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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (65,347 votes) 1,321 comments
33,615 Deviants Online


In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the deviantART community.

Introducing ginkgografix

Hey there, For those of you that may not know me yet, on deviantART I’m ginkgografix, a dedicated member of this community since December 2006, that is sometimes believed to be a bot due to being spotted everywhere lol. In real life, I’m a 22 year old med student that grew up surrounded by animals. I love cats and I have one Siamese lady, but over the years I’ve also had three budgies. I am scared of dentists, don’t like elevators very much and absolutely hate the metal against metal sound. Oh and I quit smoking!

October 2014

Deviousness Award Winner

A two-time Community Volunteer for the deviantART Related category, Anne is well-known as a positive, helpful force. She is the community's resident expert when it comes to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and her personal gallery offers a wide variety of tutorials for new and experienced coders alike. In addition, each winter she hosts a calendar project encouraging members to create Journal designs for all to use, bringing more creativity to the community.

It is with immense gratitude that we acknowledge Anne as the recipient of the Deviousness Award for October 2014.

Featured Work & Community Quotes

Glitter and cake aside, ginkgografix is one of those awesome deviants that inspires others. Her energy and dedication are seen in everything she does. She's a positive force in the deviantART Community and an absolutely splendid person to chat with. I'm honored to have been able to serve as a Community Volunteer next to her.”

I first discovered Ginkgografix when I just started with CSS on deviantART. She was a Volunteer and she was always so busy, but she always took the time to answer my many comments and really made me feel a part of deviantART. She's constantly organizing activities, events and groups. I feel she has been the backbone for the CSS community. Thank you, Anne, you were like a mentor to me!”

Anne is so much. She is not only an awesome deviant with a passion for the community and an always willing hand, she is also a great artist with a lot of talents! And I am glad to live in the same country with her, because so we managed to meet a couple of times and I can tell you, she is just as awesome in person as on deviantART!”

Anne is one of the most genuine, caring people on deviantART. She's always available to help people out and has gone out of her way to produce incredible learning resources for the community.”

Anne is one of the most helpful, patient and giving people I have met on this site. She's always involved in the community and has taught a lot of us about CSS over the years. She has a great, sparkly personality and I'm glad to have volunteered alongside her.”

Anne is an amazing person to work with and a wonderful friend. Not only is she multitalented, but she willingly shares her talents with others both to help them learn and to support their efforts. As a volunteer, she was always the first person to say, "I'll help!" and was always a trusted, reliable counterpart or colleague. I will always be grateful to her commitment to helping her fellow deviants, including me!”

ginkgografix goes the extra mile with everything she does. Creative, supportive and energetic, she is an incredible inspiration to all.”

ginkgografix is a wonderfully talented, kind hearted soul who goes above and beyond for the community. She's a wonderful deviant and a beautiful person! She's an inspiration to us all, especially the CSS/HTML community!”

Anne befriended me long before I was a volunteer through a mutual love for CSS and bats. Instantly, I was drawn to her charisma, positive attitude, and her exceptional knowledge on everything deviantART related. When I became a volunteer I had the amazing privilege of working alongside Anne and seeing firsthand how her community spirit touched the lives of so many others. I knew right then she was someone I could look up to both on deviantART and in my personal life. I hope one day to be even half the volunteer she was.”

Congratulations to ginkgografix!

October Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:28 PM

Just One Wish by Sisterslaughter165 

Dan Dos Santos Shifting Shadows by DSillustration Hand-kissing by cornacchia-art Ill Will by BigBad-Red Mary-Faith by Eman333 

W o m e n by LadyNight93 River of Blood and Bones by Trisste Seras tu a l heure by Marjie79 Poison by Lhianne 

Wolf in sheep's clothing by tamaraR Do you have news? by ChiantyVex Left On The Outside by BrennaWintjens Need a Dentist II by Flobelebelebobele 

Nefertiti Eternal by J-u-d-a-s Rose Red by BrennaWintjens trail to the wicked by Najeeb-Alnajjar Sagittarius by EnchantedWhispersArt 

Sound of Knell by phoenixlu 

be offended.. by IMertTmyksl what the warm sun feels like by umbatman Anya stock II by Dxlogic by emanrabiah Melancholy by KarahRobinson-Art 

