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Fri Apr 18, 2014, 4:34 PM
the streets outside
breathe louder at night,
shut your eyes to the black
cats from salem burned
alive with their witches,
in the front row ten magpies,
he himself came to watch,
send her off with a spark,
send it all up in flames,
hear it's all in the wrist,
make it painless and quick,
she knows that a candle
can't threaten its wick,
last words -
she laughs
and lights up a cig

(eyes open and you see the darkness, eyes closed all the better to feel it)

Since I just recently got my 4000th watcher, I though I do an Art-Raffle!

The price will be one ballpoint drawing with a character of your choice:

Cosinus-Hater by Dae-Thalin Tsunami-Beast (Krytery Revamp) by Dae-Thalin Dragon Warrior by Dae-Thalin

Rules to participate:

1. You have to comment on this journal (I will give you your number then)
2. You have to fave this journal
3. You have to watch me

You can get one extra number if you promote the Raffle in your own journal and give others the chance to join, too :) 
Also, please be fair and don't use second accounts to get better chances. I will take a look at each account to be sure of it's activity :P

I will use RANDOM.ORG to generate the winners on the 31st April. 

Have fun! :D

Went Undercover as a Student at a University

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:28 AM

Sorry for lack of updates, I have been away for a bit. But now I am back to tell more stories and upload more art. Anyway. Sometimes Ry can be a troll (Just sometimes). And I did exactly that last week actually. I pulled off a 21 Jump Street. Right, so I was in Melbourne for a convention and I also stayed longer for a few days to hang out with friends. The night before convention, my friend Alice (Who is a core member of the Japan Club) invited me to visit her University at RMIT for a Japanese movie night as part of her Japan Club's activity. At first I was a bit unsure whether I should go or not since I am not a member of the club or the Uni. But I do like to watch Japanese movies, so I went! :iconmingplz:

So there I was, in a room full of young fresh Uni students. One thing I noticed is that when I went into the club room, some people knew each other but many were first timers, they were all introducing themselves to each other, and I did as well. At that moment I realised that everyone just assumed that I was an RMIT student, this sparked an opportunity... FOR FUN. So douchebag Ry used his acting skills that he learnt through years of watching Hollywood movies, and put on his best performance. My role? A student of RMIT studying Design and some leader in the Japan Club. :icontrollmorphplz:

Since Alice is a core member of the club and the fact that I was with her, many people thought I was actually someone important in the club as well. So I played along with this idea, I started helping out with the lights and doing things on the computer and packing up chairs and walking around asking everyone how they are, like a teacher. I also made some public announcements like "OK guys, thanks for coming to movie nights tonight, remember to check your emails for upcoming events for the Japan club ok?". To which many members nodded like students listening to a teacher. Alice was face palming herself the whole time, she knew exactly what I was trying to do and I just laughed. //Rytroll

Then we all went to dinner together after the movie, and I actually started making friends with the students. Everyone was very nice to each other, and to me too, it felt really nice and kinda different from how it usually is, usually people are nice to me but thats because they are fan of my art and know me as Ry-Spirit already, but that night I was just a regular guy. The club members were surprisingly super nice to a point that I felt guilty about my act and eventually told a few members that Im not actually part of the club... or the University... or even from Melbourne. But they were polite even after I told them Im a fraud. I told them who I really was and my real reason for being in Melbourne, I then invited them to come to Supanova the Convention, to which many came. I gave free prints to some of them.

I had such a good time that I begged Alice to hold another Japan Club meetup before I go back to Sydney. I suggested Bowling and Laser Tag. So she quickly organised it on Facebook and we went there on Tuesday night, I don't think I've had that much fun for a very long time. Everyone was making jokes and being friendly. It was my second time playing Laser Tag and it was so much fun! But all good things must come to an end. The day ended and some of the less informed members said goodbye to me and said they hope to see me again next week... to which I just smiled and replied "yeah....". While the members who knew that I won't be back for a while said their goodbye more properly. A new friend I made from the club Manaki also gave me a little Japanese coin as a gift as well, he told me its what Japanese give to each other as a sign of respect and friendship. I nearly burst into tears. :icondesucraiplz:

Here's us having a dinner break from Laser Tag and Bowling.

