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Do you believe that art can fundamentally change your sense of who you are?

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Manip Academy

Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:08 AM by Aeirmid:iconaeirmid:


Introducing a new project!

Manip Academy (thanks, cristii, for inspiration for the name) is a new photomanipulation project inspired by projecteducate. We all love to learn, and we learn best from one another. Here's our chance to share what we know.

Manip Academy is an education initiative designed to spread the knowledge and the love. It is a collaboration between CRPhotomanipulation and we-HEART-photomanip. We will share tips and tricks for photomanipulation success. It is difficult to write tutorials, but anyone can write a simple tip or describe how they achieved a specific effect.

This project will feature two weekly articles written by the community every week, on Mondays and Thursdays. This will be an ongoing project within our community, and we hope that many people will take advantage of the chance to sign up to submit one blog or even just a few sentences to help the community.

How you can help

Everyone is encouraged to get involved with sharing knowledge. It would be great if you could write a journal over at CRPhotomanipulation and/or at we-HEART-photomanip, but it's fine just to send us a tip; we'll write it up for you. The idea is not to have people writing tutorials all the time, but rather to share different little tips and tricks that help along the way. It can be something as simple as showing how a candle would reflect light on the wall, or it can be something more difficult like using a scatter brush or creating a glow effect. You could tell a big secret, or you could just tell a little tip. You can even just say how you did one particular effect in one of your photomanipulations.

Current calendar

Here are the currently reserved spaces. To reserve a space, you can just leave a comment with the date and topic of your choice. We'll be happy to add you.

August 2014

4th - Carlos-Quevedo - Parallelism
7th - Cinnamoncandy - Creating softness in photomanipulation
11th - Iskander1989 - Using shadows to highlight reliefs
14th - LiliaOsipova - Perspective and blending
18th - LadyEvilArts - Blending modes
21st - peroline - How to change a fire's color so it fits the background
25th - Holding for Aegis-Strife 
28th - vacuumslayer - TBD

September 2014

1st - Aeirmid - Lighting with curves adjustments
4th - StarsColdNight - TBD
8th - Wesley-Souza - TBD
11th - Emerald-Depths - TBD
15th - nikkidoodlesx3 - TBD
18th - Lhianne - TBD
22nd - MarcelaBolivar - How to create a pale, foggy atmosphere
25th - OPEN
29th - OPEN

Also, if you have something that you want to know that isn't listed here, please note CRPhotomanipulation and tell us what it is and who you think can explain it, and we'll do our best to get it for you. :heart:

Make sure you are watching :iconcrphotomanipulation: and :iconwe-heart-photomanip:!! That's where the magic will be happening.

We are excited about this project and hope that you will be, too. :heart:


AbbeyMarie | Aeirmid | Emerald-Depths

Here, have some cute:

image from powerbottcm on tumblr




Semi-official Community Relations group for the Photomanipulation galleries on dA. Join us for Daily Deviations, Articles, Contests & Challenges.

Community Groups

:iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrphotomanipulation: :iconwe-heart-photomanip: :iconprojecteducate:

Gender Roles/Stereotypes

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:21 AM
(Reposted because, dA, you really need to stop lagging.)

The opinions in this rant are my own, and if you don't agree, that's all up to you. If you do agree with me, thank you! I appreciate it. ~

You're a man, so you're supposed to be as masculine as possible. Don't do anything feminine or you'll be seen as a pussy and a faggot.

You're female, so it's wrong to have short hair, wear men's clothing, or do anything that isn't painting your nails or doing your makeup. You're not allowed to hold down a rough job because you have a vagina.

Yep. Those are the classic bullshit excuses. How about I fix those statements by saying:

You're a human. You have feelings, preferences, abilities. Regardless of what people think you should be because of your gender, you can do whatever you choose. If you are a male and want to dress femininely and wear makeup, go right ahead. If you're a female and prefer dressing in a more manly manner, do what you're most comfortable doing. Similarly, if you are happy with your gender and want to behave and act accordingly, you can do that, too! It's whatever you feel, whatever makes you happy. Happiness is what we should be striving for in ourselves, and I understand how hard that can be with those who have nothing better to do than sit and stare and judge someone for being themselves. People say that being fake is wrong, yet they want us to be what we're not. I would say that defines fakeness, wouldn't you agree?

