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My favourite Eeveelution.

Umbreon (c) Pokémon, Nintendo and so on
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isaac grossman and rainbow jack(RJ) and laughing jack(LJ) =creepy pasta
(c) :iconsnuffbomb:
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Harley Quinn 'Committed' sketch cover - based on the Children of the Night piece!
COTN - Committed remake by gb2k
*Ink + markers on Harley Quinn #0 blank variant
for sale @…
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The second completed collab print between myself and :icondarkflame75:. I did the lineart and he did the beautiful colors. I REALLY love how this one came out, so thank you so much for coloring it, Dark! 8D

Guys, make sure you check out DarkFlame75 's beautiful gallery. And please, be sure to go give him his well-deserved props on his upload of this collab as well! C: Collab: Before Sundown by DarkFlame75

And if you're going to Bronycon, he's also my tablemate, so be sure to stop by to come and see us!

We decided to have something for Big Mac since the big lug's VA, Peter New, is gonna be there. So we did! Big Mcintosh on his way back to the house after a long day out in the fields, but he stops to enjoy the lovely twilit sky.

Also, there's a cute little easter egg in this image. You get a virtual cookie if you can find it. ;D

But I suppose that's it. As always, feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. And don't forget; give Dark his props for the work he did on this. Other than that, thanks a bunch for stopping by!
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Revision: eye-color
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For the Dearest :iconlittlepieceofmagic: because you don't understand how agjöakgfkjfdlkajdfalöjgkahjoaihj she is. ♥
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character from Mandrake boys :)

Thank you!
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All That Jazz Trio

Daddy!Levi x Mommy!Reader

A/N: This story is a continuation of "All That Jazz" and "All That Jazz Too"


It was as peaceful as mornings get. Silence, and a warm bed. Levi had been away for some time now after waking up from a hellish nightmare. His past still plagued his mind, the last thing he wanted was to go back to his drugs and crimes in a time like now. He'd never go back, back to the way this were back then. In those days, Levi would have never of guessed he'd have this kind of life. He shifted his weight on the bed and turned to face his wife. It was kind of comical how he was able to predict this so early on. He knew there was something special about you though, and he sighed a happy sigh at the thought. You were sleeping peacefully, the essence of an angel. This beautiful woman had given him the dream life. He was now a married musician with three rambunctious, albeit sweet kids. Luckily the three little devils were resting, still worn out from listening to their dad play late last night. Levi sat there, soaking up all this happiness when-


Levi turned at hit his alarm clock with a fist. It was a Saturday, why did that damn thing still go off? Damn piece of shit, looks like the quiet was soon to end. He saw his beloved (first) sit up and stretch her arms cutely like she does each day. You turned to face him, skin glowing like snow in the moonlight. Your lips moved upwards into that beautiful smile he lived for.

"Good morning," you spoke with a yawn.

"Morning." He replied, voice like chocolate to your ears.

Levi stretched and popped a few things in the process, then made his way over to their shared bathroom. He was always eager to brush his teeth and get fresh for the day. The man was a clean freak, a clean freak indeed in all aspects. You soon followed him, nothing on but a bra and panties. Levi didn't pay much attention to you at first, but after his face was washed and his teeth were brushed he gave your backside a gentle squeeze.

"Levi!" you yelped, tooth paste in your mouth.

"Daddy, why did you do that?" The black haired daughter began to speak.

Shit. The motley crue had witnessed his inappropriate affections.

"I was just being silly with Mommy. But don't you dare do that to someone. You're you'll be in a shitload of hurt is you do." 

Levi always had a foul mouth around the kids, but you honestly gave up and this point. You had taught your children to not say those words, so it honestly didn't matter at this point. Most people would give you the 'world's worst mom' award, but you knew your family and what was best. You had good kids and a good husband, even if he was a bit rough around the edges. Hope clutched to Levi's leg, and her siblings soon followed tugging at him. 

