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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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:bulletgreen: Mascot character of Megpoid which is a singing synthesizer application software powered by Yamaha's Vocaloid2 and was published by Internet Co., Ltd.
:bulletgreen:  Release date:  June 25, 2009.
:bulletgreen: Gender: Female
:bulletgreen: Hair/Eye Color: Green/Green
:bulletgreen: Optimum tempo: 60 - 175 BPM
:bulletgreen: Optimum range: F2 - A4
:bulletgreen: Character Items: Carrot, Goggles
:bulletgreen: Voice provided by:  Megumi Nakajima

Information Provided by:

Digital Art

chibi Megpoid by clowx Gumehhh by qrullgx13 Anime style try: GUMI by 0Catarina0 MATRYOSHKA by EvilApple513 Megupooo by Aka-Shiro MEGPOID by taroru .:.Megpoid:GUMI.:. by iggie39 gumi by Stabat Gumi and Miku by BumblebeeSam Megpoid : GUMI by Merunyaa :thumb177905971: GUMI by grkoch GUMI and Rin by grkoch Megpoid Gumi by Kogane-chan :thumb127713314: Megpoid Gumi: Be Myself by ippus Gumi by Hosino-Hikaru Megpoid Gumi by Nodoka-Mitsuki Campanella FULL by denim2 Campanella by Nodoka-Mitsuki Magical Carrot by SugarMimika Gachatard - yowa mushi gumi by sighlol Montblanc by Maryenta  Gumi   Lineart-RainbowMaple by dranzy :thumb180563364: Megpoid-Gumi + Drawing Process by JOEIAN  Vocaloid Gumi by renei Vocaloid::Matryoshka::Gumi by ayexist Campanella by Andcetera SS - Gumi by Rukitella Miku and Gumi by CATGIRL0926 GUMI by CATGIRL0926 Megpoid by Mikeinel gumi by euphonioushinn 1 day 1 vocaloid 2 by Ragnarok026  Bubblegum Kisses by ichi-tori bluebird by Renka-vesper pieapples by CrackedTeapot Onichan to ninjin daisuki by Akacchi Yowamushi Montblanc by Snatcherkid Megpoid GUMI2 by greteling Rin and Gumi by PheiChi :thumb177615434: Gumiraan by Akacchi Drive to the Moon by TFOTR chu-chuchuchu-- by Okamagic coward montblanc... by Hoshino-Tsuki :thumb145742684: :thumb178507406: VOCALOID - GUMI by the-star-samurai :thumb181361534: +Gumi:Matryoshka+ by NonokasX2 :thumb177982215: Gumi by ichitakaseto GUMI by erika913 Mozaik Role - Gumi by allenkung1 :thumb169258534: :thumb174686337: VOCALOID - BLUE BUTTERFLY. by the-star-samurai MA.TO.RYO.SHI.KA by toumin Bokura no 16bit wars by SpectrumGreen

Traditonal Art

Friendship by Narumo 15th KaKAO "Let's sing" by Hime-chama Matryoshka Miku and Gumi by tokiya86 Au Courant by Swt-Team Len n' Gumi by Kjbionicle Vocaloid GUMI by Jane-Boltrushko DWC - Gumi by Yukii21 Gumi's Phantasmagoria by balnibarbi Matryoshka - Miku and Gumi by Sashuka68 .:.Gumi.:. by iggie39 Gumi by kittysan5 matryoshka by silkhat Megpoid Gumi by yuki-mekishiko Vocaloid Gumi Chibi by FuyusFox .:Gumi Megpoid:. by x--KCK--x Gumi - Thanks for 5k Kiriban by maocha Megpoid Gumi by Meawsy Gumi by emiriicchan Matryoshka by ShivaTenshitan  Arittake no Omoi by Alysoun-Konpaku


Comic Fiesta 2009 - 12 by shiroang . You, me, randevous? . by vORANGEsquish Koihasensou_MIKI_01 by Kumoomoo Morning Smiles by macaronivampire . 1, 2, 3, 4 . by vORANGEsquish - Stop SCREAMING - by edylisation :thumb154809558: I want to know more by Mikorio Gumi Matryoshka Cosplay by xKamiNekox just a game by sakana :thumb147972693: :thumb152174363: :thumb157286764: Gumi Megpoid - CF 09 by Amano7 Nephti - Megpoid Gumi by CatoKusanagi Sandplay of the Dragon - Gumi by Ryusei-R1 GUMI: Eager Love Revenge I by edylisation Gumi-Just A game by ValeforHo :thumb165919071: :thumb165918915: Vocaloid: Holography GUMI by Ayatenshi


Gumi Wallpaper by SweetCandyCupkake Type Carrot Gumi by qrullgx13 GUMI megpoid by TenshiKisumi Gumi wall by melo91 Gumi Wallpaper by Meikiyu


Gumi by just-stamps Gumi Megpoid Stamp by relyon gumi megpid stamp by crazysistahs Stamp - Vocaloid: Gumi by Emiliers STAMP Gumi Megpoid by The-Last-Fallen-Ange

And a few songs: (has links attached to names)
Blue Bird
Our 16-Bit Wars
Sorry to You
Megu Megu Fire Endless Night
Song of Loving Carrots
Coward Montblanc
Drive to the Moon
Love will Surely Soar
The Last Revolver
Just a Game
Good-bye Memories
The Story That You Do Not Know
Forever Tears
Joy of Love
Soppy Ensemble
Mosaic Roll
Bad Apple!!