There's nothing wrong with a feminine man. There's nothing wrong with a masculine woman. There's nothing wrong with a manly man. There's nothing wrong with a girly and delicate woman. Remember that. There's nothing wrong with you. I'm sure a lot of you out there are still trying to figure out exactly what and who you are. I am, too. Finding yourself takes time, so don't worry about it if you aren't sure yet.

Another thing I want to mention in this rant is gender roles and how people think others of certain genders should act in relationships, I.E, the Seme and Uke mentality.

If you're in a relationship and you want to be the submissive type, aka 'uke', good for you. If you're the top and consider yourself the dominant one, aka 'seme', fine. Whatever you want. But it seems like instead of male x male or female x female relationships, people see it as seme x uke as if life is some sort of yaoi or yuri manga. I guess that's one reason I really don't like most yaoi, is because it doesn't depict gay relationships well. At least not to me. When I see a gay couple, I don't think 'Oh, I wonder which one is the dominant one, nyanya~!' I think 'Oh hey, a nice looking gay couple. They look great together.' The reason I'm mentioning gay and lesbian couples more so than straight couples is because it tends to happen more often than not that if someone sees a straight couple, they go 'meh', but when a gay couple is thrown in, it's all about how this one must be the uke and that one must be the seme, and how sexy it is. Can't you just enjoy the fact that a gay couple is in love instead of worrying about who's on top and who's on bottom? I've bullshitted about how I was both a 'seme' and 'uke' before, but the reality is that I'm neither. I'm just Kyra.

I know this is probably an iffy topic with some and will piss someone off, but hey. I'm not saying that all yaoi fans see homosexuality in that light. Figure out the exceptions for yourselves.

I guess the thing that inspired this rant is that I've been feeling lately that, for some reason, I need to be more feminine and girly and 'cute' to please people. What I and a lot of others need to do is forget about what we're 'supposed' to be and be what we are. If I want to wear a dress and heels, damn it, I will. If I want to wear boy clothes, I will! If I want to cut my hair, I will. If I want to wear makeup, I will. If I want to do hard manual labor that's too 'rough' for a female, screw you, I'm gonna do it. Because I may be a female, but I'm also a human being. Same goes for my 'role' in a relationship. It's whatever I feel like being at the time.

So...don't let other people determine what you are as a person, because in the end, you're the only one who knows what and who you are. :) (Smile)

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5 minutes here for Ninjakato.

"Why do you artists always get so pissed off when someone uses your artwork? You should take it as a compliment!"


"You should take it as a Compliment --"
2579886-5567648625-incon by NinjaKato

A compliment would be admiring an artist's work where they post it, and if you really want to use it that badly, complimenting them would be you having enough respect for them to ask first. 
Most of us don't get mad because you use it, it's because you use it without asking or pretend you didn't know who/where it came from when there's a link to where you can find the original artist on the image. 
Taking someone's car to crash it in a derby isn't a compliment to them any more than taking someone's art to wreck it or claim it is a compliment. More so without asking. 

"What about realism artists?! They copy from photographs all the time, no originality there but you don't yell at them for copying photos! What makes some one copying/tracing another artist's work so different?"

Thinking-cap1 by NinjaKato

Firstly -- When someone is referencing a photograph they are essentially looking at pure material. When you do this you are usually looking to draw something realistically and precisely enough to where it's recognizable and anatomically correct. 
Referencing is not the same as tracing. Copying? Yes, to a degree but there's a hook -- Copying a stock photo to ensure decent anatomy is different than taking another artist's work and copying/tracing it for anatomy practice. If their sense of anatomy is wrong you aren't learning anything at all. 
Photos can technically be someone's property but if they put it as stock or reference material they offer it for free license and use by others. They took the image with their camera but they forgo complete ownership in a way. 

Secondly -- Copying a photograph for anatomically correct proportions hardly renders an image 'not creative/original'. Creativity doesn't come from the references used, it comes from the artist's ability to use them in a creative and innovative fashion. Copying or closely referencing a photograph merely dictates whether or not the final outcome is either believable or properly proportioned. 

"If you didn't want it stolen, don't post it online."

