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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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[OPEN] Adopt Raffle 09 - Memories

Mon Sep 15, 2014, 3:36 PM
[OPEN]FREE ADOPT RAFFLE 09 - Memories by Piffi-adoptables

Waaah such a long time we didn't make a raffle >///v///< :heart:
We really love doing that so this time we try with our new project "Memories" , Little Owl/penguin ( x°D )
We hope you like them \;///v///;/  thanks again for the support :huggle::heart:

What can you win?

  • One adoptables at your choice between those shown , they are a species called "Memories" they are little pet/character like a owl(or penguin x°D at your choice x°D ) , they write people's memories , they never forget about you

  • Only one winners , after raffles end the 7 adoptables left will be put for sale ;v;

Required to win

  • Fav this Journal

  • Watch it's not necessary to win , but really appreciated it if you like our works enough to wish one of them ;//////v/////; <3 ( thanks ;v; )

  • You don't have to ask if you can partecipate , just fav this journal and you are in ;v;

NOT required to win but appreciated

  • Comment with the adopt you'd choose if winning and tell us if you have some plans for it çvç :heart:

  • If you have some friends you think can be interested in this raffle you can write their name in your comment çvç <3

General Rules

  • This raffle end in 48 hours ( about 0:30 follow this time zone : CEST

  • I'll choose the winner with between fav numbers

Thanks again \;v;/ :heart: see you soon in the next raffle >///v///<

Our main account : Shatik / our non-human account : Piffi-pi 
Our sister Mimru

Skin by SimplySilent
  • Mood: Adoration

PLEASE NOTE: This is a limited Beta release and not all Beta Testers have access to these features at this time.

Three major changes to the way the deviantART works have just been launched to Beta Testers! We’re pleased to announce the beta release of a redesigned site navigation and two entirely new features — Activity Feeds and Status Updates — bringing exciting new options to deviantART’s browsing and sharing experience.

These enhancements are the first step in what’s to come, and we can’t wait to show you the full picture.  Until then, we need your help to use and abuse these features!  Tell us what you like, what you don’t, and be sure to report any and all bugs or inconsistencies you encounter.  Your use of these Beta features provides invaluable data and insight so that we can better shape the features for actual launch to the entire site.

DeviantART's New Site Navigation

The site's navigation menu has been completely overhauled to make it easier to find what you’re looking for on the site. The new menu creates a sleek, organized layout that simplifies navigation and provides room for upcoming improvements and new features. Best of all, we haven’t removed any functionality – so what you know and love is still right there.

What’s New:

  • Everything related to your account is grouped together on the right side of the page.

  • The Shop, Submit, Profile, Message Center, Friends, and Favourites menus have retained the same drop-downs as before, and the Stick and Splinter menus that some users prefer are still available.

  • Undiscovered and What’s Hot have been separated from Browse (which includes Popular, Newest, and Search) to highlight and more clearly reflect their distinct browsing methods.

  • You can now customize your deviantART front page. Your last selected page — Activity Feed, Browse, What’s Hot, or Undiscovered — will be preserved each time you click "Home" or the deviantART logo.

  • When on Browse pages, the left column containing the search bar and category tree can be collapsed or expanded, which lets you filter options when you want them, and hide the options when you want to view the art without distractions. The column will retain whichever setting you prefer, so you can set it how you like.

  • The search bar previously located at the top of Browse pages has been moved to the left column, to reflect that it's specifically a search tool for deviations. The search bar that appears in the site navigation searches for deviations as well, but will also allow for additional search features in the future.

If you encounter any bugs or other issues with the new navigation, please file a ticket about them in the devBUG
 Issue Tracker under the Site Navigation project.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 11.03.56 AM by wreckling

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is a new feature that displays recent activity of the people you're watching in an easy to scan feed. When browsing the Activity Feed, recently posted artwork, Journals, Status Updates (detailed below), Polls, Critiques, Forum Threads, and Collections from deviants you watch will display, letting you scroll through art and interact with them.

