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Friday, February 22, 2013
Sv 2013 by Narurinya
Sv 2013 by *mochimochiko

Featured by Nyiana-sama
Golden Piece by ALSQUAD
Golden Piece by ~ALSQUAD

Suggested by DoseOner Featured by kiwi-pdd
I think I'm lost by wolfenkind
I think I'm lost by ~wolfenkind

Suggested by Chocomix Featured by Thiefoworld
A Ghazal for Naga by ~Elmara Suggester Writes: A beautifully evocative and image-rich poem, one of the most lovely ghazals I've read in English.

Suggested by Vigilo Featured by BeccaJS
Alex and Caroline by Grymin
Beautiful, fresh and vibrant!
Alex and Caroline by *FelekFotograf

Featured by DistortedSmile
tara shakti mantra.. by devils-horizon
Chief Joseph HJA sculpture 3 by AlvarezWax
Chief Joseph HJA sculpture 3, an incredible sculpture by ~AlvarezWax.

Featured by SRudy
Post office box surprise.img673 1 by harrietsfriend
What's behind door number 54? Post office box surprise.img673 1 by *harrietsfriend is a macabre delight!

Suggested by xthumbtakx Featured by RockstarVanity
Arctic Morning by daaram
Arctic Morning by =daaram is a subtle abstraction with an impressive depth of tone and atmospheric texture; a wash of cold and twilight vision.

Featured by arctoa
Hunter by Dear-dear-deer
Hunter by ~Dear-dear-deer

Suggested by Natalia-Luz Featured by STelari
Zombie in my Head by zunaki
When the violence causes silence we must be mistaken... What's in your head...? Impressive execution and haunting concept make Zombie in my Head by ~zunaki a thought-provoking artwork that no one should miss!
Also suggested by *Birdynum-num and =ayu16

Suggested by uchuubranko Featured by rydi1689
Frustration by Roy-Ba
It seems this is an awesome portrayal of what most of us have felt before. ~Roy-Ba's photograph is a piece that expresses so much with so little. From a macro perspective, Frustration captures the minute detail of the pencil shards with excellent clarity and an edge of grittiness too.

Featured by 3wyl
Becca 46 by PhotoStockMarket
[Stock and Resources] Becca 46 by ~PhotoStockMarket

Suggested by Feagaer Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Waiting by CloverKane
Waiting by *CloverKane

deviantART Related / deviantID

Featured by bradleysays
Hills by oanalivia
Hills by *oanalivia Artist also suggested by: ~Sea-of-wonders

Suggested by pica-ae Featured by Kenny-Winker
blup. by ma-y-elle
blup ! by ~ma-y-elle is a very cute illustration with wonderful color choices, cute characters and heart lifting fantasy scene that will surely put a smile on your face too.

Featured by jcroxas
El piano y el ave by visionarioazul
The suggester said: I love the intriguing and complex drawings of this artist, where the characters remain clearly distinguishable, thanks to different kind of filling patterns. El piano y el ave by ~visionarioazul

Suggested by TinyWild Featured by Astralseed
Be The Leaf by *GAGBAGCHEN

Featured by maytel
Fabric patterns 2 by xara24
[Stock & Resources] Fabric patterns 2 by ~xara24

Suggested by mintyy Featured by Elandria
Lapsena - Animation by *pupukachoo is such a fantastic piece of animation. The style is gorgeous, and the animator has captured the mood and spirit of the story perfectly. This is about as faultless as it gets!

Featured by kingmancheng
apogee is achingly beautiful with a quiet strength, as the suggester says. ~seabats' poem speaks volumes in how the subconscious works in mysterious ways.

Suggested by RiseandBe Featured by Nichrysalis
Monster bird by Giulyblader
Monster bird by ~Giulyblader is one of those art pieces that you stumble upon not expecting such rich details, vibrant imagination and beautiful use of traditional art! What a curious little creature hiding amongst the brush.

Featured by KovoWolf
Salt by klapouch
Salt by =klapouch

Featured by Kaz-D
Samus: Uhn Tis Uhn Tis by Frario
Samus: Uhn Tis Uhn Tis by ~Frario Who says a hero can't have some fun when they're off duty? A lively animation and good sense of humour make this a deviation to brighten your day.

Featured by ClefairyKid
Eagon Van Strasse and Skuz by Beastysakura
The mix between sharp and smooth painted details really makes this awesome looking character pop! Eagon Van Strasse and Skuz by ~Beastysakura

Featured by PolyMune