Kevin-Hart-Really-GIF by NinjaKato

If I got money for every time I've heard this, I'd have a Ferrari by now... 
Look, just because it's there doesn't mean it's free to take. More so if it's got someone's name on it. My car being parked on the street doesn't mean someone can just hop in and take it for a spin -- "It was just sitting there, your name isn't on it!" 
"Online ≠ Mine" 
A store putting a plate of cookies out on the counter doesn't make them free unless they say 'free cookies!' and even then, you're better off asking in case it's not THOSE cookies that are free. Artists shouldn't have to be worried about their stuff getting ganked because people can't keep their hands to themselves online. It's called common sense. Use it. If you didn't make it or ask for it and get the 'okay', it's not yours. 

"I'm just using your character's likeness -- it's not like I'm claiming I drew it or created it!"

tumblr m4usxzWq5j1qezk6n by NinjaKato

And you can't create your own characters? I mean, you can write out everything about them so why not write out a description as well? 
I can't entirely speak for other artists on this one but creating a character is hard work enough let alone drawing it out to the specs you want. Many of us spend hours or even days-weeks-months trying to come up with decent characters and we put a lot of heart and soul into them. To you they may just be cool drawings but to us they're our creations; part of us. 
I think a lot of people are well aware that if you see someone with 20 different art styles in their list of characters chances are they didn't draw them. So it's not that people are claiming they drew them (not all the time anyway) -- it's again, using our IP for your RP without asking or respecting our rights and terms as the original creator.
You can't copyright ideas or even colors, markings, poses, and personality traits. However, images are something an artist CAN copyright. If you want to have a blue and orange wolf character that acts like Optimus Prime, fine. You can do that, but you can't take someone's wolf version of Optimus Prime and use it as a bio pic for your character without asking. Catch my drift?  
Write out a bio to describe your character, it works just as well if you're a good writer -- And if you're that hard up for a visual, ask or pay an artist to draw it for your personally. Then your character will be made up to specs you want instead of having to steal to get something close.

So you see, it's not that we're selfish whiny pissbabies... It's more because we love our work and we'd love you to enjoy our work as well. On OUR terms. If you respect an artist, respect their rights and terms. 

End of story.

My turn.

First of all, stealing original images and act stupid when you get caught doesn't pay off. Nobody is going to care about your shitty excuses. You got caught for art thievery and you must wear consequences for what you did. Artist wont have nothing against it to use their art as long as you ASK THEM FIRST! Seriously, it's not so hard to ask original owner by viaNote. :note: and ask him:
May I use your art for RP Forums, chats, as an avatar, ID, to practice my skills on and so fourth. Artist will answer you with yes. AS LONG AS YOU DON'T CLAIM AS OWN AND ONLY USE IT FOR PERSONAL USE! Desktop [background for your computer], iPad and other type of crap which count as a personal use. If you edited, recolor it, make a stupid memes, cheap screenshot, crappy photo manipulation, or try to make a stock image out of it. Then it's called art thievery and you will get busted by his fans and by original user. If you like someones carachter, art, photography then make a fan art for him to show how you respect his skills. It doesn't matter how crappy and poor look like, matter of point is, artist will respect it and share it with his followers and others on dA.

:bulletred: There's a button called "Favorites" on every deviation page you visit, use THAT to add stuff you like to your collection, because that's why it's there.

This one is so obvious, :grump: I don't know how many times I heard stupid excuses like:
But I'm faving it because I like it. I don't steal it if I post it on my gallery account. Or an example of this can be found on every stolen deviation they submit:
I'm just sharing it to show others, on that way I'm making original artist more popular. No you don't, you just make yourself look like a total fool when you do that. :facepalm: If you want to make original artist popular, here's a better idea, featured their work in art community groups, on that way people will see original art and spread to other art community groups so others can view it. Or even better, suggest a DD [Daily Deviation]. There are plenty of volunteers who will listen your suggestion of which art should be featured in Daily Deviation category so everyone can view it and share it in other community groups by via Journal features. On this way you will make artist more popular and show him how you respect his hard work he spend by making an official character, commissions, personal OC's and yadididi yadidi ya. Stop being a cry baby. :| You're not making yourself look smart when you say all these words I mention it above, you look like a total idiot when you behave like this.
But A'm autistic I don't knouw da ruls, stap bulling mi!!1!
Oh Dear Lord NO! Just not THAT! :facepalm:
Bullshit Excuse Stamp by Maria-Oregon Your Own Damn Fault by Maria-Oregon Your stupid rules are not DA rules by Maria-Oregon Learn The Rules People by Maria-Oregon

