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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:21 AM
AB14  Fantasy ... 3 by Xantipa2 Perfection On The Brick Wall by skarzynscy AB14  Fantasy ... 3 by Xantipa2
Ablaze by Anguis-IX Queen of my silent suffocation... by ansdesign Ablaze by Anguis-IX 
Dupa ploi by AlexandrinaAna With a little bit of love by Barnum60 Dupa ploi by AlexandrinaAna 
The Other SideBehind every light,
                        there is a terrible darkness.
Behind every person,
                        their shadow looms,
                                                   twice as tall.
Behind every door,
                        there is an unknown emptiness.
Behind every smile,
                        there are heavy tears,
                                                   just waiting to be shed.

Behind every light,
                        there is a terrible darkness.

Behind every person,
                        their shadow looms,
                                                   twice as tall.

Behind every door,
                        there is an unknown emptiness.

Behind every smile,
                        there are heavy tears,
                                                   just waiting to be shed.
New Dawn in Giza by Fassod The Lives of Others by Fassod New Dawn in Giza by Fassod
St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod The Lives of Others by Fassod St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod 
Trees And Sea by Twitchtic Walking On Water by Twitchtic Trees And Sea by Twitchtic  
Hydrangea ::: by katworks
Happy B.Christiane by MeralSariogluRenaissance by Canankk
Tail Flip by Metal-Bender
Nawakomobile by fredScalliet Night Feather... by ansdesign Nawakomobile by fredScalliet 
tongues by virtualgadjo cranes in fog by sandpiper764 tongues by virtualgadjo
rowanberry winter by maybe-paper-hearts A perfect day II by lostknightkg rowanberry winter by maybe-paper-hearts
Here to Stay by BlindEyeTwist
L'eminence grise by VersatisTreasure Map by Izaaaaa
Room 27 by steve2727
Columbus Self Portrait by jonniedee escape the planet by nex Columbus Self Portrait by jonniedee
Hybrid by Senecal Aqua haeret by martaraff Hybrid by Senecal
infinite by el-karamelo OXOX by freMDartet infinite by el-karamelo
We Need To Find Another Way Out by steve2727
slow decay by R9Adreaming face by joeyv7
arsenal by steve2727
Washing Off the Muddy Bits by jonniedee MB14  3D Abstract ... 102 by Xantipa2 Washing Off the Muddy Bits by jonniedee  
All Work No Play by Poromaa Return to the Sea by mj-magic All Work No Play by Poromaa 
in threes by Nilanja 07 AVRIL 2014 - HAIR by JFBAYLE in threes by Nilanja 
The Window 1 by Bibire
Summer Day by Ralu77.ZZ. by dasTOK
April morning magic by jchanders
Self, April 2014 by wchild We are the hollow men by AiniTolonen Self, April 2014 by wchild 
Bright12 by ltiana355 Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag Christiane... by ansdesign Bright12 by ltiana355 
red letter day by davespertine Trapped by Tooga red letter day by davespertine 
Ping Pong by DasGhul
THE DAY AFTER MY FUNERAL by NataliaDrepinaf.obia by numanalkan
G-Motor by KPEKEP
Wild by youreyestellies Concentration Towards the Void 02 by HorstSchmier Wild by youreyestellies 
By The Sea by Ragnar949 step into a dream II by ra-gro By The Sea by Ragnar949 
Orange by djailledie Mg 2708 by AlexvsWorld Orange by djailledie 
Daybreak Dreamer by veeegeee
Ecliptical Orbitation 19.7 by Senecalfaithful by baspunk
Goose and I by MushroomBrain 
Roots and wings by martaraff Trinity by lostknightkg Roots and wings by martaraff 
The First Roundup by Tordo Charcoal study, detail by jane-beata The First Roundup by Tordo 
