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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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A Tribute to Robin Williams

Fri Aug 22, 2014, 10:38 AM

Editor’s Note:

Why did we delay for more than a week the publishing of this remembrance? Because to properly reflect the impact of this loss on the millions of Robin Williams fans worldwide, we wanted to be sure to capture a true sense of the torrent of love for Robin pouring in from the community in the form of heartfelt portraits and other tribute art.

We chose the “best” pieces to accompany our own prose tribute, but the “best” kept being supplanted by “better bests.” There is no end to the river of love for Robin Williams and we expect no end to the fabulous tributes artists will pay to his work.

Why Robin Williams Was Important
(You already knew he was funny.)

The official obituaries are disappointing. Descriptions of his humor rely heavily on “you had to be there.” They are unable to use words to describe the manic madness that was a Robin Williams performance in full flight (improvisational probing of the uncaged and directionless zeitgeist of the youth of the times, 1978–80).

Robin Williams’ early work—zany stand–up comic then hitting big-time with prime time network sitcom—is followed by an appreciation of his skills as a comic actor in the Hollywood studio feature films that followed, the places where most of Robin Williams’ millions of fans worldwide came to know and love him: places like The World According to Garp (1982), Moscow-on-the-Hudson (1984), Good Morning Vietnam (1987), Dead Poets Society (1989), The Fisher King (1991), Mrs. Doubtfire (1993) and Good Will Hunting (1997). Robin Williams’ good–natured optimism and genuine love for humanity shined brightly on the big screen.

But to achieve such success in the movies meant disappearing the demonic anarchic spirit that animated Robin Williams’ early comedy club days—the very thing that electrified a lost and “stagflated” post-punk generation. Robin Williams in the movies was all of his wild energy minus any danger. He might have been the next Lenny Bruce, or even at least the next George Carlin, had his be-all, end-all work ethic not dictated that he accept roles in one studio picture after another, regardless of quality. His need to always be on, always pleasing people, resulted in so many of his movie roles being so insultingly far beneath the potentials of his true talents. Edgier projects never had a chance of organically evolving to emerge from his febrile imagination. He had to be constantly working instead of nurturing. It defined him.

Tragically, the same intense drive to always be working plus a ton of sudden wealth resulted in a cocaine addiction that took a serious toll on his health. He suffered through decades of rough divorces, of being on and off the rehab wagon, and a major heart surgery.

For those familiar with his career from his earliest stand–up days, this once whirling dervish’s gradual loss of comedic velocity was as painful to watch as it no doubt must have been for him to endure.  His final HBO special shows him to be just as funny as other HBO star stand-ups, the sadness being he was once pure genius, light-years ahead of the usual stuff. To see him falling back on bits of decades-old improv when new jokes died was a bit of irony the young Robin Williams would have savored and savaged.

The official chroniclers of our society tend to focus on “success” (especially financial) and how a person attained that success as the core narrative of an individual’s life. But very often a performer’s importance in influencing society lies not in being a role model over the lifetime of a successful career (e.g., the emphasis on how much money Robin Williams’ decades of movies made) but in some spark they provided to the inchoate consciousnesses of their audiences in the early days. The no-limits comedic freedom and anarchy represented by Robin Williams in his first few years on the stand-up scene may have been his lasting legacy, the TV and movies that followed reflecting a mere single facet of his talent, rather than a laboratory for honing his improvisational magic.

The word comes in that it was a Parkinson’s diagnosis that finally made Robin Williams fall to Earth. After having lived through his college roommate Christopher “Superman” Reeves’ quadriplegia and his friend John Belushi’s drug overdose death, this final cruel joke on him—this physical comedian extremis gradually losing half his language with his audience—was one cosmic irony he could finally find no humor in.

What will live on forever will be the pure unadulterated, sheer joy the mere sight of Robin Williams’ smiling face brought and will always bring to his fans. This joy is reflected back in an inundation of the deviantART website with over 5000 portraits and other “Robin-pieces” made and shared by the worldwide deviantART community of artists just since his passing. An evening at the movies with this man, even in his most formulaic “dramedies,” will always mean a psychic cleansing for the millions who love him, a receiving of this holy man’s gift of healing through laughter and his talent at transporting us to where we can indulge a return to our most childlike happiness.

But, wow, just remembering Robin Williams burning down the clubs in 1979—and imagining what could have been... Well, I guess you had to be there.

Questions for The Reader

  1. Do you think Robin Williams could have remained a vital comedian and comic actor even as he battled Parkinson’s disease? Have you battled disease while pursuing your art?

  2. Do you think that all great artists possess hidden “darkness” of the heart or mind that adds a powerful poignancy to their work? The funnier the comic, the more intense the suppressed dark side?

  3. Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

  4. Do you think it’s possible for successful artists to fight the allure of the more exotic dangerous diversions, deal with chronic depression, deal with serious diseases, yet still continue to create art successfully? Is a strong community a key to avoiding these hazards?

  5. Almost every comedic interaction from Robin Williams produced an immediate sense of well–being for the audience. Are there works of visual art or literature that have this effect on you?

Suicide Prevention & Support

If you or someone close to you needs additional emotional or psychological support, please contact your local suicide prevention hotline.

If you reside within the U.S., please click here.

If you reside Internationally, please click here.

Celebrate deviantART's 14th Birthday!

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:03 AM

Fourteen years of existence marks a period of growth, change, and introspection — an era of creativity and emotion that leads to long-term personal and artistic development. As we celebrate deviantART's 14th birthday, we want to thank all of you for joining in on the journey of growth and development, from the deviants who have been here from the start to the deviants who are starting out their deviantART experience today.


How has deviantART helped you grow as an individual and/or as an artist? Tell us your story through an art feature Journal!


Visit the Write a Journal Entry page to get started.

Using the deviantART section of the sidebar, search for deviations to include in your Journal.

Click on the art you want to include to add it to your Journal.

Feature five (or more!) works in your Journal, and tell us a bit about why you've chosen each artwork you feature!

Title your Journal My deviantART Story, then post it to the Art Features category.


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The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

Thu Aug 7, 2014, 12:01 AM
The DeviantArt Community Turns 14

When you're young, your teenage years can't come soon enough. Thirteen was fun, but with a whole year as a teenager under your belt, you start to get perspective on what it means to grow up. You're not there yet, but the path ahead is clear and inspiring.

At 14, you start taking on responsibilities and testing out maturity, while continuing to reach for the stars and fostering the creativity that's such an integral part of your life.

DeviantArt's 14th birthday marks the ushering in of this new chapter. For the past year, we've gained perspective on where our journey should lead us next, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share it with you and have you with us every step of the way.

We are where art starts

We are where art starts, but that is only the beginning. We are a community for the creative in everyone to develop and heighten their personal sense of taste, but that's not where it ends. We are the movement for the liberation of creative expression.

We believe that art is for everyone, and we're creating the cultural context for how it is created, discovered and shared.

Artists love us because we are an inclusive and supportive community. We help them find their identity through self-expression. We provide the tools, resources and exposure to enable them to become better, more successful artists. We inspire people to create art by feeding their creativity.

The Global Undercurrent of Creativity

We provide endless entertainment and inspiration. This is where you see it first. This is where whatever you're into, no matter how niche, is embraced and expressed by a dedicated community of likeminded creatives. This is where the global undercurrent of creativity feeds the future of popular culture.


There's no other place like DeviantArt. We are an unapologetically addictive experience. Our world is a prolific orgy of originality where creatives enjoy freedom of artistic expression. We are the deviation of creativity that shatters the confines of expectation. We can't help it — it runs through our veins and compels us to nurture it in others. This is DeviantArt.

Bleed and Breed ArtAngelo Sotira (Spyed) DeviantArt CEO and Co-Founder
Questions for the Reader

And now we turn to you for the next step in our journey. Where should we head next? What would you like to see the DeviantArt community accomplish in the future?

Fan Fiction On deviantART

Wed Aug 27, 2014, 7:00 AM by SingingFlames:iconsingingflames:

Galleries Month

What Is Fan Fiction?

Everyday, we are inspired by movies, television, novels, and other forms of media. They engage our minds with a variety of stories and characters, their plights and triumphs, their everyday minutiae. Fan fiction authors are so enamored with these other worlds and their inhabitants that they must partake in the stories which have brought them so much enjoyment. They expand on the current universe, explain gaps in the narrative and delve into characters' motivations.

A good fan fiction (or fanfic) is more than simple borrowing another writer's characters and universe. The fan fiction author must immerse his or her readers in the story, make them believe it is a natural extension of the source material. Characters have their own mannerisms and quirks; each universe has its own history and rules that need to be followed. The fan fiction author must master the nuances of those characters and the world they inhabit (unless purposely writing a parody).

