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Got my Bucky/Winter Soldier dragon done! I'm rather pleased with how he turned out overall - certainly one of the easiest designs I've done in a while. ^^

(A full size/adult version will be coming as well! I just had to get the baby version done more quickly, because this movie has eaten my brain and run my emotions over with a semi-truck full of feels. I would've had this up last week if I hadn't been out of town.)

Companion pieces: Hawkeye dragonLoki dragonbaby Loki dragonbaby Captain America dragonThor dragonbaby Hawkeye dragonbaby Thor dragonBlack Widow dragonbaby Black Widow dragonAgent Coulson dragonOdin dragonbaby Agent Coulson dragonCaptain America dragonIron Man dragonbaby Director Fury dragonHulk dragonbaby Hulk dragonDirector Fury dragonBaby Thor and Loki dragons, Baby Iron Man dragonPepper Potts dragon, and baby Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier dragon.
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- Outfits always change -

Name: Alador Romasko

Age: 15

Sex: Male

Species: Mage: Air

Height: 5’5"

Eye Color: Toxic Yellow

Hair Color: Cadmium Yellow

Personality: Relaxed, Lazy, Cocky, well behaved when need to be

Fun Facts:

- He was raised by the green eyed Vampyrs his entire life. To protect him from the war

- Being raised by a mythical race in secret. Has caused him to have a bit of an edge compared to the other Mages around his age. So once he awakened he already knew how to do most spells. Which caused him to gain a little of a know it all attitude towards his friends.

- His only other friend in the "family" Is Karliah

- His best friends are Tybalt, Adrian Salgado, and Karliah ( who is his girlfriend ).

- He tends to use his magic around his friends when he wants to be lazy. ( Say they are all relaxing he will use his magic to have the food float in to his mouth over getting up to eat it )

- When he is home his "father" figure makes him wear the traditional Mage robes. 

- He loves spicy food like curry and sour candy

- He hates Tea, he would rather have juice 

- He is very spoiled. Being that most vampyrs have no need for money they just end up giving it to him. So he is normally the ones paying off people for Tybalt's miss haps

- He has a staff when he needs to fight. He finds it is easier to channel wind then with a sword or dagger.

- He has a seal he keeps in his boots for when he needs to summon his staff so he wont need to carry it with him.

- He enjoys mediating on summer dates with Karliah.

- He has a really bad cow lick which is why one side of his bangs "pop" up over the rest

- He has a Russian accent

YEY My other Air bby is updated and done! he really needed a good update since his old outfits really did not match the time period Marked Takes place. I also Have to Thank Anna for helping me find a decent outfits for him to work off of.

Alador Romasko (c) Michelle Porter
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