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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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5:11 PM 8/31/2014

After the battle they return to the air temple where Asami was getting Korra ready for Jinora ceremony.
 “Okay! You’re all set." Asami told Korra. Asami walk in front of Korra, she couldn’t believe how broken Korra looked... her eyes lost in space it almost felt like she was gone. Asami grab korras hand, “I just want you to know I’m here for you... if you want talk or anything." asami said in a hopeful voice. Korra still in silence, it made asami feel so useless by the fact that she could do anything more than to say that. Still holding korras hand asami got up slowly in front of Korra, looking her eye to eye Korra stared back, korras eyes always looked so happy and full of life and not to mention she had the most beautiful eyes Asami has ever seen. Korra stay still not knowing what would happen next then all of sudden Korra felt the touch of Asami lips against her, Korra eyes went huge and her heart took a huge jump. Korra didn’t pull away, in some way Asami kissing her felt so right and conferring that slowly closed her eyes and kiss her back. Asami put her hand on the side of Korra face, feeling Korra warm face. Asami could believe how breath taking was to feel Korra soft and suit lips. Korra had not eaten any candy but for some reason her lips were so suit. Korra grab Asami other hand and hold her so tight that without realizing that she was giving out so much heat from the fact the she was a fire bender. Asami lips were so soft and gentle and danm she knew how to kiss. After a few minutes of none stop kissing they finally stop opening their eyes slowly to each other... “Korra... I... wanted to do this for so long..." Asami said in a gentle quiet voice. I wanted you to do this for so long asami... I was afraid that you wouldn’t feel the same way... and that... you would never see me the same way..." Korra told asami.
After that had been said they both smile at each other... "We are crazy!" they both said at the same time. Asami had not seen Korra smile in a while, then a knock on the door happen, asami quickly stood up, without realizing she was still holding korras hand, Bolin pocked his head through the door to remind them it was time to go. Bolin couldn’t help seeing that Asami and Korra were holding hands... “Right behind you" Asami answer. Letting go of korras hand and walking behind Korra wheel chair to push her, Asami feet were shaking for some reason, it wasn't that she was afraid that Bolin saw them holding hands but of korras way of kissing, she was the second person she kissed and she did it like no one had ever kiss her before, asami though not even Mako was not near as good as inexperienced   Korra.
Throughout the ceremony they both could not stop thinking on what had happen... after a while the ceremony was finally over. "Do you want to stay around or do you want to back to the room?" asami ask Korra. I want to congratulate Jinora and say goodbye to my parents" Korra answer. Korra parents were both leaving to go back home.
Practically begging Korra to come with them. Korra didn’t wanted to leave for unknown reason. they both were worry to leave her but at the same time they knew that Korra wanted to face this a lone, after all Korra was thick headed and will not change her mind, they had no choice but to agree. “I love you so much Korra... I’m so proud of you. Your mother and I will miss you so much, but we understand why you want to stay." korras dad told Korra. Asami couldn’t help remembering her father before he went evil... and how much he always said he loved her. "Asami thank you for being there for my daughter, I’m so thankful that she has someone like you in her life. Ha ha I swear if you were a boy it would not be the same, but the love and compassion you feel to Korra goes beyond my acceptance.       “Korras dad said with a huge smile on his face. Asami smile back putting her hand on Korra shoulder, "don’t worry ill watch over her like an eagle, and I’m the one that is lucky to have someone like her in my life." asami replied.
Later that day after all the goodbye tears and the happy tears that everyone had beside Korra, it was almost time to go back to bed to rest. Asami had been staying with Korra over night seen the fight with the red lotus. Asami watch over Korra most of the time because Korra would wake up screaming in fear and in pain. It killed Asami to see the girl that made her laugh so much, in so much pain and Korra not being able to feel her legs made Korra feel more unneeded to keep breathing, she told asami once. Asami was so scared that one of this morning Korra would not open her beautiful blue eyes. Asami didn’t mind watching Korra sleep. Every time Korra would move in her sleep she would moan in pain, even asleep she could still feel the pain. In some way Asami though that Korra not being able to feel her legs made it less painful, after the fall Korra had broken her leg bones causing internal bleed to happen as well. The weight of the blanket on Korra hurt her from all the scratches and bruises. So she would have to sleep in her lose pant and a sleeveless shirt. Not the warmest clothe to sleep in but seen Korra was a fire bender somehow her body heat was stronger than most. Some night asami couldn’t help crying by seeing Korra in so much pain. In the morning asami would cover her puffy eyes and dark shadow under her eyes with make out. After the kiss everything seem better somehow... “Asami... you didn’t kiss me to give me a reason to keep living right?" Korra ask in a scared voice. A short silence took over the room... I kissed you because without you there is no reason to keep living... what would I tell myself if something... if... if something were to happen to you and I never show you how I feel about you Korra... kissing you made me realize that maybe I cant heal your physical pain but I can try to heal your heart." Asami answer. Korra looked at asami and saw tears running down her face... Korra wanted to get up so bad to hug her but she couldn’t... pressing her fist tight that the only pain she could feel was in her heart. "Asami... I never told you this, but most of the nightmares I have are of losing you... seeing you die in front of me and not being able to walk to you to try to heal you... I....... I want to hug you so bad!" Korra said in a broken voice. Asami rush to Korra to hug her, and after a long hug came another kiss and another kiss. The kisses tasted salty from the tear that had ran from their faces, but it didn’t matter korras lips were suit and warm and asami were so gentle and with so much passion. Slowly asami pick up Korra to lay her on the bed so she could lay next to her, I want to kiss you forever Korra..." Asami said gently... “Forever won’t be long enough..." Korra replied.
