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Steve was sprawled out across the bed, remote control in hand as he clicked through channels. You were in the bathroom, removing your makeup and getting ready for bed. After washing your face, you strolled out of the bathroom and sat down next to Steve. He looked up at you and gave you the same smile that always made you blush.

“Ready for bed?” he asked. “We have a big mission tomorrow so we need our rest.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

You and Steve almost always teamed up together on missions. Sometimes you couldn’t because your set of skills were needed for a different mission or because yours weren’t needed for the one that Steve was assigned to do. Even after being married to him for over three years, you still worried when he went off on a mission without you. Yes he was a super soldier but you knew what kind of torture men like Steve went through if they were captured by the enemy. You had been through it yourself and on one occasion, did it to someone else.

But that was all in the past now.

You wiggled underneath the covers with Steve who had turned off the TV. Now it was only your lamp on your nightstand that was on. You quickly shut it off and rested your head against your pillow.

“Goodnight, (Name),” Steve murmured as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Night, Steve,” you smiled.

You fell asleep, with a smile on your lips.

Or so you thought.

Usually it took you little or no time for you to fall asleep. However this particular night, the Sand Man was not on your side tonight. Steve was breathing evenly beside you but you weren’t sure if he was fully asleep. Not only that, but it turns out that you had forgotten to take your bra off and the pajama jacket you wore was really starting to itch.

“Hey, Steve,” you whispered to your husband.

“...Mm?” he hummed.

“Are you asleep…?”

“...No, I just like lying here, with my eyes closed.”

“Don’t need to be so sarcastic.”

He sighed, opening his eyes sleepily. “You can’t sleep?”

“No,” you muttered. “I need to take this stupid jacket off.”

“Okay then.”

He released you from his grip, allowing you to sit up. You quickly took the jacket off and tossed it to some far corner of the room. It must have hit something important because the next sound you heard, was something falling and breaking. Steve merely sighed, saying that you would both deal with it in the morning. You agreed with what he said. Right now you needed to focus on getting to sleep. You reached back, trying to unclasp your bra but the thing just wouldn’t come off.

“Uh...Steve?” you whispered. “Can you help me take off my bra?”

“W-What?” he stammered.

“Please?” you begged. “Come on, you’ve done it before.”

“Y-Yeah sorry,” he said, and you knew he was blushing just by the way he was speaking. “Just a little taken aback since I’m still sleepy and all.”

His warm hands glided underneath your shirt, sending a shiver down your spine. His fingers worked around the clasp of your bra, getting one undone by the other two just wouldn’t come off. He began to really struggle, making you annoyed but you also couldn’t help but tease him about it.

“I thought Tony taught you how to unhook a bra,” you snickered. “And Bucky too for that matter. Plus, we’ve had sex lots of times. What’s the matter with you tonight, soldier?”

“(Name),” he whined. “I’m trying my best here. And every time we had sex, it was with the lights on know…”

“Oh yeah. Just hurry up already. I want to go to sleep.”

“How do you think I feel?”

After much struggling, he finally got the annoying piece of clothing off. He tossed it somewhere for you, and again it sounded like something important just broke.

“Maybe I should—”

“Sweetie, just don’t,” he cut you off. “Now please go to sleep.”

“Okay then,” you sighed.

You lied back in bed and snuggled against him. Your head was near his shoulder, your hand on his chest as your legs entangled with his. Steve wrapped his arms against you once more, happy that you were finally able to go to sleep. You closed your eyes. Just when you were about to fall asleep, you got that “falling” feeling and jolted up awake in bed.

“Dear God!” Steve gasped since you had woken him up to.

You were now sitting up in bed, panting, eyes wide. That “falling” feeling you sometimes got while in bed really scared you sometimes. You thought that that was the feeling someone got when they were literally falling asleep, but it still was a pain in the ass. Steve groaned, face-palming as he tried to think of a way to get you to go to sleep.

“I’m sorry,” you pouted as you lied back down. “I got that “falling” feeling again.”

“It’s okay,” he murmured, kissing the top of your forehead. “Just please get some sleep. We need to be fully awake for that mission tomorrow.”

“I know. Alright, night Steve.”

“Night, (Name).”

Once again you fell back into the usual position you fell asleep in with Steve. This time something else was bothering you. It was Steve’s shirt. Apparently tonight your skin decided that it would be allergic to it. You gently nudged Steve awake and sighed as he asked what was wrong this time. After you told him, he quickly took off his shirt without a second thought. Now his naked chest was pressed against your clothed one. If he was so quick to take his shirt off, you wondered what else he would take off.

“Hey Steve,” you said as innocently as possible. “Your pants are starting to make my skin itch too. Can you please take it off?”

“Uh-huh, sure,” he said sleepily.

His hands were at the waistline of his pajama pants when he suddenly stopped and his eyes snapped open to look into your (e/c) ones.

“Nice try,” he said as he wrapped his arms around you. “But we’re not doing that tonight.”

“Wow I’m impressed you caught what I was trying to do.”

“I hang out with Tony, remember?”

“Good point. But come on,” you whined. “We haven’t done it in a while…”

“I’m not in the mood tonight,” came his muffled voice since he now had the pillow over his head to try and avoid your pleading.

“I thought guys were always in the mood.”

“I’m not Tony.”

“Yeah you’re bigger.”

This made him sit up.

“Did you just imply that you…?” he trailed off, cocking his head to the side confused.

Now it was your turn to blush heavily. You quickly sat up, realizing that it did sound wrong what you had just said. But it was all a misunderstanding of course.

“Look Steve, it’s Tony,” you explained. “He once showed Phil his ass when he got drunk at that Christmas party, remember? He basically did the same to me before he passed out. It’s no big deal.”

“Okay,” he nodded, rubbing his temples. “But I seriously just forgot about the Christmas incident until now. Thanks, (Name).”

“I love you~” you cooed before wrapped your arms around his neck and giving him a sweet kiss on the lips.

“I love you too,” he grinned. “But go to sleep!”


Eventually, you did fall asleep. After taking several glasses of warm milk, listening to a lullaby off of YouTube and snuggling into Steve like he was your favorite teddy bear, you finally fell the fuck to sleep. The next morning, Steve was the one who was up at six. The mission wasn’t until eight so Steve let you sleep in while he fixed some things around the house. Apparently last night the important objects that had been broken was a vase and a picture frame of him and you at the park when you went on your first date with him.

He smiled at the picture, just happy that the picture itself wasn’t damaged. All it needed was a new frame now. He quickly cleaned up the mess and prepared breakfast for you. When it was close to seven, he knocked on the bedroom door.

“(Name),” Steve said. “Come on honey, wake up.”

And cue you snoring here.

He sighed as he trudged over to the bed.

“(Name),” he said as he nudged you. “(Name), wake up.”

“I..don...wanna…” you mumbled in your sleep.

He started to nudge you a little harder.

“(Name) Rogers,” he said sternly. “You need to wake up. Fury will kill us both if we’re late for that mission.”

That didn’t work so he got up and yanked the covers off of you, only to see that you had somehow gotten the bedsheets and were now using them as blanket. You lied in bed in the fetal position. Steve opened the bedroom curtains and saw you use the pillow to hide from the sunlight that spilled into the room.

