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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Point Giveaway (open)

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 8:07 AM
Haven't held a single giveaway yet this year… so, let's hold one now! Here it goes:


- 6 winners in total -

◊ 1st place:
100 points (one winner)

◊ 2nd place:
50 points (two winners)

◊ 3rd place:
25 points (three winners)

:+fav: this journal

Although appreciated, it is NOT required to watch me, give a llama, advertise, etc.
Reasons for rules can be read here


Unrelated, but if you want to help me, please answer (some of) following questions: Which social sites/platforms do you frequent? Do these sites have easy & user-friendly access to archives? Could any of these work as a free online encyclopedia? What are your favourite online encyclopedias/wikis and why? For an online wiki, is it better to have its own site or part of an already-existing site? Should it have a masterlist of all topics, or is tags-only okay? Allowing visitor comments on a free encyclopedia, yay or nay? Anything else?

Pixel raffle

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 4:32 AM
Time for the pixel raffle 

Bullet; Pink HOW TO JOINBullet; Pink

Just fave this journal:) (Smile)

there will be 2 winners  and winners
get a pixel avatar of there choice

raffle will end in 2 days

  • Mood: Joy


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 4:39 AM

EDIT // If the contest exceeds 500 participants I will throw in a second place!

I have finally hit 4k!
This journal / giveaway is all about thanking each and every one of you amazing people for your continued support!
4000 is a massive milestone for me (and frankly I should have hosted a giveaway earlier) and so I want to thank people properly <3

How to enter:
:star: favourite this journal!
(and that's all)

Giveaway ends on the 27th of September, around 7:00 AM GMT!

I will be picking the winner with the random number generator, 
and screenshots will be provided if needed! 

What you could win:

- 2 pixel icons (any style you'd like!) for you, or you and a friend!

Nekoaisling by cieIIa

- A custom design!

Baby pink and baby blue by cieIIa

- And a doodle of any character (yours or a friends!)
A B C by cieIIa
Thank you again to everyone, and good luck! ^v^b

All prizes will be (hopefully) completed on the ending date of the giveaway, provided I have the time!
If not the prizes will definitely be done within the weekend x 

23 : Art Features + Giveaway

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 6:31 PM
Hey everyone~! :la:

First of all, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! You've no idea how it made me happy!! :blush:
Yep, I turned 23 yesterday. I feel so old already. :dummy:
Secondly, because it's my birthday, I decided to hold a giveaway and an art feature!

For the giveaway, I will choose 23 people and each of them will receive 50 :points:.

Simply :+fav: this journal so you can get a number, and the winners will be chosen via
I really love doing art features, and I hope you could check out these amazing pieces and artists, and give them some love! :love:



Gosick by Crystal-Co  [haikyuu] tsukishima by ryusin  Wonderland by kururuno
dear little red riding hood by nilampwns  Garry by Tabachichi

* * *

Precious Gift by Akihi  judgement by akaniwa
  untitled by VelioJosto
Russian soldier by AlexndraMirica  White bird by SophiaViolette
expression by AnnaShtorm I HATE drawing by Ceresta the life circle 2 by alinamilitaru Tupac Shakur by MarinaSotiriou

* * *

Double shield warrior by ldimonl 
868 Max by Mischeviouslittleelf
Zone 6 by Ullbors 
SpitPaint by Reza-Afshar-Art  My home by kinixuki
Completion by Daitrini  There is no run. by Ainaothar
Victory by Huyen-n00b  Happy 2014!! by Sykugen



