ground;
ground me gently,
ground me harshly,
WonderShe sat outside the door, knees tucked into her chest, her arms wrapped around them, and wondered.
She wondered how it was that mountains managed not to collapse under their own weight. Surely all the countless millennia that hung on them like snow must eventually wear them down until they became smaller than a grain of sand. How can something with such experience still be so strong?
She wondered how it was that the sea still had the energy to rush up onto the shore each day. The oceans that were filled with the salt of all the tears ever shed, filled with countless long-lost messages praying for salvation that would never, ever be heard. How could it do anything other than huddle in on itself so that it wouldn't fall apart?
She wondered how it could be that the sun could still shine down every day. Seeing everything, as it surely must from its celestial viewpoint, how could it be so cruel as to bring light to every day, making it easier to see the world that it shone upon. How could i

Godafoss by TomazKlemensak

Queen RegnantAs you embroidered autumn
into my bones, I heard the
trees giggle to themselves:
"We're going to make all
the leaves change color,
pin them along the sidewalk
for you to follow and we'll
wreathe them in your hair.
You will be our daughter."
You folded apples into my smile,
making it crisp, but sweet. I
took the time to thank you by
shrugging off my sweater and
giving it to you. A daughter
of the trees, braided with their
leaves, needs no protection
from the elements that embrace her.
"Your leaf diadem suits you,
daughter," they say as
their branches weave between
gusts of wind. For once,
I believe them.
  Ghosts.“I can't sleep.”
Warm arms appear from the dark, folding around my shoulders.
“I'm sorry. What's keeping you up?”
“Nothing... it's nothing.”
“Is it me? Are they worried for you- again?”
I don't know how to answer that one.
The arms turn cold and stonelike, before sliding off.
“I need to be up.” I rub the saltwater out of my eyes before standing. It's five a.m. I couldn't fall back asleep if I wanted to. Swallowing hard, I pour the used grounds from last night out into the trash. The sky just barely cracks with a new sun hatching, a stream of red against a dark blueness. My vision blurs before I see her again, coffee already steaming out of a mug, wrapped in both of her pale hands. A golden glint flashes from her right hand, light brown hair streaming down and curling around her shoulders, a wrinkled white button-down shirt draped over her legs.
“They've been c
HeartbreakI fall asleep
to the rush of blood in my head
Taking my pulse
and counting down
each throb until the day
I shiver as my heart
flutters behind my collarbone
and stutters
and stops.
(It's happened too many times before.)
ConfessionI can't remember the last time I've ran this fast. The chill in the air is exhilarating. I can feel every bump on my skin raised and ready. My heart is racing in a poor attempt to keep up. The moment I was off of the front porch my body was immersed in the downpour. It's been only a week since I've been here, but I've never felt so sure about my emotions. I can feel the gravel stirring as I run, and I keep telling myself not to slip.
    Eight days ago from today my friend spur of the moment invited me to visit her family. The trip was far away from home. Being the adventurous one I am I agreed almost immediately. I never expected it to be one of the most important decisions of my life.
    This property is so large, and my lungs feel like they're burning from lack of oxygen.  'The trampoline! I only have a little farther to go...'  I will myself to continue.
    Every drop of rain falls heavily on my sweater. The cold stings my face anyti

good morning, i"you aren't a morning person,
but you are a mourning man."
i talk, you walk, and the sun hangs
still, hazing the earth's breath.
you grumble, while i smile.
there is a silence. the sun spreads
its lungs and sighs over the porch.
"it's hot as hell."
brown irises catch mine, and i
can only hold them for a few seconds
before floating away.
i have never seen brown
as a beautiful color until now.
"it's not the only thing that's hot."
the eyes again. we kiss.
i sigh.
"good morning, i
love you." therapist
asked me why i
love you, and
i was lost for
words– which doesn't often happen
to a writer– because i couldn't
the way you look
when you
smile. it's something
that a hidden part of me lives
for; that one tooth
out of line, that
one dimple on the
left side
of your face.
i couldn't tell her
how i often lie alone in a big bed and
miss the way you smell, the
way you b r e a t h e.
and, oh, i couldn't tell her
how i had never
wanted someone there
with me to
pull me out of the
dark– you taught me that someone
doesn't have to
understand your pain; they just
have to
be there to try and
so i couldn't say
why– i just smiled and said that
it doesn't matter
why, because, for
once, i have fallen in love with a
good man.
the cultivation of neophiliai.
give in to it:
the insatiable restlessness
that haunts, heavy
in a familiar corner
of your eyeline.
drive toward the night.
halt only when you
can no longer
trace paths of neon
from streetlight to fingertip;
never quite reach the
eventually, stop trying.
look over the paper city
resting fragile below;
tear it to shreds
with vicious intent
and forget,
forget that you have
loved and hoped and
for a moment 
there is only you,
the night, and the need
to fly.
desire like you've
never wanted anything,
search for the novel,
for the fantastical
and the faintest hint
of something new
in the sky-glow.
stand so high atop 
towering blank-faced
mountain ranges;
wonder how they do not
under the weight
of all this empty
god never meant for us to be anything1. patrick
i expected wonders
from a boy with a tongue
like a viper and a small,
spare room in a strange house.
i did not get them.
2. tyrone
i tasted my first cigarette 
on your lips.
and couldn't wash the taste 
out for weeks.
i never smoked again.
3. zacc
we were a divine mistake,
right down to the way 
your hands skittered 
over my flesh like deer.
your mother 
read the fury on my face
as i left.
4. blake
a dark room
and misplaced pillows 
caught my disinterest
and muffled it
while you pulled off your shirt.
it never went as far as you had hoped.
5. luke
you taught me  
the disadvantages 
satin sheets hold.
i taught you 
how to feel falsely oppressed.
6. peter
you taught me how to appreciate 
the shape of kind hands 
and quiet lips 
in a rowdy school yard.
i forgot your name
within a year 
and recall it with doubt.
7. markus
my hips had not
swollen to accommodate a fetus.
your interest lay with
my mothe

