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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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By :iconkankuro876:
Welcome to Absurd Interviews:

There are all types of deviants across this site. Some of them are people so commited with the community, always sharing knowledge and resources, others are incredibly talented artists who never talk with anybody, there are also trolls, forum whores (no, they're not the same), bronies and also those with weird obessions with anime characters with impossibly big bellies...
Well, combine all that, add a little sugar, a beard and a mohawk and what do you get? a lolly!
So ladies a gentlemen, with you, the one and only, the sixth Spice Girl, the seventh pony from Ponyville, the fourth Powerpuff Girl, the fifth sense: lolly

Hello Richard! How is the weather at Armpit Islands? ... oh wait, I read that wrong. Anyway, how are you?
I'm not doing too bad. Just had my morning coffee and smoke while standing on my porch during the beginning of a blizzard. Pitcairn has been weird ever since we relocated it to Wisconsin.

My armpits though...they're having some issues. I can't seem to make that fart noise by sticking your hand under them and flapping your arm up and down like a drunk chicken. Maybe it's just one of those skills you lose when you get older.

I have rheumatoid armpit arthritis. Which is something that celebrities should really be raising awareness for.

If you were a sandwich, what would we find between your slices of bread?
Pepperoni, Genoa salami, capicola, lettuce and mozzerella cheese. And a five dollar bill. Mmmmm sandwich money. :drool:

You're a quite popular deviant, and everybody knows that's because of 3 things: for being the only deviant without a symbol, for your beard and your obsession with My Little Pony. How do you feel about this?
I feel that it is the perfect trifecta. Because everyone knows the last thing you want is a big beacon of a symbol giving you away when you sneak into Ponyville to play freaky beard clop games with the Little Ponies.

Some beards have passed to history, Abraham Lincoln's, John Lennon's, Jesus'... If you could be any historic character's BEARD, whose would you be?
Without a doubt Fidel Castro's beard. It's seen some bizarre shit. Like when the CIA tried to slip it some hair removal dust to make his beard fall out to make him look silly. Obviously his beard had no problem countering that, which proves just how tough a beard it is.

Not to mention it faced down JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis and is actually the one on control of Castro and all of Cuba. A very clever and strange beard that has been trolling the ISA for quite some time now. People don't flee Cuba to find freedom.

They flee because they know they are not worthy to be gazed upon by the beard and its all consuming love.

Or maybe the beard of Jesus, since I've always wanted to have an imaginary beard that can rise from the dead.

I know you have been asked about your lack of symbol at least 20 times (who knows? maybe even more!)... why do you like wheat so much?
Nobody has actually asked me about the lack of symbol and it kind of bums me out. I go to all these great lengths to have something unique that makes me stand out from the crowd and it gets completely overlooked.

And wheat...ahhh wonderful wheat. One of the greatest things to come from the Levant region of the Ehtiopian Highlands. And it's the largest crop in the world, grown on over 240 million hectares of land.

It also looks like a golden beard all braided. The vikings used to wear it as armor.

How can you not like such a versatile grain?

Do you think lolly-chan will ever get to be a gallery dirictor?
Well he got to be for a short bit of time, but then he hit puberty and there was that unfortunate Transformers slash fic pudding incident and he was shamed off the team.

He tried to explain that it's natural for a boy his age to become confused and aroused by such things but the fact he wrote it really didn't help his argument too much.

How spicy do you like your tacos?
Strong enough for a man but made for a woman.

What's your best pick-up line?
I've always found that "I am love-bot, I am programmed for pleasure!" usually works well. Or just go the caveman route and let them grab you by the hair and take you back to the cave. I like role reversal and primitive fetish games.

How do you like to eat your ice cream? do you lick, bite or swallow it in big chunks?
Ice cream is for the weak. I wait till winter and go down to the lake and punch out chunks of ice with my bare fists and gnaw on them while listening to the lamentations of the women.

Thank you so much Lolly! Now give us some final words and we're done!
Never read Transformer porn when you hit puberty. Never teabag your boss if you want to keep your job, and make sure your curtains are closed when you fap unless you want a fan club. And if that's what you want then just go outside on your porch to do it.

This interview was brought to you by the number 12, the letter & and your sister in law.