So there you go. I went undercover and infiltrated a University, and as a result for my sins, I made some new friends...
So the moral of the story is.. lying is good. NO!! The moral of the story is, join clubs to make friends. There.
Ry-Spirit cares.

I have more stories to tell from my recent trips. Look forward to them :3

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen: Click the top hats to link to more sites!:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

  • Mood: Llama


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 19, 2014, 12:49 AM

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thank you for your beautiful works

have a nice easter weekend !

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

Screams endlesslysaucery

Sat Apr 19, 2014, 7:38 AM


Bugguff by Stuck-with-ideasTrade: Griffsnuff by bananamantisTrade: Griffsnuff by bananamantisGift: Griffsnuff by bananamantis
Griffsnuff Pixel by KawikuGriffsnuff gift by PonachoNora Pixel by PonachoGruffsnuff by xQueenTrade: Griffsnuff by bananamantis

I cant I just cant omg I love icons so m uch and gosh you all <3

Hey, I'm revisiting this episode. Why? Well, I guess there's no point in hiding it, I watched Digi's video. He doesn't know where the haters are coming from. And rewatching my review on it, I thought that I'd add a few insights with clarity. Now do I still think that my review is good? Um... I think that it was too abrasive. It's not that I don't hate the episode as much as I let on, because I do. But, I've gotten new insights into the writing process behind the episode. And keep in mind that I found out the writing process not only after I made my review, but after I'd made my screw-ups video. Around the time that Charlotte Fullerton was writing this episode, her husband died. And so she passed it on Merriweather Willaims. So, it's understandable that this episode is disjointed and mean. It would actually be harder to understand if it was good, but it's not a good episode. That being said, I still hate this episode. And there are only three episodes of FiM that I legitimately hate.

  1. Dragon Quest: For insulting the very message of the show due to lack of oversight
  2. Rainbow Falls: Has no thought of effort or coherence, and objectively the worst episode of the show.
  3. Putting Your Hoof Down: let's talk about it.

What do most people think my problem with the episode is? Fluttershy being out of character. That's like half of one of my issues, but no that's not why I hate it. If that was the case I'd have to hate Lesson Zero too for how Twilight was out of character. The narrative does explain that she shouldn't be acting like that... sort of. I'll explain. But let's go over my main gripes with the episode. My main gripes are: the story; the tone; the moral; and the characterization. So, let's go over them, one by one. And we're not going to curse. We're going to calmly explain each and every problem with the episode.

The Story
Is it the worst story that the show has told? No, Rainbow Falls is going to hold that title for a good long time. But it's still an incompetent story. The most obvious problem is that there is a lot of padding. The start of the episode repeatedly shows Ponyville being a dick to Fluttershy and the second half of the story shows Fluttershy being a dick to everyone else. Also, with stories we need to on some level, justify characters' actions. A bunch of ponies abuse Fluttershy. Is there a reason for this? Fluttershy's not abrasive enough. Oh, I see; it's Fluttershy's fault. Do they ever get comeuppance for their actions? Nope. Instead, Fluttershy uses her assertiveness on other ponies, only about one of which actually deserved it. Seriously. And I'm not talking about the guy who was over-watering Fluttershy's lawn. I'm talking about the one who cut her in line. See, in a better constructed story; this would be Fluttershy standing up for herself (repeatedly) -> Fluttershy getting revenge -> Fluttershy punishing ponies for simple mistakes -> Fluttershy punishing those trying to calm her down. My biggest problem with the story is the end though. Fluttershy insults her friends, she's tied up, and then she automatically knows how to restrain herself. She learned all of this in her house, while tied up, and traumatized of what she's done. It doesn't exactly work that way. There's more to it than just that.

(According to this episode)
Who's fault is it that Fluttershy is getting pushed around by everyone? It's Fluttershy's. She's not assertive and can't stand up for herself. She deserves this abuse because she can't stand up for herself.

Who's fault is it that Fluttershy can't control herself? Iron Will, he gave her bad advice (that somewhat did what it was supposed to do)

Who takes the blame for everyone that Fluttershy hurt? Um.... the episode forgot about that.

The story doesn't know who's to blame for anything, so it takes the easy way out and just blames the teacher. We'll talk more about that when we get to the moral. Also, Fluttershy has wings. She can fly over the garbage.

