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If you want to communicate with other deviants, dAmn(deviantART message network) would be the right place for you.
Beside a few official chatrooms there are a lot more - some of them private - where you can hang out and talk.

When you go to chat you will get a general overview over the chatrooms.

21 04 2014 01 by ginkgografix

At the top you have the featured chatrooms, followed by those that you have created on your own and then you will get a list of chatrooms created by other deviants.
By default only chatrooms with more than 2 chatters will be listed. The search on that page can be used to look for specific chatrooms or to change the amount of active watchers.

On the chat page you will also get to see the name of the founder of a chatroom, as well as a short description. This will help you to find the right place to chat.

At the sidebar you will have the option to create your own chatroom. For more information about that, go to this older DYK article. From there you can also download a chat plugin for better performance.

21 04 2014 02 by ginkgografix

To join a chatroom and start talking just click on the name of the one you want to enter. If you click on the green "Chat Now!" button you will be directed to the devART chatroom - the one you can also find at the top of the chatroom page.

The Chatroom

When you joined a chatroom your will get something like this:
21 04 2014 03 by ginkgografix

At the top you have the topic and title (if added), at the right you have a list of people who also joined this room and at the bottom you have the area where you can write down what you want to share with others. Simply hit enter to send your message.

Above the writing area you can read what others and you have said before, to follow the conversations that are going on.

Depending on the settings of a chatroom, deviants can have different privileges according to the categories they have been added to.

21 04 2014 04 by ginkgografix

Some Chat related FAQs

FAQ #294: What is dAmn?
FAQ #17: I just created my chatroom and Iím confused. Are there any tutorials?
FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?
FAQ #289: How do I create or delete a chatroom?

FAQ #292: What are the commands that I can use on the chat network?
FAQ #795: Am I allowed to own a bot on the chat network?

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Easter Eggs!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 6:00 AM

If the easter bunny somehow skipped your house like he did mine (WHERE'S ALL MY FREE CHOCOLATE DAMMIT?), here is some scrumptious crafted eggs to feast your eyes on instead.

Easter Wishes by Minifanaticus Marvel Eggs by Red-Flare
Happy Easter in Miniature by PetitPlat Origami Easter egg by memysandi
Owl eggs by Kolokolna Bracelet Easter day by allim-lip
Bunny eggs 2 by iwoanka Pokemon Eggs by Pandaphobia
Easter egg - goose egg Poet by FizikArt
Celtic Easter egg by mikesmom37  Happy Easter! by GemDeDude
Easter Eggs 2014 by MandarinMoon Easter Nest Cupcakes by CakeUpStudio
 Hand Carved Chicken Egg 2014 ^_^ by greborast Cupcakes Easter Handmade Jewelry Earrings by LaNostalgie05

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{~~~Colors of eyes~~~}

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 6:12 AM
If you have an ability to change color of your eyes once, what color do you prefer? Or you won't change it?What is your natural eye color?

It's so interesting to hear, what do you think about this (: Eye lense is great idea, but some people have an allergy on them  ): I'm sure, that in far-far future people will be able to change colors of eyes, but we live now^^'

My natural eye color:  green+gray
I wish to have violet eyes since the childhood  :la: 

Golden trio  - dragons by AlviaAlcedo

Thank you for your answers!:hug:

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Looking to commission

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 3:35 AM
Couple pictures, of my waifu and my mascots.

Their info and references can be found at:

It can be any type, chibi, waist up, full body, pixel, with or without background. Sketch or colored. 

You can draw them in any existed outfit, or give them new ones. (Preferably new ones, but make sure they suit the info given.)
You can draw them in any settings, theme. (casual, fantasy, etc.)
There should be some type of interaction between them.

Nothing over-exposing. Nothing R18+. No genderbending.

So if you are willing to/think you can take the commission, please leave a comment here in tis form:

1. Type of commission: (Eg.: Full body cell shading, with scenery background)
2. Samples: (thumbnails/links to the type of commission you want to offer)
3. My idea: (The idea you have for the commission, like what you want to draw them doing, what type of background etc. If you don't really have an idea yet and/or want to let us decide, feel free to state so here. )
3. Price: (The total final price of the commission, You calculate this according to our info up there and your idea for the commission. Can be in points/cash via Paypal,)
4. My commission info: (A link to your Commission journal/website so that we can see if there's something else we'd prefer to commission you instead.)

If you have more than 1 type of commission you want to offer, feel free to add more in your comment.

We don't promise that we will commision  you all. We will just pick the ones we like and can afford. 

Feel free to link this journal to your friends to see if they are interested.

So~ that's it. We'll look forward to your info~ o/

:new: UPDATE: I will hide any comment that doesn't follow the instruction. This journal is not for mere advertisement, sorry!
:new: UPDATE 2: Your commissions must be OPEN now, or at least you open them for us now. We won't consider if your status is closed. orz

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This is your reality check notice. Please check your reality.

1. Life isn't fair. There will be people smarter than you, richer than you, luckier than you, prettier than you, skinnier than you, better educated than you, more gainfully employed than you, and who will receive more government assistance than you.

2. That's life. It doesn't have to be fair. Whining about life not being fair is what little children do.

3. Your parents didn't smack you enough for whining, so you are emotionally stunted, and now expect us to listen to you whine. And we don't have to.

4. And unlike your parents, don't expect us to give in and buy you the pink pony just because Jimmy has one.


This has been a public service announcement. Once you have checked it with reality, you may proceed.

Life Update Time!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 12:02 AM

Hey y'all!

Well it's that time again... it's "where's the next issue of Ghosts of the Future?" time.  I can tell the natives are getting restless, so I figured I've give you guys the low-down on how things are going.

Bottom line? It's coming. Slowly. 

