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Modeling in ZBrush.
Rendered in blender.
Tsumugi Shiraui from Knights of Sidonia (Sidonia no Kishi).
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To be honest this was just a good excuse to draw my favorite Pokemon growing up, Raichu!

That and I feel like I've gotten too many requests to follow up my original starter pieces with something, hahaha~

Fire Blast by QuirkiliciousHydro Pump by QuirkiliciousSolar Beam by Quirkilicious
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Even though 3D Link might look rather effeminate, he's probably better off looking that way than manly. Otherwise, he might lose his charm for many people. Or it could be a nice change of pace, you never know.
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Old doodle version from May 23rd before the release of Hyrule Warriors:…

Other Link / BEN works
You are in my game now by kawacy Touch me by kawacy
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this is for my darling :iconparfaitchu:!! so sorry that this took long. //sobs

The man stared at the creature in disgust with a sneer. Dark eyes squinted at the bluish, damp skin and the webbed hands that clung onto the ropes, in which concealed you. Your body flailed, panicking and thrashing against the cordage. Levi clicked his tongue at you, eyes never daring to leave your pitch black orbs. "This is exactly what we need..." he announced, straightening his legs and stepping back up. You battered your arms, webbed palms tugging at the thick ropes. Your tail convulsed - in which it somewhat hung through the opening of the ropes - and you let out a harsh screech. Levi crinkled his nose at the noise.

"Bind it," he ordered. Two men, Gunther and Erd, immediately go by your side to tie your wrists together. You squirmed and grunted, pitch black hues staring at the short man in front of you. He crooned and tore his gaze away from you. "Put it in the tank."

You scrutinized the man with cropped hair, your lips parted and panting. You looked away, feeling your restricted body being carried away. Levi, in the meantime, sighed with relief and turned back to face the deck. Eren gulped, warily looking at the silhouette of your aquatic-like body. "Sir?" he started, his voice wavering. "That... That's the mermaid?"

Levi scoffed. "No, dumbass. It's a damn shark--" Eren opened his mouth to retort, his eyebrows furrowing. Levi only rolled his eyes. "--Of course it's a mermaid. Otherwise, we wouldn't be putting it in the back."

"So, the rumors are true, then," Mikasa muttered. "Captain. How much did they offer for it again?"

"Two thousand gold pieces. An extra thousand if we keep it in good condition."

"Is it a male or female?" Armin cocked his head to the side. Levi's gaze hardened a tad.

"Do I look like I give a shit, Arlert? We have the damn thing, that's all that matters," he snapped. "Stop screwing around and get back to work. We have a full month of sailing back."

"Y-Yes, sir!" the blonde squeaked. Levi spun on his heels to navigate himself to the cellar. His boots clamored against the old, molded wood of the ship.

Levi placed his hands over the railings, inwardly flinching on how filthy it is. "Tch. They did a piss poor job here..." he muttered. Nevertheless, he continued to step down the stairs of the cellar. He overheard thrashing and splashing of water. Occasional, inhuman yelps were heard and grunts of Erd and Gunther.

"Shit!" hissed Gunther. "It won't stay down!"

"Tie its fin against here!"

The tank was not tall. It was a little over a foot tall, though more wide and prolonged than anything else for your body to fit in snugly. Outside was made of crystal clear glass, water filled right up to the brim. However, rusty, metal bars were attached to the inside of the glass, and your wrists that were bound with rope were forcefully wrapped around the bars from the tank.

"Erd, Gunther. That's good enough," Levi ordered. The two men nodded and finished their duties, stepping aside for Levi to go through. The short man inspected you, squinting his dark, empty eyes at you. Your (H/C) hair was wet and clung onto your chill skin, your eyes were full and were as black as night, and your teeth were sharp and could pierce through human flesh in a heartbeat. Your expression, however, was frightened and taken aback. Levi knelt down on one knee and sighed. "You. Do you speak?"

