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Go 'green screen' for solidarity with VFX artists!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 27, 2013, 10:33 AM
The film "Life of Pi" recently won an Academy Award for visual effects, but the artists behind those have little to show for it. In fact, 250 of them were laid off when their company, Rhythm and Hues, had to file for bankruptcy.

Visual effects companies are being shortchanged by Hollywood filmmakers, which falls back on the artists, who are overworked, underpaid, and essentially underappreciated. This isn't fair at all, and the protest over it is going social now. People all over Facebook and Twitter are changing their avatars to green as an expression of solidarity with the VFX artists who deserve a lot better than what they're getting.

If you want more info on the issue, you can check out this article or just do a search for "green screen solidarity with visual effects artists".

I think it'd be great if deviants got on board with this, out of solidarity and because it does potentially affect all of us if the art industry continues to be devalued like this. Just change your avatar to green - either a solid green box, or your own avatar tinted green. Here's one you can just take and use:


Let's show some solidarity and help tell Hollywood that visual artists deserve a better deal! Change your avatar, tell your friends, and please fav this article or share a link so that lots of people see this!

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Colour challenge!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 27, 2012, 11:38 AM
Are you up for a little challenge?

If you do traditional art, chances are that you're familiar with this phenomenon: the black pencil/paint always runs out quicker than all the other colours. Right? Well, I decided to challenge myself to create a drawing without using the black pencil. And then I decided, hey, I'll just challenge my friends too! :evillaugh:

So here's the challenge:

Create a colour drawing or painting using only colours, no black. That means no black pencil/paint, no grey pencils, no charcoal, no graphite, no black paper. And you have to use several different colours, or at least different shades of the same colour; drawing a sketch with only one colour defeats the purpose here. ;)

No rules aside from that. White pencils/paint/chalk etc is allowed, and you can use whatever paper you want as long as it's not black (or really dark grey). It's really a challenge for traditional artists, since it's much harder to eliminate black in digital art, but if you want to try a digital equivalent, go for it! The whole point is to challenge ourselves as artists to learn more about our media, to get some practice at shading with colour and experimenting with tone and contrast without the "crutch" of the black pencil.

You can draw whatever you want. It's not a contest, so there aren't any prizes, but I'll feature all the responses in a journal.

If you're interested, just leave a comment, or just start drawing and note me the link when you upload it! And please help me spread the word by faving this journal and/or linking to it!

:bulletpurple: :bulletblack: :bulletpurple: :bulletblack: :bulletpurple:

It's also past time that I announced the winner of my giveaway - KW-Scott! Thanks for taking part, those of you who did. I'll probably do more of these in the future, so watch this space!

The calendar from ArtistsforaCure is now available for purchase - make sure you have a look, it really is absolutely beautiful. Everyone involved did a great job. There's some gorgeous art in there, and it's showcased beautifully as well. Check it out, it makes a lovely gift and all of the money goes to cancer research, so you'll be doing a good deed as well as getting a pretty!

Aaaand, finally: I now have a website! I finally got it all set up like I wanted. Check it out!

No features this time around, since my message centre is still overflowing and I'm nowhere near up to speed again yet, but I'll do my best to have some for you next time.

I hope you're all doing well! :hug: I'll leave you with some lovely features from my watch list:

Glen by KellyDelRosso  After Sunset by dreamarian Lilith by somersetholmes Gone Bollywood! by Ellygator
Day 267 - ACEO Drawing for Charity by secrets-of-the-pen After Midnight... by RossanaCastellino The Fassbender by robdolbs
Waiting by JustABeautifulDream  Lionfish by Ileina A Kind of Magic by BabyVegeta
Can't wait!! by couchmochi Transient Loner by xfkirsten Wildlife II Revised by KW-Scott
Part of Me (Taylor) by kelch12  Autumn Aura by aragonia Jessica Alba 2012 by acjub
The Galactic Bride by JediSeeker1 And the Birds Planted a Garden by DarthFar Thorin Oakenshield by Gold-Seven
Birth of a Fairy by MayumiOgiharaPeasant Padme 09-17-2012 by khinson Army of One... John Lydon by markstewart Primate ATC by pbird12

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News - A Poll A Day!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 16, 2012, 1:32 PM
There are numerous amounts of brilliant traditional art here on dA. Not everyone gets the exposure or the popularity deserved here. As a traditional artist myself, I know the amount of time and effort that goes into creating each and every traditional piece of art. So, can't a group of us traditional artists do a little something for each other and the larger community? Here is a fairly simple idea that a few of us have decided to begin.


