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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Hello, it's been a while. I know back in the day I used to do comic books and it was really fun too. But I don't have time for it, but the time it takes to write and make them gets in the way of band practice, college, work, and just my life in general. So I decided to finally drop it, and go with a form of art that I am very familiar with, abstract expression. Been doing it for 4 years and I enjoy it the most, plus through my classes I have become very good at using acrylics and charcoal, and have dropped the pen... unless it benefits the drawing.

:bulletgreen: Galaxy Express 999 Harlock

Personal Information
Phantom F. Harlock
Alias: Captain Harlock, Space Pirate Captain Harlock
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Affiliation: Free Ship Arcadia (Albator)
Noticeble Features: Eye-Patch covering right eye||long  horizontal scar across left side of face
Physical Discription: A tall, lean, man with shoulder length brown hair and hardened brown eyes. Harlock is missing his right eye (lost to a blaster shot) and bears a trademark scar across his left cheek. Normally carries a Space Saber on his left hip and a Cosmos Dragoon (Created by friend Tochiro Oyama) on his right hip.
Personality: Harlock is a man of honor and is chivalrous, especially towards women. He is stoic, often a gaze from him is enough to get the point across. Harlock closely values promises and will risk his own life to keep them.
Notes: Harlock isn't actually a space pirate, the name was given to him by those who saw him as a threat, it was purposed to help make people believe Harlock is evil||Harlock defends the Earth from threats while being hunted by the ones in control of Earth and everyone else in the galaxy||The only law Harlock enforces on his ship is you are to fight for what you truly believe in||Harlock's full name is one that has been passed through the generations of his family, beginning with early aviation and WW2.||

In Galaxy Express 999 Harlock plays a minor role in assisting the main character.


Harlock will go out of his way to protect Tetsuro.

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