You and Levi were very lucky to have three beautiful health children, Justis, Hope, and Justin. Justis was a spitting image of Levi and inherited his hair and eyes. Justis, looking up to Levi, even asked for his hair to be styled in an undercut. He did have your cute nose though, and his eyes tended to show more emotion that Levi's. Justis was your stereotypical eight year old, meaning he liked to knock things over and play with army men. He also enjoyed reading books now, and his father was helping him learn some basic guitar. Hope was the middle child, and the craziest one out of the bunch. She'd do anything to get their attention, even if it was negative attention. She was now six, and started to discover all sorts of ways to make messes and get into trouble. She was defiantly a mix between the two of you, but ended up looking more like you in the face and eyes. She ended up with Levi's ebony locks however, but her hair type was exactly like yours. The newest of the three, Justin, was quite reserved for such a young age. He only really talked when he wanting something or if he was spoken to. He looked exactly like you with your (hair color) hair and innocent (eye color) eyes. Facial wise, he looked almost exactly like Levi though, but currently with those sweet, chubby, toddler cheeks. He was pretty perceptive for a four year old, and tended, like Levi, to think deeply about things rather than take them at face value. When they'd band together nothing good was going to come out of it either, they were all trouble makers in their own way. Justis was the ringleader, Hope was the instigator, and Justin was a sneak. But still, Levi loved them dearly. They were everything he could have wanted and more.

"Daddy, we wanna play with you today! You're always working or playing guitar!" Justis stated loudly, much to Levi's annoyance. 

"Yeah yeah, I know. But Daddy's gotta work otherwise we'd all starve to death."

"M-Mommy can just work and you can stay home with us and Mommy everyday!" His shy youngest, Justin retorted. 

"Justin, you don't like me being with you? Be lucky I work from home because if not you'd have no one to play with."

"Ugh, listen here you three, I'll play with you today ok? Now for the love of windex, let go of my legs dammit!" 

The three darling children hesitantly let go of their father, but giggled at Levi's silliness. Being impatient as little ones usually are (and impatient Levi's little ones at that), they grew bored watching their parents freshen up. Justis started the mischief, pinching Hope on her shoulder.

"Ow! You'll pay for that!" She said, jumping on her big brother's back. Justin just stepped back and watched the brawl unfold.

"Ah! Get off me Hope! I don't wanna get girl cooties!"

"Oi, knock it off shitheads before I separate you three. ...I was going to make breakfast for you three this morning. But if you can't behave, then it'll have to be Special K for all three of you!"

"Not Special K!!" They all cried in unison.

You couldn't help but giggle at how funny your kids were, even if they didn't act perfect all the time. You and Levi made your way towards the kitchen with your kids, ready to spend a relaxing Saturday at home. Justis and Hope went to school each day, but you watched Justin while you worked from home on your news articles each day. Because of this, he grew very attached to you. You'd watch all three of them when they returned from school though, and boy was it a handful. Levi would usually come come about six or seven o'clock after working at the recording studio. To better support his family, he took a job managing the studio, and occasionally would also record his own music. When Levi was also home with the kids, it made your life a million times easier. You were relieved to finally have some help with the trio. 

"Do you all want pancakes?"

All there little mouths said yes about a million times before Levi told them to shut their traps.

You walked over to the man, and began to massage his shoulders.

"You don't have to make breakfast if you don't want to," you whispered to him.

"No no, weekends are my only good quality with you four, I'm not gonna just pass that up. I want to cook for us all. Besides, you need a break every once in a while. Not to mention my pancakes taste better."

"Hey!" You smacked him, offended with his comment.

You then walked to the other side of the kitchen, preparing tea for you and Levi.

"Daddy." Levi's gazed over at his youngest, looking at him with those sweet (eye color) eyes just like yours. Since he doesn't speak that often, Levi was all ears.

"What is it Justin?"

"...Why are there three of us? Why not two? Or one?"

"Because I enjoyed myself making you all." He mumbled to himself 


"Huh? What did you say Daddy?"

"I said there's three of you because I always wanted three kids. Two boys and one girl, I got exactly what I wanted."

Justin nodded, accepting his fathers answer. Levi looked over at you while flipping the pancakes on the skillet. 

"By the way, I believe I won our bet. You owe me a new guitar amp (first)."

"You mean that silly bet you told me the second day you knew me? Ugh. I thought you'd just forget about that."

"How could I forget that day? It was one of my favorite dates that we went on."

"Hey Daddy, why couldn't you have just had me? Then I could eat more pancakes since Hope and Justin wouldn't hog them!"

"Tch. Because, you would be bored as miserable as an only child. I didn't want want you to go through that like me."