You can also share Status Updates and deviations from your Activity Feed, allowing you to easily promote artwork or Status Updates that you find interesting.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.30.38 AM by wreckling

Apart from the content you already see in your Message Center, we’ve added Collections to the Activity Feed. Now you can discover artwork that’s being curated by the people you watch. You can edit what items show up in your Activity Feed at any time (including Collections) by visiting the Manage Friends page.

If you’d prefer not to have one of your Collections displayed on other deviants' Activity Feeds, you can visit the Collection Options area of your Collection and check "Disable watching". This is a new feature that has been made available to everyone today.

Activity Feed Widget

The Activity Feed widget displays your five most recently uploaded deviations, Journals, and Status Updates, creating a simple, at a glance way for you to keep visitors and watchers alike up to date with what’s going on.

Status Updates

The Activity Feed comes with a brand new way to easily communicate with your watchers: Status Updates!

You can use Status Updates to post quick personal updates, share a work in progress or your commission status, share the work of an artist you like, talk about current events, ask your watchers for advice, share what inspires you, or just talk about how you’re feeling.

We’ve noticed a lot of deviants use Polls to send out short messages to their watch list.  Status Updates are a simple way to make updates like these, letting you post and get right back to creating.

To post a Status Update, visit the Activity Feed page or the Activity Feed widget on your Profile and share what's on your mind!

If you encounter a bug or other issues involving Activity Feeds or Status Updates, please file a ticket in the devBUG Issue Tracker under the Activity Feed project.

Try it out!

These features are live to Beta Testers, so feel free to give them a try! The new site navigation is visible everywhere on site, and you can visit the Activity Feed page or view the Activity Feed widget on your Profile Page to test it and Status Updates out!

Any feedback you have can be left in the comments on this article. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Dear Departed Is Done

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 10:38 AM
On September 2nd 2010, I posted the first page of Random Doom's fourth chapter, called Dear Departed. Four years later, I finally posted the last page.


Well, this four years have been really important in my life. When I started DD, I was close to finishing my studies and graduating. This was, of course, quite big deal. I had my final thesis to write and I had to find a job. Thankfully I got them all done and I now have a great job as a graphic designer.

That was one thing that affected my comic making time... But of course, there was that one reason that took my interest and eventually lead to another delay. RP groups.

I am not gonna lie, those groups took my interest completely and DD and Random Doom in general was no longer my main interest. But I do not regret it. These RP groups affected my story making skills and eventually it lead to that other delay I mentioned earlier, complete rewriting of RD casts' bios.

I did receive a comment about how this person felt it was a shame this hiatus had to happen in the middle of Dear Departed. And I agree, it is a shame. This comic had to suffer from long pauses... multiple style changes... Main human character changing her name in the middle of the story. Some of the pages now have no longer canon text... It's a mess!

BUT... At the same time... I am happy it took me this long to make this story. You see, RD is meant to be pretty humorous and light series but DD is clearly an exception there. It is the most mature and heaviest story so far and it was easily the most challenging story for me tor write. DD is actually the last chapter I wrote for Random Doom. The story how Matthew received his relic was originally meant to be just mentioned in another story but my imagination started to wander and I started to write a bigger story around it. That is how Dear Departed became its own chapter and story.

The original storyboard version was a lot different too. Elizabeth originally didn't have as big role in the story as she eventually had. Matthew's personality was also vastly different than what he has now. I was not happy with it. When it was time to start to draw the comic, I knew BIG changes needed to happen and I pretty much rewrote the whole story as I was drawing it.  Definitely the main reason why doing DD was so time consuming and stressful to do.

