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Assassin's Creed - Unity

Arno and Elise Meow :3 

Assassin's Creed / Ubisoft
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Dhole (Cuon alpinus)

Dhole by Hans Hillewaert, CC BY-SA 3.0

Status/Trend/Population (2008): Endangered Down Arrow <2,500 mature individuals
Threats: Habitat loss and degradation; prey base depletion; persecution for real and perceived livestock loss; disease

Save the African Wild Dog by Cynpai Save the Asian Elephants by Cynpai Save the Island Fox by Cynpai Save the Maned Wolf by Cynpai Save Pere David's Deer by Cynpai Save the Tigers by Cynpai

Part of a series of stamps for EndangeredInc. If you love endangered animals, and would like to know more about them, please join!

If you would like to request a stamp for an endangered animal, please click here! Stamp requests are always free!
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This stamp doesnt count for the fandom invading others, its mainly to tackle those who try to force MLP on you. As most stamps, its just my opinion.

Please, NOT everyone is going to like ponies in places where they don't belong. Its better to keep them to yourself and stop forcing people to watch the show or be part of your fandom.
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A stamp requested by :iconferriswheelshipper4l:

Before anybody asks, no, that is not a matebegger, that is me dressed up as one. I found the opputunity, and I took it, I mean, why not, I look good as a girl

This stamp was requested by :iconferriswheelshipper4l:, but if you want to, you can use it

Fave if gonna use
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A Good movie in my opinion.

Pocahontas(c) Disney

Fave it if gonna use it
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Its a true fact, I hate some fandoms for the stupid crap they do.
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Yeah instead of making a journal....  I feel like making some rants on certain topics that seem to piss me off whenever I'm on these sites.  Even when a lot of rabid idiots in certain forums rage like little piles of dog shits and get their panties in a wad to bitch over little things.

So yeah.... Modern era Vs Nostalgia era of the toon world and their rabid nostalgia fans...  Oh boy where do I start?

I just don't even seem to get it, like I kind of understand in ways but ehhh...  Nostalgia is never an excuse to keep a dead horse beating.  I just want to know is how come whenever I go to see some deviations whether it be fanart, memes, stamps, and other things related to either Modern and classic cartoons...  I end up seeing so many hissy fits, hate-art (in a very shitty failed attempt kind of way) of a bunch of butthurt nostlagia tards bashing every single damn modern cartoon as if they're some hell spawn.  No I kid you not, you have no idea how annoyed I get whenever I see so much nostalgia fags claiming how every new show sucks and how their precious "80s, 90s, early 2000" were the greatest cartoons ever made.  I mean c'mon guys, whether it's modern or old; animation is still animation and it can have their ups/downs.

I can actually go on to how much idiotic reasons to ever even hate new cartoons the modern era offers.

Baaaaawww it's not made from my childhuud so it's gonna suck1111"
-So what you're telling me whenever something new is announced and not made in the past...  It automatically sucks?  Wow, what a fucking lame argument to even bash something new even if it didn't came out yet.  But wait!  Danny Phantom was made in the early 2000s and nobody bitched about it.  You also have Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, and even MLP that were made around the 2000s and everyone adores them so ever dear.  So why must you guys have to be so bitter about the new cartoons that companies are generous enough to offer.

Baaaaawwww but most of the new cartoons use flash animation and flash is lazzzy1111"
- Wait?  You mean to tell me you dislike the quality simply because flash animation is lazy and easier to make rather than traditional hand drawn 2D animation.  Do me a favor and go open adobe flash to start a movie and tell me how easy it is now.  No I'm serious, so many 2D purists even tend to dislike flash animation because they claim to be some cheap and copy/paste way to animate shows.  Coming from someone who has TRIED to work with flash animation before, it's a LOT harder than you think.  You have to be able to get the structures perfect, work frame by frame in order to make the animation work, and there's a hell lot more complicated work that may even take weeks, a month, or even a year to do flash animation projects.  Trust me, it's a hell lot harder than how it looks.

