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“I’m sorry for your little brother Mr. Spencer, the dagger managed to burst his lung,” a nurse said to Squid.
Squid buried his face in his hands as a tear rolled down his cheek, “Why…of all people…why Aye?!” he cried, trying to refer from weeping in front of his friends but failing.
Stampy hugged him gently for comfort, “I…I don’t know what to say, but its okay…he may have died with cold hands bit at least he’s in a better place now…”
A girl and a boy, both dressed in black, walked past the friends. They were silent, but the girl put a note into Envy’s hand. Envy was about to say something before she looked over the note, the cover said ‘No words are needed to be said, just read’. She tapped Stampy on the shoulder and handed him the note,
It said;

Meet us at 6o’clock Friday night this week. No weapons but bring a member of the bullies. We’ll explain this then
9th street in the allyway next to the abandoned hall.

And if you DARE turn this note in to the police, we’ll find you and your head will be on our wall.

    The Killers

Stampy read the note out loud so the others could hear. Envy looked scared to death while Chache and Squid just stayed in their seats, eyes wide.
“…should we go?” Stampy asked, breaking the silence.
Chache looked around, “It could be a trap-”
“But they said to bring a member of the bullies…who should we take?” Envy interrupted him.
Squid stood up, “Azure needs to know about this first, its Wednesday, so we have two days to set up,”

“This is a threat, you should tell your dad Squid…” Azure said after reading the note.
Envy growled, “We’re not scared, and why are you just suddenly all like ‘oh this is a threat, you should go tell someone!’ No one is scared, so let’s just get one of the bullies and go!” she shouted at her.
Stampy flicked her ear to make her shut up, “We just need help, your good at taking to people so…”
Azure shook her head, “No, the only thing I can do to help is get Ian,”
Envy flinched, “How did you know we were going to get Ian?!”
“…he seemed like the most obvious.”

*         *         *

“Why do I have to come with you? The guys will get mad at me!” Ian snarled at the friends as they walked to their meeting point.
Envy rolled her eyes, “We’ve told you already!”
Azure grabbed Squid’s jacket before he could continue, “What?” he asked the female, stopping and looking at her.
She pointed into an allyway, “We’re here…”
The allyway was gloomy; the streetlight near them flickered off, causing the area to become pitch black. Someone lit a torch from the allyway and pointed it at a wall. The wall had writing on it, ‘Stay quiet and no one gets hurt…’ it said, the phrase was written in blood. Azure stepped into the allyway and motioned the others to follow, two figures stood in the middle of the allyway, both in black so it was hard to see them, “Hm…you actually did as we told you too…” one said, his voice was deep and dark.
Envy stepped forward, “Why’d we have to come here?” she asked in a firm tone.
“And why did I have to come too?” Ian added.
One of the males in black stepped forward, “I advise that if you don’t like blood, you look away…and if you don’t want to get hurt, step back…” he took a knife out of his pocket and…
A sharp pain struck Ian’s neck as the knife met his skin, Warm liquid trailed down his neck as some splattered the wall and Ian dropped to the floor. His body lifeless. Envy covered her mouth, her eyes wide with fear, and started to cry silently.
“Two can keep a secret…” The figure smiled as he licked Ian’s blood off the knife.
“…If one of them is dead,” The other grinned.
Azure slowly walked out of the allyway as her friends stood and stared. The one with the knife stepped back and the other stepped forward and kneeled down next to Ian’s lifeless body, “Feel free to leave, but stay if you want…” he said as he removed Ian’s shirt.
Stampy padded out of the allyway while the others stayed and watched. The male used an item seen in a hospital to slice Ian’s chest open. He started removing his muscles and his organs; he chucked most of them aside, but tossed his liver and both of his kidneys at the other male to put in a bag. They took his unneeded organs and tied them together, forming something that looked like a rope. One threw it over a pipe over-head and the other tied it around Ian’s neck, and before the friends knew it, Ian had the same fate as Quentin.
Squid and his friends check on his little brother. Sadly, he died with the dagger as it struck his lung. A note was passed to Envy as two people walked pasted, the killers wanted to meet them in an allyway with a member of the bullies, they hesitated, but accepted.
The friends managed to get Ian to tag along, but the killers had other plans. They murdered Ian and took his organs, then gave him the same fate as Quentin