Fan Fiction On deviantART

Fan Fiction has its own gallery, located inside Literature. Here are two screen shots of the "Browse Art" screen, showing Fan Fiction's location and its sub-galleries.

Fanfic Category Screen1 by SingingFlames  Fanfic Category Screen2 by SingingFlames

Inside the Fan Fiction gallery are several sub-galleries: Drama, General Fiction, Horror, Humor, Romance and Sci-Fi. Any submissions to Fan Fiction should go into the most applicable sub-gallery.

Fan Fiction Terms

When browsing fan fiction, there are many terms that pop up repeatedly. Here are some of the more popular ones.

  • Alternate Universe (AU) - Also Alternate Reality (AR), Alternate Timeline (AT). An AU fiction has some detail or details that differ significantly from the source, be it with the characters or the setting.
  • Angst - Angst stories revolve around emotional trials and/or suffering.
  • Canon - Canon is the source material that fan fiction is based off of. It is any information provided by official sources, connected with the franchise.
  • Crack/Crackfic - Crackfics are fan fictions written with the intention of being ridiculous, beyond normal humor standards.
  • Crossover - Crossovers take two or more franchises and combine them into one fan fiction story.
  • Drabble - A drabble is a short story, usually one hundred words long. Some people consider any extremely short story to be a drabble, regardless of word count.
  • Fanon - Fanon encompasses commonly held beliefs by the fandom that have not been confirmed by official sources. Many fanon concepts are depicted so often in fan fiction that they become considered canon.
  • Fluff - Fluff stories are happy, light-hearted stories, and usually not serious.
  • Hurt/Comfort (H/C) - Hurt/Comfort stories involve one character's emotional pain and another character helping the first, comforting him or her. Often these stories involve pairings.
  • Lemon - An erotica story that focuses mainly on its explicit aspects. Because of the nature of these stories, they usually do not comply with deviantART submission guidelines and are therefor not allowed on deviantART. If you discover any fan fiction on the site that falls under this classification, you can report it.†
  • Mary Sue/Gary Stu - This character is an overly perfect character. He/she outshines the canon characters, often preforming tasks better than them. Many times, the Mary Sue/Gary Stu is related to a canon character or becomes involved in a romantic relationship with one (or more). Mary Sues/Gary Stus are often a way for an author to insert a projection of themselves into the story.
  • Name Smooshing - Formally known as Portmanteau. This occurs when two names are "smooshed" together to indicate a specific pairing (e.g. Chandler and Monica, from Friends, smoosh into Mondler).
  • Original Character (OC) - Also Fan Character (FC), Original Male Character (OMC), Original Female Character (OFC). An original character is a character created by someone outside of the official source.
  • One True Pairing (OTP) - Also One True Threesome (OT3), and can continue upward as long as the author desires. This is the speaker's perfect couple (threesome, etc.) in that franchise.
  • Pairing - A pairing is a romantic relationship between two characters.
  • Porn Without Plot (PWP) - Also Plot, What Plot? An erotica story that focuses mainly on its erotic aspects. Because of the nature of these stories, they usually do not comply with deviantART submission guidelines and are therefor not allowed on deviantART. If you discover any fan fiction on the site that falls under this classification, you can report it.†
  • Real Person Fic (RPF) - This stories involve real people, usually movie stars or famous singers.
  • Songfic - Songfics are fan fictions inspired by songs or song lyrics.
  • ! - An exclamation point, placed between two descriptors, can be used to qualify a certain aspect of the story. The first descriptor explains the variable; the second tells us what is affected. This is often used in conjunction with alternate universe stories, to clarify the difference from the canon storyline, or to specify in which universe a story takes place. Examples: Movie!verse, Child!Thor.

Fan Fiction helps us explore new and thrilling stories of our favorite characters from the big screen and the small, and from our favorite novels and video games. A myriad of stories await you, ready to be enjoyed, right here on deviantART. We would love to share our visions with you!


Do you have any fan fiction stories you would like to share (your own or someone else's)? Link them in the comments!

FAQ #251: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic literature'; what do you consider this to be?

Lit: Characters and Settings

Tue Aug 26, 2014, 5:00 AM by GrimFace242:icongrimface242:

Gallery Descriptions Month

Have you ever wandered through the Literature Gallery here on dA and wondered what the Characters & Settings sub category was for?  Then ask no more.  It should almost be obvious what goes in here, but let's play dumb for a minute. 

The Characters & Settings gallery is NOT for your prose, poetry or scripts.  Finished stories or poems don't belong here.  They belong in their own categories.  Here, we should find character information.  Well what is character information:

  • Characters Sheets.  Any character sheet that you've completed for your character(s) and would like to share.  Blank sheets should be submitted to the Resources & Stocks > Tutorials > Writing gallery.
  • Character Profiles or Biographies.  You wrote a short description or history for your character but it won't be included in the final cut of your story.
  • Setting the Scene.  Like a Character Description but for your setting, it's a description of the world your story is set in.  Which could vary from a lengthy History Of to a brief listing of fantasy races/species.
  • Plot Outlines. A full outline of the how the story will begin, move forward and eventually end all put together into a single deviation.
  • Synopsis. This is a brief summary of what your story is about and usually consists of a few paragraphs, sometimes includes a list of characters but definitely includes the end of the story.  This is what would be sent to publishers/agents/reviewers/betas.
  • Blurbs. Similar to a synopsis, but not the same.  A blurb includes the same things as a synopsis EXCEPT the ending.  It's the back of the book summary that you use to hook a reader in.

Here are some examples of what you should expect to find in the

Characters & Settings Gallery:

Ally's Complete Updated Bio
Verse:  Creepypasta/ Slenderverse. Ally can be viewed as either.
Name:  Ally
Alias: Slender Doll, Ally-Doll, Nightmare Puppet, Victorian Ghost Child, Nightmare Bringer, Wind-Up Child, Operator's Doll, Operator's Puppet
Species:  Half-human/ Half-Slender
Gender:  Female
Sexual Preference:  Pansexual
Age:  118 (looks 18)
Birthdate: 12/6/1895
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Birthplace: East Berlin, Germany
Blood Type: AB+
Alignment: Unknown
Affiliation: Slenderman/ Slender's Proxies
Occupation:  Unknown
Figure:  Petite; Slim (Normal), Widowy; Slender (Nightmare)
Height: 5' 4' (Normal)/ 6' 1' (Nightma
I Cared More Than You Thought (Dan's Backstory)Dan followed Katharine through the dense forest, following the path they took everyday to the mines. He looked around at the scenery surrounding them which included a variety of tall trees, bushy plants, and tall grass. His nine-year-old mind was captivated with nature and creatures.
However, he was not very fond of deer or bunnies or dogs. He rather found happiness from the opposite.
Dan kneeled down as a small, green snake slithered out from a patch of rocks. Swiftly, he picked it up and held the serpent near the head so it could not turn and bite him.
"Hi there..." he said as he stood up. "I'm Daniel." he smiled.
The snake squirmed a bit, and Dan watched it. 
He was very fond of the cold-blooded. Reptiles were his favorite animals. He was teased for it back at the camp, but he didn't mind. He captured lizards and snakes whenever he wanted, and he hid them from their leader.
"Daniel!" Katharine screamed and stormed over to him. "Do you want us to get another penalty!?" she snapp
Timeline of Flora DeMacey (Part I)Timeline of Flora DeMacey
Birth – 7 years: Born on the 8th May X771 in the town of Dahlia in Fiore, Flora was the fourth child of Vico DeMacey and Pollyanna DeMacey (Neè Brookfield) and the younger sibling of her three brothers Eligio, Devin and Martino. Flora’s Father was a man of tradition, wishing to uphold the male values of the DeMacey family line as all children baring the last name for the past three generations have all been boys including himself, all of which being proud members of the all male guild Quatro Cerberus. Always having the desire to raise a family of four boys and have them follow his footsteps, Vico felt a disappointment to the birth of his daughter, trying again a few years later and Pollyanna giving birth to her younger brother, Fabio, in X786 to fulfill his wish.
Flora spent a lot of her childhood chasing after her older brothers wishing to share in their activities, the only one willing to acknowledge her being her oldest br