All the episodes

All the episodes from both Season 1 and 2 and Shed.Mov, Dress.Mov and Apple.Mov:

Season 1

All the episodes in one video:…
Season 1 Blooper Reel:…

Season 3

Nicole Oliver (voice actress for Princess Celestia and Cheerilee), Michelle Creber (voice actress for Apple Bloom and singing voice of Sweetie Belle) and Tara Strong (the voice of Twilight Sparkle) have confirmed that the third season is in production, will have at least 13 episodes.

Edit: A lot of the links were removed due to a copyright claim by Hasbro. So just use the "All the episodes" link for now.

Reposted so people can see episode 20. I did have a load of individual season 2 links up but I haven't had the time to re-add them all.
EDIT: My roommate and I are no longer roommates (just moved to different provinces). We are still willing to take orders, but it's going to be more difficult to complete them and will probably take a bit longer to get coordinated from now on. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Interested in buying one of our My Little Pony Hoodies?
They were (mostly) designed by , who has given us permission to sell them (:
We will be selling a select few hoodies, depending on the availability of the base hoodies.
We are able to make any of the mane 6, Luna, Celestia, Octavia, and Zecora and possibly special requests.
We buy our hoodies from Bluenotes (usually), and hand paint them with fabric paint.
Templates/examples (We will add examples as the hoodies are ordered) :
Rainbow Dash:Template / Example
Apple Jack:  Template
Pinkie Pie:  Template
Twilight: Template | Example
Rarity: Template
Fluttershy:Template / Example
Luna:  Template / Example
Celestia: Template / Example
Zecora: Template  / Example
Octavia: Template
Wonderbolts (Soarin) : Template | Example
Vinyl Scratch: Template
Big Mac: Template

Pinkie Pie, Rarity - $60
Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, Octavia, Big Mac - $65
Fluttershy, Vinyl Scratch - $70
Rainbow Dash, Luna, Celestia, Zecora, Wonderbolts - $75
Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Add $15 to ship to Canada, $20 to ship to the U.S, and $30+ to ship international.  
Since it takes us a week to make 1-2 hoodies, you can send us half when you order so we can get the supplies, and half when we are done and it's ready to ship.
To order send me a note or an email with your size (small medium large, etc), gender, and style.
Sizing Charts (Just look at the bit for tops):
I only accept paypal,  and please change the currency to Canadian dollars when you're sending the money.

Washing instructions: wash inside out, do not use fabric softener.
Tweaks can be made to the design by request.
If you have questions or are ready to order email me at livykaa[at]gmail[dot]com (don't send me a note, as deviantart has been messed up for me recently)

Humble request: It would be greatly appreciated if you would take a picture of yourself in your hoodie and send it to us! We'd love to see it (:
WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!............................

and the winner is! Ghosts of Former Equestria by InsomniacOvrLrd by :iconinsomniacovrlrd:

with second place going to MLP contest entry by Sakuyamon by :iconsakuyamon:

ok where to begin, first off thanks to all that participated! you all had very wonderful artwork! i will be sure to comment and talk about your entry. also i had a few people mention how a public vote can be unfair as others can link other to have them vote on theres, well anyone can do that, also this was linked to equestriadaily so most the votes came from there. also if the vote were to be by a panel of judges people would just complain that we would be ''bias'' as i've have heard all that before.

and again this was for the epic story End of Ponies written by ShortSkirtsandExplosions and this was my way of giving back to him! and i hope he likes how it turned out!
also he is rewriting the entire PETRA arc........meaning i will have to reread it all.....all 40 hours of it! YAY i cant wait! i love endless reading! and the thing is his first version was epic..... and this is to be better so BRING IT!

i will some day host yet another contest maybe this fall!


Okay i decided to give the topic, rules, and guidelines now instead of later because I feel it is necessary to give all contestants a chance to go ''RESEARCH'' the topic at hand so as to get the most epic art possible!


The contest: Create art depicting the epicly, insanely awesome story End of Ponies by ShortSkirtsandExplosions!
Ponychan: (For those of you who what to read the next arc before it get released to EQD)…
It's also been posted on DA!:…

The winner shall receive $100!

now a second place of $50!


due to another die hard EOP fan :iconvest: has decided to give his :iconmytwocentsplz: or should $50!!!
so now there is a second place prize!
which also he is an epic artist so go hit up his page!!!

also if theres anyone else that wants to donate money or something else a prize just note me :)


UPDATE!!!!!!! okay i just got a email from SSE stating that because of the perfectionist that he is theres not really a chance in hell that he will be finished editing the PETRA arc within the next week, and in fact it could take 3-4 weeks!
BUT have no worrythe contest is still a go and since that is the case i decided that the start date will be this coming Saturday!
the only change that i ask is for those of you were planning on doing artwork from the PETRA arc please just do general scenes such as PETRA itself or filly Scootaloo in the pits or something else along that nature, just no detailed specific scenes from the PETRA arc as they may change when SSE does final edit.


