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Wednesday, February 13, 2013
Skyscraper Construction Scene by Adoradora
Skyscraper Construction Scene by ~Adoradora is insanely beautiful and amazing! Look how the artist managed to give the characters their own and unique characteristics and for giving us another great work for us to enjoy! Be sure to check the rest of the gallery as you will surely enjoy seeing all of them!

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by jcroxas
ginger ale, baby. by fraeuleinamok
You can't help but feel thirsty when looking at ginger ale, baby. by ~fraeuleinamok - a wonderfully simple yet strong still life capture.

Featured by Kaz-D
Trajectory by KizukiTamura
Trajectory by *KizukiTamura is a labyrinthine distortion of perception with a dark and intimate narrative; a fine conceptual surreality from a gallery of equally impressive work.

Suggested by Savaliste Featured by arctoa
Perseus and Andromeda by vasoiko
Fire Bird Mask by OakMyth
Fire Bird Mask by *OakMyth

Featured by Talty
robot by lanxingxxxx
robot by *lanxingxxxx
The suggester said:
"Even robots have feelings - a very beautiful and detailed artwork by a great artist. With much love and beautiful colors."

Suggested by LadyxWinter Featured by rydi1689
Dear Wonderful World by hhhwei
Dear Wonderful World by *hhhwei

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by bradleysays
*.7 - Motyle#2 by psoty
A beautiful and somewhat abstract representation of butterflies with the use of ink *.7 - Motyle#2 by ~psoty

Suggested by OfOneSoul Featured by Astralseed
Planetarium by Magnebula
Planetarium by ~Magnebula

Featured by SaTaNiA
Just Freedom by Mishkina
Just Freedom by ~Mishkina is a piece that is alive with motion, feeling, and more besides. The variety of colours in the background reflect the vivacity of the model as she poses so magnificently in flight, the timelessness greatly captured.

Suggested by Bleeding-Magic Featured by 3wyl
Dream of you by AshtrayheartRomina
"Ashtrayhearts work is amazing and usually very dark but I love this photo for showing how beautiful and sensual she is."
Dream of you by ~AshtrayheartRomina

Suggested by la-esmeralda Featured by DistortedSmile
Logofolio 2011/2012 by t1na
Logofolio 2011/2012 by =t1na

Suggested by mintyy Featured by princepal
kundalini awakening by noisecraft
Poison Beats by m4gik
Poison Beats by ~m4gik

Suggested by eclipsy Featured by Thiefoworld
the last by LittleMine
the last by *LittleMine

Suggested by JPtHart Featured by SRudy
Rapunzel's chameleon by wooltoys-ru
Rapunzel's chameleon by ~wooltoys-ru

Suggested by aphid777 Featured by maytel
Seeing a painting that looks like a photograph is always lovely. Lazy Afternoon by ~IMAGENES-IMPERFECTAS flips that experience on its head. A still-life photograph with the warmth and style of an oil painting!

Featured by RockstarVanity
Little Red Riding Hood I - The Choice by iNeedChemicalX
stand 2013 by arya-poenya-stock
[Stock & Resources] stand 2013 by ~arya-poenya-stock An extremely versatile modern look stock image.

Featured by Elandria
.bird. by sabbbriCA
.bird. by ~sabbbriCA

Featured by astridle
Some Characters by fangogogo
A nice compilation of the characters different outfits! Some Characters by ~fangogogo

Featured by PolyMune
Monster Tennis by EduHerrera
Monster Tennis by *EduHerrera

Suggested by Aksunamu Featured by alexandrasalas
Pilgrim by sasha-fantom
Pilgrim by *sasha-fantom, also suggested by =Ash-3xpired

Suggested by LevanaTempest Featured by Aeirmid
Planisphere for Windows 7 by Nittiyh