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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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in honor of our mandala madness, i'd like to see if people wanted to use my line art
mandala open collaboration project by crazyruthie
and make it your own mandala. you can color it, you can collage it, you can remix it, you can add to it, or take away some of it....
do pretty much anything you want to it!
download it as much as you like.

i would love to see a lot of people do this, it would be cool to see what it looks like from many people's eyes.
there's no time limit, it can be of any quality. do it as many times as you like!

i'll make a folder for the finished collaborations.  

please give me a credit and a link.

have fun friends! let's see what a great community :iconspirals-and-swirls: is!
I love making mandalas. And I love colouring them. However the problem I keep coming up against is that it's very difficullt to find groups that accept mixed media. I love to hand drawn my mandalas and then scan them into photoshop and colour them that way. I have just invested in a huge collection of various prismacolour, faber-castell and derwent that I will try out in the coming weeks... We shall see.. So...

This group is for people that draw their mandalas by hand.

There are no strict rulez that say the colouring has to be ALL in pen or ALL in pencil or even all in photoshop.

If you draw ALL in pencil, great...

Also, this group welcomes those that don't want to colour their work...

Sometimes a black and white piece can be just as powerful as a coloured one..

I hope all that is clear.. NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED TO CREATE / DRAW the mandalas! Else all goes..

For the start can I request that you upload just 3 of your favourites so far.. we'll adjust the figures according the popularity of the group :D

All the best for now


EDIT 15th Feb

Membership and affiliation requests should now be automatically approved

If dA gremlins get to work let Jim or I know by note and settings will be reset.

MAXIMUM of 3 per day into our NEW SUBMISSIONS folder -
I will then sort them into correct folders later Date last done will appear under the heading

TUTORIALS are also welcomed - obviously how to draw WITHOUT any help from a computer!

À bientôt


mandala madness! at Spirals-and-Swirls!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 4:29 PM
i love mandalas! it's seems that lots and lots of people do. yay!
in my group :iconspirals-and-swirls:  i opened a folder specifically for mandalas and kaleidoscopes! 
they're perfect for the group. we've always gotten a lot of them, but by popular demand, i created the folder!
the folder is for ALL mediums. it's growing and growing already. 
i decided to change the daily submission limit, for the mandala folder only, to five. 
i encourage all your mandala artists to join, and for all members to share your work with us. (join requests are automatically approved.)
look for me, i'll be requesting mandalas all over the place, and inviting people, too. 
here's the journal that explains it all... ;

these are some examples of the awesome mandalas and kaleidoscopes that are already in the folder...

Apo-Chall 8 - Pale to Medium BG by Lupsiberg2038 by IngrimaKaleili Kaleila by feigenfruchtMANDALA DESIGN 202 SEASONAL by PhilluppusWurlitzer Cross by fraxialmadness3
SQUARE art 1926 - Optimism by oboudiartStar of Friendship by Danijel-KnezCommission 1 by MyrretMandala 91 Hidden Truth by hadas64Watery Mandala November 2013 by Artwyrd
Sleep Study by WilloweirdRainbow Aztec Mandala Collab with katahrens by Quaddles-RoostPeacock Feathers Mandala by Kat Ahrens (Coloured) by Silverstroller1Spiral Psyche by Dreamydebcrazyruthie Yurt In A Storm mandala remix by Valpigle
Violetta by ScraNosolstice by essencestudios<da:thumb id="345751939"/>The beast we should not fear by offermoordSnake Mandala by Entophile
28-11-13 Floral by bjmanJungle-Beauty by eReSaWDuck-30112013-14n by jhantares<da:thumb id="411800570"/>infinity by psykz

My Gallery
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The Group is for Mandala artists that use traditional medium to create their designs. NO COMPUTER designs allowed!!

However, how you'd like to colour (if you wish) is up to you.. pens, pencils, paints, computer programs..

Why did I open the group?

Because I like to hand-draw my mandalas with pen (after pencil!) and then scan and import to Photoshop to colour.

I was getting so many of my drawings rejected as they neither fit into Traditional OR Digital.

Most had a NO MIXED media choice.

So, I decided to set up my own.. just make sure that the mandala itself is traditional and then you are free to colour how you please.

Any admins reading this and have noticed I had set up something wrong.. please let me know asap!

Looking forward to seeing your lovelty creatons!