Character Sheet: E.D.G.E.
Name: Isaac Grave
Nicknames:: E.D.G.E., The Abhorrent, The Wakeless
Age: 26 at The Fall. Currently unknown.
Height: 187.6cm (6 foot 1 inch)
Weight: 79kg (155 lbs)
No history currently exists for the humanoid known as Edge. His name has been taken from the engraving on his isolation chambers, possibly an acronym whose meaning has been lost with the passage of time. His outward appearance betraying his physical and mental abilities, Edge stands just over 187cm with slight build, red hair, and skin a slight pallid color. Upon his face and neck appear numerous scars, looking to have been caused by a blade of some kind. His most notable features naturally, Edge's eyes are two separate colors. His right its natural blue, the left an amber color. Along with it's unique appearance, his augmented eye provides incredible
My TF OC Relationship list. *WIP*This will show who belongs to who:
Decepticon Redbolt:
- Son of Grayscar and Skylove
- Twin to Boltfang
- Half Brother to Redstar
- Brotherly figure to Volume and Black Hole.
- Mate Flare and several others.
Autobot Boltfang:
- Son of Grayscar and Skylove
- Twin to Redbolt
- Half Brother to Redstar
- Mate to Seastar
Decepticon Grayscar:
- Father of Boltfang and Redbolt
- Mate to Skylove
Autobot Skylove:
- Mother of Boltfang, Redbolt and Redstar
- Mate to Grayscar
Autobot Ninjadash:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Older Brother to Tunefusion and Silversong
- Also OFFICIAL son to Huntress
- Secret crush to Sweetaquawave.
Autobot Tunefusion:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Younger Brother to Ninjadash
- Older Brother to Silversong
- Also Official son to Huntress/Silverstar
Autobot Ninjadash:
- Son of Prowl and Jazz
- Younger Sister to Tunefusion and Ninjadash
- Also son
Fire Touched Blurb
Being Ungifted is a death sentence in Agansi, where almost everyone is born under an element. Kirilee, born Ungifted, recieves the rarest element during a tragedy in which both her parents die. On the other side of the country, a boy with the same rare element becomes King after his father dies. Tyan's step-brother, jealous of being looked over, has put a plan into action. A plan that, if Tyan and Kirilee cannot combat, will be the end of civilization forever.
Everyone controls an element. The elements are fire, earth, water, air, and darkness. There are also shapeshifters, and a strange race called the Katani.
Kirilee - Fireling - Main Protagonist
Tyan - Fireling - Main Protagonist
Jason - Shapeshifter - Main Antagonist
Jessamine - Shapeshifter - Main Antagonist
Kikeh - Waterling - Protagonist
Thorne - Darkling - Protagonist
other characters to be added as story progresses
The Blackburn Family LegendUnpopular Dawn Blackburn isn't an ordinary seventeen year old sorceress. Unknown to her she is the reincarnation of the famous sorceress Amity Blackburn. With high grades and a love for doing mostly everything, Dawn couldn't be happier.
Dawn's life changes drastically when her powers awaken. Suddenly she gets two best friends Cecilia Lockwood and Phoebe Cartwright, classmates who never looked at her twice before and the most popular boy in school, Ivan Saravia, starts to bug her like crazy. Freaked out by how suddenly she changed from keeping to herself to having two best friends, Dawn tries to find the answer. When she gets hit with the astonishing truth, she finds herself fighting demons and protecting the people she loves. Just like Amity did years ago. Elliot, Dawn's older brother, and her best friends have mythical powers of their own and help her battle against the demons. Will Dawn manage to keep the people she loves safe? What would happen if she fails and the demons won?

Being Unscientific with SRSmith

Sat Aug 9, 2014, 6:00 PM
Who doesn't love science fiction?

If you just said "me," keep reading—you'll change your mind by the end of this article. (If you don't, I reserve the right to send a drone to your house. Isn't living in The Future great?!) As you'll see, science fiction goes beyond funny aliens and laser beams that conveniently miss. Some have even argued that, without science fiction, the Internet wouldn't have happened, and then we'd all be...outside right now. Quel horreur!

SRSmith has been a mainstay of the dA literature community for a long time, and he showcases other awesome dA writers on his flash fiction project,365tomorrows.

What is "science fiction"?

In my opinion, Science Fiction is any story that uses present or future science or technology as a key component, or where it provides the required underlying fabric on which the story is built. Future science or technology is speculative by nature, as it's not been invented yet, but it must be a logical extension or evolution of current known science or tech.

If it's impossible, it's probably fantasy, if it's improbable, there's a good chance it's Science Fiction.

I tend not to think of stories as meeting the SciFi standard if you can take out the 'SciFi' elements and not impact the story at all. For example, if someone runs into a bakery in the middle of the night with a plasma gun and robs the baker, I'm not going to consider that SciFi, as he or she could just have easily been carrying a .38 and the story wouldn't have changed. If, however, the robber folds space and time to turn the bakery inside out in his pantry on another world, emptying it of baked goods and then returns the bakery to its rightful place and time, that I'm going to call SciFi.

What about concepts that violate the laws of physics?

There was a time in history when it was known the world was flat, and the Earth was the center of the universe. Up until the 1940s, there still existed a 'sound barrier'. Even though there were examples of things travelling faster than the speed of sound, no one had figured out how to get a vehicle on the ground or in the air to reach, let alone exceed that speed. I expect that the science of the day could explain how faster than sound travel was possible, and that differs from today's laws effectively prohibiting faster than light travel, however I expect that, while improbable right now, there will come the discovery of some new law of physics that allows for it. Perhaps we'll find some way of folding space, or compressing or elongating time, who knows, but there's nothing in modern science that convinces me that FTL travel is fantasy, we just don't know how to do it yet.
  Skyhook Waypoint
Terry abandoned the powerbike at the bridge a few hundred meters before the checkpoint, running it off the road, down the embankment and parking tight against the understructure before he waded into the river.
He swam across, letting the current take him downstream towards the woods where he exited the icy water, discarded his neoprene coverall and closed the distance to the fence on foot.
Beyond the chainlink the thin tether of the skyhook was barely visible against the moonless sky, just a tear in the blackness of his peripheral vision.
The fence, wired as it was, posed only a momentary barrier. Terry lit a monofibre blade and divided one post neatly in two to the ground before spreading the post halves, fencing still intact and live, into a large enough V for him to step through.
He had just enough time to reach the outer wall of the storage facility before he heard the sirens, saw bright blue and red light strobing against the darkness up the road. He watched for a moment, working
The pig carcass filled most of the stainless tub where the delivery men had laid it. Freshly slaughtered, but not butchered, it had taken four of them to lift it there. None of them spoke to Rinnovi, only pausing for him to sign for the animal before they left.
On the way to the door, one of the men pointed at the stickers affixed to virtually every item in the house; black typewritten names and addresses on white shipping labels. The leader of the group nudged him and shook his head 'no', before hurrying him out the door.
Rinnovi poured a scotch, and turned on the kitchen vid display, his own visage peering back at him with a smile. He froze the frame, leaving the remote on the island beside the second stainless tub.
"Osiris, prepare to renew." He spoke aloud to the empty room.
"Preparations underway." The voice, angel soft and faintly Irish filled the room seemingly from everywhere at once. Both of the tubs began to fill with a steaming viscous liquid, spattering against the steel, a
Memories, Light the Corners of our Minds
Lucas Three sat in the coffee shop long after she left, long after the people that had watched the scene play out had moved on. He sat for hours after she'd calmly, mercilessly ended their three year relationship with a calculated precision of language that even he couldn't have delivered more succinctly.
"This has been fun, really, it's been fantastic, but you knew this was never going to last." She didn't touch her latte, which was never a good sign.
"You're never going to get old, and I'm going to age out and die. At some point you're going to leave me for someone younger, and by then I'll be too old to find anyone to love me and I'll simply die alone." Her hands flew about the space in front of her as she spoke. He often wondered if she were forced to keep her hands in her pockets, would she be able to speak at all? He smiled at that thought, and the smiling caused him pain.
"Already my friends find you 'quaint', and your friends look upon me as some kind of lesser thing. Janson Fo

And changes to the underlying society—if the dystopian world has made plasma guns cheaper than bread?

If the dystopian world has made plasma weapons cheaper than bread, then I would hope that there would be a lot more going on that would earn the story a SciFi classification. If someone were to rewrite Les Miz with SciFi weapons and costumes and change nothing else about the story, I would have a really hard time calling it SciFi, but if the underlying fabric of the story was based on science, if the lower class were the cast outs from the clone stock kept on hand to provide parts for the upper class, either escaped, or factory seconds improperly disposed of, then you'd have a SciFi story. If the upper class were all machines, gradually taking control of everything and relegating the humans to the alleys and the sewers, and brutally disposing of those who opposed them publicly without remorse, then you'd have a SciFi story. If Éponine were a machine rejected and cast out from an upper class employ rather than a dirty girl fallen from grace, and was reduced to running messages for Marius to Cosette, while having fallen in love with him, that would be classic SciFi fodder.