You can run, but you can't hide by pjenz Sin City Under Her Spell by rsiphotography An Apple a Day by Andaelentari Multiplicity - Underwater by Hoangvanvan 

RA by RazielMB Runaway Beauty by LouVart I will fly to you by EstherPuche-Art Enchanted Keys by La--Boheme Not my crime + Tutorial by mippieArt 

White Angel by thelemadreams Enter Here by Wesley-Souza Moonlight 2014 by nudagimo rain... by mirandaarts 

warning by beyzayildirim77 Dream Within A Dream by ElementOfOne1 Merah by birubadut ARIEL by Doucesse 

A strange friendship by megan7 

Untitled September 2014 by slight-art-obsession Aqua Zombie by Walking-Tall Welcome by FictionChick Mirror of Dreams by thelemadreams 

Vanessa by katmary Winter in Me by mysolitaryground Deep blue by scared-princess Multiplicity sea by Hoangvanvan 

Naked Tree by deskridge Going Up by FictionChick Autumn Is Here by Bojan1558 Spirits of the forest by Dark-Angel669 

DRACULA by L-A-Addams-Art Untitled by FUROR ART by FurorArt autumn's joy by naradjou14 Disarming by revande 

Another War by TaniaART J u s t i c e by BloomingRoseXeniia La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt I'm not much on Forgiveness by pjenz 

 Mmm0473 by metindemiralay 

The Dark Wizard by ralfw666 Leave or Die by Doucesse Let there be life by Iskander1989 Vapin' by Notvitruvian Futureman by itznikki530 

Mahogany rush by Altair-E Pisces by CaoChiNhan Letting Go by MonaParvin 

Red-apple by ArtbyValerie Craved by moonchild-ljilja Celestial kingdom by silentfuneral Halloween--welcome-home by DarkVisionsDreams 

R.E.S.U.R.R.E.C.T.I.O.N by Creamydigital Astronaut Girl [ Commission ] by cennie Butterfly soul by katmary El silencio by NebelelfeNaemy Stay by SpokeninRed 

Lass Mich Fallen by ChristabelleLAmort Gemini Sisters by kimoz To Your Own Self Be True by rsiphotography Into the Void by KarahRobinson-Art 

Goodbye Summer by shiny-shadows-Art Syndra - cosplay edit by msriotte Disa by brietolga Orgollyn by Irrisor-Immortalis 

When I Touch You by Canankk 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Daily Lit Recognition for October 1st, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!

You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!

Suggester says: A tasteful poem 
that uses only a few words and 
awesome imagery to tell a story.

Suggested by: OfOneSoul
Featured by: TwilightPoetess
i don't have a dog1. i get up at ten.
this is an accomplishment.
by eleven, i’m awake enough to miss you.
to be honest, that part never goes away—
but eleven is when the typewriter grows fangs
and threatens to swallow everything i am
if i don’t put a name to the feeling. even the dog’s
tail does not wag. he keeps watching the door.
he will not even touch his food until the sun has
set as deep as possible. he is giving you every
chance to come back.
i try to tell him there’s no use,
that you will never come back.
but dogs don’t understand things like that,
don’t believe in the concept of ‘never come back’.
they believe in the sound of a key turning a lock
and the inevitable stomping of feet on the welcome mat
no matter how many times they’ve heard
the car engine start and the crunch of gravel as it pulls away.
2. this must be what missing you feels like.
i have lived lifetimes in the minutes i keep breathing.
i keep breathing. this is an accompl

i don't have a dog by MisfitableGrae

From the suggester: This piece 
blew me away heart and soul. 
The device the writer uses to express 
the narrator's emotional journey is 
genius. An amazing piece.


Featured by: Naktarra
I Dreamed a Dream of InfinityA faint piano could be heard playing above the groans of the ship as I fell coughing into a pile of cans and containers in the storage room. I didn’t know what happened. Did I want to? Checking my data visor just showed some error message I didn’t understand - I took it off and tossed it.
Trying to get up in my dazed state was futile at first, but not for long - I grappled the side of the rack beside me and hefted myself up. Trying to stand went terribly though and I nearly fell and made my situation worse - there was a gash in my left leg. A big one.
I looked around for anything to fix it up with - but unless I was made of metal I didn't think any of the stuff here would do me any good. Time to get out of here then - “You can do this Parker...” I heard her say in my head. I wondered if she was still here.
I couldn’t open the hatch at first - it was jammed. Luckily there was a pair of channel locks nearby. I hefted my injured leg onto the pile and

Dreamed a Dream of Infinity by FunkForTheFunky

A lovely romance piece from a writer 
with an ambition for feedback, and the 
strength and character to self-suggest 
to achieve that goal.

