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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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A Tribute to Robin Williams

Fri Aug 22, 2014, 10:38 AM

Editor’s Note:

Why did we delay for more than a week the publishing of this remembrance? Because to properly reflect the impact of this loss on the millions of Robin Williams fans worldwide, we wanted to be sure to capture a true sense of the torrent of love for Robin pouring in from the community in the form of heartfelt portraits and other tribute art.

We chose the “best” pieces to accompany our own prose tribute, but the “best” kept being supplanted by “better bests.” There is no end to the river of love for Robin Williams and we expect no end to the fabulous tributes artists will pay to his work.

Why Robin Williams Was Important
(You already knew he was funny.)

The official obituaries are disappointing. Descriptions of his humor rely heavily on “you had to be there.” They are unable to use words to describe the manic madness that was a Robin Williams performance in full flight (improvisational probing of the uncaged and directionless zeitgeist of the youth of the times, 1978–80).

Robin Williams’ early work—zany stand–up comic then hitting big-time with prime time network sitcom—is followed by an appreciation of his skills as a comic actor in the Hollywood studio feature films that followed, the places where most of Robin Williams’ millions of fans worldwide came to know and love him: places like The World According to Garp (1982), Moscow-on-the-Hudson (1984), Good Morning Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), The Fisher King (1991), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Good Will Hunting (1997). Robin Williams’ good–natured optimism and genuine love for humanity shined brightly on the big screen.

But to achieve such success in the movies meant disappearing the demonic anarchic spirit that animated Robin Williams’ early comedy club days—the very thing that electrified a lost and “stagflated” post-punk generation. Robin Williams in the movies was all of his wild energy minus any danger. He might have been the next Lenny Bruce, or even at least the next George Carlin, had his be-all, end-all work ethic not dictated that he accept roles in one studio picture after another, regardless of quality. His need to always be on, always pleasing people, resulted in so many of his movie roles being so insultingly far beneath the potentials of his true talents. Edgier projects never had a chance of organically evolving to emerge from his febrile imagination. He had to be constantly working instead of nurturing. It defined him.

Tragically, the same intense drive to always be working plus a ton of sudden wealth resulted in a cocaine addiction that took a serious toll on his health. He suffered through decades of rough divorces, of being on and off the rehab wagon, and a major heart surgery.

For those familiar with his career from his earliest stand–up days, this once whirling dervish’s gradual loss of comedic velocity was as painful to watch as it no doubt must have been for him to endure.  His final HBO special shows him to be just as funny as other HBO star stand-ups, the sadness being he was once pure genius, light-years ahead of the usual stuff. To see him falling back on bits of decades-old improv when new jokes died was a bit of irony the young Robin Williams would have savored and savaged.

The official chroniclers of our society tend to focus on “success” (especially financial) and how a person attained that success as the core narrative of an individual’s life. But very often a performer’s importance in influencing society lies not in being a role model over the lifetime of a successful career (e.g., the emphasis on how much money Robin Williams’ decades of movies made) but in some spark they provided to the inchoate consciousnesses of their audiences in the early days. The no-limits comedic freedom and anarchy represented by Robin Williams in his first few years on the stand-up scene may have been his lasting legacy, the TV and movies that followed reflecting a mere single facet of his talent, rather than a laboratory for honing his improvisational magic.

The word comes in that it was a Parkinson’s diagnosis that finally made Robin Williams fall to Earth. After having lived through his college roommate Christopher “Superman” Reeves’ quadriplegia and his friend John Belushi’s drug overdose death, this final cruel joke on him—this physical comedian extremis gradually losing half his language with his audience—was one cosmic irony he could finally find no humor in.

What will live on forever will be the pure unadulterated, sheer joy the mere sight of Robin Williams’ smiling face brought and will always bring to his fans. This joy is reflected back in an inundation of the deviantART website with over 5000 portraits and other “Robin-pieces” made and shared by the worldwide deviantART community of artists just since his passing. An evening at the movies with this man, even in his most formulaic “dramedies,” will always mean a psychic cleansing for the millions who love him, a receiving of this holy man’s gift of healing through laughter and his talent at transporting us to where we can indulge a return to our most childlike happiness.

But, wow, just remembering Robin Williams burning down the clubs in 1979—and imagining what could have been... Well, I guess you had to be there.

Questions for The Reader

  1. Do you think Robin Williams could have remained a vital comedian and comic actor even as he battled Parkinson’s disease? Have you battled disease while pursuing your art?