:bulletgreen: Feel free to post more songs in the comments!

Previous Articles
Gakupo Kamui
Miku Hatsune
Luka Megurine
Len Kagamine
Rin Kagamine
Len & Rin Kagamine

:bulletgreen:  Also remember to :+fav: the article if you enjoyed it!

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29 November 2012

Internet Co, Ltd has recently tweeted that they are going to make an English version of Megpoid Gumi. It is expected to be released Feb 2013 in conjunction with VOCALOID Trans-Pacific, the move to bring VOCALOID to America and popularize it. You can listen to a very quick demo of her singing "I Love You".

26 November 2012

Hey guys, would you like to practice singing some Vocaloid songs? There are users on YouTube who post videos with romaji lyrics with on vocal and off vocal versions of Vocaloid songs! These users include Kyoukaraa, ReddieKaraoke, and Rediakaikai. If you know anyone else who post Vocaloid karaoke, go ahead and tell us and we'll feature them here. Have fun with your karaoke!

25 November 2012

GoodSmile Company has come out with a new Miku Nendoroid for the holiday season! They have come out with the Santa Ver. of Hatsune Miku.

17 November 2012

Megpoid the Music#'s official website has announced that the official release date for its game will be March 28, 2013. There will also be limited edition releases that will include two figures.

13 November 2012

A beta for a new game called Hatsune Miku Live Stage Producer has recently been released and it's available in the Google Play Store, but it's only available for Japanese devices. More information about this game can be read here.

11 November 2012

This is late on our part, but if you haven't already been informed...
The wait is finally coming to an end! Synchronicity Part 3 will be released on December 19th of this year!!
It is rumored that the title will be "Requiem of the Spinning World".

Also, the third installment will be a part of Hitoshizuku-P and Yama's first album together called "EndlessroLL".
More information about how you can pre-order the album is given in this journal entry.

Here is also a to the preview of the album!
Click "Play movie" and enjoy!

And if you notice, the second last picture they show is of Rin and Len finally able to meet which will be part of the third installment!

8 November 2012

Avanna the Celtic vocaloid has finally been given a mascot!
According to the wiki, she is 18 years old, her illustrator is AkiGlancy (EmpathP), and Zero-G Ltd is the distributor.

Reference Art:

Avanna Front and Back Ref sheet by AkiGlancy

Full Body Art:

Avanna Full Body Art by AkiGlancy

Box Art:

Avanna Official Artwork by AkiGlancy

(Visit AkiGlancy's DeviantArt profile for more information!)

You can also hear her demo that was played at NekoCon!

5 November 2012

Today is the 8th Birthday of MEIKO! Here are a some features to celebrate her birthday!

Vocaloid - Escape of Salmhofer the Witch by Zoltruke

MEIKO Song: スズメノナミダ

MEIKO facts:
:bulletred: MEIKO is the only Crypton Vocaloid without blue eyes.
:bulletred: MEIKO is the first female Japanese Vocaloid.

4 November 2012

Our new Contributors are Anemone-OF-Jonquil, silverharmony, Skychii, and tunaluka! We hope that our new Contributors will help your experience in Vocaloid-fanclub!

3 November 2012

A new project was recently revealed at DC Expo that aims to spread the VOCALOID culture to the US throughout other parts of Asia! Read the full article here.

Also, there will be Project Diva F for the PS3 (note that it's a capital "F" for the PS3 instead of a lowercase "f" for the VITA). This will be the Dreamy Theater version to Project Diva f. Here's the official website! Save data can be exchanged from the VITA to PS3. There will be 6 new songs with matching outfits to go with the songs. There will also be new clothing accessories.

3 November 2012

Looks like GoodSmile Company is going to be releasing new Vocaloid Nendoroids of Lily and Gumi!

And we finally have a preview video of Rosetta for the new Megpoid the Music# game coming out in the future!
fhsdfkjasd. This is something I did NOT know!!!…

sfhdsjfk. So. Happy.
Internet Co. has been hinting at their new product, Megpoid Talk, for about a year now. They finally released a demo for her. Megpoid Talk is a separate software from VOCALOID that allows GUMI to speak instead of forcing it out with VOCALOID. The program will be able to export a VSQx so you can use the files with VOCALOIDs as well! You can also record your own voice and then let GUMI speak in the same tone you did. The release is set for next month on the 16th, being sold for 7,500 yen. Check her speaking below!…

So what do you guys think?
Today is June 26,

The fourth year since Gumi's release. That was a long time.  2009-2013.