Suggested by: Bark
Featured by: SilverInkblot
Once a year, maybe twice,we called it the three month pledge.
Daddy would get drunk and do something mean or stupid. Last time he wrecked the car doing 100 on the highway with an open bottle in the cup holder and the time before he read all Mom's e-mail and took some dating website spam as a sign of her cheating. He paced the hallway, the dog came and hid under my bed, my brother slept in his bedroom. His door was locked, so I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but I thought about Mom coming home from her sister's.
An abusive man knows what he's doing,
but I swear we lost him sometimes. I went downstairs to find him shirtless and red, glass in his left hand, empty bottle in the right until he dropped it. It shattered and I hesitated in my doorway while he tried to call my mom again. I said, "Daddy?"
There was no thought in his eyes.
He threw the phone at me but it broke on the wall. He growled and spit and ran downstairs, I don't remember where the glass went. He told me he'd bring my mom home because we all mi

Once a year, maybe twice by muscularteeth

Suggester: A terribly moving 
piece of non-fiction.

Foreign Language

Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon
Farbe bekennen1.
Grau zu sein, bin ich gewohnt,
an mutigen Tagen schwarz oder weiß.
Und leb ich so bereits seit Jahren
wie der weiße Bär am Polarkreis.
Doch seh ich raus durch schmutzig' Glas
und seh das Grau nun hier und dort,
wünsch ich mich aus meiner Hülle,
meilenweit und weiter fort.
Ich laufe, eile, renne schnell!
Suche eine bunte Stadt
mit Nächten heller als der Tag,
der Mond noch glänzend und nicht matt.
Ich tauche ein ins Farbenspiel,
treibe staunend über den Asphalt.
Zum Grau ergänzen sich die Lichter,
zwischen Gesichtern, jung und alt.
Seelen spazieren nackt die Wege,
kümmern sich nicht um Angst und Scheu.
Zeigen ihr bloßes Ich der Welt
und bleiben nur sich selber treu.
Sie ziehen mich aus, die blanken Seelen,
nehmen mir Kleider, fast Haut und Haar.
Ich stehe nun doch nackt im Leben,
und sehe die Farbe war immer da.
Ich seh die Spitzen meiner Zehen
vor Scham sich winden im heißen Sand,
bin kein zartes Pf&

Farbe bekennen by Wortakrobatin

Emotional free verse poem 
about being oneself, being open, 
seeing and finding oneself 
at a place where all souls wander free.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation

to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: TwilightPoetess

Skin by SimplySilent
Features by Thiefoworld

The Meeting by allisonchinart Healing by NeverGonnaTakeMe The hell is not a cold dead place by Batawp Silence Please - Steampunk Fairy by DarkAkelarre
Nightmare by ianllanas Pappagalli by SenRyuji Under sea by wei-zi Fantasy by Zudartslee
Into the Poppies by Huyen-n00b Ghost Runner by Madboni New Generation by skymint

Features by diphylla

Magic City of Vane by Alayna Basilisk by algenpfleger Learning To Leave by sheppardarts Poseidon by inshoo1
[animatiom]Little room by huanGH64 Streets by Sanchiko Alone in nightmare by SoulDa Quarter by ldimonl
One Thousand Years by tekkoontan More Than Just Servants by EmanuelMardsjo Chasm Crossing: Guardian by Ilkyra Cassios the Executioner - Normal by namesjames
hope by Peter-Ortiz lagoon by IIDanmrak Treasury by RealNam Fair Trade by JRCoffronIII
Last Impression by Qrumzsjem Princess Ka'iulani by kelleybean86 THE ETERNAL CRUSADER by nachomolina Undead Slayers Handbook by michalivan
Lighthouse.xnbak by Crystalshock 001-1318 by lihaooooooo Dark Prince by FLOWERZZXU The Last Human by karichristensen
Loading animation_2 by ivany86