It all depends on the specifics of what's been scienced up, and why—what's the message that's being communicated through the SciFi elements. SciFi has most traditionally been used as a way to examine the social, moral and ethical dilemmas of progress, and present hypothetical situations that force us to examine the 'what if' of that possible future.

If a raygun is just a gun, then it's not SciFi, but if a raygun is something that can be printed by the thousands from the 3D printers everyone has in their home now where traditional projectile weapons could not be, that technology has the potential to dramatically shift the social, economic and political structure of society, and that's where it gets interesting. It's hard sometimes to define what is and isn't SciFi, even though you can point to a piece of work and know in your gut that it is or isn't.

Is social awareness also a prerequisite to writing good SciFi?

I don't think that social awareness is a requirement to write SciFi, there's a lot of enjoyable SciFi that doesn't make much, if any, statement on the social or economic state of the time, but I do think that writing very good SciFi requires a strong awareness of social and economic dynamics, as these form a large part of the world you should be building in which to base your story.

Something I find unusual is the fact that I can walk out my front door and be surrounded by dozens of different cultures, languages and religions, and when I'm interacting with people in my day to day life, they represent a broad cross section of cultures. Yet when I'm reading most SciFi, I get the sense that everyone is white and agnostic, and typically male, at least in the primary roles. There's often a woman in the story, but she feels either token or is the love interest, and perhaps there is an ethnic secondary character, but the overall social fabric of the stories by and large feel like they've been whitewashed.

Whether the author is trying to make a social statement or not, the fabric of the world should be accurate, and it quite often doesn't feel believable because it doesn't accurately represent the cultural reality of the present, much less project it to a logical future. 
The orbiter had touched down at Vandenberg, and Lewis and a dozen others had flown cargo the thirty minutes to San Francisco airport. They trudged in from the tarmac in loose formation out of habit, unprepared for the crowds in the terminal.
The debriefing team had talked about friction, that the religious right had taken offense to their involvement in the colony war.
There was an awkward moment when the soldiers met the seething mass of people, unsure if there would be familiar faces, confused by the angry looks and rumbled undercurrent of discontent.
“Murderers,” a lone voice lit the fuse, causing the crowd to erupt into a cacophonic barrage of unfettered hatred.
The soldiers had faced more threatening forces, but here, at home, unarmed and unprepared, they could do nothing but close ranks and retreat to safety.
Police raised riot shields as picketers raised placards, the two groups squaring off as the tired soldiers slipped away through the terminal.
Lewis took the shuttl
Observation without Affection
She watched him, often, from the other side of his bedroom mirror, a floor to ceiling affair that allowed her the privilege of spectating from the comfort of her own space.
He would come and go, sometimes alone, sometimes with others. He would wrap himself in sheets of colour, most times his companions would too, but other times they would press just their flesh against one another.
This fascinated her.
The shapes his face made were peculiar, and she began to recognize them as states of being. Sometimes his face was broad, his mouth wide, insides showing white and gleaming. Other times his face creased, contracted in upon itself, on occasion becoming shiny in patches as he quivered.
An unusual specimen to be sure.
She knew she was pleasing, knew from the various shapes and colours of the creatures he kept company with that she too could be satisfying to him, be satisfied by him. She was certain that he would share with her his illuminated state of being, the broad face and gaping maw t
Eliot hunched his shoulders against the wind, the relentless sand picking at the seals of his gloves and headgear trying to find a way inside. He watched the glow of the sun disappear beyond the horizon, his waking period now fully begun.
It had been weeks since he'd seen another soul, perhaps years. Who kept count of such things anymore anyways?
The last city he'd abandoned to the ravages of this dust bowl planet had been a graveyard, he'd taken what he could carry, what little food and fresh water remained before the decay and vermin forced him back into the desert, back to his search for living humans.
There had to be more, they were so prolific on this rock before the coming, had spread so far, achieved so much. He'd visited countless monuments to the species' achievement here, each sprawling steel and glass expanse a testament to human drive and ambition, each barren, vacant ghost-town a reminder that the planet doesn't welcome strangers, doesn't tolerate intrusion.
Midway through

Who should be responsible for increasing diversity in writing (taking the SFWA brouhaha into consideration)?

Who do I think would be most responsible? Given that SciFi Authors come from all over the globe, there could be an international body that represents the SciFi writing community as a whole, and then localized national bodies made up of a representative sample of the diverse pool of current SciFi writers, many of whom are not, as amazing as this may seem, white males of the Archie Bunker era. Perhaps the global association of these local associations could oversee them, help appoint members to the local boards, and coordinate international events. 

It would appear that the current SFWA, or at least the version that immediately precedes the current one, is more than a little outdated in its makeup and certainly in its views. Whether the ideals, or lack thereof, of the Beales and Resnicks in the group are representative of the group as a whole is unclear, but they certainly were able to state their offensive views on the company soapbox and on company letterhead, which calls the entire group into question.

Given the movie industry's capitalization on SciFi in such a massive way in recent years, and how they seem to have a pretty good handle on racial, sexual and religious diversity, maybe the SFWA can take a lesson from them and get some help getting their act together. Then again we could have Michael Bay on the board, and that would just blow everything the hell up.

I hope that a North America body, SFWA or otherwise, can be made up of a representative sample of the amazing authors today, many of whom have been writing for years and are men and women who come from many different cultures, have varied religious beliefs and social sensitivities, and are what I think Gene Roddenberry imagined when he was looking towards this near future on his way to the stars. It's a sick bit of irony that the visionaries of our time are represented by a group with such deplorable and outdated beliefs, and I for one much prefer the Roddenberry version of our future.

Beyond learning from movies/etc., should science fiction writers be doing more to make use of interactive media?

I think there's a tremendous opportunity for writers to adopt social and interactive media, and it makes sense for the SciFi writers to do so as their target demographic are the most likely to embrace it.

William Gibson, arguably one of—if not the—writer who first conceived of the Internet, has made great use of social media in engaging his fans online, feeding them parts of his current work, the stubs from his research as well as occasionally answering questions and swapping ideas and thoughts with his peers out in the open for everyone to see. Warren Ellis is another who makes heavy use of social media to engage directly with his audience, and often Gibson and Ellis can be seen bantering on Twitter with each other. Both are much more of the 'output to' social media mindset than the 'input from' camp, and I think that's the expected norm. There still seems to be a not-irrational fear that someone will put an idea in front of a writer and then sue him or her later for some similarity to it in a published work, so I can understand why writers limit their bidirectional engagement over social media.

I am surprised that there's not an evolutionary version of the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' concept, as hyperlinked media would be a perfect and virtually limitless canvas on which those stories could take shape. Hypertext fiction exists, but it certainly doesn't seem to have the mainstream traction that it could have, which leads me to think it's not being leveraged in a novel way. Multiple path, multiple outcome literature could be done effectively in this way, or some kind of non-linear story-lines could be very effectively developed as well. It's going to take someone notable to engage in a project with a lot of hype I think before this really gets any traction.
Love Sounds
"Mama?" A tiny voice slipped quietly through the room. Between her and the woman in the bed an impenetrable forest of metal stands, tubes and blinking machinery stood guard.
"Come in sweetheart, it's alright." Her mother's voice warmed the space, shushing the noisy equipment. "Mama's alright baby, come see me."
Clad in a pink dress and knee socks, the girl of no more than five years bravely stepped away from the safety of the door frame. Big blue eyes focused and fixed on her mother lying in the hospital bed, and her legs carried her along that line of focus until she could reach out and touch her hand.
"There, there, Mama's all better now." She held her daughter's hand gently, but firmly. "The doctors made me all better. Come. Climb up here and cuddle with me." She tried her best not to wince, shuffling a little to one side to make room. She held her one arm away so her daughter wouldn't become tangled in the web of cords snaking away from her body.
The girl climbed cautiously up the
My Sign? Exit.
Levon leaned his head against the cold steel of the shower tube, letting the jets of water assail his body from all sides. As the sweat of the previous night's activities rinsed away, the more subtle indicators of his exertions seeped in. Both his head and kidneys ached from the soup of chemical stimulants and depressants he'd drank, sniffed and injected with the woman now sleeping naked in the next room.
Dimly pulsing warnings hovered in his peripheral vision, reminding him that his kidney augments were still on standby, having been parked the night before so as to not filter out his buzz. While he'd been busy not sleeping, they had been sifting through the different compounds in his bloodstream he'd forbidden them to remove, tracing their signatures for any information about them that may prove relevant. A brighter warning flashed, the proximity alarm on his equipment locker had been triggered. It would seem his night time entertainment was awake and nosing around. The warning strobe
Pete, Re-Pete
Two hours ago, Pete had been pulled gasping from a tank of jelly. Now he sat in an immaculate office, wearing borrowed clothes with his employer staring him down from the far side of a granite slab desk top.
"Welcome back, Pete." Terrence Carter, syndicate heavyweight and the man Pete ran data packets for. "I must say, you look better than you did the last time I saw you."
Pete sat straight in his chair, tentatively rolling and flexing muscle that remembered thirty eight years of abusive mileage, but didn't feel a days wear and tear. "What happened Terry, what's going on?"
"You were running a very special package for me Pete, one we couldn't copy, one we had to risk transporting as original data." Terry paused, pulling at each of his white shirt cuffs in turn, evening their length against the dark fabric of his suit. "You had an incident Pete, for some reason you seem to have hidden my package from me. I don't know exactly what went wrong in your head, Pete, but when we finally... reco

