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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 20, 2014, 12:26 AM
So i've been thinking about it and have decided that i want to organize a Christmas character exchange! This means that everyone who joins will be designing a new character as a holiday gift for someone else. :dummy:
What could be more fun and potentially special than a new character? This way everyone can have artistic freedom instead of the typical art exchange.
Original species are welcomed AND encouraged as long as they belong to you alone. (For example, I will be designing a Luim) BUT keep in mind that this isnt a "species"  exchange, but a character exchange. so design ALL of the things!

:star: i actually did this sort of an exchange twice before over on TLKFAA. Its nothing new to me and i hope to get LOTS of people involved. Thats why im putting this up now!




:santa: Anyone is welcome to join, even if you dont celebrate Christmas. Join for the fun and holiday spirit!
:santa: Adherence to the rules is ESSENTIAL for this to work.
:santa: SKILL does not matter, but EFFORT does. 


:santa: First: you must "Favorite" this journal if you want to participate.
:santa: Second: comment below saying you wish to join, upon joining you will be given a number.
:santa: Deadline for joining is: December 15th
:santa: Submitting your entry: Participants must NOTE me a link of their entry.Preferably from your st.ash account so that there are no broken links come exchange day! Do NOT Upload your entry as these are meant to be surprises!!)
:santa: Entry due date: MUST have entry in by December 20th. 
:santa: Exchange day: I will upload another journal on December 25th with links to what character participants get!
:santa: Backing out: You may back out ANY time prior to December 15th. Failure to complete your design by December 20th will get you put on a list of shame. 0N0
:santa: About your entry: Participants MUST draw original artworks. (NO PRE-MADE LINE ART), and EFFORT matters. This means you get out of this what you put in. If you put in an exceptional character with a reference page, that is what you will get in return. The less work put into your entry, the less you will get out. That is why i personally will be sorting out the characters to their new owners. 
:santa:It is better to give than receive: If you wish to only give a character instead of get one, you can! JUST BE SURE TO INCLUDE IN YOUR JOINING COMMENT THAT YOU WISH TO ONLY BE "A GIVER".


1.) Mwokozii 
2.) puqqies ..........................with slimerock pups!
3.) XanderGirl96
4.) Rivaillei
5.) SweetieNectar
6.) mythkin
7.) Ponacho
8.) Riroka
9.) Operia
11.) gummysharkcircus
12.) LunariaMistShadows
13.) Gloriousphilia 
14.) Adolas 
15.) CoolMDrawings
16.) Noiizu
17.) PetiteCatpuccino
18.) empt-minded
19.) ZZ-Art
20.) Shaythulhu
21.) nightIights
22.) woospuss
23.) goldbrick-ryukin
24.) tele-kinesis
25.) Wifflin
27.) Kimikohi
28.) Mlle-Kamichat
29.) Wolfdragonwings
30.) znh
31.) Iock
32.) Luna950
33.) xHappyMuttx
34.) SpiritClaw123
35.) TitanEclipse
36.) Lunamoon6657
37.) ReiReivax
38.) snowflake95
39.) poodlebite
40.) AdoptableCutes
41.) Xx-Nightstorm-xX
42.) ChinZaPep
43.) Terr-Bear
44.) iceshadow19
45.) Furratricity
46.) Attsos
47.) BananaIguana101
48.) pinalapple 
49.) PastelPixeIs
50.) kAngeLxD
51.) joaniek
52.) Spywolf606
53.) Shinigami-Souls
54.) baconxeggsxandxtoast
55.) Magicionary 
56.) Jennator
57.) issapiie
59.) rippIing
60.) l-Gotta-Believe
61.) WolfWing
62.) MysticShadowSkull ................with Cloudleions!
63.) TripleRainbowDash
64.) Tsukikoko
65.) BooBerryMilk .......................with Hunny Pups!
66.) :devD4RKT0RN4THOR3: 
67.) Chipo-H0P3
68.) xNighten
69.) hallethefox
70.) Raptorwolf-AML
71.) doeling
72.) Howling-night ......................with Avilli!
73.) RazZzle-Dazzle

Let's start that DA's helpdesk is actually... not so helpful at all. 
My ticket more or less came back with a generic response. The so called bug is apparently already known for a for a full month and with that message my helpdesk ticket was closed :') 

As for now I've got some good stuff coming. Both articles (journals) and art. But it seems to make little sense to post them if half of the watchers doesn't even get notified (it basically feels like they fell off the face of earth), and the other half gets the notification with a 3 hour to 2 days delay. Not to mention that I stare at a blank page half of the time, because of the bugs. So I guess I have to postpone posting the really cool and awesome stuff until DA gets their shit back on track. Sorry guys T__T 

For now, a few small updates

First of all, I want to say that, among many other amazing artists, my work has been featured in the artbook of my dear friend Yuuza 
For more information on this artbook, its content, and how to obtain it.
Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza
:star::star::star: Please check it here! :star::star::star:

Futhermore... random meme's :la:
50 random facts about me

01. I prefer writing over art, mostly for the reason because I think it's easier.
02. I've saved my drawings/writings from ever since the time that I was 6 years old.
03. As a kid, I've always wanted to be a writer when I grew up. It wasn't until I became older that I realized it was a near impossible career for a non native English person.
04. The sole reason why I started drawing, was because I wanted people to show what my characters looked like.
05. My desk is always somewhat messy. I can't be creative on a clean desk (Most bosses hate this aspect of me XD)
06. I own over 50 art related-related books. Most of them are how-to books on various subjects, like anatomy, color and environments.
07. Watching art related Youtube tutorials is one of my favorite ways to spend idle time. I don't really mind how good the artist is. There's always something to learn.
08. I started writing motivational texts in an attempt to motivate myself.
09. I have Google translate open in another tab whenever I write an English message or journal. English is not my native language and I don't fully master it yet.
10. I've made video tutorials. But I decided pretty soon it's not my thing, since I'm too shy to actually talk in English (The accent. The horrible accent. Arrrghhh!!)