There's a few reasons things are not progressing quickly: as usual, I'm in school studying Animation and Illustration full-time, while still juggling part-time work from Archie Comics on the side. Speaking of Archie, you should pick up the latest issues of Sonic the Hedgehog, as I penciled #257-259, and I also have work in #260-263!

Luckily summer's coming, so I'll hopefully have a lot more time to work in GOTF! Still, I'm not counting on getting an issue out, because I've decided that for the time being I need to focus on writing GOTF. ALL of GOTF.

See, believe it or not, as a story GOTF has reached its approximate halfway point. From here on out, things get a lot faster and we're playing for all the marbles. I want to make sure the plot and characterizations are as solid as I can possibly make them before going ahead, to make this the best comic it can be. My plan is to write out full scripts for the remaining issues, so I really know where things are going (in the past I've been very lazy with the writing/planning process-- this needs to stop).

Unfortunately this means y'all are going to have to wait a little bit longer to see the next issue of GOTF, but I'm sure that in the long run, it's gonna make it better for all of us. Things are gonna get CRAZY.

That's all I've got for now-- I hope that puts some worries to rest! And if I haven't replied to any messages sent to me, I'm sorry... as I said, things have been busy and I'm not perfect.

If you're looking for more regular life updates, doodles, and anything I find funny or interesting (usually Sonic stuff), check out my Tumblr blog here:

Thanks guys! Hang in there!

Please Visit:

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80K kiriban, win art and points!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 21, 2014, 4:38 AM

As the title says...

KIRIBAN :la: Again

At 80.000.

You can win either...

1 x fully coloured headshot (80.000)
1 x 300:points: (80.001-80.005)
2 x 150:points: (80.005-80.013)
3 x Doodle half body (flat coloured)(80.013-80.040)

So, all you have to do is...

-Watch me
-Take a screenshot once you catch the 80.000 views

The first 7 people will win!!

Number 1 will win a fully coloured headshot
Number 2 300:points:
Number 3 & 4 150:points:
Number 5, 6 & 7 a doodle flat coloured half body :la:

Good luck c: 

Made for me

  • Mood: Yearning


Mon Apr 21, 2014, 6:26 AM

If I ever open comissions this summer...I need to figure out some fair prices...

So I was thinking, I'll put some comissions and prices up in a journal and maybe you guys could tell me if the prices sound alright? 

(I'm not taking comissions, I just want to know if these prices sounds ok incase I'll open up comissions this summer !! )

Lineart and simpel shading 130 :points: 

Hey there sweetheart ! by BeCarefulPaintdon't complian it's a pain keep it gaay by BeCarefulPaintThe villian x The queen by BeCarefulPaint

Lineart + detailed shading and bg 350 :points: 

He was the best of us by BeCarefulPaintYoung love by BeCarefulPaintSo long and thanks for all the fish by BeCarefulPaint

Sketchy drawing 150 :points:

Boop by BeCarefulPaintFirework by BeCarefulPaintI'll be ok by BeCarefulPaint

Sketch drawing with detailed bg 300 :points:

Couldn't care less - comission by BeCarefulPaint

Headshots - 125 :points: 

Did you come in for a pie sir by BeCarefulPaintIf I had a heart I would love you by BeCarefulPaint 

Headshot With uh.."special" shading and simpel bg 135 :points: 
Wood by BeCarefulPaint

Sitting chibi - 75 :points: 
3 Russian cats by BeCarefulPaint

Stikky 50 :points: 

Spikky by MaybePaintSticky comissions 2/5 by MaybePaint

So yeah! Does this sound alright? Too much?? 

dont worry he's not dead 

(Warning, kinda lengthy. ^^;)Thank you everyone for 800 watchers and 1,000 subs on YouTube! I know I haven't done anything yet to thank my subscribers, and this little journal really doesn't do justice for all of you guys and for how happy and thankful I am I have such great fans. 

I know I say this a lot, but I never thought I would hit even 10 watchers.

But in pretty much 1 year, I've gotten so much accomplished that I never even dreamed would be possible.

I met some of the best people ever! :iconvelvetkitteh:,:iconskyedragons:,:icongamelover1214:,:iconthunderingalicorn:,:iconieatpastalol: and so many more!

I got my artwork seen by SkydoesMinecraft, just a little fanart that was 1 little fish out of millions. I'm guessing some of you guys may have been tweeting my stuff to him? :eyes: If you have, thank you! It made me so happy to know I had been seen by a big YouTuber, and he helped me get to 1,000 subs. Sky, thank you.

I've gained so much confidence online and in front of the camera. These skills mean so much to me and I'm slowly becoming more confident in real life. When I was a kid, I was entirely silent outside of my house, I would hide behind my mom when there were people. YouTube and gaming are the two things that made me more confident. That gave me the courage to show my face, to do what I do today. When I started DA, I was terrified of showing my artwork, thinking all I would get would be hate mail.
But instead, I have the most supportive, helpful, perfect watchers ever. I love you all so much.

My artistry skills have improved so freaking much over one year. You guys push me over my limits, and this helps me. :)

Supah has helped me so much with my YouTube, I really couldn't have gotten as far as I have without him. Please go to his deviantart, thank him, watch him, go to his YouTube, subscribe, everything! He's a really awesome and nice guy! :iconsupahpow31:

So, to end it off. I want to draw or sculpt something. Something for all of you guys. If someone suggests something I can draw, and I see a bunch of replies from other people saying they vote for it, I will do that.

Pretty much you can submit an idea, and I want other people who want to see me draw that, reply to that comment with the idea, saying that "I vote for that!"


And for all the shippers I have in my watchers, the next issue of Shipping Monthly will be out soon. And I am doing the thing I think you are all most excited about! DaIcee wedding....

Anyway, here's to 800 watchers, and to the future! Icee out!
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