Baaaaaw but the new cartoons r so stoopid, not creative, n don't even hav good morals like the old ones1111"
-  Yes because old cartoons like Ren & Stimpy, Cow & Chicken, Catdog and so on were far from being strange and do teach kids many moral lessons.  Oh shut the hell up, even older cartoons had very odd cartoon styles, themes, and while some do have moral in them...  There some from the past that hardly taught morals at all.  And you think the newer shows lack creativity and don't have good morals in them huh?  Do me a favor and try to watch TMNT 2012, Steven Universe, Wander Over Yonder, MLP(yes it's an overrated cartoon, but I'm using it as an example) and then come back to tell me otherwise.  Guys most of these new cartoons even add some nostalgia in them so that anyone can enjoy them.  Is it really that hard to actually look into these new shows?:I

Baaaaaw but most of these are too kiddy for me n don't even maek adult humor like the old ones1111
Really?  You don't even think they can get away with adult humor or add adult humor just like they did with the older shows?  Try watching Adventure Time, Regular Show, and the other ones I've mentioned before to tell me otherwise.  Just because they add some dark humor in the past, it doesn't mean they can't slide a few of them in their new stuff.

Baaaaaw but the new plots suck ass n even anime is so much better these days to maek better plots111
- Omfg now you're just making it worst to even compare western animation with Japanese animation.  True, most modern cartoons can be a bit kiddy...  But there are still some modern cartoons that actually do have a story to follow by while at least trying to add a bit of light humor/dark humor in it.  Only because too much overally clicheness and too much serious situations can actually make a show very bland, generic, and rather boring.  I mean just look how successful the new TMNT series and Legend of Korra turned out to be, they do have a story to follow in them and manage to keep it fun to watch. The plots may not be perfect, but that doesn't stop them from trying to put effort in a story in them.  Did I also mention that most of the animes shown today has become nothing more but sex-appeal and fanservice for pleasures out there?  Besides, even anime doesn't have to be that dark and gloomy to be entertaining to older audiences.  What about the anime that were just made simple, fun, and only for comedy?  (Space Dandy, Sgt Frog, and PSG anybody?)

Baaaaww but the cgi cartoons are so shitty as well111
- Just like with flash animation, you nostalgia purists really need to get a grip and accept new changes.  Besides, even CGI animation is a hell lot harder to expand than how it seems.

Baaaaww they're makin new remakes of my old shows and its ruinin my childhuud111"
-  I just really wish that all you fucking nostalgia purists can take off those damn nostalgia glasses and realize that this we're no longer in the 90s anymore.  It's year 2014, and changes happen simply to make new improvements on older things.  And my God, who actually fucking cares that Teen Titans, TMNT, Spider-man, The Loony Tunes, and soon Sonic Boom, The PPG, and Courage the Cowardly Dog are going to be remade series for this new generation.  To be honest, I actually love TTG, TMNT 2012 (for obvious reasons), Ultimate Spider-man, The New Mickey Mouse Cartoon, Transformers Prime, and yes...  I actually enjoyed the new PPG special and am very excited for the new series and yes...  I really can't fucking wait for the new Courage The Cowardly Dog series and Sonic Boom even if those are going to be in CGI animation.  Oh so how horrible of me to enjoy these new versions more than the older ones....  It's NOT a big fucking deal.  Hell I even love the new Cartoon Planet along with the new Brak and Zorak since it's forever since I last saw them.<3  Now I totally understand if it's not the same as the older ones or if you don't like it if it's not exactly like the old one.  For an example:  I honestly am not a big fan of The New Loony Tunes show, now before you call me a hypocrite just listen to my reason to dislike it. I just don't like it simply because the characters seemed a bit OOC, the show is more like a generic sitcom than an actual cartoon, and it's just not that funny like the older version.  But even I know and understand why others enjoy the New Loony Tunes Show and it's certainly not worth my time to get my panties in a wad over.

Besides?  Weren't you nostalgia fans the ones that demanded PPG, Courage, TMNT, and Teen Titans to come back?  Well there you go, aren't you fucking happy now?

Baaaaaaw but there are bad cartoons like Johnny Test, Bread Winners, and Sanjay & Craig111"
- While I can agree that those three are indeed shitty shows...  But that doesn't mean that they're the only modern cartoons taking over!  And by making very shitty poor attempt hate art on these shows on a daily basis only proves that you're nothing more but a butthurt diaper baby that really needs to grow the fuck up and move on.  And besides, I may be wrong if I say this but I heard a rumor flying around that Johnny Test finally cancelled.  Even if that's true, why the fuck are you all wasting your time bitching about it?  And there are other channels and a remote there for a reason to change the TV channel if a shitty show is on.