Okay, before I state the rules I just want to quickly mention the reason EoP is the topic. EoP is hands down.......hooves down? the greatest thing ever written! I know I know the title alone may scare some of you already, and truth be told it did me as well when i first saw it! I almost passed on it, but for the life of me I am glad that I didn't! EoP is now the longest pony fic, surpassing Fallout Equestria, and its only just over half way done! Amazingly, despite its length, it is extremely well-written and even better, ties in every big and every obscure element of the show which we all love. And blows it up into an epic philosophical action-packed wall of text, all while staying true to the show itself, which alone many of you will love!

The first arc sets up this amazing story and it alone--for those who may not want to read the whole story--is packed with all kinda of scenes that you can use to create epic art. But I do hope you get hooked on it as I and many others have.

The first: Expositionary arc down-right throws you right into the action, showing you what extreme lengths Scootaloo must go to on a daily basis in order to survive, and make a living. It ends with her finding a long-lost friend who offers her the chance to fix Equestria, which sets up the rest of the story.

The second: Applejack arc introduces Scootaloo to her new ''Goddess'' guise--which she dubs ''Harmony''--and and tests its ability. Lots of action in this one!

The third: Fluttershy arc: ''Harmony'' now fully aware of her new body and surroundings is bound and determined to find out what caused Equestria to fall. It's a bit of a ''paced'' arc in that its very philosophical, but it still has epic action scenes that are heart-wrenching. And its so insanely well-written!

The forth: Pinkie Pie arc: ''Harmony'' having found one clue in the last arc as to what may have happened, pairs up with Pinkie in her hometown to ''document things of nature'' of the past and compare that with the ''nature'' of the present. This arc is the most intense, especially because of its epic length! SSE is somehow able to capture the essence of Pinkie Pie and all that.......well what Pinkie Pie does, and maintain that ''Pinkie Pie'' throughout the entire arc!
And then the overall story: With this arc combined with the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding action, and..... well Pinkie Pie's antics puts the reader over the edge of their seats!

The fifth: PETRA arc is brings the wastelands back into action! and focuses on Scootaloo's need to ''FIND'' Rainbow Dash, but in order to do so she must take on the Wasteland it self! It also sheds light on Scootaloo's relation with Rainbow before the Cataclysm and how Scootaloo went about surviving the first years after the Cataclysm. And then it sets you up for the next amazing arc! This arc will bring MAN TEARS to your eyes!

SSE has an amazing ability to make this so gut-wrenching yet still leave you with HOPE! which makes you crave for more, and this is the most action-packed, yet most of that action is of Scootaloo doing everything in her power in order just to survive! let alone accomplish a mission!

Okay that wasn't a ''quick'' mention but I had to garner one's curiosity! hehehehe

Okay, NOW for the rules: Create an artwork depicting any scene of End of Ponies! Simple enough!!!???
Basically anything that has transpired in EoP is great! One does not need to read the entire story to do so, but if you do......... ASDFJKBDSANVCDVBEHNVGMEFBHVFVNDSKJNV OMG THATS AWESOME! because EoP is awesome!
Preferably a scene with Scootaloo/Harmony in it but also not required. But since the story you know revolves around her it's kinda hard not to! XD LOL
And only in relation to scenes that have happened, so for instance, with the PETRA arc now out (for prereaders, not on EDQ yet) you can draw filly Scootaloo/Harmony with Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and ever so briefly Rainbow Dash, but not Rarity or Twilight.

So good things and/or ideas to art upon: Primarily the Wasteland and its characters such as Brucie, Pitt, Gilda, Warden, Razzar, the dirigible diamond dogs, ect. Or places in the Wasteland such as PETRA itself, the monkeys den(M.O.D.D.), ''THE Harmony'', Nightmare Moon's lunar temple or any ruined city or country-scape or action scenes in the Wasteland, such as taking on the dirigible dogs or capturing Philomena or any of the scenes of Scootaloo ''acquiring'' 4 of the mane 6.
Or other ideas such as her time travels to the past as Harmony and scenes, characters, and places as mention above in the same fashion.
Or other ideas such a scenes from Scootaloo's past in the same fashion as mentioned above.