Twitter fiction exists, which is an interesting use of social media, and flash fiction has taken off and gained fairly widespread acceptance in the recent years, largely I think as it's designed for, or at least the ideal format for, consumption on mobile devices. It's interesting to me that the group of writers who founded (before I became involved in the project), did so in August of 2005, two years before the introduction of the iPhone, which to me is the perfect delivery mechanism for the flash fiction that is the staple of 365.

365tomorrows was conceived by Kathy Kachelries when she was stuck at a particularly long red light and found herself thinking there should be short stories for people to read quickly in all those lost minutes spent waiting during the day. Other than short-short story anthologies, flash fiction is pretty much exclusively found online, a prime example of writers leveraging new media technologies to get their ideas out to their target audience and fill a very specific need that traditional old world print can't effectively meet.

There are numerous multimedia artists, many who have been active in the public eye since the birth of the 'new media age' that could push interactive literature into new and wildly engaging directions. Laurie Anderson has been a pioneer in the digital music, video and performance art space since the 70's, and I always expected her to gradually cross over her performance art into a more spectacular form of story telling. Neil Gaiman, since his marriage to Amanda Palmer, has been taking his literary work on the road and blending it with AFP's incredible performance skills to create a fantastic joint literary, music and performance art show—a kind of reading and alt rock experience that's really fantastic.

I've seen some great examples of animated and interactive kids' books in iBooks on the Apple iBook store, but these seem to be more examples of what's possible than mainstream adoption of interactive capabilities. The introduction of the iPad, and the plethora of other tablets and smartphones, present a compelling market for writers to exploit, and that hasn't really happened yet beyond the electronic paper versions of new and existing books. I read a lot of technical publications on my iPad, but my pleasure reading is almost entirely paperback novel, and there's nothing revolutionary in the digital space that would encourage me to change my mind yet, at least not that I've seen.

Going back to the earlier comment regarding the movie industry, there have been some interesting cases where literary and multimedia fiction have been leveraged in the promotion of movies, for example when Prometheus was on the horizon, there was a tremendous amount of backstory being developed online, from the fictional website, to Peter Weyland's fictional TED talk, to the marketing machine promoting not the movie, but the products available in the fictional Prometheus universe. That kind of crossover isn't exactly new, but that's the most compelling example I've seen, and I'd love and expect to see more of that in the future. There's a great opportunity for writers to engage in the offscreen expansion of the movie universes as well as writing the screen plays, or adapting existing novels to the screen. Philip K. Dick has provided an incredible wealth of material from which some truly fantastic (and not-so-fantastic) movies have been made, and there are many other SciFi authors who's works have been adapted to the screen. I'd love to see the movie studios engage SciFi writers to expand each universe and develop more content for offscreen consumption.

There's no good reason why there needs to be a separation of the paperback, browser and silver screen; they could and I think should be leveraged as a multifaceted mesh on which to deliver rich SciFi experiences.

Could a person who considers themselves primarily an author go that route on their own?

If you're an author, are outgoing and have some stage presence, I'm sure you could put on a show of sorts and captivate the attention of your fans as long as you weren't completely embarrassing. For the most part, if your writing is good and your books are popular, people will show up for just about any kind of performance you might want to put on.

I've been to several readings by popular authors, William Gibson for example, where he simply read some pages from his book and answered some questions. None of them were particularly exciting, but all were enjoyable for what they were. I think Neil Gaiman likely wouldn't be doing what he and AFP are doing if not for Amanda Palmer's amazingly outgoing personality and comfort being in the public eye.

Gibson at one reading had Tom Wilson, front man for Blackie and the Rodeo Kings open for him playing guitar and singing, which was quite the surprise, so yes—I think anyone can take a literature road show and turn it into something more if they're smart and creative enough.

Why do you think we're still so wedded to linearity in stories?

Most people don't think in multiple streams, and can't easily follow multiple possible paths simultaneously. I think that is a particular type of wiring that's not the norm. For example, if you take your average person and play chess with them, they can see a move perhaps two ahead, whereas the chess masters can project almost the entire game in their head considering each possible branch of the game for each potential move that may be made by their opponent.

The average person can follow a single linear plot line, and while I think many people would enjoy the possibility of that single plot line being somewhat randomized or interactive in some way, I think by and large people would get confused by multiple different non-linear plot lines for a single story. It does require some focus to keep all those things aloft while reading, and again, considering how much mental clutter we have in our lives, with work and family stress, constant media bombardment and smartphones and social media relationships constantly begging for attention, I think people just don't have the available bandwidth to keep up with anything that's not fairly easy to follow.
Empathy WonThey lay together for hours after they'd finished, he propped on one elbow, she on her back, eyes closed for the most part, but opening one occasionally to watch him watching her.
"It's the way the sun reflected in your eyes that caught my attention Captain, it was as though your eyes shone only for me."
He smiled slightly, running his fingertips from her shoulder, along her collarbone and down the valley between her breasts. Millions of tiny receptors translated the sensation to her as one of pleasure, while he simply recalled what it had felt like to draw his fingers across real flesh. Not these fingers mind, ones he remembered from a long, long time ago.
She rolled onto her side to face him, curled her free foot behind his calf and pulled her leg up until her thigh was at a perfect right angle to his.
He found it ironic how they continued to engineer their bodies to resemble so closely the humans they despised so greatly, and still, even in something as messy and chaotic as sex, the
Pay Yourself First
The Argon cruised through dense fog heading out to sea in weather most trawlers wouldn't brave. She lined up between the marker buoys and throttled up, downwash from her propulsors kicking up spray from the water thirty meters below her hull.
"Full ahead, light the finder, kill the beacons." Captain Creavy barked orders to the ready crew, "See that the nav gear is decoupled before we change course."
The Argon took to sea weekly, bringing in a belly full of fresh fish none of the other locals could match. She was the largest of the fishing vessels by an order of magnitude and never came home empty.
"Captain," the first mate finished wiping the ship off the Coastal Guardian network, "we're clear for a new course."
The Captain studied the maps he had before him, charts he'd bartered for along with this vessel. These maps were from a satellite's vantage, the likes of which not even the Coastal Guardians could have seen. Creavy loved the advantage barter and off-worlders brought to his live
Service the Masses
He eyed her cautiously as they undressed, her gaze wandering over his muscular frame, he picking out the subtle characteristics that identified her as a mech; her stance, the symmetry of her body and its flawlessly calculated motions, the perfect geometric arcs her hips cut as she walked. Afternoon sun seeped reluctantly through smokey acrylic to carve dusty fingers in the stale air. The light accentuated her form as she closed the small distance between them on the balls of her feet. In an instant, she was on him, twisting him in a wiry embrace that found them both locked together on the bed.  He felt the sheets beneath his bare skin, faux cotton made soft from too many washings.
'Are you ready?' She barely breathed the words, but he was, and they rolled together as one on the bed, exacting murderous complaints from the wood and metal frame beneath them.  He could feel the corded muscle beneath her polymer skin, feel the way the fibers contracted and released as she flexed, her body a

Was social media as necessary for microfiction as the need to compete with newer entertainment? Would microfiction be around with or without social media?

I feel like this is a chicken and egg scenario. We have developed shorter and shorter attention sp— Oooh! Shiny!

Sorry—where were we? Right. Short attention spans. Anyways, Social media is either catering to our short attention spans, or directly responsible for that particular problem, I can't really say which. Ernest Hemingway's six word story 'Baby Shoes' ["For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn"] predates all electronic micro fiction and social media, so we can't credit social media for the creation of microfiction, but given our proclivity toward short burst communications, I think social media has provided the ideal petri dish in which microfiction has flourished and become mainstream where it likely would not have otherwise.

Getting back to the sci-fi as a writer thing, should sci-fi writers consider other media as they put their stories together?