11. I learned to know Yuki Kajiura's music through the anime hack//sign. And although I could never finish the anime (didn't like it that much), I've been a Yuki Kajiura fan ever since.
12. I've been playing Pokemon since the early Red/Blue games came out, and am in fact still a fan.
13. I watch a fair amount of anime, even though I never feel like making fanart for any of them.
14. I rarely make fanart, since I'm never an avid fan of anything for a long time. My liking's switch a lot of time and they usually switch fast. 
15. I see my creativity as a rather fluid thing that stems from raw emotion. No matter if I draw, design, write or code, it all comes from the same place. And in my mind it all blends together.
16. I wasn't any serious with visual art until 2010. It pretty much shows in my improvement meme. Everything prior to 2010 is the same shit all over again.
17. Most of my drawings are from a novel called Emion. It's a book I'm still writing and that's already 1000+ pages.
18. Most of my drawings take hours. I'm a terribly slow worker.
19. I actually enjoy drawing together with other people in real life. Unfortunately I don't know many people living close by that actually draw.
20. I want to be more active on Tumblr but I have a hard time figuring out how the thing actually works (and I'm usually too busy answering messages at DA. That too XD)

21. On contrary to popular belief, I was never actually awarded a Daily Deviation. Look! My DD gallery! It's completely empty! XD
22. This artwork was the one piece that got me seriously interested in digital art, and therefore holds a lot of memories for me. I still want to buy a print of it one day, if shipping costs weren't that expensive T__T
23. I never used HTML for my DeviantArt profile. Not because I don't know how to use it. But because I'm too lazy to sort everything out
24. I prefer the default DeviantArt journal skin as it's clean, and loads great in both the journal portal and on mobile. Many other skins lack that aspect (Again; too damn lazy to html one myself)
25. I have this odd fascination with statistics, that has led me to build a tool to analyse my watchers for no other reason than pure curiosity (I might publish results, if anyone is interested)
26. I've never actually done art commissions. I didn't want to do any extra work beside my full time office job. 
27. I'd like to do art commissions just once, out of pure curiosity just to see how they'd sell. I know, however, the obligations would totally kill me.
28. I think my character Sato is a horrible person, and I wouldn't want to meet him in real life.
29. I like writing about him in the novel because he is horrible
30. I created Sergei Kazimir and his love for fire, just because I wanted to experiment with a character that loved everything that I hated.

31. I'm currently a webdeveloper in real life. But I've done all kinds of jobs in IT, webdesign, graphic design, social media marketing, and alike.
32. I started programming because high school bored me to death.
33. I used to be a moderator on various Dutch internet forums, going back as far as 2002. That is where I got my first internet experience. 
34. Some of my earliest friends on the internet were hackers. I've been fascinated by hacking techniques and web technology ever since.
35. I've hacked. Though I've never destroyed something. Being in the web-building business it always made me sad to see something getting destroyed.
36. I know how to build a computer. I learned how to do so because I needed a new (faster) computer for school and wasn't able to afford a pre-build one.
37. I hate people that declare their selves "nerd" just by taking a selfie with over-sized glasses. Imo you aren't a real (computer)nerd unless you know how to either hack, code, or build a PC.
38. I've been severely internet addicted.
39. I still am. But my job provides me with a solid excuse now.
40. The worst thing about being without internet is being without Google. I use the website all day to basically look up anything and everything (Oh? Did I already mention I'm a curious person?)

41. I rarely watch movies because I have a hard time recognizing faces, and thus telling the characters apart.
42. I was called 'manga girl' at the first office where I worked. Not because I drew manga. But because I have a roundish face with big eyes.
43. I have a terrible fear of speaking in public.
44. I dress myself very mainstream. Part of that is because of the budget (I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothes). Part of it because I hate to stand out too much.
45. I'm afraid of fire, and I have been so ever since I was a kid. I don't even want to lit a candle.
46. I'm physically weak because of a wrist injury. I can only lift a few kilo's. Heavy shopping bags give me a hard time.
47. Despite my apparent outgoing nature, I'm a real introvert. I need alone time. And if I don't get it, I'll get very grumpy.
48. I love cooking, but only when I have plenty of time for it.
49. I own a cat.
50. My favorite emoticon here is :la:

That's it for today.
Expect more awesomeness as soon as DeviantArt fixes their bugs :happybounce: 

ProjectPorkchop Vol360

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 3:26 PM

ProjectPorkchop is all about bringing more exposure to the many talented yet under appreciated artists going unseen on deviantART daily. The artists chosen truly deserve more attention based on low counts of favorites, comments, and watchers, added to their incredible artistic talent.