or not

Azure, Tyler, Lela, Ballistic, Cobalt and Aye belong to iBallisticKitten 
Envy belongs to person282 
Squid belongs to iBallisticSquid
Chache belongs to SuperChache39
Stampy belongs to StampyLongHead
Amy belongs to AmyLee33
Salem belongs to SalemsLady
Mitch belongs to BajanCanadian
Jerome belongs to JeromeASF
Seto belongs to SetoSorcerer
Kyle belongs to KyleTheEpic 
Craig belongs to craigoffuckers
Quentin belongs to HuskyMudkipz
Ty belongs to Deadlox
Kenneth (Kenny) belongs to AngelKenny
Stanley (Stan) belongs to StanMarshy
Ian belongs to Ssundee</sup></sup></sup>
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Pony Hawkfrost and pony Ivypaw...or should I say Ivyhoof? HOHO
and then there's TC MLP crossover.
Me,12 and Evan are CMC.
I am scotaloo cuz the pony who is rd would be most likely my idol.
12 is Sweetie belle cuz I simply imagine her like that.
And Evan is Apple bloom.I mean 12 and Evan can switch if they want to.
In case you're intreseted,RD is Jason,Pinkie is Sky,AJ is Jerome,Twilight is Mitch,Rarity is Ty and Fluttershy is Quentin.
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again a pencil sketch..... ^^'

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My name it Mitchell Hughes, but I go my Mitch. I work with "Minecraftia Assassian's Creed". Let me tell you a little about my childhood. It won't be long.

Since I was young I always wanted to do something to help others. My parents had always thought I meant something like being one of Minecraftia's police officers, or maybe become a medic. But I wanted to do something thrilling, fun, and even mysterious. So, when I heard people saying legends about some "Minecraftia Assassian's Creed" I got interested. I started training my pvp skills at 10. By the time I was 12, I was flawless with a bow and sword.

I also had a great interest in parkour. I was a natural. I had always been able to run faster then most kids. Because of this I was a champ at soccer. I can also jump really high, giving me a great advantage when playing basketball and football.

When I was 16 I met the person who has changed my life.


It was like any other Minecraft summer. I was running through the thick forest that was fairly close to my village. While running through the forest I spotted a small wooden treehouse. Me, being my curious self climbed up the ladder on the tree. The house was made of jungle wood, and there was few windows. There was a single bed in the right corner of the room. To the left there was a double chest, and a fridge. I carefully walked into the house checking for traps. When I saw it was clear I opened the double chest, checking for any useful items.

Before I realized what was going on, I heard a loud growl. I was instantly tackled to the floor, and my wrists were pinned to the ground. I yelped struggling to break free. All I got in response was the attacker digging its nails into my wrists. Or more like claws... Then it hit me, the person pinning me was a bacca.

Mitch and Jerome join the "Minecraftia Assassin's Creed". They are just normal teenagers who want to help others. What happens when the two start growing feelings for each other?

((rated PG-13 at the moment, but knowing me, there is probably going to be smutty moments throughout the fic))
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Mitch blinked awake, feeling unusually warm, and snuggled into the blanket he was in before realizing it wasn't a blanket. A furry figure placed his arm around Mitch, and in turn he grabbed his sleeve, pressing himself up against Jerome's radiant warmth. He feared that talking would wake the sleeping bacca, so after glancing up at him and smiling slightly, he closed his eyes and fell back asleep in Jerome's arms.

MEROME FOR DAYZZZZ! Anyways, traditional drawing of some Merome :D Actually, this is based off of a roleplay with an Instagram friend of mine :3 Enjoy! *Noms apple*
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Merome I Think I am In Love With You

So ummm hey guys sorry I have not uploaded in a while but I figured since my skylox fanfic reached 100 views I would write something else for you guys. And remember to click the watch button so you can see when I upload. I hope you all enjoy me second fanfic ever. Btw I know the title is cheesy but it was the only thing I could think of ok I am going to leave now good bye.  HERE YOU GO TAKE SOME FLUFF TO THE FACE… Also Jerome in this fanfic is a human.

<Jeromes P.O.V>
Today was going to be the perfect day I am finally going to tell Mitch how I feel about him no turning back. As I got into my car I started to feel… nervous… what if he does not like me back. I sat there for a while in my car just staring out the window. Then I finally decided that I would tell him no matter how nervous I was I have only had a crush on him for like 4 years. I picked up my phone and texed him “hey is it ok if I come over to play some video games or something” he texed me back almost instantly says “sure” I only lived like 20 min away so this should be a fast drive.