Features by Aeirmid

Sound of Knell by phoenixlu reign of fire by dleoblack Falling from high places by fdasuarez John Taylor by blazewu
01-7-3 by hoooook day dreaming by B03DI Curses and Smoke by ClintCearley Guardian of Chaos by HFesbra
7b by 25kartinok Chinese mythology 4 by rororei MoonRiver2013-12-21 by lorlandchain

Features by Staff

James McAvoy by Yuschaf COMISSION: Lake by Neferit Spiral In The Mist by Undead-Academy Dreamer Mask: Emergence (3D Printed) by Lumecluster
Game-of-tarots by Marko-Djurdjevic

Hello all, I hope you're all doing good!
as always I go on a little hunt to look for 
hidden gems that lurk in the sea of new, 
traditional deviations, If you see any that
you like then please fave, comment and/or
'Watch' the featured artists work
so until next time
SEE YA!! :wave:



A little bird told me by inewportcoyote by thehesitationwaltzwaxwing by thehesitationwaltz
38291 412057794565 536779565 4367703 4013152 N by KesavaokawijayaThepath by LeslieEvans


Autumn dragon by dallia-artThe beautiful thing by Chamjari
Blasted Zombie Paintup 2 by PilcrowDesignsUntitled by RSH33

I'm sure they will love the suggestions :giggle: again....
= Or if all fails, send a suggestion to =
Moonbeam13 Ikue fourteenthstar Thunderstatement Shyree

Don't know what DD's are? Click here -->

Total Drama Models - FINALE

Tue Sep 30, 2014, 7:33 PM

Welcome to Total Drama Models!

We did it! We made it all the way to the finale of Total Drama Models! I am so proud of every single player that joined this competition. There has been so much improvement in both the models and their owners that shows just how worthwhile this ride was. Without any further ado, let's reveal who wins first place of Total-Drama-Models and gets to take home premium membership given by Lets-Get-Saiko, and 100 :points: to the runner-up! 

Week 9

This week, you girls will be doing a BEAUTY SHOOT! This is the last time to prove your inner strength to everyone, so make it count!


Bullet; Pink No accessories, just makeup and stunning faces!
Bullet; Purple As the usual criteria for beauty shoots go, you MUST limit your shot to shoulders and up!
Bullet; Pink A white or transparent background is preferred so that we can superimpose it onto something for the final three!
Bullet; Purple Submit your photoshoot here when you're done!

tdimodel6 - Zirua
Zirua - Shine Bright Like A Diamond by tdimodel6

Sydney: Those eyes - SLAY! Your eyes caught my attention the most, because of how shining and big they are.. But not only that caught my attention, your beautiful and innocent smile blends so well with everything! That hair is amazing too, best hair of the show, lbr. Again, so simple, yet so chic, AND very bright. Zirua, you've proved that you deserved to come back!
Valkaria by TotalDramaHighschoolValkaria: Look at this girl! You went with the sweet covergirl vibe that we don't see very often from you! Your shoulder pose works very well; it's almost as if this was a candid photo. With a sweet photo like this I would have chosen a brighter makeup choice, but it does really make your eyes pop!

katidoodlesmuch - Ingrid C.
Beauty by katidoodlesmuch

Valkaria by TotalDramaHighschoolValkaria: Once again, your eyebrows never cease to impress! Your eyes also give out this very confident vibe, and your hair flows very gracefully. You remind me of a rose: beautiful, but watch out for the thorns! Tilting your head more would have given you a bit more intensity, but you're already an intense girl!
Sydney: Wow, you're incredibly beautiful too! You look like a pure divine goddess about to catch her prey aka men... Of course, the make is FLAWLESS - that eyeshadow is amazing, it fits your pale skin so well! It pops your eyes out so well too! Your hair is also beautifully groomed! The eyebrow game is strong too... But I feel like you arched your back too much and it makes you seem a bit.. hmm weird? Maybe, but this still remains a flawless shot from you! Amazing job.

Galactic-Red-Beauty - Ingrid G. 
Ingrid G-Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful by Galactic-Red-Beauty

Sydney: This is STUNNING! You're seriously SO beautiful and I'm lovin' the seductive, sexy AND fierce side!!! The make-up... FLAWLESS. I love those smokey-red round lips along with that smokey dark eyeshadow - perfect combination, along with those flawless lashes! Your hand and your hair also complete your photo 100%!!!! Bravo, girl<3
Valkaria by TotalDramaHighschoolValkaria: The hands along your shoulders were a very nice touch and gives it a very sultry and welcoming look! The eyes are also stunning, although they appear to be a bit off-center, but still pull off the look well. I'm getting a very femme-fatale vibe from this shot, and I love it!