Other typical excuses which you will hear from art thieves:
:bulletred: I'm autistic :stare: This one is very popular and obvious
:bulletred: My English is not first language so I don't understand the rules of dA :facepalm: Ask someone to translate it for you.
:bulletred: I have a mental disorder :stare: So? Is that your excuse for being stupid?
:bulletred: My mother made this account :facepalm: Then your mother is stupid, just like you.
:bulletred: I saw other sites share it, so I decided to share it too :roll: It's because they ask the artist FIRST! They didn't steal it like you. :|
:bulletred: I don't own this :stare: THEN DON'T POST IT! :facepalm:
:bulletred: This is my mothers computer :facepalm:
:bulletred: I'm 11/12 years old (too young) [underage] to understand the copyright law :facepalm:
:bulletred: I found this on Twitter, tumblir, FunnyJunk, [SHIT]book (Facebook) :roll:
:bulletred: Somebody hack me, I didn't know I was hacked until I found out :iconheaddeskplz: How many time I heard this excuse?
:bulletred: My sister/brother did that. Blame her/them, not me :facepalm: Then change the password so they wont do it again.
:bulletred: Others stealing it from me, so I'm stealing it from them. That's not how it goes my friend. :pat: :iconrapefaceplz:
FAQ #155: How do I report a deviation which I think breaks the rules?
:bulletred: But I credit it, so I don't break the rules. :facepalm: :iconfatherplz::icontellplz: Not enough.
FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want?
If I and NinjaKato got money for every time when he hear this kind of excuses, especially most popular one like, mental disorder, hacked and autistic, we would probably buy our self a country to live. :facepalm:
Also, :| Learn what bullying is, before you decide to throw THAT type of tantrum as a shitty confetti. :|
What is bullying?
Here what bullying actually is:
Cyberbullies, what are they and how to avoid them?Cyberbullies are today the biggest problem of the dA community, many members don't know how to deal with them or how to avoid being cyberbullied by a cyberbully. Best thing would be is to block him, write a journal about him, warn your friends to be aware of him in case if cyberbully attack them. Contact the antitheft groups or group which are dedicated for dealing with cyberbully problem. Fill a ticket to helpdesk and wait for admin of CEA Communication to assign your request and decide what to do with a cyberbully who harass you and your friend.
First of all what is cyberbullying? That is a question that many people ask and most of them don't know the answer, while some of them use a term cyberbully when somebody enforce them the rules of dA terms of service or telling them to take violation image down. This is a typical thing for a thief to say a member:
You're bullying me stap it!!!1! No! Bullying is not when somebody enforce you the rules of dA terms of service, bull

Keep it in your mind that this is deviantART community, not
  • deviantTRASH
  • deviantGARBAGE
  • deviantPHOTOBUCKET
  • deviantFACEBOOK
  • deviantTUMBLIR
  • deviantTwitter
This is deviantART made for ART community, not for posting things you don't own. If you believe you have rights to post whatever you found on internet, then this site is NOT a place for you. Deactivate yourself and go back to cave where you belong. People like you are NOT welcome here. :icongtfoplz::icongetoutplz::icondoorplz: Or even better, got to Facebook and post garbage you stole it there. Facebook don't care about artist copyrights. It's perfectly fits them when their shitty site is filled with art thieves like you. :|

Also, learn a difference between nagging and explaining you the rules of dA shit, before you start trowing that tantrum like a shitty confetti, because you don't know both of that. :stare:

Nagging, in interpersonal communication, is repetitious behaviour in the form of pestering, hectoring or otherwise continuously urging an individual to complete previously discussed requests or act on advice. A form of persistent persuasion that is more repetitive rather than aggressive.

According to the Wall Street Journal, nagging is "the interaction in which one person repeatedly makes a request, the other person repeatedly ignores it and both become increasingly annoyed".[1] Thus, nagging is an interaction to which each party contributes.