1. The usage of polls as a way of exposing art
2. Art shall be displayed as thumbs
3. A group of us traditional artists take turns as rotation each day to bring out the under-exposed

4. Creating a special folder in favorites consisting of the deviations that have already been displayed in A Poll A Day previously in each deviants' page


1. Polls can have a minimum of 1 deviation to a maximum of 4

2. All the deviations displayed should have less than a 100 faves.

3. The last link displayed in the poll must lead back to the previously displayed A Poll A Day folder.

4. Once a deviant has finished doing the poll on his/her turn, they should send a note to the deviant next in line as a reminder of his/her turn in doing the poll.


Have a look at these artworks
1. :thumb:
2. :thumb:
3. :thumb:
4. <link>------> Here is the folder containing all previously featured in A poll A Day.


The group of deviants who are helping in making this a success:

robdolbs - March 15th 2012
anmeher - March 16th 2012
JustABeautifulDream - March 17th 2012
markstewart - March 18th 2012
zakkiya29 - March 19th 2012
Ileina - March 20th 2012
SvenjaLiv - March 21st 2012
LilaeaBluecoat - March 22nd 2012
pbird12 - March 23rd 2012
ArielRGH - March 24th 2012
Rockinfroggi - March 25th 2012
acjub - March 26th 2012

I really like this idea - props to zakkiya29 for coming up with it! Let's hope this makes at least a small difference. And look - pretty art!

Natalie Portman as Padme by mattlawrencestudio Robin of Sherwood by jankolas Nemesis 2 - Cloudbreaker by MarkusVogt 'R' by RossanaCastellino Impressions from Walchensee by ConnysWORLD Legolas II by Jeanne-Lui Pastel Colours by phoenix132 The Lady in Red by ArielRGH Barbarian by Redan23 Facade by ascenciok GRASP - Draw-Along by pbird12   Mountains HDR by MGawronski  Angsthase by Akita88

The Life2 by FEIGUR While she was sleeping ... by CaroleHumphreys The Saga Begins - Phantom Menace Poster by leiaskywalker83  Breathe by LilaeaBluecoat The Lady of Shalott by CaroleHumphreys Day 65 by secrets-of-the-pen  Dean Winchester by acjub Daenerys Targaryen by VencaSeitl Prince of Persia by SchizophrenicUnicorn  Ben Whishaw by fairy-tale2 Dara by Henu-Chan Mighty+Bo by JustABeautifulDream Bino by roni-yoffe Left hand by JacopoPfrang

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Journal Entry: Fri Mar 9, 2012, 1:33 PM
I've been ill - had a migraine and a bit of a temperature for a few days, which is why I was a bit quiet for a few days last week. But I'm all better now!

Did you see another one of my DD suggestions was featured? I wasn't online to see it at the time, but I'm chuffed anyway. It's a miniature film set, have a look:

inside cave by Ellie0

I also spent far too much time chasing down the graphics tablet I ordered - I am avoiding the Wacom eStore and anyone else who uses UPS like the devil from now on, I swear. I literally had to draw them a map to my house, and even then I had to meet the driver at the school down my road. It took them twelve days to get this package from Germany to Ireland. The regular post takes two or three days. Holy hell.

But now it's all sorted. And so, I'm selling my old tablet, if anyone's interested! It's older and a bit scratched, but it works fine. The scratches aren't anywhere near deep enough to actually be felt, either, it's mostly just that the surface has been worn smooth. I'll upload some pictures of it in a bit, along with more info.

