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hello kitty

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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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 :iconmonkeyloveplz:     The last day for my giveaway is tommorow :heart: The winners will be announced friday August 1 :)
Enter here: phunkymnkcreations.deviantart.… :heart: :hug:

                               Good luck everyone :iconawwwplz:
Well its been awhile since i posted something on DA. Well im not going to be on that much due to me being in a RTF. Well its my third month in the place so i got like uhmm maybe 3 or 4 months to go? I dunno. it depends on the place i guess. Honestly i hope i got out soon so i can be active on things. If you ever need me on anything. Just note me, or comment. Either one is fine with me. So heres the dilly oh.

Today til tomorrow i will be here. Maybe.
Monday to tuesday i will probably be on. I have an Eval for wisdom teeth. (yuck!) 
Other than that i wont be on. Ill be stuck in a place with girls for the time being.

Anything else just comment!

Oh i have a new look by the way . so ill be making pictures for the look <3
Thank yo guys for readying and see you all soon (:

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