According to Kari P. Soule "That Interpersonal ritual is nagging. Yet, the term nagging seldom appears in interpersonal communication or conflict textbooks.It appears that "nagging" is commonly used in everyday conversation but it rarely makes it to academic print"[2]

The word is derived from the Scandinavian nagga, which means "to gnaw".[3]

Nagging by spouses is a frequent marital complaint. Psychotherapists such as Edward S. Dean have reported that individuals who nag are often "weak, insecure, and fearful ... their nagging disguises a basic feeling of weakness and provides an illusion of power and superiority".[3] Nagging is sometimes used by spouses of alcoholics as one of several "drinking control efforts",[4] but it is often unproductive.[5] Psychologically, nagging can act to reinforce behavior.[5] A study by the University of Florida found the main factors that lead a person to nag are differences in "gender, social distance, and social status and power".[6]Nagging has been found to attributed to be more of a feminine form of interpersonal communication rather than masculine. Nagging is often seen as at repetitious form of persuasion rather resorting to more aggressive persuasion tactics in order to gain compliance .Which was found in a study by Kari P. Soule (Ph. D., Communication Studies)--Northwestern University of 63 females and 40 males aged 19 and one of 202 people aged 24 to 84-49.[7] An equal number of men and women nag,however studies have shown that women are more likely to nag both men and women ,while men are more likely to nag only men . Meaning women nag all people,which can be attributed to the reason why women are stereotyped as nagging people all the time.

Nagging can be found between both male and female spouses, though usually over different subjects, according to a Good Housekeeping article which described husbands' nagging as usually involving finding "fault with their dinner, with the household bills [and] with the children", along with "carry[ING] home the worries of business."[8]It has been found that behavioural noncompliance is more common among spouses. Behavioral noncompliance referrers to when person whom is being nagged remains silent while being nagged or who agrees to complete the request, but later does not follow through. This is strategy in order to end the confrontation or interaction quickly without conflict, which is why its is common among spouses or partners. As the nagging interaction that starts out in a calm and polite manner which continues and persuader becomes more repetitive, the interaction is more likely to become aggressive in nature. The persuasive target could also respond in a more direct fashion through the tactic of verbal noncompliance. Verbal noncompliance refers to when the persuasive target telling a persuader through word that they will not comply. An example of verbal noncompliance could be a simple no, or I am too busy right now more even more elaborate response. This tactic does end the nagging interaction more rapidly; however it can cause a more aggressive response from the persuader who may alter persistent persuasion to threats or another aggressive form of persuasion.

Parental and child nagging

In terms of parental nagging of children, a study at Washington State University in 1959 stated that this nagging was a "symptom of the rejection of the child" because of the way that children interfere with the parents' "individual needs and aspirations" with their requirements of "time and energy".[9] According to James U. McNeal in his 1992 book Kids as Customers, there are seven classifications of juvenile nagging, wherein children nag their parents to obtain something they desire.[10]

The interpersonal interaction

Nagging as a form of interpersonal communication is considered to be a form of persistent persuasion that requires a persuader and a persuasive target. The interaction can be broken down into a 4 step interaction process according to Martin A Kozloff A researcher whom has identified in his work the four main steps of the nagging . The 4 steps in the interaction are as follows:

  1. Nagger gives signal to perform or stop performing a task or behavior.
  2. Naggee does not comply to request from the nagger.
  3. In response the nagger repeats their request or signal in further effort to gain compliance.
  4. The Naggee again responds with non-compliance

Kazloff argues that this interaction cycle continues until the Naggee complies to the Nagger’s request or the nagger gives up the attempt to persuade the Naggee. Kazloff also identifies other important aspects of the persistent persuasion such as non-compliance is necessary for the persuader to be persistent and the persuader will often change the initial requests words and Paralinguistic cues as a strategic tactic. This will hopefully entices the persuasive target into complying with the request. Nagging a very common form of persuasion which is used in all aspects of life whether domestic , professional it is common practice in order to avoid more aggressive persuasive tactics like threats.[11]

When you start following these rules we mention it above, you wont have problem with us and you will longer. Follow them and everything will be alright. :pat:

We're looking at you, art thieves. :stinkeye: We're actually trying to HELP YOU from getting into serious shit, not harass you with the rules. :|
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2000 Points Give-away

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 7:35 AM

 I do not want your favs on my art or a watch, unless you like my art.

I will never force anybody to look at my art.

I rather give away points then commission , I am not aiming to gain something from this.
Except making you happy :D


1.  Add this journal as FAV!

2. Link me a artwork from your or friends gallery

I will try answer EVERYBODY who writes , and no copy and paste!

The Prizes:

There will be a total of 3 winners for points who will be selected with a random number generator  :D (Big Grin)

  • One 1000 point winner
  • Two 500 point winners 




This is not for the winner of the points give away, just something extra.
Send me a note saying : I WANT THAT DRESS
Shinrin Dress -  (CLOSED ) by Queen-Soulia


1 You must use it, and credit me for the design . Color changes are OK and removal of wings.
2. You can sell it , but max for 300 pointsAnd it can never be re-sold for higher price.





