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The army is coming. The army of angry level 1 players seems like a wave, there are so many- they stand no chance against the great lvl 1 boss with 300hp. No, not 300k, just 300. Three-zero-zero. 300hp. The army prepairs their beginner weapons and storms through the Elwyn Forest. They struggle to find their way through Stormwind, but then get some friendly level 60-90s to carry them to Ironforge.

The army then storms out of Inronforge after about an hour of being lost in its maze. The army floods Eastern Kingdoms, there are so many level 1s. They must win the battle. They must kill the elite boss with 300hp. Everyone flies high into the sky to avoid getting trampled to death by the lvl 1 army, while everyone lower than lvl 60 died by getting stomped to death by the desperate army of lvl 1s who haven't even done a single quest. Frankly, we're unsure if they even know how to accept a quest.

The wave of level 1s grows, forcing the fleeing players to rise higher into the sky until they reached the limit. They all got crushed to death by the army. The army then spread to Kalimdor, then Northrend, then somehow Pandaria. The level 90s were confused and tried to slay the army, but they failed and they also got crushed. Sha of anger was defeated by the army, so was Huolon who exploded into the sun. 

Skadi the Ruthless jumped off of his trusted proto-drake, Grauf, and went down thinking he could beat the army- he was wrong and the army ate Skadi and Grauf both. The army eventually flooded the oceans. Soon enough, they BECAME the oceans. They became the air. They became the ground then eventually started down to Deepholm. They did it. They ate everything in the history of World of Warcraft.

The army of level 1s rained down on the elite boss with 300hp, hitting it with all their might. The army was made of more level 1s than you could ever imagine, flooding every square inch of World of Warcraft. Every other NPC and player didn't stand a chance, and they all died. The level 1's attacked the elite boss with 300hp- it killed the entire army of level 1's in 1 hit. There were no survivors.
The logo is weird.

But the weapons they made for the movie are amazing.

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some one play with me O-O note me info i want someone to play with me to level 90 or to a high level like 60 
i want to make trolls but i can do any listed but i am for the horde 
all my friend don't play wow they just like japanese stuff 
planing on only using farmed armor and i only have a small window to play so note or message me and we can work something out :D i'm so bored 

great at 
blood elf-know starting area by heart 
dreanei-priest are by best 
pandaren-i made one but i suck at the orc area i'm good at playing him but i know only the blood elf and undead area 

good at
night elfs
gnome- the shortness of them makes the harder for me to use 
undead-i hate them 
goblins-the shortness of them makes the harder for me to use 
dwarf-the shortness of them makes the harder for me to use 
human-aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggg bored

bad at
orc- i can only play priest and casters and orc aren't made for that  
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The Warcraft Stories

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 7:52 AM

Just in case people haven't seen them...

For those of you who haven't noticed.

Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061

There it is.

Also, for those of you who have yet to start reading the "Neltharion Saga" whatever...

Warcraft: Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061

Warcraft: the Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061

Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061

Just to make sure you guys are able to catch up.

This Journal Skin was designed by Zaporozhenko Vitaly (Vint26)
Time to stream a little Warlords of Draenor Beta!
as AVCon has just passed, i'm left feeling pretty sad. partially because the holidays are over, but mostly because AVCon's finished for another year. still, it's inspired me to want to do other cosplays- mainly Maiev Shadowsong from Wacraft: The Frozen Throne. i hung out with an awesome blood elf mage cosplayer for most of the sunday, and their cosplay reminded me of how much fun the game was. i started to replay it, and i just really love it.
so now that's a cosplay that i'd love to do by next year's AVCon, because it will certainly take me a very long time to finish (but if i get it done earlier, i might debut it at other conventions)!

as always, you can find me on my facebook page.
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The Doomhammer look really incredible. The film would be taking place before the event of World of Warcraft (The vanilla. They would do Orcs and Humans but it'll be too similar like the Lord of the Rings)
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This is a catalog of the Warcraft Map Project, with a list of my maps of Azeroth. 

1. The Eastern Kingdoms - Political
2. The Eastern Kingdoms - Geographical
3. The Eastern Kingdoms - From the Atlas
4. The World of Azeroth

I have taken an artistic license in some areas, although the maps are mostly based on research into the World of Warcraft and other maps and sources of information on the Warcraft universe. I feel obliged to remind people that the Warcraft universe is an intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment. Otherwise, I am the sole author of this content. 
Watch me play WoW live. Feel free to ask questions.…
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World of Warcraft - PC
 Download .torrent - World of Warcraft - PC -…