I'm going to answer this from several different perspectives. First, SciFi writers have a unique responsibility to think about everything when they put their stories together. SciFi explores how our lives may change in the future, what things may be invented, how our environment may change, where we may go and what we might find when we get there, and most importantly, how we as people may react to these changes, what their social, political and economic impact may be. Social media is a huge part of today, impacting every aspect of our daily lives whether we like it or not, and to not consider that, and consider what it may become and how any extrapolated concept of social media may present itself in the future is ignoring a fairly major element of our culture.

Second, given the difficulty in being heard over the information cacophony of modern life, any author who creates a SciFi work and doesn't make a deliberate attempt to leverage social media in order to promote it is missing out on a massive component of the marketing machine of today. Not only that, but I'm going to be a little suspicious of the SciFi writer who wants me to believe he or she has a compelling vision of the future but doesn't understand Twitter and/or Facebook.

Finally, given the popularity of SciFi literature being adapted by Hollywood into major feature films and mini-series, I think that the SciFi writer that can create compelling works of fiction with an eye to their suitability for the big screen elevates themselves in two ways; they will be writing books that are accessible by the movie going audience that may not otherwise be interested in print, and they'll be providing possible targets for acquisition when the motion picture industry goes looking for content to fill their ever expanding need for new engaging silver screen properties.

Love Hurts
Street-lamps outside lit her bare flesh an iridescent blue, but he knew in the absence of light, she was chiseled obsidian, black as the sun was bright.
"It's been a while," her voice low and gentle, "I wasn't sure you'd come back."
Logan unrolled a soft-case on the night table beside the bed, absently fingering the half dozen syringes nestled within. It was going to be a long night.
"I could never stay away," he read her face from where he sat on the edge of her bed, "I told you I'd come back, didn't I?"
Taking her face in his hands, he felt her hair stalks bristle beneath his palms, the beating of her hearts carried up his arms as her pulse quickened.
Her hands found flesh beneath his shirt, and holding him so tight his ribs ached beneath the pressure, she pulled him over her to leave him gasping on his back beside her. She wasted no time flaying his clothing from his body, razor sharp claws extending and retracting, slicing fabric, grazing flesh but never drawing blood. When she mou
My favourite time is just before dawn while she still sleeps. I stretch out, savour the crisp night air, feel the coolness of the sheets against our naked flesh. Soon the earth will turn us to face the sun again, and I'll feel the warmth as its energy permeates the room, watch as its light drives out the shadows. Until then, I'll content myself with the sounds of soft breathing, and the rhythmic music of her heart propelling life throughout her body.
I've only been with her a short while, but she has taught me so much. Helped me experience things I could never have known without her, not so completely.
We seem to have been made for each other. She's so physical, tangible and alive, but lacking in drive, control. I lack her physicality, but more than make up for it in unencumbered motivation. We're perfect together.
When I found her, I was content to merely follow, to do no more than observe. Lately I need to take more control, to dominate. My desire has grown from this place of comfort

Any final thoughts for aspiring writers?

As a writer, I read a lot, and not just SciFi, but a cross section of numerous genres of fiction and some non-fiction as well, and if you're a writer you should try to do the same. Feed your creative engine with knowledge and new ideas.

Through 365 I've had the great pleasure of curating a tremendous number of stories submitted by talented creative thinkers and writers from around the world. Some of these writers have gone on to have novels published, and I can't wait to see who's next. Maybe you? If you're not scared of the work, and if you really want to, there's absolutely no reason not to. Ready? Go!

Many thanks to Neurotype for taking the time to interview me and asking such great and thought provoking questions, and if you've made it this far, many thanks to you for taking the time to read.


Thanks for your time!


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Art Book Pre-orders by Yuuza

It all started a few years ago, with a single piece of art. 
Project WE Promotional Art 7 by yuumei
I can remember having seen digital art before, but it never really impacted me. The fact that it wasn't real, on paper, and I couldn't touch it, made it somehow distant to me. Yet, for whatever reason, this piece was different to me. I can still remember staring at it from the screen of my computer, not being able to grasp how someone was able to make art that flawless, pretty and beautiful. And how a person was able to express that much emotion with just a few brush strokes. Call me stupid, or naive. But I just could "get" it.

I think it was that piece of art that gave me a reason to try. Or more, a direction that I wanted to go in.
Before that time I was like a clueless wanderer. I've been writing a story for years. But I was basically lost in a maze of what I wanted or what I could do when it came to drawing stuff. My lack of skill and fear of failure got me trapped to the point that it got me paralyzed to try anything new.
the Hounds of Tindalos by jameswolf

Admitted. My first attempts to submit drawings to DeviantArt weren't a huge success. But looking back realistically, I guess nobody's first attempts are.
I submitted some stuff. But like most people, lacked getting the proper response. And ended up feeling even more alone and distanced from the great artists that I admired from a distance. And soon enough I started to realize that if I wanted to get something done, I needed to change my approach, because otherwise I would never get seen by people.
Random by Unodu

I started looking for sketches, instead of finished works. Sketches that were still done by skilled people, but showed enough lines to actually show hits and bits of how it was done. 
This, along with countless anatomy books and tutorials helped me pushing forward in the direction I wanted to do. 
Strike by yuumeiSD: Mr.winter by CosmicSpectrumm
-14o712- by AmdhusciasWarm Cold by Ninjin-nezumi

From that point on, I basically picked up my pencil and started drawing. The key was not to give up. Even despite the first results looking miserable, my handicap being a terrible hindrance in the process, and the fact that there were day that I absolutely despised myself. Eventually it did pay off. Even though improvement was only slow... I did get better.
Sketchdump november 2012 - 02 by DamaiMikazSketchdump april 2013 by DamaiMikaz

...even at digital art. A medium that I always deemed impossible for me due to my handicap
Those Hollow Eyes by DamaiMikaz

And along with my art, grew my confidence. 
It's funny how time passes so slowly that things like improvement often go unnoticed. But improvement in art wasn't by far the only skill that went unnoticed. Along with my art, grew my ability to write in English (I'm not a native English person -- for those who didn't know yet) and my ability to communicate with people on the website. It didn't only impact who I was as an artist, but also who I was on the site. Having to confidence to write in another language, even despite mistakes, meant being able to help others. And while doing so, making some friends for life.
Unconditional Love by kaiser-mony

Wanting to do something back for the community, I started helping people out. Writing about the one thing that I was probably good at at that time. And the one thing I probably actually knew something about (due to my previous job experience). Internet & Marketing. I've always hated that depressed feeling that hung around the lesser noticed artists in such great community. The feeling that they were not good enough to get noticed. Probably because that's what I've felt so many times before myself, even though I knew the statistics.

I wanted to empower people. To tell them that they were in fact good enough. That they were totally fine the way they were, but that the goals they aimed for were just too damn unrealistic.
I wanted them to know the truth about how hard it is to promote things on the current day internet. The facts about the internet marketing that I work with every day. In the hopes that knowing that would at least put their distorted image about their own art into perspective.
Above all Limits by Razuri-chan

But thinking of myself of nothing more than just an average artist, I was unaware of the effect it had on the community.
I was unprepared. It blew me away. It captivated me. Fascinated me, because I am a curious person by nature. 
Northern Lights by KuldarLeement

But sometimes deeply scared me as well. Because after all, we artists are emotional beings...
coming true - 6x6inch by agnes-cecile

DeviantArt is 14 years old, but I've only been here for 7 years. Yet it feels like I've been there for ages.
I've met so many people.
Seen so much art.
And learned so much.

What I've learned through all those years?