But, like I said earlier, I feel that it was for the best. I don't think I could have written this story four years ago. I do not think it would have came out like it did. I've also learned a lot about digital drawing during these four years and I think the comic is looking great now. And most important of all, Marlowe would not exist, if I had not taken this long to write this chapter. I love Matthew's poetic little brother togekiss so much... :heart:

Last thing, I want to thank you all. You have no idea how happy it makes me when I read you telling this chapter was one of your favourites. It means a lot to me considering I found it so hard to write. I also want to thank all my watchers. Thank you who found and started to watch me during these last stretches. Hope you'll enjoy my future works! BUT, I want to especially thank all of you who stuck with me through this whole time. Those of you, who did not leave me, even if I did not update my comic. Because... I had the pleasure of getting messages from people  who felt the need of telling me how they no longer liked my works and how my drawings sucked compared to older works... And how I was wasting my time and talent on things other than my comic.... Screw those people. Thank YOU! You who believed in me. You who stayed here and encouraged me to do any art I wanted to do at the time.  Thank you, who see me as more than a comic making tool. It is a pleasure to draw this comic for you. :thanks:

If you took your time to read all of this, awesome! You deserve something nice at the end. I bet there is this one big question on your lips. WHAT NEXT? Well, I am happy to tell you that RD is not over and I am happy to star working on the next chapter. But I will talk more about that in another journal very soon. ;) I have some... VERY exciting plans for it that I can't wait to reveal.

Thank you again, my sweet little deerlings. :icondancingfrogplz:

  • Mood: Thanks
  • Watching: Markiplier's "The Crooked Man" LP
  • Eating: sandwiches
  • Drinking: cola

Stock & Resources

The Challenge

Imagine a world where the soft glow of the magnolia blossoms illuminates the sidewalk. The reaching branches of the tree cast their light over the street, reflected in the gathering puddles of a spring rain. A garden nearby is a riot of colors against the deep shadows of the night. The harsh artificial street lights that we know today are gone. What would your world look like? Is it a world where the need for fossil fuel has been eliminated, or have the scientists bio-engineered the earth into a beautiful apocalypse?

The idea of bio-luminescent plant illumination is a real project in progress by three scientists in San Francisco, California. These scientists are engineering marine bio-luminous bacterial DNA into plants to make them glow. You can read more about their project here: Glowing Plants: Street Lights of the Future?

The Mediums

- Stock & Resources: Create a stock image according to the theme of the contest. Your entry must be relevant to a bio-luminescent world or elements.

- Digital Media: Photomanipulations/Mixed Media: You must use at least two stock photos from dA Stock Providers in the artwork (All other digital galleries: as a reference and inspiration.) Please be sure to properly credit and notify your stock providers to be eligible for this contest.

- Traditional Media: Create a setting relevant to your medium where the trees and plants are bio-luminescent.

- Considering that this contest is open to our youngest members, submissions containing nudity, sexual themes, or extreme violence/gore will not be accepted.

The Deadline

Contest Begins: September 15th, 2014  12:00 A.M. PST

Contest Ends: October 15th, 2014   11:59 P.M. PST

When your entry is finished:

Submit your entry to :iconstockandresources: in the contest folder: The Illuminated World Contest Entries

One Entry Per Person will be accepted.

The Prizes

Grand Prize

1 Year Premium Subscription from communityrelations
1,000 :points: from communityrelations
500 :points: from Cinnamoncandy-Stock
200 :points: from Elandria
200 :points: from PirateLotus-Stock
50 :points: from The-Stock-Directory
50 :points: from RockStocks
5 Exclusive Stock Packs from CelticStrm-Stock
2 Exclusive Stock Packs from PirateLotus-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from CD-STOCK
Exclusive Stock from Cassy-Blue
Exclusive Stock and a Llama from EveLivesey
Exclusive Stock, Llama, Watch, and Exclusive Premade BG from Mandies-Stock
Exclusive Stock and a Llama from Null-Entity
Exclusive Stock from YBsilon-Stock
Exclusive Premade Background from annewipf
Special Stock Request from Danika-Stock
Animation commission, (headshot of a character doing something simple) from Shoyzz
Llama from SavageFrog
Feature and Llama from The-Lost-Hope