“(Name),” he groaned. “Come on, get up.”

“Oh so now you want me awake?” you said bitterly, eyes still closed.

Steve merely stared at you with a serious expression on his face. He tried to think of how to wake you up. Last time he used cold water on you, you almost scratched him like a cat and you didn’t speak to him until the end of the day. That and he may have used too much water and the bed was still kind of wet when you both went to bed.

The clock now read 7:15 which meant that he needed to think of something fast. He snapped his fingers, realizing what he could use to threaten you to wake up.

“(Name), if you don’t wake up right this instant,” he began. “I’m gonna play that Rick Astley song.”

“.....You wouldn’t dare,” you hissed as you opened your eyes.

“Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

Never gonna make you cry~”

He sang as he left the room, looking for the song that was on his phone.

“Steve, don’t!” you cried, jumping out of bed. “I just got that song out of my head! Please!!”
I swear to all things that are holy, that Rick Astley song just won't leave my head XD

It's been repeat for hours now!


Anyways, as for the Tony incident, picture it as Tony being drunk as usual, leaving the bathroom with his pants around his ankles. Just when you point that out, he bends over to pick up his pants only to pass out.

And that was how you saw Tony's penis ._.

On a side note, I got this idea since last night, I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me. Thank God I'm on Spring Break~
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Author's Note: Major major plot twist I guess? ^^;

Part 1

Arthur had finally arrived on the (just choose a number from 1-9) floor. While walking through the hallway, Arthur was reading the note that he didn’t see in the first place that was folded and tucked inside the tag. It read:


I got a room for us in number 389.

I’ve have a sexy surprise for you if you hurry~ ;)



“A surprise, huh?” Arthur asked himself. He inhaled deeply the scent of the note; it smells like (favourite scent). Then he imagined the lady who gave the keys wearing...

He furiously shook his head, “Get a hold of yourself, Arthur! You’re a gentleman, and a gentleman doesn’t think perverted thoughts like that bloody frog, Francis.”

“Either way...” Arthur snorted, “Maybe she is worth my time...”

He looked at his watch and clicked his tongue, “And a gentleman, does not get late for such an important...occasion.” He muttered the last part as Arthur immediately searched for the room.

After a minute of searching, Arthur finally stood in front of the door with the number: 389. He used the keys and opened the door. Arthur called out, “Hey, are you decent? Not that I care.” When nobody answered, he walked in and called out again. “Um...where are you—?”

“Hey there stud scone.” A familiar voice ring into his ears and he freaked out as he saw the person, sitting on the foot of the bed, wearing a bathrobe and holding two glasses of wine.

“Care for some wine?” The person smirked.



Francis was sitting on the sofa, a wine glass on is hand. His white shirt already unbuttoned to, a better view of his body. He glanced at the clock, it read: 7:29 PM. “What was taking her so long?” His question was answered by the doorbell.

Francis immediately opened the door and as he expected, it was...



“Ugh Francis, don’t give me that view of your chest!” (Name) blocked the view by her hands. He immediately waved off the question, “So did you give the keys?”

Oui, and he’s on his way.” Francis nodded and thanked her.

“Anytime, Francis.” (Name) replied. “So where’s my payment?”

He pulled out his wallet and gave her 1,000 (currency). Then (Name) said, “Have fun with him.” She winked and bade goodbye.

As Francis closed the door, he smiled mischievously.

“We’re really going to have so much fun.”




Remeber that the extended ending that he heard a doorbell


I guess you didn't see it coming eh?

Me neither.

So I fixed it here in part 2.


Personification of England: Arthur Kirkland and France: Francis Bonnefoy © Hidekaz Himaruya creator of Hetalia

Picture: Google Search

Please don't favorite and run! I love reading comments! Even though if its a positive or negative comment!
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"Where are we going?" You asked curiously as you skipped behind the Winchester brothers while Angel trailed behind you.

"There's a spirit haunting the manor just over this ridge that we need to salt and burn" Dean responded simply

"Okay, hey! Do you think we'll see that cute archangel again?" You asked with a huge smile

"Cute? You can't be talking about Gabriel" Dean scoffed

"Of course I am" You stated furrowing your brows with a pout on your lips

"Gabriel isn't cute...a royal pain in the ass maybe" Dean corrected as you huffed slowing your skip to a stride as you crossed your arms over your chest disapprovingly. Angel giggled as she walked past you at a faster pace that's when you heard something rustling in the bushes beside you causing your stride to halt. You stared at the brush trying to see who was there but your view was completely obstructed so you approached with caution to see better when suddenly a hand whipped out yanking you into the bushes. You yelped behind the hand covering your mouth but swiftly recognized the smell of sweets and the soft voice whispering in your ear.

"It's okay, it's okay, it's just me" Gabe reassured you as he let you go

"Holy crap Gabe! You scared the hell out of me!" You scolded in a harsh whisper

"Sorry but those two numbskulls would have thrown a bitch fit if they'd seen me" Gabriel explained holding the palms of his hands out defensively.

"Well just...think of a better way next time okay? Now what do you want?" You asked still whispering

"Come with me and I'll show you" Gabriel stated wrapping an arm around your waist with that trademark smirk plastered on his face. Gabe snapped his fingers causing the air to shift around you to the point your head felt weird causing you to close your eyes then when they opened again you were standing in Gabriel's apartment living room. Your eyes grew wide as a huge smile crossed your face cause sitting on the kitchen table, all over the counters was a buffet of so many different desserts that you'd thought you'd died and gone to heaven.

"Wow! What is all this?" You wondered walking up to the table to look over all the deserts

"All for you" Gabriel chimed with just as big of a smile on his face

"Really? Wow, awesome!" You giggled then grabbed a plate to start piling sweets onto before heading to sit on the couch. Gabriel joined you with a huge pyramid of sweets on his own plate that made you giggle cause they were also color-coded that's when you dug in.

"Was it good?" Gabe asked you after you slumped back into the couch with a heavy sigh rubbing your belly.

"Delicious!" You chimed then moved to get up but as you stood up your feet slipped on some icing that had fallen onto the floor causing you to fall into Gabriel. Your head managed to refocus after the slip and trip causing you to gasp in shock as you pulled back realizing that your lips had landed on Gabriel's. You felt heat rise to your cheeks no doubt turning them bright red as you sat back on your knees on the couch shoving both hands into your lap as you looked to the floor.

"I'm...I' sorry" You apologized awkwardly hoping that Gabriel wouldn't hate you although to be honest you'd been wanting to do that for a long time now. Suddenly a gentle hand pressed lightly to your jaw guiding you to look back towards Gabriel only to find him now inches from your face with warm, sweet breath ghosting over your lips making you shiver.