The Tone
I can understand people liking this episode for it's more mean-spirited tones, because it is a deviation from the usual. But honestly, it's just unpleasant to watch. For every person that likes this episode for it's deviation from the norm, there's another person who watches this show for it's deviation from the norm. Either way, it's incredibly jarring. The second most mean-spirited episode was The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy, and that's just because of its Pinkie subplot. But what really bugs me about the tone? It doesn't feel earned. Helga on the Couch was a very mean-spirited episode of Hey Arnold! That delved into themes of childhood neglect, and The Mask was a very mean-spirited episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog dealing with things like abuse and domestic violence. They knew what they wanted to do with it, but most importantly: their tones didn't come out of nowhere. Helga's parents were always assholes and Courage was always dealing with monsters. Even if the previous episode didn't contain The Smile Song, the whole show is incredibly optimistic and upbeat... sometimes to a fault. 

The Moral
"Sometimes it can be hard for a shy pony like me to stand up for myself, and when I first tried it, I didn't like the pony I became. But I've learned that standing up for yourself isn't the same as changing who you are. Now I know how to put my hoof down without being unpleasant or mean."

There's what the episode is trying to teach. Once again, it's kind of blaming Fluttershy for being a push-over. But besides that. It shows what she was like when she changed, and showed what she was like when she had some restraint, but there was no transition between the two. Also, the episode places the blame on Iron Will. So... when someone sells you a gun and you go on a shooting spree, it's their fault. I mean, if they didn't teach you proper safety protocols, they deserve some blame; but not the entire blame. For the most part, Fluttershy was abusing innocents, and we're supposed to pretend that that either didn't happen, or that that was justified.

How would it have been better? Normally the way this works is that the push-over learns how to be aggressive, and then over time they learn that their aggressive behavior is pushing everyone away as people are scared by the very sight of them. So, Fluttershy could have done that, confronted Iron Will, and there she could have learned that his techniques were scaring his goat minions and realized exactly what she did wrong. And I really don't like that Rarity and Pinkie seem to be totally unaffected by what Fluttershy did. Even if they don't think that it was Fluttershy's fault, it should have had some effect. Alright, they think that Iron Will did it. Why aren't they more scared/angry at him? After all, he turned Fluttershy into a monster. It's a major failure in execution.

Anything's better than Rarity just saying that there's a way to be assertive without being unpleasant and Fluttershy suddenly knowing it by the way.

The Characterizion
"Fluttershy's out of character"
"No shit, that's the point of the episode, hardy hardy har"

Fluttershy is "out of character," but considering that that's the hardest to explain, I'll talk about her last. Because she's not the only one. First the minor ones:

Angel Bunny: Yeah, even a spoiled child wouldn't do... that.
Pinkie: Cheering up my friends is what Pinkie's here to do! {scams the store vendor}

But there are two major characters that are "out of character" here: Fluttershy and Ponyville itself.

"Objection! How can a town be out of character!?"

Well, we can go from a town that's closely knit where everyone looks out for each other to a city of assholes. I mean, I've gotten the impression from previous episodes A Friend in Deed, Winter Wrap Up, and Bridle Gossip that Ponyville is a small town where everypony knows everypony. But let's talk about Fluttershy. Here's something you've got to realize. It is the one golden rule for intentionally writing characters "out of character."

Nothing comes from Nowhere

Why was Fluttershy attacking random ponies, up to and including her friends? Iron Will gave her bad advice.

Why was Twilight going crazy? She was failing an assignment for the first time ever.

Why did Fluttershy insult her friends' reason for living....? Iron Will gave her bad advice...? That explains why she'd use those words, but it didn't explain where those words came from. Like I said, there are only two real options. She either wanted to tell the truth, or she wanted to lie.

If she was telling the truth and really thought those things, then we've got other problems. (either way, some clarity would be very nice)
If she was lying, why didn't she apologize? (Also how, did she come up with that on the spot)

"I'm sorry I took the whole assertiveness thing too far" 

That could refer to anything. "I didn't really mean any of those terrible things I've said!" When a character does something like that, they need to be more specific. If having one of your best friends' saying that your life calling is worthless actually emotionally affected Rarity and Pinkie for more than five seconds then this apology would feel more earned. If you do something like that, chances are that your friends won't blame a third party due to bad writing.

