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TrustedPointAccount by ZoroKingofSwords

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:heart: revamp by Jeriko-X Features ART :heart: revamp by Jeriko-X

A lovely gift for Flyingfreefantasy.. Transparent! by Flazilla by :iconflazilla: [22/09/14] 
Please check out this awesome person and this ARTwork! ♥
by :iconabnorm-ali-ty: [30/04/14]  
Post Above Post Above Post Above 
Please read this. :aww:

Daily Lit Recognition for April 21st, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition!
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article.

Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: TwilightPoetess
His lap was reserved for science...i still see his hands
coated in soil
playing god
coaxing seeds to life
bringing his creations to us
maybe that was his love
the calluses from wooden shovels
from making wooden fences
from the circle-purple grapes
the quarter-blueberries
the furry peaches
maybe he loved us
the same way the cat did
secretly perched atop my toddler bed
until dawn danced on my fluttering lids,
leaving before the morning sun
would make stark her black in the light
maybe he loved us
through the water and earth and wind
that fed his garden plants
maybe he loved us
with the force of sunlight
but we just never knew

His lap was reserved for science... by ArbiterGirl

Reminder for everyone: Tell the people you
love, that you care.  They aren't mind-readers.

Featured by: AyeAye12

Blue KentuckyKentucky: the Eden of infinite, rolling blue -
blue mountains smudged by God’s own thumb
into a coal blue sky, everything,
the bark of trees, the dew on grass,
kissed by blue.
That place that fills you with perfume
of honeysuckle vines and sulfur from the
mines, fills you with fear when the Screech Owl
sings her Banshee song.
The land where birds get drunk off the poke-greens’
berries, crawdads pinch fingers in the creek,
saw-briars slash bare legs and stain the hem of
your dress with blood, where moonshine freely
flows from remote and rocky hills.
Kentucky: easily lost and forgotten,
revives old women in various states of decay,
who recount their lives so that they
may grant me inheritance of the world
as it was before me.

Blue Kentucky by sydnerella

A poem that captivates the homeliness
and essence of a homeland, with beautiful
imagery too; country poetry at its finest.


Featured by: SilverInkblot

NamesakeThey called him Striking Jonathan, which was funny, in retrospect, when they had to pull him away from a street-brawl, and tragic when they discovered that he learned to fight from his father; but at least they knew he was like them. When pressed for details from the younger kids - the ones that hadn't learned about 'couth' yet, or keeping their mouths shut - he'd just say:
"Childhood is nothing but a story to tell when you're older," which didn't disregard the fact that you are who you know; birds of a feather flock together - and they were all latchkey kids, left to their own neglect until their parents made an appearance and took over for them.
They figured, in the end, that that was why he left; took to standing on street corners instead of door-steps, until the day he got in a car and didn't return.
"D'you reckon he lost his virginity before or after he got in a car?" Beatnik - Beat Nick (their names were a part of their lives, and their lives a part of their name) - is the one to

Namesake by Psyghostis

A stark look into the people whose
names [are] a part of their lives, and
their lives a part of their name

Suggested by: SCFrankles
Featured by: BlakeCurran
The Coffee GodThe Coffee God behind the counter side shuffles foot to foot, a dance of steam and espresso.  Black painted fingernails, inch gauged ears and a gray striped sweatshirt, hood crooked on his back.  There's a cigarette tucked behind one ear; it bobs and twitches with each step.
“Non-fat caramel latte,” he calls, part of a spell, part of a mantra, toneless (just a tuck at the end).  I reach.  He looks up.
The espresso maker hisses.
There's something like a grin, something like a spark, something like a shared secret linked eye to eye.  When he passes over the drink (rough cardboard sleeve hot to the touch), he lingers.  Our fingers brush, a shiver, a jolt, a ten-watt shock.
The Coffee God tilts his chin, shouts, “Hey, mind if I take my break now?”
and ducks around the counter without waiting for a reply.
He slips his cigarette between his lips without taking his eyes from mine.  I follow him out the door.
Outside, rain whispers thr

The Coffee God by anapests-and-ink
Suggester writes: This is a playful
and magical look at romance, courtship
rituals and the meaning of coffee. Prose
with a spoonful of poetry.

