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Saturday, February 23, 2013
Joker cosplay enieme 10 by Lucius-Ferguson
Brummbar by smurfbizkit
Suggester wrote: "awesome idea and great work. Quite the clever and practical design philosophies as well, impressive!" Brummbar by ~smurfbizkit

Suggested by DKDevil Featured by PolyMune
Incognito/1 by MustValge
Incognito/1 by ~MustValge

Featured by astridle
dpca III by NSolanki
dpca III by ~NSolanki succeeds in enveloping the observer with a rich, warm depth of focus and a mysterious compositional sense.

Featured by arctoa
Space Harp by theslider
Space Harp by *theslider

Featured by SaTaNiA
Tea Makes Everything Better by delusional-dreams
Tea Makes Everything Better by =delusional-dreams

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Suggested by namenotrequired Featured by bradleysays
temple vaults by naomi
temple vaults by ~naomi

Featured by STelari
Longest Night by DensenManiya
Longest Night by *DensenManiya
The suggester said:
"The dark colors, and child's gaze, give this piece a delicious feeling of creeping monsters waiting to swallow your soul."

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by rydi1689
A Thing Now: A Two-Sentence Story by =tonepainter is a "tongue-in-cheek" (suggester's words) exploration of a style bordering on stream-of-consciousness.

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by neurotype
Captain America by lilbit075
Captain America by ~lilbit075

Suggested by TouchedVenus Featured by Lyricanna
The suggester praises, clever wordplay and formatting compliment clear yet dizzying images sprinkled with the intangible essence of searching. starspun is by ~BittersweetObsession

Suggested by LadyofGaerdon Featured by Nichrysalis
Texture 21 by Voyager168
[Stock and Resources] Texture 21 by ~Voyager168

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
As Darkness Falls by ColinHSillerud
As Darkness Falls by ~ColinHSillerud

Suggested by Soffeline Featured by IsacGoulart
Natalia by Amatorka
Natalia by ~Amatorka

Featured by Pixel-Spotlight
The Surrealist by ianvicknair
The Surrealist by *ianvicknair

Suggested by Shadowelve Featured by mamiffer
00042 by Imanuell
00042 by ~Imanuell brings the outside in, with gritty textures and a contrast between stark lines and a bird's eye view of the urban jungle.

Suggested by JPtHart Featured by RockstarVanity
Skin Deep by thomsontm
Skin Deep by *thomsontm

Featured by SRudy
Shallow water by kamanwilliam
Suggested by several deviants.

Shallow water by ~kamanwilliam

Featured by Thiefoworld
deconstruction by nogaspaki
An intriguing surreal painting with lovely textures. deconstruction by ~nogaspaki

Featured by Astralseed
10 Light Textures - Bokeh Pack II by MagnifiqueN
[Stock & Resources] 10 Light Textures - Bokeh Pack II by ~MagnifiqueN

Featured by Elandria
The Wrong Thing by *flamewarflipsides delves deep into the head of a protagonists and asks some very good questions.

Suggested by iammemyself Featured by JZLobo
Batik Painting by heribudianto
appletrees by GZB
appletrees may look and feel simplistic, but the gorgeous photograph is so very profound in impact. It's amazing how the petals are captured by ~GZB as they fall to the lush grass, the naturalness of everything within this piece so very evident and vibrant. This is a prime moment and a prime place indeed!

Suggested by Leafbreeze7 Featured by 3wyl
Labyrinth goblin cannon ball 3 by FurtherShore
Labyrinth goblin cannon ball 3 by ~FurtherShore
The suggester writes:"It's hard to believe this little guy is just 4 inches tall. The differing textures are wonderful and the paint job is simply remarkable. I love that he looks like he walked straight out of the movie!"

Suggested by Meowchee Featured by maytel
Sketchdump~ (+FAQ added) by sodacrush
Sketchdump~ by *sodacrush

Featured by princepal
Three Billy Goats Gruff by ~SCFrankles The suggester writes, "The perfect bedtime story for people who don't have a lot of time, and who love puns."

Suggested by Ravenswd Featured by thorns
The Search for Trula ~ The Faerie Forest Princess by Awtew
Teemo Sculpture Alternate Views by LeiliaClay
Teemo Sculpture Alternate Views by *LeiliaK an amazing sculpture full of detail and character!

Featured by Talty
Inuyasha Icons Pack by nyharu
Inuyasha Icons Pack by *nyharu is one of many adorable and well detailed fandom oriented icon packs in this deviant's gallery.

Featured by ValaSedai