The callout for the final of World's Top Model was decided by using two factors: Porfolios and Fan Vote.

For the Portfolio section, the judges averaged out the top three models' callouts from the beginning until now.

For the Fan Vote section, we let the community decide who they thought should win the ultimate prize.

At the end, we factored both sections together. Now, I bring you the winner of Total Drama Models:


Ingrid G! Congratulations on winning Total Drama Models! You have definitely come a long way since the beginning of the season, and you really showed the judges AND the fans how amazing you can be! Claim your prize, and enjoy your bragging rights!

Second place goes to Ingrid C. CAN YOU BELIEVE TWO INGRIDS, IN THE FINAL TWO NO LESS? Stranger things have happened! You did amazingly, and we are so glad to see you win second place!

Zirua, you returned from the comeback challenge and BLEW US AWAY! We are really sorry you didn't win, but you definitely deserved to get this far! Congratulations on third place!

And thank you to all of those lovely models out there that competed in our show! We hope that you enjoyed this season of Total-Drama-Models!

so, in general, amazon has opened their preorders…

and for European people, has opened their preorders…

and here is an option on TFAW…

i will post update on the other cover availability as soon as i know the exact info, a bit annoying but we'll get there :)
Upgrade for the XPS Blender addon.

Change log.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved compatibility with XPS/XNALara Mesh Versions.
  • Mod Protection. When exporting a Mesh you have the option to protect the mesh (only applies to binary meshes). When you try to import a protected mesh the addon will show a message in the blender console indicating that the mesh is protected. And will not import the model.
  • Better Blender internal Materials. Import and you have a model that looks just like in XPS! (well... almost). Don't know how to reproduce the XPS reflections, and the micro bumps masks. If you can enlighten me, please do so.
  • Hide Bone  Buttons. 3 new buttons: Unused hiddes all the bones witch names start with unused. Vertex Group hiddes bone chais that do not belong a vertex group that influences the mesh. Show All Shows all hidden bones.(hidden bones are just moved to the layer 2 of the armature, so make sure you clean up before exporting)
and the best one of all...
No more stupid rips needed!! In the previous version you needed to ensure you have 1 uv coordinate per vertex. So you needed to create rips in the models. NOT ANY MORE. The addon manages it for exporting and importing so you don't need to merge doubles either. (The addon considers 2 point with the exact same coordenates and normal as the same vertice)

Happy modding/posing!

PS: Forgot to mention this in the previous version too. You can use Quands or Ngons to model and the addon will convert to triangles where necesary. ;)


Message Center Management

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 1:00 AM by Windklang:iconwindklang:

Community Week

Everyone who is on dA for some time knows the story:
You are new to dA, you enjoy every little drop of attention. You thank everyone for every llama and every favorite. You respond to every comment at length, you return smileys and you comment on all the artwork that your watchers post. After two weeks you have already joined a couple of groups and you enjoy receiving more art you are interested in from different people in your message-center. You also take part in some contests and you get updated every now and again.
Then there is a weekend - you are for some reason absent.
On monday you take your time to come back to work, and in the evening you want to relax, looking at some nice art on dA - BUT - when you open your profile, you already see that you got several hundreds of messages in your inbox  omfg  .

I feel the love by celesse

Even if you catch up with your messages: You know from that moment, that you need to organize your message center somehow, or you cannot add any groups or watch more people than you already do. Maybe you stop thanking for llamas or favs, or you stop responding to very short comments. However, you might feel bad about that.
So I decided to make out how other deviants deal with their message-center. I picked mostly deviants who have been on dA for a very long time already. I asked Community Volunteers as well as senior-members and others. I will give you an insight of what they told me, and summarize each section with some tips. Of course those are only suggestions and show how it is commonly handled. You can just pick what helps you personally.

I have too many Messages by Dragon-of-Midnight

Comments on profile pages and artworks

It is very clear, that all deviants prefer answering even short comments on their profile page and artworks if they somehow can. Communication, appreciation and love for interaction seems to be the motivation to do this even though there are often only small messages. Especially friendly comments, encouraging words, critiques, comments that are longer than 3 words and questions are always answered. Still: Most of the experienced  deviants seem to stop responding to very short messages at some stage. This would include messages like "thank you for the fave/llama" and such. They also delete emote-only-comments, chain-comments (you know this "send-it-to-10-other-people"-Thing), one-word messages, :points:-beggars and any sort of spam.


