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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

Vote! (32,494 votes) 790 comments
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Two words. Goldshire Children.
It's a very creepy thing that is currently happening in game.

If you wanna read about it :…

Video :

Annnnd, this is C'Thun, the old god that the children worships/are obviously trying to summon :
Pretty, huh ?
He and Zalgo would make great friends, don't you think ? :3c
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The last blog entry was from may, I think it is about time for a new blog entry. I'll start off with rank holders and permissions.

Founder: The-Serene-Mage

Co-Founder(s) Selene-Demonweave:bulletblack:Xaelion:bulletblack:Kakashihater14

Contributor(s) MischiArt:bulletblack:Satyreh:bulletblack:Tanadia:bulletblack:Dark-Edyn:bulletblack:MewMewFrostElf:bulletblack:Paraspriteful:bulletblack:LunastraszaCrescent:bulletblack:Asharinhun(Coming soon):bulletblack:SLyP-Art:bulletblack:Sophia-White(coming soon):bulletblack:Hamoth(coming soon):bulletblack:SoftlyVoiced:bulletblack:ZafNova(coming soon):bulletblack:MonsieurEviltrees:bulletblack:AranyaVerSarn(Coming soon)

Co Founders can do the following:
Can invite to contributors and members
Are automatically approved on submissions and have unlimited submissions per year
Can edit most content on the page.
Can get a folder dedicated to their work if they wish

Contributors can do the following:
Can invite to Members
Are Automatically approved for submissions and have unlimited submissions per year
can edit most content on page.
Can get a folder dedicated to their work if they wish

Members can do the following:
Submit only 7 deviations per week.
Can only view some content.

:bulletred:please submit drawings and other stuff in the correct folder
:bulletyellow: No Screenshots of your character or "funny-moments"
:bulletblue: don't be mean, we all do have feelings too you know
:bulletred: if you don't know where to post something, please feel free to ask
:bulletyellow: have fun, this is a fan-club where you imagination comes to life

Livestreaming: Warcraft 3

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 7:29 PM
All by my lonesome today. Coem in and watch me die. :D

Mic is on…

  • Mood: Relief
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:wave: Hello,my friend. :wave: August has over.So we move to next month. :) Welcome to September,my friend. :bow: Yes.Just another three month so end of 2014.Time is so fast. :)

Ah!In month we will focus a new game in gallery in.Remeber last month in August I have added in one art for coming September grand opening. :nod: Ah yes!The time has come. :nod: The portal has been open. :dance: Behold Warcraft!!! :clap: In month we will celebrant the coming expansion which has told it will arrive in Fall 2014. ;) Behold Warlords of Draenor following after Mists of Pandaria. :nod: Warlords of Draenor is the fifth expansion in World of Warcraft this Warlords of Draenor is focus on the past of Draenor which the great warlord of orcs such as Blackhand,Ner’zul,Grommash and many others famous lords. :nod:

Ok!Talk about Warlords of Draenor I have intention to made six series of World of Warcraft in my gallery side start at World of Warcraft following Burning Crusade next Wrath of Lich King next Cataclysm next Mists of Pandaria finally in the end Warlords of Draenor.So my gallery they will appear in Misc.,Sexy and Mature Gallery,Teammate Gallery,Family Gallery,Crossover Gallery and Modern Life Gallery. =D However in this Warcraft series that is possible one or two will go to Ultimate Rarest Hunt.

In August we may not has any birthday friend from my story to celebrate so I have put this one a side in August.But September we got four heroes in.They are Jun Fai,Boon Chong,Natalie and Zin Yan. :clap: But this year is Battle Art and was the theme for this year birthday art in. :nod: However Battle Art for Boon Chong,Natalie and Zin Yan had appear in my gallery many year ago.In this year we will only focus on Jun Fai in my Birthday Gallery area. :nod:

Even we are honor Warcraft in this month I have another interesting idea for honor my Malaysia one of my friend and her family member which I will made them in a fantasy custom in and this friend as I speak she had appear in here few year ago and left few year already but her one of sister remain still in here and this sister was amaze me she too like art.I will name them in for coming for the art. :bow:

Now is favorites is time to change. :nod: After many month of my favor categories now it has a bit moving. :nod:But actually not all change the past favor in 2014 still remain the same but add some new game favor in. :)

My favorite lists start at September 2014:

:bulletorange: In the early 2014 my first favor is Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts will replace by Naruto,Bleach and Sailor Moon meanwhile I have decided add on Queen’s Blade.

:bulletorange: The second favor in the early 2014 is Samurai Warriors,Dynasty Warriors,Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur but in September 2014 will replace by Sonic,Mario,Megaman,The Legend of Zelda and Samus Aran.

:bulletorange: The third favor in the early 2014 is Sonic,Mario,Megaman,The Legend of Zelda and Samus Aran but it has moved to the second favor list so Samurai Warriors,Dynasty Warriors,Dead or Alive and Soul Calibur will take part in here.

 :bulletorange: The fourth favor in early 2014 is Naruto,Bleach and Sailor Moon this has moved to the first favor list so Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts will replace by Naruto,Bleach and Sailor Moon in here.However the old time favor few year back Valkyrie Profile has returned and it will be favor along with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts together.

:bulletorange: The fifth one something new in here usually my favor list up to four one but in September in this month we have added another list in.The fifth one will go for Warcraft actually friendly speaking Warcraft I have favor sometime ago but the Warlords of Draenor has made me to favor Warcraft once again.

Well!In September my favor list turn out some old come back and new in my favor list. ;) Interesting. :giggle: By the way the most important in this month I won’t draw others Fanarts of game and movie in only Warcraft.

So in end I wish you all enjoy your September. :wave:

Here are the people I respect and love. :cuddle: :boogie: :heart:

:iconshadowwithinme: :iconallenkun: :iconharleyquinnade: :iconamorousdino: :iconescaped-emotions: :iconrosannabell: :iconthesashabell: :iconxxfruit-cakexx: :iconth4m: :iconmelfinacosplay: :iconmademuazel-demi: :iconladasever: :iconrei-doll: :iconieris-aizer: :iconforestgirl: :iconlhianne: :iconkeldbach: :iconrsiphotography: :iconsamlim: :icongenzoman: :iconnextgrandcross: :iconfeigiap: :iconraseinn: :iconnerkin: :iconfullrings: :iconemperpep: :iconglitcher: :iconfransmensinkartist: :iconnako-75: :iconshiniez: :iconsigurdhosenfeld: :iconjadenkaiba: :iconganassa: :iconradprofile: :iconmaelora69: :iconpersonalami: :icondrgraevling: :iconryumo: :iconnarannach: :iconragora57: :iconsaurra: :iconlimey404: :iconnao--ren: :iconjupmod: :iconpronon1990: :iconkahookashii: :iconlufidelis: :iconilolamai: :iconhotrod2001: :iconniban-destikim: :iconxxcuteemmyxx: :iconchoppington: :iconangevere: :iconfumuu: :iconnormansanzo: :icontenshichan1013: :iconillusionevenstar: :iconbizmarck: :iconblakmanta: :icondarkdp: :iconjeepika: :iconkillryde: :iconechowing: :iconk-e-y-k-o: :icon14-bis:  :iconmanjimaru: :iconphysicrodrigo: :icongiacbk: :iconbenicia16: :iconmrdarksmayhem-c:   

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