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Updates (in need of money) + another lucid dream

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 11:45 AM
Hey all, I've been trying to get a lot of financial things settled with my school so I haven't had time for much else. I apologize for the lack of comic pages and art in general, but there's just too much going on. In short, ever since I turned 18, the child support my mother was receiving just stopped without any notice or anything. And to add to that, my grades are lower than they should be so I'm not going to get the financial aid I thought I would. My family is in a tight spot right now, and I'd really appreciate any commissions you guys have in mind. I'm not begging of course, since I'm sure many people have similar problems. Just something to think about.

And on a lighter note, I actually had another lucid dream about a week ago :D It was very short, even shorter than the first one. I was just sitting in the bathroom, noticed I was dreaming, so my first thought was to stay totally calm and not wake myself up again. I wasn't quite sure how much control I had, so I decided to test it by standing up. Then I looked around the room, and it was a little blurry and smaller than my actual bathroom, but surprisingly similar. I didn't know what to do next, so I closed my eyes and willed myself to wake up. It took a few seconds, and it was interesting to experience the transition between dreaming and waking. It's really hard to explain, so I'm not going to. xD
But yeah, that was my second lucid dream. I can't believe I'm actually doing it after only a few months, but I still have a long way to go. I'll keep posting about my magical lucid dream adventure as they happen. :dummy:


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