Foreign Language

Suggested by: Finnyanne
Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon

Schattentaenzer Shadowdancers A Poem in German and English
Das Licht des Tages schwindet
Und die Welt liegt im Zwielicht
Ich öffne die Augen
Das ist der Augenblick in dem das Leben mich bindet
Das Zwielicht ist die Jagdzeit der Kreaturen
Die weder zu Licht noch zu Dunkelheit gehören
Wir sind die Wächter zwischen Licht und Dunkelheit
Halten die Wage zwischen Licht und Schatten
Greifen ein, wenn eine Seite überwiegt
Wir sind die Verlorenen die niemand beachtet
Die, die immer da sind, doch von niemandem wahrgenommen
Doch wer es will sieht und verschwommen
Wir sind wie die Schatten in denen wir wandeln
Immer da doch nie gesehen
Regeln alles ohne dass ihr es versteht
Wir schützen euch ohne das ihr es merkt
Tun im Verborgenen unser Werk
Leben und sterben ungesehen
The light of the day is fading
And the world lays in twilight
I op

Schattentänzer by Finnyanne

This work is very thought-inducing,
reflecting the emotions of someone seeing
the world with other eyes. It is written out of a
gut feeling, energy that is flown from mind into pen.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation
to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: SilverInkblot

Daily Lit Recognition for April 22nd, 2014

We are proud to feature today's Daily Literature Recognition! 
You can show your support by :+favlove:ing this News Article. 
Please comment and :+fav: the features and congratulate the artists!


Featured by: Carmalain7
RevelationThe couch beneath me is old
The cappuccino machine across the room?
Younger than I am
For a moment I forget why I’m here
Coffee? Conversation? Company?
Feedback from the mic grates against my eardrums
While patrons chatter with excitement
One performer, two performer, three
Each one weaving words with artistic grace
The first lights a spark
Second sets down the tinder
Third fans the flames
I am pulled aside for a moment
My attention drawn to my heart
I lace my fingers through his
As he asks if I want to leave
I tell him no, It’ll be over soon
But really I want to hear what they have to tell me
About myself, themselves
Heat and emotion mingles with smooth laughter
An amused look from my other half
Is met by a smile
Sweet words warm those who hear them
While leaving my bitter drink growing cold
The personal glances of an impersonal audience
Draws me inward
Old dreams reignited with the hope of a future
I thought was lost
It’s only when the fourth artist speaks
With a da

A simple narrative that attests to the beauty of realized moments.

Suggested by: OHiNeedTea
Featured by: DrippingWords

Suggester says: "I really like this poem. I think it flows well and shows a good concrete image."


Featured by: Naktarra

I Belong HereI went down to the rainy river one night, hoping to lose myself in the cold, clear waters.
Foggy, warm, the smell of wood smoke drifting down the banks; I stood in the middle of the current, knowing if I was sucked under no one would find me for quite some time. I could hear the pealing of the church bells in the village, miles away, carried softly to me on the faint breeze. They reminded me of the distance I had put between myself and those walls, the distance between the people sitting in those pews and the world I had escaped to.
I blocked out the bells. I blocked out the birds coming down to the water for a drink before putting down for the night; I blocked out the howling of hunting dogs picking up my scent several miles down the trail; I blocked out even the sound of the water bugs, floating and flitting across the top of the rushing water. I blocked out all but the beat of my heart and the sound of the stars far above -- I could feel them calling to me, and even as I stood chest

A very lush and detailed piece of literature that just bleeds the creativity of this author's mind.