First Prize: Stock:
6 Month Premium Subscription from communityrelations
500 :points: from communityrelations
200 :points: from Elandria
100 :points: from PirateLotus-Stock
50 :points: from The-Stock-Directory
3 Exclusive Stock Packs from CelticStrm-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from PirateLotus-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from RockStocks
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from CD-STOCK
Exclusive Stock from Cassy-Blue
Exclusive Stock and a Llama from EveLivesey
Exclusive StockLlama, Watch, and Exclusive Premade BG from Mandies-Stock
Exclusive Stock and a Llama from Null-Entity
Exclusive Stock from YBsilon-Stock
Exclusive Premade Background from annewipf
Digital linear (cell-shading), one character, no background from Shoyzz
Llama from The-Lost-Hope
Llama from SavageFrog

First Prize: Digital:
6 Month Premium Subscription from communityrelations
500 :points: from communityrelations
200 :points: from Elandria
100 :points: from PirateLotus-Stock
50 :points: from The-Stock-Directory
3 Exclusive Stock Packs from CelticStrm-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from PirateLotus-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from RockStocks
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from CD-STOCK
Exclusive Stock from Cassy-Blue
Exclusive Stock from and a Llama EveLivesey
Exclusive StockLlama, Watch, and Exclusive Premade BG from Mandies-Stock
Exclusive Stock and a Llama from Null-Entity
Exclusive Stock from YBsilon-Stock
Exclusive Premade Background from annewipf
Colored sketch (cell-shading), one character, no background from Shoyzz
Llama from The-Lost-Hope
Llama from SavageFrog

First Prize: Traditional:
6 Month Premium Subscription from communityrelations
500 :points: from communityrelations
200 :points: from Elandria
100 :points: from PirateLotus-Stock
50 :points: from The-Stock-Directory
3 Exclusive Stock Packs from CelticStrm-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from PirateLotus-Stock
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from RockStocks
1 Exclusive Stock Pack from CD-STOCK
Exclusive Stock from Cassy-Blue
Exclusive Stock from and a Llama EveLivesey
Exclusive Stock, Llama, Watch, and Exclusive Premade BG from Mandies-Stock
Exclusive Stock and a Llama from Null-Entity
Exclusive Stock from YBsilon-Stock
Exclusive Premade Background from annewipf
Colored sketch (cell-shading), one character, no background from Shoyzz
Llama from The-Lost-Hope
Llama from SavageFrog

The Winners Will Be Featured By:

:iconstockandresources:  :iconthe-stock-directory:  :iconpose-emporium:  :iconsafe-stock-resources:  :iconstock-for-premades:  :icondigital-artists:  :iconrealm-of-fantasy:  :iconozarks-artists:  :iconfantasy-paradise:  :iconpremiumcontentdevs:  :icondesigningdivas:  :icondreamers-of-avalon:  :iconcommunitystocknews:

CelticStrm-Stock, Cassy-Blue, A-Wakefield, Mandies-Stock  annewipf

The Judges

CelticStrm-Stock  Elandria  PirateLotus-Stock  Aeirmid

Here are some tutorials to help get you started:

*Please note that entries that directly copy the tutorials will not be accepted.
Learn the technique and create your own wonderful piece!

Glow tutorial by Sadir89Radiant Glow Effect (tutorial) by zummerfishMagical Glow Tutorial by TheDarkRayneHow to make things glow?? by hawksmontHow to make things glow by CearaFinnTutorial_Digital Glow Effect by KradenCosplay Tip 32 - LED Lights by Bllacksheep

Concurso por 100 puntos!