Mandala Spring Collection 2014

Sun Jun 1, 2014, 1:45 AM
hope you enjoy,

RandomThoughts by nihilistic-hun

Mandalas are a universal symbol found in most of the world's cultures.  They are often ritualistic and usually associated with spirituality.  They are widely known as Hindu and Buddhist religious symbols but they can also be seen in the sand paintings of many aboriginal nations, in the layout of temples and churches, even in the stained glass rose windows of cathedrals. 

While the symbolism behind the mandala is usually the unity and order of the cosmos, they can also represent the integrity of the self. During the more difficult periods of his life, Carl Jung drew a mandala every day.  This helped him not only with the development of his own spirit but it also enabled him to refine his great theories of the psyche. 

She... and Me by Fredex91Looking In - Rainbow by Mandala-JimBeckon the Winds of Two-Sided Sights by TwaRavenMotifs
red and gold by AnnisPekkavivisection in black and white by PhantomMonkey Mandalafall by Rezlo
Spiralling by Anj3llablue planet n moon by santosam81Monte Carlo Method Rendering by nic022
Unsustainable Instability by simonpark81
Doodle-Dala by Harrisons-ForgeAdornment by MladavidMandala Mantra OM by CacaioTavares
Ab13 Alternate Mandala 46 by Xantipa2

Mandala in the Making DEMO I

Sat May 24, 2014, 10:56 AM
an animation of a mandala in the making,  a WIP, some music added, hope you enjoy

To blog or not to blog up my journals, that is my question....

:work: Well poll actually,…
I have been told by many that I should have a blog - dunnoh if I am really that interesting but suppose I do have some mad tangents leading me astray each week. 
So what do YOU reckon should I blog up my journal or not?

:iconcarameldansenplz: I am Co-Founder of a great new group with Mandala-Jim called :iconhand-drawn-mandala: for everyone that creates or just loves hand-drawn mandalas...
NO COMPUTERS ALLOWED TO CREATE / DRAW the mandalas! Else all goes..
All membership requests should be accepted straight away as long as settings dont have another hiccup!
For the start can we request that you upload just 3 of your favourites so far..
we'll adjust the figures according the popularity of the group
mandala for the new year by hadas64Origin 38 by steveoxleyMandala 12 by Crejzi Just three of the gorgeous ever growing collection...
Any suggestions welcomed

You will notice (if you watch my scraps) that I am putting on a lot of tutorials covering paisley flowers and leaves - tangle borders and stylised animals, obviously not all of my watchers like these so this is probably best way of putting them on?
I am also co-founder of :iconzentangle-community: which is only a month old:
...needless to say you would be very welcome to join/watch :)
Hearty Valentangle by Quaddles-Roost:faint:  A FIRST in eight years on dA - I typed Valentangle into the dA search and mine was the ONLY dev, obviously not that many tanglers on here lately!
Original challenge here under scroll down to #154 heading

:iconnahrain: suggested "hugging" as my next theme and with Valentine Day just yesterday (yep, I am a day late doing this!)
My personal faves:
Mending Hearts by Quaddles-RoostLove In Vain by Quaddles-RoostI Give You My Heart by Quaddles-Roost
Garden Of Love by Quaddles-RoostPurple Heart ATC 31 by Quaddles-RoostLove Hearts Mandala by Quaddles-RoostShe Waits Still by Quaddles-Roost
Valentines Day Stamp by AnimeEvieI Heart Hearts Stamp by bizarrostampsStamp: Quit whining about having no valentine by TandenfeeShining Love by Wisp-NightScientific Pick-Up Lines Stamp #1 by This-Good-Killjoy
At The Heart of it all by ArtwyrdValentine by MondlichtfalterStrange Times by DualHeart

Big Heart by nerrinbTainted Love by Kyuzo001 Warm Heart by StickyRicePlatterComplex Heart by PeriwinklePaisleyTreasure Map by RebelBAM
Heart Mandala by FaeriegemValentine by redmask404Hearts by kodapops
 Mandala of the Heart by IngeVandormaelHeart by cybelemoonBurning Love Mandala by LydiasdrawingboardHearts by cydienne
I Love the way you love me - Valentine Commission by secrets-of-the-penThorny Heart by natthan54[-knd-] Sweet and candy by kyutnd
 Heart Chakra Open by PaintMyWorldRainbowHeart Jpeg by FranErasmusSketchytb by Myra-czValentine Mandala 58 Coloured by Mandala-Jim
Valentine's Day by JLManzanoheart by trankwilizecolor pencils by nahrain
:Valentine's Skull by MJBivouacThe Heart by OdditiesByErnieSt. Valentine's Day by LikaKinskyBrown rang.. by xxspanishamantexx
: You will find many more tutorials here…

