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Do you create Collections for yourself, or to share and feature artwork with others?

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Impromptu RAFFLE!!!

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 8:38 AM
A big thank you to you all :heart:
Piano at cosmos by JiaJenn31

The Overseer Today by Torchwooddi

Neighbors by joeff1

Photo de vacances by Wimmeke63

Spring Walk by cazcastalla

Alpine Spring Premade Background by Nolamom3507

La fin de l'hiver by Fant0me


Springtime in the Rockies by amethystmoonsong

Features Of Spring by TigerStriped4

Ocean Desire by TigerStriped4

Tirsa by ExquisArt

Kaiju by Bela-designs

It Only Takes One by TigerStriped4

Day 13 - Wildlife Concert by DevArtThom

Summer by Bela-designs

One Drop At A Time by AerialNavigation

Free by TheSecretIsMine

Tuxedo1JPG by Reijou

We are tired by ladyjudina

Spring Landscape by chevronguy

Bridge by StormOwlArt

Peace in the valley by robhas1left

AFR Layout by Reijou

Cinderella Broadway by Litavismindartist

Butterfly Fields by virgolinedancer


After the Storm by SignHermitCrab

Greetings from Austria by Wimmeke63

Road to  Castle Roogna by faryewing

Spring MIll by AnakMoon

Indigo Augustine by xxtgxxstock

Frozen Magic by pranile

Wherever the Road May Lead Premade Background by Nolamom3507

Earth 1 - Surreal Landscapes by ftproject

What I think About... Pirates! by laurentiusmark93

Conquest - PreMade Horse Pic by elegantegraphics

Come Follow Me by xxtgxxstock

Red by xxtgxxstock

StormHeart by FamousShamus109

Roa by Flighte

Spring Time by mastadeath

A New Season Begins.. by Alz-Stock

Far and Away by slaphappyturtle

Nikoleon by Dobi78

Ruby by JiaJenn31

The Mysterious Messenger by Black-B-o-x

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves by adrianamusettidavila

Burgandy Drizzle by xxtgxxstock

Some Princes Need No Thrones by bonjourbunnie

Violet Path by JiaJenn31

The Birth by Paulodroid

Be The One by Spallyz

Vintage Bride Portrait by JiaJenn31

Aqua by JiaJenn31

apple seedling by beyzayildirim77

There, somewhere down the river... by dilarosa

Winter Princess by JiaJenn31

The Dreaded Red by msfowle

Migrating geese-Vonulo vadludak by ladyjudina

The Wave Lab Lake by CarlosAE

Patriotism - Horse Picture Premade by elegantegraphics

More Questions Than Answers... by MoodyBlue

Hey guys hey guys. I can't really stay long, been super busy but college ends on 5th June I thiiiink so I'll have plenty of time after that.
But basically I'm here because a couple of friends and I made ourselves a Minecraft server. :D We've worked very hard on it and we're still working on it to make it the very best it can possibly be. I want you guys to come play with me! I miss you all a whole bunch and while I don't have much time for art at the moment I'd love to play with you guys a bit and keep in touch. >o<

The IP is
(if you have trouble remembering, copy it and then ctrl + v in the box once Minecraft is open)
If I'm online when you log on, give me a shout, tell me your DeviantArt username and you'll win yourself $1000 on the server, just because. :D If you want to win extra stuffs, you can vote for the server four times a day by doing /vote and following the instructions. We also give out prizes for regular players so it might be worth sticking around, and if you invite a friend we'll see what we can do to say thank you. ;D

Our main attractions are Peaceful and Hard rankup economy survival modes. Do whatever you like - farm, kill mobs, slaughter other players, mine, set up a shop (whatever you can think of!) to make yourself a bunch of money to rankup for extra perks! The longer you play, the bigger grief-protected area you will earn so you can keep all of your land and builds safe, including your chests to keep all your items. You can use the /trust <player> command to allow your friends to share your plots, and use the Lockette plugin to keep chests, furnaces, etc private. We have resetting mines that get better as you rank-up, as well as various fun commands such as /hat that are unlockable! You will be playing alongside me if you play in Hard, where there are mobs aplenty and PvP is allowed, but if you want a more relaxed approach chill out in Peaceful, where you're 100% safe from all attacks and should you take too much fall damage you'll still keep all the items you were holding anyways. ;u;

If survival isn't your thing, we also have Survival Games, Skywars, Minigames Party, and Creative Plots! We've got custom maps, everything made from scratch by myself or one of the other staff, massive 250x250 protected creative plots, and honestly our staff members are a bunch of lovelies that will help you with anything you could possibly need. XD

We are constantly expanding and perfecting our server, and would appreciate your feedback! Things we're considering adding include Hide and Seek/Block Hunt, Pixelmon, a whole bunch of new maps for our existing minigames, and some secret things that I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention yet. ^^;

I’ll be making my Pokemon icons in Minecraft form on the creative plots or possibly even in survival if I can get enough wool, so join us!