  2. Do you think that all great artists possess hidden “darkness” of the heart or mind that adds a powerful poignancy to their work? The funnier the comic, the more intense the suppressed dark side?

  3. Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

  4. Do you think it’s possible for successful artists to fight the allure of the more exotic dangerous diversions, deal with chronic depression, deal with serious diseases, yet still continue to create art successfully? Is a strong community a key to avoiding these hazards?

  5. Almost every comedic interaction from Robin Williams produced an immediate sense of well–being for the audience. Are there works of visual art or literature that have this effect on you?

Suicide Prevention & Support

If you or someone close to you needs additional emotional or psychological support, please contact your local suicide prevention hotline.

If you reside within the U.S., please click here.

If you reside Internationally, please click here.

Celebrate deviantART's 14th Birthday!

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:03 AM

Fourteen years of existence marks a period of growth, change, and introspection — an era of creativity and emotion that leads to long-term personal and artistic development. As we celebrate deviantART's 14th birthday, we want to thank all of you for joining in on the journey of growth and development, from the deviants who have been here from the start to the deviants who are starting out their deviantART experience today.


How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist? Tell us your story through an art feature Journal!


Visit the Write a Journal Entry page to get started.

Using the deviantART section of the sidebar, search for deviations to include in your Journal.

Click on the art you want to include to add it to your Journal.

Feature five (or more!) works in your Journal, and tell us a bit about why you've chosen each artwork you feature!

Title your Journal My deviantART Story, then post it to the Art Features category.


Comment on this article with a link to your "My deviantART Story" Journal to get the 14th Birthday Profile Page Badge!


This Journal is currently Under Revision. 
Points have been brought to my attention that have caused me to need to revise this journal. 
I am still digging around on my free time to see if I can find a way around this. I will update daily. 

Please note that this is specifically for Artists who use Paypal to sell digital goods.

OK, so there has been many artists being scammed lately through Paypal with large chargebacks. If you have been hit by a chargeback recently please feel free to note me and I will try my best to help you out. 

The rest of this journal is information on how to better protect yourself against scams, fraud, and/or chargebacks.

What is a Chargeback, and How do I protect myself from one?

So first we need to understand what a Chargeback is. 
By filing a chargeback, buyers ask their credit card issuer to reverse an approved transaction.
Common reasons for chargebacks include:
  • An item was paid for but never received.
  • An item received was significantly different than described.
  • An item was damaged in shipping.
  • A credit card number was used fraudulently.

for further information on how to respond to a chargeback please read Paypal's simple tutorial:…

Now that we know what chargebacks are, let's go over Paypal's policy and how they handle the situation should it arise. 
A Chargeback cannot be stopped from occurring. Paypal does offer seller protection that will cover the costs of your goods should a chargeback happen, however, you will have to fight for it and if you are an artist selling your digital goods (services), you are not covered by that protection. In order to be eligible for the Paypal Seller Protection, what you are selling must meet certain guidelines. If you follow the guidelines then you will be covered by Paypal and you won't lose any funds if someone were to file a chargeback. Please take a moment to read Paypal's Seller Protection Policy:…

How do you Become Eligible for Seller Protection?

PP Seller protection 1 by MDizzle-Designssource

Now, as a digital artist, (or if you live outside of the US) you are out of luck if someone files a chargeback. 
I have talked with other artists and we believe we may have come up with a few helpful solutions.

Step one:
Take a look at your buyer. Look at their page, Have they been buying art for a long time? Are there any negative comments against them? Is it a new account or one that has been established for a while? Does their page look sketchy in any way?
If they seem like a legit, responsible buyer than it is up to you wether or not you need to take the following steps.  

Step Two:
Create an Invoice or Money Request.
I personally feel that you should always use an Invoice or Money Request when receiving payment through paypal. It gives you control over the whole transaction. You get to choose how the transaction is placed and what is said in the message of the transaction (which is especially good when you sell NSFW art. Paypal does not permit the sales of NSFW works or anything of the like. If you are selling NSFW art, then you will not be covered by Seller Protection, I haven't found a way around this.)
Fill out your Money Request, or Invoice to suit your needs. If you are selling digital works then select 'services' instead of 'goods', but note that this will not cover you against a chargeback. 
Add your ToS in the Message if you want, this may help you.

Step Three:
Now, if your buyer/commissioner seems sketchy or if you want the seller protection then we may have figured out a solution.
Take on your commission, but instead sell a full sized print and make it to where it looks like you are selling a print, not just your services.
When writing your policy, be sure to emphasize that they are buying the finalized print from you. This will weight the transaction towards 'goods' instead of 'services', since physical items are being transferred for the funds received. You can better improve your profit if you give the buyer an additional option to buy a frame for an extra fee -- inexpensive, $5-$10 at walmart. Not necessary but further emphasizes that they're buying a final, printed form, not just the service of drawing it. 