Featured by: SilverInkblot

Old FriendsThe visit happened suddenly, and to her complete nonsurprise.
She had been typing up a report on various South Asian butterflies when he had simply appeared in her room, as casually as if they had agreed beforehand to meet there. “Hello,” he said calmly from the doorway. “Don’t mind me.”
“Hello there,” she replied, just as casually. “You’re always welcome here.” She didn’t bother turning around, knowing that, at her age, she would no longer be able to see him. She was aware that she was far beyond the age where visitations by imaginary friends, however beloved when younger, were considered acceptable. But she was about as bothered as she was surprised.
“It’s been a while since I last visited,” she heard him say mildly as he walked around the room, just out of her sight.
“It has,” she agreed. “Sorry, I don’t think there’s another chair here.”
“It’s all righ

What do you say to a friend not seen in years? The sense of shyness but familiarity between the two in this scene really sells it.

Foreign Language

Suggested by: Tutziputz
Featured by: Malintra-Shadowmoon

Reisefieber...Endlich es ist soweit. Der erste Urlaubstag.
Ich sitze am Bahnhof. Drei Stunden bevor mein Zug eintrifft, um mich dorthin zu tragen, wo ich mein Herz verlor. Noch drei Stunden warten. Aber ich liebe es auf dem Bahnsteig zu sitzen und die Atmosphäre zu genießen. Die ein- und abfahrenden Züge, die ein leises Singsang von sich geben. Nicht mehr wie früher, dass es einem beim Bremsen fast das Trommelfell zerriss. Sondern ganz modern. Es klingt fast wie eine Tonleiter, mit leisen Tönen, die mich friedlich einlullen.
In Urlaubsstimmung.
Gespannt sitze ich auf der Bank und beobachte die Gesichter der Menschen, die von einem Gleis zum anderen eilen. Es macht mir Spaß sie zu beobachten. Die Hektik in ihren Augen. Das Heimweh oder auch die Sehnsucht in die Ferne. Ich fühle es direkt in mir.
Teile ihre Anspannung und Entspannung. Menschentrauben sammeln sich um mich. Studieren ihre Fahrpläne und auch ich schaue nun zum Xten- mal auf meine Fahrkarte.
Noch zw

Suggester writes: Subject is an apparently everyday situation. A woman standing on a platform, waiting for her train. And yet it is quite a wonderful mixture of the descriptions of everyday observations and the increasing expectant tension of the protagonist who drives back home to her loved one. Commonplase, human ... and so beautiful to fall in love with.

For more information, including how to suggest a Deviation to be featured, please visit us at DailyLitRecognition.

Thanks so much for supporting the lit community and this project!

~ The DailyLitRecognition Team ~

Prepared by: Gingersanps

Love dA Lit: Issue 167

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 2:59 PM
IrrevocableFate's Lit treasure chest!
Issue 167

Welcome to the one-hundred sixty-seventh issue of Love dA Lit! Heart bum by BadMote Every Sunday this article will aim to promote volunteer opportunities, various resources, prompts, challenges, and workshops, as well as highlighting various contests. This is by no means a complete list of all the literature going-ons, merely a tool to help you get involved and stay informed.

Note: You're all wonderful, please remember that. ♥

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Contacting Me

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Hugs, love and thanks to:

:iconsonamyfan362: my favoritest LITplease Community Liaison.

:iconxmoonshinedreamersx: for letting me run LITplease’s Community Portal.

:icontwistedalyx: for letting me know about their youtube writing channel!

To share what you love

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 7:58 PM

Hello everyone,

It's been such a long time since I've done a feature just for the heck of it, without any purpose whatsoever other than showcasing things I love. I've been so busy on here with young-photo-club, Death-Chicks, GetDailyDeviations, and my own Group Spotlight features that I haven't been able to do a feature of random things I've seen and adored here on DA! So here it goes!

