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“Beauty queen of only eighteen
She had some trouble with herself
He was always there to help her
She always belonged to someone else” – She will be Loved, Maroon5

Lovino cursed out loud yet again when another bullet whizzed too close to where his head had been just a second ago.

Damned be those fairies.

Dragging [f/n] all the way here, even if the girl felt light on his arms, was taking its toll on his speed to react to the sudden attacks. If there was a word to describe those tree hugging creatures, Lovino would be forced to choose fast. He and his brother had been obligated to leave the car behind after they were a few miles away from the club. The vehicle had its tires hit by those hideous beings and it could no longer take them an inch further than what it already had.

Again, there wasn’t a way to possibly wish more than he already had that the things that had being chasing them were hauled straight to hell. Now that was an interesting idea, and it amused him much more than it should. He would buy tickets to see it. Damn, he would even buy some popcorn. The retards would scream, beg for mercy, but there wouldn’t be any way to be saved. Lovino felt a mean smile contort his lips.

His brother pushed him forward, what nearly made him drop the girl he had in his arms, but also avoiding that he had his skull split into two while he was lost into his considerations. It also served to bring him back to the present and the not so favorable situation that they were.

The fairies were a lot closer than he imagined they were.

Currently, they were making a special effort to get away of every green thing that they might come across (trees and some other things were enough to make them stronger, and they were having enough troubles without that small addition) and trying to get closer to the grey zone. They had been successful in the first one, but the commercial area had no people or whatsoever. That was good, in one aspect, since the last thing one would want would be the presence of civilians that would most likely think that aliens were there with the amount of magical explosions and they would most definitely call the police, or worse, the nearest news report. But it was also terrible, since the fairies could do whatever pleased those rotten little hearts of theirs without a single care in the world. Like they were doing right now, Lovino considered while a tree root broke the concrete of the sidewalk and took a firm grasp of his ankle. Fuck, where they even found those things?

He moved away from it while he could, since its color was deepening to a rich brown and it was hardening at the same time. They kept running while they could, until a tall building called their attention. It was old, something that would seem the highest point of what modernity could reach in 1930 or 1940, but it passed the secure impression that business men surrounded it while it was daytime like bees to a hive, ready to leak paperwork and people loaded with cellphones at any time. But, more importantly than that, the construction, build with several imposing windows and impressive metallic doors, reeked of iron.

If there was something that could kill a fairy, the thing would be made with that metal. Simply by standing next to the building they would already have a clear vantage at their enemies. It would weaken their power and most likely cause some damage if they were forced to be there for too long. Being inside of it would be even better, so Lovino pointed with his head, showing the way before the other had any time to consider the plan.

The few instants they used to pick the lock from the front door were nearly fatal and Lovino was sure that he could smell the scent of burned hair coming from his own locks that wasn’t there a few moments ago. There was a cut in Feliciano’s cheek and the blood flowing down his skin was far too similar to tears for him to be comfortable with it.

The marbled floor reflected the streetlights and the place seemed strangely empty, the silence of a place that normally gave the impression to be so agitated seeming awkward and out of place. There was a receptionist table, several phones, a computer and some forgotten papers there. They also heard the irritating noise of the alarm from the security being activated, beeping loudly enough to steal some of their focus. Still, the first thing that Lovino noticed was the elevator.

He was thinking about their options when several things happened at the same time.

The fairies were trying to do something to the entrance. Since they couldn’t touch iron without feeling a good amount of pain, they were using their magic to tear it down, piece by piece. It looked like a frightening scene right out from Jumanji, the plants growing on an impossible speed and invading the environment.

“We have to enter the elevator!” He screamed to Feliciano, but his brother shook his head in furious disagreement.

“We’ll be trapped if they managed to get us.” He responded, even if despair was coating his features and voice.

The Italian took a second to curse every single generation they had that had led to having such a stupid relative besides him.

“They will get us now if we stay here any longer!” Lovino yelled back, seeing that there was less of the door and more of the plants now. A hand appeared through the leaves, digging its way towards them.
And last, but not least, [f/n] was mumbling incoherently, so she was probably waking up.

Not now, dammit!

The uneven trio rushed to elevator. Not much longer after there was some noises indicating that the enemy had entered the place. But scarier than that was the small tendril that timidly surged between the doors that had just closed. Feliciano pressed all the buttons he could reach, and the machinery was torturously slow to pull them up to another floor. In a sudden inspirational hint, Lovino pressed the emergency button, trapping them between two floors above the entrance room.

“How much time do we have?” He asked while sliding down towards the floor. The metal walls felt blessedly cool against him, all the running had left him breathless and tired beyond belief.

“Until the police come? If there is one of us infiltrated, maybe in ten minutes. Probably more.” Feliciano answered, his cheery tone missing of his voice, creating a sensible lack. His brother was just as exhausted as he was and the night wasn’t over, if the noises under them could be taken into consideration. The fairies would reach them in less than that, even if the iron structure was stalling them.

The girl in his arms blinked several times, like she was seeing much more in the tight space than what was really there. Lovino was starting to feel more than worried about her, questioning when she would return to the personality he had learned to like. And these last few days…

No, don’t do there. He warned himself darkly, his mood becoming more unstable. You already know exactly what to expect.

Always being compared, measured, weighted in other’s eyes and always considered insufficient. Never quite enough what others really thought that he should be. He would never be like Feliciano, happy, careless, always with the right words to say. Lovino, on the other hand, would always speak the less or more, but never what it was really needed.

But not with her.

Whenever she was around, [f/n] would make it as he was the only one on her mind; appeasing his concerns and making them seem distant. She would treat him like she truly liked him for what he was and not an imperfect copy of his brother.

