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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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Dreaming is something everyone experience. Usually this happens when one is fast asleep. In other words, it is your subconscious that come up with all those crazy ideas, trips and even the nightmares that make you jump out of slumber, drenched in a cool sweat. But what if you were able to control these dreams? The word “lucid” means to express fully and understanding clearly. If you have lucid dreams, it means you can partially control what you are dreaming. After all, it is your dream. 

Dreams have been puzzling people for centuries. The word even made its way into a few phrases, expressions and idioms of the English language. Common, everyday phrases like “a dream come true”, “a pipe dream”, ”wouldn’t dream of doing”, “beyond your wildest dreams”, “The American Dream” and many, many more. We use these often, without even thinking of the reference it has to dreams. 

Only a certain amount of people are able to have lucid dreams. These special individuals are usually the creative ones or the boys and girls who are addicted to video games and fantasy. 

They also claim that every person you see in your dream are familiar. You cannot make up a face or a person in a dream. I have experienced this to be true, but with lucid dreams you can construct new faces, using the features of familiar people.

Having a lucid dream is an amazing experience. It can even be animated, depending on the preferences of the individual.

During one of these dreams the one who’s dreaming, dreams in first person. You “play” as yourself and make things happen as you go. 

I, myself had one of these lucid dreams before and was astonished when I woke up. It is one of the most vivid dreams that I can remember. I was the housekeeper at a small residence in the French county-side. These people had two children, a boy and girl, a Labrador and a witty parrot. The dream started where I was busy with some chores in a beautifully decorated hallway, with the two children passing in front of me whilst carrying a mattress. It felt like some sort of video game and I was completely aware of who I am and what’s around me. I asked the children what they intend to do with the mattress just before they exit with it, and it felt unbelievably real. I could control my words and tone of voice!

They stopped, looked at me and replied in an impeccable French accent: “We’re taking our boat outside to sail the waters of the Atlantic”. I leaned forward to take a look out of the window and saw a lush field outside. The wind made the grass look like tiny waves at the deepest part of the ocean. I smiled at them, asking whether they have their life preservers ready. The little girl tugged on an invisible zipper and giggled. They ran outside with the heavy old mattress and dropped it on the grass, before jumping on. 

I walked through the hallway, amazed at their imagination. Carrying on with the chores, I decided to try and hum a song. It was sensational.

The rest of the dream was just about the experience. I cannot recall anything eventful after that, but simply wandering around in the scenario while I was semi-conscious. 

Our minds are extremely powerful and also just as mysterious. Scientists can record brain activity, breathing and heartbeat while you dream, but they have not yet found a way to “see” exactly what you are dreaming. It’s a part of your mind to which you have the best and only seat in the house. It’s personal and private. If you don’t like it, you can simply wake up.

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