Beneath the Surface 04 by HorstSchmier Beneath the Surface 02 by HorstSchmier Beneath the Surface 04 by HorstSchmier
Warkworth Castle by newcastlemale
Not Afraid Of The Storm by KizukiTamuraDeodata by AlexandrinaAna
our homes disappeared overnight. by Hamish-Frost
Beneath the Surface 03 by HorstSchmier SALT.Y by EintoeRn Beneath the Surface 03 by HorstSchmier 
Vanishing Point by KizukiTamura Leading by SevimDalan Vanishing Point by KizukiTamura 
Black Star by martaraff a hell of my own making... by kvnvk Black Star by martaraff 
.labyrinth lost. by naikki
contract by RichardLeachMirror by IsisMarinho
Water by SignHermitCrab
ascent descent by rioMenor An Empty Thought by OrdinaryFella ascent descent by rioMenor
Deep Water by KizukiTamura Two Girls In Dreams by Xantipa2-2D3DPhotoM Deep Water by KizukiTamura
red wall... by m-lucia picking by crazyruthie red wall... by m-lucia 
a r o m a t i c by creativemikey
Cropland... by ansdesignb r i g h t l y by creativemikey
The Century of The Emotions by AlexandrinaAna
melancholy by augenweide MUSTCATCHES SERIE - 3 by JFBAYLE melancholy by augenweide
a regular apocalypse by partiallyHere Rise Above by BeautifulDisasterIam a regular apocalypse by partiallyHere 
dusk by FabioKeiner L'utopia di sempre by Barnum60 dusk by FabioKeiner
1 by cananunal
Magic Lamp by MadGardensBrightest Dark by RaVeNuS9
Aspiring by MatsHolmberg
waiting 2 by virtualgadjo f u n d a m e n t by KizukiTamura waiting 2 by virtualgadjo
golf player with friend in stormy weather by morgondotter Sleep Inside - Far finta di essere sani by Barnum60 golf player with friend in stormy weather by morgondotter
Der Gang by feigenfrucht Ab2573 by kitamba Der Gang by feigenfrucht 
Ironwheel by FlorianHebel
End It by ebbing-galeJust Pure Natural Beauty by MushroomBrain
Not-Banksy rld 03 dasm by richardldixon
Fragile by MiSt-Stavi *** by oprisco Fragile by MiSt-Stavi 
I can't forgive by VesnaSvesna engulf by davespertine I can't forgive by VesnaSvesna 
Reversible Sphere by Bibire Under the bubbles by Hengki24 Reversible Sphere by Bibire 
nightimpressions1 by kvnvk
Salida del pueblo3 by TeresaClark Anonymous son by djailledie 
Lonely Way by MissGribouille
Fractal Zoom by Barnum60 31 MARS 2014 - BLUE PAIN by JFBAYLE Fractal Zoom by Barnum60
siesta by aerendial B-Minor by Poromaa siesta by aerendial 
Reflections In Blue by Barnum60 Between the essence and the descent by AiniTolonen Reflections In Blue by Barnum60
The Colors of Winter by ChiFeng-dA
Neon Gods by Z-GrimV Camdan Ote Bir Hayal by manyakkuzu 
Small-polyp-hardcoral by FlorianHebel
Pupilla by Einsilbig The softness of a Blue Dream by WhiteBook Pupilla by Einsilbig
Funky Blue Stew by OrdinaryFella Birdcage by MalKnox Funky Blue Stew by OrdinaryFella
Clouds on a leaf by freMDartet la sirene et la nuit by partiallyHere Clouds on a leaf by freMDartet 
n o c t u r n e s by creativemikey
Me voici by mimomon Abstract by AlexandrinaAna 
la vie en rose by aerendial
31.3.2014 by Acrymat Eterea: alla ricerca di nuovi passati by Barnum60 31.3.2014 by Acrymat
A Taste of Salt by merkero are you there? by ra-gro A Taste of Salt by merkero
Blurred Lines by insolitus85 Ghoul and the Mechanics by DasGhul Blurred Lines by insolitus85
Until eternity... by ansdesign
Isolate by SheerHeart claustrophobia by JoanLlado 
Autobahn 2 by feigenfrucht
A rustling in the mist by OlivierAccart Sa cauti by AlexandrinaAna A rustling in the mist by OlivierAccart
lost in fog by augenweide the rainbows you gave me by akthuro lost in fog by augenweide 
Eutropia by Barnum60 House of Ash by Poromaa Eutropia by Barnum60
Getrimmte Natur by feigenfrucht
Tom by TomWasilewski caught by virtualgadjo Tom by TomWasilewski
Yellow Construct by Poromaa Yellow Construct by Poromaa Yellow Construct by Poromaa

