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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

Vote! (54,157 votes) 707 comments
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-You must post these rules.
-Each person must share 10 things about them.
-Answer the 10 questions asked to you, and invent 10 new questions that shall be asked to the people you will tag. 
-Choose 10 people, and put their icon on your journal.
[[Yuuki's note: I really didn't see a need to repost the next two rules so....yeh]]

Asked questions:
1.) If you were a fruit, what would you be?
2.) Cats over dogs? o.0
3.) What would be your weapon of choice? (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! =D (Big Grin) if you don't know my reference then I'm screwed! But no, I ACTUALLY mean what weapon would you choose and why?)
4.) Favourite Harry Potter character?
5.) If you were an animal and I adopted you, what would your reaction be? (I am clingy with my pets :3)
6.) If you could change your ethnicity, what would it be?
7.) If you could learn any foreign  language, what would it be?
8.) What would you do if I came to your doorstep? (Assuming I could.)
9.) Would you like a churro? :3
10.) If you were a potato, would you be an awesome potato? OuO

1) First thing I though of was pineapple -- Because why not :shrug: 
2)Yes, even though cats can be little s**ts I still love em
3)Weapon of choice? uuh hold up I don't remember what they're called.......... something like that but it's like hidden in my sleeve owo yes
4)I can't choose I like the trio(hermione - ron - harry) but like towards the end I kinda started to like Draco....
5)Wtf? .... um ok? ..... oh gawd don't touch me I need to smell your house first.... uuuuuhhhh... what's that?! meh... I like ya, but just let me explore till I find MY spot...
6)Honestly I like being the ethnicity I am but if I HAD TO change I would choose Native American, or Eskimo--
7)If I could speak it fluently and all then I would like to learn ..... shoot At first I thought German but I also like a few others....
8)Be really surprised and say something like, "Um... Hi!... what's up?" And ya :3
9)I'll take one sure ^^
10)ZE MOST AWESOME POTATO! :iconyayprussiaplz:

My Questions:
1)Do you know about Homestuck, and if so which one of the characters matches your sign(Aries, Leo, Capricorn etc.)?
2)2P! Hetalia Time! Who is your favorite character(s -- top three if you can't decide)?
3)If you were a bird what kind do you think you would be(or wanna be idc)?
4)Do you have time to talk about our lord and savior Lord Doitsu?
5)If you had to wear ONE color for a year(in any shade of that color -- it can have graphics on it but only a couple can)what color would you choose?
6)Do you have a OTP? If so type the first one that pops into your head~
7)If one of your OCs came to life, how would you react?(extra: How do you think they would react to you, would you be friends or more?~~)
8)What Time Is It?
9)Do you know who Steve Irwin is?
10)If you could have the power to shapeshift -- including just shifting one thing like giving yourself wings, would you take it? OR Would you rather be able to bring any character YOU create to life(I mean the way you see it in your head like when people do realistic re-draws but now it's a living breathing thing or person with the personality you created -- or if you didn't make a personality it will develop on its own)? And why?

That last one is gonna take a bit if you're into it >w<

People I tagged!
Fuzzy (It's late I can't remember your new username)
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MOMR3 Update

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 12:51 AM

Welcome everyone to Maidens of Music Room 3!

A group for the fans by the fans of Ouran High School Hosts Club, we have had many changes in the recent months as we have finally had the chance to sit down and make plans that we hope all of you will enjoy. We are in the process of working on making the group even better with new changes and announcements that will help everyone to understand how things are ran in the group along with special project announcements.

We are doing our best to work to get this group on track again. There will be many events planned and there will be special projects that we are going to bring to light. There are changes that we are hoping will help everyone to have a blast and remember at the end of the day it is for fun.

We’ve updated some new rules for all of you to follow, these are very simple and we hope all of you abide by them. We do not want any trouble or anything here. This is a happy place and we want to do our best to make everything fun, happy, safe, and amazing.