That was too important to be threatened for those insurgent emotions he was feeling lately. [f/n] was one of the few people that could keep him sane. He valued her far too much to endanger what they already had.

And so he would merely swallow the words stuck on his throat and overlook his thumping heart.

He placed the girl besides him, the numbness in his legs screaming at him for some relief. She was now between him and Feliciano and a little more aware of her surroundings, even if she seemed completely stoned.

[f/n] placed her head on Lovino’s shoulder and the next bit of air that he allowed to go inside his lungs left his lips in a silent hiss. She tugged on Feliciano’s shirt, almost like she had to call her attention. As if both of them weren’t watching her attentively as soon as she exhibited some signs of conscience.

“Hey, Feli, do you remember that time when we were kids? The one when you kept trying to kiss me?” She sounded a little slurred and slightly lunatic, but it was still her under the layer of whatever magical drug that the prince had slipped into that drink.

Feliciano leaned his head behind, his hind head touching the mirror and an amused, yet drained laugh bubbling out of him.

“Nonno said that whenever I saw a pretty girl, I should kiss her. I think it was on that day that you discovered I wasn’t a girl.” He commented absentmindedly, like he was also remembering that particular scene and was having a lot of fun with it.

She cackled wholeheartedly at that, nuzzling against Lovino and making his stomach make some strange twists inside of him.

“And I remember of Lovino all jealous and cute that day. He even pushed you on the last second.”

He pressed his lips on a firm line and as gently as he could, he pushed her away from his shoulder.

“Bullshit.” He susurrated angrily and the smile that had timidly appeared on his brother’s features disappeared.

“Aw, don’t be like this.” She reprehended him, but not too seriously. She went back on her previous position, this time coming closer to his neck than she had before. He didn’t push her this time and she sighed in content. “You’re warm.”

If she had other intentions on her words or was simply making a statement about the temperature of his body, he didn’t know. Even if the chance of the first was small in the state that she was, it made his face flare up in a wild red, so he glanced away.

“S-shut up.”

“The room is spinning too fast. Can someone make it stop?” The girl placed a hand over her forehead, closing her eyes, not directing the sentence to no one in special. There was a small quiet moment, both of the Italian considering what exactly they should do if she started to get sick in there. They had nothing to give her and the air was starting to become heavy and heated, what didn’t help at all.

Some loud noises discontinued those thoughts. Lovino passed the girl to Feliciano and stood while staring at the ceiling, where the sounds were coming from. The fairies were faster than he thought they would.

For his surprise, a piece of the plafond came out, revealing his grandfather, he looked like he was tired as well, but still in a good mood. His eyes became less worried when he checked the situation of the three in a quick exam.

“Hello, children.” He smiled brightly. “What a mess that you all made.” There wasn’t a true censoriousness there, he was merely pointing out the obvious. They had made a mess and now he was the one who would clean it. Sometimes, Lovino felt that it always ended up like that.

[f/n] giggled in a goofy way, earning their attention once more.

“You’re always here to save the day, aren’t you, uncle?”

She passed out soon after, leaving to them to carry her away. Her fingers were too clutched to his shirt to allow any other to take her away and for a single moment he felt his decision falter, like the soft tremble of a candle. But the name of another passed through her lips and his resolution hardened once more.

He was a friend, nothing more.

But weren’t them all? His conscience prickled him and he shrugged it. Not all of them.

It was the best he would get, anyway.

My, my, things are starting to move. I’m a little too anxious to show you guys the next few chapters (yes, I already have them partially written). I can assure you guys that we’ll have some interesting twists yet to come. Still, we have here some hurried Italians and a drunk reader-chan. And an elevator, like promised to a friend. ^^ (this chapter wasn’t supposed to be here, but it was especially requested by :icon12bfeygirl42:, so here you go, dear. =D)


What do you guys think?


Hetalia is not mine.


You –


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Bully!Prussia X Minion!Reader~ Nightingale(Songfic)

Song: Nightingale, by Demi Lovato

    [Y/N] was fragile. Too fragile to see the world how it is in reality-- to fragile to see the dangers that exist beyond her life. Gilbert protected her from these dangers, and far past that. He played the bully, an intimidating role in society, one strong and mighty.

     However, he never intended to play the role.

     Gilbert did it for her, [Y/N] [L/N], a girl who stuck by his side, oblivious to his role in their school. To protect her, is his reason. It was only hours since it dawned on her that the friend she stuck by for years was an enemy to the whole high school. He was her only friend-- and now she knew why. All those friends she made were chased away by Gilbert, assuming that he was just protecting her.

    [Y/N] was the minion in everyone's minds, but really she had no clue of his acts against others.

I can't sleep tonight.

     She laid in her bed, curled up and hugging her pillow tightly. She had her earbuds in listening to the same song over and over again from her iPod. Her phone was on the pillow, the screen silent and blank.

Wide awake and so confused.

     [Y/N] wiped the straying tears with the back of her hand and hugged the pillow tighter.

     One of her hands gripped her phone and she went into her voicemail, playing the first one she received. A loud beep came through the speakers before a familiar voice started talking ,"[Y/N]? Are you okay? I heard vhat happened at behind the café after school. I'm sorry I couldn't have been there-- but call me back as soon as possible, alright?"

Everything's in line, but I am bruised.

     The second one played, "Are you hurt? [Y/N], please call, I'm worried. I already took care of those bullies. Just give me something-- a text, call, anything!"

I need a voice to echo, a light to take me home.

     "How ironic," she said, a few tears traveling down her cheek. "You're the bully, they are just trying to get back at you." She knew he couldn't hear her.

I kinda need a hero.

     The next, "[Y/N], are you mad at me? Vhat is wrong? Maybe something happened to you...I should check the hospitals...Just call me back if you get zhis!"