I've been drawing, too, but a lot of it these days is commission work. I also tried out something new - a portrait of Jensen Ackles using metallic pencils on black paper. You get a really cool effect with them, and I also found out that you can use metallic gel pens almost like paint. You can even mix them with water and erase them that way. The down part is that it's impossible to get a good scan. Without the shine effect, it looks pretty flat and boring, so I haven't uploaded it yet. I'm not sure people want to see it. Anyone got any advice on how to make it look good?

In any case, I'll leave you with features, as usual! :heart:

Tranquility by couchmochi The Ghost's Story by zmeess Tree of lost childhood by acjub  The Old Tree -revamped by nathie  Mushroom Fairy Magic by brandrificus  Yoda by Forsaken91 Mr. Crankypants by DarthFar   Flora by RossanaCastellino    Slavic Oak by MirachRavaia Life in technicolor I by raulrk Native red indian by DIXIEDEAN Day Break by KellyDelRosso Free as my hair by Caipirina Wonderland by MayFong Magic sounds by KalosysArt  Royal Presence by DavidDeb Lando by DeJarnette
Smoulder by pbird12  With The Sandman by Rockinfroggi Wolf Robe by Sekhmets-child :thumb286160339: 2-27-2012 Peter Furler by khinson Commission - H's Granny by LilaeaBluecoat Highway Man by JustABeautifulDream

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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2012, 2:22 PM
Okay, so, I'm sure you've probably seen this elsewhere, but let's talk about under-exposed art for a second. I often come across art where I think, "why on Earth does this not have a thousand comments, as opposed to ten?" I know how it happens - getting exposure is hard if you're the quiet type who doesn't hang around in the forums and leaves millions of comments all over the place. I know that on deviantART, exposure and popularity tends to be more about your level of social interaction than your actual art.

I know this firsthand. After 5 years' membership, I'm slowly creeping towards 600 watchers, and many people I see have garnered far more followers over a shorter period of time. My response is to keep trying harder to produce better art, but sometimes it does get discouraging. I do wish I could help to give others better exposure through my journals etc. At the same time, I'm doing a lot better than a lot of other people who are as good or better than me, and trust me, I'm not complaining. I know it's because I don't have the time to come on here for hours every day.

But as a result, and because this is something I believe is important, I've always tried to feature art with relatively few comments and favourites, and I intend to continue that. It'd be great if you'd help and do the same - by making your own features, or by helping to spread the word about mine and others'. Other people are doing the same, so if you haven't yet, check out these articles and features by other lovely deviants:

Art Feature 02.5|12Again another collection of my latest dA faves in the fields of dark art, science-fiction, surrealism and more...
La Sainte Mere des Douleurs by TechnochristDragon-man by O-l-i-v-iBust by perana:thumb284872070:Evade by sancientRipper Time by mestophalesPlague II by zajoncIIarana mech by vitolionsoPortrait I by zajoncIIOceanic City by jcbarquetDefeated by SLIPKNOTTYsave me from myself by VillyBilly:thumb284132765:bright structured bulb by Andrea1981GBlack Winter by SithvalisGasmaske by SithvalisMikey by KieranMorris:thumb283991808:Vampire by MateaWolfovaI presupposti della rassegnazione by BlekotakraConcept P47 by GutalinA recluse retreat by KimberleyCamilleriDaemon Slaying by MarcodalidingoAOS 3 Promo by SEPTAGONNebula by prokhodazombie nation by RebecaSarayI am hatred in your eyes by ser1o030212 by toreiCosmic Kitsune Girl by sissorelle
My latest personal pieces:
D.S.E. - Back on Earth by MarkusVogtD.S.E. Omega02 - The Take Off by MarkusVogtDelta 03 - The Spacedock by MarkusVogtForced Landing 2.0 by MarkusVogtOrion 01 - The Ground Force by MarkusVogt
See more on my main website:
Me on Facebook:
Many thanks for viewing!
  :thumb285218457: :thumb285407513: Cane, Dea!Hello everyone,
These days I was lucky enough to find many great works, so I will feature some of them in this journal.
I would like to thank all the ones who faved my works and watched me this week, I hope you are having a great time :)
Kind regards,

there's no waiting for us. by AmariaMasks by MarcialCobaSleepwalker by artkonik
The Bloody Countess 4 by s-carusoHungrig by egilpaulsenMore than this by PeteHamilton
Duong Quoc DInh by duongquocdinhPho Cao, Ha Giang, Vietnam by duongquocdinh
octo 286 by MichalTokarczuk:thumb268377164:

