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Thursday, February 07, 2013
Adventure Book Tutorial I by Plushbox
[Stock and Resources] Suggester says, "The creator put a lot of effort into making it as clear as possible with a lot of photos, explanation and diagrams. I think it's a great series of tutorials!" Adventure Book Tutorial I by =Plushbox

Suggested by Talty Featured by PirateLotus-Stock
Slumber Minotaurus by edgarinvoker
The suggester said: fantastic concept, stunning composition, colours and amazing impact. Slumber Minotaurus by ~edgar-t

Suggested by EternalFallacy Featured by Astralseed
Beyond the invisible line by anotherwanderer
Beyond the invisible line by *anotherwanderer Suggester Said: A mysterious, magical scene, like it comes out of a fairy tale!

Suggested by Minato-Kushina Featured by princepal
Air by ~Amellya

Featured by DistortedSmile
The Monster Book of Monsters by SeanDonnanArt
The Monster Book of Monsters by *CanisPanthera
The suggester writes: "I love how it reminds me of the feeling i had when i first saw the book in the movie, i was intrigued by it, as i am now by this one."

Suggested by lintu47 Featured by maytel
The way to the stars by vbagiatis
A journey begins in The way to the stars by ~vbagiatis...

Featured by RockstarVanity
Lemur Spirit Furry Creature by RamalamaCreatures
Lemur Spirit Furry Creature by ~RamalamaCreatures is just one of the amazing furry creatures in this deviant's gallery!

Suggested by DorianHarper Featured by Talty
BBR 1 Beginning by Xamag
BBR 1 Beginning marks the beginning of the new journey for Dorothy. *Xamag's ongoing comic is really beautiful: from the colors, interesting story line, and for giving us new and creative ways in enjoying the beautiful masterpiece (like the Flash comic version in page 4)!

Suggested by SavageFrog Featured by jcroxas
Madding Crowd by TripTheWideSky
Madding Crowd by *StaringDownTheVast

Suggested by eldru Featured by SaTaNiA
Fragile...V by JoannaRzeznikowska
Fragile...V by *JoannaRzeznikowska is delicate, simple and soft. A stunning macro capture.

Featured by Kaz-D
Rebirth background designs by RobinKeijzer
A really well thought out game and environments that are interchangeable. Beautifully hand painted to give the stylistic feel, wel done Rebirth background designs by *RobinKeijzer

Featured by PolyMune
Eagle by danielhannih
Eagle by ~iheartegger

Suggested by ikazon Featured by Thiefoworld
Mountain Stock 1 by Solanaceae85
[Stock & Resources] Mountain Stock 1 by ~Solanaceae85 Breathtaking scenery, great for matte paintings and references!

Featured by Elandria
pyramid by kevinsaintgrey
An intense atmosphere permeates through pyramid by ~kevinsaintgrey; an inherent darkness of composition with a subtle sense of the esoteric.

Suggested by James--Steele Featured by arctoa
Snow White by PARANOIRmissalaura
my howls are silent by ~running-in-the-rain is a "tribute to the Beat Generation" (suggester's words).

Suggested by SilverInkblot Featured by neurotype
Welcome Home by d-oppelganger
Welcome Home by *d-oppelganger is a heart warming and beautiful drawing filled with love.

Suggested by ElindielForestStar Featured by Nyiana-sama
Fish and Chips by miorats
Fish and Chips by ~miorats has such a unique twist on a very beautiful art style! You can't help but appreciate and admire the detail in this traditional work!

Featured by KovoWolf
Rapunzel by kikunakamura
Rapunzel by ~kikunakamura

Featured by STelari
Charlotte 2 by B-Reka
Charlotte 2 by ~B-Reka

Suggested by AthenaTT Featured by deshrubber