Leslie is a digital artist from Australia. She finds her inspiration in the teachings of Native American culture among others and her work is very spiritual. She applies her color in such a way that it resembles a traditional oil painting and she enjoys experimenting with different color palettes. Each work in her gallery has a positive message behind it and you are sure to be inspired! Leslie has been a member of DA for one year, so let's give her a warm welcome to the community!

Crescent Moon Bear and The Rainbow Warrior by LeslieStonehouseGaia's Handmaiden by LeslieStonehouse
Peacock & Flowers by LeslieStonehouseDaisies and Iris by LeslieStonehouse

Suggested by meiyue 
see more..


Tereza is a traditional artist from the Czech Republic. Her gallery is heavily inspired by nature with fantasy elements as well. Her creature renderings are quite exquisite and detailed with stunning accuracy! What is also quite enjoyable is her Tea Dragon series where she creates dragons based on different varieties of tea around the world! Tereza's gallery is quite impressive so be sure to check her out will be glad you did!

Hekate by Reza-malinovaHuang Jin Gui by Reza-malinova
A quite place in forest by Reza-malinovaGeralt of Rivia by Reza-malinova

Suggested by meiyue 
see more..


LoLa is a digital artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a young artist with great talent and imagination! Her signature style is characterized by bright psychedelic colors and the addition of scrollwork designs that intertwine with figures and create great movement throughout her compositions. She combines realism with fantasy elements for a truly unique experience! Take a look at LoLa's gallery today and show this aspiring artist some support!

Winged Mermaid by LoLaQ2014Balls by LoLaQ2014
Beneath The Destruction by LoLaQ2014One Weird Coat by LoLaQ2014

Suggested by Clamdiggy 
see more..


Yo is a graphic design student and conceptual artist from Japan. His digital paintings are quite exceptional for someone so young! He has a great understanding of how to use light and shadow effectively as well as a great sense of scale and movement. You feel as though you can just step right into his digital world, it is so realistic! This is one talented young artist you need to see to believe!

The waiting one's turn by you629Stalker by you629
I and Tin man by you629The giant by you629

see more..


B.G. Nash is a professional digital artist from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. His works are inspired by his Caribbean home and draw influence from the music, culture and folklore of the islands. His passion for life comes forth in every one of his paintings and you can feel the intensity of emotion through his character's expressions and body language. B.G. appreciates comments and feedback, so be sure to visit his gallery today and tell him what you think!

Way Of The Barren Tree by BGNashMerle by BGNash
Captain Bird, The Old Sea Bird by BGNashThe Guardian by BGNash

Suggested by Clamdiggy 
see more..

If you enjoyed this article please be sure to :+fav: it, as this helps these artists get even more exposure.

If you would like to suggest someone for a future ProjectPorkchop article please send a note to our group:


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Coding by SimplySilent

R.I.P. Meja 20th August

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 7:50 AM
I´m crying so much while I´m writing this. I hope it is worthy for her.

Today my dog, and best friend, Meja, passed away.
It was her turn to go an join the other angels waiting for her.
She was a beauty straight into the end. Always intelligent. Always alert. Always kind.
The last thing she did before her final breath was to look at me and with all her might she tried to rise her head.
To kiss away my tears. 

She became 12 years old. 
She suffered from a disease she got 1 year ago that made her lose 10 pounds. 
After that she never regained her muscles again, no matter how much medication,exercise and food we gave her.
Slowly but surely she lost the ability to walk, stand and in the end even sit up.
The only thing she could do was to lie down while watching her friends run around. Being worried about her.
We tried our best, she tried her best. But one day your best will not be enough. And then you have to let go, let her sleep.
You tried your best my love, I will be forever be proud of you. ♥

Meja was a mighty white King Poodle. The biggest of her kind, yet she was always elegant.
She was a true beauty and won every contest she entered up to the age of 2.
Where she got cancer in her uterus. And the only way to survive was to remove it.
So unfortunately we couldn´t bring her out on contests anymore, or have some puppies from her.
But her beauty was still not unnoticed. Commercial workers noticed her and she ended up on big posters around Sweden for the shop Pandora Hobby.

As a puppy and young dog she was very disobedient.
She knew all the tricks I taught, as she was smart. But her smartness became a trouble.
She tried to run away from home, a lot. (A common habit King Poodle shares) And she was a perfect jumper. She could jump over anything.
She was not fond of humans as young. She would only stick to me and my father. She neglected my mother for many years until she finally accepted her.
She became more mature and accepting with age. Cuddling with everyone she saw.
Never has she bitten any other dog. 

These last 4 years when we moved to the dog hotel, has she been able to freely run over 2 miles worth of grass and nature. No leash. Just her, freedom and her friends.
A life worthy of a girl with such energy in her legs.
She might have become more mature, but she kept her bad puppy habits.
Just 2 days ago, she managed to grab my shoes and eat them half up.
It felt like it was her last little prank, her way to say Good bye. Don´t forget me.

And I surley won´t. She was the most wonderful dog and friend.
Been through with me for 12 whole years. Since I was 7 years old.
And she will still stay with me. In my heart, for even more years to hopefully come.

Thank you Meja, for being there.
I love you, and Good night, have wonderful dreams my love. :heart:

Skin by SimplySilent

Digitally Delicious: August 20th

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 10:37 AM
Features from the Digital Art galleries.