Also check out :iconthefavouriteshowcase: - you're guaranteed to find some really, really beautiful art there!

Speaking of which, I promised I'd feature the winners of Share-ART's Valentine's contest. So, here they are, along with some other features - most of which haven't gotten nearly enough attention yet:

Love bottle by lieveheersbeestje
Envelope... by addy-ack  Dandelion. by addy-ack
You can stand under my umbrella by Aprillka

the three sisters by oeminler Endless love. by dreamarian Jaguar by DIXIEDEAN Looking Back by DanBurgessTheArtist  :thumb285218499:  European Robin - Bic Ballpoint Pen by VianaArts  DiVine a second time by NotYourSteppingStone  Mucha's Seasons - Spring by Niuta71 the jungle book by duridya  Libra by theperian Flora by RossanaCastellino Slavic Oak by MirachRavaia The Artist by RaissaPortela Where Boats Are Cars 2012 by ArielRGHCreevy Pier Point by medinkaSpanish Church by Mayeaux  Skull Pass by JakobHansson

And those of you who are here and reading this, thank you very much for your time and interest. :heart: you all.

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On the topic of perfection

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2012, 12:44 PM
If you saw my poll, then you already know that I spilled coffee on my drawing. Because I has a stupid. Then, because that clearly wasn't enough derp for one day, I spilled my waterjug - not on the drawing this time, of course, but on my keyboard. See, if I'd been even a little bit smart, I'd have switched it and spilled the coffee onto the keyboard and the water onto the drawing.

Because, if you're going to spill stuff, you might as well go for maximum damage.

That pretty much killed my enthusiasm for that painting, so now it'll probably be a few more days before I finish and upload it. I've mostly been working on commissions, anyway; I should be able to upload those at some point, too, but not yet. So the next week or two will probably be fairly quiet on my side.

I've got another thing that I'd love to hear your thoughts on, though. I'm not going to go into it here, but I've been thinking more about realism lately, and wondering whether getting a drawing 100% photo-perfect is really the point. I know that there are several pieces in my own gallery that are just copies of a reference, but I don't know if I'd really count them as art, and they aren't 100% like photos anyway.

The way I see it, if I look at a drawing, I want to know that it's a drawing. I want to see the artist's style. Preferably, I want it to say something that the reference photo didn't, I want it to have something more. Whether that's a bit of colour added, other elements changed, or the whole thing transformed into something new, it's nice to see some originality.

I know that a fair few of my watchers are interested in photorealism, so I'd love to hear where you stand. Do you want 100% perfection, or do you prefer it when the artist's style or maybe even a message comes through? Or maybe you don't like realism at all and prefer something else? Tell me!

(And why yes, my current WIP is going to have 100% realistic coffee stains on it. Because I am a master.)

I'll leave you with a poem in honour of today's date.

Roses are red
And violets are blue
If I wrote a poem
It would be for you.

Violets are blue
And roses are red
If I gave you flowers
Then they would be dead.

Roses are red
The colour of blood
Here are some features
They're all very good.