Thursday: Nature Mad Libs!

Thu Apr 24, 2014, 5:53 PM

Hello deviants, and happy Thursday! I hope you're having a wonderful day so far!

Thank you all for participating in the special two week long Collaboration Contest. Working with another person (or two) can teach you so much about art! I hope you all enjoyed thinking outside of the box to create art with one of your fellow deviants.

Here are your winners!

Star! destinyrose09 and oXxSunlitRosesxXo
      Animated Houdi-Octopus-Dini by destinyrose09

Star! Wynter-Heart and dinodude411 
      Time Inbetween Times by Wynter-Heart

Star! WeirdAndLovely, TwilightPoetess, and saltwaterlungs
       Black Felt TrickBeneath broken pens, convenience store
receipts, and a fine layer of neglect,
a black voodoo doll--legs bent beneath him--
studies the needle sticking out of his sternum,
the stitched scars on his skin, and wonders
what it is about love that turns humans violent.
A treacle haired boy grasps the doll
and draws it up from the inside of his mother's
cardboard box. With a grin the size of Alaska,
he pulls the needle out and presses it in again.
In come the shadows, out goes his innocence;
in come the shadows, out goes his innocence.
A teenage near-man wakes, leg suspended
In a near florescent white room
Studying the bandages enveloping his sternum
Hiding the crimson flood underneath.
And he contemplates how love turns violent.

Star! TheBirthdayMuffin and Lady-of-Link 
      Mother Of Stars by TheBirthdayMuffin

Star! StarrWarrior and Yenaya
      D I M E N S I O N S by StarrWarrior

Congratulations! You'll be contacted about your prizes within 24 hours. :happybounce: 

This week, we're celebrating the Earth with Mad Libs! 

This past Tuesday was Earth Day, the day in which we all celebrate the beauty that is nature. We all celebrated Mother Nature in different ways on that day, but we're continuing the party with a Mad Lib contest!
  • Look at the list of details typed below and share your choices in the comments on this post! You may enter as many times as you like, but you must include all ten elements in order to enter. 
  • Ten deviants will be randomly selected to win 100 points each!
  • All entries must be in by Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 11:59 PM Los Angeles time.

Here are the details you need to include:
       Bullet; Green Name
       Bullet; Green Adjective
       Bullet; Green Adverb
       Bullet; Green Animal  
       Bullet; Green Plant
       Bullet; Green Outdoor Location
       Bullet; Green Verb
       Bullet; Green Adjective
       Bullet; Green Object
       Bullet; Green Animal

Not familiar with Mad Libs? Check out our last Mad Libs contest by clicking here. To see the winners and how they were used in the Mad Libs, click here!

Good luck, and happy Mad Libbing!

P.S. Yesterday was a certain holiday in the UK. The first person who links a deviation in the comment that relates to yesterday's holiday will get 100 points!


Thu Apr 24, 2014, 6:50 AM

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 9:07 AM
|Gallery | Main Youtube | My tumblr | Note ME|

My opinion beneath this ;) I did not write this to target anyone, just one of my little internet pet peeves.

I know I can't stop it because there will always be some annoying person (usually a kid who's being super stubborn and thinks they're not doing anything wrong), but I'm still going to let you guys know one my pet peeves online and why kids need to be shown this is wrong:

Recolouring someone's art and posting it on facebook does not make it yours. Or reposting it anywhere without the artist's consent.

Can't draw, practice then. That's how I got to where I am now. Just pick up a darn pencil and DRAW. That's the sucky thing about internet; kids or people who have either begun or just draw out of fun compare themselves to the works of people who have drawn things for years, and then get so discouraged they decide to just copy the image and draw over it.

I mean, really.

What a lot of people don'T know is that when you post things on social networking sites like Tumblr or facebook, a certain amount of that post basically becomes (c) THEM. So you are literally signing someone's work off to FB without their consent. They may end up not doing much with it, and some artists don't mind... I'm flexible, as long as I AM the one posting it.

And people wondered why I stopped drawing Chipmunks fanart? I betcha ten bucks that on every darn social networking site or fanart site, there's going to be some kid who will have a copy of my art coloured over. I'm getting better at letting these slip by nowadays but I've never understood why people did that.... Like, if you want to draw, can't you just.... draw? I seriously don't see the fun in recolouring something.

Just my two cents.


  • Mood: Frustrated
  • Listening to: One Direction
  • Watching: Mr Peabody and Sherman
  • Eating: subway
  • Drinking: water

okay so i obviously cannot design my own ponysona because i'm stupid.