Autumn by NexxD Just Be Friends by KudamonoYasai .121. by dasTOK We love Eren by FansyL
leger comme une plume by Ni-nig Crows by MissStreelight study by curlyhair Saiunkoku Monogatari: Shurei Hong by general-kuroru
Path of Stars by Hanafae AT::shurei90 by chisachan2010 Attack on Titan by NatuoHarumura Con: Sweet Choco Mocca by moe-notice-me
One Piece - Perona and Mihawk by Calssara Give me love by revengerset Our hearts will fly by augenblickwinkel Haruka + Michiru : "private" by elsch
Alice+Alice by kururuno magic within his hands by nilampwns Alabastan War by AmbitionDFined Sho by littlebabyshoes
Lestat de Lioncourt by Rgveta Igirisu~ by rikurikuri .Airplanes. by Martina-G


Thank you very much for all the support! :thanks:

CSS by SimplySilent, edited by me
Hi all,

I thought I would do a quick and simple giveaway of some points as I'm lucky enough to be able to give some away. 
It's easy peasy - just add this journal to your favourites and you're in. I'll pick 5 random winners of 100 points each on October the 12th.

Good luck :blowkiss:


Add or follow me for WIPs and nonsense. I love seeing and sharing art, it encourages me to continue…
Or I'd appreciate a like on my Art page -…
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'My art sucks'

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 8:28 AM

So I wrote this in a notepad as a sort of vent-rant, so figured I'd upload it here cuz why not :v
I'm not really here to argue if people leave comments agreeing or disagreeing
I'm just letting out an opinion and believed it would actually help a few people


The one thing I hate to hear people say is
'I can't draw'
or 'I'm not that good'
'my art sucks'
'I don't draw correctly'

Well then fuck, why did you make a deviantart in the first place
if you honestly believe you can't draw, then leave. 
This is an /art/ website after all. 

Then of course there are two kinds of people.

1. Alright, you're right; I'll leave.
2. You take great offense.

And it's to the people that take offense, in relation to themselves as artist, that I believe should stay.  If you are wounded because you've finally been slapped with the painful reality of 'if you suck, then stop doing it', then you have more a reason to stay, in my opinion.  You are 1 out of a small handful of people that believe they are actually worth staying here.  That you believe in someway your creations will or have made an impact on someone positively.  You may not admit it, no.  Heck you may not even recognize it either.

But I want everyone to know; everyone that's ever doubted themselves in any talent- No one in the entire WORLD will be able to completely recreate every small detail- copy every pen mark, every shade, every stroke of a brush, every note you place, every move you make-  Everyone has their own style, their own creative outlook on things.  

And usually with me, I go to art conventions and shows; seeing all these great artists sale their examples of talent and my parents or siblings lean over to me and say 'You could do better.'  And in all honesty I do nod-  I do believe there will always be an artist I'll see from and think 'I could do better than them.'  But if you look at it in another way; I couldn't.  If I did exactly as they did, copied with as much as I could to recreate their piece, I couldn't.  From things so low and simple as children scribbling on paper to abstract paintings- I could never recreate the feeling in any art piece outside from mine.

And you're probably wondering, well where are you going with this Felix.  Whether you're a digital painter, a traditional chibi doodler, a chapter book author, a fanfiction amateur, a sculpture or just some kid that happened to find play-doh- There is no 'correct' way to do the things you do.  There is no correct style or look that needs to be confirmed by anyone.  Like I said, no one can recreate what you've put together.  Everyone has their own little changes that make them so unique and different.  If you honestly put all your effort into the things you create- sat for hours upon hours working to the finish, then why say it sucks. 

People usually upload stuff and in the comments I find 'this isn't all that good' 'sorry if it looks awful'  Then why upload it ?  Why feel so ashamed that you believe you need to apologize for it ?  Because in some way shape or form, you wanted to show someone.  And whether you agree, disagree or would just hate to admit it, you were proud of it and believed it deserved to be seen by at least someone.  And it's to the people that admit this that I am proud of.  I see you as inspiration- motivation- someone to look up to because not everyone is like that.  dismissing the people that do it for more attention, throwing out how awful it is just to fish for compliments.  i have disliking for those types of people

Even I have some times when I think 'wow this is really shitty' but I upload it any way.  Then times I upload the most stupid stuff and people say I've made their day.  