"Don't be" Gabriel said simply as he closed the distance between the two of you bringing his lips to yours once more that was the moment you knew you wouldn't be returning to the motel that night.
I was requested to do this for one of my followers but I can't remember which one ::(: I'm so sorry...but anyway have some Gabriel x reader drabble.
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The stars glow bright in the sky tonight
Not an Irken to be seen
I'm an outcast of my race,
Because apparently I was mean

My rage is growing like a hurricane inside
Never kept it in and I never tried

Just let them in, just let them see
Be the soldier I always have to be
Conceal, don’t feel, you let them know
And they didn't show

Let them go, let them go
Can’t take it anymore
Let them go, let them go
Turn away and ignore the war

They never did care
About whatever I say
I am strong, I'll carry on
The Tallest never cared for me anyway

It’s funny how they betrayed me
They tried to make me fall
And the trust that they used to controlled me
Will not affect me at all

I have to see what I need to do
To test my loyalty and break through
They won't tear me apart by limb
For I am Zim

Let them go, let them go
Don't care if the Tallest lie
Let them go, let them go
They shall not see me cry

The Humans will obey
Whatever I say
I am strong, I'll carry on

My power will be greater then the human-worms
I am too smart for them, they can not hurt me or their germs
When I attack, a day they will not ever last
The Tallest will want me back,
But like them, I rely on the past

Let them go, let them go
And I'll rule the entire Earth
Let them go, let them go
And then I'll be of worth

They shall obey
Whatever I say
I am strong, I'll carry on
The Tallest never cared for me anyway
The back story behind the song is that Zim discovered that the Tallest had lied. He realizes what they really are and goes on trying to take over the Earth for his own rule.

Cover art by :icontallestkiyo: Please give her credit. Without her, this rewrite would not have happened.
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After a long hardworking process of a school assignment you and Lovino did, your flat looked almost like a destroyed ship. Books everywhere, drinks, boxes of food and other things. It was a complete mess. You planned to clean it today and unexpectedly, Lovino offered to help you, which was rare. But, you accepted it anyway, two people was better than one.

So Lovino had come over to your flat this morning and since then he helped you cleaned the flat. You two did it for hours. You separated works so it would be done quicker. However, while you cleaned up, you couldn’t help but glanced at him once in a while. You had stared at him twice for minutes and he was the one who snapped you out of your mind with his growl and swearing. Not to mention now…

You stared at Lovino who was sweeping the floor while you were adjusting small pillows on your couch. Once you were satisfied, you sat on the couch, brought your knees to your chest and hugged them. Your eyes were still locked to that grumpy Italian. You learnt that he was good in cleaning, but you’d heard something opposite. You were hesitant to ask this to him, remembering his attitude, but you were curious.

“Ragazza, it’s the third time already, snap it out damn it!”

You heard him, but you still stared at him. You watched him as he threw the trashes away and he joined to sit beside you, leaning on the couch as he stretched his arms. “Urg.. Finally done…”

“Thank you, Lovi,” you said, turning your head a bit to face him.

“Yeah… but it’ll be damn faster if you stop staring at me,” he said and looked at you, “Something on my face?”

You looked at his face, “Nope.”

“Then stop.”

There was silence before you sighed and leaned your back on the couch and straightened your legs. “Lovi,” you started, which replied with a grunt, “I’m just thinking… you’re so different…”

He looked at you, waiting your continuation, “From your childhood.”


“You can clean properly and your attitude’s… a bit changed. It’s so different if I compare it to your childhood.”

“Wha—How the hell do you know my childhood?!” he leaned in.

“… Toni…” was your only answer.

Lovino growled and leaned back again. He asked, “What did he tell you?”

You were silent for a moment, recalling Antonio’s words. “Uhm… he said that whenever you tried to clean, you would mess up more… and then…”

“Stop right there, I don’t want to hear it anymore… damn that bastard…” he whispered the last part, but you could still hear it. You didn’t have to ask him what he said. it’s his habit to swear, especially to a person who made him angry.

“But no worries, you’re still as cute and grumpy as you were a child, though one of it worsens year by year I guess… And you still love tomatoes~ and don’t forget that colorful words of yours,” you said proudly.

Lovino’s face went red, from both angry and embarrassed. You laughed at him, saying that his love for tomatoes were real because he himself could turn into a tomato if he wanted~

Well a hug would calm him down easily, so you could tease him as much as you wanted.

Random short story. 

I don't own anything except the story~
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*Le miró con cara rara, era la primera vez que escuchaba de alguien que se hiciera explorador solo por ser famoso. ¿Tanta la importancia le daba que se jugaba el cuello solo por eso? No tenía ninguna explicación lógica para aquello aunque si entendió lo de ayudar a los demás* Ehm... si supongo que... al fin de al cabo habrá alguien que ira a por ti cuando eso ocurra. (Como no sea un Nidoking o un Rydhon a punto de cargárselo... UU)

*Sonriendo de oreja a oreja.* ¡Me gustaría pensar que lo conseguiré algún día! Quizá así encuentre a mi media Aranja de una vez por todas~ *Suspirando ligeramente.* No sé, pero... Siempre quise ser famoso, ser conocido. Que le gente recuerde mi nombre por algo que he hecho, ¡y que eso sea algo bueno! No me gustaría ser conocido por fechorías o algo por el estilo. Quizá, entonces y solo entonces, consiga convertirme en... Un héroe. Mi vida no estará completa hasta que tenga una familia y sea un héroe (?). *Su mirada pareció perderse un instante, ya que Charlie estaba muy inmerso en sus pensamientos... Pero no duró mucho tiempo, ya que de nuevo, dirigió su mirada en la chica que tenía enfrente.* ¿Terminaste tu zumo?

*Siguió con la mirada rara que poco a poco iba desapareciendo, parecía que Charlie estaba muy dispuesto a conseguir ese sueño. Ella era muy diferente a él, no buscaba la fama, sino ser reconocida como un pokémon fuerte y que nadie volviera a burlarse de ella, en si, aspiraba a ser un "Gyarados" pasando por la etapa de su pre-evolución, tampoco en aquellas tonterías del amor, pensaba que no eran necesarias para sobrevivir en aquel mundo por lo que aquella parte hizo oídos sordos pues no le interesaba. Y por último, algo que nunca creía eran en los sueños y milagros, se centraba mas en el trabajo y en el esfuerzo. Tantas diferencias hacía que alguna que otra vez no atendiera al chico, pero si que se fijaba en como lo decía y en lo confiado que estaba, parecía... que se emocionaba al decirlo y ella lo notaba, tanto que cuando volvió a dirigirse hacía ella se sobresaltó* A-ah si si ya lo termine Uu

¡Estupendo pues! *Se levantó de la silla y estiró brazos y piernas.* Entonces, vamos a pasear un ratillo~ Llevamos ya un buen rato sentados. *Se acercó a la salida del establecimiento y, girando la cabeza para mirar a la Eevee, la preguntó.* ¿Te parece bien si vamos por la playa?