<Mitches P.O.V>
My phone buzzed I looked down and saw it was Jerome I get a weird feeling in my stomach it feels like butter flies but I ignored it the text said “hey is it ok if I come over to play some video games or something”  I texted back “sure”.  I got up out of my seat and ran over to the kitchen and ordered some pizza since that is what Jerome and I usually do when he comes over.  As I stepped out of the dining area I looked into the living room and… it’s a mess… he lives 20 min away… how I am I going to take a shower clean up this mess and set up my Xbox in 20 min. ok so first clean living room then set up the Xbox and then shower I thought to myself. As I scrambled around the living room to try to get it clean I just kept thinking about him… with his dark brown eyes and flowing hair… NO he is just your friend you can’t think like that. Finally the living room was clean I only have 12 min left until Jerome gets here. I scrambled to get the Xbox plugged in “SO MANY WIRES” I screamed. After 4 more min I finally set up the Xbox. Ok that leaves me 8 min to take a shower. I quickly ran upstairs and turned on the shower took off my clothes and jumped in only mildly scolding water. (A/N hehehehe you see what I did there… sorry back to the story)

*8 min go by*

   <Still Mitches P.O.V>
I jumped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around my waist. Quickly looked up at the clock at the wall… shit… he will be here any second.

<Jeromes P.O.V>
I stepped out of my car and locked the door. As I walked up to the door I felt more and more regret… what if he does not like me back… what if he wants to stop being friends. NO I can’t look back I have to tell him. I fumbled with my keys until I finally found the one for Mitches house. I jammed the key into the door and twisted it. I opened the door “Mitch” I said as walked through the door way. “Mitch” I shouted again as I locked the door behind me.

<Mitches P.O.V>
I heard he door open and I froze… I just stood there unable to move. “Mitch” I heard him scream from down stairs. “Umm yeah I am up here” I said hesitantly. I heard the stairs creek as he walked up. As I hear him get to the top step I looked down and realized I was still only wearing my towel around my waist. Caught up in my own imagination I finally snapped out of it. I looked slowly and saw Jerome staring at me.

<Jeromes P.O.V>
I walked up the steps really fast I was so happy to see him. As I looked around the corner into Mitches room… I froze he was standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist and his hair was wet I guess he just got out of the shower. He looked up at me with his big brown eyes I froze again until I realized what I am doing I am staring at him. I quickly snapped out of my fantasies. I turned around and slammed his bed room door closed. My face felt like it was on fire I could not breath I ran down the stairs, opened the front door and sat on the porch with my head in my hands. “I AM SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT WHY DID I JUST STAND THERE” I shouted. Was it bad that I had a crush on him for 4 years I have since I met him. Now he will hate me forever I will just be that one gay guy he used to know. I tried to fight the tears but I just couldn’t.

<Mitches P.O.V>
Jerome slammed the door closed. I quickly grabbed a t shirt and skinny jeans and threw them on. Then I fell on my bed “why didn’t I say anything… I am I fucking idiot”… why didn’t I close the door I might have just fucked up our friendship. I got up and ran down stairs. I looked around for Jerome I could not find him any were. Then I heard something as I ran passed my front door… it was Jerome and he was yelling to himself it sounded something along the lines of  “I AM SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT WHY DID I JUST STAND THERE”… he is really upset I don’t know how to say sorry… I wonder I he liked what he saw. I let this though pass through my mind though. It would be nice to have someone to love me… it would be nice to love someone… HELL I have been in love since the moment I met him. Maybe I should give him some time I will just sit down for 5 min.

*5 min passes*

<Jeromes P.O.V>  
Why am I just sitting here crying?  Something is hitting me I looked up oh it’s raining it’s about to storm. I should go inside but can’t I will just wait…

<Mitches P.O.V>      
I pulled out my phone and texed Jerome ‘Hey why don’t you come inside it’s about to storm’ he replied back ‘So… you’re not mad’ then I replied ‘of course not shit happens’.  ‘Oh…ok’ he replied.

<Jeromes P.O.V>  
So it turns out Mitch doesn’t hate me.  I opened the door right as the rain began to come down and I heard the first crack of thunder and as I heard it I saw Mitch jump from the other side of the room. “Wait is he scared of thunder storms”  “yeah… I am” he said. Shit I didn’t mean to say that out loud…

 <Mitches P.O.V>      
He finally figured me out… I am scared of thunder storms. “It’s ok you know” Jerome said softly…  “I can leave if you want” he added. The truth was I was so embarrassed I did want him to leave but at the same time I wanted him to stay and tell him how I really feel about him… maybe. I saw him open the door “no stay” I said hesitantly. “Ok” he stuttered back. He then closed the door and walked up to me.

<Jeromes P.O.V>
I walked up to Mitch just as there was another crack of thunder. Then he jumped into my arms and hugged me.  “I’m sorry” he said. “No don’t worry its fine” we stood there for about 5 min then the doorbell rang. He walked over to the door and opened it “I didn’t know you ordered pizza” he said “I didn’t know they delivered during thunder storms” he handed the guy 20$ “thanks” the guy said. He closed the door and put the pizza on the counter.    