I would never say my creations are awful or that I'm doing them incorrectly, at least truthfully.  But I also would never say they're perfect, mainly on the fact I'm always wanting to improve; to reach my goals I have set for myself before I can truly say it's perfect.  But as for now, I enjoy working on pieces, I enjoy uploading them and getting comments/feedback/critiques.  I enjoy seeing that I'm such an inspiration to a growing amount of people and I'd hope to continue to be that to everyone.  I hold pride in what I make, and believe just by uploading it, it deserves to be looked at.

So- As my own request to all my watchers and many more- never think your artwork is trash.  Never believe that you don't deserve to be here as much as everyone else.  Without a doubt there will always be someone in a higher level than you and others on a lower level.  Remember- and this may sound rude to some but we've all seen it-  There's been 20 year olds and older that only have the ability to draw stick figures.  I know a 13-14 year old that is very very popular here on dev and is just amazing and loved by many- then a 14-15 year old that, in my opinion, is at baby scribble stage at best then on youtube there are children at 7 creating paintings and music far more advanced than I could possibly do.  

It doesn't matter what age, it doesn't matter what skill or what level you're on, it's what you created, it's what you decided to show the world.  All that matters is how you take feedback.  'Thank you I worked really hard on it !' 'aaaa no, it sucks' 'I'll try better next time' 'I should just stop drawing' And more times than most, the ones that show and treat it like its worth are the people I believe are better artists than all the others.

Be proud in yourself.  Be proud of what you create.  Be proud to show the world what you can do even if you think it's not all that great.  Someone somewhere will find you someday and do nothing but look up to and cherish everything you've ever done.  Maybe that's happening now and you just don't realize it.

Golden Age of Illustration

Mon Sep 22, 2014, 9:46 AM by STelari:iconstelari:

Art History Week

The 19th century marks a huge technology development, with printing techniques improving enough to make newspapers and books a truly mass-popular medium. Along with that, there appeared new opportunities for the illustrators. In the second half of the 19th century, the popularity of illustrated books and magazines reached the highest level recorded by that time and it eventually became the foundation to border the official beginning of the Golden Age of Illustration's timespan: 1880's. Formally it lasted until 1910's-1920's, with variations between Europe and North America.

The core illustrators lived a long time after this period and continued creating pictures in their style - which is defined as typical for the Golden Age. However, new styles and the slow decrease of popularity of book and newspaper illustrations (supported by the rising popularity of photography) after the World War determined the formal end of this age. The European illustrators were influenced mostly by the Pre-Raphaelites, Art Nouveau and Post-Impressionists (e.g. Les Nabis, a group of Parisian artists), and their American colleagues focused around Howard Pyle's Brandywine School of American Illustration in the Brandywine Valley.

Rackham (13) by STelariKittelsen 21 by STelari

Plenty of today's artists is inspired by the Golden Age of Illustration. You can find quite a few great ones around and outside dA, encounter their pictures in books (very rarely in magazines). Amongst the most popular ones, there should be named Alan Lee, famous for his Tolkien related illustrations and his concept work for Peter Jackson, Shirley Barber and her fairytales, or Ted Nasmith - also a Tolkien illustrator. To find illustrators inspired by G.A. on dA, I recommend visiting GoldenIllustration.

Heading back to the Golden Age itself, most of the famous European artists of this period originated in Central and East Europe - UK, France, Scandinavia, which covers the areas with the highest technology developement of that time. The names: Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, John Bauer or Theodor Kittelsen are bound to the definition of the Golden Age and their works gather the essence of its characteristics.

bauer4 by STelariscan003 by STelari

Arthur Rackham

Born on the 19th of September 1867 in London. In 1892, he started working as a reporter and an illustrator for The Westminster Budget. His first major publication took place in 1894, for Anthony Hope's The Dolly Dialogues. After that Rackham became a full-time illustrator for the rest of his life.