Figure 2 by daGohs
Figure 2 by daGohs

MtG: Restoration Angel by algenpfleger
MtG: Restoration Angel by algenpfleger

Pharika, God of Affliction by PeteMohrbacher
Pharika, God of Affliction by PeteMohrbacher

Space Lion by Tohad
Space Lion by Tohad

t3wt by AppleSeries
t3wt by AppleSeries

A very small man can cast a very large shadow by RobotDelEspacio
A very small man can cast a very large shadow by RobotDelEspacio

Storm Dragon by VargasNi
Storm Dragon by VargasNi

D by eLfanka
D by eLfanka

ShadowOfTheSun by Sadmonster
ShadowOfTheSun by Sadmonster

Free us by monikapalosz
Free us by monikapalosz

20120222 by ArdenRey
20120222 by ArdenRey

The Muses Love Alternatives, CXII

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 8:25 AM

Tin And Moon by x-pyre12   Heron On The Inlet by jojo22

melancolia by gepardsim

On the Beach by Kleemass   Walk around 3 by ebbing-gale

fade... by bindii

Thanks for stopping by.

Adobe by hummbuzz

Fashion 101: Working with Models

Tue Aug 19, 2014, 10:52 PM
Welcome to the first edition of Fashion 101, a series of articles revolving around the art, business, and nuances of fashion photography brought to you by Fashion-Show. While some topics may be relevant only to the fashion industry, many of these articles can apply to multiple genres and art mediums, such as today's topic. As is customary with most of my articles, there will be a giveaway and discussion at the end!


What is a Model?

Simply put, a model is a person employed for the purpose of posing for an artist. This can be for a painter, sculptor, animator, photographer, etc. For the sake of this article, we will be looking at models for photography. We will also be further defining a model as someone who has agreed to pose or act for your photography project, versus a brief subject such as a person on the street.

Why Work With a Model?

A model brings a lot to the table for a photographer, particularly when it comes to bringing a photographer's artistic vision to life. While friends and family can certainly be wonderful subjects for photography, working with a model with at least some experience can completely change the end result. There is a common misconception that all a model does is look pretty for the camera, and while that is the truth for many, a model brings so much more to the table. A good model can bring a sense of character and personality that may have otherwise been lacking, their own artistic direction and ideas, as well as pose in flattering and creative ways that the photographer may not have thought to suggest.

The model-photographer relationship is one of collaboration, which together can lead to a much better product.

Terms to Know

In the world of modeling, there are a few terms to be aware of.
:bulletpurple: TF: Abbreviation of 'trade for,' which refers to the exchange of modeling services for something, also called bartering. Usually it means the trade of a model's time for photographs, or for magazine work. This is often for portfolio building.
:bulletpurple: Test: A test is a shoot for the purpose of experimenting with new equipment, an idea, a make up artist, hair stylist, model, etc. Tests can be paid or unpaid, but the goal is often for practice or portfolio building.
:bulletpurple: Tear Sheet: A tear sheet, or 'tear,' is a photograph that is published. Typically this refers to a photograph being published in a print magazine, book, brochure, etc. However, with the increased popularity of digital magazines, it can also mean an online publication.
:bulletpurple: Rates: These are the model's fees. These can be done as an hourly rate, a half-day (usually 4 hours), or full-day (usually 8 hours) setup.
:bulletpurple: Creative Team: This is a team of people that take part in a photoshoot. Members of a creative team can include a make up artist, hair stylist, designer, wardrobe stylist, photography assistant, art director, manicurist, props manager, set designer, and others.
:bulletpurple: Casting: This can be used in two different ways. A 'casting call' is when someone is seeking models to fill a particular need, not much different from an audition for actors. To 'cast' someone, is to simply hire them for a specific project.
:bulletpurple: Editorial: An editorial is meant to be a story-telling or cohesive-element photography series. Typically these are either fashion-focused, or cosmetics-focused.
:bulletpurple: Talent: Aside from the common definition, it is another word for a model.
:bulletpurple: Moodboard: This is also known as an 'inspiration board,' and alludes to the use of reference images for a concept or theme. A moodboard may include images showing the style of make up, the types of posing, or even wardrobe. Moodboards are very well-received in the fashion world, as it helps to communicate the photographer's vision to their team.
:bulletpurple: Model Release: This is a legal document that is signed by the model that gives the photographer the right to reproduce their likeness in photographs. Typically these are used for commercial purposes or magazine submissions, but is an absolute must when working with a model that is not agency-represented.

What Should I Look For?

What you're looking for in a model depends on several points. First, is your experience as a photographer of people. Second, is the theme and sub-genre of your project, such as beauty, editorial, swimsuit, fitness, etc. The third point, is the model's own experience with the craft.

Let's start with a photographer's experience. When approaching a model, having a portfolio of portraits will be a strong recommendation. Many models will immediately pan a photographer if they have no applicable images to show. Offer to take photographs of friends, family, or co-workers if you currently do not have portraiture. If this is not an option, then consider paying a model for their time, in order to help with creating those initial images.

Now, to consider the sub-genre of your photography project. If you are looking to do a production of a more gothic theme, then casting an alternative model may be something to consider. Or, if you are looking to cast a model for an editorial that is very high-fashion (think Vogue), then you may not want to cast a fitness model who would be unfamiliar with high-fashion poses. Whenever possible, you want to find models that have prior experience in the sub-genre you're aiming for.