Justis looked up at his father, and a kind smile made it's way onto his face. Justis never really realized how much his dad had watched out for him over the years. He was proud to say that Levi was his role model. He wanted to grow up to be strong and talented, just like his father.

"All right brats, pancakes are done." Levi announced, placing the food on the table for his family. You set down tea for you and Levi, tea just like you had so many years ago in that coffee shop. He sat down in between his two boys, and patted them both on their backs. Hope sat next to you, and began to make a silly face with the whipped cream on her pancakes.

"Don't waste it Hope, save some for your brothers."

"Awww! I was making Daddy's face though though!" The three mess makers laughed at her creation, and Levi did not look pleased.

"Eat your damn food before it gets cold."

"Yes sir!"


After Levi played a few rounds of "hide and go seek" and "attack the titan" with all three of his kids, they all decided to disperse and do their own thing for awhile. Since he had been working a lot lately, he was looking forward to get play with his kids today. He promised each of them some time one-on-one with him today. Justis was first, and insisted they played guitar together.

"Alright little man, what did you wanna learn today?" Levi asked, sitting on a stool in the music room.

Justis picked up his child-sized guitar from it's stand, and sat on a stool across from Levi. He rubbed the bridge of his sweet little nose, and looked up at his father. Levi thought it was adorable when he did that, it was a habit you possessed as well.

"I wanna learn some more chords! Then will I be as good as you Daddy?"

Levi chuckled, and handed his son a pick. 

"I think you're getting pretty close. Keep practicing a lot and you'll be jamming like me in no time."

His son looked at him with stars in his eyes. He wanted to be more of a rockstar, but Levi was going to help him be the best at whatever it was he wanted to be.

"Alright Justis, see where Daddy's fingers are? That's A minor. Can you put for fingers on the guitar like Daddy?"

Justis studied his father's hands and paid attention to how he placed them there. He looked down at his guitar, black locks in his face, and placed his fingers exactly where they needed to be on the strings. He strummed the guitar, and opened his mouth wide. He was shocked that he got this chord on the first try.

"Good job little man! You got it on the first try this time! Do you remember the E minor chord we learned yesterday?"

"Ahuh! It goes like this!" Justis strummed down, the chord sounding a little bit off.

"Here," Levi leaned to his son, and pressed his pinky where it needed to be. 

"That should do it. Try it again."

Justis strummed the chord this time, a pleasant sound ringing in the room.

"I did it I did it! I can do C, G, E minor, and A minor now!"

"You've been practicing a lot though, and it's paid off. I'm proud of you Justis, very proud. Keep up the good work ok?"

His soon looked like he was about to explode, Levi's encouragement lighting him up like a candle. Justis was always most persuaded by praise, it's what he lived for. He was the oldest, and always wanted to be known as great. When is daddy, his idol, gave him praise, it was as if he had just been inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. No one's opinion mattered more than Levi's to him, and Levi could see it in his eyes.

"Thank you Daddy! I like it when you tell me you're proud of me."

Levi's lips curved into a smile, as he ruffled his son's hair.

"Alright, now are you ready to learn how to play a song since you've been practicing?"

"Yes yes!!"

"Ok, let's learn an easy one, like Skip to my Lou?"

"Awww! That's a baby song! I wanna learn some AC/DC!"

Levi chuckled at his eagerness, but shook his head at the suggestion.

"We'll learn some AC/DC eventually...but we can't learn AC/DC without knowing the basics. So let's get started alright?"

"Alright daddy!"


Levi had enjoyed playing with his Justis, he was so eager to learn all that Levi knew. But Levi did promise time with his other two, so he made his way into Hope's room, where she was playing with her barbies.

"Hope, it's Daddy. I promised I'd play with you today, so here I am."

"Yay! Will you play barbies with me? Justis and Justin never wanna play!"

Levi could feel his eye twitch, but he kept a straight face, not wanting to hurt his little girl's feelings. 

"Sure. Whatever."

"Yay!! Here, you can be the boy one and I can be the girl one. My name is Eli, and your name is Felix. Got it?" She spoke, handing her dad a doll.

Levi sighed, and prayed that no one would ever find out about this. Still, nothing made him happier than making his children happy.

"Felix! I'm going to the store! Do you wanna come with me?" Hope said in place of the doll.

"Ok." Levi couldn't believe he was actually doing the voice now too. Oh how children change you.