31 July


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 8:17 PM

Hello all you beautiful people out there!
My name is Maddy and to celebrate all of the wonderful support and feedback you guys give me everyday, I've decided to gave a little something back! So from now until the end of the year, I'll be hosting a raffle for ALL of my watchers to win cool prizes!


How does it work?

-Every month, I'll choose a random watcher to win the monthly prize

-If this raffle becomes extremely popular, the prizes will increase!

-You can only win ONCE


How to join

-You have to watch me (you can add me if you don't watch me already)

-Fav this journal

-Comment something

-If you share the journal, your chances of winning for the month are DOUBLED (you have to give me the link to the shared journal)

-Check back at the end of every month to see if you've won!



July Winner: 50 points

August Winner: 100 points and a feature

October Winner: 200 points and a watch

November Winner: 200 points, and a request drawing

December Winner: 450 points, a request, a feature, and a watch

Have fun!!


Tue Jul 22, 2014, 11:27 AM

they never said to grieve for dying starsi don't want to write about stars, but
that's all there seems to be:
nebulae drawn up like harp strings itching
to be plucked; echoes of light like calls for
encore; the kicked-off blankets at the
edges of the universe unraveling
at the seams like the nightmares are
finally winning
tell me a story about time, the way the
sunlight hits its mark and how the world
turns away -
how the distance deepens, deepens, the 
dark a gnawing glimpse, the taste of
tell me - weren't we seedlings,
star-built and scattered? weren't
the echoes more than dredges, less than
tidal waves, infantile monsoons
to be grasped and dragged behind
weren't we taught where we came from?
Dissection of DespondencyThe days of waiting
were very disappointing
after you forgot me,
tis suffocating
tis hot
tis terror
tis desperate
tis painful
tis sad
tis binding
tis harsh
tis overpowering
tis sufferance
tis unending
tis screaming
tis tormenting
tis retching
tis resisting
tis rebelling
tis running
tis escaping
tis hiding
tis chasing,
tis caught.
tis dragged
tis refusing
tis forcing
tis tied
tis harm
tis crying
tis striking
tis abuse
tis ripping
tis burning
tis stabbing
tis torture
tis dirtied
tis crushed
tis discarded…
tis recaptured,
tis hitting
tis defiling
tis breaking
tis destroyed
tis cleaving
tis charring
tis wounding,
even though
I don't want to
I don't want to
I don't want to
I don’t want to
I don’t want to
I don’t want to
I don’t want to
I don’t want to

I don’t want to.
scars of silence
were the chains that bound me—
oh dear euphoria,
that night,
my body became one
that was not fit to espouse.
DethronedI have created Eden, through the strokes of my pen,
But it was made of promises, and angels
That were too fragile to hold the weight of our sins.
You were my goddess, on a throne made of dreams.
Which you were probably
Loathing, because
They didn't glimmer and shine
like the diamonds decorating your rings.
Forgive me,
They were the hopes of a man
So madly in love, but you poured poison into his heart
And so he rotted, each time you gifted him with a kiss.

soon the skies will be void of starsmy father used to sit on the
porch with a shotgun, a round in
both chambers and a finger on
the trigger -
he'd only talk between
puffs of cigarette smoke, between
tapping off the dead ends of
silence, and he'd say
son don't you know that these angels
just keep falling, shooting
for the ground like
some kamikaze stars; ain't no running
from the wrath of heaven, can't
win the race when you're
stuck on the ground
and together we would count
the dead until the
numbers reached the thousands -
In TimeI wait:
      underneath my thoughts, 
blood pulses 
through its riverbeds.
One day,
      tears fall into dry banks
and mountain
memories fill them.
Mapsthe map on my palm,
with red ink in the creases
travels the length of my arm,
to my shoulder to my hip
and down to the floor
its way back to you.
my footsteps
in black and blue,
hot and cold,
left and
they say x marks the spot,
but I don't think that's true
because there's an x
over my heart from where
I tried to get over you.
I am no longer your treasure,
so abandon that pen
and all those long drawn out trails
leading back to the start.