You must be able to provide proof of delivery and proof of shipment
PP Proof 1 by MDizzle-DesignsSource

I'm not sure if there is a time limit for when you have to have the Print shipped by. You might be able to add a time frame in the invoice/money request message on when you expect to have the print completed and shipped. If you have insight on this, please feel free to share. 
Respectively, we believe that this has to be one mass payment as well, not multiple payments. 

Personally, I would only use this method if the buyer was sketchy and/or the transaction was large enough to hurt me if a chargeback were ever filed. Also, if I were going to use this method I would charge an extra $10 for the extra time and money I will have to use to get the Print made, but that's all personal preference that I am just tossing out as a suggestion.  

Step Four:
Finish your art, make a print, pack it up, and ship it.
ONLY SHIP IT TO THE VERIFIED ADDRESS THROUGH PAYPAL, if you send it to a different address that they give you then you WILL NOT BE COVERED by Seller Protection.
Make sure you get your proof of shipment and proof of delivery. If you follow these steps and read and follow the Paypal Seller Protection Terms as well as the Paypal User Agreement carefully then you should be covered in case a chargeback were to happen. 

More Info on how to use Invoices and Money Requests 

Get the buyer's paypal email, go to paypal and click the Request Money tab, You can then click Request Money OR Create Invoice

- If you Click Request Money: 
  • Add the recipient's Paypal email. 
  • Add the amount of money you want them to pay you. 
  • if you are selling digital goods, then select 'Services' (no shipping is required), or if you are selling tangible goods then select 'goods'. 
  • Finally you can add your personal message and include your personal ToS if you want to. 
  • click send. 

- If you click Create Invoice:
It's much more detailed. You can create a professional reusable invoice that you can resend to multiple people multiple times. I have never used this tool myself but if you look at it, you can see just how detailed it gets.

:iconhyanna-natsu: "you can create templates, so when you make a new invoice you can choose which template to use, for example, you can have a template for sketch art, other for flat colors, etc.
The invoice will have a date and you can choose a due date if necessary.
And it comes with the part "Terms and Services" where you can put your ToS in the template, so always you create a new invoice the ToS will be there. Also you can add your "Logo" which make the document more official maybe?
Oh plus, you can choose don't show your real name, email, address, etc. in the invoices, just need go in invoice settings."
The invoice will have a date and you can choose a due date if necessary.
And it comes with the part "Terms and Services" where you can put your ToS in the template, so always you create a new invoice the ToS will be there. Also you can add your "Logo" which make the document more official maybe?
Oh plus, you can choose don't show your real name, email, address, etc. in the invoices, just need go in invoice settings."
So it's worth looking at. Go play with it.  :)

Other Safer Methods of Receiving Payment

If you feel that Paypal may not be the best choice for you, there is other ways to be paid. 
the safest method is a Money Order through the USPS or any Western Unions. These are can be insured in case of loss in the shipping process, they are easy to send, and all payments are final; no worries of scams or chargebacks. 
Just have your buyer go to the USPS or Western Union and buy a Money Order, have them ship it to your address, go cash it at a bank and then start drawing! Easy as that! It just takes a couple days to receive it, depending on how long it takes your buyer send it. 

How To Protect Yourself as a Buyer:

If you are buying art, don't ever send payment as a "gift"; this pretty much gives the artist the right to run off with your money.
If the artist insists on sending payment as a gift because they don't want to pay the 2% fee, offer to pay the extra 2%, or don't buy their art, or convince them otherwise. 
Make sure you carefully read the details of the transaction and the artist's Terms of Service (if they have one.)
Save all conversations between you and the artist in case you never get your art. 
If you never get your art and it seems like they have no intentions of giving art to you, then you should be able to file a chargeback through Paypal.

-This Buyer protection section will be revised shortly-

I apologize for the multiple revisions on this journal. I write these after I get home from a long night at work and I'm pretty work out and ready for sleep. I really hope that I didn't forget anything and I hope that you guys find this helpful. I know it's a lot of reading, but it's worth it if you plan on making large Paypal sales in the future. Best of wishes to you all! <3

CLOSED 3000 Point Giveaway!!!!

Wed Aug 6, 2014, 1:58 PM


You know what that means? 3000 POINT GIVEAWAY!! HEEHEE YESSSSSS~!!!!!!