For the final point, a model's experience is definitely something to consider. If a model is inexperienced, they may not know how to flatter themselves for the camera, nor know how to pose depending on the lighting situation, or be particularly personable and easy to work with. A more experienced model will typically bring more to the table, and can therefore make a photographer's job much easier by removing a lot of guesswork for them. More often than not, your experience level should be mirrored by your model, unless you are compensating them in order to approach better talent.

Where To Find Models

With the advent of social media, models are much more accessible than ever before. Below is a breakdown of some common approaches.

Damm by Kendra-Paige
Model Mayhem is a social network for photographers, models, make up artists, designers, stylists, hair stylists, publications, and more. One of the largest networks when it comes to models, this is one that I highly recommend for someone that is new to working with models. There is an approval process for this site, so having existing photographs of people will be a must in order for your profile to be created. With tools that allow you to post casting calls and browse for models that fit certain measurement, aesthetic, or genre-specifications, Model Mayhem makes it relatively simple to find the models you're looking for.

Daomp by Kendra-Paige
While not as large as Model Mayhem, One Model Place is another social network for photography-related creatives to meet and collaborate. This community offers a lot of the same features as Model Mayhem. While a lot of models will have profiles on both networks, I have found some that only have profiles on One Model Place.

Dainsta by Kendra-Paige
Link: Mobile App Available in the iOS and Droid Marketplace
While this a mobile-based social network that runs purely on photographs, there are a lot of networking opportunities available. Tagging models and members of a creative team are very common practices for fashion photographers, which can make it easy to find local talent in your area. Search for hashtags related to your location and for models, and you may be surprised who you find.

Daface by Kendra-Paige
While the most popular of social networks on this list, Facebook is a bit trickier to discover models on. Like Instagram, finding models is typically comprised of following the right people and paying attention to the people and pages they link to. Search engine inquiries such as 'facebook group for <location> models' may bring up results. The main use for this site is to follow the right people.

Daagency by Kendra-Paige
A modeling agency is a company that represents models for use in promotional, entertainment, commercial, catalog, and fashion work. Some of the larger and more prestigious agencies are Ford, Next, Elite, Wilhelmina, LA Models, Photogenics, MC2, and plenty of others. For someone that is just starting to work with models, finding a smaller boutique agency will be a great start. 'Testing with an agency' refers to having an agreement with a booker /agent at an agency to take photographs of their models in exchange for either images in a portfolio, or compensation.

If you are serious about taking your photography to the next level, working with a modeling agency is a must. A lot of models sign exclusivity contracts, which mean that they can only work with photographers that the agency tells them to. As a result of this, many of the world's most talented models can only be acquired through an agency.

While models can also be found on the street, or even right here at DeviantArt, above are some of the most popular methods.

How to Approach a Model

Once you have found a model you wish to work with, it's time to reach out to them! Everyone has their own way of doing this, but some tips for success are the following:
:bulletpurple: Be respectful. Complimenting a model with words such as 'hot, gorgeous, sexy, etc' might alienate a potential model and appear unprofessional. An industry-friendly way of accomplishing this is by saying a model has 'a great look.'
:bulletpurple: Give the model dates and times. Many models are contacted by a lot of photographers who give them no details. This forces the model and photographer into a time-consuming back-and-forth. Give the model as many details as you can in your introductory message.
:bulletpurple: If you have a theme or concept, share it with your model! Providing them with a moodboard will also go a long way in persuading them to work with you, as well as convey your vision.
:bulletpurple: Set the expectations for the shoot. This will include how many images the model can expect from the shoot, how long it may take, what magazines you may want to submit the photographs to, etc. Hash out your terms early, not later!
:bulletpurple: To try and avoid the model 'flaking' on you (not showing up), be sure to confirm the day before the shoot is due, talk to the model over the phone if possible, and share contact details.

In Conclusion

Working with models can be an extremely rewarding experience, and one that is necessary for many facets of people photography and other people-oriented art forms. If you have any questions about an aspect of this tutorial, please feel free to comment below!


:bulletblue: Have you worked with a model before?
:bulletblue: What was your experience?
:bulletblue: Where do you find most of your models?
:bulletblue: Do you have any feedback on this article?


There will be a giveaway for three winners of 50 :points: each! Below are the details.
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:bulletpurple: Winners will be announced on August 30th.

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So apparently I'm not so good with routines, but better late than never, right? After a two week unplanned absence, here's another volume of Words on Wednesday, because you people write incredible, incredible things that deserve to be seen!

Recap on how it works: There are seven days in a week, and seven pieces of featured literature! I only feature people once a fortnight. Below the thumb, you will see a beautiful quote from within the featured piece.

Here we go! In no particular order, here are seven incredible pieces of literature that you should all go and check out, favourite, comment on, and love!

disintegrationmy teeth are cracking:
i dream of enamel-kissed
spiders, their limbs trailing
the contours of my gums;
expanding holes
from nails, ungerminated
and rotten, desecrating
my digits; i dream
puddles of my own hair
choking drains,
the erosion of my flesh,
the disestablishment
of my organs;
my resolve, too,

"i dream of enamel-kissed

[songs of rain]forgiveness in the third chord,
like silence or the moment
artemis pulls the arrow free,
thanks the buck for his sacrifice.
lightning in my lungs.
saltwater in my lungs.
i, storm,
will rage & pass on.