I do have a PLZ-Thanks folder in my faves, suggest you collect yours in a similiar fashion, - so if you use these don`t forget to thanks the creator by faving their work whenever possible!
Those of you who know me well will of of course, be expecting them sorted alphabetically OCD can be a bitch :rofl:

# 3 BIRDS…
# 4 FOOD and DRINK…
# 5 FOOD and DRINK II EMOTS Large…
# 9 TV and GAMes EMOTS Part I…
#10 TV and GAMes EMOTS Part II…
#11 11 FLOWERs and TREEs under construction
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To celebrate my dA name change :iconfractalbee: made this for me.

Name Change Celebration Present for Lia by FractalBee

FractalBee has a diverse gallery with Coloring Book Pages Wolf - Coloring Book page with example by FractalBee
Portraits Portrait of Gene Wilder by FractalBee MB3D Starship in the Galaxy by FractalBee  Walk the Line by FractalBee

Fractal Explorer Black and white by FractalBee and more!

Please give her gallery a visit. :heart: The mandalas are my favorites :D
Both Mandalas and Kaleidoscopes will be used in our challenges. To read What is a Kaleidoscope?, click this link: Kaleidoscope Article

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20120212-Rike-Raquew-Kaleidoscope-v7 by quasihedron

Mandalas have been used as a mechanism to focus one's attention on a subject of great interest for one or more persons. For centuries, the Mandala has been used in the Far Eastern Hemisphere; one specific use is to focus one's mind in meditation and prayers, so as to attract the good fortune and blessings given by the Universe. When the liturgy is complete, the Mandala is swept away with clean water and allowed to run into the nearby flowing waters so the blessings received could be passed onto others in the world, and to the places they lived.

In ancient Sanskrit, "Mandala" has the meaning of "circle", and this circle was used to house a small replica of the Universe, with focus on a specific goal or outcome as expressed in the design of the Mandala.

Most Hindu and Buddhist Mandalas are square, depicting four gates surrounding a circle. Each gate is in the shape of a T. Other spiritual Mandalas are circular, but also include a square and the four gates representing the four compass points, where energy flowed into and out of the Mandala. Many also contain the representation of a large and opulent palace at the center as a focus point.

There is no single design for a Mandala. Rather, the Mandala can take multiple forms based on the portents and philosophy of the groups using them. The variety of these used in modern times is quite varied, and may or may not have any meaning beyond exciting a viewers artistic emotions. Besides spiritual benefits, they are used as teaching aids, much as modern charts and illustrations in school books.

Because of the self-similar portions of a Mandala pattern, they can be considered a very specific Mathematical instance of a 2- or 3-dimensional fractal, or a multi-fold kaleidoscopic image.

Mandalas are usually very colorful designs, sometimes with extremely intricate and complex shapes. They are filled with an abundance of details, which are designed to help one focus on the topic of interest, as well as the center point.

If you would like to read more on the history and substance of Mandalas, here are some external link with wonderful information about them:



Mandala Links


:lightbulb: :community: :community: :community: :community: :lightbulb:

For our members, we hope that you are enjoying the challenges, as well as learning something (even if totally unrelated to the Mandalas.) We feel it is important for artists to not only follow the design guidelines, but to also interact with one another. These basic concepts allow artist to circulate in the world of artistic technique and the world of clients; they are entirely different worlds of their own. The synergy these create here at MandalaChallenges fill the world of our artists and their following, particularly here at

We hope that you, our audience, also enjoy the images created by our members. Each Mandala is a unique artwork created according a specific set of rules and instructions for one challenge competition. Our members are a wonderful set of artists who take their precious time to specialize in creating these beautiful works of art. They look forward to your comments and ideas. Help support them by viewing their work, commenting on them, and perchance, make an item purchase which praises their work and helps to support the cost of their tools and media.

May the blessings and graces inherent all of these Mandalas flow from our members into your life, and bring goodness to you and your family and your friends. It time to go make some Mandalas for these blessings now! :bow:

Kaleidoscopic Obsessions 08 by Leichenengel

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