-You must fav the journal.
-Do not tell me you entered or your 'done', ect in the comments, it's annoying ;^;

The awards go in this order:

1st - 1000pts
2nd - 800pts
3rd - 400pts
4th - 200pts
5th - 100pts
6th - 100pts
7th - 100pts
8th - 100pts
9th - 50pts
10th - 50pts
11th - 50pts
12th - 50pts

-Yes! It is possible for you to win more than one award, though unlikely TTvTT
-You don't need to be watching me, though I'd greatly appreciate it ;v; <3
-The giveaway ends on Sunday 10th of August, at 6pm GMT (British Summer Time), at which point I will pick the winners using

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The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:01 AM
The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

When you're young, your teenage years can't come soon enough. Thirteen was fun, but with a whole year as a teenager under your belt, you start to get perspective on what it means to grow up. You're not there yet, but the path ahead is clear and inspiring.

At 14, you start taking on responsibilities and testing out maturity, while continuing to reach for the stars and fostering the creativity that's such an integral part of your life.

DeviantArt's 14th birthday marks the ushering in of this new chapter. For the past year, we've gained perspective on where our journey should lead us next, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you and have you with us every step of the way.

We are where art starts

We are where art starts, but that is only the beginning. We are a community for the creative in everyone to develop and heighten their personal sense of taste, but that's not where it ends. We are the movement for the liberation of creative expression.

We believe that art is for everyone, and we're creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered and shared.

Artists love us because we are an inclusive and supportive community. We help them find their identity through self-expression. We provide the tools, resources and exposure to enable them to become better, more successful artists. We inspire people to create art by feeding their creativity.

The Global Undercurrent of Creativity

We provide endless entertainment and inspiration. This is where you see it first. This is where whatever you're into, no matter how niche, is embraced and expressed by a dedicated community of likeminded creatives. This is where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.


There's no other place like DeviantArt. We are an unapologetically addictive experience. Our world is a prolific orgy of originality where creatives enjoy freedom of artistic expression. We are the deviation of creativity that shatters the confines of expectation. We can't help it — it runs through our veins and compels us to nurture it in others. This is DeviantArt.

Bleed and Breed ArtAngelo Sotira (Spyed) DeviantArt CEO and Co-Founder
Questions for the Reader

And now we turn to you for the next step in our journey. Where should we head next? What would you like to see the DeviantArt community accomplish in the future?

How to become better at art? How to gain necessary skill and how to stay motivated and inspired?

There are no right, or wrong answers to these questions, as we all are different and we have our own creative journeys - but here are some of my thoughts about the topic and I hope that they might be helpful.  :) (Smile) 

1. Make art with your heart 
    Make the art that you enjoy to create. Make what resonates with you, put your heart in it (not literally) and it will show through your artworks. 

2. Be consistent
Commit to yourself. Do something daily, even if it's just a sketch. Perhaps, do a study every morning or make speedpaintings. You may not see the progress at first, but you shouldn't get discouraged by that. Not every single one of your artworks has to be a masterpiece and it's totally okay to have a bad drawing every once in a while, just get over it and move on. 
3. Learn fundamentals
    Color, light, composition, anatomy, perspective, values etc. I wish I would have started with learning all those things. Do some research - there are so many books and tutorials to learn from. Take a look at this lovely video by Sycra (and other of his art related videos), also Proko art channel, and there is also a great pinterest board or check some of these lovely resources:

What Ruins A Painting?
What Ruins A Painting?
(or makes it better)

            We all had those kind of paintings at some point, looking at which we felt something is not right – something is not right – But could not find it. What went wrong? We have put every finest details and all our patience in it. Then?
Art has its own science. Science that makes a successful art – something that comes out exactly you thought of and leaves the same impact on your audience. That science is known as composition in art and music. Where your eyes will go at first, how you will draw attention, how much attention you will draw – these are not luck, but pure science. A well thought designed piece is always successful. So mastering the brushes are not enough, we have to learn about the basics that make a successful art!
Hence, today, we will talk about the 'bad' elements which are solemnly responsible for rui
Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Majnouna Anatomy Lessons: How to improve faster in 6 steps!
'Life Drawing 5' by algaegoblin
Do you know how to sketch human figures but do you want to refine your anatomy skills? Or do you not know anatomy at all and you are tired to trust your imagination? Did you notice you create disproportions in your drawings?
If you are aspiring artists and you already have your own style, you might as well believe you have no need of a guide, but you are wrong. Before exaggerating human proportions and begin to have your own style, you first have to know the basics. 
This little guide is the result of an accurate research and 5 years of high school of art, and it's created for all those who want to learn something new or just make a useful review.
For those who have already studied art, my suggestion is to go to step 6 or trying to repeat all steps in Digital format. 

