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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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This is a catalog of the Warcraft Map Project, with a list of my maps of Azeroth. 

1. The Eastern Kingdoms - Political
2. The Eastern Kingdoms - Geographical
3. The Eastern Kingdoms - From the Atlas
4. The World of Azeroth

I have taken an artistic license in some areas, although the maps are mostly based on research into the World of Warcraft and other maps and sources of information on the Warcraft universe. I feel obliged to remind people that the Warcraft universe is an intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment. Otherwise, I am the sole author of this content. 
Ok so it has been YEARS since I last played that horrifyingly addictive game, when I was like 14 I would play EVERY day. I have noticed recently that I have been urging to play again. Now should I break down and get a time card (60 days) for my summer break/vacation (which is only the month of august) but the 60 days would leak into the beginning of school. On the other hand I could make youtube videos/ streams WoW. I don't know what to do :(
The logo is weird.

But the weapons they made for the movie are amazing.

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The Warcraft Stories

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 24, 2014, 7:52 AM

Just in case people haven't seen them...

For those of you who haven't noticed.

Wrath of the Warchief by Ghostwalker2061

There it is.

Also, for those of you who have yet to start reading the "Neltharion Saga" whatever...

Warcraft: Romancing the Coffer by Ghostwalker2061

Warcraft: the Hammer's Fall by Ghostwalker2061

Murozond's Gift by Ghostwalker2061

Just to make sure you guys are able to catch up.

This Journal Skin was designed by Zaporozhenko Vitaly (Vint26)

The Doomhammer look really incredible. The film would be taking place before the event of World of Warcraft (The vanilla. They would do Orcs and Humans but it'll be too similar like the Lord of the Rings)
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Terrwyn: Welsh name meaning "brave fair one."

Race: Dwarf(Ironforge).

Known languages: Dwarven, Kalimag, and common.

Sex: Female.

Sexual orientation: Straight.

Breast size: C.

Age: 53.

Birthday: May 27th.

Class: Warrior/Geomancer.

Trade Skills: Mining, archeology and smithing.


Affiliation: Alliance.

Height: 4 feet 3 inch(5 feet 10 inches earthen form).

Weight: 200 pounds(510 pounds earthen form).

Build: Muscular.

Dominant hand: Right.

Hair: Light brown hair in two thick waist-length braids.

Skin: Moderately tan.


Armor:… and….

Jewelry/body-art: Three silver rings in her right ear and one in her left.




Special traits: Like all dwarves Terrwyn has the ability to tap into her earthen heritage and temporarily harden her body to a stone like consistency. As a geomancer this ability has been amplified in Terrwyn, allowing her to fully take on an earthen form. In this form Terrwyn grows nearly two feet in height and more than doubles her weight. Terrwyn can maintain her earthen form for roughly seven minutes every few hours, while earthen her strength is greatly amplified and only the strongest of melee attacks can harm her, she no longer needs to breathe and poison has no effect. She will not bleed if cut and is fireproof up to about twelve hundred degrees, much beyond that she may start to melt.



I have alert so much people in the last time, which did it, even

Thank you!
Clint Mansell the golden globe nominated composer of 


Requiem For a Dream

The Fountain

The Wrestler

Black Swan



may score Duncan Jone's War
World of Warcraft Troll Loremaster Challenge! by TMirai

Do you fancy yourself a lorecrafter for World of Warcraft's trolls? Do you have ideas or theories about their lore, history, and/or culture? Your creativity could win you awesome prizes related to the upcoming release of Warlords of Draenor!

The Challenge
Create a piece of writing or artwork that shows a creative crafting of semi-canon or headcanon troll lore. Semi-canon lore is based on or includes elements of canon lore (example here). Headcanon lore is fictional lore completely of an author’s own creation (example here).


  • First Prize: Physical copy of the Collector’s Edition of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor OR two items from the Blizzard Gear Store
  • Second Prize: Digital copy of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor OR one item from the Blizzard Gear Store
  • Third Prize: 30 Days of World of Warcraft Game Time

Email entries to as attachments or in the body of the email (no links). Deadline is Sunday, August 3, 2014. Have questions or need clarification? Email me or contact me on Tumblr.

More information and link to FAQ here!

Hey all! Back in Germany now! Just want to let everyone know I'm doing World of Warcraft character commissions for discounted prices!  I'll be moving out of my parents house soon, and so until I can find a job, I'll be relying on money from commissions.... SCARY :cry:  So if you all want a cool picture of your warcraft or fantasy character, commission me please!

:star:Below is a super quick list of certain commissions I can do, but feel free to note me or comment here with a custom commission, and I'll come up with a custom price!

We'll start with lineart and go from there, only two dollars to upgrade to a better picture!


:bulletblack: Portrait lineart: $7 or €5.50

:bulletblack: Full body lineart: $9 or €6.50

:bulletblack: Full picture lineart (color in yourself) character + background: $13 or  €9.50

:star::star:FLAT COLOR:star::star:

:bulletblack: Portrait with flat color: $9 or €6.50

:bulletblack: Full body with flat color and flat background: $11 or €8.50

:bulletblack: Full picture with flat color: $15 or €11.50

:star::star::star: FULL COLOR SHADING :star::star::star:

:bulletblack: Portrait with full color and shading: $11 or 8:50

:bulletblack: Full body with flat background and shading: $13 or €9.50

:bulletblack: Full body with full background and shading: $17 or €12.50

:bulletblue::bulletblue: SPECIAL REQUESTS AND MISCELLANEOUS :bulletblue::bulletblue:

:meow: Chibi characters! (A cute, mini version of your character!): $10 or €8.50

la in love by orenji--chan Chibi character with background: $13 or €9.50

Sword Tard by jahw Weapon or armor design:  Starting at $8 or €5.50

:comic: remake by arrioch Comic strip/scene/page:  Note me for an estimate!

horny revamp by MenInASuitcase Erotica/Porn, etc:  Note me for an estimate! 

:skull: Like I said before, I will do other, custom commissions, just note me! I can do really anything!

Looking forward to seeing all of your characters!

:skullbones:White-Noizz Free Avatar: Alliance by bronze-kitsune
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