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Megaman X9 Image Cutscene: Sid's Announcement by ultimatemaverickx

(After you defeat 1st Maverick)

Dr. Craig Sid makes a worldwide announcement to the humans affected on the present maverick attacks. He expresses sympathy over the humans harmed by the Old generation Reploid mavericks. Showing a kind heart, he offers a newly built human settlement near the Jakob elevator. The settlement will only be for humans to secure them from another maverick attacks. He welcomes any humans who wanted to reside to that place. It was dubbed by Dr. Craig Sid, “The Sanctuary”. Humans are pleased with the announcement. Many humans immediately go to the sanctuary Dr. Sid proposes but some stayed to their places because they don’t trust the reploids anymore.

Hearing this, Dr. Sid gained the trust of X and Zero. The hunters realizes that it was Dr. Sid who created the Sanctuary.

Megaman X9 Image Cutscene: Parasite by ultimatemaverickx

(After you defeat 2nd Maverick)

The Headquarters receives a transmission for X and Zero from Dr. Sid. He had uncovered the cause of comatose of Axl.  It was a parasite implanted by Lumine.  In that case, the parasite wants to gain control over its host Axl. Luckily, the parasite can fully gain control of Axl by 2 months. Good thing the hunters brought Axl to them earlier or else they might lose him. Dr. Sid assures X and Zero that he will provide immediate medication to exterminate the parasite that would dominate his body.

X and Zero along with their comrades were shocked on Axl’s state. They converse that it is possibly a new type of virus functioning like a parasite. However X and Zero can’t go to the research facility to check on Axl due to their mission to destroy present Mavericks.

Megaman X9 Image Cutscene: Beautiful Sight by ultimatemaverickx

 (After you defeat 3rd Maverick)

Many Humans gathers on “The Sanctuary” Dr. Sid proposes. They were joyful of the accommodation they have received. Dr. Sid welcomes them to The Sanctuary as an eternal human settlement for peace. The Sanctuary is a well-structured place as if it is a paradise meant for humans. It is well abundant with resources necessary for living. It has many housing structure to accommodate more humans. It was like a prosperous city.  Dr. Sid had exceeded the humans expectations about the settlement.  The place is near the Jakob Elevator and the Elevator is a beautiful sight to humans. They’re amazed how New Generation reploids created a structure reaching space. Because of the Sanctuary Dr. Sid provided, humans is starting to like the new generation reploids.

                                             Mituna by yeagar

you were humming to yourself in the school cafeteria. you were humming (your favourite song) to yourself. "Hey doll, come s1t w1th us!" yelled a familiar voice. you turned to see rufioh waving at you. you smiled and sat at the table with him. you looked around to see kankri going on a rant to karkat who was covering his hears. mituna who for a second there you thought he was staring at you? cronus who winked at you, kurloz and then rufioh in front of you. 

"And s9 thats why 6lah 6lah 6lah....." ranted kankri. you chuckled and began to eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich (if you are allergic to peanut butter then im sorry but you will have to deal with it).

"H3Y Y/N! W4NN4 C0M3 7O MY PL4C3 4F73R SCH00L?" asked mituna. you looked up and were about to answer but cronus cut you off, "pfft, im sure doll face wvould rather hang out with cro cro instead of fliptu-OW!" kurloz had kicked him. "yes mituna, id love to come to your house after school." you said. "Gr347! 533 Y0U 4F73R 5CH00L" said mituna.

le time skip to after school~

you were sitting in mituna's room. "H3Y Y/N, W4NN4 G0 70 B3D N0W?" asked mituna. "yeah sure, but i have no pjs..." you said. "then sleep in your underwear, i do." said mituna. you blushed but accepted. you began to take off your shirt (or dress) and took off your bottoms. when you looked up you saw mituna in nothing but his boxers. you saw that he had a six pack but wasn't really that buff. you blushed when you saw him but you shook it off and lay down and shut your eyes.

you couldn't sleep at all, you were wide awake but had your eyes still closed. before you knew it you felt something tickle your stomach. you opened your eyes to find that mituna was planting chaste kisses up and down your stomach. you blushed a deep crimson as he done it.