solarsometimes i find myself
watching out my window at night
and searching for a falling star.
because, the moon isn't always shining
to guide me and watch over me,
and with clouds masking the skies
i've found myself longing
for the company of something else
that shares my brokenness.
(comets burn up in the atmosphere and i
am slowly burning up with regret
for everything that's happened
because of me.)
wide awake for half the night,
i wait desperately
for my loneliness to settle,
but i guess we all know
that i've never really been
a blazing shooting star
who can rebound easily
from difficult times.
and maybe, in my efforts to find myself,
i've become more lost
with my widened view of the world,
trying not to live on false hope
but failing again, just like
i always seem to do. and you know,
i used to stare into the sky
watching the stars with the certainty
that somewhere, you were seeing
the same constellations;
it was a connection to you
that i was desperate to keep.
but now i'm restless,
Introspection in a Pale Moon LightAm I a dream of the universe?
A microcosm of the cosmos
A transient flash of memory
Soon forgotten for eternity
Am I a conscious collection of atoms?
Converging together at random
An essence in constant motion
Like a ripple upon the ocean
We are all made of star dust
Born when giant gas clouds combust
In a symphony of the spheres
Free from anxiety and of fears
We are never ending energy
Dancing across the galaxy
From Andromeda to the Milky Way
Like a ballerina in a ballet
Misdirection-this isn't what
 should feel like
(like silence
 that's carried
 its weight for
 longer than she's
 had a voice)
'don't let go of
 your discrepancies'
 is what she thinks
(but knows that
 it won't change
 this stone-
 and her question
 is like any other
'my dear,
 what will
 you do?'

Thumbstyles by SimplySilent | Skin by hypermagical
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:pointr: promentory by Trevor Jones :pointl:

time to go adventuring by Turqmoose

they never said to grieve for dying starsi don't want to write about stars, but
that's all there seems to be:
nebulae drawn up like harp strings itching
to be plucked; echoes of light like calls for
encore; the kicked-off blankets at the
edges of the universe unraveling
at the seams like the nightmares are
finally winning
tell me a story about time, the way the
sunlight hits its mark and how the world
turns away -
how the distance deepens, deepens, the 
dark a gnawing glimpse, the taste of
tell me - weren't we seedlings,
star-built and scattered? weren't
the echoes more than dredges, less than
tidal waves, infantile monsoons
to be grasped and dragged behind
weren't we taught where we came from?
runaway irony (FFM 22)Twenty minutes after finishing the documentary on New Zealand, Nicole had a plan worked out. She wrote it all down in gel pen, an itemised list of all the things she needed; then she got to work.
It wasn’t easy to convince the man in Bunnings to sell her nails, but she put on her best innocent face, and told him it was for her father’s garden shed. It wasn’t easy to convince the neighbour to let her have the old fence palings, either; nor the logs that had been earmarked for a bonfire, but a few hearty fibs and her best “I just want to help my daddy” smile went a long way to convincing them.
Two weeks later, she had bruised hands, a lot of knowledge about how not to use a hammer, and what she hoped would pass for a half-decent raft. She packed herself a bag with some clothes and spare underwear, then packed another bag, this one larger and wheeled, with as much canned food as she could carry. Before she left, she remembered to grab the can op
Ophelia unrelentingI keep all the
even-numbered petals
underneath my tongue :
they're the ones
that say you
love me -
- love me not
in this madness,
in this suspended
state of grace :
I will soldier on,
my darling.
I will not allow
this willow branch
to surrender.

Bieszczady V by BloodyKissesLady

"You've done everything you can do. Save yourself! ...