Baaaaaww but I really want my older cartoons back on air111"
- Do you all of you nostalgia purists ever sit and think that the creators got tired of making them and wanted to move on with their lives?  I mean guys, they are just people that do things for a living.  The creator of PPG and FHFIM aka Craig McCracken isn't brining those back simply because he's now working on a new series known as Wander Over Yonder.  The creators that made The Animainiacs, Freakazoid, and TTA are now working on that new Disney cartoon known as The 7D.  And some of the creators of Teen Titans can't replace the new TTG with their older series simply because some of them are working on the current TMNT series of today.  Hell even the creator of Invader Zim aka Jhonen Vasquez pretty much has newer things he works on his own.(heck I even heard that he even admitted that the IZ fanbase is so bad that he regret making Gir.  My point is, shows cancel for many reasons and it would be very boring if they were long running like the new Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents.  Now if they were cartoons that didn't get much attention, advertisements, or simply not much seasons like Catscratch, Loonatics Unleashed, El Tigre, ect...  then yes those indeed do deserve a second chance.  But overall, I don't think the older cartoons need to be running again unless you want them to be the next Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents.:I  Want to get the old cartoons back?  Go on Nicktoons, Boomerang, and even Disney XD to watch the older cartoons...  If that doesn't work, CN does have the new Cartoon Planet where they can replay the oldies again.  Don't have time for that?  Go on Netflix and Hulu since they pretty much have the older stuff there.  Don't have Netflix or Hulu?  Then go buy the DVDS and get season collections of them.  Don't have the money to buy them?  Then go in friggin Youtube, Torrent, or Watch cartoons online.   Simply going on strike, whining, and bitching about it won't do shit.

Baaaw your not a true 90s fan if you like the new cartoons1111"
- Oh just shut the fuck up and grow the hell up already!  It's possible to enjoy both old and modern cartoons, heck anybody can like both of them.  Hell I was born in the 90s, and I am still a big fan of Courage, PPG, Catdog, Catscratch, and many other things from my childhood.  I'll admit though, I used to be such a nostalgia fag then whenever I was in my older fandoms aka CTCD and Catscratch.  I used to believe so much new shows became shit ever since Fanboy and Chum Chum came out and even refused to watch Adventure Time, MLP:fim, and Regular Show.  But one day....  I was very bored and was alone one day.... and well I felt like checking out some episodes of MLP.  So as I started from the first episode, and it was pretty cute actually.  i decided to watch more and I grew to like the new series.  Not only that, but I was hanging out with a friend of mine who was a fan of Regular Show and showed me some episodes of it.  And there I thought to myself "What the hell was I thinking?  This is just as funny and cool as Courage."  So yes and even when I was bored one day watching the new TMNT cartoon 2 years ago with my little sister, I just got hooked on it!XD  And there you guys have it, old nostalgia fag me got rid of those glasses and decided to enjoy the new things they offer in channels.:)  Plus I kinda got bored watching reruns of the older cartoons I grew up with and wanted to see something new.  

So yes...  I mean is change really that bad to you guys?  Each generation will have cartoons that can be either good or bad.  But think about it...  Think how boring it would be if they stopped making them.  Not only that, but I can tel you how much my mom hated the older 90s cartoons I grew up with.  Wanna know why?  Well as for someone who's not into cartoons, she did say they weren't like the ones that she grew up with.  Yup I guarantee you guys that even your precious 90s were seen as shitty modern cartoons to your parent's eyes.  I'll admit, that even the 90s had some pretty shitty cartoons as well. (Mega Babies, Those cheesy Marvel cartoons despite me liking them, Butt Ugly Martians anyone?  May I also mention that the same creators of mega Babies were the creators of Swat Cats and Loonatics Unleashed? )  In fact wanting to get rid of new cartoons is like saying that you want them to stop shwoing new animated films...  And that would be boring if there was a generation without either of them.

Sorry guys, this was something I've been wanting to get off of my chest for so long.  I really can't stand any kind of 90s elitist fags of any kind of media to be honest.  Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about nostalgia or being nostalgic.  Just don't use it as an excuse to keep a dead horse beating or go far with it.  Also before you blindly hate something when it hasn't come out yet or even haven't seen it yet...  Just at least check it out first before you embarrass yourself like an idiot.:3

Check out these lovely stamps that inspired me to create this one here:D
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Stamp template belongs to MenInASuitcase
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AT con :iconzoev-miyuki: >w<
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You ignorant anti bronies think that we're some brainless pedos for liking a kids show?!? You don't even care about the show, you just find joy in judging us for no reason. How would you like it if we dissed EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.OF.YOUR.INTESTS. I fucking swear the lot of you anti bronies need to go to hell. You're even worse than ponyfags, you hate everything we do and think we're some intergalactic species. We're HUMAN, we have feelings, so what if we like a kids show? That doesn't make us any special or different from you people who don't
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Mlp fim (c) fyre-flye and Hasbro
This stamp is made by me with the use of this base, ms paint and
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