That nothing comes naturally. 
That art means you have to fight monsters -- your inner demons -- to overcome them and become a stronger person.
The Werewolf by Niconoff

That's about being persistent. About about not giving up, even though situations might seem hopeless and it hurts.
Give them back to me! by Vvlad-vVolfen

That it's about having the courage to take that leap. 
MtG: Gift of Orzhova by algenpfleger

About giving shape to the chaos in your mind
Crowned with chaos by DamaiMikaz

And who knows, in a a few years, when you look back at all this from a distance. And you realize how far you've gotten, you know that it was all worth it.
MUSHISHI by zhongbiao

This was my journey so far.
Start building yours today! 
Slenderman's Age Meme by SUCHanARTIST13
*i wanted 2 do this 4 a weally long time. since this pic came out
*ur family is The Addams Family, u r the big brother 2 Wednesday and Pugsley

5 Years Old----

You had a big smile on your face, you had moved into a new neighborhood and you were excited to meet new people. Your parents had moved into a large and scary looking mansion that sat upon a large hill, a graveyard surrounded your new home and some weeping willows here and there. There was also a dark watered pond in the backyard, you were standing on the front porch. Watching as your Uncle, Sylvester, was taking boxes of TNT out of the Moving Van. Your Mother approached you from behind, her tight dress made her look like she was gliding across the floor. "______ Dear, are you ready for your first day of school tomarrow?" Morticia said in a warm Motherly voice, you slightly turned to look at her. You slowly nodded your head with that large Cheshire smile upon your lips. Morticia giggled as she picked you up, "I can`t wait!" You said excitdly, you both entered the mansion. When you both entered, Morticia brought you into the kitchen. She sat you down in a chair, Grandmama smiled at the both of you and placed a plate infront of you and your Mother. The food liked horrible, but thats was normal people would think. You and your family on the other hand, loved it! You food at times would even move! That was always fun to watch, "Here`s a little snack for you both." You smiled at her and thanked her, you picked up a fork and started to eat the lovely unknown food. "______, Don`t eat your food. Play with it." You nodded your head, you listened to your Mother. You used the fork to poke at the food before you, as you poked it, it started to move around. At times you would eat it, Morticia and Grandmama were talking. Once you were finished eating and playing with the strange food you enjoyed, you got out of your chair. "Mommy, can I go to the park with (Fav Silly/Pet Name)?" You asked, Morticia nodded to you. She had gotten up and walked over to a broom closet, opening the dark grey door. She took out a rusty old shovel that you liked to call (Fav Silly/Pet Name), she walked back over to you. You took the shovel into your small hands, "Have fun!" You nodded your head and quickly left the room, you headed out through the front door. Passing the family Butler known as Lurch. He watched as you walked passed the happy growling Gates, you knew where the park was when your Family went passed it on their way to the house they were  moving into now. You walked down several blocks to find the large park just up a head of you, you entered the park. It looked so happy and colorful, you didn`t like it so far. Tilting your head to the side, you could see a group in the back. They seemed to be crowding around something, walking over to the group. You could see that they were throwing rocks at someone with white skin, the group was also calling him or her a loser. Your smile grew wider as you raised (Fav Silly/Pet Name), bringing it down until you hit a girl on the back of her head, causing her to fall to the ground. Everyone stopped and looked over at you, you noticed that this person was faceless and was a boy. Your grip tighten on the shovel, "Does anyone else wants to play with me and (Fav Silly/Pet Name)?" You walked forward as the others started to back up, your head tilted to the side, your grin never leaving your lips. "If you don`t want to, heheh, than LEAVE!" You said the last part in a dark voice, scaring all the kids off. You watched as they ran away, lowering your shovel. Your dark twisted grin sloften into a small smile, walking over to the boy that layed upon the ground in a ball. He sat up, you could swear you see tears, he was whimpering. You kneeled down infront of him, setting (Fav Silly/Pet Name) down. You brought the boy into a hug, he was in shock. Slendy buried his head into the crook of your neck, he wrapped his slightly long arms around you. His black tendrils wrapping around you, you begun to pat his back, trying to sooth the faceless boy. "Its okay. I won`t let them hurt you." You said as you pulled away from the hug, you smiled at him, you started to notice him bleeding along with some burses. "Hi!" You said excitedly, "I`m ________! I`m happy you are the first person that I really want to meet! May I ask What`s your name?" You reached up and begun to wipe away the blood with your thumb and index, "Slenderman..." Slendy said quitely, you stood to your feet. Picking up (Fav Silly/Pet Name), you reached a hand out to Slendy. He looked at your hand and at you, you had a warm smile on your face, "We should get you cleaned up." You said as Slenderman placed his cold hand in your warm one, you helped him onto his feet. "Why aren`t you scared of me?" A small chuckle escaped passed your lips, "Why should I be?" You answered the white skinned boy, "Now lets take you back to my house. My family will love to meet you!" You said in excitment as you both begun to walk to your house, "Ar-Are you sure they will?" You nodded your head, "We are no ordinary Family. OH! I forgot! Did you meet (Fav Silly/Pet Name) my Shovel!" You held up your shovel, "Uuh, No." "Welp, say Hi! (She/He) is my first play toy! I don`t go anywhere without (Him/Her)." You both stopped when Thing came up to you both, Slendy was in shock to see a hand walk up to you both. "Hi Thing! Meet my new Best Friend, Slendy!" "We`re Friends?!" You nodded at Slendy, Thing sat on his wrist and waved at Slenderman. He than started to use his sign laguange, telling you that he was going to watch you while you were at the park. "Sorry, but I was taking Slendy home with me so we can clean his cuts and stuff that those mean Bullies left." You told Thing, Thing started to head home with you and Slendy following behind. "Why did you sound shocked when I said we were friends?" Slendy looked away, not meeting your eyes. "Is it because you don`t have friends?" You asked, he nodded. "I only have Brothers. I usually hang around them because I don`t get beaten up a lot." You could see your home come into view, "Than don`t look so sad. I`m your friend!" You lightly chuckled as you both made it to the front porch, opening the door, you lead Slendy inside. "MOMMY! DADDY! I BROUGHT A FRIEND OVER!" You yelled out to your parents, Gomez, your Father appeared at the top of the stairs. "My you already made a Friend. Marvelous! Welcome! May I know the name your name, Young Man." Gomez said as he slid down the railings of the stairs, stopping infront of you both. "His name is `Slenderman`. But I like to call him, Slendy. I brought him over so he can be cleaned up." Your Mother`s voice echoed throughout the main room all three of you were in. "Who is this Young Child?" You all turned to face her, she was walking down the staircase towards you all. "His name is Slenderman and he`s our Son`s Best Friend." Your Father told her, "My, you look horrible," Slendy looked down sadden, but he looked up when he heared the next part. "I wondered what happened? You looked like you were beaten in a fight with a Tiger. Lurch!" Lurched walked into the room, Slendy had to look up inorder to look at Lurch. "Lurch Dear, please get the Med Kit." Morticia walked over to Slendy, picking him up. "Don`t worry, Darling. We`ll get you fixed up." Slendy looks down at you, "I told you that they`ll like you." You said with a little larger smile. Morticia started to head towards the livingroom with Slendy in her arms, you and Gomez following behind her. She sat down in a large chair as Lurch entered the room with a First Aid Kit in hand, he sat it down on a small coffee table next to the chair. Your Mother opened it and took out what was required, she begun to clean his cuts and burses. Your Father sat in a chair that was next to Morticia, "Now, what happened inorder for you to get this way?" Your Father asked, "I got beaten up..Because I was not like the others..." You walked over to Slendy`s side, taking his hand in yours. "Being Different is wonderful. Amazing! Its good to be different! If you ever feel only, feel free to come over anytime you want! We will always except you and your Family with opened arms." Your Father had told Slenderman, you cheered. Your Mother slightly moved away when you hugged Slendy, Slenderman smiled to himself and hugged you back.