     She subconsciously rubbed the bruise on her forearm, one of the injuries she received earlier today. Some of Gilbert's enemies ambushed her behind the café after school, they thought it would try and stop him from hurting them. Chances are, he already gave them the payback he thought was appropriate-- but nothing was appropriate to [Y/N].

Is it you?

    "[Y/N], I'm sorry I'm telling you this now-- you probably already found out. I'm the bad guy, at school you know? I didn't mean to hurt anyone, I-I just wanted to protect you and now you're most likely hurt. Call please..."

I never see the forest for the trees.

     The fragile girl remained quiet, listening to the voicemails and the soft music playing in her ear.

     "I'm sorry! How many times do I need to tell you? I'll stop all of this, I promise. Now, just please tell me how you're feeling."

I could really use your melody.

     "End of voicemail," a feminine voice cut through the depressing air like a knife.

Baby I'm a little blind, I think its time for you to find me.

      The phone buzzed another time, with a caller id on the screen. [Y/N] refused to pick it up, but played the voicemail. "[Y/N]...I know you won't answer but can I say something? I love you. Zhere! I said it, okay? I don't care if you never want to see me again, but...just stay safe without me, alright?"

Can you be my nightingale?

     Her eyes widened, and she face-planted herself into her pillow.

Sing to me, I know you're there.

     [Y/N] started to shake.

You could be my sanity.

Bring me to peace;

Sing me to sleep.

                  Despite that aching feeling in her mind and that pang of anger,

[Y/N] never received her nightingale.
Prize for Ayano-Otori Thank you for participating!

I don't really have a desc for this one....XD I listened to the song on repeat for like 2 hours when writing this. I'm sure I could sing it backwards if I tried.

EDIT: I just realized I totally missed a line in the lyrics! I apologize!

(C) Hetalia characters

(C) You

(C) Picture

(C) Song
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Digging your fingers into the sand, you closed your eyes shut and embraced the feeling of the wind in your neck. The salty air mixed with the scent of the water, dancing its way up your nose and filling your thoughts with daydreams.

"Magnifique, isn't it?" sighed a voice behind you.

You calmly opened your eyelids and nodded, still not knowing who was behind you.

"Indeed, it is. I try to come here as often as possible. The sea is my remedy for everything." And for the first time since the stranger's arrival, you turned your head around to look at him.

A tall man. Sandy blond shoulder length hair, a bit of stubble freckled across his chin and Pacific ocean blue childish eyes.

"May I join?" He asked, gesturing towards the spot next to you in the sand.

"You're not afraid of getting sand on your clothes?" You smirked.

He chuckled and got himself comfortable in the soft sand. You wondered who he was.

"I've never seen you here before, did you just recently move here?"

He smiled and nodded before turning to you, giving you a better look at his face.

"Yes, I got a little house up on that hill over there." He said, pointing at a tiny hill in the opposite direction of the ocean. You noticed he had a light accent, probably french.

"Where are you from?"

"Paris, France. And you?"

"Ah, what a beautiful country that is. Oh! I'm from (country name). But I've lived here most of my life. Grew up with this view." You sighed, looking back at the ocean.

"Oui, this view is incroyable. Just like you, chère." He grinned when he found out that he had made you blush.

"Why, thank you." You chuckled.

"Oh mon Dieu! I forgot to ask you for your name." He suddenly exclaimed.

You stuck out your hand for him to shake.

"(y/n) and how about you?" The blond man shook your hand with his and winked.

"Call me Francis."
ugh another super random fanfic that i wrote while i was on the beach on my ipod, i was really out of inspiration sooooorry
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Eeeeeh, I tried to write fluff uvu

Cliché stuff ahead \(-v- \)

And I don't know how to name it//shot


chumHandle [CH] began pestering adiosToreador [AT] at 7:47

AT: uH, hI,
CH: Oh, hey TavTav
CH: you ok?
CH: D: You can tell me Tav!
CH: As your moirail I have to be capable to assist you and support you :c
AT: uHH,
CH: Oh... I'm sorry :c
AT: i MEAN [nAME],
CH: I have some admiration towards you then
CH: Though I think I bothered you in some way... Sorry for asking.
AT: nO, iT’S OK,
CH: Oh
AT: uHH,
AT: uH, yEAH,
CH: Oh, right.

CH: I just was going to ask if you wanted to have a movie night
CH: To have a little fun ^^ 
AT: oH, yEAH, wHY NOT (:{
CH: Oh no, just you and me~! Do you want to bring someone?
AT: nO!
CH: I will tell you in a few minutes!
AT: hEH,
CH: Good~! gtg TavTav, gonna prepare the snacks!

chumHandle [CH] ceased pestering adiosToreador [AT] at 8:04


==>Be Tavbaby (that save btw)

Tavros was a little disappointed of himself… He was going to tell [Name] about his long-time crush on her… But there became his insecurity to attack him in middle action! He began to tremble a little, What If she asks him about it when reunited?—

Oh. Nevermind.

He grinned coyly at himself, immediately bringing one of his large hands to his cheek, cupping his face lightly. He could feel the exaggerated warm emanating from his flesh, and how his blood pumper kept bumping against his ribcage in a stupidly fast pace. The thought of a date with his flushcrush made him purr quietly as the dreamy image crossed his mind.

Hey! Don't laugh! You would be exactly like him if you were going to watch a movie with a pretty girl! And more If It was the girl who could control the rhythm of your blood pumper so easily. She was the most beautiful human girl in both worlds, oh, excuse me, but it's the truth. Everytroll seemed to like [Nickname] or be in good terms with her... Well, everytroll except for Vriska... And sometimes Karkat. But nonetheless, she was an angel to the young Nitram, his miracle as Gamzee would say. Definitively she was his pass to a happy ending like in those Fairy Tales he had read earlier.

