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The first (stable, significant) build of the game engine I've been working on recently: version 0.0d1. The name comes from the fact that I have a very vague idea of what I'm doing, but so far it's working out, and the name is subject to change.

There's nothing too special going on here, it's just a demonstration of the rendering engine (using DirectX API). There is no texture support implemented yet, which is why everything is different shades of gray.

I'm planning on doing a video for each major build, AKA whenever I add significant new features.

This video is a demo of the rendering engine and modular scene structure. The engine revolves around a class called the StageManager, which is the root node of a tree which can hold an arbitrary number of Stages. Each Stage instance has a matrix which defines its position and rotation in the world. Stages can hold an arbitrary number of Actors, which can have geometry (meshes) or other actors (currently, this will be expanded) attached to them.

Each node in the tree, whether it be a Stage/Actor/Mesh, has a matrix defining its location and rotation relative to the parent node. What is occurring in this video is the Stage (not rendered, it's just a concept) contains an Actor for the Axes, and that Actor has a child Actor for the ship. While the Axes stay still, the ship can orbit around its local center. If the Axes were to move and rotate, the ship would continue to move in a circle around that point, keeping itself relative to its parent, the Axes.

-Implementation of the Direct3D rendering pipeline
-Hierarchical scene structures, "Stages", using n-ary trees
-Support for multiple simultaneous Stages (not demonstrated here)
-Mesh loading support for .x files
-Real-time creation and destruction of entities (not demonstrated here)
-Elementary player movement (arcade flight style)
-Barrel rolls

-Expansion of scene structures to allow cameras and lights to be attached to Actors
-Physics Integrator (NOT collisions yet, that shit is hard and I'd like to put it off)
-Improve input routines for flexibility in the future
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Coming soon, a short film about a young woman's mind as she endures chemotherapy, starring Hailee Lipscomb, Jon Haas, and Cody White.

Trailer music by Kevin MacLeod
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My first short film and my first full animation. I made it for a contest that didn't work out, but the opportunity got me off my rear to just finally make something.

No voices, no music, no sounds. I wrote it to not need dialogue and I included no sound because I wanted the emotions and the expressions to carry the story. I didn't want to put sound in for the sake of sound and have it detract.

I support silent film. Har har.

production time: Took me about two weeks to animate by hand, scan it all in, line and color it in Toon Boom, and then edit it into one piece.

As for the film's subject matter: I don't know if anyone's been exactly here before-- whether you were the bully, the victim, the person who stood back and watched it happen, or all three. Honestly, I've been all three over various phases of my life. That's why I chose this subject. Bullying is an issue tied close to my heart. I hope one day people can stop victimizing each other, for whatever reason, and learn to love one another despite all differences.

- - -

Basic overview: A young girl's first day at a new school doesn't turn out as she hoped when, instead of making friends, she becomes bullied by her classmates. How she deals with this experience shapes who she becomes as a teenager, for better or worse, and an important decision will have to be made as the new girl in her highschool class looks to befriend her.
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Elementary Penguin Classics Presents...
Lindy Hop (Silent Film)
A heartwarming, simple family silent film, perfect to watch with the kids, curled up with a blanket in front of the fire, with mugs of hot chocolate.
Rated R for brief atheistic absurdism.

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Time lapse video of a commissioned mural I did for an elementary school. Took 6 days to complete. This is also the last thing I did as a 16 year old, so Happy Birthday to me =p Yay for being $700 richer from this.

Lesson learned? Money makes things worth it.

Second lesson: Not again for a long long time.

It's better with music so check out the versions here:
Youtube: [link]
My Site: [link] (might not be up yet)
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In a time where all is designed to be controlled, the elementary force of our very existence brings an undeniable fusion for a magic moment. This short film is simply about the power that brings us all to life.

Swim has won several awards and was selected for the homepage.

Please visit my website [link] to find out more about me
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