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Thursday, February 21, 2013
~chesscakes explores her relationship with religion in an open letter to my first holy communion teacher.

Thank you for respecting the author's choices in your comments.

Suggested by tiganusi Featured by neurotype
Spell  Books by sunimu
Spell Books by ~sunimu
The suggester said: "I love the monochromatic color scheme with the lovely blue contrast. Calm, unified, hazy and fey, this piece is exhilarating to the imagination! Not to mention the beautiful and meticulous use of detail in the background. This is simply a captivating piece!"

Suggested by Teise Featured by sTiViA
The variety and intensity of the colours in ~ARTOOLS's piece reflect the ecstatic expressions of everyone featured in HIJABERS Cheersful. There is a pulpable energy that hits us immediately when we look at this piece, the expressive nature of the photograph so very evident in depth.

Featured by 3wyl
Winter Setting by AbstractApproach
Chibi Link Journal Skin by anokazue
Chibi Link Journal Skin by *anokazue

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Featured by bradleysays
front of the DOOR by bikobure
Muted colours, contrasting emotions... front of the DOOR by ~bikobure is a haunting sight to behold.

Featured by rydi1689
Robot 212 by Gottsnake
a very stunning and detailed character Robot 212 by ~Gottsnake

Suggested by Arichy Featured by PolyMune
Symmetrical Dance by kamakebelieve
Totoro by animeyume06
Totoro by ~animeyume06
The suggester writes: "This adorable little Totoro by animeyume06 is something any Totoro fan should enjoy. Handmade, skillfully crafted, and just downright adorable. Who could say no the the adorable Totoro!"

Suggested by Romaji Featured by maytel
Still 'n Walkin' by snovve
Suggester Comment: 'This work has a truly effective walking animation that shows off the character and simple pixelling to its true potential.'
(also suggested by ~sharpie315)
Still 'n Walkin' by *Snovve

Suggested by ClefairyKid Featured by ValaSedai
Society6 Print Shop Promotion by Yoruko
Classroom by AdiChan
Classroom by ~AdiChan

Suggested by keyan3d Featured by alltheoriginalnames
Lepugnomus gerundensis by AlvaroFuegoFatuo
The suggester said: Lepugnomus gerundensis by ~AlvaroFuegoFatuo is beautiful and wonderfully odd.

Suggested by rgyoung Featured by Astralseed
Land of the Dead by alexandre-deschaumes
Language of Heaven by CaptainBeyond
Art is a spark of the divine spoken with a visual voice in Language of Heaven by ~CaptainBeyond.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Doom - Pinky Demon Blocks the Exit by Elemental79
Poi Poi by KaelNgu
Once you see Poi Poi by ~KaelNgu, you'll feel something rushing inside you that will eventually make you smile and the moment you read the story behind this picture, it will leave you speechless and adoring the beautiful picture for a time and making you realize that we have special moments in our lives that are worth cherishing forever.

Featured by jcroxas
Skull Queen 4 by beef-stalk
[Stock and Resources] Skull Queen 4 by ~beef-stalk

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
LIME project by Heyly
Incredibly realistic cross-stitch! LIME project by ~Heyly

Suggested by cakecrumbs Featured by Talty
FF7-OCHAME- by puruco
FF7-OCHAME- by ~puruco

Suggested by rydi1689 Featured by Lyricanna
Bionicle MOC: Swordfish by Rahiden