First of all, if you want to learn faster you should draw using traditi
Get Better At Drawing (Without Drawing Anything)Art is a process.
Like that of the scientific method and philosophical alchemy, art can be refined and improved through process. From observation, to experiment, to reflection and conclusion, art is improved by the steps we make towards change, not solidification and stagnation. Much of the advice out there for drawing is simply “practice” or “avoid distractions”. This advice is good, but there is more to creation than just throwing yourself mindlessly into a task and avoiding bad habits along the way. Good habits and knowledge will help to excel your learning process faster, and from that, improve faster and more effectively.
Look at it
As an artist, observation is key. The skill we develop is not just seeing, but interpreting what we see, remembering what we have seen and recording it in the form of visual art. This is a skill that, aside from blindness or vision degradation, you will be able to improve during your entire life. The way of seeing from an art

4. Have a certain goal

    Think about the main reason - what you want to achieve as an artist? Succesful career? Having astonishing skills or being able to inspire and make others happy? Write that down. Or write that on your wall. Remind yourself of that goal. Remind why it is important and look at it every single time you feel unmotivated. 

5. Be social..
It's so easy to stay away from anyone, to avoid any means of contact with people. As an introvert I totally understand you, BUT you also have to communicate with others and upload your art online. Yes, there might be the judgement and not everyone may like what you do.. but you have to remind yourself, that what you do matters. Learn from others and help those who need advice. Go to art conventions if you can, do some livestreams or watch them and chat with the artists, leave some meaningful comments etc.
6. ..but don't waste all your time online
   Would absolutely reccomend to not check your e-mail, social websites as soon as you wake up. As it's the start of the day and you do something productive, you will feel more fullfiled and motivated for the rest of the day...So often do we tend to spend time looking on blogs and new stuff, and news and cute images.. but why do we procrastinate instead of doing what we love to do? It's so tempting to seek distractions and yes, there is need to socialize, but you have to be also cautious about how you plan your time. As we all have such a limited amount of it. 

7. Seek for improvement
There is always so much to learn. The most effective way, in my opinion, would be challenging yourself with every new artwork, so you could study things about what you want to paint/draw and learn along the way. Ask others for opinions, seek for meaningful critique and don't be afraid to ask questions. 

8. Let go of negativity
   Not all people have a positive attitude and not all of them will support others. 
For example, as I was drawing on livestream yesterday, there was a one viewer, who said that I hold the pen the wrong way. Simple as that. That my parents never taught me how to hold it "the right way". Well, I explained that is just the way how I hold it (in fact, one of my first childhood memories was when I held the pencil for the first time and I was told that I should do that differently, but as a rebel I have always been, I've been holding it the way I wanted ever since)... why would it bother anyone else? 
People sometimes are just ignorant or jealous and It's known that one bad comment will have bigger impact on artist than 10 good ones... so if you ever meet such a person, who without any reason wants to ruin your day to make themselves feel better - ignore them, block them. Spread the positivity instead - if you admire other artists work, simply tell them - fave their work, leave a nice comment. 

9. Study from life
Observe things. How shadow works, how light shines in the sunset, how different textures look. You will notice small things and see the beauty in them. Sketch what you see around, go and do some en plein air studies, gather some photo references from your local place. Travel around, experience life and be inspired.

10. Believe in yourself
    Not as easy as it may sound. Like, there are so many motivational books, speeches, posts about it, but only you know the answer. Who else will believe in you, who else will know that you are going to make things happen?  
You and only you are in charge of your life. 
You'll know what are the best choices, as you'll follow the feeling of what feels right.
You are the one who can make things happen.
So.. go ahead and make the best of every single day. 
..because you know that you can.

So, how about you - what are your thoughts about becoming a better artist? 

This week I found some lovely resources - this inspiring article - advice for emerging artists, amazing Nathan Fowkes artworks on his blog (the use of light and colours are just so stunning), this great video about building your art career, cool reference and anatomy images by Paolo Siega, inspirational interview with juliedillon by wicked-fairytale, this awesome tumblr post with huge list of movies and tv series with links to watch them online for free and a TED talk "Embrace the shake" by incredible artist - Phil Hansen, about how limitations can unleash creativity. :) 


P.S. I quite frequently post some sketches and artworks in my art tumblr - and I have a weekly Music Sunday post on  and weekly 8 songs playlist. 
and a youtube art channel. :) 

Have a wonderful week!