Asami being as gentle as she could do to Korra injuries she still could help getting carried away by the passion and intensity that was happen in her. Korra tried to return the same passion and pressure but the pain from her injuries was still there, but this would not stop her from kissing Asami so hard and at the same time so gently that asami without her realizing she would moan from the pressure... this made Korra want to go far and far... but still trying to keep control of her passion she didn’t want to make Asami feel rush to do what they both clearly wanted to do all night. Hearing Korra moan turn Asami so on that she just wanted to make korras her so damn bad. They both trying so hard to not lose control, asami grab Korra shirt and pulled it up. Korra minded this but not because she was unsecure of her body but because of all her bruises and scratches. Asami slowing kissing Korra down her stomach she could help to notice Korra abs were so sexy and firm, Korra grab Asami arms and pull her shirt off. "You are so beautiful asami." Korra said with a passions voice. "Me! Look at you! So damn fit and firm and not to mention that you skin is so soft." Asami said. She couldn’t help notice that korras skin smelled so good. Korra grab Asami and lay her on top of her. With Korra on the bottom between her legs made it so hard not to go all the way. Deep breaths and moans made the silence disappear. “Asami... I want to make you mine now." Korra told her... follow by asami moaning. She grab Korra head so she could whisper in her ear... "I’m already your Korra... I want you to be my first time. And I want to be your first time..." Asami whisper into the avatars ear. Korra grab strength out of nowhere so she could sit up between asami legs. Kissing her nonstop she rolled over so she could be on top of Asami in between her legs. Korra use her air bending to push off asami pants. Asami quickly use her legs to pull down korras pants as well. After a little bit of kissing Korra push herself down so she could use her mouth to pull down asami red panties. Then rolled back up to snap out asami bra. Asami moved her hands to the back of Korra to take off her bra, then asami push Korra up so she could take korras panties off. Now both naked, Korra lead over tours Asami, with one hand Korra slide her hand on asami leg. Without a second though Asami laid back down and open her legs for Korra. Both skin to skin, just the feeling of that made asami want to come. But she was trying so hard not to. Korra worried for a moment of all the excitement that she would go into the avatar state. Not letting this stop her, Korra laid on Asami and whisper on her ear... “I’m going to go in..." asami closed her eyes only wanting to feel korras finger slide inside of her... a loud! Moan followed from Asami. Korra didn’t want to hurt her seen it was her first time, but she push her finger in and out of asami. She felt so soft and tight inside asami. Korras body warming up more and more just made it feel so much good, asami tried not to moan so laud but she was not able to stop. " ah! ah! Ah!!!... Yes!... Korra!!!... ah!!" Asami moaned as she call out the avatars name. Korra was doing something inside of Asami with her bending that made Asami scream her name. "Korra!!!!!" Asami yelled. Follow by coming really hard and long. Asami body went stiff out of pressure. Slowly Korra pulled out her fingers making asami moan once again. The non-bender was speechless. Then rolled over Korra. Asami sit up so she could open korras legs. Now with asami between her legs Korra came from how turn on she was. This didn’t stop asami from laying on top of Korra whispering to her ear, "would you give me the honor to make you my?" asami asked. Korra answer yes follow by a kiss. Asami slowly slide her hand down Korra warm body, placing her hand on Korra ready to go in... "Ah!!!!!" Korra yelled as Asami slide her finger inside her. Asami had never done this before but she was so good at it. "Ah!! Asami!!! Don’t stop!!!" Korra yelled follow by loud moans... then a bring light came out of korras eyes! She was in the avatar state but she was still in control over her mind. Asami didn’t worry about this. In fact it made her feel pleased by the fact that she was giving Korra so much pleasure to go into the avatar state. Korra grab the sheets and rip them apart! "Ah!! Ah!! Ah!!! Asami!!!" Korra shouted! Then a huge hard moan came because of Korra coming. Asami pull out her finger out making Korra moan one more time. She laid on Korra for a few more minutes until she rolled over next to Korra. Asami looked at Korra to see if she was still in the avatar state. And in fact Korra was still in the avatar state. But slowly closed her eyes and then took a deep breath, then slowly open them again to her normal blue eyes. They were both out of breath. Asami grab what was left of the blanket after Korra had ripped it apart. And places it on Korra. Then Korra pulled Asami closer so she could cover herself as well, korras heat was more than enough to keep Asami warm. Only the sound of them breathing echo in the room. And after a few minutes they both fell asleep. This was the begging of their intense relationship that was filled with more than physical attraction, but also with how much they loved each other. In the morning things would be different, because now they are going to have to go against the people that were not okay with them being a couple. But to their surprise the only one that was not okay with this even was Mako. Knowing that he had lost them both made him feel angry. But time passed and soon enough he also loved the fact of Korra and asami being together. Korras parents were happy for the both of them, they just wanted Korra to be happy and they knew Asami was the one for their daughter. One afternoon Asami and Korra were sitting out on the yard. Korra being able to feel her legs more gave her hope that one day she would be able to lift Asami up even though Korra was shorted the Asami, Korra was stronger than her girlfriend. “Korra... I love you" Asami said... Korra looked at Asami that was looking at her so amazed by Korra beauty. I love you Asami Sato." Korra reply and lead over for a kiss under the sun set.  

7:34 AM 9/1/2014 the end
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