"m-mituna.. what are you d-doing?" you asked while getting up. Mituna got up as well and pinned your front against the wall. He pinned your wrists against the wall as he kissed your neck "54Y 17... Y0U KN0W Y0U LOVE ME, 54Y 1T..." He whispered into your neck. you blushed harder as he was beginning to suck and then bite at your neck. a little bit of blood came out but he licked it up. 
"w-why?" you studdered.

"Y/N... 1 H4V3 B33N F4LL1NG F0R Y0U F0R 4 WH1L3 NOW... 4ND 1 W45 700 5HY 70 3V3N 5P34K 70 Y0U... 1 L0V3 Y0U Y/N... " mituna whispered into your ear. "i love you too mituna..." you whispered. he turned you over and kissed you on the lips. you began to moan helplessly.

you both pulled away and mituna put his forehead against yours. "M4735PR17S?" "Matesprits" you smiled.

--from the other side of the door--

"ii told you they were iin love" whispered sollux. tavros nodded in agreement
"BETTER PAY UP (:<B" whispered a smiling? karkat to jake
"dammit" jake moaned as he took out his wallet and gave karkat a $20
"i am so going to record this" giggled a long chestnut haired girl (me :) (Smile) ) as she took out an i pad and went on the recording app.

How to get feedback on dA

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 2:36 PM

We all joined this site, more or less for this reason, to get feedback on our art. The whole point of submitting art online is for people to see it and hear what they think about it. 

Now there are a lot of deviants out there who get little to no feedback and as a result ask the people who faved their art to comment or go to random people on dA and ask for them to look at their art or comment in the hopes that the person will be kind enough to return the favor. 
A message to the people who do that, you're doing it all wrong.
Sure, if you ask 20 people who faved your drawing what they thought about it, you might get 1 or 2 answers, but in return, you'll be ignored by say 10 people and you'll annoy 8 people. I get these comments and i'm telling you, begging for feedback is not the way to go, if someone didn't comment when they fave, what makes you think forcing their hand is the right way to go? 
A fav is a compliment, take it a it is. Not everyone has time to comment, but you should be happy they took the time to look at your art and click that fav button. 

Also, commenting on random deviants and expecting them to return the favor might leave you disappointed. There are many friendships that can be forged this way but it's tedious because many deviants aren't very active on dA, many are just interested in receiving comments and don't even reply, and many are happy to receive your comment but have no time/don't feel like returning the favor. That is especially the case with popular artists who receive lots of comments and literally don't have the time to answer/comment/ check out people's galleries. So if you want to do it this way, it's ok, but you could try to comment on deviations who have few to 0 comments. Check to see if they answer to their comments, if they don't, chances are they don't really care for giving and receiving feedback (or they might be interested in receiving feedback but are sure as hell not going to give you any).

Most deviants wait for people to come to them and comment, and that's a legitimate way of doing it. But if you really don't feel like waiting for that to happen and don't want to leave this to chance then here are your options:

1. Comment for comment group, i will even list a few in case you don't know how to search for groups on dA :iconprojectcomment: read their projects and journals and apply to get feedback there. You will have to comment in return but isn't it much better to comment knowing that you will receive feedback as well? 
more groups: :iconproject-comment: :iconiwantfeedback: :iconanimangafeedbackclub: :iconcomment-club: :iconcomment-revolution: :iconcommentart: :iconfeedbackfrenzy: 

2. critique groups - if you're interested in in-depth comments and critiques, there are groups for that as well. 
Critique groups:
:iconcritiquecommunity: :icongoldencritique-club: :iconcritique-exchange: :iconcritique-it: :iconcritique-boutique: :iconcritiquegeeks:

3. Thumbshare in forums.… bet many of you didn't know that even existed :)

4. Be in the community. Give llamas, browse the undiscovered section, comment in the forums and give other people feedback, but not just random people but people who asked for feedback in the thumbshare or the feedback groups, they are most likely to be grateful for your comment and return the favor. Don't just wait for them to come to you, try to be the one to make the first step. 