Mon Sep 15, 2014, 12:28 PM
Bueno chicos y chicas para participar
deberan seguir lo siguiente:

1.- Obvio ser mi +Watch
 2.- Darle :+fav: a este Journal
3.- Darle promo al concurso Journal/Poll
4.- (Fundamental) Realizar una edicion
Ojo: la edicion puede ser como gusten pero
en la descripcion deben poner que es para este
 concursito y que en determinada fecha necesitaran
 el apoyo de sus watchers para que puedan ganar.
 pueden dejarme el link por aqui o por notita.

Dato importante:

Bueno en una fecha determinada
subire un Journal: en el cual pondre las ediciones
con un # y dare unos dias para que otras personitas
voten por su diseño preferido, ademas tendran la
oportunidad de pedir votos en 5 promociones "journals,
en dicho journal pondre el valor de los votos y asi,
Mas Importante:
Nada de spamear perfiles hheee! si no quedaran
descalificados, Ganara el que tenga mas votitos
ademas pedire a 5 personas su opinion
sobre los diseños participantes.


 1er Lugar 65 puntos!

 2° Lugar 35 puntos!

Comienza: 15/Sep Termina: 29/Sep
2 Semanas para ver si los que dijeron participare
lo hacen y si alguien mas quiere Adelante!!! *u*
Si no hay maximo 15 participantes !lo cancelo¡

© 2012 pica-ae | Background image by Subtle Patterns
Tagged by dear :iconinma:~ :heart:

-Choose at least 10 artists that inspire you and tell us why (I'll feature 13 because the list is endless!)
-Show at least 5 deviations from those artists that you love (I'll feature 3/artist)
-Tag at least 10 artists (I'll tag 5...)

In no particular order.

:iconsideburn004: - Love her watercolors! *-* And I wish I could draw manly men like she does, hehe...
KnB: Just wait for me by Sideburn004BLEACH: Attack on Hollows by Sideburn004Space Dandy by Sideburn004

:icondark134: - Digital AND traditional artwork at its highest quality! Every visit to this artist's gallery pours a month's worth inspiration into me~
Leaning on the everlasting arms by Dark134Shiva by Dark134Wings by Dark134

:iconmior3e: - She has a very unique style that I can recognize anywhere. Also love those low-saturated pastel colors so much~ <3
PowerPuff! by mior3eDaria by mior3eBettlejuice by mior3e

:iconhoooook: - this artist emulates traditional oil painting style so well digitally you can hardly tell the difference! Also, I'm forever in love with his mermaids.
.. by hoooookMermaid by hoooookAaa by hoooook

:iconyuchenghong: - fantasy art at its best~
angel Eriselle(regular version) by yuchenghongAtlas by yuchenghongErnesta by yuchenghong

:iconcushart: - gorgeous ladies, gorgeous dresses, gorgeous colors~
Maid by CushartHeadphone Girl by CushartCharacter by Cushart

:iconmasateru: - very cool, effortless painting style! *-*
High school girl 0622 by masateruwoman121121 by masateruDragon Woman120327 by masateru

:iconiya-chen: - Iya's composition, colors, characters and backgrounds...everything is simply perfection.
Language of the Birds by iya-chenWhere No One Goes by iya-chenMission by iya-chen

:iconsynpai: - Syn doesn't publish very often...but when she does, the "WOW!!" factor is never far behind. Each of her new artwork feels like a level-up in her already sky-rocketing skills.
Tera by SynpaiIB by SynpaiTriumph Artbook Preview: Rebirth by Synpai

:iconloputyn: - Loputyn's work reminds me of the type of classic storybook art that would really fit Alice in Wonderland. It's a wonderful mix of innocence and grotesque.
Hush and please listen by LoputynCotton Tales Page 3 by LoputynNon sono ancora morto by Loputyn

:iconchernotrav: - every time I see Chernotrav's work, I feel like picking up watercolors too (but then I back out, haha...). She's undoubt one of the best watercolor artist's I've seen around DA. I'm amazed at her accurate and crisp lines combined with great composition and colors.
Eriyah and Durafein by chernotravThe Circum-Baikal Railway by chernotravA Fire Inside by chernotrav