Whether the moment is truth or lie, it's incredibly hard to watch. And having the episode just glance over it is incredibly insulting. If you're going to do something like that, it needs to be a focal point. So, here's what I see. One more thing. I love it how her reflection is what sets her straight, not her friends' tears. That's just great.

--->The opening sets an uncharacteristically mean-spirited tone for this show.
--->Too many examples of Fluttershy being pushed around
--->Bad advice that doesn't even seem to be told.
--->Fluttershy abusing new assholes that the plot just shoves into the episode
    --->Old assholes never make another appearance
--->After attacking only three ponies, Fluttershy is stuck in rage mode (that's all it took?)
--->Rarity and Pinkie try to stand up to Fluttershy
--->Fluttershy either tells the most vile truth or most vile lie she could come up with, that looks incredibly scarring.
--->Fluttershy looks at a reflection and realizes what she's become (see Rule of Dumb for a better take on this)
--->Rarity and Pinkie forget about this.
--->Fluttershy has Angel tie herself up because she's afraid of herself.
--->Rarity and Pinkie come to Fluttershy at full mental health and blame Iron Will. (Fluttershy's still tied up)
--->Iron Will comes by to collect his payment. He taught Fluttershy to be more assertive, which he actually did. He simply didn't teach her restraint, which was not a part of the deal.
--->The worst thing that Pinkie calls Iron Will is a "Creep" for perverting her best friend"
--->Fluttershy suddenly knows how to stand up for herself.

So, no my problem is not "Fluttershy's out of character." That's like saying my problem with The Splinter is Squidward bashing his head in with a cash register at the end.

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Donald Kennedy of Kody Koala is an artist based in El Paso, Texas. He has been creating custom toys and figures for almost 7 years. Below are some of his creations.

Mario and Yoshi Mech by kodykoaal
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"I came in like a chain chomp!"

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Pikachu + Chewbacca = Pikachewie

Pikachewie Figure by kodykoaal

Yoshi meets Transformers:

Voltron Yoshi Force by kodykoaal
Bowser Cosplay Figure by kodykoaalKodykoala's Jedi Toad by kodykoaal
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Skin by Dan Leveille

Welcome! :la:

This is another collection of some of my favorite works from my two favorite Photography categories: Photojournalism and Darkroom! 

If you like these, you might want to consider joining Darkroom-Photos, concert-endeavours, and/or CRPhotography!

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Eco Brides by EmilySoto Tea Time with the Bearded Lady by Cyril-Helnwein The Queens Demise by EmilySoto miukhyt by hornykitty

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flottement by InoaLa two minutes to disappointment by cPaos ... by Silecia

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MMD Galaco - No Edit by Trackdancer

Someone (Ryukrieger) sent me a note about the ongoing controversy within the MMD community about the 'DO NOT EDIT' topic. The correspondent wanted to know what my views were and I thought about it and since it's been awhile since I've written an editorial article for MMD, I felt this was a subject matter worth discussing in more detail.

First off, I need to make it perfectly clear that I am usually a proponent of the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule. Most of my own work prohibits editing except for where special exceptions are made. My reasoning here is mainly because most of my work is original, are stages and in the final analysis, my thinking is that stages work like costume. Just find one that's suitable for your project and get on with it, don't be changing what I have put on offer. Still, I've seen bits and pieces of my stage components used in conjunction with other peoples' bits and pieces and in principle, I'm fine with this practice.

But the main 'hot area' with regards to the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule evolves around edits of existing character models. The main contention here falls into primarily two points of view:

1/. There are those that argue that model editors should not impose 'DO NOT EDIT' rules on work/models that are permissible to edit per the outlines of the original modeler.

2/. The other side of the argument is that an edit is a 'unique' work or interpretation and should be left alone 'as is'. If you don't like it or prefer some other change, then go do your own version.

My personal inclination is solidly inline with argument '2' above. The reason for this is that if I am going to download and use a model in the first place, the number one consideration is how the model (original or edit) looks in the first place. In other words, it is the ascetics of the work which is the prime consideration.

However, like probably everyone involved with MMD, I do have a certain number of models that I've purely collected because of the way they look, but I will never use for a variety of reasons. Some of these models are design-wise way out in left field or are too complex for ease of use, but they do make excellent collector's items and are just wonderful additions to a MMD model collection.