*Ella en cambio se levantó sin prisa y caminó hacía donde se encontraba el Charmander deteniéndose en frente suya habló* Ah uhm... como tu prefieras *Dijo secamente como de costumbre. Metió su mano en su pañuelo y saco una pequeña bolsita de la cual saco varias monedas, cogió la mano del Charmander y se las puso* Ten, mi bebida y ahora vamos. *Se adelantó antes que Charls y subió las escaleras de la cafetería*

*Charlie se quedó mirando las moneditas extrañado, se encogió de hombros y, siguiendo a la Eevee, subió las escaleras. En cuanto la alcanzó, la hizo parar, para devolverle las monedas.* Kairi, por favor, esto es una cita. Te invito yo, tú no te preocupes~ *Le guiñó un ojo, mientras sonreía.* Así que guárdate eso para ti y tu compañero y vamos a la playa~ *Dirigiéndose al camino que conducía al lugar al que Charlie quería ir.*

*Abrió un poco los ojos sorprendida viendo como Charlie le devolvía el dinero y se le quedo mirando* E-eh Oye que no lo hago por ser grosera, q-que quería pagarte la bebida en seri-... Uu *Agachó las orejas un poco molesta en el fondo pero se aguantó y suspiro mientras seguía a Charlie*

¡Tonterías! *Moviendo uno de sus dedos, en señal de negación.* Kairi, te agradezco el gesto, pero en una cita, es el chico el que paga~ >wo Para algo soy todo un caballero uwu *Y ambos llegaron a la playa, hacía algo de calor, pero la brisa marina que soplaba refrescaba, haciendo el calor aguantable(?)Charlie inspiró profundamente, le encantaba el aroma salado del mar. Estiró los brazos.* Qué gusto de día~ Hace la temperatura ideal~ Y no veo a los Krabby por aquí, así que estaremos tranquilos =w=

//Si, menudo caballero Uu// *Rodó los ojos y siguió caminando hasta que llegaron a la playa, se quedo quieta en su posición ignorando los comentarios de Charlie, la verdad es que hacía tiempo que no iba y respirar un poco de aire salado del mar la relajaba un poco y se quedó pensativa unos segundos. Pero no estuvo mucho tiempo así para evitar preguntas y se sentó en la arena sin decir ni una palabra*

*Miró a su acompañante, la cual había estado en silencio desde que salieron de la cafetería. Se preguntó entonces a qué se debía aquel silencio, si a que se aburría, a que era muy tímida o a que no tenía nada de lo que hablar.* Kai, estás muy calladita~ .w. ¿Estás cansada? ¿O estás aburridilla? *En ese instante, como si una bombilla se hubiese encendido en su diminuto cerebro, dio una palmada.* ¡Ah! ¡Tengo una idea! ¡Juguemos al 'Veo, veo'! O al 'Estoy pensando en un Pokémon'

Mas bien las dos cosas-- *decidió tumbarse para apoyar su cabeza en su pata y seguir mirando hacia el horizonte, pero el comentario de Charlie la despertó por completo, tanto que hasta se llegó a molestar un poco* ¿Juegos? ¿Te crees que soy alguien se pasa los ratos jugando a esas cosas? *desvió un poco la mirada y se quedó un rato callada como si estuviera pensando en algo* ... Ademas de que no se jugar al último juego que has dicho Uu

... Pues... No lo sé .w. *Contestó simplemente.* Puede que sí, puede que no... *Aunque tal y como había respondido la Eevee, sonando algo borde, algo le decía que ella era como su amigo... De los que preferían perder el tiempo mirando a la nada que jugando a algo. Charlie no lograba comprender aquello, ¡mirar todo el rato al mismo punto era TAN aburrido...* Oh... 'Estoy pensando en un Pokémon' es un juego sencillo. Pienso en un Pokémon, yo te doy tres pistas y me tienes que decir la especie en la que estoy pensando. ¡Por ejemplo! *Pensativo durante unos instantes.* Pienso en un Pokémon de mejillas rojadas, tipo eléctrico y amarillo >w< ¿Quién es?

*Le miraba a desgana pues le resultaba estúpido el juego con solo oír las reglas, pero le siguió la corriente, a lo mejor así se le hacía la tarde mas corta.*

... ¿Estas de coña no? *Mas estúpido le resulto escuchar el ejemplo que le había puesto, ¡Si vivía con uno! pero viendo los ojos de Charlie parecía que lo estaba diciendo en serio así que resoplo y se colocó mirando hacía él sentada a 4 patas y empezó hablar con cierto tono de sarcasmo* Hmm no se... déjame que piense, un Plusle ¿Quizás? ¬A¬

... o _ o No Kairi, ¡estaba pensando en Pikachu! Aunque... *Cerrando los ojos, proyectando en su mente la imagen de un Plusle... Lo cierto es que encajaba bien en su descripción.* Lo cierto es que Plusle también vale, ¡así que por esta vez te perdono el fallo! Aunque me parece extraño que hayas pensado antes en un Plusle que en un Pikachu, teniendo en cuenta que trabajas con uno .w. ¡Ahora te toca a ti! >w< *Emocionado con poder jugar con alguien a ese juego. Esperaba que la Eevee le siguiera la corriente y, de paso, que él pudiera acertar el Pokémon.*

Si... me pregunto por que habré pensado en un Plusple antes Uu *Desvió la mirada pero no como siempre, sino mas bien para pensar en algún pokémon para seguir el juego, que remedio tenía.* ...Hmm va venga.
Este lo forman dos pokemon, son tipo agua y psíquico y uno siempre le esta mordiendo al otro. *Al terminar se cruzo de brazos*

... ¡Hmpf! *Charlie se cruzó de brazos, pensando en todos los Pokémon de tipo agua que pudiese. Lo de que uno mordiera al otro era una pista, pero... Ahora no caía en un Pokémon con esas características. Comenzó a darse  pequeños golpecitos en la cabeza, como si intentase despertar las neuronas de su cabeza.* ... ¡AH! *Dando una palmada de repente.* ¡ES SLOWBRO! òAo ¿Verdad? ¿He acertado?

...No palurdo ¿Tu que crees? *Resopló de nuevo y miró hacía un lado viendo como el cielo se estaba volviendo de un color anaranjado, ya le quedaba que aguantar solo unas pocas horas y podría liberarse de aquel sufrimiento(?)* Tu turno.

¡BIEN! *Apretó los puños con fuerza al ver que había acertado, totalmente emocionado. Se puso a pensar en el siguiente Pokémon, pero hubo algo que lo distrajo. Y era el hecho de que ESTABA JUGANDO CON KAIRI. Cuando Charlie conoció a Kai, pensó que esta sería como Yoshi, pero ahora veía que se había equivocado. Yoshi siempre se había negado a jugar con él y sin embargo, Kai le estaba siguiendo la corriente. El Charmander sonrió sin poderlo evitar, quizá la Eevee tenía un lado tierno escondido?* Pues... Pienso en un Pokémon de tipo normal, marroncito y unas orejas grandes~ ¬w¬

*De nuevo le quito la importancia al entusiasmo de Charlie y le miró de reojo con aquella expresión de desgana habitual suya. Volvió su voz sarcástica, aunque le estuviera siguiendo el juego tampoco iba a responder a preguntas tan estúpidas como esas, ademas con solo verle la cara ya se hacía una idea de quien se refería* ... Un Buneary

*Negando con la cabeza, con una sonrisilla en el rostro.* No, bobita, no. ¡Estaba pensando en ti~! *Guiñándole el ojo.* Jo, Kai, si no le pones entusiasmo, este juego se vuelve aburrido =A= *Desvió la mirada hacia el mar, dándose cuenta de que este se estaba tornando de un color anaranjado, al igual que el cielo. Se estaba haciendo tarde.* Aunque bueno, podemos dejarlo por hoy. Que si llegamos tarde al Pokegremio, igual nos regañan y no me apetece en absoluto. *Volvió a mirar a su acompañante, y alargando el brazo hacia ella, añadió.* ¡Ha sido un buen día Kairi! Me lo he pasado muy bien contigo hoy. Gracias~