==>Le (long) Flashback

He was still a little insecure about the unknown female being of [Skin color] skin, or 'pink monkey' how Karkat nicknamed her, though it didn't fit her the slightest. He didn't noticed how he kept staring at her self, admiring how her beautiful silky [Hair color] locks framed her face perfectly  and how her big pools of [Eye color] hues sparkled with each action she did. Just at the sight of the corners of her mouth curling up in a sweet smile on reply of something John said, made a burning sensation crawl deep in his stomach. Was it jealousy? Or maybe it was just his disapproval over the aforementioned glassed human... The mixture of those two reasons maybe.

Right away when she stopped talking with John, waving good-bye to him; she surprised Tavros letting her vibrant [Eye color] gaze connect with his dull brown. The troll immediately tensed; as much as he loved that kind smile it made him feel nervous as hell. He jumped a little, his cheeks flushing a soft brown as his gaze dropped to the floor, right when that [Hair Color] girl began slowly approaching.

Maybe she thinks you are a creep now.

What a great first impression Nitram.

He gulped, insecurity quickly clouding his mind. What if that voice was right? If she came to ask why he was staring, How he would reply? He could picture himself just flushing a bright brown and stutter nonsense! What If she didn't even want to talk to him ever again? ... Ok that was a little overreacted.

"Hello there!" Oh gog her voice was so sweet. Tavros snapped out of his little daze and timidly looked up at that hypnotizing jewel color. While smiling a closed eyed smile she extended a hand for the large horned troll to shake, Tavros trembled a little, gingerly reaching for the female's hand to finally, and hesitantly, gave a weak shake. The [Hair color] lass opened her eyes, her bright gaze softening at his shy and adorable attitude.

Letting her hand drop to her side the male frowned a little as the lost of warmth, and blushed when the 'angel' giggled and with her sweet voice asked "Hey, What's your name?"

"U-Uh... Tavros, Tavros Nitram... yours?" The brown eyed troll stuttered.

"I'm [Name], [Name] [L.Name]. And you have no need to fear me Tavros, I don't have a contagious ill or something!" She pouted childishly. Though it was supposed to be a little joke to play with him and bright the atmosphere, the male troll took it a little –much- more seriously than intended.

"I'm not afraid of you...! It’s just you make me feel... a little, uh, n-nervous, that's all..."

"Nervous?" She blinked "Why is that?"

His blood pumper skipped a bit, It wasn't easy to say something like 'Oh, don't worry, It's just only because I casually fell in love with you at the first sight!' Especially when you were as shy as Tavros, and because she is a human girl and the only thing he knew about was her name and vice verse. Shot. "Uh... I-It's just I'm not very sociable, t-that's all..." Hello there lil'lie.

[Name] giggled once again, grabbing Tavros's hand and squeezing it softly in both of hers "Oh! What do you think of being a little more social then?" She finally said with a bright smile.

Another layer of blush covered his face. He began spluttering at the closeness and returned warmth "W-What do you mean by, uh, t-that?"

"If you want me to be in your... uhm... How was it called in troll terms? Red Quadrant... Be your M... Moirail! I think that was..."

Tavros added another tone of brown to his flushed face, of embarrassment this time. He just felt silly at a dumb thought that crossed his mind. He would be nightdreaming if she asked about being his Matesprit right away. He gave the female's hand a slight squeeze before looking at her hesitantly in the eye. A soft, coy smile graced his features, his blood pumper beating rapidly and now tingle sensations tickling into his stomach instead of that uncomfortable burning thrill.

"I-I think that would be, uh, ok."

"...You know you are adorable when you smile TavTav?"

"U-Uh, Thank you I, uh, guess. You, uhm, are adorable as well."
"If you kept being so cute I'm going to pass out."


==>End of Flashback

 He jumped at a short ‘ding’ sound coming from his front; apparently he had zoned out for a little while and forgot to turn off his husktop. He directed his pair of brown irises to the machine’s screen, a content sigh escaping his gray-ish lips.

CH: You can come now, I have everything in place already!

This was sent at 8:13

And it’s already 8:37


==>Run for dear life to [Name]'s hive


After just five minutes of running he finally reached the [Hair color] human’s hiv- house, his knees trembled and droplets of sweat ran down his temple. Yes, [Name]’s house wasn’t the ones very close to his, the distance between both areas was around 9 kilometers aproximated, and by now, because of running with all his might, he was a completely panting mess. He went to the door to have a little support since his legs were still trembling non-stop. Right when his hand made contact with the cool wood, it unlocked and... With all his weight being concentrated onto his hand and his abnormal size of horns being capable to harshly yerk his head over directions at all different types of shoves...

Face Plant.

Though it didn't hurt the slightest. Because his face did not made contact with the cool, hard floor. Instead, the texture of his land place was soft and warm, very comfy. It felt like he landed between two miniature wiggling mountai- Wait. Why there was a thing beating there?

A feminine groan made his eyes open wide and face to turn a bright bronze. Oh gog he just landed on [Nickname]! And not in a very comfortable position! What he should do?! What he should do?!

==>Clumsily get off of the 'angel'
==>Stay there wide eyed.

Ooooh Hi!
Well... I'm new in the Homestuck fandom xDU
Cheer the AUs with Tav capable to use his legs :dummy:
Sorry for OOCness and such uvu...
And my cousin helped me typing this! (:iconmakaandmako:)
There are two options,
One is supposed to be a Lemon or Lime xDU
Which one first ovo?

The wiggling mountains joke isn't mine ;v; I don't remember where I read it though...

Hussie owns all, seriously(?)


