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What is a Photoshop action?

Photoshop action is a recorded photo editing steps, using Photoshop. Many people recorded their own editing steps and share it for public to use.
In DA,  Photoshop actions are really popular among photographers, Some are free to download and use. 
Photoshop actions usually comes as a RAR/ Zip file. 

How to download a Photoshop Action?

Step 1
Search for Photoshop actions

Step 2 
Pick your desired action and on the right under Favorite button you going to find a Download button

Step 3 
Press on "Download"  button and choose a folder to save in. Then press "Save"

How to use a Photoshop Action?

Step 1
After downloading the action, go to the folder you saved the action file in.
then right click on the file, then Extract to... 

and it should be like this 

Step 2
 Open Adobe Photoshop and open a photo.

Step 3 
Go to " Window" then " Action " 

Step 4 
New window on the right will be open. press on the little arrow on the top right corner.

Step 5
Go to " Load actions" and click on 

Step 6 
Go to the folder you saved and extract the action file in, 

double click on the folder you're going to find an "atn" file then click on " Load" below 

Step 7
Go to your background layer double click on to unlock. new window will open click "OK"

Step 8 
Select the action you want then click on the " Play"  arrow in the bottom to apply and watch changes 

The result 


How to record your own Action ?

Step 1
Open the actions window same as in the step 3 above 
Then click on the folder shape below under the actions lists to create an " action Set "

Then name the set and click " OK"

Step 2 
Click on the fold Paper shape to create new action

Name your action and click "Record"

The Red dot will be on

Step 3 
After editing your photo all the steps will be recorded click on the square " Stop" button and you're DONE 


-Use one of the following Photoshop actions and link us back with your photo 
Photoshop Blossom Actions by lieveheersbeestje JJ's PSD+ATN 19 by enhancers PS: Pink Frost Action by Jules1983 
soft glow action by Laura1995 in a dream action by Bourniio ACTION 064 "TOASTED FOREST" by ModernActionsPink candy by pamba by Pamba


Smooth Lights by SiamailyaDeFog 


:bulletpink: Action used by lieveheersbeestje
  Photoshop Blossom Actions by lieveheersbeestje
:bulletpink: Photo credit SaRaH-22 
Hello little kitty by SaRaH-22

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