*Le dio un escalofrío al escuchar eso, es mas le puso una cara de asco durante aquellos segundos y desvió la mirada para borrarse esa imagen mental* Tampoco es que este juego lo sea ¬A¬ *Sus orejas se alzaron por completo cuando escucho lo de "dejarlo por hoy". Su libertad al fin llego, fue duro para ella tener que aguantar a un tipo como él, hubo momentos en los que le hubiera encantado pirarse pero si se había propuesto soportar aquello y ver como era aquello de "quedar con amigos" aunque en este caso era solo un conocido o casi-desconocido para ella. Se levantó rápidamente* Oh bien pero recuerda, no mas citas y nada de contárselo a nadie si no quieres morir joven ¬A¬ *Miró de reojo la mano de Charlie acepto algo a desgana pero para terminar con todo aquello* Y si si, este ha sido el día mas... particular que he tenido esta semana, te lo agradezco yo también e éUu *Con sarcasmo*

Sí, claro, no te preocupes. *Guiñando de nuevo un ojo.* Tu secreto está a salvo conmigo... *Y cuando tuvo la pata de la Eevee en sus manos, tiró de ella para sí, dándole un pequeño beso en la mejilla.* >Kai-chan~ *La soltó y se distanció de ella, aún sonreía.* Escucha, si estás tensa por lo que va a pasar cuando quedas con alguien, no disfrutas bien del día. Para la próxima vez que quedes con alguien, ¡relájate! ¡Y sobre todo, diviértete! >wo ¡Nos vemos mañana por el Gremio! *Y alzando la mano en señal de despedida, tomó el camino hacia el Pokegremio.*

*Le dio un tick en el ojo, no soportaba mas todo aquello por lo que rápidamente le soltó la mano pero Charlie fue mas rápido y tiro de ella*
¡O-ooi, se puede saber que quieres aho… …!!! *Notó el beso en su mejilla y sus ojos se abrieron algo más por aquella “peculiar sorpresa”.
Durante unos segundos se quedó muda intentando organizar sus ideas, apenas podía escuchar lo que decía Charlie pues su mente estaba totalmente en blanco y con la mirada perdida. Charlie al final se fue y ella seguía en estado de shock, colocó su pata en la mejilla en donde le había besado*
… Que… ¿me relaje?… ¿Qué me relaje dice?
*Empezó a temblar pero no exactamente por timidez, sino mas bien de rabia contenida y eso por frustración empezó apretarse la mejilla con fuerza*
¡SERA HIJO DE P***! ¡¡VOY ACABAR CON SU EXISTENCIA CUANDO LO VEA!! ¡QUIEN SE HA CREÍDO QUE PUEDE ACERCARSE DE ESA FORMA, JURO QUE LO DESCUARTIZO! … A-agh por su culpa me he hecho daño en la mejilla =A=U tch *y a regañadientes se largo cuanto antes de allí, deseando olvidar todo aquello*

(( Pues nada, aquí Charlie, que es un loco suicida atrevido y le pidió a Kai salir.
Una pequeña cita, 'amos |'D

Mirad qué bien ha acabado (?) Creo que este es el inicio de una gran amistad (??????)

Okno, pero no puedo evitar reír con todo esto x''DDD Lo siento.
Pues he aquí la segunda parte de este romántico(?) rol B'> El principio lo podéis leer aquí:…
En el rol participaron :iconmmliderkairi-esp_ y :iconmm-miembrocharlie: ))

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Meet the grim reapers, supernatural beings who review and collect human souls, also judging them to see if they prove useful to the world in general. Joining these beings in the Immortal Realm are the mages and methuselah, the first involved with keeping wonder and hope in the lives of mortals, the second in charge of making sure no demon blood mixes with the delicate mortal blood.  However, until training for one of these three duties is completed, all are just regular immortals, thriving in their world just as the simple humans do in their own.

Meet the reapers William T. Spears, Grell Sutcliff, the Undertaker, and Ronald Knox.

Now, ignore them for now. This fanfiction isn’t about them. It’s about their kids. Yes, someone breed with Grell. No, it wasn’t another male. Same two statements for Will as well.

Meet the junior reapers, Alice C. Spears, Vivaldi Knox, Scarlet and Rose Sutcliff, and Naomi… well, she takes after her father in the fact we have no idea what what her last name is.

Do Your Homework

Naomi: Heya Scarlet, what are you doing?

Scarlet: What does it look like?

Naomi: It looks like you’re trying to explode that paper with your mind.

Scarlet: The only thing exploding is my mind.

Naomi: So it backfired?

Scarlet: I’m trying to finish my math homework. A classmate explained the concept of these equations to me, but I still just don’t get how letters got in with numbers.

Naomi: Why don’t you get Rose to help you?

Scarlet: She’s at Choir Auditions right now, so that’s a no go.

Naomi: Oh, well maybe I can help? I’m decent at math.

Scarlet: Underclassmen are getting smarter these days. Okay, give these equations a shot, Nai.

Naomi: …. uh, what math is this?

Scarlet: Advanced Algebra.

Naomi: I don’t speak or read that. I guess I’m average like you!

Try Two

Scarlet: Alice! I need a smart person!

Alice: I’m not helping you pick up men! Besides, that breed is way too hard to find.

Scarlet: No, not that! I need help with my math homework.

Alice: So asking someone two grades younger than you for help was your first solution?

Scarlet: Actually, yes, but I asked Naomi first. What’s the big deal? Freshmen are beginning college classes when they come in now. Might as well milk them and you sophomores for all you’re worth.

Alice:Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s math you need help with.

Scarlet: So you won’t help?

Alice: What math is it?

Scarlet: Advanced Algebra.

Alice: You made it that far?

Try Three

Vivaldi: Sweetness, you’re overthinking this. The solution is simple.

Scarlet: You know how to solve the equations?

Vivaldi: Heck-to-the-no, like any sane person would be expected to. The key here is, until your super smart twin is able to help you out, blow off the work!

Scarlet: She won’t be home until nine tonight! Father makes us get to bed by ten! I’ll have no time to relax!

Vivaldi: Then don’t ask her for help tonight. Skip school tomorrow and wait until she comes home to get it done. You can turn it in next class and freaken ace it.

Scarlet: I’ve already missed fifteen days of school! Plus, I’d be worrying myself sick that my father would catch on. You don’t want to deal with a paranoid Scarlet Sutcliff. Some prostitutes might go missing, just so I can relieve myself of all the stress.

Vivaldi: Maybe you wouldn’t miss so many days if you’d stop being a germaphobe. No, wait, that isn’t the word. Starts with an E, right?

Scarlet: Emetophobic! You’re one to talk, with all your “colds”.

Vivaldi: I’m professionally diagnosed by a doctor, freak!

Scarlet: With what? Chronic slacker and idiot syndrome?

Vivaldi: Shut up, flamer!

Scarlet: I’m not a lesbian!