Here you can find an article about this illustrator.

Rackham (11) by STelariRackham (12) by STelariRackham (10) by STelari

John Bauer

Born in 1882 in Jönköping, Sweden. He started sketching very early in his childhood, although there is no formal date known. In 1898, when the young Bauer was 16, he moved to Stockholm to study art and two years later he started the Royal Swedish Academy of Art. He used to illustrate a yearly fairy-tale book, Bland tomtar och troll, thanks to which he became famous in 1907 and his most popular artworks were those published in 1912-1915.

Here you can find an article about him.

bauer7 by STelaribauer6 by STelaribauer1 by STelari

Sulamith Wülfing

She was born in 1901 in Elberfeld, Rhine Province of the Kingdom of Prussia. She began drawing at the age of 4, at the same time when she started talking about seeing fairies, angels, gnomes and other nature spirits. The subjects of her drawings were those visions. For a couple of the first years of her life, Sulamith and her parents lived in a secluded area and the little girl was convinced that they were the only humans in the world.

Here you can read an article about her.

scan0015 by STelariscan013 by STelariscan001 by STelari

Theodor Kittelsen

Theodor Severin Kittelsen was born in 1857, in a coastal town of Kragerø, Norway. At the age of 11, Theodor started working for the local watchmaker. Six years later a chance for a lighter life appeared: his manual talent was noticed and 17-years-old Kittelsen started studying in Wilhelm von Hanno's drawing school in Olso. In 1889 he married Inga Dahl. Their new home, along with artist studio, was called Lauvlia. Kittelsen spent his artistic golden age there, illustrating Norske Folkeeventyr (Norwegian Folktales) from Jørgen Moe and Peter Christen Asbjørnsen.

Here is an article about this illustrator.

Kittelsen 01 by STelariKittelsen 14 by STelariKittelsen 11 by STelari

Ivan Bilibin

He was born in 1876, in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Before he became a student of the great Ilya Repin, he studied at the Art School of Anton Ažbe in Munich. His illustrations to Russian faery tales from 1899 made him famous. The most recognisable pictures from that year are the ones of Vasilisa the Beautiful.

Here you can read an article about him.

Bilibin (6) by STelariBilibin (4) by STelariBilibin (5) by STelari

Cheap commissions by Rikae +pt lotery

Mon Sep 22, 2014, 12:11 PM
So i'm advertising commissions for my friend because she need some exposure

:iconrikae: has sketch commissions open for quite a while and is having a hard time finding clients lately. 
She offers sketch commissions, simple and fast :la: (and cheap!)

--Type: bust pencil sketch

--Price:  $5

Look Meg::part2 by Rikae      UTOPIA Sketch dump galore by Rikae    Well, um, thank you... by Rikae Chara design_Window by Rikae  

--payment method: paypal only

--Slots Open: 2

--How to buy? Send :iconrikae: a note with your character (or characters) references and a short info about them. She will give you her paypal. ^^ 

Check out this link where it's explained how to send money through paypal without paying fees…………

If you still see there is a fee, please take care of it on your side. ^^ :iconrikae: will be charged a fee anyway when taking the money out of paypal, and i wouldn't want her to be charged twice from this ammount that is small anyway.

So commissions her if you like her sketches, you'll really help her out :D

And if you don't have money for it you can +fav this journal so others see it. And here's a little incentive to +fav it, in a few days i will randomly pick a person who faved this journal and give away :points:100 


Created at | Banner created by C-91

Light Hunters Feature #88

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 7:38 AM

Enjoy some of the recent additions to our gallery

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Softness-art: Weekly feature XXX

