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I've had a miserable past seven years because of an emotionally abusive relationship with my father. He had me under his thumb, he forced me to do things (nothing illegal guys) and I could never refuse because he had complete control over my life. He held this over my head, yelled at me, insulted me, it demotivated me from doing anything, and I hid in my room because I just didn't want to interact with him. Though he was forcing me to go back to school, it was my decision ultimately, and I found a passion, I found something I wanted to learn and use for a future career, and I went through the effort of getting signed up and making a plan. But that plan wasn't his plan. He wanted me to take less classes so I could keep and maintain my job that made me miserable, and still somehow get done in even less time than it was going to take me taking more classes at a time. This made absolutely no sense, and something that had finally made me happy for the first time in years was taken from me. Everything is about money money money, I didn't have it, he did, and he wanted me to keep making it and giving it to him. I couldn't take it anymore, and then, I remembered my girlfriend had made me an offer I was no longer going to refuse.

I've moved out guys. I packed my stuff in my car and I left. I'm moving to Oregon to live with the woman I love, and pursue my goals and dreams at MY pace in MY way. Having a full time job WHILE going to school is ridiculous. The problem was telling them, I had a hard time because I knew they'd give me a hard time up until the trip. So I ended up telling them the day before. My step mom was perfectly okay with it and happy for me, until my father showed disapproval and her opinion did a 180 (she does this all the time now).  I got my girlfriend on webcam to explain everything to my dad, and you know what he did...?

He insulted us, he belittled us, he took every little thing we managed to say out of context, he spewed accusations at us, and overall it wasn't a conversation, it was a lecture. He wouldn't let us get a word in, talking over us and continually chatting us up. My GF got so fed up with it, she brought he mom on the line, so they could have a mature conversation like adults. He treated her mom the exact same way he treated us, despite her attempts to assure him his worries were unwaranted, and as adults in our mid-twenties, we can make our own decisions. She got so fed-up with his treatment of her that she called him bat-shit crazy and ended the conversation. Then he wished me the best of luck in his most sarcastic tone possible.

That was the day before yesterday. My step mom then gave me the silent treatment, and left me a note yesterday asking me to stay home till 6pm so she and my dad could talk with me. I was not going to postpone my trip, or stay home so they could double team me with an attempt to demotivate me from moving out. They seem to think I came to them for their opinions and permission, well they're wrong. I came to them to tell them about the trip because it would've been rude and disrespectful to just leave. I have the money saved up, and I moved out. At this time I am in Oklahoma City on the first day of the rest of my life. I hope to make it through Colorado on today's adventure. ^^

So this is why I've been silent for a while guys. I've been planning this trip, and now I'm on it. I'll get back into roleplays and commenting on art as soon as I get to my GF's house and am living with her. I'm really nervous, but you know what? I'm happy. ^^ My move has inspired my girlfriend to go back to school too, and inspired my best friend to look for work closer to his boyfriend. I'll keep everyone updated. For now, I gotta get back on the road, I'm losing daylight hours to get going. =3
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