If you do want to enter the contest in which I sure hope you do. Please mention it in your journal and and the deviation page!
Also when it does start I will be posting all entries on this journal daily, and also my tumblr.(if you wanna post on your tumblr or anywhere else, please feel free to do so!

So there you have it! Epic journal for epic contest eh!? Like I said I'm letting you guys know now of what the theme and rules are so as to give you a good chance to pick something epic to draw!
I sure hope for a great turn out! Hopefully even better than last contest!

Well that's it for now. I will reveal how judging will work, the final start time, and other things at a later date.
So until then good luck, and go through EoP and prepare yourself for epic artwork! I cant wait!

Also, feel free to contact me about anything!

And oh! if you could, HELP SPREAD THE WORD!

DRAW PONY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fellow brony, Jared

1. The Signal by Tridgeon by :icontridgeon:

2. Contest: Longing for a Rainbow by werekitty13Kindness and Loneliness by kittyinequestria by :iconwerekitty13:
''It is the best-written fanfic I have ever read. EVER. And I've been reading a lot lately. It's better written than most of the novels I've read! It's really amazing. I drew the Last Pony by her artificial rainbow, wishing for Rainbow Dash to come back. Depressing, yes, but it's a rather awesome depressing story. Don't let the title scare you off. ''

3. The Day the Sky was Falling by Denial-is-TragicAlive by Denial-is-Tragic by :icondenial-is-tragic:

4. Remnants of a Dead World by DarkFlame75Harmony Stargazing by DarkFlame75 by :icondarkflame75:

5. to see the rainbow after years of darkness by MrMurmelthe last hope by MrMurmel by :iconmrmurmel:

6. Memories by JackieBloomHarmony by JackieBloom by :iconjackiebloom:

7. :thumb290012481::thumb290930037: by :iconathanixtreviant:

8. :thumb290066116::thumb290404417: by :icononyx-bison:

9. End of Ponies: Battle of the Phoenix by InkRose98End of Ponies: The Preservation Test by InkRose98 by :iconinkrose98:
''Don't let the name scare you, it's really the best fan fiction I have ever read! I have not gotten very far, though. I am only in the sixth chapter. But I am amazed at the professional writing style heavily layered all over the story.''

10. CE: Scootaloo the last pony by Amirah-the-cat by :iconamirah-the-cat:

11. End of ponies : BOOM! by misswishEnd of ponies : Canterlot by misswish by :iconmisswish:

12. Ghosts of Former Equestria by InsomniacOvrLrd by :iconinsomniacovrlrd:

13. :thumb290870118: by :iconsangrde:

14. MLP contest entry by Sakuyamon by :iconsakuyamon:

15. End of Ponies by jesterry by :iconjesterry:

16. EoP contest entry: The Lunar Throne by TrollGirl by :icontrollgirl:

17. End of ponies poster by NovaMarcellus by :iconnovamarcellus:

18. Contest Entry - Harmony by Angelkitty17 by :iconangelkitty17:
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It's often said that criticism is more fun to both write and read. But lately, Fifty Shades Of Grey's existence made Stephanie Meyer look like a well-written, intelligent, and erudite author, and it's all fanfiction's fault. So for the sake of not lowering standards, and to raise a battle cry for quality and craft, I'd like to analyze why I think My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a great show for me.

I won't talk much about the fandom, although I have been highly entertained watching it build. Hype backlash and all that is inevitable when something is popular, but I will say that FiM appears to inspire people to a kinder, gentler sort of fandom, as opposed to the sort of tribalism seen in purists and non-purists in types like anime or comic nerds. However, most of my experience is limited to TvTropes's articles and Youtube, so if there is a seedy underbelly to the FiM fandom it's quite possible I haven't encountered it yet. And probably am not willing to ever get that deep.