(English lyrics according to… )

The ground cherries whisper to me; when I fooled you, you smiled
You hid away, so I hid you, I took you from this world
Hocus Pocus - at the end of a dream,
Hocus Pocus - I don't want to see you cry, it's okay
Hocus Pocus - I'll chant a spell for you;
Hocus Pocus - A magic lie
Since the day I made an enemy of the world, the world began to spin
Since the day I made an enemy of the world, we began making time...
Hocus Pocus - if I keep up the deception,
Hocus Pocus - will you keep smiling for me?
Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus) Hocus Pocus - forever;
Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus) - you can smile...

I want to dream an endless dream, like the cover adorning a book
My thoughts, my wishes, who understands them? Who are you?
Hocus Pocus - all the silly stories and lies,
Hocus Pocus - if you believe them, they'll come true, so listen...
Hocus Pocus - chant it like you always do;
Hocus Pocus - A magic lie
Since the day the world became a foe, the world's lost its colour
Since the day the world forgave a lie, my clock began to tick...
Hocus Pocus - let's keep it so the two of us
Hocus Pocus - can just be together and laugh
Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus) Hocus Pocus - just how it is...
Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus) - an everlasting lie...

Hocus... Pocus... Hocus... Pocus... Hocus--

Since the day I made an enemy of the world, the world began to spin
Since the day I made an enemy of the world, we began making time...
Hocus Pocus - even once the magic of lies wears off,
Hocus Pocus - there's no need to be frightened
Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus) Hocus Pocus - and listen, someday...
Hocus Pocus (Hocus Pocus) - I'll smile with you...
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It is related to this cosplay sale, and you can win a drawing from Yoai!!
(Also THANKS SO MUCH to her for promoting!)

I need to make back some money ;A; so I can buy more cosplay so I'm deciding to sell some of my old ones ^^

Yellow Square Bullet GENERAL GUIDELINES Yellow Square Bullet 

Point Right I've only worn each cosplay one time (for conventions); selling them because I most likely won't ever wear them again ;;
Point Right I ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL (preferably in USD, but I'll also take CAD)
Point Right Note me or comment here if you're interested!
Point Right PLEASE NOTE: Measurements not from a seller's site are done by me, so it might be somewhat off
Point Right I'm also up to negotiate!

Yellow Square Bullet SHIPPING Yellow Square Bullet  

Point Right All listed prices are BEFORE shipping
Point Right Free shipping within my city (Toronto and GTA)
Point Right Add $15 for shipping to the US/other parts of Canada
Point Right International shipping (how does this work): PLEASE CONTACT ME!

I'm new to shipping things out, but I'll try my best! Emoji06


Yellow Square Bullet Camellia Gumi A Yellow Square Bullet

Point Right PRICE: $60 (BEFORE shipping)
Point Right Includes: hat, dress, green petticoat (wears underneath dress), tie, gloves, (wig +$10, Note: I ONLY HAVE ONE GUMI WIG so whoever buys it first gets it)
Point Right DOES NOT include: socks, shoes
Point Right Size: I bought this a long time ago so I don't remember... the top (bust area) is VERY LOOSE for me (I need something to hold it up); The skirt fits me well and my waist is 66cm; it can still stretch, but may feel tight (might be too tight for someone with a much wider waist)

Point Right My Cosplay Pictures with this Costume (ignore the wet hair lol):
Camellia Gumi A (Front) by Kream-Cheese  Camellia Gumi A (Side) by Kream-Cheese  Camellia Gumi A (Back) by Kream-Cheese



Yellow Square Bullet Camellia Gumi B Yellow Square Bullet  

Point Right PRICE: $80 (BEFORE shipping)
Point Right Includes: hat, dress, gloves, tie, (wig +$10, Note: I ONLY HAVE ONE GUMI WIG so whoever buys it first gets it)
Point Right DOES NOT include: socks, shoes
Point Right Size: I believe I got M? It was a long time ago, so I'm not too entirely sure (in Chinese size, check the seller's site for their measurements)
It fits me pretty well (except my chest was on the small side), and my measurements are: bust = 81cm, waist = 66cm, hips = 89cm, height = 164cm

Point Right My Cosplay Pictures with this Costume:
Camellia Gumi 2 by Kream-Cheese   Camellia Gumi by Kream-Cheese