I am by no means an expert, this is just what I would do. I get enough feedback and i am very happy with it. If you know of other good methods to get feedback then you can suggest it here and i will include it in this journal.

If you want my oppinion on a particular drawing, you can write a link in this journal and i will try to answer to as many people as possible.

Also, please fav this journal so that many people can see it and have this information. You'd be surprised how many deviants out there have no idea how to find these feedback groups.
I also encourage you to comment on each other's linked drawings in this journal, but you don't have to if you don't want to, but you'll make someone happy if you do.


Feature and gifts...

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 12:00 PM

This journal/feature is featured in
More exposure of your art:D

Thank you for 
features, comment and favs and thank you for watching me.
Thank you for support and love.

Still needs points to my donation pool for others.
Thank you very much!

Stunning gifts I have had the honor of being part of.
Thank you very much :love:

Angel of the Morning II - Animation by Guihena
Paper Cranes by Celairen
Tsurus and the Japanese Legend by Tigles1Artistry


A small collection of beautiful art from my gallery :love:

Macaw by zephyrxavier
1941 Willys coupe drawing by WhizzieWhizzer
Prepare For War by neverdying 
Cleopatra by stellartcorsica
 Queen Elsa by SeventhFairy
Wonderland VI by Tigles1Artistry
You can't touch me by Katarina-Zirine
 Follow Your Heart by Teddy-Cube
 Lirazel by kimsol
 Day At Sea by A-Wakefield
 The money make the world by CharllieeArts
 Queen of the Fallen by TaniaART
 Fear by Flobelebelebobele 
Heron! by Delice1941
I Won't Give Up by Sandra-Cristhina 
Dreaming of another reality by RazielMB 
Happy Easter by CindysArt
 Daughter Of Tears by ralfw666
 Relaxed Little Squirrel by JocelyneR
Treasure map by Fae-Melie-Melusine 
Subject 001 by Celairen 
 Calling Spring ....... by Tigles1Artistry 
Island of the Hummingbirds by Wesley-Souza
 Waltzing At Midnight by Shedboy68
Close To Me by Cinnamoncandy 
 Execution by Ferrypras666
 R Simply Portrait by JiaJenn31 
 Spring buds by gigi50 
white by Dieffi
Grebe by FrankAndCarySTOCK
 A look into the Future by CaryAndFrankArts
 Daemonia by NebelelfeNaemy
 Suspicious by philippeL
 Mr. Woodward got Framed by M10tje
I swear...I will be there.. by elenimeliou
 What's For Dinner Baby ? by annakoutsidou
 And You Let Her Go by LUCILALEYLA
 Flying Tigers A-10 Thunderbolt by Willie51  
Rapture by MrEyeCandy66
Color pencil Drawing by AtomiccircuS
 The red in black by rollarius55
 The-Rose by KimmieKrazy 
Pink Spring by Sisterslaughter165 
Drawing pencil - Woman Nude Body Act by byMichaelX

Commission - Springer Spaniel by Captured-In-Pencil
 Sen070 z50x70cm by duongquocdinh

Self promotion

Friendship by SweediesArt

Genius Da Vinci by SweediesArt


This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

The Prizes: 

  • P1(5) : 5 paint headshot, 1 character each winner Acetyl by Ex-Trident

  • P2(1) : a 3/4 - full body paint of 1 characterApple by Ex-Trident


----------- FAV this journal------------

and earn a number!

it is optional to share this journal or watch me


1. winners are picked via random generator ''
2. when your number got picked,
 you get to be in the winner list in descending order (top to bottom)
3. 1st - 5th pick got no.1 prize (P1)
last pick got the no.2 prize (P2)
4. picking winners are screenshot and livestreamed so no weird stuff goin on stuff
hopefully i don't forgot the stream part hue//shot



  • P1 :
  • P1 :
  • P1 :
  • P1 :
  • P1 :
  • P2 :


28 APRIL 2014*

7:00 PM UTC/GMT +7

*deadline may change

a bit of note here, i'm sorry about the prize as it was planned to be more than what you see right now. but due to busyness, i have to divide the prizes orz. however, worry not. i am planning another raffle after this one is finished and a writing contest(still planning)  with prizes like manga pages from your entry, oc sketch, etc. also sorry for my bad english ;w;

  • Mood: Tired
Okay, I moved it earlier. I find it easier that way ^w^ I AM FEELING GENEROUS. I should do more raffles. It is FUNNNNN!

