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First movie I watched from Tim Burton and it's still one of my favorites :)

This doodle is based on the movie's official poster. I love the contrast between Edward's aggressive appearance and the little butterfly on his scissor hands >w<

That familiar black cat was hidden in a top secret place this time. Also, bonus points for those who find a reference from another Tim Burton movie.


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i'll be taking com's for these via paypal for about $3

it comes with a lockscreen picture that fits easily into the screen space [if not zoomed in] and gives a good amount of space for the time to be seen
i also provide a lighter silhouette of the lineart for the homescreen too

just provide me with
- a clean good ref
-a bg base color

and i'll whip up an ipod/iphone/etc wallpaper for you

must be VIA PAYPAL and have your money READY!
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Charms are 1.5inches in size and made of durable acrylic— they’re attached to a phone strap with a cute bell!

Also a few SNK charms still available too!
SNK Charm pre-order by Little-Miss-Boxie
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^^ 9 tháng rồi đấy
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The Noctil gene creates a strip of bioluminescent white patches along the topline of the body up to the face. Minimal or restricted expressions are possible. Markings are usually disjointed and natural looking, never too swirly or shaped. Trail spots are common, as are marks around the eyes and lips. During the day, these markings appear as white marks on the coat, however at night they glow brightly.

Genotype: noc or Noc
Rarity: Extremely Rare

*This marking set may only be obtained through purchase, gifts, contest prizes or through bribing the admin with your soul and/or cookies.
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Sắp sn m rồi ha ngày 23/4 phải hơm hôm đấy t đi thi nên làm quà trc cho m đó Oh, my. 
Mong m nhận nhé t ko ghi Text vì t ngu cái đó lắm mong m ko giận [EXO] Luhan Emoticon [EXO] Luhan Emoticon 
Chúc m sn vv bên gia đình mau ăn chóng lớn nhé [EXO] Xiumin Emoticon [EXO] Xiumin Emoticon [EXO] Xiumin Emoticon 
Mới quen m thôi m ấn tượng lắm ó [EXO] Sehun Emoticon [EXO] Sehun Emoticon [EXO] Sehun Emoticon [EXO] Sehun Emoticon 
SNVV nhé m [EXO] Tao Emoticon [EXO] Tao Emoticon [EXO] Tao Emoticon [EXO] Tao Emoticon [EXO] Tao Emoticon 
Credit: in my fav...... 
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Guess who broke her own promise. THIS NERD. :iconocryplz:
But I seriously want to start a rivally with some of my characters later on in the future so don't judge me. QmQ
also gotta finish up the other apps ///runs away
:bulletred: Name: Fredrick Callen
   - Suggested Nicknames: Fred, Freddy, Ricky, Cal (Never give him nicknames tho, he will hurt you.)

:bulletpink: Age/Birthday: 16/ August 8th

:bulletblack: Gender: Male

:bulletred: Pokémon + #: Minccino* (shiny)(#572) .

:bulletpink: Ability: Cute Charm - When a Pokémon with Cute Charm is hit by a move that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that the opponent of the opposite gender will become infatuated, making it unable to attack 50% of the time.

:bulletblack: Nature/Summary Characteristic: Serious/ Very Finicky)

:bulletred: Grade: 4th

:bulletpink: Height: 5' 5" (5 feet, 5 inches.)/ 165.10 cm.

:bulletblack: Weight: 126 lb./ 57 kg.

:bulletred: Type 1: :iconnormaltypeplz:

:bulletpink: Type 2: N/A

:bulletblack: Hometown: Despite living in the northern parts of Route 212, Sinnoh; he claims himself living in Hearthome City, Sinnoh.

:bulletred: Personality:

[+] Mature
Fredrick acts a bit maturely for his age. Even if he's allowed to have fun or have a break, he'll continue to act that way.

[+] Well-Mannered
Fredrick learned his manners when he was young from both his mother and servants. He usually uses them to impress others, but it later formed into a habit. He's also learned how to speak well to others too, thou it only occurs depending who he's talking to.

[+] Intelligent
Fredrick is intelligent in a way. He get good grades on both his works and tests, he entered into a few competitions and won some of them, and he even received a few certificates from every competitions he won. There some times when he's mind gets a little buzzed up, and that is when he's tired.

[-] Picky
Just like what his characteristic says above, he's a really picky minccino. Fredrick wouldn't act upon until the thing he's suppose to is perfect for him to perform. If there's a drop of sauce on the edge of his plate, he wouldn't eat the dish. If he's expected to swim in a pool of water, he wouldn't dive in until the water is in his desired temperature. If someone's doing his hair, he would bicker until his hair is done the right way. This is how finicky he is.

[-] Rude/Bossy
Fredrick's main part of his personality: Being the mean. His livestyle suddenly form himself into this. He would criticize, argue, and bicker for his own good. Freddy would also boss around for his own satisfaction. If he's thirsty, go fetch him a drink. If he's tired, carry him to bed.