  • If you feel flooded, stop responding to short messages.
  • Make the decision and delete messages without bad conscience!
  • Return Llamas instead of thanking for them. To give llamas with one single click install this script by Kishan-Bagaria
  • Include a general "You are welcome" for the messages you are not going to answer anymore in your profile-widget, or create a custom widget if you are a premium member.
    Please understand, that I am not going to reply to comments like:
    Thank you for the llama
    Thank you for the fave
    --> You are most welcome - go off and create more art instead of thanking me :)
    I gave it to you because you deserve it, and because I KNOW you appreciate it - show your appreciation in being creative!

  • Sometimes it is even more efficient to use images like these:

    Don't thank me for.. stamp by wol4ica-stockLongButton: No Thanks PLZ by Emotikonz


Notes are commonly considered the most important sort of messages in our message centers. Almost all deviants claim to answer them first. Nobody mentioned that she or he ever got mixed up with notes. However, it happened to me, since I tend to manage a lot of group-stuff but also my projects like contests via notes. However, it seems to be the best organized part of our message center.


  • Check your notes first before you start sifting through less important messages.
  • Create folders also for notes, even if you think you might not need to get back to the notes. - Do not leave all of them in the inbox after reading
  • mark notes as unread if you read, but need to go back to them later again

I HEART Receiving Notes Stamp by BasmaSmiley  NOte Spam Stamp by HlTLER  Notes are like Drugs... by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me

DeviantWATCH stacks from watchers

Watching a certain deviant seems to be quite supervalued by a lot of people who are trying to reach a certain amount of watchers and freak out when they reach it. My little research has shown, that most deviants don't comment on people's deviations more often than on others (like those they receive from groups). Commenting and keeping track of a deviant seems to be a privilege that most times occurs after a very good interaction or if the deviant is considered as friend, or even close friend.


  • Use the tools to your advantage. If you are interested in certain aspects of someone you watch, there's the ability to watch certain things from your friends or watchers. Like deviations only, journals only, etc.
  • If one of the artists you watch submits regularly to a group you also watch, consider watching the deviant for his Journals only, receiving his art through the group.

I Have Silent Watchers Stamp by Torotix   I :heart: my ACTIVE watchers by StampsByNeekko   Anti-Silent Watchers Stamp by just-a-web-artist

DeviantWATCH stacks from groups

Most deviants have more groups on their watch list than they are actively watching.
Still there are amazingly many deviants who watch over 100 groups and still receive all messages (meaning: not turned e. g. Deviations off), and sift through all the notifications! Therefore it seems to me, that watching groups is more important than watching Deviants. I suppose, that latter is more for the purpose of interaction and friendship and groups rather for exploring more art and enjoying group news...


  • Turn off deviations in groups that tend to accept a lot of deviations per day/week, especially those, who accept without a voting process or limitations.
  • Open your stacks and delete pictures that don't draw your attention. Go to those you like afterwards and enjoy.

How to catch up after hiatus

Everyone seems to know the phenomenon. Take in account, that most deviants consider notes to be the most important kind of notification. They tend to answer those first.

Hiatus Sign + PLZ by Mirz123


  • Either you start with deleting all things that were outdated or not important, or you start answering the most important things first.
  • Create folders at the left side of your message center and sample journals or deviations to look at them later. This way you can keep them without being stressed and still get to a zero in the message-center counting.
  • Figure out which journals were outdated and delete those first.
  • tend to reply to notes and comments first.
  • Most deviants drop group deviations first.

Hiatus by nidhi-rathish

Last but not least

I think that the most important thing to learn when you feel stressed is the following:

Stop having a bad conscience about deleting stuff. Do not feel obliged to see every single message going through your message center. Of course there might be certain obligations, but most of the things have one main purpose: to bring some love and happiness to people and make you smile. Considering this you might find, that all those lovely notifications fail their purpose if they start to stress you. Make up your mind for priorities. If you lose interest in one group, just unwatch it and move on to the next (at least as long as you did not take any responsibility e. g. as contributor).
Those groups and people who really deserve it and give you back what you are putting into will automatically stay on your watch list and those will also understand if you skip some things for whatsoever reason :).