• Respect ALL of the maidens, GALS, and Young Missy The first. Do not be rude and if we tell you to do something (ie: resubmit to the right folders, take it to notes, ect) then do so.

• Please respect the members of the group. Do not bash, and/or flame any members of the group. They are here to have fun and they do not want to deal with drama from other people who feel froggy and want to jump.  In laments term we would like everyone to keep their drama to themselves. If you have a problem with someone then please settle it via notes. Do not bring it to the group page.

• Check your attitude at the door. We know some people have days where they will be in a bad mood but do not bring it here. Once you click on the link or group icon all of your attitude is left on the previous page or site you came from. Do not bring it here.

• Please for the love of Kuma-chan, if you have any questions please utilize our note system, Email or Tumblr page.  We don’t bite and no question is stupid.

We have implemented a three-strike rule that is now in effect. We did not want to do it but it had to be done.

• Strike 1: A warning

• Strike 2: A week ban

• Strike 3: Ejection from the group.

If anyone gets up to the third strike and want to be re-admitted into the group then they will have to go before the maidens, GALS, and Young Missy for admittance. They will be on probation for a week.
Don’t be a noob, follow the rules.

Earlier this year we decided to reboot Season 2 as a way to allow guests to have a chance to join in the series. However, we have come to a decision to allow all of you to write your own episodes with a fellow guest rather than waiting on the maidens to join in the session. This is sort of a way to allow people to really stretch your imaginations, focus upon your own character’s developments, and avoiding hindrance by waiting on someone to contribute.  

We know many guests have done this before by themselves and they have had success in doing so. If you do not know how to portray a Maiden, Host or any of the other guests please send them a note and they will be happy to tell you exactly how to get the portrayal to be done properly.  This way it will not hinder progress and it will help to give everyone the chance to use his or her own minds.

We would also like to tell everyone that we would like everyone to choose at least two or three of the maidens that they want their characters to interact with the most rather than only choosing one. This is fair and gives variety to the guest episodes.  Keep this in mind and do not just single out one character for interactions.

We are in the process of preparing the One Hour Specials. This is a redone and condensed version of Season 2 in audio format. Our melodious type is currently in the progress of writing the scripts, arranging the music, and casting the open roles for the cast. She is using two resources for the casting process but we are not at liberty to tell you what they are as per rules of casting. We will make a formal announcement once the revel of the cast.

We are looking for voice actors and actresses who wish to voice their characters.  The process of the audition is a long and tedious one but we know all of you who wish to take part will enjoy joining us.  Here is a guideline on how to audition.

How to Audition

o Send in a recording of yourself (in character of course!) doing  2-3 lines as your character or even do a monologue to the email address listed below.   We will take a listen and we will tell you if you need to redo the line(s) or give you some helpful suggestions.

o Make sure you have a clear microphone free of pops & crackles. Some things can be edited but the pops and crackles usually are the top offenders of drowning out the voices. Make sure your microphone’s volume is high enough for us to hear you but not high enough to cause surprise or fear.

o Another thing is that we want dedicated people who wish to be part of this One Hour Special. We do not want delays because we will also be doing Season 3 in audio drama format if things go properly.

o Keep in mind that once you agree to be part of the production that unless there is a dire need or technological need to drop out then you can do so.

o Send us your auditions to We will be working and evaluating them. Give it your best and we hope you will join us as our fun and energetic cast.

We hope this production will be the most fun and we look forward to working with everyone.