"forgiveness in the third chord"

a deep fog has
rolled in– it's a cold August
day, and i am
fumbling for something to
inside white walls casting
white static noise, i
seem to have somehow surrendered
my tongue.
lost in drugs that
fill me up more than a lover's heart
every did, i pack dirt
into the dried valleys
where my veins used to
lie. but this
weather is tearing me down from this
high; and i've spent too long in a
downpour to start
choking on nothing more than a
halfhearted mist.

"inside white walls casting
white static noise"

soft hues edge sharp thoughtsclouds, heavy with rain,
swell above a bared soul,
its flesh bent in service 
to king and earth,
and above it the
little birds sing,
eager to become the
butchers of the sky
with their yellow beaks
as carving knives and
their feathers ruffled
into unstained aprons.

"eager to become the
butchers of the sky"

Devour.You, who gives meaning
to the word
devour (v)- to consume destructively, recklessly, or wantonly,
Which I would gladly do
to your thoughts,
and your lips,
and the secrets soaked into
your skin.
The sustenance I might enjoy
from those things you loathe,
those things I lust for;
(Warm arms contrast
and so complement
domineering eyes-)
My canines graze on
fields of flesh
fed by
and breathed for
by your mouth,
irrigated and
by mine.
Such sanguine,
sultry times
we’re living in,
aren’t they,
my Dear?
(Our hearts race in
mismatched cages-)
Perhaps my hungry,
heavy-lidded eyes
sit behind
rose-colored glasses,
there truly
does exist,
somewhere among
the shaking sweats,
some carnal, instinctual
to devour.

"(Our hearts race in 
mismatched cages-)"

Most houses do not kill(i)
I am not such a house.
I trap them within me,
and feed.
I am haunted by a ghost,
the ghost of that ghost,
four shades of sinister.
Like all living, it was lonely.
To find missing parts
that never existed.
Do the dead grieve
for the living?

"Like all living, it was lonely."

ocean, suicide.let me slip forward, off the algae-
covered cliff, so i may rejoin my brothers
and sisters in the waves;
so i may cuddle the sunrise and mourn
the dusk at dinnertime. i swallow blood
by mere chance, the meal a
steal to the shark
nibbling away gently at my wrinkly toes;
eulogizing and crying,
froths embracing my face, tears a foreign delight
to my tired eyes.
the sea and i,
are one. a mother and child,
anthem to appraisal, living to death, contrast
to collapse:
hearts to
b e a t.
jaws of ocean sweetness snap shut, holding
the fingers of sugar and
saltwater still at my throat’s opening,
bursting through my lungs
in the end: remain! air, not water; no,
air. i inhale the tempting brook, choke;
crush into
c l i m a x

"tears a foreign delight"

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the third edition of Words on Wednesday
Go on, have an incredible day, night, or whatever time it may be where you are. 

Until next Wednesday! I love you all.

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The prizes:

:winner: The person with the highest score will receive  500 :points: OR One month premium membership + 100 :points:
If there is a tie, the first person who sent me the highest score will win.  

:bulletpink: Runner up will receive 250 :points: 
If there is a tie, the person who sent me the FIRST 2nd best highscore will win.

:bulletblue: Third one will receive ONE Premium Lottery Ticket to be used here FGA GATE
If there is a tie, the person who sent me the FIRST 3rd best highscore will win.

FGA ticket Info: 4 boxes, you choose one. -- Premium = The boxes contains either 3 Months Premium Membership > 150 Points > Feature for 1 month > 50 Points .
Luck plays a huge role! So yes, you may possibly obtain the 3 months premium even though you're on third place. 
Magic boxes Sponsored by FlashGiveAways. Feel free to check it out! Questions? Ask me! 

:star: Many people who scores  20 points and above will automatically be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 50 :points: each. Point system will be explained below.

:heart: The purpose of this game is for Detective-HQ  to give the spotlight to talented, yet undiscovered artists of deviantart on different mediums such as Digital art, Traditional Art, sculptures, etc. This will be a monthly event and a part of Detective-HQ's hosted events.

How to Play the Game

This is a scavenger hunt. A small magnifying glass is hidden in the gallery of selected deviants. It looks like this:   Magnifying Glass by DestinyRose09

:bulletgreen:Where to search: Again, its hidden in the comment area of a deviation in their gallery. Search the gallery and each deviations!

Example, lets pretend that DestinyRose09 is one of the featured people:


:bulletgreen: Yay you found it! Click on the magnifying glass and it will lead to a stash question/hint you MUST answer. The answer to the question/hint can be found on THAT SAME DEVIANT'S gallery WHERE YOU FOUND the magnifying glass. 
Example (click to see the question):

:bulletgreen: After you read the question, RETURN to that person's gallery (or his/her front profile page), and search for the CORRESPONDING ANSWER.
The answer to the question is Destiny's Olaf deviation:
Olaf in Summer by DestinyRose09

Note: Answer MUST be in thumb format (NOT text or link). Since you will be noting me the answers, even non-premiums can use thumb and it will show on notes. 


You don't want to find all the magnifying glasses and answers to it, only to find out that you will not be able to claim your prize because you didn't follow the rules.

Official Scavenger Hunt Rules

:bulletred: This event is exclusive to Detective-HQ :icondetective-hq: members only. Feel free to join! The join button is on the left side of the group page.
Admins will check the winners for eligibility if this rule was followed before prize distribution.