I'll like to add also that as regards the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule, if I am going to use a model on a regular basis, I will most likely edit the model's function but will respect the restriction in terms of not changing the way the model looks. And this makes sense. People do want to see their models used and no two (serious) users of models will do things the same way.

My contention is that the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule primarily governs the ascetics of the model rather than its functionality. People apply the rule, as I understand it, for three primary reasons:

1/. They really do not want people to modify the edit's ascetics.

2/. They really do not want people to make some minor modifications to the edit and then turn around and offer that version up as a model download.

3/. They really don't want people cribbing parts off the model. Most of these parts can usually be found in one of the library of parts that floats around the MMD group galleries or elsewhere in some repository somewhere on the Internet. Therefore, if you want the parts, go get it from the source. Also, some parts are original works which the editor wants to retain for exclusive use with the edited version. Even with original models, there are restrictions on parts similar to this. A good example is the hi-tech belt gear on Tda Append Miku which he does not allow to be used as a part on other models.

I feel that these are all valid reasons for imposing a 'DO NOT EDIT' restriction and legally they are within their right to do so where this does not conflict with the rights of the original modeler. And this is a tricky one which some people may have a hard time wrapping their heads around so let me explain it in a little more detail.

Let us start with an original model which permits editing. The default Animasa Miku model is a clear cut example as it has no restrictions on editing. So someone uses that model as the basis to create another model. In MMD terms that is an 'Edit'. So this person then offers their edit as a download to share with the community and then slaps a 'DO NOT EDIT' rule on the model.

Can they do this even though the original model was free to edit? The short answer is 'YES'. What the editor is saying is that you cannot edit the edit and this is perfectly legal.

The counter argument which is made by some is that since the original model was editable then the edit, at least in the spirit of sharing, should be editable too.

Nope, sorry I don't subscribe to this view at all. Just because the original is editable it doesn't automatically follow that a derivative should also be editable. The derivative work is an 'original interpretation' and if the editor wishes that the edit not be edited, they have every right morally and legally to impose the restriction. And if you follow the logic through it actually makes sense. Apart from anything else, why edit an edit, (except for functionality which doesn't change the ascetics at all)?

Most edits are made from existing parts. If someone wants a different version they can go through the same steps to recreate something similar. And this is perfectly permissible. Take my version of Chibi Gumi for example ( It is based off Mamama's original model of Gumi Megpoid. YamiSweet  made a version based off the same original as has at least two other people including Mamama himself if my memory serves me correctly. Each chibi model used as its basis, the same base model, but each one is slightly different from the other edits.

But you know what? On my version there is essentially a 'DO NOT EDIT' restriction (although I didn't actually use that term). The reason is simple enough. If you don't like my version, go ahead and make your own 'dang' version as seriously, it is not hard with a conversion of this type.

But I don't really do much in terms of editing models. Like I've said many times, it's not really my thing and besides which there are many excellent edits made by others who do superb work with this type of modeling. A prime example of one of these models that I've essentially adopted into my stable of regular characters is the Tda-style edit of Galaco by nomiiie. But guess what? That model (shown in the illustration heading this article) is covered by a 'DO NOT EDIT' rule which essentially I have fully respected. The only alterations I've made to my copy are purely functional but the edit's design and ascetics have remained unchanged. After all, I use the model because I like the way it looks, so why would I want to change its appearance?

In actual fact, there are three versions of that Galaco edit on my hard drive. The original release version that I have preserved for my records. The version I regularly use which has customized functionality (minor changes to the bone system) and a version which has had all of the skirt physics removed as in some applications the dress physics puts too much of a drain on my system resources. But all three versions look identical. Like I stated above, why would I change the way the model looks? After all, I use it because I like the way the model looks. If nomiiie  has had issue with me changing the edit's functional aspects, she has yet to make her thoughts known to me. But herein, it is a fairly standard practice for modelers and editors to permit functional edits by users for private use.

Yes sometimes you will see this version of Galaco as used by me with a shiny dress material. That's done using MME effects and not through any editing. But the basic principle here is I have adhered in good faith to nomiiie's restriction on not editing the model's ascetics. Regardless of the effects that I may apply to the model, it is recognizable instantly as her interpretation of Galaco which I kept faithfully to. But what if I wanted her to have a pink dress for example? Well, first off, I would not edit the model in this manner without asking nomiiie first. And if she was agreeable fine, but if she is not, I would fully respect that too.

