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Nick moving Korra to Digital-only

Thu Jul 24, 2014, 8:07 AM

Okay Nickelodeon, what the hell? You're moving The Legend of Korra to digital only all of a sudden and denying numerous fans. I know it's weird that I am ranting on another Television network so soon after the Animal Planet one, but I just needed to get this out as soon as possible. Nickelodeon is the absolute worst network out there since the fall of MTV. What I said about Animal Planet in the last journal is TAME compared to what Nickelodeon has done.

I honestly have no idea what Nick is doing anymore. The Avatar franchise (and I mean Avatar the Last Airbender, not the James Cameron movie) is the biggest hit they've had since Spongebob, and it is honestly one of my favorite, if not my absolute favorite animated series of all time, even more than many anime series. I was excited when The Legend of Korra was announced, and while not as great as the original series, it was still a pretty good series despite Nick's terrible scheduling, lifting my spirits from the terrible live-action The Last Airbender movie. Now I hear this news which disappoints me and at the same time enrages me.

Honestly, I am not happy, and I don't think anyone is from what I've read. Nickelodeon must really not care about this show anymore, even less than I thought that they did with how they've handled season 3. I never thought they would pull this, because burning through the rest of season three with double premieres and no repeats is far better than moving to digital, especially given how terrible Nick's streaming services are given from the experiences of people I have talked to about it. I found out the reason for this is apparently because their core network audience (kids 7-12) stopped watching Korra during season 2 and didn't come back with season 3, but that’s probably because they put the show on in the Friday night death slot with absolutely no promotion until the very last minute, and not even putting the episodes online until just now. 

The real culprit here is Nickelodeon, who in 2012 had a 38% drop in ratings, and the reason why is because of the kind of programming they show on their channel. First off is the fact that most of their schedule consists of Spongebob reruns, with marathons that last 3 hours each day, and that show isn't even as good as it once was. I'm not going to complain about the fall of Spongebob (at least not in this journal), but along with it is another fallen show in the form of The Fairly Oddparents. What other programming does Nick have? They have shows like Sanjay and Craig, a show which, in the words of TheMysteriousMrEnter, is about "sugar-high characters with lots of toilet humor" as well as Breadwinners, which is probably the absolute worst animated series I have ever seen with it’s shoddy flash animation that makes Johnny Test look like Attack on Titan in comparison along with obnoxious characters and abundant toilet humor.

It's kind of depressing that this has to happen to a show with some actual quality to it. Sure, season 2 had a number of problems, but it was still better than what the network USUALLY has with new Spongebob, and season 3 actually seemed like they were improving themselves, unlike the people who work on modern Spongebob, modern FOP, and Breadwinners (more like "Dreadlosers")Congratulations, Nickelodeon, there goes your one good show asides from TMNT 2012. This makes me wonder what will happen to season 4 now since all the season 3 episodes have been moved to online.

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