You didn't respond. You writhed in the tank, your head above water and your tail worming up the glass. He scoffed at the pitiful sight of you, inwardly thinking of you as some sort of mythical beast. Levi exhaled through his nose and patiently waited a few more seconds before he continued. "There were these idiotic fables told to children about creatures like you living deep in the ocean. They were described as being beautiful," he trailed his hand down the glass. "cunning..." his lifeless eyes scan your jerking figure, your truculent hues staring at the man in front of you. "and old folklore explained the singing of your kind to be enchanting to sailors and bandits."

He pulled his hand away from the glass and reached for your chin, digits digging into your damp skin and pushing your head to face him. You tried to pull away, but his grip was far too strong for his own good. "Tch. It's a shame that those tales are false in this case..."

Levi settled the fact that you understood him judging by your forbearing features. He gave a low hum in acknowledgement and leisurely stood up. "Start heading back up on deck."

"But, sir," Gunther stuttered. "Shouldn't we watch over it?"

Levi permitted a ruthless, humorless chuckle. "No," he glanced back at you, his hard gaze observing you with feral expulsion and lack of sympathy. "It's not going anywhere."

You were awaken with a thump of an object, slowly rolling towards your direction. You slowly raise your head to view the blurred contour of the same man from the day prior. You shifted, yet soon remembering your confined position. Your sight adjusted to the darkness of the cellar once more, glancing down to the wooden floor. Your expression turned puzzled, cocking your head at the sight of the objects on the floor.

"It's food," Levi stated. He trudged his way to your tank, reaching into the water and untying your hands. Before he finished, he took the bottom of your chin just like he did before and dug his nails into your skin. You let out a coo of pain, but Levi ignored it. He stared straight into your black orbs. "Don't you dare try to escape."

He let go of you, and hesitantly you reached over the glass and grasped the apple with your webbed palms, examining it in awe. Levi pulled up a stool and sat down on it, pulling his knee up to his chest and resting his elbow on top. He scoffed. "Never seen a damn apple before?"

As Levi expected, you didn't have a response for him. You stroked the red fruit for a few moments before biting into it, the sweet, foreign taste of the apple. You continued to scarf it down whole, a soft trail of the juice dripping down your chapped lips. Levi grunted at the sight, turning his head away from you and staring at the wall. Since when did he become a damn babysitter of this... this thing? He sighed. 'At least they're paying for it...' he thought before turning his head to face you. Your arms were resting on top of the thin glass, head lolling against your wrist and peering up at the man. He knitted his eyebrows.


You continued to gawk at the man before feeling the corners of your lips extend in a small smile. Commonly, one would be appalled at the sight of your peeked, keen-edged teeth in a smile. Yet, with Levi, he found himself slightly drawn to your pearly whites. You lifted your head and rested your back against the glass. "Thank you."

Levi raised an eyebrow. "So you do speak?"

"I speak the human tongue."

Your voice was certainly not how he expected it to be, especially since the dismayed screech you had inclined the day before. Your voice was soft and gentle compared to any of the other females Levi had come across. Yet, it was unusually, heavily accented. He took this moment to actually observe your offshore body. The rumors had always been true; upper half body resembled the average female such as the curves, breasts, and the softness of your skin. However, occasional, fluorescent scales similar to the scales of your tail were scattered across your stomach and shoulders. Your hair was wet and strung, - as it has always been - your ears were pointed and surreal, and your eyes were conspicuously black to the margin. You were young looking, however, and perhaps could be mistaken for one who is exiting their teen years.

"Why the hell didn't you say anything before?"

You murmured softly, tracing the edges of the tank. "You were... What is the word?" you tilted your head. "Commanding. Surly."

He sneered. "Oh, really now?"

"Yes," you responded serenely. "But you fed me. So I trust you."

Levi cocked an eyebrow. "That's it? I toss you an apple and suddenly you put all of your trust in me?" he gave a pompous laugh. "You must be a damn fool to do that."

You did nothing but smile at the man. "That may be so, human," you responded. "but I have seen humans like you in this world. I have lived for a little over a millennium to behold the irrational antics of men and women. I've grown wiser over the years... But you," you paused for a second. "You are unsettled, aren't you?"