Scarlet: It’s hopeless. I’ll never get this crap done with time to spare. My senior year is such a failure….

Rose: Let me see that, sis!

Scarlet: Rose? What-

Rose: I finished auditions early. Naomi ran into me while I was on my way home and said you needed my help with some math. She said you were asking everyone for help today, like a cute little red-headed sixth grader!

Scarlet: Yeah, yeah, forget that! Can you help? It’s only seven thirty, so can we manage to get this done by eight? Or even eight thirty?

Rose: Duh. Just let me get a good look at it.

Scarlet: Oh, how the Heavens have smiled upon me! Salvation, sweet as True Love’s kiss to a young maiden’s virgin lips-

Rose: Scarlet, this is chemistry homework.

Scarlet: What?


So brief sum up of the characters, right? Yeah, you want that. Scarlet Sutcliff,senior, red headed twin of brunette Rose Sutcliff and not that good in math, but the oldest of the group, therefore the one who gets asked questions when something is up with the other characters. Rose Sutcliff, senior, the energetic singing prodigy that is pretty smart, but she’s still a Sutcliff, so she’s as romantic as her sister, which is annoying.  Alice C. Spears, sophomore, who already has a part time apprenticeship with her father in the Grim Reaper Dispatch Society. Needless to say, she’s not the party animal of the group. Vivaldi Knox, junior, the frequent slacker and fight starter who plays too many RPGs and isn’t totally sure which reality is the real one. Naomi whatever, sophomore, a level headed cutie who just wants her friends to have a blast...even though most of the time her version of having fun involves coffins.

I know you have questions as to how these kids came to be, but I don’t feel like answering them. This isn’t health class. Go ask your parents.
Okay, so here's the first skit of that series I mentioned when I wrote "The Smell of Roses." This features the children of Will, Grell, Ronald, and Undertaker. Yes, I know Eric and Alan don't have children included- they'll be coming eventually. I pray this is deadly efficient for a good laugh.  

I do not own Black Butler or any of the original grim reapers. 
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Sarah: Ich Mag Anime`s!
Kid: Ich Mag Symetrie!
Maka: Ich Mag Bücher!

BlackStar: Ich Mag Züge!


BlackStar: xD

Celina: Psst...Will Zocken!
BlackStar: Was Zockst Du? Schwester!
Celina: Du Nennst mich Zum Ersten Mal "Schwester"!
BlackStar: Ja...Zu Zockst GTA?
Celina: Ja ^^ *Bin GTA Süchtig xD*

Sarah: Achja..Wie habt ihr Kid Aus Der Rutsche Gekriegt?
Maka: Mit Viel Hilfe.....Der Feuerwehr!
Liz: Warum Braucht Man Immer Die Feuerwehr Bei Mänern?..Und Nicht Bei Mir? D:
Patty: Tja....

Mifune: Weil Männer Nunmal Doof Sind!
BlackStar: Eigentor!
Mifune: EHM....ICH MEINTE NICHT MICH!!!!!...okay ein Bisschen.....
BlackStar: Eigentor!

Tsubaki: Leute ich Habe Herraus Gefunden Was Mit Mifune Los ist!
Mifune: Hä?
Tsubaki: Schon Vergessen? Deine Roten Augen....Deine Spitzen Zähne!
Mifune: achja.....

Tsubaki: Du Bist ein Vampir!
Tsubaki: Okay?.....OKAY?!!!! DU BIST EIN VAMPIR UND SAGT "OKAY"?
Mifune: Wie Soll ich deiner Meinung Nach Reagieren?

BlackStar: "OMG AAHHHHH *Mädchen Schrei*" *in Ohnmacht fall*
Mifune: *Bieeeeeep xD* Dich......
BlackStar: Sorry Musste sein :D

WhiteStar: *Umarmt Mifune Von Hinten xD*
Mifune: Wahhh! *Chop* DU SOLLST DAS LASSEN!
WhiteStar >.< Ouchi......
Mifune: Du Erschreckst Mich Dauernt!

Celina & Sarah: Ist Doch Geil..*Hust xD*
Tsubaki: Und Wo Ist Anthony?

WhiteStar: *Klammert Sich an Mifune* Du Würdest Doch Nie Zulassen das Mir was Passiert oder?

Mifune: Eigentlich...Doch! *Streichelt WhiteStar`s Kopf* Aber Du Bist So Knuffig.....
Tsubaki: VAMPIER!!!!
Mifune: KÜHLSCHRANK!!!!!

Celina: Kühlschrank?
Mifune: Ja...xD Ach was Weiss Ich!...

Anthony: *Fällt Vom baum* Waahhh!
Celina: O.o......
Anthony: Alles Okay....

Mifune: *riecht anthony`s Blut....*
Mifune: *Beisst Anthony..oder Versucht es xD*
Celina: *Chop* Aus! Aus! *Zieht Mifune Von Anthony Weg*
Sarah :iconsarahchan123:

Celina :iconnekowhitestar:

Anthony :iconsupershadow071:
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In the office at Spectra Motors garage, Lex was busy sorting through paperwork, and had the door open. This meant an opportunity for Agura and Emma to peek in.

"Excuse me? Lex?" Emma asked.

This got his attention, and the two came in.

"Lex, you know how Zoom's been trying to think of an Easter holiday idea?" Agura asked.

"Aye," Lex answered. "Did anythin' come out o' it?"

"Well, he went all through the wardrobe before heading to a costume store," Emma explained. "He convinced Spinner to take part in an Easter fundraiser with him."

"Tha' be good fer th' lad," Lex said, nodding in agreement. "He kin learn more about th' holiday this way. But...why he be heading t' a costume store?"

"Hey, Lex!" Zoom called out upon rushing inside. "What do you think?"

He stepped aside and in hopped Spinner, clad in an Easter Bunny costume. This just got the girls and Lex giggling.

"Someday, I'm going to get you for this," Spinner vowed, seething with embarrassment. "I don't know when. I don't know how. But I will!!"
You were expecting Peter Cottontail?

Happy early Easter, everyone.

BF5 is by Mattel and Nerd Corps. Emma belongs to SweetStar17. Lex belongs to Dragonstar78
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Chapter 4: Big Trouble at the White Rabbit’s House

Once Mai had found her way out of the woods, she saw a little white cottage with a red-shingled roof, a white brick chimney, blue window shutters, and a small blue front door. In front of the house was a gate that matched the window shutters and door, which was accompanied by a small white brick wall and a long white fence that surrounded the house.

“I wonder who lives here…?” she said as she walked over to the gate. She stood there as she then heard a familiar voice calling out from above an open window.
“Mary Ann! Now, where did she put them? Mary Ann! Mary Ann!”

“The Rabbit!” Mai exclaimed, her face lightening up as she saw the White Rabbit from the window. Just as she opened the gate and headed toward the front porch, the White Rabbit closed the window shutters and opened the front door a moment later.

“No use! Can’t wait! I’m terribly late! Oh, me, oh, may, oh, my!” he exclaimed as he darted out of the house, holding a gold trumpet in his left hand and wearing a white tunic that had a red heart printed on it and a pale blue court ruff over his outfit.