Remember to enjoy ;) It's the key :)

I wish you all the best, and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to comment below :). I will be happy to help if I can :).

dA Love by ClefairyKid

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Did You Know - NotesNotes
Within your Message Center you also have a section that is for notes only. Notes are something like deviantARTs internal mails.
Your Notes center can be easily reach by either clicking on the little note symbol in your menu or by selecting the Notes tab in your Message Center.

On the left side you have - similar to your regular Message Center - your notes menu. Beside 6 default folders (Inbox, Unread, Starred, Sent Notes, Drafts and Spam) you also can add your own custom folders to organize notes.

The little number next to the folder indicates how many notes you currently have there.
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Do's and don'ts for flawless interactionNot much to say about this.
Just some basic tips and tricks for flawless interaction on DeviantArt Nod 
:bulletyellow: Watch people when you honestly find them interesting.
:bulletyellow: Watch your friends, even if they don't have amazing art. It helps you stay updated with their progress.
:bulletyellow: Watch groups. They'll offer you a fine selection of art you're interested in, and will help you discover new (interesting) artists.
:bulletyellow: Check the faves of people you watch. As you like their work, you might have similar tastes in art. Checking their faves might help you find cool art.
:bulletyellow: Recommend art from people that you watch for a Daily Deviation (if good art, of course).
:bulletyellow: Uncheck all boxes when watching. There's nothing more disappointing than an empty watch.

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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 8:26 PM

Holaa :D
Bueno, con :iconimhappywithyou: planeamos un concurso con la temática de Halloween.
Wiiii >3< Es la única festividad que me gusta :'D

Tienen que dibujar al Oc de ImHappyWithYou y al mio celebrando o haciendo cualquier cosa que tenga que ver con Halloween, les dejo un par de dibujos para que tengan referencias :3


Ficha - mei by ImHappyWithYou 
Mei-Chan by ImHappyWithYou  My tourquise W O R  L D by ImHappyWithYou


Ficha AT: Mar by Y0S0yMar
Id nuevo nuevo(? by Y0S0yMarMar Y Maro by Y0S0yMar

Las reglas son bastantes simples:

.-Darle favorito a este journal.
.-Comentar que quieres participar.
.-Tienen que dibujarlas a las dos juntas, no hay excepciones.
.-Tienen que estar haciendo algo, no deben estar paradas simplemente, es para que exploten su imaginación XD
.-Se aceptan dibujos tradicionales como digitales, así que no se preocupen.
.-Tiene que tener color, no vale blanco y negro, ni skecth.

.-NO se permite usar bases
.-NO pueden calcar otro dibujo o editarlo
.-NO insultar otros dibujos
.-NO roben ideas de otros artistas!!

Se pide:
.-Que respeten la personalidad de cada uno de los Oc's a dibujar
.-Respeten las entradas de los demás participantes
.-No sean llorones si no ganan(?? okno XD
.-Que en lo posible, estén disfrazadas :v

La idea de esto es que sean originales. Mientras más originalidad mejor. 
Llegan a romper una de estas reglas y serás descalificado, no hay excepciones ni nada por el estilo si creen que con un "lo siento" vuelven a poder participar >:C

Cumpliendo eso, ya podrían participar tranquilamente jeje :3

El concurso se realizara a partir del 1 de Octubre hasta el 31 del mismo, tienen un mes para hacer su entrada. Por ser de temática Halloween, No habrá expansiones de la fecha limite, quedas avisado, luego no te quejes >:C

Ahora, lo más importante :D Los premios:

El primer lugar ganará:
200 puntos por parte de ImHappyWithYou
Un dibujo full color por parte mía o de Happy :3

El segundo lugar recibirá:
150 puntos, de los cuales 25 por parte de ImHappyWithYou y 125 mio
Un chibi de parte mía

Tercer lugar:
100 puntos de parte mia 
Un chibi de parte de ImHappyWithYou

Esperamos que participen y más que nada, esperamos que se diviertan :D
Si hay muchos participantes, se agregaran más premios 
Y si gustan donar algún premio, se te será agradecido eternamente :heart:

Chaitoo :3

CSS and graphics by ImHappyWithYou and Y0S0yMar