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Are highly intelligent or very talented people better able to hide their misery from loved ones, thus making it all the harder to “read” them and help them?

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omg Bear Emoji-34 (Surprised) [V2] 
I just realized I reached over 300+ watchers!! Ai A-chan Fuuyuumi (Surprised) [V1] 
Thank you all so much for your support♥ I appreciate each and everyone of you, every fav+ and every comment♥
Because of this journal... : I've been convinced to do an art giveaway<33
This is my first time so if I'm doing anything wrong or missing anything please tell me !!

I will be using to choose 3 winners.

1st First Place
-Full colored traditional anime request
-Full colored traditional chibi request 
-3 icon requests any style
Commission for 11thOfJune by isparkleheartsCommission for OtakuPup by isparkleheartsCommission for Uxiewriter by isparkleheartsSittin' Amber by isparkleheartsCommission for MeteoriteWolf by isparklehearts

2nd Second Place
-Full colored traditional chibi request 
-2 icon requests any style
Gift For Jerikuto by isparkleheartsCommission for Its-Tanny by isparkleheartsCommission for Pastyllia (3/3) by isparklehearts

3rd Third Place
-2 icon requests any style
Commission for MochaChii-Hime by isparkleheartsArt Trade with ParallelPopart by isparklehearts

♥You do NOT have to be a watcher to enter; this giveaway is for all! ♪~♫~♪~♫
♥Do not argue or complain in any way if you do not get randomized for the giveaway
♥Favorite this journal
♥Has to mention the word: Starfish in the comment so I know you read the rules
♥Keep in mind I will not draw anything with mature content
♥May not use alternate accounts
♥Must list the steps of what you've done to earn a point [ex: watched, faved, etc]

*By applying to all of the rules above will give you a +1 entry to start with.
you must have view the rules and follow it before getting any more entries.*

Want more entries?
♥Watchers will have 1+ entry
♥Advertise this journal and link it in the comments for +1 entry
♥Tag 3+ people in the comments will give you +2 entries
♥Donate 15:points: +2 entry
[*Donating any further points will not add onto your entry*]
(...Commissions don't count of courseBear Emoji-20 (Kawaii) [V1] ) 

Deadline: November 1st, Saturday 2014; Central Standard Time

I look forward to it~! Shizuko Ninomiya (Smile) [V1] 

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Pokemon Equinox: Starters Revealed!

Sat Sep 20, 2014, 9:54 PM

Starters revealed! Who will you choose??

                                                         Survey 02 by looseartist

                                                         Innocence by looseartist    Marius by manuduf

                                                         stress by maddiedowling

                                                         C O R E by adnrey   faces by TheCollagist

                                                          Invasion by apalkin

                                                                  Noumeno by Blekotakra


                                              CATHARSIS by TAOTYAM    Esther. by marifemme


                                                                    BW 57 by faeriecrone

                                              never more by markomao     Anonymous callers by AnimaCreations


                                                          A Day At The Races... by El-Amigo-Chico

                                            --cube-- by virginval

                                        Three Wishes by voogee     The girl and the viewmaster by derkert

                                        fawnies by selfish-cucumber     Sturgeon General by Shamanmoon

                                       bad by existencia5




Here is the second journal post of some of my favorite youtube artists, (check also the 1st part) that inspire me and I hope that these resources might be helpful for you too.  :) (Smile) 

Will Terrell
Amazing channel by Will Terrell (willterrell) , who is a cartoonist and his video series : people sketching are so fun to watch and they are full of great advice on art and life. 

Mark Crilley
Mark Crilley ( markcrilley ) is an American manga creator and children's book author/illustrator. His how-to-draw videos are so great and lovely - from manga & anime styles to highly detailed photorealism.

Drawing Tutorials Online

Wonderful art/drawing tutorials and stunning & creative sketchbook videos. They also have a lovely website.  

Fine Art-Tips

Channel by Leonardo Pereznieto ( ArtistLeonardo ) who is a Mexican artist, sculptor, and painter. Pereznieto has studied in Mexico, Italy and the United States and has mastered engraving, serigraphy, watercolor, pastel and oil painting, and marble, bronze and resin sculpture. His videos are filled with positivity and wonderful artworks. 