Does that make sense?

But revisiting the last point again, if she did state 'NO', I would have absolutely no issues with that because I respect the amount of work that she put into make her interpretation and if for some reason she was against the idea of creating a variation of this edit in a pink dress, I would fully respect that. But note especially that in the instance where I would want to edit a "DO NOT EDIT' model in a manner that changes the edit's appearance, I would at least have taken the step to ask for permission first and to accept and abide by whatever decision the modeler or editor decides.

Now the other side of the argument is that the original base for the Galaco model is by Tda and he permits editing of his original work within the guidelines as outlined in his readme.txt. Doesn't he need to be consulted in this equation? After all, if he permits editing, should this not pass on to subsequent edits of his original?

This is worth looking into to clarify the discussion going on here but to fully understand the process here let's look at Tda's original stipulations which I am replicating verbatim below:

Reminder: This summary English translation is for reference. Should any conflicts arise, the original Japanese Terms of Service shall take precedence over English Terms of Service.

For more details, refer to the original Japanese text.

Terms of Service and Disclaimer
The overall design of this 3DCG model is based on the character Hatsune Miku Append of Crypton Future Media Inc. This model is created under Piapro Character License.

Here is Piapro Character License.
  • Use this model within the limit of Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.
  • You may not use this model if you don't agree to Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.
  • Tda shall not be responsible for any damage and loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with using this model.
  • The latest version shall take precedence if this Terms of Service is revised.
  • When using this model for commercial purposes, you shall obtain prior permission from Crypton Future Media Inc., the copyright holder of Hatsune Miku, and then contact Tda.
  • Editing this model for your videos and pictures is allowed within the limit of the conditions below. You don't have to obtain prior permission from Tda.

1. Do not ruin the feature and image of Tda style. The edited model(s) shall be clearly recognized as Tda-styled model(s).
2. Remove the logo CRYPTON on the anklet, or replace it with the body00_MikuAp.tga file in the (Japanese Text) folder.
3. When distributing edited model(s), attach both the original Japanese Terms of Service and this English Terms of Service, credit the original name of this model Type Tda Hatsune Miku Append, the original creator Tda and editor(s).

1. Redistributing the unprocessed original model. Trading the original model is also forbidden.
2. Editing this model into naked or base model(s).
3. Removing any part(s) of this model, regardless of in the original form or edited form, and attaching it/them to other model(s) to create and/or edit the model(s) that is/are not Tda-styled. (e.g. attaching Tda Mikufs pigtail(s) and/or waist gear to other model(s).)
The only exception is the minimum edit for a video or a picture in which Tda Append Miku plays the main role, but distributing the edited model(s) under this exception is forbidden.
4. Removing any part(s) from non-editable model(s) and attaching it/them to this model.

Revised on May 30, 2013. 



Please note especially the term below and keep this in mind:

  • Editing this model for your videos and pictures is allowed within the limit of the conditions below. You don't have to obtain prior permission from Tda.

Also note that nomiiie's Tda style edit of Galaco is inline with the conditions outlined above (as I understand how it is written).

Now here are nomiiie's rules from her readme.txt also reproduced verbatim:

Galaco Ver. 1.2 by xNomChu (6/8/13)

Do not edit
Do not redistribute
Credit xNomChu
Do not claim as your own

TDA, ChieTheBekon,
Sowlow, MMDFakewings18,
Artemis129, Jin, Amiamy111,
xNomChu, Creinie

All parts are fully legal

Galaco belongs to Internet Co.
Model belongs to me

Note the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule especially. Note also that because she is not the original modeler, her rules cannot supersede some of the rules of the original copyright owner. In other words, wherein she can enforce her will with regards to changing her edit's appearance/ascetics, she cannot stop someone (like me) from editing the model's functionality as this was permissible under the original modeler's rules. Does this make sense? If not, please allow me to clarify:

1/. I cannot alter Galaco's appearance because this is nomiiie's work over which as applicable to this particular model she has full jurisdiction.
2/. I can alter Galaco's functionality as the basic foundation for those are inherently a characteristic of the base of the model which is still firmly within Tda's jurisdiction. Unless nomiiie completely re-rigged or re-did the model's core foundation (ie. weighting and bone system), Tda's original permissions still apply.