First prize: 1000 Points
2nd Prize: 500 Points
Last Prize: 200 Points

Information to get in my raffle :3

1. Fave this journal to be added on my list of people to get in my raffle. thennnnn
2. Comment in this journal andddddddd
3. You have to be my watcher or watch me ^_6

Once you did all three you are automatically on my list of people who will be in my raffle

oh lol actually instead of 200 or 400. I will just go for the KILL ONE THOUSAND POINTS YEAHHHHH :iconairpunchplz:
Over the past couple days I’ve had a number of people write me comments basically saying “You’re becoming too preachy, you’ve lost a fan.” And outside the silliness of publicly mic-dropping like that, it got me wondering... what?

Ya see, It’s always surprises me when someone says that I’m becoming too preachy, when in fact I’ve been preachy from the beginning. Don’t believe me? Take a look below!

This is not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, but these are essentially THE MOST controversial comics and illustrations I’ve ever done in the past 10 years.

2004 - Made a picture about how no one really cares about Global Warming…
2005 - Took the side of Jark in the Deviant Art hostile overthrow controversy.…
2007 and Onward - Made a series of “Danny and Spot” comics dedicated towards defending the Wii from the hatred hardcore gamers had over it.…
2008 - Took a stand against Anime because I had just been burned by the Anime club and was still resentful and bitter about it.
2008 - Made a Howard and Nester comic because I was pissed off at the shitty comic that officially ran in Nintendo Power reintroducing him to the public…
2008 - Took a stand against Christians not understanding other religions celebrate their religious holidays the same time as Christmas…
2008 - Made a comic where a group of Pirate girls insulted men
2008 - Took a stand against California’s Proposition 8…
2008 - Made an illustration showing my support of Obama (which might seem moot now but at the time it was HIGHLY controversial)
2009 and Onward - Have made numerous LGBT support illustrations for various LGBT holidays or events
2010 - Made fun of the PS3’s blatant copying of the Wiimote
2010 - Made fun of Right-wing patriots of America
2010 - Made an illustration expressing my hatred of George Lucas’s continual BOTCHING of the Star Wars franchise…
2010 - Made a comic about how much it annoyed me that all the old American continuity for various Nintendo games were being phased out in favor of the official Japanese continuity
2010 - Made an illustration about the ecological crisis that arose when a oil tanker crashed into the Gulf of Mexico…
2011 and Ongoing - Started a whole new comic series dedicated to complaining about issues comic artists go through…
2011 - Made a comic about how Minecraft ISN’T evil based on a talk-show segment featuring very stupid people…
2011 - Made a comic about how wishy-washy people are about politics and Obama…
2012 - Made a new (if short lived) web series expressing my distain over various political issues
2012 - Made an illustration about how Christianity takes up 78% of America yet thinks they’re somehow “in danger” from the 1.6% of Atheists
2012 - Nearly everything I did for brentalfloss…
2012 - Made a comic making fun of Miss California’s homophobic views -…
2013 - Made a comic about the stupidness of Dragon Crown’s controversy…
2013 - Did the illustrations for brentalfloss’s PRIEST LIGHTNING youtube video:…
2014 - Have made a bunch of comics defending women’s rights in comics and explaining why the American Comic Book Industry right now is failing at them…
2014 - Made an illustration of how shitty Samus’s new shoes are for SSB4…

And ALL of these have been sprinkled throughout a plethora of illustrations, jokes, comics, cartoons, and highly opinionated journals. I’ve very VOCALLY expressed my opinions on LGBT rights, racism, sexism, and have expounded about how I’m an atheist and extremely left-wing in my views.

