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Saturday, February 02, 2013
Queen of the Seas by ~ddorrity

Suggested by dendorrity Featured by Astralseed
Boost by Wreckluse
Boost by ~Wreckluse

Suggested by TiaVon Featured by SaTaNiA
Survived by belenkiyden
Survived by ~belenkiyden The suggester says, "I like this photo because of the grungy setting, the lighting, and the colors. The model's pose is nice, too."

Suggested by eldru Featured by Nyx-Valentine
LQ by analogphoto
The suggester says, "I love the antique look of LQ by ~analogphoto and the use of an interesting traditional photography technique"

Suggested by EternalFallacy Featured by RockstarVanity
Rorshah III by od-dolls
Rorshah III by ~od-dolls
The suggester writes:"This BJD is so surreal and just stunningly well made"

Suggested by TheyUsedTo Featured by maytel
The Bright Side: Prologue p3 by dragongirlhellfire
The suggester states, "The Bright Side: Prologue p3 by ~dragongirlhellfire is one of my favorite comics! The author is still in high school & the story has real soul to it. Absolutely brilliant" While reading the first part, I can't help but adore the story & how it flows, even with a simple drawing style, the artist was able to convey such emotions into the characters.

Suggested by ShamDaddy Featured by jcroxas
Let the devil sleep (Azula) by kelly1412
Albino//Hummingbird by Rikku-Shiki
No words can describe just how enthralling and whimsical Albino//Hummingbird by ~Rikku-Shiki is but just one glance will leave you spellbound!

Suggested by SweetYuya Featured by rydi1689
Homage by Frank-Walls
Homage by *Frank-Walls

Suggested by Ayame-Kenoshi Featured by deshrubber
Old shipyard by vpotemkin
Take a look at the Old shipyard by *Ashenebal - a beautiful capture with stunning colours in the water.

Suggested by keyan3d Featured by Kaz-D
X1999 by Kazuki-Fuchouin
X1999 by ~Kazuki-Fuchouin

deviantART Related / deviantID

Suggested by Laurelin-CosPlay Featured by bradleysays
At evening 'Gdansk by b3dnar
In utilising a subtle Impressionist visual style, At evening 'Gdansk by ~b3dnar describes an evocative composition with a fine contrast and transition of tone.

Featured by arctoa
CCRT - Misfortune - 14 by PhotoEnki
Interesting angle and setting.
CCRT - Misfortune - 14 by *PhotoEnki

Featured by DistortedSmile
home by ~justfiableparanoia The suggester writes, "Thoughtful. True."

Suggested by BloodshotInk Featured by thorns
Memories by xc222
The monochrome seems to accentuate how expressive this photograph is. It's great how the depth of field guides us to our main subject matter, that of the lovely model whose expression reflects a profound stillness and thought that effectively conveys to us Memories by ~xc222.

Featured by 3wyl
~PlayinTheDead blends surrealism with history in It's not enough to kill them.

Featured by neurotype
Glasstop Games Logo design by SOSFactory
Environment Tutorial: Niagara Forest by CGCookie
amazing concept art with a tutorial attached to help others. Environment Tutorial: Niagara Forest by *ConceptCookieamazing concept art with a tutorial attached to help others.amazing concept art with a tutorial attached to help others.

Suggested by SaloGuardione Featured by PolyMune
Commission for poojawa by Kay-Ra
Leaving the Monastery by Draken413o