Metamorphosis by weroni St. Elmo's Fire by Fassod Nymph by g-ivanov
Bad Prayer by evyallen Sirin by Ann-Rentgen Ania Hania by Dororo4 Necromancer (return)+speedpainting by IrinaZoria
mysterious water by Pushistay Connection between the sky and earth by thefirebomb Gwendolyn- silver necklace by mea00
Ines II by KimberlyMeade A Little Sadness by Queen-Kitty Thranduil Cosplay - One with the forest by Abessinier

Don't Cry by Tigress0787 Wiba by CorneredRing Sunday morning by Pr3t3nd3r Lilac hat by thefirebomb
Grass and leather jacket by Norrington1 Vampire by KseniaMaytama Glittery by dandelion-field
shed a tear by awfultosee Misery by adylee The green in nature by PrincessAlbertSwe Delay by Mords
Daydreamer's Diary by namimosa Dream a little dream ~ by MauiMelle Don't give up believe by Lory-94
Leda-Valentyne O.S. - Shadows by Calicot-ZC Pareidolia by Android-Jones Precious doll by Nevaart Luthien and the Silmaril by rachels89
skull wings tattoo by foxxmax Primavera de Ersi by kayandjay100 Heavy Sky by AkinAdekile Snailrise by Kriloner
portrait by alikasapoglu Art with Hamatora by haru4lavi Hide And Seek by Sandramalie
Daenerys Targaryen by noke89 Lux ~ lol by YiiChan Pillars of Eastern by carlosgarijo Mejika 6 by clair0bscur
You and I by Luckyten Peace is holding us together by alahay Ewelina by 13noise spring bloom by thepiesong
  RED by Desert-Winds Chasing Sunset by onrie07 Better me by kazelgreen Xenalicious by Lobagalore
trust me by collien You Are the Ocean by KatiaIvaArts Escarlata by Purple20 Kornelia by teruus
My own Summer by szydlak Cyberpunk detective's desk by Dragonbaze Magda by eilidh
0016 by darcsider1 Proud as a peacock by SophiaViolette Tangled by Gingershots
dreams by leeninek Bruises and Fragile Things by machihuahua Tranquility Star Necklace by IvrinielsArtNCosplay
I Saw a Burning ManIn front of my house, he sat.
Skin burnt off, now charred and black.
Hesitantly, I walked outside.
And he followed me with his watery eyes.
With steps as nimble as the snow,
I hid my fear and continued to go.
Now before him, the Burning Man.
I kindly offered him my shaky hand.
No malice nor vice leaked off of him,
rather sadness and agony which simmered below his skin.
I could feel it around me, the pain and despair,
yet, physically the man was nearly repaired.
For his scorched skin was not his problem,
instead the bottled emotions that devoured all of him.
“Would you like to come inside sir, and stay?”
In which he replied by looking away.
Again I asked, and received no reply,
and was startled when the man began to cry.
Unsure of what to do, I walked away,
Yet I’ll never forget what happened that day.
Be it from pain, or mute, or undisclosed desires,
I watched as the man was engulfed in fire.
I stood back in awe, with my mouth agape,
and feared that he had fallen into
the price to pay for breaking a heart.this is a 
it hurts to be
but what hurts even
more is
being one one who
does the
to be the person
who stands over the other
and watch
them choke on their
tears and then
hand them their own
heart- rip someone apart and then
not be able to
put them back together
and when you close your
eyes, all you can 
are the ribbons coming undone
from their wrists. 
you crumble from your own
breathing is easy but I'm terrible at itapril suns always left streaks of
yellow on your driveway
before they sank.
you laughed at how
the flowers coughed on me
along the bilirubin pavements
on the way to your house
I confused all the streetlights
for sunsets and drowned in
halogen tidepools in those evenings
when the sidewalks ended but
my thoughts of you wouldn’t
maybe love is the sum
of all the excuses we make for it,
or I’m just too tired
to pull myself to the surface
you roll the blades of grass
through your grips, dusting
your fingerprints with haptens
and what-ifs.
I’d like to blame you for every
wheeze and rale but goddamnit
I just can’t