:iconinma: - I look up to Inma in so many ways...but the main being her resolve to reach her goals, her endless energy and capability to maintain focus that makes her able to draw almost 24/7 while providing quality work. Her speed and accurate lines have always fascinated me, as well as the poses she draws. <3
Commission for Vaniraa -2- by inmaCommission for Miimichi by inmaRevenge of the Queen 03 [ENGLISH] by inma

:iconcymphonia: - if I want my fill of sweetness-overload and beautiful, bright candy-like colors, I always check C's gallery~
Wadanohara and the great blue sea by CymphoniaRough by CymphoniaMiku by Cymphonia

I tag: :iconlarienne::iconkotori-chan::iconelenath::iconchernotrav::iconmior3e:~ ^^
So ppl! I'm kinda bored and I really feel like I want to do some free request drawings!!!! :squee: Just like this one below. It will be a simple background with your character in the front. 
 Request undeadwolf7 by Jarcooz

Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red RULES Bullet; Red Bullet; Red Bullet; Red 

Bullet; Blue  You have to be a watcher to get a free request. 
Bullet; Blue  You have to fave this journal.
Bullet; Blue  Write a comment below of what character you would like me to draw and what pose it should have! :eager: by darkmoon3636 
Bullet; Blue  I will draw canines! Nothing else. So your character has to be a canine. (Canines ftw Worship

There's no request slot open! First to come, first to get. 

Request 1: :icondragoncodex: Character -> Cain | Temp Ref by DragonCodex
Request 2: :iconundeadwolf7:
Character -> ''They will always be there'' by undeadwolf7
Request 3: :iconch3rry-ade: Character -> Doggies for a friend. by SneakyLlamaLlama
Request 4: :iconalfaomaga: Character ->  My OC bio by Alfaomaga
Request 5: :iconthedoomedkitteh: Character -> North reference sheet by thedoomedkitteh

Request 6:
:iconillyriathewolf: Character ->
Request 7: :iconthepointlessartist: Character -> ThePointlessArtist Custom with reference by Spaghetti-Dreadlocks
Request 8: :iconsuppasaiyanswagga: Character -> Keider Ref by SuppaSaiyanSwagga
Request 9: :iconlupawolf1999: Character -> Monster Ref Sheet by LupaWolf1999
Request 10: :iconbookawaiicrush: Character -> Cuddles by BooKawaiiCrush
Request 11: Requested by -> :iconabdoubouam:  Character by -> :iconmercurythemystery:  Character -> Dexter, again. by MercuryTheMystery
Request 12: Requested by -> :iconlimeplant: Character by -> :iconjeannaxp: Character -> Keks 'cookie' by jeannaxp

      Bullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black EDITBullet; Black Bullet; Black Bullet; Black 

Bullet; Red I will start with the first request and then the second and so on. You all have to be patient. I will contact you as soon as your request is done! 

  • Listening to: Mayday Parade - When I grow up
  • Reading: The stuff I write
  • Watching: Let's plays
  • Playing: DayZ
  • Eating: Cake
  • Drinking: Monster :D

Stock and Resources

We like to think we are a friendly, approachable and there when you need us community, so for all those new folk trying out submitting stock for the first time, hello and welcome!!!

We are your current stock and resources
community volunteers!

We went ahead and gave each other some interview questions to answer, cause thats how we roll :D

:iconpiratelotus-stock: PirateLotus-Stock Erin

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Sleepy, Sarcastic, Piratelady

You are a broccoli, but a broccoli on a mission to save the world, whats your first plan of action?
I'd be all like "IT'S MORPHIN' TIEM" and I'd get my friends Carrot, Pea, and Spinach and we'd morph into our super cool Veggie Ranger suits and then form the Megaveg and destroy buildings and shit while fighting whatever's threatening the world.