Here are the things:

you can use any pictures of me and my old ponysonas to design the pony, but here's the things she/he probably should have;

:bulletgreen: A hat (only a suggestion) (it'd be cool if you made it a beanie, and made a version with/without the hat, that'd be nice)
:bulletgreen: TINY wings (like my sicksona, who is sitting on top of my journal right now.
:buletgreen: GOD I LOVE BOWS, I LOVE BOWS. (probably for the girl version)
:bulletgreen: short hair (like mine obviously)
:bulletgreen: i also have freckles under my eyes/on my nose
:bulletgreen: boy and girl version (but the pony will be biologically female, so you can just change the style of the mane/tail or accessories and stuff

here are some pictures of me
hrm by MonsterBunniesscared of the truth by MonsterBunnieswould i make a hot guy? by MonsterBunnies
screams by MonsterBunnies
im not sure which gender i look in these pictures-

????????? by MonsterBunniesegg by MonsterBunnies

feel free to reference those things 

On color, I prefer pastels and stuff, but i also like black/white and dull colors, neon doesn't do it for me.

my likes;
bunnies, skateboarding, wearing fake fangs, not brushing my hair (when i look like a guy anyways lmao), COLLARS, god i love collars especially lacey girly ones and really tough spiked ones dont even, i also like hooves (like my cowsona) and the color red.

i like pastel yellow, the color coral, red,  black, and blue. (BUT YOU  HAVE COLOR FREEDOM, im just saying those are my favorites)

I have scars on my wrists, i'd appreciate if you included those (but you dont have to if you dont want to.)


deadline is May 2nd.

Overall you have a lot of freedom, don't try to be too specific with all the stuff i gave you besides the fact that i want it to look like me and it should have TINy wings and a boy/girl version.

have fun.


the prize will be 500 points and a doll of my ponysona with yours.

Contest entry for MontsterBunnies by LizziePotatoPadMonsterBunnies by Yombatable

PC: Black-Rose-Emy JD by sariasong64PC: Black-Rose-Emy JD by sariasong64
A Wild Entry Appears! (Entry 4) by Pi-xiehey there hot stuff by mondobuttArmy Bite journal doll by MonsterBunnies
Sokka's Sexy Hair Flip Stamp by ChibiAngel86Dick Figures: Flame War Stamp by GeekyKitten64Bloody stamp by emptyidentityentityEmo Kid stamp by Neji-x-HyuugaI Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteOriginal Characters Stamp by Stamp221

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Inspiration Journal~Spring

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 2:44 AM

All Brand New You by dheej18
Yes, It's a Date by dheej18

Red Tulip by jewels4665Joy by jewels4665Azaleas XXII by LDFranklinTealight light by Arayashikinoshakalife's oil painting by funkichknShyness by SeachantsWaving in the Wind by WhiteBook
still colours by a-place4my-headBeautifully forgetting by cloduy
little geese I by MookieKidDaisy. by CryingSoulGirl
little geese III by MookieKidlittle one by MookieKid
spring by Zaratops

Harvey. by NiissiEaster Eggs by TheCameraGirlThe beauty of spring 2 by FrancescaDelfinoPink dreams by RezzanATAKOL
white spring by IngeloreDreamer by FriendFrog
week10 by cloe-patraLady Bell by salman-khanSigns of Spring 3-10-14 by Tailgun2009Straight Sakura by Hitomii

Grass by Hurricane007daisies by jellybear07
Cala Lilly by nviki89Lamb (1) by chantriera
Easter 2014 by KeziamaraSitting duck by Shadow-Amethyst13
Happy Easter by gigi50Trulls - 2 by Pebels
Happy Easter! :3 by Mary-Chan23rabbit in the garden by SvitakovaEvaFollow Me by FriendFrogWe are Family.... by thrumyeye
Little Duck by SilvermoonswanAustralian Wood Duck V by EOS-HuskyCarefree by CheckAvailabilityI can almost reach it by CheckAvailabilityFriends Yanghir II by Eltasia
Baby Yanghir by EltasiaBaby Yanghir II by EltasiaMunch Munch Munch by MYPeanutGalleryHappy Easter by thrumyeyeShy bunny ... by aoao2Lambs by apparateUp Periscope by charliesmyangelI'm a Little Teapot by charliesmyangelClementine by sidd-says-gimme.:: Fly little Robin ::. by Whimsical-Dreams
A small discovery by Ravenide
          Easter Cake Pop by Deathbypuddle13.52 - Happy Easter by MadSubstance
Chamomilla by adyss88 FLOWERS by yadiyada27
Romanita by adyss88                     Yellow Rose 2 by iriscup .: Spring's Brightness :. by VictorianPrincessPale Yellow by ShipperTrishWe make our own spring by StarGateFanFre
Happy Easter by Starcrystal96It just grows on ya.. by AenjelFresh blooms by gigi50
Smore (My Baby Bunny 3) by Scyriellepretty by a-place4my-head
Free Easter Plush Bunny Avvie by CitricLilyRabbit by CarolynYMFree Easter Plush Bunny Avvie by CitricLily
Spring in Your Step by CRGPhotographyEaster eggs (sorbian) by hisui86
Painted Easter eggs by bloody-magpiesEaster Eggs by Owlsdood
 Mother of All Easter Eggs by GlassHouse-1 A Robin's Egg 1 by RedRoseBudBloomingBlueberry by Euminee        Bath Time by LUCILALEYLA

