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Sunday, February 10, 2013
Entropy by DumonchelleDraws
Such strong imagery. Entropy by *doomburg

Suggested by Inku-inku Featured by Astralseed
Peachy Road by ethe
Peachy Road by ~ethe is a delightful and adorable drawing filled with soft complementing colors that are pleasing to the eyes, and make this drawing stand out in its own unique way.

Suggested by Gwendolyn12 Featured by Nyiana-sama
Heaven on the water by Blairchik
Rectangleum by eccoarts
Rectangleum by *Eccoton

Suggested by fraterchaos Featured by SaTaNiA
A lovely piece of concept work that sets the mood for one of the darkest game featuring Alice yet! Alice: The Madness Returns American McGee's Alice by *joy-ang

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by PolyMune
Rosenkavalier by sumiobunnya
Rosenkavalier by ~sumiobunnya oozes life and energy in every inch! Intricate detailing and appealing colours make this piece a treat for the eyes!

Suggested by JaezX Featured by rydi1689
Lion Roarr by Kimagu
Lion Roarr by *Kimagu has such a grand amount of detail that it literally throws you right into the action! You can even feel the roaring power!

Featured by KovoWolf
and where is the woman ... by KariLiimatainen
Distant Musings by PinkParasol
Distant Musings by *PinkParasol

Suggested by ~Cravur and =LadyofGaerdon.

Featured by STelari
The Desert of Volcanic Ashes by Usayed
The Moon Rises by Kiriska
The Moon Rises by *Kiriska

Suggested by Miyukitty Featured by Lyricanna
F70 Drift by wizzoo7
H with raccoon by kazuki2013
H with raccoon by ~kazuki2013 is a wonderful detailed illustration that combines many different elements in one style and creates an amazing work.

Featured by pica-ae
Melancholia by naked-in-the-rain
Melancholia by *naked-in-the-rain

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by cloe-patra Featured by bradleysays
Kill All Monsters by PaulJohnLittle
Now, this is what we call action! Check out the details too! They're all so grand!
Kill All Monsters by *PaulJohnLittle

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by jcroxas
Eventide by lostknightkg
A disorienting sense of motion is the defining aspect of Eventide by *lostknightkg, a fine composition with a dark aesthetic of slipping time and form.

Suggested by Anemiasymptom Featured by arctoa
Vanitas by AnjaMillen
Vanitas by *Obscurae is well-composed and evocative of emotion, even in, and perhaps because of, its simplicity.

Featured by Aeirmid
Charm by Shadow2810
Charm by ~Shadow2810

Featured by sTiViA
monorecorder by LILYQIAN
Keeping older processes alive, monorecorder by ~LILYQIAN shows that tintypes still have a place in today's photography world.

Featured by RockstarVanity
Little ET by ladymeow
Little ET by ~ladymeow The suggester writes: "This artist is incredibly talented as a 2-dimensional artist, moved on to sculpting in polymer, and has since learned how to make some beautiful porcelain articulated dolls...this particular polymer piece is worthy of a daily deviation.."

Suggested by creatureofmagick Featured by maytel
Revised Pheromone 2013 by tombennett
New Home - making of by anotheryou
New Home - making of by ~anotheryou is a detailed traditional art tutorial that creates a beautiful result!

Featured by Elandria
Bullet 8 by ravenofthenight
[Stock and Resources] Bullet 8 by ~ravenofthenight

Featured by PirateLotus-Stock