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Prompt: A bun has moved in!
Hello everyone and welcome to the first
prompt/event since the revamping of the species!
A bun has moved in!
The prompt will be about turning your Flufferbun into an Animal Crossing Villager!
Deadline: 6 / 14 / 2017
Event can be extended if requested!
The species must either be a sheep, bunny, a goat or a creative take on the flufferbun itself!
(Other species may apply if your bun is specifically based on a certain animal)
Should be at least recognizably similar to the animal crossing style
(so not full blown anthro style)
Should have basic villager information in picture or description
(species, personalty [peppy, smug, cranky etc.] etc.)
(example of info you can include)
Can enter with
:iconflufferbuns:Flufferbuns 50 51
The Unseen Stock - May
:rose: If you like this feature please add it to your :fav: to spread the stock love! (:

 Masque7 by Amliel Stock portrait by Fumei-stock
Sword V1... by Dark-Indigo-Stock Stock Martina 33 by Ariel87-Stock Resting in the Shade by Whimseystock
Home 01 by Fuchsfee-Stock
Stock-Photo [233] by Model-Salvaje Carly 12 by CathleenTarawhiti Costume 'Leaving summer' by Aquilina-das 46 by CroquisCafe
Green Forest Trail by CompassLogicStock
:iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 42 19
CRP Feature: Animals, Plants and Nature
Welcome to CRPhotography monthly feature, that includes selections made by our Community Volunteers and members of our group. We hope you enjoy this month's edition which includes numerous stunning APN photographs! Please take the time to explore these deviants' galleries!
Community Volunteer Selections:

Queen-Kitty's selections:

Wedding colours by Lunnika-Horo is filled with a soft beauty and utilizes the available light wonderfully.

Fabio by Lain-AwakeAtNight is an incredibly elegant and majestic equine portrait.  There is a beautiful use of colors and shallow depth of field.
:iconmrs-durden:Mrs-Durden 27 25
MCM London Comic Con and Birthday Thanks!
I'm another year older, but I feel a lifetime wiser, a lots happened in the last year, good and bad, but I made it, came out, and am at the edge if a new year, looking out into it's brightness.
So it's perfect timing for my first show of the year this weekend - MCM London Comic Con:
Booth 3111 - North Hall - Comic Village
~~Yes I will be there personally, giving out hugs and prints. Do feel free to come say hello! I'd love to see you there! :heart:

I will also have an exciting exclusive print - but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about that! :dance:
Thank you sooooooooo much for your awesome birthday wishes! So kind :heart:
I had a great day - some of you may have seen - chilling out in a ballpit, so I don't feel too old ;)
Some really kind people drew me some really beautiful art:
:icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 26 44
Special feature - the Angel Foxes!
Hello Foxes!
Today is very special feature - an Angel Fox species, created by Snowfox-Angel, my dear friend and a great person!
The Snowfox's mate, Sue is owned by XUranusX, who's also an awesome friend of mine!

From the Creator
What are Angel Foxes?
Angel Foxes are benevolent beings of light. They are guardian angel foxes. Some are born from the dreams of another Angel Fox and its mate; others are born from powerful, selfless dreams and love.

Most angel foxes when born are usually small kits, their wings and halo not developing until they mature. On rare occasions some Angel Foxes are born full adult if the dream is powerful. Kits who aren’t born from the dreams of another Angel Fox are very quickly taken in by another adult Angel Fox who raises the kit as if it was their own. No one knows the exact amount of Angel Foxes out there but numbers are believed t
:iconmartith:Martith 11 19
Notice me (necessary to read)
*tries to attract attention* The time to kill has come Knife Emoji 
I want to clean my page of all the dead watchers who stucks here. Yes it sounds a bit strange but I just want to feel comfortable here and I need to keep my profile clean. So, hope you can help me
If you want to stay here and keep watching me, please leave any comment or add this journal to your faves. I think it's not a difficult task for you, but it really helpful for me
You have 3-4 weeks to show me that you're alive. All others will be removed from my page
Hope all of you are okay
:icontod-e:tod-e 33 52
distortion past midnight



