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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Okay, I'm just so overwhelmed by all the thank-yous I get for faving! :D I just wanna say your welcome to all the people I will ever fave, watch, or comment! I FEEL SO LOVED! 
Wanna RP with me on FH? Send me anote with your username! I'm narwalpanda54321
  • Mood: Delighted
  • Playing: FeralHeart
  • Drinking: Grape KoolAid
I have become addicted to the search. . . . . For cute FH presets. I really wanna see you people's presets, so I'd love for you to comment with a link to a screenie of your preset! And of course, try to tell me when you post a public preset. :) See you all later! 

My FH username is: narwalpanda54321  if you want to RP with me. Just send me a note with your username and I'll make some time away from my usual RP groups to RP with you. (I'm an awesome RPer, and you'll be able to learn off me if you suck. No offense.)

Corn by photog-road


Okay, I'll admit, this was partially an excuse to get rid of that depressing last journal. -w- (Speaking of which I accidentally deleted it while making this one somehow. Woo, I guess? =O ) Also I have a lot I want to get out but it's way to late and I have way too little time at this hour. I got ideas I need to get out while I have a day off. Hopefully I can use it to have fun with friends and connect and such, rather than being stolen by my family and things I don't want to do as usual. Here's hoping for the best! :meow:
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Sorry I haven't been very active lately, I've been very busy. My Aunt is in the hospital with a blood clot in her brain (it's healing, but slowly) and my Great Aunt just died from Cancer. I also had my birthday party, a friends birthday party, a saxophone lesson, and a concert to attend this week, but I'm mostly free now so I'll try to get on more. No promises though, sorry. Things have a habit of popping up the moment I sit down to my computer lately.

*Update* Oh look, my life got worse! My cousin just entered the hospital with a severe case of Mono, my friend Kacey's dog died, and my friend Brooke (fluffycupcakes21)'s Guinea Pig just died. The world hates me........... So I guess I won't be more active, I'm just going to sit around all day and sulk because trying too do anything else makes me feel really sad................
Hello there if anyone will even ever see this xD
Yes I'm interested in making Hetalia games!
But here's a twist! They have to be from a fanfiction.. :D

So I'm asking if anyone knows a fanfiction of Hetalia that they'd like to see as a game!
It can be a story you wrote, or one you read and LOVED IT, it can even be a CountryXReader!

All you have to do is just send me a link in the comments :)

If I read it and can actually see it as being a game and I really love the story I might consider making it. :)

But if I don't see the story as a game and choose not to make it please please pleeeaaassse don't get offended! I'm only one person with a life outside the computer. I wouldn't be able to make 10 full games in under a year probably! I don't want hate maiilll!

DONT send in stories that is...
Lemon (kink stories with plotless lovemaking)
Based off other's work (a hetaoni fanfic as an example)
Itacest, Germancest, UsCanada, Franada, MapleTea, UsUk or any incest pairings please nope nope

Anything else is fine :)

Why am I doing this?
1. Making an actual storyline is hard, I'd rather turn a bunch of words into a enjoyable game
2. I would like to make someones day by having their story turn into a game many will enjoy :)

If you have or know any fanart that goes along with the story please do send a link as well if you'd like :) it would help ALOT

I know how to use Rpg Maker so I don't really need development help. And if I do need help or I have questions I'll just ask around professionals.

PS: I won't guarantee Ill respond to you back but I will try saying thank you!

~ From your PotatoFairy~
The answer is no. Chinchillas are an exotic animal, and they can't be exposed to direct sunlight or draft. They must be kept indoors with strict climate control - no temperatures over 25C, and no high humidity. Draft can cause lung infections, which are usually fatal to chinchillas. Basically, they need about room temperature, and try at all times. A heat lamp would quickly cause a chinchilla to take a heat stroke.

Chinchillas are an indoor animal, and they should be kept inside your own home. They have some very specific needs, among which are the need for exercise and attention. It's advised that a single chinchilla comes out of the cage for free run around a room that's been cleared of dangerous objects (toxic wood, wires, human food, dropped medication, etc) for at least an hour every night. Especially if you have a single chinchilla, they need attention. Chinchillas, when not caged properly or given the proper amount of attention can become seriously depressed.

If you can't provide a safe, controlled indoor environment for a chinchilla, then perhaps it's not the pet for you. They are high-maintenance animals, and not one you can leave out in a hutch.

If you'd like a nice forum to talk to people or get more advice on chinchillas, I suggest you go here and read up on the care sheet, and tips and tricks to create a great chinchilla home.

I'll give you a link to my new account if you still want to watch me...

Here you go: :iconthelalalalivi:
Okay so I made a new Skype account. Of course, because I'm using Windows 8 I need a new Microsoft account for each Skype account (which is pretty stupid.) and I've made a new one. I'll be making Minecraft skins on both accounts but I want all of them on my main account, so I'll be posting the ones I've made on my second account on here so that I can save them onto a file in my other account. (Make sense?)

If any of them are posted on here, you don't have to pay attention to them, you don't have to comment on them and you don't even have to look at them. Just bear what I've told you in mind. ^-^
  • Mood: Speechless
My dad's getting married today. I'm about to drive him to his wedding. The bride is a wonderful woman who I don't think has a bad bone in her body, and I can say that after living with her for the past year. I'm very happy for him, they're both so nice together. I'm gonna be a little busy this morning and we might go to lunch later to celebrate (the reception will be at a later date and I took today off). 

How about some positive news up this house, huh? I think that posting the negative allows us to vent, but if we can't talk about the positive too then we're as bad as the news on television. I'm gonna have a great day no matter what and I hope you all do too! ^w^

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So, my new species idea is Fairy Foxes

~Have wings (wings can vary in size, shape, and style)
~Immortal (They kind of have to be, if you pay points for it, it's yours, not like I can say it died, it's your character)
~Forest themed~  Common~ themed after a type of flower 
                          Rare~ Themed after an animal, have animal companions
                          Gods~ Tree (♂), River (♀) <------- Original Fairy Foxes, Gods of the species, parents of all other Fairy Foxes.
~Live in forest land of Faeria, where there are all kinds of beautiful plants and animals, the trees and rivers dominate the forest, and make it hard for those not accustomed to get through the forest, but the native animals have adapted and the Fairy Foxes,  peace bringers of the forest, can fly, but even if their wings are injured or wet, they can navigate the territory on foot.
~They have genders, but they are immortal, so they have no need to reproduce (though Tree and River have pups, this is because they're the gods and they need to keep the species growing)
~Fairy Foxes have recently discovered humans, and sometimes will take one as a companion (though the silly humans think its the other way around)
~They eat magic crystals (which grow at a surprising rate in a special cave in the forest), and they drink rainwater out of flowers which act as cups. This diet allows them to use magic whenever they need it, and they store extra magic in their wings. Some of the stored magic is used when they fly, since they don't have hollow bones, their wings actually need magical power to get them off the ground.
~They somewhat resemble foxes in shape, but their tails are long and flowy.
~They sometimes group into little *tribes* which build homes together to suit their needs.They group up depending on what season they best fit, for example, Fairy Foxes better suited for summer would build warm dens and live in large groups to keep warm, while fairies better suited for winter would build open dens in cool, shady areas. Spring and Fall fairies are accustomed to both weathers, as they each are surrounded by the ends of the other seasons, so they adjust easily, and often chose to live in packs even though they don't have to just so that they can socialize. Some, however, chose to live as loners.
~They are a bit smaller then a normal fox, being about the size of a young kitten.