Point Right I also wore this cosplay in this video


Yellow Square Bullet Karakuri Burst - Rin Yellow Square Bullet  

Point Right PRICE: $70 (BEFORE shipping)
Point Right Includes: dress, red waist piece, long white coat, rope (ties around waist), rose, hair bow, (free VERY messy wig, if you want it)
Point Right DOES NOT include: socks, shoes, any bandages
Point Right Size: female L (in Chinese size, check the seller's site for their measurements)
What their site says the measurements are (for female L): bust = 95cm, waist = 75cm, hips = 99cm, height: 165cm
It is on the fairly big for me, so a larger person could fit

Point Right My Pictures with this Costume:
DSC 0026 (2) 400x600 by Kream-Cheese  DSC 0033 400x600 by Kream-Cheese  DSC 0034 400x600 by Kream-Cheese  Karakuri Burst Rin by Kream-Cheese

Point Right I also wore this cosplay in this video


Yellow Square Bullet White Magnet - Rin Yellow Square Bullet 

Point Right PRICE: $70 (BEFORE shipping)
Point Right Includes: dress, gloves, one set of winged headset clips, head bow clip, dress back bow, striped red waist piece
Point Right DOES NOT include: wig, socks, shoes
Point Right Measurements: it was custom made, so fits me perfectly with a bit of room leftover (my measurements are: bust = 81cm, waist = 66cm, hips = 89cm, height = 164cm); someone a little bit larger than me could fit
*NOTE: the back bow must be tied onto the dress in order to attach it (it'll come already tied)

Point Right My Pictures with this Costume:
White Magnet Rin (Front) by Kream-Cheese  White Magnet Rin (Back) by Kream-Cheese  White Magnet Rin (Front Close-up) by Kream-Cheese

Point Right I also wore this cosplay in this video


Feel free to ask if you have any questions! Emoji02

¡¡Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, cumplo un año aquí!! \(^o^)/ :iconamericapartyhardplz:

Ha sido totalmente inesperado, de verdad, no me acordaba ._." Ha sido ver el anunciamiento y quedarme en plan "WTF?! :iconwthplz:" y después ":iconhontoplz:".

Bueno, pues eso -w-" Me alegro muchísimo de haber compartido con vosotros este año tan extremadamente sugoi, tanto a los que me conocen desde siempre (antes de DA), a los que me conocen desde que estoy aquí y a los que acabo de conocer hace poco ^^

¡Espero seguir aquí muchos años más! ^o^ :iconjapanpastaplz:

P.D.: ¡Cuánto tiempo sin escribir un journal! XD
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There are two days left in the contest, so if you haven't voted please do. Please spread the word as well to your friends. All you have to do is go here: and fav or comment on it. It's that simple and easy. SO PLEASE take two seconds and vote. I'll give you a cookie. :3

Gumi Sweet is complete!!!!!! You can see it here: [… ]
PCC plans:
Thursday - Fem!America
Friday - Gumi Sweet
Saturday - 7th Dragon 2020 Miku
Sunday - :icontrollfaceplz:
I will be appearing in the cosplay fashion show on Saturday as Miku.

:penguin: :penguin: :penguin:
In the Process of Making:
Charlotte - Princess and the Frog (hoop skirt)
*Secret cosplay*
Nomadic Hungary - Hetalia Axis Powers

Maru - XxxHolic
Alice - Pandora Hearts
Iceland - Hetalia Axis Powers
Miku Hatsune - Vocaloid (default) + 7th Dragon 2020
Anemone - Eureka 7
Hungary (Military outfit)/(Halloween) - Hetalia Axis Powers
Purple Link - Zelda:Four Swords
Ameriko/Fem!America - Hetalia/Nyotalia
Hannah - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) (Regular + Party Ver.)
Spain - Hetalia Axis Powers
Romano - Hetalia Axis Powers
Vocaloid 3 Gumi Sweet - Vocaloid

"Retired" Cosplay:
Itachi - Naruto
Elda - Karin (Chibi Vampire)
Finnian - Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Future Cosplays:
Black Gold Saw - Black Rock Shooter
Princess of Crystal/Himari - Mawaru PenguinDrum
Karakuri Burst Miku - Vocaloid
Heart Hunter Miku - Vocaloid
Alice Human Sacrifice Miku - Vocaloid
Lily - Vocaloid
Mephisto Pheles- Ao no Exorcist
God is an Energy Cheapskate Gumi - Vocaloid
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:iconlenumadplz::icongumigasmplz:O gawd, stop it Jasper. So we took more than just TWO Gumi x Len pictures. Come on, you can't just take TWO and call it good mayn.


We spent SO MUCH TIME in the park to take these, but I'm not complaining, because it was decently nice out and fun. Though, we did get a lot of weird looks from people, not only because of our wigs, but because of our uhm..Gumi x Lenness.ahurr.

Gumi x Len forever yo. OTP.
and in case you're wondering, i'm not dating the Len in these photos, i'm dating :iconstormilove:stormilove < u >