Element concept by Crystalshock

let the great world spin.she once claimed
to fold paper for a living.
and you,
you had the audacity to believe
verses shaped to mise (on settings
of the briny deep) would never meet
its reach.
i did, too.
tonight, rest lays base on a map
prematurely authored oceanus:
here is where i dream. set sailed
paled ail by her pneumonic seas
, her
temperamental, self-suffocated
self-principled body of grief.
and you,
you are here, not lost to time
generated artificially over
wavelengths & frequencies that bear
no pause to the commas you never
seem to run out of—
no, you are here
with this volume-developed sense of space
& function, charged
by the polarity of our proselyte, inconspicuous
you are here
prostrating unmockingly, together
our own innocent novations.
but you survived her shipwrecked fatigue
with your own to hold. you
hardened your skin to her vesper’s
abstracted tease, anchored this trial
to wholly consented cardinal release
—you are here with me, cooled & serened
by her pa
  and It shall bein the beginning
there was
only something there
to remember It;
sublime in tongue, It
descending graceful from
 the vaulted
an impossible It,    
emerging pink & flesh
          from the slime,
chaos & oozing breath,
and for the rest of days It,
      perhaps It
is no more beautiful than we remember,
  no more miracle than we proclaim;
though try
 we still to search for
             our begotten
as if this metal
   in our blood     isn't enough;
as if this moon rock
   in our bones    isn't enough;
   our bellies, either
half full or half empty of
 this  gilded
But the universe
does not owe us anything
just how the stars are unapologetic
      in their
PicturesqueThe smell of the fire curls in my lungs, purring
like a tabby kitten. Roasting marshmallows
crisp on the ends of our sticks as I lean
against you, our heat mingling like the smoke
rising to the sky. Your eyes twinkle as you talk,
your hands gesturing widely, and the marshmallow
flies into the woods. We clutch our stomachs
as we laugh in harmony, our voices twining
together in the silence of the night.
ForetellersTruly there are unknown meadows
Fallen trees left bare and sallow
Distant hills shrunk smaller still
By fingers closed around one's eyes
Flying glass on insect forms
Singing winds as sunlight warms
With so many little creatures
Awakened by the brightened skies
Fellow mystic, stay with me
Let us rest awhile and see
The many dragonflies climb high
Shake dew drops off in crystal rain
Think through windows moving fast
The unknown places of the past
And erstwhile wait in patient mind
The watchers of the moving plain
Do our trails depicted match
As wandering the flecks that snatch
A tapestry thread from aquamarine
Flash to us for moment's fame
I suspect with little will
How wisest beings would be kept still
Intertwined to connate paths
That we foretellers cannot name
But blues are drowned in open sea
And shades of red outwardly bleed
So can my eyes be sharp enough
For future's secrets held beneath
We mysticists deemed capable
Merely inherit the empty stable
And fill each field with flying sh

Band-AidSmells like used bandages in a hospital room this morning
Antiseptic, with an underlying scent of fresh wounds
It wafts in as though the entire world were sick
Diseased, dying, but no one to save it
God, what a smell; it’s in my clothes, my hair
Crawling over my skin like ants
Consuming me, until I’m as diseased
As the world
  Best Damn WomanWhen I was younger, my home life wasn't really conducive to having friends. My only friend for most of my life was my cousin. We were only a few months apart in age, but we felt like twins. Finished each others' sentences, would text the same things to each other at the same time, could sense when the other was in pain or just needed a pick me up.  We invaded each others' lives and were the last person we each said "I love you" to at the end of the day.
A little over a year ago, she was killed in a car wreck along with her husband. But there are times I still get those feelings. Still want to grab my phone and send a text. Sometimes, I've actually sent the text and then I wonder who the person is on the receiving end. They've never responded.  Not sure what I'd do if I did get a response.
I miss her more than I've ever missed anything. Even her faults. Like when she'd take over my house and force me to do something I didn't want to do. Joining dA was one of those take overs.&
to the boy who doesn't plan on leavinghow much of me can you swallow, love
before you finally purge?
I am a cartographer of bad
experiences; I can locate
precisely where I see our divergence
extraordinaire and I can tell you
before I have even met you
that the skin on my hands is too
dry for the softness you plan
on caressing me with.
let me tell you how this ends;
I will show you all the people
I have destroyed - flooded
to the best of my ignorance,
driven wild with jealousy,
had whipped with lust and left
smoking pot after four
promises stating otherwise.
let me tell you how this ends;
after showing you the blessed
catastrophe it is to be human,
you will destroy me. you may not mean much
but god, my heart
will make sure
you do.
I never miss people who leave.
I miss the ones I walk away from
with guilt tainting my forlorn
swagger so
how much of me will you swallow
before you finally purge, love?
a girl once called me her home
until she saw just how much
bigger I am on the inside
and it took her
a day and some minutes
to r
AugustMagnolia tree, waving
to the rotting barn, shades
chickens pecking at my toes.

Finding Utopia by TheLGX

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2015-2016 Federal Duck Stamp by Nambroth

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