Christina Aguilera by NLevaschuk Golden Pathway by T7-Productions Khal Drogo by AniaMitura :thumb282869517: Wine Setting by Mayeaux Apples by JustABeautifulDream Simple Twist of Fate by Coferosa  White Mafia by calincio :thumb277569505:  trapped in the asylum by voldemorts-butt The White Queen by Isiodith :thumb281434619: Autumnal Beauty I by Infernalord Orange and black by theman99808 Scarecrow Nation 4 by toxx89 An Autumn Greeting by kurosakii Mute by DestinyBlue Kudu - Art Trade by diddleh

Birdie Bird Bird by Adniv Day 36 by secrets-of-the-pen German Shepherd by orinoco1973 2-2012 Portraits of Leia: Royal Robe by khinson Enrique Iglesias by lukequaint Leather V1 by cloudmilk Breathe by LilaeaBluecoat Graphite Blossom by pbird12 Natural Beauty by BrickRed1 Death of Aeris by Arreis-Kurai   :thumb268636453: Disappear Here by simple-minds

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Comments protocol

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 3, 2012, 1:28 PM
Recently I've started noticing something - if I look at someone's work and see that they haven't replied to any of the comments they've got on it, then I'll be much less likely to comment myself. Obviously not if the piece was only uploaded yesterday, maybe they just haven't had time, but on some deviations none of the comments are ever answered.

I think the reason why I'm less inclined to comment in those cases is that it feels like wasted effort. It feels like the person doesn't care enough to even say "thanks", so I don't want to bother. But now I'm wondering if I'm alone in that - do you guys comment regardless, do you even check that stuff, or are you like me? Do you reply to every comment yourself, or do some or most go unanswered? I'm just wondering - I won't judge you, promise! Maybe I'm just being petty or missing something?

Oooh, also, I made one-minute chocolate cake the other day. If you like chocolate cake, seriously, you have to try this. It took me a little more than a minute - more like three or four - but I think that's still really good for almost-instant chocolate gratification. It's even faster than running to the shop for one!

On an unrelated note, I'll leave you with some blue features! (Well, they're mostly blue. Shh.)

A Family by EerinVink Winter thoughts by Shum-a :thumb202099448: Where the Coral Grows by JediSeeker1 The Enchantress by Achen089 Fluffy Butterfly. by dreamarian Water Nymph by RoseannaEmm Meditation by 2lua For my little daughter by masterBo On the Roof by Shi-yue  Halloween 2011 pt 1 by Fulleriini Lights of the Moon by funkymonk69 TRON: Quorra by Angelstorm-82 Tron Tankette - Colored by RBL-M1A2Tanker D.S.E. omikron07 by MarkusVogt May I never wake...   Painting by Rorke Innocence by Rhaylee After the rain by IndigoSnake X in your head by Charle-magne Movie Still IV - Mirror street by DianaGrigore Samus by rellik1138 Storm Shadow by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Shadow of the moon by artorifreedom  The Dark Lord by Ileina Fly with me by naru Dragonborn by tansy9 Ice Queen by GemmaGuerrero Saucers from Beyond by fractilatedwormhole Starry Blue Eyes by Kittrix The tallest mountain by RoCueto

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SOPA ate this title

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 8:25 AM
Which is convenient since I am not good at titling things, especially journals.

I meant to update this again much earlier, but... same old story. Life happened. This time it involved Christmas, New Year's, the hospital (not me, and everything is fine!), my birthday, and then I've had my hands full with commissions, other art, and writing.

At the moment I'm keeping one eye on SOPA and all the related stuff that's happening; there's a piece of legislation due to be passed in Ireland soon that bears far too many similarities to SOPA for comfort. If passed, it could theoretically allow the government to order an ISP to block websites like deviantART. So that's fun.

I've already decided that I'm going to be participating in Black March, although I don't think it'll make much difference in my case. I don't buy music anyway. Before you start, though, I don't download it either. I see no reason to clutter up my computer with that crap. That's the one thing that record companies don't seem to understand: that maybe, their sales aren't down because of piracy, but rather because no one wants to listen to the pop clone army making love to the auto-tune and we can find better music for free or for cheap on the internets.

Then again, maybe they do understand that. It would explain why they want to censor it all.


I came across this video which is too awesomely adorable for words so I will not try and let you just watch it instead. Through it, I wound up visiting the Big Cat Rescue website, was suitably horrified and impressed with the need to help, and bought a really cute plush toy to help them out a little bit. Seriously, you get a plush toy or something equally cool, and you do a good deed. WIN-WIN.