So I don’t get it when people say I’m becoming too preachy. From where I sit, I’ve ALWAYS been preachy about pretty much anything under the sun. I will always voice my opinions (however right or wrong they might be). That’s what makes me, me.

Maybe it’s because a lot of the issues I was talking about, such as feminism and women’s rights, have started to become more of a thing all over the internet and not just in my small strata of it. Maybe my chiming into issue that I’ve always condemned seems like it’s “hopping on the bandwagon” or something. Or maybe they’re just tired of hearing these issues and my continual comics and journals expressing outrage that these issues still exist bothers them?

Bottom line is... I don’t know why anyone watching me would be angry about me expressing my opinions. That’s what I’ve ALWAYS done and it’s not gonna change. If you can’t handle that, then that’s your problem and you should absolutely not follow me anymore. But please, do not think I’m gonna change being vocal about issues I care about just because you’re sick of them. That ain’t gonna happen :)
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  • Reading: All-New Marvel NOW! Point One
  • Watching: Lego Movie
  • Playing: Marvel Puzzle Quest
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  • When editing Journals submitted to more than one Group from a Group Journal page, updating would silently fail to work. A proper error message has been added to explain the cause. Fixed by inazar
  • It was not possible to update the text of a literature deviation by uploading a new file. Fixed by Alisey
  • When editing the description of a stack within a stack in, the Add Media tool would not open. Fixed by inazar

Your Feedback

Thank you for the feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of what you had to say:
  • Feedback regarding the release of additional CSS options for Journal Skins was positive.
  • In response to the Discuss topic, some deviants mentioned trying out Way Back browsing a few times, while others said they had never tried using Way Back. For those who said they had used Way Back, they mentioned using it to find very specific deviations.


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Piano at cosmos by JiaJenn31

The Overseer Today by Torchwooddi

Neighbors by joeff1

Photo de vacances by Wimmeke63

Spring Walk by cazcastalla

Alpine Spring Premade Background by Nolamom3507

La fin de l'hiver by Fant0me


Springtime in the Rockies by amethystmoonsong

Features Of Spring by TigerStriped4

Ocean Desire by TigerStriped4

Tirsa by ExquisArt

Kaiju by Bela-designs

It Only Takes One by TigerStriped4

Day 13 - Wildlife Concert by DevArtThom

Summer by Bela-designs

One Drop At A Time by AerialNavigation

Free by TheSecretIsMine

Tuxedo1JPG by Reijou

We are tired by ladyjudina

Spring Landscape by chevronguy

Bridge by StormOwlArt

Peace in the valley by robhas1left

AFR Layout by Reijou

Cinderella Broadway by Litavismindartist

Butterfly Fields by virgolinedancer


After the Storm by SignHermitCrab

Greetings from Austria by Wimmeke63

Road to  Castle Roogna by faryewing

Spring MIll by AnakMoon

Indigo Augustine by xxtgxxstock

Frozen Magic by pranile

Wherever the Road May Lead Premade Background by Nolamom3507

Earth 1 - Surreal Landscapes by ftproject

What I think About... Pirates! by laurentiusmark93

Conquest - PreMade Horse Pic by elegantegraphics

Come Follow Me by xxtgxxstock

Red by xxtgxxstock

StormHeart by FamousShamus109

Roa by Flighte

Spring Time by mastadeath

A New Season Begins.. by Alz-Stock

Far and Away by slaphappyturtle

Nikoleon by Dobi78

Ruby by JiaJenn31

The Mysterious Messenger by Black-B-o-x

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by adrianamusettidavila

Burgandy Drizzle by xxtgxxstock

Some Princes Need No Thrones by bonjourbunnie

Violet Path by JiaJenn31

The Birth by Paulodroid

Be The One by Spallyz

Vintage Bride Portrait by JiaJenn31

Aqua by JiaJenn31

apple seedling by beyzayildirim77

There, somewhere down the river... by dilarosa

Winter Princess by JiaJenn31

The Dreaded Red by msfowle

Migrating geese-Vonulo vadludak by ladyjudina

The Wave Lab Lake by CarlosAE

Patriotism - Horse Picture Premade by elegantegraphics

More Questions Than Answers... by MoodyBlue