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 2:42 PM

Daydreaming by QuestaviaPicture In A Frame by werol
 DSC3742  by CochalitaKristina 3 by RavenaJuliart
White Witch II by la-esmeralda
Morning Light 3 by JuliaTosiDanielle by inspired-impressions
Memory by masyaka-kusyakahere comes the sun2 by suchykaszel
.ray.of.light. by kpubo-getestories of the sun by Anna1Anna
Smell of dry grass.. by Khomenko
These Evening Hours by Thinking-SilenceLILY LIKE Mia by LILYLIKE
honey by vampire-zombie
Feeling Yellow by SheilaBrinsonWhere you're supposed to be now by tayaiv
Patrik by saraBet
When the sun burns your skin by eemotionalDolly Rock by DollyRock
Sunset by colouredwallsMy photo work by DollyRock
Wrapped by summer by SauliusPhotography
Tequila Horizon by BerarAdrian-Be on the road with warmly thoughts- by Janek-Sedlar
Golden hour by PeterJCoskun
Waiting to Fall by ildiko-neerDost zuta fotka by m1rna
Surfers Paradise by AljoschaThielen
The colors of Autumn - Part IV by myINQIAutumn's Arrival by arefin03
Orange bubbles by lindahabiba
Brave - Merida by MilliganVickAutumn Mood by rainris
Sweet September by DarkVenusPersephonae
6 by monikahnatykL by MargotMi
IMG 5693-web by warhammerphoto
Hope is where flowers bloom by simplysuzubonfire by Enaston
IMG 2860m by DanielMyszkowski
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summertime sadness. by CarolineZenker
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Ballerinas bend by Morgan-LouIn Bloom by Aisii
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aster amellus by mescameshWrzosy by Yvonnne92
The princess on her bed of flowers 2 by Estelle-Photographie XXXI... by roblfc1892... by ajkabajka
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-Evening cloak of the forest- by Janek-SedlarGalactic Dream. by K1ntar
Katharina by aufzehengehen
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Jungle King by TamarViewStudioFox cub on the rock (Vulpes vulpes) by AlesGola
Forestace by HeySunDaisies by everythingisaverage
forest by mialepson
Promises to see the.. by A2MatosElements by Zwoing
Serra de Sintra by ClaudiaFMiranda
nature's gems. by Turqmoose.. by FotArtAmane
Rarity by VampirexChanMaitimo. by TanoVerya
Abbie by pholwises
innocence by SkvitsInto The Blackness by paulisa
attic games II by kittycrime
120/365 Scattered Memories by SophieKorynredd by mia-meow
6/52 by Sturmideenkind
Tow Points by ashamandourNostalghia by drkshp
Wednesday Addams III by lightlanaskywalker
The Limits by SauliusPhotography Mg 5713 by AlexvsWorld
Portrait of Beatrice by M0THart
Soothing the pain by NataliaDrepinawhite by MartaSyrko
Breathe by CrazyGirL44
Drzwi by monikahnatykNew Dreams, New Hopes by Sturmideenkind
Untitled by Bela01
Gulls+Crows: endgame by CoigachLaguna by Chaerul-Umam
The Guardian by tassaneeTjoernes 1 | Iceland by JacktheFlipper-de
Chenonceau by Zwoing
Cracow by DanielMyszkowskiPont Neuf by DamienVassart
The twilight zone. by lomaticLake Mapourika by EbruSidar
empty city by VesnaSvesna
Reynisdrangar 1 | Iceland by JacktheFlipper-deCosmea by feigenfrucht
Lovers by laura-makabreskuGiulia II by Alessia-Izzo
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.    .. by kpubo-geteGive me love by revengerset
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The Starlette 15 by corvus-cruxTTK by karen-abramyan
Steaming dreams by iNeedChemicalXStuck on you by mo-ten
Blind by anotherone0
Film340023 by andreydubininDeserted Soul by CrazyGirL44
geometry by Enaston
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paint it black by suchykaszel
xs by immanentnieUntitled by AlinaSoloviova
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000002390001-web by warhammerphoto0 7 9 by LizaStolzMother by vamosver

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