While some of the maidens (tsukinokage,  Roselite,  maakurinohime, IzunaUchiha8341, rozzatheotaku46,& Ms-Who) are voicing their characters.  Three of the other maidens (Aihara-Awayuki, THWT, & MiracleRaverDJMelody) will not be able to voice their characters due to prior commitments.
 We have our Tamaki and Haruhi returning to reprise their roles along with a few newbies who will be announced once they are casted in the other open roles.

tsukinokage is working diligently on the Maidens 4 U concert and we’re expecting it to be released sometime in late August-Early Fall.  We are unsure of how long it will take but we’ll keep everyone posted and Kage will also let everyone know what’s happening with it as time goes on. For now we have a window of late-August-Early Fall. Keep a look out for that and please follow our update journals.
We do have news; there will some special gifts for the concert. We are excited the most about. We are going to try to get them out soon and we will be offering special items for the concert that we will be creating.
So we’ll do our best to make sure that it turns out majorly awesome.  Look forward to it everyone! <3

We know we have tried to be interactive in terms of how the group works but in all honesty, it is hard to do when only a handful of people are the main ones asking for more interactivity. Therefore, that is why we will try to do the forums again rather than running around like commoner chickens with our heads cut off.

So this is why the melodious one has the secondary (back up boards) created. This was not done of her own accord but rather as a precautionary measure in case the original owner of the original boards decided to step down and close them.

This is not mandatory but for those who want to role-play, then they will have to join these boards.  These boards do not only cater to the Ouran fandom but multiple fandoms as well to provide everyone who have varied interests to come together as one.

If you want to join then follow the provided link below. If not then skip over this section and move onto the next section.
Sakura-Kiss Forum:

We are in the process of working on a new series for each of the maidens. Our dear melodious one has created a series of covers for every one of the upcoming projects. Keep in mind these are still works in progress as each maiden has yet to finish her backstory.  So without further ado we present to you the Maidens of Music Room 3 First Meetings cover set (volumes 1-7)

Teal Mermaid  Princess Cover by Aihara-AwayukiHeart Of Nostalgia River Cover by Aihara-AwayukiSunflower Green Tea Cover by Aihara-Awayuki100% Soul Queen by Aihara-AwayukiKitten Sweet Teatime by Aihara-AwayukiEnergetic Otaku Star by Aihara-Awayuki Lone Symphony by Aihara-Awayuki

Each girl’s introductory story will feature them as the center focus as they adjust to Ouran Academy, deal with their reasons for attending, meeting the hosts, and of course meeting the other maidens and making friends.

The maidens’ first meetings series will be posted on and here on Deviantart in PDF format to allow us to use our new format for chaptered fan fiction.  If you want us to create covers for you or if you wish to create covers for the group then please drop us a NOTE via the club’s note system.

We’ll be using PDF from now on unless it is a one shot and then we’ll use Deviantart’s regular text input for fan fiction under 20 pages. If it pushes 20 pages please covert to PDF format.

That’s all the MOMR3 updates for July 23, 2014. We’ll come back with more news as it unfolds.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please NOTE the group

:rose: Stamps:rose:
Rosy Tamaki Stamp by VirulentRequiemRosy Kyoya Stamp by VirulentRequiemRosy Hikaru Stamp by VirulentRequiemRosy Kaoru Stamp by VirulentRequiemRosy Haruhi Stamp by VirulentRequiemRosy Mori Stamp by VirulentRequiemRosy Honey Stamp by VirulentRequiemRenge Stamp by depp

:rose:Guest Of The Month:rose:
T.B.A. Continue watching this Space for more information.
.. I'm talking about a very wonderful thing that means a lot to me.

I got my second Daily Deviation on dA! *happydance*

The first one: [14. 11. 2013]
[PACK] Butterfly-1.2 by kismuntr
The second one: [22. 07. 2014]
Zakynthos082 by kismuntr

I want to use this journal to send out a massive THANK YOU to all of you people out there!
I am really flattered that you find my stock helpful and I want to continue to provide you with as much stock material as possible.
Please understand though that I am unable to thank all of you personally for all the favourites, watches and more.
To all the people that sent me llamas, I'll try to send you some in return though ;]

Again, thanks and happy creating! 
I kinda want to do one of those role playing things but I don't know......some of my char. May be a bit over powered in ways or so... 