"If you hear a voice within you say "you cannot paint", than by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."      /Vincent Van Gogh

300 point lottery!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 29, 2014, 3:33 PM

Hello everyone, this will be a short journal :D
I am giving away 300 points in this lottery and here's what you have to do to enter:

+fav this journal :D that's it
-winner will be announced in 2 days :la: 

I will use to pick a number from 1 to the number of favs my journal has at the time, and then the winner is the person who's number corresponds (in the fav section of the journal you will notice favs are counted when you click on 'who')

I will be making a series of lotteries to celebrate my art book, which will be printed in a limited number and you can only get it until September 20 :D

So until September 20 i will also make point lotteries :D So there will be more chances of winning. Also the winner of the previous lotteries are not eligible to win a second time (although it's highly unlikely for the same person to win twice
I might give away a free art book copy but that depends if i get many orders or not ^^

So, check out my art book here:

Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza

Lit: Characters and Settings

Tue Aug 26, 2014, 5:00 AM by GrimFace242:icongrimface242:

Gallery Descriptions Month

Have you ever wandered through the Literature Gallery here on dA and wondered what the Characters & Settings sub category was for?  Then ask no more.  It should almost be obvious what goes in here, but let's play dumb for a minute. 

The Characters & Settings gallery is NOT for your prose, poetry or scripts.  Finished stories or poems don't belong here.  They belong in their own categories.  Here, we should find character information.  Well what is character information:

  • Characters Sheets.  Any character sheet that you've completed for your character(s) and would like to share.  Blank sheets should be submitted to the Resources & Stocks > Tutorials > Writing gallery.
  • Character Profiles or Biographies.  You wrote a short description or history for your character but it won't be included in the final cut of your story.
  • Setting the Scene.  Like a Character Description but for your setting, it's a description of the world your story is set in.  Which could vary from a lengthy History Of to a brief listing of fantasy races/species.
  • Plot Outlines. A full outline of the how the story will begin, move forward and eventually end all put together into a single deviation.
  • Synopsis. This is a brief summary of what your story is about and usually consists of a few paragraphs, sometimes includes a list of characters but definitely includes the end of the story.  This is what would be sent to publishers/agents/reviewers/betas.
  • Blurbs. Similar to a synopsis, but not the same.  A blurb includes the same things as a synopsis EXCEPT the ending.  It's the back of the book summary that you use to hook a reader in.

Here are some examples of what you should expect to find in the

Characters & Settings Gallery:

Ally's Complete Updated Bio
Verse:  Creepypasta/ Slenderverse. Ally can be viewed as either.
Name:  Ally
Alias: Slender Doll, Ally-Doll, Nightmare Puppet, Victorian Ghost Child, Nightmare Bringer, Wind-Up Child, Operator's Doll, Operator's Puppet
Species:  Half-human/ Half-Slender
Gender:  Female
Sexual Preference:  Pansexual
Age:  118 (looks 18)
Birthdate: 12/6/1895
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: East Berlin, Germany
Blood Type: AB+
Alignment: Unknown
Affiliation: Slenderman/ Slender's Proxies
Occupation:  Unknown
Figure:  Petite; Slim (Normal), Widowy; Slender (Nightmare)
Height: 5' 4' (Normal)/ 6' 1' (Nightma
I Cared More Than You Thought (Dan's Backstory)Dan followed Katharine through the dense forest, following the path they took everyday to the mines. He looked around at the scenery surrounding them which included a variety of tall trees, bushy plants, and tall grass. His nine-year-old mind was captivated with nature and creatures.
However, he was not very fond of deer or bunnies or dogs. He rather found happiness from the opposite.
Dan kneeled down as a small, green snake slithered out from a patch of rocks. Swiftly, he picked it up and held the serpent near the head so it could not turn and bite him.
"Hi there..." he said as he stood up. "I'm Daniel." he smiled.
The snake squirmed a bit, and Dan watched it. 
He was very fond of the cold-blooded. Reptiles were his favorite animals. He was teased for it back at the camp, but he didn't mind. He captured lizards and snakes whenever he wanted, and he hid them from their leader.
"Daniel!" Katharine screamed and stormed over to him. "Do you want us to get another penalty!?" she snapp
Timeline of Flora DeMacey (Part I)Timeline of Flora DeMacey
Birth – 7 years: Born on the 8th May X771 in the town of Dahlia in Fiore, Flora was the fourth child of Vico DeMacey and Pollyanna DeMacey (Neè Brookfield) and the younger sibling of her three brothers Eligio, Devin and Martino. Flora’s Father was a man of tradition, wishing to uphold the male values of the DeMacey family line as all children baring the last name for the past three generations have all been boys including himself, all of which being proud members of the all male guild Quatro Cerberus. Always having the desire to raise a family of four boys and have them follow his footsteps, Vico felt a disappointment to the birth of his daughter, trying again a few years later and Pollyanna giving birth to her younger brother, Fabio, in X786 to fulfill his wish.
Flora spent a lot of her childhood chasing after her older brothers wishing to share in their activities, the only one willing to acknowledge her being her oldest br