If you could only submit one type of stock for the rest of your DA life, what kind would it be?
Oh, probably model. Actually I kind of hate all the setup and stuff for model stock. But I like it too. I don't know. This is hard. Let's just go with landscape because that means I get to go to places with awesome landscapes!

If you were sitting in a bar and an (outer-space) alien sat down next to you, how would you react?

Tell him sorry, I have a boyfriend...but my boyfriend would love to meet him because he's really interested in aliens (but not that way, sorry again)

What is your favorite sub-gallery in the stock gallery, and why?

It's between Tutorials and Designs & Patterns. I like things that tell you how to do something! Sewing patterns, or a tutorial about how to sew something...that's really cool.

:iconcelticstrm-stock: CelticStrm-Stock Cheryl

Describe yourself in 3 words

Nerdy, Sweet, Stubborn

If you were a cake, what flavor would you be?

 If I was cake, I would be strawberry cake. I love the light and sweet flavor, plus it's super girly, like me!

What do you think is the best part about the stock community?

The best part of the stock community is the generous nature and giving spirit, hands down. I love how we support each other in the good times and the bad. We're always there for each other during the tough times. If there's a contest or something going on, we are each other's cheerleaders. It's a great big family with a shared passion for creating great stock!

You wake up in a room filled with jelly babies, do you A) - eat your way way to an exit ignoring their tiny squeeky screams, or do you B) - unite them in a jelly baby rebellion and get them to carry to you an exit and be forever a jelly baby hero?
I would unite the jelly babies and become Queen of their Universe. :D We would exit the room in a glorious fashion to take over the world. I suspect there may be a brief uprising by the Gummy Bears, but I will dispatch my Jelly Baby minions off on their Gummy Worm steeds to squash the rebellion. After the Great Gummy Wars, we shall live in a fabulously sweet utopia forever!

If there was 1 sub category of stock and resources that you could accidentally on purpose forever delete from memory, what would it be?
The sub category would definitely be Application Resources or one of it's sub categories. :stare:

:iconelandria: Elandria Lanny

Describe yourself in 3 words
Passionate, Silly, Geek

If you fell through a typical romance novel style time portal and landed in a hot medieval guy's castle with your camera, what would you do?

What is this device in my hand? Where is my page and my horse? >.> *sneeks camera under cloak*

How has stock changed since you first became a stock provider? What trends were cool then that aren't now?

Quality has improved phenomenally (I can't spell that word by the way, thank you spell check), I'm not sure that any trends are less cool now than they were 10 years ago, its just that artists are more demanding and creative with similar themes and styles.  There are new fads that we have now that I wish hadn't appeared like celeb images and anime "renders" - go back 5 years and they didn't exist. Precut stock used to be called clipart, and is essentially the same thing only with photographs not illustrations, and premade backgrounds I just don't get since they turn any piece of art into a collaboration since you are using somebody else's skill set and not your own. Like most things however, its down to personal preference, taste, skill and what you enjoy creating, I don't think that will ever change, even if the stock does!

If you were in space, how many stars would you count to til you got bored?

Urm, I was supposed to be counting stars? I'd probably be either too busy throwing up or too busy staring like an idiot at the Earth, but I will guess about 20 :D

What would you change about your own gallery if you could?

I would make everything all shiny, and up to date, and I would fix all the ****ing messed up keyword/tags :stare:

We are the community!
Stock and Resource Providers Front and Center!

So now we challenge you, the rest of our splendid community to introduce yourselves to everyone!

Describe yourself in 3 words

What kind of stock or resources do you provide?

What other hobbies do you have besides making stock?

If you were a superhero, who or what would you have as your sidekick and why?

Best answer to number 4 by the end of the week (21st September) wins 100points! ;)

Refs Thus Far (will update)

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 11:30 AM
CP OC: Bleedingman Ref by Chibi-Works

Rodger/Shadow walker Ref .:Updated:. by Chibi-Works

Ringmaster designs by Chibi-Works

Slender Proxy: Wyntre by Chibi-Works

Need to add:
○Curdeling Crow
○Mr. Smiley
○Ms. General


M. Features Volume 11

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 11:42 AM
It's been soooo long :noes:
Here is the 11th volume of the Mega features, art from all around the community. :aww:

Allow me to start by mentioning SavageFrog's Senior Selections  Senior Selections Manga Category GuidelinesWhat is SeniorSelections ?