Journal Entry: Wed Jul 23, 2014, 12:50 AM
So LivingAliveCreator  is holding a raffle for all her watchers!! She's awesome and you can see it shnarr (or, 'here' for all those who don't speak Icestar)

Hetalia Stamp: Prussia by Nagori-Kirashi:thumb157186294:APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede

Skin by TaNa-Jo
Image by TaNa-Jo

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will anyone join if i do a livestream of me drawing on paper instead?
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After a while I went back to Tristan's room to see what happened. I was met by a small weeping. I asked Tristan what was wrong. He said" operation MIDAS was me I gave the military the tech to turn stone into gold. But with a cost the pollution was a new type if it evolved enough it would be a new virus. They said they would do it in the us but in the Navada desert. Not on a island that was heavily populated". Now I knew why Tristan reacted like that he was the killer of a island.


dear diary , almost 3 months of not releasing any kind of stories or an issue , sad :( (Sad) due to of a laziness , getting more school work and the upcoming class test , this is bullshit that I can think ofOops! Rage and I haven't do anything in my laptop for more than a month. don't worry , I will make it more interesting during to holidays or after the test , alright ;) (Wink) . just a few more pictures to complete my collection of Halo series ( from 2001 to 2012 or 2013 ) like this ;Halo Combat Evolved ( DBDF style ) by jwolforange13

Halo 2 ( DBDF style ) by jwolforange13

Halo 3 ( DBDF style ) by jwolforange13

not bad isn't it:| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) :| (Blank Stare) ... piss outWink/Razz 

action :

since it's now in weekdays , I still have school and I have to quickly submit this journal and I finally submit this deviation oh yeah

weather :

in Singapore ( afternoon ) it's quite sunny around 26 ~ 30

pls do forgive me for what I sin Anger 
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I know that some of you may be confused as to what has been going on with the split groups right now. I've been confused myself, so I reached out to Niki a.k.a. Val-Velocity and asked if Duendeverse RP'rs and accounts would be allowed into the new Dangerverse RP group.

It has come to the attention of many, that the Dangerverse has changed now. The timeline is 2024; set a year ahead where we were previously and Niki has explained to me that characters from other fandoms and members of Duende are not allowed in "The Danger Days Dangerverse." 

If you'd rather a more canon Dangerverse, then I would suggest you stick more to the DA-Dangerverse group. Duende is more for the supernatural and non-canon aspects like weather, real world weapons and emotions. 

We are not "an exclusive club or group of RP'rs" we just wanted a world where all our characters could live and exist and not be canon to the comics 24/7/365.

We should all be able to RP and feel good about what we do and not be scared of being judged for doing it the way we see it in our minds. Yes, we RP in the setting of MCR music videos, but there should be a bit of freedom in our writing. We should be able to use all of our writing abilities and not stay so limited to a cookie cutter universe.

I've also heard people are afraid to speak with me and feel intimidated, please don't.

I'm a nice person. I may have my off days and I do get defensive over my babies, but I'm also a very kind and caring person. Macy, Miu, Danni and Nova would not be able to get along with me if I wasn't at least reasonable on multiple levels. So please, speak out and let's collaborate to make this work. How do I know there is a problem if someone only talks behind my back and not bring issues to my attention? Niki and I do not get along, please do not go to her if you have an issue with me. If anything, if you do not feel comfortable speaking with me due to the intimation that some feel with me, please reach out to Danni or Nova. They know me in real life and honestly know my characters the best. Also, they can assure you and be a safe third party in a group chat if you'd like to discuss things. It is true that we now have a "moderator" (thecrackwitch) and we should be able to use that resource. However, I tried to tag her in a thread and get assistance, but was harassed and mocked even further by the offending party for asking for her help. People shouldn't be afraid to speak out and say what is on their minds, but they are and that's sad. I'm trying to change that. I really am. As I said before, the fact that Miu and Macy and I are now friends, and we've put the past in the past, should speak volumes to my ability to be a reasonable, mature human being when the other party is willing as well.