sunlight by maaaxxxi Love in Paris by Andy-Mar
Summers play by strangeposse COMMUNiCATES II by xACook a berlin by grontokam
sensual by zieniu by zieniu Silver Tower by freMDartet Ballerina by bubastis2
Fairy Tales by SPatriot Stone Tortoises by MaciejKarcz Homecoming by rahmanio
Trees in the mist  V by Betuwefotograaf Goodbye by APPELBOOM Path to the sunrise by T-20-A-20
A long way by t-cezar Stripes by SuicideBySafetyPin Empty by AbigailSins
On the waves (better quality) by MySweetDarkness Muirin- wire wrapped copper ring by mea00 Wolf by fnigen
Paint it red by oisforophelia we both died that night by JeremyTroughton Walking Canvas by IDiivil-Official

I hope you enjoyed! :+fav: to support the artists and go check out their other work!

One Month Premium Membership Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 9:47 AM

Cause I do what I want, that's why.. And yes, you can enter for a friend! c: No you may not enter on a side account.

Winner will be chosen through random generator depending on favorite number. c:

How To Enter -

- Fav. this journal
- Make a poll or journal about this giveaway
- Comment below with poll/journal

Prize -


- A One Month Premium Membership! WEWT!

End Date -

- April 26th @ 4:00 PM  EST



CLOSED - Quick Icon Raffle ^o^

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 20, 2014, 4:53 PM

haha okay i decided to pick two winners, congrats, and thankyou for everyone who joined! :la:


Pixel icon raffle because tomorrow is a very special day for me & my bf~ :iconblushu2plz:

How to enter?
Just click that fav button of this journal for your number, easy! <3
ps for winner : girl or cute boy OC only please
I'll close this raffle tomorrow morning, or night~ XD

Only one winner, the prize is icon like my current icon :

yeah it's same base with my previous
icon, with new coloring and eye style:
P2U Couple Icon Base by Nefaire


It was your birthday, but no one else seemed to know that. Not even your boyfriend Bruce. He was so caring and remembers everything, one day shouldn't be that hard, right? 

You walked into the kitchen, to make yourself a birthday snack, while you celebrated another year not dying by yourself. When you noticed something out of place on the fridge, a playing card, the ace of hearts to be precise. So you picked it up, only to read.

1. I love the way you are adamant tea fixes everything.
To find the next of me, go where a wild Tony runs free.

Wow, a trail, you pocket the card intrigued to find the next one, which was of course, Tony 's lab, you practically sprint to the next place, scaring Tony while taking  card from the side of his current project to read

2. I love when you help with my experiments.
To follow the trail, look for Hawkeye's arrow.

The next one was found when and arrow complete with card narrowly missed your head, silently promising to get Hawkeye back, you read the card.

3. I love your powers, to know I am not the only one who is different.
The next in this deck will be found when work becomes a wreck.

It had to be the picture of the whole of the Avengers after Loki invaded Manhattan. The joy of this birthday chase was getting to you and soon you were running through Stark Tower to get to your bedroom that held to picture. To find the promised card.

4. I love the way, you are undoubtedly amazing in bed :)
My next card lies where we lie when the television shows our favourite Disney films.

6. (As promised by the tv)  I love the way you sing along to all the Disney films, because you know every word. To seek the card to continue the trail, look where you get the mail.

Going to your floor of the Tower and peering into the letterbox, you found said card, saying.

7. I love that time flies whenever I spend time with you. Find the next card where you will find the time in the morning.

Back to the bedroom, to find a card on the bedside clock, you didn't notice that earlier. You read the card.

8. I love the fact that your laugh is contagious. Speaking of contagious, you will find the next card where people are made better.

To the medical room, where you rightly found your card.

9. I love that your smile can brighten anyone's day. Finding the next of me may be tricky, you may find a God that is sticky.

Oh great, you did not want to upset Thor and his pop tarts, but you had to get that card. After pleading with the God and definitely not bribing him with another box you got your card.

10. I love that you tuck your hair behind your ear, when it is already behind your ear. The next card is quite low, look where the Disney dvds may go.