Asabikeshiinh (Filter)Asabikeshiinh (Filter)
I wear the dream snare like a chain.
The willow hoop filled with spider thread,
sway loose as the aves feathers 
catch beneficence
and the spun yarn traps the fallen.
I tread subconsciousness 
like salmon swim
in the falls of Williamette.
And watch the net
take hold of chimera,
a phantasm of phenomena
as I greet the cousin of death
with a firm shake of the hand
and respectful grin.
But wisps of spirits tempestuous 
reverberate throughout the lace,
as the new day slowly begins to take shape.
Light returns to Earth as my eyes open.
Conceptions' theories last so long
before absoluteness' presence grabs hold.
I'd rather immerse myself in abstractions.
FFM 2014: The Selkie    He watched the waves and waited, every night, bringing only a blanket and the shuttered lantern with one side left open to light the way. And every night she came, stepping onto the shore and slipping out of her second skin, shivering and wet, her dark hair in dripping tangles about her shoulders. Still as lithe and moon-pale as the first day he’d seen her so many years before. Still as remote and unfathomable as the sea.
    He never asked questions, never tried to speak at first, just handed her the blanket and wrapped one arm around her as they made their way up the shore to the Lighthouse. Still dripping she would visit the children’s room, and watch them sleeping as the first blush of dawn touched the horizon. 
    He’d make her breakfast; pancakes were the favourite, and by the time the kids were ready to get up she would be herself again, loud and smiling and present, and the wildness o
It's NotIt's not the lipstick gloss
that makes a kiss
the warm pulse beating through
her lips.
It's not their size
nor shape
but the words they whisper,
It's not the color
nor the length
nor the glint
of her hair
that makes her special
it is her smile
in the falling rain
reflecting the joy
of yet another Spring,
It's not the time
she spent getting beautiful
that makes her so
but in fact
it is the hours
she was besides my bed
when I was sick
and in fact
it is the minutes
I could hear her breathe
in my embrace
AND in fact
it is the seconds
I saw her cry
(out of happiness)
Because she's beautiful.
It's not the clothes,
nor the jewellery,
nor the colored nails,
nor the drawn-in brows,
nor the words she says
to other people,
and neither it is
her past.
It is her mind
that entertains my poems,
it is her charm
that paints my cheeks
and averts my shy eyes from her
most briefly.
It is her soul,
that I love.

...if the worst happens, and only one of us survives, something of the other does, too."

misty forest by Itapao

alonestill the olympic lights.
a bitter almond breeze,
       soul-numbing & grounding.
and a band of thugs, and a woman waiting
in vain to catch a ride.
         further and further away.
none of this will ever be captured on film.
  you can erase the place but you can't
stamp out the stink
  and how it accretes and why do you remain
so sharply eagle-eyed uncomfortable sober. pushing for a space
between molecules where you feel you are not
into the sanitizing chill of an empty bridge and highway.
a fascinated child,
   your icy mittenprint on the kiosk window
now shattered but you know
                 there will be dahlias again
but by then
        you will have crossed the street and
dry heaved grotesque self
SplitI didn’t know what to do for her. Or to her. Or with her. She cried, a lot.  She thought I didn’t know, didn’t notice, or maybe just didn’t care.
I saw her dancing in the rain one Saturday afternoon, nude. Not a stitch on her, and dancing by the creek, red welts rising on her skin from the biting mosquitoes.  She never danced. I watched, and marveled that she could dance and still look sad.
When the rain let up, she stopped and stared at the creek flowing and bubbling over big flat mossy rocks. I called her name without using my voice, and she turned, but then looked away again. I wondered where she was in her head, that she could stand there and ignore the itchy bites and not worry that she was naked.
I envied her lack of self-consciousness. I pulled my heavy cardigan around my shoulders, even though it was hot and muggy out. I hid in its folds like a turtle hides inside its mobile home.
Sometimes I could feel her tugging at me, begging. I was stubbor
creature sunthrough polymer tongue, you creature sun
               teeth tapped wide on empty hollows
you’re leasing the crowd for white feather streaked
      keeping them in jars,
              razing the mantle
and asking us to stay
                           down the burning phantom
                    (down the dying star)
                           into your dark tomorrow;
                into endle

Dolina Malej Laki by paczek

music and quote from michael mann's the last of the mohicans [1992]

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Some insight on the upcoming pages of IEPFB

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2014, 9:15 AM
As you know up to the point where Lulu gets attacked it was fairly happy and cute. The darker side wasn't very visible up until Zalgo came in his human form. 

That was all fun and games, however, we have gotten to the pivot point in the comic. Basically all the way up to pg 75 was all the PG13 kinda stuff. 

Now we get to the fun part, this is your warning now. The rest of the comic will include gore, sexual themes, even more of Jeffs fabulously diverse vocabulary and a shit load of new characters. 

Again up to page 200 it will be relitivly fast paced because I already sketched all that in advance.  I am starting to work on the next 100 pages in a slower fashion. I am also putting in nice bouts of humor as I go. 

So this is the warning for all you weak at heart peeps. My shita gunna get real bad because this is a creepypasta comic. I am attempting to stay close to the true horror and gore of the fandom.  

Thats all foe now Chibi Army

:heart:~ Tobi