Option 1: 00000
Option 2: 000000

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You spent most of the night wandering around the Tower, but it was defnitely worth it. You excitedly ran down the corridor, storming in the living room, where all the Avengers were fraternizing, probably unaware of what day it was.

"Good morning!" You shouted.

"I hate when she wakes like that." Tony complained, sighing.

You smacked the back of his head when walking next to his sit. "Shut up, Tony." You jumped next to Bruce opening a wide grin.

"Ok, now I have a bad feeling about where this is heading to." Natasha stated. You glared momentanely at her, before returning to face all of them.

"Seriously? None of you know what day is today?" You asked, frowning.

"Oh, God! We forgot your birthday?" Clint asked, this time actually concerned. You rolled your eyes.

"No. I'm almost sure her birthday has already passed." Thankfully, Steve answered for you.

"It's Easter, guys!" You whined, disapointed with them. "C'mon! You really forgot that?"

"What is easter?" Thor asked, tilting his head. You gave him a gentle smile.

"It's a Midgardian religious holiday, but that's really not the point. The thing is we have this... tradition of hunting eggs on Easter."

"Eggs?" Thor frowned.

"Yes, painted eggs. Anyway, I planned something for us today." You said.

"Hell no! That's for children, (y/n)!" Tony said, easily catching up on your thoughts.

You made your best puppy eyes and pouted your lower lip slightly.

"I spent the whole night hiding the eggs, I thought you would like some fun at least once." You shrugged and looked down.

Tony growled and you supressed the will of smirking. You knew they were all wrapped around your fingers. Bruce placed his hand on your shoulder.

"I guess we could... try it." He said. Bruce was always the first one to fall in your traps. You always wondered how could this melted heart man turn into the other guy. 

"Really?" You lit up with his suggestion, boucing on the couch like a small child. "I promise it will be a lot of fun!" You said. "And guess what..." You jumped up "There will be a prize!"

They looked at each other when could already feel the competition glares, that made you chuckle. "Natasha, Tony and Thor, you are team number one. Clint, Bruce and Steve, you're number two."

"How does it work?" Thor asked.

"It's really simple actually. There are eggs hidden everywhere, even in your own rooms, all you need to do is collect them and..." You opened the cabinet in the corner of the room and grabbed the baskets you had bought in the other day, throwing one for each Avenger. "Put them here. The team with more eggs wins."

"I can't believe I'm doing that." Tony said dumbfolded.

"Yes, you are, honey." You said, smirking. "And don't you dare ask directions for JARVIS, I already talked to him. He won't help you. Right, JARVIS?"

"That's correct, Miss (l/n)."


You giggled. "Any other objection? No? So... Let the hunt begin and that the best team win!" You yelled, happily jumping. Your last words were enough to bring their competitivity side.

Clint climbed the air vents, quickly vanishing. Steve started running not long after Natasha did the same. Tony called his suit and started scanning the room, walking in large steps.

The only one who didn't seemed in a hury was Bruce, who simply sighed.

"Bruciee!" You sang, moving towards him. "You need to move if you want to win." You said.

"(y/n), I'm not a child." He stated.

"C'mon, Bruce!" You glanced to your surroundings and leaned closer, so he could hear your whisper. "I'm rooting for you." You told him, placing a peck on his cheek. "Go get them and I promise your prize will be special."

That seemed to trigger him. Bruce found three eggs in that same room before also vanishing.

You grinned to youself and started moving, so you could check their progress on the hunt.


Things went better than expected, since we are talking about the Avengers. Obviously that would be some damage. A lot of damage.

You reached the first floor and couldn't spot anything wrong, maybe some furniture out of place, but that was it. You checked every floor. Some looked pretty normal, but other were a complete mess. The 10th floor, for example. There was a trail of smoke that made you cough, arrows and holes in the walls and a lot of broken things. It wasn't the worst.

They took the challenge pretty seriously.

Eventually, you returned to the living room, only to find the Avengers in a completal disorder.

Natasha and Clint were panting and had some bruises, Steve's hair was a mess and the Iron man suit was scratched in many places. Thor seemed fine, but you could tell by his furrowed brows that he was just as exhausted as everyone else. You laughed, almost falling backwards. Bruce caught you. You flushed, recovering your balance and looking to the teams.

"Time to count!" You said, pushing Bruce towards the rest of his team. You gave them some time and when you thought both teams were done, asked: "How many?"

"41" Tony answered. You gave him a questioning look, quirking an eyebrow at him but he only rolled his eyes. "Fine. 40."

You smiled and turned to Bruce.

"42" He proudly said.

You nodded in approval. "See? It was fun wasn't it?"

Nat looked to the others and shrugged. "Well, I had some fun kicking Steve's ass."

He glared at her, blushing. "That's not what happened!"

"Even though brother Clint tried to block my way with his explosive arrows, I must add that this tradition of yours is really entertaining." Thor grinned.

"That's not how it usually happens, but I enjoyed it. I guess you were right, (y/n)." Tony said. You beamed, amused with their statements.

"I'm so happy you had fun!"

"Where's the prize?" Clint was the one who asked. You rolled your eyes.

"Just go the kitchen. I prepared chocolate cake and cookies for everybody."

"Now I really feel the hunt was worth." Clint said. You were great doing desserts and all of them knew that.

They stormed out of the room and you were about to follow, when someone cleared his throat. Your gaze moved back to Bruce, standing there withe folded arms. You almost jumped to where he was.

"Tell me, how did you managed to be the only one who came out completely unharmed without hulking out?"

He smiled. "I simply avoided them and found the better hidden eggs. I just wanted to know... Do I still get my special prize?"

"Of course you do." You said, wrapping your arms around his neck and nuzzling. Bruce chuckled.

