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1: Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
My full name is Carlotta Angela Sandoval but amigos call me "Lottie".

2: What's your gender?

3: What's your current age?
I am 20 years old.

4: what's your favorite food?
Tacos and other Mexican delicacies

5: Favorite Drink:
Dry martinis and I am also interested in drinking cherry brandy.

6: Who is your crush?
I am partial to having a date with my boyfriend back in Tijuana, Geraldo.

7: Have you two kissed yet?
We did and we''re proud of it!

8: What's your favorite color?
I love cyan.

9: Who is your favorite author?
George Orwell

10: What's your biggest fear?
I hate clowns a lot. Heath Ledger's Joker gave me goosebumps.

11: What's you most embarrassing moment?
The time I ran into a stop sign in front of the whole boarding school.

12: Any Siblings?
I have a younger brother named Enrique.

13: Who is your hero?
My hero is Batman.

14: Who is your worst enemy?
Kevin O'Brian. He was my ex boyfriend and he tried to rape me.

15: What would your hero and your worst enemy got together?
I would imagine Batman beating the crap out Kevin.

16: What would you do if you met your creator?
I would give him the wettest kiss in his life.

17: What do you want to be as an adult?
A singer. I take after Jessica Rabbit.

18: What is your worst nightmare?
Being trapped with the Joker and Kevin.

19: What is your lifelong dream?
To become a famous actress.

20: What if your life long dream came true?
I would be in Warner Brothers animation.

21: Where's your favorite place to relax?
My King sized bed.

22: Favorite Music:
Beethoven is my favorite musical composer.

23: Do you have any friends?
Margot Kennedy and Geraldo Ramirez.

24: What do you spend most of your time doing?
I sing opera and I also spend my time making films.

25: Tag Whomever you want.
FurryBound jollyjack
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Chapter 1 of my webcomic Feral Faith is now halfway complete! Remember to check it out every Wednesday and Sunday for new pages!

So I have now settled back into things, having been home for a week. I'm busy cleaning out tons of old stuff from my room and it's making me all sad and nostalgic, so I just want to get it done with. XD I'd like to get back into the creative swing of things as soon as I can. Need to start work on Chapter 2 of Feral Faith, and some other ideas I have rolling around. I also want to apologize to my commission customers who are still waiting. My commission for :iconnzolozabal: is first on my to-do list.

Been catching up on the shows I watch, and HOLY CRAP, AGENTS OF SHIELD, GUYS. That was the perfect thing to get me hyped for seeing Captain America: Winter Soldier tonight. :eager:

I've still been watching MLP and some other cartoons, but I decided to save my thoughts for a big retrospective at the end of the season. But so far I've really been enjoying season 4. The last several episodes have all been really fun. :)

That's about it for now. Stay cool.
NaN = Not a Number.

Wow, that's a lot of buyers.
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Chinchilla update+ collab adopts????????????

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 5, 2014, 9:27 AM
for those still wondering, I made it to the vet in time with two very generous donations <33 thanks so much bbies! I will get onto commissions after I get back from the cinema.
I'm so happy to say that pretzel is going to be fine! he swallowed a small willow branch and it didn't feel well in his stomach. He's got something in his food to digest it now and the vet said he's going to be fine within a day or two <33. I'm so happy he's gonna be fine asjlkjedfs!!
So with all my money gone I'm back at start for raising a tablet ooh D|. this is going to be so terrible, but hopefully I will get paid soon and my parents said they would increase my pocket money for a month because I did so well at school! (which brings me on a total of 70€ again?)
yEHA by the way, if anyone's up for some collab adopts, hit me up because I just did one with PrePAWSterous and coloring is the least pain in the ass to do with a mouse! I'll only do them with a few people, and I can only do the coloring atm!

also hEY HOo new watchers! ur al very sessy for clicking that watch button over there! thanks alot all <3

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  • Listening to: MGS Ground Zeroes soundtrack
  • Reading: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
  • Watching: Markiplier
  • Playing: Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes

Well, I have now officially moved back home to Arizona after living in the Los Angeles area for sixteen months. To say "things didn't go as planned" would be an understatement. I really didn't do enough research into the economy and job market in the animation field and jumped in before realizing that LA is oversaturated in artists in the same position as me. I had to accept that things weren't going to work out the way I had hoped. Now that it's over I think I've come home a bit wiser. I've learned a great deal, met some amazing people, and broadened my creative horizons, and most of it wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't taken the chance and moved out. I got to live with my best friend and spending time with him and bouncing our ideas to each other helped shape my current webcomic project Feral Faith. I can honestly say Feral Faith and its prequel series Red Divide would never have been conceived if I hadn't moved out with him. Thanks for all the good times, bro.

