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Sunday, February 24, 2013
intense by PASSiON--PHOTO
Hades by sakaya0313
~sakaya0313 combines intricate detail with impressive designs to make Hades an awe-inspiring work of art!

Featured by rydi1689
Forest Ninjas by lost-tyrant
Forest Ninjas by ~lost-tyrant is such a fun, unique piece of forest ninjas!

Featured by KovoWolf
End... by AdomasWillKill
End... by ~AdomasWillKill

Suggested by DoseOner Featured by kiwi-pdd
The Stalking by ~GreyAnnis has some fantastic background artwork and I love the unique characterisation!

Featured by kingmancheng
Yotsuba by lalami02
Yotsuba by *lalami02

Suggested by awdrie Featured by Lyricanna
Discovery by Kaioshen
Discovery by ~Kaioshen

Suggesters Comments: "Kaioshen's pieces are always cinematic and Discovery is no different. It has that crisp dramatic atmosphere with more than a touch of mystery."

Suggested by Smiling-Demon Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Waiting by DonatasLT
Waiting by ~DonatasLT

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by SRudy
Goiiya by Zerj19
Goiiya by ~Zerj19

Suggested by conzpiracy Featured by Aeirmid
why we're made with holes by *Hfeather53

Suggested by alapip Featured by BeccaJS
Volums of thought by Ilman-Lintu
Volums of thought by *Ilman-Lintu is a delicately haunting portrait, with depth created by combining the natural texture of smoke with digitally overlaid textures.

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by RockstarVanity
Persephone and the Bees by NCEART
A breathtaking watercolor painting of Persephone and Bees by ~NCEART
Artist also suggested by `Minato-Kushina and *RTNightmare

Suggested by 3wyl Featured by Astralseed
French Romance Novel 3 by inspired-impressions
melo4 by skinpistol
melo4 by ~skinpistol

Suggested by feigenfrucht Featured by pullingcandy
Gfyuj by regayip
One must view ~regayip's Gfyuj in full to appreciate the macro portrayal of this insect. The various droplets add further depth to an already profound image and the details are just fantastic. It's great to see the insect facing straight towards us, as if posing for the shot.

Featured by 3wyl
From the suggester:"Anyone who's ever tried to juggle novel-writing with cat ownership will be able to relate" to Gourmet Novel Recipe by ^Beccalicious.

Suggested by DamonWakes Featured by neurotype
oneplace by PiaG
As a study in landscape minimalism, oneplace by =PiaG is an elegant reduction of form; a tranquil scene, masterfully composed.

Featured by arctoa
Winged cat by Kivuli
Winged cat by ~Kivuli
The suggester writes: "This needle-felted winged cat is so beautiful and well made, it almost looks like it's made from stone."

Suggested by Scarygothgirl Featured by maytel
Yveltal animated sprite by ekurepu
Yveltal animated sprite by ~ekurepu is a brilliant realisation of what one of the new 6th generation Pokemon might look like in the more traditional pixel art form that will soon be left behind by the series. A combination of the future and nostalgia, not to mention smooth animation as well.

Featured by ClefairyKid
The Visitor by jremmers
The Visitor by ~jremmers

Featured by STelari
saiki-ID2 by saiki2
saiki-ID2 by ~saiki2

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by iingo Featured by bradleysays
Mesh Pattern 8.0 by Sed-rah-Stock
[Stock & Resources] Mesh Pattern 8.0 by *Sed-rah-Stock

Featured by Elandria