"You're adorable." He said, hugging your waist and placing a kiss on your forehead. "Let's go get a slice of cake before Thor eats everything."
Easter's special! Some fun and fluff for everybody!

It's out a little bit earlier than what I expected, mainly cause I probably won't be on the laptop in the morning, so I just decided to anticipate it.

Slight xBruce pairing, though it's not really the focus. I wanted to try something without the romance or tragedy or fluff I'm always writting, this is suppose to be just the Avengers having a nice and destructive Easter morning.

Any recognizable thing or character belong to Marvel
The plot is mine

Love ya and wish you a nice Easter with lots os chocolate! Love Hug 
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    (Name) was standing in the kitchen, elbow resting on the counter and was flipping through the pages of a magazine, not paying much of an attention to it. Bucky didn’t show up for almost five days but she wasn’t surprised at all. They’ve had fallen out the night before he left and they’ve both said certain things that they probably regretted now. At least (Name) did, she didn’t know about Bucky. There was quite strong possibility that he didn’t care much. He never did. He’d say various rude and insulting things before and never felt the need to apologise. She was mad at him, well mad… wasn’t exactly the right expression, she would strangle him if she could get her hands on him. But at this point she was a little worried.  It was nothing unusual for him to disappear without a word and show up few days later like nothing happened and demand breakfast from her, because he was ’so damn hungry,man.'. She’d never admit that she cared for him. She was confused herself. (Name) never asked for special amount of attention from people, she felt just right on her own. It was much better actually, because she didn’t need to deal with all annoying conversations, she didn’t have to explain herself, she could leave when she wanted and return when she considered it appropriate. No conventions or duties to bound her. But since Bucky settled on her couch and in her life she hated the thought of being alone. Just the knowledge of him being there, even if only lying on the couch or demanding food from her made her feel more comfortable. She actually enjoyed the feeling of having someone to return to, even if she wouldn’t admit it. Although, there were days his silent presence made her feel more alone then ever. He was there and somewhere else at the same time. With him she could never tell where he really is, what he’s thinking about and whether he actually realises that she’s in the same room as he is. Or the same planet for that matter.

    (Name) sighed when she realised that it was actually almost two in the morning. How long she’d been waiting for him? She shook her head with sad smile. There was no point to wait for him. If he decided to leave for good there was nothing to be done. She couldn’t force him to stay or change, she couldn’t force him to do anything at all. She wasn’t even able to make him go for the goddamn groceries for the god’s sake! It would be best to give up and crawl to bed, it was too late to even breathe. If he returns in few days or doesn’t return at all she couldn’t influence it, only time would show…. All she could do was hope that nothing have happened to him and  that his choices are of his own will, not based on the circumstances. Or at least not fully.

   Her dream was interrupted by series of strange noises. She could hear glass break, then few painful gasps and quite creative curses. Something heavy fell on the floor with a dull thud, which was followed by more cursing. She sighed and rummaged through the drawer of her night stand until she found what she was looking for. Tensing the grip on the huge and sharp hunting knife she slowly walked towards the living room. She had that knife from her grandfather. He always protected her and made sure that she’s safe even if he’s not there anymore. She carefully made her way down the hall, trying not to make any noise in case the intruder is armed. She wanted to be the one with the advantage. She, however, lost all her confidence when she saw a man, dark wet hair covering his face with a kitchen towel pressed to his stomach. He was breathing heavily, his entire body was shaking and his whole frame looked so weak. Bucky! She dropped the knife and ran towards him. She wrapped her arm around him, bolstering him a little and helped him to the couch. She touched his hand and slightly removed it from the towel. Then she lifted the bloody cloth revealing a nasty gushing wound and frowned slightly when she realised that he was actually shot. Bucky opened his mouth to say something but she shook her head.

    “I don’t even want to know how in hell you got shot. Don’t bother.” she said. Her own voice surprised her. It was unusually cold and ironic. She didn’t understand how she remained so calm. Maybe it was the fact that she haven’s seen this for the first time. She had experience with shots, cuts, bruises and many more kinds of injuries. So she just stood up and walked to the bathroom, returning with a first aid kit, slightly upgraded since the basic thing wouldn’t do. (Name) was looking at him as he was lying on the couch, his chest lifting and dropping in a rapid pace, his face covered in a thin layer of sweat, when it suddenly hit her. She couldn’t stand the sight of him being hurt, she felt the urge to do everything she possibly could to make the pain go away. She couldn’t look at his pale face, the bloody wound through which his life was fading away; she just wanted to stop it all and hold him until he is fine again. She shook her head again to remain calm and focused, she couldn’t allow herself to make a mistake. Considering the situation it could be fatal. She sat down and examined the wound. 

    “The bullet is not stuck there. Honestly, I am not the best in removing the bullets when I am freshly awaken.” she attempted to ease the situation. “But you may want to have a drink or something, I have to clean it out and stitch it. It’s not exactly…. pleasant feeling.” She said, digging through the box, looking for all the stuff she’d need. 

    “I can bear it if you promise that you’d do something pleasant for me later.” he joked a little, his voice weak and hoarse. 

    “Whoa, slow down playboy!” she slapped his arm playfully. “This may sting a little.” she said and pressed a cloth soaked in alcohol at his wound. Bucky hissed with pain, his back arching a little, like he wanted to escape the stinging torture.

    “Hold on babe, don’t give up on me now.” she cooed when he squeezed her wrist, digging his fingers into her skin. His eyes were shut tight and he was bitting on his lower lip. 