Matt Kohr (Ctrl + Paint)

Matt Kohr is a freelance concept artist and Illustrator - in his art related vidoes he explains and his thought-process.
There are additional free videos, custom brushes, worksheets in the main website -


Hosted by professional illustrator Clint Cearley ( ClintCearley )  , a freelance illustrator/concept artist for projects such as Magic: The Gathering and Legends of the Cryptids. Swatches is where he discusses the issues of living an artist's life. His videos are full of great insights and art advice. 

So, how about you - who are your favorite youtube artists? 

This week I found some lovely resources - these awesome textures and photos by NASA, amazing artist - Francis Vallejo  (fvallejo) (those figure drawings are so captivating), this great art website with stunning art and tutorials, beyond-stunning movie - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - adore the storytelling and everything about that movie and a talk  by Andrew Maximov (d1v) gave at the Art Institute of Californi, where he analyzes what constitutes beauty and I found this great video to be really eye-opening. :)  

P.S. I quite frequently post some sketches and artworks in my art tumblr - and I have a weekly Music Sunday post on  and weekly 8 songs playlist.
and a youtube art channel:) (Smile) 
(and thank you for suggestions in comment section, will check them out and there'll be also more parts of the youtube artist series in the near future) :)

Have a wonderful week!

"“You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands - your own.”
—Mark Victor Hansen

I Accept some truths

Sun Sep 21, 2014, 10:52 AM
Nice mood for a journal, and here i am sharing some truths that i realized being here for 3 years, I know am not that experienced in deviant-art . But i had talked to too much people in a short period of time.. and here is some truths i finally realized.. no matter what, just get through this.

  • People Changes with time just get adapted to it.Be happy with who all are with you right now may be they will leave soon but still try to love every body.
  • Do not try to change yourself to make others happy. Just be our-self and if they really deserve you they will find a way
  • Don't expect anything from anybody(ANYTHING) Do things (whatever) with out any reason.
  • Whatever happens just keep on moving...... try not to hurt anybody ever ever....

Love you all my dear friends.Forgive me if i did anything bad to you..

NOTE: don't think i write this journal because i am sad.. I am not sad, i just share my views so that you guys will have a realization.. share your views too so that it will be interesting discussion.. Love u all


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  • Playing: Planet Jumpers

Portrait drawing and learning materials

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 3:29 AM

Some time ago I got question about how I approach portrait and face drawing. I posted about it on Tumblr, but I thought why now share my thoughts here on DA also :)

The first thing if You want to do portraits is to know anatomy. Start with learning what is under the skin and understand how it affects the face. When You got that covered You must know how face is structured. That will give You the knowledge how to light head. Head is a cube-like object. (yea! NOT sphere!) On face we have other little cube-like object (nose).  

A great exercise is to find photos of a face and draw structure lines over it.


You see clearly now? The structure of a nose, where cheeks are, forehead etc.

After doing this You will be able to create the face from a memory using these helping lines.

Like here. This is Michael Hampton exercise:

You see how everything fits thanks to the structure lines?

Drawing a face requires TONS of practice. Find thousand photo references and practice.

Understand the anatomy and face structure first. It’s basic.That would be the things I would recommend for everyone who start drawing faces :)

I also would love to share with You my newest art discovery :D Learning video channel from New Masters Academy. THIS! THIS I tell You is the gold :D I love the professional knowledge of the masters plus this YT channel is for free, which is super nice ^^

If You want to practice anatomy for 25 min a day, check out the Daily Life Drawing Sessions videos. Great to practice quick poses - 1min, 2 min and 5 min.



Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 8:28 AM

Sorry! as I said I didn't want to take too many ;w;
Thank you very much for the interest <3


for points only this time, sorry! Only selling a few amount of slots for now.

Limit of one ticket per person (from this sale). MYO Tickets are for personal use and cannot be traded.