:bulletred: Make sure to FAV this event journal and COMMENT anything below if you are joining. This is important information I take to keep track of how many people participated versus how many answers/notes I will receive for the next two weeks. It also helps for exposure and more people to join!
Admins will check the winners for eligibility if this rule was followed before prize distribution.

:bulletred: DO NOT note the featured person/deviant/fellow scavenger hunters and ask for hint/help about the answer or location of the magnifying glass. WORK ALONE. You can be reported to the admins and you will be DISQUALIFIED.

:bulletred: DO NOT leave any comment in the deviation/stash/event that can reveal the answer to the hints/questions/clues or YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED!

:bulletred: The FORMAT of the answer is important when you send the answer note to me.  Please send me only ONE note after you collected the MOST magnifying glasses and answers you think you can manage. You don't have to find them all. Collect more than 20 points and you can join the raffle.

Answer format:
1. [Username]
    [Deviation that the magnifying glass was found *Link is fine*]
    [ANSWER to the stash question]

   1.  DestinyRose09
    Olaf in Summer by DestinyRose09

Point system: 1 point for finding the deviation with the magnifying glass and 1 point for the CORRECT answer.

Are you ready? Here are your featuring deviants! Find the magnifying glass and enjoy their art! :heart:
















There are 15 magnifying glasses total. You can accumulate up to 30 points if you find all the magnifying glass and correct answers.

Stuck and need a hint? Here are ways to get a hint out of me.

1. Share this event in a NEW journal. Note me with your question with the link of your newly created journal for ONE hint.
2. If you joined the Deviantart Unbirthday Event and was tagged here somewhere , you get ONE hint. (You can no longer use it to get an answer on the next mystery case event)
3. If you found the secret event here you can note me for ONE hint. (But you forfeit your chance to win in that event)

Depending on the person, you can accumulate a total of (3)three hints. Note DestinyRose09 Use them wisely. :D
This event will stay open for 2 weeks.

Goodluck and Have Fun!

:bulletred: Respect the artists featured. Do not complain or cause unnecessary dispute or you will be disqualifed.
:bulletred: Do you know anyone who would like to be featured on next month's undiscovered gem scavenger event? Do you want to be featured? If yes, contact DestinyRose09 for possible processing. Criteria to qualify includes less than 20k pageviews and less than 300 watchers. 
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Event Administrators
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DeviantART Compliments #127

Wed Aug 20, 2014, 7:49 PM by SimplySilent:iconsimplysilent:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

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bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

shep4life is the loveliest person. Jamey, you always leave thoughtful comments, draw attention to parts you like, and are one of the friendliest people on here. You're great, Jamey :glomp:

YOUR ART IS LITERALLY THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER. I WISH I COULD DRAW LIKE YOU I ALWAYS SEE YOU ON YOUR FRIENDS PAGES (sorry not stalking I just watch them too ;u; ) AND YOU'RE WAY TOO MODEST YOU'RE BETTER THEN ALL OF THEM. Like- you should post way way more ;w; I'd rather see just one of your sketches or anything then what you comment on and call cute bc it's so amaze please!

You're one of the sweetest and most adorable person I've ever met. I'm thankful I met you, because I've never felt this close to someone before, and nobody has ever gotten this close to me. I do deeply care about you. Your art is beautiful, and I know you put effort into it. Just keep getting better~

Thank you for sending such a sweet compliment, I literally blushed when I read it. /^//u//^\
I didn't think I'd be much of a friend to you, but you seem to think so otherwise. I did like our rps very much & you made my heart inside very happy. I hope I meet more people like you on both DA & off the web. Stay as you are my friend: Fun, Fabulous & Artistic!
Lots of Love :heart:,

AlphaManifest, you are a badass lady, hands down.
Keep at it, sista! :heart:

pureawesome101, you are a dear friend that I have met over the internet.
Have a hug! :huggle:

TheDarknessOfFire @blizzardxwc
you guys are amazing
i mean
you've always been part of my best friends and i couldn't ask for better pawbros
your both amazing never forget that xoxoxoxo

My HoneyEve, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am to have you in my life. Out of all of my friends, you are the only one I completely trust and feel I can share my heart with you.
If we weren't so far apart location wise, I'd give you the biggest hug and kiss ever right now. One day though, I will give you it. :smooch:
Stay strong and sweet, my beloved friend. No matter what happens, I'll always have your back. :heart:

I would like to compliment KiwiCocktail for being such an active and caring deviant on top of being a funny and strong person. :la:
Your colorful art is most enjoyable too~ :meow:
Many thanks for being around and making my DA experience even more fun, Julia! :huggle: :heart:
Your stalker, Feli~ ;P

Hello MidNight-Vixen! I just wanna say, you're epic! And, you're one of the reasons I'm here on Deviantart! Keep the good comics up! You have made me inspired to create my own comic account! :D Besides....Super Smash Comix may be delayed because my sister is still using her tablet, and my school starts next week! Anyways...I can't wait to get started with the tablet and you've been watching me for one Deviant year! CraftyGirls Fanclub started in the same week!
Tigerwarrior13 (Sewersnake1111)

SeeThroughtheMist is an amazing deviant! She's one of those people that you could talk to for hours and never get bored. She writes so much, and often seeing how much she does inspires me when I'm going through a writers block. I haven't known her throughout my entire time on deviantart, but she's one of those people I feel like I've known forever. Besides, the two of us are okay being saps together ^-^