Things may get a little hectic since priority one is finding a job but I'll try to keep Feral Faith coming and commissions going.
This is not an April Fools Joke, I'm just late on the delivery on this one. -_- I've been sick the last few days with a nasal infection and now a sore throat. I've had to leave work early twice and even had to take a day off so I'm sure that looks bad to that strict sweat shop's people in charge, but hey I can't help being sick so F*** them. If I get fired I'll go get a license in selling insurance, that's where the big money is at apparently.

So yeah, shout outs, wooo! I guess what I just said kinda falls under the life category...


So there it is! LIFE! =P

My life the past month has been a series of planning to do things and then doing something completely different. I'm gaming again which is good, I got a lot of games to go through. I'm reading some new webcomics but many of the old ones I follow are leaving me behind. My money is being solely devoted to getting a car now because apparently my (future?) mom's new job has her going forty minutes to work, so she can't take my dad to the airport for his job anymore. Meaning he needs his truck, and I need my own vehicle. Honestly I don't even know where it will fit out front. =/ But yeah I need a car, and they want me to be excited about their decision for me... They always expect me to be excited when they give me no choice or make choices for me. -_- Oh I don't have a choice? Well then let me break out the FREAKING champagne! 

I still plan on spending some money in Oregon when I visit MOD, we have plans to make the trip easier, cheaper, more convenient, but to do that it will be around early May so I'm looking forward to it. -w- Other than that, nothing new in my life honestly. Just trying to get by like everyone else. ^^;


Woooow, looking back on last months shout outs, I have literally done no gaming since then, like towards the end of the month seems to be when I game a bit more. :XD: For example I've only played inFamous this last month, and only over the course of the last few days I've been sick. Here at the end of the month. I'm getting close to the ending of the game, it's pretty hard even on easy. I'll try an have more gaming accomplished for next month I suppose. =/


Okay I'm starting to feel like I did absolutely nothing this month. >_>; Seriously where did this month go? It went by so fast and I didn't really do anything! I can't tell if I watched more Kill La Kill since last time or not. In any case I believe the finale has been released, so the series is over I guess? Go check it out, this is one of the better animes out right now. :XD:

I've also been keeping up with Space Dandy, Blue Exorcist, and Black Lagoon as they release new episodes. I have a hard time devoting any freetime to Naruto or One Piece. Series that are as long as these two... they tend to drag out stuff. Like this saturday we had an entire episode dedicated to mister tengu nose crying over his ship on One Piece, and nothing happened, no real story progression, just him learning the ship had a spirit inside of it and he didn't want to let it go, and that he has serious issues apparently. It was pretty boring and dragged out for an episode and I hated it. =/ Someone punch someone in the face!


I still got nine profiles to post for my idea Ozmas, and the funny thing is I stole that name from another idea I had that sadly went absolutely no where, even after I put a lot of time effort and detail into it. -w- So it was a good name I wanted to keep alive and I named this series after it. I do love the idea and I hope to take the time to post those profiles soon. Lord knows when I'll find the time for all the fictions I'm backed up on. =/

I'm also developing another idea that I think will be one of my greatest ever. It's still a foundation as of right now that I'm trying to be original with, which is hard, trying not to steal from other ideas (or at least too many), but more on that next month I suppose.

On another note I'd like to let you all know something. I've been commissioning my buddy "censored" for a story. It's adult rated with lots of my own personal kinks I'll admit, but the story takes place in a fantasy setting full of established characters you might love and original characters. The stars of this story are a pair of mercenaries who always get the job done, but technically ruin all their chances at a decent paycheck. Kayle, a lion who shaves his mane and has a dark past with bandits, and Rarity, yes Rarity from MLP as a runaway mage. There is a lot of spanking, and my friend would rather remain anonymous in public locations like this with that kink. so the story is posted on animeOTK and will continue to be with every chapter that's made. If you'd like to read it and give feedback, go there, make an account, and give it a read! He'd appreciate it and so would I. ^^

Tales of Glowing Moons 1-5……………


Sigh... okay guys, I have to say it, but here me out after I do...

