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"Did you hear? There was another Decepticon attack at a harbor!"

"I know! Good thing the Autobots were there to stop them."

"They're so cool! I wish I could meet them in person."

Sandra gave a small sigh as she drew in her sketchbook.  Her family had recently moved to Oregon and it was her first day at her new school and all day she heard nothing but people talk about the Transformers, what the Decepticons did and whatever the Autobots have been doing.  Sure, she's heard about it every once in a while on the news but she never paid any mind.  She would love to listen to her music on her iPod and to block out all the talking, but it was the last period of the day and there was only a few minutes left.  Good thing she was patient enough to wait a little longer.  

Plus, it was Friday.  All the teen wanted to do was to go home, play video games, watch anime, surf the Internet, read, draw, write, listen to music and just spend time alone.  Of course, she rolled her eyes, her brother wanted to watch a movie on Sunday.  She'll have to look forward to that.  
  • Mood: Lazy
  • Listening to: K-pop
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