I scoffed as much as anyone when FiM happened. I've been a shameless, idiot fan of My Little Pony since the 80s, and even with nostalgia filtered glasses glued to my eyes, the original show was a goddamn acid trip. Bizarre, and cursed with the basic plague of shows meant for girls: not a single memorable character of note to be found, but lots and lots of pink. Some of the plot-lines and sheer darkness of the show have aged it into an almost Yellow Submarine-esque sugar apocalypse. (And if you don't believe me, head on over to Youtube and watch Firefly's Adventure.)  Then those things went away, and when My Little Pony came back it was worse than ever before. Watching any of the shows that happened between My Little Pony Tales and FiM violates the Geneva conventions. It is glurge, of the sort that will first give you diabetes, then cancer, then force your trembling and unwilling hand to lift a gun to your temple for sweet, merciful release. All conflict vanished, the biggest problem anyone on Ponyville ever had to worry about involved cakes and parties and a lot of giggling and cheering and songs, and no one spoke above a four year old's intelligence.

My Little Pony condescended in the worst way, both by insinuating that this was all that could be expected of girls, and by pointedly jeering at its own concept every single second. Watch any part of any of its 2000s cartoons, and I guarantee you will hear evil whispering, "What else were you expecting from ponies?" It's no small wonder Hasbro wanted a retool. And thank god they got Lauren Faust. FiM is smart, deep, and surprisingly heartfelt in its commentary. And sometimes I still have a hard time believing that, because ponies. That was pretty much all that they ever needed to keep me coming back.

Commentary on feminism: Bronies aside, this is the greatest thing ever for the target audience for the show. When I was growing up, the last few alternative ways to be acceptably feminine hadn't quite been thoroughly commercialized. Nowadays, it very much is, and a lot of sociologists, psychologists, and academics are somewhat concerned about what this means. Women are defined largely by the Triple Bind concept, three contradictory rules:
Rule#1: Fulfill the traditional "girl" expectations -- look pretty, be nice, get a boyfriend -- while excelling at "girl skills": empathy, cooperation, nurturing, relationship building, and family foundation.
Rule#2: Succeed at "boy goals" -- get straight A's, be a super athlete, be aggressive, be competitive, win acceptance to Ivy League, etc. (Note that these rule directly flies in the face of the first one; girls can't be aggressive and empathic, competitive and cooperative etc. all at the same time. And no one ever seems to agree when a girl is allowed to be one and not the other.)
Rule#3: Be 100 perfect, 100 percent of the time and make it look effortless.  Alternative roles that previously offered escape like beatnik, tomboy, intellectual, hippie, punk, or goth have been co-opted, consumerized, and forced into a single narrow definition of what a woman should be within those highly commercialized parameters.
FiM at least puts forth the idea that there are many, many different ways to be a woman, and that all are equally valid. That a booky nerd is no less feminine than a diva fashionista, and that a rough-and-tumble tomboy is no less of a girl than a shy, demure debutante. Especially considering the plethora of pressures that exist to tell girls what's acceptable for a woman, especially among other women with the concept known as "slut-shaming", I'm amazed and delighted that FiM manages to make the commentary that girls are great no matter what they do. Especially after more or less saying the opposite through its previous incarnations for twenty some years. (And it wasn't for Hasbro's lack of trying, trust me; Faust and her team really have to given serious props for pulling off this brilliant commentary while still under pressure from a lot of old-school marketing that said little girls wouldn't like a white Celestia because everyone knows little girls love pink.)

Commentary on gender roles: Herein I shall discuss the brony phenomenon. Because after the whole feminism thing, I couldn't be more enchanted with this aspect of FiM. I have to confess when people hear about the brony thing and are baffled by it, and say stuff like "Are … are they gay?" I'm dismayed. Because guys are under pressure from society to be a certain way, too, and it's not fair. Nowadays, if you say stuff like "Girls can't race cars; racecars are for boys!" you'd probably be shouted down for being politically incorrect. But a guy likes ponies? "Fag." What the hell? FiM shakes up the status quo in a big way. Naturally, by having characters like Applejack and Rainbow Dash embrace more "male" (for lack of a better term) industries like farm work and sports, respectively. But Spike, the Token Male of the show, wears aprons, enjoys baking, cleans, and hangs out with a bunch of girls. Not only is he not even the same gender, he's not even the same species. And yet, the relationships are born of equality, and enjoy equal measures of respect, courage, and empathy. Spike is definitively male and brings male energy to the show. Sorry, but after seeing an all-male panel show up to tell Congress about woman's reproductive rights, I couldn't be more thrilled at the idea of a show teaching young kids "Everyone has a valid opinion and a right to be respected, regardless of gender or societal expectations of that gender." So hell yeah. Bring on the bronies. I hope ten years from now we have thousands of them in public service running on the Love and Tolerance ballot.