Basic MYO Nekoi Ticket
Allow the use of common traits only, make a basic Nekoi.
2000 :points:

Silver MYO Nekoi Ticket
Allow the use of uncommon traits.
3000 :points:

Gold MYO Nekoi Ticket
Allow the use of rare traits.
4000 :points:

See the guides for rarity:

Nekoi Species Guide by KawikuNekoi Whisker Shapes + Eyes Chart by Kawiku
(from first guide, yellow and orange are uncommon)
(from the second guide, blue is common, yellow uncommon and red rare)

Please comment on this journal if you are interested in purchasing a ticket!

Design a Demon Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 10:15 AM
TheShadowedGrim l Facebook l Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Design a Demon~!

I want you to design a demon that will -hopefully- be featured in my upcoming Comic, Astradus.
If your demon ends up being featured, I'll give you a special thanks with your username listed c:

The Contest Runs Until: October 25th


  • Be creative! Don't just throw bat wings and horns on a character and call it a demon.
  • Unlimited entries
  • It can be based on any creature
  • It doesn't have to be digital
  • As long as the concepts good, I'll love it x3


  • 1st: Fullbody image of any two characters, plus environment (optional), and 100:points:
  • 2nd: Fullbody image of any one character, and 80:points:
  • 3rd: Fullbody image of any one character, and 50:points:
  • 4th and 5th: Shaded headshot of any one character.
  • Everyone who enters: Free feature on my profile until December.



CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Brushes by gvalkyrie

For those who have been concerned lately

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 21, 2014, 2:45 AM
     Hello watchers and friends, I'm here to give a serious talk to all of you. I know that what you have heard on tumble an DA about you-know-who in the CP community lately, and it's my time to say what I have to say here. 

     First off, I would like to show the sort of thing I have been going through by this reply I got in my ask box on tumblr:

There's word going around about Snuffbomb. Are you going to defend him?

I’m neutral, I’m not gonna be on his side, and I’m not gonna be on the anti-snuff side. I already have enough on my mind as it is ( school, college, family, ect. ) and dealing with this now is just making me feel extremely stressed. I don’t want to get involved with this sort of thing because firstly, the majority of this whole argument contains young adults and up. I’m only a minor which won’t be a great idea considering they could put me down easily xP Secondly is that considering that I still work for Steve on Creeps, I fear as if they won’t take me either way. Or that the community will think I’m on his side ( which I’m not ) and turn against me. I fear that it’ll happen and it’ll haunt me. Thirdly is that I don’t care about this fight, but with what I’m getting from the public about me as of now scares me to death. Considering I know a lot about his personal info and other things, people until today have been asking ( some forcing ) for the truth from me about him, to take screenshots to see if he was acting perverted on me, telling me which side I’m taking and how I should be on this side or that side, you get the whole point. It’s just now that people turn to me if it’s the truth, and been telling me what to do, or have been insulting me that I still work on Creeps

Guys, I’m only 16 years old


All I’m asking is that I don’t want to get involve, yet I was constantly being asked and tormented by such rude things from people ( even mentioning my name in the public like “Sabrina was a victim from this!!” ). I don’t need this for my junior year, or even the rest of my high school year. It kills me inside and makes me feel so scared that I fear that I’ll have to deal with this everyday. I know that some of you are thinking that I’m thinking this too much, or that I think of the worst case scenario, but in reality I’m really worried about my well-being on the net. I thought I would’ve gotten through this year without some sort of argument, and get a great education in the future ( though I’m not keeping my hopes high ). And if this does happen daily towards me about people messaging me about personal things or insults, I’m gonna lose it. I just want to be left alone, please

the link to the reply on tumblr:…

     What has been happening this week to me has been terrifying. I have been dealing with people shoving their comments down my throat about me and telling me what to do. Telling me to be on this side, or that side, harassing me by putting me in stories with him when I want nothing from this. It's stuff like this that with great power comes great consequences when you don't use it right. Literally i have been getting death threats as well, from both sides of this stupid argument. And considering that this argument has becoming worse and worse, something truly horrific happened

     Not only that the argument has gotten worse with him getting death threats from people, the law has been interacting in this situation. I do not fool you people, here's a link about it 

     This is why I never want to get involved with these things. This argument has become so awful from the amount of people making lies about one another in both sides, posting fake screencaps of things that have been happening about him, cyber bullying, stolen URL, and the trend of people saying about the "exposure of what snuff did to me" trend (which of course people are making fake posts about too), that literally the judiciary system is getting involved. Hunting down every single evidence of people who had made death threats, and fake posts by people that are contributing in the argument.