Levi frowned at you with a scowl, soon standing up from his seat. "I have no time for this," barked the short man before turning away from you. "Don't expect another apple tomorrow."

He climbed up the stairs and slammed the door of the cellar, leaving you alone in the tank once more. You chuckled under your breath, relaxing against the now lukewarm water from the tank. "I see..."

An apple was brought the next day. You took it with rapt interest, biting into it graciously and recognizing the short man in front of you again. You smiled at him after you had finished your apple, placing your chin on the very edge of the glass. "I thought you said you were not going to bring me another."

He hummed, sitting down on his stool. "I thought you were wise enough to notice my acts."

"You assume that because I am over a thousand years old, I know everything in this world?"

"You certainly act like you do."

"My mind is experienced and filled with more knowledge than yours will ever have, anyhow."

He sighed in annoyance, reaching his hand up to his dark eyes to rub them in agitation. "I have to deal with this shit for a month..." he muttered under his breath, crossing his legs and resting his back against the wall. You laughed at his reaction, pushing a thick lock of (H/C) hair behind your ear before drifting your way a little towards the other side of the tank. You ogled at the man in front of you, inclining your head to the side and lightly twitching your nose.

"A month, you say?" you implored. "Interesting. And might I ask what you have planned with me?"

"This damn circus offered to pay two thousand gold if we captured one of your kind. An extra thousand if we keep you in good condition."

"You humans are so infatuated with currency," you scoffed. "It's hypnotizing for you."

Levi rolled his eyes at ignorance of the human world. "We need it to live."

"Allow me to straighten this out... Your idea of living in this world is by taking another's freedom?" you concluded.

"That's about right."

You sighed, your incandescent tail swishing against the water. "Human logic is quite confusing..." The both of you remained silent, ending the conversation right then and there. Levi stood up without another word, shoving his stool aside against the molded wall before turning around, his back facing you once more. You noticed this, and lifted your head to stop him. "Wait. I don't believe I caught your name..."

He twisted his head to face you. "Why do you need to know my name?"

"Well, we are going to be out on sea for about a month, so you stated before. It's only tolerant enough to know our names. Correct?" you smiled. "Unless human communications have changed over the years without my perceptive."

He bored his eyes into yours before sighing in defeat. "Levi."


"Did I stutter?"

You giggled. "It's such a pleasure meeting you, Captain Levi. I'm (Y/N)."

He didn't have a response, but he let out a grumble in admission before climbing up the stairs. You hummed to yourself, creating different, incoherent shapes against the bars and glass of the tank.

Two full weeks had passed since the incident. Levi often climbed down to the cellar to feed you apples, and sometimes he'd toss a loaf of bread or a freshly caught fish. You were grateful for his humble frolics towards you. Despite his coarse and boorish attitude, and his brutish language, you thoroughly enjoyed his company. You often laughed at his silly attempts of insults to you, and his meager flustered expression when you'd occasionally tease him.

"Levi, talk to me more."

He heavily sighed. "Not now. I have a shitload of work to finish up on deck."

"Come on, please?" you placed your chin on your hands. "Another conversation wouldn't hurt. I won't bother you for the rest of the day!"

Levi shook his head, but somehow gave in. "For one who is over a thousand years in age, you surely don't act like it."

"Is that a yes?"

He said nothing, but he scooted his stool closer to your tank. "It's a yes."

You laughed and clapped your webbed hands together. "Tell me about the land of seaweed that can live without water!"

His eyebrow twitched, but he couldn't help but find the lack of your human world knowledge rather humorous. "They're called plains, dumbass. And it's not seaweed; it's grass."

"Interesting..." you breathed. "Levi? Are you attractive amongst other humans?"

He sputtered, cocking his eyebrows and staring at you in bewilderment. "Where the hell did that come from?"

You chuckled, lifting your upper body more above the tank. "Why? Are you embarrassed to admit it?"