"SS is a group with focus on art collection and showcasing; they strive to feature premier artwork and bring more exposure to outstanding artists and their artwork."
On that note...
I'm accepting suggestions for the Manga & Anime Category!
I will only accept artworks from the Manga & Anime Gallery; here's what I'm looking for:
-High quality artwork preferred.
-Artists who have not had a DD in 6 months (Undiscovered is a plus).
-NO Fanart (that category is run by elicoronel16 so if you find any good ones, send them to her :la: )
-All resource or stock image used must be credited and must come from a verifiable legitimate source.
-No unfinished works/WIPs.
To suggest
Simply send me a note with a thumbcode of the deviation you're suggesting. Please title your note: "SS Suggestion" or something similar. You can also provide a short description with the deviation but it is not required.
-I can only feat
guidelines. Check it out and suggest some M&A works!! :eager:

Love in the Air  Please FAV +fav this journal so that many can see the beautiful pieces! Love in the Air

Love in the Air A lovely comment could make someone's day! Love in the Air

I love deviantART! Would you like to suggest someone? Just comment below!  I love deviantART!

ume no hana by feeshseagullmine

 Galaxy by Black-Quose  Silver Fall by kiku-atama

A light that never comes by Yokufo

Spring by Lumnili Moonfesta by sheryu Colored Walk Way by Porforever

E G E by YuruiKarameruBulles d'air by KirimimiAngel by Daniiux

on top of the world by ohprocrastinator

Where No One Goes by Vyntresser Ruby by NEIGHBORSTUDIOS

Kyoraku x Ukitake by Folie-1618Bleach - Luna by elicoronel16

Rau Le Creuset and Providence Gundam by Nick-IanMagi: Sinbad Focalor by meme-tan

You Can Trust Me, Bud by Dreamsoffools


:star: iDJPanda's contest winners :star:
:star: AnimangART's contest winners :star:

.:Cloud Mario Sticker:. by CloTheMarioLoverTiger Sticker by NeccersFREE KISSES Sticker by MangaKidArt

I Scream for Ice Cream with a Cherry on Top! by yesmimiuniverseCake : ChocoMint by KazugaMei5CTW3: Strawberry and Cream by MimiChanLove


Golden Field by bomgirl rat by snellynell
A girl named Spectrum by AllisonStanley Refrigeracion by Maaot

Path of Stars by HanafaeSoulfire by Toradh
FROG 27 cm x 20 cm by Editk

Thalacia by 6Doug9
The picnic. by PascalCampionEye of the storm by paper-jet
Coral+Speedpaint by YechiiBallmoon by ChibionpuKushi by yakonusuke

Knight by Pencil-guyAn another birdy by Drkav Distant Dreams by sehika
A moment in time by cat-meff

Beyond the atmosphere by Najeeb-AlnajjarCanis Lumens by Pekan-Pie

Lanterns by BraveCupcake Fire Autumn by Daniiux

The lost expedition by nondev

G:.:Aurora:. by Aviaku

Blue dusk by SaNNaS Canary Clan by MorkelErasmus

Gazing by marustagramIMG 8839m by DanielMyszkowski

Chace by KiwiTakeFlight

... by ajkabajka

The show begins ! by MinGII Vassalord - Close up by DinoCavallone

104 by weelx Cuddling up by mkuegler

Winter time by Kaasik91

*** by AnnaTyurina

aaaaaand, that's it! catching love I hope you liked them as much as I do!!! SO MUCH LUFF
(I put a great deal of self memory usage in order to not make them repeat, hopefully they're not. LOL )

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