     People can be pissed at someone or dislike them! but when it comes to something like this that literally it is spreader around and people making lies so that they can hunt them down and pound them into the ground until they finally break, is never the choice. I know that the person who had started this felt extremely painful dealing with bottling it up, but when it comes down that you want people to never forget this person and to attack him with words is the definition of being blind by anger. With the amount of people you have of course there will be people who are triggered by the people, and make them do incredibly nasty things like everyone what I had said before.

     With fake rape accusation, libel, and the judiciary system stepping in, I fear for the worst. I bring this to you everyone who has been familiar with this to stop with the war that has been going on here in the internet. If this keeps continuing I fear for my safety, and for everyone that will be caught from the law getting involved with everyone's actions. So please, I beg if you to not post things on my page about Snuff, I do not want people to bring this up, and I certainly want this to be put to an end


Sat Sep 20, 2014, 6:49 PM

Aydo !! I'm gonna be doing a contest !! I know that this is sudden and I made no announcement about it earlier, but I want you guys to treat this like another important event !!
Why am I doing this?
I really enjoyed the other contest and getting entries, so I'll be doing another one!

Here are the rules,
1. You are allowed to submit as many entries as you want.
2. Absolutely NO tracing or using bases.
3. You are not allowed to hate on other people's entries !!
4. Your art MUST be submitted so it's in your dA GALLERY, so don't stash it. I'll need the thumb. (if there is a certain reason like keeping your gallery clean, then I can understand that.)
5. You must be a watcher to participate.
6. You must advertise this. (polls, journals, pages, other sites, etc.)
7. Any art is accepted !! (Animation, digital, pixel, traditional too, but it must be fully colored and good quality or scanned.)
8. Have fun with it !! Your graded with the effort you put into it, not the art skill !! So make sure you make it look as spiffy as possible.
9. You can add prizes to places if you want, just comment what you want to add and what place you will add it to.

That's about it for the rules!

What you must do,
Draw any of my characters who don't have a lot of art !! They can be in any pose, any form. (anthro, human, feral) 
References -
Loola ref by peabutts
Electric alpaca Adoptable Species (Auction closed) by Tushamu
Design Trade with Peabutts by pinalapple
mountain biome dog custom by catdeer
{ 127 - 128 } by corduroysuits (both are mine.)
Designer Diva by Frozendawn404
Starbuck Reference by ArcticBeatle
Dayek ref 2014 by Kaji-senpai
Crystalline Dog Adopt(Sold!) by Carbon-Based-Adopts
Sweater Cat. Adopt closed by NutterTron
Desing Trade by reewie
Sushi cat adopts (closed) by jondumb
Pyrate CLOSED by Laptopless
Adopts Auction! //CLOSED// by Michibu (2 and 1)
OTA closed by FlowerMelons
:auction: Planetary Aloras CLOSED by desertbIuffs (uranus)
Food Dog- SET PRICE (TWO LEFT-LOWERED PRICES) by SkyLandWarrior (4)

ok !!
Prizes -

FIRST PLACE - 1,000 :points: , art will be mentioned, watch if not already, llama if not given already, 4 full bodies, 3 head shots, and a surprise.

SECOND PLACE - 500 :points: , art will be mentioned, watch if not already, llama if not given already, 2 full bodies, and 3 head shots.

THIRD PLACE - 300 :points: , art will be mentioned, watch if not already, llama if not given already, and 1 full body.

Don't forget to mention me in your entry, and comment here a link to your entry !!
Favorite this journal so you don't loose track of it.

but it shouldn't have to be since I'm giving every one plenty of time.

Have fun !!


Loola by thehowlinghoodie  Contest entry by oinkchanteaparty  Fly High by ToxicBuns  Dayek by ToxicBunsSweater Girl (contest Entry) by dontleavememasky2975

Skin by SimplySilent