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Inkling Girl Hairstyles and Bangs
If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your inkling I made some to help! No need to credit me if you use the ideas, I made some bangs at the bottom to mix and match with all the hairstyles above.

You can use these for Inkling boys if you really want, I don't mind!
Have fun~Blue heart bullet/emote 

turquoise heart bowHairstylesturquoise heart bow

turquoise heart bowBangsturquoise heart bow

:iconghiraham-sandwich:Ghiraham-Sandwich 53 10
Best-Snapshots Vol. #29
:star: Best-Snapshot Of The Week :star:
By Lilyas

:star: Best-Snapshot Of The Week #2 :star:
The Path
By Pajunen 

:star: Other Submissions :star:



              Unknown Germany pt. CCLXIX by TheChosenPesssimist          Zebra VI. by Vividnco
:iconlucytherescuedcat:lucytherescuedcat 33 16
ART Feature

:heart: :heart: :heart:

[210] Moonshine by mcptato
Nika by Asteltainn
Stella by Ideasplayer
Tree of life by Arkel666
Bal Masque by MarcelaBolivar
last 30 drops of tears by uchuubranko
Halt (#4) by LieJacker
Home Under The Stars by RankaStevic
Blood moon by pin100
Gabi............. by pjenz
Magma Dragon by TsaoShin
Night Fishing by JoJoesArt
Gemini by SnoSwirl
Poseidon by itsbxd
California 2085 by Tohad
Father of the Dragons by annewipf
major event by aerroscape
Shinji and Luka Portraits by TamberElla
Chinese Zodiac.:Dragon:. by sakimichan
Escape to the stars by Lyra-senpai
:icongenerazart:GeneRazART 21 0
Around the world #1


 Canal of Venice - HDR by GsanePhotography
Light at the end of the World by justeline Machu Picchu by lux69aeterna Pobiti Kamani by thenSir
my hometown by Ingelore
Morning Glory by borda cloister by marrciano
Mexico - Guanajuato by lux69aeterna Between Sky and Sea by BillyNikoll
Sydney by Furiousxr
The Rhine by PassionAndTheCamera Roads of Iceland by StonyStoneIsStoned2
:icongigi50:gigi50 17 19
The APN Guide: How To Shoot Flowers
Big or small, with many shapes, sizes, and colors. Flowers can be an amazingly diverse subject matter to shoot. You can find them just about anywhere. Around your neighborhood, at a local park, or your front yard. You can even visit a local plant nursery.  Because flowers are easy to access they are a great subject to practice learning how to set up composition in your photos.
Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Picking your flower

One of the most important parts of floral photography is picking your flower. You will want to think carefully about this question. Does the flower you choose have petals missing? Does it have little holes from a bug eating it?  Do you want to highlight these imperfections or are you looking for a more pristine flower to shoot?  If you are in a place with many different types of flowers, you might be a little overwhelmed at what to choose.  Think about what part of the flower you l
:iconjorgipie:Jorgipie 15 15
I was interviewed @ The Imaginarium
Hello my dear friends! :heart:

First of all, I'd like to tell you an awesome news.
I have been featured as member of the month at
and was interviewed in the group's journal.
Thanks so much Wesley-Souza for this great honor.
Please check it out in the link below ! :wave:


And you may know that I was so busy for month(s) with some contests.
Sorry for having no time to visit many of your galleries.
Now a lot of things have been
:iconmr-ripley:Mr-Ripley 14 45
Sooo, I thought of doing some requests Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1]
Likely, I'll draw requests in traditional on my free time~
If you want one you have to:
Bullet; Green watch me (if you want art from me you like my art right?) x)
Bullet; Blue fav this?
Bullet; Purple comment your oc and give a little description, if you want c:
That's all!
:iconkatethelittlepegasus:KateTheLittlePegasus 11 10
Member of the Month - Interview with Mr Ripley
Every month we select one member to be exposed on the homepage of the group and we will do a special feature and a short interview.
Set of amazing photo manipulations and short interview by talented artist  Tom Ripley from Thailand.
1. First of all we would like to thank you for taking the time to provide The-Imaginarium with this interview.
Please tell us more about your Art and what made you become an Digital Artist ?
Greetings! It's my honor to be featured in this interview. Most of the artworks in my gallery are photomanipulation and some are digital drawing. I'm a self-taught artist that started practicing my skill by drawing a lot of traditional portraits with graphite pencil for many years since I was in primary school. And when I have grown up, I used to draw a lot of big cutouts in size of 4 x 6 meters as my part-time job for a decade. It's a kind of hard work full of stress because I had to
:iconwesley-souza:Wesley-Souza 11 19
Featuring Amazing Photographs
Photographer fella (Artist) Amazing Photographs Feature Photographer fella (Artist) 