When you think about this whole 'DO NOT EDIT' argument, my opinion is that a lot of people have the view that the work of model editors are of less worth that the work of original modelers. This kind of thinking leads to the silly argument that since the original modeler permits editing, 'who the heck are you to restrict the editing of an edit'?

People really need to stop thinking like this.

Sure there are a lot of crappy edits to be found in the DA galleries, but by the same token, there are many REALLY GOOD ones. A small handful of these have found a niche in my own staple of characters and others are key components in my own collection or have been put on my 'to do something meaningful with at some point' list. Regardless of the quality of these works, they do represent considerable effort and creative energy expenditure by the editors responsible for their creation.

How is that the activities of dedicated model editors less than the efforts of the original modeler?

Good quality edits are as hard to come by as good quality original models, perhaps more so as there are some real technical hurdles involved in the process of adapting one model design into something else successfully. Model editors should not be regarded as merely the 'poorer cousin' in the overall equation. Without their active contributions, we would not have the wide range of models available and God only knows that we need more model choices for MMD, not less.

So if a model editor puts a simple 'DO NOT EDIT' rule on their work, why is it so difficult for some people to respect this? By what measure is their contribution less than that of the original modeler? Just look at the wide range of Tda-style or Lat-style models available. Tda made one model - Miku Append. Others, specifically model editors, have taken that single model as a basis to create a virtual universe of Miku variants and other character models based on the style. No matter how talented Tda is, he has got a life outside of MMD. If it was not for the contributions of model editors, both from Japan and elsewhere, there would not be the wide range of excellent Tda-style character and model choices that we all enjoy today.

My nomiiie Tda-style version of Galaco would not have been made possible except for the fact that a 'model editor' took the time out of her life to create her. Does this make her work any less important than the contribution made by Tda? I think not.

This is the whole key to this argument. People really need to think more about what model editors really bring to the MMD table. Honestly, I am sick to my teeth of arguments that models shouldn't be edited because they are 'frankensteining' something else or that edits are "second rate efforts by modeler wannabes". It takes a certain level of training, knowledge and skill (as well as, in general, some rather expensive software) to create original character models. At the same time it also takes a certain level of skill, knowledge and dedication to transform an original character model into something else.

The whole thing about MMD is that it is made possible by the contribution in terms of time, talent and effort by many different people. No one, not even the likes of Tda, is an island within this community. Yes, it can be argued that Tda (purely by way of example) is an 'important' contributor to the community. After all if it was not for his original work and the permissions that he has given to others to adapt his work that we have an entire range of Tda-style models to choose from and most are of excellent quality.

Now look at the other side of the argument. What happened to those original modelers who do not allow their work to be edited? I will not name any names here, but suffice to say, the modelers with the most restrictions on their work (or who have thrown the most 'sissy' fits when their work is edited) have essentially fallen off the mainstream of the MMD current.

By no means am I arguing for a free-for-all attitude when it comes to editing models. Original modelers and editors do have their rules. There isn't necessarily a common consensus either nor does there need to be. We just have to understand what each individual modeler's or editor's restrictions are with regards to their work, and if we value their work at all, the least we can do is to respect their restrictions. After all, they really are not asking for a lot are they?

On the other side of the coin, there are model editors who do allow their edits to be edited. Some like Xoriu  openly encourages the practice with her works which is fine because she's coming from this argument from another angle. So by no means is the 'DO NOT EDIT' rule universal even amongst model editors themselves.

Personally, I am a little leary of this policy from a legal standpoint as this open ended editing policy can lead to legal mischief and misunderstanding of permissions. We do need to bear in mind that editing of original models is done by consent of the original modelers but also that there may be restrictions stated openly or merely implied that could lead to nasty situations between various parts of the MMD community. All you have to do is to look at Tda's readme.txt as shown above and the more astute reader would have noticed the addition of this line under prohibitions:

    2. Editing this model into naked or base model(s).

Some people did take it upon themselves to create Tda-style bases which was against the original modeler's intent and expressed permissions. All you have to do is read point 3 more carefully to see that this is already implicit in his restrictions, but unfortunately some people do not seem to be able to understand the English version of the restrictions, nevermind about the Japanese. So Tda ended up having to amend his readme.txt and clarify his intent specifically for the less astute.