 <Mitches P.O.V>      
I put the pizza on the counter but I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything. “You hungry?” I asked “not really” he said. “How about we just watch some T.V” “ummmm sure” I walked over to the couch and he did to we sat about 1 foot away from each other. I grabbed the remote and turned on some stupid T.V show.  I put my hand on the couch next to his so he knew it was ok to hold it if he wanted to.

<Jeromes P.O.V>  
He put his hand on the couch and then I heard a crack of thunder and I saw him tense up and I grabbed his hand.  I really liked to hold his hand it was soft and not sweaty. Then I did the classic 6th grader yawn and put your arm around their neck. Then Mitch snuggled into my arm.

 <Mitches P.O.V>    
Jerome put his arm around me and then I snuggled into his arm and torso. Then there was more thunder and he looked into my eyes and he caressed my face and I got that funny feeling in my stomach again but it didn’t hurt or anything but I only felt this way around Jerome. ”Jerome… I think I like you more than a frie-” “shhhhh... I feel the same way” then he leaned down and kissed me.

<Jeromes P.O.V>  
I finally kissed him… after about a minute we pulled back for air. “Wow I have wanted to do that for so many years now” “me to” he replied. I felt so happy it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I reached over to the remote and shut off the T.V. then he said “Jerome I think I’m in love with you”. “Mitch I have been in love with you since I first met you”. Then to my surprise he said “shut up and kiss me”. Then I leaned in and he grabbed my face and pulled me in and kissed me harder than before and with passion. After 1 min and 30 sec he pulled back for air. We were in complete darkness.

 <Mitches P.O.V>    
Even though we were in complete darkness I still saw his big brown eyes and I heard another crack of thunder but I wasn’t as scared any more but Jerome hugged me tighter anyway. “I love you” “I love you too” then we cuddled for hours and the last thing I remember was him kissing me and I fell asleep in his arms.

Thank you guys so much for reading and if you have not already read my skylox fanfic be sure to check it out. I am so sorry for the wait but I have I life jk jk I learned that when you miss school work you have to make it up. If you guys want more be sure to tell me in the comments. Love you all and see you later
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(? Pov)

*distance talking*

"Momma!" One child voice is heard, mostly very far from my cell. I didn't do anything wrong, and I didn't understand why I was here. "Its ok son, just....just forgive me!" Another voice, sounded like a woman, close to tears. I crawled over to the bars of my cell, and looked at the shadows on the walls. "Come on. We godda put you on this table." Another voice said, with less emotion. The shadow of the woman started to fight back, but was soon strapped down onto the table. I covered my eyes as blood started to fly everywhere. "Momma!" The child's voice was mixed of fear and hate. I opened my eyes, and saw blood everywhere; on the table, the walls, and even some on the bars of my cell. I sighed. Another person killed, another life dead. I rested my head on the bars. I didn't care if blood ran into my mouth. I remember it as well as the kid. My parents and me, getting dragged into a van. Blood everywhere. On my face, my hands, on my clothes. I saw the cars passing by through the window at top speed. All I could do was just pound on the window, and try to knock down the door, but it didn't help at all. My parents hung their heads, and sat here like rag dolls. "Son." One of them wispered. "Forgive us." And with that, they didn't say any more. When the van got to its destination, they threw me into a cell. My head hit the wall, hard. My vision was blurred, but I remember every sound.

The desperate words of "Mercey." and forgiveness.

But it wouldn't stop.
The sounds still came of my parents death.

I sighed again, letting the blood keep run into my mouth.
I didn't care anymore. Didn't care what happened. Didn't care what others thought. Didn't care how I looked.
So what if I'm furry?!? So what if I'm in love with an axe?!?Who's there to judge me? No one.
The blood kept flowing. The name keeps getting repeted.
Because my parents wispered their final word as they died.
Yeah, its random.
And random.
Its the most randomiest thing you'll see ever.
Derp out.
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Bronn / 2.5 x 3.5 inches / Coloured pencil and watercolour on illustration board / Jerome Flynn / Game of Thrones / Season 2
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Credit goes to PixleBases. I got the base from her.
The Benja is feeling left out because Jerome has gone to live with his family in the trees and is leaving Mitch behind. He thinks he can be a bacca as well to be with his best buddy.
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I had NO idea what to name the title No, I disagree! 
Ty Kagamine - Rinlox - Deadlox Kagamine 
lAWD JESUS HALP Ohm... Ohm... 

On the other hand Sky's enjoying it wink 
and jerome and mitch hugging Keen Awkward 
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