Heart Photography Architecture Places Heart

Heart Photographs People Portraits Heart

Heart Marco  Photography Heart
:iconpamonk:PaMonk 11 12
on the topic of frendship/seeing fan stuff/comment
i feel really bad when people make beautiful art for me and they made it cause they wanna be my friend, or when people ask me if i can talk to them and be their friend, and im to busy to reply to them. because i know they spent time and effort into making the art for me or really really wanna get to know me, but at the same time i cant befriend everyone who wants to be my friend even though theyre so nice people for making art for me,,
like if i could, id try an talk to an be close friends with everyone who watches my videos and enjoys them but i just cant because i try talking to so many people already and i cant spend hours every day with each individual person ;;; i only really become friends with people i can talk to and really make a connection ;;x; even people who are close to me i cant talk to all the time because im trying to make time for everyone..
dont be afraid to say hi to me or try talking to me though, because i love all of you and i love it when you leave a comment on m
:iconkittydogcrystal:KittydogCrystal 38 26
Backseat Drawing Art 'n Chill Mimikyu Paint Along

Backseat Drawing: Art 'n Chill Paint Along Giveaway
On the last Backseat Drawing: Art 'n Chill stream, I sent out lineart of this painting for people to follow along!  Everyone who participated was automatically entered to win a giveaway of one free t-shirt from my TeePublic site!  Remember, this was random and not based on skill!
The Giveaway Winner is AwesomeAndo with their Espurrmimikyu:

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!  Here are the incredible Paint Along pieces that were made!  Be sure to check out Backseat Drawing for more Paint Alongs on our Friday streams!  Watch the stream where this Paint Along happened!

:icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 7 15
here's why i've never accepted donations
when my house burned down a year ago on december 23rd and i lost everything but the fucking clothes i had on in the middle of winter and i needed to get clothes/food for us as the only person who could atm
when i was 14-15 and helping with the cable/rent in florida 
when i had to help pay for the hotel because they were gonna kick us out on Christmas because that's when the red cross stopped paying for the hotel ( 2 days aftr the fire ) and
when i wanted to visit a friend and needed close to 500 to do so''
and many many MANY other things that have happened // including me paying rent/cable/etc now
i am fully capable of making the money on my own
im not gonna take money from strangers who will probably end up needing it because i dont wanna put work towards getting what i need.
a lot of people dont have the opportunity to fucking do this
a lot of people need to take donations in certain situations.
idc what im fucking going through
if i can make $50+ on a dog i refu
:iconaduitswim:aduItswim 36 27
Monday Pixel Madness #119
It's a brand new week, and here I am, as every week, with a new fresh portion of pixel arts just for you  Love is... 
The Feature

Sexy Pixel Nurse PinUp by TRUEvectorStill life by Koshechka-NinjaPenguin Post Office by sarahcatseyeAd astra (PIXELART) by jokovCthulhu Jellyfish by FaYsT97Space Shooter Hero Concept 1 by stuarts-pixel-games
Meme (Mind Blown) [V1] Interesting Meme (Mind Blown) [V1] 
I'd like to give a special spotlight to this awesome artwork of our own GodofDarness18 . It's a Pixel Sprite Montag
:iconuszatyarbuz:UszatyArbuz 5 12
help me find this oc!!!
i found a picture of him !!

this is a huge long-shot but if anyone knows the owner, please let me know !! i really wish i kept track but that's my fault
i miss this character a LOT and i'ts honestly one of my fav designs i have ever made
i REALLY want to buy him back if the owner doesn't use him
:iconufohouse:ufohouse 36 46
Enchanted Wilderness viewers' choice VOTE!
It's time for viewers' choice voting!

So we chose the artworks most matching to he main theme and we're gonna vote for them for the whole week!

Every artwork has it's number. To vote on it, you need to put the number in the comment.

You need to give 3 votes!

Example: 81, 82, 83
You can vote for yourself and ask friends or watchers to vote for you! <3

Votes not following the rules won't be counted!
Good luck, foxes!
Here are the works:

01. 02. 03.
04. 05.06. 07.08.
:iconmartith:Martith 5 71
Dog Training = Personal Growth
Last weekend I've participated on Professional Military/Working Dog Training workshops.
That kind of training isn't for everyone, for very few selected people who have been working with dogs - to not exploit methods and quality of the training by itself. I've learned that basically there are very few "good dog training" sources, other are containing too much philosophy than actual psychological facts.
It was a bit breaking experience for me because in my field of working dogs, sledge dogs, the knowledge I've gathered for years from respected mushers and even at sledge patrol - I find that basically... they know a lot about the dogs but aren't that well aware. Of course, there is an explaining why, because sled dogs is very specific area of working dogs - strongly based on teamwork and hierarchy, so human has less significant and modified role in training a dog unlike i.e. working dogs in army or hunting.
But there I'd like to share with you guys a few basic but very interesting facts..
:iconexileden:Exileden 29 18
Adopt Features!
Sometimes really nice adoptables go unnoticed and don't get the homes that they deserve. These are some adoptables that have been overlooked and living in the back of our groups gallery for a awhile now. They deserve some extra recognition and a chance to be adopted too!