We do not want to split the Dangerverse in two, but we feel as if there is no other way now.

Let me just try to explain myself here. Duende was not my idea, we (Macy, Danni, Nova, Miu and myself) created Duende as a group effort after Ethan was banned and we were all sick of the harassment and back and forth on canon Dangerverse vs. what we've become over the past few years. Duende is a place for those characters like Snow, Crane, V, Emerson, Bert, Tate, Cas, Oliver Thredson, Peter Sullivan, Sylar, Annabel, Blair and many others to call home and not be excluded simply because they do not fit exactly into a cookie cutter comic book canon Dangerverse. Duende is a safe haven for those babies and voices that are now no longer welcome in the DA Dangerverse community. If you want to interact with them, by all means, you are welcome, but be warned they are not canon and you cannot expect them to be.

I, personally, think it's kind of nice that all the "non-canon" and supernatural characters have a Duende banner that kind of shows they are not really part of "what use to be," but part of something else still beautiful. People are not required to follow or participate with them if they'd rather a more canon Dangerverse. However, saying they can't be apart of that world anymore, as far as to set it one year in the future from where we all were, that's kinda harsh.

So, with all of that, here is the chat from the feed earlier today where Niki stated Duende is not welcome in the Dangerverse anymore. If you feel this way was as well, please, feel free to not interact with the characters that have Duende banners on their profiles. If you do not have a problem with things being slightly not canon and a bit more relaxed, any Duende profile would love to interact with you. However, keep in mind, Duende is keeping on the same timeline of 2023 and Niki has stated this new group for the Dangerverse is set a year later. So there is going to be a bit of a time paradox going on with people in alternate universes. 


 This is everything that was said between Niki and I in regards to the DA-DV group as opposed to Duende. I have not edited a thing, even my own bad grammar at the time. I have only highlighted important points. 

Youall: Hi Niki. I was wondering if we could talk. Seeing as this is the only way you and i can coommunicate now.

Nikiall: Go ahead.

Youall: Is everyone allowed to join the Dangerverse group? We still want to RP with those who wish to and we only created Duende so we could have a place for those "non-canon" characters to belong.

Nikiall: I saw you join this morning. I personally do not believe that characters from Duende can exist in the Dangerverse as, from what you all said, it's you guys expanding the DV into something that's not the Dangerverse, so how could they fit into the Dangerverse group? Look, I haven't kicked you from the group, even though I noticed you join this morning. Many people have messaged me feeling intimidated by that though. They think you're only there to cause trouble and start more drama. So I guess, if there's no drama caused, and they don't belong in the Duendeverse, then there should be no issues.

Youall: Why would they message you though when it's our thing? I'm so confused by ALL of this. I don't have issues with anyone in the DADV besides you and "Isabella."
So, as long as that character/profile is NOT assciated with Duende then they can be in "The Dangerverse?"
A couple of us noticed that the timeline went back to 2020, did ya'll go back in time?

Nikiall: Isabella exsists. Please stop accusing her of being a fake and that she's me, becasue she's really not. If you've come to throw more hate my way, I'd appreciate you leaving please. You said you've had enough. I stopped messaging you. Yet you and Macy are still throwing abuse my way.
And that they don't cause trouble. And whoever runs the accounts listens to the concerns that we all had before and takes them into consideration.
And no. 2024. read the rest of the profile, please, before jumping to conclusions.

Youall: I did read the profile and all we saw was 2020, so I came to ask you a question and once again, you get defensive. WHY? Just stop. I'm here to talk this out and not be at each others throats any more.
I have no control over Macy, We've all asked her to stop, but she has her own free will and do what she pleases. 
This isn't "abuse" please stop claiming it is. I'm only trying to talk with you and it's so hard when all you think I do is get angry and "abuse you."