You're the best anyone could ever ask for my bay bay~
Every day you make me smile, through the good and the bad. What would I have done without you.. Oh I don't know <3 The day we met I knew we would have something good and great with one another. Let it be just a simple friendship or a great loving couple. But now here we are, 1 year and a half in our relationship. Please keep up the wonderful attitude and person that you are. And never ever change <3

With so much thought and Love about you,

You continuously inspire me every day with your dedication and words. You paint pictures across my mind when you write and they seemingly spring up from the page. Your work always amazes me and I look up to you for that. You're dorky, silly and bluntly honest, and it cheers me up in every way when you talk to me. You're one, if not, my best friend and each and every day I'm glad I met you. I'll be sighing and sketching in class and end up drawing something related to a show I watch and think, 'i remember when masq wrote something for this' and smile, or I'll hear something hilarious and think, 'i've gotta let masq know about this'. Embarrassing as it is, I love you so very much and you are easily the best, most talented, kindest and sweetest writer and person I've ever met !!! Thank you for being my sunshine, Christine !!! <3

To knbmusic,
You are one of the loveliest person in dA, thank you for being so sweet and kind. Your writing absolutely inspire me and I really hope to see more of your art work. :heart:

Truth-Never-Lies have a collection of the most gorgeous art works ever, they are all so well-written they could be published in a book. :hug:

I would like to extend my gratitude toward some truly wonderful people - for their time, their friendship, and for their inspiration: ArtBYbeverly , LindArtz , Nameda , MayEbony , Applemac12 , Malco735 , Magicionary , Dygyt-Alice , darcat1530 , Lucifer-Poison-Angel , nudagimo , DragonsChest , NocturneJewel, Bialy-Bloom , BritishSixtiesBeat and KmyGraphic ! May you all be blessed out of your socks, for your kindness and inspiration! :hug:
Tracey Henderson (aka PurpleInk777 )

luneu gurl u are so friggin awsm-- you're supportive of so many people on dA and youre such a sweetie i really cant--HOW ARE YOU SO NICE. Your landscape paintings and your profiles are so breautiful and youre improving really fast too-- SO IM REALLY REALLY GLAD TO HAVE MET YOU/////// also hella rad page gurl

I love your profile, your skins and your art. Your one of the people that I admire and wish to be like one day. Also would be cool to be friends with you too~

Dear Paradox-pony,
I'm so glad I met you. You've taught me so much since we first began our friendship. You have no idea how much I treasure you as someone close to me. Like, honestly, you're amazing. Whether you agree or not. Not to mention your art. Like, whoa. It's always improving. ALWAYS. You deserve all the watchers. All of them.
Also, wow what a cutiepie. Hahah. *Shoves all the compliments at you*

Can I just say
that I love you very much dear <3
I love your art and I love your personality. I love you by everything
You make me so happy when I'm sad
And I'm proud to have you with me
You are very important to me bae
Also if you make her feel bad
I will pretty much hate you no matter what
I love you skye

Dear ToadandDaisyRule Echumi FoxTail101 Hugger-Luver TulipSketchPonyArt homgirl2 cosmicgirl04 newflutterpie YesImAPegasister StarSparklePony Bolt-the-Kitty Pikamew322 EssiTheKiller Ribbon-Wren Circuscatgirl ReasonTheReasonable WildAnimeKittyKat Redshy-Harmony Spywolf606 MisfitMuffinz HeartBloom appleowl13 SnowRose9201 mothes xYellowBurnx
Thank you all very being very amazing best friends I love you all so much and am so happy I met you ; u ; Thank you all so much again for supporting me through time and time again
I <3 You all

I never really got to say "thanks" for being such an amazing friend. You've helped me improve both artistically and socially, so I hope you read this one day. :3

CompassRoses I'm just gonna say it now, you are the smartest gal I ever met, honestly what's your IQ? Beyond genius? Please tell me when you discover the cure to cancer because you have a lot of potential! You probably don't know who it is, but I hope you have fun guessing <3 We don't talk much but I still admire you.

Paradox-pony Your art is amazing! You were one of my first ever followers, and encouraged me so much. I hope you have an awesome day! :3

cheyluvsu03 ArtistGirlFiona zaksabeast LordAdrian1 nekopew Polygontus ProfessorDoctorC You guys have all been awesome friends! I love you guys, thanks! You all are amazing and individual, awesome art too!

You're one of my very best friends and I'm so happy that I get to say that. You're a loving and kind girl, you're great at role playing, the art you create is fantastic, and I cannot express in words how highly I think of you.

You're a super cute bundle of fun and I love the fact that we've become such good friends. I love talking to you throughout the day and hearing how expressive you are! You're a joy to be around, a great rp partner, and just an amazing person in general! <3 Keep doing what you're doing!

Emilykiii Your so amazing to me! Your the best friend a girl could ever have! Your the best Bae and the best Waifu!! ((May or may not be Katie))

My dear Kuro there are no words to describe how much I value you. You're the only person I've met on dA who's always, always been there for me through what ever I was going through. You rarely complain about anyone, you're always out to make people feel good and you just naturally know how to brighten my day. You're my best friend and so much more at the same time. I'm always going to be there for you whenever you may need me.

You're a quiet gal, but what really rings true for you is how funny you are and more so how wonderful your artwork is. Keep doing what you're doing and never let anybody hold you back.

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