Okay guys, so that was part one of my first ever fanfic,Kermityay   I hope it was ok. Please let me know if I have made any mistakes ect, comments are loved, please  let me know if you think I should continue. Bye bye ~ Lauren p.s 52 for the amount of cards in the deck

Three weeks later. Due to the incident of Lumine and the new generation reploids going maverick. The new generation reploids production has been halted. Growing weary from the Reploids maverick actions, Humans have created a settlement away from the reploids from different places on earth. The New Generation Reploids incident of going Maverick was kept classified so it won’t spread fear to humans.

X and Zero reported this incident from the higher authority. They mention about their comrade Axl in comatose because Lumine lashes something on his forehead. Axl  have not awaken for 3 weeks so X and Zero decided to bring Axl to a more advance investigatory process because he does not show any sign of recovery from the Headquarters. They admitted Axl in New Generation Reploids Research Facility.

Megaman X9- Dr. Craig Sid by ultimatemaverickx

Dr. Craig Sid one of the most brilliant scientist of that time hears of the situation. He gets very interested when he heard that it has something in relation with Lumine. Just as X and Zero brought Axl on the research facility. Dr. Craig Sid introduces himself to X and Zero as the scientist known as one of the major reploids who proposes that the new generation reploids should have copy chips bearing old generation reploids DNA. Also, he introduces himself that he is the new reploid in charge of the Jakob Elevator. Just as X and Zero heard that, they look suspiciously to Dr. Sid. However, Dr. Sid says that he felt regret that the New generation reploids have gone maverick. He knows Lumine very well but had arguments before he goes maverick. He already had a hint that he is going maverick but was unable to stop him. He assures X and Zero that he will try his best to investigate what had happen to their comrade Axl.  When X is about to speak to Dr. Sid, X receives a transmission from Alia. A berserk mechaniloid is rampaging near the Jakob elevator. X and Zero rushed to the scene.

As they have defeated the Mechaniloid, X and Zero see a city near the place. They check it out but no one was inside although it seems not abandoned because it is obviously newly built. They find it peculiar. They look up and saw a post entitling the “The Sanctuary”.

Megaman X9 Image Cutscene: The Sanctuary by ultimatemaverickx

X and Zero heads back to the headquarters. They discuss to their colleagues about the vacant city they saw near the recent mission. Unfortunately, when Alia researches about it, there is no information available yet. It is possibly because it was a newly built structure. Then, they mention Dr. Craig Sid as the main scientist to investigate Axl and the new director in charge of the elevator. They get suspicious if they could trust him because he is one of the reploids who proposes that new generation reploids should bear copy chips containing old generation reploids DNA. Although it could be possible he did not know that adding Sigma’s data on copy chips would cause them to go maverick.

Suddenly, the navigators got a transmission!

 Megaman X9- Image Cutscene: Mavericks Locations by ultimatemaverickx

8 new mavericks are detected from various locations. The mavericks are an old generation reploids causing havoc near the human settlements.


Sun Apr 20, 2014, 10:57 PM
i often ask myself questions
and answer them too,
maybe tell your
kids this,
that i'm the wolf in the woods, i just
saw red and couldn't help it, what
can i say i've got a
temper, i couldn't wait
to grip her neck inside
my jaws n shake it, snap
it clean, cracked like a twig,
you see she was a bitch she was a
whore, she had it
coming, with her
sweet laugh and her lips, her
swaying hips inside, she carried
a rifle in her cloak, she wanted
my pelt for the angry winter,
and her old gran? i sucked
the meat from
her lame ribs like she'd have done
the same to mine, i licked my
chops and got in
had good sweet dreams until
that axe man, that old drunk,
who thought he had some bigger balls
came stumbling in through her front
they found his guts
on the hall floor,
and i can still
smell it a
off -
but what i'm saying
kids, the moral is,
there's nothing little bout the amount
of red you're gonna see in
life, it's all about whether or not
you've got the stones
to fucking stomach it

(don't open up to no one)