Nikiall: It's a timeline. Unfinished. Which is why the tagline of the group states '[Under construction.]' You're being pretty defensive here as well, April. I'm just saying. If you're here to argue, then I don't want to know. If you wish to just talk, that is fine.
April. I've been calm whilst talking to you. Yet you accuse me of harassing you. I have proof of it. I can bring it up and show you if you wish for me to.

Youall: Enough with proof. enough with screenshots. I'm not going to be talked down to and treated like a child by someone younger than me. Just let the record show I tried to reach out and settle this. It's a shame you chose to make an enemy out of me when I wanted nothing but the opposite. With that being said, I wish you luck in running the Dangerverse and keeping it as canon as possible. I look forward to the success of both groups and hope that one day there may be a moment when the freindships and relationships between characters and RP

Youall: "rs become more important than "keeping it canon."

Nikiall: I don't understand why you're getting so worked up about this, April. I'm not trying to make it completely canon. I've explained this so many times and you keep ignoring it.

Youall: When one of the rules is "no characters from other fandom's" it kinda looks like you are trying to keep out 90% of Danni, Macy, Nova, Miu and my own faceclaims. I'm not ignoring anything. I'm here. Trying to talk and understand why you feel the need to exculde people and characters from RP and then in the same turn tell people they need to brach out and include everyone. We, Duendeverse, are not exclusive. We are open and welcome to any and all characters and RP'rs who want to have fun and RP and not have to worry about someone coming down on them for "not being canon" or having a different RP style.

Nikiall: No. I said that references were okay. But not complete characters from other fandoms that don't logically have any reason for being in the Dangerverse. Like the 'Doctor Who' account that appeared, flying around in his TARDIS. Extremities like that. I never said anything about FCs. I said CHARACTERS that aren't your own, but are from a completely different film/show/comic/etc.

We're not excluding you. The point is, people feel threatened by you. They're scared that if they speak up about anything, then /this/ is the response that they will get. And to be honest, I don't blame them. What about that time when I calmly explained to you about what was going on and you said 'you couldn't give a fuck' to read any of it? You seem to have extremely selective reading, April, because the majority of things you say are small bits, taken out of context and made to look bad. I'm not going to 'come down' on someone for 'not being canon', and everyone knows that. There's nothing wrong with having a different rp style, either. We're incorporating a lot of different things into this, April, and you just don't seem to be able to see that.

Youall: But this excudes a vast majority of Miu's accounts. Like, Cas, Gabriel, Sylar, Micheal, Threadson, Sherlock, Holmes, Moriarty, Peter Sullivan and many more. Not to mention Nova had Riddler and now has Crane. Danni has Gordan and Tate and I have V. So NONE of these profiles are allowed in your Dangerverse?People should not feel threatened by me, if anything, it speaks volumes that Miu and I were able to settle our diffrences and become friends and RP Partners and Macy as well. We've put the past in the past and begun treating each other with mutual respect. That is what you and I lack. Respect. I didn't care enough to read that message becuase it was just you listing how great you are in real life and not dealing with the issues at hand. I know you have a job and people love you in real life, but YOU come off negativly online.Since it seems we can't speak frankly and maturely yet about the issues at hand, I'm going to leave you be. If you ever want to open up communication and try to settle this, feel free to unblock me on facebook or one of my DA accounts to note me. Personally, I'd rather you just called me on messanger so we could talk it out and not just assume the tone in written communication. Before I go I'm going to copy and paste this chat in the Duende group so Macy, Danni, Nova, Miu and I know what characters you are allowing us to RP with int he dangerverse and not. Again, I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you come around to the idea of working with each other and not against another.


Please feel free to ask questions about Duendeverse and tag Novocaine-Nightfall, KJStarLace, Jinx-Hex-Curse, or D--Deadly in the comments. We are here to talk this out and get it settled. It's been a month of this back and forth, false accusations, lying and now our entire universe is split in two. 103 characters could be cut off from the Dangerverse in this exchange. We need to talk this out and think rationally about what we want for the future as a community and not what one group