Commentary on philosophy: I'm about as big a cynic as its possible to be, so much so that sometimes I get angry at myself for grinning like an idiot after certain episodes of FiM. Nonetheless, in this day and age, it's expostulated that negative is wiser. That to be hopeful, and positive, and happy, is to be a fool. Despite all of us in our heart of hearts desiring positive energy to be sent our way with a smile or encouragement, it's become the norm to do the opposite. (Especially on the Internet.) FiM has been associated with the New Sincerity movement, a basic rebellion of happy against prevailing modes of postmodernist irony or cynicism.  And without a doubt, FiM is unapologetic in its sincerity. Admittedly, a world of magic and candy-colored ponies might be easier than our world, but the only major difference between their world and ours is how we choose to respond to conflict. The wisest person knows that most conflicts arise from exactly what creates problem in FiM: misunderstanding, lack of empathy, honest mistakes, misread or misinterpreted behavior, and above all, fear. And that the way to solve those problems are what Twilight Sparkle writes to Princess Celestia about: we can solve our problems with mutual respect, understanding, selflessness, courage, and tolerance. It's hard not to admit the show has a point once in a while, especially after a Sonic Rainboom.

Commentary on Child Stigma: Similar to Avatar: The Last Airbender, FiM enjoys a wide adult demographic. Because it's actually intelligent, and doesn't speak down to its audience. Now, while children's programming has gotten amazingly better since the old days of 80's cartoons, it has suffered from some censorship in a lot of ways. (For example, I grew up with Batman: The Animated Series, which was the last show that allowed real guns to be used in a children's cartoon. At least in terms of Batman, every other subsequent show has had laser guns or poison gas guns are a bunch of other fantasy crap. Not real guns.) FiM overturns a lot of the status quo by suggesting that, yes, girls are capable of handling the end of the world. (Hard to believe Japan's ahead of us on that one.)  And I don't mean in terms of a show for teenagers; FiM's target audience is 7-year-olds.  And it doesn't talk down to 7-year-olds. Think about that for a second. How many shows can any adult watch that's targeted at 7-year-olds and not consider shooting themselves after ten episodes? How many shows at all expostulate ethics being its own reward in a sincere way? I can't think of a single adult show that actually does that. It kind of goes back to the idea that cynicism is wiser, and optimism is just for silly little kids. FiM puts forth the idea that kindness, generosity, laughter, honesty, and loyalty aren't foolish precepts at all, but human ideals that lie in the heart of our greatest philosophers, leaders, writers, and artists, and that every once in a while, we should damn well remember that it's awesome.
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:icongalaplz: Greetings, my sexy ponies! :wave:

Since the size of a Journal entry is limited to 60KB, I had to split the collection:
:bulletgreen: Mane Cast 1/2: Greeting; Explanations; Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack
:bulletgreen: Mane Cast 2/2: Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy
:bulletgreen: Secondary Cast 1/2: Spike, Celestia, Luna, CMC, Trixie, Discord, Derpy, Chrysalis
:bulletgreen: Secondary Cast 2/2: Other secondary and background characters; Multi-Pony-Pictures
:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous 1/2: Other icons/ OC Ponies; hotdiggedydemon's
:bulletgreen: Miscellaneous 2/2: Icon series like Shrugponies (which include the Mane Cast)
:bulletgreen: Mosaics 1/2: Plz-accounts that form a larger image in combination, Size 2 to 4
:bulletgreen: Mosaics 2/2: Plz-accounts that form a larger image in combination, Size 6 to 9

Please write a comment below if you know of a plz-account that I have not included yet. That way others can find it until I add it :nod: Note that I only add plz-accounts, not icons of active users, regardless how awesome they may be ^^;

Other/ OC characters
:iconmlpfimplz: :iconmylittlepwnyplz: :iconcelestiabadgeplz: :iconlunabadgeplz: :iconnewlunarrepublicplz:
:iconponytrophyplz: :iconponytrophyunicornplz: :iconponytrophypegasusplz: :iconponytrophywinguniplz: :iconspaceponyplz:
:iconssfacehoofplz: :iconulpplz: :iconangerscotchplz: :icontrollerscotchplz: :iconfoxxyunamusedplz:
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:iconpathofmajestyyayplz: :iconcupcakesskye: :iconsecretbuttfunplz: :icongentlecoltplz:

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The news broke today that I will be doing 6 of the 8 different covers for issue 1 of MLP:FIM! These 6 different covers will each feature one of the Mane 6 prominently, with guest appearances by other characters as well. All 6 covers interlock to form one giant scene!
Worried about not being able to find all 6 covers? Then you can order the BOXED SET! Here's the article on Bleeding Cool, along with a slight peek at the Applejack cover!…

CONVENTION APPEARANCES CONFIRMED! Yes, I will be selling original art, prints, and doing con sketches at each show.
DragonCon- Atlanta Georgia, Aug 31-sep 3 (Tara Strong also appearing!)
Cincinnati Comic Expo - Cincinnati, Ohio Sep 22-23 (along with writer Katie Cook and cover artist Stephanie Buscema!)
MEGACON! -Orlando Florida March 2013 JUST CONFIRMED!

Also suffering through a kidney stone infection at the time being... blargh.

EDIT: As I understand it, all covers will be available at comic shops, and you should be able to preorder the boxed set. Check with your local comic shop, and get on the subscription list! Most comic shops offer discounts for joining!
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Homage to My little Pony customizations.

I have been seeing more and more MLP art growing over the years and watching people get better at techniques and creativity so I thought I'd share with you some of the best ones I have found.
Feel free to link more in the comments section or even link your own.

Customized MLP

Characters and/or themed
Howl's Moving Castle pony by WoosieRepo Blind Mag Pony 2 by AdeCiroDesignsGoogle Baby Pony by kaikakuWintry River little pony by Woosie
Dione, merry-go-round pony by WoosieBulba... pony? by Psychopomp16Charm, corseted little pony by WoosieMarilyn Manson custom pony by Woosie
Pony Stark by trillionsWednesday Addams little pony by WoosieProfessor Snape Pony by WoosieCapn' Jack Sparrow pony by Woosie
Purple Dragon2 by BarbedDragon by BarbedDragonCaptian Kirk by TarpanBeadworksDusk by TarpanBeadworksPolaris by TarpanBeadworks
Stormherald by TarpanBeadworksThe Last Unicorn custom pony by Bee-chanCartoon Swiftwind by trillionsPika Pony by PoniesOfDOOOM
Cthulhu Pony by PoniesOfDOOOMSpiderman Pony by PoniesOfDOOOM:thumb102686386:Baby GIR 1 by PoniesOfDOOOM
Yoda Pony by PoniesOfDOOOMTails Pony by PoniesOfDOOOMSonic the a pony by PoniesOfDOOOMCANDY MOUNTAIN CHARLIEEEEEEEE by PoniesOfDOOOM
Chewbacca Pony by PoniesOfDOOOMBowser by PoniesOfDOOOMEdward Cullen, with Fangs by trillionsLorien by trillions
Spider-Pony by trillionsThe Child-Like Emperess by trillionsFalcor by trillionsMal by trillions

Bright and rainbows
Pride Pony by MLPMeadowsCharmmy Pony custom by WoosieSun Conure pegasus pony by WoosieRambling River by MLPMeadows
Rainbow Armor Pony by the-DragonstarCrystal Clear by MLPMeadows

Dark, evil and/or gothic
Corseted pony for Whippetluv by WoosieTamaska corset pony for Teasle by WoosieCustom little pony for Tyninca by WoosieCorset pony for Ladyseashell by Woosie
Enchantress the witch pony by Woosie3-D Shark little pony custom by WoosieMy Leper Pony by ursulavAppletini custom little pony by Woosie
MLP Flame Kissed Lightning by colorscapesartLadybird by TarpanBeadworksDawn by TarpanBeadworksHalloween Swap Pony by jupiternwndrlnd
Baby Devil Zukin From DDR by PoniesOfDOOOM

Fantasy styles with horns and/or wings etc
Little Lilac pegasus pony by WoosieFlorid Feathers little pony by WoosieBaby Joyful Jade little pony by WoosieTiny Tickles baby pegasus pony by Woosie
Corset pony for Rochi-901 by WoosieLady Tulip little pony by WoosieGiraffe custom little pony by WoosieMidnight Mist little pony by Woosie
Baby Ruby pegasus pony by WoosieSunset pegasus pony by WoosieStardust Storm by MLPMeadowsGolden Gaia by customlpvalley
Rainbow Luck Dragon by trillionsWings of the Desert by trillionsNeptune by trillions