In defeat, Levi crossed his arms and leaned back. "You must think you're hilarious if you think I'm embarrassed over a ludicrous question," he retorted. "And if you have to know... Yes. A lot of women thought so. Now, change the damn subject."

"What? No! I am not changing it!" you laughed more. "Tell me more!"

He narrowed his eyes at you. One would cower away if they deliberately glance at his piercing gaze, but you found it amusing - and somehow handsome, if you did say so yourself. Levi exhaled. "I had a wife. Her name was Petra... Beautiful, sweet, and always smelled like lavender and berries," Levi was almost smiling at the thought of his previous wife. You beamed at the thought of the rough, intrusive man having a woman as gentle as he had described. However, the man continued. "She became sick while I was out at sea. By the time I came back, she was on the brink of death. I..." He paused. "I never forgave myself for not being there for her until the last fucking minute."

Your smile fell to a frown at his story. "I... I'm sorry, Levi," you spoke softly. "I didn't know."

"I don't need your damn sympathy," he shook his head. "It was five years ago. I've been keeping myself busy since then."

You kept quiet, casting your eyes on the floor and picked the rust against the bars. You sighed. "It's getting late, Levi," you whispered. "You should go back up..."

Levi glanced up to the door leading to the upper part of the ship before grunting. He stood up and grasped the handle of his lantern before glimpsing at you. For once for the past couple of weeks, you had never seen his gaze so humane and cordial. It nearly took your breath away. "You're right."

He started up the stairs. You wanted to leave him be, but you couldn't bring yourself not to bid the man goodnight. "Sleep well tonight, Levi."

He suspended himself midstep, giving a blunt groan. However, he turned his head and faced you with a much kinder expression. "Sleep well, (Y/N)."

Three nights later, you were awoken by the sounds of footsteps clunking down the wooden stairway. You lifted your head up and squinted at the light from the lantern. You lifted a wefted hand to your eye, rubbing it gently before adjusting to the abrupt light. You sat up, shifting your tail to a much more comfortable position before realizing who had prod you awake. "Levi?"

"Who else would it be, dumbass?" he countered, placing the lantern down to the floor and sitting next to it. He didn't even bother pulling his stool up anymore. "Oluo's snoring like a fucking pig again."

You smiled a little. "I'm not sure what 'snoring' is, but I'm positive I don't operate it... And what's a pig? Is it that pink animal that has an odd, curly tail at the end?"

"By the gods above, not again..." Levi groaned, rubbing his eyes with his index finger and thumb. You couldn't help but laugh at his reaction, waving your hand unconcernedly.

"I'm only teasing, Levi. Please, go to sleep," you avowed, curling yourself back inside your tank. "You need it more than anyone."

He didn't respond, but he closed his eyes and rested his head against the wooden walls. You observed him more, taking in his handsome features and distraught expression. You began to hum softly, a gentle melody that you had thought from the top of your head. You observed his troubled face fall into a relaxed state, his eyebrows creasing less and his mouth parted. You halted your singing, realizing that he is asleep, and smiled to yourself.

"We will be arriving at the port in two days."

Your features fell solemn. You nodded at the man in front of you, tearing your gaze away from the short captain. You let a soft sigh leave your lips, resting your hand against the back of your palm. "I see..." It was no lie that you had intensively enjoyed your time within this ship, regardless of you being captured for hefty amounts of gold. Your adventure was different and entertaining, especially with the sullen captain; Levi. A breath escaped through your nostrils, staring at him.

Your heart ached against your chest at the mere thought of the man. Why do you feel this way? You had the chance to speak with this man extensively, getting to know him and having simple conversations with him. It's not everyday that you meet a human who is opposed to the idea of murdering you - though selling you for three thousand gold wasn't the ideal proposition, in your opinion. You heeded his handsome features, wanting to hold his face in your hands oh-so desperately and embrace him.

Could it be love?

You agree...

But it's too late for proverbed confessions.

"We'll rise early in the morning and carry the tank above. We'll have you delivered to the circus an hour later."