In any case, please let me spell it out in case anyone still doesn't understand the nature of Tda's permissions:

Specifically, he permits variations/edits of Tda Miku Append, including altering the model to represent other characters so long as the editor adheres to his conditions. He does not allow, and never did allow for the model to be used for parts. Creating a base model using the Tda Miku Append model as the foundation of the base model is in direct contravention of his permissions. So subsequently the base and any model edit using these bases are against his permissions and can be regarded legally as a breach of his copyrights.

Does that make sense?

This fundamental misunderstanding of his permission has lead to a series of conflicts between some segments of the Japanese MMDC and their Overseas compatriots. A rather unfortunate state of affairs which could have been avoided if people did fully understand how far they could go when editing his model. Clearly (or perhaps not so clearly) his original intent was to allow for variants to be made from the original, not for the model to be converted into what essentially was a general purpose part for other builds.

Now some people have actually used the original Tda Miku Append and re-edited it in a manner to make it possible to create other characters in a manner that would seem to be in direct contravention of what I just stated above. Classic examples being the Tda-styled Teto and Neru models. So how did they get away with it? Simple - they contacted Tda and got his special permission and active support for their projects. This goes back to something I keep harping on with regards to permissions. If in doubt, contact the original modeler and seek their expressed permissions. Honestly, MMD modelers are in general nice people. The worse that could happen is that they say "NO". More often, you may find that they will at the very least, listen to your reasonable requests or proposals.

It does sadden me to see the conflict between segments of the Japanese MMDC and the DA MMDC over the editing of the Tda Miku Append model. It is something that has hit negatively at least two well known members of the DA MMDC both of whom are amongst those few people who are on my DA friends list. However, I am not going to take sides in that controversy. Suffice to say, a lot of the misunderstanding could have been avoided if people took the time to fully understand the implicit intent and permissions as outlined in Tda's readme.txt. Granted, that it is not the easiest document to read and fully understand but one doesn't need to be a lawyer or even need to have a "full understanding of the Japanese language" to comprehend the exact nature of what is and is not permitted with the Tda Miku Append model.

There's nothing unusual here. Those of you who have been reading the detailed journals by Digitrevx on the process of creating his latest BRS model should have a clear understanding about the amount of real work that goes into the creation of an entirely original character model for MMD. I build stages and honestly, I can knock one out in about a day or two without breaking a sweat. But the effort he puts into creating his work requires real effort. This is no different for him or Tda or any of the other modelers who create original character models from scratch. So they have every right to impose restrictions on what they allow to be done in terms of editing of their work and we have the responsibility to understand and respect those restrictions.

By the same token, responsible model editors, both within the Japanese MMDC as well as here on DA, expend a lot of effort on their work. I've followed several of them through the progress of their projects and know how much real effort they actually needed to put into their work. Yes, in a sense their projects were easier but that does not diminish the amount of time, effort and dedication that they put in to creating something wonderful at the end of their efforts. Honestly, I don't have the time, patience or know-how to create character models from scratch. I also don't have the patience to mess with the PMD editor for hours creating edits, but I fully understand the amount of time and effort which both original modelers and model editors need to put in to their work. Yes, there are difference, but they do bring different but equally important skills to the MMD table and both parties, in my book, have their role in the MMD community as a whole.

So if an original modeler or model editor states in their documentation 'DO NOT EDIT', before you shoot off your mouth at them, just think for one moment about the amount of work and effort that they put into their work, original or variant, in order to add yet another resource into the common MMD pool. Honestly, they really are not asking for a lot. All they really want is just a little bit of respect for their efforts, and if you cannot respect that, well then may be you have a problem and not them?

Anyway, thanks for reading and as always the opinions expressed herein are purely mine and are worth exactly 2 cents.


Afterwords: Please do not post comments asking me to interpret the permissions as outlined by other modelers and editors. I am a spokesman for nobody. If you need clarifications on permissions, please contact directly the parties concerned. In this day and age, with easy access to applications like Google Translate, even the language barrier should be no hurdle. And if in doubt, don't guess - seek clarification.