                         Willie Wagtail by MayEbonySoft Scent of Spring... by Tigles1ArtistryHope of  Spring by Tigles1Artistry

Loving Bunch by yadiyada27Unwritten by yadiyada27                     Lupin for April Birthday Friends by MayEbonyBlue in spring by adyss88
God's Alive by CRGPhotographyAlnmouth by newcastlemaleKindhearted Robin by JetteReitsma
an imminent birth by OliviaRosePhoto
Light will always Shine Through by Clovis-cutestkitten
Reflection by cheekz-jessWaving in the Wind by WhiteBook
Springtime by arefin03
Little bunny by Alena-Koshkar
Small Floating Cloud - F2U! by Drache-LehreFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsFree Divider: Light Blue Ribbon by CP-PixelsSmall Floating Cloud - F2U! by Drache-Lehre

I just want to say a BIG Thank-You by KmyGraphicto ALL of you! :love: remake I 

This Spring~Easter Feature is late, but my life has been pretty hectic lately.
That's part of the reason I tried to make it as Big as possible (I'm SO Sorry for those of you I missed)
I love doing Features and will post more, but
For now, I have to take a little Break from deviantART. :blowkiss: and :wave: 
I LOVE sharing and seeing all of your beautiful Artwork. Right now I just have to focus on my most important Priorities. 
So, I'm sure I'll come back with new Artwork and less stress.
Until then I wish you all the best and Thank You so much for your support. :doublehug: revamp 

  I'll Be Back Squish...legs by UnicornReality

*Just a note:I will still have the drawing for Points giveaway, which you can check out here. Inspiration Journal~Win Points with a Friend!!
"Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."  ~ Vincent van Gogh

(Enjoy the feature and please read below to find out how you and a friend can enter to WIN POINTS and be FEATURED!)

Cuddles by x-xSpitFirex-x
La jeune fille aux loups I by Arkus83High Five! by Monique141

 There is still time to join if you want to WIN Points with a friend. 75 Points will go to 2 Winners!
 Deadline is April 30th! 

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Journal Entry: Thu Apr 24, 2014, 12:56 AM
:heart:  Happy Birthday  :heart:
Midnight birds keep me awake by AiniTolonenMidnight birds keep me awake by AiniTolonenMidnight birds keep me awake by AiniTolonen
The boat is ready, you dont need any wind by AiniTolonenSnow covers the memories by AiniTolonenThe boat is ready, you dont need any wind by AiniTolonen
Door was already open when I stepped into my dream by AiniTolonenSnow covers the memories by AiniTolonenDoor was already open when I stepped into my dream by AiniTolonen
The boat is ready, you dont need any wind by AiniTolonenThe boat is ready, you dont need any wind by AiniTolonenThe boat is ready, you dont need any wind by AiniTolonen
The boat is ready, you dont need any wind by AiniTolonenRooms, echoes, echoes by AiniTolonenRooms, echoes, echoes by AiniTolonen
Rooms, echoes, echoes by AiniTolonenCrossing The Red Sea by AiniTolonenCrossing The Red Sea by AiniTolonen
Crossing The Red Sea by AiniTolonenEven The Clouds Tatter When Youre Gone by AiniTolonenEven The Clouds Tatter When Youre Gone by AiniTolonen
Even The Clouds Tatter When Youre Gone by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonen
Even The Clouds Tatter When Youre Gone by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonen
Entering the ice castle by AiniTolonenEntering the ice castle by AiniTolonenEver seen the snow fairies? by AiniTolonen
Entering the ice castle by AiniTolonenEver seen the snow fairies? by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonen
Ever seen the snow fairies? by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonenCrossing The Bridge by AiniTolonen

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
So I've decided to no longer use Deviantart.

I'll still catch up on a few notes about commissions before I go  but otherwise, you won't really see me here no more

things are just either dead here or far to argumentative and I really just don't enjoy the site here (you've probably noticed I'm very dead on this site and update rarely)

most of the people I grew up with here are gone too so its a sad site for me to be on 

I'm still totally available on tumblr though and active pre much all the time so feel free to follow me and talk to me on their  I upload all my art and gifs there too so youll still see art from me!

well its been fun guys but all good things must come to an end it seems

good bye