“Excuse me, Mr. Rabbit,” Mai said to the White Rabbit. “I’ve been trying to—”

The White Rabbit turned around and marched over toward Mai, though he had thought she was this “Mary Ann” person he was calling out earlier.

“Mary Ann! What are you doing out here?” the White Rabbit asked her, frowning at her.

“Mary Ann?” Mai repeated, a puzzled expression forming on her face.

“Don’t just stand there! Go get my gloves! I’m late!” the White Rabbit barked, hopping in front of Mai and holding up his large pocket watch.

“Late for what?” Mai asked him. “That’s just what I want to find out from—”

“My gloves! At once!”

The White Rabbit blared his trumpet vociferously, forcing Mai to go inside the cottage.

“Goodness…,” Mai said to herself, as she headed up the blue staircase. “I assume I would be taking orders from Kaiba next.”

* * *

Once she made her way up the stairs to the White Rabbit’s bedroom, Mai started her search for the White Rabbit’s missing gloves.

“If I were a rabbit…,” she said, looking through a white wooden dresser, “where would I keep my gloves?”

When she opened a porcelain vase-like jar that was on the dresser, there were cookies in various shapes and colored frostings, and each of them had messages such as “TAKE ONE” and “TRY ME”. These were the same cookies she saw back when she was struggling to get the key onto the table at only ten inches tall.

“Don’t mind if I do,” Mai said, as she picked out a pink flower-shaped cookie with the words “EAT ME” written in brown frosting and took a bite of it. As she looked through a chest full of clothes, however, Mai started to grow at an alarming rate and her head hit the ceiling. The cookie had caused her to grow again—just like last time!

“Oh no… Not again!” she exclaimed.

The White Rabbit tapped his long white foot rapidly and looked at his watch with an impatient frown on his face. He jolted in shock and rushed back inside the house, with a fear of being very, very tardy. “Mary Ann!” he called out.

Mai was still growing very rapidly, as her arms emerged from the windows and her right foot was toppling over furniture in the White Rabbit’s room, just as the White Rabbit had darted up the staircase to the door of his bedroom.

“Now, you see here, Mary Ann…,” the White Rabbit started to say as he opened the door, only to see Mai’s colossal right foot struggling to get through.

The raven-haired, white-eared rabbit gasped in shock and tried to escape, but he was pushed down the stairs by her foot, which had finally found its way through the door, and blared his trumpet again. He then headed for the front door and opened it, only to be pushed through some of his broken possessions by Mai’s now fully huge foot. As he got out from underneath the destruction, the frenzied White Rabbit cried out in horror as he saw what was happening to his house. Mai’s arms had sprouted out of the windows and her feet had emerged from the doorways.

“HELP! MONSTER!!” the White Rabbit shouted in a panic, running away from his house and blaring his trumpet again. “Help! Assistance is needed!!”

Mai was struggling to get up, but it was no use. The White Rabbit’s house was too snug for her to break free, and therefore, she was completely stuck like a fly attached to flypaper.

“Oh, dear…,” she complained, placing her left hand on the rooftop. Just then, she heard the White Rabbit’s voice, as he had come back with someone to help him.

“A-A monster! Yes! There’s a monster in my house, Dodo!”

“Dodo…,” Mai repeated in an unamused tone of voice, as she recalled seeing him in the ocean and him ignoring her desperate call for help.

The White Rabbit was hopping around the Dodo, who was walking with him down the dirt path back to his house.

“Settle down, old chap,” the Dodo calmly said to the Rabbit as he twirled his cane with his right hand. “It cannot be as bad as that.”

“My poor pretty house…,” the Rabbit said to the Dodo, still worried about his precious home. “Ohhh, my beautiful roof and rafters… all my walls, and—there it is!”

The Dodo stopped in front of the house and his hat flew off his head as his eyes widened in shock, and he almost dropped his cane in the process.

“By Jove…!” he exclaimed, raising his eyebrows and his shocked expression changing into a smile. “Jolly well is.”

Mai’s giant hands opened the shutters and she peeked through the open window to see the Rabbit and the Dodo, her eyes blinking with curiosity.

“Well, don’t just stand there!” the White Rabbit exclaimed, pushing the Dodo through the open gate and hiding behind it. “Do something!”

The Dodo approached the gigantic Mai and examined her carefully, before replying as he tapped her foot with his cane: “Yes, indeed. It’s quite an extraordinary situation, but…”

“But what?!” the White Rabbit exclaimed, finally coming out from behind the gate.

The Dodo blew his nose into his blue handkerchief and put it away, before placing a hand on Mai’s foot and crossed his right leg over his left. “But I have a very simple solution!” he said, delighting the giant Mai.

“Thank goodness,” Mai said in response to the Dodo’s announcement.

“W-W-W-What is it?” stuttered the White Rabbit.

“We’ll simply pull it out of the chimney,” the Dodo answered him.

“Y-Yes! Pull it out!” the White Rabbit exclaimed, running over and trying to push the Dodo, who was simply immovable.

“Who, me?” the Dodo questioned him. “Don’t be ridiculous! What we really need is a…”

A whistling noise was heard once the Dodo started thinking, and he turned to see a green humanoid lizard with Duke’s face wearing a forest green cap, a cropped open jacket, an olive green turtleneck shirt, and pants in the same color as his hat and jacket. His long black hair was worn in a ponytail, and it looked exactly like the one Duke was wearing. The lizard was holding a broom in his right hand and a long ladder in his left as he was walking by the White Rabbit’s house.

“A lizard with a ladder!”

“Oh, Bill!” the White Rabbit called out to the lizard, grabbing his attention. “Bill!”

Bill lifted his cap up as a part of greeting the two, but he then felt himself being pulled through the gate by the White Rabbit.

“We need a lizard with a ladder,” the rabbit said to the lizard. “Can you help us?”

“At your service, governor!” Bill replied kindly to the rabbit, saluting to him. He suddenly dropped his broom when he felt the Dodo’s hand on his shoulder.

“Bill, my lad,” the Dodo said to him. “Have you ever been down a chimney?”

“Why, governor,” Bill replied to him, “I’ve been down more chimneys.”

“Excellent! You just hop down the chimney and pull that monster out of there.”

Mai was confused by the Dodo’s choice to have Bill pull her out of the chimney, for she was simply too big to fit right through it. Why would they have a small lizard pull me out of such a tiny chimney? she wondered. I don’t think this will help me out at all…

“Right-o, governor!” Bill said, climbing past by Mai. Just then, he moved back down to see Mai through the window and cried out in alarm: “Monster?!”

He let out a frightened scream and scurried down the ladder, only to be pulled on the tail by the White Rabbit and Dodo. The two were trying to calm him down and get him back up the ladder so he would do his job, but Bill was too frightened by the horrific vision of the gigantic Mai to do so. Bill scurried back down the ladder again, only to be carried up by the Dodo.

“That’s better,” the Dodo said to the frightened lizard in an enthusiastic voice. “Ay, lad. You’re passing up a golden opportunity.”

“I am?” Bill repeated, a smile of delight lightening up on his face.

“You can be famous,” the Dodo added as he was still taking Bill up the ladder. That added the fuel to Bill’s budding excitement.

“I can?”