:iconeintoern:EintoeRn 10 22
A Journal Full Of Character Rambling
I guess this is just me rambling about original characters, so feel free to read or ignore, whatever you want!
Also, please don't be offended! I don't mean to attack anyone, and if you have other ideas about these things, that's all good, I don't hate you for having another opinion than myself! This is just my two cents Here's my $0.02 
- Have changing feelings and fluctuating connections to your characters. There are certain characters that I have felt disconnected from in the past for years. It's okay, you don't need to constantly feel strongly about them! Connections can waver and fade, then come back.
- Not draw your characters for years. You don"t have to "earn" the right to own your characters. they're yours. Do whatever you want with them. If you don't draw them for 10 years, they're still yours.
- Own a character made by a famous designer or of a popular species, even if you don't "draw it enough to deserve it".
- Have
:iconspitfiresonice:SpitfiresOnIce 28 42
.:Art features:.
☆ Please feel free and check them out 

In no particular order:







..:Crucified:.. by ChaoticallyKhaos
TheCrow3 by MisterCadaverNightmare C0llector by MisterCadaver

River Phoenix Portrait by Leah1337
:iconbrokendoll777:BrokenDoll777 10 33
Updated my page with all my beans
And their companions allies X'D <3  now people can see who all my beans are! anyone who is not there has been traded/Gifted or sold to someone else :3 same goes for companions. All my griffians should be listed now 8D I am in the process of making myself another bean who will have my two last griffian companions! but that will be a suprise! 505 is best number
if anyone wants to do something similar here is the code. Felt like sharing since I got a few questions about it : D
Remove all the % ive made to make it work!
<%div class="ccomment ccomment-featured"><%div class="ch-ctrl cc-in" align="center">
<%div class="al">ADD THUMBCODE
<%div align="center"><%b><%h1>NAME</strong>
</b><%i><%small>CURSIVE TEXT</i><%div align="left">:%bulletblack: ADD TEXT
:%bulletblack: ADD TEXT
:%bulletblack: ADD TEXT
<%div align="center"><%b>Companions/allies</b>
<%a href="ADD HTML CODE">
Last one is if you
:icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 26 16
Inspirational Artists Feature + watcher feature
Hey guys, it's me Red! Just thought I'd share with you some of the awesome artworks from my favourites, with a very loose "green" theme. :] Many of these are popular artists, but I thought to include some "undiscovered" works as well. Please check them out if you haven't already! 
I'm also planning to do another feature for watchers in the near future, so please scroll to the end for more info~ 


Dust by Bonekrishna
 Mort Bihan by MathieuSeddas
:iconoshred:oshRED 8 17
NPC Contest Results!
Thank you all so much for all your amazing entries over the past couple of months! You gave us no easy time judging so many colorful characters, but in the end only a few can come out on top!
How were entries judged?
Entries were judged on a lot of different factors, the most important being design, personality, how both fit with the role they were given, how polished the overall entry was, and then any extra details sprinkled in. But as all art can be biased, we tallied staff favorites after using all these factors into each of our decisions.

Quotes from Staff:
“This was the entry that every single staff member undeniably loved. Samual the Bard is an appealing design with an equally appealing personality and vibe to him. There’s just something about those colors and that pose that makes me want to dance along with whatever music he’s playing!” -Nes
“Samual is a great example of a character rel
:iconwyngro:Wyngro 26 34
Feature-Fest Vol. 81: Architecture

Vertical Horizon #104 by romainjl
going down with style by dS1GN
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 6 7
OMG, guess what I found!
My mom said she wanted to get rid of the old, slow, dying computer that we've had for 13 years. So I went to check if the computer had any files I wanted to save. And I found some gems! :XD: Dozens of old TLK drawings that I had uploaded on TLKFAA, but for some reason I removed them a few years ago... I regretted removing those pics almost immediately after I did it. But now I found them again! I'm so happy. :D
I'm not sure what to do with the pictures. They're absolutely hideous, so I don't want them in my gallery... But I think I want to redraw some of them and show how much I've improved... because I've improved a lot.
:iconhydracarina:HydraCarina 25 46
#1 Thursday 4 44 - traditional art feature
Patreon Icon Patren   ||   YouTube Icon YouTube 
I decided to start submitting art features. Every thursday I will choose 4 people and will submit here 4 of artworks of each of them and 44 artworks from other deviants - all in traditional media! In this week:
:iconEnysGuerrero: EnysGuerrero
Amazing gothic artist, one of my top favourite on deviantArt! Her works are very detailed, have nice, strong colors. Every piece is so polished. Here are some of her amazing artworks:
Beautiful paintings with animals, especially horses. All of them looks like just like photos.
:iconnegrawaridi:NegraWaridi 5 18
sneak peek for parody lyrics 333cc
pet me
pat me
kittr better pet my fur
you better
poof me
floof me
i love to bork and then purr
lick lick lick lick
i wanna eat this fish
but i cant mess up my claws
so ima pick it up with chopsticks
soft an floofy
soft an poofy
soft an floofy like i was a blanket
soft an floofy
soft an poofy
soft an floofy am i a dog or kit
My claws in it, gentle
ill paw this kitten mental
Imma draw a paw on this kit
Don't need a pen or a pencil
All I need is my claws
My tail is pink, just like my paws
Don't need catnip to get crazy
Cause im a pupper not a lady
My lines in drawings are clean
I drew a dog with, ice cream
Keep it happy like rainbows
Its never gonna be mean
This will never fluffin end
Ballerina kittens gonna spin
I make my drawings so cute
I ain't barf one rainbow, I think I barfed twins
pet me
pat me
kittr better pet my fur
you better
poof me
floof me
i love to bork and then purr
lick lick lick lick
i wanna eat this fish
but i cant mess up my claws
so ima pick it up with chopsticks
:iconkittydogcrystal:KittydogCrystal 25 34
Animals, Plants and Nature Spotlight Vol. 125
Spotlight Vol. 125