Character Sheet: E.D.G.E.
Name: Isaac Grave
Nicknames:: E.D.G.E., The Abhorrent, The Wakeless
Age: 26 at The Fall. Currently unknown.
Height: 187.6cm (6 foot 1 inch)
Weight: 79kg (155 lbs)
No history currently exists for the humanoid known as Edge. His name has been taken from the engraving on his isolation chambers, possibly an acronym whose meaning has been lost with the passage of time. His outward appearance betraying his physical and mental abilities, Edge stands just over 187cm with slight build, red hair, and skin a slight pallid color. Upon his face and neck appear numerous scars, looking to have been caused by a blade of some kind. His most notable features naturally, Edge's eyes are two separate colors. His right its natural blue, the left an amber color. Along with it's unique appearance, his augmented eye provides incredible
My TF OC Relationship list. *WIP*This will show who belongs to who:
Decepticon Redbolt:
- Son of Grayscar and Skylove
- Twin to Boltfang
- Half Brother to Redstar
- Brotherly figure to Volume and Black Hole.
- Mate Flare and several others.
Autobot Boltfang:
- Son of Grayscar and Skylove
- Twin to Redbolt
- Half Brother to Redstar
- Mate to Seastar
Decepticon Grayscar:
- Father of Boltfang and Redbolt
- Mate to Skylove
Autobot Skylove:
- Mother of Boltfang, Redbolt and Redstar
- Mate to Grayscar
Autobot Ninjadash:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Older Brother to Tunefusion and Silversong
- Also OFFICIAL son to Huntress
- Secret crush to Sweetaquawave.
Autobot Tunefusion:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Younger Brother to Ninjadash
- Older Brother to Silversong
- Also Official son to Huntress/Silverstar
Autobot Ninjadash:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Younger Sister to Tunefusion and Ninjadash
- Also son
Fire Touched Blurb
Being Ungifted is a death sentence in Agansi, where almost everyone is born under an element. Kirilee, born Ungifted, recieves the rarest element during a tragedy in which both her parents die. On the other side of the country, a boy with the same rare element becomes King after his father dies. Tyan's step-brother, jealous of being looked over, has put a plan into action. A plan that, if Tyan and Kirilee cannot combat, will be the end of civilization forever.
Everyone controls an element. The elements are fire, earth, water, air, and darkness. There are also shapeshifters, and a strange race called the Katani.
Kirilee - Fireling - Main Protagonist
Tyan - Fireling - Main Protagonist
Jason - Shapeshifter - Main Antagonist
Jessamine - Shapeshifter - Main Antagonist
Kikeh - Waterling - Protagonist
Thorne - Darkling - Protagonist
other characters to be added as story progresses
The Blackburn Family LegendUnpopular Dawn Blackburn isn't an ordinary seventeen year old sorceress. Unknown to her she is the reincarnation of the famous sorceress Amity Blackburn. With high grades and a love for doing mostly everything, Dawn couldn't be happier.
Dawn's life changes drastically when her powers awaken. Suddenly she gets two best friends Cecilia Lockwood and Phoebe Cartwright, classmates who never looked at her twice before and the most popular boy in school, Ivan Saravia, starts to bug her like crazy. Freaked out by how suddenly she changed from keeping to herself to having two best friends, Dawn tries to find the answer. When she gets hit with the astonishing truth, she finds herself fighting demons and protecting the people she loves. Just like Amity did years ago. Elliot, Dawn's older brother, and her best friends have mythical powers of their own and help her battle against the demons. Will Dawn manage to keep the people she loves safe? What would happen if she fails and the demons won?

Fan Fiction On deviantART

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What Is Fan Fiction?

Everyday, we are inspired by movies, television, novels, and other forms of media. They engage our minds with a variety of stories and characters, their plights and triumphs, their everyday minutiae. Fan fiction authors are so enamored with these other worlds and their inhabitants that they must partake in the stories which have brought them so much enjoyment. They expand on the current universe, explain gaps in the narrative and delve into characters' motivations.