An uncomfortable, melancholy silence overtook the two of you. You averted your gaze to the ground, hand sliding down to the bottom of the tank in destruction. Levi could have sworn he heard his heart snap in two - if he has one, that is - and a chill run down his spine at the pitiful sight of you. Half of his mind screamed at him internally, begging not to take you and set you free. You deserved much better than to be treated like a beast. If it was one thing Levi learned, you were nothing near a monster... Rather, you were something exotic. Though, Levi couldn't quite place his finger on the correct word. He extended his hand and reached out for yours, gently squeezing it.

You clenched his palm back, but didn't utter a word.

That night, you could have sworn you heard stifled, silent sobs and choked apologies while you slept.

The day before the arrival, you confessed your love to Levi. Although, at this point, you could care less on what he felt back towards you. You had the urge to release your feelings, to rid of the heavy weight that laid on your back and chest. His expression remained blank, lifeless, and vindictive the entire time you spilled your feelings. It hit him like a wave, and being the rigid man he was, he wasn't sure how to express his feelings back to you. He had opened his mouth to respond, but quickly shut it, not positive on what to respond.

Instead, you leaned in and pressed a chaste kiss on his cheek. Gingerly, he raised his fingers against his cheek; digits ghosting over the touch you had given him. You gave a sorrowful smile, pulling away from the soft embrace you had given him.

"Thank you for everything, Levi."

Levi cringed at the performances you had disposed during the show. Whichever mistake you made, whips were lashed against your bare back in spite. The audience gasped and laughed at your public embarrassment the ringmaster had caused you, the tip of his whip battering over your skin. You wailed in agony, your webbed palms gripping the edges of the tank. Thin trickles of blood dripped down your skin, completely noticeable to the bare eye. Levi clenched his fists together in pure resentment towards not only the ringmaster from abusing you, but Levi himself for selling you off as if you were nothing.

Hearing your calls and screeches of agony tore himself in millions of tiny pieces. He couldn't bare to watch you being tormented by abhorrent people for others' entertainment. Reluctantly, he continued to watch, seeing you pick yourself back up and perform just as the ringmaster had ordered you to. Flips through flaming hoops, swimming through various, barbarous sharks, and achieving forceful tricks did nothing but raged Levi.

"Stop it..." he hissed under his breath.

At the end of the act, you glance up at the audience and forced a smile, yet tears swelled in your dark eyes in pain. You dart your eyes to a certain short man you had fallen hard for. Yet, the moment you blinked, he disappeared. You frowned, thinking that it was only a figment of your imagination.

While the audience left, you awaited in your position. You were hopeful, begging to whoever is above to let you see Levi for one last time. You wanted to know if he was doing okay, if he was decent, if he was healthy.

But as the tent emptied, there was no one left but your lamentable self.

And for the first time in over a millennium, you broke down in tears.

Roars of lions and chippers of monkeys were clamoring throughout the back of the tent at night. Your hands were confined once more, pressed uncomfortably against your aching back. You couldn't sleep through this noise, and the pain from the whips weren't helping with your lack of rest either. Your mind was swirled with thoughts. Your new "home", the performances, the ocean, but most of all, your head was occupied with Levi.

You didn't want to break down in tears again just by thinking of him. You lifted your head above water and sighed, placing your head against the smudged glass of the tank.

You missed him. You missed his coarse attitude and language, you missed his stories, you missed your conversations, you missed humming him to sleep. For one last time, you thought. You wanted to see him for one last time at least. All you wanted to do was to make sure he was doing alright...

Footsteps resounded through your ears. You gasped, immediately thinking it was the ringmaster, and quickly shut your eyes to feign your sleep. You could practically feel the steps gradually growing closer and closer until they froze in front of your tank. Hesitantly, you cracked an eye open, then both eyes shot open in shock.

"L-Levi...? Is that you?" you gasped, stiffening yourself.

The familiar grunt was heard, and you couldn't help but smile. "It's only been a week and you forgot who I was already? You have a piss poor memory, don't you?"