    Once the wound was stitched she covered it with small gauze pad and wrapped it with bandage. Bucky’s grip on her wrist loosened, his palm was now gently placed on her thigh, his breathing was much calmer and regular, his head slumped to the side as he was finally resting peacefully. Just to be sure she placed two fingers on his neck. She smiled softly and brushed his cheek with her thumb. Only then she realised the throbbing ache in her head. The adrenaline disappeared, leaving her all worn out and hurting. (Name) walked over to the kitchen and flushed down two pills to calm the pain a little. She watched him sleeping peacefully, leaning against the counter and wondering whether she wanted to know how this all happened or not. She decided that it would be better not to ask. If he wants to tell her, he would. The last thing she wanted was another argument because of a stupid question. Suddenly he tossed and mumbled few words. His hand gripped on the couch cushion and he mumbled few more words, his body shaking a little. She kneeled near the couch and touched his hand softly, his eyes shot open and he looked at her in confusion. 

    “Calm down big boy. It’s just me.” she smiled at him. “Bad dream?” 

    “Somebody was pouring alcohol at my bloody wound.” 

    “Oh, what an ass!” she said seriously and then chuckled a little. 

    “You did….” he frowned at her. 

    "Well, I didn’t exactly… pour it.” she shrugged. “Do you want to tell me why you got shot?” and there went her decision not to ask anything. But he was talking to her and she took that as a good sign. 

    “Well, that’s a long story… but let’s say that I was stupid enough to get involved with certain people and this is the payback.” 

    “Enough for me.” she said. It was nowhere near enough but it was the longest explanation she could get from him and she had to satisfy with that for the time being. 
“If that’s all playboy, I am going to leave you. I would love to get some sleep.” she stood up and threw him a blanket. “Get comfy.”

    “(Name)?” she turned and looked at him. “Thank you.” 

    “That’s fine” 
    “(Name)?” deep silent voice wrenched her from her dream. She shot up, scared and confused, looking around just to see Bucky sitting on her bed with his eyebrow raised, looking at her.

    “I see you’re getting better quickly. What the hell are you doing here?” 

    “Where did you learn how to stitch a wound?” he asked her


    “Well, yea. And I remembered that you said you’d do something pleasant for me if I survive the operation.” he grinned wickedly.

    “I don’t remember saying that!” she exclaimed and threw a pillow at him. 

    “But I do. And that’s all that matters!” he leaned closer and placed his palm on her cheek. Her eyes went wide. It was too late and too weird. He gently stroked her cheek with his thumb and closed the gap between them. Their lips touched. She closed her eyes wrapping her arms around Bucky’s neck. Bucky slowly broke the kiss but pulled her closer and locked his eyes with her (e/c) ones. 

    “Does this mean that you’re going to talk to me more?” she teased him a little.

    “Seriously? You wanna talk?” he grinned.

    “Not now, genius!” she laughed. “But it’ll be nice to hear at least good morning from you.”

    “I can think about that.” he laughed and made himself a little more comfortable in her bed. She lied next to him, resting her head on his chest and looked at him. 

    “If you’re going to leave again make sure you don’t get shot. You made a hell of a mess in the living room. I may even have to throw the carpet away.” 

    “Is it hard to explain a bloody carpet?” 

    “You can’t even imagine.” she said, raising her eyebrow and he kissed her forehead. 

    “Well, I apologise for that one. And maybe for the rest too. Can you forgive me?” 

    “You’re in my bed already. Do I have any other option?” she grinned. 

    “So does this mean that I get another chance?” he asked and pulled her closer again. 

    “You already got more chances than it’s healthy.”  she laughed and shifted a little in his arms. 
    “Just one more unhealthy chance.” he pouted sadly.
    “You have it.”

~The End~
Second and last part of my first Bucky x Reader thingy. I hope you enjoyed it :D (Big Grin) 
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100 Theme Challenge
64. Multitasking

“We gotta backtrack, Donnie,” Casey said, leaning in close so the turtle could hear him over the sound of the fan.

“And go where?” Don asked. Somewhere behind them came the clang of robotic parts against the metal of the air duct they were in. “We’re out of options.”

“Maybe we can bust through this wall,” Casey said, pressing his hand against the side of the duct experimentally.

“How? You aren’t going to set off one of your explosives in such a tight space or you’ll kill both of us. This air duct is probably surrounded by a solid wall is most places,” Don said.

“There’s gotta be someplace where it isn’t,” Casey said. “Ya’ can use your blade to cut into the metal and then we can punch an opening wide enough to fit through.”

“Unless you’ve suddenly been blessed with x-ray vision, I don’t know how we’re going to figure out what section to pick,” Don said. “We don’t have time to start tapping the walls and listening for a tell-tale hollow sound.”

“I could light one of my exploding pucks and shoot it down the duct towards the Kraang,” Casey suggested. “If I hit it hard enough the blow-back won’t get us.”

“That’s too many ifs,” Don told him. “There’s no guarantee that the explosion won’t adversely affect the section of duct we’re sitting in. Give me a second.”

Casey had been about to say something else but instead closed his mouth at Don’s request. He watched the genius closely as Don looked around the space they were in and then narrowed his eyes speculatively as he studied the fan.

“What?” Casey asked as Don started to crawl past him.

Raising his voice so that Casey could him, Don said, “There’s a control panel on the other side of the frame that the fan is set into. I’ll bet I can shut off the fan and we can break off a couple of blades with a controlled explosion. That would create a large enough opening for both of us to squeeze through.”

Casey scooted through the duct quickly to catch up to Don. “Ya’ can’t do that while the blades are spinning, Donnie.”

“I know,” Don said, twisting around so his feet dangled over the lip of the air duct.

There was about two feet of space between where the air duct widened out and the fan’s frame. It would be tight work but they’d have a little elbow room.

“We have to stop the blades first,” Don said. “If we shove something solid between them we can jam them long enough for me to get the panel open and turn the fan off.”