"Ok, I'm gonna grab my purse let's go!" 

Hope slid the accessory on the doll, and placed her Barbie inside a convertible toy car. Levi followed, putting his doll in the car as well. 

"Ok Daddy, now push them to the store."

Levi sighed, and pushed the car, but a little too hard. This caused it to go flying into the wall, and the barbies flew out. Hope started laughing hysterically at her father's mistake, the crashed barbies quite a humorous sight to her

"Let's kill the barbies again Daddy!!! But let's use the ugly ones instead!"

Levi chuckled at his daughters request.

"Ok, I like this idea a lot better. But what do you mean ugly ones?"

Hope crawled over to her barbie toy box, and pulled out two naked dolls with matted ratty hair. 

"Let's kill these ones! They're gross anyways. How should we kill them Daddy?"

Levi pondered what might entertain Hope, and himself for that matter.

"Hmm...I have an idea. Do you wanna make the ugly barbies fly?"


"Then here, I have an idea."

Levi walked over to her craft area, and pulled out a sturdy piece of yarn, and a roll of duct tape. He tied a long piece string around the heads of the two dolls and knotted it tightly, leaving plenty of string left. Being a short man and unable to reach the ceiling fan, he had to climb on one of her chairs to reach it. It currently wasn't moving, which gave him easy access to attach the dolls to the fan blades. He duct taped the remaining string to two different fan blades, that way the dolls wouldn't run into each other. He stepped off the chair and put it back in place, hope watched intently as the dolls dangled from the noose. 

"Alright, are you ready to watch the barbies die?"


Levi turned on the ceiling fan, and the dolls slowly started to take flight. Hope started sounding like she was watching fire works go off. "Oh"s and "Ah"s escaping her giggly lips. As the barbies began to speed up, the force was too much for the heads to bear, and the bodies snapped away from the heads, sending the decapitated barbies around the room. The two of them burst into laughter at the poor decapitated dolls, Hope thought it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. Levi enjoyed it himself, and laughed along with his daughter. Her sweet joyful giggles were like music to his ears. Happy children made a happy Levi.

"You're the best Daddy! We should kill the barbies again!"

"Ok sweetheart," Levi replied, still getting over the fit of laughter.

"How should we kill them next?"

"Hm...let's go to the bathroom and drown the barbies. Does that sound fun?"

"Lets go lets go!!! I'll put their heads back on!"

Levi patted her sweet head, and assisted her daughter in the twisted activity.


Levi thought his day couldn't get any better, first guitar time with Justis, then killing barbies with Hope. But he was very ready to have some bonding time with his youngest, Justin. He was sitting in his room, reading and observing the pictures in the many books you two had bought for them. Even though he was only four years old, his reading comprehension was excellent. It reminded him of himself and you, how you both had a love for books. 

"Hey squirt, Daddy's here to spend time with you. What did you wanna do?"

"...Will you come ready me a story Daddy? It's better when you read it."

Levi's mouth slightly curved upward as he made his way to sit on the bed, next to Justin.

"What book did you want Daddy to ready?"

Justin handed him his favorite book ever, The Velveteen Rabbit. 

Levi opened the book, and started to read the story out loud

"There was once a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid. He was fat and bunchy, as a rabbit should be; his coat was spotted brown and white, he had real thread whiskers, and his ears were lined with pink sateen."

Justin leaned in to lay on his father's shoulder, and relaxed as he heard him read him the story. Levi would always make sure he gave Justin time to look at the pictures, since he really enjoyed the art in the book. Sometimes, when Levi would flip to a new page, he would lean over and kiss Justin's (hair color) head. Justin would always smile when this happened, since Levi wasn't the most affectionate person on the face of the planet. Justin also loved how his dad would do the voices of each characters, even if it was a girl. He read the rather long children's book, and Justin was happy to finally get to his favorite part- the very end.

"Autumn passed and Winter, and in the Spring, when the days grew warm and sunny, the boy went out to play in the woods behind the house. And while he was playing, two rabbits crept out from the bracken and peeped at him. One of them was brown all over, but the other had strange markings under his fur, as though long ago he had been spotted, and the spots still showed through. And about his little soft nose and his round black eyes there was something familiar, so that the Boy thought to himself: 'Why, he looks just like my old Bunny that was lost when I had scarlet fever!' But he never knew that it really was his own Bunny, come back to look at the child who had first helped him to be Real. The End."