Fire by Hestefotograf Pocket by ChadRouthier FoxTrotting by thrumyeye Flying over Willie Creek by paulmp .. by Rizone E C H O E S . O F . N O N . M A T T E R by Onodrim-Photography
Jump jump jump by missfortune11 Long eared owl portrait by missfortune11 Pitigoi sur by missfortune11
:iconunkopierbar:Unkopierbar 5 2
400+ watchers requests!!
hi bbys!
first off i want to thank all of you for watching me, im so touched 2015YupiANanEmote004 
i decided to open a few requests as a way to say thank you!! 
the requests will be in this style ! 

RULEs to enter:
- you have to be watching me! - new watchers are welcome!
- share this through a journal/poll/status update!
- you can link multiple ocs you think would fit my style! (please include personality and name of the character)
- i only draw girls and girly boys! no furries or anything pls!
- don't be butthurt if i don't pick you! i will pick the ocs that inspire me the most!
it would be nice if you could also tag a few friends you think would be interested! but it's not necessary uvu
i will feature comments of the ocs i'm considering
:icondomimu:domimu 22 48
Opal AU-- Giant Woman
         Ruby held her red fist under her chin. After a few moments of hesitation, she picked up a black checkers piece and moved it diagonal from a red one. “Ha! Take that!” she teased, and pointed mockingly at Sapphire.
         “Wow, Ruby, I’m impressed!” Sapphire complimented, only to get hit on a head by a red water balloon.
         Steven smirked, sitting on top of a lifeguard chair holding many more colorful balloons. His sunglasses glinted in the sun. “Now it’s your move, Sapphire!”
         Sapphire looked up at the hybrid. “Steven, are the water balloons really necessary?”
         “Yeah!” Steven held up a blue one. “This way the moves really matter!”
:iconchrometourmalinesu:ChromeTourmalineSU 2 0
me at any kind of convention
i swear there could be like hundred incredibly popular artists/vloggers starting to small talk with me and i'd literally have like no idea who and what they were
like as long as its not pewdiepie or smth
:iconnhyku:nhyku 20 9
Thursday Greets
Tuesday Treats | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly
:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:
Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.
Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:
:iconCherryWeasley: CherryWeasley

CherryWeasley has no wish listed
CherryWeasley has no news
:iconsqueatie: squeatie
:iconthewellwriter:TheWellWriter 4 3
Kota and the werewolves Ch. 6
Time to ourselves
"Let's head back." Said Kota before scratching under Chris' chin, tickling him. Chris smiled in pleasure before picking his little brother up and placing him on his back. "Whoa! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Kota laughed as Chris picked him up. Then they made the journey back home. Chris made it back with his brother on his back, as soon as they reached the front door, Chris began to yawn. Feeling exhausted from their little adventure. Kota slid off his back and walked beside him. "Did you have fun dude?" He asked Chris. The giant brown wolf nodded with a sleepy smile.
"That's good, you needed that. Both of us, I'm glad I could finally show that place to you. I heard it has healing properties."
Chris turned his head, looking at him with a "really?" expression. Kota nodded. "Yeah, and I notice that your scar is disappearing a little." Chris looked at his scar from the werewolf that bit him, and it seemed to be disappearing. Both he and Kota were surprised to see this. Kota then lo
:iconlucasfan375:Lucasfan375 2 2