Holiday Adoptables! by Maxxie-Delu Adopt #39 [open] by ChioMee
Money Adoptables:
Adoptable - Tube Fox - Open by mkittyx-adoptables Adoptables - Leggies - Fish by mkittyx-adoptables DISCOUNTED: Adoptables [2/2 OPEN] by StarStainStuff DISCOUNTED: Adoptables Pt 2 [OPEN] by StarStainStuff Adopt Flatsales: Scarves and Sweaters [1 LEFT!!] by StarStainStuff Adopt Flatsales: Red and Blue [1/2 OPEN] by StarStainStuff Adopt! Sweet punk Candy! [OPEN] by Hell-Alka Set Price Astriferi Adopts [2/8 OPEN] by hana-adoptables Adoptables - OPEN by Fiery-vulpes Adoptable Batch (FOR SALE) by starsurvivaldancer Set Price Astriferi [OPEN] (Tier 1) by hana-adoptables Adoptables 1 (OPEN) by starsurvivaldancer Halloween Adoptables OPEN by Demondi-Adopts Adoptables OPEN [2/3] by Demondi-Adopts Misc Adoptables ($15 each) by fainfol Alligator Adoptable ($20) by fainfol Glasses Adoptables OPEN [1/3] by Demondi-Adopts Rollerblades Adoptables 2/2 (on hold) by EllieCupcakesArt Adoptables - Chimaera - Open by mkittyx-adoptables
Point Adoptables:
[1/2 OPEN] Smol shotas adopt (set price) by Laisana Bois and animuls [OPEN] by Laisana [OPEN 2/6] Halloween collab adopt by Laisana Puppy Adoptables [2/6 OPEN] by SpringAdopts Hewifuso Adopts (Open) by IsasADOPTABLES Male Adoptable Open (5/6) by IsasADOPTABLES Anthro Girls Adoptables [1/4 OPEN] by InhaH
:iconadoptables-and-tools:Adoptables-and-Tools 4 15
not doing more of these
me bored
show me a piece of your art and I'll give some constructive criticism to it!! I'm not the best, but I'd love to help with art
please note that I'm just trying to help and I don't want to offend you-- also, I'm not going to help everyone because I will have to go soon lmao 
:iconsleepykinq:Sleepykinq 24 187
The Wishing Jar 17.4.3
Featuring points.
Take a look at the new wishes!
Wishing for points
:groups: PumpkinQueen13 wishes for points to commission artists and gift them to people. :groups:

:groups: rainylake wishes for points. :groups:

:star: BaileyBushes wishes that more points would be donated to TheWishingWidget. :star:

:star: Banana-Spice wishes for points. :star:
:iconthewellwriter:TheWellWriter 3 0
Chapter 3 Fanart Contest
Themeatly has opened the next BATIM fanart contest!
- Your artwork MUST be at least 1000px by 1000px. (Bigger is better!)
- You may submit multiple entries.
- Your artwork cannot contain copyrighted characters of any other franchise or series besides Bendy and the Ink Machine.
- Your artwork cannot contain nudity.
- Your artwork MUST be submitted via the form below. (No other submission method will be accepted.)
- Your work MUST be your own original artwork.
- You MUST provide a LINK to your artwork in the form below and the link must be valid until winner(s) is selected.
(Please do NOT link to Facebook for your submissions as we cannot see your page. No YouTube Links.)
- Artwork may be drawn in either Digital Art or Traditional Art. (Only images will be accepted.)
- Sorry, but manipulated photos, screenshots, or image edits cannot be accepted.
- Artwork submitted for p
:iconbendy-fans:BENDY-FANS 23 11
5 years difference
I found my first OC, xd
:iconnekogirl201:NekoGirl201 3 10
Patreon??? I finally have a Patreon!!!
I've just made a page on Patreon!
Please do visit~! Help this little pizza out! I appreciate it~!

If you became a patron or a follower, I shall assimilate you into our great pizza mothersaucer and make you an honorary pizza alien citizen because I will be forever grateful. B̊̿ͭ̾̀҉̟Ê͙̠̫̲̳̠̙̈́̾̑̒̅̅̆͒͝c̡̧̠̞ͬ̿Ǒ̠ͤ͑́̚m̰̰̳̬̫̐́̕E̷̯͖̔̒͗ͦͬ̍͑́ ̧̈́ͫ̅҉̶͎͇O͚̱̹̪̩ͥͫ̕ņ̢̛̪͈͎̳̱̔̋̊̌E͋͑͂ͨ̽ͥ͞͏̜̩̬̱̤
Jokes asid
:iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 23 5