"Thank you Daddy. I like it when you read that book."

"I like reading it to you squirt. Nothing makes Daddy happier than spending time with you"

"...I wish you could read me that book every night. Whenever you read to me, I don't have bad dreams. It makes me happy."

Levi smiled at his son, and gave the young lad a hug. Justin hugged him back, not wanting to let go of the person that made him feel so secure and safe.

"Don't be afraid to ask Daddy to read to you, I promise if you want me to read you a book even night, I will. But let's save The Velveteen Rabbit for special days, since it's a bit long."

"Ok Daddy. I love you."

"I love you too Justin. Anything else you wanted to do with Daddy?"

"...Can we color together?"

"Yes. I'll get the crayons and we can color."


After all that fun with his dear kids, Levi was a bit exhausted. They had bathed their three kids and put them to bed, so the house was peaceful once more. However, there was one person he still hadn't spend quality time with, and she was currently brushing her teeth before bed. Levi glanced over at the bathroom, waiting for you to come out. Taking care of the kids was quite time consuming, so he felt as though he had neglected you a bit today.

"Oi, you done yet?"

"Yeah I'm coming to bed," you replied, switching off the bathroom light. You crawled into bed next to Levi, and got comfy under the warm blankets.

"By the way Levi, let's go tomorrow and get the amp you want. I think it's well deserved after today." You cupped his face and kissed him sweetly on his mouth.

"I like that idea. But you know what sounds even better?"


"Some one-on-one time with you," He spoke, sliding a hand sensually up and down your curves.

"...What do you mean by that?"

"Tch. Can't you take a hint idiot? I wanna have sex with you!"

"Oh! Ok then!" You spoke with a giggle.

He crawled on top of you, holding you down by your wrists. As he kissed your neck lovingly, a few moans escaped from your mouth.


"Shhh...keep it down, the kids will her your loud mouth."

To keep you quiet, he began to roughly kiss your lips, hands roaming your body in the process. He placed a hand on your inner thigh, inching his way towards your panties. Suddenly, loud banding noises where heard at your door.

"Mommy! Daddy! Hope thought she saw a ghost! We don't wanna sleep in our rooms tonight!!"

"Shit." Levi hissed, currently annoyed that his plans for intimacy will have to be postponed.

"Yeah yeah hold on. There's no damn ghost. But since you're scared, you can sleep with me and Mommy tonight."

He opened the door, and little feet quickly started to walk over to the bed. After all three of them squeezed in, Levi followed, and crawled back into his space.

"You three, I promise the ghost isn't real. You have Mommy and Daddy here anyways so you're ok." You spoke lovingly, brushing long locks from Hope's forehead. They all nodded, not wanting to speak too much due to the fright.

"Shhh...we've got you. Good night." Levi soothingly stated.

"Goodnight Mommy goodnight Daddy."

"We love you."

"Thank you."

Levi snuggled up to the four of you, content that he had all which was important right here in his arms. All thoughts of his past evacuated his mind, there was no need to think about it. He felt so blessed, blessed that he was able to have the family of his dreams. All the hell had been through, it was worth it. Now he filled his music with the love he had for his life, and the hope he had for the future. Yeah, this is what he was meant to be. A musician, a husband, a know, all that jazz. 
Yay! A third part! AFTER HOURS OF WORK IT'S DONE!!!! Hope you enjoy Levi and his kids!

A big thanks to :iconrainbow-pop-tart-cat:for helping me come up with Justin's name
Also a big thanks to my friend :iconiloveslushiez: because I used Felix as the doll's name XD

:buletred: Read the first part here:…
:bulletblack: Read the second part here:

I do not own Snk
I do not own the image
I do not own Levi
Levi owns you! Levidoingthething

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So apparently I drew this right before Mark played his new oculus rift game with "My Neighbor Totoro" I was so giddy that happened! I wanted to do an Off fan art with Mark, Zacharie and a spectre waiting for the next tram to Alma but done in a Miyazaki sort of style. This is how I would picture it. This was done in pen over the course of an hour. Hope you guys like it! Watch, favorite and share if you did and let me know what you guys think in the comments!
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This character will appear in the next part of chapter 5
that is the reason why the design XD
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