You giggled. "It's nice to see you too, Levi..." The man knelt down and reached over to your bound hands, ripping the rope off and tossing them aside. You inhaled. "Levi, you can't do that!"

"And why not?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Because..." you paused. "I can't leave here... Remember? The ringmaster, he..."

He cut you off with a soft kiss to your forehead. "Shut up for a moment," he murmured. He pulled away, his callous palms cupping your face. "and let me set you free."

this was requested by my lovely :iconparfaitchu: a while ago! i finally had the time now to write it. i've had soooo many ideas for this, and i had a lot of fun writing it!
i made this super extra long for parfaitchu, but i also made it long as an apology for not updating for so long! i feel terrible for not doing so. :c
i really hope you like this, because i really love this fic! it was so much fun to write.

//kisskiss ;v;

P.S: this comic was inspired by the appearance of reader in this story:…
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...And we all know where THAT went... oh fandom, you so silly.

Credit goes to Tyson Bruno for the last frame. While I was sketching it, he suggested it would be funny to make it look like a Spongebob style "detailed close-up." He offered to paint digitally over my sketch, and it was done.

He has a deviantART, though he's primarily active on YouTube. I act in some of his YouTube videos, so check it out! Time for links!

deviantART: BTHOT
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I hope you like it (/-////(エ)////-\)

Drawn with Manga Studio and Ps.

Check out my Youtube's Channel, I make speedpaintings:…

If you like it, I make commissions! You can order your own here:…

Pixiv:  め///-///め
Pinterest: >/////<

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CAN'T HOLD MY FEELS FOR DRAWING HER_ SHE IS SO CUTEEEEEE_!!!!! :iconeatlikehitlerplz::iconflyingheartsplz: //choked

Lovette belongs :iconvaniraa: :heart:
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:icontirekplz: A meta-victory. What did you ponies do NOW?! :iconpinkiepieplz: You guessed it! :icontirekplz: AWWW CRAP- YOU AGAIN?!
:iconpinkiepieplz: What? You're a fun adversary. Don't you want to be fun? :icontirekplz: No. :iconpinkiesmileplz: Why not?
:icontirekplz: Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It'll-. :icondashwhateverplz: Mine is
:iconcelestiaunamusedplz: Sunshine is what I'm all about. :icontirekplz: SHUTUP. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It'll beat you to your knees if you let it.
:icontwilightchallengeplz: Knees? :iconderpy-hooves: NOPONY is going to hit as hard as sunshine and rainbows! :icontirekplz: No, that's not how it goes.
:iconderpy-hooves: Sunshine and rainbows will beat you to your knees if you let it! :iconderpy-hooves: It'll beat your knees. :iconderpy-hooves: It'll beat your knees to their knees.
:iconderpy-hooves: It'll beat your sunshine and rainbows! :icontirekplz: Ugh... It's not about how hard you can hit- :icontwilightchallengeplz: No, it's about how hard you can hit.
:icontwilightchallengeplz: I used the Elements of Harmony a lot. :icontirekplz: GAAAHHHH :icontirekplz: IT'S ABOUT HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT-
:iconderpy-hooves: sunshine and rainbows? :icontirekplz: AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD. :iconhappytwilightplz: That's how winning is done! :icontirekplz: Thank you!
:iconpinkieishappyplz: It's done with sunshine and rainbows. :icontirekplz: I'LL END YOOOUUU!!!!! :iconderpy-hooves: Let me tell you something you already know.
:iconderpy-hooves: Your knees will beat you to your knees... :icontirekplz: And you wonder why Equestria is under threat every 4 weeks.

Background (Panel 4-8) by MisterAibo
Background (Panel 9) and Background (Panel 10) by tamalesyatole
I claim ownership of all other assets.
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Lolz, I couldn't help but think of that title while drawing this XD

Anyways, for :iconmario9919:

He wanted Mario proposing to Peach, and Bowser catching the coverage on TV and reacting, well...badly lol.

I hope you like it and thanks for commissioning me :)
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