16 Years Old----

You hummed a little tune as you walked down the sidewalk, (Fav Silly/Pet Name) rested against your shoulder. You were on your way to meet Slendy, you were feeling pretty good today! Today is your Sixteenth Birthday, thats why you feeling better than any other day. You wanted to meet Slendy so you could invite him to your Birthday Party, you walked passed several people, they looked strangely at you as you passed by. You stopped at the edge of the woods, looking around first, you than entered the woods. You followed the directions that Slendy gave you in order to find his house, you passed by several land markings, showing that you were close. After a couple of minutes of walking, you soon came upon a mansion. Walking up to it, you made your way to the front door. You knocked on the wooden door, no one answered. You knocked again, but little louder this time. Still no one answered, you refused to let your smile slip away. Removing your shovel from your shoulder, you used it to Knock on the door. Causing loud bashing sound, "Ding-Dong~ Anyone Home!~" You yelled, you leaned (Fav Silly/Pet Name) back onto your (Slender/Averaged/Muscled) Shoulder. The door than opened to reveal a person that looked like Slender, but with glasses. "You really didn`t need to bash our door like that. Who are you? and What do you want?" Trendy asked, "I`m a Friend of Slendy`s. I wanted to talk to him and I`m ______." You answered the fashion-is boy, he sighed and turned to call for Slendy. Once he called for his Brother, he had turned back to face you. "You know those dark colors your wearing, looks dreadful. I don`t understand why you and My Brothers wears a tasteless clothing." You could hear someone running down the stairs, Slendy shooed Trendy away. Trendy than left, leaving you and Slendy alone. "Yes, ______? Is there something you needed?" You nodded your head, "Yeah, love the hair by the way." You said as you ran a hand through his longish unkept white hair, it was silky to the touch. He swatted your hand away, "I just wanted to invite you over to my Birthday Party, your Family can come over." You handed him 4 B-day Invites, he gladly took them. "The rest of the Addams are coming over and they`re pretty strange and strange looking. So you all wouldn`t feel out of place. I hope to see you at the Party, Oh, I have two new siblings. They`re a couple of years old, one is 2 and the other is 3." Splendorman had entered, "Did someone say `Party`?" Slenderman groaned and turned to his older brother, "Yes, ______ is having a Birthday Party and we`re invited." "Isn`t that the same ______ you talked about when you were younger?" "Yes.." Slendy turned back to you, "See you there." You said bye and waved as Slendy closed the front door, you than turned and left. Heading back to your home, your Family was setting everything up in the ballroom. When you got there, you had made it to your room. You removed the clothes you were wearing, tossing them into the basket. You took out a old fashioned Victorian Suit, you took your time putting it on. After you put the suit on, you made your way to the ballroom, you started to help set things up. After several hours, everything was set up, the rest of the Addams made it to the Party. You sat on a large gravestone, greeting the family memebers as they walked by. You didn`t have your shovel with you, it was currently leaning against the wall of your bedroom. Your smiled widen when you spotted Slenderman along with his Brothers, when they were close enough. You had jumped down infront of them, standing to your feet. You bowed to them, straightening your back. "I see you all made it." You said with a large grin, "And I finally get to meet the rest of your Brothers. May I know their names?" You asked the last part, so far you had only saw the one Brother, but you didn`t see the other two. "Splendorman is the polk-a-dolted one and the friendly one as well. Trenderman of course is the one that you met at the front door. And finally Sexual Offenderman or Smexy, he`s the one that fucks anything around him." "Hey!" Smexy raised his hand to slap the back of Slendy`s head, but you had caught his wrist. You glared at Smexy with a dark look, "Don`t you dare lay a had on, Slendy." You said angerly in a dark voice, your grip tighten, causing the male to wince in pain. "______, let him go." Slendy said calmly, you released your grip. "I`ll show you all to the Ballroom!" Your dark personaility was suddenly turned into a happy and excited one, they looked at you in confusion. Slendy shrugged this off, he was used to this. You turned around, you begun to walk towards the mansion, the group following behind you. You soon lead them to the ballroom, your parents greeted them along with others. You had lost sight of the group that was following you, you shrugged and walked over to the table that had many different snacks and pounch that had smoke coming from it. You picked up a glass cup, filling it with the smoking pounch. You walked over to your Mother and Father, Each one holding Pugsley and Wednesday. You smiled at the two, you tickled they`re bellies. Slenderman soon found you near your parents, You took a sip of your drink as Slendy placed his hand upon your shoulder. You turned around to face him, "Yes?" You asked as you took another sip from the pounch, "I have a question. Do you now what happened to the bullies that was bullying me yesterday?" You nod your head, "Yeah, I killed them. Well, the ones that was alive, I buried them alive." You said as you took a long sip of the green liquid, Slendy was shocked by your answer. "Can I tell you something." "Okay, what do you want to talk to me about?" You asked, "Its more of a private conversation." "Oh, okay. Follow me than." You said as you left the ballroom, Slendy walked beside you as you walked towards your room. Once you entered your room, you had shut the door behind you. "So, what did you want to talk abo-" You were cut off when Slendy kissed you, you were in shock at first. But you got over it, closing your (E/C) eyes, you kissed back. Wrapping your arms around Slendy`s Slender waist, you thought it was amusing that Slendy had to lean down in order to kiss you. You thought it was even more amusing that he was somehow kissing you, you started to move forward, making the white skinned male to walk backwards. Slendy than fell backwards onto the bed, causing you both to slightly bounce a little. You broke away from the kiss for air, you were panting as you were straddling Slender. You smirked, you could see there was a tare on where Slendy`s mouth would be. Sharp teeth could be seen, you liked his teeth. They were sharp and you liked things that are sharp, you leaned forward towards where Slender`s ears would be. "My~ My~ Whats this for?~" You whispered, "Do you like me?~" You whispered once more, causing the male to blush. Slendy only stayed silent, you chuckled. "If it makes you feel better. I really like you too.~" You added, you slipped a hand to the back of Slendy`s head. Bringing him into another kiss, you easily slipped your tongue passed his lips(ppl plz dont yell at me because i gav slendy a mouth. from wat i read, aparently he does). You made sure you didn`t cut yourself on his teeth, both yours and his tongue wristed for dominance. But you ended up winning, you explored the new area. You grinded your hips into the male below you, causing him to moan. Slendy`s arms wrapped themselves around your neck, you were enjoying yourself when someone started to knock on your bedroom door. You parted from the kiss and bowed your head, you lightly growled in annoyance from being interrupted. "Yes!" You called out, Sylvester spoke behind the door. "Come on ______! Its time for the cake!" You than heard him laugh as he left, you looked at Slendy with a smile. "I guess this is going to have to wait." You got off of Slendy and headed to your bedroom door. Slenderman sighed and got up, he walked over to you. "I guess it has too." You chuckled as you both left the room.

25 Years Old----

You were currently was looking for Slenderman, you two were going to meet up to day. To just chat and see how he was doing, like always, you had (Fav Silly/Pet Name) the shovel with you. (He/She) was resting against your shoulder as you made it to Slendy`s place, you heard a female scream. You decided to see where it came from, you soon came upon a group that had they`re guns pointed at Slendy. You became furious, the men were yelling horrible things that Slenderman. You could see the female hiding behind one of the males, when the man started to pull the trigger. You were already ran at him, anger in your (E/C) eyes. You moved so quickly that they didn`t even see you until you were on the other side of the male. They staired at you, you stood there straight. Your shovel covered in blood, the woman screamed when the head of the man that was about to shoot Slenderman, fell to the ground. Blood shooting out of his neck-hole, you turned to face the group, you were growling at them. You lunged forward, easily attacking the first two that was near you. You were about to attack the others, but they started to shoot at you. Blood escaped from your mouth along with the bullet wounds, you had stumbled backwards. You looked at them with a dark look, you stepped forward. As you did, they fired at you again. Causing you to fly backwards into the bushed, Slendy was in shock. He was parayzed, he staired at where you had fallen to, the rest of them pointed they`re guns back at Slenderman. One of them pulled the trigger, the bullet flying towards Slendy. You saw this, quickly leaving the bushes. You stood infront of Slender, the bullet penetrated your forehead. The metal bullet lodged itself deep into your head, you fell to the ground, blood seeping from newest wound. Slendy fell to his knees, he wanted to cry. You still had that smile on your lips, Slenderman closed your eyes. He staired sadly down at your body, these humans had murdered his only Friend that he ever had. Slenderman could feel anger running throughout his vains, he stood to his full height. He glared at the people before him, Slenderman started to walk towards the humans. They had started to fire they`re gun at him, he had easily my out of the way. Slenderman pierced his hand through one of the male`s, his hand shot out through they`re chest, heart in Slenderman`s white hands. Bringing his arm back, he had also squeezed the organ in his hand, causing it to slightly explode. One by one, he had killed each one. Once he realized what he had done, he didn`t feel anything for them. The ones had caused harm to you and him, Slenderman walked over to your lifeless body. Lifting your body into his arms, he used one of his tendrils to pick up the shovel you would always carrier around. He had begun to walk to his home, hugging your body close to his. He didn`t care if his suit was bloodied or not, he just wanted to go home like nothing had happened. But that was impossible, because your lifeless body showed that it was real and that it actually happened.

100^ Years Old----Present Time

Slenderman sat in his office, (Fav Silly/Pet Name) sat in his slender white hands. He remembered couple of hundred years ago, that he told your parents what happend. But he had asked if it was okay to bury you near his home, they allowed it, seeing that you always loved to be near Slenderman. His grip on the shovel had tighten, he remembered how you died if it was just yesterday. The shovel was very old and should`ve decayed or rotted away by now, Slenderman kept it well cleaned and perserved it well too. Everytime he remembered, it would cause his heart to be pained and he would want to cry. But he wouldn`t allow his weakness to show, Masy, Hoody,Ticci Toby, and Sally were peeking into the office that Slenderman was in. "He looks really sad," Sally had said, "We should go hug him!" She suggested, but the boys didn`t want too. She dragged them into the room, Slenderman looked up to see the small group enter the room. He was in shock when they all hugged him(the boys were forced 2!), "Don`t be sad Mr. Slenderman." Sally said in a happy little voice, Slenderman sighed and hugged them back. He missed you a lot. When he lost you, he had started to gain others that were a part of CreepyPasta. If you were here, you would`ve loved to see Slenderman gain new friends over time.