[-] Patronizing
Fredrick criticizes a lot of things, especially clothing. If he sees something he doesn't like, he'll tell you directly towards your face. If he sees some sort of flaw in one's acts, patronizing it it.

:bulletpink: History:

 Fredrick was born in his home-mansion on Route 212, Sinnoh, by a cinccino mother and a floatzal father. Both his parents were surprised seeing their baby boy to be a shiny, immediately giving him anything he wanted in front of his feet. His older sister was a bit jealous of all the attention that Fredrick was getting, but later accepted the fact after interacting with him for sometime. Years past, and the shiny minccino slowly gained more and more of the items he wanted, fitting up to his own satisfaction; but yet still felt empty inside.

 More years passed by. Fredrick started school, homeschooling that is. His family hired the best instructors out there to teach their little baby boy more about the world. Fredrick didn't like it very much unfortunately, having to work all day and not have any free time until sunset, if gave him a terrible headache. His mother noticed that his son was suffering a little bit on his studies, but his father ignored the fact. He wanted to perfect son, and the only way for him to test it was to set him out into competitions.

 Later on, The Callens entered his son into competitions against the smartest kids from every schooling districts. Fredrick struggled more, but won a few times. Both his mother and sister were proud, but his father wasn't satisfied. Mr. Callen started to think that his son was being affected by the way he was being treated, so in that case, he was given his own banking system and a new business system to earn his own allowance. The minccino was suddenly outraged by this new rule of his. Why would he be limited? Aren't they one of the richest pokemons in all of Sinnoh? Why would his father do such a thing? He argued with his father and asked these questions to him. His father replied simply; all Mr. Callen wanted was a perfect son, and apparently Fredrick hasn't reached that limit. Fredrick knew that there wasn't such a thing called being perfect; he raged on, continuing to ignore his dad with his personality more jaded as usual. His father goes the same thing with Fredrick, he ignored him. Therefore, there was a large gap between father and son, but that didn't bother them, as long as they're not visible from each other.

 More years past, Fredrick grew older and more mature then before, except his attitude is still jaded from before. Until one day, his mother decided to let him enroll the famous St. Mortiel, an boarding school for the top and rich students from all over the world, located in Hearthome City, Sinnoh, next door. The minccino didn't mind, it'll be nice to get out of the mansion for some time and stay away from his father. So in that case, he packed all the things he wanted with him and head off towards St. Mortiel, the place he's going to call home.

:bulletblack: Level: 35

:bulletred: Moveset:
:iconfightingtypeplz: Wake-Up Slap
:iconnormaltypeplz: Echoed Voice
:iconfairytypeplz: Dazzling Gleam (TM)
:iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Tail (eggmove from floatzal father)

:bulletpink: School Schedule:
1st - Religious Studies
2nd - Literature and Composition II
3rd - Pre-Calculus
4th - Anatomy and Physiology
5th - Introducing to Business Accounting
6th - World History
7th - Health IV
8th - Battle

:bulletblack: Extra Curricular Activities: Drama Club

:bulletred: Extras/Fun Facts:
1.) Never call or give him any nicknames, he will /try to/ hurt you.
2.) He rarely goes out except for competitions and such, so there's a lot of things he don't know about. (especially "commoners'" stuff)
3.) On weekends or other occasions, he likes to wear pastel goth.
   - He would even dye his hair into different pastel colors on some occasions.
   - Don't judge his fashion, he'll /try to/ hurt you.
4.) He's not a bully, or he could be...but he bosses a lot.
5.) He's learning business to try and destroy his father's businesses (aka revenge of some sort)
6.) He had tried a lot of different foods, but his favorite is the donut. (a "friend" introduced it to him)
7.) His sister would sometimes send him fashionable clothing or other items by mail.
8.) Has a really thick British accent, would also great or cuss in the British way.
9.) "I'm not tired, it's make-up."
10.) The freckles on his face are real. (but the freckles are only on his face)
11.) He has a few piercing holes on his ears, but it's not used until the weekends. Also, they're hidden by his fur.
12.) As already told, his family is super rich.
13.) The key on his belt unlocks a chest filled with his personal stuff.

(more facts will later be unlocked. ;D )
Fredrick + App art (c) me/ RosieSakura
Group is StMortiel
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I did it! *Pose de vistoria*
Me gustó mucho el resultado que conseguí :') agsga. Gracias Emilie Autumn y Florence + The Machine. Me llegó la inspiración en lo que escuchaba su música y fue así que pude crear esta cosa deforme pero linda. Bueno, en mi opinión. xD

Todos los recursos utilizados NO son míos. Crédito a todos los respectivos creadores.
Saludos saludables.
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:icongarry98: stahp
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