“Of course!” the Dodo chirped. Once they reached to the top of the roof, the Dodo then placed Bill into the chimney.

“In you go now,” he continued to say to Bill. “Nothing to it, ol’ boy. Simply tie your tail around the monster’s neck and drag it out.”

“Bu-But, governor!” Bill started to reply, only to be shoved down the chimney by the Dodo.

“Good luck, Bill.”

Just as Bill was completely pushed down the chimney, smoke came out from the fireplace and shrouded the room, and it made Mai’s nose twitch. She could feel the smoke tickling her nose, and she felt her head lifting itself up. The poor, giant girl was about to sneeze!

The Dodo wobbled on the roof once he felt Mai’s head bouncing him around, and he jumped onto the ladder as fast as he could. The White Rabbit took refuge behind Mai’s giant foot, as the smoke emerged from the open window and Mai let out a big “AHH-CHOO!”

Bill swiftly flew out of the chimney and into the sky like a rocket launching into outer space. It was quite a surprise to the White Rabbit and the Dodo as they watched him flying into the clouds above them and disappearing out of the view.

“Well… there goes Bill,” said the Dodo, as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Poor Bill,” Mai said, as her eyes gazed from the open window and her hand was in front of the window.

Now that Bill was no use for the monstrous problem, the Dodo had something else in mind. He took out a match and used it to light up a pipe that had been in his mouth the whole time he was present.“Uhh… perhaps we should try a more energetic remedy!”

“Yes!” the White Rabbit replied to the Dodo, pointing to his pocket watch.. “Anything! Anything, but hurry!”

“I propose that we, uh…”

“Yes! Go on! Yes!”

“I propose that we… YOW!!!” the Dodo cried, as he had felt the flame of the lit match burn his fingers.

“By Jove, that’s it! We’ll burn the house down!”

“Yes!” the White Rabbit replied, chuckling and nodding in response to his suggestion. “Burn the house—WHAT?!” The Rabbit’s eyes widened in shock, as he knew that would mean he would lose his house to the burning flames if they would choose to go with it.

“Oh no…,” Mai said, also alarmed by the Dodo’s new plan.

The Dodo started gathering any of the White Rabbit’s valuables that would be used as firewood as he started to sing a joyous tune of his. The first item he picked out was a chair, much to the poor rabbit’s worries.

We'll smoke the blighter out!
We’ll put the beast to rout!
Just a bit of kindling, a stick or two.
Ah, this bit of rubbish ought to do!

The Dodo picked up a pale pink-colored grandfather clock with disinclined help from the White Rabbit. The clock was tossed into the wall and smashed into thousands of pieces, shocking the White Rabbit. “Oh dear…,” he said fearfully, as the Dodo gathered more items with a pink wheelbarrow that belonged to the rabbit.

We’ll smoke the blighter out!
We’ll smoke the monster out!

Mai was watching the entire scene with her bright amethyst eyes, as the White Rabbit then scurried over toward the Dodo.

“No, no, no! Not my beautiful birdhouse!” he exclaimed, but it was already too late for the anxious young lad to stop him. The Dodo had already taken a white birdhouse and split it in half, scaring a small group of bluebirds away. He then tossed it into the pile of the destroyed furniture as the White Rabbit bonked his head onto the broken gate.

Oh, we’ll roast the blighter’s toes!
We’ll toast the bounder’s nose!
Just fetch that gate, we’ll make it clear that monsters aren’t welcome here

“Oh, me, oh, my…,” the White Rabbit said with a nervous look on his face as he carried the gate over to the pile and placed it there. Just then, the Dodo placed a hand out in front of him, indicating that he needed something from him.

“Match,” he said to him.

“Match?” the White Rabbit repeated, as he then handed a matchstick to the Dodo. The Dodo then used the White Rabbit to light up the match and placed it on the stack of roof shingles and the obliterated furniture.

Without a single doubt,
We’ll smoke the monster out!

The White Rabbit then joined in the Dodo’s song:

We’ll smoke the montster—

“Nooo! No! My poor house and furniture!” he then exclaimed, as his worries had only heightened due to the Dodo’s recent action.

A white smoke started to rise up from the pile of the furniture, making Mai feel worried for the poor rabbit.

“Oh dear… this is serious,” she said. “I simply must—”

Mai suddenly let out a short gasp of shock and her eyes focused on a small garden of carrots located on the left side of the house.

“A garden,” she added, as she reached her gigantic hand for a carrot, not noticing the White Rabbit running over to the carrot and grabbing hold of it.

“Perhaps if I ate something, like this carrot… it would return me to my normal size.”
It was a brief struggle, but soon, Mai lifted the carrot and the White Rabbit from the garden and up toward her face. The White Rabbit was struggling to break free from her grip, as he swung around in a panic.

“HELP!!!” he cried fearfully, thinking that he would be eaten by her.

“I’m sorry, but I have to eat something,” Mai said to the White Rabbit.

“No! Not me, you… you… you wretched monstrosity!” the White Rabbit shouted, aiming the carrot at Mai as if it were a sword. Mai took a big bite of the carrot and the tip fell off, surprising the White Rabbit. His left hand was hidden inside his red shirt sleeve, as it then popped out of there and the Rabbit fell off, free from the female’s grip.

Mai was shrinking at a very rapid pace, thanks to the carrot she found in the White Rabbit’s garden. The Dodo was still blowing the smoke in an attempt to make a fire, whereas the White Rabbit was scurrying away from Mai and tripped over her shrinking foot.

Mai had shrunken down to the size of a small figure again, just like when she drank the bottle of the multi-flavored liquid.

“Ahh! I’m late!” the White Rabbit exclaimed, as he had taken yet another look at his pocket watch. “I’m here! I should be there! I’m late! I’m late!”

“I’d say, do you have a match?” the Dodo asked the White Rabbit. However, he was given a rapid handshake by the rabbit instead.

“Must go! Goodbye! Hello! I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!” the White Rabbit exclaimed, as he then hurried off on the dirt path and disappeared once again.

Mai had made her way from underneath the front door, yet she still had to go after the White Rabbit.

“Wait! Please wait!” she exclaimed, running over to the front porch and jumping up and down.

“Ahh, young lady,” the Dodo said to the miniature girl. “Do you have a match?”

“I’m sorry, but… Mr. Rabbit!” was all Mai had to say to the Dodo before hurrying off.

The Dodo shook his head and raised an eyebrow as his hands were placed on his hips. “No cooperation,” he said of Mai and the White Rabbit. “No cooperation at all. Well, can’t have monsters about. Have to carry on alone”

The Dodo then took the broken legs of the White Rabbit’s furniture and used them to make a fire, and he blew some smoke once a small flame formed inside the hole of the broken piece.
Chapter Summary: Mai finally catches up with the White Rabbit at his house, only to be mistaken for one of his servants and is sent upstairs to find his gloves. She then goes upstairs to his room and searches for the gloves, but falls for a cookie that causes her to become a giant again. She is in for a colossal problem with the Rabbit thinking that she's a monster and the Dodo and Bill the Lizard doing goofy ways in an attempt to free her... until she finds a way to undo the giant spell the cookie has cast on her.


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Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi
Alice in Wonderland (c) Lewis Carroll & Disney
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