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Hello, and let me be the first to welcome you to dAs first (I believe) Aayla Secura fan club! If you can't already tell, I totally jacked everything from my other club Barriss-Fan-Club

Aayla Secura is a Twi'lek Jedi Knight, and an amazing one at that. She fell as a victim to Order 66, but she is my personal favourite Jedi.

Some friendly links!
Keep in mind, the Contest journals are empty as of right now~

Contest Information -> aayla-secura-fans.deviantart.c…
Contest Results -> aayla-secura-fans.deviantart.c…
Rules / Joining / Submitting -> aayla-secura-fans.deviantart.c…

News and Updates!
Updates from Soapy-Hitachiin
    :new: Hi hi and welcome to the OFFICIAL Aayla Secura Fan Club! I LOVE Aayla Secura. If I could be a Jedi Padawan, I'd be her Padawan~ She's my favourite, and hopefully, you all like her to! I mean, you should if you're joining the club~ Don't hesitate to join, I'm super nice~! <3
So, Aayla is finished, as those of you who follow me would have seen from my gallery :)
Aayla Secura 1 by Bria-Silivren
Aayla was a big success at Armageddon, and I got painted up again last week for another local troop.

While I couldn't be happier with the costume, I'm uncertain of the paint I'm using. It photographs far too dark under fluorescent lighting as you can sort of see here :
Armageddon - Staying At His Post by Flynn-the-cat
and here:…
It definitely needs to be lighter (Yes, the same paint was used in all the photos above).

I've since stumbled upon a different brand of body paint which was recommended by a bodypainter. It has a lighter shade of blue available, and I am currently typing with a light blue forearm. It's a very nice blue and it'll be a good lighter alternative to the 'sky blue' snazaroo paint that I was using previously and I'll definitely stick with this one. I'm not looking forward to repainting the lekku :/
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Aayla Secura - Wookieepedia, the Star.

Ok, I was bored beyong belief, seriously I started thinking about reading a book the size of Canada, (a little exangerated?) anyways, my fertile
Looking for some Friday night cleavage? Try the newest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on for size. In &quot;Jedi Crash,&quot; Anakin Skywalker is taken out of commission

'Star Wars Episode 7' Plot: Is Galen.

Wer t&#246;tet Ahsoka Tano? - Imperium der Steine

  • Slave Aayla Secura - Slave Leia.

Rastifan's deviantART Favourites

Aayla Secura Jedipedia



Aayla Secura - The Star Wars Erotica Wiki

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Aayla Secura is being hunted down by the new Galactic Empire's troops day and night. They have

Aayla Secura bei Amazon
Off-Topic &gt; Star Wars  Ahsoka geh&#246;rt zweifellos zu den Sympathietr&#228;gern der neuen Clone Wars Serie. Leider  Ich glaube, dass Ventress sie t&#246;tet. In der

'Star Wars Episode 7' Plot: Is Galen Marek or Aayla Secura The More Suitable Villain? Details &amp; Video. By Robert Leo, EnStars | Apr 23, 2013 11:18 AM EDT

naked aayla secura

<k>Aayla Secura - Take It Off - YouTube</k>
Dieser Artikel behandelt die Jedi-Ritterin Aayla Secura; f&#252;r den gleichnamigen Comic siehe Aayla Secura.
[Source] Aayla Secura, born Aaylas'ecura, was a Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master in the later days of
Aayla Secura (born Aaylas'ecura) was a beautiful Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master in the final years of the Galactic Republic who served as a General during the Clone Wars.

naked aayla secura

Half-Naked Female Jedis, Coming Right Up.

Half-Naked Female Jedis, Coming Right Up.

'Star Wars Episode 7' Plot: Is Galen.

im thinking about making a vore story where aayla secura from starwars gets eaten alive headfirst, with her kicking and screaming as shes gulped down. shes the blue jedi in starwars with her belly showing let me know what you guys think :D
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Have you joined what I have dubbed the Aaylalution yet?

Aayla Secura. If you think she got shafted in Ep. III gimme a hell yeah. Yep, it's soapbox time. She's got more backstory than any of the other minor Jedi characters, more charisma than any of the major characters put together, and what happens to her? Yeah, exactly.

I can't remember being this fired up about a character since... well, since Blink.

Yeah, that Blink. A.K.A. Clarice Ferguson, the cute lavender-hued teleporting mutant who was VERY minor during the ol' Phalanx Covenant series, then she made her return in the Age of Apocalypse series and fans immediately just took to her, wanting to see more of her in a bad way. And the love for her grew up until Marvel Comics relented, giving her a mini-series, and then giving her a leading role in the comic Exiles. Now Blink is back and I'm happy. At least for the most part.

But on the subject of Aayla... well, hopefully this rumor that she'll return in the Star Wars TV series isn't just a rumor and is reality. Aayla's way too good a character to just shoot in the back and such. She deserves better than that.

So have you joined the Aaylalution yet?
Click the link for the tutorial.  :)…
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I drew Aayla Secura traditionally, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Which, I can not wait for season 2 to come out. Desperate to watch it.
Overall, I'm really pleased with how she came out, and here's the video link:…

Hoping to get my FMP stuff on here soon, although it's a lot of work, and its taking a lot of time - time I dont really have. Cant wait to start work, and buy everything I'm wanting. I have plans to attend Kendo and Ninjistu with a friend soon as well. And I see Clare in late May, which is ze best!

Anyways, hoping to draw another Star Wars related piece again soon.
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