A good fan fiction (or fanfic) is more than simple borrowing another writer's characters and universe. The fan fiction author must immerse his or her readers in the story, make them believe it is a natural extension of the source material. Characters have their own mannerisms and quirks; each universe has its own history and rules that need to be followed. The fan fiction author must master the nuances of those characters and the world they inhabit (unless purposely writing a parody).

Fan Fiction On deviantART

Fan Fiction has its own gallery, located inside Literature. Here are two screen shots of the "Browse Art" screen, showing Fan Fiction's location and its sub-galleries.

Fanfic Category Screen1 by SingingFlames  Fanfic Category Screen2 by SingingFlames

Inside the Fan Fiction gallery are several sub-galleries: Drama, General Fiction, Horror, Humor, Romance and Sci-Fi. Any submissions to Fan Fiction should go into the most applicable sub-gallery.

Fan Fiction Terms

When browsing fan fiction, there are many terms that pop up repeatedly. Here are some of the more popular ones.

  • Alternate Universe (AU) - Also Alternate Reality (AR), Alternate Timeline (AT). An AU fiction has some detail or details that differ significantly from the source, be it with the characters or the setting.
  • Angst - Angst stories revolve around emotional trials and/or suffering.
  • Canon - Canon is the source material that fan fiction is based off of. It is any information provided by official sources, connected with the franchise.
  • Crack/Crackfic - Crackfics are fan fictions written with the intention of being ridiculous, beyond normal humor standards.
  • Crossover - Crossovers take two or more franchises and combine them into one fan fiction story.
  • Drabble - A drabble is a short story, usually one hundred words long. Some people consider any extremely short story to be a drabble, regardless of word count.
  • Fanon - Fanon encompasses commonly held beliefs by the fandom that have not been confirmed by official sources. Many fanon concepts are depicted so often in fan fiction that they become considered canon.
  • Fluff - Fluff stories are happy, light-hearted stories, and usually not serious.
  • Hurt/Comfort (H/C) - Hurt/Comfort stories involve one character's emotional pain and another character helping the first, comforting him or her. Often these stories involve pairings.
  • Lemon - An erotica story that focuses mainly on its explicit aspects. Because of the nature of these stories, they usually do not comply with deviantART submission guidelines and are therefor not allowed on deviantART. If you discover any fan fiction on the site that falls under this classification, you can report it.†
  • Mary Sue/Gary Stu - This character is an overly perfect character. He/she outshines the canon characters, often preforming tasks better than them. Many times, the Mary Sue/Gary Stu is related to a canon character or becomes involved in a romantic relationship with one (or more). Mary Sues/Gary Stus are often a way for an author to insert a projection of themselves into the story.
  • Name Smooshing - Formally known as Portmanteau. This occurs when two names are "smooshed" together to indicate a specific pairing (e.g. Chandler and Monica, from Friends, smoosh into Mondler).
  • Original Character (OC) - Also Fan Character (FC), Original Male Character (OMC), Original Female Character (OFC). An original character is a character created by someone outside of the official source.
  • One True Pairing (OTP) - Also One True Threesome (OT3), and can continue upward as long as the author desires. This is the speaker's perfect couple (threesome, etc.) in that franchise.
  • Pairing - A pairing is a romantic relationship between two characters.
  • Porn Without Plot (PWP) - Also Plot, What Plot? An erotica story that focuses mainly on its erotic aspects. Because of the nature of these stories, they usually do not comply with deviantART submission guidelines and are therefor not allowed on deviantART. If you discover any fan fiction on the site that falls under this classification, you can report it.†
  • Real Person Fic (RPF) - This stories involve real people, usually movie stars or famous singers.
  • Songfic - Songfics are fan fictions inspired by songs or song lyrics.
  • ! - An exclamation point, placed between two descriptors, can be used to qualify a certain aspect of the story. The first descriptor explains the variable; the second tells us what is affected. This is often used in conjunction with alternate universe stories, to clarify the difference from the canon storyline, or to specify in which universe a story takes place. Examples: Movie!verse, Child!Thor.

Fan Fiction helps us explore new and thrilling stories of our favorite characters from the big screen and the small, and from our favorite novels and video games. A myriad of stories await you, ready to be enjoyed, right here on deviantART. We would love to share our visions with you!


Do you have any fan fiction stories you would like to share (your own or someone else's)? Link them in the comments!

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