Casey’s eyes went immediately to Don’s bo staff. “I know what you’re thinking, but your staff ain’t thick enough. Those blades will snap it in two.”

“That’s why we’re going to have to use my staff and a couple of your weapons,” Don said, looking over at Casey. “My bo alongside your hockey stick and bat should give us enough aggregate strength to stop those blades. We’ll have to time it perfectly and shove them in at the exact same moment though.”

“Let’s do it then,” Casey said, hopping down into the wider space. As Don dropped to the floor next to him, Casey asked, “It’s gonna bust our weapons ain’t it?”

“I suspect so,” Don said. “Either this works and we get out, or we’re going to have to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the Kraang.”

“If I was running this play on the ice, I wouldn’t choose that option,” Casey said as he pulled his stick and bat from their sheaths.

“One more thing,” Don said, his mouth close to Casey’s ear as they stood side by side, weapons in hand. “The Kraang probably haven’t realized we were heading towards the source of the air flow, so they’re just randomly searching the duct work. As soon as the air stops they’ll know exactly where we are.”

“Jeez, you’re just all kinds of sunshine, Donnie,” Casey said with a grin, pressing his weapons together and touching them to Don’s bo.

Bracing himself against Casey, Don said, “On three. One, two, three!”

With well-oiled precision, the pair simultaneously jammed their weapons into the fan. Don’s timing of the blades had been perfect and the combined weapons slid directly into a gap between them. The momentum of the turning blades vibrated through Don’s bo and would have yanked it out of his hands if he hadn’t been prepared for it.

Don heard Casey grunt as he too felt the impact but the boy held on. For a split-second it was a fight between their strength and that of the fan, but then it jammed.

“Crap, I didn’t think it was gonna work for a second there,” Casey said through clenched teeth.

“Me either,” Don said. He could feel the fan trying to turn and held his bo taut. “I can reach the control panel now, but I can’t release my bo because you can’t hold this by yourself. I’ll have to tuck the staff against my side and hold it with one hand so I can have the other free.”

“Go ahead and move,” Casey said, shifting his feet to strengthen his stance.

Don carefully adjusted his position, sliding the end of his staff beneath one arm and settling it against his side. Wrapping his right arm and hand around the bo, he slowly let go with his left and twisted his upper body until he could reach the control panel.

There was a clear acrylic covering over the controls and Don dug out his screwdriver in order to pry it loose. He was acutely aware of Casey’s hip pressing against his own as he jimmied the cover off of the control panel.

For a moment Don examined the symbols on the screen, associating each one with those he’d already translated. As always when concentrating, Don’s tongue hung out of one corner of his mouth, a completely unconscious habit of his.

A sound from Casey broke his train of thought and Don glanced back to make sure Casey wasn’t having a problem. Instead he saw the boy gazing fixedly at his mouth.

Flustered by the look in Casey’s eyes, Don demanded, “What are you staring at?”

Unperturbed at having been busted in the act, Casey said, “Your tongue. I like when you’re multi-tasking ‘cause ya’ always stick it out of your mouth and I think that’s kinda hot.”

Blushing, Don turned back to the panel. “Why do you always choose the most inopportune moments to say things like that?”

“Lately there ain’t been a lot of opportune moments,” Casey answered, even though Don’s question was mostly rhetorical. “I’ll make do with any chances I get.”

Don shook his head, partly from incredulity and partly to clear it so he could concentrate again. The momentary break seemed to have helped though, as soon as he looked at the symbols again, he recognized the shut-down sequence.

Swiftly tapping the panel, Don executed the command that would stop the fan and was elated to hear the motor wind down until it fell silent. Slowly easing off of his bo, Don was happy to find that the fan was completely off.

“Ya’ did it!” Casey exclaimed, pulling what was left of his stick and bat from between the fan blades.

Don ruefully looked at the mangled end of his bo staff. “Another one bites the dust.”

The sound of something slamming against the sides of the air duct echoed into the small chamber the pair was standing in and reminded them that the Kraang were on their trail.

Casey offered two of his explosive hockey pucks to Don and said, “Ya’ said something about a controlled explosion?”

“We’ll need some of the powder from inside these sticks,” Don said, prying them loose from the pucks.

Using his screwdriver, Don drilled a hole into the bottom of the tiny dynamite sticks and then stepped over to the fan. Very carefully, he ran a fine line of explosive powder along the edge of two of the blades, concentrating as much of it as he could at the spot where the blade flattened out.

That done, he ripped one of the wicks loose from a stick and gently draped it across the powder on the upper fan blade. Looking back at Casey, Don held his hand out and said, “All I need is a light and then we dive for cover.”

Casey held up his lighter and said, “I’ll light it. Ya’ did everything else, it’s my turn to contribute.”

“I can move faster than you,” Don argued.

With a snort, Casey said, “In your dreams. Which I know I’ve been in. We gotta talk about that after we get out of here.”

Rather than argue the point, Don stepped out of the way and let Casey by him. As soon as the fuse started to glow red, Don yelled, “Run!”

He and Casey dove towards a corner of the space, getting as far from the blades as they could. They barely had time to duck before the fire touched the powder.

Don felt Casey drape himself over the turtle as the room seemed to explode around them.

64. Multitasking
by hummerhouse
Disclaimer: The TMNT are not mine. No money being made.
Word Count: 1,552
Summary: Written as part of the 100 Theme Challenge. I am trying my hand at the 2k12 series and have taken some liberties with Casey Jones since I began writing this before his character was introduced.
*Based on my newest ship - Don loves April who has a crush on Casey who has the hots for Don. Triangle ahoy!
Rated: PG-13

Find all previous chapters here:…

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