Have some features!

Jaguar - Panthera onca by Ileina Little by Skippy-s Bodyguard by srvlama
Daydreaming by Miguel-Santos Chinese Flower by Estheryu :thumb267629941: Back at my cliffs by funkymonk69 What would life be without music? by DiesValentini Inside a Panda's Dream by CyberLogic Elf by jellyxbat Birthday balloons by azeemb Swift by daniellesylvan Rainbow by that-moody-artist Ian the Horse Goddess 5 by Jellyfosh Ghost Rider - Coloured Pencil by StingRoll Retro Fox Boy by kinachuku perspective by rayna23 Pippin Took Digital Painting by superfizz  Last picture of 2010 by Mirax-chan
you said you'll come back by kelogsloops Puppy Love by KemicalReaxion Daydreaming again by Nimphradora Feeling The Breeze by Hilleri94 :thumb273618507:
Barbossa by yortje  Page 0 by blkwhtrbbt Bighorn by dragonstar10 Ex-Lover's Eye by Photopathica
Amanita muscaria by MvanMelsen Tyger Tyger, burning bright by PhoenixLumbre Ice and Spice 2 by Gold-Marra Chibi Zhuge Dan by EdgeKagami

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Fan art theft

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 30, 2011, 9:26 AM
I don't want to start a flame campaign here, but I came across a very familiar piece in this person's gallery - my drawing of Jaina Solo and her brothers:

Jaina Solo by SvenjaLiv

Looking at the gallery, I'm pretty sure that everything in it stolen from somewhere, so if you draw fan art, you might want to check it out and see if yours is in there. I've already reported mine, but there's loads of stuff there. It's mostly Star Wars and Harry Potter, I think, and they've been submitting to various groups as well, which is how I found mine.

Like I said, this isn't a call to bombard their page with angry comments, but it'd be awesome if you'd have a look and see if you recognise anything in there.

SnipsSkywalker is the account.

I know where they got the un-watermarked version, too, because I gave permission to upload it to their gallery before I started watermarking my work. That's what I get for not starting that earlier, I guess. Although I doubt a watermark would've stopped them. Ugh. I'm not sure whether to be annoyed at the theft, or flattered by the fact that they thought my work worth stealing... :giggle:

Anyway, go check it out, and spread the word to other fan artists so we can report more of these thefts!


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Post-NaNo news and features

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 9:12 AM
Yeah, so, it's been a while, right? Again. I'm back from Germany. It was really, really warm and really, really busy. But kind of fun anyway. Now I'm back in Ireland, where it's rainy and stormy and cold. Although in fairness, it's two months later, so that probably excuses that a bit.

I've been busy, mostly with NaNoWriMo during November - and still, to be honest. I won, I reached 50,000 words, but the story isn't finished so I'm still writing.

It, as in the story, also inspired some new paintings, though. The first of these should be coming soon. :aww: I've started posting my WIPs up on Facebook so if you're following the page or have a look at it occasionally, you'll see them there.

I know I've been posting mostly book covers lately, but art is coming soon, I promise! I think I've learned quite a bit about digital painting over the past year - I've actually done more of it than my gallery would have you believe, since most of my WIPs are dormant. Yes, dormant. I haven't abandoned them entirely, I just need to get my skills up to par before completing them. Or something.

IMAGINARIUM - Draw Along by pbird12 Majestic. by dreamarian The Last Dragon Mage by Ravven78 ORGANA vs SOLO Fight Poster by ThatNorskChick Lovers - Jaina Solo , Jag Fel by saith100 Fear Is My Ally by PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu Enlighted by PhotoAlterations :thumb214384168: Deathwing vs. Alduin by Jorsch

Endearment by Smidow :thumb200189805: :thumb271568252: Out Of Words. by ArtsyButton Woman by DPasschier H33 by artofmadness

Scout by josegoncalo lights. by mcampbellphotography Giggles by WildPencil These berries are mine by Somebody-Somewhere Explore your own world by Schlissel-art

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