"Let me tell you about Homestuck"

I know, I know! I'm reading Homestuck okay? I finally learned a bit about the characters, and when I leaned of Nepeta, the green blooded neko troll who represents Leo, I decided to give it a chance. And you know what? It's really good! O_o

Let me give it to you in a nutshell, even though this series is so complicated it would take hours to explain everything. Four friends play a video game together that apparently signals the end of their world as a meteor shower comes down and destroys Earth, but before being killed they are transported to an alternate dimension called the Medium. They now have to play some sort of living video game to save a planet called Skaia, and trying to survive in the process.

During their "session" they also meet a group of twelve trolls who are having their own "session" in the game. Trolls are an interesting alien race that all the fans go crazy over due to their pansexual culture being able to have kids with any gender, meaning an endless possibility of shipping material. This is one thing that makes series like MLP so popular, no defining sexual preferences and and endless supply of ships that make sense as any other in the series. Anyways these twelve trolls seem to represent the astrological zodiac and have extreme personalities.

The two groups form a bond so that they can take on the great evils this living game has in store for them. There is so much time travel hijinks the continuity could melt your brain if you try to piece it all together on a chart. What's more the series seems to be at it's finale right now with over half of the cast dead and the final battles with multiple ultimate evils approaching. (It's honestly hard to tell who the greater evil is in this series)

Don't expect it to be like other comics either. Every page is a single panel, half of them are animated. Heck some you get to interact with, and others are like a full out movie clip. It's amazing! And he art style goes from pretty damn low par to straight up anime over the course of 5000 pages! And the scary thing is the guy who made this series said it's practice for something even bigger he's working on. o_o So now we're all just waiting with bated breath for him to post the finale of the series all at once.

Too be honest I'm obsessed with this series having just finished year one of, like, four or five? I'll probably even make a bunch of OC trolls to commemorate my newfound love. ^^ In any case, not much of a shout outs I'll be honest, but I'll work on that for next month! :D


"Please inform the blind girl. Was Feferi just trollnapped by a dancing fish prostitute?"
-Terezia Pyrope
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Hey! How are all my loyal watchers? Good? Great! Oh, me? I'm fine! Though I do have a announcement! I was thinking and I have created a new species! Basically, hey are chibis that are based off different food. But it's never just the chibi. With each chibi comes they're pet. Each pet is based off of a candy. They may be squirrels, chinchillas, or other small animals.  Problem is, I am having trouble coming up with a name. Any ideas? I also need co-founders fora group  I plan on dedicated to them!
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Sorry for the lack of journals and pics lately. I'm busy moving out from my apartment and we're packing everything up so I haven't had time or really been in much of a creative mood. Moving day is set for the 31st, so we're getting close!

In some other news, Feral Faith has updated with page 12 today. Only one page to go before we're in all-new territory and we get to pages I've never posted anywhere else online, so stay tuned!
Okay... so thanks for tagging me caird56 :iconcaird56: Now I shall perform the quiz :D

Questions I've been given

  1. What's your favourite game (it can be a video game) and why? My favourite game has gotta be Spyro because he's just ADORABLE!!! icon: Spyro Dat Ass or cool Spro And pretty cool too. #spyroswag
  2. Do you like school? Nope. 
  3. What do you do at the weekends and/or holidays and do you like it? I sit around playing videogames. I suppose it isn't all bad!
  4. What's you favourite website? (try to make it other than deviantART but if it is that's okay) I'm saying ROBLOX for this one.
  5. What's your all time favourite movie? I'm gonna go ahead and say Frozen.

Now, here's MY questions

  1. Who's your favourite video game/movie character?
  2. What's your favourite pastime?
  3. Where's your perfect holiday destination? Why?
  4. When are you at your happiest?
If you could be any animal (Even fictional) what would you be? Why?

So, my nominees:
:iconcaird56: caird56 (Again) :iconhuntresslacuddlepawz: HuntressLaCuddlePawz :iconpolarmars900: polarmars900
Eeyup, that's it :3

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I am accessible to giving requests to Simpsons Fans. I want to spread my fandom across the site so I am counting on you to find available Simpsons fans who might give requests for Simpsons OC's That's all for now.